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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 6, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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asking for a friend. our reporting continues on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is next and we'll have a facebook watch update as well on facebook watch. where else would we do that? cavuto does his thing now. >> neil: thank you, shepard. after the delivery, could we have a deal? welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. the day after the president's big speech, how speaker nancy pelosi is signalling that we could be close to a bipartisan deal by friday and she's prepared to support it. will the president be okay with it? we're all over it. with james clyburn on how close they might be. first, coverage with blake burman at the white house and peter doocy on capitol hill. we begin with peter on where those talks could stand. hi, peter. >> neil, there's been a big
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change from last week and nothing happened and today when they met in person in private. >> strong words. i'm working ward that goal. we're hopeful that the tone is good between the various members of the conferrees. we're dealing in substance now, something that we haven't done before. >> today's action away from the cameras included a classified briefing where dhs officials and border experts gave security-based intel about what is needed along the border to keep it legal and products out. it was not a political briefing. part of the reason that democrat henry cuellar thinks the white house could sign a compromise measure happened with millions watching. president trump never used the world "shut down" last night. speaker pelosi says whatever the
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bipartisan group comes up with will have her blessing. >> i told them whatever you all come to agreement on, bipartisan agreement, i will support. i hope that the administration would have the same attitude and respect. of course, i'm an appropriator and i know they can find agreement. >> many democratic lawmakers brought guests last night to the state of the union who were negatively affected by the last government shut down. now makers they shared with chamber with think they're closer to avoiding another one. neil? >> neil: thanks very much. now to blake burman at the white house with what they're saying there. hi, blake. >> it was the vice president mike pence earlier today in an interview with cbs where he was out defending one of the more talked about lines from the president's state of the union address in which the president denounced congressional investigations. the vice president saying today in that cbs interview that the.
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was talking ant investigations that have a partisan tint. of course, the president said last night at one point, if there's going to be peace in legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. the vice president clarifying exactly what the had meant there. seemingly on cue, it was the top democrat in the house intelligence committee, adam schiff, that announced his committee would be launch as investigation into russian interference during the 2016 election, including whether russia holds any financial leverage over president trump, his family or the trump organization. earlier this afternoon the president was asked about it and did missed the probe. >> on what basis does he have to do that? he's a political hack that is trying to build a name for himself. i think that's fine. that's what they do. there could be no reason to do that. no other politician has to go through that. it's called presidential harassment. >> the president saying today,
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neil, he felt his speech went over well and it was loving words and words of compromise. neil? >> neil: thanks, blake. was this the moment that is getting things moving today? take a look. >> we must choose between greatness or gridlock, results or resistance, vision or vengeance, incredible progress or pointless destruction. tonight i ask you to choose greatness. [applause] >> neil: he said greatness a number of times. he did not utter shut down, he did not utter emergency,he did not say my way or the highway throughout any of his remarks. and mark ryanburg noticed. you were helping in the coverage
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on fox business. one of the first things that came to mind, reaching a cross the aisle, much like the gipper, ronald reagan, each side has a chance to help the other side. he exercised that last nights. what did you think? >> it was a good move. the right thing to do. he has to go beyond his core base and bring in people. the house now is controlled by democrats. and donald trump is president of all the people. he's not just president of his base. reagan new that. he reached across the aisle. there were reagan democrats, blue dogs. and remember the relationship that he developed with tip o'neal, the speaker. that was perhaps the most important relationship that he had congressionally as president. >> neil: it's interesting, because reagan would say whatever we get out of a teal, don't make the other side look bad. each side has to walk away they got something. don't rub it in their face.
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john kennedy the same way. when negotiating tax cuts that came to fruition after hits death. i'm wondering whether the president was taking a page from history there. >> i hope so. it was on the eve -- today would be reagan's 108th birthday. so maybe president trump was thinking about him a little bit last night. i sure hope so. you're right. you can't spike the ball. you have to -- everybody has to go home and declare victory. that's the only way they come back the next day. >> neil: of course, he is tip o'neal, ronald reagan, developed a personal relationship that often meant negotiating in the night of the white house residence. some alcohol would be involved there. whatever works, right? >> right. >> neil: i'm wondering whether this president and nancy pelosi could enjoy the same type of relationship. doesn't seem likely. >> it doesn't seem likely. that's okay. they're different people. it's a different time. that doesn't mean they can't work together. they're both politicians.
