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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 5, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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54 years old. credits diet and strict workout regiment for the amazing feat he emerged and said i'm okay: >> jesse: never miss an episode of the five. "special report" is up next. >> bret: jesse, thanks. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington and the white house lawn. i'm bret baier. we are three hours away from president trump's speech to the nation and second official state of the union address. at this hour the president is in the white house behind me putting the finishing touches on a speech in which the administration insists unity will be the theme. but with the government just coming out of the longest shutdown in history and another one looming in less than two weeks, critics are quick to ask just how the president aims to bridge the country's divide. the speech titled choosing greatness, centers around some of the most contentious issues in washington, including, of course, immigration. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins me now with a preview of what we expect to hear tonight. good evening, john.
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>> bret, good evening to you. the state of the union by its very nature is designed to bring together both houses of congress, both sides of the political aisle for a single event. but this one comes at a time when the country is probably more divided than it has been in decades. >> tonight's state of the union and the democratic response will be a study in contrast. president trump will insist that america is as strong as it has ever been. >> the president is going to lay out. so great successes that we have had over the last two years and paint a picture of what we can do for this country if we come together. >> democrats, odierno on the otr hand, will portray a nation on the border of crisis. >> the state of our union is in need of drastic repair. >> like all presidents before him, president trump will attempt to bring the country together. >> the president is calling for unity. he is calling for an end to retribution and resistance politics. >> again, there is that contrast. >> for the last two years the white house previewed addresses to congress and each time they emphasized unity, bipartisanship and
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reaching across the aisle. next morning the president forgot all of that. it will be the i president's first speech to a democratically controlled house. first immigration, trade and deregulation. if that sounds like deja vu consider these hits and misses from 2018. immigration reform including a border wall and path to citizenship for 1.8 million so-called dreamers? that one has yet to be worked out. six bad trade deals and negotiate new ones. the president hedging new trade deals with canada, south korea and china the eu and japan still outstanding. reduce prescription drug prices. that is still a work in progress. the president's request for $1.5 trillion in infrastructure spending has gone unanswered. president trump promised to and delivered a massive increase in military spending. he pushed for and signed prison and sentencing reform legislation. pulled out of the iran nuclear deal when congress refused to address it.
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[applause] and after highlighting a dissident who literally crawled his way out of north korea, cut a deal with kim jong un that has halted nuclear and missile tests that north korea has yet to take any steps toward denuclearization. with mexican federal police on stand by to prevent a migrant caravan from crossing the border in to eagle pass, texas today, president trump is not expected to make an emergency declaration tonight regarding a border wall though he may float the idea. senator richard shelby, a member of the conference committee struggling to reach a deal on border security says that might not be a bad thing. >> it can bring us together. will it? we don't know. sometimes dire circumstances brings us together sometimes it pulls us apart. >> while the woman who will sit behind the president during the speech has vowed he will get no money for a wall, at least one democratic congresswoman saying she is open to the idea of a steel barrier in strategic locations. >> i'm sure it will get me
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in trouble with some folks. listen, i don't want to -- we all know it's not that 2,000-mile concrete barrier so i'm, you know, as long as it's not that, i'm pretty good. >> whether president trump could change any more minds tonight remains to be seen conference committee has only a week from friday to fund the government and do something about border security we will hear from experts from customs and border protection tomorrow. cpb insists it does need barriers in strategic locations, particularly in texas. we will see if they can make that argument fly tomorrow. bret? >> bret: hey hey, john the trump inaugural committee received a subpoena from the u.s. attorney's office in new york. what about that? >> federal prosecutors are looking to the trump inaugural committee for all records related to fundraising and activities dealing with the 2017 inauguration. that committee spent a record $107 billion. the federal prosecutors from the u.s. attorney's office and the southern district of new york want to know if any of that money was misspent,
