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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 11, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> she will tell us all about the big snow coming in the "after the show show". if you have to run from fox nation, run to the radio. >> bill: fox news alert here we go again. border security. the talks are in stall mode in washington democrats looking to limit the power and scope of the federal government to arrest illegals. seems to be a hitching point now. bill hemmer, good morning. hope you had an awesome weekend. good morning to you. nice color. good to see you. >> sandra: kicking off a new week i'm sandra smith days away from the next shutdown deadline. the white house taking nothing off the table. democrats throwing a wrench in the talks demanding new restrictions on ice. >> bill: a few fundamental questions. will there be something called a wall or will there be a national emergency?
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>> the president is going to build the wall. we'll take as much money as you can give us and we'll go off and find the money someplace else legally in order to secure that southern barrier. this is going to get built or without congress. >> basically this is nuts. the idea of reducing bed spaces available for violent offenders so they can be held and deported as they trade off for a wall incentivizes illegal immigration and they truly have lost their way. >> the goalposts has been moving from the democrats. at the end of the day we have an obligation to protect our nation and provide the proper border security. >> i do expect the president to take some kind of executive action. national emergency is certainly part of that. there are a few other things in his tool box he could use. i expect him to do that if we don't reach a compromise. >> bill: kevin corke begins a new week from the north lawn. what's the strategy with another possible shutdown four days from now? >> happy monday, bill.
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three words, keep talking now. that's it. or stay the course. let's listen. they want to have this conversation, bill, they'll keep negotiating right up until the last moment. failing that they'll find money to fund the wall what white house officials tell me. they were saying that on the sunday shows. the president talking once again about the democrats and his position that the democrats are simply moving the goalpost here because they don't want to make a deal. he said this on twitter. the democrats don't want us to detain or send back criminal aliens. this is a brand-new demand. crazy. that tweet, by the way, in response to the latest democrat demands. they want fewer beds at the border. the latest twist in the negotiations that could very well as we've been talking about now for several days lead to yet another partial government shutdown. >> everybody knows they're at the table now and it is the
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legislative conferees, congress. america already thinks congress doesn't do its job effectively. look at their approval rating. i hope they come to an agreement. the president called for coming together on a number of issues last tuesday. the first test of that is for these conferees to put os his desk a border security bill. >> kellyanne conway on fox news. democrats are steadfast in their belief that walls just won't do what technology can and will do. >> i don't think the border wall is immoral. i just think it doesn't make a lot of sense and i think we have technologies that are much better equipped to handle what's happening here. >> all this, of course, is happening as hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors wait and look at the calendar, the 15th, coming up quickly. >> bill: on the trade talks with china. a second invitation for the chinese president. what is the white house saying
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about that? >> i've reached out to them, bill. they aren't talking about this in a great amount of detail. the chinese would love to have this. they're being hammered by u.s. tariffs and crushed and their economy continues to contract. the idea to have the chinese president go to mar-a-lago would bode well for both sides. the white house and what they're saying about that possibility. >> he has forged a mutually respectful relationship with president xi. why do we have a $500 billion trade deficit with china? why are our folks the ones getting screwed? >> we're very pleased the talks continue. the juniors are talking to present to the seniors at the end of the week. >> don't forget tonight a big rally in el paso, texas, as the president focuses on the border security. back to you. >> bill: we'll be watching in
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prime time on that. kevin corke on the north lawn. >> sandra: more contenders entering the 2020 race. minnesota senator klobuchar, one day after massachusetts elizabeth warren made her 2020 bid official. they are joining an already crowded democratic field. how is the klobuchar platform different than other democrats? >> with klobuchar there is a more urgent focus on climate change. >> in the first 100 days of my administration, i will reinstate the clean power roll-out and the gas mileage standards and put forth sweeping legislation to invest in green jobs and infrastructure. and on day one, we will rejoin
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the international climate agreement. >> the crowd braved temperatures that were barely double digits and the senator didn't even wear gloves. president trump not impressed tweeting well, it happened again. amy klobuchar announced she is running for president talking about global warming standing in a blizzard. bad timing. by the end of her speech she looked like a snow man or woman. she is the fifth female lawmaker on the hill to join the race. >> sandra: how did senator warren try to tap into a political dynasty? >> she was endorsed by congressman joe kennedy before she talked about points about the economy being rigged against the working class. >> when i talk about this, some rich guys scream class warfare. i want to tell you something,
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these same rich guys have been waging class warfare against hard working people for decades. i say it's time to fight back. >> the president saw that announcement and had a question. elizabeth warren joined the race for president. will she run as our first native american presidential candidate or has she decided after 32 years that is not playing so well anymore? see you on the campaign, liz. and warren shot back at an event in iowa telling a potential caucus goer by the time the election goes around trump might not be president and might not even be a free person anymore. >> bill: the top democrat crisis in virginia continues. a second accuser has come forward against the lieutenant governor, the democratic governor northam vows to stay in office saying there is no better person to help heal his state. >> i'm not going anywhere.
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i have learned from this. i have a lot more to learn. but we're in a unique opportunity now. i have thought about resigning but i've also thought about what virginia needs right now. i really think i'm in a position where i can take virginia to the next level and it will be very positive. >> byron york, a lot of action south of you in virginia. here is the "wall street journal" headline from earlier today. the democrats' identity meltdown. the ssh -- we bring that up against things are upside down in virginia. things are inside out in virginia, byron. >> you know, they're completely different from where they were one week ago. we really would not have thought this would be happening
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a week ago, which is the governor has decided to dig in. he realizes that the legislature would have a very difficult time impeaching and removing him. he can stay in office and limited to one term. he has decided now to say he has learned a lesson and he is reading books on race, and that he is going to devote the rest of his term to racial equality issues and he says he is specifically well-suited for that. he said we have a lot of work to do. now, i imagine some people are saying what is this we stuff? you got caught in the picture. he appears dug in. at the same time you have his successor, lieutenant governor justin fairfax, now has a second accusation of sexual assault against him. it is old, more than 15 years old. on the other hand, there is corroborating contemporaneous
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evidence. the woman who says he attacked her says that she told people at the time and they can say that. it is a more serious charge than we have seen with the first one. >> bill: another lawmaker in virginia who was threatening to start impeachment proceedings today and earlier today that lawmaker pulled back on that. we'll see where it goes. on the democratic race, how did you rate the entrance of two more candidates over the candidate, byron? >> well, the klobuchar thing. they're both troubled at this moment. the klobuchar thing was really bad weather timing. the president was right about that. she is announcing for president in the middle of a snowstorm. couldn't they do it inside? it seemed odd. she is fighting a number of allegations from staff saying that she is abusive and mistreats her staff. a little inside baseball in washington but it goes against the image of minnesota nice
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that amy klobuchar has cultivated. as far as elizabeth warren, the president will never let her forget this native american stuff and indeed she can't seem to really shake it. so she is basically trying to turn it back and say well, you know, president trump might not be in office in 2020. he might be in jail as a matter of fact. so will that help change the subject? i don't know. these are two not really stellar roll-outs. >> the snow looked beautiful but misplaced. the democratic governor of california, gavin newsom is threatening to pull troops away from the border like they did in new mexico. now there appears to be late on sunday a dramatic turn of events in these negotiations. where do you think they are right now? >> it is interesting because in addition to whatever fighting they're having over a border barrier, the democrats are insisting there be a cap on the number of detention beds that u.s. authorities can use to
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detain people who have crossed into the united states illegally. republicans believe that they are basically trying to insure that as many people who cross into the united states illegally are then released into the united states and they may or may not come back for court proceedings. so this is a whole new thing here. it may give -- may give republicans the opportunity to blame democrats for any shutdown that comes when the previous shutdown was blamed entirely on president trump who actually took credit for it in advance. >> bill: let's see how that's covered. it will tell us a lot. nice to see you on a monday. a lot to cover. what's coming up, sandra. >> sandra: a lot of big headlines this morning. and one of which one of our guests is senior advisor to the 2020 campaign lara trump will be joining us. >> bill: did you like snow
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globes? i was a big fan. if you want to get bill a gift, give him a snowball. new anti-semitism controversy surrounding congresswoman ilhan omar. money fuels -- she is getting condemnation from the left and right. congressman peter king reacts in a moment. plus this interview from the weekend. >> we conducted an ambush. i conducted an ambush. and in over the years with the army in particular this time the united states army special operations command seems to be intent on doing is characterizing an ambush as murder. >> sandra: this screen right the decorated green beret charged with murder in the death of a taliban bomb maker speaking out as we learn about a similar case, a navy seal, sean gallagher, facing a war crime charge in the killing of an isis prisoner.
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his brother joins us ahead with his message.
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>> when they stay silent they're just as guilty. i think this will not be the end of this. if they do not take action i think you'll see action from myself that this cannot sustain itself. it's unacceptable in this country especially when you sat back and thought about and you listen to what this country went through in world war ii. >> bill: there is kevin mccarthy on friday vowing to take action against democratic leaders for not condemning what he calls anti-semitic remarks come as minnesota democratic congresswoman ilhan omar doubles down on her controversial comments that money is behind pro israel. she was asked who thinks who
6:18 am
pays american politicians for israely support. she responded with the top line. new york republican peter king sits on the homeland security committee. a lot of reaction on the right and left. give us your reaction where it goes from here or does it just continue? >> bill, this is absolutely shameful on all counts. number one, israel is our main ally strategically. they are indispensable to middle east. after the holocaust and after all that's gone on to be going back to that old slander and smear that somehow jews are using money to pay people off is absolutely shameful and i don't know why the democratic leadership hasn't spoken out before this. >> here is the statement from
6:19 am
aipac. they say we're proud we're engaged in the democratic process to strengthen the u.s./israel relationship. our efforts are reflective of american values and interests will not be deterred in any way by attacks on this important work. here is democratic freshman max rose, 31, jewish from stanton island. omar's statements are hurtful to myself. chelsea clinton also tweeted. where is the democratic house leadership on this? where is chuck schumer on this on the senate side? >> they are shamefully silent. i give max credit. we're in different political parties but to have a freshman congressman be the first one to speak out from his party on this i give max credit. it reflects so badly on the rest of his party. where are they?
