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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 13, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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corner of wall and broad. it shows we're green across the board. 25 of the dow 30 are in the green today. the best in business begins now on fox news. >> there's a green new deal about to derail? welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. just as california's governor is slamming the brakes on a high speed rail project citing the exploding costs, mitch mcconnell plans to force a vote on the democrat's green new deal which would replace planes with high speed trains. at least six democratic senators considering running for president are co sponsoring it. should they be worried about it?
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we're on it. with senator whip john thune on the vote, here's peter doocy with the fallout from all of this. peter? >> charles, mitch mcconnell wants to give anybody in the senate that supports the very bold and aggressive provisions of the green new deal a chance to vote for it. we caught up with one of the co sponsors, democratic candidate kirsten gillibrand says she doesn't think that is necessarily fair. >> i think this is an opportunity for us to talk about a vision for this country that is exciting. if we have a vote, we have a vote. i think the vote being called today is just a political stunt. >> senator gillibrand joins cory booker and elizabeth warren who are co sponsors on the deal. there's no legislative text
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putting the green new deal's ideas into a specific bill or resolution. that's why the senate's sponsor, ed markey says this. don't let mitch mcconnell fool you. this is nothing but an attempt to sabotage the movement we're building. he wants to silence your voice so republicans don't have to know they're climate change deniers. republican critics of the resolution have been referring regularly to frequently asked questions that were published and retracted by green new deal supporters. they suggested a future without airplanes or cows, which chuck grassley has a problem with. >> a lot of people in this country, mostly city slickers that think food grows in supermarkets and not on farms, i think it's very unrealistic. >> i caught up with senator kamala harris. asked her if she's supportive of this vote. she says she supports the green
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new deal. her office points out she wouldn't be a co sponsor of the measure if she didn't want to have a vote on it, charles. >> thanks. democrats want it. how many come many of them are reluctant to vote on it? we have david bernstein here and fox business network's ashley webster. let starts with you, denny. the democrats call for -- calling this a stunt. i thought, hey, this is what you want, you get publicity from it. all of the presidential candidates have rallied around this. why not vote on it? >> yeah. make up your mind, right? this is a fundamental transformation of america on steroids. this is a sweeping agenda for more government control and intervention in our everyday lives. why would they not want to go on the record? they would have to defend this to their constituents and the constituents need to know who supports this and what does not. this will affect all americans
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if this is something that the utopia that democrats want to go there. >> shepard: we're hearing it broad strokes, a lot to be filed in but starts the conversation. a vote would allow americans to see who is for what at this particular time. >> they should have a vote on it, frankly. as senator harris said, why propose those if you don't want to vote on it? we have become engaged in politics and mitch mcconnell is responsible for this to some degree as well. you know, broad bipartisan support in the senate for all sorts of bill that mitch mcconnell doesn't want to bring up for a vote. it's obvious hi wants to bring this -- >> why do you think he wants to bring it up? why do you think he thinks democrats are embarrassed by it? >> he realizes that the bill is -- the thinking on it is it's not fully matured, it's a talking point and not really an actual well-formed piece of legislation. he knows that people are running for president and this is
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something that people will have to go on record about. he knows it's going to be fail. if he thought this would pass, he wouldn't be bringing it up for a vote. >> the broad strokes part of it, with no airplanes and -- >> it's ridiculous. >> presidential candidates have glommed on to it. they're saying i'm on this platform as well. >> i can imagine they did that before reading it. it's 14 pages long but it's complete fantasy. from the business side, how are you going to pay for it? tens of trillions of dollars, print money, run up the national credit card and raise interest rates to control inflation. it's government overreach on steroids. it would be funny if it wasn't true. it's not funny. it's scary. >> it's popular though. can you deny it's not popular, particularly with younger voters? >> maybe for some. they don't know what is involved. and what the cost will be. we're going to end up paying for
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this nonsense. this isn't reality. they're looking to do away with fossil fuels. are you kidding me? in ten years? what are we supposed to do? heat your home, cool your home, how you going to drive your cars? they don't want you to do that. it's all about government control and it's outrageous. >> what people do support and to the point that you asked ten people on the street, ten people will tell you ten different things. why this is popular is because people do believe that climate change is serious and they believe -- >> curious enough to destroy entire industries -- >> perhaps not. but it's an opportunity to both grow the economy strategically and rethink the way we do lots of things in this country. so people see that as an opportunity. that's why the new deal terminology comes from. >> america's c 02 output has gone down after pulling out of the paris deal. china, india, these are the problems. why should americans foot the
