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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 5, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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tremendously in the office i think is going to give another great speech tonight. >> neil: he is good at this. as are you, sean. thank you very, very much. coverage night on fox business. 8:00 p.m. we are there. we've got you covered. here comes "the five" ." ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i am jesse watters with sandra smith, juan williams, dana perino, and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and washington, d.c., and this is "the five" ." president trump set to lay out his vision for america in just four hours from now during his second state of the union address. the president will focus on immigration, trade, national security, health care, infrastructure, and much, much more. he will also use the prime time speech to call for unity. counselor kellyanne conway saying it's time for democrats to and the resistance politics. >> anybody who is sitting there
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with her arms folded looking like they sucked on lemons, that's on them, not him. he's calling for unity. he's calling for working together. they are going to need to decide if they are serious about that as well. he is wanting the legislature to do its job, they have failed to do it for a matter of years if not decades. >> jesse: the call to come together is not stopping democrats from firing shots before the president even hits the podium, like party leader, democrat chuck schumer. >> the president will say predictably that the state of our union is strong. but the truth is, the state of the trump economy is failing america's middle class. the state of the trump health care system is failing american families. these date of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. the gap between the presidents rhetoric and the state of the union and reality is cavernous. the blatant hypocrisy him on this president calling for unity is that he's one of the chief
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reasons americans feel so divided now. >> trump hitting back on twitter, saying that i see schumer is already criticizing my state of the union speech even though he hasn't seen it yet. if schumer isn't enough, maxine waters is taking it one step further by telling americans do not even tune in tonight. >> the state of the union under him has not been good. he has been divisive. i think he's putting us all in harm's way. and so he's not worthy of being listened to. i don't know why anybody would want to pay attention to anything he has to say. i'm not looking forward to his date of the union and i hope people will turn the television off. >> jesse: wow, tell us how you really feel. you are in d.c. we are here in new york. i get to sit next to greg so i'm thrilled. >> greg: what's wrong with me? >> jesse: nothing is wrong. the new kellyanne conway verb
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hurumphing. >> greg: i used to do that and then i got some medication. the media's business model runs counter. there's no incentive for democrats to actually listen to donald trump or compromise when you know the media will call you a coward for it. as long as the media has influence the way it does over politics, we will never see compromise. it's not even about the democrats and republicans anymore. it's the media and their business model of polarization that's going to keep it separate. what i'm interested in about the sotu, as we collect in the business, each side brings a different victim and another one brings another victim to match them. so you have a sexual harassment accuser and then you have a child who was bullied because his last name is trump. if i were there, do you know how i would bring? to trump everybody, i would bring someone who had dana's
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queso. that's the victim. i'm never going to let you forget it, dana. what you did to america. >> jesse: dana, in all seriousness, i was speaking with your friend chris stirewalt today. looking at some really interesting numbers out of the state of the union that affects the presidential approval rating. the only president that really got significant bombs from their state of the union addresses, bill clinton. plus ten, plastics, plus four. no one is close. what do you think it is about bill clinton that he was so successful of these speeches? is anything donald trump can do to get a bump tonight? >> dana: i don't think the country was as polarized back then. i also think social media has a lot to do with it. juan could maybe fill us in. i don't know exactly what bill clinton was doing but as i recall, jesse, i think one of the reasons you might have seen that big bump is because remember he loses big time in
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1994, and republicans take over. all of a sudden, what does he do? he triangulate and starts reaching across the island now he's working with newt gingrich and we have a balanced budget amendment. we have welfare reform. you see things most of the country was like, we want both of those things. he moves to the center i think that might be one of the reasons why, jesse. >> jesse: the era of big government is over, the famous line from i think 1996. juan, you are in d.c. with all your friends in the swamp. what are you hearing what are you feeling tonight about the speech? >> juan: it's a matter of who's watching, right? whose eyeballs are tuned in. maxine waters is encouraged democrats not to watch but democrats want to hear a lot of talk about health care for example. they want to hear talk about better spending in terms of government services and products. republicans want to hear donald trump talk about the wall, immigration, terror. it's like two sets of agendas from the people who are sitting
