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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 14, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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stolen identities into trick victims into sending cash. rob: move over tender this is cudder. let's partners swipe on potential partners cows. jillian: happy valentine's day. >> the bipartisan bill has been released. >> i appreciate all the work the republicans have done because they are really going against a radical left. >> from a border security perspective this proposal is an absolute failure. >> judge amy jackson says there is sufficient evidence to say that manafort broke his plea deal with robert mueller about lying. the ruling certainly hurts paul manafort's odds of getting a reduced sentence. >> 57% of voters have a positive opinion of capitalism. that is more than twice the number who feel the same way about socialism. >> only capitalism has lifted billions of people from poverty. >> to all of law enforcement, we will never
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forget i don't service and we will never ever let you down. >> melania trump will spend valentine's day warming hearts at a children's hospital cards and decorating cookies with many of the kids. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ tap along ♪ if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap acongress will ♪ if you feel that happiness is the truth. steve: well, it looks as if ciewpsd is in the lighting. ainsley: how cool ca cool is th. steve: today is valentine's day 2019. it's february 14th. ainsley: we said goodbye to galentines or guy. steve: you don't have to have someone of the opposite
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sex. brian: to hoildz holidays. steve: valentine's day pretty big at our house for a long time. halloween was always big. you don't like halloween. ainsley: we all know brian hates halloween. hasn't dressed up since he was 4. brian: last time i had a costume on it was not controversial now all of a sudden people would be protesting me. steve: i was columbus in second grade. ainsley: you are wild halloween dressers. steve: i was wearing tights. that's a long story and no pictures exist. ainsley: learning more and more about these guys. steve: because it's valentine's day we have two of our favorite chains are going to be here. chick-fil-a something special for valentine's day and did yo dunkin' donuts and ae cream cake.
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ainsley: and a wedding. steve: a bridal chain went bankrupt. so they had hundreds of dresses. eventually they went to the county. they had been in cold storage and they opened it up. hundreds of brides have decided you know what? we would love one of those free dresses. they have stipulated the dresses have got to go to military families. and today we have got just that on tap for you. brian: of course, we have a history with wedding dresses because we helped geraldo almost win the apprentice by buying a wedding dress. who was the host of the apprentice the president of the united states. ainsley: i remember that. that's before i was anchoring with you all. you were on there donating money. brian: on saturday. steve: the potus. we have him on our lead story. it's a fox news alert on this valentine's day bipartisan security deal has been released and man it is mile long. brian: over 1,000 pages. the big question now though will the president sign it if it passes the house and
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senate. ainsley: that's the big question. griff jenkins is in washington where lawmakers have a lot of reading to do, griff. shut down could be tomorrow. do they have enough time to read this. griff: i'm not sure about that. the president said he wanted to see the final product? here did you go 1159 pages of light reading. the president says he doesn't want to shut the government down but he is approaching this with caution. >> we will be looking for land mines because you could have that, you know. it's been known to happen before to people. griff: so what's in this? take a look 2.37 billion total in border security funding 1.375 billion for fences in the rbg sector. 279 for technology. improvements. it does have a path to reduction in ice detention beds. that's not all that we see here. some highlights as noted in a press release put out by one of the architects of the bill. democratic congresswoman chairwoman of the house appropriations committee says it also has 1.9% pay
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raise to federal civilian workers which overrides the president's decision to deny them. it has 3.8 billion invested in the census which is 1 billion-dollar increase she notes to, quote, combat the administration's assault on the census and 9.3 billion in e.p.a. and land and water conservation fund. meanwhile democrats are encouraging them to sign off. both schumer and pelosi saying you can't always get what you want. get on board. actually, lawmakers on both sides appear confident that it probably will pass with some rejections. of the voting is going to start in the senate because of a funeral and finish in a house likely tonight to pave way for his signature of this the 1159 pages. brian: right. are you going to refill the paper for bret baier? because when he comes in he hates doing that. ainsley: how many times did you have to refill to. steve: three reams. ainsley: president said he is going to read through that whole thing to make sure there aren't any land mines. steve: i doubt the president will end up reading that.
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ainsley: the staff. brian: mick mulvaney. ainsley: nancy pelosi after it passes. steve: you have to pass it before you find out what's in it. there are a number of liberals going to vote no because there is money for a border barrier in there and they hate that idea. of the president, we have heard, you know, this is not the deal he wanted. it sounds like is he going to go for some plan b. could be an executive action. would be declaring a national emergency. lindsey graham said let the president declare it a national emergency and then let the democrats argue it's not one that would be a good argument to hear. ainsley: mark morgan we have had him on a bunch. new brsz proposal is an absolute failure. >> from a border security perspective this proposal is an absolute failure. they not only didn't listen to the experts of the cools and resources they needed. they have absolutely rejected that one thing i want to add that's very important the american
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people need to understand what they are doing with ice beds. think about this. this proposal reduces the ice beds. i'm not a mathematician. reduces the ice beds as you just pointed out illegal immigration is skyrocketing. you don't have to be mathematician what does that mean catch and release 2.0. they have to release them. brian: we will see there is a formula in there that says they will be able to increase and add to what they have already. tom homan also feels what mark morgan feels that this is a bad deal and we shouldn't sign it. however, the president's build six miles a wall has gone up. 44 from 2017. he has 55 here. and the sense is he will sign this bill tonight and then go over it with some type of reprogramming of money to add to it right away causing a little bit of controversy. in the meantime, while the controversy happens through the courts or wherever, the president could still build the 55 miles that's in there. so, it's enough and no one really feels like they own
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the bill. you ask nancy pelosi it's not her bill. you ask lowe it's not her bill. ask the president it's certainly not his bill. it's certainly a compromise. rush limbaugh said it best yesterday. president sign this and go back and get more. it shows you are continuing on what you promised. ainsley: we heard what the lawmakers and president wants, they are in office because of you. we wanted to know what the people think. fox news did a poll and 66% of the majority of voters favored a deal including a border barrier, non-barrier security measures and humanitarian aid for the detainees. steve: you know when you look at that 66% that is a super majority in congress. so, a super majority of americans are actually for what the president has run on and that's good for him going forward. not good for people who are saying, look, we don't need a border barrier. we don't need that stuff. but that is one of the tenets of the president's original appeal from a couple of years ago. now, what the president has been talking a lot about
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whether it was at the state of the union or at his rally in pools. el paso. this nation will never be a nation of socialism. fox news also asked folks about socialism, and capitalism creams it. ainsley: 57% support capitalism support socialism only 25%. brian: next generation seems like the concept doesn't understand what socialism is perhaps. you have a lot of this theme among certain freshman on the democratic side who seem to be against what's happening in america in our past foreign policy and stacey abrams on capitol hill and the green new deal. dennis prayinger is a big thinker he looks at what america has been and what it's not. we have to understand how great if if not imperfect
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capitalism. >> everything to she ultimate lay moral question not a political one. i ask only one thing. what has lifted humanity out of poverty? there is only one answer to that question. and that answer is capitalism. so you cannot love humanity and love socialism. iit is not possible. they are mutually exclusive. only capitalism has lifted billions of people from poverty. these people are fools who are floating the idea of socialism. it means contempt for humanity and love of ideas. brian: if you want an example, look at the mess which is venezuela right now. one of the hot spots ugliest places in the world because they flip their government which was not the purest form of capitalism pure form of socialism has destroyed that nation and created chaos in and around the other nations. steve: you know, you look at the next election you, it's going to be a binary choice whether it is regarding borders. one party clearly for barriers. the other is for more open
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borders. then when it comes to socialism vs. capitalism, will that be another thing people will be voting on. right now looks like yes. ainsley: in that poll 55% of the said to the government leave me alone. that number shier than it has been in the past. 51% last year. more and more people are hearing this message of socialism and we don't want that here. brian: steve and i are used to hearing that from you at 9:01 leave me alone. ainsley: leave me alone, brian. steve: we would love to see your valentine's day in the past make it a throwback thursday. email us at we are also on facebook as is jillian. ainsley: that's right. good morning. let's get you caught up on a tragic story we have been following out of new york. first responders honor a fallen nypd detective as a procession takes his body home to long island. services for detective brian simonson will begin monday before he is laid to rest on wednesday. simonson was shot and killed by friendly fire during a robbery in no new york city.
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a sergeant was also hit but expected to survive. a suspect charged with murder is recovering after being shot by police. detective simonson whose nickname was smiles is remembered as one who would, quote, do anything for anyone. he leaves behind a wife and two kids. paul manafort's plea deal is now void. a federal judge ruling the former trump campaign manager intentionally lied to special counsel robert mueller and made false statements to the fbi and a grand jury. the decision likely means manafort will be up for harsher sentence at his hearing next month. manafort's lawyer say did he not lie. california governor gavin newsom firing bass at president trump federal gunsding for the scrapped bullet train plan. this is california's money allocated by congress for the project. we're not giving it back. the train is leaving the station. better get on board. also desperately searching for some wall money? his response after president trump tweeted california owes, quote, the federal government 3.$5 billion.
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so, see what happens there. melania trump will spend valentine's day warming hearts at a children's hospital. the first lady will participate in activities with young patients from the children's inn at the national institute of health in maryland. she visited the same hospital last valentine's day to make cards, decorate cookies and, of course, spend time with the kids. help make their day special. steve: no kidding. everybody gets to make the cookies and everybody gets a valentine's from the first lady. jillian: and hopefully eat the cook ys. steve: have you got to hope. ainsley: priorities. president trump praising law enforcement during a sheriff's conference in washington. >> i have come to deliver a very important message from the american people to you. thank you. will. ainsley: sheriff was there and got a special shoutout. is he live to tell us about it next. steve: one officer lend ago helping hand to a little boy in the pouring rain. the sweet photo has gone
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>> reducing crime begins with expecting law enforcement. we will not tolerate smears or slanders or assaults on those who wear the badge.
