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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 11, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. >> this is going to get built with or without congress. heather: good morning, monday february 11th and this is "fox & friends first", happening right now at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. border security talks stalling out says deadline to fund the government is just days away. will congress ever make a deal or will the president take matters into his own hands, live from washington? and chaos, lieutenant governor could face impeachment. what the turmoil meets for democrats come 2020? fashion gets political at the grammy's but didn't take long
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for some celebrities to take shot at the president. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning, it is a beautiful day because you're waking up after all, that's a good way to start. you're watching "fox & friends first" on monday morning, brand-new week, i'm health ir childers, thank you as always for starting your day and week was. days of war, another possible government shutdown, white house indicating all options are on the table, griff jenkins live in washington with the very latest, good morning to you, griff, glad
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you woke up this morning. >> i woke up to sleet. the democrats want to cap cutting beds from roughly 40,000 to 35,000. republicans want to increase the number by 12,000, president trump weighing in on twitter yesterday. the border committee democrats are behaving all of a sudden irrationally, they have recommendations of border patrol expert, they don't want to take murderers into custody, what's going on, this as the deadline for government shutdown is this friday and the white house is not backing down. >> i'm not in a position to say the president will absolutely sign or will not sign, some things that we simply couldn't agree to so the government shutdown is technically still on the table. we do not want it to come to that but the option still open to the president.
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>> now, there's optimism of a deal, john tester said they just have to stay focused. >> almost every negotiation out there gets bumps on the road but as long as we stay focused in a bipartisan way to get this done i'm hopeful we can get this done. >> now the president travels to el paso for a rally, look at the number of apprehensions of family units in el paso sector alone, soared more than 1500% from 1,523 in january, 2018 to 25,210 so far this year, i suspect we will hear more about that tonight, heather. heather: yeah, absolutely. griff jenkins live for us, thanks griff as always. beto o'rourke is also in el paso for a dueling rally against the president. >> we will meet live and hate with the true and vision for the
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future from u.s.-méxico border. heather: potential 2020 democratic candidate for president is joining the march for truth rally, community organizers and local officials organize the event to protest the president's border wall, beto incumbent before lose to go ted cruz. any deal that involves defunding ice will never make it past the president. >> not only isn't enough they want to abolish ice but they want to abolish bed spaces to house violent offenders so the aoc wing of the party is taking over immigration not just environmental policy and this would be a hell of an election but i promise you this, donald trump is not going to sign any
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bill that reduces the number of bed spaces available to hold violent offenders, what kind of a trade-off is that? i would advice the president to take near 2 billion for the wall, sign a bill that would give you that much money as a down payment and find the rest of the money on your own, declare national emergency if necessary. i don't expect him to do that deal if you have to trade off bed spaces because that is incentivizing more illegal immigration by reducing bed spaces, it's really making the country far less safe. heather: laura ingraham will talk exclusively with president trump about the border standoff following el paso rally, tonight at 10:00 p.m. in the ingraham angle. jam-packed field of democrats running for president got even more crowded over the weekend, todd piro on the 2020 hopefuls.
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>> amy klobuchar isn't the first and she won't be the last, the minnesota senator is the most recent entrance in 2020 field hoping to beat president trump, snowy minneapolis backdrop, klobuchar, moderate democrat, highlighted her ability to work across the aisle, she becomes the eighth major candidate and democratic senator to announce bid and how she hopes to differentiate herself? >> i don't have a political machine but what i do have is this, i have grit. [cheers and applause] >> i have family, i have friends, i have maybes and i have all of you. >> all this comes amid report that klobuchar had such a bad wreck over treatment of staff that a number of potential staffers withdrew from consideration to manage her campaign, in response klobuchar told reporters, yes, i can be
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tough and push people, i have high expectations for myself and high expectations for the people that work for me but i have high expectations for this country. klobuchar not the only one trying to rally support, cory booker, crises crossed iowa for first time as presidential candidate this weekend promising to pull a divided nation back together instead of negative rhetoric, missing opportunity gabbart canceled over travel politiccations. heather: keeps on growing every day. thank you so much, todd. >> no problem. heather: one hopeful is slamming president trump suggesting that he might be in jail by the next election. >> by the time we hit 2020, donald trump may not be president. in fact, he may not even be a free person.
