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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 7, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. what do you think of that? shannon: at the top of my list. interesting. it is thursday, february 7th. another plot twist in virginia's political crisis, the state attorney general embroiled in a blackface controversy of his own. >> what is next for 3 democrats at the top of virginia's political.? a live report on some bombshell developments coming up in the latest caravan has arrived in new reports that another is heading north. >> congress has a week to find a solution, can they do it? coming up, the fight to keep the government funded in the border secure. >> we got to bust through some walls to make changes. >> is what i think of the front wall. >> a democrat breaking down barriers by running right through.
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shannon: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: i love politics. >> not controversial at all. the rest of the country of the world right now as much a different story. much controversy going on. you are watching "fox and friends first" thursday morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. the state of virginia in political turmoil this morning. the embattled listening a lawyering up to fight back against an explosive sexual assault claim. rob: virginia's attorney general
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has now admitted to wearing blackface as well. todd pyro joins us with scandals that are rocking this state. what a story. >> reporter: what shoe will drop today after a whirlwind day in the soap opera of virginia politics. just in fairfax responding to sexual assault allegations writing in part this allegation has been both surprising and hurtful but i also recognize no one makes charges of this kind lightly and i take it in this situation very seriously. fox news learning fairfax has retained the same law firm that represented brett kavanaugh. fairfax's accuser coming forward with her statement, too graphic for morning tv doctor tyson writing would began is consensual quickly turned into a sexual assault, this is the highest doctor christine ford's attorneys. my caring posting a statement he donned blackface during the college party to look like a
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black wrapper. he writes about ignorance and glib attitudes that because we did not have an appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of others, we dressed up and put on wigs and brown make up. this fall the controversy surrounding governor ralph northfrom admitting and then denying a decades-old blackface photo was him. >> it made me sick, from friday to now has been bad news after another and it has been shocking as we look for any silver lining is virginians say these behaviors were unacceptable. >> after northron, fairfax and herring next in line to lead virginia is republican speaker of the house of delegates. he rose to that following a drying out of a bowl. you can't make it up. >> unbelievable what is going on down there.
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>> political chaos playing out in virginia sending shockwaves across the political landscape. >> the wall street journal's jason riley says it is affecting the nation and could do more harm than good. >> a cautionary tale in politicizing racism. it is not a partisan issue. neither party is unblemished here. you had democrats trying to pretend republicans have a monopoly on racial prejudice but the reality is congressman steve king's views on race are no more representative of all republicans than the virginia governor's views are of all democrats and we should acknowledge that. >> if we start setting standards it could go beyond virginia. if we are going to retroactively condemn these poor taste attempts at humor from 30 years ago or more we could be headed down a very slippery slope. i don't know the we want to do that.
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rob: governor northron's administration says they are looking to bring back, quote, normalcy of government. jillian: marine veteran on 3 tours killed in the line of duty. milwaukee police department mourning the loss of matthew witness shot while serving a warrant. federal offices, firefighters in the community saluting a fallen hero. >> it is a hard thing to watch. >> police officers are doing their job and look what is happening. >> one person under arrest, officer witness is the third officer killed in the last eight months. milwaukee bucks honoring him with a moment of silence before last night's game. the 35-year-old received several awards throughout his 17 year career. he leaves behind a wife and son. is the seventh officer killed in the line of duty this year. the illegal immigrant charged
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with murdering police corporal seeing is doing court today, pollen does a is accused of shooting and killing him the day after christmas. 7 people including mendoza's brother and girlfriend are indicted on federal charges accused of hiding him from police and lying to investigators. we will hear from officer singh's brother in the 8:00 hour of "fox and friends". rob: a sleepy town faces an influx of thousands of migrants. border patrol agents only allowing 20 people to cross into the united states per day. griff jenkins joins us from a shelter where migrants are waiting to claim asylum. >> reporter: good morning, they are waiting but the security situation is still strong outside, this is shift change with mexican military police and the shift change going on with federal police. the migrants of settling because they are getting their permanent
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visa, their one year permanent temporary visa that will allow them to travel freely around mexico and theoretically apply for asylum in america. the concern is how many of them will not be patient enough to wait in those lines and go the legal way? yesterday as they were getting ready for things, beefing up the security, the port director has this to say. listen. >> we reinforce the front lines with personnel in advance of an intended caravan arriving here. at this point the system is total capacity, at total capacity. at all points in the process. >> they will get reinforcements from the pentagon announcing 250 troops moving from arizona to eagle pass. on this side security continues to be strong and we spoke with
