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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 7, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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i will never abolish our heroes from ice, thank you. >> that is a winning look. that is all-time we have to make, and henry and the fox news at night team did a great job, take it from here. >> is trying to raise money off of it so we will see. we begin with a fox news a lot, political crisis in virginia escalating yet again. now the state's top three democrats engulfed in scandals tonight. the state democratic attorney general disclosed he wore black face in college. a senior democratic congressman admitted just over an hour ago he learned about the allegation of sexual assault against justin fairfax, appears to have done nothing. he learned about it a year ago.
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he announces he has known the female accuser for a decade or, quote, she deserves the opportunity to have her story heard. the accuser is breaking her silence with graphic details. problems with lieutenant governor and attorney general may shed light on why rob northrom is refusing to resign. kristin fisher has the latest breaking news, liberal senator elizabeth warren with an upcoming presidential announcement already overshadowed, new development come to light about her claim of native american ancestry, just the latest presidential hopeful embarking on the 2020 apology tour. the field expected to grow bigger this weekend. welcome to fox news at night, we begin with kristin fisher with the latest on political disaster for democrats in virginia.
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>> one of the more remarkable aspect of this story and there's a lot of them but one of the more remarkable ones is virginia's attorney general has admitted to doing the same thing he said governor northrom should resign for. here is the a statement, he says, quote, in 1980 when i was an undergraduate in college some friends ingested we attend a party dressed like rappers we listened to at the time. it sounds ridiculous even writing it but thanks to our ignorance and glib attitudes we dressed up and put on wigs and brown makeup. virginia's democratic senators were stunned. >> i'm shocked and incredibly disappointed. this is been an awful week for virginia. >> it made me sick. friday to now has been one bit of bad news after another. it has all been shocking. >> reporter: governor northrom is weighing whether or not to resign after admitting he wore black face.
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many congressional democrats called for his resignation as others reserve judgment. >> we should lead to process take its course and then asked once that is done. take these allegations seriously. investigate them. make a decision afterwards. >> lieutenant governor justin fairfax facing sexual assault allegations from 2004 and just 2 hours ago abc news reported virginia democratic congressman scott was aware of those allegations over a year ago. he was made aware by the alleged victim herself. fairfax described the encounter is consensual but today his accuser put out a statement saying what began as consensual turned into a sexual assault. mister fairfax put his hands behind my neck and forced my head towards his crotch as i cried in greg's, he forced me to
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perform oral sex on him. fairfax responded saying i wish her no harm or humiliation, nor do i wish to denigrate or diminish her voice but i cannot agree with the description of events that i know is not true. in a sign of the times, fairfax has retained the same law firm that represented brett kavanaugh and fairfax's accuser hired the same law firm that represented christine ford so there's a lot to unpack. to recap there are calls for the top 3 democrats to resign and if they do that would mean the speaker of the house, a republican would become virginia's next governor. >> a coin flip between republican and democrat so now a republican could become the governor.
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truly incredible, thanks. on saturday democratic senator elizabeth warren is expected to announce a bid for the white house. that video of her cracking open a beer was the announcement but she's not submitting with beer or champagne or anything else, she's apologizing after more questions about her heritage and she's not the only presidential hopeful seemingly out of the starting gate. not a beer to be seen in your hands. >> at least not yet. elizabeth warner is apologizing for listing her races and american indian on 1986 state bar of texas registration card. the card obtained by the washington post marks a previously unknown instance of war and claiming she's native american and it is the first known document she made the claim in her own handwriting, today born was asked if it might be similar documents. >> all i know is during this time period, this is consistent with what i did because it was based on my understanding from
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my family's stories, but family stories are not the same as tribal citizenship. >> reporter: warren maintains her claim of native american heritage was not considered by harvard or other universities when she was hired as a law professor. boston globe investigation supports that claim and the president of navajo nation has accepted her apology. >> we look forward to working with her in the future on native american issues. >> reporter: one of warren's opponents, kamala harris, said there are bigger issues facing the nation. democratic representative gabbard was widely criticized for saying this on ms nbc. >> aside is not the enemy of the united states because syria does
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not pose a direct threat to the united states. >> a thought has been accused of using chemical weapons against his own people. tulsi gabbard noted that al qaeda attacked the us on 9/11. in 2017 she drew bipartisan criticism for meeting with bashar al-assad during a fact-finding mission. former grand kkk wizard david duke rejected her, she rejected the endorsement. senator club which are --kobu a --kobuchar had 3 abandon her campaign saying she mistreats people. her campaign spokesman says she loves her staff at are the reason she has gotten where she is. stormy daniels attorney and admitted trump 8 or michael avenatti went on twitter and praised the state of the union speech saying it should be a wake-up call to democrats not to
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underestimate trump and find a fighter to challenge him. ed: a lot of great people, cohost of the five juan williams, press secretary rochelle ritchie, fox news contributors lawrence jones and katie have which. the daily caller, if you're a virginia democrat and have not worn blackface please contact us. what is going on with your party? >> it is unfortunate but leads to a bigger conversation. when i saw that i was very disturbed about this is a result of this country really not doing a better job educating people in black history. a lot of people have become insensitive and had insensitive conversations as far as black history.
