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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and remember i'm watters and this is hide world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. and thanks for making "justice" number one last weekend. let's go for it again tonight. trump 2020 seen year advisor, lara trump is standing by. and dan bongino, gregg jarrett, john solomon, dana lash and much more. we are reaching a turning point that will forever determine our future. how we live our lives and how
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our children will live theirs. the gap between the ever widening left and right has never been wired. yet amazingly it continues to widen. every time we turn on a tv, open a laptop or listen to the radio, another bizarre, offbeat, outlandish idea brings us closer to socialism and the destruction of capitalism and is being pushed by the left. so you have a decision to make. do you want to live in a country where no matter how hard you work, what you do or how much you succeed, you won't improve your lot. do you want to benefit from your own success or would you prefer the government take over and use your been first to pay everyone else. in the last few weeks the left has removed its moderate mass to show its true socialist colors
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as they clear laws that allow for the killing of babies already born and born alive. giving the mother the right of a thumbs up or thumbs down like an emperor in the roman coliseum. and every one of the 200 democrat presidential candidates supports the green deal proposed by a freshman congresswoman so knowledgeable about washington that she thick she came here to sign bills. which green deal will literally pull planes out of the sky. no issue, i guess, since the left is happy with the influx coming in through our southern border. no air travel required for them. this green deal supported by berke and harris and sanders and -- by booker and harris and sanders and gillibrand
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requiresser building in america be rebuilt for environmental reason and high-speed rail be developed so air travel becomes unnecessary. the green deal foresees medicare for all and considers a deficit not that big a deal because according to ocasio-cortez we can just print more money. you know what? you should have left your monopoly game home when you came to washington. but my favorite part is where they seek a net zero greenhouse gas in 10 years. so you may ask why net zero as opposed to zero? the reason is that they are not sure they will be able to get rid of bovine flatulence. i can't believe i said that.
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aka, cows farting. these emissions from cows are of concern to the left because the bovine emissions have an environmental impact and the methane gas produced by the bovine flatulence contributes to the greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming. need i say more? and their hypocrisy. it knows no bound as they hang on to dear life. political life. in the state of virginia where the governor and the attorney general dressed in black face and the governor says he's now going to explore the issue of white privilege and pursue an agenda of racial reconciliation. talk about trying to deflect an issue from yourself to everyone else.
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and he even says it was a terrible week for virginia. no, governor, it was a terrible week for you. and now lieutenant governor justin fairfax is accused of forcible sexual assault and forcible rape. although the date of one attack was 15 years ago and the other 15 years ago the victims have a very specific recollection. one had classmates who corroborate her immediate outcry that fairfax raped her. one victim remembers the date, the time, the place, and telling her classmates. one involves a doctor who says she was forced to perform oral sex on lieutenant governor fairfax, and although she did not bring it up until years later, it's a far cry from the demand of the left that brett kavanaugh remove himself as a candidate for the supreme court
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for something that allegedly happened more than 35 years ago with an alleged victim who didn't remember where it happened, when it happened, and who never reported it to anyone. fairfax's victim has the date, place, time. so what i want to know is, where are the democrat senators who turned the constitution on its head for kavanaugh saying that all women need to be believed? where are all the women in their pink hats? where are the womb he who suffered sexual assault storming the doors of the capitol during the kavanaugh hearings. where are those women who refused to allow the elevator door close in the senate as they had a fit and sought to blame brett kavanaugh for their own distress. i guess if the accused is a democrat, the rules don't matter. so it seems the democrats don't
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care if someone is in black face, happens to be a democrat or someone accused of sexual assault happens to be a democrat, or a baby murdered after it is born. this is a group that actually sits on their hands when the president of the united states says he wants to stop human trafficking. a group that sits on their hands when the president says he wants to end childhood cancer. and they sit on their hands when he says he wants to have a plan to eradicate aids. who are these people? who are more hateful of one man, our president, than it matters not that he wants to protect babies or stop human trafficking or eradicate aids. i'll tell you who they are. they are people who don't care about us. they on care about power. making sure hat they keep it.