6:20 am
we're right now in the 21st century. after centuries experience anti-semitism if we don't see this as an attack on the jewish community. not just israel. i can see a person having honest differences with the policy but suggesting that money is being used to somehow say that israel is the villain here in the middle east when we're faced with islamic terrorism everywhere in the middle east and our country and to be slandering israel like this is shameful. leaders in both parties should come together and denounce it for what it is. >> bill: nancy pelosi with the grammys over the weekend. what has taken so long? answer your own question. >> this is the resistance movement of the democratic party. the left wing base and they are providing a lot of energy for the democrats. i think the democratic leadership is afraid to take
6:21 am
them on and stand up to them and just like years ago conservatives had to stand up to the elements that john birch society, it is important now the democratic leadership come forward and denounce this wing of the party and people from it who carry on with this type of anti-semitic language. >> bill: peter king, thank you, republican from new york. good to see you, thanks. >> sandra: the "national enquirer" ceo firing back at allegation of extortions from am son founder jeff bezos. more on that straight ahead.
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>> absolutely not extortion or blackmail. what happened was the story was given to the "national enquirer" by a reliable source that had given information to
6:25 am
the "national enquirer" for seven years prior to this story. it was a source that was well-known to both mr. bezos and ms. sanchez. >> that was the lawyer defending the "national enquirer"'s decision to post a story on bezos's love life. bezos saying they threatened to publish more photos of him after the enquirer reported his extramarital affair after he said he and his wife were planning to divorce. charles the money man. these are very questionable -- texts that they would not want to have revealed. some suggested are nude photos of bezos. >> a couple things. for now we've avoided a constitutional crisis, which is good. just being a little facetious there. amazon shareholders have to be a little concerned. you don't want this to become
6:26 am
-- where bezos loses focus. he has this and a potential divorce, 80 billion dollars could be up for grabs. he has serious issues that amazon shareholders have to find a way to compartmentalize. we've seen challenges for the company recently. >> sandra: what will happen to the new york city headquarters and amazon is reconsidering second headquarters to new york city. the "chicago tribune" editorial, amazon, chicago is still here. they have not -- they have not put down any money as far as property, renting or purchasing. >> they're way behind in new york. again, if they take it from new york with that amazing deal
6:27 am
that a lot of new yorkers are rightfully upset about, it would be again a petty move. they're upset because certain officials in new york city are upset. there will be people. they take the deal away for those reasons it won't be a good look for the company. >> sandra: average tax returns. 10% of american households filed their taxes and the average refund is down more than 8% this year. >> apparently tax people who do this focus on it say the biggest main problem is people aren't adjusting their paycheck withholdings. they got all the different taxes and came through with the same paycheck withholdings. 2/3 of americans will have a significant tax cut. only 6% will pay higher taxes. >> sandra: political constitution fences there. >> it could be if there is disingenuous reporting on it. if we drill down further people will know. >> sandra: maybe we'll do that later this week. good to have you here this
6:28 am
morning. >> bill: we'll have time, charles. stock news alert. what comes. democratic mess in virginia. what governor ralph northam is saying and new details on a possible impeachment of the second in charge in that state. >> sandra: california governor threatening to pull his state's national guard troops from the border as negotiations appear to break down over a new democratic demand to curtail ice. andy biggs is up next on that. >> these people have gone insane in terms of trying to fix problems. they care more about the valid offender running loose than building a wall. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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6:32 am
with his latest comments from cbs today. >> right now virginia needs someone that can heal. no better person that can do that than a doctor. virginia needs someone who is strong, empathy, courage and a moral compass. that's why i'm not going anywhere. >> bill: richmond, virginia. we're live from the capitol building. good morning, garrett. >> good morning. the governor says he has no plans to step aside. in the interview he said he has thought about resigning over this past week but decided he is in a unique position to be able to address racial inequality and wants to spend the last three years of his term in office addressing racial reconciliation. but he is facing a fresh round of criticism now for the way he described the first africans brought to his state by slave traders. >> what has been a difficult week. virginia's history we're at the
6:33 am
400 year anniversary. just 90 miles from here in 1619 the first inden toured servants from africa landed on our shores. >> also known as slavery. >> this morning gail king said the governor explained later that he had been told that the term indentureed servants was more historically accurate in that context. his decision to remain in his office is not sitting well with his fellow democrats. here is virginia congresswoman jennifer wexton. >> he still needs to be able to govern. that's the problem. if he is spending the entire rest of his term apologizing and trying to preserve his own reputation and his legacy, he is not going to be an effective governor for the people of the commonwealth. i don't think the governor is that selfish at the end of the day. >> as for the sexual assault allegations against the
6:34 am
lieutenant governor northam said if any of the allegations are said to be true there is no other way for lieutenant governor fairfax but to step aside. >> bill: where do things stand on the threat of impeachment proceedings against him? >> the democratic delegate was going to be introducing those articles this morning. we're told now that he has decided to hold off on that until he is able to discuss this through a little bit more with some of his colleagues. if those impeachment hearings take place, both of the women who accused the lieutenant governor of sexual assault and rape say they would be willing to testify. in a statement to fox news the state senator from virginia said on behalf of concerned citizens across the commonwealth i'm asking the women involved in the allegation be heard and come before the general assembly. the lieutenant governor is calling for a full investigation and denies he did anything wrong. >> bill: with more as it comes. thank you, sir. >> sandra: fox news alert.
6:35 am
the battle over border security. we're now hearing california's governor may be withdrawing nearly 400 troops from the border. all this coming as negotiations are now hitting a wall with democrats over a new demand regarding the ice agency. >> i would advise the president to take somewhere near $2 billion for the wall, sign a bill that would give you that much money as the down payment and find the rest of the money on your own. declare a national emergency if necessary to get the rest of the funding to build the wall that we desperately need. >> sandra: let's bring in arizona congressman andy biggs. thank you for your time this morning. you just heard lindsey graham, the senator there. did you agree with his thoughts and proposal on the issue? >> well, i think the president is fine with $5 billion. i just think this committee has not done its job and it is -- the cards were stacked so it wouldn't get the job done. i'm more for the $5 billion. the president has given a ton
6:36 am
by moving from $25 billion to 5 and going from concrete to steel slats. he has tried to make this thing work. and i don't think it is going to work with this committee. he will need to declare an emergency. that part i agree with lindsey all the way, yeah. >> sandra: that's a big deal. we're days away from this deadline now. are you suggesting a national emergency to secure the funding -- all of the funding for the president's wall or are you suggesting a down payment like lindsey graham said? >> i don't think we'll get the down payment because of the conditions the democrats are putting on. so i think the president needs to come out and declare an emergency or drug trafficking corridor, use title 10 money authority to get the money he needs and i think you could do a short term cr to see if they can negotiate something out to bring it back into normal budget process. nothing about this process is a normal budget process. so the cards were stacked against the president here because they just don't like him. if you look at the makeup of
6:37 am
the committee you have gavin newsom withdrawing national guard troops from the border. it's indicative when you have so many people from california sitting on that committee. >> sandra: that announcement hasn't formally been made but that the governor is expected to withdraw nearly 400 of the state's national guard troops along the border. we'll see what development happens there. for you to call on the emergency to declare a national emergency you are suggesting that democrats are not willing or are unable to come to the table and make a deal here. >> yeah. because when you think about what they're doing. first of all you have to remember their underlying policy position has changed where from where it was under obama and hillary where they talked about actually securing the border a bit. now they don't see that the border is a real issue. they don't see the emergency or the crisis today. where we see it as a crisis, it is an emergency. what we need to do the
6:38 am
president will have to try to get the money congress can't deliver because of the divisions going on. he needs to come out and do what he needs to do if he wants to build a border wall. >> sandra: they say they're for border security but the wall they take issue with. that's what we've heard throughout these talks. here is what the president is saying on ice. the democrats don't want us to detain or send back criminal aliens. a new demand. democrats now being focused on limiting ice's ability to detain unauthorized immigrants. has this become the central issue now in these debates? >> yeah, it's moved in. they moved the goalpost and now they want to reduce the number of detention beds. think about what that means. if you can't detain people, these folks will be released into this country. we're already releasing thousands. but these are -- some of these people -- most of them are criminally -- they've committed some kind of other crime
6:39 am
besides being in the country illegally. they'll come in and we'll release them into the community. that's the dangerous aspect of where they've moved and that's why it is really a no-starter for this administration. >> sandra: that number is 16,500 that democrats want to cap the ability to detain those unauthorized immigrants. this conversation continues and that deadline is quickly approaching. congressman, thank you for your time this morning. >> bill: all-star grammy tribute to the queen of country dolly parton hit the stage last night. check it out in l.a. ♪ >> bill: that voice and music endures. she sang some of her biggest hits. she became an eight-time grammy winner and must i can -- music cares. doing her thing on dueling
6:40 am
pianos. great shot, huh? good performances, red hot -- there is lady gaga. >> sandra: dueling pianos. she did it herself. amazing host and widely praised for her hosting job there. dolly parton, got to love her. what a performance last night. joined by others. >> bill: a pretty good show. a little more on that coming up next hour. a little tease. >> sandra: senator elizabeth warren adding more fuel with the feud with the president. >> by 2020 donald trump may not even be president. [applause] in fact, he may not even be a free person. >> sandra: well, that was senator elizabeth warren out of
6:41 am
iowa. the a-team will take up how the list keeps getting longer and longer. plus there's this. >> this is wrong what they are doing to him. matt served his country and he loves his country and he deserves so much more. this is disgusting what they are doing to him. >> bill: screen left is green beret major matthew goldstein and his wife speaking out for the first time after he was accused of killing a bomb maker in afghanistan and they were talking about gallagher in iraq. his brother, sean, joins us next with his message.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
mission, that army special operators and many regular army infantry soldiers have done over the last 15 years, those routine combat actions are now being characterized as murder. >> bill: that interview with pete hegseth on "fox & friends." matthew goldstein now speaking out accused of murdering a suspected tell ban bomb maker in afghanistan. this as another navy seal eddie gallagher stands accused of killing an isis prisoner in iraq. sean is his brother. thank you for your time this morning. let's go through the charges. what is your brother accused of doing? >> my brother is accused of killing an already dying isis fighter on the battlefield. details of which have never been proven and they're based mainly on accusations. so you just led in with major matt goldstein's case. the details are different in his case, the absurdity of the
6:46 am
system is the same. is premise is in these cases you're treated as guilty until proven innocent. turning american values on its head. >> bill: what is the evidence against your brother that will be presented at trial? >> there is none. i don't want to seem like i'm glib with that but the allegations are based mainly on words. someone's word against his. what i've been saying from the beginning and what we've been saying as a family from the beginning. this never should have happened in the first place. if it's a he said/she said. on our side we have eyewitness testimony. i've talked with soldiers who were there with him and said this incident never happened. iraqi general who worked with my brother and near him at this alleged incident and said it never happen. video evidence that calls into accusations. this is one of the things we've
6:47 am
said why is it happening? we've been frustrated every stage by the treatment of a decorated american warrior smeared by navy lawyers in the media just so they can feel better about the treatment that he has been receiving. >> bill: i can hear the frustration in your voice. your brother is the father of three. 20 years of service. you filed a piece on fox you kept coming back to this word process. trust the process, don't worry, it's the process. trust the process. another paragraph. all the process. what's the process you're talking about. >> it's so fundamentally unfair and imbalanced and why i say that is i used to be on that side where i'm like if my brother is innocent he will have his day in court and we can prove these things false and clear his name. at every stage of the way he has been beaten down by a process that is completely biased and slanted. let me give you an example. on mere accusations, no proof.
