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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 19, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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is happy because i want to be happy. my mom has been finding gray hairs not trying to stress out. he and his dad will join "fox & friends" this morning. i don't know if the dog is. rob: we get it. jillian: have a good day. rob: see you later. >> fox news can confirm that the deputy a.g. rod rosenstein is expected to leave in mid march. >> you have the acting head of the fbi talking about replacing the president. moments in american history. >> 16 states ruling divhag a federal judge block the president's use of a national emergency. >> as hundreds of protests nationwide. >> the national emergency is trump. what this president is doing to this country is unforgivable. >> did this isn't fascism, i don't know what it is. >> kudos to lara logan about the media. >> we have abandoned the effort to be objective today. >> president trump addressing the crisis in
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venezuela. warning against the dangers of socialism. >> we, again, deliver a very simple message. america will never be are a socialist country. [chanting u.s.a.] ♪ na, na, na ♪ this is my town ♪ na, na, na steve: here is our town today new york city. it's a tuesday. but it's going to feel like a monday because a loot of you had the day off yesterday. so welcome back to "fox & friends" day two for us. ainsley: we're going to make it a great day. walking in this morning it's like this is our job. this is so amazing. walking into the studio. thank to our good lord for allowing us to have. this i love this city and we are going to have a wonderful week together. four day week for most of people. steve: we are in the news business and there is news today. brian: rod rosenstein is out. let's not debate it anymore.
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>> the deputy attorney general is expected to step down. did he announce it a month ago and going to step down in a few week. ainsley: departure comes bun one day after former fbi andrew mccabe smiled job to remove the president from office. steve: griff jenkins is live in our national bureau down behind the capitol. griff, after we saw "60 minutes" one of the two of them was lying because they both had different stories u griff: good morning, guys. in a moment i will get to that brian mentions we knew rosenstein planned to step down now we know officially he will leave by mid march. we have confirmation that the new attorney general william barr will replace rosenstein with this man. serving as deputy secretary of transportation. rosen served as office of management and bucket 2006 to 2009 under president george w. bush and before that he was general counsel
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at the dot. the change comes amid the firestorm among mccabe's comments rosenstein considered using the 25th amendment to remove president trump and rosenstein was willing to wear a wire. president is responding over twitter. biggest abuse and scandal in our history and much worse than we thought. andrew member cake, fbi, admitted to plotting a coup, government overthrow, when he was serving in the fbi before he was fired for lying and leaking. treason. now, the doj has dismissed mccabe's claims some lawmakers on the hill are now hinting about hearings to learn more; we should get that announcement later in the week u guys. steve: griff jenkins in our nation's capital. lindsey graham is going to head up the judiciary, he wants to look into these claims. watch this. >> one of the most significant moments in american history if it's true. you had the acting hid of
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the fbi talking to the deputy attorney general about replacing the president. so what i will do, oversight is part of my job. we do have checks and balances. so the congress will watch those who watch us. i will try to find out who was in these meetings and talk to awful them and figure out who is lying because somebody is lying. brian: for f mccabe to defend himself and if rosenstein shows up to defend himself outline the severity of the situation as they viewed it on president trump who just newly elected. they will do a preliminary mueller report before the mueller report because for them not to be indicted for lying to congress or having their book lisd on fiction instead of nonfiction james comey as well. sit there and say why they were so clear that the president of the united states was sold out to russia. ainsley: you know what's interesting? they were trying to oust the president. all three of them are now
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ousted. rosenstein is gone, mccabe is gone and james comey is gone. the president was hitting twitter jed he was railing all of them. mccabe wouldn't go to the bathroom without approval from leaking james comey. rosenstein was part of a treasonous plot in a coup. steve: rosenstein has said i was just joking. if he goes before congress he will go i was joking. ainsley: wearing the wire u. brian: is he radio fiewtedding. ainsley: he said it was too risky to wear the wire. it wouldn't even pay the benefits. what are you going to catch the president saying? steve: sure, if you look at rosenstein's departure and directly tied to the "60 minutes" appearance. it has been assumed in washington, d.c. as soon as they got a new attorney general if he would get his person in there to oversee the mueller investigation, the a.g. is now overseeing it. rod had been taking a look at it let's see what happens with jeff rosen, currently at the department of transportation. could be sitting in rod's