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[cheers and applause] heather: senator elizabeth warren making remarks at campaign in cedar rapids, iowa, potential ties between russia and the trump 2016 campaign. well, democratic virginia delegate expected to start impeachment process today against lieutenant governor fairfax, fairfax accused of sexually assaulting two women, called on fbi to investigate claims. ralph northam refuses to resign over black-face scandal. >> right now virginia needs someone that can heal, no better person to do that than adviser, that's why i'm not going anywhere, i have learned from this, i have a lot more to learn. heather: while the governor fights to keep his job, he says fairfax may have no choice to resign if allegations against him are true.
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tributes are pouring in across the nation following the death of long-time north carolina congressman jones, republican passed away on 76th birthday of politic cases of a broken hip, mark meadows calling jones, beloved colleague and friend who had profound impact on all through graciousness character. i will miss humility and unwavering love of his community, rest in peace. jones is survived by his wife and daughter. parts of the northwest slammed with record snow and more is on the way, sorry to tell you, seattle area seeing snowiest february, tractor lending a hand
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to tow police vehicle, all the roads, 400 flights were canceled in the northwest over the weekend. we will have update with janice dean coming up. jimmy johnson cruises the victory lane after wiping out all competitors at daytona. >> jimmy -- heather: yikes, 7 times champion taking out the race leader before winning, if i believe tune-up for daytona 500. celebrities honoring highest achievements at grammy award. singer alicia keys hosting the star-studded night in hollywood. rapper made history winning song
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and record of the year, first rap-base song to win the press -- press. dolly parton bringing down the house, she was awesome. she did along with others with her greatest hit. ♪ ♪ heather: leading only dolly, taking home the night biggest award album of the year for her record golden hour, congrats to all the leaders last night. time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and numbers are staggering, immigrants from latin america reportedly headed for our doorstep, 5 million, retired immigration agent michael says it's overwhelming
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system and putting americans at risk, he joins us live up next and this little firefighter is melting hearts everywhere, more of the adorable video that is going viral this morning.
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heather: battle to secure the border intensifying after democrats latest demand break down funding negotiation. this coming at border patrol unveils 200,000 people were arrested at the border just over the last 4 months, 84% increase. so are democrats not taking this issue seriously? here to weigh in former immigration and naturalization agent michael kudlow always great to have you with us. the numbers are astound if you take the first four months,
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increase of 84% in terms of apprehensions tat border. >> it's a human tsunami, that's what we catch, god knows what we didn't catch. we are fascinating the numbers caught how about those that escape. heather: something else that you pointed out to me that america actually does provide more than 1 million illegal immigrants with lawful immigration status every year. >> lawful immigrants. we admit green cards to a million plus lawful immigrants, these are aliens who come legally, they are given green card and placed on pathway to the united states citizenship, more than rest of the world combined. we naturalized hundreds of thousands of new citizens every year more than the rest of the world combined. we spent 14 billion approximately on customs and border protection to conduct inspections at ports of entry and prevent unexpected entry of people and cargo. heather: so it's not about not allowing people to come into the united states --
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>> correct. heather: we can't repeat this enough because you don't often hear from mainstream media, it's just about people who are trying to break the law and come here illegally. >> and enter without inspection, nonsense they entered undocumented, listen, a bank robber doesn't make undocumented withdrawal, the point of the matter is the wall would not prevent anybody from entering just require anybody to be inspected, vetted, this is common sense, this was what 9/11 commission talked about. heather: tell us about that. >> immigration and border security was identified by 9/11 as key issues where we aretist attacks were concerned. not just mexican border, visa proteses, incredibly you have democrat party saying let's get rid of it altogether.