6:48 am
mere accusations eddie was arrested on 9/11 and thrown in jail which is where he has been for five months. for five months before he has his day in court eddie has been behind bars where he is thrown into a population of literally convicted sex offenders. so you can imagine someone like him 20 years in the service, 15 years as a navy seal, three medal's for valor and good conduct awards and he is thrown in the general population of prisoners of sex offenders where he is denied access to lawyers, denied access to his family, friends and community. he can't even speak out on his own behalf. they have gagged him behind a prison cell. for five months he have owe been saying i want to face my accusers and beat down these accusations. let me cross-examine those who say these things and i'll poke holes in the story. but he has been denied repeatedly. >> bill: you have a message for the president. in that piece you write. mr. president the country voted you in to check the system of corruption and drain the swamp.
6:49 am
tragically the swamp permeates even our military justice system. >> exactly. that's why i wrote this to the president not because we wanted to be at this place but he knows -- i've said this before where our family has now been able to peek behind a curtain where people can say things unsubstantiated and you have no real. >> bill: who brought these charges? >> two subordinates in eddie's platoon. we know who they are very well. my brother had an incident with them he called them cowards in combat. that's a career killer for a navy seal. when these accusations were levied it was never meant to go this far but muddy the waters and cast dispersions so he couldn't give them bad reviews. >> you think it's revenge? >> revenge, or indifference and not expecting this kind of repercussions. everybody in the navy seal community i've talked to is we
6:50 am
can't believe it's gone this far. this is abhorrent as a precedent. if someone withed's career and service record, what will happen to me? part of the plea to the president is look at what is happening particularly from a morale standpoint. the seals are an elite group and it's tearing them a part and not good for moral. >> bill: among the charges are premeditated murder. thank you for sharing your story today. >> sandra: thousands of teachers set to go on strike again. this time in denver. we're live with the latest straight ahead. >> i'm anxious, scared. but i'm also angry. we have had enough. we feel like it's been a game they've been playing with us for months. tty. surprised?
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> bill: rather touching reunion after a dog was rescued from a burning home in oceanside, california. the fire started inside of a bedroom. everyone got out except the dog. firefighters rushed in to find him and gave him cpr. a bystander captured the moment on video. check it out. the dog is expected to be okay and no one else was hurt. well done. >> sandra: thank you to our friends. glad he is all right. >> in denver thousands of teachers are going on strike. we're live at denver south high school with more. >> good morning, sandra, there are more than 75,000 students
6:55 am
in the denver public school district and more than 5,000 teachers. this is one of the largest school districts in the state of colorado. and today schools are open but staff with substitute teachers and folks from the central office. full disclosure, my kids are part of the denver public school system and our family is impacted. teachers walked off the job after contract negotiations broke down over the weekend. >> we're hoping for a quick solution to this whole thing. unfortunately after 15 months of bargaining, the district just -- they have been unable to listen and they have been unwilling to listen. so we're hoping they come to the table tomorrow ready to listen so we can get back to work. our teachers want to be in their classrooms with their kids.
6:56 am
[crowd chanting] >> sandra: we're having some connection concerns out there in denver. we'll continue to follow this story for you as teachers walk out yet again there on strike. we'll have the latest coming up. >> bill: the walk out is alive and real. ilhan omar was called out yet again for anti-semitism. except this time they're calling her out on both sides. the a-team sounds off on that and a lot more coming up. come on back. how do you kind of buy a new car? it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them. great benefits for veterans from navy federal credit union... our members are the mission.
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>> sandra: a fox news alert. reaction pouring in after freshman democratic congresswoman ilhan omar faces another anti-semitic controversy. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: weekend was good? i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the bipartisan backlash igniting last night off omar suggested republican's support for israel was driven by campaign donations by aipac. from republicans like nikki haley and even chelsea clinton many are calling her comments anti-semitic. doug mcelway picks up the story live in washington >> from day one of this congress freshman representative ilhan omar. one of two muslim women in the house has been a lightning rod for criticism stemming from what critics say are anti-semitic remarks. last friday kevin mccarthy
7:01 am
threatened to take action against omar as he did steve king for racially insensitive remark. he was targeted for targeting omar and the laib. omar weighed in with a tweet of her own. it's all about the benjamins, baby, a reference to money made famous in a rap song. then in response to this tweet would love to know who representative ilhan thinks is paying american politicians to be pro-israel. omar tweeted again aipac. the american israeli public affairs committee which has been accused by progressives of formeanting hatred of iran. aipac responded we're proud to be engaged in the democratic process to strengthen the u.s./israeli relationship. another freshman democrat max rose of new york tweeted that omar's beliefs are deeply
7:02 am
hurtful to jews including myself. chelsea clinton said we should expect all people to not traffic in anti-semitism. the president of the american islamic forum for democracy is calling for omar to be removed from all house committees including the foreign affairs committee on which she serves. the gop house jewish coalition is asking nancy pelosi to take action against omar. omar has been criticized for many other tweets blaming the covington catholic kids for what she says what's taunting five black men before they surrounded the native american. it has been disproved and omar deleted that tweet. >> bill: doug mcelway. thanks. >> sandra: bipartisan talks to avoid another government shutdown by friday's deadline appears to have stalled. the move coming as democrats throw a wrench in negotiations with a demand that would limit the power of ice agents.
7:03 am
>> we've got some problems with the democrats dealing with ice, that is detaining criminals that come into the u.s. and they want a cap on them. we don't want a cap on that. >> is it a done deal? >> no, it isn't. we could end up in a train wreck. i don't think anybody has an appetite for a government shutdown and everybody wants to make sure our borders are secure. >> sandra: mike emanuel is live capitol hill with reaction. president trump said the democrats don't want us to detain or send back criminal aliens. a brand-new demand. there will be a four corners meeting this afternoon. the chairs and ranking members of the house and senate appropriations committee. the white house ally says the argument about the number of ice beds could be a poison pill to destroy these talks. >> i would advise the president
7:04 am
to take somewhere near two billion for the wall. sign a bill as the town payment and find the rest of the money on your own. i don't expect him to do that deal if you have to trade off bed spaces. that is incentivizing more illegal immigration and making the country far less safe. >> a key democrat involved in the talks is blaming pressure from both the right and left for making these negotiations much more difficult. >> i think the big problem here is this has become an ego negotiation. this really isn't over substance. what needs to happen is secretary nielsen needs to come to the hill and lay out her plans and be questioned on them so that we can figure out and try to come to an agreement on what the necessary security provisions should be. and then we'll fund them. >> most expect the money talks in terms of border security to land somewhere around $2 billion but this fight over
7:05 am
detainee beds has thrown a wrench in at a critical time. >> sandra: mike, thank you. >> bill: want to bring in the a-team now. liz peek, bill mcgurn main street columnist for the "wall street journal" and jon summers is back with us. nice to see you three on the monday. let's wake it up. are the goalposts being moved by the other side, liz? >> absolutely. democrats feel like their most winning moment was during the government shutdown and they want to go back to a shutdown. president trump had a great week last week. the state of the union address boosted his poll ratings. at the same time you had the catastrophe in virginia. distracting the media from this negotiation that was going on. and elizabeth warren's american indian claims arose again. democrats had a terrible week. they view this as sort of regaining the high road but let's face it. the detention bed issue is
7:06 am
bogus. they want to basically tell people that trump's policies are completely different from obama's. they are not. this is a completely manufactured issue. >> well, so having been up there during these types of negotiations related to government shutdowns i can tell you that both parties are still at the table. no one is walking away from table as the president did. they're still meeting this afternoon and this is the way negotiations go. there is a lot of give and take. this is in the twisted way it should be somewhat encouraging that this is actually following the sort of normal playbook of washington, which is something like this. we're really close to a deal. someone is backing out of a deal. and then the deal comes together at the last minute. that's not what happened the last time. that's what i think threw everyone in shock. >> sandra: some suggested it was a winning moment and they want to go back to it.
