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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 12, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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not that one from scream? i hate that mask. the thing of nightmare. rob: stay away he has a million bucks. i wouldn't want people to know who i was. i would go scarier. leave me alone. jillian: "fox & friends" start right now. have a good day. [chanting u.s.a.] >> rallying in el paso just as lawmakers reach a possible deal on borders. >> rich liberals they live guards and gates. me too. because i want to be safe and i want to make america safe if you don't mind. >> beto o'rourke taking part in dueling march and rally against president trump. >> safe not because of walls but in spite of walls. [cheers] >> i unequivocally apologize that from congresswoman ilhan omar after swift backlash. >> it's so saddening that a member of congress who has the platform to really change the laws.
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she apologized she said but. >> winter storm slamming the northwest to the northeast. >> winter storm again from the chicago area cenktly delays today you were midwest great lakes in towards the northeast. ♪ i did it my way ♪ thy way too big ♪ i made my. brian: i feel like this guy is singing in my ear you, doesn't he? he sounds like he is live. that's like the best acoustics ever. steve: it was recorded live. we have heard a big storm is coming. schools have already been adjourned through portions of the northeast. according to my weather people, look at my app., snow will start here in one hour and 19 minutes. ainsley: no way? really? that's exciting. it's going to be behind us. brian: it's february. and we can handle it. steve: yeah, we can. brian: amy klobuchar got buried almost life on
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television and she didn't even wear gloves on sunday. ainsley: she is used to it. steve: she is from minnesota land of 10,000 frozen lakes right about now. thanks for joining us today. we have big news. ainsley: lawmakers reached a deal. we begin with this a fox news alert. an agreement has been reached in principle to avoid a second government shutdown. brian: thought clock is ticking for lawmakers to hammer out the details. we do not know officially what the president thinks of this. steve: we know some of the details and griff jenkins joins us live from washington with breaking developments. griff, officially they haven't told us what's in it but a number of lawmakers on both sides have blabbed a little bit. >> that's right. we don't know what's in it because it's in principle. that suggests the details are not fully clear. remember the devil is in the details. right? one thing is clear and no one wants a government shutdown. four top negotiators found some common ground. >> we reached an agreement in principle between us.
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>> that we were time work together birmly, come to an agreement and our staffs are just working out the details. >> here's what's in it as far as we know. 1.37 billion for 55 new miles of border barrier on the rio grande valley. maybe some semantics at play here. democrat sources tell fox news it's not wall. the agreement allows the border patrol to use any currently deployed design including steel slats to build it then there is this. democrats are claiming 17% decrease in ice detention beds. reducing the number from 49,000 beds currently down to just over 40,000. there may be some wiggle room though, we are told dhs funding elsewhere could give them funding for additional beds in the event of a surge on the border. the big question now is whether president trump will sign it. >> well, i can tell that you a lot of things have changed and we will see what happens. i can't go into the exact deal. i just heard it very quickly. >> so, we expect maybe some
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of the details to actually formally to start coming out today. most there could take shape wednesday there is a loft ifs there and a lot of points for contention, guys. steve: there are indeed. griff, thank you very much. the big question is look, whatever it is about $1.4 billion for 55 miles of fence as the president had wanted 200. so, what do conservatives think about it? "the washington post" this morning mark meadows is quoted and then he tweeted. this he is one of the most conservative members of congress. this conference agreement is hardly an attempt to secure our border or stop the flow of illegal immigration. it kicks the can down the road yet again. failing to address the critical priorities outlined by border patrol chiefs. congress is not doing its job. ainsley: the president wants chief of staff has said he can also get money elsewhere. so maybe this is a start. maybe the president would say okay, i will agree to this but i'm going to get money elsewhere. he said we definitely are going to build the wall.
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he said that in the rally yesterday. he said he is not going to ever sign a bill that forces the mass release of violent criminals. that's senator richard shelby from alabama, republican from alabama will the president approve it we think so and we hope. so. brian: on the beds there is going to be immediate word is 17% decrease. if you look at the flexibility there. the president could get his request level 52,000 beds with very little trouble. little mobility from mic mulvaney. the 1.37 billion. a lot less than 5. not that they are lazy. contracts have to be handed out. equipment has got to be acquired and they have got to get the plans. they are starting this week from 2017. now, they are starting 55 miles. barack obama built 133 miles. george bush did 155 miles. this would get them up to about 110. and they're not going to slow down. even if the money was all there and they got
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20 billion, they probably couldn't have picked up the pace. and steve and ainsley, this is only seven months. steve: keep in mind. democrats didn't want him to build one mile. ainsley: this is a big step, right? steve: i think the president is going to say you know what? i will take that number right there 1.4 billion for 55 miles of border wall and then i bet he has got something up his sleeve. because, last night, and ainsley you just alluded to. this he said that wall is going to be built. listen to this. >> we're building the wall anyway. illegal immigration hurts all americans, including millions of legal immigrants by driving down wages, draining public resources, and claiming countless innocent lives. the biggest proponents of open borders are rich liberals and wealthy donors. these are hypocrites who oppose security for you while living their entire lives -- i do too, to be honest with you -- i'm
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guilty. i'm guilty. i also live behind walls, okay? they live behind walls and gates and they have guards all over the place, me too, because i want to be safe. and i want to make america safe if you don't mind. [cheers and applause] so security should not belong only to the rich and to the powerful. safety is the birth right of every american, which is why we must finish the wall. brian: signs seen all across the building finish the wall. steve: especially in el paso. brian: remember, when that deal came out and nancy pelosi made the offer. yeah, you can have 1.3 billion but not one cent for the wall. maybe able to repair fence. enough to said only the normandy fence those x's that stop vehicles which is basically like a split rail fence for vehicles. now this can be used wherever wanted and the ballard fence which is pa
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preferred by the border patrol because they can see through it is. my sense is that both sides saw the cliff of a shutdown. they did not want to jump and i think it's also how you characterize this. if you are going to be saying look what we made him do or her do then people are going to get bent out of shape and donors are going to react and then back with no more compromises on everything, ever. steve: i think the president forced the issue with the government shutdown. he sees some money and take that money and go along with the deal and i don't think he will declare a national emergency. like i said, i don't know what his plan c is. i think he has another way to legally reprogram some money. keep in mind the whole worry about him declaring a national emergency would be that the democrats would paul him into court. the commander-in-chief with the courts has broad authority to protect the nation. and so i think his attorneys could make a really good argument. we need the wall because we have heard so many people
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talk about the crisis with the drugs and everything else. ainsley: to brian's point, if they're just building what they passe passed in 2017. this is a start. found the government through september. and maybe get another 55 miles and another 1 billion plus dollars for the next phase. but if they're just working on 2017, that's an excellent point. he also said last night which i thought was interesting. he said i choose you. my people were trying to tell me about this agreement that the lawmakers have just -- had come to terms with. and i didn't want to hear all the details because i was supposed to be out here on stage talking to you, my people from texas. i choose you. i will learn about the details after the rally. brian: meanwhile the president's theme last night was he laid out the groundwork for 2020. not into socialism. the green deal disaster. late-term abortion has got to stop immediately. one party is for it. one party isn't. steve: well, america is against it we are going to show. ainsley: majority. even pro-choicers. steve: it's a u gov poll 80% of the country is against it
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we will tell you more about that a little later on. 6:10 in new york city. jillian joins us with some news. jillian: that's right. good morning. following a number of stories starting with. this today. one of the women accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of assault will speak out. betrayal and courage nut age of me too at stanford university tonight. this happening as several members of justin fairfax's staff resign over the allegations against him. fairfax has denied the allegations and called for an fbi investigation into them. a woman convicted of texting her boyfriend and encouraging him to commit suicide is now in jail. a judge ordering michelle carter to again her 15-month prison sentence days after a state court upheld her involuntary manslaughter conviction from 2017. carter was found guilty of persuading conrad troy kill himself when she was 17 years old in 2014. her lawyers plan to appeal to the supreme court. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan arrives in
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baghdad on unannounced trip overnight. heal meet with the country's prime minister and military commanders. the leaders will discuss the future of u.s. troops in iraq. the u.s. has 5200 troops in iraq right now. president trump says service members are needed there to watch iran. and how about this? an extremely rare letter written by george washington could be yours. the first president writing this letter to the speaker of the pennsylvania house of representatives. praising god for the ratification of the constitution in the year 1788. the letter is being sold at a pennsylvania auction house with a current price of $140,000. a look at your headlines. pretty cool, huh? brian: that is pretty amazing. fantastic. george washington is not writing much anymore. this is probably only going it appreciate it. ainsley: i'm surprised it's not going for more than that actually. brian: right. steve: brian's book had all the information about it. why pay 140,000 when you can get brian's book. ainsley: the guy in the very
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front row had your book in the back of the pocket. brian: must have been a really bright guy. fantastic. ainsley: he was nice. he came over and offered candy to hayden. thank you. not doing candy today. steve: by the way, today is abraham lincoln's birthday. ainsley: you are right. steve: born on this date in 1809. brian: if i can steal ainsley's line abraham, glad you were born. ainsley: very glad he was born. brian: while president trump was in el paso beto o'rourke was holding his own march one mile away. >> do not save lives. walls end lives. brian: some democrats are calling him the new obama. but is this really an comparison? we break down his record. ainsley: chris pratt firing back at ellen paige after criticized his church's values. his response coming up. ♪ ♪ know you're not alone
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feeling unsure? what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360™ technology. the most available driver assist techonology in its class. the new 2019 ford edge >> we know that walls do not save lives. walls end lives. steve: even though beto o'rourke lost a senate seat to ted cruz he is still one
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of the democrats rising stars. he returned to the spotlight last night in el paso with a march and rally not far from where president trump was having a rally. here to weigh in, chris wilson, republican strategist and former campaign polster for senator ted cruz of the great state of texas. chris, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: some have drawn comparisons between broker and barack obama. are there any comparisons? >> well, i think it's probably more appear promo you might think. not in the way democrats would like it to be apropos. the fact is really barack obama's state senate in illinois back bencher votoed present more than yes or ono. beto o'rourke before he ran against ted cruz had passed a total of three bills while he was in congress for a few tirmsz. is he a back bench member of congress. renaming the courthouse. so both of these people were not one to build a reputation off of a sustained time of accomplishment or series of accomplishments. they are people who through one single political event
3:18 am
obama giving a speech at d. in c beto o'rourke running as ted cruz really elevated themselves to the national consciousness. what's clear to me about o'rourke. have you democrats rallying around them over losing a race. stacey abrams giving the response to donald trump. if i was a democrat who won a race in 2018 i might be irritated you have some democrats who lost being elevated to head of the party. steve: what do you make of the fact they had dueling rallies yesterday and we are looking at some of the imageimages from el paso that's that was miles away from the trump event. i know president trump got multiples more people in attendance to his but nonetheless, one or two thousand. that's pretty good for him, isn't it. >> it's him hometown, steve. looking at this, i have had enough meetings trying to advance events on presidential campaign that's really stress over how many people are going to turn out and what the look of it is. there are probably a lot of democrats advance people out of work this week.