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in front of the tv, not the people who are being televised. i would say in response to what dana just said, what clinton was talking about was a growing economy. of course, part of it was the triangulation she described but it was the economy during the day '90s which, as you recall, was booming. i think tonight president trump is going to go after an economic message and say this is the good news of the trump presidency. look at the growth. look at the low unemployment. and say this is the basis for us to come together. that will fold into the unity message. the difficulty of course is that the democrats will say hey, guess what, the economy was growing under obama. it's growing under you. this is nothing new, nothing so different. the president of course will point to come i think you have a guest there who kept their job because of his tax cut package. again, the democrats will who do and holler and hurumph. it will be a matter of who's listening and who is on this
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side of the tv and what their previous, prior position was. it's affirming pre-existing attitudes in a very polarized electorate. >> jesse: sandra, what i think is going to happen is the president is going to hit the economic success message very hard because there's a lot of good things to talk about in the economy and he's been very disruptive on a lot of fronts. you have to look at the results. when the media filters the state of the union afterwards, and the next day to the american people, i bet all they do is they talk about immigration. they talk about the wall and they talk about a few viral moments that catches everybody's attention. those results are not established in the american people's eyes as much as they could be. >> sandra: he certainly should take the opportunity to tout the success on the economy. remember this is happening a week later because of nancy pelosi delaying it because of the government shutdown. we are coming off that jobs
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report last friday that showed over 300,000 jobs were added in the latest month. that being said, the reason he will be talking about immigration the possible shutdown is because this is happening in the backdrop of yet another deadline quickly approaching. next friday's fiber of 15 and that's the deadline to fund the government. the president has to make his case tonight. he could make news on that front. whether he's going to declare a national emergency. he could also make news on the foreign policy front. when is this going to have been the summit with kim jong un. jesse, greg, i think many of us in many of americans will be turning in tonight regardless be watching the optics of the evening. who stands, who sits, who claps. >> jesse: who was going to be harrumphing. >> sandra: who shows and who doesn't. >> greg: the best part is going to be nancy's face behind. it will look like she just shrugged a bottle of dulcolax.
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she's going to be so unhappy. people are going to focus on his manner and not his performance. it's not just about the economy, it's about foreign policy, also supreme court. north korea is a big deal. i can't understand why the left isn't embracing this guy. he keeps tricking the military footprint wherever he goes, and then you have deregulation. you have all of these things but you can't focus on this because it's good news, and good news is no longer a business model. >> jesse: all right, greg will be live drunk tweeting the entire state of the union. >> greg: i will. >> jesse: virginia democratic governor ralph northam resisting calls to resign over races yearbook photo. sexual assault allegation against the state's number two. i switched to liberty mutual because they let me customize my insurance, and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything.
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♪ >> sandra: democratic virginia governor ralph northam resisting mounting pressure to resign over a races yearbook photo. the embattled democrat digging in and reportedly telling his staff he will not step down and be known as a "racist for life." as the state's lieutenant governor justin fairfax a sexual misconduct allegation from 2004. fairfax also not dismissing a rumor that northam's team may behind pushing the claim. >> you believe the governor 's team is spreading misinformation about your team? >> they made a statement. >> do you believe it? to go i don't know her precisely this is coming from. here's the thing. does anybody think it's any coincidence that on the eve of
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potentially my being elevated, that's when this uncorroborated smear comes out. does anyone believe it's a coincidence? i don't think anybody believes it's a coincidence. >> sandra: top democrats were very vocal against brett kavanaugh are not rushing to judgment on fairfax. >> allegations have to be taken seriously, but it doesn't change the fact that governor northam needs to step down. >> i think we should be focusing on what's right now happening with the governor. >> do you believe justin fairfa fairfax? >> you are not on the phone. >> excuse me. >> sandra: dana, are we seeing a bit of a double standard here when it comes to democrats' handling of this allegation against fairfax? >> dana: look, i would say i don't think rushing to judgment as a good idea at all. i would appreciate it if that were applied for all people. of course, allegations can be taken seriously by all people as well.