7:07 am
>> both democrats and republicans on the hill want a deal. i think the only person who you see rooting for a government shutdown is the president. i think he is very eager to have a shutdown so he can declare a national emergency and demonstrate some sort of autocratic power. >> i don't think the president is eager for a shutdown. i think it hurt him a little the last shutdown. but this to liz's point, this is a new issue and what i think the democrats are playing with fire is it plays to the idea lets abolish ice. on the wall, the wall is a lot more controversial and i think the support for it is growing. but on ice, the idea of eliminating their beds and so forth, that cuts close to the idea let's get rid of ice all together. what the president is trying to do is frame the issue as not the border wall versus something else. it is either we have border security or we don't. and i'm not sure this
7:08 am
particular stand helps the democrats in that debate. >> sandra: counselor to the president kellyanne conway was on fox earlier this morning going after democrats for their new demands on ice. listen. >> the president is not part of these negotiations. he is waiting for a bill to come to his desk that he can sign into law and you now have the conferees arguing over beds and barriers. but people should know especially the people who went down to the border and complained that there weren't enough beds, we want more beds. >> bill: point being if you limit the number of beds you limit the amount of law enforcement that ice can do because you would essentially have only a limited amount of space to put these people in. that's the argument from the white house. >> they're talking about interior enforcement. the people they're rounding up. not the people at the border. this has to do with ice's activities in basically apprehending people in the country illegally and most of the time have been charged with some sort of crime.
7:09 am
again, the narrative from the left is these are perfectly innocent people going about their lives. well that's not who is going to end up in a detention center. let's be clear. >> bill: ilhan omar, the freshman congresswoman from minnesota. peter king was with us last hour. the issue is the anti-semitism that seems rather apparent in some of the messages she is sending on twitter. watch here, peter king. >> israel is our main ally strategically and indispense able to our foreign policy in the middle east and it's immoral to suggest somehow members of congress are being paid off by jews and aipac. that's the anti-siment i can bias that has played the world for so long. >> bill: where is the democratic leadership? >> you've seen an outcry from democrats across the board who clearly what she said was incredibly offensive. >> bill: not across the board. we haven't heard from nancy
7:10 am
pelosi. >> you haven't heard any democrats coming out in favor. what she said is offensive. if she wants a debates on policies there is a more effective way to have one than to go out and completely insult a demographic of people that has been dealing with that forever. >> i don't think the democrats want a debate on this. what she is saying is reflecting a long shift in the democratic party. the democrat, booed jerusalem at their convention. the reason president trump moved the embassy and democrats didn't. barack obama didn't. i think this is a reflection. no one is going to say it as crudely as she did. actually to the degree that republicans embrace it, it is more ideological than money. it is amazing that she is indulging this. if you remember democrats booing jerusalem. there is a reason for it. >> bill: charlotte, north carolina.
7:11 am
>> she is not the only person the democratic party charged with anti-semitism lately. alexandria ocasio-cortez, let's not forget called jeremy corbin, well-known for being an anti-semite. tlaib have associated with pro-palestinian group. tweeted about those association proudly. bill is right. there has been a shift. this is a rupture in the democratic party which has always supported israel and always received enormous backing from american jews. you cannot support as more and more people are doing bds, the boycotting of israel without viewing that as an anti-semitic act. it is the jewish state and it is anti-semitic. >> democrats do not define it any way the direction of the party. that's just out and out wrong. it is rich to have two republicans coming to the table talking about political correctness when you have king on your side, when you have a
7:12 am
president who constantly goes after muslims and who also refers to countries he doesn't like as f hole countries. >> sandra: the latest from the governor in virginia. >> virginia needs someone that can heal. no better person to do that than a doctor. virginia needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage and who has a moral compass. that's why i'm not going anywhere. >> everyone wants him to get out of there and he should get out of there. i was disappointed with the interview when he referred to slaves brought here as indentureed servants. a lack of sensitivity that don't reflect well on him or the state. it is time for him to go. >> i think he should go for the
7:13 am
-- part of me thinks that people should not be judged by their worst moments in college and so forth and that we should move -- he was an aggressor on this. when ed gillespie ran against him for governor they ran a race baiting campaign. there was an ad, i forget which group put it forward, of a pickup truck with a confederate flag trying to mow down minority children. this guy is being bit by his own monster. >> bill: not as simple as just resign because the second in line is faced with act situation and the third in line as well. >> a total mess. someone sent out a jokey tweet talking about how some janitor in virginia will become governor. it has almost gotten to that point. it certainly could be a republican. the top three people have serious issues. look, i think northam has shown himself to be tin eared, clumsy
7:14 am
and should resign but probably won't. >> bill: we'll bring you back in a half hour. >> sandra: president trump heading to the southern border for his first campaign-style rally in el paso, texas. we'll speak to one of the local officials there who will be with the president tonight. >> bill: the woman convicted of manslaughter for pushing her boyfriend to commit suicide is back in court today. will a judge order her to begin her sentence? >> such a unique issue, the idea that mere words encouraging someone to kill themselves is enough to be found guilty of homicide. it is so unprecedented. more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have.
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♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". >> bill: michelle carter is back in court today, massachusetts prosecutors asking a judge to order the 22-year-old to begin serving her 15-month prison sentence. her manslaughter conviction was upheld by the state's highest court. she was found guilty of encouraging her boy friend to commit suicide when they were both teenagers. he en hailed carbon monoxide in his pickup truck while texting her. they want to go to the supreme court saying she cannot be held
7:19 am
responsible for his suicide. >> sandra: president trump is pressing his hard line on immigration pushing for the border wall. his won't be the only rally in town. former texas congressman beto o'rourke planning a rally himself. sid miller, what are your expectations and how -- what do you expect from the president when he heads to el paso? >> i think he will give a rousing speech as he always does at his rallies. thousands of people will show up. he will talk about two things. i think the importance of getting congress to sign the usmca agreement, the improved nafta agreement. three world leaders have come together and made an old agreement much better. he is going to talk about building a wall on our southern
7:20 am
border to protect the united states. >> bill: we have a difference of opinion, shall we say, sid, on what the wall has and has not done in el paso. two clips here. the first one state of the union six days ago. the president talking about the virtues of a wall and its effect on crime in washington watch. >> president trump: the border city of el paso, texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime. one of the highest in the entire country and considered one of our nation's most dangerous cities. now immediately upon its building with a powerful barrier in place, el paso is one of the safest cities in our country. >> bill: that was met with applause on behalf of republicans. the mayor in el paso and tweets
7:21 am
the following. el paso was never one of the most dangerous cities in the u.s. had a fence for 10 years and has impacted illegal immigration and curbed criminal activity. not the sole deterrent. law enforcement continues to keep us safe, #sotu state of the union. what is the state of the truth in el paso? >> well, the fact is putting up the barrier, the wall in el paso crime has significantly dropped. neither side can argue that. they can argue over how much is a lot or how, you know, how much criminal activity was prior to that but a stated fact the wall has stopped crime and it is lowered in el paso. one thing about the wall the conservative side is missing. building a wall is the most humanitarian thing we can do. the other side said it's immoral. let me tell you what's immoral. it's giving false hope to
7:22 am
thousands of people track up here thousands of miles under false pretenses. many times they're giving away tens of thousands of dollars to get here. women and children are often abused. force evidence to carry packs of dope across into sex slaves, drug mules, i was chairman of the homeland security for the state of texas. i know the border regions and i know the sheriffs and been on the ranchs. when things go wrong they're abandoned and many die. the property values have plummeted. they can't sell the land and can't go on it. the drug cartels come across with these willing and unwilling immigrants to help them get into the united states. they cut their fences, kill their livestock, rob their houses, many people have been shot and harmed. the most humanitarian thing we can do is build that wall so these people can be funneled through legal channels and stop
7:23 am
this sex trafficking and human trafficking and drug cartel through our porous borders. >> sandra: mr. commissioner, across the street as we mentioned beto o'rourke will be holding his own event stop the lies. why is he carrying on with such a different message? >> well, he is playing the far extreme left who wants open borders. you know, they want unfiltered immigration. they don't want any background checks. i guess they want drugs and ms-13 gangs to come back and forth through our borders which is lewd rouse. that's not the america i grew up in or i want for my family. we need to secure the borders for the protection of the immigrants coming in. they are being exploited. turned into sex slaves, drug mules, left abandoned to die in the desert. i have thousands of pictures i could show you. >> bill: you believe walls work
7:24 am
is what i hear you saying. that's your position. >> walls absolutely work. there is no doubt about it. anybody that's ever put one up, they work. >> bill: here is what o'rourke said on twitter. our government built a border fence in el paso. a misguided response to 9/11. didn't make us any safer. crime in el paso increased after it was built. that's o'rourke. gavin newsom in california is expected to pull 400 national guard troops off the border in california. a similar move in new mexico earlier. what do you think of that decision in california? >> i think it's ludicrous. why would you want a less secure border? the only reason i can think of you want illegal immigrants to pour into our country and illegal drugs and ms-13 gangs to come in. illegal trafficking and all the riff-raff coming in unfiltered and check.