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if there was any quid pro quo for donors or if any foreign entities gave money which would be illegal. earlier today sarah huckabee sanders said this investigation has nothing to do with the white house, just the inaugural committee. bret? >> bret: speak of the devil. john? thank you for a fair and balanced look at what both sides are speaking of tonight ahead of the address. we will speak to steny hoyer in a bit. we begin with press secretary sarah sanders on the north lawn. thank you for being here. the push is going to be about unity and reaching across the aisle. it's been a pretty contentious few weeks. how is that going to go over? >> look, i think that's what the american people want. they like it best when government functions and that elected leaders can come together and find solutions. we know we can do it because we have done it even in the last several months. if you just look at criminal justifiable reform, i think is a perfect example of democrats and republicans seeing a problem, working together to find a solution
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and the president led that effort. we can do that again and there are a number of fronts that we agree on and the president is going to lay out that case tonight. we can either choose greatness or we can choose to continue fighting with one another. and we're very hopeful that democrats will want to choose greatness and we are with the president trying to get something done. >> bret: as you are out talking about unity and deals. the president has tweeted i see schumer is already criticizing my state of the union speech even though he hasn't seen it yet. is he just upset that he didn't win the senate after spending a fortune like he thought he would. too bad we weren't given more credit for senate win by the media. schumer responded thanks for watching my speech, but you must have missed this line even more empty than his policy promises are president trump's calls each year for unity. that doesn't sound like a great set-up to a unity speech. >> look, i don't think it's lost on anyone that we have had a contentious last several weeks. i think the point that the
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president will make tonight is when we work together we can do great things. and we have a choice to make. we can either work together and fix big problems that america is facing or we can ignore them and do nothing. >> bret: you are talking infrastructure? >> i'm talking a lot of things whether it's infrastructure. even immigration. there are places where we disagree but there are more places where we are on the same page than there are some of those minor disagreements that i think we can come to a place where, you know, maybe we get some of those things worked out. there are a number of places on healthcare like lowering drug pricing, that everybody can agree is a good thing for all americans. there are a lot of places like that that we should look for the common ground versus fighting with one another. >> bret: state of the union addresses traditionally are shopping lists for presidents. this is what they want to get done. they tell a story about what they did get done and what they are looking for. give somebody a little at home a little behind the scenes on how this all comes together. you have all the departments kind of wanting to get their part in, right?
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how does that break down? >> there are way more good ideas than you can could have time to address in the state of the union. the biggest thing taking away the most important priorities are for the president. he has been outlining what those look like to the team for several weeks, building out and putting those building blocks together. you will see certainly like you said you will hear some of the accomplishments that have happened over the last two years. but then you will also see the look forward. this state of the union is very much going to be about looking forward, a visionary speech of the great things that we can do in this country. >> bret: also talking about the things that have been done. one of the things that the president had talked about is isis and defeating isis from his first speech, second speech to congress. now we heard from the commander of centcom today. take a listen of this back and forth. >> i am proud to report that the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to 100 percent of the territory