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chair promptly. ainsley: we all expected this. we knew states across the country were going to sue the president over national emergency. now there is a list of them. 16 states. three texas land owners and environmental group suing. shear a list of the states u. brian: list all democratic states out of maryland. maine, california, new york, delaware, hawaii, connecticut, illinois, maryland, michigan, minnesota, nevada, new jersey and new mexico sthovment worked on president's day and they got this lawsuit together. guess where they are filing it? in san francisco. friendly court. game on urge work your way up the ladder. ainsley: supreme court. steve: it could go up to the supreme court. ainsley: probably will. steve: one through the 2020 election. folks would love to have this as a binary choice. and this is what it all comes down to. do you think there is a real emergency on our southern border in the president has made it very clear there is a humanitarian crisis down there. there's a problem with the drugs u the 16 states essentially they want an injunction to prevent the
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president from taking the money to build the wall. in addition suing the president, they sued the department of defense, the treasury, interior, dhs and the senior officials in each of those departments. ainsley: do you know what's interesting? the president wanted 5.7 billion. he got 1.4 billion. but if this emergency order does go through, and it does hit the supreme court, and you have conservative justices that vote for the president, and vote on his side. 6.7 billion beyond what he ha is already authorized. brian: up at 8 billion. going to be able to get a lot done. that's over 100 miles. they say barack obama did 133. president bush 43 did 500, close to 600 miles. this president will do a bigger, better fence and do a lot of other styled steel, the steel slats. steve: right. brian: quick thing to bring up the president did not help his case on friday when he came out and said did i not need to do. this for him not to write
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down the legalese to say is a mistake. to come out there without notes and this impactful legally was a mistake. steve: he felt that as chief administrator, the commander-in-chief he had the right to do that. >> for him to say i don't need to do this goes in the face of it's an emergency. steve: i have seen people say that legal opinion. according to the lawsuit. brian: said it again u. steve: exactly. according to the lawsuit, there is no national emergency. the federal government's own data will prove that there is no emergency because the border patrol date that te'o shows that entries are near 45-year low. this is a misuse of presidential power. why is he doing it if it's not an emergency? of course, the president has made the case over the last two months it is an emergency. brian: you go there and feel the same wait a minute mike is a navy seal, featured on "60 minutes" buff. he has a podcast, very successful mike drop and he asked lara logan if he could come over and interview her.
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they met on "60 minutes" before. great podcast u making news. lara logan is a very respected war journalist at cbs. let's listen. >> most journalists are left or liberal or democrat or whatever word you want to give it how do you know you are being lied to? how do you know you are being manipulated? how do you know there is something not right with the coverage? when they simplify it all and there is no gray. it's all one way. well, life isn't like that. if it doesn't match real life, it's probably not -- something is wrong, right? so, for example, you know, all the coverage on trump all the time is negative. there is nothing -- there is nothing -- no mitigating policy or event or anything that has happened since he was elected that is out
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there in the media that you can read about, right? that tells you that's distortion of the way things go in real life. because the media has always been historically always been left-leaning u we have abandoned our pretense or at least the effort to be objective today. steve: right. what makes this interview on this podcast which runs about two hours so extraordinary, is she a journalist from the mainstream media. and she is saying the mainstream media leans left u it was blistering, unsensorred. an attack on liberal bias. she says it's like propaganda press no, interest in fairness. she says everywhere around the world the media is mostly liberal. not just in the united states. she says 85% of the journalists are registered democrats. that's a fact. and then she jokes that the other 14% is too lazy to register and maybe 1% is on the right. she also said me talking
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right now, professional suicide. ainsley: she said well, we have to see a lot of people agree with her about that. steve: 85% doesn't. ainsley: she gave a great example. when you go to israel there is the wailing wall and small section for women to pray. the rest of the entire wall is for men to pray. that's what the media is like. few media outlets like fox where the women go to pray the rest is where the men go to pray. biased. brian: she sat and talked about her entire career. she has won respect on both sides of the aisle. especially in the military community. she is fearless. and she is honest and fair. ainsley: she is a good journalist. not a republican or democrat. "60 minutes" correspondent. she will not vote in the united states because the united states is too polarized. what do you think? 6:12 in new york city and in the meantime jillian joins us. jillian: good morning. we are following a story out
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of california. let's start with this. first responders saved 1u6 people stranded on amusement park ride overnight. passengers including children and a baby left hanging in go an gone dough gonr water. it came to a sudden stop after a strong gust of wind tripped a circuit breaker. the ride will be inspected before it is reopened. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg expected to return to the bench today. 85-year-old would hear arguments for the first time since having surgery to remove cancer in her lungs in december. before her recent absences quincyburg had never missed oral argument since being confirmed in 1993. a second woman accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault makes a call for open hearings. >> justin fairfax's alleged victim said she is frustrated by his calls for an fbi probe.