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and for all of you who can't make sense of why normal thinking people would not support a border and not care if illegals including ms-13 members come into our country, you need to understand that this group knows that they have lost americans. and their only hope is to get immigrants and illegals into our country so that they can maintain their power base. and if you think socialism will never happen in this country, just take a look at what has happened in the last 10 days and ask yourself that question one more time. that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter at judge jeanine. joining me to discuss my opening
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statement and so much more, trump 2020 senior advisor, lara trump. >> that was quite an open, judge jeanine, i loved it. judge jeanine: thanks, i appreciate it. as you sat there, i saw you in the gallery. you watched as your father in law the president discussed things any right-thinking person american or not would be support of, whether it's trying to get rid of childhood cancer. something your husband eric has been involved in since he was 0 years old. did you sit there stunned when you realized it was so anti-trump, that group, that they couldn't even applaud or stand up? >> this is what these people have done forever. what has happened in this country is the left would rather see the country fail than see the president succeed.
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they don't want to stand for anything that he's saying whether or not it makes sense and the rest of the country is behind him. i thought it was appalling. let me say of all the speeches i have ever heard my father-in-law give, i thought thought that state of the union was the absolute best i have ever heard. to get the entire group of people in that chamber up on their feet shouting "usa" at one point. no one but donald trump could do that. but it was shocking to see the number of people who didn't react when a little girl from st. jude who battled cancer was there in their presence. when so many of the things you just outlined were said. they sat down and wanted nothing to do with it only because it drape this president. it's really appalling. judge jeanine: i believe it's a cbs poll that said 76% of
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americans thought it was a great speech. so your relationship with the president has nothing to do with the fact that so many people thought the same thing about the speech. when the sex trafficking that the democrats seem to be so interested in the human trafficking in stopping seems not to be an issue. and, you know, the left is not caring about issues that are almost issues they were the first to talk about. it has to make americans feel like they don't really care about us, they are more interested in their own power. it's not even about the left and the right. it's about the people versus the people in congress. >> you see so many of this. you saw the president, by the way, during the government shutdown, offering something that the democrats a year ago said they couldn't live without. let's take care of the daca recipients. they didn't even come to the white house and negotiate with
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him because as you said they don't even care. it's all about a power play. the good news is the president is fighting every single day for the american people. he understands the right thing to do for this country. the same people, they are such hypocrites, a couple years ago under a different president, they were all for wall, all for border security. this president supports it. judge jeanine: when the president said we'll never be a socialist country. it was a statement that was very advanced. no one has really talked about it. but we are seeing it creep into the national discussion. we are seeing it creep into the laws. we are seeing candidates even candidates running for president who are socialist. it is -- do you think it average american is concerned about
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socialism? do they think it just can't happen here? >> they sure ought to be. you have people as you are saying, running on a socialist platform. there are so many people in this country that do not fully understand what socialism means and wait would mean for this country. let me name a few countries for you that these people might know and they were all socialist countries. the ussr, china, cuba, venezuela where people are starving to death eating dog and cat food to survive. it's something every american should take seriously. this is almost full government control of everything. here we have a president who is deregulating things, taking the government out of most of things and you see our country thriving. you see the economy booming. these people want to do the opposite. they want government to control essentially everything. it's a step away from communism and a dictatorship.
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it's very serious. it's very scary. if you don't fully understand it. do some research. we do not want socialism happening in the united states of america. our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew these people were serious and they were running on their platforms and that's the serious part. judge jeanine: lara trump, thanks so much for being with us tonight. joining me now, making a rare solo appearance on justice. our friend, fox news contributor, dan bongino. >> where is chris tonight? is he having some adult sodas out there? judge jeanine: we wanted to took you you solo tonight. one of the things there is a lot of discussion about, you know that bipartisan, b bicameral grp seems to be coming up with a
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deal that according to the "new york times" doesn't look too good in terms of money for a wall. some say it can go up to $2 billion. the issue it appears on this committee. they never heard from i.c.e. they never heard from immigration customs enforcement because they didn't want to hear from them. is that like an omen? does that foretell us what's happening? >> it does. i am glad you brought this up. you see this a lot on this network when we debate liberals. they will say a lot of experts say a wall isn't necessary. you say who are these experts. sometimes they will name a member of congress. but when you talk to actual experts who ran the agency or border patrol agents, they are the ones who say yes we need that wall. so them avoiding the input is
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not surprising. when you wanted an expert in microbrew beers, you go to a microbrew beer guy. you don't go to an orthopedic surgeon. he might be an expert on elbows. i got a bad one. this is standard operating procedure for the democrats. judge jeanine: one of the things that's especially frustrating is the rumor or suggestion that the left with want to abolish i.c.e., there is no question by the. some of them are saying not a dime for i.c.e. but in addition, they want to eliminate some of the detention beds. you are in law enforcement. you know what that means. that means that when you eliminate the detention beds, you cannot keep them and you have to release them into the country. there are some reports that said as many as 30,000 could be released into the country.