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just recently held by these killers. >> we have wiped out isis in iraq. we have wiped out isis. >> we do have to keep pressure on this network. they have the capability of come back together if we don't. >> general, were you aware of the president's intention to order the withdrawal of our troops from syria before that was publicly announced? >> i was not aware of the specific announcement. >> you weren't consulted before that decision was announced? >> we were not -- i was not consulted. >> bret: first of all, a lot of people were struck by that. that's the head of centcom not knowing that that troop announcement was going to happen. >> look, general mattis was fully aware as was the president's national security advisor and the secretary of state, other players that are key players in that process. they were all aware and briefed on the situation. and, frankly, anybody that wasn't aware that that was what the president wanted hasn't been paying attention. the president has been talking about this since he started on the campaign trail three years ago. this isn't something new for
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this president. he has been talking about the fact he wanted to destroy isis and bring our troops home and that's what we have done. now, he has also said and he has been very clear that if there is even a peep of coming back, we will be fully prepared to make sure that doesn't happen. >> bret: and when the iraqis pushed back on this big base that's going to watch over iran and be a lily pad through the region what does the president say? >> look, the president has met with the folks on the ground and we were in iraq just about a month ago. and they were very clear that they are in a good position to be leaders in that region. we fully anticipate that they will continue to do that. >> bret: you know, the president seems to enjoy these big moments. what his mindset going into this tonight and as he is deal with a lot of different balls in the air? >> the president has got an incredible story to tell. i mean, he is excited to tell it. he has had an incredible and historic first two years in office. and he -- the economy has not been as good as it is in
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decades, wages are rising, unemployment is down. the military is being completely rebuilt. there have been a number of foreign policy wins under this president, trade policies being renegotiated. he has got a great story to tell you about he has also still got a lot of things he would like to get done. i think you will hear that tonight. he is going to do what i think is going to be a powerful speech. he is in a great mood and he feels about going into the night. >> bret: is he encouraged about the conference committee and is he going to push to avoid another government shutdown. >> certainly we don't want another government shutdown. we have said that since the beginning of this process. we didn't want the first one. the president wants border security. he is going to do what it takes to the get it. because he knows that his biggest and most important duty as president of the united states is to protect the american people. and he is going to continue pushing forward to make sure that happens. >> bret: sarah, we appreciate the time. >> it's great to be with you. >> bret: thank you. from what democrats hope to hear from the president tonight we turn to the house majority leader steny hoyer.
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mr. leader, thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> bret: what do you expect to hear and what you hope to hear? >> i expect to hear a speech talk about greatness, apparently. talking about greatness and reaching greatness are two different things. and cooperation is necessary to accomplish that objective. and we haven't seen that the last two years quite frankly, bret. the president apparently reportedly going to speak about working cooperatively towards a better america. what we have seen over the last two years is a president that has led on a very deep tax cut that was for the very wealthy in america. not for the average working person in america and we have seen a policy of trade that he said was going to bring a lot of jobs back to america. we have seen that not happen. we have seen a i is a shutdown f government which ironically ms. sanders said they didn't want that in fact the president said i will take
3:13 pm
responsibility and i welcome it and a good shut down might be good for america. it was bad for america. it costs $11 billion at least in g.d.p. loss. so i hope to hear a speech that says we can work together and we will work together. but, very frankly, the speech is not important. what is important is the performance, the deeds, the actions, the cooperation that occurs. as you know, we have been trying to work on the daca protections for people who were given protections, young people who came here as infants or small children. >> bret: right. >> we have not been able to do that. the president said, bret, when we were down at the white house you send us a bill or send me a bill, and i will sign it and i will take the heat. well, the next day he said no, that's not what i'm going to do. >> bret: right. let's talk about border security and your thought process on the conference committee. the last time you appeared here and we appreciate you coming on every time. >> um-huh. >> bret: you said this about the wall. take a listen.