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meredith watson writing such investigations are secret proceedings out of public eye leaving victims vulnerable to selective leaks and smears. fairfax denies the allegations against him. melania trump debuting a healing garden in children's hospital in miami. writing in part quote i hope the garden nurtures and heals all the young children who visit. thank you for all the important work you are doing. #be best. that's beautiful. steve: that is beautiful. such good work they do down there. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, jillian. thousands of anti-trump protesters marching all over the country. rob schmitt went to one of those protests and joins us live with what he found out. there he is coming up next. steve: looking at his pictures right there. louis farrakhan has a history of anti-semitic ranks. have you heard? >> ms. omar they are trying to make her apologize.
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>> ha, ha, and ha. there isn't a national emergency on our border. >> there is no crisis there. i mean, there is a crisis on the planet if you want to talk about climate change. >> the national emergency is trump. brian: all right. hundreds of presidents staged against trump and right here in new york city. ainsley: rob schmitt wasn't down there to talk to some of the folks. rob: there was like 200 of these protests yesterday all over the country. this one maybe 150, 1200 people at it. and now you have 16 states filing lawsuit and a number of organizations. come out of wood works. everyone wants to get on this lawsuit. we went to talk to people that actually gathered yesterday on a holiday in the cold and see what really brought them out there. take a look. >> i think we should have an open border. >> an open border? >> yeah. a lot of economists will say if you open up the borders and then you start having a lot of social welfare, you will have an expense like have you never known. >> yeah. that's true.
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i'm not really concerned about it. and it's hard for me to take arguments from the right about the national debt seriously. i mean, we don't need a wall. to me that's like $5 billion that could be spent on things that could make much more substantive change. rob: is he socialism and anti-border. i told him well, you could never afford that it's not really plausible. he didn't seem to mind. he made good points u the republicans are running up the deficit as fast as anybody else at this point. brian: 2 trillion since took over. rob: everybody is spending money good way to get votes. you go to something like this. expecting to see full blown leftist u and the amount of moderate democrats that we met there people that said we do need borders. we do want barriers but we don't want the wall actually surprised me. steve: was it of your opinion that they had any inkling that there could be a crisis at our southern border? is it a crisis that the human trafficking, the drugs? things like that. rob: first thing most of them would say just to
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actually laugh that there is a crisis at the southern border. most of these people haven't actually seen the southern border. if you bring up things like the human trafficking and things done to woman and risks they say that the administration ♪ too long anything to stop that. and they say those things were happening before. steve: wouldn't the wall stop it? rob: that's what the argument. ainsley: older? younger? rob: that was exactly the strangest thing was the age of this demonstration. i would say 55 was the average age. it was a much older crowd. steve: not a college crowd. rob: didn't see a lot of kids at all and it was cold. brian: they were off yesterday. rob: most of them had the day off. different kind of crowd. there has been so much protesting and so good at protesting. this is what the left does. steve: move one of the groups that organized it all right, rob. thank you much. brian: see new an hour. elizabeth warren says when she was a kid, minimum wage
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3:25 am
a hoax. farrakhan says omar does not need to apologize for accusing a lobbying group of paying members of congress to support the country of israel. >> sweetheart, don't do that you have nothing to apologize for. you were sent there by the people to shake up that corrupt house. shake it up. steve: farrakhan has a history of anti-semitic comments. all right. over to you. ainsley: thank you so much. 2020 presidential hopeful senator elizabeth warren making a bold claim on minimum wage. warren tweeting this: back when i was a kid a minimum wage job could support a family of three. today a full-time minimum wage job in america won't keep a momma and baby out of poverty. our movement is about making real, fundamental change to fix this. is that actually true and who is minimum wage really
3:26 am
