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tv   Scandalous Chappaquiddick  FOX News  February 17, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> do you think there is a cover up cracks. >> good evening that was is a useless folly from world war
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i. >> one of the host from fox
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>> and to get preferential treatment. >>. >> there was a danger. >> it's unfortunate and ended up the way that it did. >> on fox nation right now you can only see it if you start your free seven day trial and it sounds like you need to sign up. >> they get a phone call from the suspect and the suspect
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admits he had abducted their daughter and apologizes. >> god was ready to send her to the angels. >> and robert blake killed his wife. that's all. shot her twice in the vehicle. and then claim somebody else shot her. >> this is the scary part you have a person in the community that is supposed to be the most honest and helpful, kind, spiritual person in your community and he is hiding pedophile tendencies. i have to strangle somebody. i have to complete this act and there is no turning around.
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>> that's a sneak peek of season two of the firm and diary some of the biggest scandals and mysteries of our time hosted by mark furman. i hope i have not lost you so far. fox nation has all of your fox news personalities jesse waters, greg gutfeld and tyrus, and many more go to your streaming device type in fox and look at the originals in a matter of minutes. coming up is this. >> where are we right now cracks usually what comes to mind is one of the neat things about these walls is a testament to that european colonization before jamestown was founded. >> that's what make america great coming up next
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and they are trying to get out of it. >> that was season number one of what made america great one of the many historical stories we have featured on fox nation. welcome back to fox nation in depth. if you are not already signed up we have a few days that you
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can learn to go behind the secret room in mount rushmore and a seaplane in the middle of the ocean. we are here with the cohost brian kilmeade do you ever sleep like. >> that is secondary. >> i get annoyed when i wake up in the middle of the night and here you are making history. >> and you moved to new york with the sirens get used to that. >> i did live in l.a. i'm okay with the sirens but there is a lot more garbage trucks here. i want to ask you what is your favorite thing about this season about what made america great quick. >> and the things that you heard of it isn't like the travel channel you take a look we try to find the
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undiscovered part of the past so when people come up to you then we re-examine the question is america an exceptional nation and then to say i will show you. so what made america great cracks and with those missteps but if you want to go to monticello we go to the places where 75000 people have been there and with sally hemmings and jefferson they never acknowledge. and also adding a third floor to jefferson's house that very few people have been through. and then trying to do that with a twist. >> so a lot of these things that you mention that you read about in history books but how do you find the hidden gems quick. >> the interior secretary you
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will find especially in the national parks people want to tell the story and americans show up to see this but and just trying to spread the word so if you show up and say i'm thinking about coming here and then the next person and then the goal is no matter how long it takes to tell the story we will give you that much time. that is exciting for us. i don't know the answers when i show up. so i am learning with the experts and that is the most intriguing part. >> i heard that you are nicolas cage and national treasure. what about the declaration of independence have you tried to sell on - - deal that cracks
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it's hard to understand what he says because he mumbles. like the lincoln memorial that actually shot a segment there but that also intrigued me if that was so popular and nicholas cage is hard to understand that would be another great thing to build on to. and with that declaration of independence. if i was to steal it there are other. >> however i just admitted that i stole something very valuable. >> we all make mistakes.
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>> that is truly the goal. and what made america great on fox nation right now and it was down to bedrock during construction that is as large as the monument itself. the incredible architecture and art work as far back as 1914 a site you don't want to miss with the department of interior we interviewed over 60 people to give you a glimpse of this time capsule to the past. >> that was a sneak peak of one of the locations if you travel the country with brian kilmeade five new episodes of what made america great are on fox nation right now you need to sign up for fox nation right now and subscribe now.
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how do you do that cracks go grab your phone or the tablet by going to the app store or google play searching fox nation sign up tonight and get one week free if you don't you will miss this. >> this is but a lot of blood on my hands. >> the brian terry family does not have all the answers. we have been stonewalled. >> this was a set up. >> what are you going to do to clean up this mess quick. >> i have an american mother out there that still wonders what happened to her son. >> it never made sense from
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the beginning. >> my attorney general would not have ordered guide running to pass through into mexico. >> that would not be an appropriate step by the atf. >> do you think there is a cover-up complex. abby: america and the border katie heads to arizona to investigate the botched gun walking known as fast and furious and keeping america safe month this is loma linda,
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and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car and say hello to the new way... at carvana. >> rise of america's news headquarters former acting fbi director andrew mccabe says in his 60 minutes interview that some justice department officials discussed using the 2h amendment to remove the president from office. revealing former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein offer to wear a wire was serious and not sarcastic as the doj claimed previously. lindsey graham promises hearings into what he calls an
5:26 pm
attempted administrative cooper copresident jump plans to fight any efforts to disapprove of his emergency national declaration of the butterball. stephen miller says the president will protect his emergency national declaration guaranteed. there has been talk on both sides to counter the declaration. now back to fox nation in depth. abby: this month fox nation goes inside one of the deadliest places of the past decade outgunned the fast and furious scandal and here is a clip. >> when did you first know quick. >> fast and furious more than 1000 firearms to mexican drug cartel. >> homeland security agents were under fire. >> giving guns to people who
5:27 pm
were killing other humans. >> ♪ ♪ border patrol. don't move. abby: katie travel to arizona looking for answers in this original program that is on fox nation and he joins me now.