3:19 am
elizabeth warren people walking off the stage behind her amy klobuchar climate change global warming rally and breaks out in snow. and beto o'rourke can't get more than a couple thousand to turn out for him. bad look for someone. do something in your hometown and try to compete with something else, maybe somebody you want to run against in the next couple years, you have to have a big crowd turnout he just didn't achieve that. steve: chris, how do you explain how he was energized so many democrats? >> i have worked for ted cruz for a long time ted cruz does a good job of energizing democrats and probably on that. it will be interesting to see how beto o'rourke is able to do raising money running against elizabeth warren or bernie sanders and raises money from the new york and hollywood sources that funded his campaign for senate. against ted cruz. because i think more of those people were jumping in to beto o'rourke as opponent to ted cruz and not necessarily beto o'rourke as pattern. again, what i said, he has
3:20 am
never accomplished anything and that has to matter at some point. steve: if he ran, no doubt that would be the people on the other side chris wilson joining us from ok city. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. steve: exactly 6:20 in new york. new york and virginia pushing to ease restrictions on late-term abortions is that what pro-choice americans want? a brand new survey that is going to shock you is coming up next. plus, an active patriot caught on camera. story behind this photo that will make you proud to be an american. wait until you hear this story ♪ walking real proud ♪ talking real loud again ♪ in america ♪ never did think that it ever would happen again ♪ the first and only treatment of its kind offering people
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♪ brian: all right. some quick headlines now. nevada lawmakers will debate a proposal that require background checks for private gun sales and transfers. the state senate leader says they could vote on it as early as tomorrow. if passed the bill requires sales to be run past a licensed dealer it could go into effect in next year. talks expected in denver, colorado today as teachers walk off the job for a second straight day. ♪ chanting] hey, hey, ho, ho, these unfair wages have got to go. brian: higher base pay first strike in 25 years. now, here is ainsley. ainsley: thank you, brian. multiple states across the united states are making the push for legalizing late-term abortions. but is that really what you, as an person, really want, including those who are pro-choice. new poll finds that 80% of all americans oppose late-term abortions and, guess what? look at that 68% of
3:25 am
pro-choice americans oppose it entrepreneurs and authors of the new book bold and broken, becoming the bridge between heaven and earth. so good to see you guys. thank you for being on with us again. congratulations on the new book. >> thank you. ainsley: we will get that. we wanted to bring you on. you have this tv show and talk about faith openly. you ended up losing that show because of it and now written this amazing book. what are your thoughts of this even two thirds of pro-choicers are against, this basically. why would states want to legalize. this couple of things going on. this isn't a political battle it's a spiritual moral battle it crosses political lines. what happens in america today the ceiling always becomes the floor. it just constantly wants more and more and more. and we're watching it expand and it reminds me of a quote by edmund burk the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing.
3:26 am
here's what's interesting the science is finally catching up to the bible. the bible is clear that an unborn child is a human being in a mother's womb but now we have science. so you see all these statistics coming out that the millennials and the newer generation of even prois people are saying hold on a second. we are looking at these you ultrasounds and seeing these are human beings, those are fingers and ice and nose. when planned parenthood is exposed for the culture of death pushing on our country folks are beginning to shrink back. ainsley: you gov united americans for live they surveyed. have you 9 kid between the two of you. >> we do. >> you live on the same street? charlotte, north carolina. i'm sure you have fun. when you hear the comments from the governor of virginia. let me play these comments. i'm sure you heard it. most americans have. let me remind you of what he said and i would get your reaction.
3:27 am
>> the infant would be delivered. the infants would be kept comfort annual and the infants would be resuccess stated if that's what the mother and family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the mother. >> it's a culture of death. how could a person in leadership say something like that and not be outraged. this is exactly why we wrote our book it should cause to you want to rise up. we are telling people now is the time to stand boldly. you have to do it right. because there is ditches on both sides. see, boldness apart from brokenness makes you a bully. ainsley: go ahead. that's an excellent point. why would these governors want to push this and why would these states? there are 10 different states. put up the map really pushing. this why would they want to push this? if even two thirds of pro-choicers are against this. >> this is a culture of death. this is a spiritual battle. sometimes it defies logic. when my kids are saying how could he say something like in this is infanticide.
3:28 am
craziness. they believe with the abortion lobby and planned parenthood that history is on their side. that the political momentum is on their side. and that is just absolutely wrong. but the issue is in scripture it teaches let us not love with just words and speech but in truth and in connection with as. those that are pro-life. even those that are pro-choice that are against this need to speak and stand strong and don't worry about the thought mafia and those that want to bully you and intimidate you into silence. you have to speak and get involved and be pro-life. it's one thing to be against abortion. it's another thing to be pro-life. >> this is our time. this is why we are here. because it's our time to stand strong. i mean, when you are standing strong for what you really believe, in you are really living. that's again why we wrote that book. that's why i want to get back there are ditches on both sides of the road because you can stand so boldly but not be in a spirit of brokenness which we would say is submission to god and a spirit of humility. you love people not just all ideas.
3:29 am
boldness with brokenness makes you a bridge between heaven and earth where god can connect with people. on the other side this is where christians are today. they are broken and submitted to god but not standing bold. that makes you a by stander. on bully on one side or a bystander on the other. david is saying now is the time for us to get in the middle and be that bridge we stand on a foundation of brokenness and you will become that bridge between heaven and earth. this is our time to stand strong and stuff like this that's going on in virginia and new york, it just defines the context for us to take that stand. ainsley: thank you so much, guys. god bless you both. it's called bold and broken. you can pick it up on amazon. god bless. >> thank you. ainsley: president trump sending a message to ilhan omar after the congresswoman's anti-semitic comments. her new statement that is sparking more controversy this morning. firefighters to police to border security. is there a shortage of americans signing up to serve? our first responders panel is here to discuss that coming up next. but, first, happy birthday to bill russell, the nba
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sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 24-month financing on all smart beds. only for a limited time. ♪ ain't that america. steve: this is your american shot morning. two young boys stopped to honor the flag is going viral this morning. ainsley: so sweet. a fire chaplain in north carolina says the kids put their hands over their hearts and said the pleej when they saw the fire department raising the flag. it's been shared on facebook more than 4,000 times. steve: very, very nice. glad they did that so we could salute them on this tuesday morning. brian? brian: let's get started. a firefighter shortage is happening in pennsylvania big time. forcing the state into a
3:34 am
public safety crisis. since the 1970s the numbers of volunteer firefighters in the state has declined by 88%. the new report warns that other areas could face the similar problem. this comes as the border patrol struggles to recruit and now keep agents. how can we get the americans -- get americans to serve in their communities? our panel here to discuss it. former west chester county police sergeant steve cardian is here. welcome back. spokesperson for the firemen association of the state of new york. robert leonard is here and former ice supervisor jason piccolo. jason, first off. i know you are more border patrol, but in terms of fire department, what's going on? >> it's tough to get people to come out here and serve right now. especially you have these abolish ice movements, abolish police movements. it's just a tough situation to get people to volunteer. brian: what's changed? >> changes have been in economics and socioeconomic factors. two income families. husband and wife both works. the husband works two jobs
3:35 am
and the wife works two jobs. commute to home 30 to 40 miles. when you lived in town you parked the ice truck and went out on a call and came back. brian: first time i saw volunteers wanted was about two months ago i saw it on electronic billboard. i thought you guys were fully staffed. >> volunteering is one of the best things can you do to give back to your community. what we see is that now this has changed. they are doing it for self-need. they are not doing it for self-need. they are doing it because they have hefty college loans. they have got two income families. and they have other interests. they are interested in sports. we don't have the time to do this anymore. the internet has become a big tool that has diminished volunteerism. brian: do you need a campaign like the army does give you the image award what it means, jason? >> what happens is a lot of times people go to the border and they get border burnout after three to five years. how are you going to sell that to someone? these are remote areas.
3:36 am
i was lucky enough to go to san diego but what happens if did you go to one of these small areas like arizona. brian: or mccallen. nothing wrong with small towns but not a lot going on. being run down politically, correct? >> volunteer fire service is unique. we serve everybody. we don't have. so challenges law enforcement has, but our challenge is education. we referred to that digital sign you saw, being on facebook and internet. it's educating people. you can volume tier and serve your community and despite political factors volunteers aren't paid. our budgets aren't as controlled assay the paid stat at police departments. brian: we know about academies for cops and volunteer firefighters and border patrol. do you know what i fear is next? ice. because we are so so polarized. you are putting your life on the line on a regular basis. nine out of every 10 pickups are criminals. and then you are hearing derision? people protesting outside your office? >> brian, i have said for 100 years if you tie law enforcement's hands, if you don't give them the public and the administrative support, that they need, they are going to shut down.
3:37 am
you are not going to get the people that you really want to attract. you are going to lose 10% of the cops and 90% of the work. they are going to shut down and do less work because they don't want to get jammed up and lose their salary to protect their family. brian: jason, too when it comes to the families hear it. your dad, you're a husband? oh, he is in ice. one of those people anti-immigrant because they have been labeled like that by the democratic party enemy cases. >> you are finding divisions within families now. you might have someone that lean as little bit to the left who has a brother that is an ice agent hey, you know what? how can you possibly go out and arrest these innocence? brian: robert give a pitch for volunteer firefighters. >> slol tier firefighters 800,000. 900,010 years ago. we lost 10% of the population. call volume has gone up three times. we need to help. brian: what's great about. >> it you are out there in the community with your neighbors. guy to my own neighbors home and i go and help solve the problem a good feeling: we do emergency medical
3:38 am
services fire fighting. we do rescue. we are training ground for future careers in fire fighting. federal careers. we think it's important to volunteer. brian: important you guys came out. thank you for your message. let's go upstairs where we saysequestered jillian. jillian: ilhan omar should be ashamed of herself. lobbying group of paying members of congress to support israel. omar has apologized saying my intention is never to offend my constituents or jewish americans as a whole. in that same statement she says, quote. i reaffirm the problematic role of lobbyists in our politics whether it be aipac, the nra or fossil fuel industry. a semi-truck slams into a police cruiser. look at that after speeding through a red light. the terrifying moments caught on camera in wisconsin. the officer was initially trapped inside his vehicle but somehow managed to escape uninjured. thankfully.