3:14 pm
>> look, i don't think this is an issue of morality. it's an issue of does it work? >> bret: would you remove those existing barriers because you say they don't work? >> no, no. >> bret: so they work there. >> obviously they work some places. >> bret: so walls work some places. what is the compromise? you said it was possible last time. is it possible now with this conference committee of lawmakers trying to get a deal? >> well, you have got 17 people from the senate and the house sitting down together and trying to reach agreement. we think basically on the six bills that are covered by the conference there are seven bills in all, six we think we have relative agreement. we will see what the conference can agree on with respect to how best to accomplish border security. that's really the issue. a lot of experts, a lot of republican senators as i said last time, bret, i think have indicated the wall is not the answer. we think that technological listening devices, heat
3:15 pm
seeking devices, x-ray equipment so you know what's coming into the country and trucks or vehicles or or on backpacks. weave think that technology, personnel, humanitarian treatment of people who are at the borders, we think all of those are worthy. >> bret: what about barrier enhancements, fencing enhanszments are not on your list? >> bret, i think that's going to be on the table. and the conferees will have to come to agreement on that and i think they will. >> bret: part of the state of the union nowadays is to tell a story through some of the guests who are there. some of the guests who are here for the president this time deal with families who lost loved ones because of someone illegal across the border. take a listen to doug. >> the murder and illegal immigrant from el salvador who been living in carson city for over a year. no motive has been released but then does the motive really matter to this
3:16 pm
family? to yet another loss of life due to illegal immigration in the sieve we have of a border in this country. >> bret: what do you say to those lawmakers and those families especially the ones appearing tonight who are really concerned about this? >> well, obviously anybody who loses a loved one is concerned and whether it's an immigrant who is not legally in the united states or it's somebody else, it's a neighbor or most of the murders, obviously we have seen, particularly the multiple murders have been committed by our citizens, by neighbors, by people who are in our communities. i think it is frankly, bret, demagoguery to make it appear as the president has done over and over and over that the crime in america is because of immigration? that is not the case. is there -- do some immigrants commit crimes? certainly.
3:17 pm
>> bret: you concede there is a problem at the border, right? >> there is a challenge at the border. the president says there is a crisis at the border. and his national security advisor, the director of national intelligence didn't list that on any of the areas where he said we had a national security challenge. so, he didn't agree that the president was right and that we have a crisis at the border. yes, we need to make sure that illegal drugs don't come into america. we need to make sure that criminals don't come into america. we need to make sure, frankly, those who are unauthorized to do so don't come into our america without us knowing it. but, there is not a crisis at the border. >> bret: you think a compromise is possible? >> i certainly hope compromise is possible. i have think it is possible. and we will see whether the president is prepared to compromise. >> bret: okay. we will see tonight. i want to ask you about your neighboring state of virginia. obviously the governor is under fire for these images in his yearbook in 1984. the lieutenant governor is now under fire for an
3:18 pm
allegation of sexual assault. are you calling for lieutenant governor fairfax to address this? what is your stance on this? >> bret, i think he is addressing it he has denied it emphatically, and most of the news reports i have said that the allegation is not corroborated. that doesn't mean it ought not to be taken seriously. it ought to be. but i don't think -- i don't think he is not dealing with it he is dealing with it he said he didn't do it. >> bret: yeah. when christine blasey ford was testifying about the brett kavanaugh case you tweeted i'm proud of the house democratic women walking to the senate to stand in support of dr. ford this morning believe women. you said i believe dr. christine blasey ford she is courageous and compelling we owe it to her to those who have been object subjected to such pain and trauma. and to our country to fully investigate all the
3:19 pm
allegations there should not be a vote before that happens. do you believe her. >> i saw dr. ford testify. i thought she was very credible. i don't think there is any doubt that she absolutely believed what she said. and i believe what she said. they had a further investigation and i think it was superficial, very frankly, and the senate decided to confirm judge kavanaugh. but having said that at this point in time, i don't think any of us could draw a conclusion other than the allegations are serious allegations, ought to be taken seriously, and ought to be gotten to the bottom of it. >> bret: you have called for governor -- the governor to resign? >> no. i have not called for the governor to resign. the governor needs to decide whether or not given the serious incidents that he says he was involved in, and he says he wasn't one of the two people. but, given that, he needs to very seriously think of whether or not he can have the confidence of the commonwealth citizens of virginia and whether or not
3:20 pm
he can lead in an effective way. and i think he owes it to virginia and, frankly, he owes it to himself to make a decision that comports with whether or not he feels he can continue to enjoy the trust and faith of the citizens of the commonwealth of virginia. >> bret: mr. leader, we really appreciate your time tonight. we will be watching along with you as well. >> bret, thanks a lot. bet. >> bret: up next the america's top commander in the gulf said he too was taken by surprise with the president's syria troop announcement. fox 13 in seattle where there are now 51 confirmed measles cases in the pacific northwest. public health officials said 49 of the cases are in southwest washington state where had 2 o 42 of the patients were not vaccinated against the virus. former michigan state university president hearing louanna simon is accused of lying to police during a criminal investigation into gymnastics dr. larry nasa setter. she resigned as msu's president the same day
3:21 pm
nasaer was sentenced 40 to 157 years in prison for sexual abuse. this is a live look in boston fox affiliate there. big story tonight? you bet. hundreds of thousands of fans jamming downtown today for the new england patriots super bowl championship parade. fans packing the streets to catch a glimpse of quarterback tom brady, coach bill belichick and the rest of the team o aboard duck both and after a sixth title fans were already shouting we want seven. really? all right. maybe. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning full service with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab. we don't have a satisfaction guarantee, but we do have tecky!