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because of lack of education when it comes to african-american history there has not been this sort of, we've not learned enough about black people, you know we were slaves, freed by lincoln, civil rights and obama became president. seems that is how wide it goes. we need to do a better job educating people so these things don't happen in the future. >> you make a fair point but haven't democrats made this worse by the ads that ran in the virginia governor's race that accused the republican and donald trump of being racist and a guy in a pickup truck with a confederate flag trying to run down minority kids, how did that help the conversation? >> there's an argument to be made about having real conversations without judgment of people being ignorant about these things but in virginia, the capital of the confederacy,
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i don't think ralph northrom or any other democrats are admitting or not admitting to it, necessarily the benefit of the doubt when it comes to what was sensitive but when it comes to the double standard here ralph northrom or people on his behalf he refused to condemn against republicans accusing them of racism, the left in the situation set themselves up whether they want to follow the new rules they set in terms of identity politics and using race as a weapon. there's room for forgiveness here if you look from the perspective of they all apologized except for ralph northrom who admitted it and lied about it but that has to go on both sides. the left can't continue to falsely accuse republicans of racism to shut down debate to win an argument with that rather than having us move forward. >> you and i have talked about race and serious subject that we
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should have a serious conversation, not just a fight when you hear the points being made, what goes through your mind? >> this is clearly beyond sensitivity to black people. there's a long history of blackface being used to demean and dehumanize black americans, going back before the civil war, certainly afterwards, the minstrel ideology. the second thing is there is a lot of sense on the republican side of you guys stepped in the mess you made in terms of hypocrisy. there is a little bit of you are suffering from this issue now. it is a little bigger. for democrats to deal with someone like ralph northrom, he has changed his position, sacrifice all moral authority by saying that's not me or
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apologizing and subsequently saying that's not me. at this point the argument is if he gets out it will mark him as a racist former governor for life rather than dealing with the real issue which is his need to apologize and deal with moral authority and the fact that he's damaging the democrats nationally in the era of trump when there's lots of accusations about racism and misogyny and now democrats look like they are open to charges of hypocrisy. >> hell has frozen over. i agree with juan and this is why i tell republicans to calm down. allowed them to keep these people in office because we know what will happen in 2020, accusing donald trump of racism just like they do in every other election, democrats started the mob mentality of calling people out and not allowing due process to happen so now you have to deal with people in your party
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and this i tell people from the beginning, no party owns racism. there are people in every single party that will do things we don't like and we should all call them out. with democrats if they try to state is just the republicans, only the republicans and use it in every single election and now -- >> they made the accusation without evidence as a way to not have deeper discussions about the way policies affect everyone, throw it out to stop debate rather than having a real conversation about the issue and the problem in virginia is they accuse republicans 0 evidence of racism and they themselves have clear evidence of racism whether it is now or 30 years ago. >> this is a problem i have with this, racism is defined differently by people.