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the chief of all security operations we have been seeing the last few days, a state secretary for the state of will hollow and here's what he had to say. >> it is important to us that our state keeps safe. that's why we have them here, respecting all the human rights, respecting all that they want and giving all the support. >> reporter: the question is how many migrants to get this one your visa will go legal way and be patient or go illegally? that yet to be answered but there's another caravan leaving today from san pedro, honduras, which is where this one began on january 15th. rob: donald trump, adam schiff going to to do over a new russia probe, shift, chairman of the
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house committee announcing he believed a wide-ranging investigation into the president's foreign business relationships and russian election meddling. >> we are not going to be intimidated or threatened by the president. the american people have a right to know if the president is acting on their behalf and not for some other reason. rob: the committee agreed to hand over several interview transcripts to robert mueller, donald trump reacted by going after him. >> he is a political hack who is trying to build a name for himself and that is fine because that is what they do but there is no reason to do that. no other politician has to go through that. it is called presidential harassment. rob: the mueller investigation is thought to be winding down but the thinking on that for a long time. we will see. jillian: acting attorney general
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matthew whitaker gearing up for congressional testimony tomorrow, doj officials say he is ongoing robust appropriations for weeks, he will testify about his communications with the white house and refusal to recuse himself from the russia probe. jerry nadler says he will draft a subpoena. rob: the senate judiciary committee is expected to approve donald trump's pick to take over for whitaker. william barr is expected to be confirmed, that vote could happen next week, he will replace the former attorney general jeff sessions who resigned last year. >> 10 minutes after the hour. we are 8 days from another possible partial government shutdown. i democrat signaling a break in the border wall gridlock? >> i believe we have to put in infrastructure, reinforce the fencing already in place especially at ports of entry.
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>> i don't know what signals are sent but i know what i've seen from the beginning. we don't have anything against a wall as long as it is a smart wall. we have to put in infrastructure to reinforce the fencing already in place especially at ports of entry. make them welcoming and equip them with the equipment they need, the technology. rob: seeing cracks and
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democratic façade. house majority whip jim clyburn claiming his party has nothing against a smart border wall and he almost seemed to echo the president on this. jillian: only a week until the next potential shutdown. ralph spannoh. what you make of what he is saying? are you hearing a bunch of that? >> music to my ears, something we have been looking for for the last several weeks and it is good to hear there are those in the party, hopefully majority of them that will do what we need to do to protect citizens on the southern border. rob: i'm sure nancy pelosi was probably irate to hear a sound bite like that especially to neil cavuto. if we get -- there's a potential that there could be a barrier deal. that was the thinking that this group would come together with a deal and nancy pelosi said she would sign whatever they come with.
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is that possible? >> i am an eternal optimist. good to hear them talking like the majority whip was a moment ago. i'm optimistic we will see what happens. i will not hold my breath until we have a deal in place. good to hear the speaker is willing to go with what they consider, she's been driving the process from the house side. i am encouraged she will not be an impediment to a day deal that is reached. let's look forward to getting our borders secure. jillian: she said she would not give more than a dollar to the wall. the cbs news poll on the state of the union, 71% of americans say there's a crisis at the us southern border based, pretty significant numbers there.
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>> significant others, encouraging numbers and what other congressman say across the country in terms of what they heard from their constituents. to speak directly to the american people not filtered by the mainstream media that allowed him to get the message across and convince the american people of necessity. rob: 72% of the public favor the president's ideas on immigration, 28% oppose, most people do not want an open border system. that is a big one, 72%. >> it is consistent with what we want to be as a country moving forward. it has got to be illegal immigration and we got to protect our cities in the process. that is what anyone wants and what we should be able to achieve.
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jillian: listen to the president and his state of the union address. >> both parties should be able to unite for a great rebuilding of america's crumbling infrastructure. congress is eager to pass in infrastructure bill and i'm eager to work with you on legislation to deliver infrastructure investment. jillian: do you think the administration will get something done? >> i think so. i'm optimistic we can. this is the singular issue, quite so much bipartisan support and effort around the transportation and infrastructure committee. i'm looking forward to being part of the process. a lot needs to be done to rebuild, the infrastructure around the nation and use smart technologies coming on board and to secure funding sources that will be ending shortly and
2:19 am
something we will get accomplished. rob: i will look at the central district in florida. the drive across these bridges and these ramps and it is so dilapidated is unbelievable. it has taken so long to build a wall for this country. >> there is always something more important on the front burner like transportation as a whole. this district represents the district tampa to orlando, we have one of the fastest-growing areas in the country for the next 20 years, transportation is important to me and us and the nation. jillian: we appreciate your time. it is 20 minutes after the hour, chilling warning from iran, the country could be making moves on the ballistic missile program.
