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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 11, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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tomorrow. for now, here's harris. >> harris: let's start with this fox news alert. a plan to impeach virginia's lieutenant governor on hold, at least for now as the commonwealth embattled governor says he is not going anywhere. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. a virginia lawmaker has backed off his plan to introduce articles of impeachment against lieutenant governor at justin fairfax today. after a second woman came forward to accuse him of rate democratic delegate patrick hope says more thoughtful discussions need to be taking place before anything is filed. fairfax vehemently denies the allegations in this calling on the fbi now to investigate. both accusers say they are willing to testify at impeachment proceedings. meanwhile, democratic governor ralph northam, who is facing calls to step down over recessed photos from his past, says he can help virginians heal because he's a doctor and he's not going anywhere. >> right now virginia need
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somebody that can heal. virginia needs somebody who is strong, who has empathy, who has courage, and who has a moral compass. that's why i'm not going anywhere. i will focus on race and equity. that is something that, for the next three years, is going to be my commitment to virginia. i really think we can make impactful changes. >> harris: let's go to virginia. richmond, specifically, where garrett tenney is. garrett? >> harris, there is a lot of consensus that the capital right now that the two women accusing justin fairfax of sexual assault deserve to be heard and to testify in public. right now, though, it's not clear how that would happen outside of impeachment proceedings. today, virginia delegate patrick hope announce that he's going to be holding off on introducing the articles of impeachment and explained the impeachment process is about investigating to find truth. "i will but do discussions on other avenues that would couples and singles." it's also not clear that he
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would even have the votes required to move ahead on the impeachment process. earlier today we were spoke to republican state senator amanda chase. she is against impeachment. she wants the general assembly to step back and take some time to find solutions that really give these two women a chance to have their stories heard, and allow everyone involved to have a fair hearing and process. >> we need to make sure that each of the victims is thoroughly listened to. we need to make sure that they are able to present their individual cases before a body that is actually going to be able to do something with it. if we come before the general assembly and we have these hearings and we don't even have the ability to subpoena witnesses, what is that going to judge the victims? i just think it's politically motivated. >> the lieutenant governor says he will not resign and is calling for an investigation by the fbi or another law enforcement agency, though
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it's not clear the fbi would have any jurisdiction in either of the cases against him. the big question lawmakers are grappling with now is who, if anyone, is able to investigate the sexual assault allegations for more than a decade ago in a manner that would be fair and satisfactory to all involved. if that's even possible. then, what should the standard of the guilt to be in these allegations against fairfax going forward? harris? >> harris: garrett any with the facts there. thank you very much. i want to bring in my first guest, also from virginia. republican congressman recommen recommend. he has called already for the governor to resign. congressman, thank you for being on the program. in fact, i caught the date on your request that he go. it was february 2nd. it was less than 24 hours after governor northam admitted that he was one of the two people in that racist photo in the yearbook before he took it back. >> want to admit something like that -- i first called for an explanation. i actually thought it was fake when i saw it to begin with. but i asked for an explanation.
