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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 18, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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harris faulkner. "the daily briefing" with dana perino starts right now. >> dana: fox news alert. it's 2 p.m. in new york and we're following several developing stories. the white house vowing to defend president trump's national emergency declaration to build a wall in congress and court. north carolina officials launch a hearing to determine the fate of a congressional race left uncertain amid allegations of voter fraud. and the latest developments in the jussie smollett case as new questions arise about what really happened. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump spending president's day in florida, where he is set to make a speech on the situation in venezuela. back in washington his administration is preparing to fighted back against any challenges to his emergency declaration on friday to free up $8 billion to use for border
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security. >> what the president was saying is, like past presidents, he could choose to ignore this crisis, choose to ignore this emergency as others have. that's not what he's going to do. >> dana: john roberts is live on the north lawn as we wait for the president to come back, you've got the place to yourself. >> reporter: it's awfully quiet around here. almost feels like it might be a holiday. with the exception that it's been a very noisy day in washington, d.c. as part of a day of protest around the country against this emergency declaration. just a short time ago a big demonstration across the street from the white house in lafayette park. members of the aclu, protesting against the president's emergency declaration at the same time as legal challenges have been filed. public citizen also launched a lawsuit in district court in washington, d.c. the aclu and california's attorney general and others planning on bringing lawsuits against the declaration and then
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when they get back from this week's recess, democrats in congress planning legislation to block the declaration. listen to what adam schiff said yesterday. >> this is the first time the president is trying to declare an emergency when congress explicitly rejected funding for the particular project that the president is advocating. >> reporter: now, if democrats in congress do pass legislation trying to block the president's emergency declaration, white house officials said yesterday that the president may veto that. here's the president's chief policy adviser with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." >> obviously, the president is going to protect his national emergency declaration, chris. there's no threat -- >> yes, he will veto? >> he's going to protect his national emergency declaration. this is not a crisis in syria or iraq, but right here. if the president can't defend this country, he cannot fulfill his constitutional oath of
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office. >> reporter: all the fire is being aimed at this emergency declaration. do not forget, the president cannot an awful lot of money without this emergency declaration. got $1.37 billion from congress. got about $600 million in treasury department forefit khur fund, $300 million currently in the department of defense's anti-narcotics drug grab and can transfer another $2.2 billion into that program. that's without even touching the emergency declaration. that unlocks the military construction. so the first pots of money the president will tap, congress really can't say anything about it. as you start to trapber if money from the dod and go into the 2008 construction money, that's when they'll make noise. >> dana: tell me a little more. i watched last night the andrew mccabe interview on "60 minutes." i wonder if there's reaction from the white house. >> reporter: oh yeah. clearly they're not happy with the tale andrew mccabe is telling. mccabe told "60 minutes" that, while he did not participate in
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active conversation about it, rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, did tell him that there was a move afoot at the department of justice to consider removing the president using the 25th amendment. listen to what mccabe said. >> the discussion of the 25th amendment was simply rod raised the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet officials might support such an effort. >> reporter: mccabe all said in an interview that rod rosenstein was serious about this idea, that he might wear a wire to record the president. rosenstein has previously said he was only joking about that. both men attracting fire from president trump this morning in tweets saying, wow, somebody lies by now disgraced acting director andrew mccabe. he was fired for lying and now his story gets even more deranged. he and rod rosenstein looked like they were planning a very illegal act and got caught. there's a lot of explaining to
