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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 5, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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or call 1-877-236-1855. >> harris: state of the union tonight. keep it on fox. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a dramatic day in our nation's capital. president trump travelling from the white house to the people's house. in just seven hours after a one week delay due to the government shutdown. hello everyone i'm dana perino in washington. this is a special edition of "the daily briefing." president trump will be presenting his vision for american greatness as he lays out his agenda for the year ahead pushing for policies to keep the economy humming and the nation secure. peter, how are officials prepping the capitol for the state of the union tonight? >> reporter: dana, there's a lot
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of extra security inside and outside tonight national security special event. it's still seven hours until the president's motorcade pulls up here to drop the president off so he can go up a floor and address the joint session. and in the crowd there will be some democratic lawmakers hoping to replace him. >> i hope the president says tonight that he's going to keep the government open. you know, on my way here yesterday, i spoke with tsa workers as i was going through security who wanted to know, is government gonna stay open? am i going to continue to get a pay check? i have a federal employee coming tonight as we guest. we can't hold federal workers hostage for don'ted a trump's political gain. >> reporter: so democrats are going to try a put face to problems caused by government shutdowns right in front of the president. dana? >> dana: peter, how are republicans going to try to
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support the president tonight? >> reporter: by bringing guests that they believe have been directly harmed, or their families have been harmed, by lax immigration policies. >> a guest who's coming dj corkeron and his wife wendy. they lost their son pierce back at the end of december to an illegal alien. it was a head-on collision. so we are just really honored that the corkerones would come in. they're from knoxville. >> reporter: if president trump is not able to use his address to drive lawmakers towards a border wall deal and inches closer to declaring a national emergency at the border, republican senators are telling us they will be split. senator ron johnson said he'd want to wait to see what the president brings to congress in terms of a proposal, but senator lindsey graham said he doesn't
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think there's any difference sending 3,000 troops to the border to fill in gap and just sending the army corps of engineers down there to build a wall. dana? >> dana: thank you. for more on this, wyoming congress woman liz cheney chair woman of the house republican conference. good to have you here. the year started with a shutdown and state of the union, for me, always makes chance to reset the agenda. it's a couple weeks late. how do you think the president can do that tonight? he's got a little bit of wind at his back with the economy the way it is. >> i think he has a lot of wind at his back. i was pleased to see that he decided to wait, to do the state of the union the way they should be done. it's a very special moment in the chamber. i think it does give the president an opportunity to talk about what we've accomplished so far, in terms of economic growth, increased security for the nation. and also what needs to be done going forward. you'll see him talk about the
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sporpbs of the wall, the importance of stopping illegal immigration. you'll also see him reach out and make clear one more time that he does want to work across party lines. wants to put together ways we can work in a bipartisan fashion. >> dana: he said he wants to talk about unity and bipartisan support. one of the lines they'll use, we've already proven we can work in a bipartisan fashion. do you think he'll report to things such as the criminal justice reform bill? >> i think so. if you watch what happened throughout this entire debate, the president time and time again reached out to democrats, to the leadership, to the rank and file on the democratic side to say, come to the table. here's what i propose. what would you like to do? give me your response. again and again we saw speaker pelosi refuse to negotiate. >> dana: we were saying during peter doocy, his report, that you have elizabeth warren there. you have to fact check me on this. we're probably going to make
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history where you have more democratic candidates running against the president giving the state of union than ever in the history. three on the house side, five on the senate side, so far. >> probably have their candidate slate is probably far more left wing than it maybe has ever been when you take them altogether. i think they're indicative of the socialist tendencies we're seeing. >> dana: do you take that seriously? you have in these polls, especially younger american, saying they like the idea of socialism? >> i think it's very serious. they don't understand that few markets are the most moral and successful system that's ever been created. you also see them in their presidential candidate. they try to cover it up by saying we want to give power to the people. what we know, that power would strip power from the people. >> dana: you said voted against
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sexual predator, taxpayer funded pay raise and an attempt to give government massive power over free speech. you've taken over the conference. what changes have you made in terms of figuring out a way to give republicans get on a better footing when it comes to messaging to the people? >> it's a very different tact when we're in the minority. we have to make sure we're holding the democrats accountable, we're laying out for the american people the radical nature of their agenda. you're going to see it this way. they're going to unveil this green new deal. you'll see them move more in the direction of gun control, more in the direction of limiting america's free speech. that will be a common theme you see. we're going to make sure the american people understand how radical it is. >> dana: it does come up again and again, there are fewer republican women in congress now than there were even two years ago, four years ago. more than 23, we have it here.