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when he admitted that on the first, or in a kkk hood, the first thing you think of is "i think i'm the last native virginia and the delegation." i remember that happening in 1984 when i was in high school. you need to resign. if this is something you do but you're 25 or 26 years old, it's something that you probably need to own up to. then in the next day during the press conference, i was in understanding -- as an intelligence officer, looking at it. if i was asking the questions that might be a little bit worse. but i thought it was a ringling press conference. he either lied the first year of the second day, we are not sure. i still stand by my remark. >> harris: and the naacp is agreeing with your remark, as well. which is interesting. when you consider with the delegates, the democratic delegates in your state, they have backed off. they are backing off governors or from, lieutenant governor fairfax. why is that? >> i don't give a big profile in courage of the democratic party
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in virginia right now. i think a lot -- if you look at the top three in virginia right now, they sort of self-identified to resign. i think he asked him to resign for blackface. and admitted to blackface. i think they are in a circle knife fight just trying to say was worth about each other. as a native virginian, as somebody who doesn't have the political lineage, if you look at this in a common sense way it seems pretty amazing to me that these three -- and here's what i actually believe, that these three -- number one, i don't think they are going to resign. they are not going to resign. in the next three years in the commonwealth, it something we will have to do with. i find it to be a petty and a bit appalling. >> harris: before we move on, i want to put this now in the context of governor northam talking about dressing up in blackface great in his own words. can we watch that? >> i dressed up as michael jackson. i put some shoe polish on my cheeks. i went to military school,
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military college for five years. i polished my shoes almost every day. we did that with what we call a speech on red, very thin piece of cloth and it goes through that cloth that gets on your fingers. it's very difficult to remove. >> harris: that's a lot of detail. a quick word from you and then they want to show you some polling. >> yeah, i spit shined my shoes too but i never remember my fingers going to my face. i just find it, again, why this long explanation? it means that he had done it before. again, it's just -- it's a rambling type of sentence or not quite sure. a lot of military know how to spit shined their shoes, but i don't think a lot of us actually apply that to her face for some type of michael jackson dance off. >> harris: you heard gayle king, and my father served him too pray that she was, absolutely. let's look at a new "washington post" poll. 50% of african-americans in your state say that northam should
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remain in office. how do you explain this? >> i can't. i look at it outside of polls or any type of political thing. it's something that was shocking to me. governor northam went on the recessed line against ed gillespie. it has been this thing that the democrats -- even in virginia, this is something that they latched on to regardless if you are racist or not. if you had an hour behind your name. i don't know why at the polling has 50% saying not to resign. i don't think he is. i don't think is going to resig resign. >> harris: congressman recommend, a pleasure to have your own program. hopefully next time we will be talking about something uplifting pretty good to see you. >> i do, too. thank you very much. >> harris: congressional makers are meeting later today in hopes of funding the government by friday.
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chances of forging a deal nearly crumbled over the weekend, admit a dispute over how much money to spend on ice detention facilities as well as a barrier along with our southern border of mexico. president trump weighed in on twitter. "i don't think the dems on the border committee are allowing them to make a deal. they are providing money for the desperately needed border wall, and out of the blue they want a cap on convicted violent felons to be held in detention!" you congressional correspondent mike emanuel working this part of the story. our coverage on capitol hill. micah? >> good afternoon tea. the talks seem to be heading to about $2 billion for border security funding, when democrats raised another issue. facing a deadline, there is now cause for concern. >> outside of one or two knuckleheads around here that enjoy that particular -- the shutdown atmosphere come i think it's bad for the american peopl. i don't think we have to go there. >> the four main players in the funding talks are due to meet at 3:30 this afternoon to see if they can get things back on track. chairman shall become a rake member lahey, chairwoman lowy,
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and ranking member granger expected to be there. a democratic source says the meaning is a fairly good sign but knows they are still behind schedule for wrapping up on friday. senator shelby noted on fox news sunday that the democrats had pushed for a cap on the number of immigration and customs enforcement detention beds, which some say is a poison pill. >> talks have stalled right now. hoping we can get out the dime later today, or in the morning. because the time is ticking away. but we've got some problems with the democrats dealing with ice that is detaining criminals that come into the u.s., and they want a cap on them. we don't want a cap on that. >> president trump expressed some frustration on twitter today, writing, "the democrats don't want to detain or send back criminal aliens. this is a brand-new demand. crazy!" a democrat who is part of these talks says he's hopeful this is just a bump in the road.
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>> is it a done deal? no, it isn't. we could end up at a train wreck, which has happened before. i don't think anybody has an appetite for a government shutdown, and i think everybody wants to make sure our borders are secure. >> a big reason why today's significant's house democrats have a new 72-hour rule. that's designed to make sure what makers have an opportunity to read legislation before they vote on it, facing a friday night funding deadline this afternoon's meeting would seem to be critical. >> harris: as nancy pelosi says come or you could pass and find out what's in it later on. a different matter. they know what's in it. mike emanuel, thank you very much. another fox news alert. president trump's former lawyer michael cohen is expected to testify before the senate intel committee behind closed doors tomorrow. this, just weeks after he accused president trump and attorney rudy giuliani of threatening his family. cohen is also set to testify before the house intelligence panel later this month.