supposed to help? joining me now is star parker founder and president for the center of urban renewal and education. thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome. good morning. ainsley: look at minimum wage then when she was younger. 1961. it was a 1.15 an hour. now is $7.25 an hour. it's been like that since 2009, for a long time. and there is some efforts to change those laws is that enough back then in the 1960's to support a family of three? >> we know it was not. we are going to have a lot of fun this election cycle until the democrats decide which progressive they are going to choose to join against to run against donald trump to beat them. we can have this discussion about the benefits of socialism or capitalism again. everybody knows that $1 an hour you cannot support a family of three. why she was attempting to make that point is foolishness. this is our poverty in our society. it was a poverty then. it's poverty today. that's why most conservatives argue for full
3:27 am
family. that you take a minimal wage job when you are young. in fact, 50% of the people making minimum wage today are young, single. first rung. get, in work hard. they get another job. then they get a little bit more education. they get married and then they start a family. what's interesting on what senator warren is trying to do. now she is going after one of the other people groups within the democrat party. they have segregated and separate you had this country into all these little peep groups. now she is going after the momma and the baby. that single welfare population and it's just going to backfire on her once again. ainsley: are you saying the minimum wage job are to get you in the door and not there to raise a family. >> they are only not there to raise a family which is what a lot of people try to do. the reason they are trying to do that now because the government interjected itself in wages. wages person working and person offering a job. government should interject itself into the market of that. instead of people saying let me get in that first rung
3:28 am
and prove to this employer that i can do really good so that somebody else come work for them. what we have gone to the nanny state and said fix this for us. we should not even have a minimum wage. wages are flexible because threntsd is put on the table and somebody buys that talent. ainsley: what do you think about there are 20 states that want to change the minimum wage. they want to increase 7.25 up to $15. >> i think those states are at risk for the states that say to the businesses come on in here and create jobs. and you negotiate with our worker population pay them. competition is what changes wages. your hard pressed to even find minimum wage jobs in the country anymore because competitive labor forces offer higher wages for people. the business should set that wage and the business does set those wages. and states that interject themselves into that don't fair very well. you can look at seattle and washington state to see that. ainsley: all right, star
3:29 am
parker, thanks for joining us. >> you are welcome. ainsley: thieves breaking into a store stealing dozens of guns in just minutes the smash and grab caught on camera. president trump blasting socialism during a speech down in florida. >> we, again, deliver a very simple message. america will never be a socialist country. [cheers and applause] ainsley: are the voters saying about that this morning. todd is having breakfast with friends down in miami. hi, touchdown. >> hey, ainsley. on the heels of that big speech we are talking to families who left socialism. these folks are fired up, right? [cheers and applause] >> more "fox & friends" after this. ♪ me and my gang ♪ we live to ride ♪ reride to live ♪
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>> they free and pray together loudly and proudly that soon the people of venezuela will be free as well. [cheers and applause] >> we, again, deliver a very simple message, america will never be a socialist country. >> president trump and the first lady, melania, addressing the crisis in venezuela, warning against dangers of socialism in miami yesterday. what do the voters think? steve: let's talk to todd piro. we have sent him down to the cozy corner in miami springs where is he talking to folks about the president and first lady in that area yesterday. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. yeah. what an emotional day yesterday. speaking with the individuals outside the trump speech about what socialism does to families and societies, take a listen. >> they talk about socialism
3:34 am
being the best thing for any type of government. but it's not. i came from venezuela. i love this country. i love what president trump is doing. >> as a person whose parents came from flee ago socialist country that came to this country looking for the american dream, it's kind of appalling that these democrats and liberals are calling for socialism. >> it doesn't work. that's why we want to see -- out. >> i was born in venezuela nothing is for free. you need to work to get what you want. >> i'm so glad that president trump said that we'll never have socialism here in the united states of america. todd: all right. so, with that, we just have a big announcement, 2020 contender now bernie sanders has announce you had the democratic socialist is going to throw his hat into the ring for president. a vietnam veteran. he lived in europe. grew up in europe. what do you think about the bernie announcement? >> i can't stop laughing.
