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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 8, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the ugly, police looking for these women accused of stealing underwear. victoria's secret in ohio, the underwear best ring is worth $500,000. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> one of the biggest extensional threats to our way of life. >> almost like a get well card to the climate. it is not real policy. >> our energy future will not be found in the dark of the mine but in the light of the sun. >> when we get to that policy it will be tough. rob: it is friday, february 8th. it is not easy being green. republicans say doing at the democrats way is impossible. jillian: despite swift response from skeptics the freshman
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congresswoman is still spending her green new deal, we are live in washington. rob: a story on capitol hill, potential breakthrough on a border deal. >> the president is optimistic congress can get it done but we are one week from the next potential shutdown so can we get it done in time? rob: we are remembering john dingell. heather: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ don't stop believing ♪ jillian: this is one of those songs every person in every
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generation -- rob: stephen perry. jillian: journey. rob: what is the front man's name? steve perry? like nobody i ever heard, unbelievable. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. rob: far left democrats roll out an ambitious new plan which in part hopes to illuminator travel and cow flatulence to fight climate change. >> within our country we can deliver a green new deal for america. >> it is a green dream, we will transition this country into the future. jillian: doug luzader live with more on the green new deal. >> reporter: grant her this. alexandria ocasio-cortez has only been in congress for a little over a month and this
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plan she unveiled yesterday does not lack for ambition. >> i think we are 100% but in on addressing climate. for us on the green new deal we launched 60 cosponsors in the house. we may get a majority of the democratic caucus on board. >> reporter: hard to put a price tag on the resolution cortez introduced, backed by dozens of fellow democrats. she is talking about completely rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and changing the economy to provide new social guarantees in the name of eliminating climate change. at least one republicans he just the plan will be so unpopular with the public that congress should vote on it. >> please bring this up for a vote. i'm anxious to have this vote, get people on the records, get them to endorse it. it was massively unpopular in 2009.
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>> reporter: hard to decouple the climate change aspects of this from the social change aspects but one provision calls for providing economic security for those who are unable or unwilling to work. jillian: that unwilling word in there. rob: thanks very much. the plan leading to some laugh out loud moments ever since the details of gone public. jillian: mark stein says this is as serious as it is comical. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez's document says she is committed to ridding america flatulent cows and airplanes. i take a flatulence cow on an airplane as my emotional support animal, 20 minutes out of lax you have a first-class compartment to yourself.
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alexandria ocasio-cortez is on to something that is the europeans considered, actually have a freshman's offset regime, you would need a secretary of flatulence in the cabinet that in vermont for example, the black and white cows but look like the governor of virginia with only half his makeup on. trading flatulence to washington dc where it could hang like a giant cloud of congress. rob: if you had told me we would be talking about this. alexandria ocasio-cortez insisting the plan will play for itself. jillian: breaking overnight, a driver's shot and killed accused of trying to run over a border patrol agent. and officer expected to stop a pickup truck 0 port of entry but the driver refused and instead sped towards mexico. an officer shot and killed the driver as the truck crossed the border. one passenger under arrest in mexico.
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the port is open this morning. rob: some migrants on the southern border are asking to go home. a group of people house in a shelter near texas turning back to central america facing three months stuck on the mexican border. border patrol agents only accepting a dozen asylum claims. thousands of migrants await asylum donald trump standing firm on his promise to protect the southern border. we take a closer look at democrats trying to come between the plan. >> is gridlock over the world grinds on capitol hill opponents are pushing back in new ways. the mexican democratic governor ordering withdrawal of the state's national guard troops in the southern border saying there is no emergent crisis. >> i don't think it is appropriate to use the national guard to militarize the border.