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they are both there to do the business of the people and make the country better. if they work to find what they have in common, not what divides them, they'll get it done. >> neil: i don't know whether ronald reagan did this. maybe you can help. the idea that look, we make progress on this, look at the other areas where we have pretty broad and bipartisan agreement. >> dana: lowering drug prices, infrastructure. what do you think? that was a teaser? >> maybe so. progress begets progress. if they go one success under their belt and feels good, more more inclined to work towards another area of working together like on sentencing reform. that was good for everybody. they should use what they got, how they go there to move forward on other issues. >> neil: you were the first to seize on something that happened last night that a lot of people have been talking about. when the president gave his speech to the vice president and gives it to nancy pelosi, the speaker, shortly thereafter, he began speaking. >> right.
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>> neil: there was not the normal introduction where the speaker says, ladies and gentlemen, i give you the president of the united states. that never happened. why not? what do you think? >> i don't know if he jumped the gun or if he just didn't want her to introduce him. usually the speaker says, i have the distinct personal privilege and presenting to you. maybe he was anxious to get started. >> neil: you told me, too, there was something special about this venue. the president when the speech was first delayed by nancy pelosi, he could have done given it in the oval office or anywhere else. you said no, there's something about that local that matters. it's historic. it's significant. it's a stage like no other. >> it's iconic. the president of the united states with the speaker and vice president behind him and that giant flag and the chamber. there's no other forum quite like that. it says something about our country and that at the end of the day we're all americans.
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>> shepard: i was forgetting that 1983, when ronald reagan gave his state of the union address, he's popularity had plummeted. people said there's no way he will be re-elected. the same kind of sentiment builds -- among democrats that say, donald trump has no chance at all. history is a funny thing. in the 1983 state of the union, reagan knocked it out, the economy picked up steam. the rest is history. what can this president and maybe people following him learn from that? >> that you never count a president of the united states out or down. police call fortunes can turn on a dime. if presidents keep their word and do what they they're going to do, other a lot more likely to generate popular support than if it's just empty rhetoric. >> neil: well-said. mark wineburg, the former reagan press secretary. best selling author. we're following the scandals
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oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> neil: just in case, can they find any one potentially to run the state of virginia because they're running out of options in what looks like it could be a constitutional crisis. first, the governor, ralph northam was hit by a racist photo on a year bock page that dates back to 1984. now the woman accusing justin fairfax, the lieutenant governor, who would be his backup, he's trying to fight assault charges himself and she's not letting up.
1:14 pm
the state's attorney general, mark herring, admitting that he wore black face in a college party in 1980. they're running out of options, garrett. >> yeah, they are. folks are wondering what happens if we have the fourth in line that isn't able to do that as well? that would be a republican. the speaker of the house, would become if the governor, lieutenant governor and if attorney general, if they're not able to fulfill that role. it would fall to him. there's no indications that any of those three men will resign. mark herring says he's open to doing that if the circumstances call for it in the days to come. it's interesting. just a few days ago, he helped call on governor northam to resign after the governor had the racist year book picture and admitted that he wore black face in the 80s.
1:15 pm
today, herring admitted that he wore black face. he said he was a 19-year-old undergrad. that he and friends dressed up like rappers and wore makeup to a party. he said the memory has haunted him ever since and he continued that i have contributed to the pain that virginians have ever felt. today we also heard from for the first time the woman that is accusing justin fairfax of sexual assault. dr. vanessa tyson recounted her event. she said what started as cussing went to a sexual assault. she said he put his hand behind my neck and pushed him to his crotch. only then i realized he unzipped his pants and she said that fairfax made her perform oral sex while she was gagging and
1:16 pm
crying. that avenue couldn't was in stark contrast to what the lieutenant governor said. he said their encounter was consensual: he walk back today saying every survivor should have their story heard. >> neil: and you know, if any of them don't want to step down because it's all preoffice behavior, they can't go anywhere. right? so everyone is locked in place. >> yeah, it's not clear that at least for the black face controversy that there is an impeachable offense there. there's a lot of questions if they tried to take that route if it would amount to anything. if these controversies stand, and these men stay in office, a lot of democrats at the state and national level are worried that this will be a black eye on the party, hurt their chances of retaking control of the state
1:17 pm
house here in richmond. but also remember, virginia is a key swing state. the 2020 elections, that is going to be very important and they worry that if you have the governor, lieutenant governor and the attorney general all democrats, the top three democrats in the state that have this hanging over them, that that will make it harder to convince african american voters in virginia and to really rally the base to come out and vote for the 2020 presidential can dill. neil? >> neil: as we pointed out, the fourth in line is kirk cox. he's a republican. democrats not keen on that fall-back scenario. the read from the house majority whip, james clyburn on what happened after this next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts.