3:39 am
the speeding driver was cited for driving too fast for the wintry weather conditions. officers sharing these photos urging drivers to slow down. katy perry's brand shoes are being pulled off the shelves after critics pulled resemblance to black face. the block heeled sanders two eyes, nods and red lings on a black shoe. beige and gold version were available as part of a collection nod to modern art. perry tells the hollywood reporter, quote: our intention was never to inflict any pain. chris pratt responding to actress ellen page after she called him out for attending a church she claims is anti-lbgtq. pratt posting on instagram, quote nothing could be further from the truth. i go to a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone u he says that community helped him get through his divorce from anna fares. a look at your headlines. i will send it down to you
3:40 am
guys. brian: got his back anyway. ainsley: winter storm wreaking havoc across the midwest closing in on the northeast. steve: that's right. snowy and icy mess causing massive pileups across much of the great lakes and wisconsin. brian: we asked janice dean to track this system and she has with her system. janice: yes, it is happening. really from the northwest across the you were midwest in towards the northeast, they already are canceling schools across long island and upstate new york. take a look at the maps and i will show you the track of the storm. even though it's not going to perhaps produce a lot of snow along the coast, it is going to give the threat for ice and that's why they are getting ahead of it and canceling schools in and around the northeast where we see that pink on the map, we have a freezing rain and ice storm warning for parts of chicago in towards toledo. wouldn't be surprised to see ice storm advisories up towards maybe new york city in towards long island and connecticut over the next couple of hours because even
3:41 am
though this is not going to be a blockbuster winter storm producing a lot of snow. the ice is what is going to be very concerning that could triple or rather cripple travel and that's the concern. there are your snow fall forecast. i don't really wants you to pay close attention to them because it's the icing that will make the headlines. and then across the northwest, another storm system moving in there bringing more mountain snow and coastal rain. busy day across the country. we will keep you posted here in the northeast. i expect some snow probably within the next hour around fox square. back inside. steve: i think that's probably right. janice, i'm looking at one of the local web sites and it looks like hundreds of schools. janice: yes, absolutely. they want to get ahead of that ice. brian: if you are a kid, study at home. you have your books with you. steve: why bother? it's a snow day. thanks, j.d. what are voters in el paso texas saying about beto o'rourke and duling rallies last night. ed to piro as you can see right there. is iis at an adiner in el paso.
3:42 am
>> brian: delivering a win for president trump on the wall. how significant is the ruling? wake the judge up ands we he we put it here on camera. there you go. ♪ working overtime on a run away train ♪ i got to bust loose from this ball and train ♪.. hard worken man. when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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3:45 am
before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? steve: notoriously ninth circuit of appeals out west has actually sided with the trump administration pinch me in a case -- judge, i was just kidding in challenging its use of waivers to bypass environmental regulations in constructing a border wall. ainsley: here to break it all down what does this mean for the trump administration and moving forward is fox news judicial analyst and host of liberty file on fox nation judge andrew
3:46 am
napolitano. >> show so he, shocklily this is not part of the border wall to be built under the trump administration. this was authorized under the obama administration. the statute that authorizes it said if environmental regulations would impede or prevent the construction of the wall, it's relatively small piece. it's not what president trump wants to build. that the secretary of homeland security, currently a trump appointee, secretary nielsen can waive the environmental regulations. she waived them. the environmentals went to court. a federal judge enjoined her. yesterday the ninth circuit lifted the injunction and said we don't have anything to do with whether or not the wall should be built. the congress authorized it three years ago. does she have the authority to waive the regulations? answer, yes. so it is prizing not that this is the outcome because the slaw pretty standard. it's surprising this is the outcome in the ninth circuit where it does appear as though judges appointed by
3:47 am
presidents other than donald trump have done everything that they can to stymie him. brian: i know there are some positions open and president trump is looking to put those judges into the ninth district. do you know where that's at. >> yes, do i know where it's at. i'm not exactly crazy about it because the white house has decided to cooperate with the two senators from california. which means you're not going to get people that are exactly trumpians on the court. steve: all right. >> listen, they don't have the authority to stop but they have the authority to delay and frustrate it. steve: speaking of delay. it sounds like michael cohen who used to be the president's attorney, fixer guy. >> oh boy. steve: he has agreed i'm going to come down and talk to congress and testify away. he has now cancelled for a third time. >> he must be getting cold feet. brian: he had surgery. ainsley: shoulder surgery. >> we didn't know about the surgery. let surgery. the doctors have said he has got to rest. is he going away on march 6th. i bet your bottom dollar that is not going to be delayed. right now the testimony has been rescheduled to
3:48 am
february 2 -- steve: couldn't he come back from prison for testimony. >> i can't imagine them letting him out of prison for that reason. it's more likely congress would go to congress and interview him. neither of those is going to happen. ainsley: he wants to stall, stall, stall and go to prison and not have to come back and testify. >> i don't know what he wants. i don't know how immediate the need for the shoulder surgery was nor i do know what he was going to say. brian: how limited would he be? he is not going to be able to expose things for an ongoing investigation. >> as a practical matter, whatever he tells the committee they will know about ahead of time because their investigators will have interviewed him. i suggest to you those interviews have already happened. they just want him to say it under oath and on the record so they can use it. steve: under oath is funny because we know he is a liar. >> right. not only is he a liar. he pleaded guilty to lying to them to this very committee to now he wants to go and go under oath and supposedly tell the truth. listen, sometimes after people plead guilty they become different people. i don't know. i don't know the guy.
3:49 am
steve: all right. >> i predict to you this will happen again. we will be talking about this next week. brian: the other shoulder. ainsley: kamala harris prosecuted pot as california attorney general. enough to that she is running for president, listen. >> i think that it gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy. [laughter] ainsley: is this the biggest political flip flop ever? brian: what are voters in el paso saying about president trump and beto o'rourke's dueling rallies. todd piro is talking with. >> we talked to the beto folks and today we are talking to the trump folks and of course we have tacos for breakfast when "fox & friends" returns ♪ ♪ spread the message ♪ oh god blessed texas ♪ (burke) parking splat. and we covered it.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>> steve: well, dualing rallies in el paso, tox. presidentexas. half of that number of people rallied to support sanctuary cities at oppose the president's wall. ainsley: todd piro is there and joins us with a recap live from elmer's restaurant in el paso, texas. hey, todd. todd: good morning. this place is amazing it's been here 70 years elmer's family restaurant that is. you wanted to say something before we begin. what is that? >> basically this is a business we are down the middle. we are democrat or republican. we are just here to invite people to come to our business. todd: awesome. >> we can be here longer than we have already been. todd: awesome stuff. live in such a polarized
3:54 am
sewed. they are just business owners here trying to make a living and all the noise that we get with the politics stuff, it shouldn't be about that. it should be about whatever this is. what is this? >> he is pa espanola. todd: thank you so much. yesterday we went to the beto rally and we spoke to some of the individuals there to get their point of view as to what they think about certain big issues. take a listen. todd: you don't want a wall, why? >> it's a waste of money. >> i know from a fact-base first of all that it doesn't do anything. it's not necessary. and it's not the way that drugs and terrorists come into our country. >> i don't like borders. >> the wall has no purpose. even if he built it himself, i still wouldn't care because we would find a way around it? >> if you were president, would you make the united states a sanctuary country. >> oh, heck yeah. bring them all. bring your tired, bring your hungry, weary. we accept them all.
3:55 am
todd: okay. that's what the beto supporters thought. let's talk to some of the trump supporters. rhonda was at the rally. how was it? >> the rally was incredible. i love this president. everything he does with protecting christianity, with the conservative judges, and then the economy. and what he is doing for oil and gas in texas. it's wonderful. todd: thank you, now keith stood outside in the cold. couldn't get in the rally but decided to stay out there and watch it on the big screens despite the cold. that's why we have gotten him a hot meal. keith, why did you stay out in the cold? >> i'm very patriotic to this country and patriotic to our president. and i would have stood out there for many more hours if i had to. todd: all right, keith. thank you. debbie, besides supporting the president, you wanted to go there to support his pro-life agenda, why? >> the ones that aren't born yet we want those babies to be born. todd: thank you, debbie. finally heidi, you went there not only to support the president but to support his policies against sanctuary cities. why is that so important to
3:56 am
you. >> because we need to do things the right way. come into this country legally and do it correctly. we don't want to be an example of someone who does things incorrectly. todd: we thank you for your answers. we thank the beto folks for their answers. as promised i made it through so i'm going to reward myself. pete hegseth, eat your heart out. steve: that looks fantastic. ainsley: what are you eating? todd: this is spanish omelet different than any one i ever had before. it has a heavy saw is heavy sa. steve: i loved the tacos on tuesday that we saw a little while ago. abc delicious. thank you, todd, reporting live from elmer's. ainsley: in el paso. brian: senator amy klobuchar says the first thing she dual is rejoin the paris climate change if she becomes president. does she know why we left to bin with?
3:57 am
we have the science. ainsley: we know him and love him. do you know the one word that inspired gary sinise to help out our heroes? he is here live ♪ this is our country ♪ ♪ want a performance car that actually fits your life? introducing the new 2019 ford edge st. capability meets power. in the first suv from the ford performance team. the new 2019 ford edge st cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies
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4:00 am
>> an agreement has been reached in principle to avoid a second government shutdown. >> the democrats were being hit really hard on the concept of releasing criminals into our society. that is not been playing well. >> we put a cap in my jail and where are they going to be out in community to revictimize persons in our communities. >> i unequivocally apologize that from democrat congresswoman ilhan omar. >> how do you not have the resolution of censure against ilhan omar. the reason is because deep down they agree with i will man omar. >> kamala harris talk talks abot her own personal use with marijuana. >> have you ever spooked. >have you -- ever smoked.>> i h.
4:01 am
andy inhale. i think it gives people a lot of joy. >> gallup poll optimism over personal. all-time high. 69% of americans say they expect to be financially better off at this time next year. ♪ all you have to sa stay a second ♪ your hand on mine ♪ the clock is ticking steve: the clock is ticking it's 7:01 in new york city. thank you for joining us. we do believe the snow should be arriving here in new york city. they have called off schools throughout the area. it's going to be a snow day. a good day to watch cable. brian: absolutely. good day to watch cable because there is a lot of bruins from the president's rally last night to beto o'rourke's rally encounter including a border -- a break through on the border deal. we could be looking at maybe avoid ago shutdown. steve: we start this hour with a fox news alert. an agreement has been
4:02 am
reached in principle, the congress people say, to secure the border and avoid a dreaded second government partial shutdown. ainsley: that's right. thought clock is ticking for lawmakers to hammer out the details before the deadline on friday night. brian: how will this deal be accepted by both sides, if at all. griff jenkins is in washington with the latest. hey, griff. >> we are thin on details here but it appears that both sides could claim some victory. let's look at this. for the white house you have 1.3745 billion for 55 new miles of border barrier. don't call it a wall. it's a barrier according to democrats. all that will be in the rio grande valley sector. the border patrol can use any currently deployed design they want to build it. now, for democrats, it has a 17-% decrease in ice detention beds. reducing the number from 49,000 currently down to just over 40,000. but there might be some wiggle room there because dhs funding elsewhere could give them the authority for more beds in the event of a surge on the border. the big question is whether
4:03 am
the president, who put the wall front and center in last night's rally would sign this. walls save lives. my administration has put forward a compromise. it's compassionate and it's going to solve our problem. >> already this deal is not going over well with conservatives. congressman mark meadows tweeting. this this conference agreement is hardly a serious attempt to secure our border or stop the flow of illegal immigration. it kicks the can down the road yet again failing to address the critical priorities outlined by border patrol chiefs. congress is not doing its job. next up we will actually get the language, hopefully at some point today or tomorrow, guys. ing. brian: thanks, griff. one important element is when nancy pelosi says here is 1.3 billion. not one dime, not one dollar for a barrier or fence or anything stone i don't hoyer says i havsteny hoyer says ihavh
4:04 am
barriers. now under 1.4 billion. anything he wants. ballard or thick fence or continue. steve: steny hoyer says he has no problem with ice. ice does a really important thing for us. keep in mind, yesterday, when we last saw you. the talks had broken down. at the 11th hour the democrats had started talking about limiting the number of beds that they could be used for detention. that's really a euphemism for how many people could ice possibly arrest during the course of a year and then deport and process and things like that. the republicans said this is a nonstarter. that's not going to work. so, the president last night in el paso was talking about that and how the democrats were trying to put a cap on the number of people that ice could detain. and he didn't like it at all. >> we love our ice officers.