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>> reporter: the white house dealing with changes to the root of the border wall including some folks who say they could lose their homes and others uncertain about the fate of structures that straddle the border between the us and mexico. >> working with mexico on how to resolve those. the common american would refer to it like a shock. >> reporter: house democrats are using the majority to challenge the president's deportation policies calling for the abolition of ice and a decrease in funding for homeland security. >> agencies like ice which repeatedly and systematically violate human rights does not deserve a dime. >> reporter: the administration says that is a nonstarter, committed to a hard-line stance on illegal immigration. >> we will not rest or relent until we have the technology, personnel, and the barriers required to secure our southern
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border. >> reporter: the government will run out of money again if lawmakers on capitol hill can't reach an agreement on border security by february 15th. the white house, i am kevin cork, fox news. jillian: tributes are pouring in following the death of the longest-serving congressman in history. democrat john dingell passing away after battling cancer. his wife, congresswoman debbie dingell says he will be remembered for, quote,'s razor sharp wit and a lifetime of dedication to improving the lives of all who walked this earth. gary peters adding, quote, he embodied the value, spirit and dedication all public servants should aspire to have. dingell served under 11 presidents from eisenhower to obama. he is survived by four children and wife, debbie, he was 92 years old. today, acting attorney general matthew whitaker will testify
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before the house judiciary committee, that commitment capping off intense day on capitol hill. democrats threatened to subpoena him for his testimony even though he volunteered to talk. whitaker said he will testify of democrats assured him they wouldn't issue a subpoena. after going back and forth the democrats did that. rob: the senate is ready to confirm whitaker's replacement, the senate judiciary committee sending bill barr's nomination for a quick, mitch mcconnell says it is a nominee who seems well-qualified to discharge these duties, barr will be the permanent attorney general after donald trump fired jeff sessions. donald trump will have a physical exam at walter reed medical center, he received a clean bill of health from ronnie jackson who is now his chief medical advisor. the president's exam will be done by his new position, sean connolly.
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jillian: virginia 3 elected officials facing scandals that could end their careers. our next guest says they are making the state capital quite the set of a reality tv show. rob: tom brady celebrating that super bowl when. that is coming up. ♪ you've got to get in there, like... i know what a bath is smile honey this thing is like... first kid ready here we go by their second kid, every parent is an expert and... ...more likely to choose luvs, than first time parents. live, learn and get luvs oh! oh!
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jillian: what a week for virginia as the state's top three democratic leaders find themselves at the center of a political crisis that has many calling for all of their resignations. rob: our next guest calls this the plot line of a reality tv show. but the actual issues behind the
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headlines, the former press assistant for rick santorum joins us to explain. what a mess in virginia. >> it is a mess and democrats are between a rock and a hard place. according to their own rules all three of these guys should resign. problem is they don't want them to resign because if they do resign then the republican house speaker takes over and they don't want a republican in charge but they don't want to go into 2020 being the party of racism, sexual assault and infanticide. they want to remind everybody that according to the republicans are the party of racism. the people that wear those big red m aga has are supposed to be the racists. >> if human beings are we treading into dangerous waters? you saw a similar situation with brett kavanaugh and seeing it now, how far back are we going
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to continue to go to ruin their lives going forward? >> excellent point. this started because of this extremism the democrats pushed. we are where we are because of a delegate in northern virginia, my delegate who started with this extreme abortion bill, and third violation and this whole domino effect the governor pilon. then the picture through the yearbook came out and allegations against the lieutenant governor and so on and so on and domino effect, they are not pushing against it, into the extremism. >> it is an appalling story when you read what happened, she is
2:16 am
stone cold sober, stopped by the hotel room, it is a frightening story and i wonder where are all the democrats on this? they all jumped on the brett kavanaugh explanation a believer out of the gate even though the story was less credible than this story and right now they are relatively silent calling for just an investigation. it is really appalling to see how politics changes people's morals, i guess. >> there is the presumption of innocence. brett kavanaugh's earrings we heard we need to believe all women. by their playbook he should resign but there is the presumption of innocence in this country and we need to see where the facts lead in this case and we were told during brett kavanaugh's hearing, women are right no matter what and we need to follow them blindly but the double standard for sure.
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jillian: what do you see happening going forward? >> virginia have legislative elections coming up and if these three guys don't resign, they can't govern right now. there is no way they can govern right now i do they don't resign they will be held accountable. this will be the number one issue in the election this year. every republican running for office can look at their democrat opponent and say you own this. this is on you. you cannot get these guys in your party to resign. you are the party of infanticide, racism and sexual assault. this is on you. rob: this is a lot of ammo for the republicans, that is for sure. we appreciate it. 17 minutes after the hour. in order to buy one of these would you be willing to give up one of these? outrage growing over a proposal for social media background check. jillian: jeff bezos allegations
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2:22 am
mark zuckerberg asking how much data was collected and when the practice started. the data was used to determine markets trends. jillian: new gun owners may be forced to turn over their social media accounts. lawmakers proposing gun-control measures subjecting people to online searches before being approved for firearm licenses, chicago democrats say they want to keep weapons from those who made threatening comments online, critics say this could lead to biased views republicans. let us know what you think, comment on our facebook, twitter instagram pages. are you ready? whoever is out there, valentine's day is around the corner, counting down the best movies for you and your date. rob: kevin mccarthy is live with his top 5 countdown.