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let's stay on o-uppercase-letter for now. minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar sparking outrage from both sides of the political aisle. after accusing permanent lobbying group, the american-israel public affairs committee, of paying members of congress to support israel. here is a republican congressman peter king earlier today. >> i can see a person having honest differences for a policy, but suggesting money is being used to somehow they that israel is the villain here in the middle east when we have faced with islamist terrorism everywhere in the middle east and including our own country. to be slandering israel like this is absolutely shameful. leaders of both parties should be coming together and announcing it for what it is. >> harris: social media has lit up on this. doug mckelway in washington. doug? >> in the highest-ranking democrat to date, house committee chairman jerrold nadler is now condemning the comments of ilhan omar noting that she appears to traffic an
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old anti-semitic trump about jews and money. right-wing critics he says are advancing their agenda by distracting and dividing those kevin mccarthy threatened to take action against omar, just as he did against steve king for racially insensitive remarks. then, journalist glenn greenwald criticized mccarthy for targeting omar and fellow muslim carbs will congresswoman rashida tlaib about comets but israel "it's all about the benjamin's, baby." that, a reference about money made in the 1997 rap song by puff daddy. they would love to know who ilhan omar thinks is paying them to be pro-israel. the american israel public affairs committee. which has been accused about funding iran.
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in their own tweet, "we will not be deterred in any way by ill-informed and illegitimate attacks on this important work." former governor john sununu thinks it's a result of the democrats identity politics. >> now they are going to reap the win. the problems associated with identity politics. when you try to cultivate groups on the basis of race or religion or culture, you are going to run into the conflicts amongst those groups on the basis of religion, culture, and hereditary heredi. >> last tuesday at a chunk of the american center progress, omar says identity politics works both ways. she pointed to president trump. she said words to the effect of, "let's be clear, he can't say you stand for religious freedom when you ban people from an entire religion to enter this country. you can pretend to stand for tolerance," she said. speaker pelosi meanwhile has yet to condemn any of these remarks by ilhan omar.
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>> harris: at work she could just ask a representative omar for whatever evidence she has. this has got a lot of congresspeople really have separate i saw lee zeldin of new york up on twitter, as well, with his own heat against omar's remarks. this has been a bitter situation that is go on. doug mckelway reporting news for us. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> harris: we could see a show down near the southern border tonight as president trump and beto o'rourke are set to hold dueling rallies in el paso, texas, . details ahead. two democratic heavyweights officially jumping into the white house race this weekend. now they are both facing serious controversies. headwinds -- can they get it possible? former dnc chair edwin dale joins me next >> you can change the date to an oh and get over my instead of amy. i don't think it was an oppressive rollout. ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans,
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> harris: former texas congressman beto o'rourke is ready to headline a counter event to the president's rally in el paso, texas, later today. his office says he wants to show the nation what's really happening at the border. he will be across the street from the commander in chief, who is scheduled to hold his first official rally of the 2020 campaign. you can hear straight from the president when he sits down one-on-one with laura ingraham tonight. it is at 10:00 p.m. eastern on the ingraham angle. the democrats' 2020 primary fuel is getting a little bit more crowded with senators elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar jumping into the race over to begin. but warren's run comes amid controversy over her claims of native american heritage. publishers facing allegations
10:20 am
that she mistreated her staff. the senator today admitting that she can be a demanding boss. >> i am tough. i push people. that is true. my point is that i have high expectations for myself. i have high expectations for the people who work for me. and i have expectations for this country. >> harris: bringing in a former pennsylvania governor ed governor ed rendell, also former chairman of the democratic national committee. great to have you on the program. these are the kind of messaging things that the dnc in the past would have to deal with. what would you tell amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren on getting beyond this, or can they? >> i think elizabeth warren is lucky that this is so early in the campaign. it's donald trump who is going to bring it up. the democratic primaries, none of her opponents are going to bring up this controversy at all. the only time she will face a deuce if she became the money and faced it in the general election. by that time, so many americans
10:21 am
would be sick and tired of hearing about it that i think it will have worn out whatever value it had. whatever negative value it had. it will be worn out. as far as amy klobuchar, i think most americans want demanding leaders who demand excellence by the people who work for them. if you were hiring a contractor to repair your house and he had subcontractors -- plumbers, electricians, et cetera -- you would want that contractor to demand high-performance, high standards, from the people who work for him and who are working on your house. the same thing is true for a senator or a president. i worked for arlen specter when i was young. it was no tougher than him. he would remove out in front of the entire staff. but he made us work harder. he made us be more careful. he made us be more dedicated. he made us better assistant d.a.s. >> harris: with regard to war and come i will do this in the order you did it, as well. the person who mainly keeps bringing this up a