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my reading of "the washington post," who's heard of these accusations against fairfax before and they have looked into them and they never ran with them now, of course, do they afford that courtesy don't brett kavanaugh? no. does that mean it shouldn't happen here? i would never want to say that because that would make me a hypocrite. by all accounts, justin fairfax is a very well-liked person in virginia, and virginia politics. he's a liberal that gets along with a lot of people from both sides of the aisle. i think his team probably has a gut instinct as to how this surfaced. because ralph northam, when you're in a corner and not doing what everyone is asking you to do, which is resign, you've got to figure out a way to punch some way. i think thinking about your second in line taken over from you, it goes back in ancient history. this is what people used to do. they would always kill the second in line. i don't think that's going to work in this case but i think it's amazing that northam is still governor and he has no plans to resign.
2:17 pm
>> sandra: juan, you hear about these meetings with his staff. there's been multiple, since this has come up, and we've seen the pictures. can he ride this out? >> juan: it got worse today with the release of more pictures from eastern virginia medical school, though school governor northam graduated from, showing more pictures of people dressed up, you know, and confederate uniforms and more the kind of racist, you know the head of the school said so many of the pictures were not only racist but repugnant, the language he used. suggested they were clearly offensive. these are more recent pictures, by the way, sandra. some people say it's back in the '80s. i don't think the '80s is that long ago but i am an old dog. what you see now, this is in the '90s and even the early 2000s. suggest there's a culture there and northam might be part of a culture that's absolutely racially toxic. hurt his chances. the reporting way of seeing out
2:18 pm
of the cabinet meetings he referred to us that his own cabinet, the people he's appointed, are trying to be loyal to him but look back at that press conference on saturday and subsequent comments, absolutely devastating and it's driving down his support among all people, democrats, you know, republicans, blacks, whites, asians, latinos in the state. he's losing his ability to govern. one final point, big-league politics, the one that broke the northam story and is breaking the story about fairfax, initially indicated that they got there leak on fairfax from levar stony's supporters. he's the mayor of richmond. he is a political rival of fairfax. you talk about "game of thrones." we've got it going on in richmond. >> sandra: it's tough to keep track of all the details of the story. dana referred back to "the washington post" report on monday saying it's, being aware of the allegation against fairfax for over a year but was
2:19 pm
unable to cooperate. fairfax they say incorrectly claimed that they didn't publish it because they found red flags with the woman's story. >> greg: unlike the story with kavanaugh. no red flags there. what a beautiful bed the democrats have made for themselves. combining the excesses of the kavanaugh demonization. what were the two big sins that rose to the top? one was his yearbook, right? everybody was talking about his yearbook. then you also have the notion that we must believe everyone. so you had the sexual assaults going back 30-some odd years but they must be believe no matter what, no matter how hazy the accusations might be. these events are now in the same case at each other's throats. you have the yearbook and you have a sexual harassment with that lieutenant governor. both apparently are supposed to be believed at the same time. how long can this last? it's an incredible thing. they are stuck with it.
2:20 pm
if this were a republican, "washington post," buzzfeed, "huffington post" would be in front of the yearbook editor's house right now. >> jesse: it's a dumpster fire in the state of virginia right now. you have infanticide. you have black face and a sexual assault allegation. i wasn't in the room. i have no idea what happened, but the timing is very suspicious coming forward right now. the woman is using the same law firm as christine blasey ford. i don't really know. as far as the governor's concerned, part of being a human being is the ability to feel shame. sometimes politicians just don't feel shame. sometimes it's good for them. bill clinton didn't have an ability to feel shame. >> greg: you are an expert on this. >> jesse: or someone like anthony weiner or roy moore. they also didn't feel shame, look what happened to them. northam obviously doesn't feel any shame at all. he's not red-faced about being in blackface. as he should be. so right now he is putting himself over the commonwealth of
2:21 pm
virginia. he's lost all respect. he doesn't have the ability to serve. i think the state of virginia, they are the ones that are really getting hosed here. >> sandra: we've got to leave it there. onto this story, the kentucky high school student at the center of the controversial video gearing up for a potential legal battle against media outlets and celebrities. more on that just ahead. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ i'm off to college. i'm worried about my parents' retirement. don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... dealing with today's expenses... while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay? i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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♪ >> greg: it may be the first step in a libel suit. lawyers for the covington high school student demonized by the media sent letters to 50-plus celebrities, politicians, and media organizations. including osa milano, jim carrey, "the washington post," even liz warren received preservation letters which say you better not destroy any documents linked to the case.