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>> that song sparked a memory for me as well. i will never forget driving with my parents to go to an ice cream place in new york, this is in virginia. i will never forget having the cassette tape, having to flip it over to get to the second side. heather: those were the days. rob: what do you think of this when? >> this list is personal to me. my wife is a film critic, we met in the movie theater, these are films we watch around the valentine's day element, the perfect romantic comedy, great cast. i mentioned it before. bill night, the cast, really well done film and the intersecting of all the different stories and they don't all have a happy ending. it placed the realism of love being good and bad in regards to
2:24 am
certain relationships. the movie is very realistic. jillian: what about notting hill? >> back to my wife and island a couple years ago, we went to the bookstore where they filmed this movie. hugh grant, julia roberts, major movie star in the film, hugh grant is working the bookstore and they fall in love, the ultimate idea, what if you fell in love with an a-list celebrity movie star? that would be like the idea of that, it plays into that idea but the love story starts strong. rob: i have only seen one of these movies but what about you've got mail? >> another movie in new york, the restaurant meg ryan and tom hanks go to is in new york city. we sat in the exact seat they
2:25 am
sat in at the end of the film. we always find the movie locations of movies and go to those locations and is one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. jillian: 500 days of summer. i have never seen this. >> it is almost like an anti-romantic comedy but it is a film that deals with joseph gordon levitt, she says up front to him at the beginning of the film i don't want a relationship and he falls for her. there is a brilliant moment when he's trying to get her back and they split the screen for reality versus expectation and he walks into a moment and we watch in real-time how we expect the moment to go versus how it actually goes. one of the most brilliant romantic films i've ever seen but a very realistic romantic film as well. jillian: number one. >> i need to preface this, it is similar to something diehard is a christmas movie.
2:26 am
in my opinion at the heart, a beautiful love story of two characters bulimia preference and say quentin tarantino's script, tony scott directed phone, differently are rated, one of the greatest cast of all-time, christopher walkin, james gandalf amy, brad pitt, samuel l jackson, gary oldman, christian slater, chris penn, it is absolute masterpiece and if you haven't seen it, it is not what you are thinking it is. a very well done romantic film. rob: looks like a really good movie. jillian: you just convinced rob to watch it. >> have you not seen this movie? rob: know. i will see it. >> the first lego movie is a classic, the first three lego
2:27 am
films made $900 million and i mentioned the other two, they are bringing back chris pratt and elizabeth banks in the lego movie sequel, brilliant writing combines the idea of this absurd storyline but very important scenes of being your self and not changing, animation wise it is amazing. it is not a classic as the first lego movie. i did enjoy it. rob: a tough time keeping up. what about the stiletto movie? >> four out of five, sat through the credits. they are hilarious. jillian: thanks. it is 27 minutes after the hour. a number of democrats accusing donald trump of hating immigrants, the numbers tell a different story is legal immigration nears an all-time high. why are democrats hung up on calling the president anti-immigrant, that debate
2:28 am
coming up next. >> get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world, please clap. [applause] rob: remember that moment from job on the 2016 campaign? howard shultz had one like that and we will show it coming up. ♪ uh-oh!
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2:32 am
lawmakers have one week for a border security dealer facing the government shutdown. top republican negotiator richard shelby just met with the president. he thinks the president will sign a deal if it means unspecified requirements was negotiator set to finalize talks by monday. congress has enough time to pass the spending package. acting attorney general matthew whitaker will testify before the house judiciary committee, tapping attend stay on capitol hill. democrats want to subpoena whitaker for his testimony even though he volunteered to talk. rob: congresswoman alexandria otto warmbier 15 blasting the president as anti-immigrant. >> the president does not like any form of education -- immigration. >> i was peoples come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally.
2:33 am
rob: the numbers on this say otherwise to the president being anti-immigrant. joining me to debate this, illegal immigrants for this country, republican strategist, thanks for coming on this morning. we start with you. the idea for the democrats is the president doesn't like people from his country. ? >> i watched the full video congresswoman ocasio-cortez and she didn't say that. you have a small clip, she thought the president was against all forms of immigration, a line she use to criticize measures to curtail forms of immigration, taking away temporary protected status and a number of things to reduce
2:34 am
kind of immigration. peak numbers illegal immigrants come into the country is 1.8 million, and a smaller population, and legal immigration has been relatively consistent with donald trump's policies not having a chance to have an effect. rob: other democrats said the president is anti-immigrant, this is not being made up. >> they choose to ignore the fact very conveniently when you look at numbers illegal immigration in the united states, more than 1 million people than a single year, 12% of the us population uninformed citizens, the president is more receptive of legal immigration than any president of the united states, he's against illegal immigration and so are the majority of illegal immigrants in the united states because
2:35 am
what we are doing is rewarding ones who violated our laws when it comes to the united states illegally were given more rights than american citizens and when you look at the speech at the state of the union the majority of the american people agree with the way he is handling illegal immigration. >> look at these numbers to prove a point. when you saw these numbers it surprised a lot of people. look through the years, 1.8 million in the early 90s and dipped down in the obama years, not nearly that many people coming in and in 2017 the first half of 2018 you see pretty healthy numbers on legal immigration into the country. as a moderate democrat, what is the agenda for immigration? they say they want a secure border in people to come into the country illegally.