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we can't arrest only those with criminal history. we have to have integrity to the immigration system, i can't understand how democrats are looking to america -- heather: i want to talk about el paso, you have been to el paso, the president going there tonight. beto o'rourke and his group, not a problem there, the president saying that it is. >> absolutely a problem. el chapo guzmán is on trial and the jury is deliberating case, one of the issues is how there were safe houses on both sides of the border where drugs and weapons were being smuggled into the united states. in el paso. cuidad juárez is one of the most violent in méxico, from my hotel i can see police cars going responding to murder. heather: the only two things
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separating is the wall. >> national security requires, it's just that simple. heather: hopefully they will come up with some sort of agreement in bipartisan group. >> i hope that the compromise doesn't wind up compromising national security. heather: thank you very much for joining us and appreciate it as always. time now is 20 minutes almost after the top of the hour. protrump outfits so subtle message slamming border wall, politics front and center at last night's grammy award, perhaps not surprising, carley shimkus with the biggest moments of the night.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", a new fashion trend popping up at the grammy's make america great again, singers joey villa proudly showing up protrump outfits before the show, carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115 here with the overwhelming support for the conservative catoure. interesting. carley: outfit had two layers, you can see brick and you see build the wall on the back and ricky rebel, a glam rock artist and he says a jacket that says keep america great on it and trump 2020, that's the first look that sort of puts joe villa
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on the map, you can see it has barbed wire on the shoulder. heather: that was interesting. >> the whole thing was interesting. no surprise coming from joe villa, i don't care what anyone thinks, i100% support the wall and the president. i'm billboard top 40 recording artist ricky live at the grammy's and on reflection of 60 million plus americans that voted for donald trump, #the new alpha, don't let anyone keep you in the closet and also a lgbtq activist. believe me, there's a whole lot of people who support the president but don't have the gut that joe villa has. kristin says i'm so happy to see another beautiful dress. it was not at all positive but
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those are trump supporters that are supporting those outfits. heather: i haven't heard of ricky rebel before. >> he has toured with britney spears and michael jackson reportedly discovered him. heather: we were discussing the opening act, subtle hints in there that we missed? >> i totally missed it, if you blink you missed it type thing, opening act celebrating latin music and jay balvin sitting in a bench and holding a newspaper that says build bridges not walls. also featured camilla cabello and ricky martin. heather: reminded me ofwet side story. >> that's what it was supposed to be like. heather: they accomplished that. big surprise guest. >> michelle obama surprised everybody by coming out with other celebrities, here is what she had to say.
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>> music helps us share ourselves, our dignity and sorrows, our hopes and joys, it allows us to hear one another, to invite each other in. carley: well, when she first start today speech she got about 3 words in to what she was going to say and the crowd erupted with applause, i mean, it is very nice for a former first lady to be treated with such respect, there are a lot of fans of the obama family. heather: let's talk about j.lo's hat, it was awesome. >> so many hats last night and they kept on -- the shadow was covering everybody's eyes, take your hat off, i want to see your beautiful face. heather: thank you so much. >> thank you. heather: long night. >> i'm tired. heather: time now about 26 minutes after the top of the hour and virginia's top 3 democrats all facing growing scandals and all refusing to resign so how will the turmoil impact democrats come 2020?
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could the state that hillary won by a wide margin go red? we will debate it up next. plus national enquirer firing back at jeff bezos after he accused them of extortion, why the paper's defense team says that it's journalism and not blackmail
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heather: welcome back, look a top headlines this morning for you, president trump heading to el paso, texas for make america great again rally. he will be met with some opposition, though, presidential 2020 candidate beto o'rourke will also be in el paso for a dueling rally against the president's border wall. and just a few days before another possible government shutdown, border security talks appear to have hit a snag, key democrats and republicans acknowledging that negotiations are stalled with democrats
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demanding wall money be withheld until republicans agree to cut funds for ice. democratic virginia delegate is expected to start impeachment process today against lieutenant governor justin fairfax, accused of sexually assaulting two women, he has called on fbi to investigate the claims, meanwhile ralph northam refuses to resign over black-face scandal. well, the wave of political scandals among virginia's top democrats are putting pressure on the left to maintain the moral high ground even when it comes to scandals within their own party but with both governor and lieutenant governor, calls to step down, president trump predicts that virginia voters will turn to gop in 2020, is he right? here to debate lauren and democratic political commentator jonathan harris, thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> good morning.