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i have come to deliver a very important message from the american people to you. thank you. steve: you got the president hagel our nation's law enforcement while doubling down on his promise to build the wall and protect the american people. our next guest was at the conference and actually got a shoutout from the president at one point. here with more is sheriff grady judd of polk county, florida. also president of the major county sheriffs association. sheriff, thank you very much for joining us live. >> it's my honor to be with you this morning. how are you you? steve: i'm doing okay. what was the president's message to y'all yesterday. >> the president's message was one of unit and support. law enforcement across this nation have been under attack. the president of the united states has stood up the last three years when we were in d.c. for these conferences and said i support you. i've got your back and he makes it abundantly clear i
3:19 am
sends the same message over and over that he helps us so we can keep the community safe. and that's what it's all about. we are here to make sure we have a safe democracy, a safe community and the president saying that over and over is remarkably important to us. steve: absolutely. >> to us and the communities we serve. steve: frustration from the president trying to get more wall money from congress. doesn't look like is he going to get everything he wants. nevertheless he has made that a central point of his campaign and his presidency as well. is he trying to give the men and women of ice and border patrol more money for them to fight the trouble that faces the country. >> well, what's important about this is he is not building this wall or this barrier or whatever the political term is for himself. this is all about keeping the people of the united states safe. i could stand here for the next five hours and give you example after example of
3:20 am
illegal aliens in this country preying on everyone from our very youngest children to murders. when the president fights like this. understand is he fighting for all of us. he wants a safe and a secure community. it starts with getting the illegal aliens out of this country and not allowing them back in. steve: unfortunately for him he would like to get more money for more wall but that's not going to happen. it sounds like is he going to sign that bill today. it only gives him a fraction of the mileage, but it's better than nothing. sheriff, thank you very much for joining us today. and as the president said yesterday to everybody in attendance, thank you for your service. >> thank you very much and if those who vote today had to work a shift on the border last night it would be a lot different. steve: you are absolutely right about that. sheriff grady judd thank you, sir. >> take care.
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steve: more than eight years after his murder, there is justice for border patrol agent brian terry. the man who shot him now convicted of killing him. brian's brother calls it a bittersweet victory. he will join us live coming up next. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? for all-day, all-night protection. but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long-term. osteo bi-flex because i'm made to move.
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the group argues that the city is illegally giving parkland to the obama administration. lawyers say it would give the area a major economic boost. a confederate monument could soon come down in dallas. voting to remove the statue from a cemetery which would cost the city nearly half a million dollars. the removal must now be approved by the city's landmark commission we will keep you posted. all right, ainsley, brian? ainsley: all right. thank you, steve. in december of 2010, border patrol agent brian terry there is his picture killed
3:25 am
in the line of duty protecting our southern border. his death causing a national outcry while also revealing the fast and furious operation. brian: on tuesday the man responsible for pulling that trigger was convicted of first degree murder and other charges. here to react is his brother kent terry. good to see you again. your reaction to somebody getting charged for this? >> well, it was an h emotional week for us. when the verdict was read he was found guilty it was emotional closure for us. we are heading in the right directions trying to get closure. ainsley: it's sad because we have 17 other border patrol agents that have been killed since your brother's death. those folks we're remembering this morning, too. it's so tragic. what do you say to the border patrol agents out there risking their lives every single day to protect our country? >> i can't say enough. these guys are dedicated
3:26 am
150%. they put their families second to protect this soil here. and they need to be recognized. brian: other thing is other people here up on charges for the death of your brother part of elite border patrol unit. you want to find out more information on fast and furious and other information on circumstances of your brother getting shot and killed? >> my family does because, you got to stop and think these guys were armed by our atf agency and people in washington. and i heard some stuff in the trial that these guys traveled 500 miles with weapons back here to commit crimes. that's pretty disturbing. and that is just what we know about brian's death. can you imagine how often that goes on. ainsley: how do you wrap your head around that? because if the weapons were never out there you would have your brother today, probably. >> exactly if atf would have never put those weapons out there, i wouldn't have been at trial. i would have been having a
3:27 am
beer on my brother's patio and enjoying time and talking to him. that trial should have never happened on both part. it's sad that it's going on nine years now and my family hasn't got any closure. brian: someone knows. someone knows who was behind fast and furious. where we put gun into the hands of would be known drug cartel members in order to track them and find out about their amusements. no one has even been charged with this. it seems like eric holder stiff armed the whole investigation. >> exactly. not even anybody in the atf has been held accountable. not even a slap on the hand. these guys are still carrying a badge and gun making decisions that were involved in this in this reckless scandal. and that's why i call on president trump to meet with my family, tell my family either he is going to help us or he is not. i mean, it's gone on long enough. my family needs closure. ainsley: in order to get that closure, you want to see all the documents? >> yes. all the documents and who is
3:28 am
responsible and why nobody has been held accountable. this is getting ridiculous now. brian: on another note, kent, as we debate out use of a border wall and border barrier, where do you stand on that? >> i'm all for the wall. i know we can't do it 100 percent of the border because of the mountain terrains. i understand that. at least funnel it down to where we could put more boots and more resources in those sections where we can't put wall. i talk to these guys. i mean, they want to go home at night. i mean, it's a war down there that a lot of people don't see and recognize unless they are impacted by it. brian: and you are. and so is your family even to this day. all right. so we will see what happens with the others that are put up on charges. at least you have one conviction and continue to keep the dialogue open with you and your family. ainsley: you will be sentenced on april 29th. >> i appreciate it. ainsley: thank you so much, kent. why hope your family gets that closure you are seeking so badly. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. 28 minutes after the top of the hour.
3:29 am
this woman crazy. a woman throws a chair from high rise into rush hour traffic. now police want her to take a seat behind bars. >> plus senator bob menendez seeing red after being asked about the green new deal, listen to this. >> i'm wondering why won't answer questions on the green new deal. >> i won't answer questions on the daily caller period, you're trash. >> why do you think we are trash? >> sir? with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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3:33 am
brian: look at that. jillian: that's pretty cool. brian: genius. ainsley: perfect for the man in your life. brownie batty filled. take a bite of this. brian: mysterious back of dunkin' donuts we never get to see. ainsley: brownie batter in the middle? steve: cookie dough. if you just want heart shaped this one is covered and this one is jelly. brian: 11:00 at night and walk into a dunkin' donuts someone will give you those donuts because you can't use hearts on february 15th. ainsley: buy the donuts get valentine's day cards from them this one says i love you a latte. steve: kate, i think we have something from behind door number one, don't we? jillian: what is it? what could it be?
3:34 am
steve: there we go. happy valentine's day. jillian: you are so sweet. >> thank you. jillian: our tv husbands. thank you. aren't these the best? ainsley: i love you a latte. from. >> >> >> ainsley: so sweet. special chocolate and cherry ice cream. >> did you know i didn't know this until this morning that dunkin' and bass kin robins is the same company. brian: happen to be sharing the same store across america. ainsley: i never ghowt it. brian: i would like a coffee and smoothy. oh, great. he has to go over and turn on the blender. meanwhile like a line of 25 people. ainsley: walk to both sides of the counter. steve: go to dunkin' donuts first thing nut morning and later go for the ice cream.
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ainsley: valentine's cherry cordial. steve: looking for something to take into the office or school today drop by dunkin' donuts. brian: drop by our set we will probably have some extra. jillian: there won't be any left. i promise you that jillian in addition to the candy. jillian: and the flowers. steve: has the headlines. jillian: can i do that four. get you caught up on the stories. one of the women accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of walle sexual assault will meet with prosecutors. vanessa watson's lawyer says a time for that meeting has not been set. she says justin fairfax sexually assaulted her 15 years ago in boston. in a statement the democrat says he is open to a full, fair and nonpolitical investigation. so you have heard of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. what about a second amendment sanctuary? a small community in new mexico has deitself just that the quay county commission voted unanimously in response to statewide gun
3:36 am
control legislation. the resolution gives the sheriff the right to not enforce laws they consider to be unconstitutional. and watch this: as a woman throws a chair from a high rise building into rush hour traffic. police arresting instagram influencer marcella zip code a she is accused of tossing two chairs off the 45 floor in toronto and posting the video on social media. no one was hurt but the 19-year-old is facing several charges. that is scary. and a heart warming moment of a police officer going above and beyond the badge and it is now going viral. the sweet snapshot shows officer will miller walking a little boy to school in the pouring rain. you can see him sheltering the student an umbrella in louisiana. got to love that send it back to you. jillian: really sweet of him. steve: we learned that mitch mcconnell the leader of the senate is going to
3:37 am
get every u.s. senator to officially declare whether they think alexandria ocasio-cortez' green new deal is a good idea. yesterday, one of them, one of the senators was asked by a card carrying member of the press whether or not he thought it was a good idea. brian: daily caller the member of the press asked the senator what most senators get asked by reporters questions of the day. when he realized it was the daily caller speaking to him he suddenly realized he had nothing to say. ainsley: here is that conversation between daily caller and senator menendez from the great state of new jersey. >> i'm wondering why you won't answer on the questions on the green new deal. >> i won't answer questions from the daily caller, period. you are trash. >> why do you think we are trash. >> don't keep harassing me [inaudible] steve: calling them trash. henry rogers. he has never interacted with mendle before until he says he was working on this green new deal story and wanted to figure out what it was.
3:38 am
after menendez was criticized for threatening to call the cops menendez' spoke person defended him and called it gotcha journalism. but a number of people in the press said this is a member of the press who carries a card to represent the press in the u.s. congress. you shouldn't threaten them with calling the cops on them. brian: same thing to rob when robbed went up to him when he was on vacation in puerto rico while the government was shut down. you would think somebody who just got six more years despite being brought up in the most embarrassing ethics violations possible would be so grateful to have a job that he would be open to all questions. but, instead, he has even become more thin-skinned. ainsley: he did. rob went up to talk to him down when he was in puerto rico the pictures on him on the beach. brian: where from you? i have to run. keep in mind what amy klobuchar said the other night we should be willing to come on to fox and take all questions whether it's uncomfortable or not. and he obviously didn't get that memo in new jersey. ainsley: it was a call. not like this reporter was
3:39 am
trespassing on the property it's capitol hill. steve: he has a press card. he should be able to ask a member of congress a question. ultimately what it comes down to is, ladies and gentlemen, exhibit a. members of the u.s. senate do not want to go on record as to whether or not they approve of or are okay with the green new deal. brian: it seems so promising. how unbelievable is it that gavin newsom shelved his high speed train, the week after they introduce high speed trains as the wave of the future as we ground all planes. ainsley: he wants to keep the federal government's money. brian: 3 billion. ainsley: in california. and the president says no i want that money back. steve: green new deal it talks about high speed rail -- i still have some doughnut with me. here's the thing. i irony is i believe that the reporter talked to mr. menendez right next to that underground rail line that the senators take to and from the u.s. senate. so, that's right there.
3:40 am
instead of high speed train. brian: judge is ready to go. he is waiting for us. let's read the tease. ainsley: all right it is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead tim tebow is going to be live in our studio coming up. steve: plus, the senate intel committee has no evidence of collusion. that's not stopping house democrats from planning even more trump investigations. is this just becoming presidential harassment? the president thinks. so what does the judge think? he is here on valentine's day. ♪ walk this way ♪ talk this way ♪
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>> smoking pot as a teen could affect your mental health as an adult. according to a new study it could increase the risk of depression by 4 o%. teen marijuana use also increases suicidal thoughts in adulthood by 50%.
