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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight. thank you so much. if you want more on the national emergency declaration, i will be discussing that with jason and a panel during tomorrow's deep dive. that's all for tonight. inks are joining us. do join us next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. >> hello america, this is life liberty, i've watched you for a few years now and you are exceptional. that's why wanted to have you on this program. we get caught up in a lot of domestic politics, law, government shutdown, that's all very important, but so is foreign-policy and national security. so his military policy.
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i wanted to have you here to focus in on a few subjects. first of all want the public to know little bit more about you. you are a graduate of the army war college, you are a four-star general, there's not a lot of four-star generals, you're the only second one i've met in my life. you've completed over 30 years of service culminating your career and you have a career as an infantry paratrooper, combat veteran, decorated for valor in you spent much of your military life and operational command. you had trips to iraq and afghanistan and you advise senior defense officials for multiple visits and you provided assistance directly to general david petraeus. in december of 2018 you received the ronald reagan peace through strength award at the reagan library. the first military official to ever receive that.
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that's a big deal. >> that was quite a humbling experience. you get a number of awards when you're in a position like me and you're certainly grateful for all of those, but about award really got to me. i have tremendous regard for ronald reagan and what he stood for and what his legacy is and i was honored. >> are you impressed with the foreign policy of the current president. >> yes, generally speaking. i do have some difficulties with certain aspects of it but what the administration truly got right is they set the strategic framework for how it really is. that was expressed in the national security strategy they published in their first december which even then was unprecedented. they set a strategic framework that laid out that we are really in an era of big power competition, namely with russia and china who want to destroy the international order that has
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existed for 70 plus years to prevent conflict like world war iii and i think those institutions have served us well. they want to depart from them their own national interest and also the regional. [inaudible] aggressive behavior and what they have done in the middle east and also globally in terms of state-sponsored terrorism, north korea was a rogue state with nuclear weapons threatened to use them, certainly when that strategy was crafted, now at least were talking to each other. of course, radical islam, middle east is a breeding ground for it but the truth is it's on just about every continent and it's growing. that strategy that they identify, i think they got it about right, it was a major departure from the pretend strategy we have on the obama administration where we did not want to step up and identify these challenges in the world.
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i'm only speculating, largely because they didn't want to have to deal with them and be accountable for the strategy to cope with these realities. >> is it nonengagement or pretend strategy, isn't that provocative? they see it and they say okay, obama or whomever, they're saying this but they don't really mean it, and then you have the invasion of kenya and then you have the beginning of these islands in the south china sea, and then you have russia moving into syria and so forth and so on. want to break each one of these down. let's start with china. i'm just a pedestrian, but i see china as a major major threat because of all the focus and resources are putting into the military and not just troops, they are strategic decisions, space warfare activity that
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they're leaning on, stealing our technology which they not only use for civilian purposes but military purposes, constantly claiming more and more waters that belong to the philippines or japan and do you see china as a great threat that i do? >> absolutely. indeed, so does the administration for the national defense strategy identified china as the number one strategic long-term threat. i spent a year-long effort on a commission looking at the national defense strategy and also how it's been implemented. i'm intimately familiar with what our challenges are. first of all, many people in the united states started to conduct economic reform and open up china's marketplace and move toward capitalism and fell in on china. our business leaders fell in, strategists, analysts. >> those five years ago. >> two decades, absolutely
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right. the thought was, if we help china long in terms of developing them economically, that political reform will follow. we lost that bet because that hasn't happened. china has doubled down on authoritarianism and they are fundamentally run by a very close chinese communist party. when you think of china, you could unchanged and think of all the wonderful things that's inside the culture of that country. you have to think of who runs it, chinese communists running and they run it with absolute iron hand and control of the people. what they are about is now in writing and in public discourse it used to be in the closet, so to speak, until the president came along and he has set some serious for minimal goals for them.