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bill in a foolish attempt to curb climate change when the key polluters won't stop it. >> about the president pointed that out. why should we do it when the biggest polluters are doing nothing? you think the bureaucrats will run this? have you seen how they run the post office and amtrak? the last goes on and on. >> it's ugly. >> meanwhile, massachusetts democratic senator ed markey claiming this vote is sabotaged. we called him and we've got no response. republican senator john thune is here with us. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, charles. >> the notion that somehow this is sabotage, that senator mcconnell was pulling a fast one. what are your thoughts? >> i don't think he's pulling a fast one. he's asking people to go on the record and find out where people are on this great hot new idea that democrats have come up with that somebody else gets to pay
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for. >> are you surprised that all of the declared democratic candidates and many of those that are on the cusp of declaring have said, hey, this is part of our platform, too. we support this? >> it is kind of surprising, charles. if you look at where the democratic party is moving, they have taken a hard socialist turn. the issue with every one of these socialists fantasies, it sounds good as long as somebody else is paying for it. when you hand somebody the bill and realize what the price tag is, they have a different impression. that is where a majority of americans as they look at this and they listen to this discussion, that's where they're going to land. they're going to say okay. they're real lists. what does this cost? they're going to do the cost benefit and conclude this is a bad deal for american workers and american families that will get stuck paying the bill for all of these socialist fantasies that some on the far left have come up with and a lot of the democratic candidates for president have decided to
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embrace. >> if you look at the broad strokes, because that's all we have, feels like this is an extension of the social justice movement that was prominent under president obama. you look at high quality healthcare, economic security, safe housing. these are not climate change issues. they're issues that they're telling the american public, hey, it's all going to be part and parcel of this major package. climate change will be the headline but we'll take care of all the ails of this country. >> and it stems from the ideology that government knows best. it comes best to the decision that people make in their daily lives. if you look at the agenda that they have advanced, we're talking about a top marginal tax rate of 70%, a wealth tax, increase in business tax, open borders, medicare for all which costs $32 trillion. and the green new deal, which they say will cost the average family about $3,800 more in
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annual energy costs. so these are all part of this sort of utopia that a lot of engineers come up with in washington, but in the lives of the american people, they have real practical everyday costs. that's what the american people will be looking at. >> senator thune, speaking of open borders, i want your thoughts on this compromise and the potential for president trump to sign it and there being a vote on it. >> right. i think, charles, there is, as you know a negotiation and some give and take. everybody got everything they wanted. the point that i can tell people is, the president is going to build the wall. that's what he wanted. he will get more wall, twice as much wall as appropriated for in the last fiscal year and three times as much as would have been allowed for in a continuing resolution had the gun -- >> and getting a fraction of the money that he requested. >> yeah, he's not getting what
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he wanted. he knows that. there's other ways to get those dollars but reprogramming existing funds. he will get there. but this is an incremental process and this is a down payment. he will be building a wall and he got the democrats to concede. they weren't going to put a single dollar in. look at what they were trying to do with capping the number of beds, the number of criminals that could be detained by immigrations and custom enforcement. that was a win. i think the president can live to fight another day. but he's going to get wall funding and that's the important message out of this discussion. >> senator thune, thank you. >> thanks, charles. >> so who needs $1.3 billion when you can get $14 billion? ted cruz says take the $14 billion in assets tied to el chapo and build the wall. what this former obama and trump ice cheap tom holloman think of that idea? we'll ask him next.
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>> now that el chapo is facing prison for life, ted cruz says let's fund the border wall once and for all. how? by taking the $14 billion tried to the drug king pen. let's ask thomas homan. what do you think of that idea? >> i think it is. look, use -- he made money because of our weak border. use that money, help secure it. it makes perfect sense. >> some may argue the way he made the money, people died over the money, maybe it's blood money. considering, you know -- >> charles, i cannot hear anything. someone is stepping on you. >> okay. we'll keep trying, thomas homan. just to let you know, we did
1:16 pm
reach out to senator cruz on this. so far we have not heard back. it is an interesting idea to say the least. $14 billion. you have to weigh them. have to weigh the idea that this money is -- would have to consider it blood money and the other idea, border security, which would help everyone, help americans, also help those on the other side of the border. thomas, as i just said, it was a complicated proposal. $14 billion is very enticing. it's money that came at the expense of a lot of lives. >> you build that wall, you'll save lives. we had two children try. it's a tragedy. they came where there wasn't a wall. that wall will save lives. it will help -- the illegal alien population coming through the border are paying off the cartels. the cartels are making money. the organizations have to pay them to work through the plazas.
