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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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a dream. i wouldn't want people to know who i am either. thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. have a great day. >> we are doing what we have to do. the wall is being built a rapid pace. if we had proper border security, we would be a lot safer and better. we are one united movement, when united people and one united states of america and we will make america great again. rob: a fox news alert, the president heading into the immigration crisis with strong words about border security in el paso, texas. >> lawmakers have a deal they are confident in but what is in it? we are live in washington was a freshman democrat feeling
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pressure from nancy pelosi. rob: about-face on comments many called anti-semitic. garth brooks in the big leagues. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ain't going down to listen comes down ♪ till you get enough ♪ in a pickup truck ♪ things don't go down till the sun comes up ♪ ♪ jillian: i love this song, i could listen to it all the time. it takes me back.
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rob: baseball apparently. jillian: we will have more later. you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. rob: let's get to a fox news alert. an agreement reached in principle to avoid a second government shutdown as donald trump faces national security message, the strength on the southern border. >> walls save lives. my administration put forward a compromise. it is compassionate and it will solve our problem. jillian: the clock is ticking for lawmakers to hammer out the details before friday's deadline. what is in it and does it match the president's vision? griff jenkins has breaking developments. >> reporter: in principle is not terribly reassuring but the devil is in the details and there are areas to focus on and
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no one wants a government shutdown so top negotiators found common ground, patrick leahy had this to say. >> none of us will get everything we want but we are going to get what is best for the united states. >> reporter: 155 miles of border barrier. democrats not wanting to call it a wall. they are using any currently deployed design including steel slats, democrats claiming a decrease in ice detention beds, there are 40,000 ice beds and curb the funding to 40,000 but there is wiggle room because there is additional funding elsewhere to find additional beds should they respond in a surgeon apprehension. democrats tracked one proposal,
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scuttled an effort to cast those away from the border in the interior us at 16,500, that moved things forward. the question is whether donald trump will sign it considering it is less than the original $5.7 billion originally requested. >> progress is being made in this committee. we are building the wall anyway. we probably have some good news but who knows? >> reporter: we will know when the language is released wednesday when it starts to move and the clock is ticking so we have to hurry before midnight friday. jillian: what would a decrease mean for communities across the country? rob: sam page says it could be dangerous.
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>> it jeopardizes safety. if we put a cap in my jail and the local jail and say you can house more than 200, where will this person be? in the community, terrific demise people, right here -- >> gave a letter to the president, 72% are being hailed for mandatory teaching crimes and 90% of persons being detained, charged or convicted. >> page met with the sheriff at the white house stressing the importance of immigration and customs enforcement in their communities. jillian: beto o'rourke taking part in a march against donald trump in el paso painting a different picture of safety to 1000 supporters in the congressional district. >> not because of walls but in spite of walls, we stand for
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america, we stand against walls. jillian: donald trump mentioned o'rourke who lost his senate race to ted cruz. >> the young man who has little going for himself except a great first name, he challenged us. >> reporter: o'rourke will decide if he's running for president by the end of the month. rob: the governor of california pulling some national guard troops to the southern border, gavin newsom claims it is not necessary. >> the crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis. we are not interested in participating in political theater. this is pure politics, period. rob: he wanted to withdraw all national guard troops from the border but decided to keep some in place after consulting with his advisors.
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but congresswoman omar asked for an apology after accusing members of congress of being paid to support his room. she should be ashamed of herself. i don't think her apology was adequate. in her apology, the democrat says in part, quote, my intention is never to offend my constituents or jewish americans as a whole. we want to think through criticism. as i expect others to
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4-year-old son does not so she is missing. in an exclusive interview with veteran's father tells fox news he has been taking care of his grandson for two month. the vana was seen leaving in january, search crews in surrounding areas.