10:22 am
senator warren. you say president trump, but she is giving news conferences and always and talking about this. and she started this conversation in ads in 2012. this seems to stick because she is sticking it to herself in a way, like you posted. >> [laughs] well, i would advise her to stop talking about it, absolutely. but look at -- for the next year, for democratic opponents, they're not going to bring this up or you can count on that. >> harris: should they come in to help her deal with it? if you think it's going to be a thing. real quickly, amy klobuchar -- for the number of years, she has had the highest turnover of employment and her staff. this is something that could stick with, or no? >> if he's running again sometime, i think he said the higher turnover in a staff of any president in the history of the united states. so i don't think it will be a big problem for her. >> harris: kellyanne conway, the senior advisor to the
10:23 am
president, special advisor to the president, talked about amy klobuchar this way earlier. let's watch it. >> what happened this weekend is equally unimpressive. amy klobuchar, seems to be a very nice person -- i guess, unless you were on her staff. she's had terrible articles about the way she treats them. i've always known her to be minnesota nice. but you can change the h a o and get "o my" instead of amy there because i don't think that was very impressive rollout. >> harris: your comment about the president was kind of answered in kellyanne conway. we will move on. who is the democratic front runner to you among the people who have thrown their hats into the ring so far? >> oh, my gosh, no one. >> harris: [laughs] oh, boy, you are so honest! >> it's pretty much an even slate. obviously, kamala harris had the most impressive rollout. but rollouts are so overrated. >> harris: are they? >> no one is going to remember. come november when it really
10:24 am
starts heating up, no one is going to remember who had the best opening statements. of course not. they're going to start focusing on real issues. there is a long time between now and the first vote. it's almost a year away. i don't think the rollouts are important at all. no one has really drawn themselves away from the pack. and the heavyweights -- bernie sanders, joe biden, mike bloomberg -- we haven't heard from the heavyweights yet. >> harris: that's interesting. i was going to do a quick follow-up with you on whether you think any of them can beat president trump. >> i think all of them can beat president trump, if they run a primary campaign to get the nomination that doesn't pan themselves into opening up of the criticism from president trump. look at all these programs with candidates that they've advocated. going down the road of socialism.
10:25 am
that's one thing -- donald trump can't beat anyway. he can't beat himself. you saw what happened in the november election pretty got crushed when he was the issue on the ballot. but he's got to make the issue about our candidate. so our candidate can't, during the primary season, take positions that would give donald trump fodder for us saying they are becoming socialist, doing this, doing that. >> harris: that seems to have been a high call last go around in 2016 print even among republicans that went against him. ed rendell, thank you for joining me. we will bring you back. >> my pleasure. >> harris: denver public school teachers now have walked off the job today for the first time in 25 years. thousands of educators on strike after last-minute contract negotiations broke down over the weekend. city officials are trying to reach a deal over pay and bonuses, for teachers working in schools in high poverty areas. schools will remain open. classes are canceled for nearly 5,000 preschoolers. the "national enquirer" is
10:26 am
fighting back with the controversy over amazon founder jeff benzo's takes a new turn. details antilife report. plus, the clock ticking down before another partial government shutdown could happen as lawmakers meet. 3:30 p.m. eastern, we are told, as they try to make a last-ditch compromise on border security. congressman john garamendi of california will tell me what democrats are planning. ♪ >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> harris: be reported to you earlier on the anti-semitic remarks that many congresspeople are reacting to today by democrat representative omar. now this has come from speaker nancy pelosi, leader steny hoyer it, and many others now. democrats in the house. they say that they condemn what she has said. congresswoman omar's use of anti-semitic tropes and prejudicial of israel supporters
10:31 am
is deeply offensive. we condemn these remarks and we call on earth as it is omar to apologize for these hurtful comments." there has been swift and fiery response to some remarks that she made, saying that aipac was paying some members on o-uppercase-letter for participating in support of israel. and it lit up on social media. no members of the house democrats leadership are calling for congressman omar to apologize immediately for what she has said paid as the news continues to develop, we will bring it to you. the news website axios has obtained a new batch of president trump's personal schedules after months of schedules which show that he spent working hours on what is called "executive time." this, after the white house launched an investigation into the leaks. watch. >> is the fact that somebody within the white house
10:32 am
spent three months collecting this information, which is really, really hard to do. it also sheds light on the fact that many people who work for us weren't hired for us. >> how close are you defining agenda? >> we are hoping to have a resolution on that this week. when we find the person or persons, it's likely to be a career staffer. you will learn about how hard it is to fire federal workers. >> harris: of the president is defending his use of executive time over the weekend, saying he probably works more hours than almost any past presidents. and that he "generally it is working, not relaxing" during executive time. the "national enquirer" is firing back at claims that it blackmail and tried to extort amazon ceo jeff bezos. they said other revelations about bezos' extramarital affair came from a "reliable source close to bezos, not the white house, so saudi arabia, or roger stone." dan springer live from seattle with more. >> harris, the lawyer for the publisher of the "national enquirer" did some major damage control yesterday.
