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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 15, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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woman was caught shaving her legs in a hotel pool in florida. don't do that in public. how about that? rob: pool is far more vial. jillian: yes. agree. okay. have a good day. ♪ ♪ and we can't stop ♪ and we won't stop ♪ steve: miley cyrus. back in the day we can't stop. folks, finally after a long week, it is friday. thanks for joining us tgif. thank goodness it's fox, right? ainsley: i like that. brian: i'm going to declare friday and i'm going to declare i think president is going to declare a little bit later a state of emergency. what events took place last night not only back-to-back votes funding bill of. the president was ready for plan b. ainsley: the president said
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he is going to sign it and at the same time issue a national emergency to get more money for the wall. steve: what's going to happen after that? we told you the democrats are going to drag him into court. sure delay will happen. first, after the president declares it's a national emergency humanitarian problem at our southern border, the flow of drugs. immediately after he does that house judiciary chairman jerry nadler is going to introduce into the house a resolution of disapproval that would overturn the president's emergency declaration that's the way the law was written. if it passes it will pass the house by a simple majority. then it goes to the senate. if they get 51 votes in the thasenate, then essentially the president would be out of luck. he would then have to veto it, which would be the first veto of his administration. but, if he cannot get 512349 55n the senate. that makes him look bad because republicans voted
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against him. brian: "the washington post" reports that mitch mcconnell got a call from the white house saying the more i'm reading this bill i don't want to sign it mitch mcconnell was beginning to panic what do you mean you are not going to sign it you have got to sign it we have got to fund the government. it's a terrible bill full of poison pills. steve: it is. brian: i want to make sure that i can declare state of emergency because i have got and been working on the past three months ways to get additional funding to the tune of $8 billion. so if i can do that and you are going to back that i the sign. this mitch mcconnell said fine, i will do it. he said we will vote on it they voted first. they got 83 votes. more than enough. the house would vote later. get more than enough. then mitch mcconnell would say the president also plans on declaring a state of emergency. ainsley: legislation falls short. he says i'm going to find other ways to get that money. you are giving me 1.4 billion through this deal. i'm also going to get 600 million from the treasury department. the drug forfeiture fund. 2.5 billion from the defense
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department for the drug train addiction program and 3.5 billion from the defense department military construction budget. steve: right. ainsley: all to be used to you build that wall to keep drugs out of the country. steve: i'm sure a lot of the president's base this morning good, that's exactly why we put you there. we wanted you to do that. do you know who doesn't like it? the democrats. >> declaring a national emergency would be a lawless act. >> if it was an emergency every time a president of the united states couldn't get what they'ved from congress we would be in a constant state of emergency. >> we fought the revolutionary war not to have king george or a successor. this is the actions of a king. and no matter which route he takes it, will be challenged from the court. >> if the president can declare an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency, an allusion that he wants to convey just think of what a president with different values can present to the american people. brian: been on the books since 1976. 58 times presidents with
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different values have been in the white house and 58 times. and in fact, 31 of the emergency actions are still on the books since 1976. so how bad can they be? and we know we have had a diversity of opinions of people in the white house. president obama did it dozens of times. president trump dba dozen times. president trump has already had three executive orders declaring a state of emergency. ainsley: you heard democrats that aren't for it a lot of republicans that are for this. listen to this. >> i think he will go the the national emergency route. we had three weeks to find a compromise. the hope was we could give the president his budget number and do something aboutpsand daca. that ship never appeared. >> i don't join with my colleagues in believing if the president does this, when he does it he has declared he is going to do it that it will be the end of western order. i don't believe that. steve: really it comes down to this. do you think what is going on on our southern border is
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a national emergency? well when you look at the number of people that were apprehended in 2018, it was close to 400,000 that were apprehended. how many weren't apprehended on average that's 1100 per day. so if you think that there is a national emergency with so many people flowing across our southern border whether it's the sex trafficking which the president has talked about or the drugs, you are firmly behind the president in doing. this then you have got to ask yourself is that pentagon money that was appropriated by congress to do different things, like drug interdiction or military construction clearly would both be drugs building is on our southern border. if you can make the argument that that all makes sense you think what is he doing is absolutely a okay. ainsley: that's one of the reasons people went to vote for him for that wall. you ask the republicans support him and the wall. it's common sense.
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don't you want to know who is coming into the country. keep tabs who is coming. in they don't have a heart for the people in the southern countries below us that don't have as much as we do. they know the country is amazing. make sure we know who is coming. in we have a major drug problem in our country. kids are dying all the time because they are overdosing on this. fentanyl takes like three little drops and you are dead. steve: three grains the size of a grain of salt can kill a person. ainsley: amazing. brian: the world didn't come to an end when bill clinton did it 17 times or george bush 14 times. it's got to work its way through the court and the fact it's an emergency it will go there fast. ainsley: they expect it to go through court but they expect to win on appeal. steve: generally the courts uphold the president of the united states has broad authority to protect the country. you will hear from the president himself. he will be live in the rose garden we believe exactly four hours from now. you have will see it on fox. meanwhile had andy mccabe
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essentially not had his way, the president would not be in the white house today becausheis revealing in this new book and "60 minutes" interview that apparently some top doj officials and fbi officials were trying to recruit -- talked about recruiting cabinet members and the vice president to oust the president of the united states via the 25th amendment. listen to this. >> i was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency and won the election for the presidency. and who might have done so with the aid of the government of russia, our must formidable adversary on the world stage and that was something that troubled me greatly. i was very concerned that i was able to put the russia case on absolutely solid ground in an indelible fashion that were i removed quickly or reassigned or
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fired, that the case could not be closed. steve: really? brian: meanwhile andy mccabe has a little problem. he brought focus on what he did and didn't do as deputy director and. they recommended a criminal referral for andy mccabe. you cannot say he is telling the truth and at the same time back james comey. they contradict each other at person times during important time lines no. doubt about it he was taking head counts in order to overthrow the president. the vice president said said no one came up to me would i take over the job should andy mccabe and the fbi do a palace coup. that's what alan dershowitz was saying and fearing. >> any justice department official who even mentioned the 25th amendment in the context of president trump has committed a grievous offense against the constitution. the framers of the 25th amendment had in mind something very specific. and trying to use the 25th
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amendment to circumvent the impeachment provisions or to circumvent an election is a despicable act of unconstitutional power grabbing. i tha challenge any of my colleagues get trump at any cost camp come on television and justify the use of the 25th amendment other than for physical or psychiatric incapacity. ainsley: basically just said that if the president resigned or if the president passed away while he was in office the vice president would take his spot. knowing what we know about this vice president, i surely doubt he would ever go against and not be loyal to the current administration. steve: here's the thing. the 25th amendment is very clear about how you would get rid of the president. it does involve the vice president, it involved the cabinet it does not involve the department of justice and the fbi. and that's what they were trying to do. brian: the deputy attorney general, we know going to wear a wire or were you kidding? who kids sarcastically says
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i'm going to go in and meet with the president and wear a wire around try to overthrow the government. i was kidding about that. i have news for you andy mccabe or that source in the "new york times" says you weren't kidding. we have got get rosenstein i believe under oath in public to tell us who is lying? you, andy mccabe? or james comey. steve: congress has been trying to get him up on the hill for the last six months he says i will have informal meetings. i don't want to be under oath. now lindsey graham wants to subpoena him unless he shows up and testifies. ainsley: he says he was not joke. there were multiple occasions where he discussed wearing a wire. brian: how does he still have that job? how does he go to work every day trying to overthrow the president? steve: appears mr. mccabe on this clip for "60 minutes," people will be watching and trying to figure out what the heck else happened behind the scenes. brian: 10 minutes after the hour, jillian mele won't tell us what goes on behind the scenes at your show.
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you will tell us what's going on in the news. jillian: amazon pulling the plug on plans to build a new york city headquarters. democrat governor andrew cuomo now slamming his own party over this move. he claims it will cost $30 billion in revenue and 25,000 jobs adding, quote: the small group of politicians put their own narrow political interests above their community. democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez praising new yorkers for defeating, quote: amazon's corporate greed. not the last you will hear of that william barr is officially confirmed as the u.s. attorney general. barr sworn in by chief justice john roberts at the oval office with his wife and senator lindsey graham by his side. his three daughters and grandchildren also at the ceremony hours after the senate confirmed him in a 54-45 vote. barr previously served as ag under president george h.w. bush. today a federal judge will hear arguments about adding a citizenship questions on the 2020 census.
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the trump administration says asking are you a citizen is crucial to calculating the population. lawsuits from california and several cities argue that question could discourage immigrants and latinos from participating in the census. the administration will appeal to the supreme court if the question gets denied. hundreds of people attend a funeral for a world war ii veteran with no surviving family. look at this. the community in massachusetts honoring 97-year-old james mchugh. >> once i found out that this gentleman was part of the landing at normandy, i had to be here. the sang sacrifices that generation made and the causes they fought for deserve our respect. jillian: served in five major battles in world war ii. isn't that incredible? brian: that's great. steve: the whole town showed up. thank you very much. coming up on this friday, a legal fight will probably loom over the president's
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emergency declaration at 10:00 a.m. this morning. so is the law on his side? law expert jonathan turley joins brian next. brian: plus, kanye making all of us men look bad when he hires kenny gee for the ultimate valentine's day surprise. oh my goodness. ♪ ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv. patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
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♪ brian: president trump forced to declare a national emergency to build his wall and get other border security. the move is expected to draw challenges. how would this compare to challenges by former presidents is the law on his side or not? let's ask law professor jonathan turley. jonathan, they will use your case against president obama for what? >> well, that's right. they are using the case where i represented the house of representatives against obamacare. and we won. this is not the same case. what president obama did was order the treasury, certainly to opened up into insurance companies that's a different type of funding. going to use money by congress doesn't have tight conditions on them.