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>> talks between union and school district officials expected today, teachers walk off the job. [chanting] marymac teachers demanding higher base pay as they strike for the first time in 25 years. the students joining educators on the picket lines. look at that. students chanting and dancing in hallways, schools are open despite the teachers strike. rob: powerful winter storm from the west of the northeast. in oregon a tanker truck flipped over onto a snow-covered roads building 2500 gallons of diesel, the storm prompting a ground stop at this yet airport. jillian: troopers respond to a
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40 car pileup involving 7 semi trucks was one person has life-threatening injuries. in the northeast snow will disrupt the commute for millions, janice dean is timing it out. >> it is going to be messy. for some it might be a blockbuster store, 2 feet of snow interior section of the northeast but new york is on the freezing line, temperatures of 31, if moisture gets in the likelihood is it will be snow and warm air moves in and we will get a mixture of freezing rain, sleet, it depends on where you live, why people need to pay attention to local forecasts but i can tell you chicago area could be accumulating ice, definitely delayed all day in the upper midwest, into the northeast. winter weather advisories and the flooding threat over the
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ohio valley, here's future radar. i had one broken down and now we have nothing. coming up during "fox and friends" let me break it down for you, the timeline across the northeast, i am flustered by this. rob: it is just starting. >> pay attention to your local forecasters. they are doing their best to get it right today. jillian: give us the information. america's sheriffs have a warning for democrats, plan to limit the number of ice detention beds and put thousands criminal aliens back on the streets, the chairman of the new mexico sheriffs association is here to echo that warning. rob: kamala harris talking about
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legalizing pot nationwide.
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looking good! at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts.
2:15 am booking.yeah >> the democrats came up with that because you don't detain people who are dangerous, it is a disgrace, we can't just put them back in mexico or where they came from. we have to put them back in our society, they are stone cold criminals. jillian: 60 of america's sheriffs are speaking out against the number of ice detention beds. >> 8000, was could back on the streets of democrats get their way. >> reporter: joining us as the chairman of the new mexico sheriffs association, thank you for a time, we appreciate it. break it down for us, how dangerous would this be? >> you start releasing these individuals who are committing a
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crime in the united states you start releasing them to the general public you don't know where they will go. you will see crime rates in your communities go up. the ice, the efforts they are trying to do to keep our community safe. rob: democrats argue if you're only crime is coming into the country illegally, you have been good while you have been here you shouldn't be detained. what do you think of that? >> i do represent sheriffs near the border, border sheriffs in santa theresa. we see individuals crossing the borders, 250 cross the border, they say they are silent seekers, we don't have time to that those individuals and see their background.
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a criminal element coming into the united states. >> what is your biggest concern you want people to be aware of? >> our biggest concern is these individuals coming in for a bigger life, we use the term asylum-seekers, you can seek asylum in your own country. when they want to come over here illegally they clock the system for individuals that want to come over and become american citizens the right way, new mexico has a high rate of crime and violence, 48 or 49th in the nation adding to some problems. rob: if you look at 2018 this is the crime numbers for illegal immigrants, 1641 homicides, 1294
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kidnappings, 347 sexual assault, almost 30,000 assaults from the illegal immigrant population. if you ask some on the left that fight for their rights, they say that swath of the population of citizens you will get numbers just like this. what is your position on that? >> that will be underreported. some of those numbers, they could be higher. in new mexico what is important is county sheriff's don't run detention centers, we private out to private contractors and they house those individuals committing that crime. we have a facility here in this county. jillian: let's talk about a different topic, a new gun law proposal, 29 sheriffs taking a stand against it.
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can you explain? >> this year legislation we have 11 new unconstitutional gun bills, we call them the red flag laws, 29 of 33 sheriffs in the state of new mexico lobbying with legislators trying to stop these. a lot have taken the stance that should they become law we are not going to enforce them. we were elected for the people, by the people, for the people, we are here to represent the people and protect the constitutional rights. rob: you would think that law would make your job easier but interesting you would stand against a law like that. >> laws they are enacting of the legislation the weight is written, they do nothing to protect the citizens of new mexico. some of these bills, some of these bills all they are going
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to do, there is no due process. a lot of them are orders where the accused has no say so on anything but they want law enforcement to seize personal property and we are not getting to the root of the problem, whether it be mental health, illness, domestic violence. rob: thank you for your time, we appreciate it. 20 minutes after the hour donald trump hinting he might have a new best friend at the white house. >> there is no friend like a german shepherd. how i look walking a dog on the white house lawn? jillian: the most unexpected moment from the el paso rally that is going viral. ♪ everyone's got to listen to mo.
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just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> the president pushing for border wall, showing local law enforcement during his el paso rally, he also revealed his love for something else. >> there is nothing better than a global fashion german shepherd was i wouldn't mind having one but i don't have any time. how i look walking a dog on the white house lawn? jillian: is the president getting a new best friend? we turn to carly shimkus with serious xm 115? >> i don't think so but we love the white house dog, he was talking about the best way to secure the 7 border, technology is good but he believes a good
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fashion border wall and border patrol dogs are even better. but these moments are always the ones that go viral. look at this, this twitter user says yes, my german shepherd was watching donald trump, look at that cute little face and another face, dobermans work well also. he said that when he went into office people were telling him to get a dog because it would make them appear more likable but he says i am who i am, take it or leave it. >> they have security dogs. legal pot all over the country, what a plan. >> senator harris is talking about how she feels about how we should legalize marijuana on a federal level and also her own personal views with this, take a listen. >> i believe we need to legalize. >> have you ever smoked?