10:33 am
in doing so, he may be taking some of the political intrigue out of the story by emphatically denying the white house had anything to do with the reporting of the jeff bezos affair. the original story had text messages between amazon founder jeff bezos and his mistress. he went on the offensive and hired his security chief to investigate the source of the leak. then, when the "national enquirer" threatened to publish embarrassing photos of bezos if he didn't drop as investigation, bezos released those emails claiming he was being blackmailed. in his allegation, he suggested that perhaps it was his ownership of "the washington post" and his feud with president trump that led to the tabloids reporting. bezos even speculated that the critical reporting of saudi arabia and trump's response to the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi may have landed him in the cross hairs. a good friend of president trump. here was his lawyer on abc's "this week."
10:34 am
>> it's not extortion and not blackmail. what happened was the story was given to the "national enquirer" by a reliable source that had given information to the "national enquirer" for seven years prior to this story. it was a source that was well-known to both mr. bezos and mrs. sanchez. >> "the daily beast" is reporting the source of the story, text messages, and the embarrassing photos are being held as leveraged by the inquirer is michael sanchez, the brother of bezos' mistress. he is a term supported, an acquaintance of roger stone, and has a close friend at the "national enquirer." he denies he is the source and shows all the blame to a man who does security for bezos and as an investigator on the "national enquirer" matter. speaking to howard kurtz, he called him a bezos puppet master. and "everything he has gotten jeff to do has only amplified the magnitude of the scandal." the salacious story doesn't seem to be hurting amazon paired the
10:35 am
stock prices actually are up slightly today, even doing better than the market as a whole. back to you, harris. >> harris: dan springer, thank you very much. this is breaking. another potential partial government shutdown looming over capitol hill as lawmakers are meeting today. they have announced to try and reach some sort of agreement on border security spending. this, after bipartisan negotiations broke down over the weekend with democrats and republicans seemingly unable to compromise on funding for i.c.e. i want to bring and now john garamendi of california, saying he would expand existing barriers along the border in exchange for passing immigration reform. you and i have talked about this. meeting in the middle of this very program. i want to now dig in deeper. think of her being with me. >> i'm here, harris. let's go. >> harris: why the 11th hour cut on detention bids? for criminals -- and i call them criminals because they are already illegal for come here illegally in the united states and staying. so why cut the detention bids?
10:36 am
would it prevent you from deporting them, and they would be in the bloodstream of america floating around until a court date? >> you're right on all of that. let me just clarify a couple of things. first of all, there are, i would think, to different levels of illegal activity here. one is those people who do come across the border illegally. yes, that is a crime. and then commit no further crim crime. they enter into our society and participate as would any other person without any criminal activity, stop lights, speeding, et cetera. then there is another set that are real criminals. these are people that are committing violent crimes all across many different kinds of violent crimes. those of the people we absolutely ought to apprehend. we ought to prosecute them, as is appropriate. and where appropriate. throw them out of the country.
