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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 13, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> so we await the bill to be written, bipartisan. can they avoid another partial government shutdown? i'm harris. "the daily briefing" start now. >> dana: fox news alert. 2:00 be in new york. first a justice department charging a former u.s. counter intelligence agent with spying for iran. virginia's lieutenant governor, justin fairfax barely hanging on to his post. president trump says he wants to look for land mines and a border deal before making a decision on whether to sign it. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing. "t" lawmakers are waiting to see whether the president will sign the deal to keep the government funded or demand a panhandle add more security funding. >> we'll be looking for land
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lines. you could have that, you know. it's been known to happen before to people. we have not gotten it yet. it will be sent to us at some point. we'll take a serious look at it. we have a lot of things happening right now. we're building a lot of wall right now with money that we have. >> mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike, what are expectations on the hill at this stage? >> dana, most expect this 1.375 billion border security package will pass the house and senate rather easily. nancy pelosi is out selling it. >> it's a compromise. that's what appropriators do. i have the confidence they will get the job done for the american people. i'm proud of the work they have done. as with all compromises, people support the bill for what is in it. don't judge it for what's not in it. >> congressional staffers are hustling to get the details on
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paper for all to review. the expectation is the house will vote tomorrow night and send it to the senate for the deadline. dana? >> dana: what about republicans that are frustrated for not getting more money for security. that question is nowhere president trump wanted it. >> i spoke with a lot of republicans, this is just a start. the president can sign it and look for money in other plays. a veteran senator is noting that failure is not an option. another government shutdown would be a huge waste of money. >> i think that our conservatives ought to look at it like shutting down the government costs money. opening up the government costs money. government is a service. when government departments like seven departments couldn't f function, people couldn't get their service. >> many say the president and his team have a right to reading
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it before committing to sign it. the expectation the house and senate will sign it and the hope is the president will sign it. da dana. >> dana: let's bring in chris stirewalt. we're kind of back where we were before the first shutdown. now we're in this period where there's a little chicken -- game of chicken going on. do you think the president will sign this bill? >> i would know more hazard a guess on that than i would on who will win the national league in this fall. there's no way to say. as you said, we're exactly where we were in december except for one substantial change. we walked up to this point. the white house, all indications they'll sign. nobody wants a shut down and we had one. two things are different since then. one is the republicans lost control of the house. that's the biggest change. the other change is, we just
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endured a 35-day shut town that did terrible damage to ordinary citizens and the political prospects of this. look at the way economic prospects has been responded. that tells you it has helped him. >> dana: and chris coons talking about the deal. listen. >> the amount of money that is here, it would take 20 years to complete the wall. so are we going to wait for 20 years to stop drug traffickers? are we going to wait for 20 years to stop human trafficking? are we going to wait 20 years to allow cartels to control our southern border? i hope not. we can do better than that and we should do better than that. >> it will invest more in border security. it will invest in modern technology, invest in more border fencing. for us to have another shut down would be the height of
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dysfunction. >> dana: they've been there before. the president in some ways is probably not going to get more money out of this out of this particular process. i don't know if you heard him beforehand, just today, in the oval office when he had his meeting with the president of columbia, he said look, we have already been building the wall with other moneys that are already there. so i feel like their messaging is already changing. >> right. the campaign and the administration as far as those are separate entities have shifted the rhetoric. we've gone from building the wall to finish the wall. the president is getting to the point when he's running in 2020, whatever happens out of this deal or the next deal, i delivered on the promise to secure the border. all we have to do is believe. whether or not he can -- when you listen to mark meadows and others, it sounds like they're still leaving him room, but
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where they won't leave him any room if they vote it and he abandons them. the way this dies is if the president double backs on them and not sign something that they voted for. that's what they're not going to do. >> we'll see what happens there. i want to ask you about this other development. you have a senator, mitch mcconnell, the leader of the senate on the republican side. he is saying he will call for a vote on the resolution of the green new deal introduced by democrats ed markey and congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez. gotten a lot of press on this. listen to what president trump said about the deal. >> they want to take away your car, reduce the value of your home and put millions out of work, spend $100 trillion, which by the way there's no such thing. >> dana: look at this tweet from
