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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 13, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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represented christine blasey ford in that tour de force performance and represents andrew mccabe. obama partisan. newport new podcast dropped tod. check it out. shannon bream and the fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: i might overdo it with the punctuation once in a while. i'm not going to live. i get excited. thank you, laura. we are told in any minute we could get the actual text of the compromise budget and waterville finally. the big question tonight, what's in the version? amid new misgivings, some republicans about whether it's tough enough on border security and mixed signals. president trump about whether he's going to sign up relates made federal judge finding the paul manafort at one time campaign chairman for president trump intentionally lied to investigators and know his plea deal could go up in smoke. hello and welcome to fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. president trump says he will hold off on a decision about the copper mines budget and border deal until he seeds exactly what's in it.
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lawmakers are rushing to get the legislation through official channels as quickly as possible. it's still not ready for a vote. don't forget there is that deadline looming. g.o.p. senator lindsey graham is talking to the president about the deal he joins us with some inside scoop in just minutes. first, team coverage with david spunt and kristin fisher, covering what she's hearing at the white house. kristin. >> the big question tonight is will president trump sign this bill? no one seems to know with 100% certainty what he will do. not republicans on capitol hill, not his own white house staffers, not even president trump himself. white house officials that he wants time to review what's in the bill but time is running ou out. >> we'll be looking for landmines because you could have that, you know, it's been known to happen before the people but we have not got this yet. you will be sent to us at some point and we will take a very serious look at it.
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>> white house officials say president trump is not easy with several measures in the bill. he doesn't like the amount of money for a border wall $1.375 billion. he doesn't like a provision that would allow local officials and groups to detail construction of a border burial in certain areas. he also doesn't like the idea of a second shut down in just two months. >> i don't want to see a shutdown. shutdown will be a terrible thing. i think the point was made with the lash of time, people realize how bad the border is, how unsafe the border is. i think a lot of good points were made but i don't want to see another one. >> even if president trump does sound the bill, the white housel won't rule out the possibility of a national emergency declaration of the border. >> the presence got a number of options. he's going to give them all on the table. we will make a determination of what's necessary based on what the final piece of legislation looks like. >> president trump tweeted out a new fox news poll which shows voters favor a budget deal.
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money for humanitarian relief. 21% oppose it. the fox poll also found 50% of voters oppose a border wall while 46% support it. that's up three points from just last month. one of the key republican negotiators, senator richard shelby says he spoke with president trump tonight that he was in good spirits. senator shelby is trying to convince them that this deal is only a down payment on the wall but it remains to be seen if president trump will see it that way. shannon. vera we are going to ask senator graham about that. let's head capitol hill now, correspondent david spunt. trying to get their hands on the bill. what's the latest? >> will bring it to you as it happens from capitol hill. we are told he could be anytime. a democratic eight told chad pem the final text is being
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prepared for release of any moment. a lot of republicans and democrats agreeing this is a good thing. some say it's bad. one source telling fox news today this package is leaking oil right now. the clock continues to take. february 15, the day president trump said congress must send him a border security package with funding for a physical barrier or risk another shutdown. >> no one wants to see a rerun of that movie. the president must not repeat his mistakes of the recent past. president trump sign this bill. >> democratic aides tell fox news they're optimistic the bill will pass in the house. >> support the bill for what's in it. don't judge it for what's not in it. figure democrats are concerned conservatives may turn fellow republicans against the deal. members of a bipartisan team came up with a plan that would fund the president border wall, not a 5.7 billion, but instead 1.4 billion for an additional 5.