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>> the united states military, our coalition partners and the syrian democratic forces have liberated virtually all of the territory previously held by isis in syria and iraq. it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have 100% of the caliphate. >> neil: the president saying a big announcement is expected next week about u.s. and coalition forces have reclaimed 100% of the isis caliphate in syria and iraq. rich edson with more. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, neil. despite that potential announcement for next week, the president acknowledges this anti-isis coalition that met here today is likely going to have to continue to meet for years to come. the justification of that is that isis loses territory, their
1:22 pm
tactics are changing. they will be launching insurgent attacks in syria and iraq in an effort to try to destabilize those areas. the president is still moving forward with plans to remove the 2,000 troops that are in syria. secretary pompeo is defending that decision. he says as isis loses its territory, the u.s. will change its tactics, more law enforcement less than the military. there's disagreement with that. you have some members of the military that have been testifying saying the u.s. will lose some ability, it will be difficult to keep the pressure on isis if the u.s. does move forward with the plans to remove all of its troops out of syria. officials are preparing for another foreign policy challenge. that of north korea. the president announced yesterday that he's going to meet for a second summit with
1:23 pm
kim jong-un later this month in vietnam. the president says if it wasn't for his diplomacy, there would be a different scenario when it came to north korea. >> if i had not been elected president of the united states, we would right now in my opinion be in a major war with north korea. >> opponents of the president's diplomacy say that north korea has yet to dismantle much or any significant portion of their nuclear weapons program or missile program. there's reporting out that the united nations will come out that north korea is hiding their ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons to avoid any type of damage from a u.s. military strike. neil? >> neil: thanks, rich. to retired brigadier general anthony tada. what do you think of what the president was saying? had he not come into office right now, we would be at war with north korea? >> it's a fair point.
1:24 pm
when you look at kim jong-un, up until about a year ago, a little more than a year ago, he had launched 80 ballistic missiles and tested seven nuclear weapons. so since the trump administration has been applying the maximum pressure campaign, there's been no ballistic missiles and in nuclear tests. so i think yeah, it's the simplest explanation is the truth. so since the maximum pressure campaign with kim jong-un in north korea, we've been successful suppressing the north korean drive to launch ballistic missiles and test and deploy nuclear weapons. so at the end of the day, we are making progress. nothing is pretending we're there yet. before president trump, it was the wild west. they were launching missiles and testing nukes. >> neil: they were. i'm just wondering, the behavior of launching missiles doesn't
1:25 pm
mean it's provocative. you're right. whether it would amounted or degrade to outright war, you don't think that is a bit of a stretch? >> think a short round comes into japan. they're an ally. suddenly you have a confrontation on your hands. so you know, world war i started with a mistake, right? >> neil: fair enough. >> when you look at it, the chance for a mistake is high when you're launching that number of ballistic missiles and testing that number of nukes. >> neil: yeah. anything could happen. general, i did want to get your take on this second meeting with kim jong-un. many are concerned that we're rewarding kim jong-un. he's done little to show for it. there's a separate military intelligence report that was out last week that says authorities have a very hard time locating
1:26 pm
where missiles are and that they might be hiding some. now, it wouldn't be the first time critics of the regime said stuff like that. you'd think we want to resolve that before rewarding him with a sit-down with the commander-in-chief. what do you think? >> neil, you have to imagine there's forces here in the united states that don't want this to happen. so you know, reports are accurate and inaccurate as they may be. what is happening on the ground, my sources tell me, we've had over 20 guard posts dismantled, over 20 minefields removed. you know, kim and north korean and south korea are working toward unification of the peninsula. this is part of a larger campaign as secretary pompeo said, as the president said. this is a larger campaign to unify the korean people and to get -- to denuclearization. so whether or not they have destroyed their nukes and all of
1:27 pm
that, that is to come. you know, if you're kim, you're going -- that's your hold card. you're going to make sure the united states is living up to its end of the bargain, which we will, i'm sure. so i think that we're jumping the gun a little bit and prejudging. i think the president is right to have this second meeting. i don't think it diminishes him. i don't think it's grandizes kim at all. >> neil: and there's been enough progress to warrant the talks. we'll see. general, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> neil: you know what people forget with what happens with the wall and illegal immigrants, this president's record on legal immigrants. he says he wants the greatest numbers ever. >> what what if i told you he already has them? ron! something's going on at schwab. oh really? thank you clients?