7:25 am
no background checks on anybody. it's ludicrous. i don't know why either side would want that. we should have organized immigration, legal immigration, we should expend our guest worker program and the people that want to come up here and better their lives i'm for them. we need to make that opportunity available but do it legally and we need to know who is here and keep the riff-raff out. >> sandra: we know along with senator ted cruz you'll be joining the president down there in el paso, texas. we'll be watching for all of that. we appreciate you coming on this morning. >> thank you, guys, god bless. >> bill: sid miller, thank you there in texas. field of democratic candidates seeking the white house getting bigger by the day. what we know about the candidates who have declared so far. as two more senators jump in over the weekend. tell you how that went coming up. >> sandra: are president trump and republicans getting an unexpected gift from democrats staking out positions on the extreme left? we have round two with the
7:26 am
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close call. not quite ready to face the day? that's why we're here with free hot breakfast and a warm welcome. book at for our price match guarantee. hampton by hilton. >> sandra: fox news alert. pat shanahan making an unannounced visit to afghanistan as the trump administration weighs pulling u.s. troops out of the war-torn nation. he is meeting with the afghan president and other top officials to help bring an end to america's longest war. >> i stand before you to announce by candidacy for president of the united states. >> i stand here today to declare that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> bill: the field is growing by the day it appears.
7:31 am
amy klobuchar of minnesota and warren from massachusetts are in it. cory booker and tulsi gabbard making the rounds in iowa today. want to bring back the a-team live in washington no, in new york city. >> where are we? >> bill: it feels that way on a monday. two more are in. what's the field up to, four, five? will it grow by the week? how do they do with their roll-outs over the weekend? >> i thought amy standing in the middle of a blizzard gets credit. they are all saying the same things. amy klobuchar has a reputation for being a more moderate democrat. my problem with her right now is that she has signed onto the green new deal which i consider a laughable resolution that is going through the house and senate.
7:32 am
i don't know how grown-up people can take it seriously. therefore i take her less seriously. sorry. >> i'm excited about the field we have so far. they're out there talking about good, positive ideas, ways to strengthen the middle class by cutting taxes for them instead of corporate billion onairs, ways to create jobs. and talking about a message to unite the country. that's nice as opposed to the divisive message we're starting to get from president trump and the republican side. >> sandra: to liz's point. liz warren went here over the weekend. >> here is what bothers me. by the time we get to 2020, donald trump may not even be president. [cheering and applause] in fact, he may not even be a free person. [cheering] . >> bill: i could have sworn jon just talked about a unifying
7:33 am
message. >> that's the democratic dream. i think to liz's point if you back up a little bit in the last election cycle in the democratic party hillary clinton won the nomination but i think bernie sanders won the party. and it would be interesting to see where the senator from minnesota goes in the sense that she may be more moderate but i don't think that's where the votes will be in her party. i think they'll be pushed -- the question is can the starbucks ceo really distinguish himself on policy in i'm not sure they can given the enthusiasm for the democratic base for the green deal and high taxes. who knew alexandria ocasio-cortez came out for 70% would turn out to be the moderate position, right? >> on warren's comments. i didn't see the comments in
7:34 am
their entirety but she hits a point that actually is in line with what republicans have been saying. you can't run a campaign against trump. you have to go out there and stand for something. that's what democrats are doing and i think that's an important point that she was making. >> bill: gop's 2020 campaign will put extremism on trial. after the events of the past couple of weeks gop candidates can paint democrats as extremist on abortion, immigration, tax policy, and climate change. that's a lot to work with. >> it is a lot to work with. i stand by that. particularly on the abortion front, holy crow, the country for sure approves of the woman's right to choose but do not approve of late-term abortions. the bill passed and signed by governor cuomo and cheered by democrats in new york is a horror. recently we had a murder in new
7:35 am
york, a woman was stabbed, her unborn child was stabbed and killed. the prosecutor said he could not prosecute that matter of the fetus because of this new bill. this is stepping over the line and not the only issue as i indicate. >> in some ways i think these are gifts to president trump because it highlights where the democrats are. when ralph northam made his comments about infanticide. he is a pediatric neurosurgeon talking about delivering a baby, leaving the baby, deciding the baby -- one of the journalists asked the other senators, they pretended not to have heard the comments. it will come up during the campaign. someone will ask them about it in debates and they will be put on the record. that's a long way from safe, legal and rare. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" had a piece talking about the democrats' identity meltdown over the weekend
7:36 am
talking about former president obama the only democrat with a personal and political standing to explain the perils of using race and gender as political weapons. then michelle obama made a surprise appearance at the grammys last night. here is that moment. >> music has always helped me tell my story. music helps us share ourselves, our dignity and sorrows, our hopes and joys and allows us to hear one another, to invite each other in. >> sandra: some of the headlines after that she stole the show, 2020 perhaps for michelle obama? quite a moment last night. >> she had to urge them to sit down and stop clapping. >> that's her constituency out there. >> she is a rock star in the democratic party. look at her book. it did very well, which not only --
7:37 am
>> sandra: what does it mean? >> she is rock star not just within the democratic party and the staples center but among a lot of the american people. she stands in stark contrast with what we're experiencing today which is a guy who is out there name calling, getting up at 2:00 in the morning tweeting hateful things at people. we have someone out there who reminds us we were better than this two years ago, three years ago. we had a good eight years. it is a good reminder where we want to take america. >> sandra: good reminder we're better off than we were eight years ago. forgive me. >> that's not what you're going to get. >> talk to them about their tax refund. >> sandra: anybody want a final word on that? >> that will be a lot of donald trump's thing. are you better off now than you were four years ago. record lows in female unemployment, hispanic unemployment and black unemployment. >> stock market in the
7:38 am
recession. >> the message is going to be nothing is good, it stinks. i don't think that's a winning message. that's a message for losers. >> bill: nice to see you all. >> sandra: secretary of state mike pompeo is in hungary focusing on the growing influence of russia and china in the region. rich edson live from the state department. >> officials say this trip is about commemorating the events of 30 years ago. 1989. the beginning of the loosening up of the eastern block that led to the fall of the berlin wall and eventually the collapse of the soviet union. then decades later the challenges of today specifically russian and chinese influence in central and eastern europe. secretary of state mike pompeo arrived this morning in budapest for meetings with senior hungarian officials, a pitch to draw closer to the united states and to the west.
7:39 am
>> wonderful relationship with our two countries. i'm confident we'll have that. we care deeply about this part of the world and its freedom. >> he is scheduled to meet with the hungarian prime minister. the senior administration official says secretary pompeo plans to raise with him the problem the u.s. has with his interactions with russian president vladimir putin. officials are worried about rule of law and corruption in central europe. reliant on russian engineer and huawei. they are warning them not to partner with huawei as chinese government using it for espionage. the secretary travels to poland. they'll hold a summit on security in the middle east and the secretary speaking to reporters now saying ton the
7:40 am
murder of khashoggi that america is not covering up for a murderer. that's expected to be a theme on the middle east summit coming up in a couple of days in poland. >> bill: a lot of reaction on the political crisis gripping the state of virginia. >> the whole notion of how do you adjudicate guilt a very difficult. i believe the women. if you believe the women we have no call but to call for his resignation. >> bill: the number two democrats calling for a full investigation of the allegations against him and getting the backing of our next guest. naacp guest says fairfax deserves due process next. the great-tasting nutrition of ensure. with up to 30 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals! ensure. for strength and energy.
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7:44 am
>> bill: there are new developments yet again on monday developing on the ongoing political crisis in virginia. all three democrats refusing to resign. among them the embattled lieutenant governor second in charge justin fairfax who is facing sexual assault
7:45 am
allegations. fairfax is getting support from phil thompson. executive committee member of the naacp who wrote the following. for many african-americans living in the state of virginia we ask the virginia democrats to heed the call of some of their republican brethren to allow the popularly elected lieutenant gov for to present his facts relating to these cases or at least for them to meet with justin fairfax and hear his explanation before casting him aside as yesterday's news. phil thompson is with us now. thank you for your time. want to hear you out on this. you come here not representing the naacp but it is your opinion. make your case. >> we believe that justin fairfax should be heard. the case should be a full airing of all the facts. we proposed to the virginia legislature the appointment of independent investigator to investigate these allegations and to come back and report to
7:46 am
them. this will allow everyone to kind of slow down. it will allow them to complete the legislative session being impacted by this issue. and will give everyone time to present the facts so that then people who are going to judge these facts can go in there and do this. for him to have to go through an impeachment hearing in front of a body that's called for him to resign seems a little bit of a kangaroo court and we don't think it's a fair outcome. >> sandra: if the impeachment hearing does actually occur, we know through both attorneys, both women say they're willing to testify. based on what we know today, phil, how do you see things playing out here? >> based on what we know today, i believe that whatever facts are out there have to come out. whatever the stories are, the women should be heard and justin fairfax should be heard. we feel the democrats -- democrats come to african-americans every year and vote for us and we'll do x,
7:47 am
y and z and then take one of our leaders and cast him aside without letting him make his case that's distressing. a lot of african-americans in virginia are concerned and will voice their opinion if this happens. >> bill: there is a call to impeach him and begin the proceeding today. on behalf of the democratic state rep patrick hope. he wrote this. i believe the women who have become public. i promise my work on this issue will be tireless that we have a process and outcome that treats these women with respect. he withdrew the motion to go forward with an impeachment proceeding. let's see where it goes. question to you on a personal level. did you believe the same for brett kavanaugh that he should also have due process? >> i believe that yes, brett kavanaugh should have had due process. he got a fair hearing, i believe, in front of an impartial group.
7:48 am
you had the democrats on one side, republicans on the other. here we have the democrats siding with republicans asking for fairfax's resignation. what kind of fairness can he have. it was tough to watch with kavanaugh. he got a chance to make his case and he effectively made his case. now he is on the supreme court. >> bill: specific question on the blackface. do you think the governor and the third in line should lose their job? >> we've called for governor northam's resignation. for the blackface. that's not the issue. it's standing next to the ku klux klan. for a lot of african-americans we draw that line in the sand and say we cannot have a governor of the state taking pictures with the ku klux klan. we believe that issue needs to be investigated. he claims it is not him.