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>> it's a compromise. in my habit we had to compromise? no. do i wish it was 5.7 billion? yes. but it's not zero either. >> republicans versus ag of the members feel they misplayed their hand and could've had waly last year. wednesday the house freedom caucused through a bit of a curveball. announcing a continuing resolution to fund the government for another week while both sides hammer out a deal. the senate is going to be voting on the package tomorrow and then it's going to go to the house. the senate will also vote on president trump's attorney general nominee, william barr. we were going to stay here for the next hour. i'm going to stand here checking my phone. hopefully we'll get the text of the bill. a lot of people anxious to see exactly what's inside. >> shannon: we will come back to you as soon as that happens. david spunt, thank you very muc much. our next guest says the president should take the deal and move on. at this hour, what is he hearin
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hearing? republican lindsey graham, chairman of the senate judiciary committee. you get all kinds of scoops. i know you've been talking to the present. where is he? i'm hearing it's "leaking oil." >> not because of him. the president is ready to accept the wall money and more judges and more bed space. what we are arguing about this late hour is whether or not we're going to pay back paid to contractors. we've never done this before. with had a bunch of government shutdowns but never have the democrats insisted that we pay contractors back pay. i think it's a bad precedent to set. they are throwing that in right here at the the -- right before midnight. also arguing about the violence against women act which runs out on friday. we are just saying okay, let's keep talking about it. let's authorize it as it isn't till september and work on our policy differences. let's don't stop this from reaching a deal on funding the
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government. >> shannon: your concern is not that the president won't sign the deal. >> i am more worried about democrats. >> shannon: there's been criticism on the right to say the president didn't get enough. he has set i'm going to use other avenues to move around money. some folks on other networks, like morning joe, they don't think the president has a right to do that. >> if you read your constitution, all funding begins of course with the legislative branch and also the executive branch when the executive branch can't get the legislative branch to agree to giving the funding they need. what lindsey graham just said, unconstitutional. what mitch mcconnell suggested, unconstitutional. >> shannon: do you have a copy of the constitution? >> i don't have one on me but i have a copy of last year's appropriations bill. section 284 i think allows the president to spend up to $880 million to erect barriers
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for drug corridors. that's a pot of money. the bill also allows moving $4 billion around in the defense budget at the discretion of the president and secretary. when you added up, it's pretty much when he needs. why should he take this deal? the 1.375 can be used to build barriers. nancy pelosi said not a dollar for barriers are awol. if you're going to get on those those -- he's going to get more than a dollar. money for more judges. there is no limit on bed space like i was worried about. take it as a down payment. go into the defense bill and move money around like congress allowed you to do last year and build this wall. 5.7 billion is what he wants. the difference between 1.375, find it on your own. declare a national emergency because it is, and move the money around and secure the border. >> shannon: here's what rush limbaugh says.
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republicans of said they are not down with the national emergency. >> if they have to declare a national emergency and go through the courts and have the democrats go through the motions of trying to stop it, that all the better. let the democrats demonstrate as often and loudly as they can that they do not want border security. >> [laughs] >> shannon: you know that they are going to find a friendly judge. >> from a republican point of view, rush is right. i don't always agree with rush limbaugh but he couldn't be more right here. the president should declare a national emergency because it is, and that the democrats argue that it's not. talk about why they don't want to secure the border and we do. it's a great issue for 2019 and 2020. it's a legitimate national security issue, and we would be idiots as republicans not to support donald trump to try to build this wall anyway he can legally, and he has the authority as president to
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declare a national emergency. there are monies available to him in the current budget to move around and help build the wall. we'd be stupid as a party to not stand behind him. i can't think of a better issue to define the democrat and republican party than this. >> shannon: we will see. whether this gets to the president's desk, whether he signs it. senator graham, mr. chairman, great to have you with us. this is a fox news alert. tonight federal judge ruling president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort intentionally lied to investigators. special counsel prosecutors are on the record saying this goes to the heart of the mueller probe. manafort's plea deal looks like it might be falling apart. chase is on the case. >> good evening. this was not a clean sweep for the special guns about the ruling certainly hurts paul manafort thought of getting a reduced sentence. judge amy berman jackson says there is sufficient evidence to say that manafort broke his plea deal with robert mueller by