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heather: jonathan, i will start with you, what do you think of virginia, let's start again generically? >> they will need to figure out a way to handle this and get out and if they can it will be long forgotten. we have to let the investigation play out. i think that's fair, with northam he should have long since resigned. i said before, that's issue on both sides. heather: lauren, what's your take on this? >> we are not the party of women or there's no space for black americans and the republican politics and have this within their own party and not even remotely, none of them are stepping down, they are sticking in and northam interview yesterday with cbs was just mind
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blowing to watch that he's a doctor and so he would be able to heal this. they need to step down as quickly as possible and that would be the path that i would recommend especially if i was the 2020 candidate. heather: do you think if they do not this makes it more plausible for republicans to take virginia? >> yeah, absolutely. i don't see how virginia voters can, they would withstand this, it's mind blowing that this is happening to the democratic party party. heather: does this put democrats in danger of virginia? >> may put democrats in danger in virginia but difficult for the right to get in moral box if you don't ask trump to step down for racist comments, he has tons of sexual abuse allegations, i think you to play that equally on both sides, so if you're going to ask -- heather: fairfax from what i understand first of all is now accused of rape back
1:34 am
at duke university and president trump has never appeared in black face. >> right, no, i'm saying if the issue abuse allegations trump has been accused of sexual abuse and if it's racism, trump has made litany of racism right after elizabeth warren. >> i'm confused of the definition of racism. black face is absolutely in a different category than poking fun at elizabeth warren for her claims of being native american. >> is it different than saying that mexicans are murderers and rapists and criminals and a few of them are good people, that a mexican job can't do his job because he's mexican and trump wants to build the wall, racism is pretty clear and it's something that happens on both sides but if you won't call trump to step down, why are you calling -- heather: i don't believe that he was talking
1:35 am
about all mexicans, the majority of illegal immigrants trying to cross into the border when he made the statement? >> the thing it's still racist statement so i think that's why people question at least on the right the reaction, there are tons of stories like this that came from conservative right and no calls for people to step down, steve king questioning what's wrong with being white supremacist has not stepped down, something that happens on both sides, you have to be equal in the way you're asking to play out. >> he has been removed from committee, do i think the republican party has made strong statement with king that they will not stand for rhetoric anymore, so the democrats need to do the same thing in regards to their virginia democrats. heather: seems to be changing every day and we will certainly see what happens on the front today because as you said the interview with cbs yesterday with northam was quite something to see. we will see if that changes things, lauren, jonathan, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. heather: thousands of teachers
1:36 am
set to walk off the job in denver this morning for the first time in 25 years, contract talk breaking down after hours of tense debate over the weekend, the teachers union says the district's latest offer pushes more performance bonuses instead of the pay raises teachers want. classes have been canceled for 5,000 preschoolers, district is hiring thousands of substitutes to keep other schools open. today a judge will decide if a woman convicted of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide can delay prison sentence, michelle carter's lawyer want to push back 15-month prison sentence as they appeal the case to u.s. supreme court. carter was found guilty in 2017 of texts conrad roy convincing him to commit suicide. well, man accused of killing and shooting police officer and marine veteran has officially been charged with his murder. jordan is being held on $1 million bond, police say that he
1:37 am
shot officer matthew at the milwaukee police rammed it while serving warrant last week. the department had been tracking for allegedly selling drugs and guns. and now fox business alert for you, warning from the irs tax season, the change that some americans could see when filing this year, you need to see the story coming up. taking hangry to a new level, what caused woman to smash windows with a bat?
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heather: congresswoman omar sparking bipartisan backlash online, accusing the american-israel public affairs committee of paying members of congress being proisrael.