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127 women before, 104 now. it was 28, now it's 21. you are a republican woman representing the great state of wyoming. >> we have to convince more republican women to run for office and attract more women to vote for republicans. i think we do that really by being very clear about what we stand for. the fact that we stand for opportunity for everybody. we don't believe you should be taking people's money, people's opportunity, taking their power away and investing it in the federal government. that's what the democratic agenda is. to give washington, d.c. control over every aspect of their live. >> dana: how do you recruit other republican women to run? >> there's things we're doing both through the national republican campaign committee, also to groups like my great colleague started to help encourage women to reach out to women, to encourage them, that
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they can do this. help make sure resources are available, training is available. just to get out around the country talking to women saying, take the leap. >> dana: you ended up enjoying the campaigning, right? >> i may be odd, but i like it very much. >> dana: you're a lot odd. that's why we love you. congress woman liz cheney. to virginia where we are awaiting a news conference about the racist yearbook photo controversy surrounding governor ralph northam. northam still refusing to resign as his predecessor finds himself in a little bit of a mess of his own. where do things stand with the governor? >> reporter: we're told the governor continues to weigh his options. he's trying to ask his constituents to give him chance. his entire party is calling on him to retire. today it was a republican
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lawmaker that said publicly that northam deserves a chance. he said no matter the rath of the photo, a man should have the opportunity to clear his name. people who have been elected to represent virginians to have the courage to swhaeu the self-evident that poor judgment 34 years ago should not outweigh service to people from every walk of life. stewart's support the notable because one of the arguments northam's team is making is he is one governor, as governor, who can win over republicans and bring them over to have compromise to get things done for his state. dana? >> dana: we'll see if that's still true. we also may hear from the woman accusing the lieutenant governor of sexual assault? >> reporter: yeah, dana. we learned the woman hired the same law firm that represented christine blasey ford in her sexual assault allegations against justice brett kavanaugh. a source close to the legal team
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are discussing what steps to take next but they have more to say later today. the lieutenant governor is adamantly denying the alleged assault. he believes it is part of a smear campaign against him. >> and so it is all completely political. it's a complete smear. the manipulation is completely obvious. this is one of the most blatant examples of a smear that i think you can see with something that's completely uncorroborated. the reason it's uncorroborated is because it's not true. it wasn't corroborated because it's not true and it didn't happen the way it was portrayed. >> reporter: fairfax said he did have a relationship with a woman 15 years ago, but he maintains it was completely consensual. >> dana: all right, thank you, garrett. the commander of centcom is warning about isis ahead of the president's big speech. what can the department of homeland security issuing a new warning as thousands of migrants arrive at the border.
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griff jenkins is at the border. >> reporter: the 2,000 migrants that began their journey are on a massive journey and we have people keeping them behind the fence. we've got that story when we come back. come on stay focused. hard work baby, it gonna pay off.
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>> dana: authorities at the southern border on high alert as a new migrant caravan reaches just across the border from eagle path texas. at least 2,000 came packed in dozens of buses. this as the department of homeland security issues a new warning against migrants trying to el legally enter the united states. why the show of force this time? >> reporter: dana, i have covered two caravans. one in october and this one in
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the 2500 migrants in this one. just have a look at this. this is mexico's military police coming out ready for whatever may come. all morning long we've seen a tremendous show of force. hundreds of state, local, federal mexican police. the image beyond that, the migrants, most from honduras, but all from el salvador. they began a journey 21 days ago in honduras, are finding themselves contained inside of here because the governor of this northern mexican state said that they have to have some visas. the mayor here in this little town elaborated more. it's not only visas, but for their own safety. take a listen. >> it's not that we're starting to keep people. they have to have a migrant visa to be in our country, in our
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city. trying to work together to handle this situation as best we can. instead of california, arizona, new mexico, that have all the land. this is a river that in winter is very dangerous for people that don't know how to swim. we're not going to put them through that situation. >> reporter: it is a river and it is porous and there's a concern that many of these migrants will go two miles to the rio grande and cross over there. they are experiencing 300% more apprehensions. this is the visa card. i don't want to zero in on the identity. this is what those migrants want to get so they don't ultimately end up getting deported, dana. >> dana: what's going to happen to the migrants behind the fence? >> reporter: well, that's a good question. we're going to find out. remember last year in tijuana,