4:05 am
[cheers] >> ice officers have made 200 -- thrifn these numbers 266,000 arrest of criminal aliens, including those charged or convicted of approximately 100 assaults. 4,000 kidnappings and 4,000 murders: murders, murders, killings, murders. [chanting build that wall] if we cut detention space we are cutting loose dangerous criminals into our country. slashing ice detention is the first step of many for the far left i call them the radical left. we will never abolish ice. ainsley: the sheriff of rockingham county, his name sam paige is on the same page as the president. listen. >> it jeopardizes public safety. i look at it, you know, if we put a cap in my jail at a local jail and said you can't house no more than 200, then where are these
4:06 am
persons going to be? they will be out in the community to revictimize persons in our communities. i gave a letter to the president. 72% of the persons being held for mandatory detention crimes. 90% of the persons being detained are charged or convicted of criminal offenses or in deportation status. brian: that was the sheriff last night. keep in mind, when it comes to detention beds. they feel as though, does the administration and does senator shelby free up $750 million and get up to 52,000 beds. they will could end up with more sadly going to need more to do this. so, before everyone gets in their talking points and grab sides later on today, there is so much wiggle room in this deal that both sides can walk away a little disappointed and be a little happy. steve: the president said last night in el paso we are going to build that wall. how is he going to do it mark meadows who griff was quoted a moment ago. he has sent out tweets in the last couple weeks talking about how there are
4:07 am
ways for the president under u.s. code, a couple different codes where he can reprogram money without declaring a national emergency. maybe that's what the president is talking about. stay tuned we know the white house got a look at it and nancy pelosi said i'm okay with it. ainsley: a lot of people are calling for him to veto it you have senator richard shelby the republican from alabama when asked will the president approve of this we think so and hope. so the president said yesterday i'm never going to sign a bill that forces the mass release of violent criminals. if you look at the stats, ice figures 66% of the immigrants detained last year in 2018 were previously convicted of crimes. and in 2016 that number was 86%. brian: it's real and they are already building the wall from 2017, they start this week. and then they will be able to continual building it now that there is enough money there. 7 minutes after the top of the hour. one of the many controversies coming your way easy to get buried what's happening in virginia with all three of these high
4:08 am
ranking officials. it's hard also to take your eye off this congresswoman ilhan omar she has made a few comments where clearly she seems to have a problem with our pro-israeli position in america. and how -- why do i think that? because i read her tweets. steve: yeah, because she had to apologize for this. it was a tweet in response to journalist glen greenwald's tweet. republican leader kevin mccarthy threatened punishment for her and rashida tlaib over criticism of israel. stunning how much time u.s. political leaders spend defend ago foreign nation even if it means attacking free speech rights of americans. then she tweeted it's all about the benjamins, baby. she has since walked that back and apologized to a point here is the president and what he said about her yesterday. ainsley: he said i think she should be ashamed of
4:09 am
herself. i think it was a terrible statement. and i don't think her apology was adequate. a lot of democrats came out against her. nancy pelosi condemned her and that's when she decided to release her statement. brian: right. she said aipac is paying off essentially lawmakers to have this pro-israeli stance. ben shapiro took umbrage with this. >> >> how do you not have a censorship of a resolution of ken sure against ilhan omar for all of this? the reason is the democratic party deep down agrees with ilhan omar. the democratic party replete with anti-semitism and anti israel activity. i was there in 2012 when the idea of israel's capital booed at their convention. the just hating in the democratic party is pretty obvious at this point. steve: okay. so nancy pelosi and top democratic leaders did say, look, you've got to apologize. but they did not, as the "new york post" and their op-ed page says this morning
4:10 am
the failure to discipline omar stands in contrast to house republicans who stripped representative steve king of his committee assignments for lamenting the fact that the white supremacy is deemed an offensive term. so, they are saying. ainsley: standards? steve: that's what they are talking about. brian: nancy pelosi condemned the remarks and demanded the apology and that demanded her attention. we will see where that goes. at least -- i don't know why she would still leave her on the foreign relations committee. if she is that upset with her stance on israel. why would you have her on such an important committee that has to do with our policy on israel in the house? steve: great question. that's what a lot of people are shaking heir heads about today. ainsley: we are asking also is jillian here? there she is. jillian: surprise. ainsley: headlines for us. jillian: get you caught up on what is happening in vear. one of the women accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault will speak out publicly. dr. vanessa tyson will be part of a panel titled betrayal and courage in the
4:11 am
age of me too at stanford university tonight. this hang as several members of justin fairfax's staff resign over the allegations against him. fairfax has denied the allegations and called for an fbi investigation into them. the former chicago police officer who shot and killed laquon mcdonald could get a new sentence. prosecutors believe the nearly 7 year sentence given to jason van dyke last month is not enough. they are asking the illinois supreme court to review the case. van dyke was found guilty of second degree murder and aggravated battery for shooting a 17-year-old in 2014. people in iowa could soon support their favorite candidates without leaving their homes. state democrats proposing virtual caucuses in the 2020 election. biggest proposed change to the system in 20 years. the use of smart devices will make the process more accessible and transparent. currently people have to physically show up and stand in groups to support presidential candidates.
4:12 am
country music legend garth brooks turning cowboy hat for baseball cap. brooks is joining the pittsburgh pirates for a week of spring training this year. it's the fourth time he has joined a major league team. this year returning to the field for 20th anniversary of the garth brooks teammates for foundation. pairs children with professional athletes and has raised more than $100 million. even though he did not grow up in pittsburgh, he grew up a pirate's fan. cool to do it. steve: it's shocking, $100 million that he has raised. jillian: um-huh. steve: good for him. thank you, jillian. straight ahead. california senator kamala harris prosecuted pot as california's attorney general but now that she is running for president, she is saying this: >> i think that it gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy. [laughter] steve: she is talking about pot giving people a lot of joy. is that the biggest political flip flop ever? we are going to talk about it. brian: you know him and love him as lieutenant dan in
4:13 am
forrest gump and also csi. do you know the one word that inspired gary sinise to help our american heroes like no one else in this country. he will share that story and his new book in just a moment. ♪ it's going to be a good life ♪ good, good life ♪ as a fitness junkie, i customize everything - bike, wheels, saddle. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those... which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> i believe we need to legalize marijuana. and we need to research -- which is one of the reasons we need to legalize it we need to move it on the schedule so we can research. >> have you ever smoked? >> i have. >> okay. >> i think it gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy. [laughter] >> we need more joy in the world. brian: and the crowd roared. presidential candidate kamala harris pushing for marijuana legalization at the federal level in part because it brings joy. the california senator didn't back legalization for recreational use until last year. is this a flip flop because she is now running for president? here to react fellow dr. murray worked in the office national drug control policy. dr. murray, you are concerned about the tone especially, why? >> good morning, brian. because my impression is this is no longer a time in this country where we want to make jokes about
4:18 am
addiction. and this was a very jockular tone. i don't think anyone who wants to be a leader can ignore the scientific literature how dangerous and serious legalized commercial hypo tenancy marijuana is i also sense a little bit of insensitivity here since i'm very familiar with the thousands of parents all across the country who are struggling to recover their own children from marijuana addiction and where that leads. it's doing great damage to adolescent lives and any senator, any presidential as pier rant needs to read what the medical field shows and move under what cheech and chong. it didn't help jamaica it's not going to help california. brian: people say put pot here and put fentanyl and
4:19 am
heroin here. don't mix the two. what do you say? the one doesn't lead to the other. >> brian, i think the research is actually disrupting that simplified notion that there is a soft drug over here called marijuana separated from the overdose crisis that the country is going through, the unprecedented more than 70,000 americans lost their lives in the most recent year 2017. that's an astonishing link, however is that early adolescent marijuana exposure is actually tied to the opioid epidemic overdose disaster that we have kind of inculcated here. it primes the brain especially for young adolescents exposed to the hypo tenancy industrial marijuana available now. they are smoking shatter and concentrates. they are vapor rising them and 70 and 90% concentrates of thc the neurotoxicity here is neuro.
4:20 am
they are linked epidemics. brian: we only have 20 seconds left. she is going with a trend. first medicinal and then recreational and then legalizing it she wants to get the young vote by staying with the trend. what do you say to her? >> my impression is you don't get the young vote by putting them in great jeopardy and the damage we are going to do to this generation in this experiment is very grave. my impression is she made a mistake. she called for more research unfortunately she said let's legalize first and then research on what we have done to ourselves. that's not the way it works. she needs to be more familiar with the research already been done and issuing a strong warning to us don't go there. brian: dr. murray said in the preinterview a lot of these polls are soft much softer than we are led to believe about approval and the way americans think of it. >> indeed. brian: dr. murray, important conversation, thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. brian: what's at the top of amy klobuchar's if she becomes president? rejoining the paris climate
4:21 am
change, of course. does she know why we left to begin with? our next guest has the science. >> the people are on our side when it comes to climate change. why? because, like you and i they believe in science. congestion and pressure?