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>> i have and i inhale. i think it gives a lot of joy. jillian: she says let me be clear. it's time we legalize marijuana at the federal level, marijuana laws are not applied or enforced for all americans. many have been ruined by these aggressive policies, we must change the system. her opinion has changed over the years. in 2010 as district attorney in san francisco she opposed legalizing marijuana so she has to answer to her record on this. one twitter user says i stand corrected, you did prosecute marijuana offenses but i'm sure all those in prison because of you appreciate your tweet. rhinos is how many people did you put in jail for lame weed crimes? i could see this coming up during the democrat debate.
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>> politicians never flip-flop. >> there opinions never evolve. >> garth brooks back on the diamond. >> spending a week with the pittsburgh pirates for spring training and doing so for the 20th anniversary of the garth brooks teammates for kids foundation which is raised more than $100 million for children of charity so pittsburgh residents are loving it. one twitter user said who knew garth brooks is now my only favorite country singer and another says they should sing the national anthem on opening day so he was in oklahoma. so thank you, thanks, guys. you read it so well. it is 27 after the hour and an illegal immigrant accused of killing his daughter this past thanks giving and this angel data standing behind the president's push for border security, he joins us with his reaction to last night's rally
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in the new bipartisan deal next. >> a car pinned between the highway barrier and some tractor-trailer. how the driver miraculously survived this.
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jillian: a look at headlines, winter storm wreaking havoc across the midwest closing in on the northeast, the snowy mess causing massive pileups in wisconsin, the dangerous system will disrupt the morning commute for millions, new jersey is under a state of emergency, upstate new york and see two feet of snow. >> talks between union and school district officials expected as teachers walk off the job for the second day in denver, colorado, demanding
2:32 am
higher base pay. donald trump double down on the need for southern border wall in el paso, texas as an agreement is reached in principle to avoid a second government shutdown, the tentative deal encloses $1.5 million in funding for 155 miles of a new barrier. they will hammer out details before the midnight deadline. rob: the president hammering home his case for border wall in el paso. >> how do we stop criminals from coming in? walls save lives, walls save from it is numbers of lives, tremendous birthright of every american which is why we must finish the wall. >> the border wall committee announcing the deal with less then have the money the president wanted. rob: dan ferguson attended that rally last night and joins us now, thank you for coming on this morning. before we talk about the rally,
2:33 am
you lost your daughter to an illegal immigrant. i want to ask about the potential deal for border funding, he wanted money for 200 miles of border barrier, it might only be 50 in this deal, what do you make of that? >> i listen to the sheriff from new mexico who came on earlier and you asked him the results of losing the bed then letting them out on the streets, the results will be what you see on my chest, a pin of my daughter who was killed by an illegal alien who was arrested and released. that part of the deal is a no go. the money they are funding, seems to me if they build the wall and stopped the drugs, they save money, the united states would pay for the wall 10 times over. jillian: your daughter is
2:34 am
beautiful. what happened? >> my daughter was walking across the crosswalk thanksgiving day. illegal alien out on a drinking been ran through two red light and hit her, killed her instantly. she was so badly damaged the coroner wouldn't let us identify her body. this guy ditched a car a couple blocks away, lied to the police, saying the car was stolen, he said he was afraid because he didn't have papers and to make matters worse this guy was deported in 2012, came back which makes him a felon, he was arrested for aggravated assault which is one of the things donald trump talked about last night and he was released on bond and these people want to illuminate ice. if they would have called ice my daughter would be alive today. rob: a terrible story here and we are sorry to hear it.