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there were migrants for many people. these 2,000 are going to be separated. if you've already gotten your card, then you are free to go about mexico for one year. you have a temporary asylum visa that will allow them to go. many will apply for legal port of entry asylum in america. there's another 1800 left. what happens to them is yet to be cold. if they get apprehended by mexican authorities or the u.s. authorities, they'll be deported back to their home countries. dana? >> dana: thank you. so it's set to be a call for unity and time to declare victory over enemy. president trump's plan for troops in iraq to the trade wars of china, i'll ask my fair friend bret baeir what we can expect to hear tonight on
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the afghans and taliban. the president is also discussing withdrawing troops from syria and having troops remain to keep an eye on iran. >> we continue with our partners in syria. in some cases for them to keep pressure on isis as they continue to present threats to us. we should expect they will attempt to attack us and continue to regenerate themselves. we will continue to put pressure on them to prevent that. >> dana: let's bring in bret baeir. i'm sitting in your seat. i'm feeling very humble about it. i do like to learn from you and what you're thinking about this. let's start with isis. the president not only speaking tonight, but tomorrow. they've already flagged this the state department speech. >> that's with coalition countries flagging isis. i think the president will make a pitch that those countries need to step up even more to
11:24 am
fight isis. the u.s. has put the pedal to the metal trying to take away the territory. i thought the general, the head of central command was compelling. he makes a really interesting case about how the area has narrowed, but that, you know, left unchecked in 6 to 12 months isis could reflourish which is what we saw with with the ig report. >> dana: keeping the foot on the neck of the enemy is important. listen to the president. he was on face the nation, he's gone over this theme over and over again. how much money the american people spend and i expect he'll talk about this tonight. can we play that? >> look, we're protecting the world. we're spending more money than anybody's ever spent in the history by a lot. we spent over the last five years, close to $50 billion a year in afghanistan. that's more than most countries spend more everything, including education, medical and everything else.
11:25 am
>> dana: i would ask you, bret, can he make the case that wasn't a good investment? he also wants to be able to say we're making all this progress. >> right. he wants to have it both ways. politically you know that's an attractive pitch. we've been on the ground in afghanistan for so long. people largely across the country seem disconnected from somebody on the ground kicking in doors. but there are people in harm's way for a long period of time. president is committed to bringing those people back. the balance is how to do that without increasing the danger to the u.s. push back from lindsey graham and others. >> dana: i do want to ask you about china. this was one of the most interesting things that the president has turned public opinion around over the last three years as he talked about china. neil ferguson wrote today in the times of london, is anyone in washington against this? no. one of the marvels of our age is the speed at which once china
11:26 am
bashing now may on the bandwagon. suddenly every foreign policy, national security nerd and cyber war punch agrees with the president. china is the new threat to america. i think that is something, i don't know if he'll talk about it but at this stage of the presidency, has he turned public opinion about china? >> i think so. i think he has really -- if you think about when he first started talking about the prospect of terrorists, what this town did. it exploded on the left and right. you can't do that. it will harm the economy. there were some hits to farmers and others. but now there is a consensus that china is the real threat. there's optimism that this meeting with president xi on the back end of the north korean summit, has the prospect of at least positive things. >> dana: i think people now are thinking, wait. you're right, mr. president, china is a problem.
11:27 am
don't let up now. you think about that fentanyl seizure enough to kill 57 million americans. it came from china. is that domestic terrorism? >> right. and is he going far enough? if you think about just moving public opinion here in this town, he has done significantly. >> dana: last question about venezuela. this is a little bit different. the president has built a coalition around the world by encouraging the european government and the south american governments along with the venezuelans to make this not look like a united states dominated issue, but one that's coming up from the world, telling maduro to get out. >> right. it's pretty bold to say, i'm going to recognize the opposition leader as the new president and this guy is not legitimate. we can do that because we're in a powerful position where we don't really care about 7% of the world's oil that venezuela has. we're an exporter of oil and natural gas. that involves some foreign
11:28 am
policy decisions. i'm sure he'll talk about that and the danger that lies ahead there. >> dana: we'll have a lot to talk about tonight. it will be a joy as always. thanks for letting me sit here. state of the union always delivering high drama. i'll ask my next panel what they're looking for tonight and if they think we'll see any moments like this when president obama gave a speech to congress on health care. >> the reforms, the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those here illegally. hey! alright, let's get going! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh!