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♪ >> bret: president trump's pick to replace justice brett kavanaugh on the d.c. appeals court already expressing regret over past writing about sexual assault race and equal rights. naomi raleigh told the senate judiciary committee that college ratings in which she criticized affirmative action and suggested that intoxicated women were partly responsible for date rate do not reflect her current thinking. she thinks she has matured since that time. critics find the nomination troubling after it comes months after sexual assault allegations against
3:26 pm
kavanaugh and obviously he moved on to confirmation and the process was criticized in the end. ruth bader ginsburg made her first public appearance since undergoing lung cancer surgery. the supreme court justice attended a concert in her honor given by her daughter-in-law and other musicians. the 85-year-old had surgery just before christmas and missed arguments at the court in january. on the markets the dow was up 172 today. the s&p 500 rose 13. the nasdaq finish you had ahead 55 points. as i referenced earlier the top general in the middle east says president trump did not consult him before announcing he would withdraw u.s. troops from syria. and he agrees with the other intelligence chiefs on the power of isis or the power that they could come back. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> the top u.s. commander in the middle east general joe voyeur tell warned lawmakers today the fight against isis
3:27 pm
is not over despite the commander-in-chief calling the group defeated. >> we should expect that they will attempt to attack us and continue to regenerate themselves and we will continue to put pressure on them. >> adding even though isis controls an area less than 20 square miles an estimated 1500 isis fighters remain in syria. >> jenna: votel did not dispute. echoing a new pentagon ig report which warned absent sustained counter-terrorism pressure isis could likely resurge in syria in 6 to 12 months and regain limited territory. >> so you do agree with the inspector general that isis is a scourge that's lighted in both syria and iraq and has the potential to resurge if not addressed? >> i do agree. >> votel then surprised lawmakers admitting he was
3:28 pm
not aware the president planned to announce a complete withdrawal from syria. >> you weren't consulted before that decision was announced. >> we were not -- i was not consulted. the fact is the president made a decision and we are going to execute the -- his orders here to withdraw forces from syria. >> general votel also weighed in on the potential withdraw from afghanistan saying the u.s. would need to continue bolstering the afghan fight against isis and taliban to the a tune of $4 billion a year. >> there certainly would need to be continued support to the afghan forces. >> and without american troops on the ground overseeing that taxpayer investment, there are concerns the money could be siphoned away. general votel said the u.s. government is investigating a report that american weapons provided to saudi arabia and the uae that were supposed to be used to counter iran in yemen are ending up in the hands of iran's proxy fighters. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, thanks. up next, virginia's embattled democratic
3:29 pm
governor gets some unlikely support. we will bring you there first, beyond our borders tonight, iranian president hasan rouhani is blasting president trump over trump's wish to keep u.s. forces in iraq in order to monitor iran. president trump said in the recent interview that he intends to keep a base in iraq to watch tehran. rouhani says the comments have exposed america lies about fighting terrorism. in paris a dispute over loud music may have led to the city's deadliest fire in more than a decade. at least 10 people died tuesday after a 40-year-old woman apparently set fire to the nine story building after fighting with a neighbor about her music. the woman was arrested near the scene and is said to have a history of psychiatric problems. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back to the white house. ♪ ♪ as a fitness junkie, i customize everything -