3:44 am
the study does not prove cannabis causes depression. consider picking up dark chocolate. doctors say it's loaded with antioxidants and more nutritional value than other kinds of chocolate. americans eat nearly 3 billion pounds of chocolate every year. that's a lot of chocolate. brian? steve: that's right. don't forget the red wine. brian: thanks, jillian even though you didn't officially toss to me. steve: yes, she did. [laughter] brian: senate intel community find nothing evidence of collusion between trump and russia two years and 200 interviews although the senate hasn't actually wrapped it all up yet. that's not stopping house democrats from their plan to aggressively ramp up trump-related investigations. >> the american people have a right to know and indeed have a need to know that their president is acting on their behalf and not for some pay do you know area or other reason. that pertains to any
3:45 am
credible allegations of russians. steve: here is fox judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, i saw that yesterday some top republicans in the house are calling on democrats to explain why they have hired these anti-trump consultants on the taxpayer dime. clearly, they are looking at trying to make this as uncomfortable two years for the president as possible. >> you are exactly right. they believe -- i have spoken to some democrats even some of our colleagues here. they believe there is a substantial part of their constituency that wants them to drive donald trump crazy. irrespective of the outcome in 2020. so, in doing a little research, i didn't know this statute exists. i have to tell you. how can they possibly get his tax returns? the chair of the senate finance committee and the chair of the corresponding house committee can send a
3:46 am
letter to the secretary of the treasury and get anybody's tax returns. brian: not going to get it from the senate. >> talking about the statute allows each side to do it. the democrats are the ones that are going to do this. why would they want to publicly somebody private information. information that there are many, many, many statutes that keep it quiet. steve: donald trump doesn't pay taxes. >> correct. ainsley: president trump says this is harassment. >> is a form of harassment. there is nothing anybody can do about it. this is just the way the democrats are when will this stop? when public sentiment has said enough is enough. if the public is behind, this the democrats. ainsley: on defense. is there something he can do to be on offense? >> you know the types of rallies that he holds? that's probably what he ought to do. build up public resistance to it is the best he can do. because, under the constitution and under the statutes, they do have the authority to do this. i think it's profoundly unwise. when they said to me what do you think we should do? i said compromise with the
3:47 am
president and legislate. >> oh, no. we have to investigate not legislate. brian: here's what bothers me fast an furious was an issue. iran contra was an issue. now they are being in search of an issue. there has got to be something that he has done in the 1980s and 1990s, and 2,000s that is affecting who he favors and doesn't favor on the world stage. that is not okay. >> i agree with you. they are apparently in the minds of the congressman schiff and his colleagues, such a veracious appetite for this amongst democrats, democratic base that they want to feed it so the president is beefing up the white house legal counsel with some very, very smart and experienced people. steve: he is. >> yes, set. as of this afternoon, i believe. he will have a very, very fine experienced attorney general running the 90,000 people in the doj. william barr. may actually see some substantial resistance on the parted of the white house. steve: don't you think, judge, the fact that if we
3:48 am
are coming to a conclusion with the mueller stuff and if it turns out there is no collusion with russia, which we heard from there is none. aren't people going to just go okay. i heard the democrats say for two years there was. now there's not. now i have got russia collusion fatigue syndrome? >> that's why reagan, when he dealt with democratic congresses would go over their heads to the people? that's what the president needs to do. brian: what happened with paul manafort yesterday? they found his deal blew up because he wasn't being candid with the mueller investigation? >> here's what they did with paul manafort. they had him testify before the same grand jury that i know indicted him. and then a federal judge found that he lied to that grand jury. this tells me. brian: not on all counts. >> five alleged lies she found he committed three. this tells me a, he is exposed to more than 20 years in jail. that's so much jail time he might very well be a candidate for a pardon.
3:49 am
the public might accept the pardon. also tells me, b, mueller is still on the hunt. steve: all right. there you go. judge thank you very much. happy valentine's day. >> thank you, steve. i'm waiting for a kiss from brian. [laughter] brian: not on camera. plus i'm irish. i have trouble with affection. [laughter] >> wait, you are half italian. brian: that's true that's the counter argument. the president's team pouring through bipartisan deals right now. kris kobach says democrats may have buried poison pills in the 1100 pages. is he here live next hour. ainsley: plus, would you message your crush to get a date on valentine's day? it is the newest texting challenge. carley shimkus is here with the biggest valentine's trends coming up. hi, carley ♪ i am ready ♪ for this crazy little thing called love ♪ ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
3:50 am
great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at takes more mathan just investment advice. from insurance to savings to retirement, it takes someone with experience and knowledge who can help me build a complete plan. brian, my certified financial planner™ professional, is committed to working in my best interest. i call it my "comfortable future plan," and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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♪ ♪ think i'm going to spend your cash ♪ i won't ♪ even if you were broke ♪ my love don't cost a thing. ainsley: jennifer lopez might have sung that love don't cost a thing but this valentine's day it just might. steve: new poll reveals that although fewer people are participating in valentine's day this year, those who are are spending more money. brian: here with more on valentine's day trends lighting up social media is carley shimkus. she is fox news channel 115 headlines 24/7. carley, what's going on here? spending. >> morgan: less people? >> this is actually a story about the economy. the more money you have in your pocket the more you are going to be able to spend on
3:54 am
chocolates, flowers, dinner, maybe diamonds. and it looks like a lot of people are spending money on diamonds because on this year, americans are expected to spend, get this figure, $20.7 billion. steve: on valentine's day. >> on valentine's day. can you believe that? steve: that's a lot of valentines and flowers and candy that will last a week. >> that's why you got to go with the diamonds because they last forever. all the men out there. brian: not all the diamonds cubic si zir cone yum have. >> fewer people are spending money on valentine's day. those people are celebrating are spending more money and, yes, we do have emails on this. deb says how many will say they got a new toilet for valentine's day. i'm sure i'm in this club alone. my husband is one of a kind. steve: maybe they were
3:55 am
remodeling. that says love. >> looks like it has a nice splash to it. ainsley: has a sense of humor. steve: i don't think is he being funny. >> being celebrated when you are with your love you just need an excuse to make every day a celebration. what a romantic he is. brian: this is like a second anniversary present. >> i don't really expect anything for valentine's day. steve: something small. just to remind you. ainsley: are we doing gifts this year? >> i'm so high maintenance on christmas and all the other. there is a challenge going viral online. popular blogger posted this tweet ladies, who is ready for the valentine's day challenge this year? message your crush. i've had a crush on you for some time. would you like to go on a date with me this valentine's day? she then says tweet me the screen shot of their response to this thread, go. here's some of the reactions. one person says is this a joke? did steven tell you i had a
3:56 am
crush on you? looks like a love match there. one person says i don't have that much money can we go to mcdonald's or something. that's not a good start. i saw another person say who is this? your number is not saved in my phone. brian: that's not a mutual crush. >> that is not a mutual crush. steve: that's going way out on a limb. >> for some people it did work out. it's all about the love today. ainsley: we love you. thank you for coming on. >> i love you. steve: happy birthday valentine's day. >> happy v day. steve: entrepreneurship's team combing through the border deal it's 1100 pages. what's in it? will he sign it? details from washington next. brian: kris kobach will be here, michelle malkin will be here and she never played football with tim tebow. we will find out why. ainsley: plus a wedding.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ steve: the bipartisan border security bill has been released. >> here you go this is the final product 1159 pages. >> why should he take this deal? nancy pelosi said not a dollar for barrier or walls but he is going to get 1.375. >> i appreciate all the work the republicans have done because they're really going against a radical left. >> look at the center of this viral confrontation have been cleared of any wrongdoing. jillian: independent investigation found no racist or offensive statements were made by the covington catholic students. >> do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement? >> that is a ridiculous question. >> yes or no? >> no. >> i will take that as a yes. >> unbelievable. aggressive, abrasive and not based on any actual information. >> keep your sweetheart healthier this valentine's day. consider picking up some dark chocolate. doctors say it's loaded with antioxidants and has more nutritional value. >> don't hurt me no more. ♪ what does love
4:01 am
♪ baby don't hurt me. steve: what is love? we are talking about it all morning long. it's valentine's day 201 here on the "fox & friends" set. come on in folks. brian: tina turner said what does love have to do with it. steve: different song. a lot of love. ainsley: a lot of love songs. steve: we are actually going to have at the conclusion of today's telecast a wedding. ainsley: how cute is that? steve: it's going to be great. ainsley: a military family. steve: you will love the story on where these wedding dresses people around south jersey and philly are winding up with free wedding dresses all for folks in military families. we will tell you about that. a happy couple is going to ty the knot in about an hour. brian i'm a hopeless romantic. don't be surprised if i tear up. around the country for you and your relationships. where are they now? that is a photo from ray and ellen, they are celebrating
4:02 am
their anniversary. they got married 31 years ago. steve: that's right ray and ellen are my next door neighbors. they there they are in sicily. congratulations ray and ellen. ainsley: this is from ron and sherri. they were married on valentine's day in 1993 and last year celebrated 25 years in alaska. brian: soon they are going to get a house. steve: here is a photo of stella rose, baby stella rose makes valentine's day cards for grandma and grandpa. ainsley: they will love those. she is precious. keep your pictures coming brian: today is going to be a big day especially for children. they want know if there is going to be a border deal. steve: i don't think kids are tuned into that. brian: steve, i understand the next generation better than most. let's go to a fox news alert. a late night on capitol hill after the text of the bipartisan borders bill was finally finished. attorney added, attorney needed. ainsley: will the president actually sign it if it passes the house and the
4:03 am
senate. steve: griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. moments ago he broke the copy machine making the 1159 page copy of this gigantic bill that people are going to vote on and haven't read. griff: good morning, guys. really it is in fairness seven discretionary bills. the president wanted to seat final product. now he has it at the white house to do some speed reading. evidence said he is approaching this with caution. >> we'll be looking for land mines it's been known to happen before to people break it down. say 22 billion-dollar in overall border security funding. get to procurement, construction it's 2.37 total. 1.57 billion for seq. for notice not wall. 270 million for facility improvements. does have a path for reduction in ice detention
4:04 am
pedestrians. being one of the architects of the bill. nita loy chairwoman of the house appropriations committee. includes 1.9% pay raise to federal civilian workers which overrides the president's decision to deny them. and it increases the census funding $1 billion to combat the administration's assault on the census, she says. and 9.3 billion for e.p.a. and land and water conservation funding which was not in the december's continuing resolution. appear confident that this is going to pass democrats like steny hoyer say it's going to happen. we expect the voting to start happening, perhaps as early as today in the senate and then finish in the house and be ready for the president's signature. but he said he is looking for land mines and this is a loft reading to do in a short amount of time. not sure if he is going to make that deadline by midnight tomorrow. brian: funding a small portion of the government. can you imagine if the whole government was shut down and
4:05 am
looking to prime it back up? steve: clearly not what the president wanted. he initially wanted 25 billion. he is going to wind up for something like 50 miles of new wall. nonetheless, republicans are rallying around the president because they think that he is going to have some plan b. will he declare a national emergency? will he look to do some sort of executive action? accord ing to "the washington post. apparently somebody from the department of defense talked to a reporter there and said the administration is looking on moving some money that has been designated to the department of defense that supports high intensity drug trafficking area. this was something that was created by congress back in 1988 to provide assistance to local jurisdictions with drug problems. but it is unclear how much money from the department of defense the white house would want to reprogram before people at the pentagon start screaming hey, come on. this is pentagon money not for border wall. ainsley: we have heard this is a down payment.