2:35 am
nancy pelosi would listen to a story like that and say american citizens do the same thing, american citizens drink and drive and kill people. what is your response to that logic and what you plan to say to nancy pelosi? >> i understand american citizens do that too but we are american citizens. we are here, we have the rights of america, illegal aliens do not have the right to violate our laws and kill people like my daughter. if nancy pelosi or mister schumer's son or daughter had been killed this way i guarantee you the wall would have been built three months ago, donald trump is right on target when he says walls save lives and border security save lives. he is right on target and i have a feeling the democrats are more interested in the illegal aliens votes than the safety and
2:36 am
security of american citizens and to me that is just common sense but after the rally i watched the local news and everything was focused on beto o'rourke, nothing donald trump said was on the news, people don't have common sense anymore, common sense to protect american citizens first, then let the illegal immigrants find their way into our society. jillian: thank you for joining us. take care. >> donald trump calling out new democratic proposals that allow late-term abortions. >> millions of innocent beautiful babies are counting on us to protect them and we will. that is why last week i called on congress with your great
2:37 am
congressman over there to pass legislation prohibiting extreme late-term abortion. jillian: new york passed a law allowing abortions until virginia tried to follow suit with the governor suggesting he would support letting a baby die moments after birth. rob: accusing the lieutenant governor of sexual assault as several members of justin fairfax at staff resigned after these allegations. attorney for one of the accusers saying watson is the legislature to hold hearings regardless of what they are called and fairfax has denied these allegations and called for an fbi investigation. set to speak at a symposium on sexual assault at stanford university tonight. jillian: the average tax refund
2:38 am
down so far this year. peter morici tells us why your returns might look different this tax season. >> is it because you have run as a moderate? >> they should see me as a progressive because i believe in progress. >> she considers herself a moderate but amy kobar is trying to compete in 2020. ♪ i never made it with moderation
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alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! jillian: hope you're having a good morning, donald trump says the us is doing better now than ever before. >> we have a country that's doing the best it has ever done. we are -- it used to be like we were a second sister to china,
2:42 am
now china is looking up to us. we are doing so well and other countries are not doing well. jillian: the president pointing to record unemployment numbers, those comments after being asked about democrats embracing socialism. the latest democrat to enter the race for president is working to shed her centrist reputation, amy klobivhar dismissing liberals who neighbors too moderate for the white house. >> i believe in progress and i have work toward progress my whole life. >> they are seen as very progressive embracing the green new deal and medicare for all. donald trump set to meet with one of his sharpest critics, new york democratic governor heading to washington today to talk to the president about changing tax law.
2:43 am
andrew cuomo has been critical of the 20,017 taxable limiting deductions for state and local taxes. other states like new jersey and california have also been pushing for changes. rob: the average tax refund is already down so far this year. will you be getting less money? that is the question on a lot of people's minds, we are asking the us international trade commission and professor at the university of maryland, one of our favorites, peter morici. a lot of people are nervous if they are used to getting money back and they count on it. >> the withholding tax sales were greatly adjusted after the tax cuts so people got a lot of their tax cut already and in some cases they got a bigger adjustment in their paycheck than warranted by the tax cuts so they will get a smaller return. they should focus on the bottom line. look at the amount of taxpayer owed for the year. it will be substantially less the last year but a lot of
2:44 am
payments. >> if your paychecks were bigger all year long you shouldn't expect as much back at the end of the year but that is not true for everybody. somebody has to pay for all this. if you -- >> not really, somebody has to pay for it but generally speaking we increase the deficit, there were reforms in the system. the federal government, you and i, if you don't live in new york, illinois, california or the district of columbia we subsidize this, new york has high personal income tax but they were able to deduct the personal state tax on federal returns. that is gone now. they do a tax increase. $750,000 house, you were getting subsidized by poor folk in virginia and now -- if you have
2:45 am
been on the subway, a sinkhole of waste and fraud has to be the city of new york, you have welfare clients coming hand-in-hand, palms out, governor cuomo be caving like the abused person he is. stealing from the rest of the country. jillian: all of them want the deduction back but everybody is blaming the president for this burden they should have been working in these high tax states on how to tax less all these years, dumping it on the federal government. >> of new york city wants a bloated government, allows the subway system, powerful unions and want to pay for that stuff, that is fine but don't ask the rest of the country to subsidize it. most middle-class people across the country including many in new york state got tax cuts.
2:46 am
kamala harris is running for president said this is nothing but a middle-class tax increase. she doesn't understand the federal withholding tax and demagogue in the issue. we shouldn't be surprised after the brett kavanaugh hearings, she learned nothing as a first year law student. rob: if you rich in a blue state you might get hit but if you're truly middle-class nothing but good news for you. >> it depends on where you are. it is less likely you will be walloped in new york state if you're middle-class than if you are really well-off. by and large middle-class americans had a tax cut. we are collecting less personal income tax now. >> something everybody is thinking about as we get closer to april, thank you so much. jillian: 46 after the hour. a patriotic salute going viral, the story coming up.