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we fund northrom in blackface or the ku klux klan robe. we've been able to see evidence of racism because of something we've seen. there are times where rhetoric can be racist and it is unfortunate that in this country unless you are in blackface or ku klux klan robe and unless you use the n word you can escape being considered a racist because it's not that clear evidence people want to see when someone is labeled racist. >> another thing that was alluded to about due process, me too and all the rest. when i see what has developed tonight with bobby scott i wonder in the case of brett kavanaugh did diane feinstein said an allegation of sexual government for republicans that was because she was holding a maximum political benefit, couldn't be corroborated but we can debate that. not move forward to the lieutenant governor, democrat
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virginia, bobby scott new about this a year ago. why didn't he come forward of democrats say believe all women? >> going to bobby scott he didn't realize there was sexual assault involved but he admitted today he knew the woman had come to him and he was fully aware of it so subsequent to that, monday morning quarterbacking it everybody would say you should have acted. now, in the other case, that woman in the brett kavanaugh case and gone to a congresswoman in california and she was the one who sat on it before forwarding it to the senator. so that is a different dynamic in terms of the washington post knowing about the case involving this woman who's making the charts against fairfax. there was no investigation of the woman in the brett kavanaugh case. >> make your point. >> the bottom line, seems the
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democrats when it comes to their guys they want to process, they want the facts to come out, they want a little bit of grace, they worked so hard for women or civil rights but when it happens to people on the right they rush to judgment. the press when it came to brett cavanagh wanted an investigation, there must be other women, not doing the same in this situation. >> this is the danger of identity politics and using things like sexual assault in a political way because instead of judging people based on the facts and going through due process we are having a conversation in the public korean aware we don't know the fact that are going based on accusations from either side. we shouldn't believe someone as a woman any more than you believe them as a man. you should believe them based on what the evidence shows because that's the way people get justice. when you say we believe so and so based on gender or race, it -- >> final word.
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i don't think we should be using sexual assault victims as political ponds and we saw that with doctor ford and with this one accusing lieutenant governor fairfax. >> this intelligent conversation tonight, all great stuff, appreciate it. house until democrats looking for russian collusion for many months now but haven't seen to have found it so why are they expanding the investigation one day after the president's call for unity. >> if there's going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. >> democrats took that as a threat and are doubling down on investigating the president. donald trump mentioned healthcare and ongoing problems of skyrocketing premiums in his speech.
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♪ >> ed: president trump slamming the top >> donald trump slamming top democrat on the house until panel calling him a political hack, adam schiff is launching a new wide-ranging probe into the president's personal finances with ties to russia after the president decried investigations during the state of the union address, jillian turner has the latest. >> we are not going to be intimidated or threatened by the president between will do proper oversight. >> a brand-new feud between donald trump and the chairman of the house intelligence committee. adam schiff making no promises to flex the oversight muscles of the trump administration and he
12:23 am
says when it comes to his committee's investigatory powers the skies the limit. >> we will also be announcing the parameters of our investigation which go beyond russia but in some we will allow us to investigate any credible allegation, financial interests or other interests are driving decision-making of the president or anyone in the administration. >> donald trump standing his ground. >> he has no basis to do that. is a political hack trying to build a name for himself because that is what they do but there's no reason to do this, no other politician has to go through that. it's called presidential harassment. >> it began during the state of the union when donald trump called out democrats ridiculous partisan investigations in his speech. >> if there's going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation. >> reporter: democrats responding this morning with
12:24 am
schiff leading the pack touting a new intel investigation he plans to open into the president, his team and alleged collusion with russia in 2016, the difference between this and ongoing special robert mueller's schiff promises to leave no stone unturned, he says he will look at anything and anyone he sees fit, democratic leadership was quick to rally around the idea. the president spoke about the honor of being in the house chamber but at the same time threatened the congress not to exercise its constitutional responsibility of oversight. donald trump's comments about the mueller probe in his speech are drawing criticism from some major outlets add as well as unflattering comparisons with former president richard nixon. month before nixon resigned he appealed to lawmakers in his own state of the union address, said that after a year of probes into his administration and his reelection campaign, enough was enough.