1:17 pm
this works sense. build the wall, cartels get less money, illegal aliens can go through the port. will hurt this cartel's bottom line and save lives. going to save a lot of lives. border patrol saved 4,000 people. this makes sense to me. >> most of these assets are mexico. so there would probably have to be some form of negotiation with mexico. you think they would be okay with that? >> i think i they should be. they've had a war on drugs for many years. this will help holding the cartels in check. it's the right thing to do. their citizens are dying, too. people sent to america are dying. thousands of people have died. look at the latest stats. 31% of the women being smuggled through mexico are being raped. that's a doctors without borders number. it's the right thing to do for
1:18 pm
the people. >> the compromise negotiated, 55 miles of border wall, substantially less money than president trump wanted. although substantially more than nancy pelosi said would be offered. are you okay with this? are you okay with president trump signing this and finding other resources and living to fight another day or should president trump draw a line here and continue to hold against for a larger amount? >> until i see the language exactly what they're trying to propose, because i've seen a hundred deliver stories, he should hold the line. when you illegal immigration on the rise, don't take beds away. proposing 42,000 beds. they got 40,000 today. that cause as release of criminals. i don't like what i see. i'd have to see the language and the appropriations bill to find out can they transfer money. last year they transferred money, everybody had a fit.
1:19 pm
if it requires house approval, that won't happen. i'd like to see the language. >> thanks, tom. >> thank you. >> coming up -- >> that was not a question. that was the -- i reserve the right to my time. >> it's not right -- >> that was not a question. >> the committee -- >> on february 8 -- >> who is not permitted to ply. >> fireworks between democrat freshman ilhan omar and president trump's special envoy to venezuela, elliot abrams. what started it? we're on it. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla
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1:23 pm
for which you were later pardoned by president george h.w. bush. i don't understand why members of this committee or the american people should should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful. >> if i can respond to that. >> it wasn't a question. that was not a question. that was -- i reserve the right to my time. >> it's not right -- >> that was not a question -- >> that this committee can attack a witness that is not permitted to reply. >> charles: a heated exchange between minnesota democratic congresswoman ilham omar and elliot abrams in a hearing on venezuela. rich edson has the latest. rich? >> good afternoon, charles. this is a return to latin
1:24 pm
american policy for elliott abrams. in the reagan administration, he was an assistant secretary in that region. a number of democrats are asking and questioning whether his experience in the reagan administration and that administration's intervention and civil war in el salvador for example robs him of the credibility that he needs to serve this administration. >> from the day that president duarte was elected, el salvador has been a democracy. it's fabulous achievement. >> yes or no, you think that massacre that had under our watch -- >> that is a ridiculous question. >> yes or no. >> no. >> i will take that as a yes. >> i'm not going to respond to that kind of personal attacks, which is not a question. >> abrams says he was promoting democracy in latin america then.
1:25 pm
he felted questions about an iran and contra. a hampers him at all in dealing with latin american leaders today. leaders are focused on events of 2020, not the 80s. >> charles: thanks, rich. now to this. >> i'm not sure how to put it clearer than what i said before. we don't have collusion between the trump campaign and russia. >> charles: a clear statement from richard burr. but his democratic counter part has issues of claims of no collusion. catherine herridge with the very late it's. catherine? >> good afternoon. the committee's ranking democrat is not going as far playing to what senator warner describes and suspicious contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials telling reporters when you have a campaign chairman sharing polling data with a campaign agent and as many indictments that have come out of the mueller investigation.
1:26 pm
when you see the level of contacts between russians and folks within the campaign. and there may be more legal exposure nor the president's former personal attorney, michael cohen as he failed to show for the a senate subpoena citing medical reasons. >> i can assure you, any good will is now good. we may help him go to prison now. >> burr was angered by media reporting that cohen was out and about last weekend as well as monday night. cohen testified before the same committee two years ago as a moscow real estate project in 2016. his attorney offered this defense to fox news. the medication mr. cohen is currently taking made it possible for him to testify this week. impossible rather to testify this week. we believe senator burr should appreciate that it's possible to be in pain and still have diner
1:27 pm
in a restaurant with his wife and friends. house democrats plan a vast probe of president trump and money laundering that will include multiple committee hearings and public events that could last into 2020. republicans accuse democrats of moving the goal posts. first, it was a jury trump campaign aide, george papadopoulos and the anti-trump dossier and now they have a new focus on the money trail, charles. >> charles: thanks very much. we're getting reaction from ohio congressman jim jordan. he's coming up. a real crisis that both parties are ignores. the nation's debt is soaring. $22 trillion and counting. while they stick their head in the sand, guess who will end up getting stuck with the tab? cou.