7:49 am
if you listen to the medical school, the pictures would have had to have come from him. they've hired someone we don't think is an impartial investigator and think someone else should be brought in to investigate that matter. >> bill: phil thompson, we appreciate you coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. >> thank you very much. >> bill: we'll see what happens in virginia. >> sandra: new explosive reaction after bezos accuses the "national enquirer" of blackmail and extortion. >> absolutely is not extortion and not blackmail. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
7:50 am
7:51 am
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> sandra: the battle between the world's richest man and the "national enquirer" continues. lawyers for the parent company denying am sayingss by jeff bezos saying the popular tabloid did not threat en him with blackmail. the brother of bezos's mistress is speaking exclusively with fox news. bring in host of "media buzz" howard kurtz who got the scoop. what did you learn? >> well, michael sanchez is involved in a very bitter
7:54 am
behind the scenes battle within team bezos going to the heart of this question. is jeff bezos a hero for standing up to what he sees as terrible tabloid tactics or has he inflamed things? the security adviseor to the stars and bezos consultant among the things that sanchez said to me on the record he views gavin as a bully who wields a strange puppet master control over jeff and launched world war iii against the enquirer. everything gavin advised jeff to do has only amplified the scandal. gavin debecker was conducting an investigation how the stuff leaked to the "national enquirer" and interviewed michael sanchez as part of that investigation and believes people who are under investigation sometimes cast
7:55 am
dispersions on those doing the investigating. >> bill: we have a lot of questions but not a lot of time. it has been report evidence there was no hack of bezos, correct? so the information -- >> no evidence of that. >> bill: the information -- you put your eyes on it or get a copy of it. the investigator here, gavin debecker, the brother of her told you that he has gone over the top and he is giving bezos bad advice. american media late on friday said they'll do their own investigation about what happened internally. are you able to connect the dots? how deep do we go into the matrix? >> everybody is doing damage control. american media says it is looking at things because they were stung by the charge of blackmail and extortion by bezos. bezos security team would like to find out who provided the racy texts and naked pictures and so forth that really gave and made the story into a
7:56 am
tabloid sensation. michael sanchez's view by throwing down the blackmail charge and by preempting the story by saying i'm getting divorced before the story came out. it inflamed the situation as well. nobody looking good here, bill. >> bill: what happens next? >> sandra: that's a lot of questions. thank you. >> bill: president trump getting ready for his trip to el paso. campaign-style rally prime time tonight. border security will be front and center and we'll talk to lara trump coming up in a moment here. shutdown looms again at the end of this week. come on back at the top of the hour. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there.
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call newday usa now. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa >> sandra: new developments in the political crisis rocking virginia as three top elected democrat officials there are resisting calls to resign in the face of scandals over blackface accusations as well as sexual assault allegations. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. democratic lawmaker backing down from his plan to introduce impeachment proceedings today against the lieutenant governor as justin fairfax, the second in charge, calls for an f.b.i. investigation into assault allegations from two different women, allegations he denies. meanwhile the top man, governor northam, speaking out earlier today about the controversy for him on cbs. >> i don't think there is any question that there are today
8:01 am
and there were then when i was in my early 20s racial insensitivitys, there are still unconscious attitudes that yes we're aware of these things but we don't realize sometimes especially as a white person how offensive they are. i still have a lot to learn. this has been a week that's been very eye opening for me. >> bill: another week. we're live in richmond for the latest at this hour. >> governor northam says he thinks there is a higher purpose and strongly believes everything happens for a reason including this controversy. he believes he is now in a unique position to address racial inequalities for the remainder of his term despite the growing calls for his resignation constantly. >> well again, we have worked very hard. right now virginia needs someone that can heal. virginia also needs someone who is strong, who has empathy, who
8:02 am
has courage and who has a moral compass. that's why i'm not going anywhere. >> as for the lieutenant governor, the virginia democrat who vowed to file articles of impeachment this morning if justice fairfax did not design now wants time to talk it over with his colleagues. patrick hope said the purpose of the additional time is so we can find the best process to investigate these crimes with the broadest possible support. the impeachment process is about investigating to find the truth. i'm open to discussions on other avenues that would accomplish the same goals. fairfax denies he assaulted anyone including the two women who have accused him and he is calling for an investigation to clear his name as well. on sunday he said the most difficult times including these is when it's most important to adhere to our highest values of americans. due process is at the heart of the constitutional democracy to get to the truth and be true to
8:03 am
what we are as americans. the question lawmakers are grappling with now is who will conduct this investigation? the lieutenant governor suggested the f.b.i. should do it. the attorneys for his accusers point out the f.b.i. would have no jurisdiction in these cases. so impeachment was the leading avenue for this investigation but now that's been pushed off the table for the time being. people are trying to see what other options are there now. >> bill: garrett there in richmond, virginia. >> sandra: fox news alert as president trump gets ready to head to el paso, texas, for his first rally of the 2020 campaign. border security taking center stage as the deadline to avoid another government shutdown is now just days away. >> the president called for bipartisanship coming together on any number of issues last tuesday in his state of the union. the first test of that is for the conferees to put on his desk a border security and immigration bill that has in it a physical barrier as the centerpiece but also includes
8:04 am
the other issues about beds, ice funding, humanitarian needs, new technology. >> sandra: joining us now is lara trump. always appreciate having you on the program. welcome back. how does the president turn this debate into a winning issue for him and his presidency? because a lot changed over the weekend here. >> well, i actually thought he did an incredible job during the state of the union laying so many great points out when it came to border security and the reason that he chose el paso for this evening was because el paso is a great example of a city where they have a wall, you have since seen crime fall. if you talk to the residents of el paso, which we did. they feel safe. right across from juarez in mexico and feel so safe just having the wall there. walls work and i think you'll hear that from the president this evening.
8:05 am
>> sandra: up against a very firm deadline here. friday is quickly approaching. does a deal get done? can they work this out? >> i certainly hope so. we send people to congress to be there on our behalf as american citizens. sadly you see politics being played on both sides but so strongly on the democrat side here. i think these congressional members need to remember why they were sent to washington, d.c. and the people of this country want to feel safe. it is their duty to negotiate something here. if they can't do it i think the president has been clear he is well within his right to declare a national emergency, which i think we may see happen. we'll hopefully keep our fingers crossed. >> sandra: that is still on the table. >> i think so. you have to do something when it comes to border security. >> sandra: a tweet from the president yesterday on border security and the shutdown talks that continue. it was a very bad week he writes for the democrats with the great economic numbers, the virginia disaster and the state of the union address. now the terrible offers being
8:06 am
made to the border committee i actually believe they want a shutdown. they want a new subject. and actually liz peek made a similar suggestion. it was a winning moment for democrats when we were in the middle of the shutdown. perhaps that is where they want to go again? >> nobody wants to see a shutdown in this country. unfortunately the democrats will go against anything this president wants. now that they know he wants border security, many of them a couple years ago said they wanted the same. of course they will vote against that because donald trump is suggesting it now. i hope we don't see another government shutdown. i think the president feels the same way. >> sandra: how flexible is the president on this issue. mick mulvaney appeared over the weekend on "meet the press" and was asked how willing there is for compromise over the $5.7 billion that the president has demanded that would be allocated. his response was someplace in the middle. where does the president stand on the flexibility on that
8:07 am
number? >> that's a question for him. 5.7 billion in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the safety of our country and the future of our country is not a lot of money, sandra. it is not a lot to ask. the democrats know that. the problem is again this is all about saying no to donald trump. i think he is very strong on that. he wants a border wall. 5.7 billion is not too much to ask for it. >> sandra: we're well on our way to 2020 and women are becoming a huge part of this upcoming election. amy klobuchar has entered and now an historic number of women will be running. how do you run against this? >> i think it's easy. you see the results the president is delivering for the american people every day. kudos to these women for getting in and throwing their hats in the ring. i want to say to them why are you doing it now? wait six more years and do it for 2024. it seems like a waste to me. this president i always say
8:08 am
will win by more than in 2020 than even in 2016 because he is delivering on the promises that he made to the american people during his campaign. you see the economy booming. people back to work, manufacturing jobs coming back to this country. fair trade agreements across the board relating to the united states of america, finally this president is doing things that others said you had to have a magic wand to do and he is doing it every day and going to continue up to 2020. >> sandra: this is clearly going to make women's issues a major issue come 2020. what will the president's message on women's issues be? >> he signed a great initiative alongside my sister-in-law this past friday. women's empowerment initiative and i think things like that are going to resonate with women. when you see that you have female unemployment at one of the lowest levels you've ever seen in this country. those are things that matter. as a mom myself, i want to know this is a safe country and we have a president that is working towards that every day
8:09 am
and why he is so strong on this border wall. there are great opportunities for my child out there one day and you see all those things happening and coming to fruition. thanks to donald trump. i think he is already well on his way to doing incredible things for women. he has so many women that work alongside him every day. i think he has been great for women in this country and will just continue that. >> sandra: a few seconds left. how would you characterize his presidency to this moment? >> i think people are probably very surprised by what this man has accomplished. he was given less than 1% chance to become president. i think he has been a very strong leader. i think we have seen the economy roaring to levels that people said were impossible. and i think it's only going to get better from him. >> sandra: thank you for your time this morning. hope you come back. keep it here. after the president holds his
8:10 am
rally in el paso he sits down with laura ingraham airing on the ingram angle at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> bill: california democratic governor gavin newsom with plans to pull several hundred national guard troops from the border. that city across the border on our side is eagle pass, texas. that's where casey stiegel is this morning. casey. >> good morning from a cold, wet and as you can see foggy southern border here. officials are warning of extremely long wait times for the some 1800 members of that caravan that arrived over in piedras negras, mexico one week ago today. u.s. federal agents tell me that the majority of the people are from honduras and seeking asylum. each case requires the
8:11 am
applicants to go through an initial interview which takes two to three hours per case to complete. officials can process no more than 20 cases a day here in eagle pass. however, the mayor of piedras negras says that the government there only has resources to keep the massive warehouse turned shelter open for three months. about two miles from the border crossing where folks are now staying as they wait to be entered into the system. >> the thing is about ports of entry about the bridges. they were never designed to house people, to house 16, 20 people or more. ports of entry are locations where you present yourself for inspection. you are inspected and either released or you are referred and inspected further and secondary. soon after you're released. never was anyone's plan to have people at ports of entry for that long. >> the texas governor is shipping additional troops and
8:12 am
national guard troops to eagle pass and has also ordered additional law enforcement resources in addition, by the way, bill, to the 250 active duty troops the pentagon is moving from texas to eagle pass in response to this caravan. >> bill: good to have you there on the border. casey stiegel. >> sandra: president trump's plan for middle east peace. what is the deal and how it affects israel. >> bill: the pro israel lobbying group called out by ilhan omar and she is facing anti-semitism by both parties after she claimed that money is fueling pro-israel stances in washington former governor john sununu on that next. >> to be suggesting that somehow members of congress are being paid off by jews, by aipac. that goes right into the anti-semitic bias which has
8:13 am
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8:16 am
congresswoman ilhan omar facing accusations of anti-semitism after calling out aipac claiming it pays lawmakers to take pro-israel positions. she responded to a tweet by a journalist asked her who she thinks is paying american politicians to be pro-israel with the name aipac.