3:35 am
todd: why? >> it's a gift. it's a gift to the republican party and trump that's all. todd: explain? >> well, they are so out of touch with reality. they are selling kool-aid. they have been doing tonight campuses for years. and it's spread out and utopian idea of everything is wonderful. i saw the results in europe and eastern europe. and you look in south america. you see cuba. you look at venezuela. people don't get it. they keep wanting to try to make it work. todd: as a veteran, let's talk about the wall. first of all, thank you for your service. second, you say why do we help all these other countries control their borders and not ours? >> we have american troops and there are 195 countries in the world. we have american troops and 150 of them. 75%. so why are we out there helping them protect their borders, their national identity and we can't protect our own? it doesn't make sense. it's illogical. todd: great answers.
3:36 am
parents are cuban immigrants. what do you think of the bernie announcement? >> send in the clowns. todd: wow. this table doesn't pull any punches. why do you say that? >> well, come on, there are a list of characters running. it's a socialist who's who? i think our president is going to do just fine. we love him. todd: you call socialism a failed concept, why? >> it goes against human nature? it has three very dark ingredients? it has jealousy, division, and hatred. sounds like a democrat party to me. todd: as the son of legal immigrants. when i asked you what is your argue 789 on the wall. you said to me why is there even an argument? why did you say that? >> there shouldn't be. it's our border. we should determine who comes in and our president is absolutely doing a great job. is he the people's president. todd: understood. you know, when you hold horses back because you want to get them all fired up and then you release them. that's renan and frank.
3:37 am
these are going to be up in the 7:00 hour. toss it back to you in new york. steve: looks like a great breakfast in miami. it's official. bernie sanders in an interview that airs this morning on vermont public radio announced that he is running for president. it's a lot different than the last time he ran for president. because back then, he was one of the underdogs. there is bernie up on capitol hill. when he ran against hillary clinton he was the underdog but now he enters the presidential race for 2020 as one of the top contenders along with joe biden. the two of them are leading in the polls. by the way, i have been told by people close to the biden campaign, joe biden is actually hiring campaign staff members. so he is in it as well. ainsley: we heard that about bernie sanders there were reports that he was filling top positions. he was looking for individuals. possibly chuck rocha. he political video. a video has not been released yet if there is one.
3:38 am
brian: he almost won iowa and new hampshire. questions on cnn being given to hillary clinton ahead of time. all the super delegates hillary clinton had before this whole thing started. just remember, there was no competition outside of hillary clinton last time around. you had governor o'malley who's invisible and some other marginal players. now you have a situation where have you already double figures of entries and a lot of which mirror socialist policies. look at his track record passed nothing. chairman of one committee he did zero for the v.a. he admitted it was a total crisis he presided over. ainsley: when he ran in 2016 it's a different environment now believe it or not. you have the socialist agenda. he is the one who started that and now it's gotten more and more popular. he was too liberal in 2016. steve: right. ainsley: the question would he be now? steve: a lot of people campaigning in new hampshire are trying to outbernie bernie. yesterday kamala harris was
3:39 am
asked about bernie sanders because he had won the big primary and she said up there four years ago and she said i'm not a democratic socialist. brian: she is not. that's the opposite of what bernie is. ainsley: go down to miami, jillian, they are all saying no to the 10e678. their parents lived there. brian: they all sat at that one table u. jillian: we will certainly see. the atf joining the search for thieves who swiped 79 guns from a hard ware store. surveillance showing the suspects tear through the arkansas shop, taking pictures, revolvers and pistols. there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. hiker is rescued after getting trapped in quick sand. free the man in utah's zion national park. he says he is lucky to be alive. >> like black concrete and
3:40 am
felt like it dried instantly. i couldn't move my leg at all. >> the hiker was air lift to the hospital the next morning with hypo thermia. amazingly he is okay. a pregnant waitress left in tears after a police officer leaves a $100 tip. the new jersey cop stunning the server on his $9 bill. >> i respect all officers, so i mean it just gives me a higher respect for them and their jobs. >> the officer also left the waitress a note reading, quote: enjoy your first. you will never forget. >> i saw that yesterday. what a great guy. >> so many thoughts. is he right first child u so excited and he is young. she a waitress. she probably needs that extra money. steve: 100 bucks on 8 bucks. not bad. out on the streets you have new york city janice dean joins us. a big storm moving through
3:41 am
the plains. >> d.c. could get 4 to 6 inches of snow. we all know happens to d.c. things shut down quickly. take a look at the maps. much of the country dealing with cold weather this morning there are current temperatures zero in minneapolis. it's 24 in new york. the wind chill it feels like the teens. feels like subzero temperatures across the you werupper midwest. next system comes out of the gulf of mexico, this one is going to spread snow and ice across the mid-atlantic. heavy rain as well from portions of louisiana, kentucky. winter weather really stretching from the appalachians all the way up towards the mid-atlantic. parts of the northeast. d.c., look at you. easily 2 to 4, maybe 6 inches in the outer areas of d.c. and then it will go into a wintry mix and rain event for much of the northeast. travel will be impacted starting tonight into wednesday and thursday. we will keep you up to date. all right. >> back inside, steve, ainsley and brian.