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[screaming]. >> charles: these guys just found out, that's right, our national debt just topped $22
1:32 pm
trillion for the first time ever. both parties are talking and spending, they're actually increasing it. we have ryan payne with us and mattie doppler. this was time when this was news. are we so numb we don't care? >> i would argue that politic n politicians are somewhat unnerved to the national debt. but that clip you played was right on. we're careening towards a cliff and we don't know how to stop ourselves. in some ways, it's alarming but not shocking that politicians have not started to use the national debt as an issue that they actually want to tackle. but frankly, if you look into the future, $22 trillion now, a trillion every year after that, really starts to make a dent. the reason that politicians should care about this is for both political reasons and
1:33 pm
realistic ones. it destabilizes the future for all americans. if you're a republican or conservatives, the opportunities narrow as the debt continues to squeeze out other kinds of investment. if you're a democrat and you think the federal government should be spending a lot on different programs, the priorities will be undermined that the debt will take up a greater part of the federal budget. >> in the green new deal, that's -- this $22 trillion would be a drop in the bucket. but to her point, there be a point that we're spending a trillion on the interest. when americans think about what that money could be used for, people start to get upset. >> a good point. the big thing is, we've been lucky. let's face it. interest rates have been low. so our debt service hasn't been astronomical. the reality is, inflation is starting to go up. interest rates have started to go up since the mid summer is of 2016. so at some point here, as
1:34 pm
interest rates rise, debt service goes up and then it's a real big problem for the economy. almost an anchor. >> charles: and we had a cpi number out today. it keeps going down. there's no signs of real plastic inflation. many people wonder in the amazon era if we would get this 1970s, early 80s inflation if it's possible. if not, maybe that enboldens politicians to spend important? >> sadly yes, it does. politicians keep spending money. when you have global economies starting to grow faster than the u.s., money will start to leave the u.s., which hence will raise interest rates. >> mattie, you're not running for election or re-election. they want to bring the bridge to nowhere back home to get re-elected. how do we get them to understand? >> the bias towards spending is
1:35 pm
a hard one to correct for the institutions here in washington d.c. you look at the congressional budget office, the other bean counters here in town, it's clear what the problem is. they say the next ten years that revenues will stabilize but spending will continue to spiral out of control. it's going to take some bravery from politicians on both sides of the aisle to start tackling the problems. the point made earlier by ryan, the fact that we have a debt that will get more expensive for the federal government be, probably isn't going to be an issue to see what consequences for private industry. i'm talking about the debt limit coming due march 1. we'll see. politicians are not feeling the pain that private facilities do. >> charles: thanks very much. the main street media camming the border compromise a huge loss for president trump.
1:36 pm
how about the hypocrisy? we record, you decide next.