2:26 pm
i guess that means jim carrey can't burn this painting. he thought his pictures stink, turns out the stationary ones or worse. for ages the media loved to hand out teachable moments, as enlightened ones they would school the dumb public on its prehistoric ways. now the attack is reversed with a truly teachable moment for the arrogant, elite media who for so long loved to demonize you. it's not just about covington. those students are a symbolic target of all of us. covington, like fox news and red meat, is media shorthand for evil. it's not about lawsuits. it's about a lesson, one we could all learn in this age were contagious, deceptive social media is manipulated by the media. the fact is the covington story spread because the media wanted to. and match their assumptions. to them, maga hat plus white kids equaled racism. it's a pc flash card. nobody cared it was false until others fought back. maybe the letters recipients
2:27 pm
will consider what they did wrong and how their bias led to mob action. maybe they will embrace this teachable moment. good thing the students at covington are standing up to teach them. sandra commences the right thing to do, these letters? should they sue all of them, some of them? >> sandra: you got to do something. with all of this, and the producers provided us with these lawyers who have dug deep into where he could possibly get with these lawsuits. it doesn't go far. within the legal framework today come with social media mobbing and it doesn't really fit. obviously that's going to have to be looked at but from a journalist standpoint, because he's taking on some of these media personalities, certainly there needs to be some held responsible. to run with something there for the entire video was even seen, and of course to put together their own edited version of this video. use google his name, this will live on forever for nick
2:28 pm
sandmann. this does not go away. >> greg: another jesse watters in the making. juan, you are journalist with a long pedigree. do these -- does this kind of libel action in the long run? >> juan: i'm not sure what he's going after. the suggestion here is it goes beyond defamation, greg. he's looking at things like emotional distress. obviously he's had his life threatened but of course they belong the other side of their life threatened. i think the suggestion is that he has been maligned and as sander was saying, his reputation has been damage to the point of emotional distress. i'm not sure i would buy that because once again, it's not the case "the new york times," "washington post," mpr, hbo, the celebrities, created that document, the video that led to the misperception. i think that came from somewhere else but were not even sure where. i don't think that then reporting on what we see on
2:29 pm
social media and the response can be used as a basis for saying you're guilty and you owe this man some recompense. i don't see it. >> greg: dana, i love the phrase teachable moments. i think i've banned it could this be a teachable moment? they should do this every year. call it the covington symposium. combine the two, discuss the mistakes they made. >> dana: i think it will be a teachable moment until the next teachable moment. which will probably be next week. also i think he's not a person of notoriety. so therefore the standard in order to meet legally is lower. i also think if i was the mom and dad, i would also be mad at this school because the school initially went out along with the media and basically said that the boys were wrong, and it
2:30 pm
turns out they hadn't done anything wrong. i think i would be mad at them too. >> greg: jesse, an example of how the media expands their target of demonization to include everybody. he should be at the state of the union. >> jesse: that's true. i want to agree with sandra. i believe our producers are wonderful. i didn't read all the research that the producers gave us because i had the lawyer on watters' world a couple weeks ago. this is what he told me. he understands that there is such a high bar for slander and libel in this country. you have to show malice, and you have to show kind of an intentional and willing disregard for the truth. he said you know what, even if it doesn't succeed, it's worth it because you have to draw a line in the sand and say you cannot just callously inflict damage on minors on social medi social media. so in the end, if they grind these guys to dust with legal fees, that's good. the thing is about twitter,
2:31 pm
there's no ability to feel any empathy. it's an invisible world out there. you can shoot at people and then turn your phone off and walk away. it's almost like the o'keeffe situation, huge double standard where o'keeffe would come out with these well produced pieces that took months, and very elaborate and everything was in order and he put out in the media and say no, i don't see any context. i want to see the raw footage. we can air this. we can't comment. but in this case of covington, they took a very small slice of video from an anonymous person in that thing went viral, and they just shook this earth to the core. total double standard. >> greg: i love that you are now the spokesperson for empathy. you've come a long way. >> jesse: i feel a little shame now. >> greg: another migrant caravan confronted by mexican police at the border ahead of the state of the union. that's next. alright, i brought in
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♪ >> dana: we are a little more than three hours away from president trump's state of the union address where he is expected to make a big push for border security. this comes as mexican authorities gathered to stop a caravan of nearly 2,000 migrants just south of texas early this morning. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen warning illegal crossing into the united states will not be tolerated. after a contentious few months with democrats, will the president's speech before congress be able to move the needle on this issue? let's bring in martha maccallum, coanchoring tonight's special coverage, to preview the big event. we have bret baier as well. we have them both. martha, you are at the white house earlier today. can you tell us anything about the plans and talk about border security?