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that's congress' decision to make. they can appropriate money and not put many conditions on. it's going to be a different fight. so there is two issues here for the court. the authority, the authority to declare the emergency and the source of the funds. on the source of authority, they will lose in a spectacular fashion because they gave this authority to the president. brian: in 1976. >> that's right. he and other presidents have virtually unfettered authority to declare an emergency. on the funds, this is not our case from the obamacare fight. they have a much more difficult time in challenging all of these funds. remember, the president can start construction with the money congress just gave him. and even if they knocked out one or two of these sources he still has plenty to go pretty far down that road. brian: bring me to the legal road. who files the suit. i found it curious the speaker wouldn't say if he files a national emergency i would look to stop it didn't commit to that if you want to stop the president, how
3:19 am
do you file it? >> well, can i tell you i hope the house of representatives is not foolish enough to file as an entire house the way they did when i represented them because they could lose that important victory that we secured not that long ago. they don't have to do that. they can go down to the texas border. find some rancher that will be subject to seizure of their land. those people have standing. they can sue it will go probably to the d.c. district court. it could happen in some other jurisdictions. and the court will have to decide if it's going to enjoin this construction. i don't think it will because they have a green light to start construction. now, the court might enjoin some sources of funding. but, that's not going to change much. that building is going to start along that line. if the court. brian: with the 1 pin 3 it will start building. county president begin with the 8 that he found in
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different departments while this makes its way through the court? >> he can until the court enjoins him. but the important thing is when -- if congress goes in front of the court and says we want you to stop this, the court is going to say whoa, whoa, whoa. you first of all gave this authority to the president without many conditions. you gave this money without many limitations. more importantly when you passed this act. you gave yourself the right to rescind it. to reject it. so you are coming to me to do something that you could do but you don't have the votes. and that's not normally what we do here in the judiciary branch. brian: fascinating. so the president is going to sign this bill and declare a state of emergency all before noon. exciting day. 58 times national state of emergency has been declared by the president since 197631 of those emergencies are still on the books. jonathan turley, fascinating time. thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> as the president gets ready to declare a national emergency to build a wall.
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3:25 am
ainsley, thank you. democrats are gearing up for 2020 pushing further to the left with some socialist policies. but according to a brand new fox news poll out this week, the majority of americans prefer capitalism instead. take a look at the big wall. nearly 60% of voters. 57% to be exact say they have a positive view of capitalism. more than twice the number who feel the same about socialism. so what do younger generations not understand about capitalism or why do they like socialism we have a conversation in the studio. an attorney who fled communist albania and jason nicoles lecturer of african-american studies at the university of maryland. good morning to both of you guys. >> good morning. >> good morning, steve. steve: jason, let's start with you. what is it about socialism that you think has captured the imagination of a lot of young people? >> well, first of all, i think we have to start out and understand that socialism and capitalism can coexist. this idea that there has to
3:26 am
be this clear dichotomy between the two is kind of a false dichotomy. i believe that socialism, you know, people seem to hate socialism like had you in your poll until you tell them that you are going to get rid of their medicare or their social security which were socialist programs. i think, you know, the idea that we can't have an expansion of the welfare state and also have some elements of private ownership i think is a false dichotomy. steve: all right. peter, your family fled al bane i can't. your father tortured to death by a socialist regime. i have a feeling you don't feel the same way. >> actually, i don't. i'm surprised the numbers we got americans approving capitalism. i think it could be worse if you take into account what the media is doing to socialism, promoting every day. and beating up capitalism. what the social media doing with capitalism, i'm surprised we got that number. if people knew how evil socialism is, the approval
3:27 am
of capitalism. steve: what do you mean east evil, peter? >> it is complete evil. it replaces god with government. it is against prosperity it is against liberty. it is conformity and if you don't conform with socialism, brutal force is going to be used against anyone who disagrees with it. i have seen that movie and i don't like the ending of it. my family suffered and endured under socialism and the story that i'm sharing with you can be shared by millions of americans, legal immigrants who came to the united states. steve: the university of maryland where you are a lecturer, are you one of the people who tries to show your class the benefits of socialism and say hey, this is something we should be working for? >> well, what i do tell them is about the roots of capitalism and how they can be exploitive. the roots of capitalism in this parts of the world and western hemisphere are slave trade and slavery. i feel terrible for the people who have gone through dictatorships and misuse of
3:28 am
socialism and as i said, i don't think that we should have either capitalism or socialism in a vacuum. i think we need social democracy which is an expansion of the welfare state. when you look at capitalism it's very exploitative. steve: the way you said it earlier there are social programs right now in the united states down on their luck or retired and need social security and things like that. that is an example of socialism in our democracy, right? that's what you are saying? >> yes. yes, that is what i'm saying. i think we can also expand it further in terms of more protections for american workers. i believe in medicare for all. i believe every human being needs healthcare and that's a human right. i think we can expand it even further. steve: jason, thank you very much. peter, i will give you the final word. >> socialism is all with commands and control. when you look at capitalism. capitalism has lifted more
3:29 am
people out of poverty than any other system in the world. if you give capitalism the free markets and allow the free markets to determine the people's future. allow people to be free, allowing individuality to prosper. prosperity and liberty, they go hand in hand. socialism kills that there is no prosperity or freedom or liberty under socialism. steve: we are going to leave it there right now. we report, you decide. peter and jason, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks, peter. >> thank you for having us. steve: what do you think about that? email us at 6:30 in new york city. a man attacked by a mountain lion while hiking speaking out for the very first time. listen to. this there was a point i was concerned i wasn't going to make it out. i knew pretty good blows to the back of the head it didn't release i was going to have to do something a little more drastic. steve: he did. the incredible survival story of that man coming up next. forget building walls. beto o'rourke wants to tear down the walls that are there right now.
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rakuten oh! is this my money? whoaaah! haha! rakuten ♪ ahhh! rakuten! >> so, let me be very clear. we really have no choice but to build a powerful wall or steel barrier. if woe don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shutdown on february 15th again, or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency. steve: well, he wasn't kidding. that's what he is going to do today at 10:00.
3:34 am
is he going to go into the same rose garden and he is going to sign the bill and declare a national emergency. ned ryun, republican strategist. he was a speech writer for george w. bush and founder and ceo of american majority. do you like the way the president is doing this? i think he is com compelled to do something. this bill far more odious than people want to acknowledge. the wall funds are restricted to the rio grande sector, 55 miles. local government has the control that guess who controls that sector democrats? i'm telling people, if it's any of those miles are actually built, it will be years from now, i think they are just going sob doing resist and restrict and try to prevent that from being built. i think is he compelled to go this route. i'm not crazy about the national emergency route. i have been arguing for the department of defense's section 284 authorization. you don't have to declare national emergency. steve: reprogram that money.
3:35 am
>> they are allowed to build walls fencing in places known to be drug smuggling corridors how do you define loose definitions one or two. declare it a corridor. brian: i was with you if he didn't go through the legislative process but he did everything possible including shutting down the government for 34 days and sent in eight people that negotiate in a bipartisan buy cameral way and looked at this thing has an hour to look at 1,000 pages. so seeing some of these restrictions starting pulling back. he wasn't even going to sign it yesterday at one point. what else do you you want him to do? >> i think trump has been able to say i have been reasonable. i was an honest broker. i reopened government so we could have a negotiation and you guys sent this back to me. this is not a serious proposal. i have to take the steps that i have been given as the executive to declare that national emergency or again repurpose some of those funds to build this wall. ainsley: let's talk about texas. the president wants to build the wall on the southern
3:36 am
border and you have a republican congressman dan crenshaw who is asking the question. any a chance to sit down with beto o'rourke i would ask him this question. if you could snap your fingers and make el paso border wall disappear would you? chris hayes asked him a similar question. listen to this. it's hard to make a rational case for emergency declaration or troops on the border or any amount of additional border walls or border fencing or steel slats. the border has never been as safe and secure as it is now. if you could, would you take the wall down now here? >> yes. >> like you have a wall? >> absolutely. ainsley: he will absolutely support tearing down the wall. >> i have to tell you what i find refreshing these days how honest the democrats with r. being about very radical views. i have been arguing the democratic party has been masquerading as a central left party for years when they true in fact are a socialist party. they want open borders. i find this refreshing. this is what they want.
3:37 am
they want an open border approach for him to say that our borders have never been more secure. you guys just showed that graphic 400,000 people a year coming through our southern border. this is not the right approach a sovereign nation takes. we have to actually have borders. brian: goes to show you how this is pure politics. he says the walls right now are forcing illegals towards the most dangerous places to cross. wait a second. so you are saying the wall is forcing people to go a different direction so that direction. >> they don't you want the wall they want people to keep pouring in because they think they are building out their political base: donald trump has to make more immigration reform. ainsley: open the borders, come on, in we will pay for everything for you. free healthcare and free free college. >> non-citizens coming in end up on a form of social welfare if you have been in the country more than 10 years it goes to 70%.
3:38 am
they are creating wards of the state who want more government assistance. steve: you know as well there are a lot of businesses that count on the cheap labor and that's the problem. >> this is unholy alliance we have gotten to this point between democratic and republicans. brian: work visas, use their labor get their money and do it the right way. steve: go ku. ainsley: thank you. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us right now. jillian: good morning to you, good friday. get you caught up on this story the green beret expected of murdering a suspected terrorist wants his charges dropped. major matthew golsteyn claims the lead investigator in the case is practicing stolen valor. >> that he was wearing awards that he did not rate. he was doing that for personal gain. >> golsteyn's lawyer says an anonymous tip led them to investigated army sergeant mark della cruise. they say he did not earn several awards including a
3:39 am
purple heart. claiming he fought off a mountain lion with his bare hands. >> able to kind of shift my weight and get a foot on its neck a another couple minutes later it finally stopped moving and jaws opened. there was a point where i was concerned that i wasn't going to make it out of there. jillian: travis says he suffocated the animal after it attacked him at a colorado park. he had to run three miles to get help. yeah. good luck trying to keep up with this kardashian. kanye west pulling out all the stops to surprise his wife kim for valentine's day. ♪ in case you are wondering that's famous jazz musician kenny g. kardashian calls the private performance one of the most thoughtful gifts she has ever received. brian: i would think.
3:40 am
so hard to find a runner up to that. jillian: who does that. steve: as it turns out according to tmz he was not paid. and do you know when kanye came up with this idea? jillian: like five minutes before? steve: 11:00 on the night before he called kenny g up and said what do you think about this. ainsley: they moved all the furniture? is that an engagement or valentine's day? everything he does. jillian: way over the top. brian: i called at 12:00. i didn't know he called at 11:00. i was out of luck. janice dean you are outside. you took off yesterday? janice: i went to the cvs. just kidding. good for kanye bringing back the music of kenny g the 90's. incredible. a lot of folks didn't know kenny g until now again, wonderful stuff. i'm wondering how he got out of there. it looked like a bit of a maize through flowers. take a look at the maps. feels like springtime in new york city. 45 right now. 41 in buffalo. you can see where the cold air is. we have this frontal
3:41 am
boundary and along thattible frontal boundary winter weather is still in effect across the central u.s. across portions of the great lakes and i'm worried about icing for the central u.s. across the ohio valley where we could see some significant ice not only today but through saturday. so paducah i'm worried about you across the tennessee river valley ice and dangerous driving conditions. future radar shows that active west energy coming across the central u.s. see the potential for more heavy snow and next week focusing on the flood threat over the southeast. all right. i'm sorry i didn't bring mymymy obo. brian: soprano sax. see you inside. steve: still ahead. ainsley: congresswoman ilhan omar receiving back lark from even those of her own faith a muslim scholar weighs in next.