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lying about three of the five matters the special counsel singled out. including a department of justice investigation not related to the mueller probe, lying about a wire transfer involving a political action committee that spent millions to help the trump campaign, and three, which is most important for the mueller probe, misleading the fbi, prosecutorsd a grand jury about his contact with constantin, long time manafort associated with the fbi believes has ties to russian intelligence. prosecutors say manafort and his deputy rick gates met at a bar, a cigar bar in new york in august 2016 when manafort still had a high-ranking role in the trump campaign. prosecutors say that the three men left the bar separately to not draw attention to the meeting. details of what may have been discussed are unclear but man afford's attorney say that their client didn't intentionally lie
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though he may have misremembered some facts. judge jackson, appointed by president obama, also ruled there was not enough evidence to say and october 2018 manafort lied about his interaction with white house officials or that constantine: nick tried to influence witnesses. in all of these rulings, judge jackson used the preponderance of evidence standard which is among the lowest levels and actively means more likely than not. as for how this affects paul manafort's prison time, we shall find out when he is sentenced on march 13. shannon. >> shannon: just around the corner. trace gallagher, thank you very much. coming up, for she was condemned for anti-semitic statements. now freshman congresswoman ilhan omar in a war of words with president trump and a contentious clash. >> do you think that that massacre was a fabulous
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achievement that happened under our watch? >> it's a ridiculous question. >> yes or no. >> shannon: mexican drug lord el chapo likely to spend the rest of his life in prison, what happens to his $14 billion fortune? senator ted cruz is here. he says the money should be used to build the border wall. he's going to tell us how is working to make that happen nex next. - i think the best companies succeed as a team,
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in the meantime, days after getting reviewed by the democratic leadership for making anti-semitic comments, freshman congresswoman ilhan omar is going on offense. her focus is on the president's point man on the crisis in venezuela. state farm correspondent rich edson is the latest tonigh tonight. >> if i can respond to that. >> it wasn't a question. that was not -- >> the trump administration's new venezuela envoy defending his work in the reagan administration, one of the newest members of the house foreign affairs committee questioned elliott abrams credibility on latin american policy because of u.s. involvement in el salvador el salvador's civil war. claiming abrams dismissed reports that u.s. trade troops, murdered hundreds of civilians. >> from the day president duarte was elected in a free election to this day, el salvador has been a democracy. it's a fabulous achievement. >> yes or no, do you think that
8:19 pm
massacre was a fabulous achievement? that happened under our watch. >> that's ridiculous question. >> yes or no. >> no. >> i will take that as a yes. it's big i'm not going to respond to that kind of personal attack. >> representative omar questioned whether americans should believe abrams because he pled guilty to lying to congress doing iran contra. abrams has said that his involvement isn't an issue and they are focused on the events of 2019, not the 1980s. >> yes or no, would you support an armed faction within venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide if you believed they were serving u.s. interests, as you did in guatemala, el salvador, nicaragua. >> i'm not going to respond to that question. i'm sorry. i don't think this entire line of questioning is meant to be real questions, so i will not reply. >> abrams has the entire thrust
8:20 pm
of american policy in venezuela is to support the venezuelan people's effort to restore democracy to their country. >> there is a storm brewing inside the maduro regime that will eventually bring it to an end. for those remaining supporters of the regime, we have one civil message. your time is up. >> much of venezuela's military leadership appears to still support nicolas maduro. abrams says now is the time for the armed forces to support the venezuelan people. shannon. >> shannon: rich edson at the state department. thank you. senator ted cruz recently met with new diplomatic rep incentives from the venezuelan opposition. he is also pushing a creative solution to the border barrier funding conundrum. senator cruz, republican member of the foreign relations committee from texas joins us now. great to have you with this. >> always good to be with you. >> shannon: let's talk about the situation in venezuela. i want to put up a tweet from congresswoman ilhan omar. she said u.s. backed coup in venezuela is not a solution to
8:21 pm
the dire issues they face. trump's efforts to install a fiery deposition will not only incite violence and further destabilize the region. we must support mexico, uruguay, and the vatican's effort to facilitate a peaceful dialogue. >> we are seeing in the democratic party they are just galloping to the left. we thought of the state of the union last week where half the democrats refused to even say we wouldn't become a socialist country. and this is part and parcel with the same thing. there has always been the extreme voices in the democratic party that defend communist dictatorships, that stand with the elements of america and sadly that's what we are seeing here. nicolas maduro and hugo chavez before him are enemies of america. they oppress their people. maduro is illegitimate. he is seizing power. you want to talk about a coup. maduro is using military force to stay in office and he's not the legitimately elected leader of venezuela. juan guaido is instead.