8:17 am
john sununu is former chief of staff to george h.w. bush and joins us with his reaction. governor. >> good morning, sandra. i think you have to take what is happening there in the context of what is going on across the board in the democratic party. there is a reordering and a changing of constituency support. there is a strong history in the democratic party of support by jewish voters who, since 1948, when harry truman made the united states the first one to recognize israel, they have been strong voters. they have been voting as a block, 75% or more quite often and they have been very significant supporters financially. but what is happening there now is that representative omar is trying to rally those groups that support boycott, and sanctions within the
8:18 am
congressional delegations of democrats. you have to look at this in the context of other things that are happening to that party as well. there is fracturing because of the policies they're taking on the green deal. that is certainly making the traditional blue collar worker support of the party nervous. you have the anti-catholic attacks of feinstein and kamala harris which are making the traditional catholic votes that democrats used to get starting with the days of al smith. you have those components of rationality in the party that recognize that success ought not to be a hindrance in political process, like howard schultz and mike bloomberg. this is all happening to the party at once. >> sandra: going back from congresswoman omar's comments there, chelsea clinton decided to weigh in on all of this and she responded to a jewish
8:19 am
journalist responding to omar and the top part which is not highlighted reads please learn how to talk about jews in a non-anti-semitic way. chelsea clinton co-signed as an american. we should expect all elected officials and all public figures to not traffic in anti-semitism. that was chelsea clinton. you are broadening it out in a way similar to congressman peter king on "america's newsroom" earlier today when he said this. >> this is the resistance movement of the democratic party. the left wing base. they've provided a lot of energy for the democrats. the democratic leadership is afraid to take them on and afraid to stand up to them. like years ago conservatives had to stand up to the elements of the john birch society, it is important now the democratic leadership come forward and denounce this wing of the party. >> sandra: should we hear nancy
8:20 am
pelosi speaking loudly against this? >> schumer and pelosi are having trouble figuring out how to deal with this. they have created an energy in the party by identity politics and now they are going to reap the problems associated with identity politics. when you try to cultivate groups on the basis of race or religion or culture, you are going to run into the conflicts amongst those groups on the basis of religion, culture and heredity. and so they are going to have a very difficult problem. and unfortunately, the pot is being stirred by a liberal press who just cares about reaping viewers and they are stirring the pot and giving aoc visibility and giving omar visibility and giving a lot of folks visibility. look at what is happening if virginia. it is reminding people the roots of the democratic party were racism and a partnership
8:21 am
between the democratic party and the kkk. >> sandra: we don't know how all that ends just yet. thank you for your analysis this morning. thank you. >> bill: nice to see you, governor. border talks hitting a wall. stalling four days ahead of a deadline to fund the government. what democrats are asking for today. a key congressman on homeland security committee is mark walker and he will join us with his take coming up in a moment. lawyers for the "national enquirer" striking back after amazon's founder claims the tabloid threatened him with blackmail. >> absolutely is not extortion and not blackmail. what happened was the story was given to the "national enquirer" by a reliable source. and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va,
8:22 am
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8:25 am
>> bill: "national enquirer" firing back at jeff bozos accused the tabloid ceo of blackmail. his lawyer defending the decision to public details about bezos's extramarital affair. dan springer the live on the story live in seattle. where are we today? >> the story taken a couple more bizarre twists, the lawyer for the publisher of the national en quirer saying the tabloid was sitting on the story for seven months and the brother of his mistress is slamming the decision of bezos to go to war with the inquirer. there are denials the trump administration or the government of saudi arabia had anything to do with the original story of the bezos affair. the lawyer for david pecker, ahead of american media and friend of president trump says there was no blackmail or extortion when the company threatened to publish pictures
8:26 am
of bezos if he didn't say publicly politics had nothing to do with it. he appeared on abc this week. >> bezos didn't want another story written about him, aim did not want to have the libel against them that it was inspired by the white house or saudi arabia or the "washington post". ist had nothing to do with it. it was a usual story that "national enquirer" gets from reliable sources. >> multiple sources tell the daily beast that the brother of sanchez was the source of the text messages and lurid photos. david pecker's attorney would not confirm or deny it yesterday. michael sanchez is telling fox news that bezos made a big mistake when he decided to go after ami and allege blackmail
8:27 am
and blasted bezos' long time security chief and investigating the enquirer on his behalf. he said bezos is a brilliant man who doesn't bow down to bullies most of the time. gavin debecker has a strange puppet master control over jeff. the saudi government denied it had anything to do with the bezos story saying the whole thing looks like a soap opera. that everyone can agree. >> bill: dan springer live in seattle. >> sandra: expectations are high as the trump administration finishes its peace plan for the middle east. details on what the white house is calling the deal of the century. and with just days until the deadline, border talks break down as lawmakers struggle to avoid yet another partial shutdown. an update from the white house and new reaction from the hill with congressman mark walker next. >> we'll take as much money as you can give us and then we'll go off and find the money
8:28 am
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what's in your wallet? shhhhh! >> sandra: border talks stalling as another possible partial government shutdown dooms with the friday deadline quickly approaching. the trump administration saying a national emergency declaration is a very real option. >> the president has to sign a piece of legislation in order to keep the government open. he cannot sign everything they put in front of him. some things that simply we couldn't agree to. so the government shutdown is technically still on the table. we do not want it to come to that but that option is still open to the president and will remain so. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts joining us from the north lawn this morning. good morning. >> sandra, good morning to you, too. welcome to monday morning here at the white house. things not looking good at
8:32 am
11:30 monday morning for an agreement by this friday to keep the government open and provide for border security. the big sticking point among the conferees tt moment is number of detention beds known as ice the democrats are willing to support. republicans want to expand the number of detention facilities. democrats want to reduce the number and cap the number of beds used for interior enforcement, people found to be in the country illegally in places other than the border at 16,500 beds. the president tweeting about that yesterday and today saying the border committee democrats are behaving of a sudden irrationally. not only unwilling to give dollars for the wall, they overrode recommendations of border patrol experts but they don't want to take murderers into custody. they don't want us to detain or send back criminal aliens. a brand-new demand.
8:33 am
crazy. however, democratic congresswoman from california all erd said what the democrats are proposing is increase the number of criminals kicked out of the country. a cap on beds will force the trump administration to prioritize deportation to criminals and people who pose security threats, not law-abiding immigrants contributing to our country. the conference committee hasn't tackled the issue of money for a border wall but suggestions of a maximum of $2 billion. south carolina senator lindsey graham suggested that might be a deal the president should take but only if the conferees can work out the detention issue. listen here. >> i would advise the president to take somewhere near $2 billion for the wall, sign a bill that would give you that much money as a down payment and find the rest of the money on your own. declare a national emergency if necessary. i don't expect him to do that
8:34 am
deal if you have to trade off bed spaces. >> mick mulvaney says the white house has identified money to build a border wall but don't want to pull the trigger on an emergency declaration yet. the ranking members of the house and senate appropriationss committee. a continuing resolution would kick the can down the road. a rare win for the administration at the niefrkt circuit ruled in favor of the government and against environmental groups saying the government can continue with expedited of new constructions of barriers. it is made up of old pieces of metal. they are replacing it with new
8:35 am
higher fence. >> sandra: a lot going on as we kick off the new week. john roberts. thank you. >> bill: congressman mark walker, member of the homeland security committee. welcome back here to "america's newsroom." you just listening to the reporting. what do you want to add on that, sir? >> the timing couldn't be more perfect. i got the call last night. 50 sheriffs brought letters here specifically talking about the detention bed problem. the 16,500. if it is reduced according to their numbers, 72% of current detention population is subject to mandatory crimes because of this. having certain convictions or having committed certain acts. they have a huge problem with that. these were sheriffs from massachusetts, several border sheriffs compelled me to talk about something happening in realtime. they came from all parts of the country and here today to
8:36 am
present the letters to this committee to make sure we don't reduce the detention beds. >> bill: why do you believe the democrats want to do that? >> it's hard for me to judge motive. i don't know if it's posturing move. i believe this is crucial. the fact that you are wanting to release people who have committed violent crimes, i don't know that i can sit here and tell you that their motive is evil but i will tell you this, it doesn't make sense not just from a partisan perspective but to people across the country. many of the store eefs i heard the morning is a non-starter for us to negotiate with. >> bill: they don't trust ice. that's part of this. some want to get rid of it. >> these are the same people that have arrested over 4,000 ms-13 gang members, the same people who in 2017 alone rescued 906 children being exploited. they are law enforcement and work arm-in-arm with the local
8:37 am
sheriffs throughout the country. it has become a political talking point. the reason members of congress and others are so frustrated is because we have human lives at stake. >> bill: gavin newsom, governor of california suggests he will pull 400 national guard troops off the southern border in his state. new mexico did that not too long ago. what do you think of that? >> maybe that's proof that the border wall in san diego is actually working. i hope it's not just from a political posturing standpoint. we need not only men and women there, armed agents but also need to make sure we continue to expand the technology aspects. i can't speak to why he is doing that. my first thought is it is a move that -- >> bill: there will be another meeting this afternoon. four members of the house and four members of the senate. you have a midnight deadline friday night. if not are we looking at another government shutdown?