3:42 am
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a cfp professional is trained, knowledgeable, and committed to financial planning in your best interest. find your certified financial planner™ professional at ainsley: congresswoman ilhan omar sparking backlash for anti-israel remarks. omar tweeting quote it's all about the benjamins, baby suggesting lawmakers are bribed to support israel. our next guest is one of the many calling her out writing in a new op-ed that omar's actions are bringing shame to american muslims. here to explain is dr. quan that ahmed member of the council of foreign relations and author of in the land of invisible women. thank you for being with us. why do you say that in your op-ed? >> she is proving to be an enormous liability to
3:46 am
america's muslims in her remarks she has branded every muslim in the america as anti-semite. this is absolutely unacceptable and unislamic. she has shown a degree of inslans, arrogance anti-semitic expreparations and beliefs for years going back to tweets in 2012. the jewish committee in minnesota approached her to try and see where these ideas were coming from and help her understand. it's a disgrace and to single out aipac by the way i'm not paid by aipac. i have no relationship with them. she failed to mention that muslim nations, saudi arabia, qatar spend februaries of millions of dollars more on lobbying than aipac does. there is an incredible bias that is disturbing and to me speaks of islamist anti-semitism. ainsley: should she be penalized? some are calling for her to step down. >> eject her from the house of foreign affairs
3:47 am
committee. they have no justification for keeping her there anything she is proposing is now going to be interpreted through the lens of anti-semitism. we also are very concerned, i am, that she is affiliated with the boycott divestment sanction movement which is legitimizing and normalizing anti-semitism. it's a movement that calls for the eradication for the state of israel which is unacceptable. it's disguised as a human rights movement but it's actually anti-semitism and that's the new anti-semitism. it's infecting islam. there is an op-ed in the "the washington post" about it by a colleague anti-semitism is carried thought through islam whether muslims like it or not. that is an think they particular call to islamic believes. she elm bodies that and american muslims must reject it. ainsley: my intention is never to jewish americans as a whole. at the same time i reaffirm the problematic role of lobbyists in our politics,
3:48 am
whether it be the aipac or the nra or the fos sill fuel industry is that satisfactory to you. >> that rings hollow. there is no reason for anti-semitic speech. it's not only hate speech it's genocidal speech. only vilification or prejudice of a people that leads directly to genocide. it's unacceptable. secondly, about lobbying welcome to liberal democracy. this is america. we get to lobby our government in any number of interests with any means that the citizens want. so she doesn't accept that she doesn't want to participate in the vibrant democracy that america is. ainsley: if this is really -- if she has this much hate in her heart for the jewish people, where does that come from? what is her background? why would she believe that? >> so, certainly it, does not come from islam, which teaches us to treasure and revere the tore remarks moses, just as it does jesus and the bible. it's not coming from islam.
3:49 am
this is day novo this is a 20th century construction that has adopted the northern arab world and rife amongst muslims who don't have critical thinking and who see maybe the success of israel or maybe the intelligence of the jewish community with resentment and with animus. and i don't accept that it's a means to advocate for the palestinian people either. the palestinian people need advocates. they have advocates just as the jewish people do, too. and many more besieged muslim populations in the world than the palestinians, the and others facing literal genocides at the moment. so, it is absolute hypocrisy. the other thing that i think prevents americans from understanding this and particularly the democratic party, there are enormous fears that saying these
3:50 am
things is somehow islamophobic. to all the viewers and listening, criticizing the endorsement of anti-semitic, anti-israel, anti-zionist speech by a muslim is not islamophobia. that is a false construct that just prefers islamism and denies us to look at the truth. ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. have you heard about flipping houses there is a new flipping trend. listen to this. rating clearance i'lls and reselling the items for full price it worked so well next guest just quit their jobs. they will tell us their secrets, next.
3:51 am
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a new shopping trend popularity see clearance aisles and resell those items they bought cheap on amazon for a profit. so smart it's called retail and featured in next guest youtube individual crow showing buying items at target and flipping them for nearly $200 profit on amazon. brian: how about sample shampoos. quit their finance jobs and here to share their secrets to flipping profits is justin and kristin herbert. hey, guys, who gave you -- what spurred this idea? >> to be honest with you we started working at it about four years ago. and just things evolved into what they are today naturally and organically. we just got, you know, we found out that there was an item at trader joe's that we could actually buy for $2
3:55 am
and resell on amazon for about $8. steve: perfect. >> a light bulb went off on our heads and we were like there has to be more. steve: absolutely. i remember, kristin, back 20 years ago when ebay first came out people would try to sell things one at a time. you look for a bunch of things that you might be able to make a couple of dollars on each one. where do you find the stuff? >> yeah. that's correct. justin and i have two young children and so we needed something that, you know, easy to access because, you know, we can't, you know, with two young children, it's hard to get anything done. so, if we can find bulk items easier for our lifestyle. ainsley: how do you find the deals? do you all look through the newspaper or go shop to shop or store to store? steve: the sale rack. >> literally go store to
3:56 am
store. more oftentimes there are some tools out there that you can use online. but, usually those are heavily trafficked by other people that are doing stuff like what we do. we tend to look for stuff that's out of the norm. maybe different stores that usually aren't seen as potential profitable places for other amazon sellers. we try to just think outside the box and go in there and hit the clearance aisles and look at anything that might be there. and that's how it is. steve: okay. brian: capitalism. steve: folks like more information follow you guys on instagram you are at flipping profits justin and kristin herbert, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks y'all. >> thank you. brian: there is the ingenuity. steve: what a good idea. ainsley: colin kaepernick has been out of the nfl for three years now. his supporters say he wants to play. he was just given a chance. why did he say no? brian: a big show ahead.
3:57 am
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ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this one's for you. ♪ brian: one of the best things about our show i hear songs i have never heard before. ainsley: called i'm alive. do what i do download it right here in the middle of the a block. brian: ever see ainsley look down during a talking point. ainsley: downloading the song we have just heard. steve: maybe somebody a dollar right now. ainsley: that's right. steve: thank you for joining us on this friday. hope you had a great valentine's day. we married off a couple yesterday. fantastic. thanks for all the nice. we have a big story people are going to be talking
4:01 am
about for a while. three hours from now president trump out in the rose garden will declare a national emergency over border security then is going to sign make spending bill. brian: congress passing a measure overnight in the hopes of stopping another government shutdown. it was successful. it doesn't end there. ainsley: kevin corke joins us live from the house where the president will address the nation. kevin? >> good morning, folks, you are right. this will be a very interesting opportunity for the president not just to talk about his mindset behind calling and declaring a national emergency. it's also very important to talk about how he intends to get money to fund national security, borders, and, of -- br security and building a wall on our southern border. we talked a great deal how the president would move money from different pots to try to achieve his ultimate goal. that is coming up with $25 billion to fund borders. as we take a look inside the numbers. you get a sense from what is he really going to try to do. he is going to claim
4:02 am
$8 billion for the border wall. 1.375 billion for the border security compromise which we talked about yet. that is part of the bill. there is also $3.5 billion that he intends to claim out of the dod's military construction budget to again create that border barrier. another $2.5 billion of the dod's drug interdiction program and for good measure, $600 million out of the treasury's drug forfeiture fund. again, trying to collect as much as he can from different pots in the government to, again, secure the border. now, the white house as you can imagine has been talking about this idea ha that we have to do something if congressional lawmakers won't. sarah sanders had a statement yesterday. i want to read part of it. she said. this president trump will sign the government funding bill. and as he has stated before, he will also take other executive action including a national emergency. there it is. to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border. you may have heard nancy
4:03 am
pelosi say plainly yesterday, you do this now, be careful. a democrat president might decide to do something similar in the future. that's not stopping the president because he says this is a real crisis. and has to be tackled right now. of course, that's coming up at 10:00 a.m. we have live coverage. for now, back to you. steve: thanks for explaining the numbers, kevin. the president is going to make it really easy. i think his base understands. this he is going to probably say look, i have been trying for -- i have been working for two years with congress to try to do something. and i haven't been able to get as much as i have wanted to. i listened to the lawyers. i personally feel i can get this $8 billion out of money that is already been appropriated from congress for various reasons for drugs and military. and use it right there. you sent me to washington to do something about the southern border. this is it. well will the democrats take him to court? only if jerry nadler who is going to immediately file a resolution of disapproval only if that fails in the
4:04 am
house and then the senate. it will probably pass the house. but then it could actually pass in the senate because there are some republicans who do not like the fact that the president is going to declare a national emergency. ainsley: as soon as the president said national emergency, almost instantly he was met with fierce criticism by the democrats. listen. declaring a national emergency where there is no national emergency is not good for the president to do. >> declaring a national emergency would be a lawless act. >> i think all of us will come to regret this. this is not the right way for the president to try and end run congress. >> if it were an emergency every time a president the united states couldn't get what they wanted from congress we would be in a constant state of emergency. >> we fought the revolutionary war not to have king george or a successor. this is the actions of a king. and no matter which route he takes it, will be challenged in the courts. brian: it's called 1976 rule that's been used multiple
4:05 am
times in order for a president to use -- take action state of emergency. always challenge in this court. immediately declaring all of the daca kids declared adults could stay here. the problem is 1.375 billion for border fencing and border barrier, ballard fencing. so many limitations to it. confer locally if we want top build a wall neither butterfly park. near the historical park wild refuge. not only is he not getting enough money he is getting money so restricted they would have wall challenges through the 55 miles. ainsley: look at that brian. as we look at the presidents there. you see how many times that bill clinton used a state of emergency. 17 times george w. bush 13 times. but what the president has done here is he basically said. this nancy pelosi for 35 days she would not negotiate with me. i stopped your plane because you wouldn't negotiate with me. you still didn't negotiate with me. guy back because you told me to to negotiate fairly.
