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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 14, 2019 1:00am-2:01am PST

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about the darkest time in my life and how my face got me through. i hope it will encourage you. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. heather: it is thursday, february 14th, happy valentine's day. happening at 4:00 happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, lawmakers burning the midnight oil to nail down the border security deal and now we know what is in it and what is out. live in washington, details breaking overnight. >> give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the green new deal.
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heather: mitch mcconnell ready to take democrats to task on their climate change plan, the presidential candidates digging in this morning. tearing down the border wall for butterflies. the sanctuary going to war with the white house to put insects over people. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: a live shot of new york city, folks waking up across the country, you are one of them and we appreciate you every day joining "fox and friends first" on thursday, valentine's day. let's begin with a late night on
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capitol hill but we now know what is in the bipartisan border agreement, the question, will the president sign it when it passes the house and senate? griff jenkins live with the latest. i was not even out of bed just after midnight, tried to start going through this, thousands of pages long. >> reporter: good morning. someone at the white house was up all night reading, 1200 pages, the president wents to avoid another shutdown but he's approaching this with caution. in border security funding, $1 billion for fencing, $75 billion
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that it includes 1.9% pay raise to federal civilian workers she knows overrides the president's decision to deny them that. and more invested in the census which she knows is to combat the trump administration's assault on the senses, additional funding nearly equivalent to that of the wall or barrier funding, has $9.3 billion for epa, land and water conservation to reject the trumpet ministration at radical cuts. that is four times the total amount to border security. we will see if the president views these as landmines or not,
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democrats encourage him to sign this. >> donald trump, sign this bill. neither side got everything it wanted in this bill but both sides wants to avoid another shutdown. democrats, republicans, house, senate. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides confident this will how past the house and senate with the rejections. start voting some point today, probably passing the house, we will find out if the president is on board. he has been known to change his mind before. jillian: we will see if he's showing any love this valentine's day, thank you so much. let's talk about this. a fallen nypd detective as a procession took place and took his body home to long island. services will begin monday. the 19 veteran of the force will be laid to rest on wednesday.
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killed by friendly fire during a robbery in new york city, a sergeant was also in and expected to survive. a suspect charged with murder is recovering after being shot by police. detective simonson his nickname was smiles is referred to as someone who would, quote, do anything for anyone, leaves behind a wife and two children. one of the women accusing virginia after turning a sexual assault will meet with prosecutors to discuss her claim, vanessa tyson's lawyer says the time for the meeting has not been set. justin fairfax sexually assaulted her 15 years ago in boston. in a statement, democrats as he's open to a full, fair and nonpolitical investigation. congresswoman omar goes after donald trump's new envoy to venezuela. >> would you support an armed faction within venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes
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against humanity or genocide as you did in guatemala, el salvador and nicaragua? >> i will respond to that. i don't think this line of questioning is meant to be real question so i will not reply. heather: she question the reagan state department official got the iran contra scandal and past us involvement in latin american civil conflict. elliot abrams was appointed to the us policy on the unrest in venezuela. a hospital investing its most significant gun-control billing years, the measure would require background checks for all gun sales and most transfers in the us, the house judiciary committee debated the bill for 9 hours before voting on it. it will be voted on by the full house in the next few weeks. today marks the 1-year anniversary of the tragic parkland massacre. 17 students and staff members were shot and killed when a former student opened fire at
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marjorie stoneman douglas high school. more on how the florida community is coping. >> reporter: one year after the deadly shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school many teachers, students and parents feel like they are still living a nightmare. >> the support team, not really sudden. it is a reality. i feel coming home. >> 17 students and staff members were killed on valentine's day when a former student went on a 6 minute long shooting spree. students and teachers say loud noises and firearms do they fire alarms trigger flashbacks and they reminded of the tragedy by being on campus. >> seeing the building and all the posters, they are nice but just seeing them is a constant reminder. >> reporter: over the last year many in the community have become advocates, some looking to improve school safety while
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others look to push tougher gun legislation. the community looking to find the new normal while honoring the lives lost. >> keep your friends close and family close and remind them you love them. >> reporter: a moment of silence on capitol hill to honor 17 victims and call for action to make communities safer from gun violence. >> i asked for a moment of silence. >> reporter: paul manafort's plea deal is void. a federal judge ruling the trump campaign manager intentionally lied to robert mueller and made false statements to the fbi and a grand jury. the decision likely means manafort will be a for a harsher sentence next month. manafort's lawyers say he did not lie. students at the center of this
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viral confrontation in washington dc are cleared of wrongdoing. and independent investigation found no racist statements made by the covington catholic students. they were widely criticized after coming face-to-face with native american activist at the march for life rally last month. the agency concluded, quote, the statement we obtained from students and chaperones were remarkably consistent and the statement are consistent with videos we reviewed. brock long is resigning after two years of leading fema. go home to his family. and the administration for supporting him and the fema mission. the fema deputy administrator becomes the acting fema director until the president nominates a permanent replacement. the nation will say a final goodbye for the longest service congressman in history, john dingell. bill clinton and johnboehner
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will speak before his laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. he was 92 years old. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. double trouble for delta airlines. delta is responding to all this. we just revealed what is in the bipartisan border package but is it enough to secure the border. our next guest knows firsthand why brandon tatum says democrats are playing with people's lives. ♪ taking care of business ♪ working overtime ♪ capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined.