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1:39 pm
>> this deal gives trump less than 1.4 billion for just 55 miles of fences. the border is 2,000 miles. so of course, they'll need to set aside money for signs that say please attempt to cross only at fence. >> the president also says he's proud of what he accomplished. it's unclear even by his own terms what he accomplished. this remind me of homer simpson negotiating with montgomery burns where he says i have another offer for you. a slip of paper that says zero and they go we'll take it! >> the mainstream media mocking a wall for the president. my next guest says, what about this? >> what about where you said you wouldn't accept a that's for
1:40 pm
wall funding to reopen the government. >> a dollar? [laughter] >> yeah, $1. >> charles: to be fair, that was from the last shut down fight. but a dollar turned to $1.4 billion. "the washington examiner"s byron york. you know, licenbyron, the media going call trump a loser no matter which way. avoiding a government shut down, moving the ball and getting this going, everyone says you have to go to dc and compromise. you think this is a win or a loss in where do you assess it? >> you have to look at it two ways. politically it was not a win. he wanted $5.7. he will get $1.4 billion. that's not nearly as much as he wanted. on the other hand, take a look at this as a policy matter. the president and the trump administration have already -- are already in the process of
1:41 pm
replacing about 125 miles of fencing that is dilapidated, porous. they're going to reface it with if new steel slat design that the president talks about, which really will be a huge improvement in security for those 125 miles. now, with this deal, he has the apparent okay to build 55 additional miles on currently unfenced area in which again using the steel slat pedestrian fencing model, which will be pretty effective. so it's not what he wanted. but it is an improvement. i think if you talk to a number of experts on the border, they will say there are these areas that if you fence even a relatively small part, you can improve the situation. >> charles: i think almost any border or security expert will say that. that's why some of the folks even on the other side of the aisle say walls around their
1:42 pm
primary residents. do you feel that this whole thing vis a vis the president, vis a vis the media is they're trying to push him, trying to goad him, they want him to take to twitter to perhaps make a brash decision? you know, instead of pure reporting, is this a deliberate attempt to push him in to a t n tran -- tantrum? >> there was mockery there. but that's what coverage is, of so much that president trump does. you could make fun of nancy pelosi if you wanted to. she's just apparently on a verge of approving 55 miles of immorality. she's probably given up something here, too. but here again, you know, try to keep your eye on the ball. look at this as a policy matter. would it be better to build the 55 miles of new fencing or
1:43 pm
better not to? the answer is it would be better to do it. >> charles: byron york, all the voice of reason. thanks. >> thanks, charles. >> charles: what is really up with president trump and russia? the senate intelligence committee chair says they turned up nothing. the mueller report might not say anything. so now house democrats vow to keep their investigations going anyway. how are their republican counter parts going to react? jim jordan is next. (burke) parking splat. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your finance business.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> house democrats already licking their chops for more investigations into any connections between president trump and the russians. robert mueller has not releases his report yet. let's get more from jim jordan.
1:47 pm
congressman, what's going on here? >> the senate intelligence chairman told us what we have already known. there's no coordination with russia. what they should be investigating, the democrats don't want to do this, all the terrible things that happened at the top levels of the fbi when they started this investigation in the first place in the summer and fall of 2016. these what we should be focused on. this is nothing new. >> charles: and maybe that might eventually happen. the feeling i'm getting the last couple days particularly after the senate came through with their conclusions is people are starting to feel like maybe this mueller investigation is going to end with a whimper. the democrats are ready to pick up the baton and start the race all over again. seems like an affront to the american public that is just tired, the fatigue of investigations after investigations. if it takes more than two years and you come up with nothing, what would the democrats be
1:48 pm
looking for? >> remember what we just learned. the head of the house intelligence committee chairmanship was caught hanging out with glen simpson in colorado. there's a photo of it. here you have the guy that has been pushing all of this, all of these different investigations, talking about more investigations to president trump. here's the guy that was hanging out with glen simpson, paid for the dos yeah, hire's steele and nellie ohr. the same chairman of the intelligence commit think that called on devin nunes to step down two years ago. look, what we're seeing from the other side and what we should be focused on, charles, never forget this fact, never forget this fact, jim comey fired. andy mccabe, demoted and fired. lied three times. jim baker, demoted and left the fbi. currently under investigation by the justice department and peter strzok demoted and fired and lisa page, demoted and left. the top five people.
1:49 pm
when have you seen that at any federal agency in that's where we should do a real investigation. >> charles: and i want to let the audience know, we reached out to representative schiff and we have not heard back yet. so the point is that the democrats are in charge of the house now. they have champing at the bits. for some of them, this is a campaign promise. for most americans, we're worried about the idea of so much investigation and not enough legislation to keep the country moving. what do you say to your democratic colleagues? >> stop the focus on stopping the president at all costs and focus on helping the country. their whole -- we saw this on day one. the very first day of congress. we had articles of impeachment filed the very first day. they're already ready to move to that before the mueller investigation is done. that's their focus, stopping the president and not helping the country.