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do to millions of people who just elected a president who they really like and who has done a good job for them. this was the illegal and treasonist insurance policy in full action. mercedes schlapp said that mccabe has no credibility. he has lied on several occasions and that he is a partisan hack. i wouldn't be surprised if we hear the president say something about it in his address coming up in miami later on this afternoon. >> dana: 4 p.m. all right. john roberts, thank you. democrats gearing up for 2020 are spending the long holiday weekend on the campaign trail. right now we're following cory booker and kamala harris in new hampshire. so what did cory booker tell you about paying for the green new deal just a little bit ago? >> reporter: dana, he suggested that it could basically pay for itself. i asked him about an item in "the wall street journal" that in new york just replacing light bulbs was costing about $2,000
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per apartment. this is what he told me. >> this is the lie that's going on right now. guy who's a former mayor who shows you you can revive your economy and create a bold green future. we environmentally retrofitted our buildings, created jobs for our community and lowered our carbon footprint. lies are being put out as being green and responsible for the environment just to hurt the economy. a lie. i can show you bold things that we could be doing, we can define the way and not let the chinese do it. america's got to lead again. we can get a green future, a prosperous future that works for everybody. >> reporter: and booker drew big crowds at house parties across new hampshire for the last couple days. most of this pitch is about unity in the face of division. dana? >> dana: so, the other candidate that's up there is senator kamala harris. she's doing her first trip there. she's been down in south
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carolina before, but how's it going in new hampshire for her? >> reporter: so far so good. seems like she hasn't done anything except sit down for lunch with democratic congress woman anne tester. we were with her in south carolina when somebody asked her about how to pay for very expensive provisions in the green new deal. >> we have a tax bill that got passed that gave $1 trillion to the top 1% in the biggest corporations in america. and they need to give that money back. >> reporter: so harris and booker both well received by democrats so far in new hampshire. remember, this is a state that in 2016, bernie sanders won very easily and he still has not made his intentions officially known. dana. >> dana: thank you. for more on that, terry holt,
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founder at strategic procedure. thank you for joining us on president's day. maryanne, let me start with you. as peter said, bernie sanders has not come out and said, i'm running, but we have indications that he is cutting a video. that his intentions are that he's going to run. colin reed wrote this today at fox about bernie sanders. although his candidacy seems a foregone conclusion, it's also immaterial in many ways. if he decides the rigors of another national campaign are not for him at 77, his imprint on national politics is not going away. sanders reset the foundation of the democratic party, ironic, with his refusal to identify as a democrat. there they are up in new hampshire. bernie sanders probably going to make his way there. your thoughts on his possible candidacy? >> well, so far the announcement that he's cut a video has been met with a collective yawn by everybody on the democratic
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side. here's the reason. bernie sanders won't be the nominee in 2020, just like he wasn't in 2016 because he still has the same problems. he has problems with women voters and voters of color. those problems with only gotten worse. as you look at all the candidates getting into this race, most are better positioned with women voters and voters of color than bernie sanders. so he's trying to make up for that now, but it's too little, too late. they have too many other options. bernie sanders was not vetted in the 2016 campaign, as he has been since then. that's the problem for bernie sanders. >> dana: i see you nodding your head, terry. >> i think he's going to get consumed by his own creation. pied piper of socialism in america. he's dragged the democratic party leftward in a dramatic way. but he's also left the stage open for a new crop of these so-called democratic socialists, and they're going to dominate
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the democratic primary this time around. and i don't see bernie, unless he really surprises and wins new hampshire well, and then has enough money to compete in california, i think the generations have passed him. >> dana: that's all interesting. the other thing that i feel like we haven't focused on enough, and maryanne, i'll start with you. i'm gonna show you map of supertuesday. it includes alabama, california this time, colorado and other places that you would know that were in super tuesday. how big a deal is it that california has moved up its voting? how will that change things for the democrats or even the general? >> it fundmentally changes the math that you need to become your party's nominee and win the general election and the electoral college. for kamala harris, this is the best thing that ever happened to her, frankly. because now it comes in march. california will be on super tuesday. it has more votes than almost all the other votes combined.