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>> to defeat these transnational gangs we must fully and completely secure the border. that means more law enforcement, closing legal loopholes, ending catch and release, ending sanctuary cities and finishing the border wall. heather: donald trump stressing the importance of securing our borders as a bipartisan border committee releases the much-anticipated funding bill overnight. will the new proposal tackle the threats at the southern border. joining us to discuss is former tucson police officer brandon tatum. great to have you with us to respond to this, appreciate it. >> happy valentine's day. heather: we will see if the president shows bipartisan border deal any love. you know firsthand the issues and problems we have at the border in terms of securing it.
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we spoke specifically about gangs and drugs being a problem. do you think this bipartisan deal does enough to tackle that? >> i think it doesn't do enough as far as what i would expect, what i want to say. it shouldn't be an argument whether or not we should support border security by building a wall. this is a no-brainer but a good start for the president to do something in a bipartisan manner. not sure if he's going to sign it, not sure if he's going to make it to his desk given the conflict between both sides but it is a good start and we have to start somewhere and i hope the president will do something with it. heather: if you look at the elements within it, this was $1.37 billion, for 55 miles of fencing. significantly less than border patrol agents say they need, $1 billion for the border security
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programs, path and reduction in those ice detention beds, $4 million in humanitarian aid for detained migrants. when you break apart, 55 miles of fencing. is that enough? >> i don't believe that is enough at all. i'm very disappointed in the efforts of humanitarian aid when we should be focusing on humanitarian aid for citizens in this country. but the president do have a few other options he can utilize, transfer money from other spendings and doing things of that nature which i think he will take advantage of and i'm speaking mostly to the emergency order he would implement and use funding to secure the border. heather: declaring a national emergency. border security isn't just about the wall. what else needs to be done in terms of the other funding? $2.37 billion for border security as a whole.
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>> outside of building a physical barrier we have a few things we need to do as far as the immigration law, immigration policy. get rid of the anchor baby loophole, get rid of sanctuary cities and those things, if we implement those and do it effectively is going to supplement us adding barriers to a border wall. heather: people agree with you in terms of supplement to get. we took a fox news poll and pulled people, should this but a deal include money for barrier security and humanitarian aid, 66% favor that but you are talking a different kind of humanitarian aid. >> we need things that support american citizens first, this is our country. this is the things that are most valuable to the people who matter the most, the people in our country. we need to start their first and then filter out and help with the people but i want to see the country take it seriously and peoples issues addressed by the government and do it now.
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heather: versus $4 million in this bipartisan deal, $400 million in humanitarian aid for detained migrants when we certainly need like you are saying healthcare at home, thank you for joining us, appreciate it as always, have a good day. time is 15 minutes after the top of the are, democrats are not really was resisting a wall. a butterfly cistern is suing to stop construction. carly shimkus with reaction flying on social media. ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome.
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♪ how sweet it is to be loved by you ♪ i needed the shelter ♪ heather: spreading the love, a little james taylor to start your day and a reminder it is valentine's day so if someone special in your life get them a card. the consequences of omar refusing to answer a reporter's questions about her tweet slamming donald trump. >> what is wrong with you. >> the president affect and hate. >> that is a response, you can run that and have a nice day. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with more on the viral confrontation. do you think she really wanted
1:23 am
him to have a nice day? >> her tone said something different. a bad week of media coverage for congresswoman omar, not all of the good and she's going viral for that testy exchange. a lot of journalists are slamming her for how she treated him. look at this tweet from politico. if you don't want to face questions from reporters don't run for congress. cnn's brian seltzer tweeted this attitude from congresswoman omar, don't question me, just look at my tweets is a problem on both sides of the aisle. politicians tweets are no substitute for journalism. they are starting point for journalism. it's very different now. twitter user says funny to hear the dems all of a sudden worried about the unfairness of the press. i heard dana perino bring up a good point. being well-liked on capitol hill goes a long way.