8:22 pm
the president is quite right, as have most of the nations in the community of civilized nations have recognized juan guaido as the legitimately elected leader of venezuela. and the leftists and the democratic party need to stop siding with the communists against the united states of america. that's not good for our country. >> shannon: another democrat in the house, saying "mr. guaido, you can proclaim yourself leader of venezuela but you don't get authorize military interventions. only the u.s. congress can do that and we will not." the president has had everything is on the table. >> it depends what happens. we have u.s. diplomatic personnel in venezuela. maduro has threatened their safety. if maduro did anything to jeopardize the safety of americans, to jeopardize the safety of american diplomats, the present would be totally justified going in and using military force to keep americans
8:23 pm
safe. that being said, nobody is talking about military intervention absent aggressive violence against americans. what we are talking about is recognizing that the rule of law matters. right now, do you know how many generals there are in venezuela? there are over 3,000 generals. it's an incredible -- they are largely desperate and right now the question is where are the generals going to line up? what i've publicly called on the generals to do is say look, you are facing a choice. used him with maduro, the tyrant who is on his out who's losing power? or do you stand with the people of venezuela and he's down to the constitution? do you stand with the legitimately elected leadership? one of the things president guaido's government has promised to do is to hold free and fair elections to let the people of venezuela have a choice. the choice shouldn't be a leftist communist strongman who is murdering the people,
8:24 pm
torturing the people, pressing the people. and by the way, for all those democrats are big fans of socialism, well, you can see where the green new deal ends up. it ends up in venezuela. once one of the most prosperous countries in latin america. and now people literally starving in the streets. >> shannon: they've got resources. >> abundant. >> shannon: i want to ask about the legislation called the el chapo act. here's what president trump says about it. >> it's always interesting. anything ted does is interesting. it's certainly an interesting one. >> shannon: he does find you interesting and he did on the campaign trail as well. this is about taking money from people like el chapo were convicted and using the money prosecutors are able to season funneling the money to border security or the wall specifically? will you get 60 votes? >> we need to find out. we need to vote on it. i will tell you the origins of this idea, number of months ago and we were starting to really vigorously debate the border
8:25 pm
wall and democrats were going on and on, saying that it's too expensive, that they didn't want to spend money on it. now set aside for a minute, shannon, this may be the first time in the history of mankind democrats sought any government spending program was too expensive. they are willing to throw money down a rat hole every day behind idiotic programs. but let's take it at face value. okay, let's assume they are telling the truth and they are concerned about the expense. i happen to be reading at the time that the estimates to build a robust wall of the time or between 14 and $20 billion. at the same time, i read that the department of justice estimates of the global worth of el chapo's criminal network worldwide for roughly $14 billion. there is a natural and elegant symmetry that suggested itself so i filed the el chapo act which says all money criminally forfeited from el chapo and from any other drug lord shall be used for border security and to
8:26 pm
build the wall. and that means we can do this without spending even a penny of taxpayer money, but not only that. there is a justice to it. those billions that el chapo has were made trafficking illegally across the u.s. border, bringing narcotics across the border. it's only right that those ill-gotten gains go to fixing the problems and stopping the next narco traffickers. >> shannon: we will it. keep us updated, senator. great to see you. thanks for coming in. the border bill taxpayer waiting on, we are told they can come anytime. is it going to have the landmines president trump is worried about? democrats are democrats making r for president trump to win reelection? we have poll numbers. how colorado democrats are trying to circumvent the constitution and change the rules for presidential election elections. the power panel has opinions.