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and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy. >> the president will say, predictably, that the state of our union is strong. but the truth is, the state of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. >> dana: senate minority leader chuck shumer taking aim at president trump ahead of the state of the union.
11:33 am
tonight nancy pelosi will be sitting behind the president just days after he said this. >> it's costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because what's happening is, when you have a porous border and you have drugs pouring in and you have people dying because of people like nancy pelosi, who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons, she's doing a terrible disservice to our country. >> dana: so let's break it down with my power panel, michael meehan, kristen solty sanders and josh kroshire. great to have you all here. it's a different situation here. george w. bush had a similar situation when he lost the majority. take a look at how he opened his speech in 2007. >> tonight i have the high privilege and distinct honor of my own as the first president to begin the state of the union
11:34 am
message with these words. madam speaker. >> dana: and josh, that was about as much bipartisan applause as there was for the speech. these things tend to be partisan. >> it's going to be fascinating to watch it. trump has not personally attacked nancy pelosi the way he criticized his other rivals. by and large it's been a very cordial relationship. it will be very interesting to see how pelosi reacts to trump. will she cheer when he talks about the economy and the improving state of the economy? will she try to show some sense of bipartisanship? try to show an olive branch to the president? very polarizing times in washington. >> dana: that was a thing last year when the president talked about it being the lowest unemployment rate for african-americans. democrats sat on their hands and
11:35 am
didn't clap. this year it's a little bit different because you have six declared candidates who all want to have his job in 2021. >> probably 60 more who want to do it. you also have 100 new members. these people ran in an anti-trump environment and got themselves in the house of representatives. some are colorful. i think you will have a different sort of energy in the room. >> dana: in a tease we had the video of when congressman joe wilson yelled at president obama during the obamacare portion of the speech. you lie. president said, that's not true. it hasn't happened since. do you have thoughts on if that could happen tonight? >> i hope not. i think this is one chance where elected officials can all sit in the same room and not get into a personal attack or making a scene of themselves. i think the pain is left over
11:36 am
from the democratic response. >> dana: you look at these numbers. here's a poll supporting second term of president trump should be re-elected. it was 37% in november. 38% in late january. then you look at these other numbers, in terms of change in president's job approval rating before and after the state of the union. nothing ever really changes that much. >> yeah. my expectation is not that the state of the union is going to be a blockbuster moment, but it is an opportunity that the president has to speak to people who are outside of his base. normally he turns to twitter to have a sort of unfiltered microphone with which to speak to the american people. that's a little colorful. the state of the union is a much more presidential way to get your message out. my hope is he will take this opportunity to say, look, we're in a different world. democrats control the house. while the last two years have been about my base, about the republican wish list, reforming
11:37 am
the tax code, appointing conservative judges, etc, what are the things i can now achieve with madam speaker? what are the things that are bipartisan in nature? that's the tone he needs to hit if he wants to see those numbers improve. >> dana: what do you think of the choice of having stacey abrams, she ran for governor, she lost by about 50,000 votes. she's never conceded. she doesn't hold elected office, but she's going to give the response. it >>'s an interesting choice. she came very close to winning against the governorship this past year. but she did so by rallying democratic voters. she didn't really move to the middle. she was able to rely on anti-trump sentiment to get people to the polls. she's not going to move to the middle to get things done. she'll have a base first message with her response. it will be an interesting test. two years ago when democrats chose a candidate to respond, it was the governor of kentucky.