1:24 am
treating reporters with disrespect like this is not good place to start. heather: maybe she's trying to get some publicity to counter aoc's publicity. we are talking about omar instead of alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> definitely giving her some competition. heather: butterflies and the border wall. >> butterfly sanctuary in texas, along the southern border, and the executive director, cannot stand idly by and role in. and ceased and destroyed for this racist wall. and butterflies or the border wall, joses listen, not saying i love disturbing butterfly ecosystems but this is not the best look for the left in terms
1:25 am
of don't build the wall rhetoric. a butterfly can't fly over the barrier or in between the poles? give me a break. another twitter user says butterflies over human beings was when i first saw this story, can't verify over the border wall? the question is the land and the sanctuary would be cut off from 70 acres of their land of this wall is put in place. heather: we don't know where it is going, just 55 miles of it. been sacks, let's talk about him, harsh words. >> cory booker. a vegan -- cory booker isn't pushing for a vegan diet. it is bad for the environment. what is nebraska known for making? cory is a good dude but it is a crime against humanity. everybody needs real food to survive if that food happens to be a juicy perfectly cooked medium rare steak from a cow in
1:26 am
nebraska, count me in. heather: in the war over food i'm going with senator sasse. >> turkey, chicken, ham. which i call different things. they just told us. heather: explained that. >> that is right. heather: appreciate it, time is 26 after the top of the hour. mitch mcconnell calling for a vote on the green new deal and house republicans about to follow suit. the move to put pressure on democrats and new fox news poll released overnight shows americans overwhelmingly optimistic about the economy. how are middle-class families really doing it today's economy? a small business owner just testified about joins us live to explain what is behind the boost.
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read reviews, check hotel prices, book things to do, tripadvisor. heather: half past the top of the hour, look atop headlines. the test of the bipartisan bill has been released. is expected it includes $1.3 billion in wall thunder, $1 billion in technology. upgrade was a vote is expected on capitol hill today but the president says he needs to review it for landmines before signing it. run desantis orders flags at half staff in the 1-year anniversary of the parkland school shooting. a moment of silence we held at 3:00 pm today to honor the 17 people killed by gunmen at marjorie stoneman douglas high school. the governor is calling for statewide grand jury
1:31 am
investigation whether florida schools are supplied with gun and school safety laws and acted after the tragedy. finally secretary of state mike pompeo says it is impossible to achieve peace in the middle east without confronting iran, speaking at a middle east summit in poland with mike pence and delegates from 60 other countries. today the vice president will meet with benjamin netanyahu and visit the auschwitz death camp memorial. house republicans submit a draft study of the controversial green new deal, this after the senate forces a vote on the radical new proviso. how democrats are responding to the push for transparency. >> reporter: the green new deal aims to transform our country to combat climate change the promise of the job to those on boeing to work, gets rid of planes and illuminates flatulent cows. mitch mcconnell forcing
1:32 am
democrats to take a position by putting it to a vote. >> i noted with great interest the green new deal and we are voting on that in the senate, give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel. >> reporter: this is the listing very reaction study with the 2020 contenders from, harris -- kamala harris. >> bringing the green new deal up for a vote, do you support that? >> i support the green new deal. >> to kirsten gillibrand calling out mcconnell. >> it is a political ploy but we have an urgent crisis, global climate change. >> reporter: bob menendez threatened to call police on a reporter. >> wonder why you won't answer questions.