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texas is on that day. it has three times more votes than south carolina, iowa, nevada. even if she stumbles in iowa and new hampshire, if she does well in south carolina, then she picks up a good chunk of votes in california. that's where the map starts to be in her favor. it has a compounding effect. when other candidates start to fall behind in the delegate count, it's hard to catch up. so she has an advantage there. she doesn't have the field to herself. there are other people from california run. elizabeth warren has a good foothold there, too. the more she picks up, and the fact they'll start their early voting before the iowa caucuses. that is a big, big opportunity for her. >> dana: terry, just from her perspective, i know you're a student of politics. does it affect republicans in any way, this change? >> not really. i don't think either party has done a particularly good job yet of making an argument to the
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middle and to the mainstream of america, a slightly center right country still, i believe. this frontloading of the primaries and democratic party is really a phenomenal story. it means that all the so called grass roots, progressive energy in the party is going to be assumed by a race that's essentially about money. if you can't win big in new hampshire and make your fate so that you can maybe compete in california, you're gonna be lost in the dust. that's gonna be quite an irony for the party that sees itself as really the grass roots of liberal america. >> dana: maryanne, let me give you the last word. if you, as a democrat, end up with a nominee that they know it's going to be by early may of next year, does that help or hurt them as they are basically then in a general election against an incumbent president for the next six months?
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>> you always want more time in a general election than less. it always helps. i think the fact that california's moved from june to march is a big opportunity there. here's where i disagree with terry. look at the crowds who are already turning fourth all these candidates in iowa, in new hampshire, in south carolina, nevada, go on and on. i love the enthusiasm of the democratic side. i love the grass roots organizing. it's going to happen on the republican side. >> dana: miami looks good on you. terry holt, thank you. >> thanks. ♪ >> dana: so could this video be one way to get generation z to join the military? we'll explain. plus, stunning admissions from andrew mccabe in his "60 minutes" interview. >> rod was concerned by his interactions with the president. he seemed to be very focused on firing the director. we're oscar mayer deli fresh and you may remember us from...
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>> dana: former fbi acting director andrew mccabe saying, among other things, that rod rosenstein was not joking when he suggested recording the president after the firing of james comey. catherine herridge has been covering this story from the beginning and has more from us. >> reporter: good afternoon. mccabe's interview appears to conflict with closed door under oath testimony from his close colleague the former general counsel. mccabe said rosenstein talked openly about whether there was a majority in the cabinet to invoke the 25th. >> that's correct. counting votes, or possible votes. >> did you design specific votes to specific people? >> no, not that i recall.
11:19 am
>> reporter: based on his conversations with mccabe and lisa page, james baker testified he'd face criminal penalties if he misleads investigators, rod rosenstein's 25th amendment efforts to remove the president, in fact, went further. quote, i was being told by some combination of andrew mccabe and lisa page that in a conversation with the deputy attorney general, he had stated that he, this is what was related to me, that he had at least two members of the president's cabinet who were ready to support, i guess you would call it, an action under the 25th amendment. all of this happened in may 2017 after the president fired fbi director james comey, mccabe's old boss. that left the fbi and doj in turmoil amid concerns that comey's firing amounted to an effort by the president to desink the russia case and obstruct justice. >> the deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the white house. he said, i never get searched
11:20 am
when i go into the white house. i can easily wear a recording device. they wouldn't know it was there. >> the general counsel, lawyer team said what about this idea? >> i think the general counsel had a heart attack and when he got up off the floor he said, that's a bridge too far. we're not there yet. >> reporter: but baker, who was counsel mccabe was referring to, pulled something out to house investigators. quote, my recollection is that there was discussion about it over a longer period than the course of one meeting, a couple of days he testified. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has consistently disputed mccabe's allegations and he's consistently refused to go to capitol hill to clarify his statements about wearing a wire and the 25th amendment. that may be about to change with republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee pledging hearings in the not too distant future about these discrepancies. he's also indicated he may be willing to subpoena mccabe and
11:21 am
rosenstein as well, dana. >> dana: maybe lindsey graham will make them appear together. we'll be right back. >> reporter: that would make good tv. >> dana: we'll be right back. we're family. we'd do anything for each other. but this time... those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission. when cravings hit, hit back. choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna.