2:47 am
rob: let's check in with todd pyro live in el paso, texas having breakfast with friends. >> these folks attended the trump rally last night. i went to the other relic, the baidoa rally, what he had to say when i had a chance to chat with him in a huge gaggle of moving people when "fox and friends first" returns. looking good bab! are you filming? at, we can't guarantee you'll be any good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on a hotel, like this one. or any home, boat, treehouse, yurt, whatever. get the best price on homes, hotels and so much more., booking.yeah
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>> thanks to a powerful border wall in el paso, texas, one of america's safest cities, we want to stop drugs, traffickers, criminals from coming in, walls
2:51 am
save lives, walls save tremendous numbers of lives. >> rallying thousands in el paso, texas, settling down on his demand for border wall and border security. jillian: we sent todd pyro to the anti-wall beto rourke rally to find out how it went at 3:51 in the morning, you got some people out there this early. >> we have some people but the way you did that cost to me it was like there was a super bowl going on and we were tossing the puppy bowl the way you sent that order to me. to a certain extent that is accurate. we went because it was an antiwar rally and every single supporter we spoke to does not want the wall so we decided to ask the man who is captivating many of these voters what he wanted, here is what he had to say.
2:52 am
>> the wall is a bad idea. el paso has been one of the safest cities in the united states for 20 years and counting. after the wall we came here, it increased, it did not increase. we need to treat one another with respect. >> you can see we were in a tight gaggle there. a mass of humanity. we asked him, your supporters do not want a wall, do you agree and he said i do not want a wall, el paso is a very safe place. when i asked his supporters if you were president would you create a sanctuary country, every single supporter i asked that question of said yes, we want to sanctuary country. it's important to keep that in mind. it was an enlightening experience, we learned a lot but his supporters are fervently in
2:53 am
support of him. i don't know if he goes up against others before and if elizabeth warren's supporters have the same passion so the president is correct, his crowd is bigger, the supporters of beto o'rourke are in his favor. we will talk to them coming up during the course of the morning at 6 am eastern. it will be a blast. >> interesting, you wonder, everybody was thinking about who is going to win this duel of rallies and beto is a texas guy so he has that advantage but the president is the president so interesting to see and they were pretty close. >> we talked about this. i wouldn't say proximity wise they were) crowd size beto had a definite disadvantage.
2:54 am
i'm not a crowd prognosticator but donald trump's crowd was way bigger. >> a lot of people expecting him to announce his run for the presidency last night but he didn't do that. >> 53 after the hour. fame and fortune isn't always something to scream about. this person is going to scary lengths to mask their identity. >> an act of pure patriotism, and camera. the story is coming your way next. ♪ . harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. new crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. .to.
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rob: welcome back. a newspaper carrier finds an abandoned baby in the freezing cold in the middle of a road. the carrier took the hours old baby girl into his car and called police. this happened in the state of california. officers wrapped the new born in blankets. took her to the hospital. she is going to be okay. police are looking for her mom who could be charged with attempted murder. jillian: thankfully she is going to be okay. a car gets pinned between barrier and semi-truck. a driver miraculously survives. the photos are just incredible to look at. you can see the front of the car wedged on a freeway in ohio with the back end stopping straight up. one person was injured but is expected to be okay. officials say the snow were weather may to be blame but, oh, that is awful.
2:59 am
rob: i don't know how you live through that. that's amazing. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. start with the good. heart warming picture of two boys stopping to honor the flag. the kids put their hands offer their hearts and said the pledge of allegiance when they saw the fire department raising the flag. good kids. been shared on facebook more than 4,000 times. jillian: koala bear gets an attitude when it tries to break into australian home. watch this. [growling] >> the cranky koala growling at the people inside as they open the cat flip in the door. of the people put out water for the bear. the koala ignored it and left. rob: it's a weird animal. you don't see too many of those. a lot of know identity. the man wearing a mask from the horror film scream as he collects more than a million bucks in gentleman makeca. he claims the winning numbers came to him in a dream. jillian: you couldn't have chosen a different mask if
3:00 am
not that one from scream? i hate that mask. the thing of nightmare. rob: stay away he has a million bucks. i wouldn't want people to know who i was. i would go scarier. leave me alone. jillian: "fox & friends" start right now. have a good day. [chanting u.s.a.] >> rallying in el paso just as lawmakers reach a possible deal on borders. >> rich liberals they live guards and gates. me too. because i want to be safe and i want to make america safe if you don't mind. >> beto o'rourke taking part in dueling march and rally against president trump. >> safe not because of walls but in spite of walls. [cheers] >> i unequivocally apologize that from congresswoman ilhan omar after swift backlash. >> it's so saddening that a member of congress who has the


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