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to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ >> neil: who knew? nancy pelosi says we could be close to secure ago deal that could avoid a government shut down or declare an emergency. the read from james clyburn after this.
1:31 pm
>> i want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever; but they have to come in legally. >> neil: and many are in record numbers.
1:32 pm
forget about the president's goal to get the highest numbers ever. we are at or around that level right now. the first half of the most recent fiscal year, 2018, better than half a million, 542,011. if you average it out over the last couple years, including the 1,127,000 plus that came in this country in 2017, the pace does show record levels. in other words, the process to become a legal u.s. citizen or to get your green card or both is at record levels with a president who many have said is doing anything to keep immigrants out. legal versus illegal. it's a point that we discovered is lost on those that morph the two subjects together. we thought we should point that out if you're democrat, republican, conservative or liberal. legal immigration is at record levels. andy biggs.
1:33 pm
a lot of people don't know that. what do you make of it? >> it doesn't fit the narrative against this president that he is a xenophone. they didn't want the great diverse immigrants to come in. the reality is, we're having more immigrants come in legally per year every year, and so they conflate those folks with those that come in the country illegally. they just can't do it. but that fits their narrative on everything from law-abiding folks to education to participation in the united states of america's civil community. so it really doesn't fit their narrative to do this. >> neil: congressman, meantime, much of the controversy is at the border and what you indicated, what we do about those that try to illegally cross the border, they are hints of a deal between democrats and republicans that could get the
1:34 pm
blessing of the chiefs on both sides, mitch mcconnell in the senate and nancy pelosi in the house. that seemed to behind when nancy pelosi indicated a deal was close. that it might involved funding for a wall. what do you know? >> well, i'm hearing that she said something trying to walk balk from her position that she put herself in a corner, this is where it's always been. if she decided she could fund a wall, does she deliver enough votes to offset whatever they're going to give up for that wall? we don't know. today they were having a meeting and i haven't heard anything of the outcome of that meeting yesterday. >> shepard: part of the argument would be we'll give you something for it. they might not call it a wall. the understanding would be the president might get the $5.7 billion he wants. but in between these sharp areas, there's a gray for maybe 3.5 billion where the funding of
1:35 pm
security at the border, that they just won't call it a wall but kind of like a wall. >> right. they're calling it an enhanced barrier. so this is a great way washington works. they have to have a little office somewhere where they come up with these terms, enhanced barrier. enhanced indicates that it will apply to the barrier that is already there, which makes me wonder how much is she willing to give for a new barrier. >> so you heard you got a package together that would call for enhanced barrier protection or what have you, that would not pass muster with you? >> probably most of my colleagues that i talk to, we want to know what will happen with that. what do you mean when you say enhanced barrier? are you talking about putting up knew set of paint on the structure that we have? are you putting razor wire or what are you doing? or are we going to get new fencing in places that we need new barriers? >> so when it comes to daca, doing something about that, the
1:36 pm
illegals that got her of no fault of their own, in this limbo, that doesn't sound like you could get something comprehensive something done on that by friday. >> i doubt that that will happen. the daca population has not been defined. is it those that have registered or million or more? it's hard to clarify that. let me put it this way. it's not hard to clarify that. they're making it far harder than it needs to be, the people that are negotiating this thing out. the people voted for a wall. that's what they thought they were getting. >> neil: we'll see what happens. you should hear what they're saying about republicans. we'll talk to james clyburn on this very issue after this. thank you, sir. >> thank you.