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this is what the democrats want. why? >> well, they committed themselves to open borders a long time ago. but the facts are never on the left's side. the large majority of people released cut off the monitoring ankle bracelets and disappear for good. the left understood a long time ago that they lost on the issues. people want economic liberty, control of their own healthcare. so what do they do? they need open borders because they need voters. that's why they are in this. this is a pure power play. this is a pure power play on the left. >> as the left continues with there is power play. one of the issues is that the radical shift by the left to now allow for the killing of babies
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after a baby is born and they actually -- i showed the audience in the open, they are actually applauding the passage of this law, i say to myself, what have we come to, dan? why are we in this place? why do people allow for the acceptance of that kind of thinking? >> it's one of the sadder moments i have seen in my 10, 15 years closely following and having run for office myself. look at the termination of life now outside the womb. how many threats do we have to take before we are free from the pen of the legislative left. do we have to measure tonight weeks outside the womb? look at this green new deal. this is the most of outrageous thing i have seen.
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your opening, i was dying laughing. but this is outrageous. are there going to be cow assassination squads now? we are going to give them beano to cure up their gastrointestinal issues? judge jeanine: i think it's terrible. i worked in a dairy when i was a kid, and that was before they had computers. >> you were having a tough time, you wanted to laugh. i saw that. gregg jarrett, and dana loesch up next. the clock ticks down for the deadline for a real deal.
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what's a gig of data? well, it's a whole day's worth of love songs. [ baby crying ] or 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot, we have unlimited, too. you could save hundreds of dollars when you switch to xfinity mobile. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. judge jeanine: president trump fired up over the democrats' refusal to compromise on border security. he tweeted tonight, the democrats just don't seem to want it.
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joining me, the national chair of the republican committee. ronna mcdaniel. the president seems determined. i think he knows or smells what a lot of us are smelling. the so-called bipartisan committee that didn't want to hear from i.c.e. is looking not so much to protect americans but look to allow people to come into the country by not providing for the steel slats and eliminating some of the i.c.e. detention beds that allows immigrants to freely roam the country. >> the president is listening to the i.c.e. agents and the bcp. we just saw that in the past four months 200,000 arrests have been made at the border. that's an 85% increase over this time last year. the president is exactly right.
6:25 pm
he's listen together people on the front lines. we have a crisis. democrats know it. and the president didn't come here to sit on his hands. he came here to solve problems and he's going to get this done. judge jeanine: what's your take on why? why does the left just sit on their hands? >> they want porous borders to help get voters. i think they feel like if they have porous borders and bring people into this country that they will be voters for them in the future. it changes the electoral map. california counts non-citizens in their census to inflate their congressional representation. it's not about the working men and women in this country. as you let people into this country and take more our hard
6:26 pm
earnings and gift to people with entitlements or education and healthcare, it's not good for our country. the president is saying legal immigration is great. let's fix legal immigration and illegal immigration so we can bring people in based on merit. democrats used to agree. it's ridiculous they are standing down on an important issue and it's making our country less safe. judge jeanine: today another arm of this left socialist-leaning thinking when kirsten gillibrand, the senator from new york, one of the 2020 hopefuls said it was an urgent goal to eliminate private health insurance. what is she talking about and why? >> you just talked about socialism and how it's creeping in. this is how democrats are bringing socialism into our country.