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>> shannon: it's time for your 2020 update in 60 seconds. joe biden reportedly quietly talking to potential donors about funding a 2020 campaign. he hasn't announced. many consider him to be a democratic favorite if he does join the growing field. another democrat with a nationwide presence. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg putting himself out there is a 2020 may be. he told politico he's ready to drop $500 million of his own money whether or not he decides to run, just as he donald trump lose. colorado moving a bill that would eliminate the electoral college as we know it. the bill would require all nine of colorado's electoral votes to reflect the national popular vote in a presidential election and not what you get at the statewide level in colorado. following the 2016 election
8:32 pm
which president trump lost the popular vote but won the electoral college, a phenomenon that it's only happened five times. the colorado bill has passed the state senate. new fox news polls. democrats face a vote on the green new deal. it calls for a major makeover of the american economy. shades of what critics are calling socialism. 57% have a positive opinion of capitalism. that's more than twice the number who feel the same way about socialism. 25% margin, 25 points, more republicans and democrats have a positive view of capitalism. striking differences. some groups most likely to have a favorable view of socialism include self identified liberals, clinton voters, and those under the age of 30. let's talk about it with dennis kreger, josh, and brad. former deputy attorney assistan
8:33 pm
assistant. welcome to all of you. brad, these poll numbers. what do you think? >> i think it's very troubling for the democratic party. i think they have an identity crisis. i remember that if you called the democrat a socialist, you are defaming them. now they get angry if you don't call them a socialist. it's troubling with their policies are. this new deal is, it's been written on the back of a napkin. nobody seems to know the details. they talk in generalities, getting rid of cars and planes and limiting cattle and all kinds of crazy things. we know we will never get it enacted but the differences are stark between republicans and democrats. i think it will help republicans as we move closer to 2020 because we tend to be where the american people are. >> shannon: let's put this poll up. democrats versus republicans.
8:34 pm
it was a split, democrats have a favorable opinion of capitalism nine points. it's a partisan split. >> i think it's important to point out that all the announced candidates on the democratic side, none of them are socialist. all of them are capitalist, and all will be considered to be in that group per se capitalism is something that they support. we've been hearing this attack for 50-plus years. the 1960s when democrats were trying to pass medicare, it was called socialist medicine. now the vast majority of america supports it. if republicans want to argue that every social safety net policy we have should be done away with, have addicts. we can have a debate. >> shannon: do you think that's what they are arguing or are they arguing against full government takeover of things like health care? that's different. >> the fox news polls survey shows a single pair federally funded health care plan has 47%
8:35 pm
four and 47% against. that's more popular than donald trump and has wall and congress. medicare, to go back to it, it's a massive government funded health care program. yes, i think we should have those debates but no one who's in the mainstream is saying we should do away with all private industry everywhere and only have one big national government. >> shannon: dennis, is that how this would happen? is it incremental? >> was in it kamala harris who i believe said she would do away with private health insurance? >> shannon: yes. >> that is far more radical than anything in sweden, denmark, norway, finland, england. this is a level of socialism unlike anywhere in those countries that i just enumerated. the biggest problem is it's, everything to me ultimately is a moral question, not a political one. i asked one thing.