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♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at the white house the president is up in the white house residence where the lights are there. the second floor, getting ready for the big speech. his second official state of the union address to the nation. he will make his way to capitol hill shortly. a speech the administration is saying is about unity. meantime, virginia's democratic governor gets a little republican support today as he holds on to office another day. the heat turning up on the state's lieutenant governor amid alleged sexual assault more than a decade ago that he vehemently denies. garrett tenney is following
3:34 pm
all the developments today from richmond. >> governor ralph northam's fight to keep his job and save his reputation is getting support from one voice on the other side of the aisle. quote no matter the investor vas city of the photo in schedule a man who has devoted the entire life to the service of others should have the opportunity to clear his name said republican state senator richard stuart one of northam's closest friends in the legislature. so far northam's cabinet is standing by his side and behind the scenes reaching out to fellow democrats pleading for time and a second chance even as the calls for his resignation grow. >> what's a little bit more time going to do for us? it will keep all of you right here asking us these same questions until he does. and it's time for him to resign and just get all of this behind us. >> the senator has the floor. >> his would be replacement waiting in the wings is facing his own crisis after a 15-year-old allegation of sexual assault was brought against lieutenant governor justin fairfax by vanessa tyson a 42-year-old college professor. while democrats were quick to condemn justice brett
3:35 pm
kavanaugh over old claims. >> i believe dr. ford. i believe the survivor here. >> her account is credible and i believe her. >> they need to be believed. they need to be believed. >> they are giving one of their own more leeway. >> i think we should be focusing on what's right now happening with the governor. right now my focus is on calling for the governor to step down. >> key thing right now is northam needs to resign. there is no excuse for -- what he has said is completely disqualifying. >> the virginia house and senate democrats issued a statement about the allegations against fairfax saying the facts here are still being determined. every individual deserves the opportunity to be heard and we respect anyone who comes forward to share their story: put ons in the following their responses to a covington catholic high
3:36 pm
school student seen in a video that, of course, went viral. attorneys for nick sandmann sent 55 letters asking that all pertinent documents and electronic communications be preserved, the move is seen as the first step in a possible lawsuit over how the kentucky teenager was vilified in a widely misrepresented video of him allegedly harass ago native american man here in our nation's capital. the pope makes an historic visit and a surprise announcement. what he had to say next.
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3:41 pm
made a call for unity during a first ever paypal mass on the arabian peninsula in the uae. religion correspondent lauren green has a part of that story from abu da daby. >> he entered the stadium to tens of thousands chanting his name. [chanting] speaking in a message the gospel of jesus christ and the cradle of islam, pope francis became the first sitting pontiff in history to visit the arabian peninsula and hold a mass the largest public christian religious service ever in the gulf nation. according to local church authorities some 120,000 people attended the mass held in abu daby the capital of the united arab emirates. the event capping off the 40 hour pilgrimage to the oil-rich nation. the pope came here by invitation of the crowned prince kicking off the company's year of tolerance. the met with muslim leaders and assigned an agreement of human brotherhood.