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for people that don't know what it is fast and furious scandal quick. >> operation fast and furious with the program the federal government through the justice department and atf 2009 and 2009 and ten who those who were allowed to traffic guns to mexican cartels to buy thousands of firearms at gun shops in places like arizona. so what would happen a straw purchaser who purchases a gun who has a clean record for someone who cannot either the illegal immigrant or for the cartels or a felony. they come into the gun store and purchased thousands atf told the dealerships they were tracking the firearms but they really were not. americans found out because border patrol agent brian terry was killed in 2010 by someone who had these guns in their possession. atf sanction the sale to
5:29 pm
people who use them to kill a border patrol agent on american soil. abby: you can tell you are an expert on the situation you wrote a book about it. what made you want to bring this scandal to light quick. >> it is a situation that is not completed and the family involved, and the i.c.e. agent that was killed in mexico and brian terry they still don't have closure or really any answers. for those assailants that killed their family members to be extradited to the united states and found guilty. with the role of the federal government sanctioning a program where they allow thousands of guns to be put into the hands of narco terrorist in north americ america, there has not been a lot of accountability for that.
5:30 pm
bringing to light what happened with that seriousness of the nature today and why that is so dangerous to showcase that as a result there are serious consequences that continue today which include hundreds of people killed in mexico from our own law enforcement at risk every single day as a result of this operation and showing it is a dangerous job. abby: you obviously did a lot of research. tell me about your experience. >> in arizona we rented a helicopter to the near where brian terry was killed. it is very rough terrain. it's difficult to go back as the cartel controls that care territory we talked to a number of retired agents who had done the work undercover in mexico and in the united states we asked why can't we go further into the canyon to get perspective cracks we were told it is too dangerous and
5:31 pm
asking a question if they could go to parts of arizona which we know very well, it seems like it's a problem with cartel activity. and it really give us a perspective on what border patrol is dealing with on a regular basis. abby: thank you very much katie. also as part of keeping america safe month on fox nation we have an in-depth look at border security by letting subscribers know the reality of the situation firsthand. she recently traveled to the border near tucson arizona to spend a few days with the men and women of the border patrol. she wrote along with the agents to see what they face every day on the front lines of border security here is a sneak peek at the unfiltered report dropping all next week on fox nation.
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>> welcome to the tucson sector one of 20 sectors of the united states border patrol. >> you will see the challenge you will see mountain ranges up at 9000 feet remote crossings whether on horses or all-terrain vehicles or fly through the sky. abby: you will see so much more on fox nation if you subscribe right now. had to fox or grab your phone and download the app go to the app store or google play to search fox nation. sign up tonight and get one week free. if you don't you will not see this. >> seven hours left in the country.
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i start to realize one of my prisoners was the deputy. if he breaks and then he tells me he is sleeping next to me you have him in here are. you actually captured him. abby: we will be right back with fox nation in depth. while we're at break go sign up right now. ♪ the first-of-its-kind lexus ux and ux f sport, with the latest safety system standard, best-in-class turn radius and best-in-class mpg. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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abby: that was a sneak peek at the height of saddam hussein told through servicemen on the ground and this takes you inside the search to the worst dictator the world has ever known we remember the announcement we got him but find out how. that is what fox nation is we go deeper bringing you the news that you need but it brings more in depth to the stories that you want.
5:39 pm
thank you for joining us can you tell me what it was like to be part of this why the documentary quick. >> something that i'm personally attached to but what you think you know about the capture of saddam we go underneath that talking to the guys that were patrolling every day the special operations that were hunting him down and those intelligence officers and the bodyguards. they capture a guy they don't think it is him they find out later that it is at all leads to this amazing story about the most wanted man in the world and could not be found but it led to that moment we got him then it had its own narrative since then it is a pretty cool story that is what fox nation is all about to go deeper on the stuff you forgot about. ace of spades can only be seen on fox nation.