1:41 am
nikki haley sharing outrage tweeting this cannot be tolerated in our own congress by any one of either party. chelsea clinton taking to twitter, we should expect all elected officials regardless of party and public figures to not traffic anti-semitism and the group responded bipartisan efforts are reflected of american values and interest, we will not be ill-informed attacks on important work. national enquirer publishing pushing back after jeff bezos accused paper of extortion and blackmail. >> actually it's not extortion and not blackmail, it's slitly not a crime to ask somebody to simply tell the truth, tell the truth that this was not politically motivated. heather: last month exposed bezos' affair with tomorrower tv host, bezos launched
1:42 am
investigation into whether the story was politically motivated, now claim the paper's parent company american media is threatening to publish additional intimate photos unless he publicly denies the story was a political hit job. blackmail, american media says it is journalism. well, fox business for you, filing your taxes early this year is not paying off, the irs says returns are down nearly 10% in the first filing week, tracee carrasco, sister network fox business with why there's less cash to go around. great to have you back, tracee. tracee: according to early statistics refunds are down 8.4%, that's a difference of $2,035 down to 1865, difference that people are seeing in tax refund the first week that the irs has been keeping track, of
1:43 am
course, this is the first year under those new tax changes that went into effect and some tax professionals have been warning that your refund could be smaller if you do not adjust your withholdings, that may be one reason, of course, these are just very early statistics, the irs still coming back from government shutdown which they were impacted by and trying to catch it there as well. heather: let's talk about something real important. valentine's day, i don't have reservations and apparently i have to make them at waffle house if i'm going there. tracee: you can celebrate at waffle house, 200 locations at the country are accepting reservations, they will be serving dinner complete with white table clothe to make it fancier so what waffle house what they have been doing for 12 years now, they want you to spend time with the one that you love and they say you don't have to use a lot of money doing it.
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the waffle house taking reservations. heather: if you don't have reservations can you still show up? >> i would recommend probably those recommendations anywhere on valentine's day. heather: that's true, thank you so much, tracee. time now 15 minutes until the top of the hour and border security negotiations stalling as the clock ticks toward another shutdown. so could we see the president declare national emergency as early as this week, house freedom caucus ralph say that is this falls on the democrats and that they need to come to the table and actually negotiate, he's up next and incredible video as firefighters perform cpr on a dog and save him. thousand dog's owner is thanking those heros. want more from your entertainment experience?
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the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ >> the president is wanting to build the wall, we will take as much money as you can give us and find the money some place else legally in order to secure southern barrier so this is going to get built with or without congress. heather: white house hinting at national emergency declaration as bipartisan committee talks stall, is this the only way that the wall will get built? joining me to weigh in is south carolina congressman ralph, thank you for joining us, we certainly appreciate your time. >> my pleasure, heather. heather: let's talk about what is going on, the latest as you have heard in terms of the negotiations because the last we were told here at fox was that this 17-member conference committee had been trading talk
1:49 am
back and forth on the money for the border wall or border barrier of some or -- sort, told negotiation was 1.3 billion to 2 billion far short of what he was originally demanding, but now they are stuck again, what is going on? >> well, we met with the president last week with members of freedom caucus and one he's committed to getting the wall built, interestingly 25 billion-dollar price tag, now down to 5, as mick mulvaney said, he will get it built, drug money is one pot that the dollars can come from, but this president has bent over backward to placate the democrats and placate those who don't want the wall and open the government back up, they knew all along it was involved money, it's a
1:50 am
nonstarter if they don't get money for the wall. heather: only one side seems to be negotiating, you mention the 25 billion-dollar total, right now 1.3 to 2, let's take a look at what president trump tweeted on the democrats not negotiating, he said the border committee democrats are behaving all of a sudden irrationally, not only are they unwilling to give dollars for needed wall, they overwrote recommendations but they don't want to take murderers into custody, what is going on and what is he talking about there? >> well, what he's talking about is what i saw when a group of us went to the border, went to arizona and met with the agents, we talked with them and the drugs, the rainists that -- rapists that are coming across the country and not agree on something as simple like the wall, it shouldn't be point of discussion, heather, and unfortunately it is and i appreciate the president