8:36 pm
what has lifted humanity out of poverty? there is only one answer to that question and that answer is capitalism. you cannot love humanity and love socialism. it's not possible. they are mutually exclusive. only capitalism has lifted billions of people from poverty. these people are fools who are floating the idea of socialism. it means contempt for humanity and love of ideas. >> shannon: dennis, i want to stay with you. i know you have a special insight. the idea of getting rid of the electoral college. the videos you have out. my understanding is the one on the electoral college is one of the most popular. >> we have put out, we have a billion views last year. a billion. most of those are people under
8:37 pm
35 and amazingly by far the most popular, 50 million views, the one on the electoral college because people don't know about the electoral college. i believe we helped stem the tide in favor of removing the electoral college. in a nutshell, let me say. wasn't america founded to be a democracy or a republic? the founders founded a republic, not a democracy. they knew there could be a tear any of the majority and any break on massive power, they understood was critical to the moral success of the experiment known as the united states. that's why if we get rid of the electoral college because it's not democratic, then we have to get rid of the u.s. senate. why does wyoming have two senators and california has two senators? the voter in california has far fewer senators representing. there is no doubt that the left
8:38 pm
would move on after abolishing the electoral college to abolishing the u.s. senate. >> shannon: josh, what do you think? a republican senator in colorado says why do we want to cede our voting power to the national vote? the >> i think it's a reasonable argument to say every citizen should have an equal voice in who the president is. to say if you live in delaware, your vote shouldn't count more than if you live in texas and right now it does. the mechanism for making that happen, i'm not an expert on her but i think it's reasonable we should say ask every american who should be our leader and whoever gets the most votes, they win. >> shannon: dennis makes an interesting distinction, democracy versus republic. >> i think the founders got it right and that's to protect the smaller states. if we had our druthers, i don't think we would change the perfectness of this part of the
8:39 pm
constitution. it works. i don't want california and new york deciding what's good for me in virginia. by the way, whatever colorado does, it's not going to be passing constitutional mustard. >> shannon: it's a high hurdle. if you have the compact clause, you have the inability to change the constitution by a constitutional convention or -- there are ways to do it. not by states colluding amongst other states or doing it themselves. >> shannon: there are couple ways to do it. it takes a lot. the measures there. brad and josh and dennis, thank you all very much. another conservative harassed verbally, attacked while speaking at his alma mater at dartmouth. his daughter caught a lot of it on camera. >> go home, racist!
8:40 pm
>> shannon: universities speech on college campuses. what the trump administration is doing to protect free speech for everyone. he's next. [nondescript dialogue]
8:41 pm
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>> go home, racist -- >> harassed at dartmouth. the latest incident in which speakers have faced protests and intimidation. his daughter caught it on video. >> students are basically taught racism is their trump card so they will throw it at anyone they disagree with. >> shannon: the justice department says it's making sure all viewpoints are protected. jesse is leading the charge and joins us. great to have you with us. we've had so many stories. what are you doing?
8:45 pm
what can the government do? >> there's a free-speech crisis on college campuses and our job at the department of justice is to defend, protect, and advance the constitution, the bill of rights. where there are lawsuits against colleges and universities that are violating students or professors free-speech rights, were getting involved. we filed statements of interest set in every case the school either settled because they knew they were wrong or the court sided with our position. >> shannon: sometimes it's just the fact that you get involved. the aclu says this. i know you've said they've been a good partner. they say restricting such speech may be attractive to college administrators as a quick fix to address campus tension but confronting hearing and countering offensive speech is an important skill and it should be considered a core requirement at any school worth its salt. >> that's exactly right. the reason i call it a crisis and i don't say that lightly,
8:46 pm
this is about who we are as a country and we want to be. colleges and universities educate and put out the next generation of americans and we live in a pluralistic society we have to be able to disagree with your neighbor and still get along, learn from them and debate and if we are educating a generation of students who don't have those skills, we are in trouble as a country. that's why the department of justice is getting involved. >> shannon: it seems like there are more cases that are like pc speech cases where professors are worried about saying the wrong thing, whether it's pronouns or using language that some people would find offensive but they say is a core of their beliefs. things like that, how do you address a question mark >> the ones to get in the news our speakers were about following. the famous people. they can handle themselves. we are worried about the little guy on campus, the student or adjunct professor who doesn't have a following and they get bullied and harassed and have hecklers. they have no recourse.