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one to dominate and control the pacific, the asia-pacific region at the expense of the united states, and to try to drive us out of there and cut off the relationship that we have with our allies. two, to replace the united states. in the late 2030s, 2040s we replace some of the world global leader and they are about doing this to have a couple pillars to accomplish it. one is the economic predators. they use that engine of investment in emerging countries to pull them to them with some pretty tough behavior which, they put money into these countries, the country's default on loans and take over the infrastructure projects that they were promising, they don't deliver a quality product, as a matter of fact they only use chinese labor when they're doing it and they insist on allowing their service system to be the main driver in that country and the telecom units as well which
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means they are taking over the personal intelligence of the people in the country for generations to come. they are opening up seaports as they want to be a global power like the united states. they have a navy base in djibouti, they have another one they are developing in pakistan and they are taking over many of the ports that are in the key chokepoints around the world in terms of operating those ports. >> who runs the panama canal. >> china. >> they help operate it. they have a foothold there, probably as reasons it's a strategic influence in the world today and it helps to control commerce. the south china sea, they have militarized the south china sea which they told president obama they really weren't doing but everybody knew they were doing it to include our intelligence
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services that were working for president obama. they militarized the south china sea which is half the economy that passes through. in a time of conflict or unrest, they want to have control. 62% of their oil comes out of the middle east. they know the united states carry a battle group that could tie that up in terms of confrontation. it's the achilles heel of china. that is why the port exists and why they're building another one near the indian ocean. want to have economic influence initially that will give them geopolitical influence and ultimately control. >> what you are suggesting here is that they are preparing for, not les necessarily ready to la, they are preparing for an offensive war against united states. why else would they be doing this. >> is a great question. i'm going to disagree with that a little bit.
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they saw desert storm, 1991 the prowess of the united states. before that we had been involved in vietnam on low technology. we recovered from that largely due to the reagan administration which got us on a proper footing with the soviet union and upscaled all our military capabilities. the american people didn't really know how good we got until he saw that. guess what. so did russia and southern china and both of them. as a result of that and the iraq invasion in 2003 was another data point for them. they made this conclusion. we don't want to fight a war with united states, conventional war or a high-end war because of the capabilities they have. two, what we need to do is get those capabilities ourselves to a certain degree and in certain
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cases, have special capabilities that the united states doesn't have. in the event we have to fight that war, were not going to be disadvantaged. but here's the key thing. china wants to avoid conflict with united states so they have developed what i am calling operations to conduct operations below the level of conflict that will get them the same results that conflict would get which is what geopolitical control and influence. south china sea, east china sea, areas around japan and taiwan are all about intimidation, collusion, undermining civil society, undermining government, taking over media operations that they want as far south as australia. this is a major campaign. they have a hundred 30,000 commercial fishing votes that work for the people's liberation army. all militarized with proper gps
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and radio communications to do what? to intimidate and coerce other fishing rights they have in the region. day in, day out, weekend, week out, month in, month out there wearing down these countries in terms of sovereignty. they violate their air and maritime rates on the regular basis and they are trying to demonstrate to those allies, to those countries that look, the united states can't help you. you want to be successful in this region and have some degree of sovereignty, you're going to have to work with us. >> we come back and ask about the chinese and what they are doing in space and it appears india has awakened what china is doing as well. that's when we return. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget most week nights you can go to blaze tv/mark or give us a
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as mentioned before we left, they are also militarizing space. the russians are too. we will get there in a moment. the militarizing space to do what. >> first of all they recognize how dependent we are on space technology. they have many, many years ago, they began to develop anti- satellite kill capability and now it's a major endeavor of theirs. here's the reason, obviously gps and all the location would be taken out by that. all of our communications but all of our weapons, when you see crews missiles flying and precision guided missiles coming out of airplanes, all of that is controlled by satellite technology and they would actually bring us to our needs if they took those satellites down. the president is right about making sure we have an emphasis on space because eventually space will be weapon nice. we will have capabilities flying around in space on space
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stations that will be weapon nice to kill other things that are passing through space like missiles, airplanes, whatever, they're passing through there and they will take it out. we got to stay involved with technology in space. the chinese, in some respects have caught up to us in terms of satellite technology, but they are ahead of us in terms of anti- satellite technology. >> i read that the obama administration cut off resources for it and the chinese are moving as fast as they can and the presidents trying to play catch-up with what the chinese have done. what are you doing about all this? what you doing about china? >> first while the president is actually right in taking china on economically. it's obvious lien on my expertise, but nonetheless, clearly intellectual property theft forcing joint ventures on our business companies in the tara and balances are pretty