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the congress woman saying do you think these irregular and horrific wild fires and drought are a coincidence? growing regularity of 100 years floods is an accident? we're losing our homes and loved ones now. 3,000 americans died in maria and the gop doesn't cry. so now we're talking about the differences in policy. >> well, yes, i suppose that is true. there's discussions of policy differences. these are fanciful policy descriptions in which one side is describing what the other side believes. what is engenius about what mcconnell is doing, these are your words, this is your resolution. this is not the hyperbole of the president. this is what you said. the reaction from ed markey, who is cortez's counterpart in the senate, that he said, well, this is unfair for you to introduce -- this is unfair for you to call a vote on something i introduced. obviously this is supposed to
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work through the fair process. this is unfair to me. why did you introduce it then? what is the purpose -- >> dana: what was the rush? >> yeah, what was the rush. why wouldn't you do this? then it poses the larger question for 2020 democrats they said yes, i signed on to this as a goal, this is something that i want to do, we just have to figure out the details later. you don't get that chance in politics. your opponent will define you before you define yourself and doing all of this gauzy mumbo jumbo won't work. you can't do it that way. >> dana: i feel like the green new deal, it's a clever marketing tool, but that means people won't forget it. even if the democrats want to walk away from it, nobody will forget it. >> shepard: right. what they'll have to do with that is what trump is doing with the well. the definitions will just change and change. say what we meant by the green new deal is we'd have a 2% reduction in auto emissions. >> dana: chris stirewalt, thank you.
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an american defector exposing highly classify intel now charged with spying for iran. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. this was an eye opener, catherine. >> it's a big deal, this 25-payment indictment accuses the former air force intelligence officer of sharing a defense department special access program with iran. these programs are among those highly classified and closely held. monica whitt from el paso, texas is accused of defecting to iran and working with iranian intelligence to identify and target her former colleagues in the u.s. intelligence community. charges were also made public against four iranian intelligence operatives that are accused of supporting her in operations for hacking u.s. intelligence officers, steal their identities as well as online harassment.
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>> the treasury confirmed new sanctions called new horizons that was recruiting. the nation's top spy, the director of national intelligence, dan coats, emphasized how iran, china and russia run their espionage operations and increasingly rely on these cyber capabilities. >> as the world becomes increasingly interconnected, we expect these actors and others to rely more and more on cyber capabilities when seeking to gain political economic advantages over the united states and allies and partners. >> officials believe witt is in iran. they say this is sending a strong message to iran even though the likelihood for her to come back to the united states
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is relatively slim, dana. >> dana: thanks, catherine. is a centrist democrat from the mountain state considering joining this packed 2020 field? i'll ask him later in the show. a woman accusing the virginia lieutenant governor of sexual assault. >> one thing that i noticed with sexual violence is that there are many people that would like to glance away from this. maybe they would do it subconsciously or maybe consciously. maybe it's too much.
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lieutenant governor fairfax of sexual assault now speaking out. the top prosecutor offers to investigate the allegations. garrett tenney is live with more. what did vanessa tyson say last night? >> dana, she spoke at a symposium at stanford university. the topic was courage and betrayal in the me too movement. tyson did not mention lieutenant governor justin fairfax or her allegations against him. at one point she was asked how can we inspire women and girls to speak up about sexual assault. she said sometimes you have to lead by example no matter how hard it is. at another point, she seemed to describe some after what she's experienced the past 1 1/2 weeks since she came forward. >> on the topic of credibility, it is -- it's deeply concerning to me that some women that come forward and some men, too, because i want to make clear that, you know, men and boys are
11:17 am
victims of rape as well. but there's a recurring team when women come forward that there's this deliberate attempt to undermine someone's credibility. >> yeah, her attorneys continue to call on the state legislature to investigate these allegations against lieutenant governor, dana. >> dana: what is the status of any potential investigation? >> well, i can tell you on the state level at this point, it's not clear there will be one. there has been some talk about holding a hearing of some type. lawmakers are not sure what that looks like or how it happened. i can tell you that this is an issue. these allegations are not something that almost any lawmaker here wants to talk about. we've reached out to two dozen lawmakers to see what they plan to do. of those that we reached out to, more than two dozen, none of them have gotten back to us. they're running from cameras.