4:22 am
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every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. ainsley: time for news by the numbers. 43% is andrew cuomo's favorability rating lowest since taking office. he dropped 8 percentage points in just one month. next, 1.17 million. that is how much a man disguised in a scream mask just won in the lottery jamaican man wore the mask to keep his identity is a secret. he said the numbers came to him in a dream. we all said we need to have
4:25 am
that dream. finally j.j. watt will become the first nfl star to become the grand marshal of the daytona 500. he will be the one to tell the drivers to start their engines before sunday's race on fox. steve and brian, over to you. steve: thank you very much, ainsley. senator amy klobuchar just announced her candidacy for presidency and wasted no time promising to fight climate change to rejoin the paris climate accord that the trump administration unjoined. >> the people are on our side when it comes to climate change. why? because of people like you and i they believe in science. and on day one, we will rejoin the international climate agreement. [cheers] brian: there is a reason why president trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal and our next guest says it would -- it should stay that way. joining us now to discuss this executive director for climate and author of the politically incorrect
4:26 am
guide to climate change marc morano. the world booed when we got out, marc, why shouldn't we go back in? >> amazingly, the one thing, the key thing that donald trump has been consistent on since the 1980s has been deals that are good for america: so the u.n.-paris agreement was one of the simplest decisions that president trump could possibly make and he made a brilliant decision. the u.n.-paris agreement would do nothing for the climate and using the u.n.'s own estimate and believe al gore and scientific claims it would delay a temperature by 8 months if president obama's climate commitments came into full fruition by 100 years. it does nothing for the climate. virtually does nothing for emissions and imposing it on the united states and beyond that, she says she believes in science. the head of the u.n. climate panel has actually said global warming is my religion. so you have a u.n. group
4:27 am
redistribute youth centrally transform our economy and they want the united states because they want to get our money and wealth transfers and they openly talk about global governance. it was the greatest decision donald trump made and it has no impact on the climate one way or the other. steve: okay. so regarding the paris climate accord, these are some of the points it would limit the amount of greenhouse gases. it would keep global temps ray below two degrees celsius. rich countries help poor by providing climate finance. how much, marc, would it have cost the united states and how many degrees would it have changed the temperature? >> that's the thing. it's been called the most expensive treaty in world history a price tag $100 trillion. a global cost of 1 to $2 trillion annually. and, again, you mentioned the two degree thing and i actually point out the authors of this 2-degree target actually admit it
4:28 am
was, quote: pulled from thin air. scientists in united nations admit. this and then even "the washington post" has an knowledged it. even if you are afraid of global warning the u.n. paris agreement would do nothing and has no impact on the climate. medieval witchcraft to think we can all come together and make a bunch of pledges and have the temperatures. using the numbers, 8 months the temperature rise would be delayed if you leave the u.n. scientific claims. not even a year if the u.s. does its full commitments under president obama. brian: no mechanism for enforcement and we have to take the world gradually china would live up to the standards that he would. gradually as well as russia. >> that's absurd, china, india are building coal plants on a skyrocketing scale right now. china's emissions are going to continue for more than a decade until they peak. but the united states is expected to come in and as president trump has rightly pointed out bad deal for america. it's punishing americans
4:29 am
while giving everyone else -- and, again, this isn't the middle ages, we don't pass laws that control hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and control temperature. amy klobuchar knows one thing, this is what the democratic base has to hear. steve: that's why they all signed onto the green new deal. that topic another day. >> yes. steve: all right. thank you very much, marc. >> thank you. brian: what are voters saying about president trump and beto o'rourke's dualing dueg rallies? steve: you loved him as dan in forest trump. >> i'm lieutenant dan, welcome to fort platoon. steve: did you know gary sinise grew up in military family with service stretching all the way to world war i. is he here live with a brand new book. she is holding it. he is next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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4:33 am
>> well, well, captain forrest gump. i had to see this for myself. and, i told you if you were ever a shrimp boat captain, that i would be your first mate, well, here i am. i am a man of my world. >> okay. >> yeah. but you don't you be thinking that i'm going to be calling you sir. >> no, sir. steve and there goes the operation. ainsley: the iconic role of dan in forrest gump ended up changing millions of lives especially the man who played him. steve: in 1994, gary sinise was honored by the disabled veteran administration for playing that role that brought, quote, the sacrifice of disabled
4:34 am
americans back into the public. the key work there is back. it was a moment that inspired him to dedicate his life to honoring our heroes. brian: that's how his book begins. grateful american journey from self-to service. always out today. always love in gary is here especially this book which i had a chance to read is fantastic. great to see you, gary. ainsley: gary, great to see you. >> thank you. brian: why do you think it was important to roll in that clip to start. what changed for you that day as forrest gump was received. >> what, playing the part? brian: yeah. >> it was a big moment. certainly. that was early in my film career. i hadn't done that much. a couple of movies i did mice and film. producers and directors saw that film and they invited me to come and audition. i read the script. vietnam veterans in my family so i very much wanted to plate vietnam veteran. i got the chance to do it and he introduced me to the
4:35 am
dav and started working with our wounded. ainsley: really gave hope to veterans who had suffered from ptsd and lost limbs. you were an alcoholic in the movie and then your life changed completely and gave a lot of hope to veterans, right? >> i think upal point there had been a certain number of vietnam themed films but you always felt that the vietnam veteran might not be okay at the end of the movie. that was the first time we saw the story of a vietnam veteran and he is okay in the end. is he moving on with his life. he is clean-cut. he is successful in business. he is new legs, is he married. he is moving on with his life. that's a positive story that we want for all our returning veterans. steve: absolutely. before you got the accolades for this particular role, was it just another job? hey, look, got another role or was it different than the others? >> you mean when i went into it? >> yeah, okay. i got this role. it's opposite tom hanks. it's going to be a big movie. >> i wanted the part very much. i have vietnam veterans in my family.
4:36 am
so i wanted to the play this part very much. and in honor of the vietnam veterans i know and the family members and i write about that in the book how important that moment was and what it did to not only change my career but to turn my life into a life of service. ainsley: did you know it would be that big though? name of the book grateful american. that's how you feel. theme throughout the book. you just give nonstop in between projects and csi and the series. all do you is give back through the lieutenant dan band. the other need you was honored to be asked to interview you for the launch of your book on sunday to benefit the firefighters, friends of firefighters the other night. so you packed that place because you are giving back to firefighters as well. >> yeah. i can truly say the 80s planted some reeled seeds in terms of support of vietnam veterans. the 1990s i started working with our wounded then after september 11th, i really i just needed to do something
4:37 am
positive. and so i jumped in full force to try to help the men and women who were deploying and reaction to that terrible day. and firefighters who were here on september 11th. and just started supporting many, many different organizations and it all accumulated into the gary sinise foundation. that's why i wrote the book. ainsley: tell us about your childhood. your high school career. what happened there and how you got into acting? >> did you read a little bit of the book? >> yeah. there is misbehavior in the book as a young man. you know, i didn't know what the book was going to be called. steve: there you are. >> oh, yeah. there we are. that's a little family shot there. i didn't know what the book was going to be called when i started writing it. but as i was going through it these recurring themes of gratitude and appreciation and this kind of journey from this self-focused acting career, life early on that i began in high school. the troubles that i had in
4:38 am
high school as a young man and overcoming those things and then moving into a life of service. it really became clear to me what the story was about. brian: the other thing is impact of a teacher. this drama teacher saw something like you. you were dressed like a hoodlum and casting west side story. you said had you no direction. why don't you come down and audition. something told to you audition. it changed your life. >> completely. and it began something that i ended up doing for a living. and then having a good living at. i was standing in a hallway with a rock band members. i played in a rock band and we were pretty scruffy and walked down the hall. she looked at us and said you look like gang members, come and audition for west side story. i went and auditioned. just on a whim. and i got in the play and it turned everything around. i was a struggling kid in high school. ainsley: teacher. >> i'm going to see her in a week. brian: friends went off to college you had a semester
4:39 am
in high school. got you another play. instead of sitting back and letting things happen. you start your own theater company. certifien wolf one of the most respected theater companies started in the basement of a guy who did an extra semester to get out of high school. >> a group of kids we wanted to continue doing plays. i was having great time in high school doing plays. did i have to go back for extra semester because i didn't have enough droits graduate. did i a great play and i got to play serno it made going back to high school worth it because i got to play a great part. right after high school started 18 years old started the steppemwolf theater with my pals and started a theater that's now 45 years old. ainsley: people don't want to be known as a role they played 25 years ago. you embraced it and had the lieutenant dan band. >> it's not only that it's
4:40 am
the relationship that i found that that character was having with our wounded when i started visiting the hospitals after september 11st and visiting, you know, very, very badly wounded service members. and i would walk in the room and didn't know what my real name was and they recognized me from the movie and they wanted to talk about lieutenant dan and all of that you know, when i started visiting the war zones i did the same thing. they called me lieutenant dan all the time. i started a band and named it after the character. brian: it's fantastic. gary sinise foundation raised how much? >> we have raised a lot of money over the last 8 years. we continue to provides a lot of services and we always need a lot of support. brian: hundreds of millions. steve: book out today called the grateful american. ainsley: you have a life purpose and you are living it. >> thanks for having me. brian: great american story. ainsley: pick up the book it's an awesome book we have
4:41 am
read it shall storm moving across the. steve: causing massive pileups. right there looking at wisconsin. brian: janice dean has been studying this and tracking this dangerous system closely. where are we at, janice? >> see snow in the new york city area real quick. take a look at the maps and i will show you where the storm is we have freezing rain happening in philadelphia. rain and snow in pittsburgh and then it's cloudy here in new york. but the snow is closing. in i don't want you to focus on the snow totals because this is going to be a potentially devastating ice storm in some areas. chicago is under ice storm warning. toledo as well. we will see ice across big areas of the northeast including new york city and including long island and connecticut up towards boston. even though we are not going to be dealing with a blockbuster snow storm the ice where you see pink on the map that is the potentially bad area where we could see, you know, crippling travel, basically across those regions. so that's what i want to make sure people know. even though we have winter
4:42 am
weather advisories and associate that with snow. this is going to be a potential ice event. that's why they are closing schools. real quick, what are your names and where are you from. >> lisa stone, texas. >> perry stone. janice: you are dressed appropriately for a winter storm. >> yes. janice: thank you for watching "fox & friends." >> that's right. bye. steve: very good. it's coming. thanks, janice, the finger made a splash with his pro-trump jacket. not apologizing for it his name is ricky rebel and he is going to join us live. brian: what are voters in el paso saying about president trump and beto o'rourke's duldueling rallies? todd piro is there having breakfast with friends. ♪ take me home ♪
4:43 am
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♪ ♪ todd: they said the wall was a bad idea. do you agree. >> i agree. todd: why? >> it makes us less, not more safe. el paso has been one of the safest cities in the united states of america for 20 years and counting. safe before wall and safe after the wall. in fact, after the wall we built here in 2008, safety actually decreased, not increased. we don't need walls. we need to treat one another with respect and dignity. ainsley: you can see our todd piro in that crowd talking to beto o'rourke there were dueling rallies in el paso yesterday. president trump talking to thousands of supporters a far cry from the anti-wall march led by beto o'rourke nearby whereby half of that amount they are saying rallied to support sanctuary cities and oppose the wall. steve: todd piro was there. he joins us live from elmer's family restaurant in el paso, texas, where he is talking to the folks the day after the two shows. hey, todd.