2:36 am
>> the democratic party values are reflected in the conference of immigration reform in 2013 with bipartisan support, democrats want a smart walk, talk about increasing surveillance technology, and hiring border patrol agents and those are elements of a so-called smart wall that is effective. rob: they want to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, that is a fair assessment of the democrat stand. >> absolutely, nobody wants more immigrants coming in without documentation, laws have to be respected and followed. how do you deal with the problem in a smart way rather than a reactive way like building a wall that americans don't support. rob: to democrats talk out of both sides of their mouth? >> they do, talking about inflation, trying to create a permanent underclass of the united states. they did with the black community and in the hispanic
2:37 am
community and now the immigrant community, trying to create -- >> and other communities? >> they created voting blocs to make sure they get elected and reelected. socialists are no different from socialists in europe, command and control, look at elizabeth for and what she just said, that we should have forced kinds -- look at ocasio-cortez, the system that respects wealth creation and equity formation should not be respected, look what stacy abrams is saying about gun confiscation. this is pure socialism and that is what they are doing in the united states. rob: we've got to thank you very much, got to leave it there. we appreciate the big debate,
2:38 am
over to you. >> idaho nurse is expected to be charged in connection to a missing colorado mother, crystal lee accused with helping chelsea's fiancé, the self and was pinged in idaho 3 days after she was found alive. authorities still searching for her body. quintana bay, the first time in a decade, ice fighter sent in syria, withdrawing from the war-torn nation. and captured by us backed forces in syria. the democratic house intel committee, hiring white house staffers to represent the president. defined the x national security members as the first investigate the president's finances and connections overseas. and stealing people from the white house.
2:39 am
for that, we go to rob. what do you think? >> one of these days of got to get rob up into the green screen, i would love to see rob do the weather. >> you live up there. >> back to you. the arctic chill, it is cold. and on the northern plains, on the arctic cold front, temperatures moderate as we flattened the weekend and the trailing part of the cold front, this brings a mixture of
2:40 am
freezing rain and snow and another snow across the great lakes and wintry mix, and with rain along the coast and interior sections across the area, great for skiing across the rockies and northern plains. a cold day across the central us and parts of the northern plains but things will start to moderate in the next couple days. you would make a great weatherman, rob. rob: i would fail miserably. >> we need to get you on the green screen because that is magic in and of itself. one thing to learn meteorology. i use to go east and west on my hands. rob: everything is opposite. jillian: we are going to make it happen this year. happy friday. jillian: i did it for years. 20 minutes until the top of the
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rob: the supreme court blocking the louisiana abortion access law allowing doctors to provide abortions who have admitting privileges at local hospitals in the state. the court of appeals ruled to uphold that law declining requests for the court to reconsider their decision. it is unclear if the supreme court will take up the case again in the future. jillian: lawmakers vote to legalize late-term abortions, statehouse passing a bill to lift in 1969 ban in case roe v wade is overturned by the supreme court but critics call the bill, quote, the most extreme in the nation because it would allow terminations up to birth. the governor said he would sign the legislation if it passes. rob: jeff bezos accusing the publisher blackmailer.
2:45 am
jillian: lauren blanchard has the war of words. >> reporter: jeff bezos putting the national enquirer in the spotlight accusing them of blackmailing and extorting him by threatening to publish intimate photos of him and his girlfriend if he doesn't end an investigation to the company and several political ties. last month the national enquirer released racy texts between jeff bezos, the ceo has hired private investigators to find out how they got them. he says the media company told him to back off or have his personal photos published. thursday on the online platform bezos released a series of letters exchanged with american media inc. the parent company of the national enquirer, part of a
2:46 am
lengthy post saying in the a.m. i letters i making public you will see the precise details of their extortion proposal. they will publish personal photos unless i make a specific false public statement to the press that we have no knowledge or basis for suggesting ami's coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces. he ended his post saying, quote, i won't participate in their well-known practice of blackmail, political favors, political attacks and corruption. i prefer to stand up, roll this log over and see what crawls out. the company says they will hold the photos and release them if he or his lawyer deviate from the lie. rob: a.m. i have not commented on the post. jillian: 46 after the hour.