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in "the new york times" report supports that. they say the house democratic caucus sent out an e-mail monday warning members that a reporter was wanting to ask about the assault allegations and gave the members talking points on how to giving a real answer. lawmakers have suggested to us that they don't want to deal with this themselves. they're pointing to law enforcement in north carolina and in massachusetts as the best avenues for an investigation into the allegations to unfold. in order for that to happen, criminal complaints need to be filed by both woman. at this point they have not tone that. but watson's attorney have not ruled that out yet, dana. >> dana: thanks, garrett. bill gates doesn't think that alexandria ocasio-cortez's top tax rate proposal is a good idea. what he thinks should be done about taxes. nasty freezing weather slamming the west coast before it moves across the country.
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>> dana: el chapo could spend the rest of his life in a colorado prison. experts say the super max facility in colorado is the most secure in the country and best equipped to hold the man that escaped mexican prisons twice. a brooklyn jury convicted him yesterday on all ten criminal charges. dangerous weather from coast-to-coast with the west getting hammered by heavy rains. the northeast and the great lakes recover from a snow and ice storm. rick reichmuth is live with more. apparently there's more. >> we're in an active pattern right now. the storm yesterday had nor sleet than snow and kept the snowfall totals down. the sleet made things icy, a lot of rain across florida today. you're not done with it. behind it, lake-effect snow that
11:24 am
will circle in. this will not matter or amount to much of anything. most of this is gone. the good news is behind it, temperatures have really warmed back up. we don't have the cold massive air coming in behind right now. 42 degrees in boston. the snow that is there rapidly melting and getting out of our hear. good news. out across the west, we've been so active. a new storm is moving in. we have flood warnings across southern california. the areas with the fires will be prone to mudslides. it's everyone. record-breaking snow for the month of february in seattle. more precipitation coming in, a long stream of moisture headed towards california. by the time this is done, we'll see spots in southern california probably six to eight inches of rain. more snow across the sierra. they saw up to ten feet last week. this goes everywhere. they've had a great ski season. this is just going to get
11:25 am
better. for years we've talked about the ongoing drought in the west. this is a drought buster year. >> dana: they need the moisture. thank you. howard schultz ripping attacks proposals being floated by the democrats. what he's saying about the taxing of the wealthy. president trump huddling with the leader of columbia at the white house as we learn more about the conditions in venezuela spiralling out of control. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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>> as we wait, howard schultz talking taxes in a down hall. the former starbucks ceo said he should be paying more to uncle sam. the question is how much more. joining me now, susan li with the fox business network. nobody can land on what the answer is. >> very true. bill gates weighing in as well. when howard schultz was asked, a lot of democrats want to tax more of, why not ask him he
11:30 am
should be paying. he tried to answer this last night in the town hall on cnn. >> i should be paying more taxes. people who are in the bracket of making millions of dollars or whatever the number might be should be paying more taxes. what i'm saying is, we need -- i think what is being proposed at 70% is a punitive number and there's better ways to do this. >> so it wasn't specific in terms of how much more. 70% might be punitive. you only pay the 70% above the 10 million that you make. how the billionaires get taxed, it's not from the income taxed. they get taxed on capitol gains. the makes at 20%. warren buffet said he pays more texases than his secretary is true. their wealth is based on
11:31 am
investments than their stakes in companies. when asked about his stake in starbucks, here's what he had to say. >> i will do nothing whatsoever to have any conflict of interest between my investments overall and my interest in the company that i love. >> so again, not very clear in terms of what he's going to do with the $2.6 billion stake. starbucks, one of the world's largest companies and they have a huge stake in china where they build one store every 15 hours. that's only if he runs, of course, right? >> dana: right. he's doing this exploratory thing and media and they're asking questions to pin you down on policy things. >> you tried to do that a week ago. you did a great job. >> not that i got anything. >> susan li, thank you. so the discussion of taxes and big bucks taking place on late night tv with one of the world's richest couples.