2:37 pm
>> in general, the lunch, which is a tradition end attended by some of the anchors covering the state of the union address that night, by tradition, it's off the record. this was as well. in terms of the broad strokes, clearly the president is i think of a mind to hold pretty steady on where he has been on the wall. i don't think he's that optimistic about the conferees that our meeting, although there might be a little bit of movement on that. i don't think you're going to hear a national emergency declaration tonight. we are ten days from the next potential shutdown. i think there's room for negotiation during that period. but i think it's fair to say that the president is not at this point shying away from that option at all and believes that in the end, if he did declare that, he would probably win the argument over it. >> dana: we are going to take it around the table. the boxes and squares we have. jesse, however you would like to ask a question too, they are here for you.
2:38 pm
>> jesse: all right, bret, i'm glad you could make it. the state of the union usually when people consume it, the next day it's always about the viral moment, the face of people are making, may be the silly state of the union response. recently it's been about the moment where the president's guest is announced. the selection of guests is very important this year. they have family members of someone who was killed by an illegal immigrant. they have a human trafficking agent. they have a sixth grader with the name trump who is bullied. explain how you think this dynamic is going to play out with the democrats in the audience and the risks involved. >> you make a good point, jesse. in state of the unions as of late, a lot of it is about storytelling and weaving in your guests' stories to tell how some specific policy that either you
2:39 pm
are asking for you have done has panned out. so expect a lot of the border focus to be personal, to be about families who lost loved ones because some illegal immigrant committed a murder or something along the border with the border patrol agent, specifically there. as far as the child who is bullied, obviously seen a lot of coverage of that already with the last name trump. that's the first lady's specific effort on cyberbullying. a lot of people are pointing to the president and his use of twitter and how he needles people time and time again, whether that's a positive thing or not. and what message comes out of that. >> dana: juan williams, you are next to me. i don't know if you have air conditioning in your little box but i do not do so hot in here. juan, you go forward. >> juan: i will say on dana, let's talk hardball politics.
2:40 pm
divide in the republican party over the possible declaration of a national emergency. john cornyn, number two in the senate behind mitch mcconnell, saying even if the president declares a national emergency, it's not likely that the senate will support him if there's a revolution of -- resolution of opposition that comes out of the democratic house and the courts aren't likely to do it. he thinks it's not a winning hand for the president. what do you think? >> i sat down with mitch mcconnell short time ago and he believes that the president will still come if he's pushed to it, declare a national emergency, that's the option on the table. as you point out, john cornyn has spoken out again -- against it. so has roy blunt. i think it's pretty clear the president doesn't see it that way and that the president come in terms of this conferee committee that's been talking about some kind of solution, the
2:41 pm
president said he didn't put much stock in it. he said it was a waste of time if they didn't come back with wall money. looks like a rock and hard place that's developed and i think the president, i don't think he will do it tonight but i think he's holding out the option. looks like there's some democrats who might be coming around on this and there's word that perhaps mick mulvaney might invite some of them to camp david this weekend to talk. i think there's a lot of moving parts but nobody sees the end of the tunnel as of right now. >> dana: sandra, what do you have? >> ahead of the president's speech, he hasn't delivered it yet and a lot of democrats are already coming out criticizing it. top democrat chuck schumer saying that the state of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. we know that the trump team is saying that he's going to attempt to put out a unifying message. can the president unite the country with his message tonight? >> i think he's going to try to. he will retire a couple different fronts. he's going to try, on policy,
2:42 pm
talk about infrastructure, prescription drug prices, potentially touch on successes in the past, prison reform legislation that was of bipartisan effort and say that there is more possibly to come. i don't think that this speech is going to be the unifying moment. as you saw the preamble to this beach, it was a lot of the same back and forth. >> dana: greg gutfeld, i always save you for last on these roundups. >> greg: do either of you have a question for me? [laughter] >> did you try the queso? >> what are you wearing to the state of the union address? >> greg: my fdic pajamas. i will be going home, making food, opening a bottle of wine. i will fall asleep at 8:53. >> dana: he didn't try it but jesse did and he said it was very good. >> jesse: i would not lie.