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11:25 am
will not sit with detectives today about his alleged attack. the investigation has shifted after they questioned then released two nigerian brothers who showed up on surveillance video. mike tobin is live in chicago with more on the deepening mystery, or is it a mystery, mike? >> reporter: well, the moment chicago police are really trying to ramp up the pressure on smollett to come in for this follow-up interview. his pr and legal team didn't come right out and say no, but so far they've said, not today. the big development was over the weekend when chicago police said that smollett is no longer considered a victim. police stopped short of saying that he's a suspect involved in a hoax. what police did say is they've got new information and want to bring smollett in for more questioning. that follows the detaining and spweur gaiting of two brothers from tphaoeu jeer skwra. anonymous sources say they
11:26 am
rehearsed the attack. police have receipt for a rope allegedly put around smollett's neck. they said their investigation was enough to let these persons of interest go. >> innocence prevailed, right? my guys are walking home. they're not charged. they are not suspects in this case. >> did jussie smollett set this up? >> there's still a lot of moving parts to this. >> reporter: now, police are communicating today, but largely they're just repeating that they've got new information and they want to bring in smollett for the follow-up interview. >> dana: mike tobin, thank you. for more on this, let's bring in jim trusty. so what could happen next? is it possible that somebody who alleged that this crime had happened, said he was a victim. this is turning out the way it is and he never has to say anything else? he never has to talk to the cops? >> yeah, it's perhaps
11:27 am
anti-climactic ending. his lawyer is going to make sure that doesn't happen. it would be almost malpractice to let him go back in and talk to the police because really, the only thing he can do is put himself into lies or get himself formally charged by acknowledging that the whole thing was a lie. so there's no upside for him. >> dana: take a listen to his interview with "good morning america" host robin roberts. >> what is it that has you so angry? is it the attackers? >> the attackers. but it's also the attacks. it's like, you know, at first it was a thing of, if i tell the truth, then that's it 'cause it's the truth. then it became a thing of like, oh, how can you doubt that? how do you not believe that? it's the truth. >> dana: so i wanted to ask you. you're a former prosecutor.
11:28 am
you get a case like this. you get the initial information. how do you weigh care and compassion for a victim with a healthy dose of skepticism in case it turns out to be a false report? >> that's a tough question. it's a case by case thing. that is the ultimate goal as a prosecutor. you're not a plaintiff's attorney. you're not there to mindlessly and blindly accept something that comes in the door. you talk to your detectives. you talk to your victim. you weigh all the evidence to think, is this person truly a victim? and more importantly, do i have a reasonable doubt? if you have a reasonable doubt, then you should be done with the case. there's no noshing of the belt. there's no glory to seeking convictions on innocent people. you should walk away. this is further down. now we're not talking about whether or not the prosecutor has reasonable doubt about the attack. it's whether or not this whole thing was staged. it seems to be flipping on its head into a potential prosecution of mr. smollett. >> dana: chicago police department, not like they have
11:29 am
unlimited resources to chase down false reports. >> that's kind of the worst part of this. sometimes in false alarm cases, you'd have literal police resources or fires rescue resources going out. they dredge a lake for a missing child. in this case, it's not so much that they're having to spend dollars. they're spending opportunity costs money. >> dana: time wasted. >> they're wasting days on this case. >> dana: all right. jim trusty, thank you. >> all right. see ya, dana. >> we have to make sure that balance has been served. >> dana: explosive allegations coming from a hearing in north carolina to determine the outcome of a hotly disputed congressional race amidst claims of voter fraud. plus, what's next for venezuela, as tons of humanitarian aid waits at the border. ♪ hey, saved you a seat.