11:32 am
bill and melinda gates sat down with stephen colbert. >> you heard about the existence of billionaires is a failure of capitali capitalism. what would you say that billionaires shouldn't exist? >> we might be biassed. it's possible. i think you can make the tax system take a higher portion of people with great wealth. >> here to talk about this is ryan streeter, director of domestic policy studies. this is the debate the country has had a long time. where are we with it now? >> we're where we have always been. people are on different sides of the issues. when you talk about a 70% tax rate, they object secure realities. economists estimated to open source, what would happen if you
11:33 am
put in place 70% taxes? if we had that from the beginning of the year, it would raise $16.3 billion. that's about to pay the department of housing and urban development for six months. that's if wealthy people didn't change their behavior. when you factor in the behavior of people when you raise the taxes, that number drops below $12 billion and even into the single digits by some calculations. this idea that you tax income at 70% as a panacea will pay for things, it's not true. >> dana: maybe if they want more money for the government is through the capitol gains, what susan li was talking about. investments. >> yeah, you can do that and diminish the kind of investments we need for the innovation we need in our society. i would rather live in a country
11:34 am
where i have my iphone and know that steve jobs became a billionaire rather than knowing he wasn't one. if progressives want to pay for this new technology that they hope will cover their environmental goals and objectives, they need people to get rich doing that. the only way to do that is to bring capital into new enterprises. so there's a lot of contradictions in what they're talking about. >> dana: i want to talk about what you do, the study at aei, the well-being of the country. you found that people feel good about things in their local communities. in the country things are going the right direction 43%. in the local community, 73%. that's sort of like people that hate congress but like their own personal congressmen. are things better than you thought they would be? >> yeah, that's the right comparison. people will tend to think the economy overall will do worse than their own personal
11:35 am
financial situation. working class americans, nonworking class are bullish. 90% in both groups say they will be doing better in a year than now. when you ask how things are going in their communities, every demographic, however you break it down, think things are going okay. you wouldn't know this from the kind of coverage we got nonstop. the reality, when you ask the people that we did, we asked questions that other surveys don't have. we ask are you lonely, how many friends you have -- >> dana: let's talk about that point about loneliness. we read a lot about that. the worry that people are so lonely and it's contributing to degradation of their health. you found in america through your study, that's not true. >> it's partially true. where social isolation exists is serious. if someone is lonely and they
11:36 am
feel like they're on the outside looking in, that can lead to negative health effects. it's not true in most cases. we asked questions about loneliness and questions about belonging, which other surveys haven't done. when you do it together, you find out people that say they're lonely, which is about a third of us, we also say that we have someone that we're close to. someone that we can rely hahn in a time of need. it's possible to feel lonely from time to time and to have friends. it's a more complicated issue than we often hear about when we talk about a loneliness endenim mechanic. it's measured. >> dana: and you asked about freedom of choice and how to live is 85%. a good family live, 83%. owning a home at 59%. taking this and knowing you're background as we worked together in the bush administration, how do you take results like this up to capitol hill and say, look, your focusing on the wrong things up here. if you did more of this, more of that, you'd have more well-being
11:37 am
in the country. >> yeah, it's hard to know how to legislate these things. your point is right. the reality is, all demographic groups, no matter how you slice it, the ideal definition of the american dream involves being free to pursue their dreams. to have a rewarding family life. doesn't mean they don't want to own a home for have a successful career, but they rank those after those more fundamental priorities. so protecting our basic liberties, making sure everybody has an opportunity to participate in every aspect of society and making sure families are strong should be priorities. that's what americans priorities are. >> all right. agreed. ryan streeter, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: a hearing on the humanitarian crisis was today. the house foreign affairs committee as the president of columbia meets with president trump, accused venezuela's disputed president maduro of crimes against humanity. the administration is trying to
11:38 am
figure out how to get the aid to the people that need it. >> the united states has sent aid to neighboring columbia. the disputed president of venezuela, nicholas maduro says they're blocking that aid. so the administration is trying to get aid to the venezuelans. the president speaking at the white house with the president of columbia. when asked what happened if maduro refuses to leave, the president says he always has a plan b. whether that includes sending troops to columbia, the president says he never talks about that and you'll see. to testifying before the house foreign fair committee, elliot abrams. he says when the administration says all options are on the table, it doesn't mean they're going down the military road. that's not one the administration is pursuing right now. >> and democrats in that hearing
11:39 am
criticized elliot abrams for his history in central america? >> he did for their work in -- for the reagan administration, his work during the reagan administration and that intervention in el salvador's civil war. a number member of the committee questioned his credibility. >> yes or no, do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement? that happened under our watch. >> that is a ridiculous question. >> yes or no. >> no. i'm not going to respond to that kind of person attack. >> abrams says he was promoting democracy in that time in latin america. he's also fielded questions about his pleading guilty to lying to congress over the iran contra scandal in 1991. he said speaking to leaders in region today, they're focused on events of 2019, not of the 1980s.