4:47 am
todd: hey, guys one of the great things about el paso and specifically elmer's family restaurant is the diversity of opinion. it doesn't just include opinions. it includes diversity of food in the 6:00 hour i had latino food. now chicken and waffles. how cool is that. speaking of diversity of opinion. we have laura, she is a waitress here at elmer's. and you love the way beto o'rourke has done amazing things here in this community. why do you say that? >> well, we believe he has a more accurate representation of what the border is. we believe he is speak truth to us in congress and government. todd: understood. rob, you say you are sick and tired of all the bitterness that's going on in the world. why do you say that? >> yes. i think that we should do like el pasoens around the world and become one. work together. use all this bipartisan efforts and get something done together. quit hating on each other. todd: all right. thank you for helping us out today. this food is really awesome. we are having a great time. let's talk to tina.
4:48 am
you were at the rally yesterday. i need to read your quote because it was so specific. you called it the most fabulous thing on the face of the planet. those are strong words. why do you say that? >> because to be able to see a sitting president in el paso, texas it warmed my heart it warmed my heart to see all the people there. they lined up outside. the masses that were in el paso to see donald trump. todd: all right, tina, thank you. finally dennis, dennis was in army infantry. thank you for your service, also. >> thank you. todd: you come from a family of military. thank you for their service. what's interesting about el paso. you and i were talking about this earlier, this is a military town, and you said you are so thankful what the president has done with the military. why do you say that? >> absolutely. i mean, he is building up the military where the last former president eight years tore it down, made apologies all over the world for us. we need to be a strong leader in the world to help
4:49 am
other countries and building up the military and helping the veterans especially. that's somebody that needs to stand up and speak for us and president trump is doing that. todd: understood. again, we talk about how great the diversity of opinion is we are loving the conversation here but also fried chicken. that's it. steve: that looks good. todd: these what i got? ainsley: thanks, todd. steve: elmer's down in el paso. meanwhile, straight ahead on this tuesday, congresswoman ilhan omar apologizing this morning for her anti-semitic comments. one of her colleagues is not buying it. congressman lee zeldin says she needs to be pun nirksd. he joins us in about 20 minutes. ainsley: plus he made a splash on the grammy's red carpet with his trump jacket. he is not apologizing. singer ricky rebel is here live ♪ here to rock this country ♪
4:50 am
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♪ brian: all right. you can say our next guest is a rebel with a cause. steve: that's right. sicker ricky rebesuccincter rice a splash on the red carpet with jacket that said keep america great and trump 2020. ainsley: despite backlash is he not sorry for bold fashion choice he joins us now singer ricky rebel. good to see you. why did you do it? >> i did it because i wanted. to say. brian: because you wanted to come out of the conservative closet. >> i love trump and i love this country and i have had to come out of the closet twice and i refuse to stay in the closet.
4:54 am
period. steve: why is it, ricky, that you like trump especially coming from hollywood where it's hard to be a supporter of this president in public in. >> right. well, did i it because i wrote an album called the new alpha. trump is inspiring me to be an alpha. i'm an alpha because i like to hire people for my shows. i dance and sing and produce music and i love to hire people, i love jobs. i love working and here's a president who came out and said he wanted jobs, jobs, jobs. he wants more money for americans and he put america first and i thought that's amazing. that's what i want to do as a person. so he inspired me to become the new alpha because i'm a rebel. i'm just a little more fabulous. [laughter] ainsley: what about the criticism? i'm sure it was hard to walk into that room where most people we hear that hollywood is so anti-trump. >> i was literally a little bit shaking when i first got
4:55 am
in there because it was just crazy. all the excitement because there's a flip side to this. you know there is a white side and trump side. i had to walk in with the white suit and glasses and everything. and then so they thought it was just a normal, you know, a great outfit but they had no idea what was underneath. i saw "u.s.a. today" and i said do you guys want the reveal? are you ready? the reveal what do you mean? i undid it and did a turn and then i put on the keep america great again, their jaws dropped and i loved it. steve: why is it, ricky, you like donald trump? >> i told you, i love donald trump because is he a worker. is he a magnetist. i'm a pragmatist. too. i love to tell the truth as much as i can even if it hurts. and i get that some people might not like everything about him and i respect their opinions but i want them -- you know respect other people who voted for him. i hate -- i don't like the hatred that's being spewed on trump supporters, it's
4:56 am
gross. brian: so, ricky, do you plan on reaching out to the campaign when he tries for re-election helping out? >> i would love to meet president trump and more importantly love to sing for him. i would love to sing for the country, really. i want to sing for americans. i love to sing and dance and perform, so hopefully i will make some more fans and they will get to know who i am as an artist because that's what i love to do. ainsley: are you worried that your support of him is going to affect your career? because i know there were some critics throughout. there were some tweets that says there goes your career. >> right. and i came out a while ago, actually. i did a couple interviews where i said i was pro-trump and i got some, you know, people who didn't like it. kennedy's, it doesn't matter. as long as they spell my name correctly it's ricky ricky. >> that's right. is he a renget he has a new album called the new alfa. thank you for joining us from l.a.
4:57 am
ainsley: thank you, rickey. >> you guys are amazing. i'm going to give you a copy of my new record it's called the new alpha. brian: good job. when we come back we will reflect on that record and the shutdown are we going to avoid it on friday? back in a moment. . . my teeth have always been a very sore spot for me, emotionally, socially. if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years.
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♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ >> an agreement has been reached in principle to avoid a second government shut down. >> 1.375 billion for 55 new miles of border barrier. >> rich liberals, they live behind walls, gates, and guards all over the place. me too. i want to be safe. i want to make america safe if you don't mind. brian: kamala harris pushing for marijuana legalization at the federal level. >> it give as lot of people joy. we need more joy. >> we want to make jokes about addiction. >> freezing rain, ice storm in parts of chicago. ice will be concerning that
5:01 am
could cripple travel. >> those trying to implement socialism. i say for the world to hear, america will never be a socialist country. [cheers and applause] ♪ steve: not exactly chasing the sun. we're looking for the snow. it is supposed to be starting throughout the morning hours. good chance wherever you are on this tuesday morning, it is snowy or wintry on this tuesday too. ainsley: that is a big headline this morning. lawmakers reaching a deal, possibly no government shut down on friday. brian: we'll see what it is and what it is not. steve: we'll start with a fox news alert. it was announced last night lawmakers reached in principle a
5:02 am
deal to build a border and avoid a possible government shut down. ainsley: they will hammer out the details of this deal before friday night's deadline. brian: griff jenkins is working on it, trying to get details in washington. hey, griff. reporter: in principle does not mean a done deal. it could give both side a victory. for the white house, 1.375 billion for 55 new miles of border barrier. democrats are not calling it a wall. it will be in the rio grande valley sector. the border patrol can use any current design they want to build it. for democrats, 17% decrease in i.c.e. detending beds. from 49,000, to just over 40,000, but there could be wiggle room here because dhs funding elsewhere could give them additional beds in the event of a surge on the border. the big question whether or not the president will sign this. >> i can tell you a lot of
5:03 am
things have changed. we'll see what happens. i can't go into the exact deal. i just heard it very quickly. reporter: let me give you some perspective the rvg sector has 30 miles. all of the wall is on east side of the sector, no wall is on the west side. in fiscal 2019, so far, over 90% of apprehensions are occurring on the west side. those apprehensions are almost twice what they were last year. 77,000 from sunday night to 38,000 in fiscal 18. officials said what do you think of the deal? we could use 55 more miles on the west side. steve: the more the better for the president. griff, thank you very much. the white house needs to review it. nita lowey, house appropriations chairwoman ran the deal past nancy pelosi last night. nancy pelosi was okay with it.
5:04 am
why wouldn't she be. she does not really cave to the president. he wanted more miles. she is not going to give it to him. for him, it's a win. for the president it is a win, because it is more miles of fence. brian: the other thing, yeah, i will give you 1.3, not one dollar for the wall, the fence, barrier. remember barriers are immoral. at least the money can go directly whatever the presidented wanted. it will be the bollard case in most cases and other fence if needed. 2017 i think we get 1.6 billion. took until 2018, here we are in 2019, to start building the wall. the president will not be slowed down by the extra 50 miles. he needs that time to build. next thing you know, seven months will to by, september 30th will happen. he gets allocated. ainsley: nancy pelosi said not one dollar. now we're saying 1.4 billion.
5:05 am
it is not nearly close to what the president wanted but it is something. he wanted 215 miles. this will allow 55 miles. it is negotiation time. this will fund the government through september. maybe they give him more at that point. steve: 20, 25% of the government that was not funded through next september. you have got to wonder what the president has up his sleeve. while it does only provide a certain number of miles, it does sound like the president, when he said this has a plan b or a plan c. >> we're building the wall anyway. illegal immigration hurts all americans includings in of legal immigrants by driving down wages, draining public resources, and claiming countless innocent lives. the biggest proponent of open borders are rich liberals and
5:06 am
wealthy donors. these are hypocrites who oppose security for you while living their entire lives, i do too, to be honest with you, i'm guilty. i'm guilty. i also live behind walls, okay? they live behind walls and gates and they have guards all over the place. me too, because i want to be safe and i want to make america safe, if you don't mind. [applause] so security should not belong only to the rich and powerful. safety is the birthright of every american, which is why we must finish the wall. [cheers and applause] ainsley: the president said we'll build the wall anyway. his chief of staff was interviewed a few days ago, we'll take this money, a little bit more here and there and he will find a way to fund the wall. brian: the president has a
5:07 am
theme, ready to build a emtheme. number one, finish the wall. late-term abortion, not okay with him. neither is the green plan. he had a good thing, he really took that on big time. he also took on socialism, the new trend among many democratic candidates. >> there are those trying to implement socialism right here in the united states. so i again say to you -- [booing] and i say it for the world to hear, america will never be a socialist country. never. [cheers and applause] we're born free, we will live free and we will die free. we will always be free. [cheers and applause] steve: there he was last night in el paso, at the el pass so county, coliseum, he was repeating a line from the week
5:08 am
earlier at the state of the union. ainsley: doubling down. >> you remember you could see how half the hall at the state of the union applauded and the other half just sat on their hands. in that hallway, everybody was like, that's right, we'll never be socialist even though a number of people who are on the political left who are talking about that. ainsley: the socialists were half a mile down the road at the beto o'rourke rally probably. brian: howard schultz is determined to run. may bloomberg may have a shot. they can't believe how far left the democratic party they belong to has gone. ainsley: chris pratt, defending himself and his church, ellen page, you remember her from the movie "juno" -- there is the picture -- brian: no. steve: he was on with stephen colbert talking about his church and faith. ainsley: she put out a tweet. if you wee long to an organization that hates certain
5:09 am
people. being anti-lbgtq is wrong. damage on full both sides. steve: his church is infamously anti-lgbt, so maybe address that too? he did address his church on instagram and said this. it has recently been suggested i belong to a church that hate as certain group of people and infamously anti-lgbt nothing could be further from the truth. i go to a church that opens its doors to absolutely everyone. my faith is important to me. no church defines my vallous and my life. we needless hate in the world. not more. his values define who he is. ainsley: the name of his church
5:10 am
is the zoe church. is it zoe? he has been outspoken about his faith. that is why so many people love him. when he is at the award shows he gives credit to god and just seems to be a remarkable man. just got engaged to arnold schwarzenegger's daughter. steve: congratulations. ainsley: to think about it. steve: absolutely. jillian joins with us a fox news alert. jillian: news out of florida. fox news alert out of florida. u.s. army soldiers are rushed to the hospital after an apparent parachuting accident in florida. crews were called to the homestead airbase. spokesman said the soldiers were hurt during airborne operations early this morning. it is unclear how serious their injuries are. this base is the winter home of the army's parachute team, the golden knights. one of the women accusing virginia's lieutenant above of
5:11 am
assault is speaking out publicly. she is part of a panel betrayal and courage in the age of me too at stanford university. this happening as several members of justin fairfax's staff resigned over the allegations against him. fairfax has denied the allegations, and called for an fbi investigation into them. now another fox news alert. just moments ago, retired astronaut mark kelly announcing he is running for senate in arizona. the seat once held by john mccain. kelly the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords has been a vocal advocate for gun control since giffords was shot at an event for constituents. six people were killed. kelly flew his first mission with nasa in 2001. tonight one lucky pooch will be declared top dog at the westminster dog show. the competition is heating up in new york city with some family drama. burma, the whippett, chasing her brother whiskey out of the competition. she was beaten in the hound group and eliminated.