12:25 am
>> let's bring in john basso of wyoming. i thought democrats promised before the midterms we are going to do all these kitchen table issues, were not going to focus on impeachment, going to do healthcare, the economy and infrastructure. >> the intel committee in the senate doing the mueller investigation which ought to wrap up quickly, that's what the american people want but the house has to decide whether to legislate or investigate. we want to focus on quality-of-life for american people, things that brought us great economic news, the tax cuts and regulatory relief is what people at home are happy about, wages are up, jobs are up and opportunities. >> we don't pay attention to these polls after the state of the union because it is just the people who watched, not the entire electorate. cbs news revealed they had done a poll and here are the results.
12:26 am
>> following the president's state of the union, 76% of speech watchers said they approved of what they heard, 72% said they approved of the president's ideas for immigration but there were controversial ideas that we expect to see more supporters of the president watching the address tonight but the 76% number is notable. >> you put these ideas on the table including immigration, you have the bipartisan committee that met again today large number of the american people likes what he had to say. >> it is so much good news, strong, healthy, growing economy, strong economically, strong politically, strong militarily, good news for america, the state of the union is strong. with regard to the committee it did meet today, 17 members, these are people that can get a deal done. i talked with chairman shelby this evening, he is cautiously
12:27 am
optimistic, he said it is moving in the right direction and they met with the experts on border security, not the politicians but the professionals and they said if you want to secure the border and we do, the president is committed to it, you need 3 things, manpower, boots on the ground, technology and in certain locations you need a physical barrier. that is what the president is asking for. they come up with 10 locations, that is all the president -- >> if this committee suggest something nancy pelosi is not on board she has that power in the house, no, no, no on a wall. are you confident he will get close to the $5 billion he wants? >> they will get to some solution. i hope it is everything the president wants but ronald reagan taught us you can't do the whole loaf sometimes you take a slice of time. the president has other opportunities to get the rest of the loaf but this committee is able to come to a solution, got to follow at the expert say, we
12:28 am
need to secure the border, the president is committed to getting it done but nancy pelosi said it was immoral, was it immoral when barack obama built a wall or bill clinton did? >> or chuck schumer voted for a wall. you've been a leading expert on healthcare for a long time. you wanted to repeal and replace obamacare. there have been fits and starts on that but now in the midterms democrats hit republicans pretty hard on the idea that you are not doing enough to protect people with preexisting conditions or to control costs, the president said he wants to control costs. where is the republican plan to follow up on that? now that you have taken out the individual mandate how do you make sure this doesn't spin out of control? >> allow people to buy insurance that is affordable and appropriate for them so they can get the care they need from the doctor they choose at lower cost. we need to lower costs for insurance and doing that with
12:29 am
the president's approach to association health plans. >> nancy pelosi whenever go for that. >> in terms of lowering the cost for the president is on the right track, my wife is a breast-cancer survivor, 3 operations, chemotherapy. as a physician and husband i know how important it is to make sure everyone with preexisting conditions is allowed to keep their insurance. what we are concerned about is medicare for all which is complete government takeover of healthcare, eliminates private insurance for 150 million people and no way they are going to pay for it. you are talking higher taxes, fewer choices and longer lines. the american people will never go for that. >> thanks for going for that. the political upheaval in virginia changing by the hour, state attorney general it was in a governor caught up in their own scandal after they got the ball rolling.