3:42 pm
he also toured the grand mosque. the trip was not without tension the pope spoke out against the war in yemen where the uae has taken a leading role and grabbed ema'am exploiting islam as violent religion after the 9/11 terror attacks. all agree that violence has no for the people of god saying. >> we greatly profane god's name when we use it to justify hatred and violence against a brother. >> there are about a million christians in the uae a vast vort foreign born guest workers who make up 10% of the population. the faithful experiencing a once in a lifetime event. >> it was as if the holy spirit was present among us. >> by inviting pope francis to the arabian peninsula, the uae is hoping to send a message to the rest of the arab world that religious tolerance and freedom is the future. it's a call to get on the right side of history. bret? >> bret: lauren green in abu
3:43 pm
daby. lauren, thank you. next up our panel with what the president might say if anything at all to bridge the political divide in congress and in washington, state of the union preview next. ♪ ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ this is the avery's trying the hottest new bistro.ery's. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the avery's wondering if eating out
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>> the point the president will make tonight is when we work together we can do great things. and we have a choice to make. we can either work together and fix big problems that america is facing or we can ignore them and do nothing. >> the american people are less interested in beltway bellow drama and more interested in that classic question: am i better off now than i was two years ago? >> it seems every year the president wakes up and discovers the desire for unity on the morning of the state of the union. >> bret: about two hours away from the state of the union address. what about this speech and what it means? what could happen? let's bring it in our panel matthew con continu kimberly stl and joining me at the white house jeff mason white house correspondent for reuters. you know, jeff, we heard from administration officials sarah, others, saying this is about unity. it's interesting context in what we have seen here in
3:48 pm
washington. there is going to be an effort to reach across the aisle, i guess. >> for sure. i mean going to reach across the aisle on issues such as infrastructure, perhaps on drugs, drug pricing. but, this whole talk about unity which the administration has been saying for a few days is undermined a little bit by the fact that on the same day of his state of the union address the president has been tweeting about immigration, tweeting about the wall, in a way that democrats certainly would not sees a unifying or something they can get behind. >> bret: kimberly, thoughts? >> well, look, there had to be a strategic decision going in to this state of the union are you going to take the bipartisan approach or are you going to be combative and aggressive? that's what the president was throughout most of the shutdown combative and aggressive. it didn't necessarily work out. and, in fact, he looked his absolute best at the end when he was the one saying, look, let's go back to that bipartisan deal on immigration. let's all get together. you get what you want. i do. and then it was the democrats who looked more petty and not willing to and
3:49 pm
not work together. from a strategic standpoint this makes a lot of sense. are democrats willing to be open to that at the moment? that's less clear. >> bret: so when you listen to some democrats, there are cracks in the border security call. take a listen to some expecting maybe compromise tonight. >> do need to get past the semantics and really come to this compromise. i know that means that the hardliners and both sides are going to not be happy and they're probably not going to vote for it. but i believe that most people are somewhere in the middle. >> i completely agree that most people are somewhere in the middle. >> we should be looking for the most effective, cost -- you know, cost effective thing to do that also upholds our values. >> i think that's going to be on the table. i think the confer res will have to come to an agreement on that and i think they will. >> bret: matthew, your thoughts. >> all depends on what the meaning of the word wall is and if the conference can
3:50 pm
give some amount of funds for barrier fencing. building new structures. remember, there is this misconception which i hope the president trying to correct in his speech tonight that he is calling for a wall from sea to shining sea. that's not what's actually being discussed. he wants several hundred miles of new walls and new fencing. if there is some measure that gets us closer to that, the president should accept it. this is not just a state of the union, bret, it's the launch of the 2020 presidential campaign and i think that's why the president is focused on a message of bipartisan, trying to recapture the political center which i think he held in 2016. >> bret: remember the state of the union addresses typically look at what has been accomplished up until now or over the past year. what the hopes and dreams are and then weave in some stories of personal of people who were invited to kind of mend the policy in politics. here's the president over the past couple of years on trade and this issue.