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rob: this democrat breaking down barriers by running through them quite literally. >> we got to bust through some walls to make changes. and here's what i think of trump's wall. rob: the buzz building around this bizarre campaign ad coming up. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors. yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this... luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics... ...there's febreze fabric refresher.
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jillian: brand-new images just released showing iranian satellite launch obtained by the company digital glow shows a rocket upcountry up space into, the picture on the right was taken the next day showing the rocket and what could be burn marks on the launchpad. the us has criticized iran's space program for developing ballistic missiles.
2:24 am
the media has not commented on the launch. nicholas madero using the military to stop much-needed aid from entering his country. a fuel tanker and trailer blocking a bridge on the colombia border. the trump administration promised $20 million in aid. mike pompeo tweeting the aid must reach the starving people. rob: isis could lose its raining territory in one week. lauren blanchard has more on the strategy for peace in the middle east. >> ahead of a formal committee, isis will have lost all the territory it once held in iraq and syria by sometime next week. >> we had victory after victory
2:25 am
after victory, we have taken bozo and fort -- mosley and r q raqqa. >> even though there are remnants of ice is left, the goal should be for many years to come. >> we will do what it takes to defeat every ounce and every last person within the isis madness. >> the president is moving forward with his promise to remove 2000 or so troops from syria. >> we look forward to giving our brave warriors in syria a warm welcome back home. >> despite critic of the plan saying it will risk all the gains the coalition has made so far. >> we will come back in full force if isis reorganizes and reemerges. >> reporter: members of his own
2:26 am
party and military leaders the voice serious concerns with the president's plan. >> cannot be as effective as we are with boots on the ground. >> reporter: the secretary of state is the strategy against isis is evolving and will depend more on intelligence rather than the military. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. jillian: donald from slamming democrat holding up nominations, the latest victim of gridlock the president's pick for brett cavanagh's former position. >> lgbt q law clerk. >> i have not been a judge. i don't have any law clerks. jillian: growing outrage over cory booker's latest spartacus moment. rob: and outrageous rainy day fund, one state wants to tax the rain. ♪
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♪ tell me ♪ as though you are mine ♪
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rob: virginia attorney general is under fire for admitting he also wore black face in college. jillian: tensions rising on the southern border, thousands of migrants raced across into texas, border patrol agents only about 20 people to cross into the us per day. migrants to stay for 3 months as they wait for simon. another caravan believe for the southern border today. rob: donald trump calls congressman adam schiff a, quote, political hack after the
2:31 am
california democrat, announcing a new investigation into the president's foreign business relationships and russian election meddling. jillian: donald from called out the senate during the state of the union for keeping hundreds of nominees in political limbo. >> 300 qualified nominees still stuck in the senate, in some cases years and years waiting which is unfair to the nominees, very unfair to our country. rob: his pick to replace brett kavanaugh is the latest call in the confirmation gridlock. joining us to explain constitutional law attorney jenna ellis. into the seat, what is that part of it? >> it is quick in terms of the
2:32 am
turnaround because donald trump provided a nominee and the judiciary committee receiving testimony but the issue is cory booker and other democrats are attempting to block this and show this nominee is not qualified on religious basis which is unconstitutional and cory booker and other senators should be removed and expelled from office for the central tenet. jillian: not sure we could jump ahead to this soundbite, cory booker asking questions on the could we listen to that? >> the closest i ever have in my life to and i am spartacus moment. >> and lgbt q law clerk. >> i've not been a judge so i don't have law clerks. >> someone working for you?