4:06 am
that's virtually what lindsey graham was saying. it's a little bit of money. it's better than nothing. listen. >> why should he take this deal? the 1.375 can be used to build barriers. nancy pelosi said not a dollar for barriers or walls. get a lot more than a dollar. get money for more judges. nobody talks about that. there is no limit on bed space like i was worried about. so take this as a down payment. go in to the defense bill and move money around like congress allowed you to do last year. and build this damn wall. declare a national emergency because it is and move the money around and secure this border. brian: by the way, overall homeland security is getting 4$49 billion. increase of 1.7 billion. combined spending of ice and border patrol will get $23 billion. so, there is a lot there beyond the barrier. meanwhile, what do you want to see happen? look at what the fox news poll shows. should the president sign this bill or not? 66% in favor.
4:07 am
21% oppose. keep in mind the bill wasn't actually all flushed out and i would argue that almost nobody has read all thousand pages. steve: nor will they. ainsley: the president could get his staff to read it he could get 11 people to read 100 pages. steve: they have got to pass it no one is going to read it. ainsley: what if there are land mines, couldn't he remove those land mines? steve: there was land mine. the democrats were trying to get back pay for federal contractors. ainsley: right never happened before. steve: not talking about the furloughed workers the government contractors. ultimately the government workers got their back pay but contractors did not that was excised at the last minute. brian: that wasn't the only major news elliott recently named to be envoy for president trump as he works with john bolton and the secretary of state to try to get a legitimate government in venezuela was brought to capitol hill to answer some questions in front of the foreign relations committee. guess who is on that? freshman congresswoman ilhan
4:08 am
omar. she decides to go back to elliott's resume 1980s where he should take great blue-eyed ronald reagan did and make sure central and south america didn't become a communist nation as it had to do with el salvador. listen to this insulting exchange. >> i fail to understand why members of this committee or the american people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful. >> if i can respond to that. >> it wasn't a question. >> it was an attack. it was an attack. >> that was not a question. >> i reserve the right to my time yes or no, do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch? >> that is a ridiculous question. >> yes or no? >> no. >> i will take that as a yes. >> i am not going to respond
4:09 am
to that kind of personal attack, which is not a question. steve: you have got to watch the whole thing it is extraordinary. it's like something you have never seen in a committee hearing. you know, when she said it was not a question. clearly it was a political statement she was making. but he was getting frustrated because he has been around capitol hill for decades and he has never seen anybody like this. ainsley: wasn't there to talk about that. she is accusing him of being a liar and wanting to know about the iran contra affair? brian: listen in el salvador in nicaragua in that region, ballistic missile, there was blifl bow live i can't. ronald reagan wasn't going to have it. make sure the soviets weren't going to take over our hemisphere. to do that had you to do some extreme work. is he part of that work. the effort of that gave us el salvador which is closer to a democracy than not and central and south america are -- the president should be very proud of his foreign policy.
4:10 am
for this 20 something-year-old fresh congresswoman to be that dismissive and con descending to someone like elliott abrams is beyond the pale. democrats should all be embarrassed by her. ainsley: senator tim scott from iowa this is what he had to say about it? >> aggressive, not based on any actual information. she did ask a question and did not give him an opportunity to answer. if that's the type of service that we can look forward to coming out of house, things are in jeopardy. it really is challenging times. and one of the reasons why i support and have been the co-sponsor -- lead sponsor of an anti semitism legislation is because we are seeing these eruptions and what we saw today and what we heard yesterday are just more fact patterns that many times the left is heading in a very wrong direction. steve: she has had a very busy week. remember it was in this past week where nancy pelosi pretty much insisted that she apologize for the anti-semitic tweets. suggesting that members of
4:11 am
congress support israel for -- because of the money. it's all about the benjamins, baby, she said. but, nonetheless, she is not backing down. she is clearly has an agenda. she wants to achieve her freshman year. and she -- if it's getting headlines she certainly got one yesterday. brian: have to be so embarrassed the people of minneapolis. if it isn't i'm embarrassed for the people of minneapolis. ainsley: headlines for us. hey, jillian. jillian: continue to follow a sad story out of new york. responders honor a fallen nypd detective as a procession takes his body home to long island. services for detective brian sigh moneson will begin monday before is he laid to rest on wednesday. simonson was shot and killed friendly fire during a robbery in new york city. a sergeant has also hit but is expected to survive. a suspect charged with murder, is recovering after being shot by police. detective sigh moneson whose nickname was smiles was remembered as one who would quote do anything for anyone. he leaves behind a wife and two kids.
4:12 am
a former u.s. air force counterintelligence specialist is wanted for giving secret information to iran. monica whitt is charged with providing classified documents after defecting to the middle eastern nation. she was hired as a farsi speaking intel specialist and served in the air force from 1997 until 2008. her current location is unknown. today the senate is expected to confirm william barr as the next u.s. attorney general. house majority leader mitch mcconnell says lawmakers spent hours debating barr's nomination and nearing a final vote. nominated barr last year. if confirmed he will permanently replace math whitaker who took over after jeff sessions was fired philadelphia 76ers star activist. trying to save a federal going out of bounds when he leepsd into the crowd. turns out he missed actress
4:13 am
king by just inches. the oscar nominated star and relieved when it was all done. thanking god and him in a tweet. he has been known for some interesting things. a little wild child. steve: did the ball go out of bounds? jillian: i don't know. steve: thank you very much. brian: kris kobach says democrats may have buried poison pills in a massive border bill. he will join us live. ainsley: professional athlete to movie producer. newly engaged tim tebow has news to share with us. he is here live ♪ ♪ i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪
4:14 am
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♪ >> we will be getting it. we will be looking for land mines because you could have that. i don't want to see a shutdown. shutdown would be a terrible thing. i think a point was made with the last shutdown, people realized how bad the border is. how unsafe the border is. brian: president trump says he wants to avoid a shutdown. i believe him as his team looks over the bipartisan border agreement. it was unveiled officially last night. steve: our next guest says democrats may have buried poison pills in the 1100
4:18 am
page bill. now to explain we have former kansas secretary of state kris kobach joining us from d.c. chris, how bad would the poison pill have to be for the president not to sign it? >> well, i can name at least three poison pills that would justify vetoing the bill. steve: okay. >> we know the democrats have been interested in inserting these pills. you can do it with just a couple of words. the big e. one is when it says 1.375 billion if it says no more than or only 1.375, that would take away the president's authority that exists in other laws to spend defense department money and other money on. steve: to reprogram. >> right that would take away his reprogramming authority in other areas. another poison pill we know the democrats have been wanting is they want to redefine asylum to say if you suffer from domestic violence or if you suffer from gang violence that qualifies from you asylum. right now that's not the law. if they insert one sentence saying that that suddenly becomes the law. brian: i know they want back pay for contractors who weren't there. and they want an extension in funding for the violence
4:19 am
against women act. which wouldn't seem to have anything to do with border protection or homeland security. >> right. and the president has said he doesn't want those. there is a third poison pill relating to immigration. when they talk about bed space. if the way they phrase it is a hard cap. no more than x dollars spent on detention beds, which in effect if that's it in there would mean we have a catch and release policy in law. every other person after that has to be released. steve: chris, because it was a bipartisan conference committee, you have got to figure if the democrats are putting poison pills in there, the republicans are, too. >> not necessarily because the republican haven't made clear that there is any special element that they want in this bill. republicans give us the funding for the department and the funding for the barrier. it's possible in theory based on past experience i think it's unlikely. the other thing that's ridiculous, normally there is 72 hours for every member of congress to read the
4:20 am
bill. they waived that everybody is going to be scrambling looking for a couple words of here or there. it's the epitome of bad law. remember when pelosi said obamacare pass it and then we will read it and see what we passed. that's what they are doing here. brian: she immediately signed off on it nancy pelosi. that might show you there is something in there the president should look out for. that's why he has a team get through a thousand pages white house staff. thanks, chris. >> thank you. steve: all right. 7:20 now in new york city. double trouble for delta airlines. turbulence rocking passengers mid flight. while a fire breaks out on another plane. how the airline responding on this thursday morning. from professional athlete. football and now baseball to movie producer to newly engaged man to misuniverse. tim tebow has it all going on. he will talk about that movie with his brother in just a moment. ♪ life changes ♪ there's little rest for a single dad,
4:21 am
and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ steve: time now for news by the numbers on this valentine's day. first $20.7 billion. that's how much americans are expected to spend today on valentine's day this year. according to finance company wallet hub. about 44% of people expect to spend at least 50 bucks on some sort of a gift or candy or flowers. next, 250 million. that's how many roses will be produced just for today's valentine's day. the society of american florists predicts americans will spend an average of 77 bucks a dozen for flowers on valentine's day. and finally 9 million. that's how many marriage proposals will happen today.
4:25 am
here is a picture of me and my future wife cathy garety 33 years ago after i popped the question on valentine's day at the palm in washington, d.c. and she said yes. thank you, mrs. doocy. ainsley: that is so cute. she looks really happy and she still looks like that. you are a cute couple. steve: thank you. ainsley: next guest popped the question to former miss universe and she said yes as well. brian: football player turned new york mets aaa player. bestselling author. and can we add this to your resume tim tebow you and your brother executive produced a new movie. >> we did called run the race. it was a story reread it six years ago. something that impacted our hearts and we shared it with friends and family and they were impacted we are like we have got to find a way to tell this story. i have never really had the goal of getting into the movie industry. i just like telling stories though. brian: two brothers, football, broken family. >> yes.
4:26 am
and they lost their mom and their dad is an alcoholic and they are trying to make their way through life and we are all on our own journey and it's a broken family and kind of all of our families with a little bit broken. journey together of finding faith, hope and love and understanding there's a plan for your life and how you can make it and support one another in loyalty and how we are all built for community. ainsley: tim, i loved it because you tell the story from one of the brothers is really strong christian. the other one has a lot of questions. doesn't understand why bad things happen to them. so i think it runs the gamut. anyone can watch this and relate to it in a remarkable way. >> hopefully you can relate to it regardless of what you are going through. you can leave the theater hopefully being encouraged and inspired. ainsley: such a good movie. >> ready to take on life. steve: you said they come from broken homes. here's a clip from the movie run the race. where the brother's dad comes back suddenly. >> i heard you are doing real well on the football field this season.