11:40 am
>> dana: thank you, rich. a serial killer confessed to more than 90 murders is drawing sketches of his unidentified victims. now the fbi would like your help identifying them. we'll get a democrat's view of a push for the border security compromise. michael bennett joining us straight ahead. follow us on social media or twitter at "the daily briefing" and follow us on instagram and facebook. this is loma linda,
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> shepard: shepard smith on the fox news deck. the president is set to speak in a few minutes live on fox thus. wore waiting for word on whether he will indeed sign the legislation that would prevent another government shutdown. and plus, military families testifying about huge problems with their housing after survey
11:45 am
results compare the conditions to a slum. what housing companies reps and pentagon officials are saying about that. deplorable conditions. we'll have details top of the hour on fox news. >> dana: lawmakers are struggling to nail down the final details of the border security deal. a source on capitol hill telling fox news that the deal is leaking oil right now. the white house is exploring all options to get a full funding request taken care of for a border wall. >> there's some positives in the bill but it's not enough. that's why the president is not happy. at the same time, that's while we've been negotiating this, the president and his team is looking at every option possible to complete the wall. >> dana: colorado senator michael bennett. good to have you here. you think it's possible the president decides he doesn't want to sign it and there would
11:46 am
have to be an interim spending bill? >> i hope he does decide to sign it. i think that this is a reasonable compromise to get passed an issue that has obsessed the congress the last six weeks or two months. there's a lot of other work that needs to be done here. if we've got a bipartisan deal, he might as well sign it and move on is what i would say. >> he just said we'll see what happens. he said he's not happy. he also might go ahead and sign it. can you help clear us -- you're on the intel committee -- the discussion between richard burr and democratic counter part about the mueller investigation. take a listen. >> deciding what we have found to date. i think just recently there was a story that said the democrat
11:47 am
staff confirmed that that's where we were. we still have some investigation left though. >> dana: and the ranking democrat said not so fast. what do you know? >> the investigation hasn't been concluded. reaching conclusions based on incomplete investigation would be a mistake. a bad mistake. we should be allowed to conclude our investigation just like mueller needs to finish his investigation and let's see where the facts lead us. >> dana: so you're advising don't read much into either one of what the chairmen said? >> i wouldn't. >> dana: okay. let's go to colorado for a second. you're from there. you have served there. been a public servant there. just last night, colorado advanced a bill that would join many other states, i think 13 other stays that would tie colorado electoral votes to whatever the national popular
11:48 am
vote was in a presidential election. so for example, if trump were to win in colorado but the popular vote went to the democrats, colorado would have to send their votes for the democrats. is that something you would support? >> i have to read it. i haven't had a chance to read it. let me say this. directionally, i'm for getting rid of the electoral college. >> dana: really? >> yeah. i think we ought to have direct election of our president. i think the electoral college is antiquated, belonged two centuries ago. it would be good to fix it. whether we are able to fix it is another question, a journey like that takes a long time. meantime -- >> dana: i was going to say it would require a constitutional amendment, which is very difficult. >> right. that is difficult and it's takes a long time. in the meantime, we could be working on other things like the lack of economic mobility in
11:49 am
this country, infrastructure, education. all of the things we need to be doing while we're completely obsessed with this wall that the president finds himself occupied with. i mean, i would say going back to that question you asked earlier, if he tries to do emergencies -- sort of emergency attempt to move money around, he will get a lot of objection not just democrats but republicans as well that think the constitution says it's the legislative's branch prerogative to decide where the money goes. to say nothing of the fact that he's declared over and over again that he wants to use imminent domain to steal the land under which he wants to build this wall that belongs to farmers and ranchers in texas. i don't understand why any republican would support that. >> dana: we'll see on that. i think while the president help set the agenda in washington, the democrats are trying as well
11:50 am
and the green new deal introduced by senator markey and on the house side as well, there's going to be a vote on this. mitch mcconnell says there there be. do you support the resolution as written? >> i will -- i certainly am looking at the resolution. why is mitch mcconnell putting it on the floor? he's the most strategic person in washington. may sound funny for a democrat to say that. i don't agree with what he's done on judges. i don't agree -- >> dana: you would say he is strategic. >> he's strategic. what he's trying to trap people on either side of that. all i ask is of my party, we be as strategic as him without being as molevolent as he is. >> dana: and what is your party