5:12 am
that means karma came back to bite her. steve: look at that. jillian: my attempt at a funny. ainsley: that was good, jillian. steve: minnesota congresswoman ihan omar apologizing for her comments. one of her colleagues is not buying it. lee zeldin, one of our colleagues from new york, says she needs to be punished. brian: one town is banning balloons. ♪ run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as...
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if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? ♪ steve: democrat in congress forced to apologize after members of both parties accused her of anti-semitism for tweeting, it is all about the benjamins, baby, suggesting lawmakers are being bribed to support the country of israel. it is not the first time ihan omar has made anti-israeli remarks. fellow members are calling for her to be kicked off the
5:17 am
committee. lee zeldin is here. good morning. you say there is another standard. why? >> house democrats tripping over each other running to the floor of the house of representatives condemning white supremacy naming congressman steve king. he apologized. he was thrown off his committee assignments. we have those same members, many of them tripping over each other, running away from the house floor so they don't have to condemn anti-semitism. they're accepting a apology via twitter that unfortunately is not the end of it. also isn't the first time. the apology itself states it is unequivocal apology but filled with equivocation. you read the tweet all about the benjamins baby, congresswoman omar tweeting at me, thank you next for ariana grande it comes as not apology, sorry, not sorry from demi low vaught toy. i do not take it as sincere
5:18 am
apology. when she was asked about it last night on video you see lack of understanding and empathy. steve: what do you think about nancy pelosi's response? >> i think it was good she spoke out, bite over course of 24 hours from sunday evening a lot of people breaking their silence speak about the anti-semitic trope. it is anti-seem mick and anti-semel tick hate in colleges and halls of congress. you have to confront it or crush it, it will continue to grow legs. we'll see it more and more like cancer across the country. i'm hearing from 18, 19, 20 years old on college campuses, jewish students cone fronting anti-semitism. it is good to speak up. there is more that needs to be done in this case. steve: what do you mean it is infiltrating the halls of congress? that is disturbing. >> 2018, 2012, 2016, the
5:19 am
democratic national convention there was a move to put in anti-israel, probds language and more, that fortunately didn't make its way in. you will see that exposed again in 2020, but right now with new freshman members that are elected to congress, and some of their positions in statements as well associations of other members of congress with people like louis farrakhan, lindemann your, those allegations are coming back as well. steve: you're not dropping this, are you. >> i'm hearing from people from my district, about growing outrage of growing anti-semitism in our country and around the world. they want to confront it. they will not turn a blind eye, put their head under the sand and ignorant and naive what the reality is. this is not one-time offense. this happened over curse of several years for this member.
5:20 am
when she was asked about the reaction to her positions and statements last week, she called it exciting. so if she is going to be out there and, you know, with a position that is encouraging very negative atmosphere, that innocent american jews and others are going to confront, well then, i'm not going to be silent about it. i'm going to confront it. steve: you're doing that on this morning on this program. lee zeldin, congressman from new york. >> thank you, steve. steve: what you do i this about this? email us at friends at one grocery store chain is putting out a message in its weekly flier. over the black bar, heaven has a wall, a speat, strict immigration policy. hell has open borders. let that sink in. the store owner is going to join us to explain why he is supporting president trump and what that message had to do with president trump. plus he won defensive rookie of the year but this young
5:21 am
football star just made a big play off the field, for his mom. >> oh, my gosh. [laughter]. oh, lord jesus.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
subsidize internet lines in rural areas. at least four states have so-called netflix tax. steve: look at that. meanwhile a southern grocery store chain facing backlash for including this message at the top of its weekly ad. notice above that bar right there, heaven has a wall a gate, a strict immigration policy. hell has open borders. let that sink in. brian: religious messages are nothing new to the store's weekly flyers, dozens of people say this is just too political. ainsley: the owner of mac's cash saver grocery store is standing by the message. reggie mcdaniel joins us. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: why was it important for you to put that message out? >> good morning. steve: why did you put that message out, reggie? >> yes, sir. what the message i was making, i knew that the border deal was hot but i've been looking at this message on facebook for six months. i saw it, i posted it up there.
5:26 am
i wanted people to realize that heaven has walls and borders and we have to get? that gate. only way to get in the gate through jesus christ himself. maybe i should have included in that john 3:16 so you realize how you get in the gate. most people are not familiar with revelations in chapter 22 talks about walls and borders. any lost person, they can do all the sin, do it as much as they want to but god has a place for us to go. he has a salvation for us. that is what i was trying to do. i had no idea it would be this big but the bigger it got the more the message will get out there. i'm proud we done it. and, i'm really, i'm really proud of it. i stand by my message, jesus christ is our savior, need him to get in the gate. everybody is not going to heaven t seems like it makes people mad when you tell them that. he have they have to have jesus the blood of him.
5:27 am
brian: what has the response been? >> sir? brian: what's the reaction, when you put the ad out? people giving you thumbs up, thumbs down? >> the first, the first few reactions was really negative. then we went on a news station. i give them a statement for about 15 minutes. i talked to them. they played that, it has been 90% positive. we'll have one of those people latch on to us, from out of the country or way away, they talk so filthy and pitiful, i don't know why facebook lets it stay up there. what amazes it, the filthy of talk of people that latches on to it and people that does that. all we're trying to do is give a simple message that jesus loves you. it did get out there. it accomplished what we wanted to. i'm proud of that because i stand for jesus. yes, sir. ainsley: one person said, this is disgusting and they're vowing
5:28 am
no longer to shop in your grocery stores. what do you say to those folks? >> i don't have anybody that is personally told me they wouldn't shop with me. i saw a few things online. i don't read all that negative stuff. i really focus on positive, focus taking care of our customers. i help churches all over this community, that texted me and called me this morning 5:00 on, praying for us to do this and praying to stand firm in what we do. and i everyone of my customers, i faced told me same thing. stand firm. we stand with you. that is all i need. as long as i'm in god's will. i'm happy. the grocery business will be fine. we've been doing this since the '50s. it's just, it is way i make a living. god will feed me like this as long as he wants to. grocery business is fine. my customers stand by me. they know who i am. they know what i stand for. steve: reggy mcdaniel, owner
5:29 am
of mac's cashsaver store. you doubling down and your ground beef is $1.99 a pound. ainsley: thank you, mr. mcdaniel. >> thank y'all. brian: sirloin or chuck? steve: i think it was 90% ground beef. ainsley: i love the circulars. brian: i'm one of the people, i made chopped meat before. i will talk about that at the break. steve: really? brian: i worked in a meat store. ainsley: put that in your next cookbook,. steve: steve will indeed. brian: one driver taking road rage to a new level, running after people because they threw snowballs at her car. ainsley: after president trump and beto o'rourke, dueling rallies. hey, todd. >> we're talking about the rallies but it is has about the food. if you watched this morning. i had taco. unclear with brian owes own chopped meat.
5:30 am
then i washed it down with some pie. more "fox & friends" after this. ♪ (rain and thunder) need a change of scenery? kayak searches hundreds of travel sites and lets you filter by take-off time, layovers and more, so you can be confident you're getting the right flight at the best price. ♪ kayak. search one and done.
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for hydration on the go. and our breakthrough brightening eye cream. boosted with vitamin c. get your new beauty fix. only by olay. ♪ >> we're building the wall anyway. no place better to talk about border security, whether they like it or not, because i've been hearing a lot of things, oh, the wall didn't make that much of a difference. you know where it made a big difference? right here in el paso. [cheering] there is so much to celebrate in our country, the economy, the military and i say it for the world to hear, america will never be a socialist country, never. [cheering] and america is winning again. isn't that nice? [cheering] steve: so the president mentioned el paso last week in
5:34 am
the state of the union and he was actually in el paso last night. this morning todd piro is there. ainsley: he is at elmer's family restaurant. right there, you see it on the map, talking to the good folks there. hey, todd. >> guys, we're having so much fun. last night we talked to beto and his supporters. here is what supporters said about building that wall. take a listen. you don't want a wall, why? >> waste of money. >> i know from a fact base first of all, it doesn't do anything. it is not necessary and it is not the way that drugs and terrorists come into our country. >> i don't like borders. the wall has no purpose. even if you built it himself, i wouldn't care we would find a way around it. >> if you were president make the united states a sanctuary country? >> heck yeah. bring your tired, hungry, weary, we accept them all.
5:35 am
>> now we have different opinions. we begin with bethany. bethany was at the rally. she is small business owner. you went to the rally. you want to support trump because you love what he has done for your business. why? >> having a president who understands the economy and numbers makes such a difference. we've had the greatest economy we ever had. it helps small businesses go. he has been able to remove throttling regulations and able us to proour businesses. >> you made our workers more? >> yes, i have been able to increase their salaries. >> bethany, good stuff. rudolpho, you went to the rally. you as latino you get frustrated that people call trump supporters racist. why. >> the party as a whole is not racist. we're open to everybody we're inclusive. we're not racist at all. i'm hispanic. i'm proud to be that. >> pretty diverse crowd there, right.