1:33 am
>> finally the brains behind it, don't mess with our future when it comes to climate, it is all our lives at stake, the other you are the more consequences you will see. it is life and death for us and we will fight like it. the brains being alexandria ocasio-cortez. the president said it would shutdown american energy and a high school term paper, one of the best things about this green new deal, everybody becomes a comedian when they say anything about it. heather: there were comedic parts to it, at least the initial part. former white house press secretary sean spicer says the forced vote on the green new deal is a brilliant move by mitch mcconnell because it exposes members of the democratic party who are on board with radically socialist platforms. >> the dream bill in the sense that it is not based in reality, that's what dreams are but dreams are positive things,
1:34 am
nightmares are negative things and it is a dream innocent it is not based on reality but a nightmare in terms of what it would do to the country and the economy. a few years ago this would be one of the fringe things in the democratic party. unfortunately it is now the mainstream. look at any of the 2020 prospect of candidates on the democratic side, they are embracing this. i'm glad the leader put it up for a vote because we need to expose the agenda and most of the time they mass it. they need to understand what is happening. this is socialism, no other way around it. heather: the fbi asking your help by identifying the women in these chilling sketches. samuel little drew these sketches in his jail cell and claims he killed all of them. little is serving a life
1:35 am
sentence in texas after being convicted of three murders which he says he killed 90 women across the us over four decades. of confirmed, little would be one of the deadliest killers in history. former u.s. air force counterintelligence specialist is wanted for giving secret information to iran. monica with providing classified documents the middle eastern nation and helping target former coworkers in the intelligence community. she was hired as a farsi speaking intel specialist and served in the air force from 1997 until 2008. her current location is unknown. a brand-new fox news poll revealing american optimism about the us economy is soaring so how are donald trump's policies impacting middle-class families in today's economy? let's ask a small business owner who testified for the house ways and means committee on donald trump's tax cuts, joining us is
1:36 am
the owner of guy chemical and the number of job creators network. we appreciate the time. >> thank you for asking me to be on this morning. >> all i can say is tax cuts act passed in 2017, business is booming. heather: you feel the same way, in terms of voters feelings on the us economy 63% optimistic and that is up 4% from june 2018. what is the primary reason behind these numbers? the tax cuts? >> definitely tax cuts. after the tax cuts were enacted in december 2017 we have seen a
1:37 am
boom in demand the cost a company to hire more workers and invest heavily in new plant and equipped to keep up with demand. heather: created 29 new jobs with tax cuts. we can bring up other things you did with that and tell people what you use those savings for. >> savings from the tax cuts we invested wisely back into the complete, built a new lab it is 5 times larger than the new lab for research and development, new chemical compounding equal in, new lines for packaging and invested back to our employees and increased bonuses, a new 401(k) retirement program for our employees and increased salaries. heather: do you expect finances to continue to improve over the
1:38 am
next year? >> i do, yes. we are set now with new capacity from the equipment we just purchased. we are well situated for 2019 going forward. heather: 69% of people agree with you, expect their finances to improve next year as well. a message for someone in the workforce, either creating a small business or someone looking for a job? >> the labor market is very tight and that is something i told the ways and means committee yesterday. if you're looking for work this plenty of work out there. as an employer we have to compete for workers and that is what we see, the reason behind
1:39 am
why salaries are increasing. heather: competing for workers is a good thing for people looking for a job. thank you for spending time with us, we appreciate it, congratulations on your success. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and double trouble for delta air lines, turbulence rocking one flight in midair and how the airline is responding to all of this this morning and battle of the sexes this valentine's day, weight until you see who wins. ♪
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heather: three people rushed to the hospital after turbulence forced an emergency landing on a delta flight, from california, touching down in nevada. >> one was enough.
1:43 am
in the bathroom with their kid, she came out all blood he. >> you can see the people who aren't belted in hitting the ceiling. heather: the turbulence tipping over a drink cart, car they mess in the cabin would extend of injuries on board is unclear. delta has apologized. there was another emergency. look at this, delta flight in new york city, and overheated battery catching fire in the overhead bin. a flight attendant quickly putting this out capacitors were put on a different plane headed to houston. those things are exploding in people's faces. let's go to california. governor, gavin newsome firing at donald trump over returning funding that stop the bullet train plan, tweeting this is, 40's money allocated by congress for this project. we are not giving it back, the
1:44 am
train is leaving the station, better get on board. desperately searching for some wall money? donald trump tweeting the california owes the federal government 31/$2 billion adding project is a green disaster. it is valentine's day and fall in love this valentine's day and not for online dating scams. they are cheating 1 million cans -- americans of millions of dollars. how scammers are using cupid's arrow to target their victims. a lot of folks get online on valentine's day. >> reporter: according to the federal trade commission these romance related scams have surged in the last year generating more lawsuits than any other consumer fraud. $143 million is the amount lost by victims. that number has quadrupled. in 2015, 8500 of these romance
1:45 am
related scams were reported. in 2018, 21,000. you can see that number going up. a lot of these online scammers create a phony profile online, get people who fall in love with them and once that person is comfortable, once they built up that level of trust they asked them for money. the biggest target of these scams, those between ages of 40 and 69 years old, though 70 or older are the ones who have been scammed out of the most money. heather: i thought you meant the sites themselves, you are talking people with fake profiles getting money from folks. let's talk about valentine's day and the battle of the sexes. will spend more? i might know the answer to this. >> reporter: according to a new survey they are saying men are spending more this valentine's day on their significant others on average, $339, women will
1:46 am
spend significantly less, just $64 but who has higher expectation when it comes to celebrating this day of love? men expect $211 will be spent on them while women only expect 150 $150 to be spent on them. nearly 70% of those surveyed said they will do some sort of spending on valentine's day. might not be as much as that. heather: what do you buy for $211? at least get the card. that is a lot more than a card. that is a plane ticket. celebrating valentine's day with dunkin' donuts and ice cream. >> reporter: this is a nice retreat. dunkin' donuts bringing back their heart-shaped donuts build with the boston cream filling, we have sprinkles, sparkles on top of that chocolate, strawberry or vanilla frosting. we have a dunkin' donuts bouquet
1:47 am
of donuts that sound safety is -- tasty to me. baskin-robbins, the cherry cordial with kisses, they have that in ice cream. heather: you can just spend it on this. >> ever have more notes for election night? >> all we need is a donuts. we don't need the notes. i want to know about that. >> there are munchkins giving things away in vegas. >> dunkin' donuts, 100 people on saturday. >> we are having a wedding on "fox and friends". >> you are kidding me. take that down. this is our guest. thank you, dunkin' donuts. i can't put this in my mouth it. someone else has to say something. heather: i will do the tees.