1:50 pm
>> charles: we have news just coming in. the house voting to limit the u.s. war in yemen. the vote is being reviewed by president trump's alliance with saudi arabia. >> i disagree. >> charles: how did you vote? >> i don't view that at all. i view it as a constitutional duty. remember what was in the resolution. it still allows intelligence sharing to continue. that was an amendment that passed and also the most important amendment was the language -- >> charles: so you did vote to limit the u.s. involvement in yemen? >> i voted for it but we said stopped the bds movement. that was also added to the bill as language that said no -- stop this anti-semitic stuff that we're seeing, condemning that. this is a good piece of legislation that a number of conservatives supported because we don't think it should be -- >> charles: leading to the vote, there was speculation that if it
1:51 pm
was passed and now goes to the senate where people believe it will be approved that president trump would veto this. do you have any thoughts on perhaps of the president vetoing this? >> that's up to the president. there was good language, two good amendments added. the language that said there should be no room for any anti-semitic behavior, the bds language added and the amendment from congressman balk that said we should -- >> charles: it's not a rebuke about president trump and saudi arabia? >> i don't view it that way. it's a good piece of legislation that ask consistent with the powers that congress is supposed to exercise. >> charles: a lot of people will say republicans are complaining about all of these investigations. representative jordan, at every turn keeps talking about hillary clinton's e-mails is. that a fair comparison? >> what i'm talking about is what took place at the highest levels of the anybody?
1:52 pm
they launched the russia investigation. where have you seen they've been fired and left. we need to get to the bottom of that. took one party's opposition research and made it peer to be legitimate intelligence to spy on the president's campaign. that shouldn't happened in the united states of america but did. >> charles: less than a minute. hard break. you want to continuing resolution for a week. you think you'll get it? >> it allows to us continue to negotiate for building the border security wall. i think the president should do the national emergency declaration and move on this has best we can to get it done for the american people. >> charles: jim jordan, thank you. >> thank you. >> charles: ahead of valentine's day, how much will you spend to show your love? a new survey shows men and women may have different ideas. the fact is, americans move more than anyone else in the world. on average, we'll live in eleven homes.
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>> you've got to help me. i need a valentines gift for my wife. >> maybe this might be appropriate. >> yes! you saved my life. >> $100. >> that's highway robbery. i won't pay it. forget it, pal. >> [humming] >> charles: we have all been there. in a new survey, when it comes to valentine's day, men plan to spend an average of -- give us your thoughts. joining me now, mike and kat timpf. 64 bucks? >> 300 and whatever is a ridiculous amount of money to be spending on someone. where are these dudes?
1:57 pm
no one has ever spent that much money on me. however, it's also ridiculous for men to be complaining when you save so much money just by being a man. what is your haircut? your hair cut cost like $10. do you know how much these hair extensions cost? they are not cheap. how much it cost to get your nails done. you have to start buying lipgloss in middle school. it adds up. it's ridiculous, yes, but men should not complain. >> valentine's day is the most overrated holiday. it's the absolute worst. it's becoming like sam st. patrick's day and new year's eve. they raise all the prices. it's a disaster. or i'm just bitter because i'm single. >> charles: you have caught the bear's attention. >> hey, how's it going? >> charles: this bear. >> where would i put that in my
1:58 pm
apartment? i live in new york city. >> charles: looked at it. if you ever seen a bear that animated. >> if you are paying over $300, it's like a car payment. >> charles: we live in manhattan. it cost $300 a month to park your car. >> $300, that's insane. they need to get a life. otherwise they are suckers. >> charles: does this change the dynamics? also includes dinner. you are talking about a gift, an animated bear, listens to you, never complains. you've got that, dinner, maybe a box of chocolates. >> what are they eating for dinner? chunks of solid gold? i don't understand. >> if you take a girl out to dinner, that should be it. you don't have to get anything in addition to that. don't take them out. cook at home and cuddle. >> charles: if you spent $400 and hers cost 60, what do you
1:59 pm
say? >> i'm walking out. [laughter] i'm immediately calling my buddies. >> i don't spend any money on valentine's day. >> charles: america is watching they believe young adults in manhattan are the most jaded, unromantic people in the world. we have less than a minute to change that. >> unfortunately i don't think i'm the correct messenger for that. if you haven't been listening to the things i've been saying. i am in fact also single, have been single for quite some time. last valentine's day, i spent eating cookies. >> charles: the bear went over a bit closer to you. >> i've got that going for me. >> the most romantic thing i've done in the last five years, here you go. >> thinks. but it's not yours to give. >> charles: trying to get more romantic, nothing wrong with that. join me on fox business network. i will be on at 2:00 p.m. the market is rocking.
2:00 pm
i hope you've been making some money. if not, it means you haven't been watching. tune in tomorrow. here's "the five" ." ♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with jedediah bila, juan williams, jesse watters, and a beanbag is her beanbag chair. dana perino. "the five" ." it's hard to run for president. every day is a test on how far you'll bend for approval. it's a limbo bar for your character. no matter how low others go, you have to go lower. here's how the 2020 race is shaping up for the dems.


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