4:06 am
i saw what you gave me. i read it i'm outraged by it. i almost ripped it up. called mitch mcconnell and said i'm not voting for it. tell everybody. mcconnell talks him off the ledge and said you just make sure everybody knows that i'm putting the state of emergency out there. mitch mcconnell goes okay. i will back that, mr. president. so you would think he would. steve: if you were the president and looked at the bill the congress handed him. it's a stink bomb it does not have nearly the amount of money that he wanted and so restrictive. that's why he is going to do the state of emergency. apparently he was leaning against the bill. his attorneys saying let's just program money. state of emergency way too complicated an hour ago brian talked to jonathan turley. what does he say about the state of the emergency? that the president is going to declare in three hours? he said this. if congress goes in front of the court and says we want you to stop. this the court is going to say woe, woe, woe, you gave
4:07 am
this to the authority to the president without any conditions and money without limitations. more importantly, when you passed this act, you gave yourself the right to rescind it, to reject it. so you are coming to me to do something that you could do but you don't have the votes. brian: jonathan says that the house should not bring up this lawsuit. it should be people on the border or somebody else to bring it forward and say this directly affects me. and then the court fight begins. meanwhile the president can continue to build while they fight it out unless there is an injunction. ainsley: did warn the white house. almost certainly it will be blocked by the courts at least temporarily the president hopes to win on appeal. >> other thing to remember it's not just the border. the democrats freak out everything this president does. but he is the president and he feels that he is out to protect the country and that's why in three hours is he going to say i'm declaring a state of emergency and i'm going to take those $8 billion to start building a wall.
4:08 am
ainsley: we are in new york city. steve: i hope so. ainsley: if you go east there is the east river. long island city. pepsi sign there. it's really growing one subway stop. a lot of kids live there less expensive. amazon wanted to put headquarters and bring 25,000 jobs. steve: 25,000 jobs for a new headquarters that would pay on average $150,000 per year. now, keep in mind, here in new york. ainsley: that's the average salary? steve: anticorporate activist got what they wanted though because yesterday amazon said look we are getting too much heat from local politicians, stated politicians who have been critical about their tax breaks and the secrecy of negotiations we are going to pull out and devote more energies into our facilities in nashville, which is close to federal express and down in washington, d.c. which is next to "the washington
4:09 am
post" which mr. bezos owns. brian: you might have heard this big contest to get a hub in your city. 200 cities competed for it because of that new york city sweetened the pot. tax breaks once this is built. you will love it here and made sure something amazon wanted to go first round draft pick or fastest growing company in the country you want to do whatever it takes to get here. alexandria ocasio-cortez is among the high profile politicians who staked their reputation on stopping amazon in herr mind use that $3 billion in other things. $3 billion in tax breaks doesn't mean you hold $3 billion. she won. she actually believes that new york benefits by not bringing the fastest most effective, the biggest company in the country to new york city. listen to her. >> i think it's incredible. i mean, it shows that every day americans still have the power to organize and fight
4:10 am
for their communities and they can have more say in this country than the richest man in the world. we were subsidizing those jobs. so, for the city was paying for those jobs. so, frankly, if we were willing to give amazon -- if we are willing to give away $3 billion for this deal, we could invest those $3 billion in our district ourselves if we wanted. to say we could hire out more teachers, we can fix our subways. we can put a lot of people to work for that money if we wanted to. steve: expression have you got to spend money to make money. ainsley: going to make 25 to $30 billion over the next 20 years. so what's $3 billion in tax breaks? brian: do you know what that company would have done? also with the tax. ainsley: every state is fighting for amazon. brian: marc thiessen was apoplectic saw that win by democratic governor and democratic mayor as they brought this business to new york city. here is how he breaks it down.
4:11 am
>> ocasio-cortez is a wrecking ball inside the democratic party. as a conservative i'm sitting here with popcorn and watching it happen. i mean, this is -- this was a deal negotiated by the democratic governor of new york, the democratic mayor of new york, sponsored by democratic legislators and she comes in, the newly elected democratic socialist and wrecks the deal and creates such a hostile environment to the point that amazon said we don't want to work in this environment. we're gone. and they took 25,000 jobs with them. and just to show you how economically illiterate she is, she said the city was paying for those jobs. there's no $3 billion. literally she doesn't understand that there is not $3 billion. and the lesson for america is if you like this, you will love the green new deal. ainsley: amazon said fine i'm out of here then. i'm not going to work in a state where we don't have full support. the governor is furious. the democratic party is split in new york. the governor wanted that that would be a big win for him. steve: amazon would contribute to the infrastructure.
4:12 am
they were going to build schools and 25,000 people in this region were going to get $150,000 a year jobs. now, those jobs are heading elsewhere. brian: newark, new jersey says please bring it here we need it. i understand. amazon is a first round draft picks you pay a lot for first round draft picks. first free agents. you to make this good for amazon. steve: what do you think about it? email us 7:12 in new york city. andrew mccabe says the russia probe cannot be stopped. >> removed quickly reassigned or fired that the case could not be closed. steve: media observer joe concha says this should outrage everybody. wondering where the outrage is. joe's next.
4:13 am
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♪ take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. >> i was very concerned i was able to put the russia case on solid ground in indelible fashion that were i removed quickly or reassigned or fired that the case could not be closed. steve: former fbi director andy mccabe sending shock waves through washington ordering the obstruction
4:17 am
prone against the president and doj officials had discussions about pushing the president out of office. here with reaction to these revelations is joe concha, media reporter for the hill and radio talk show host on wor radio. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve. steve: we are a little surprised there is not more outrage across the board when you look at what the number two guy at the fbi admitted. we were sitting around trying to figure out how to get rid of the president of the united states. had that happened during, let's say the time of barack obama, i think that would have been a big story. >> it would be the story, steve. and i go through the "new york times," i go through "the washington post" today. i look at other major news outlets, the mccabe allegation, and, remember, i don't like being in the if true crowd. because he was fired for three ethics violations at the fbi. he doesn't exactly have the highest credibility. steve: right. >> if true, i would think this would be probably a
4:18 am
co-story top story obviously with the president possibly declaring a national emergency and the budget shutdown that shares 1 and 1 a. instead at "the washington post" they don't even really touch on this in their top 14 stories. instead the story says what it was like for andrew mccabe to work with trump and sessions a negative story obviously. the point is the fact that there was even a discussion, a plot that may have been tried to be hatched around wiring a deputy attorney general invoke ago 25th amendment to oust a sitting president because you want to say he is mentally incapable. this something that aaron sorkin in the west wing would say no that's unbelievable. steve: why isn't it a bigger story elsewhere? >> why isn't it a bigger story else where? i think there is a couple reasons for that, obviously. mostly because the fact that perhaps it's based in conjecture. i would hope that's the case or perhaps a case that people don't see this as a
4:19 am
big deal that they want to push the fact that of course the president was mentally incapacitated why is that because rod rosenstein wrote a memo recommending that james comey should be fired that democrats and republicans alike said he should be fired. that's the reason you want to go down a road to oust a sitting president? i would hope that when mccabe is interviewed, steve, is he pressed on this time and again. why did you think you could possibly even get away with something like this? steve: right. okay. >> and a very negative tone the interviewer should have. i have a feeling that's not going to happen. steve: for the last two years. people on television have been talking about well, russia collusion there was russia collusion. now we have heard from richard burr, the senator from the great state of north carolina that senate intel has seen no evidence of that this turned out to be a story that msnbc reported and, yet, mrc, media research center said that the network newscast spent zero minutes covering this particular story, which is crazy because they also
4:20 am
say there were 2202 minutes on the russia scandal. zero for the collusion report. this is a big story you would think, right? >> particularly on the nbc side, steve. i will be quick on this. if a story is reported on msnbc by its news division and then the nbc nightly news, which is watched by anywhere from 8 to 10 million people a night, and you don't cover a story that your own network broke earlier that afternoon, that is the bias of omission. and as the most insidious kind of bias that's out there, steve. the kind when you don't even hear about a story that absolutely should be your lead. steve: it is curious what's going on. joe, thank you very much for joining us live. >> all right. have a good weekend. steve: 7:20 now in new york city. a major twist in the case of a green beret charged with killing a taliban bombmaker. his lawyer is now accusing the investigator of stolen valor. could the charges now be dropped against that green beret's case? plus, sources tell fox news
4:21 am
joe biden is almost certain to run for president but did he already miss his best chance? two democrats with the discussion coming up next. ♪ yeah, ♪ hold it's absolute confidence
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4:25 am
follow there. and a valentine's day scare at a georgia middle school. more than 20 students taken to the hospital after eating candy and snacks on valentine's day. investigators now trying to figure out exactly what made the kids experience shortness of breath and other reactions. police are also trying to figure out if there was intent to harm the kids. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it to you, brian. brian: thanks, jillian. former vice president joe biden is almost certain to rub for president in 2020. sources tell fox news the timing of the announcement is still up in the air. already reaching out to potential staffers and donors. as the 2020 democratic contenders keep growing, look at knows numbers already and the party moves to the left, has biden missed his shot or is he so unique it could go right to victory. let's talk to two people that might know, certainly have opinions. author of unsensorred my life and uncomfortable conversations at the interactions of black and white america. zachery r. wood is here live. run for america co-founder david burstein is here.
4:26 am
so, has joe, david, missed his chance because so many are off to the left where he tends to be center left? >> well, look, i think in joe biden wants to run for the presidency he better get in soon. is he missing it i don't know if he has missed it already. if he has not he is about to do it. this field is shaping up to be a very far left field. if he waits any longer, he is learnly not going to have any chance. i don't know if he is going to be out of step, almost a jeb bush problem with the rest of the liberal field. brian: you are nodding zac. you also agree with david, it's gone far left. >> it's gone far left, i agree he has to decide soon. i do think, however, if he decides to run, he charismatic and has the experience. the question for me does he have a message that can appeal to young voters. brian: he might not say it's affordable to have free college. he might not say i want to kill private insurance. he might not say i think private free preschool is necessary? >> sea serious politician been around washington for a long times. he has seen these things
4:27 am
can't promise pie in the sky things and hope they will all work out. brian: you sound like something i would say. i want you to seat polls right now. if you look recognizability has so much to do with it a year and a half out of the box. but you have according to the morning consult poll biden is on top by 7 sanders not on yet. kamala harris boy is she in. elizabeth warren has never stopped being in. beto o'rourke went to the border and rolled up his sleeve so i think he might be. in he is also thinking about the senate. cory booker came in last week. klobuchar will have a town hall bloomberg thinking about it and sherrod brown i think is getting in. what do you read from that poll. >> who is going to bring experience to the table? who is going to have a message that will appeal to young voters. who is dynamic and not just charismatic and who understands the need to unite us around the values we have in common. we are deeply divided right now. brian: you miss the magic one. who can beat trump.