8:47 pm
that's why it's important for these losses to happen for the department of justice to get involved. >> shannon: do you think colleges are fully well-versed in what the legal technicalities are? do you think they act from a place of trying to do what they think is the better social good versus what may be the legal rights are? >> get involved in cases where state run universities and colleges. taxpayer-funded funding it. they need to know they are government officials and they are bound by the first amendment. i think they know better. i just think they don't often get called on it, and that's why when there's lawsuits, the schools are so quick to settle. they know what the lies and they are counsel to know the laws. they are just not carrying it out. they need to do better on college campuses. it comes down to the people who foot the bills at the schools, the parents of the donors on the boards of trustees and the state governments that fund these schools need to demand that schools do better and address the free-speech crisis. >> shannon: we know the doj is doing that. thank you for joining us.
8:48 pm
late-breaking developments in the case of the kentucky mom we've been following, missing almost six weeks. exclusive interview with that woman's father when we return. >> somebody knows something. oh no. your new boss seems cool, but she might not be sweatpants cool. not quite ready to face the day? that's why we're here with free hot breakfast. book at for our price match guarantee. hampton by hilton. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids book at for our price match guarantee. every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child.
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>> shannon: the city council in portland, oregon, voting to stop cooperating with the fbi's joint terrorism task force tonight. the task force allegedly monitored left-wing activist. the fbi says withdrawing portland from the terrorism task force and will continue to partner informally with agencies. an urgent search for a conducting mother of four who vanished more than a month ago. savannah spurlock was last seen january 4 after leaving a bar in lexington with a group of men. her family is pleading for answers, and matt finn has this exclusive from lexington tonight. >> in an exclusive interview with fox news, the father of savanna spurlock tells us he's been taking care of savannah's 4-year-old son noah who does not know his mother is missing and tomorrow noah is scheduled to meet with counselors who will slowly give him more details about his missing mom. cecil spurlock tells fox news,
8:53 pm
one of his proudest moments was excelling in her classes and lifeguarding at eastern kentucky university. their favorite thing to do together was snorkeling. cecil spurlock says his daughter was going through bad faith around the time she disappeared on january 4. he admits he was giving her tough love and she was making poor choices. her dad says she was going to snap back to the responsible mother so many people tell fox news she is. >> she was kind and loving and an awesome person. i know she made some bad decisions. i know that. she doesn't deserve what happened to her. i'm going to say it again. three men take a girl out in the middle of nowhere. somebody knows something. >> cecil spurlock thinks the volunteers who have been searching for savannah on foot and on waterways. fox news has been shadowing searches with canine units. the search and rescue volunteers drove 900 miles from louisiana
8:54 pm
searching for nearly two weeks in kentucky. cecil spurlock says he can't think these teams and police enough. cecil says his faith and taking care of savannah's son is what's giving him strength. >> the lord. my little boy, noah. since he doesn't know about his mom. i can ever be sad. you've got to keep it together. >> shannon, the largest search is scheduled for saturday and for the first time, search crews are accepting the help of public volunteers. >> shannon: matt finn, thank you very much. the border bill is expected by midnight. we have about 5 minutes or so left. we are getting news on that. will bring you the latest on that deal as we know it and stick around for an important announcement. leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these?
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>> this is a fox news alert, we are getting word just at this late hour we are told is a midnight deadline, the actual tax of the border deal has been hammered out. it is being filed in the house is what we are told at this hour. the text should be out soon. as you know, this is something we have been trying to get details and the white house wants to know exactly what is in the deal. other departments to look for it and threw it before the president commits to signing it. the senior producer says it has been made available to the conferees to look it over between the house and senate to vote tomorrow and possibly to the president tomorrow night. we will keep you updated and by the way i promised an announcement last night and here it is. i'm taking you behind the scenes of the campaign trail with the president and the supreme court in my new book, finding the right site may 14th and you can preorder now. also embarrassing stories about me, i am going to be honest. the truth about the darkest time in my life and how my faith got
9:00 pm
me through. i hope it will encourage you and feel free to laugh at me too. in the hero stories too. the most trusted, and great that you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> a bunch of internet videos op this subject and chelsea clinton tweets about it passionately, this stuff is serious, how serious, here is the consensus on what will happen if we don't immediately pass some sort of democratic global warming bill, watch. this city is


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