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significant endeavors of the chinese president got away with it for years. this is something the president been talking about for 20 some years. he actually right about doing it and i give him plenty of credit. we still don't have a comprehensive strategy to deal with china's operations that intimidate our allies while the military can play a role there and we are doing some of that by navigating through the south china sea when we feel like it, even though china says that her waterway. it's not. it's international waterway but they claim it. that's important. but we need a home of government strategy. we need a political, economic military aspect and we need a campaign, chinese, what they do domestically if their repressive society, what they're doing around the world in terms of the fiber offense capability, we've got to expose that and they are paranoid and insecure about what
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the chinese communist party actually does. they keep a lot of that in the closet. you've got a pull back the veil of mystery that surrounds that and get our allies involved as well. with the push these guys back into a box. a lot of that will take nonmilitary comprehensive strategy. i think we need to do some work there. >> who is we? the president makes a decision, he says okay, do it general king said. who does that? that's part of the problem, which department. >> without the great question. so our viewers can understand that, when the president makes a decision that he wants to do something about china, he doesn't have to get into the details, if you want to push back on these guys, i think our strategy is right, they're threatening to us, there are number one threat and we put together a strategy to do that.
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the director of the national security council, they're one and the same person. they bring the whole of government issued together in terms of what is the overall strategy and what are the elements of the implementation of that strategy. they bring that to the president, they put some options in front of them, associate the risk and let them make some decisions. >> so john bolton. >> hr mcmaster before that. >> now india is obviously a very big country with a lot of people. the military is certainly not up to the standards but apparently they are starting to put a lot of resources into the military because with all the country in the region, they are pushing, pushing and they're pushing india two. do you know what india is trying to do to respond to this? >> militarily they are increasing their capability. they are very concerned about
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china's predatory nature in the region. china is in the indian ocean everything okay. by the way, just as a data point, china now has more combat ships the united states navy and they're going to be going right past us. people say they only have two aircraft carriers. well the never going to have as many aircraft carriers as we do because the not certain we can protect those given the missiles that china has, they know they can take down our aircraft carriers and our ships. not easily, but they know they can likely do that. they know how vulnerable they are. but the point is, india is intimidated by china's behavior. they have been aligned with russia for military capability and, as you know for years, but we have made and roads and i think were getting closer to them than we ever have been in a generation. why? because we both see the
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domination of china in what they are seeking in that region at the expense of country. >> and they have a western
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chicken?! chicken. chicken! that's right, candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken! [♪] marianne: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm marianne rafferty. california's attorney general says his state will file a lawsuit over the president's
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emergency declaration to build a wall on the border with mexico. he said the border wall isn't a national emergency. he says new mexico, oregon, hawaii and minnesota will be joining california in that lawsuit. fund administrators say they have no choice with hundreds of thousands of claims outstanding. $5 billion have already been spent which leaves just $2.3 billion for 20,000 claims. . >> so it is a relatively poor country with a gdp of texas it doesn't have an enormous number of people speaking that
10:28 pm
yet with putin are focused on the military the challenges are significant and that is half the population of the united states of those industrialized states number one of hiv number one of hiv cardiovascular diseases enormously high alcoholic problem and they have had that for generations the economy is in the tank inflation is spiraling out of control url one commodity country with a whale and gas in the prices of the market all that said
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because of putin and the leaders around him having suffered to the collapse of the soviet union from one that took place certainly they are frustrated who they hold accountable for that loss are energized intensely so about returning russia to the world stage in the sense of greatness as a nation and if you have ever spent time in russia being around the rushing people they are hearty and tough people and then standing up to the nazis and then they made that army turnaround they had pride and as a strategy that united
10:30 pm
states is really the aggressor that we are the strategic problem and then we must contain united states just like germany was a threat to us in the past it could possibly be a threat in the future and while we don't believe europe will attack but russia did like world war ii knitted - - world war ii a freshman was there in the 19th century to put moscow on fire they want a buffer on the western border all the way up until 1991.