4:28 am
trump loved the left wing candidates. >> if the democrats want to win they should go someone not as left wing that's where the base is going. biden you don't want to be a frontrunner at this stage this is a wide open field. brian: will this help or hurt him? i read in the noims today one of my problems if i were to run for president i like republicans whether h bless me , for i have as i understand. [laughter] where i come from i don't know how you get anything done if we don't start talking to each other again. brian bine that sounds like an analyst and candidate sober people would like because they want to be effective. but will it work in a primary? >> i think it can. i think joe biden understands that right now we need to recognize that we
4:29 am
are in a hyper partisan time. focus on what we have in common. brian: i don't think president obama is for it he met with beto o'rourke. he has not said anything publicly. this is a guy he worked for for 8 years. what is going on there? >> look, once people get the idea they want to run for president it never leaves. clearly the case for joe biden. people have told him he has missed his time and he wants it do it this time. he may be just a touch too late. time something everything in politics. brian: he has already lost twice and that could scare a lot of people away. all right, guys. it's going to be an interesting time. all right? we will see. it's the party of aoc these days anyway. coming up straight ahead. colin kaepernick supporters say he just wants to play football. he just wants a chance. why did he just say no and president trump just hours away from declaring a national emergency but should he really sign that bill first? pete hegseth promises to walk on to our set just as i read his name
4:30 am
♪ whoa, whoa ♪ everybody's just getting by ♪
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and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> i'm going to bring to you lincoln memorial but a place you have not seen before. >> this is the most visited monument. the iconic place to be in washington and across the world. >> you promised me a visit. can we go? >> let's go. >> all right. we're really going in. >> we are really going in and we are going to go down the stairs below the lincoln mother-in-law. lynn lincoln memorial. it's so grand the public should see it too. we will go in the grand chamber. i will show you some fascinating art that's really a time capsule back. brian: wow. >> to 1914 to 1922. brian: that is one of the episodes on the brand new season of what made america great. ryan zinke interior
4:34 am
secretary brought me below the lincoln memorial. ainsley: who is sketched on the wall. >> workers from 1910 idea of graffitiy of their days sketching their boss pretty cool. that might be open to the public in a year or two. we go to saint august gust augustine. everything thinks it's jamestown. tavern is where george washington said guy goodbye to his officers after we won the war. month cello we go with what thomas jefferson called home and go to the slave path where he had slaves. steve: we think we know these icons go, to and learn more about fox nation if you are not part of the subscription service. if you are not, you can start a free 7-day trial. we all have it. we all love it. brian: yeah. i hope you guys like it. pete, i know you love it? >> i love it when are we
4:35 am
going to get what made brian kilmeade great? brian: too big. the app. is not big enough. ainsley: we already know the answer to that steve doocy. [laughter] steve: two and a half hours from right now the president of the united states is going to be in the rose garden. he is going to sign that big bill which is not a very big bill for him because it didn't give him as much money as he wanted and is he going to declare a national emergency. the hair is on fire of not only a lot of democrats but republicans as well saying this is a dangerous precedent. if you have the hand the president has got, what else does he have to lose? pete: i heard you earlier in the program call the budget a stink bomb. that's a stink bomb. conservatives agree this is a terrible, terrible budget. yes, there is more money for ice and for the border patrol. but tons of restrictions on where and how the wall can be built. there is de facto amnesty in there in certain places. huge mandates, ignores request for more officers. bad budget. terrible budget.
4:36 am
resistance budget doing everything they can to undermine the president's budget. nancy pelosi's fingerprints are all over that thing. conservatives would hate what he is about to announce at 10:00 if not for the national emergency which says i have got the prerogative. i'm going to keep it inside constitutional limits. i'm going to stay focused on the wall and security of our border. i will find this money a lot of which is confiscated from drugs and from military construction and use it to build the wall. this is a great move by the president to do both of them. ainsley: let me show you what the democrats are saying. ridiculous, closer to a dictatorship. abuse of power. temper tantrum. do you think is he undermining the appropriations process. >> no. i think congress has undermined the appropriations process. ainsley: in what way not giving him what he wanted. pete: he tried and tried and tried. he tried with republicans its in order the will of the people. tried with democrats. >> tried the shutdown. tried making compromises. all the while only gotten more difficult. if you believe as he does and as many people do that we have a national emergency at our border that politicians are fundamentally unserious
4:37 am
about, declare it and fund it the money is there the support will be there as well. brian: i will say a few things, i didn't think it would be a great move to do the state of emergency in the beginning, after the 35-day holdout. after the negotiation with 17 bipartisan bicameral after he sees what's in front of him and only gets hours to read it knowing that the government is about to shut down in a matter of hours. he was going to throw this in the street. this is i tried. now i'm going to use these powers. and the president sincerely believes it is an emergency. this is no -- you don't have to expand your mind or take big leaps and bounds. he believes this is an emergency. pete: you are totally right. it's not a knee-jerk reaction. you are where a lot of people were. i wasn't for a national emergency a while ago either. but once you see the obstruction and the resistance, he tried. this makes sense. and the precedent argument, listen, liberals and democrat if they had power would do the same thing and there is also plenty of precedent. steve: plus there is an emergency on our southern border humanitarian or drugs. the president is going to make that case. meanwhile, you were with us
4:38 am
a couple days ago reminding us of the story of major mat golsteyn accused of killing a bad guy the wrong way. >> big new development in this case. turns out the investigator in charge of his case, has now been found guilty of stolen valor. pretended to have a purple heashted. combat action badge. pretended to graduate from multiple military schools. this is the sergeant first class who has been in charge. he also faked being part of a special forces unit and said he was stripped of it. steve: if you can't trust him about that. pete: yes, that's what his lawyers are saying. they are waiving the article 32 hearing. they want it to go straight to trial or have the charges dismissed. ainsley: how did they find out about this. pete: his command found out. frauds get found out. if you are walking around with purple heart combat badge in combat but never was. imagine the irony. matt kills dal ban bombmaker. he is charged by a guy who didn't have the courage to do it. brian: do what he did. pete: faked it in the process. we will probably get some
4:39 am
updates on the weekend on this case and certainly a lot of big decisions in the army. ainsley: is this alleged? pete: this is confirmed. the army is charging this sergeant first class with fraud. brian: i know that sean gallagher, brother of eddy gallagher is going to be joining you because that storwhohas been jailed. >> on the weekend we have eddy gallagher's brother tom homan, lara trump. michael knowles, dan bongino, jason chaffetz and rick reichmuth will be leifer at daytona 500. brian: as tradition would have it. pete: is that tradition? brian: he goes every year. ainsley: lara trump wants the president to adopt a dog. you will have to ask her about that. pete: i will make the argument of a cat. steve: i heard the president say in one of his press events the other day he doesn't have time for a dog. pete: i would agree. brian: he has executive
4:40 am
time. pete: barron would walk him. steve: we will be walking you this weekend, pete. pete: appreciate it. steve: time for news. jillian joins us with news out of dallas. jillian: an officer shot and ambush attack suing facebook, twitter and google for radicalizing the gunman. dallas officer is accusing the social media network of allowing the hamas terrorist group to spread extremist propaganda which he says led to that attack. officer rotona is one of nine injured officers 2016 ambush. five officers died. the networks have not responded to the lawsuit. senator bernie sanders showing support ilhan omar. the independent faces backlash over controversial tweets including one that suggest you had israel supporters in congress are being paid. sanders who is jewish says, quote: we need to stand by our muslim brothers and sisters. omar has since apologized u
4:41 am
former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick reportedly given a chance to play football again but his price tag was too high. according to an a.p. reporter he wants at least $20 million to play in the new league the alliance of american football. all aaf players are being paid $250,000 over three years. kaepernick hasn't played in the nfl since 2016 when he started kneeling during the national anthem. he has not commented on that report. the fresh prince of bell air star copyright for the carlton dance is denied. ♪ it's not unusual to be loved by you ♪ [laughter] jillian: you got to love that, right? i mean, that dance is everything. the u.s. copyright office dismissing the actor's lawsuit against two video game makers for using the signature dance. the ruling says his moves in carlton represent a simple dance routine instead of actual corography which copy editing rights. is he also suing epic games
4:42 am
for using the games in fort knight simple not for many people i don't know if many could do that. ainsley: you could do this. it's just this and this. steve: you make it sound so simple. ainsley: let's all do it together. i am the worst dancer and we can all do that ♪ steve: yeah, let's not. thank you. ainsley: 42 minutes after the top of the hour. it is friday. having a little fun here. thanks so much jillian as more states ease restrictions on late-term abortions. next guest says the president's biggest battle might not be for the wall but might be for the battle for life. freedom coalition is coming up next. steve: plus, coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends," geraldo rivera joins us every friday. today no exception. and mark steyn got a busy let's see 1 hour and 18 minutes. please be part of it. ♪ ♪
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4:46 am
ainsley: president trump has made the importance of protecting life a key issue. >> we must build a culture that cherishes the dignity and sanctity of innocent human life. >> i am asking congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children. [cheers and applause] >> who can feel pain in a mother's womb. >> millions of innocent, beautiful babies are counting on us to protect them. and we will. ainsley: our next guest says from standing up for the unborn to his choices in judges, president trump is the most pro-life president of his lifetime. the chairman of the faith and freedom coalition ralph reed joins us now. hey, ralph, thank you so much for being with us. >> hey, ainsley, good to be with you. good morning. ainsley: why do you think that? why do you say that? >> well, you know, i think if you look at what
4:47 am