6:27 pm
177 million people in this country right now are on private understand plans. the democrats are saying we want to cancel all your private plans. we want the government to dictate to you your health insurance and we do not want you to have a relationship with your doctor and make choices based on your healthcare personally. and this is just an overreach. it's a government takeover our healthcare and it will bankrupt our country. this is another step toward socialism. it shows how far left the democrat party has become. judge jeanine: an nra spokesperson and radio show host, dana loesch, still ahead. why was robert mueller once reportedly hauled into the fisa court? john solomon and gregg jarrett
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6:33 pm
they have a high risk of exploding sending shrapnel into drivers and passengers. they have been responsible for two dozen deaths worldwide. judge jeanine: reports says special counsel robert mueller was forced to answer questions about allegations the fbi cheated on sensitive surveillance warrants. investigative journalist john solomon broke the story this week and joins me now along with the author of "the russia hoax," gregg jarrett. john solomon, i'm always amazed you get these stories and find out this information. when you talk about in your latest article that mueller was
6:34 pm
hauled before the fisa court, the very fisa court that he is in a position as special counsel to oversea what comey, his pal and the rest of them did, i say this is truly the fox watching the hen house. tell us what happened? >> it's important for this reason. remember when devin nunes started asking questions about fisa and some of the people being targeted? james comey, rod rosenstein said the process is so aggressive and the oversight is so i mazing there is no chance for abuse. it turns out that system was pretty broken. we found out through reporting there were 75 instances in the early 2000s where the fbi submitted a fisa warrant and it was erroneous, it had omitted information of innocence. all the things we are talking about in the 2016 fisa warrant
6:35 pm
in the case of carter page. the fisa court was so mad they hauled bob mueller in and said how are you going to fiction this? he put some procedures in place. but they were blown past to target trump and his campaign. judge jeanine: is there any way for us to know whether the fisa court is claiming that any wrongdoing was done as it related to the 2016 situation, the way they hauled in mueller for the mistakes he made? >> occasionally the court will release something publicly. but they have been remarkably silent the last two years. a lot of the members in congress are wondering where's the court. i think 2019 might be the year we hear from them. the inspector general comes out in the spring or early summer. that would be the time for the court to tell us if they were
6:36 pm
defrauded the way the evidence suggests. judge jeanine: gregg jarrett, i won't waste your time with whether robert mueller has a conflict of interest. but who is in a position to say mueller should not be there given the fact that he clearly has a conflict. he clear has done wrong before. he left out information so much so that the most of secretive court in the united states has hauled number and rebuked him. >> it's too late to remove him. he's at the end. whitaker testified he has not interfered with mueller and his investigation. nobody has. but john's excellent reporting underscores something important. the fisa system is badly broken. this is a secret cord. it's not an adversarial process. it's reminiscent of the infamous star chamber in the 16th
6:37 pm
century great britain. it's structures in a way that's inherently unfair. in this case with carter page they violated just about every rule that had been instituted and the fisa court never even held a hearing on this. they took paper submissions on it because they have so many applications, an average of 29 a week. so they have to trust the honestly and integrity of people like james comey, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, sally yates, all who concealed evidence and deceived the judges. judge jeanine: john, my favorite guy is this guy adam schiff who is so convinced that there is evidence that, you know, when we say there is no evidence, he says well it's coming out soon. john, tell us about your reporting on adam schiff and
6:38 pm
glenn simpson. >> we had a big moment this week, the senate intelligence committee announced they found no evidence of collusion with russia. so as the evidence of collusion with the russia-trump investigation disappears, it becomes a political dirty trick. the evidence of democratic collusion begins to grow. glenn simpson met with adam schiff. he didn't tell anyone on the house intelligence committee. they claim was smalltalk. but exactly the type of contact two years ago he demanded. so this boomeranged. i have a story coming out tomorrow more than a dozen instances of democrats having contact with russians. the story will change to democratic collusion in 2019. judge jeanine: how do we make that a story of democratic collusion other than you writing
6:39 pm
another book. gregg: it's in my book, remarks by russians saying we were talking more with the hillary clinton campaign and democrats than donald trump and republicans. it's hillary, russia, fbi collusion, not trump. judge jeanine: all right, guys. thanks so much for being with us tonight. and my next guest says democrat presidential candidate kamala harris is an existential threat to freedom. every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day,
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[♪] judge jeanine: kamala harris is
6:44 pm
a lot of things. a senator. a candidate for president. a former prosecutor. but my next guest said slight also a threat to your freedom. joining me, nationally syndicated radio host, and nra spokesperson, dana loesch. why is kamala harris an existential threat to all of us? >> well, judge jeanine always such a pleasure to join you on saturday evening. her socialist policies -- we need to use that word, that's the platform on which this woman stands, it does pose an existential threat to the very foundation of our republic. this is a woman who has come out jones semiautomatic firearms, she has come out for very, very far left socialist policies. there are a lot of people in nra ownership, maybe they are gun-owning democrats.