8:38 am
>> i don't know outside of one or two knuckle heads from around here that enjoyed the shutdown atmosphere. it is bad for the american people. i hope we don't have to go there but i think the president used the term this is crazy. i couldn't agree more with the president. this is absolutely crazy. we have to keep that on the table to hopefully find some kind of results that benefit the american people the best. >> bill: sounds like they want to negotiate on the beds. you put a number down and see how much you're willing to match them. you lost a legend in north carolina politics walter jones over the weekend, third district eastern north carolina. how do you remember him? >> as part of our north carolina delegation, i remember him as an honest man. it sounds simple but i will tell you in washington, d.c., sometimes that comes in rare commodity when someone will look you in the eye no matter really what you think about it and tell you what he thinks best for the constituents, the north carolinians that he
8:39 am
represented. that was his reputation. his father's reputation. they almost served back-to-back from 1966 i believe. so both father and son. he dedicated his life to public service. we have great fondness for him. he will go down in this house with a legacy of someone willing to tell the truth. >> bill: walter jones was 76. passed away in hospice on his 76th birthday. mark walker from north carolina. thank you for your time. >> sandra: imagine or developments on the trump administration's middle east peace plan. senior white house officials saying it is now complete and president trump has been briefed on the details. trey yengst joins us live from jerusalem. >> the plan for peace between the israelis and palestinians is finished but it is unlikely to be rolled out ahead of the israeli elections april 9th according to two senior trump administration officials, the plan that has been in the year's making is 175 to 200
8:40 am
pages long. less than five people have access to the entire document officials tell fox news. president trump was briefed by u.s. ambassador to israel friedman, jared kushner and u.s. special envoy jason green blat on the specifics of the deal. members of the trump administration declined to elaborate what is in the plan. it will have multiple options about the future of the regions. kushner will attend a summit hosted by the united states and poland to discuss issues regarding the middle east. the palestinians have declined an invitation to attend given to them by the americans. officials believe kushner's meetings in warsaw will be significant in the sense the administration will be able to remind regional partners that peace between the israelis and palestinians could counter iranian influence in the region. at the end of the month kushner will go to five countries to
8:41 am
discuss the specifics of the plan with regional leaders trying to garner support for this process. we're getting reaction to a report from senior palestinian officials close to palestinian president abbas. they tell fox news we've seen what you are suggesting. this message to the trump administration, the actions the president has taken so far don't give them optimism about this process. >> sandra: thank you, trey. >> bill: the virginia's democratic governor resisting pressure to step down after he was accused. justin fairfax second in line calling for an f.b.i. investigation into the allegations that he has since denied. he says there should be no rush to judgment. john yoo, former assistant a.g. will weigh in and figure where we are today. stand by and come on back.
8:42 am
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>> sandra: a new call for an
8:45 am
investigation into allegations against virginia's democratic lieutenant governor. this time from the man himself justin fairfax wants the f.b.i. to look into accusations by two women who say he sexually assaulted them. he is denying the allegations and refusing to resign saying this in a statement, i'm asking that no one rush to judgment and i'm asking for there to be space in this moment for due process. joining us now john yoo former deputy assistant attorney general now a law professor at the university of california berkeley. good morning and thank you for coming on the program this morning. do you think there has been a rush to judgment in this case? >> first we have to keep in mind this is more about politics than law. calling for the f.b.i. for investigate yourself in this kind of case is calling for sherlock holmes to show up. the f.b.i. doesn't have any jurisdiction over these cases. the lieutenant governor, mr. fairfax, is being accused of committing one crime in boston, accused of another crime in
8:46 am
north carolina. they would fall within the police of those cities, not the f.b.i. what it does raise is a comparison to the accusations against justice brett kavanaugh. there the f.b.i. was involved because justice kavanaugh was being confirmed for a higher office. to claim the f.b.i. should investigate yourself here is really just a fig leaf. it would do nothing to advance the investigation. the f.b.i. is not legally allowed to get involved in a case like this. >> sandra: he said i did not rape or sexually assault anyone. he said the interactions were consensual. what options does he have then? >> yes. the main tool here most people think would be impeachment under the virginia state constitution. which is very similar to federal impeachment. it allows the house to impeach for high crimes and
8:47 am
misdemeanors, malfeasance and corruption in office and requires 2/3 of the state senate to remove him. it doesn't seem like virginia hasn't impeached any governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general. all three being accused of either insensitivitys or a crime. the other problem is that none of these actions took place when the lieutenant governor was in office. these are from 2000 and 2004. no one is sure in virginia whether you can even impeach someone for things that happened before he was lieutenant governor. >> sandra: here is virginia delegate patrick hope calling on -- calling for impeachment. he has since withdrawn that call but said this, the impeachment process is investigating the find the truth. i'm open to discussion on other avenues to accomplish the same goals. we must allow victims to be heard in the most fair and just
8:48 am
process possible. he is, however, continuing to call for him to step down and to resign. so it looks like everything is at a stand still when it comes to the state of virginia and the allegations that are out there. fairfax's case, how will they proceed? how do you move if fairfax is refusing to resign? >> that's a good question. if he doesn't resign, then the attorney general, for example, could put together a special investigation, which is difficult because the attorney general himself is under attack. the attorney general could put together an inquiry or the house of delegates or state senate could start some kind of proceeding. it won't have any criminal aspect it to. it is just going to see whether mr. fairfax could be impeached. i think it is legally hard to impeach him and the pressure is coming down to whether the lieutenant governor should resign and allow the state of virginia to go forward with its politics and policy rather than be consumed by this scandal.
8:49 am
>> sandra: great to get your thoughts and analysis. thank you, sir. >> bill: waiting for melissa and harris coming up in a couple minutes. quick preview. hello, ladies. >> good to see you. big reaction after announcements from elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar as both senators made their white house bids officials. warren mired in controversy over her claims of native american heritage. klobuchar facing questions how she treats her staff, which has some people asking if men would have to answer to what she is being asked. we'll debate it. >> democrats divided over the green new deal proposed by alexandria ocasio-cortez. some say it's aspirational and others saying we can do that. republicans slamming it as socialism. what it means for 2020. >> interesting when nancy pelosi asked if it was the
8:50 am
green dream. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. let's go back to bill. >> bill: thank you. see you in 10 minutes. an intense battle underway as u.s.-backed forces fight to rid syria of its last isis stronghold. get a live report on the key offensive and where it stands today coming up next.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> bill: fierce fighting underway in syria. u.s. forces battling isis fighters in the eastern part of that country. benjamin hall was just there. more on what's happening. >> we were down in this very last village. this really is the culmination of over four years of brutal fighting by the u.s.-led coalition. it comes down to the final village on the iraqi/syria border and the battle is very intense again. fierce fighting taking place
8:54 am
between u.s. backed syrian forces and isis with the militants now surrounded but pushing back using suicide car bombs, snipers and booby-traps. 41 positions held by the terror group have been destroyed in the last couple of days alone. it is thought there are now about 1,000 isis fighters left in an area of 1 1/2 square miles. 20,000 civilians have been evacuated to the area streaming into the desert. many are assumed to be the wives and children of isis fighters or isis fighters themselves seeking to flee. isis are still believe to be using some civilians inside the city as human shields and there continues to be speculation the terror group holds three western hostages including a british journalist, italian priest and aide worker making the fighting more difficult for the coalition. speculation isis was trying to exchange the westerners in
8:55 am
return for safe passage. u.s. forceers as we saw on the ground continue to play a critical role here providing intelligence, air strikes and mortar cover. sunday general, the top u.s. commander in the middle east, said the u.s. is likely weeks away from starting the withdrawal of ground troops as ordered by president trump. we see the territorial battle coming to an end, the big questions remain about what happens in the future as the u.s. pulls out. >> sandra: another potential government shutdown is looming as the president heads to el paso tonight to rally support for more border security. so can congress make a deal before friday's deadline? for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa need cash?
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8:59 am
the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. on this date back in 1990. the knockout coming in the tenth round of a fight in tokyo. tyson was a 42-1 favorite. douglas' reign was short-lived, losing to evander holyfield later that year. but he will always be remembered for his knockout punch that stunned the sports world, stunned mike tyson, 24 years ago. what a fight that was. >> julie: and what pictures those are. this piece of it i remember where i was. i was visiting my sister at bowling green state university. bowling green, ohio. "whoa, did that really does happen?" mike tyson was in his prime. you had a better chance of surviving a car wreck then going up against that guy. buster douglas come on this day 29 years ago. >> julie: the president will be headed down to el paso, texas, for that campaign-style rally. he will be sitting down with laura ingraham shortly after that tonight. stay tuned to the fox news channel. >> bill: he will make his case
9:00 am
and we will have part-time coverage for you. have a good monday, we hope you had a great weekend. the >> julie: we will see you back here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, more questions for democrats over the crisis of leadership in virginia. governor ralph northam and attorney general mark herring refusing to resign over a separate racially charged controversies. lieutenant governor justin fairfax saying he's not going anywhere after a second sexual assault accuser comes forward. a growing number of lawmakers explore possible impeachment. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, harris faulkner. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. former ohio state senate, the capri cafaro. and joining us on the couch, charlie hurt. opening editor for the washington times. we are glad to have you today. >> harris: always happy to have you. good to see you. >> melissa: lots to get to, so


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