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>> dana: an election fraud scandal playing out in a hearing today in north carolina with the winner yet to be declared in the 9th congressional district three months after the midterm elections. garrett tenny is live in washington. what kind of election fraud are we talking about here? >> reporter: dana, north carolina election officials say they've uncovered an absentee ballot scheme that may have tainted the race. unofficial results have shown the republican mark harris leading by 905 votes but the state refused to certify the results due to reports of irregularities in a couple rural county. today the state board of election began laying out evidence which found a political operative hired by the republican candidate's campaign carried out a coordinated unlawful an substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme during the election. >> he paid cash to collect absentee requests, to collect
11:35 am
absentee ballots and to falsify absentee ballot witness certification. he paid generally $150 for 50 absentee ballot requests and $125 per 50 absentee ballots collected. >> reporter: investigators are expected to share evidence tied to the absentee ballots that were never returned in a couple rural counties. an election expert is expected to testify. >> dana: will the state have to redo this election all over again? >> reporter: that is certainly possible. over the next couple of days each side will have a chance to present evidence to the state board of election. if four members believe voter fraud affected the outcome, it could order a redo. if it doesn't believe the outcome was affected, it could
11:36 am
certify mark harris as the winner. but that would require votes from at least three members. if no decision is reached under state law harris would be the winner. but democrats control the house. they say they would not seat him if there are still questions. if that's the case, the seat would be deemed vacant, the democratic governor would call a new election, which wouldn't happen until later this year. >> dana: garrett, thank you. fox news alert. president trump set to speak about two hours from now to the venezuelan community in miami. expected to once again call for disputed president nicholas maduro to step aside to make way for the interim president and opposition leader juan guaido. phil keating joins me now from miami. phil? >> reporter: dana, president trump and first lady melania are expected to soon depart west palm beach and fly down here in a helicopter. they'll meet with this crowd of invited and assembled venezuelan americans as well as immigrants
11:37 am
to talk about increased pressure on the country of venezuela, specifically the president. this morning president trump, for the third straight day, spent the morning at his trump international golf club, apparently playing a round today with nick mulvaney. the focus is on nicholas maduro, to step down and let juan guaido step down. venezuela has exploded in inflation. food is scarce, so is medicine. the average venezuelan has lost 24 pounds and people are dying because regular traditional medicines that are widely available in our country simply are not available. 3 million people have fled the country, many walking into colombia with whatever they could carry. over the weekend, florida senator marco rubio and
11:38 am
congressman mario diaz were on the columbian shrr venezuelan border urging the military and maduro not to block shipments of aid and food which have started to arrive at the border. >> the country supports maduro that doesn't surprise me. all of them are corrupt. none is a democracy. many of them are owed billions of dollars they want to get paid by the corrupt regime. in terms of the solution, there absolutely is a solution. very simple solution. called free and fair elections. >> reporter: now, national security adviser john bolton is also here. he just had an off camera gaggle with reporters. he said february 24th, a bunch of volunteers will be bringing in a whole lot of aid to the border of venezuela. he's hoping that it will get in. he said that will be a major test for the regime of maduro and the support of guaido.
11:39 am
dana? >> dana: all right, phil keating in miami. thank you. for more on this let's bring in brett bruin from the obama white house and expert on these issue. can i have you take a listen to representative of the opposition leader and what he was saying about this aid. >> translator: what will happen on that day, the doors will open on the border between columbia and venezuela, will be the entry of not just humanitarian aid, not just medical supplies r not just food for our people who do not have it, but also the entry of freedom. >> dana: we're just a few days from this day that could be very critical in this situation. >> indeed. what you're seeing from president guaido is an effort not only to dare maduro, but more importantly to those border guards to use force in keeping this aid out and keeping the people of venezuela from accessing it. it's a very smart tactic. i think what is still an open
11:40 am
question is whether or not those border guards are going to opt for freedom, opt for the future of venezuela, or whether they will side with maduro? >> dana: can the president say anything today that would make them maybe change their minds about letting it in or deciding to cooperate or siding with guaido? >> i think there are three things the president can do. one, he ought to speak about significant american aid that will come should maduro step aside. secondly, he's got to lay out a plan for getting there. lastly, i think it's important that he speak of inclusivity. this can't just be about socialists and capitalists. we need a future that's going to include those who, for the last two decade, have backed a socialist power in venezuela. >> dana: want you to listen to a democrat from florida about tps and venezuela. >> we also have to prioritize protective status for venezuelans by accepting ref few skwreus and political asylum
11:41 am
seeker. but this has been absent from the trump administration's agenda because, like with so many other things, the trump administration's words don't match their actions. >> dana: what do you think the president's reaction could be to this call for temporary protected status for these venezuelans? >> i think it's worth studying. that being said, a more powerful step at this stage is providing those military officer, the soldiers, with status in columbia, brazil. that's an incentive that immediately can take effect. the tps issue is one worth looking at, but that is a medium term issue. >> dana: what about, i heard this russian bank today, basically blocked the payments from the venezuelan oil company because they didn't want to get caught up in american sanctions. are the sanctions the trump administration's put forward having an effect? >> they are. not just on russia but a number of countries and companies.