2:43 pm
>> dana: thank you for joining us. we'll see you tonight. up next, big price tag that comes along with alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. stick around. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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♪ >> juan: new details emerging on the green new deal, legislation being cosponsored by alexandria ocasio-cortez. critics attacking the reported $7 trillion price tag for that plan. the proposal calls for transforming the american economy with the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030. so is this really evidence of the democrat socialist agenda? i think this is a set up for jesse. so jesse, go right ahead. >> jesse: i would say say what you want about aoc, the woman is bold. he's extremely bold. it's almost the way, and greg has said, trump is bold. you think about donald trump, muslim ban, confront china, sit down with kim jong un, i think a lot of those bold moves have paid off.
2:48 pm
but her plan, i believe, is even bold for socialism. she talks about a 10-year plan. that's like what the soviet union did. she is doubling it. $7 trillion. you can't even count them much money. the point is, it has to take an extremely arrogant person to think that they can totally remake american society in ten years. i want americans to remake society. i don't want the green caucus to remake society. it's going to be a fun debate. >> juan: dana, in fact the fox news polls, point of controversy, fox news poll say most americans do support higher taxes especially in those who make more than $10 million and support more government spending on health care. how do we understand this? is it socialism or mainstream? >> dana: that's not the green new deal. i do think, to jesse's point, she is bold. but nancy pelosi, the speaker,
2:49 pm
is wiser. one of the things that happened when she announced his green new deal when they finally roll it out, they want initially when she first talked about it, they were going to end all fossil fuel use in ten years. the problem is not taxes. the problem is physics. we just don't have the technology to be able to do that yet. so what nancy pelosi is doing is she's giving them a little bit of room to run. you mentioned health care. for all. what is her chief advisor on health care tell privately, help companies? don't worry. we are really not going to do that. no problem. same thing on impeachment. she lets them run wild. talk about impeachment. in the meantime she's like yeah, were not doing that. it's a good thing she has a big margin in her caucus because she has people that are going to always vote very far left. she actually has been able to rein them in a little bit. >> juan: i think that's right. sandra, the question is, what happens with this energy and
2:50 pm
there's lots of energy, as i indicated, they can be seen in the poll numbers, for dealing with not only income inequality but poverty, high cost of medical care, high cost of prescription drugs, in the country. >> >> sandra: she throws these ideas out there with a $7 trillion priced tag. there's not specifics. when you have researchers looking into it who would otherwise i think support someone like this, tom pyle, energy research institute. 100% renewable energy defies the laws of physics, according to dennis point, it would be impossible to achieve. nancy pelosi hasn't even signed onto this. i don't know where she can get with this but she's got everybody listening. she throws this stuff out there, its bold ideas but it's action that everyone is waiting for. >> juan: greg, stacey abrams,
2:51 pm
los the gubernatorial race in georgia, delivering the after state of the union speech for the democrats. one of they had greg gutfeld program alexandria ocasio-cortez. would that be a great show? >> greg: i think so. it would be very exciting. where my looking? it's easy to be a leftist. it's santa claus without the toy workshop. you don't have to make anything. the problem is, you mentioned a lot of problems for the only people that end up coming up with solutions are innovators, free-market people. i do think that when we have to deal with climate change, when we have to deal with it, we will deal with it and it will be the innovators to figure out the cheap way to do it. even when you look at electric cars. what powers electric cars? call. we have to be realistic. physics wins. only 7 trillion question mike that's a drop in the bucket for a socialist. they could take all our money in a heartbeat. >> dana: this is the most i have ever talked about physics. >> greg: good for you.