president trump has said and done both as a candidate and as president, he walked into the oval office shortly after taking the oath of office and he restored the mexico city policy that was begun by ronald reagan, that prohibits the use of tax dollars to take innocent human life overseas through family planning programs, u.n. programs he has restored conscious rights for christians and others of faith who under obamacare were forced to violate their conscious and their faith by providing medical services like abortion that they objected to. he has appointed pro-life and strict constructionist judges, including neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. and the other thing is, ainsley, and this is the thing that i really appreciate, is how the president is beginning to use what teddy roosevelt called the bully pulpit of his office. this is the most consequential office in
4:48 am
human history through the words that he speaks and through the power of what he says in determining right and wrong as a matter of moral clarity, he can move the needle in the culture and he can affect what legislatures and congress do. i appreciate that. ainsley: ralph, a lot of people voted for him because of the wall there are a lot of evangelicals who voted for him because of his pro-life stance and because of his ability to appoint conservative judges. you say that the right to life is just equally as important as the wall. why do you say that? >> well, because i think if you look at the evangelical constituency, it was 27% of the electorate in 2016 and 2018. if you add in pro-life catholics, it gets up to 35% of the electorate. donald trump won 81% of their votes. they were half of all the votes he received. donald trump isn't in the white house today without the strength of that vote. and if that vote had not turned out the way it did in 2018, not only would the republicans have lost the house, they would have lost
4:49 am
the senate and it wouldn't have even been close. so, these are voters that, to be clear, are not ultimately partisan in their affiliation. they are driven by a set of issues. they are driven by a set of moral concerns. and at the top of that list is creating a cultura culture of life that protects the dignity and sanctity of every human life from conception to natural death including the unborn. and by the democrats pursuing this extremist late-term abortion and even infanticide agenda, which gallup, ainsley, found last year only 13% of the american people. ainsley: that's right. >> favor abortions in the third trimester i think they are helping president trump. ainsley: most pro-choicers don't agree with that. >> they don't. ainsley: thank you have a great weekend. >> you too, ainsley. ainsley: forget building walls, beto o'rourke wants to pay to tear them down. diamond and silk are here to react to that next. the left claims victory
4:50 am
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>> it's hard to make a rational case for an emergency declaration or troops on the border or any amount of additional border walls or border fencing or steel slats. the border has never been as safe and secure as it is now. >> if you could, would you take the wall down now here? >> yes. >> like you have a wall? >> absolutely. steve: yeah, he would take the wall down. there you have a former texas congressman and potential 2020 candidate
4:54 am
beto o'rourke saying absolutely. support go ahead destroying existing walls on our southern border near where is he from. ainsley: that's right. here to react are fox nation hosts diamond and silk. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: what are your thoughts about that? he lives in texas. former congressman from texas. most people there, i would think, would want to t. to make sure that illegals we know who is coming through their border. >> absolutely. well, beto needs to stop acting like his brain is made of play-doh and use common sense when it comes to border security. and he talks about tearing down walls, yet he lives in a house supported by walls. >> that's right. >> you have to understand what's going on here is pandering. pandering for votes. trying to score brownie points. he is not obama. so he might as well stop trying to act like obama. if he do run, we are not going to vote for him. >> huh-uh. >> he will never be able to win against president trump. >> he should go and sit
4:55 am
down. >> how is beto okay can tearing down walls. american tax dollars are are being used to build up walls in other countries? how is that okay? steve: i'm sure we are going to hear the president talk a little bit about the wall at 10:00 this morning. is he going to sign that big bill that has some border money in it for him. then he is going to declare a national emergency on our southern border. diamond and silk is it a national emergency what's going on right now? >> it t. is a national emergency. >> yes. >> when you see drugs pouring in. when you see illegal aliens crossing our borders in droves. that is a crisis. not only that when you see our congress tie the hands of our border patrol agents, not funding everything that they need to secure our border. >> that's right. >> they make it even more of a crisis. so, yes, there is a crisis. the president should declare a national emergency. >> that's right. >> it wouldn't bother me if he would stop immigration all together and get their act together and solve this problem instead of putting a band-aid on the problem and calling it a fix.
4:56 am
brian: marco rubio says is he against the president doing. this what's your message to the senator from florida? >> well, i don't care what marco rubio say or whatever his name is, i don't care what he thinks. here's what we think as the american people. >> that's right. >> when you use our tax dollars, use our tax dollars for what we want. we want a wall. we want our borders secure because americans have to be protected. >> that's right. >> that's what we want. if marco rubio don't like that, maybe he should step down for congress, too. >> it's really time for illegal aliens stopping breaking the windows of america and use the front door. >> that's right. you have to build one. ainsley: all right, ladies, you can see them on fox nation. steve: diamond and silk joining us live from world headquarters. thank you very much. have a great weekend. all right. brian: let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. andrew mccabe sending shock waves through washington after confirming the doj talked about forcing president trump out of office. geraldo rivera is fired up about that and that's what he looks like from the chest up. ♪
4:57 am
. . . .
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5:00 am
♪ brian: i forgot to ask janice how the weather was because i hadn't been outside. says 49 degrees on the bank thermometer. steve: the bank? the place across the street. brian: it is not a bank? steve: the place across the street is it del frisco's. they have their own thermometer. brian: maybe it is not a thermometer. tells the time. ainsley: there is the temperature, 49. steve: i believe that is the mcgrawe hill building. it is chilly. brian: it is a bank. thank you, ted. ainsley: there is a bank in this building. brian: i know there is an atm. steve: so it's warm.
5:01 am
brian: 49 degrees in february. that's good news. steve: sure is. i'm sure there is scientific reason for it. fox news alert. president trump is expected to go to the rose garden to declaire a national emergency over border security. then he is going to sign the big spending bill. brian: congress passing that measure overnight hoping to stop another government shut down. the i assume signs it. ainsley: kevin corke from the white house grounds where the president addresses the nation in two hours. reporter: in fact yesterday we heard from the white house press secretary sarah sanders. she spelled out the what and the why the president which try to secure the border. he will tell us today in rose garden how he intends to do it. turn to the statement sarah
5:02 am
sanders gave us yesterday. she said president trump will sign the government funding bill. as he stated before he will take other executive action to include a national emergency to stop the humanitarian crisis at the border. she adds this, the president is once again delivering a promise to build the wall, protect the border, and secure our great country. we'll take you inside the numbers. claiming $8 billion in all. 1.375 billion expected to come from the bill he will sign between now and tuesday. $1.3 billion out of military construction budget. there is a provision in the law says he can do that. $2.25 billion out the dod drug interdiction program. north of $600 million. how about this, 601 million out of the treasury drug forfeitter fund. that sounds great.
5:03 am
of course you're a democrat. tell you what chuck schumer had to say about that. he and nancy pelosi issuing a statement. he is basically saying this is lawless, mr. president. what he is not telling, other presidents had several national emergencies. let me tell you a little bit about what chuck and nancy had to say about it. they said this in a joint statement, declaring a national emergency would be a lawless act, a gross abuse of power of the presidency, a desperate attempt to distract that the president trump broke the core promise to have mexico pay for the wall. yet another demonstration of president trump's naked con tempt for the rule of law. this is not an emergency. the president's fear-mongering doesn't make it one. 10 a.m., the rose garden. looking forward to bring you live coverage. not just then, but throughout the morning. throughout the day. i will be here for you. steve: president will be on the other side of the building he is
5:04 am
stand in front of. from sarasota, florida, i geralo rivera joins us. >> hi. steve: i tried to get more money from congress, they won't get it from me. folks, this is the only way i can do it. does he have a case? >> he has a case certainly. the supreme court will be there will be sympathetic as the supreme court was on the travel ban. he will be savaged by avalanche of lawsuits and excory it ad by democrats and others. he will prevail. i wish it hadn't come to this. i don't think we need a declaration of national emergency. i think "el chapo" should pay for the wall. mexico won't pay, let "el chapo" pay from the ill-gotten gains. seriously speaking with the money from army corps of engineers and other maces the president could have found enough to get going to have real
5:05 am
activity along the southern border. 84 miles was already being built when i was down in mcallen. 55 more miles coming with the additional money. in time he would have gotten what every he needed. now to precipitate this crisis. he knows what is ahead. he knows how difficult it will play to the base and how difficult it will be in court. brian: he is brawler. he will do it traditional way. guess who else is a brawler? nancy pelosi did not come to the table for 35 days. put together the committee with all restrictions on 1.375. she is trying to get what she wants. hey, nancy, going on a trip. i will take my plane back. president says, here is your plan. i come with my own plan. you want to fight me in court. go ahead. she has her hands full with this president. >> clearly he does. he will not take no for an
5:06 am
answer. the only thing, brian, i would have suggested he could have stayed out of court. he will get 10 lawsuits filed against him in the ninth circuit alone. steve: you said he will win. >> a deputy u.s. attorney will be defending lawsuits. i think he wins 5-4 in supreme court eventually as he did on the travel ban. it will be a rocky road. i'm not sure it was necessary right now. god bless him. i hope it happens more smoothly then i envision but one way or the other there will be additional walls built. i would declare victory. they got off their moral high ground. the wall is not a moral issue more. they gave me some money. now it's a negotiation. we'll get more over time. he will be okay. it won't be the end of the world. steve: eight days after the president fired james comey who democrats and republicans both wanted fired, the deputy
5:07 am
director of the fbi, andrew mccabe, apparently he reveals on 60 minutes at the highest levels of the department of justice and the fbi they were trying to get rid of the president by the 25th amendment because they were positive he could have been a spy for russia. listen to this, a preview of "60 minutes." >> i was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency and won the election for the presidency and who might have done so with the aid of the government of russia, our most formidable adversary on the world stage. and that was something that troubled me greatly. i was very concerned that i was able to put the russia case on absolutely solid ground in an indelible fashion that were i removed quickly, reassigned or fired, that the case could not be closed. brian: make it fired. that is how he end up.