3:51 pm
>> we will work to fix bad trade deals and negotiate new ones. >> we have also made history by finalizing an agreement to replace the horrible nafta with a brand new u.s. mexico, canada agreement called the usmca, a whole different world. >> we never really had a trail trade deal with china and now we have a great trade deal with china. >> bret: we obviously don't know what's going to transpire with china. it seems like it's heading in a positive directions. maybe a president xi meeting on the back end of this north korea summit which is probably going to be announced tonight. is it fair to say that he has changed the i d dynamic in washington how it comes who how he is dealing with trade. >> absolutely. >> bret: i mean dramatically. >> he believes he has a story to tell on trade with that is the canada, mexico trade agreement. looking forward the issue you just brought up which was china. last week a meeting between china officials and u.s. officials including the president to talk about a
3:52 pm
big deal. he has been speaking very positively about it i imagine we will hear that tonight. i think the white house and the president, according to my sources are still going to be very sort of shall i say strict with china so i couldn't come up with that word. >> bret: you mean the lighthizers? >> yes on intellectual property, on technology transfer. those types of things. there may be a positive spin that he is giving and he may give that tonight. there is still some major underlying challenges between china and u.s. on trade. >> bret: how far washington has come. the attacks the critics at the beginning were saying you can't do any of this. now they are saying for the most part you have to go further than you may stop. >> that's true and the fact the administration officials will say hey, the fact that we are even talking shows that something is happening. and that's -- this is something that presidents and president trump would like to emphasize this presidents past have tried to do and have not achieved. >> bret: kimberly, what about that? >> well, let's hope he does achieve it. he better hope he does achieve it because, you know, matthew just mentioned
3:53 pm
2020 election. here's one of the tough realities for the president is that he is not going to get any major new legislation through over the next two years that's going to help the economy. democrats will block it in the house. he doesn't have the fire power he did in terms of deregulation. he has done most of th the big things that's small around the edges now. he needs this trade deal to make the economy go to give it a further boost because it's going to be the economy that's going to play an enormous role whether he has a shot at re-election. this isn't a question of hope we can this is a question of must get done for this white house if it wants to even contemplate a 2020 re-election bid. >> bret: matthew, the speech will be broken down domestic and foreign policy. there is obviously a big story to tell on foreign policy. we heard from the commander of cen centcom today not only about not hearing beforehand about the specific order to pull troops out of syria, but the threat of isis gaining strength again if left unchecked. the president is committed,
3:54 pm
it seems, to bring troops home though. >> he is. he has changed the conversation on china, on trade, on immigration. he is changing the conversation on foreign policy, too. repudiating the more interventionist policies of his two predecessors. but the president needs to one worry, bret, about isis being resurgent if we leave too precipitously. he doesn't want a benghazi happening in the midst of his reelections campaign like it did in the midst of president obama's? why did benghazi happen? among the reasons is we looked away from the middle east. and without the continual pressure of the u.s. forces, isis and its affiliates will wil resurface. >> bret: finally he likes to point to polls rasmussen 48%. pointing to that many other polls that have him lower in public approval. this moment, this pomp and circumstance, walking down the house chamber, having everyone stand up, this is a big moment for any president. >> it's a huge moment for
3:55 pm
any president. it's why they delayed the state of the union address. the president and the white house did consider choosing another location during the shutdown when house speaker pelosi essentially uninvited him but then he decided i really want that pomp and circumstance. i want that moment. he have lots and lots of eyeballs and that's because he is doing the speech there tonight. >> bret: yeah. kimblekimberly final word. >> i am looking forward to the optics. that for me is the favorite part of the state of the union. >> bret: thank you very much. we have full coverage tonight. don't leave any place. we have a great show come up in martha's show and she will have majority leader mitch mcconnell. thanks for coming into our home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. "the story" with martha mccallum starts after a short break. the two of us back again 8:55 eastern time for our full state of the union address coverage. you don't want to miss it
3:56 pm
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(mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (vo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever. ♪ >> martha: breaking tonight, we are awaiting early excerpts of the president's state of the union address. set to begin a short time from now. we will bring you those as soon as they come in. biggest lineup tonight ahead the address. we will speak with lara trump of the trump 2020 campaign. former dnc chair donna brazile is here as well with the democrats how they are looking at the possibility for negotiations and opening up to unity. also representative dan crenshaw, congressman. also tonight house minority leader kevin mccarthy. plus my one-on-one exclusive with majority leader mitch mcconnell where he stands on this whole issue of a national emergency at the border. does he think that's a good


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