2:33 am
>> i don't know the sexual orientation of my staff. >> this went on, a couple questions beyond that. >> irrelevant her qualifications to be a judge and federal office holder. in the constitution in article 6, no religious test shall be a requirement for federal office so four -- for senator booker and feinstein and others, he has gone down this line of questioning to ask about religious beliefs, violate their oath of office, a quarter of the constitution so not only is it absolutely ridiculous but the senate should look at these members and say we need to expel you, the constitution preserves and protects fundamental rights including first amendment right
2:34 am
to free exercise of religion and no one gives up their fundamental rights because they are seeking federal office. rob: interesting debate because you protect religion on the one hand but we are supposed to protect from discrimination on the other hand. it is interesting because what if somebody has religion asserts a discrimination of somebody else? which is what i think cory booker was trying to get to. how do you weigh those things and treat them fairly? >> this is where it comes down to whether the nominee is qualified to their position and whether they will take the oath to uphold the constitution. i wrote an article talking about the abortion issue and how any originalist justice would overturn roe versus wade because of the constitutional prohibition that is not an issue given to the federal government
2:35 am
under healthcare under any constitutional basis so the reason they put the no religious test is people of faith regardless what they did there sincerely held belief would not exclude them, to make sure their individual rights were not discriminated against just because they are seeking office, this has nothing to do with anyone's qualification for office but everything to do with preserving and protecting individual freedom. jillian: there are 275 positions, 5 awaiting nomination, 144 with no nominees. a large number, thank you for joining us. rob: the first lady will focus on drug abuse. milania trump will speak at a forum with the anti-drug coalitions of america before a policy briefing on the opioid crisis, learning about how the
2:36 am
epidemic is affecting american youth and other programs with families affected by opioid abuse. jillian: ivanka trump leading women around the world, the development and prosperity initiative unveiled today, the white house is will promote job training and economic growth for 50 million women. ivanka writing in a multichannel op-ed, quote, my investing in women, we are investing in a future in which they support themselves by unleashing the potential of their own people. rob: let's talk about the weather. the polar for tax may be 10 years ago -- i see evidence up there of another one. >> it is arctic air but not like the polar vortex we saw last week. this new system is reminiscent of what a spring system looks like. look at the discrepancies, 70 in
2:37 am
memphis, 17 in kansas city. the potential of freezing weather and severe storms including tornadoes. here's your 24 hours. accumulating ice across the central us and the snow, blizzard conditions and parts of the northern plains. in the purple, that is an ice storm morning. the kansas city area towards davenport, the worry and concern of accumulated ice. a blizzard warning for part of the dakotas and minnesota and iowa. and south of that, we see the rain event, too warm for snow across the northeast. we will keep you posted. it is cold but not as cold as the record. it is like winter cold.
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rob: i blamed you. >> affinity introduced me. rob: these canadians. >> i know that, on and off camera. jillian: it is 38 after the hour, forget illegal immigrants. one mayor wants to build a wall to keep out teslas. >> you heard about the wall on the southern border. this is the wall around cupertino. we have a problem with teslas coming from sarasota. jillian: the joke that is falling a bit flat. rob: she called the president a white supremacist. former espn anchor, it appeared she might have been calling for his assassination. some agree, some disagree. carly shimkus has the story and back lash this morning. ♪
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rob: former espn host facing backlash following a tweet that some set alluded to assassinating donald trump during the state of the union address. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the story. >> reporter: hill posted a tweet suggesting alexandria ocasio-cortez yellow phrase get your hands out my pocket during the state of the union address, the same phrase an assassin used before the murder of malcolm x in 1965. after the tweet started getting unwanted attention hill deleted it and apologized saying let me be clear. i have often disagreed with many of the president's policies, his behavior and rhetoric but i've never call for violence against him or any other person.
2:43 am
i apologize for breathing life into such an absurd assumption. she posted screen grabs that showed to use the phrase in a lighthearted context before. donald trump, the current employer, the atlantic. is this acceptable for one of your writers, do you condone it or will your inevitable in action speak for itself, asking for rational americans. >> they use that multiple times in the past. >> someone who appears regularly on the show. >> kaylee mcinerney recently posted a photo of elizabeth warren, she identified as an american indian, posted that instagram and suspended her account over it and accused her of harassing bullying and blackmail. and since apologize to this, saying it was a mistake, we incorrectly removed this imagery
2:44 am
including personal information on secondary review, and office, address, and not a personal home address. the content has been restored and the account is back up and running. >> he was tweeting up a storm about it. it is a huge news story on every network. it is just ridiculous. >> i want your take on this, delta in partnership with coca-cola came out with airplane atkinson against passengers to write their phone number down on them and give them to another passenger on a plane that they think is attractive. the two companies released statement apologizing for these airplane napkins because people thought it was creepy. i thought it was cute. rob: anytime you're on a plane
2:45 am
you hope you sit next to somebody -- every time you get on the plane you get a i berry or the stock guy. >> following them -- rob: my mind is always in the gutter. you want to hit on people with your napkin. >> we on "fox and friends first" have no problem with the napkin. jillian: a toddler in alabama gets sucked inside one of those claw machines which he climbed into get a toy when his family was having pizza. >> my daughter came running over to me, didn't think you could climb into it. never a worry of hours. jillian: first responders took the machine apart. it is okay and walked away with the toy. rob: a mother literally calls for backup in a fashion
2:46 am
emergency. listen to this. >> i am outside. and officer -- doesn't know how. rob: diana needed help with her son, she drove to her sheriff's office in florida, 911 dispatcher helped the family out. my first job in tv. i got there, day one. one of the anchors put it on me. it is not that easy. jillian: 46 after the hour. donald trump will reaffirm his commitment to freedom at the national prayer breakfast. rob: pastor robert jeffers tells us why it is important to the evangelical community, but first, steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox and friends". i still don't know how to tidies ties. >> there is somebody related to
2:47 am
me who is on television who, when he first started as a tv correspondence, i had to tie his neckties. for years he would have a bunch of tied neckties on the doorknob. rob: his name starts with peter. >> who is asking? good reporting. good morning, coming up on our telecast 13 minutes from now, congressman from ohio jim jordan is joining us because apparently some anti-wall advocates argue the crisis at the mexican border is a regional crisis and not a national emergency is the president says. congresswoman liz cheney will be joining us talking about what is going on in virginia with dana lash. we will talk about what is up with elizabeth warren writing on that form in the 80s that she was an american indian.