4:27 am
did you? >> yeah. >> rumor has it that you are going to shatter all my district records. >> yeah. no, i'm going to wipe your name off the record books. you can count on that. >> we're family. >> do you think that is supposed to mean something. >> it means everything. we are family. your some dude that left us after our mom died. steve: okay. i don't think that went the way the dad thought it was going to. >> it didn't. this is a story about redemption, too. and bringing people together, bringing family back together and ultimately reconciliation. ainsley: i loved his first college letter from football coach in florida. >> yes. got it tie in that a little bit. steve: speaking of bringing people together. talk about night to shine just this past weekend it was the best. we had over 100,000 people
4:28 am
special needs 200,000 volunteers. 20 country around the world and 655 different proms and it was just so incredible to be able to have red carpets at every sing going one of them and truly a night where people with special needs can shine. a night where the churches get to shine most importantly a night where god gets to shine truly loving everyone and bringing everyone together. brian: you are a diverse guy. watch do you commentary. any moment can you go back to football. risen to aaa. new g.m. brand new show called the million-dollar mile? >> yes. and executive producer is lebron james and something we filmed this fall. it's been really cool. the most insane obstacle course where these athletes, if they run it and they get through it, they win a million dollars except there is a problem. they are getting chased by an even better athlete. it is absolutely insane.
4:29 am
brian: are these known athletes. >> some of them. >> some of them are son-in-law are every day joes. >> training for baseball i will say one of the show openings i jumped from 15 story building making it across the finish line. so now for you and your baseball career. you have already done better than michael jordan did. he leaves to go into baseball. now you are at the highest level before getting to the club. have you had conversations with him about what the next step would be or what you need to do to get there? >> well, of course i had conversations with him about it. continue to take one more step at a time and continue to improve broken ankle and ended the season with a
4:30 am
broken hand. brian: you were doing very well prior to that? steve: you start tomorrow. today is valentine's day and congratulations you are now engaged. >> thank you. that's the best news. steve: exactly. saved the best for last. tell us about your valentine. >> she is the best. she is from south africa. steve: tell us about the proposal didn't you fly the family in. >> i did. i surprised her with her faith r. favorite south africa can artist with her family and best friends. ainsley: where you do it. >> at my family's farm. i had an arch that was like a photo frame. ainsley: there is your pictures. >> a bunch of surprises. thankfully we pulled them off. the thing about surprises is you have to lie a lot to set it up. i didn't like that. brian: you didn't like lying. brian: do you call her miss universe? >> me is my universe. ainsley: you haven't set a date yet, right? >> no. it's been a whirlwind.
4:31 am
brian: ains solid pushing. ainsley: that's what everyone asks you. what's the date? what's the date. you get married and when is the first baby? you have to get a dog first. >> that's true. >> she has one. i have a dog though. steve: you are halfway there congratulations. brian: deciding on a dog is the hard part. steve: she is watching now if you would like to tell her something. brian: she is probably sleeping. >> i kind of save all the surprises for valentine's day later. i can't give it away this early in the morning. brian: sorry we didn't have much to talk about. ainsley: thank you for your faith. we love you. >> thank you. it's great being with you guys. steve: great having you as well, tim. democrats in the media went after the covington catholic schools over that viral confrontation. but an independent investigation says the young men did nothing wrong michelle malkin is going to weigh in on that. she is coming up next. ainsley: it's a blue valentine's day for this couple. the police department proposal that you have to see ♪ love will keep us together ♪ think of me babe whenever
4:32 am
♪ ♪ some sweet talking girl ♪ comes along ♪ singing a song ♪ don't mess around ♪ you just got to be ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save ♪ yes, ma'am excuse me, miss. ♪ does this heart belong to you? ♪ ♪ would you like it anyway? [ scatting ]
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♪ hungry eyes. ainsley: hungry eyes is perfect. is chicken the new chocolate because chick-fil-a they think. so check out new heart shaped trays for their chicken minis. steve: look at that right there. brian: this is the happiest i have ever seen the crew. steve: chick-fil-a it's across the street. we love when ainsley buys it every once in a while. thank you very much, john sampson floor manager right now. brian: a lot of people would be so worried about their jobs, they would be worried about sitting on the couch during the show [inaudible]
4:36 am
steve: get these in the heart shaped trays if i can fillet february 28th. colorado, michelle malkin reporter, author, columnist joins us right now. happy thanksgiving -- thanksgiving. i'm thinking about the food. happy valentine's day, exactly. michelle, congress sent out a copy of this 1159 page border bill last night now people are starting to look for land mines in it. the president is not getting but a fraction of what he asked for. should he sign it? >> not as it is currently sold right now. and, of course, people are speed reading this 1200 page bill. there are already some details that are very worrisome. of course, the headline that you just mentioned there, steve, it would only be a fraction of the nearly 6 billion that he had been asking for for the fencing, whatever form it takes or the wall. whatever you want to call it
4:37 am
a physical obstruction at the border which a vast majority of americans now favor more people favor wall than ever before. shows you the first stand he took that led to the shutdown actually produced the results that he wanted. he raised awareness of a problem that too many people have been insulated from on the interior of the country. brian: can you give you the stats on that, michelle. >> if we don't have physical borders, everyone is in danger. brian: fox poll deals of 2018, january 2019 and now. started only 39% were in favor. went up to 43, now it's at 46. brian: 50% oppose. a lot has to do with pure politics. when the experts came in and said their case and told about the facts and what they need, it seems as though the democrats didn't just want to hear it. >> yeah. that's right. and among the dangerous poison pills that i have already spotted that are buried in there, of course, is the veto power, apparently, that some open
4:38 am
borders border mayors have over sections of the border. and then also that it's prescribed to the rio grande valley. there is a larger issue here. all along of course the wall has been a major piece of the borders platform for trump. it's not the only one. he has said all along and to have immigration enforcement advocates if you don't shut off the magnets that are drawing people here to do these drastic things and endanger their families, nothing is going to stop the flow of these caravans. and so, look, even if you buy time until september 30th, which is the beltway game of kicking the can down the road, we're still going to have the same problem if you don't fix asylum reform. if you don't make deportation a priority for those, especially who have been ordered deported by immigration judges. there is a provision in the -- this burnt proposal that would increase the number of immigration judges
4:39 am
but then you get to the whole point of the deportation abyss which in itself is a disaster unrectified for the last 25 years. ainsley: michelle those covington high school students we saw that video of them in washington, d.c. in the face with the native american. they were cleared of any wrongdoing in the independent investigation and the investigator said they interviewed so many of these students and all of their stories were shockingly similar. so similar that they have come up with a conclusion that these guys, the young high school students are innocent. what are your thoughts. >> ainsley it, comes to a conclusion that was obvious to people who were fair minded and did their due diligence before they jumped the gun. and, unfortunately, it has to be said that the archdiocese in covington were among those who indicted the kids along with everyone else. ainsley: before knowing the full story. >> that's right. that there is so much fear. and there is so much prejudgment of people based
4:40 am
on bigoted stereotypes. so, i'm glad that they issued this three-page report. they were unable to interview nathan phillips directly. but it's not like we already -- it's not like we don't know what his position on it was. brian: he walked up to the kids. we saw the wide shot. they told us it was the other way around. >> yes. steve: michelle, sounds like nick sandmann at the beginning nose to nose with mr. phillips, it sounds like his family is going to sue everybody who put out things and did not retract them that painted that young man in a bad light. >> yes. again, the theme here and i have been talking about this for the past several weeks and month now that we finally have people willing to fight back against the defamation and smear machine not just the archdiocese who jumped the gun why did they do that because of the social media and mainstream media pressure that stereotypes people. that plays the hate card game and nobody ever pushes
4:41 am
back. so finally, we're going to have litigation and these people are going to be called to the carpet. particularly the ones that are blue checkmarks by their name on twitter that caused this whole in the first place. brian: you are fired up as usual. >> happy valentine's day guys. steve: oklahoma city, not colorado this time. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with news from way out west. jillian: that's right. good morning to you. start here in the city of portland because they voted to stop cooperating with the fbi's joint terrorism tank force for the second time. the claim the target's left wing activists and is ultimately ineffective. the city's police chief disagrees. >> he may be walled off from the day-to-day information from other agencies that vital to protect in our communities. >> portland first left the jttf after the september 11th terror attacks and signed back up in 2015. three people rushed to the hospital after severe
4:42 am
turbulence. look at that a delta flight from california had to make an emergency landing in nevada. >> i actually flew in my seat and hit the top. >> one lady was in. >> bathroom. >> in the bathroom with her kid. she came out all bloody. it was like a movie. ainsley: scary. do you buoy lens tipping over a drink cart making a mess in the cabin. another delta flight forced to evacuate overhead bin. overheating. a flight attendant put the fire out. forget the red and pink. who needs this valentine's day it is all about the blue for one happy couple. a georgia officer popping the question to his fellow officer. >> so, i'm hoping that with any luck. [applause] jillian: that's officer monty bill horton getting
4:43 am
down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend. family and friends were all there to watch it happen and of course she said yes. congrats. steve: that's great. jillian: he said watch out, she is an investigator. i caught that. don't do anything wrong, mister. brian: sitting on the couch eating chicken. unbelievable. no wonder you like working this show. steve: the left keeps pushing for socialism some do. americans want capitalism, not even close according to one poll you will see shortly. ainsley: republicans are red, democrats are blue. our next guest dated a dem and says she will probably never date one again. jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? let's see. most of you say lower a1c.
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4:47 am
since the tragic school shooting in parkland, florida. ainsley: 17 students and staff members were shot and killed when a gunman opened fire at marjorie stoneman douglas high school. brian: axle bank is live in parkal parkland florida with how the community is coping with this grim milestone. kevin? >> well, good morning, guys. these students are getting ready here for a moment of silence at 10:17. 10:17 to honor the 17 victims who were killed and also the 17 victims who were wounded. right now the school is packed. seeing students and parents in school buses pulling up all morning to drop people off here for this abbreviated day of school. they are going to be doing a dave community service here. they will be serving breakfast and lunch to first responders obviously this community feels a special kinship with the first responders here in parkland, florida and broward county because of just what happened here one year ago today. we spoke with mother lori,
4:48 am
her daughter alyssa was shot and killed. she was shot 10 times a year ago in the shooting. she wrote a letter that has gotten plenty of coverage here. she wrote an open letter to her daughter. and that letter basically describes what's been going on in the community and in her mother's life over the last year. she has run for school board. she opened up a nonprofit, and she is fighting for school safety improvement. some of those improvements have already been passed in the state of new jersey. she helped pass alyssa's law there which was signed into law by governor murphy. alyssa's law requires panic button be installed at schools across the state and now she is also pushing for alyssa's law to be passed here there have been a number of questions raised over the code red when it was called out and how it was called out. so the hope is alise zaps law can help those code reds go out sooner if something tragic begins to happen. there was also a push among the parkland parents here.