10:37 am
there should be no limit whatsoever on that kind of activity. >> harris: how will you do that if you don't first detain them? this looks like a stab at customs enforcement. this looks like the pushes for abolishing i.c.e. how are you going to deport them if you don't have them in a detained custody? >> there are different types of detainment here. there are those people that are apprehended, identified, not involved in any -- >> harris: we got that. before, what you called "real criminals," those committing violent crimes on the site or are suspected of such -- you have to round them up. legally, round them up. that's not a use of any term that should offend anybody. that's what you're doing. you go out a new round of criminals and then what you do with them? because you got to go get them first. and you need a place to put them. >> harris, back down just a moment. there are people this country, probably 10 million, that have been here for many years without papers. are we going to go out and apprehend those people --
10:38 am
>> harris: that's not what either of us are talking about. you called these people real criminals. the ones committing violent crimes. >> i want to make that distinction. those that are committing violent crimes, i'm sleepy round them up. we should not limit any facility they may be needed to detain them. whether that is an ice facility or a county jail, or a state prison. >> harris: okay. >> we shouldn't limit that at all. that is where i'm coming from. i think that's where the democratic party is coming from. >> harris: they are not saying it as plainly as you are, though. from the reporting, it hasn't been as clear as, "we will still have enough beds to detain those people that are considered dangerous before either adjudication or deportation." that would be a furtherance that maybe you can help some of your colleagues out with. i just want to ask, are we going to be able to avoid another partial government shutdown before friday? >> we have too. we have too. we are not so far apart. we can put this together. this country has no stomach, and i don't know any member of
10:39 am
congress -- democrat, republican, on any side of the equation, that would want another government shutdown. it is bad for every american. it is bad for our government. it is certainly bad for our standing around the world. don't do it, come to a compromise, and let's get on with doing the things that are really important here. we have got our own agenda as democrats that we want to get to. i'm happy to expend the next three or 4 minutes telling you what it is. >> harris: i wish i had more time, but you know i would bring you back. we have many conversations about this. you have a barrier in your state, it's one of the many reasons why i like to talk to you because you know that they work. you've set it on this program. it's part of the whole thing, in terms of protecting us. congressman garamendi, always appreciative of your time. thank you. >> thanks, take care. >> harris: law enforcement officers lining up at seven border attempting to prevent a migrant caravan from entering america. this, as once he reportedly went to pull its national guard troops from border duty there. a live report, next. ♪ it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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>> harris: washington state is bracing for more snow after a rare blizzard pounded the area. leaving hundreds of cars stranded on the highway after a pileup, the national weather service in saying this has already been the third snowiest february in seattle history. a winter storm watch is in effect through tuesday. tomorrow afternoon, and parts of the state. now, to the situation on our seven border. more than 100 troopers, police, and border patrol agents have lined up their vehicles along a 1--mile stretch of the border with mexico. they were trying to keep a migrant caravan on the other side of the border. this, as california governor gavin newsom is reportedly planning to pull the state's guard troops from border duty following new mexico, which has also already done that. casey stegall is live in eagle pass, texas. you have been there. i was the situation changing? >> harris, since we have been on the ground here we have been
10:45 am
noticing what you could call a wall of law enforcement to building along the southern border, if you will. you talk about those cars that are lined up along the rio grande river. it's quite a sight to see. video now of them lined up. have a lot of resources that have been diverted to this area. you know the rio grande river is the international border between the u.s. and mexico. texas governor greg avid ordered some 500 state troopers to the region to assist federal agencies. this heavy show for it is also on the international crossing bridges, which carry thousands of people, cars, trucks, and trains between piedras negras and mexico and eagle pass every day. then you have the 250 active-duty troops the federal government is moving from arizona to eagle pass to help out. agents tell us that all these resources are necessary because they describe the system as overwhelmed. listen. >> the thing is about ports of
10:46 am
industry, these bridges, that they were never designed to house people. to house 16 or 20 people or more. ports of entry are locations where you present yourself for inspection. you are inspected, and either released or you are referred and inspected further in secondary. soon after you are released. it never was anyone's plan to have people at ports of entry for that long. >> mexican media is reporting out of roughly 1800 members of the caravan that arrived one week ago today, about 100 have been deported back to their home countries. the majority are from honduras and are seeking asylum. about 700 or so of past criminal background checks. therefore, they have been issued special visas to remain in mexico for up to one year to seek work there while they are asylum applications in the united states play out. and then, those wanting to come in to america. federal agents say they could be waiting a while, harris. they are only able to process up
10:47 am
to 20 cases per day in this area, even with the extra resources. you can do the math of how many are waiting to get in to the system. >> harris: a lot of activity along the border. and of course the president in a different location later today, in el paso, texas. activity we are covering the news. casey stegall, thank you very much. democratic leadership calling on congress omit ilhan omar to apologize immediately over her controversial comments about a pro-israel group in washington, d.c. her remarks, do they shed how extreme the democratic party has become? that's a topic when the power panel slides in. ♪ drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure.