5:08 am
geraldo, does this outrage you? >> it absolutely does, brian. this guy is and a adjudicated liar, with delusions of grandeur. put this in the context of peter strzok, lisa page, the last line of defense, it is clear in the fevered imagination of the fbi, top management, in the wake of the james comey hearing, they were staging a low level coup. they were contemplating the worst about the president of the united states, that the man in the oval office was an agent of the kremlin. that he was a potential traitor. i tell you, it sickens me. this is a far bigger story to me than the wall machinations. this is the top of the fbi looking at the president of the united states, trying to get him, you know, figure a way devious way to show he is incapacitated under the 25th amendment, to replace the
5:09 am
president? it is really sickening, deeply troubling that these buckaroos to attempt to take the power they had to -- ainsley: figuring out how on the president's cabinet, including the vice president, who would be for them, or against him. exactly. >> this is like a book. ainsley, like a book, seven days in may. this is guys sitting around the watercooler plotting to get rid of, to void the election of the 45th president. and you know, mccabe, a liar. comey, who knows what the hell he was into. this mind-set, i go back to the fevered imagination. he is a manchurian candidate, this and that. this goes back on it. looks so ridiculous. steve: think about the mind-set, if all that stuff, what the fbi did with the fisa warrants just
5:10 am
to spy on the president of the united states, then candidate for presidency, donald trump, fast forward he has won. probably thinking oh, man, he might actually find out what we did. we got to do everything we can to get rid of this guy? >> you know, steve, the worst thing is, when you have this kind of exaggerated self-importance, a lot of things are possible. you can do things that in retrospect as we are now looking back expose facto, seem indefensible, they seem cartoonish, this is a low energy coup. it's a coup attempt, but so low energy, who will wear the wire, rosenstein. brian: he has to get fired. >> get him to admit this. this really shows an utter disrespect for the office and a malignant ego in some of these people that i think is extremely troubling. brian: you can't like rod
5:11 am
rosenstein, you can't agree with mccabe, you can't agree with comey, they all three contradict each other at the key points in the saga. they're not even on the same page. i don't know how rod rosenstein who goes to work today. this is another person saying he was serious to wear a wire. he said he was sarcastic or kidding around. steve: just joking. brian: why they don't even change the locks. i don't get it. >> some things you don't joke about, which even if it was joke which i for a second do not believe. there is a feeling of self-importance. where you swell yourself up. only i stand between donald trump and vladmir putin taking over the world and making the united states of russia in america. it is preposterous. steve: joining us from florida, enjoy the weather down there, geraldo. see you next week. >> see ya. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good morning, we'll get caught up what happened moments
5:12 am
ago. vice president mike pence lighting a candle at the memorial site of the auschwitz nazi concentration camp. he was making a the solemn have is it with the second lady and the polish president duda. they placed a wreath. vice president has a conference in germany later today. california republicans calling for redo vote on one of the state's high-speed rail projects. governor newsom's plan for smaller line in the central valley is waste of money. some say newsome is putting forward a bait and switch when derailed plans for a larger train line from san francisco to l.a. all this woman wanted was some tulips for valentine's day. but her husband got her a bucket of turnips instead. the kentucky man miss understood her request. they sound similar. when he figured out the mistake,
5:13 am
he got her tulips and balloons. steve: typo. jillian: i thought that was funny. ainsley: was she texting to him. jillian: she said tulips. he heard turnips. so he got her a buck kit of turnips. brian: a man doing whatever he can to make his wife happy. so happens he misinterpreted it. steve: it happens. brian: if you misspelled something, destroyed your relationship, write us. we want to hear her story. ainsley: he got her turnips. steve: email regarding the disasterous valentines. brian: they have extra. ainsley: they will eat turnips for a year. one school wants to take students on field trip to christian camp ground. some parents say it crosses the line. a big debate growing this morning. steve: alexandria ocasio-cortez declares victory after amazon pulls the plug on pulling it second headquarters in new york.
5:14 am
one republican says it is no time to be celebrating. she joins us with a message for the left coming up. ♪ their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family.
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♪ ainsley: amazon dropping its
5:18 am
plan to build one of their headquarters in new york city and taking a potential 25,000 jobs with it. but some on the left now taking a victory lap after putting pressure on the company to get out. here with a message for the left is republican new york state assembly woman nicole malotkis. >> good morning,. ainsley: what is your reaction? the front cover of every local newspaper. most people can't believe this. amazon was choosing between us and northern virginia. you assembly people of new york made it so difficult because how pain phil it is for us. >> these people have no idea how the economy works. bringing 25,000 jobs to new york city, good-paying jobs, 150,000-dollar salary on average. the people fighting for 15-dollar minimum wage, they actually killed the deal. they killed the deal, they feel it wasn't good enough. yes, we could have gotten a better deal. our governor and our mayor
5:19 am
negotiated a bad deal on behalf of taxpayers but we should look to improve it. virginia got same 25,000 jobs but giving a fraction of the incentives. ainsley: the governor is upset. he could have said hold on, get the people underneath them, calm them down and get the company to sign up? >> we should definitely went back to the negotiating table gotten a better deal. in virginia, they're getting investment in transportation, education as well as affordable housing. so there was, definitely a better deal to be made. you had leftists led by alexandria ocasio-cortez. ainsley: gosh yeah. >> radical members of the new york city council are anti-capitalist. they didn't want anything. they didn't want amazon to be here. ainsley: that is what she said, alexandria ocasio-cortez. watch. >> it is incredible. it shows that everyday americans still have the power to organize and fight for their communities and they can have more say in
5:20 am
this country than the richest man in the world. ainsley: what is your reaction to that? >> here is somebody who has absolutely no idea how the economy works. if she wants to have guaranteed jobs for all, part of her platform, she is chasing out the very job creators from her district? it is really insanity. this is socialism for you. they don't want any type of capitalism. when they say guaranteed jobs for all, they mean we all work for the government and become, slaves for the government eventually. when you get rid of all the capitalism. that is where my mother's from, communist cuba. that is exactly what happens. there are no private sector jobs. everyone works for the government for low wages. ainsley: thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: as the nation reflects on the anniversary of the park land school shooting. one person says there is way to change our society, fatherhood. the story about the assault
5:21 am
against jesse smollet we're november in chicago.
5:22 am
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♪ ainsley: time now for your news by the numbers. first, five, how many states will increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the illinois statehouse boasting to boost the pay rate by 2025. the governor pritzker is expected to sign the bill into law. $400,000, how much the rapper drake shelled out for custom diamond iphone case. it features an owl design. finally $100,150, mint condition, super mario brothers video game from 1985 just sold for at auction. it is believed to be a record for a single game. i think we have one of those
5:25 am
somewhere in the basement. $100,000. brian: i have only a crawl space. yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the school shooting in parkland florida that left 17 people dead. steve: one guest says we need to learn from the mistakes and learn from the chaos of social media, fatherhood. brian: author of the boy crisis, warren farrell. you think one of the things to take from this, there is many, the lack of fathers in this country? >> yeah. what i began to see doing research for the boy crisis, i saw the boy crisis was in 63 of the most developed nations. in those developed nations boys had go things in common. they were often products of divorce or products of being raised in single mom families without dads involved. i found the boy crisis resides where the fathers don't reside. i started looking further, this
5:26 am
resulted in suicides. it resulted in our prisoners who are more than 90% dad deprived boys. it also resulted in mass shootings. almost all the mass shooters were dad deprived boys, synagogue shooter, jacksonville shooter, stephen paddock in las vegas and of course the parkland shooter. i looked at issue of dad deprivation was the single most common issue that created the boy crisis. steve: in these families where there is not a dad you say it impacts the boys in the family but there are girls in a lot of these families too. aren't they as impacted as the boys? >> they are impacted in more than 70 different areas as the boys are but nearly the same degree. the girls have at least a role model of a female. the boys don't have a role model
5:27 am
of a dad. boys used to purpose of being warrior or breadwinner. when you have a combination that doesn't allow a boy to discover his unique self or discover who, you know, how to have a sense of purpose in the world. and we really, but we really have a perfect answer here. if dad deprivation is the problem, the solution is dad involvement. the solution is creating father warriors to replace the old, you know, the old soldier warriors. brian: where you had big brothers and big sisters, now you're looking for, if you have a single parent family looking for a mass movement in terms of volunteers? >> well, for single parent families it is really important for schools to have male teachers, so boys don't go from mom only families to female-only schools. schools have to be focused more on vocational education, recess, opportunities for kids to play.
5:28 am
they have to, they need to know that projects and getting things, for kids to do is very important. and we have to put the boy crisis on the national agenda. president trump in one minute can sign an executive order saying, to create a white house counsel on boys and men, put the boy crisis on the national agenda so that professional associations and groups begin to say, what can we do to solve the 10 major causes of the boy crisis, but particularly the cause of dad involvement. because the dad involvement is the single biggest cause of the boy crisis. steve: there you go. he wrote a book called "the boy crisis" out in paperback soon. dr. warren farrell, thank you for telling us about the boy crisis. >> it has been a pleasure. brian: straight ahead. we told but the sheriff warning his community, lock your doors, load your guns, get a barking dog, barking biting dog. that sheriff is here live to explain why. steve: plus democrats revealing
5:29 am
their 2020 debate plans. they will need two stages because there are that many candidates. mark steyn they should all stand on the far left side as he approaches us. brian: longest walk ever, right? ♪ aaaaaahhhhhhhh! ballooned your car. call meeeee! (burke) a fly-by ballooning. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ [horn playing]
5:33 am
ainsley: your shot of the morning. good luck trying to keep up with this kardashian. kanye west pulled out all the stops. steve: famous jazz musician concern any g, serenading the reality star in her living room. throughout the floor, single roses. brian: oh, my goodness. kardashian called the private performance, most thoughtful gift she ever received. you think so? paul mccartney wasn't available? why even bother. steve: raised the bar for all the rest of us. mark steyn. author. >> he didn't raise the bar. lowered the bar. have a cues tick performance -- acoustic performance. i never forgive my loved one, have got kenny g in there. ainsley: honey, where is the furniture? now i will have to clean all
5:34 am
that up. >> all i want for valentines is actually steve doing the carlton dance. steve doing the carlton dance. steve: that might come through. >> are you continuing kenny g. steve: there must be an artist you do like if they appeared to serenade your wife, i just broke the internet. brian: move cher out of it. say cher was not available. >> i thought that was -- why not get like an entire orchestra in there? ainsley: right. should have done that. >> one for every rose, yeah, exactly. steve: rough room. just saying. >> like kamala harris. she doesn't need to do it, she lights up suddenly tupac is in the room with her. six years before he made his first cd. that is the magical world. brian: president at 10:00 will sign the border bill,
5:35 am
$348 million, and gets only 1.4 for the wall with a lot of restrictions, but also declaring the national state of emergency, getting finding $8 billion. would you sign the first one and are you for the second one? >> i wouldn't sign the first one. we were talking about how the republicans in the house almost completely split. there are 25 more voted against the bill, something like that. so the party and the base have a different opinion. you have to bet that the base is basically, trump's base is basically with those people who voted against -- brian: in the house, freedom caucus. >> yeah. there is a lot of real problematic things in this. the idea of letting municipalities essentially have a veto on physical construction of the -- steve: he feels, we'll hear him in 90 minutes say, look my back is up against the wall. i tried to work with them. this is the best i can do, folks. the base you're talking about, that's right, we're for this.