2:48 am
this plus andrew napolitano, a busy 3 hours kicks off 12 minutes from now on the channel everybody trusts for their morning haberdashery. jillian: coming right back. ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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♪ higher ♪ higher ♪ higher ♪ higher ♪ rob: steny hoyer's favorite song. i saw him over the weekend. a good club in dc. jillian: i wouldn't know but you would.
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rob: later today donald trump will address thousands at the national prayer breakfast reaffirming his administration's commitment to religious freedom. jillian: he made headlines the past two years. what can we expect to hear this morning? pastor robert jeffers joins us with his thoughts, thanks for joining us, what do you expect today? >> i have the privilege of having dinner with the president last night and talking a little bit about several things. i think he will hear two things, you will hear about religious liberty. i thanked the president for being the greatest defender of religious freedom of any president in history and many christians feel that way about this president, that christianity and other faiths were being marginalized in our country and he was a defender of religious liberty but you will hear him reiterate his commitment to a pro-life position especially in light of these barbaric abortion bills in
2:53 am
new york and virginia. we were talking about the fact that during the third presidential debate with hillary clinton the president either serrated hillary clinton on abortion showing how democrats were for no restrictions for any reason at all and that was the tipping point in the 2016 election for many evangelicals. i think he will reiterate his commitment to life. rob: you see these things happening, the governor in new york and the comments from the governor in virginia, for people who are religious, for christians, those are scary things to hear. >> it is legalizing infanticide. it is not only horrific, we would not allow that in the united states, reiterates why we need a president like donald trump who believes in life well and appoint conservative judges and justices to protect our first freedom, the freedom of life.
2:54 am
he will have an enthusiastic response today, the largest crowd ever to assemble for this national prayer breakfast because people are enthusiastic behind this president. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate it, coming right back. when your blanket's freshness fades before the binge-watching begins... that's when you know, it's half-washed. next time, add downy fabric conditioner for up to 7 days of downy freshness. . .
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♪ beautiful morning
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♪ i think i will go outside for a while. jillian: i can get down with this song. it's easing into the morning a little bit. good morning, everyone, welcome back. how about this story. saving up for a rainy day could soon take a whole new meaning in new jersey. phil murphy must decide whether or not whether to sign a rain tax into law. would allow towns to collect fees from homeowners and businesses with paved surfaces in order to upgrade drains and sewers. supporters say it's necessary since rainwater can mix with pollutants in driveways and parking lots and cause harm to the environment. we will see. rob: silicon valley mayor under fire after a joke about keeping. >> you have heard about the wall along our southern border.
2:59 am
this is the wall around could you please per teen know. we came up with this proposal. san jose will be mainly paying for it. rob: he tried his best. that's could you please per teen know mayor -- critics say it wasn't funny and he needs to focus more on the housing crisis. jillian: governor of new mexico really doesn't like walls. watch. this we have got to bust through some walls to make changes. and here's what i think of trump's wall. that's michelle literally running through walls as you can see. democratic governor posting this video online in response to president trump's state of the union address in november she became the first woman elected governor of new mexico. so --
3:00 am
jillian: we mentioned this earlier in the commercial break. sometimes those interesting ads is what get you talking and we are talking about it this morning. rob: every politician needs attention. that's how you get it. jillian: thanks for watching right now. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> congress still battling over money for the border wall. >> if congress won't participate and go along, we will figure out a way how to do it with political authority. >> now the state's three democrats are in hot water as the attorney general admits to his own racist moment. >> elizabeth warren isn't campaigning she is apologizing saying sorry for something she wrote in 1986 while registering for the state bar of texas that her race is american indian. >> i am also sorry for not being more mindful of this decades ago. >> president trump will speak at the national prayer breakfast in washington. the event gathers religious leaders and diplomats from all around the world. >> v


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