11:38 am
this could be one of the most liberal democrats to respond. >> dana: probably won't be in a diner this time. michael, i want to ask you this. if the president comes out and says, i'm for lowering prescription drugs. i'm for doing a big infrastructure bill. i'm for leaving foreign wars and bringing troops home. are those things the democrats can support? >> oh, for sure. look, 80% of the ads that were run in the 2018 cycle were about health insurance e lowering costs and improving access. if the president is willing to meet prescription drug costs, you'd get a universal round of applause. you'd probably have democrats applauding and not republicans. >> dana: in terms of that broader appeal, this is a president who's unconventional. if he says this is something republicans have been against, but he has enough juice in the republican party to say, i think we should give this a try. >> this is one of the very unique elements of the trump era and the gop is that things that
11:39 am
you can imagine the freedom caucus members, having been totally opposed to that president obama ever proposed, donald trump has a level of credit with them. particularly the voters back home. he can go places a traditional republican, a president jeb bush, marco rubio, would never have been able to get away with in the party and certainly a democrat. if he goes too far to the center, is there any push back from the right? i expect there would be. >> dana: i want to ask you one other thing. do you think there could be a push on regulation of the tech industry? i imagine big tech pharma, oil, tobacco, all rolled into one. 15 year anniversary of facebook. lot of people down on facebook thinking there should be privacy regulations or breaking up of the company, things like that. >> i think there are some subcommittee chairs that have noted there needs to be stuff
11:40 am
done. problem is that government is always five years behind how to regulate an industry. never mind comments like oil and gas companies, but this is tech companies where one minute you're here, the next you're gone. for the government to move quick enough to do anything on this, would be herculean. >> dana: you made me smile. always five years behind. maybe they catch up eventually. thank you all. president trump's inaugural committee facing a federal subpoena new york prosecutors demanding records relating to the president's 2016 swearing in activities. >> reporter: good afternoon. earlier today, press secretary sarah sanders drew a distinction and investigation of the inaugural committee. >> i'm reading the same reports you are. this doesn't have anything to do with the white house. i think the biggest focus and the things most americans care about has nothing to do with the
11:41 am
inaugural and everything to do with what the path forward looks like. >> reporter: last night a spokes person for the presidential inaugural committee issued this statement to reporters. new york prosecutors request for records, we just received a subpoena for documents while we are still reviewing the subpoena, it is our intention to cooperate with the inquiry. according to the wall street journal, prosecutors are seeking documents related into august recall committee donors and vendors and any benefits they may have received after making their contributions. another key investigative threat examines whether donations were made by foreign nationals. inaugural committee raised $107 million for vents, contributions in exchange for political favors could be a violation of any corruption laws. inaugural committee investigation and it's worth noting based on our reporting grew out of the michael cohen case. president's former personal attorney who plead guilty to lying to congress is significant because that charge was brought
11:42 am
by the special counsel over statements to lawmakers about a 2015 trump moscow real estate project. then, of course, there was a separate case over hush money payments and tax evasion. the other foot note i would make is cohen's appearance on capitol hill is still expected later this week, though the ground rules remain in flux. >> dana: thank you for that. >> you're welcome. >> dana: a memorable speech. i will talk to a pair of presidential speech writers and get their take on what could be a tense time in any west wing. follow us on social media on twitter at daily briefing and daily briefing fnc on instagram and facebook. i don't keep track of regrets.
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newsdesk. president trump set to give his state of the union address tonight. also the man who survived a mountain lion attack and apparently killed the animal with his bare hands. that's in the next hour on fox news channel. >> dana: president trump now just hours from his second state of the union. so, what can we learn from his first? in 2008 he mentioned the word tax 15 times, immigration 6, china 3 times and the wall just once. joining me now senior speech writer for president obama and john mcconnell senior speech writer for president george w. bush. they both worked on numerous speech speeches. you and i worked together. let me start with you, what ingredients do you think make for a really good state of the union speech? you don't want it to be a kitchen sink speech. >> that's always the challenge in a speech like this. i think the goal of the state of the union is on one hand you
11:48 am
have to be specific. you need real policies. you also need a vision that speaks to everybody, whether they voted for you or not. then finally, i think in this day and age where you see so much of the president. the president has a twitter account, you need something that is in keeping with what the president has done before and after the speech. it just doesn't exist as one moment. >> dana: what about you, john, in terms of finding a theme. did you get good direction from the president? how did it work? >> we always got good direction early on. it is one of though speeches that you could be working on all year because you know it's on the calendar. in a practical sense you don't start working on it until the first of the year. in the case of president bush we would give him a heavy outline, about eight pages. >> dana: how early? >> around christmastime. and then he would react to it around the first of the year. i would write with my former colleagues.