5:36 am
>> very, very diverse. >> someone who saw that first-hand, justin volunteered at the rally. you were talking to me about the diversity. what did you see? >> i saw so many people hispanic there. they were so ravenous how much they love president trump. >> they wanted the wall? >> they wanted the wall. they really did. >> why did you choose to volunteer. >> this is the only president in my lifetime that i remember actually does what he says, will do from the campaign trail up until now. everything he says he does. >> justin, thank you. ray, you say there was unity of people at the rally. what do you mean? >> it was awesome. it was great to see so many people from the community, diverse backgrounds, that were here to support the president of the united states. it was great to watch everyone be able to look through the fake news and come up with an idea says, you know what? there is a problem here. we need to fix it. >> raybob, thank you. we finally go to dan, your
5:37 am
favorite part of the rally when president trump focused on faith and family. why? >> at the end of his speech last night, faith and family, he mentioned government, bureaucracy is getting us nowhere. >> understood. dan, thank you. what a great diner. amazing time. thank you to the owners. they were so kind to us. we can clap. with that i know i just had pie but enchiladas are my favorite. and i will eaten chill laud -- brian: that was todd's jeb bush moment. please clap. steve: nobody clapped for jeb. great to see todd there. that was great. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, jillian joins us now. 22 1/2 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian: shall i go now? >> you can go. jillian: finding an abandoned baby in freezing cold in the middle of a road. the carrier took the baby in his
5:38 am
car and called police in california. officers wrapped the newborn in blankets. took her to the hospital. she will be okay. police are looking for the child's mother. she could be charged with attempted murder. a driver speeds towards a group of people in a snowball fight. the frightening moments caught on camera in seattle. watch this. the driver, tackling a man she claims was throwing snowballs at her. she is under arrest for reckless driving and dui. no one was hurt. a florida homeowner hold as would-be thief at gunpoint. he crook was trying to bust into his garage in daytona beach. he ordered him down to the ground as his wife called 911. >> he is on the ground at gunpoint, man. cursing at me. i'm out here with my wife. please get them here. >> the suspect is charged with attemptedburg hary. he told police he was lost, looking for a neighbor. nfl defensive rookie of the year surprises his mom with a brand new mercedes-benz.
5:39 am
[screaming] >> oh, my gosh. [laughter] oh, lord. jillian: look at that excitement. colts linebacker darius leonard posting his mom's priceless reaction with the caption, we've been through so much. now it is like we're on top of the world. ainsley: that is so sweet of him. steve: for everything she did for him. ainsley: yes. she loved it. i like the reaction. who wouldn't. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: millions waking up to a winter mess. steve: snow and i.c.e. moving into the great likes and the northeast. brian: janice design is tracking the dangerous system on fox square. janice: here is comes. i want to make sure people are not focused on snow totals although we usually do that this will be a significant ice event. let's look at the maps, i will
5:40 am
show you we're getting the icing. temperature dropped couple degrees in new york city. any precipitation coming into the region is snow. we're getting snow in new york city, light rain in pittsburgh. philadelphia you're on the cusp of freezing rain and sleet. here is what i'm concerned with. the pink on the screen is the potential for accumulating ice on portions of jersey, upstate new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, in towards new england. that will be the big concern, not the big snow totals but the icing in the afternoon commute. why a lot of schools are closed today in anticipation of that. we do have an ice storm warning for chicago again this week and toledo where there is icing right now. it is imminent. here is our forecast temperatures as we get into the afternoon hours. we'll see the ice across new york city, long island, much of pennsylvania, upstate new york and then into connecticut and then it will continue up towards new england
5:41 am
into the overnight. again is the concern is the icing because it will coat the roadways and power lines and bridges make travel very difficult if not impossible. if i could, we do have another winter storm that will bring snow to the seattle area dealing with record breaking snow this year. winter ain't over yet. i should have consulted the ground hog. back inside. steve: you were at punxsutanwey. early spring supposedly. janice: could still happen. brian: we'll wait until march. it is still february. this is when snow should happen. ainsley: true. steve too spring starts march 1st. meanwhile. ainsley: democratic lawmakers pushing abortion laws nationwide but a new survey says most pro-choice americans don't like it. steve: president trump talking illegal immigration with sheriffs around the country. one sheriff at the meeting at
5:42 am
white house yesterday, says the border fence cut crime in his area 91%. you will hear from him coming up. >> fantastic men and women. they know what we're up against. we're up against people who want to allow criminals into our society. you explain that one. [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
i have... ♪ ♪ ♪
5:45 am
♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar, free airfare and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. ♪ ainsley: president trump calling out democrats and their push to expand late-term abortion. >> millions of innocent, beautiful babies are counting on us to protect them and we will. [cheering] that is why last week i called on congress to immediately pass legislation prohibiting extreme late-term abortion. [cheering] ainsley: and it looks like most americans agree with him. a brand new survey released overnight shows 80% of all americans oppose late-term
5:46 am
abortions, which is third trimester and after. 68% of pro-choice americans oppose it that far along as well. catherine foster president and ceo of americans united for life, the group behind the survey. she joins us to weigh in on this. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: good morning. why did you decide to do the survey? >> we wanted to try to find out the what the true views americans are, an inspire to hold elected officials and public institutions to account. ainsley: were you shocked, the majority of pro-choice individuals are for this, not to have an abortion this far along? >> absolutely. our survey showed that the vast majority of americans, even pro-choice americans, self-described pro-choice americans say they oppose late-term abortions. they oppose abortions the day before a baby is due to be born. they of course oppose that
5:47 am
horrific proposal essentially to allow infanticide, parents and doctors debating whether to remove care after a child already has been born. the vast majorities oppose all of these procedures. that was really refreshing. it really showed us that americans do appreciate the sanctity of human life. ainsley: so why are these lawmakers and planned parenthood, why are they pushing it if the majority of people in america are for it? >> they are out of touch with ordinary americans. they are out of touch with their constituents and they need to stop this really reckless push towards, towards late-term abortion and towards infanticide. it is simply wrong. it goes against not only their constituents, but against our nation's founding principles, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, everything that our nation stands for. they're trying to throw out the window. ainsley: catherine, let's go through some of the surveys. the first one we already talked about which was late-term abortion. that is the third trimester and
5:48 am
on up until the day the child could be born. you asked people about third trimester and 79% of all americans opposed an abortion in the third trimester and 66% of pro-choice americans opposed it. if you look at, talking about infanticide, if you're looking removing medical care after the child is born, 82% of all americans opposed that and 77% of the pro-choice americans opposed that as well. what are your thoughts? >> i am so pleased to see that. we have known for years, all americans, including pro-choice americans want major role backs on abortion. some people still think abortion is the right thing, at least for some women, they say at least, look at what we can all agree on. let's at least agree that we can, ban abortion in the third trimester, ban it in in the secd trimester. that women get full and informed
5:49 am
consent, that health and saved regulations are in place. that 75% of americans, study after study have said that. but this study, this poll, where we teamed up with ugov specifically looked at these issues that have been weighing on our nation in recent weeks, really showed us exactly where the american public stands on these horrific proposals and practices. things like the late-term abortion. like abortion as, as we have heard from elected officials recently, abortion during labor. these just sick, sick, ideas. and that is something that americans oppose. ainsley: yeah, it is hard to imagine, especially if you're a parent, you've been through that experience, the best day of your life. thank you so much, catherine for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. ainsley: president trump talking illegal immigration at the white house with sheriffs around the country. our next guest says the a border fence cut crime in his area by
5:50 am
90%. first let's talk with bill hemmer. >> let's make a deal or not. big rally in el paso on border security. big apology from a new democratic lawmaker. newt gingrich will answer that. hogan gidley at the white house on the state of play of countless issues facing the president here at home and overseas. saving a man's life on the ice. wait until you see this. remarkable stuff. come join sandra and me in ten minutes. see you at the top of the hour. get the recipes at
5:51 am
cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
5:52 am
5:53 am
brian: president trump meeting with our nation's sheriffs at the white house discussing some of the most pressing issues facing law enforcement and one of the biggest concerns is illegal immigration. our next guest was at the meeting said a border fence
5:54 am
helped drop crime in his area dropped crime by 91%, parked during the bush years. the sheriff is from yuma county. first off, sheriff, the experience in the white house, was it positive? >> absolutely it was positive. brian: you felt what the president understood what you were going through? were you able to let him know what the fence has done for you in your community? >> the fact is we had roundtable of sheriffs there yesterday were meeting and got a chance to meet with him shortly before his flight to el paso. we actually had a chance to deliver the same letter that the sheriff's marched over to the capitol to deliver to congress in regards from the national sheriffs and major county sheriffs in support of adopting a budget that will support our i.c.e. officials that are out there working side by side with our men out in the field. brian: we know the fence has helped. in what way has it helped in terms of actually facts and figures? >> what you look at yuma county,
5:55 am
back in 2005, 2006, we were the worst in the nation as far as incursions from illegal aliens. there was roughly 138,000 that crossed. and along with that came the ancillary crimes that transnational criminal organizations so often exploit. so we on the local level have to deal with the rapes, robberies, homicide, the smuggling of narcotics as well as human smuggling. it was basically decimating law enforcement as far as our budgets go because we have to handle all those ancillary cases that come across. it is not handled by our federal partners. brian: gotcha. >> it's a pretty significant fiscal impact for anybody i will tell you on average because we have to charge the illegal aliens for state crimes. it costs just me and yuma county about $1.1 million a year housing them, to go through the court process. brian: real quick, 20 seconds left, your view on the necessity
5:56 am
for i.c.e. agents? >> absolutely. we need our i.c.e. agents out there. we need the border patrol agents. that is our focus as sheriffs supporting everyone of those men and women working alongside of us. brian: do you have enough beds? >> no, they need not to be looking reducing but giving them more bed space. they're hamstrung right now with the amount of criminals they're trying to handle. brian: gotcha. sheriff lee on wilmot fresh off a visit to the white house back in yuma county, arizona. >> my pleasure. brian: more "fox & friends" in a moment. bring in the logo. ♪ molly: my np spends a lot of time with me and gives me a lot of attention which led to my diagnosis. she initiated tests and found out what was wrong. she's treated both my children
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that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at >> we know a lot of you on this tuesday, february 12th, are at home today because of the lousy
6:00 am
weather. stay indoors all day long. >> i'll be here doing the weather. >> maybe you're tired of pictures and maybe you want to go to the radio? >> if you do, you better run. be safe. >> bill: thanks, guys. president trump doubling down on border security when lawmakers reach what is a tentative deal. but the question is whether or not the president will sign it. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. how are you? >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith. bipartisan lawmakers reaching an agreement in principle as we inch closer to the next shutdown deadline. a lot of things need to happen before the deal becomes law. it has to negotiated by congress and signed by the president. >> bill: the devil is in the details. the president wanted $5.7. looking more like 1.3. some from el paso last nigh


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