5:36 am
>> just to be clear, i was for trump about three weeks after he came down that escalator in 2015. and precisely because of this, immigration issue. i thought he was talking truth about it in a way that people like jeb bush and the sentimentalizers weren't. brian: they thought they were losing hispanic vote. >> right. this is absolute -- i was there the first night when he did one of his gigs, what are we going to build? everyone yelled back, a wall. who is going to pay for it? mexico. the wall is about is not just a physical barrier, it is also about the recovery of the american people's sovereignty and to see the democrats go full open borders in this bill, if you're a potential sponsor of unaccompanied minor. so, if you steve, decide to stop doing the carlton dance, in 2047, you might like to sponsor unaccompanied minor from
5:37 am
honduras, nobody, we can't arrest you, no matter how often you do the carlton dance. this is insane legislation. ainsley: what are you expecting at debates this summer? the dnc announced 20 candidates at least will be on the debate stage this summer? so many candidates. brian: they have got some rules now. >> they have got some rules. it will be a combination of fund-raising and popular support, popular support 1%. brian: you need 1% of certain threshold for money raise. >> last time around a lot of candidates on the republican side, jim gilmore had .00003%, former virginia governor. nobody in the history of polling had calculated to that degree of decimal support. there will be candidates like this time around. the energy is all on the left and they want to romance. of those 20 candidates, you said they will be on the far left of the stage. they will be like a amy close --
5:38 am
klobuchar all alone on the right. steve: that gives people a clear choice. brian: will they break it up is the big key? do it by ranking, that was the big complaint. the one percent terse -- steve: may have to randomize it. we'll have 150. we can only put this many people -- >> in theory you could have debates, big front-runners, the people you heard of are not actually there. i think what they do, you remember last time around when they had carly fiorina on the kid's table. steve: right. >> it doesn't look good for us to not to have a woman in the grownup debate, they start fiddling all the rules. they will fiddle all the rules again. >> her ratings went up after that. >> i know. there will be a lot of that. steve: mark, sit there, we have quick headlines. jillian has them right behind me. jillian: good morning. hello, i'm behind you. start off with this, a woman
5:39 am
uses faith to forgive here serial killer father. terry ralston, the btk killer's daughter, in new investigation discovery documentary. she said her trusting god helped her release anger she felt towards her dad and his gruesome crimes. he is serving life in prison for 10 murders. a runner claims he fought off a mountain lion with his bare hands. travis kaufman says it was like a wrestling match. >> i was able to shift my weight and get a foot on its neck. a couple minutes later it finally stopped moving. jaws opened. there was a point where i was concerned i wasn't going to make it out. jillian: he claims he suffocated animal after it attacked him in a colorado park. he had to run three miles to get help. a school district is getting slammed for planning elementary school trip to a christian based
5:40 am
site. they say the biblical signs crosses the lines between church and state. but the private camp ground claims it is against policies to push religious views on students. the school district defends the trip, saying it is appropriate and educational. stop what you're doing and watch this. this man loves chik-fil-a so much he made a music video bit. check it out. ♪ chik-fil-a, chik-fil-a, can i get some chik-fil-a today ♪ jillian: seriously can't get enough. a georgia rapper says god led him to chik-fil-a when he read a book by the company's founder. slim pays for stranger's meals at restaurant. he buys chicken sandwiches for the homeless. nothing is as fantastic as that jacket. that is fantastic. brian: cow jacket. ainsley: his name is slim.
5:41 am
chik-fil-a. >> good song. brian: what i love about this? they try to lip sync. he is not trying. play my music and i will dance around. >> he has chik-fil-a in his mouth. >> my brother goes every single morning and recently he was telling me, he told me, when i go through the drive-through, know my name, know my order. you're the third top customer. only people ahead of you are corporate people who cater everyone. >> time to sing the song. chik-fil-a. ainsley: i'm going to get him too, while get him too and have slim on our set. steve: thanks for being with us. janice dean is on the street and has a whole bunch of folks with her. janice: you're from florida, thank you for coming. anniversary, how many years. >> 30 years. janice: what is secret? >> communication. janice: 48, holy moly. >> mr. and mrs. happy's
5:42 am
handbook. get a copy. janice: fantastic, what are your names, where are you from? >> i'm from france. yes. janice: say gray and cloud city in french? >> so-so. janice: did great. buell in new york city. feels like a little bit of spring. coiled front across the midwest. unfortunately we see wintry weather ohio river valley, upper midwest and great lakes. west coast, more rain and mountain snow for them. i'm a little concerned with ices across the central u.s. and tennessee river valley next couple days. say high to steve, ainsley. brian. hello, everybody! brian: would be in florida keys and come up here in february. that's great. happy to see them. steve: we are indeed. brian: all french people come to the show if you're in new york city. steve: you have 18 minutes. new twist overnight of the
5:43 am
alleged assault against "empire" actor jesse smollett. what police are saying. there are a couple different stories out. >> a sheriff warning his community, lock your doors, load your guns. he will join us live to explain why. ♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
steve: this is a fox news alert out of chicago. police are disputing reports that they have concluded that the alleged attack on "empire" actor jesse smollett was made up. ainsley: the abc news station in chicago claims multiple sources told them that police are looking into whether smollett staged an attack last month, fox affiliate reporter is outside
5:47 am
chicago police department with more. joni, he could be in trouble, right? reporter: they're still sorting ail that out. what we do know these two men are in custody here at this police station here in chicago. they were questioned all day yesterday and the plan is to question them again. these are the two men who were seen in a security camera image that police made public while they were seeking information for this case. police have repeated these are persons of interest. they are not charged with a crime. they are not considered suspects. there has been a lot of information coming out about the jesse smollett case here, the "empire" actor. police issued a statement saying reports implying the incident was a hoax are unconfirmed and sources used for that claim are uninformed and inaccurate. the two men seen in the security camera image walking near that crime scene in downtown chicago have been identified by police. their attorney says that the two were picked up at o'hare
5:48 am
airport. a source telling fox 32 that police learned that they were on a plane to nigeria, that u.s. customs officials had that plane turned around and diverted back to chicago where police were waiting for them. about reports that jesse smollett's role in "empire" was related to all this, fox television and entertainment issued an statement saying that the idea that jesse smollett has been or would be written off "empire" is patently ridiculous. he remain as core player on this very successful series. we continue to stand behind him. smollett went on record saying he believes that those two men seen in that image are the men who attacked him. police questioning them here. and they expect to talk to jesse smollett. they have been in communication with him. they expect to talk to him when he returns to chicago. he is scheduled to do that to begin working on the show "empire." now back to you. steve: there are a lot of questions people need the answer
5:49 am
to. joanie l. um outside the police station in chicago. thank you. one sheriff is forced to suspend law enforcement over budget cuts. he has a warning for his community. he will join us live coming up next. brian: at top of the hour, if i read the schedule right, sandra smith is supposed to host the show with bill hemmer 9:00 to noon. >> nine to noon. thank you very much. we have big day in "america's newsroom" starting in just a few moments. president trump will address the american people live from the rose garden 10 a.m. eastern time. he is expected to sign the massive spending bill, and declare a national emergency. reaction is pouring in from capitol hill this morning. chris wallace, jason chaffetz, ari fleischer, headliner andy mccarthy will join us, our a-team is on deck. a big few hours coming up, live from studio j, bill and me, top of the hour.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
♪ brian: all right. lock your doors, load your guns, get a barking biting dog. sheriff ace office can't protect you who will? >> that is advice a kentucky county sheriff is giving to his community after a lack of funding forced him to suspend law enforcement services. steve: joining us to explain martin county sheriff in kentucky, sheriff john kirk. sheriff, good morning to you. why is your county, why are you broke? >> according to my current fiscal courts, basically the former fiscal courts left us in some pretty serious debt. they had committed to giving me $75,000 in january and the current fiscal quarter was able to give me nothing. therefore i had to start out the new year with no money. we're just now starting to see
5:54 am
enough of the fees collected to where we can, possibly make our payroll. brian: where did the money to? >> you know, i don't know. poor mismanagement. i know that our tax base has been down because of the coseverance money and those sort of things over the years. for instance, from last year to this year our tax collections are down a little over $343,000. same time period. steve: terrible. ainsley: sheriff, what are the folks that live in your area saying? if they call 911 no one is going to come? >> well you know, we're still trying to go, but i'm on transport, only one working today. i'm only one working on day shift. i moved my only deputy, that i have two paid deputies. one of them is in the academy. i therefore i get nothing out of him. i move back tonight shift this week. i could see the time was starting to escalate just in a week. we've already made 11 arrests on night shift this week, between the deputy and my seven.
5:55 am
brian: does it frustrate you, law enforcement is deemed such a low priority, hence your job? >> it does. we pay taxes for a purpose. the purpose of paying taxes, one of them is police protection. you know, police protection should be at the top of the list in my opinion. >> indeed. ainsley: who is responsible for this? who could change everything to give you the money you need? >> fiscal courts, count secondtive and five masters. they say they're broke. they're in debt. what they know as of now about $1.4 million, outstanding bills have not been paid. steve: got to be frustrating for people that pay the taxes because services are not there. are you looking for volunteers? are you just telling people there, be careful, watch your own back? >> well you know, we have volunteers, most of them volunteers -- only allowed to have so many volunteers with arrest powers. and most of my volunteers have
5:56 am
full-type jobs. so therefore they can't be here. they are basically covering the weekends for me, when they can. there are vacancies on the weekends. brian: what is the response since you put out the post, basically you're on your own? >> i have had a lot of response. a lot of people wanting to volunteer. people as far as away california. one came here. we pay taxes for law enforcement. there should be money there. we just have to prioritize where our money is going. brian: absolutely. steve: what a mess. sheriff john kirk of martin county, kentucky. good luck to you. >> appreciate it. brian: he is own the clock. more "fox & friends" in just a few moments. ♪
5:57 am
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hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough. >> before you head over to fox
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nation you have a chance to watch five new episodes. all true stories. download the app. >> rush to the radio. >> have a great weekend. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning, everybody. 16 minutes away from the rose garden. president trump makes the next move on border security. important morning today. good morning on friday. bill hemmer live in new york and you are. >> sandra: it's friday. that's good news. i'm sandra smith. the white house says the president will sign this massive spending bill to keep the government running but he is also expected to declare a national emergency to build a border wall. reaction is pouring in from capitol hill. >> i'm going to support the national emergency declaration. >> first of all it's not an emergency. what's happening at the border. humanitarian challenge to us. >> a case where the president has made the case to the national -- to the country.


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