1:51 am
sticking to his guns and he will get it done and the wall will be built at some point whether it's through national emergency or whether it's hopefully they'll come to the table with 17-member panel. heather: you mentioned the national emergency, thereon what hillary clinton had to say if it's national emergencies. >> i think you should call national emergencies unless it's true a national emergency. he's frustrated because he can't convince his own party to support his request. heather: you know, interesting to hear her say, no national emergency when repeatedly i myself have talked to people down there living on the border from new mexico to texas and arizona and all of them say it is a very real issue that they are living through. >> she just hasn't been to the border, what do you call caravans of thousands of people coming across the border and when you hear the agents, border
1:52 am
patrol agents saying -- there's not enough personnel to track them down and, you know, when we were there one jumped the fence and they went and apprehended him and comment was let a drone try to actually catch illegal alien and it's -- we were congressmen the agents have seen in 15 to 20 years, it's sad to say the least. heather: the number is not slowing down. we have estimated 5 million latin americans plan to go move to the u.s. next year, they are overwhelmed there at the border. i do want to talk you briefly about your neighbor state north carolina, local sheriffs there wanting to ice out or -- they want ice out of north carolina through series of unwanted immigration raids.
1:53 am
we can tell you 200 people in north carolina rounded up within the last week. >> yeah, and, you know, what's sad, heather, is for them to publicly come out and say they are not working with the ice agents, you know, they are all in this to protect the public and believe it or not coming across the border illegally is a crime, you just don't do that and i think the sheriffs are trying to placate the left-wing base and it's like you would never hear the marines say they're not going to cooperate with the army or vice versa and why they are doing this in charlotte with borders on my county that i represent is unheard of in my mind. heather: two largest counties in north carolina as you say the sheriffs campaigning on this to get elected and involve controversial 287g program to explain to people at home, local deputies would shut database on inmate to see if they're in the
1:54 am
country illegally and then they would be held by ice, they can be detained and begin deportation proceedings if they have some sort of criminal charge against them, correct? >> exactly. the 48 hours is just the agents that do two things, it takes time to get to a particular location because they are understaffed and secondly when you're dealing with somebody suspected of being and illegal alien, you have to try to get the documents on something they know very little about, so why they would not cooperate is again, playing politics and you shouldn't play politics with this serious of a subject and hi lights the facts that we have to do something to stop it and to get a handle on it. heather: yeah, you're not cooperating with ice in the jails, now you have ice on the streets trying to do round-ups, in the process people that don't have people with no criminal records are being round up.
1:55 am
thank you so much for joining us, we hope that they come to some sort of agreement before friday midnight, that's the deadline. >> i hope so, but, again, the president is sticking with it and he will get it built one way or another. heather: thank you very much. >> my pleasure. heather: 5 minutes until the top of the hour, the firefighter melting hearts everywhere, more of the adorable video going viral and taking hangry to new level, what took a woman to smash restaurant windows with a bat
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heather: take a look at this, firefighters rescue dog from burning home performing cpr to save its life, california home owner thanking them. >> i'm thankful for the firemen and saving him, he's my best friend. heather: pup is doing much better, we can tell you no one else in the home was injured. now time for the good, the bad and the ugly, up first the good, california fire department welcoming newest and youngest recruit, firefighters responding to burning shed when 2-year-old jackson put his own fire fighting gear and ran out to help, the firefighters taking time to show him the ropes. heather: very good.
2:00 am
the woman left irate because they ran out of jim achan beef -- jamaican beef patties, she had to wait 10 minutes for a new batch. finally the ugly, this is awesome, wildlife center will let you name salmon after exafter valentine's day, naming salmon will cost you 20 bucks. your break-up was kind of bad, this wraps up this hour of first &friends first. >> the president's number one priority is national security. this is going to get built with or without congress. jillian: monday february 11th and the white house says nothing is off the table including shutdown or national emergency after democrats issues first hour ult


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