11:51 am
missi missing? a more moderate voice? >> i think we have tremendous candidates out there. we have to focus as a laser beam an our lack of economic mobility. we accepted the idea that we with live with income and equality. everybody in america with rise. the last 50 years, americans have not gotten a benefit of economic growth. that's a challenge that we have to look at. democracy cannot survive without broad-based economic growth. >> dana: would you agree -- the president is overseeing an economy that is giving movement to that. the wages are going up, unemployment is down. denver is thriving. >> denver is thriving. if you look at a line of job growth or economic growth from about 09 until today, that line has gone like that. so it started here, it's gone like that and i will agree with
11:52 am
you, that during the course of the trump administration the line continues. the trump administration starts here. the line starts here. america has brought us economic growth. what i would say is, he's given us a tax policy that has made matters worse with respect to income and equality in this country. on top of that, he's created this monstrous deficit when we're at full employment, which is something we've never done. so the idea or at least not done since the vietnam war and it was more modest than this. so the idea that we have a $2 trillion deficit bearing down on us when we're at full employment when this republican president shouldn't surprise me. he said you'll get the biggest tax cut you ever got, the biggest defense increase you ever saw. i'm not going to touch medicare and medicaid and social
11:53 am
security -- >> dana: would you touch medicare and social security? >> i think we have a big problem that we're spending twice as much on our healthcare as any other industrialized country in the world and spending on healthcare. that's what we need to address. >> dana: come back. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: we'll be right back. a serial killer is painting portraits of his unidentified victims. how you can help the fbi crack he's cases. a heart breaking story in california leaving local authorities stunned. what happened when a woman tried to abandon her newborn baby on the side of the road. >> she got out of her car. asked the man if he could help her and asked him to take her child. at something old, and saying, "really?" so we built capital one cafes, with savings and checking accounts you can open from here in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-newdayusa. need cash? at newday usa, veteran homeowners can get
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54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by 600 dollars every month. go to, or call 1-855-newdayusa. >> dana: the fbi is turning to the public for help in solving a twisted murder mystery. samuel little painted pictures of his victims. now there's a chance to identify
11:58 am
these women. dan springer is live in seattle with more. dan? >> dana, the images are chilling. samuel little may not be the most prolific killer in u.s. history but the most cooperative with police as detectives try to close out dozens and dozens of cases. he was convicted of three murders in los angeles but confessed to killing 93 women in a killing spree that started in 1970. he began started to talking to police after being transferred out of the l.a. county jail. homicides span across 16 states. little never stayed in one place long. now the fbi is trying to solve more with help from the public and 16 haunting paintings drawn by the monster that killed them. the portraits have eye close and hair styles all from women
11:59 am
murdered decades against. the fbi hopes the paintings release tips from the public. many of the women were prostituting and drug addicts. little wrote where the murder took place, how he lured them, details of the killing and the car he was driving. his timeline when the murders took place is shaky. so far three of his confessions and drawings have been confirmed. now police are looking for names. one of black female in her early 20s kill in 1984 after he picked her up in memphis, her body found in arkansas. another jane doe in 1972 found in maryland. she was from massachusetts in her early 20s. this woman was killed in 1977. she was picked up in gulf port, mississippi. she possibly worked at a nearby shipyard. the fbi is hoping to solve as many cases as quickly as possible. sam little is in 78 years old
12:00 pm
and in poor health. i understand he's working on ten more as we speak. >> dana: thanks for gin -- joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: military families say they're living in hold of lead paint and rats and gross stuff. these are homes managed by private contractors, but on military bases. some family members are telling their stories live on capitol hill. ahead, the response from contractors and especially from the military as reporting begins now. our reporting begins with a live look in washington at a darkened podium for the moment. the presis


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