2:52 pm
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makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, affordably and on-time. (ringing) ( ♪ ) the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time for one more thing. mr. williams? >> juan: thanks, jesse. tonight is the big state of the union dress. we hope you watch here on fox. i have got to tell you i think i gave an even bigger speech today. i spoke to my grand daughter's first grade class in washington, d.c. take a look at these photos. my speech was about the power of story telling. great stories and especially their stories and i also mentioned stories about the civil rights movement. this being black history month. but most of the stories were about my times my granddaughter played tricks on me. then each of the kids told me a favorite story of their own from their families frogs, rats and dogs played a big part in the stories they had to tell.
2:57 pm
so, thank you so much to wesley and pepper for inviting pop pop or granddad to visit their school. >> i love that juan. >> jesse: such a good visit. thanks. dana perino. >> dana: do you know why they told those stories, juan? because animals are great. president trump invited matthew charles to the state of the union. first person released under the first step act that was the bipartisan legislation for prison reform. he is a real shining example of somebody who has turned his life around and dedicated to helping others. watch this. >> those who are changed in their heart that do want to be role models to their children and grandchildren. they do want to be able to come back out to society and say i made a mistake and i dare to repeat that mistake. i want to speak to those kind of guys. >> dana: check out the whole video at briefing. state of the union tonight. our special coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. mash that and bret are going to anchor and i will be
2:58 pm
there with juan, laura ingraham brit hume and chris wallace. i think we have airconditioning in that room where why are. >> jesse: that's a good panel. gg. >> greg: i will be doing state of the union coverage live from my apartment. look up live at my apartment in my bath robe. time for this where am i? ♪ oh ♪ >> greg: fantastic. as you know, some hotels the hotel beds have more germs that dana perino queso. disgusting. anywhere adam levine stays you have got to bring one of these. a cleanse bot a small travel robot that travels under the sheets and cleans the surfaces and disinfects of germs and harmful bac bacteria. this is another example of robots doing the work for you, making your life a better. you hit that button too fast, buster and you are ticking me off. >> jesse: all right. we all need one of those. >> greg: table.
2:59 pm
>> jesse: new england patriots celebrating their victory in the super bowl. check out some footage of gronk. this guy was on fire today at the parade. anybody that was watching could not take their eyes off the new england tight end. this guy was living it up. he was chugging beers. he was catching beers that were thrown at him. there he is with his shirt off. that's the real adam levine right there. that's how you do it, adam. >> greg: he's the best. >> jesse: that's how you do it. sandra smith? >> sandra: not jesse and juan. diver swimming underneath a frozen ice lake wearing a speedo. check this out. the free diver in the czech republic taking a dip underneath clear ice on lake milda. holy take a deep breath here. cut a hole in the thick sheet of ice that covers the lake he back stroked with his face up towards the ice and then face down on his lap back. the brave soul behind the stunt his name peter kapune
3:00 pm
54 years old. credits diet and strict workout regiment for the amazing feat he emerged and said i'm okay: >> jesse: never miss an episode of the five. "special report" is up next. >> bret: jesse, thanks. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington and the white house lawn. i'm bret baier. we are three hours away from president trump's speech to the nation and second official state of the union address. at this hour the president is in the white house behind me putting the finishing touches on a speech in which the administration insists unity will be the theme. but with the government just coming out of the longest shutdown in history and another one looming in less than two weeks, critics are quick to ask just how the president aims to bridge the country's divide. the speech titled choosing greatness, centers around some of the most contentious issues in washington, including, of course, immigration. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins me now with a preview of what we expect to hear


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