11:42 am
and we will see those effects start to bite in the coming days and week. that being said, as your reporter in miami mentioned, russia holds $45 billion in venezuelan debt. they've actually made pretty clear in the last few days that they expect to get paid. one way or another they're going to find a way to get money. >> dana: more ab marco rubio and other congressional members, taking the steps to go down there to, be visible, a good step for them? >> it is. seeing american leadership, i'd like to see more democrats down in columbia so that we can really put this forward as a bipartisan issue, not just one on the republican side. this, quite frankly, as i have told members of the democratic party, needs to be an issue that democrats get behind. it's about supporting freedom and a humanitarian crisis in venezuela. >> dana: right here in our hemisphere. brett bruen, thank you for being
11:43 am
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>> shepard smith on the fox newsdesk. president trump set to speak in miami about the crisis in venezuela. that's as thousands of people reportedly prepare to face off with soldiers ordered to stop them from getting the aid they desperately need. live coverage of the speech on fox news. plus, how a single basket was able to put a killer away after the crime. that's top of the hour on fox news. see you then.
11:48 am
>> reporter: the army making some changes when it comes to recruitment with new ways to reach young people that include using hip hop an social media. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. so, why does the army need a new recruiting strategy? had it gotten a little stale? >> reporter: in essence, dana, because 70% of americans age 18-24, the key target age for military recruiters, are not fit enough to serve in the u.s. military. for the first time since 2005, the u.s. army missed its recruiting goal in 2018. most of those who did sign up came from the south and midwest, not from urban coastal cities. so two young army recruiters came up with this hip hop video. ♪ respect, earn more paying a mortgage, honor, integrity ♪ ♪ reporting and serving soaring confidence is pouring the army, king of the jungle glory ♪ >> reporter: the video's called
11:49 am
"giving all i got." they asked the army to lift restrictions on using social media platform. they started approaching gamers at conventions instead of using the old recruiting techniques involving cold calls and talking to sports coaches. in cities like los angeles, boston and chicago, the recruiters weren't reaching young people. young people didn't know there are 150 different types of jobs in the army. you can be a dog handler, chef, mechanic, military police, not just snipers and paratroopers. their video is now going viral. the army looks set to enlist 70,000 active duty soldiers, the most since 2010. >> dana: so it's working well? >> reporter: it seems to be. sergeant first class orlando sutton and jason locke were the creator. sutton grew up poor in virginia, locke worked at blockbuster when he was recruited. they wanted to explain how the army changed their lives. >> i think we've used uncle sam
11:50 am
for 104 years. i want you. so i think that type of deal has played out. yes, going to baseball games, that is good. we still do that. we still do the old school way, but we're just trying to regain traction. we have social media, we have instagram, facebook. we were trying to think how can we use all of that information to pass out the army's message. telling a little bit of our story. saying, hey, if you give everything you got, the army will change your life. >> reporter: sergeant sutton's first video had 1.2 million views. now the army's command is trying to harness that reach. >> dana: i like those two young guys. i'd love to meet them one day. trying to renew attacks on u.s. banks and government agencies aiming to steal technology and trade secrets. these hacks escalating amid the on going trade talks between washington and beijing. william la jeuness has more. >> reporter: dana, experts say
11:51 am
and many reports show that china cheated its way to superpower status. now the problem is getting worse with chinese hackers targeting key u.s. industries which is why some on capitol hill argue that regardless of the promises in trade talks, china cannot be trusted. u.s. jets, submarines and missiles, the administration claims china stole secrets from all three. >> china has been taking advantage of the united states for many, many years. >> reporter: president trump hopes a new trade deal will stop china from stealing not just secrets but cutting edge technology. >> it is a national security threat, an economic threat. >> reporter: senators mark warner and marco rubio want to create an office of tech knoll stkwroeu interview any business or government deal with china. why? u.s. prosecutors say china helped steal phone software from motorola from t mobile, wind computer chips, battery