12:30 am
>> it was horrifying to me. it literally shocked me and i felt it important to reach out and let people know that i was sorry. >> is saying sorry enough? we will discuss redemption with pastor robert jeffers on the other side of the break, not literally on the other side. [knocking] ♪
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♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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>> multiple virginia state lawmakers believe the attorney general is in searing his apology after revealing he had donned blackface in college at least once. with virginia have some a governor facing his own blackface scandal looming over these controversies is the question of redemption which jason riley tackle and special report. >> he has apologized. people are very forgiving and i think tolerance is part of forgiving people and he said he
12:35 am
was sorry for what he did. >> joining his pastor robert jeffers, fox news contributor had dinner to with the president. i want all the details and get the inside scoop. the situation in virginia is biblical, top 3 officials all democrats, all mired in scandals. talk about political redemption. >> redemption is the basis of the christian faith was i would love to see governor northrum ousted from office but not because of a mistake he made 35 years ago that he renounced. for barbaric views on abortion he holds today. >> how do you explain when he said those comments before this controversy they barely covered it and then the blackface controversy which should be covered and has been covered but the late-term abortion issue the president talked about hasn't got a lot of attention. >> that is what is truly horrific. we all make mistakes, the bible
12:36 am
says sin is a bipartisan problem. republicans in, democrats in, we all need forgiveness but we need to understand forgiveness doesn't always remove consequences. the severity of consequences depends on the severity of intent and frequency. putting on blackface in 1984 is wrong but not as horrific as sexual assault in 2004. we can't apply the same definitely rule in politics to everyone. i think about the saying he who refuses to forgive destroys the bridge he must travel one day. if we want to be forgiven and i know i do we need to be ready to express that. >> humans and check was a list -- sexual assault against the lieutenant governor, justin fairfax. let's hear from him monday. >> what i know is the truth is on our side. i read the bible and this
12:37 am
morning and put on the armor of god and that allows the deal with the devil's schemes and tricks. >> he out to have the same standard applied to him brett kavanaugh did. we need to be fair and hold people to the same level of accountability and demand the same level of proof for those -- share make will democrats very against cavanagh? >> hypocrisy on their part to come after brett cavanagh like they did and want to brush this aside or at least some do, not all. >> you had the national prayer breakfast, a chance to address thousands of people and a nationwide audience. what do you talk about tomorrow? >> my guess is you will hear him reiterate what he talked about in the state of the union about his pro-life stance. what has been proposed in new
12:38 am
york and virginia is not just terrific but barbaric and i believe we talked about this tonight, a tipping point in the 2016 election was the final debate with hillary clinton when he of the serrated her over her abortion stand that she would have no limits on abortion whatsoever. evangelicals who were on the fence tipped to the president's side when he said what he did. this is a winning issue for the president, it is a right issue to stand on the side of. >> the last debate, the supreme court, the nominations he may have and now had two. i ask this because whenever i have a conversation and we talk about these issues critics say you are a republican and applying the bible and away that is about attacking democrats and you are excusing the president's own skin. >> we all have sins in our life and need forgiveness but i support this president strongly
12:39 am
because he is delivering on what he said he would do as president. the exit polls from 2016 show the number one reason evangelicals supported him was his commitment to a conservative judiciary. the candidate's policies count, not what may be in their past. i'm a pastor and i can tell you we all have things in our past we hope nobody finds out about. ed: pathway to victory, a devotional, got it on my desk, appreciate you coming in, good luck at the breakfast. the republican party still has the imprint of the late president ronald reagan, today would have been his 108th birthday, we celebrate his life and long-lasting legacy. you probably saw the reaganesque flourishes in the state of the union but the mention of reagan by tom brady. 's longtime assistant who wrote the book on reagan with a
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♪ >> ed: tonight to remember the life and legacy of president ronald reagan, who would have ed: we are member the life and legacy of ronald reagan who would have been 108 years old today, thanks to the patriots and tom brady president reagan's name is synonymous with the right. the author of the president will see you, nice stories and lessons from ronald reagan's final years. good evening, peggy. >> reporter: think for having me on tonight. ed: you have a wonderful op-ed at talking about the life and legacy of ronald reagan and i had no idea he played football and he played a position that seems appropriate. >> very foretelling of his future that he played for dixon high school and eureka college in central illinois and played
12:45 am
right guard. ed: tom brady and the super bowl, what is it like as someone who works closely with ronald reagan as personal assistant, you watch the super bowl and tom brady is about to get his sixth ring, calls a play and it is inaudible, maybe he changes up the line of scrimmage and screams reagan reagan and is going to head off the ball and once the runner to go to the right. >> what a surreal moment, tom brady does yell inaudible, reagan reagan and the commentators booth says if he's calling reagan he must mean run to the right. collectively as a nation we laughed and smiled at the political reference for the first time in a long time and nothing ronald reagan would have loved more.