1:37 pm
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>> neil: so are they closer to a deal on border security? no less than nancy pelosi hinting at that. let's get a sense from james clyburn from south carolina. the majority whip. good to have you. thank you. >> thanks for having me back. >> neil: let me get a sense from you. where do you think we stand? what was nancy pelosi talking about when she was sending these signals? what is she looking at? >> well, i don't know what signals nancy may have sent. i don't know what's been saying from the beginning. we don't have anything against a wall so long as it's a smart wall. i've defined what a smart wall would be. one that would use drones to make it to high to get over, one that will use x-ray equipment to make it to wide to get around and will use scanners to be so deep. we can't borough under it. that would be a smart wall. and having said that, i do
1:41 pm
believe that we have to put in infrastructure, reinforce the fencing that need be, already in place, especially at the ports of entry. we need to upgrade these ports of entry, make them welcoming and equip them with the equipment that they need, the technology that they need. 90% of all the drugs coming into the country are coming through the ports of entry that are ill staffed and ill prepared. >> neil: you don't have a problem with a wall per se? >> well, i'm against a concrete, 30 foot high -- >> neil: so is the president. he moved on to steel and slats and intelligent dividers and all that. you're closer to the same page. >> we may be. i'm all for using the
1:42 pm
information that comes from the experts that hopefully we will employ to tell us what is the most effective way to secure or border. that's what we want to do. that's what the president seems to not want to do. >> neil: well, i don't know he has talked about that. let me ask you, sir. let's be clear. there was a point when nancy pelosi had called a wall immoral. do you believe that wall is immoral? >> she was talking about a 30 foot high concrete well. if you recall at the time she said that, that is what was on the table. the president has since taken that off of the table. >> neil: so when she talked about a wall being immoral, she was talking about a concrete wall? i didn't get that. that's fine. >> that's what i got at the time. >> neil: understand. she's also said to the democrats that sit on this conference committee, sir, that you know, not to feel any pressure. i'm paraphrasing here. whatever they come up with fine and they'll vote accordingly.
1:43 pm
is that the sentiment? are any of the democrats on the committee under a certain notion that if they dare voted for something akin to a wall or whatever you want to call it, she's going to slap them down or maybe you might slap them down? >> nobody is going to slap anybody down. what we want these people to do is work in bipartisan way to reach common ground. if they were to reach common ground in that committee, that conference committee, i don't see anybody on our side being against approving their work product. >> neil: interesting. >> so long as there's common ground. why would we put a committee together, work hard, agree on it and we slap them down? i don't think so. >> neil: it's happened in the past. that's the way things turn sometimes. congressman, how do you think
1:44 pm
the president might or might not have fought through this process? last night he didn't mention declaring an emergency, he didn't mention the world shut down. he did sort of put everything out there and not to come with a hard and fast black and white, his way or the highway approach to this. what did you think of that? >> i thought what he did regarding that last night was very competent. i hope he stays there. he was there before. double crossed everybody, including mcconnell and walked away from what he had already agreed to. so let's just hope that he maintains that civility on this subject as we get to a conclusion on it. >> neil: you know, congressman, much has been said about each party, captive to the extremes within it. and whether it's the president and his base or when it comes to democrats. your party on the far left.
1:45 pm
they're kind of calling the shots here. maybe holding nancy pelosi to this very tough stance. that seems not to be the case as much if some of these signals you're talking about are true. what do you think of that? if it's congressman cortez that they're ruling the roost. are they? >> absolutely not. we have a caucus that have a democratic caucus in more ways than one. big d and small d. we're democratic in our approach to this. nancy doesn't rule the caucus. the left wing of our party does not control the caucus. we have a caucus that will function democratically in more ways than one. >> neil: congressman, i'd be remiss if i didn't mention what's going on in virginia.
1:46 pm
you're probably more well aware than i that governor ralph northam is not resigning because of these pictures that popped up in 1984. the lieutenant governor, justin fairfax, has been accused of sexual misconduct. he's not going anywhere. and i can talk about the attorney general also acknowledging controversial pictures that date back to 1980. the fourth person in order in that state if those three resign is a republican. assuming he doesn't have such controversies, would you support the speaker of the house of delegates, republican kirk cox becoming the next governor of virginia? >> well, i don't think we should get out in front of this process. i think the process ought to be allowed to work all of these issues are serious issues. both regarding black face, involving me too. these things -- >> neil: should any one of those three given those controversies
1:47 pm
really be in the offices they're in right now, if you had your way? >> look, the controversy is always going to be there. i don't know how much you know about my background. i spent almost 18 years supervising the investigation of these kinds of allegations at the state level in south carolina. i did it for four governors. two democrats and two republicans. so i know how these things work. we ought to let due process take its course. and then we ought to then act once that is done. take all of these allegations seriously, investigate them and then make a decision afterwards. i will not get out in front of this and speculate on what should or should not be the case going forward. >> neil: as it ended up with a republican taking over the state house, how would you feel about that? >> i wouldn't feel good about that. my goodness. i would not feel good about the
1:48 pm
governor having to leave the office. but i think it is something that he should consider doing for the party's sake and i wouldn't feel good if justin fairfax were not given due process or the allegations regarding him. so i'm not going to feel good about any of this. but that's not what this is about, my getting to a good feeling place. i'm all for the process working itself out. i have a massive amount of experience in this. now, albeit, i've been here for 26 years. so that was the 18 years prior to my coming here. a lot may have changed since then. but i don't believe due process has changed at all. >> neil: i didn't know you were so old. kidding. >> well, i am.