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>> we have been together eight years. >> he was all about america and making america strong again. >> that speech of what he set out to do. >> people had such a strong powerful reaction of reagan using this to describe modern america. >> it would make you laugh or cry and it would touch you. abby: reagan's farewell
5:41 pm
address with the new stories that not only made headlines but also american stop and pause the big story can only be seen on fox nation sign up today to get your free trial if you don't you will miss the latest big story series the shocking tale of susan smit smith. >> you don't know if they jumped into the car with her two kids and it. >> she has the kids quick. >> yes ma'am. >> we will get you home. >> we have no reason to believe than it is what it is reported to be. >> i don't think people thought her tone of voice.
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>> of people discussed a polygraph quick. >> this is such a nightmare. abby: coming up i discussed the dungeon of doom from fox nation do i survive cracks cracks find out ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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abby: welcome back to fox nation in depth thank you for joining us. there is so much to see on fox nation from documentaries, and i daily commentary but you can only see it if you sign up today. one of the more entertaining shows on fox nation is the quiz show i was tried to stumped but we did have a lot of laughs. >> welcome to the fox nation and family. >> i have had several of my deranged staffers spy on you this week and they said you are ready. >> are those the people in the hoodies? i get so nervous for your quizzes. >> i can't tell.
5:47 pm
>> cool as a cucumber. coming up with five challenging questions have to do with recent events you have nothing to fear but fear itself. who said that quick. >> you did. >> question number one. in the year 2000, a pair of shoes for sold $660,000 making them the most expensive ever sold renée dorothy's ruby slippers were they from sex and the city? or the sneakers from larry bird the last time he played for the celtics. abby: i don't know if i know the answer about what would i
5:48 pm
spend that much money on? that's a lot and pocket change for you but not so much for me people love their sports i have to go with larry bird sports memorabilia does cost a lot of money but i would spend it on dorothy. >> what would you have done quick. >> lessons learned. question number two. what is the name of the sweet fast food pie that originated in germany?
5:49 pm
>> she said i would have said this one. [laughter] i learned my lesson. >>. >> the most grammy awards ever won by an artist in a single night? who are the only two to win eight grammies in one night? different nights of course.
5:50 pm
>> this is the point in the show where we ask a quiz question without a doubt the most difficult of the day. here it is no guts no glory.
5:51 pm
since the mid- 18 hundreds one of the most rare and sought after types of coffee on the planet from indonesia one bag of beans could run $600 and the united states it goes by what name? i'm sure that coffee gives you fuel but flaming barry brew there is something there that makes it feel right flaming. it better be it is cap poop.
5:52 pm
>> i do not believe that what are your sources? three weeks ago we covered this very topic. >> that is when i was going in and out and you were breaking up. >> this is your final question. >> you need the flaming barry coffee the award ceremony question for you. three very different films have achieved this. titanic, then her - - ben hur, a letter then oscars.
5:53 pm
>> i know the shape of water got a lot of high praise i want to say that but the godfather is such a classic i think the first one would have one as many oscars but i've never heard of the sql and lord of the rings? i'm going to go with shape of water lord of the rings. a3 quell. >> i only got one right will i never be on again? gimmick we usually have eight questions you would have three more chances. >> three more chances to get them wrong. >> thank you for being here you've been great i hope you will be back. >> i will do it i cannot guarantee i can get any right
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apparently. [laughter] it's great to be a part of fox nation and family if you want more go take the quiz every night join us on fox nation as a new user you get a free seven day trial. come join us. abby: coming up another reminder about the new digital platform you needed your life. fox nation subscribe today plus a very special content that i host and puts a smile on your face this is fox nation in dept depth. we will be right back. try alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief, plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. oh, what a relief it is!
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don't forget to catch sean hannity's new show hannity on air. sign up right now. thank you so much for watching. have a great night. breaking tonight emergency at the border and treachery in the swamp as president trump gets ready to fight for his border wall just minutes ago disgraced former fbi official andrew mccain confirmed the deep state plot to overturn the 2016 election with an administrative coup. good evening and welcome to the next revolution. this is the home of positive populism. pro work, profamily and pro- community. we will debate the president's national emergency declaration, the border security funding bill as well as those shocking revelations from andrew mccabe. also tonight something i have been wanting to do for a very long time.


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