4:49 am
some of them at least not all of them to have an assault weapons ban passed here in the state of florida via constitutional amendment. right now the legislature has not shown an appetite to doing that. although they have made a number of other safety changes. but at this point, the parents believe their best course of action is going to be passing a constitutional amendment putting it before the voters in the year 2020. they are gathering signatures for that these students will be dismissed 11:40 today. they have will be going to a nearby park where they will be serving lunch to those first responders who they feel so close to. steve: it's hard to believe it was a year evan axlebank, thank you. brian: senate intel chairman says there is no evidence of collusion so far talking about senator burr. democrats on the committee say he is wrong. i thought this was bipartisan. coming up next, we will ask congressman devin nunes. the ranking member who sits
4:50 am
on the house intel committee about that. steve: plus, republicans are red, democrats are blue. our next guest dated a democrat and she says she might never do that again. her story coming up ♪ what's love got to do ♪ got to do with it ♪ who needs a heart ♪ when a heart can be broken ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
ainsley: republicans are red, democrats are blue. what happens when you date someone with an opposing political view? our next guest is a conservative who dished on her experience dating a democrat in a recent column. and she says she will probably never date a dem again. she joins us now. staff writer for daily wire casey dillon, hey, casey.
4:54 am
>> hi, thank you for having me. ainsley: i mean, this is hysterical. this is really funny. you dated him and you continued to go on dates with him because you had a lot in common except for your politics but you said you felt vilified. you all argued and you went on politics and you went on a road trip. what happened on the road trip? >> so we chose not to talk about politics after our first huge disagreement. and then we went on a road trip. we were with another conservative couple. and this couple was planning on getting married. they agreed on fund mental values and i was looking at them and thinking well, do i see myself marrying him one day and i came to the conclusion that i didn't. and honestly the rest of the road trip there was a lot of bickering because we kept talking about politics and it didn't go too well. we are still friends today. and i don't want people to think i'm saying you can't have bipartisan relationships because you can. but for someone like me who works in politics it's a little tricky. ainsley: why did you decide to write this and why have you decided because of that experience you will never date a democrat again? >> well, honestly i wrote it
4:55 am
kind of as a joke just kind of sharing a funny experience talking about bipartisan. it's like a tongue in cheek article but it's all true. and the response i received to it from a lot of people is a, they have had the similar experience. b, a lot of people told me they got divorce after the election of trump. ainsley: really. >> c, a lot of people said they have been married for decades and it hasn't changed anything and they know how to article political points. ainsley: avoid taking to parties with republican friends because you felt like there was a democrat spy there. >> yeah. so, in washington, d.c., there is plenty of places where republicans hang out, especially after work if you work in congress. i felt like i couldn't take him to some of these places because he got worked up very easily. ainsley: relationship with someone you can't take around. every time you are in washington you all get together and go to lunch and dinner. you call him tom in this article. what is he saying about the article? >> well, a lot of people are trying to figure out who tom is. some people actually have. he has gotten text messages
4:56 am
from people figuring out who is him. but, you know, we are still great friends. we bond over the pro-israel issue. that's really what unites us. and i mean, we still talk. and he thought the article was funny. i definitely showed it to him before i put it out. don't get me wrong. ainsley: you concluded since you work for the daily wire, he told you his dad is a big fan of the daily wire maybe next time i see him he will be too. > kassy thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. andrew mccabe confirming he opened an investigation into president trump. the breaking details coming up next. plus, it wouldn't be valentine's day without true love. a police officer, and a veteran are getting married live on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ come and get your love ♪ come and get your love ♪
4:57 am
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>> here you go this is the final product, 1159 pages. brian: the text of the bipartisan border security bill finally finished. >> i appreciate all the republicans have done because they're going against the radical left. >> more people favor a wall which shows you the first stand he took actually produced did. ainsley: fox news took a poll, 57% support capitalism, socialism 25%. >> only capitalism has lifted billions of people from poverty. >> law enforcement, we will never ever let you down. >> president saying that over and over is remarkably important to us. brian: professional athletes. add this to your resume', tim tebow, movie producer. >> it is called running the race. steve: today is valentine's day. >> oh, thank you. >> our tv husband.
5:01 am
>> thank you so much, gentlemen. ♪ brian: michael buble has his own soft drink. he has a major ad. ainsley: there is soft drink, bubble, he says it is not called bubbly, it is buble. steve: something this hour, terrific that is couple is getting hitched on this program. there was a bridal chain around jersey, philly, went belly-up. there were 500 dresses involved. what did they do with them? they decided to give them to military families. ainsley: so nice of them to do that. ainsley: a wedding crest is very expensive. that was nice. instead of selling them on ebay, donating them. brian: you only wear them once.
5:02 am
ainsley: usually. fox news alert. we're getting set for a very busy day on capitol hill. the text of the bipartisan border security bill released overnight. brian: the big question, will the president sign it if it passes the house or passes the senate, if it he does not, will it pass either? steve: griff jenkins is in washington. we heard for last couple days what is in it, but now is depends on how the lawmakers wrote it. reporter: that's right. i have a idea for valentine's day workout program. this thing is 1159 pages. president wanted to know all along what it says and advisors are looking at it and he will approach it with caution. >> we'll be looking for landmines, could you have that, you know. it has been known to happen before to people. reporter: conferees say there is more than 22 billion in overall border security funding but includes 1.375 billion fencing, not wall, in rvg sector.
5:03 am
270 million for security improvements and path to reduction of i.c.e. security beds. according to one. architects of the deal, congresswoman nita lowey, she put out a release that says it denies funding for president trump's border wall, rejects the president's irresponsible budget cuts. we see in the bill 1.9% pay raise to federal civilian workers which lowey says overrides the president's decision to try to deny them that. increases census funding by one billion dollars, nearly equally what is appropriated for border fencing. 9.3 billion for epa, land and water conservation. lawmakers on both sides they are confident it will pass despite conservative opposition. the president has yet to give thumbs up, thumbs down if they pour over this. it will begin in the senate, finish the house and available
5:04 am
for president's signature tomorrow, guys. steve: final vote. griff, thanks. lawmakers can decide whether or not they want to read it. 's we were talking, depends how the bills were written. kris kobach, former kansas secretary of state was with us earlier. he talked about how we know some of the facts but it all depends how these things were written down, the legislative language could be a deal breaker or a poison pill. watch. >> i can name at least three poison pills would justify vetoing the bill. we know the democrats have been interested in inserting these pills. you can do it with a couple words. biggest one is, when it says 1.375 billion, if it says no more than, or only 1.375, that would take away president's authority exists in other laws to spend defense department money and other money on building the fence. normally there is 72 hours for every member of congress to read the bill. they waived that. everybody is scrambling looking
5:05 am
for couple words here or there. epitome of bad law making. brian: doesn't belong in that bill. they also want to find a way to pay contractors for the money they lost over those 35 days. republicans are against that. ainsley: never happened before. brian: 1000 pages. try to rifle stuff in. see what the president says. $30 million for family case management. 113 million for additional air assets. 77 million for opioid detection equipment. that is something both sides agreed on. steve: you're right. kris kobach hit it on the head, he talked about the way the legislative bill is written could be a poison pill. if it limits the president to just that amount where he can't reprogram or take money out after different program, something from the department of defense, that would be a deal breaker for the president he has been hinting quite loudly -- ainsley: honey, i can't take you out to dinner for valentine's day. i need to stay at home to read 1100 pages.
5:06 am
if you ask the people out there, you the people went to the polls, majority want some sort of a deal that include a barrier. non-barrier security measures and human hewlett-packard aid. look at that, 66% of those polled in this "fox news polled" say they favor those three items to be included in the bill. brian: we'll see where that goes. if the president signs something along with this bill and have it funding the government now until september 30th. meanwhile andy mccabe, we knew this was coming, he has a book out. disgraced deputy fbi director, who was temporarily fbi director after james comey was forked. he has a book coming out, called, "the threat" how the fbi protects america in the age of terror and trump. he clearly believes trump on some level was colluding with russia. listen how it went down, what he tells scott pelley on cbs in an excerpt released prior to when it airs on sunday. >> i was very concerned that i was able to put the russia case
5:07 am
on absolutely solid ground in an indelible fashion, that were i removed quickly or reassigned or fired, that the case could not be closed or vanish in the night without a trace. i wanted to make sure our case was on solid ground, if somebody came in behind me and closed it, tried to walk away from it, they would in the be able to do that without creating a record why they made that decision. steve: this was eight days after james comey was fired. and remember, as well, back then democrats and republicans, everybody wanted james comey out. and then as we heard right there in the little excerpt, he tried to establish the investigation just in case he got fired, just in case he was next on that hatchet list. ainsley: scott pelley. it will be on "60 minutes" this sunday. scott pelley is teasing what he was talking about. there were some talks that he
5:08 am
talked with mccabe the idea of using the 25th amendment to get the president out of office. brian: rod rosenstein talked about wearing that wire. rod rosenstein said, i was being sarcastic when i said what do you want me to do, wear a wire when i go talk to the president? ainsley: listen to this. >> discussion underway about removing the president of the united states? >> they were counting noses. they were not asking cabinet members whether they would vote for against removing the president but they were speculating, this person would be with us, that person would not be and they were counting noses in that effort. it was also said at a previous time that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein offered to wear a wire. a statement was released after that that that was never serious. it was sarcastic, et cetera. mccabe in our interview says, no, it came up more than once. it was so serious that he took it to the lawyers at the fbi to
5:09 am
discuss it. steve: what is extraordinary about that, when that story first broke i believe in "the new york times," that mr. rosanna was going to wear a wire, there was talk about how the president was, was going to go out and fire rod rosenstein because you can't do that. but rod rosenstein as scott pelley just said, i was joking. everybody knew i was joking. now you hear andy mccabe, the guy who started the russia collusion investigation into the president actually say, no there is nothing to that. rod rosenstein was serious. he was serious about wearing a wire to get the to say something incriminating. they would bring in the cabinet, turn the vice president into the president, all using the 25th amendment. ainsley: that is what he says, mccabe said. he got fired, keep that in mind. brian: he got fired for leaking the media. if you believe james comey, you can't believe andy mccabe. they divert on lot of different things. i believe that is his book. everybody else is on the fast track to indictment, he isn't.