12:46 am
>> it comes the week of the state of the union. listen to the president and those reaganesque flourishes i mentioned a moment ago. >> a second holocaust survivor who is here tonight was a prisoner at dachau. i began this evening by honoring 3 soldiers who fought on d-day in the second world war. one of them was herman zaczic k zacziczyk, they are seated side-by-side in the home of american freedom. >> it seems like one of the best moment of the night. >> ronald reagan loved the military, made them strong and confident in who they were. we were proud of americans on the world stage, not just liberty, in dark corners of the world, for so many reasons we
12:47 am
love ourselves in america when reagan was president. he was on the right politically and he was on the right personally as well, civility and patriotism and optimism. >> this president invoked d-day, one of the most famous speeches, president reagan on the 40th anniversary of the d-day invasion, listen. >> we all knew some things were worth dying for, one's country is worth dying for and democracy is worth dying for because it is the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by man. >> that speech still resonates. >> it is and ronald reagan is somebody who withstood the test of time not because he is on but how he lived, he represented the time of goodness and patriotism and civility, we were proud of ourselves and who we were on the world stage and tom brady, such an ironic way, reminded us of
12:48 am
that, even on the football field and some remember his iconic line as he played the role of football player, when one for the gipper. we were all winners on sunday. >> even if you're not a patriots fan you can get on that inaudible. >> i can share for that. >> the silence of the rams. sorry about your rams but appreciate your appearance tonight, thanks for coming in. the birthday of a missing mother has come and gone, we have new information on the continuing search for savanna spurlock in kentucky. details coming up. ♪ hoo
12:49 am
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>> ed: tonight to search in kentucky is widening for ed: the search in kentucky is wide me for missing mother four, savanna spurlock. matt thin is on the ground investigating the story and getting a clearer picture of her last known locations. >> reporter: savanna spurlock turned 23 tuesday. her devastated family and friends marked the young mother's birthday without her. >> very very difficult, the worst nightmare. >> reporter: her ex-boyfriend and the father of their
12:53 am
to-month-old twins and savanna's best friend telling fox news the man she was a seamlessness where she is. shakeel smith that i think the guy she was with that nice knows exactly where she is. she's somewhere out there worried and thinking about her kids, family and friends. police say she went missing, she ended up inside a home an hour south of lincolnton where she was last seen. garrett county has become the epicenter of the search. so far police have searched at least two homes and seized a car and multiple neighbors in lancaster told foxnews they spotted the black truck police linked to one of the men at this home, the house is described as abandoned. police have identified and question the three men last seen with savanna but have not publicly named them or visited them as suspect.
12:54 am
a volunteer canine group goes 900 miles from louisiana and taken tips from police and neighbors on hotspots where savanna might be. >> we are trying to clear outlying areas. >> reporter: heavy rain in the washington area stalled search groups but they plan on taking boats back out on the kentucky river and we will bring you updates. ed: the venezuelan military preventing it from entering the country by barricading a bridge, blocked by fuel tanker and makeshift fencing and border crossing. the opposition leader, juan guaido, said food and medicine will flow in despite objections by disputed president nicolas maduro. one of donald trump's state of the union guests going viral. you want to see why joshua trump, no relation, is lighting up social media in a good way.
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>> ed: by the way, an 11-year-old boy from wilmington, delaware, who was bullied because his last name happens to ed: and 11-year-old boy from wilmington who was bullied because his name happens to be trump was invited to the state of the union as a guest of donald trump and that was a nice gesture because this kid was bullied for no good reason other than the coincidence of's last name matching the president. this was kind of a happy ending to a sad story. but it took a comedic turn. hard to pinpoint exactly when but the end trump fell asleep during the speech winning the hearts of many on social media and getting street credit with his classmates, going viral for something cool and don't pick on him this time. he got some much-needed rest because it was after all a school night. don't sleep too long. we will be back this time tomorrow filling in for shannon bream.
1:00 am
good night from washington. getting his rest, see you tomorrow. >> it is thursday, february 7th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast, state of chaos, third virginia democrat lawyers up with the defense team. the governorship comes down to a coin toss and politics of revenge. adam schiff tossing donald trump's message of unity in the trash by opening another russia probe. >> i came to say thank you.


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