2:47 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez's climate change initiative burning up close social media, many saying the means are believable than her proposal. we will look at the hashtag other green new deal promises next. rob: let's check in with brian kilmeade for what is coming up on "fox and friends first," you will talk about the green new deal. >> can you backup? this is a little tight. am i right? everybody -- i will squat down. let me tell you what is going on. frequent flyer miles, get rid of all airplanes, we will talk about that and how to get to hawaii. should we give people time off? that is part of the green deal. a lot of trains, no warplanes and no more gas from cows. we will talk about the green deal and if you can stop cows from getting gas. we will talk about the bipartisan deal. do we get something done in congress? we will talk to a democrat and republican about the border
2:48 am
barrier deal and we will discuss everything related to friday which especially if janice gets to do the weather is coming your direction. congressman chuck fleishman will be here in jim himes on the democratic side, geraldo rivera who i never met in person and diamond and silk are on speaking terms again, all that coming your way as i urge everyone to get dressed, it is friday. jillian: there are no words. rob: a close up too. >> chris cuomo for a second. jillian: we are coming right back. this isn't just any moving day.
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rob: twitter erupting following
2:52 am
the green new deal policy. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm here with the reaction. >> the plan is pretty ambitious, 100% crit clean renewable energy, guaranteed jobs for all people. some critics came up with the hashtag other green new deal promises that lays out what they jokingly think is more realistic than this plan, things like using dna we will clone giant pterodactyls for transocean flights, nor chemical trails. another twitter user says clothing will be provided to anyone unwilling to do laundry. they are making the point -- rob: what if the pterodactyl has flatulence? jillian: had to get that word in one more time. >> you bring up a good point. we have to digitally dna them in another way.
2:53 am
jillian: should we credit you with that? other people are asking. rob: i didn't need to escort. >> member when jeb bush asked for applause? howard jewels had his own please clap moment at purdue university. watch this. >> under the cost of education here, would be less expensive in nominal dollars in 2020 than it was in 2012. congratulations. you got to clap for that. >> on twitter, in my opinion the moment you ask someone to applaud, time to hang it up. john says he's already at the please clap phase. i think jeb bush going head the head on that. there is something about saying please clap. >> get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. [applause]
2:54 am
rob: howard -- >> forever cringe worthy. they are going viral again. appreciate it. 7 minutes until the top of the hour. in order to buy one of these, would you be willing to give up your passport to one of these? comments pouring in on a social media background check to buy a gun. we will talk about that next. our exclusive whitening formulation safely whitens 25 times better*. for a noticeably whiter, smile. trust america's #1 whitening treatment. crest 3d whitestrips.
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. .
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jillian: bacwelcome back.
2:58 am
this is a video people can't stop watching. governor can't stop showing her of trump's border wall. >> we have to bust through walls to make some changes. and here's what i think of trump's wall. jillian: democrats choosing to withdrawal national guard troops from the southern burden. this issue hitting close to home with new mexico farmer christmassy. here is what he had to say when joining "fox "fox & friens first" nut 4:00 a.m. hour. >> i think the paper me shae wall she ran through is more protection than the barriers we have on the borders now. i don't think she takes it serious. i don't think -- i'm all for a good joke but i don't think that's a good one myself. jillian: chrisham also order troops from at least six other states to head home. rob ron turn over social media accounts.
2:59 am
subject people to online searches before being approved for firearm charges. want to keep weapons away from those who made threatening comments online. sometimes hints about people going to do something bad. critics claim the legislation could lead to biased views toward applicants. jillian: we asked for your opinions on this. helen writes our rights are slowingly being taken away. rob: nancy says that that's going too far. we already obey the law, background checks, safety courses, on and on. stand and fight for on sciewcial rights. there is a slew of different opinions on that matter. let us have them. we want to hear them all. finally, meet the newest member of the fox family andrew alex an degree drew kate. line producer will kate and his wife sarah. jillian: look how beautiful. his big brother in love with 11-pound sibling. says he wants to be a linebacker congratulations to the entire family.
3:00 am
rob: cute kid. on paternity leave. jillian: enjoy it and enjoy your new little bundle of joy. rob: have a nice weekend. we will see you later. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> one week until the deadline striking a border deal. >> we will see what happens. we need border security. we have to have it. it's not an option. >> freshman congresswoman raising eyebrows with ambitious climate plan that includes scaling back, in some cases eliminating air travel. >> we are going to transition this country into the future. >> this is not real. it can't be legislation. this is not serious. >> senate judiciary committee sending bill barr's nomination to a full vote next week. barr is expected to become the permanent attorney general after president trump fired jeff sessions last year. >> i will never let you down. you can say that never. all unitedy


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