10:31 pm
he wants to weaken it that transatlantic line all those years and a lot of those governments are social democracies they won't stand up even to protect their own people much less the alliance in terms of what their predecessors and the europeans will find it difficult and that prophetic statement has turned out to be somewhat true but all of that said the nato alliance and then the weekend the united states is well as a global leader in the world.
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mark: but yet there they are in syria, they are developing weapons systems and hypersonic weapons as are the chinese. is putin just a narrative and/or a serious problem? is the also building alliances with the chinese? and they are adversaries to be sure. and because of putin's aggressiveness and lack of patience it is a near-term threat with the economic burdens and that becomes much more of the mother load as time goes on and in that capacity to wage a war.
10:33 pm
but i am telling you, mark , from the national defense strategy i cannot get into all the details but that was provided to the congress wasn't from world war ii after all of those years with the cold war we would be challenged at all countries respond to that. >> why is that a challenge? we removed resources? not enough troops? i will ask you in a moment. don't forget every week most
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or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio®. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. mark: generally vindicated - - indicated and to be very successful in hybrid warfare where they create civil unrest to do that. and on a phony claim that are not wearing russian uniforms. that happened in georgia and crimea.
10:39 pm
that has been successful they do that because they want to paralyze decision-makers. should we go? they got inside president obama and paralyzed him. it really isn't a war. so we abdicated a very successful strategy and over eastern europe and would struggle with that the commission concluded the casualty rates for personnel and high-value assets and airplanes in particular would be at the rates we haven't seen since the korean war that is an absolute fact spirit the
10:40 pm
same technology as the chinese? china and russia are using the same capabilities with desert storm and the iraq war highly unconventional warfare by the united states, they realized the only way you can win you have to take away the airpower that we have not just airplanes or cruise missiles the whole ensemble. and then on the ground so if we are fighting over the baltics with those offense of long-range missiles the strike bombers using cruise missiles and every airfield we have in europe and of report.
10:41 pm
mark: don't give away any national security secrets but could they do damage? >> we could do a lot of damage to them but in the cold where one - - cold war we were pre- positioned. nobody suggests we need something like that. and that conventional war the way we have done that in the past successfully is to make it certain that what is deterrence? with the head of your adversary looking at the capability and that will impose significant cost right now it isn't wide it should be with china or russia. and then to be five or six to dig ourselves out of the hole we put ourselves in.
10:42 pm
and that capability of what it should be. and putin knew full well that obama would. when looking at the trump administration but the thing that putin pays more attention to than anything else is the defense bill. y-letter? because when reagan did the defense bill in the 1980s it wasn't singular there were other factors involved but it was a major contributor to it and he fears the united states
10:43 pm
having that advance capability to come back to have a conventional nomination. mark: has trump been treasure on - - tougher on russia that obama? >> by far but just to be frank going way out of his way and there is a very good friend in which they know is not quite right one of the true thugs of the world. but that motivation is simply they know that these adversary nations using that word to be nice and these are ones that
10:44 pm
could clearly threaten the united states so if we could have a decent relationship with an adversary we could make some progress. >> and to be tougher on those countries than obama ever was he's tough when he needs to be tough. and these other leaders respect them or fear them they're not sure what to expect they are not taking those actions right now. we will be right
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mark: how do you think world leaders view president trump? >> that's interesting i have traveled to the middle east and europe and far east talking to leaders around the world and at times the president speaks on so many subjects fluently but they are adjusting to that they are not you to use having a president of the united states speak publicly virtually every single day. but pay attention to
10:49 pm
politics. and as it pertains to your region and country that is president trump so pay attention to policy and certainly you will pay attention what the president is saying that's the most important thing. how has the president handled iran? >> he went to riyadh last summer if i stand here with you to stand up to the strategic threat i know the administration has a closer alliance with the middle east so i call that nato.