6:45 pm
they don't feel they have a home in the democratic party any more. because it seem the name change from democratic to socialist is an in for malt. look at how she for instance has endorsed this green disaster policy. that democrats have come out with that literally talks about removing cows from planet earth and getting rid of planes and decombustible engines. you can't get any more socialist or crazier than that, and kamala harris endorsed that plan. judge jeanine: dana, what's interesting about this is so many of the democrats running for president in 2020 have endorsed it also from elizabeth warren to sanders, to kirsten gillibrand, to, you know, there
6:46 pm
are a few more. and kamala harris. they are openly socialist. it doesn't matter. not hiding it anymore. we just said a few segments ago that kirsten gillibrand said it's an urgent need to get rid of private healthcare. >> i said the last election was the last time we would see anything close to a moderate democrat. when you look at the candidates that have pledged to run in 2020. they are super far left and anti-individual freedom. pretty much anti-everything we have come to love in america. i call it the disarmament primary because that's what it is. look at some of the stuff they endorse. i wonder if any of them have taken a math class. when you look at that disastrous
6:47 pm
green deal. when you get to the end of it, they have zero way to pay for it at all. the best is that now they are trying to defend it and say, well, actually it was conservative media that put up all of this stuff in the plan. they remoist off ocasio-cortez's website and put up a different version and are trying to gas light america that we made it up. >> in the last few seconds we have. can you think about how the hollywood hypocrites, they want all this, but they won't be able to even fly a commercial airline forget a private airline. if they have their way, it will happen. >> you make a great point. it's fun to mock the silliness of it. if they are upset about the eradication of airlines, maybe
6:48 pm
democrats should have written it better. but all of the primary candidates husband far have endorsed this. it's funny but at the same time it's terrifying. judge jeanine: and cory booker is the other one. dana, thanks for being with us. let's be honest. every insurance company tells you they can save you money. save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance. including me, esurance spokesperson dennis quaid. he's a pretty good spokesperson. ehhh. so when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. hey, actor lady whose scene was cut. hi. but you can believe this esurance employee, nancy abraham. seriously, send her an email and ask her yourself. no emails... no emails. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless.
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[♪] judge jeanine: the green new deal has everybody talking tonight. brandon tatum is director urban outreach with turning point u.s.a. and he joins me now. good evening, brandon. >> thanks for having me on. i don't get anything anymore. i don't even get the title it's a green new deal. why not just the green deal? i don't expect you to give me and answer. in my open i talked about the last 10 days and how the left has taken off its mask and revealed the true socialists they are, everything from infanticide to cows. what's your take on what's happened the last 10 days? social i am appears to be
6:53 pm
creeping into the mainstream of the democrat party. >> yes, it is. the state of the union address is when i first felt the effects of how deranged the left is become when they stand and pat themselves on the back as women but with it comes to women who are unborn. they would sit on their hand and not show disapproval for late-term abortions. and the green deal is the craziest document i have ever read. if you want to have a manifesto for the destruction of a great nation, you can just read that document. it's ridiculous. judge jeanine: what upsets you most of, the idea they don't want planes in the sky, the idea they want to print money to pay for it. or the idea they want to pare down and rebuild every building. do we start with the white
6:54 pm
house? or should we take down the pentagon. what are they thinking? >> i don't think they are thinking at all. they have no plan to pay for these things. judge jeanine: yes, they do, they are going to print the money. >> they have no way to pay for it. it will cost a trillion a year to function. i heard a gentleman on the television earlier, i guess he's a mentor to alexandria ocasio-cortez, he's saying they are not saying planes won't fly in the sky, but they will produce something that will make planes obsolete. you are going to ask us to pay all this money in taxes for something you don't even know if it will work. i don't know how people can support this. kamala harris and cory booker signed off on it. they are literally setting themselves up for failure in 2020. judge jeanine: it's like the left saying we want porous
6:55 pm
borders. we don't care that 90% of the drugs come through. they don't care about that. it's an agenda that's uncanny. i can't figure it out. >> they don't care about america. it's obvious to most of people in america. i hope people will do their research' and not just look at one channel. do some research and understand what they are doing. open borders don't work. drugs are pouring into our country. i don't know how anybody can love this country and support not securing the border and ending sex trafficking and everything coming from the south. i don't understand why anybody would want to destroy our economy by raising taxes and gig everybody free jobs. that's not how our society was built and i'm not standing for it. judge jeanine: brandon tatum, thanks so much. we'll be right back. ut yourselfa world which is doing it's best
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>> by the way, in case you thought things looked a little different, i'm in west palm beach tonight. remember to keep up with me throughout the week on facebook, twitter and instagram. thanks for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. the greg gutfeld show is coming
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up, and i'll see you next saturday night. i can't say same place, because i won't be here, i just told you that. [laughter] ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] greg: yes! loud, very loud. okay, okay, okay. shut up, everybody. [laughter] so trump's week was about as good as the democrats' week was bad. first, he had the state of the union. dare i say it? pretty good. and i hate state of the unions more than i hate children. [laughter] but it was a solid, positive assessment of the world; strong economy, jobs, foreign policy. plus, it had something for everyonement on one side, there was more cash for defense. on the other, paid family leave. on one side, a


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