5:10 am
whatever happened to his case? steve: good question. brian: didn't get benefits. ainsley: got fired right before he was supposed to retire. steve: we believe the department of justice inspector general is looking into the behavior of the top people at the fbi, at the department of justice. you would assume that mr. mccabe will be one of the names on the checklist, did they do anything wrong. ainsley: it will be airing on monday morning, clips from that interview. brian: other hit book. what else is new? steve: jillian good morning to you. jillian: we get caught up with some of the headlines. services for detective brian simonson will begin monday before he is laid to rest on monday. simon son was shot and killed by friendly fire during a robbery in new york city. a sergeant was also hit but is expected to survive. a suspect charged with murder is recovering after being shot by police. detective simon whose nickname
5:11 am
was smiles, was remembered as someone who would quote, do anything for anyone. leaves behind a wife and two kids. vice president pence meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu just moments ago. the leaders are in poland for a summit on the middle east. later today they will visit auschwitz memorial. pence is assuring that the u.s. will keep a strong presence in the middle east. he is also calling on america's european allies to pul out of the iran nuclear deal and back the u.s. sanctions. paul manafort's plea deal is now void. a federal judge ruled that the former trump campaign manager intentionally lied to former special counsel robert mueller and made false statements to the fbi and a grand jury. judge andrew napolitano joined us to weigh in on what this could mean for the investigation. >> this tells me. a, he is exposed to more 20 years in jail. that is so much jail time, he might -- candidate for a pardon and the public might accept the
5:12 am
pardon. tells me, b, mueller is still on the hunt. jillian: manafort could be up for a harsher sentence at his hearing next month. his lawyers say he did not lie. a s.w.a.t. team takes time off training to help with a gender reveal. check this out. >> oh, my gosh. you guys are having a boy! jillian: the tactical unit in wisconsin, shooting their guns, letting off blue smote letting sergeant brady esther and his wife stacy that they're having a boy. congratses to them. >> that is awesome. brian: thank you, jillian. 12 minutes after the hour. the trump administration shining a lot on a growing crisis, a top hud official moving into crumbling public housing to find out how bad the problems are first-hand. she will join us live next. ainsley: plus, love is in the air on "fox & friends."
5:13 am
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♪ steve: you may be surprised to hear the newest resident in new york city's public housing system is that woman right there. she is the top federal housing official in the region. on monday housing and urban development's lynn patton moved into a public housing unit to experience first-hand what residents face on a daily basis. she joins us with more on her experience. here she is regional administrator for hud. welcome back. >> good morning. thank you, steve. happy valentine's day. steve: thank you very much. in this city you have some of the most expensive real estate, some of the highest taxes yet the people in the public housing live in squalor. >> that is truly a humanitarian crisis, steve. you know, ni t.j. a is the largest public housing authority in the world. >> new york public housing
5:18 am
authority. >> correct, new york public housing authority. more people live in the new york city public housing authority than the entire city of miami. you know what? change is coming. i want to say under this administration we give more money for repairs to the new york public housing authority than any administration before. $30 million a week. steve: right. historically, it is the coldest day of the year, a lot of those public housing houses don't have any heat. >> last year 380,000 residents went without heat and hot water at some point. it is inexcusable. you know, trump ended up raising the budget for the new york public housing authority by 52% this year. and the federal monitor that secretary carson is putting in place is going to find out where that money is boeing. steve: sure. people in new york are horrified. what about bill de blasio, the mayor? i read in the paper he is completely behind this, or is he? >> the mayor used to have my job. so i know he knows about
5:19 am
housing. i know he wants to help. you know what? i told the secretary as long as he keeps going on tv bragging about turning heat and hot water back on, i will continue to be a perpetual thorn in his side because you don't get points under my watch for doing your job. steve: you need water. you need heat. >> that's right. steve: those are basic needs. hello. for this month, one week you will go into different housing projects. >> important for me, steve, not to take a viable unit off the market that could otherwise go for a deserving low income family. i'm saying with four volunteer families in four different boroughs over the next month. steve: you've been there a week. what are you finding? >> the conditions are horrific. that is nothing new to me, but it is bringing much-needed attention to the issue. and you know, it was important to me, when i was campaigning with president trump, going through rural and impoverished
5:20 am
areas. this administration effected change for low income communities. steve: you meant it. hope something happen. lynn, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. steve: democrats and media went after covington catholic schools over this confrontation in january. an independent investigation cleared the students of any wrongdoing. dana loesch with reaction coming up. my teeth have always been a very sore spot for me,
5:21 am
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ♪ brian: quick headlines now. caught on camera the theme. first a police officer jumps a guardrail as a car comes barreling toward him. the officer conducting a traffic stop in arizona when a truck suddenly smashes into his car. the driver claims he couldn't slow down fast enough. no kidding. a wild police chase caught on camera in the villages.
5:24 am
people jumping out of way as the cars tear through the golf course. not a golf cart. >> holy smokes. were we close to getting seriously maimed. brian: wow the driver reportedly thought people were eating his brains. people eating his brains. that is how he reacted. he is under arrest in florida. that was his explanation. steve: they were vilified in the press and online. they have got some justice. the covington catholic high school students in the center of that media firestorm after their january 18th confrontation with the native-american man went viral. the young men have been cleared of any wrongdoing. ainsley: extensive investigation funded by the diocese concluded quote, we found no evidence of offensive or racist statements of students to mr. phillips or members of his group. here to react nationally syndicated radio show host of the dana show, dana loesch. >> good morning everybody. ainsley: what do you want to say
5:25 am
about that? what was your reaction? >> i'm not surprised. we saw all of this unfold on video. we saw the adults were present who were the ones who were instigators and the ones calling these kids racial slurs, sexual slurs. they were bullying them. the kids were doing nothing more than standing there waiting for their buses to get on their buses. we had a lot of, you know what i really want to see, a lot of people in media that claim to be such free speech defenders. any criticism of any natural right, you're against journalism, whenever they attack the president for putting up, when he calls out the propaganda. i hope they are defenders of free speech. all the outlets went after the kids, tried to gas light america. i want to see them all issue corrections and retractions, apologize to the kids for contributing to the storm of hatred, that engulfed these kids and their families and almost ruined their lives over a lie.
5:26 am
brian: the diocese as well as the fact that phillips told everybody he was walking through past the lincoln memorial, when he was walking right up to the kids. he did not cooperate with the investigation. the other big story, which is not a big story, a story that continues to be pretty consistent with senator menendez of new jersey. he was under a ethics violation. had a big-time-trial, would be so happy to get six more years in office. he seeps additionally hostile. this is the latest example. when asked just about does he support the green deal, listen. >> wondering why you won't answer questions on the new green deal? >> i won't answer questions of "the daily caller" period. you're trash. >> why do you think we're trash, sir? >> you're harassing -- brian, if you keep harassing me i will run to the capitol police. because he can't answer a question? >> yeah. that, has this happened to "the daily caller" before with democrats? didn't eric holder got into one of their reporter's faces when
5:27 am
they tried to ask about "fast & furious." menendez doesn't like "daily caller," it is a more truthful conservative leaning outlet. that is allowed on the progressive left, but when you balance it out it is trash. where is the rest of the media to defend this media out let. if you criticize the press, isn't that criticizing the very essence of democracy? our republic. first off, not just becoming for an elected official to treat a, i think anyone this way. particularly someone who is simply asking a question. i don't care what side you're on. simply say no comment. you condition ask my office. maybe i will send you something later. to sit here to go on the diatribe. you're on camera, obviously he knew, at least he was being recorded. obviously he knew this was going to get out. he has ever, every right to ask him whatever question, especially on this, stop attacking the press. that is it what i want to see. steve: he did not want to answer
5:28 am
the question about the green new deal. might not actually like it. dana loesch. thanks for joining us. have a great dana show later. >> thank you. brian: brand knew out of washington, former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe confirming he opened an investigation into president trump. we'll ask congressman devin nunez, former chairman of oh sight, sits on the house intel committee about that coming up. ainsley: plus wedding bells are ringing in our studio. a police officer and that veteran are getting married live. you will meet the couple next. steve: there they are. ♪ ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth.
5:29 am
♪ ♪
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5:31 am
♪ ainsley: one county in new jersey spent valentine's week helping make military brides wedding dreams come true. brian: they gave away hundreds
5:32 am
of wedding dresses to veterans and family members after a designer abruptly closed up shop. steve: one of those lucky veterans is here today with us. air force veteran, bride to be screen left. priscilla and her fiance in the center, police officer joe mueller, dan keshan, the spokesperson for camden county new jersey. this bridle company went belly-up. they had 60 locations, what would they do with the dresses real estate agency, the company that had places went to you, do what with them? >> they came to us. they said listen, we have an inventory of 500 brand new bridle gowns. we would like to put them in the hands of veterans or families of veterans that could use them. we said, of course. brian: how did you get the word out? >> for us we went over social media. we had the dresses archived or in storage for six to seven months. based on that we then started a
5:33 am
campaign around saluting the dress. ainsley: so wonderful, priscilla. tell us how you found out about it, what it was like when you got to shop for a wedding dress for free? >> i found out on social media. i saw it on facebook. i will sign up for this. it sounds like a fun opportunity, something i can benefit pro from. and i went there it was amazing offer to me. amazing experience. brian: joe, you don't push back on something like this. great idea. >> no, i had no idea about it. >> i wanted it to be a surprise. steve: he was hat seen the dress yet? >> no. steve: dresses, 500 of them, they ranged up to $10,000? >> it was incredible value. officer on veterans aaffairs we wanted to insure we got this incredible value back in the hands of people that gave so much to our country like
5:34 am
priscilla. steve: you couldn't afford a 1500-dollar dress? >> no. it helps, benefit as lot of people, they're very expensive. >> till us about your service. air force medic how many years? >> eight years. ainsley: you're a police officer in new jersey? >> yes. ainsley: tell us about your service, why you got into this. >> so i joined when i was 18. my grandfather had been in the war and i was just, you know, i really wanted to go and volunteer for my country and everything. i wanted to go to school. do all those things. i really wanted to be independent mostly. so i volunteered. and, it was one of the best experiences of my life. brian: joe you must feel the same way. you understand the mind set. you're a police officer every day. >> yes. growing up it is something i always wanted to do. nobody in my family is in law enforcement. i had a couple uncles that served in the vietnam war. i wanted to give back to the community i grew up in. i love helping people.
5:35 am
every day it is something new. steve: something new happened to you, yesterday. we got the idea to do this. what was it like when you got the phone call, how would you like to get married on "fox & friends"? >> i was driving back from the gym. he was right behind me, driving. are you sitting down. i'm driving right now. >> trying to figure out why she was swerving a little bit. >> i know. he watches me closely. ainsley: how are y'all feeling today? >> nervous, committing. steve: getting married in 15 minutes. brian: family made the trip? >> unfortunately so last minute, they couldn't get off work. a lot of our friends couldn't either. i'm sure they're watching now. steve: everybody will see the dress very shortly. we have a cake for you. we got flowers. and we have a special surprise we're not going to tell you about for 15 more minutes. >> sounds good. ainsley: best wishes. >> you're welcome.