10:50 pm
and to have a single goal to dominate and control the middle east and then to destroy the state of israel. of what i'm talking about almost the same words i'm describing every single year and almost total control from eastern syria and more political influence than what we have and to encroach on saudi arabia and that is the prize and also from the south and of course it is most
10:51 pm
largely about a strategic anger in the middle east and encroaching on israel with those rockets they placed in lebanon and as we speak today to put bases in syria every time they try to do that israel attack. >> what can israel do about this and to send mixed signals , this is life-and-death. >> that is why they literally conduct 150 strikes into syria going against iranians they fly rockets and missiles into the damascus airport in one of those warehouses. >> there is a land bridge from
10:52 pm
iran to iraq to syria. it's one of the things i am opposed to we don't want that land bridge forming. the threat to israel is real we did not disagree with the president's decision because they have not had a president as supportive of israel in generations as president trump is. they were taken back by his discussion - - decision. >> do you think war is inevitable?
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mark: general, war between israel, iran or some collector he country in the middle east? >> it is more likely the success they've had in syria if they can
10:57 pm
gain control in the country contributes, that can lead to it. they try to avoid direct competition in the use their proxies have been so successful that it started after they took over the iranian country from the shop when they blew up the us embassy in lebanon use their proxies, airports barracks in saudi arabia, targeted and killing american soldiers, tenure hostagetaking programs they sponsored and killed our cia station chief and damaged the reconfigured presidency or nearly brought the presidency down. what they would do here is use their proxies from lebanon and syria multiple locations firing simultaneously into jerusalem and tel aviv and posing casualties on the israelis they have never seen and their history, rather significantly. that would lead to major confrontation.
10:58 pm
i believe an israeli response to something like that and this is what the iranians have not anticipated they would go full throttle into lebanon. if that was not enough they would go to iran and take as much of their military capabilities out. that is war. the iranians are serious when they say every single year drive the united states out of the region is our objective to accomplish our ultimate goal and destroy the state of israel. they are about that business and the leaders of israel know it. this president is very much aware of it and tune into that. we've got to make certain. mark: who wins that war? >> israel does been aided by the united states. they have never ever asked us to fight with them and they have asked us to help them in terms of military capability. mark: a lot of these arab countries won't sit on the sidelines either or view it as an opportunity.
10:59 pm
>> relationship with israel and the arab states, particularly saudi arabia and the uae in jordan, have never been closer. i mean we are at the point where they share intelligence together. think about that. countries that were warning at one time and now are literally helping each other against a common enemy. mark: again, i don't see israel sitting taking just lebanon but they will stable hit to ron and the government center and military centers and hit them with everything we got. >> that is true. that is why i hope the administration can stitch together and arab nato because standing together collectively against the iran would impose a deterrent capability with the cost would be the destruction of
11:00 pm
their regime if they tried to do so. mark: let's hope it doesn't reach that point or reach the point where iran gets nuclear weapons. it's been a great honor general. >> good talking with you, mark. mark: don't miss us next time on life, liberty and limited. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump declares a emergency to go around congress and build his border wall. ♪ ♪ >> we're talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs. chris: what showdowns lie ahead in congress and the courts? we'll ask one of the president's top immigration hard-liners, senior adviser stephen miller. then -- >> the only reason we're up here talking about this is because of the election. because they want to try to win an election which it looks like they're not going to be able to do. chris: we sit down with rush limbaugh for a raree


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