11:49 am
it would take about seven days to do the first draft. then you circulate it to a pretty small group, get the altercations. karl rove would look at it. >> dana: i don't know if it was the same in the obama administration. every cabinet secretary has a priority they very much want to make sure is in the speech. if the president says it, that means it is really important. how did you figure out a way to filter those things out? >> i was on the more junior side of the speech writing team. i didn't work on them. we really needed a process in place. if your job was to do the state of the union, that was your job. if it was not your job, you didn't get to do it. same was true for people who wanted to comment. you didn't just get to comment because you felt like it. establishing that process is just as important as what goes into the speech itself. you need the speech to run effectively. >> dana: what from the state of the union sticks out to you the most? >> i would say the 2007 state of
11:50 am
the union stands out. it was right after the republicans had lost the house and senate. pelosi was the new speaker. and the president had to come in, in the middle of his second term with an entirely changed congress. that was when he had to sell the surge of operations in iraq, which the congress didn't want and the country had problems with. that was a picture of a president in a really difficult situation. but he handled himself very well r starting with a very nice note about nancy pelosi being the first speaker of the house. >> dana: sometimes people like the state of the union because it's a big chance to talk to the entire nation. other times it feels like, you have to give it and you know there will be so much scrutiny. >> i think it is a very heavily scrutinized speech. the most important thing for a president is, do you know what you want? for president obama, that was an important thing, to lay out what he wanted to do for the next year, leave out what you don't care as much about. you're sending priorities to the
11:51 am
rest of the government. if you're in the justice department or interior department and the government is working the way it's supposed to, you should be able to look at that speech and say, what should i be doing with my time? everybody should be able to execute on their priorities. >> dana: what about the practicing of the speech? how important is it to go through it a few times, to make sure you can hit though notes? >> it is very important. matthew scully reminded me of something recently. he said president bush had told us the house chamber is a great place to give a speech. it's a very intimate setting. the president is not much higher than the people on the floor. he's very close. he's inches from the speaker. he's not that far from the audience. and so you're in that intimate setting. it's good to practice and be very familiar with your document. that's why the president bush would have kind of dress rehearsal practices. >> dana: i loved that. the other thing i used to like, the ability of a speech writer to write a speech where you have
11:52 am
an applause and then a jeer, or a jeer and then an applause. you figure out a rhythm that way. >> you try to. you never know how congress will react. you try to allow for -- you want applause lines. if you ever try to have a section of the speech where you just have an argument instead of a series of applause lines you're going to lose. the way the dynamic is now, democrats and republicans all want something to cheer and sometimes to jeer. >> dana: and so my last question to you, david, if you were writing a speech today for nancy pelosi to give in terms of the state of the union what, do you think her main message would be? >> i think her main message would be regardless of what president trump says on one night, he's been president for awhile now. you can look at the record. i think americans are beginning to figure that out. lot of people around d.c. where we're filming right now, they might watch the state of the union, they might not.
11:53 am
what they are thinking is, i didn't get a paycheck for a couple weeks over a shutdown you said you were glad to start. >> dana: they all have to be in the room together tonight. we will be here as well. the speech writers were always my secret weapon in the white house. i have great respect for everything you can do. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> dana: be sure and tune in to our special coverage of president trump's state of the union address and the democratic response. it's all happening tonight at 9 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. next, general motors planning on closing four u.s. plants this year as they are rolling out a new truck today. we are live at a factory in flint, michigan. hi i'm joan lunden.
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11:58 am
isn't that a contradiction, laying off workers and introducing a new truck? >> it is in some ways, dana. this is the flint assembly plant. these are the heavy duty trucks. cash cows for g.m. and very popular right now. this plant is booming. four other plants as you report will shut down production, breaking news today though, general motors's president mark royce telling fox bus, that anybody that is laid off will have another job. >> we have jobs for everybody here coming out of other plants. >> they would have to move though. >> maybe. >> the only catch is, maybe you have to go a long way for the job. but that is better than it could be, better than nothing. >> dana: factory workers are not the only ones being laid off, right? >> that's right.
11:59 am
we're talking about factory workers there and white collar workers. 4,000 this week alone are being laid off by general motors. the only brought side, in addition to severance and retraining, this is the time to be laid off when unemployment is low. >> dana: we hope they find new jobs soon. thanks, jeff. >> yep. >> dana: u.s. flag flown during d day will soon return to mark after first going on display in the netherlands. a dutch collector owns the flag who he paid $500,000 years ago and it tells an important story of freedom. >> it was picked up out of the water. there's oil on it.
12:00 pm
you'll see it here in front of us. >> the good news, the collector is donating the flag to the united states because he says that's where it belongs. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. see you tonight. here's shep. >> shepard: breaking news on "shepard smith reporting." our reporting begins with president trump about six hours away from delivering his second state of the union address. good afternoon from new york. the white house says the president will call for unity tonight during a time of deeply divided politics in washington. >> i think you'll see an incredible speech by the president. a visionary speech. the theme of this year's state of the union is choosing greatness. the president will lay out the great successes we've had the last two years and paint a picture of what we can do for this country if we come together, if we work together over the next two years. >> shepard: the senate minority leader chuck schumer of new york says our state of the


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