11:52 am
technology from ge and gm, even corn seeds and cookie dough from dupont. >> i'm not trying to china bash. i'm saying they need to play by the same set of the rules the rest of the world does. >> the reaction we get from china is we understand the importance of the u.s. engagement, but we all have our own path of reform that's under way. >> reporter: u.s. chamber opposes tariffs but supports the president's effort to eliminate china subsidies to state owned companies. >> i don't think you're going to embarrass china. china is too important a country, too big a country, to be embarrassed. >> reporter: piracy, the sticking point in these negotiations. the warner/rubio bill is meant to safe guard u.s. technology in the way u.s. business can't run on its own. >> dana: william, thank you. so, amazon ditches plans for a new york headquarters, but they're still planning on beefing up new hires here. we're gonna explain. fantastic news forhave veteran homeowners who need cash. with home values rising all across the country,
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>> dana: welcome back. now our daily three. first up, british lawmakers releasing a report on facebook and accusing them of breaking data privacy and competition laws. number 2, the rise of anti-semitic attacks in france is the link to yellow-vest protesters. the government says the incidents are up 74%. number 3, payless shoes is the latest retail chain to close up shop in the u.s. they plan to shutter more than 2,000 locations. amazon dashing hopes of a hiring surge in one new york neighborhood after ceo jeff bezos bows to pressure from activists and politicians ditching plans for a new york headquarters. the e commerce giant says they will bulk up staff in the area. jeff flock has more. >> unusual for me to be sitting here. >> you're not in the elements.
11:58 am
no snow or rain. what do you think about this? >> mayor de blasio very upset with amazon. he got attacked on both sides, from the business community pulling out and then from the left. here's what he had to say about this latest comment. >> obviously a group of powerful people, the ultimate members of the 1% got together in a board room in seattle and made an arbitrary decision. when you have so much wealth in the hands of few, it doesn't work for the working people. there's plenty of money in this world and the country but in the wrong hands. amazon is making my point for me. what they did is arbitrary and unfair to working people. >> you know, jeff bezos has made a career of making the tough decisions up front. he made this decision quickly like the inquirer thing. you take a hit in the short term but better off in the long-term. >> anybody else looking to swoop in? >> amazon says they're not going
11:59 am
for that they're going to still grow in new york, but they'll actually, you know, not choose a second city. but in illinois, my home state, the governor wants them on board. would they come here? cory booker says how about newark? he knows newark well. we got a quote from him. our local community leaders would like to see amazon come. we're making sure we have a pathway to prevent the ills that are evident in genderification and make sure things work on our terms. sounds like jeff bezos isn't going to like new york any more than new york. >> no. i bet he's heading south. thanks, jeff. you probably want to head south, too, for better weather. good to see you. love having you. >> thanks. >> dana: some florida inmates save the day when they help rescue a baby locked inside a s.u.v. you can see they used tricks of the trade to rescue the toddler after the parents locked their keys in the vehicle.
12:00 pm
the good news is, the baby was not hurt. the inmates had been repairing medians nearby. now they're the heros. thanks for joining us on this monday, president's day. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: ex-congressman to ex-congress. the disgraced form-lawmaker anthony wiener is out of prison but not out of the woods. it appears carlos danger may already be living on the edge. seeming to break the house rules on day one. reporting begins now. was it a hate crime or a hoax? chicago police say they want answers from the actor jussie smollett after their investigation into his alleged assault took a major turn. last month smollett claimed


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