1:49 pm
>> neil: an honor having you. james clyburn, the house majority whip. the fallout from what he said and what republicans are saying too, after this. hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day, we put our latest technology and vast expertise to work. ( ♪ ) the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes alright, let's get going! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes.
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>> neil: all right. something is up. republicans and democrats hinting this a deal to avoid a crisis over this wall funding could be at hand. let's get the read from charlie gasparino, danielle mclaughlin. what does it look like? >> i wouldn't put any hope it in. it's going to stretch out and look like the fight over the state of the union. power moves. the democrats pinned themselves in a corner by making this a
1:53 pm
moral issue. you can't agree on some form of a way saying this is immoral. >> neil: now i heard it was immoral is a 30 cement wall. could it come down to semitics? >> that's all it is. the democrats talk about a sea-to-shining sea wall. the comments that the candidate made about immigrants. democrats have always been for some form of border security. it's in the dnc platforms. they tried to go the bipartisan route with fencing, this is purely semantics. to your point, this is about which -- whose base gets disappointed. >> neil: i'm wondering, they each get something, they each lose something. that's called deal making. deal making sells. >> when the the base of the party controls most of the stuff.
1:54 pm
the problem with president trump, mexico was supposed to pay for it. >> neil: one step at a time. >> he said he had everything. he had them by the you know what and they were going to pay for it and a big beautiful concrete things that the mexicans were going to pay for it. that is never going to happen no matter how much he says it. it's not going to happen. >> neil: james cleburne said they were encouraged by the president's olive branch offer. he's skeptical that the president will do a 180 on him. the president said the democrats will do the same. what is your sense? >> it's the same gamesmanship. clyburn said it was a nonstarter for daca recipients. >> neil: there's no way daca will be part of it. it's a lot to chew. >> democrats use to be more pro immigration.
1:55 pm
it's thefervor of the anti-trump mentality -- >> you spent two years portraying the president as literal hitler -- >> the problem that trump has during the campaign and i talked to people like rudy saying the wall stuff is all baloney. you know, rudy guliani. all of he's guys, it's just a talking point. guess what? it's a talking point that is etched in everybody's memory and that they were going to pay for. it's hard to put that genie back in the bottle. the payment, the finance was supposed to come from mexico and it's not happening. >> neil: i can't see a shut down at all. >> we had one already. >> and we're no further along. his numbers didn't really take a hit. >> neil: he can declare an emergency. mitch mcconnell is more concerned about that than anything else.
1:56 pm
>> he should be. >> if he declares an emergency, he's pulling from the defense department budget. if he wants to convince it's better to take money from the military, good luck with that. >> mitch mcconnell is more worried about the precedent. >> neil: but it does take the monkey off his back saying i tried. the court will shoot him down anyway along the way until this goes to the supreme court. >> which goes to that point i was making earlier, this is just a series of one upsmanship and gamesmanship. >> neil: and you don't think they're going to score a deal? >> i don't think either side -- >> neil: you're a jaded young man. >> cynical. >> mexico will never pay for the wall and that will haunt trump -- >> neil: they're sending you the bill. >> please do. >> you know what's going to happen? no trespassing signs. >> neil: that's true. thank you very much. we don't know how these talks are going. we know enough that they appear to be making progress but in time for this thing next friday? who knows. more after this.
1:57 pm
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>> neil: a lot of critics say all you news guys do is report the bad news. here's some good news. gm is assuring the better-than-expected financial news. rewarding its hourly workers with $10,000 bonuses. ♪ >> greg: hi, i am greg gutfeld with john williams, and she can log roll on a pencil. dana perino. "the five" ." i wanted to get everyone's name wrong. a good night for trump but a bad one for the media. in tone and tenor, trump seemed to nail much of it, like his uncompromising rejection of socialism. >> president trump: we are alarmed by the new calls to adopt socialism in our country.


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