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10:52 am
"the daily briefing." >> harris: fox news alert, democratic leadership condemning freshman congresswoman ilhan omar after she accused prominent longer group, the american israel public affairs committee, or aipac, of paying members of congress to support israel. the statement resist. "congressman omar's use of anti-semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about israel supporters is deeply offensive. we condemn these remarks and we call upon congress omit omar to immediately apologize for these hurtful comments." power panel. alex wilkes, senior vice president of america rising corporation. david burstein, cofounder of a run for america. i just wanted to point out that congresswoman lee zeldin, quite mentioned earlier this hour, put on his twitter, "speak a post, please speak. we could be silent." and he is the handle for congressman omar. "remove anti-semitism from the house." so on and so forth. this calls for an apology.
10:53 am
but we haven't gotten one yet. >> she should apologize, she should absolutely apologize. if there's going to be a standard for eight there should be an equal standard across all groups of people. across all political parties. i think that -- it really is hypercritical for democrats who are very quick to blast republicans when they are prejudicial toward groups that support democrats, to sort of not taking similar action. people in their own ranks. democrats should hope -- the argument they are making is that they are better because they are willing to stand up to things in their own party. they were willing to stand up to al franken and remove them, et cetera. so this is inconsistent with that argument. more than that, it's the wrong thing to do. >> harris: i should point out the congresswoman omar has been critical of the palestinians. i should say come of the treatment of palestinians and supported a boycott. so on and so forth. >> that is a legitimate policy debate. to talk about the way that we treat palestine. that is part of the policy
10:54 am
debate. once again to this territory, and i'm talking about something else that's no longer a policy debate. >> harris: alex, she is accusing aipac of having a positive relationship of israel. paying congress to have the early hundred. she also set up it's all about the benjamin's," which is about money. >> how despicable. there is no more group that makes more of an effort to recruit hostile than aipac. they do not contribute directly to members of congress. circling to the contrary is absolutely false. i will say, the silence from the democratic house leadership a sort of telling on this. i think on the 2020 candidates, as will presomebody like cory booker really came to power through the new jersey jewish community. >> you are now getting at a greeting of >> kirsten gillibrand has problems of of her own with the resolution that she failed to support. there are issues on the horizon
10:55 am
for these democratic candidates who are not taking this issue seriously. they are not finding it in their own backyard. >> harris: i want to be the top to give you an idea of who's on this press release. >> nancy pelosi, majority leader steny hoyer come majority whip james clyburn, assistant speaker luan, caucus chairman hakeem jeffries, and so on. this is a concerted effort for the first line, anti-semitism must be called out. >> and it should it should. >> harris: why did it take so long? >> there's not a a good excuse for that. i can tell you the political reason probably why they did, which is that they didn't want to criticize their own people. i think that's really disingenuous. it's really hypocritical to run around criticizing -- and i don't want to get into the business of equating and seeing who's white, but to criticize steve king the second he says something but then about one group of people -- one another hateful statement is made, hate is hate. if you're going to be hateful, you gotta be consistent across the board. i don't agree with the resignation politics that we are
10:56 am
in, but if we are going to be that we should be equal. >> harris: a dicey week for democrats. you got a virginia situation and this.he thank you both. i will be right back i have three little kids. i can't have cancer. so we decided to travel to cancer treatment centers of america. dr. fernandez was wonderful. he said it was up to me to do what's best. it's about giving her options, where amy has all the information to make a decision that's best for her. we left on day one feeling like we're gonna beat this and this is the place that's gonna help us do it... that feeling is priceless. learn more at appointments available now. learn more at if you're a veteran homeownecall newday usa., home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now.
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