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heather: if you got the nomination would you commit to choosing a woman as your vice presidential nominee? >> you will rarely see a democratic ticket without gender or race diversity. it is something we should have. i will be looking to women first. heather: cory booker says he would make women a priority in his vice presidential search but critics jumping on those remarks saying it undermines women's ability to prove they are the best within the entire field regardless of gender. is he pushing for diversity? here to weigh in is former advisor to presidents clinton
1:52 am
and obama thomas susan johnson cook. we appreciate having you here this morning. >> pleasure to be here. my condolences to representative dingell's family. heather: from all of us. in terms of looking specifically for a woman for his vice presidential pick, what are your thoughts on that? there are a lot of views on it. >> he would have been criticized had he not said that. it is brilliant having been a candidate. you are a strategist. you strategize the best ticket for the best when. women make up 50% of the population and you look at the chamber the other night, you saw a number of women, gender diversity aside he knows who his constituency is. heather: you used a good word, strategy. is that what this is about?
1:53 am
strategy to get votes versus a real push toward diversity and equality? >> a combination. when he made this announcement, he has a mother, sisters, very comfortable, not something he's picking out of his hat saying this is what i'm going to do to win. he is very comfortable. the best candidate runs with the best strategy and the best ticket. i think it is wonderful and it is time someone came ahead of the curve. you will have women who are already declared who are running and he says if i when i want to make sure my ticket is valid. heather: gender diversity and age, are those all things that should be looked at first when considering a candidate or should it be about unity? is that strength in politics or
1:54 am
diversity? >> look at the person with the totality of for they bring, look at the package and that is what you bring. it is a ticket that is balanced and thinking ahead of the curve. i applaud him and may the best man win, qualified women running as he wants to make sure his ticket is not just mail ticket but a woman will be on it so i applaud him. heather: we will see if it works. what five women have announced asked democratic contenders. thank you for joining us. have a great day, happy valentine's day. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. this guy giving a new meaning to playing through the villages golf course up next. there's a new police officer taking the lead for the adorable
1:55 am
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>> we are back with a health report, middle-aged women are going to do the consequence of drinking alcohol. in a study finds many women between 45, and 64 years old are not aware of the link between
1:59 am
drinking and breast cancer. they are more likely to cut back if alcohol affected their weight and lifestyle. alcohol can damage dna cells and increase hormone levels which could lead to breast cancer. consider picking up some dark chocolate. doctors say it is loaded with antioxidants with more nutritional value than other kinds of chocolates. americans eat 3 billion pounds of chocolate every year. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. oklahoma police department welcomes an adorable new members to their force, posting this photo of their new canine, detecting drugs and searches and rescues. he should be ready to hit the streets early next year. now the bad. a man leading police on a high-speed chase, this wild video showing the suspect
2:00 am
speeding away from cops, golfer forced to jump out of the way. >> holy smoke. we were close to getting seriously mehmet. heather: it started after someone called 911. a man who thought people were eating his brain. the ugly, move over, tender. ready to milk cows for what they are worth and let farmers swipe left or right on potential partners for their cow. the tinder inspired apps is available in finland. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," happy valentine's day, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> looking for landmines. you could have that. >> donald trump signed this bill. rob: february 14th, valentine's day.
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