5:36 am
brian: see you in a second. >> dan, joe, priscilla, we'll have a "fox & friends" wedding. joe will see his bride in the wedding dress for the first time. time for news. jillian. jillian: got a peek at the cook. it looks delicious. americans were killed in plane crash in 10 i can't. officials say the pilot and four tourists were onboard the single-engine plane that went done on the way to a nature preserve. witnesses said it crashed into a pair of trees before it slammed into the ground. nobody survived. democrats want to modernize abortion in illinois. pushing two new abortion bills in the state, including one that would repeal a law requiring parental consent for girls under 18 years old to get permission for abortion. and one turns over a law that getting abortion would be a
5:37 am
crime. four-year-old gentleman is melting hearts across the country after taking his friend on a date for her birthday. macy bought her flowers. took her out to eat. he paid for it himself, held her hand and. mason's parents said it is never too early to teach kid how to be chivalrous. ainsley: that is adorable. he got all dressed up. steve: jillian, thank you. brian: 23 minutes before the top of the hour, former fbi direct to, he left in disgrace, andrew mccabe got fired, confirming he ordered a obstruction of justice investigation into president trump. that is not all. congressman devin nunez all over the case. he will join us in a matter of moments for his instant analysis. >> it is almost time. the flower girl and ring bearer are getting ready. we're having a wedding on "fox & friends" moments away. steve: we're so excited.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
♪ brian: "60 minutes" has the first interview with former deputy fbi director, former acting director a while. he is fired from his job. he is obviously angry. first time we are hearing from him as he tries to defend himself. this guy will be explosive. arguably as big as comey's book, they will get their perspective, his anti-trump perspective, law enforcement perspective. ainsley: he wrote a book. that is why he is doing the interview. scott pelley does the first one on sunday. he is releasing a few of those clips. here is a clip of andrew mccabe talking about the russia investigation, why he did it, why he opened it. listen. >> i was very concerned that i was able to put the russia case on absolutely solid ground, in
5:42 am
an indelible fashion that were i removed quickly or reassigned or fired, that the case could not be closed or vanish in the night without a trace. i wanted to make sure our case was solid ground. if somebody came in behind me, closed it, tried to walk away from it, they would not be able to do that without creating a record why they made that decision. steve: keep this in mind. he kicked it off eight days after james comey, his boss was fired as fbi director. he was the number two guy. if he got fired who would continue to look into whether or not donald trump was a russian agent, essentially. this morning scott pelley was on the cbs morning show talking about what else we will learn on sunday. and despite what we have heard from rod rosenstein, that he was just joking about wearing a wire, they were absolutely, dead serious, mr. rosenstein was, and in fact there was speculation at
5:43 am
the department of justice about bringing in members of the cabinet to ask them if they would try to boot the president out of office. >> that there was a discussion underway about removing the president of the united states? >> they were counting noses. they were not asking cabinet members whether they would vote or against removing the president, but they were speculating, this person would be with us, that person would not be, and they were counting noses in that effort. it was also said at a previous time, that the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein offered to wear a wire. a statement was released after that that that was never serious. it was sarcastic, et cetera. mccabe in our interview says no, it came up more than once. it was so serious that he took it to the lawyers at the fbi to discuss it. brian: pretty amazing. number one, keep in mind too, he vehemently disagrees with james
5:44 am
comey. feels like james comey is lying about their interaction. he leaked to the press because james comey told him to, told him he could. keep in mind, andy's office, where peter strzok and lisa page, talked about the plan they hatched essentially in andy's offices and text messages revealed. he goes on to say whatever he wants to say, that what he saw was so alarming to him, he really thought the russians put him in office. that is the same, what he saw is what senator burr's committee has been examining the last two years. it is what devin nunez's committee is saying last two years. not seen any collusion. we don't know what robert mueller has for sure, peter strzok, lisa page, andy mccabe, james comey look pretty terrible the way they handled themselves. steve: devin nunez joins us from statuary hall for a quick segment. what do you think about the
5:45 am
allegations by andy mccabe. >> always curious about people hawking a book. he was relying on democrat paid for dirt came from russians to investigate another candidate in political party for doing what? supposedly colluding with russians. it is absolutely absurd. i haven't seen the whole interview, i haven't read the book but that was my first takeaway. brian: in your mind were they trying to overthrow the government? was this a coup? >> they were opening up a counterintelligence investigation into a political party based on dirt and research from another political party. that is something we should never do in this country. every american should be outraged by this this is buried by the mainstream media for years. this has gone on two years. it is absolutely absurd. now people are hawking books on the thing. ainsley: why would he say he was lying, he was wearing a wire and we talked about that several times? or he wants to wear a wire? >> we tried to bring rod
5:46 am
rosenstein before congress so he could be under oath to answer these questions. we only know what has been leaked to the press. you have a he said/she said in this case. look any talk of the 25th amendment is outrageous. i want to to back to the scope memo. what is the investigation all about? what is mueller looking at? if he is looking at information that was based on that dossier, remember we have not seen what mueller is actually looking at, it's a big problem. steve: let's hope he is looking into all of it. devin nunez, sorry or time is so short. brian: we had problems with the satellite. you met the bride. you met the groom. now it is time for the ceremony. a live "fox & friends" wedding is coming your way. bill hemmer has a show starting at 9:00 and he will be with sandra smith. >> you best man there? brian: we're flipping a coin. >> great show, guys. fascinating what you are talking about. what is going on inside the fbi. more on that coming up. the economy on a tear.
5:47 am
larry kudlow joins us live from the white house. how a 2020 campaign is already drawing a sharp contrast on the issues in america. come join sandra and me. we'll see you in ten minutes, guys. the hour right here. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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5:50 am
♪ steve: this is great. earlier in the program you met a very special couple. an air force veteran, bride to be, priscilla, pazmino and her police officer fiance, joe mueller. ainsley: here to give them a special "fox & friends" wedding. an officiant. how are you feeling? >> great. steve: let's get things started, ladies and gentlemen. here is the flower girl.
5:51 am
ring bearer and nower girl. mason. ainsley: come on mason. these are priscilla's children. mason is five. priscilla is four. way to go. steve: stand right there. >> priscilla, you're doing a wonderful job. jillian: good job, isabella. brian: now it is the magic time. steve: all right. i think we have a big reveal. ladies and gentlemen, here comes the bride. ♪
5:52 am
>> the best marriages begin on "fox & friends" on a thursday morning. you will prove at that to be true. guys, this is quick. i have two questions to ask you, one is short, one is long. one, do you both really want to marry each other. >> yes. >> we do. >> you do. wonderful. brian: one for one. >> do you promise to love each other every day through each challenges, do you promise to be trust each other, be each other's equals, be wonderful parents for these two children so long as you both shall live? >> we do. >> we do. >> do we have rings we can exchange. who has to the the rings? >> he does. >> you do. hold the bouquet. >> it is pretty much stuck. >> okay. see what we got here. we've got, this looks like for yours and have you do this one first. place the ring on the tip of her ring finger and repeat after me.
5:53 am
ready. priscilla. >> priscilla. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> my heart is in this ring. >> my heart is in this ring. >> i am yours completely. >> i am yours completely. >> i promise to be your faithful husband. >> i promise to be your faithful husband. >> to love you in sixness and health. >> love you in sixness and health. >> in life and beyond. >> in life and beyond. >> when you look at this ring. >> when you look at this ring. >> remember i love you always. >> remember i love you always. slide the ring on her finger. whoa. [laughter]. nice catch. >> place the ring on tip of his ring finger repeat after me. joe,. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> my heart is this ring. >> my heart is this ring. >> i'm yours completely. >> i'm yours completely. >> i promise to be your faithful wife. >> i promise to be your faithful wife. >> to love you in sickness and health. >> love you in sixness and health. >> in life and beyond. >> in life around beyond. >> when you look at this ring.
5:54 am
>> when you look at this ring. >> remember that i love you always. >> remember i love you always. >> slide the ring on his finger and hold hands. on behalf of "fox & friends," me and entire viewing audience, i pronounce you well on your way to a long happy marriage. yea. kiss your bride, sir. yea. [cheers and applause] steve: how lovely is that? ainsley: congratulations. steve: all right. ♪ priscilla and joe, congratulations, on this day of love, sandals resorts, made for love is giving you honeymoon of your dreams, seven night, five-star luxury included honeymoon at sandals royal barbados, the newest resort in spectacular beachfront, sky pool, love nest with a butler suite. sandals loves the military. >> thank you so much. thank you. ainsley: joe is a police officer
5:55 am
in new jersey. priscilla, air force medic for howl many years did you say? >> eight years. >> eight years. god bless you both. your children are beautiful. brian: special thank you to kay jewelers for the rings. to caked up cafe, because you're about to see a very beautiful cake. and to artisan floral boutique for all the incredible flowers, including the ones on the pathway here. steve: joe, you had not seen the wedding dress. >> no. >> she picked it out. they were donated by a bridal company that went out of business. how beautiful does your wife look? >> words can't describe how beautiful she is. ainsley: how did you two meet? >> we have mutual friends. i had gotten out after relationship. they told me i have somebody that we want you to meet. i was like, okay, are you sure? i'm kind of picky. and they said, yeah, you will love him. he is your type. he is sweet. he is honest. you will love him. and we ended up talking for a while.
5:56 am
and we didn't, you know, meet for a little while. so we were a little nervous. steve: the bride's dress was a surprise just now. what about the big surprise? you're going to barbados and sandals! >> that is amazing. it will be a dream. ainsley: we thank sandals for doing that. wasn't that nice? they love our military. love our police officer. brian: when we come back we'll get a chance to cut the cake because the crew has not eaten enough today. steve: we'll be right back. congratulations. joe, priscilla. good job, mason. how about a kiss? ♪ what makes this simple salad
5:57 am
the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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>> as we cut the cake here, a special thanks to caked up cafe and kay jewelers and art eeshian floral boutique and our friends at sandals. >> bill: good morning, everybody. border security deal might be on the president's desk as early as today. it's 1100 pages. happy reading. i like the colors today, happy valentine's day. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> sandra: happy valentine's day to you. lawmakers putting the finishing touches on the legislation late last night. will the president sign it? he will be going through it with a fine tooth comb. it included $22 billion in border security funding. >> 55 miles of new physical barriers, 50 billion for discretionary spending. >> sandra: 2% pay raise for federal civilian workers. is it a win for


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