3:42 am
steve: still winter. >> yes, it is. brian: some actors will get awards but losers won't leave empty handed. get this, the big surprise in the oscar's gift bag this year you might just find unacceptable. steve: they are going to pot. plus, could andrew mccabe face charges for what he revealed in his "60 minutes" interview. the judge napolitano on the case. come on out. you are the next contestant on "fox & friends." ♪ no privacy. ♪ i always feel like ♪ somebody's watching me ♪ is this just a dream ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you.
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3:45 am
nurses and parents. jillian: welcome back. quick headlines. wisconsin democratic governor wants to take it easy on pot smoker. pushing to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. he also wants to fully legalize medical marijuana. and the academy awards will
3:46 am
incorporate pot this year bags for nominees reportedly have a number of marijuana based products. they will include cannabis infused facial cream. chocolates containing thc and v.i.p. membership pot friendly social club. maybe hayek co-ladies from the awards show. [sighs] >> all my friends from philadelphia. brian: more backlash over andrew mccabe's stunning claims with "60 minutes" when he claimed rod rosenstein talked about wearing a wire with him at the white house and discussed ousting tweeting in part there is a lot of explaining to do to the millions of people who had just elected a president who they really like and who has done a great job for them with the military, vets, economy and so much more. this was the illegal and treasonous insurance policy in mull action. >> so can andrew mccabe actually face charges? let's talk to fox news
3:47 am
senior judicial analyst and host of liberty file on fox nation judge andrew napolitano. >> you can't blame the president for being furious. his fury should be aimed at rod rosenstein whom he could fire with the stroke of a pen or a phone call. they are going to let him stay on for another month until his replacement is in place at the justice department. the reason is he staying on is the top two people in the doj are supposed to be senate confirmed and his replacement. very competent lawyer by the jail-time of jeff rosen, it will take about a month for the replacement to come in. they committed fireable offenses. thanks be to god i hated this amendment when it was answeenacted it permits a legal coup. rosenstein has denied this to the president and denied it in other forums. and mccabe says it happened. somebody is telling the truth and somebody is not.
3:48 am
senator graham thankfully and senate judiciary hear from both. brian: tie breaker is jim baker he testified behind closed doors not only did he bring it up but they even had two people that they believed would have been turning on the president. >> yes. brian: in order to complete the coup. sessions and john kelly. >> they actually counted heads in the cabinet. now, here's their defect. the way the 25th amendment is written, they must have the vice president with them,s who loyalty to the president is legendary and unshakeable thanks be to god. even if they had the entire. ainsley: he would become president. >> even if they had the entire cabinet the 25th amendment in this respect is fruitless without the agreement of the vice president. steve: ultimately it just shows at the highest levels of the department of justice and the fbi there seemed to be a bias against this man. >> and a willingness to do the most extreme thing the justice department has ever done. it's one thing for the doj to investigate a vice
3:49 am
president like agnew. but to manipulate the president of the united states out of office it's breath-taking, historic and you, of course, it didn't work. ainsley: they were trying to oust the president. but those three individuals are the ones that got ousted. >> yes. ainsley: comey, mccabe and rosenstein. >> i don't think comey was involved. at least he wasn't in the fbi at the time these conversations took place. brian: it was in response to comey's firing. >> some may say it was discussed before comey left we haven't heard any evidence of that. brian: here is the strongsest case. they have to sit there and tell lindsey graham's committee, judiciary committee, why they believe the president was an agent of russia. they will have a mini mueller trial. >> yes. brian: either in front or behind closed doors before mueller gives us his results. >> this is either going to be without credibility or have to reveal some things that mueller doesn't want revealed. steve: right. >> that's going to be up to senator graham and the judiciary committee if they do it if public or private. >> i'm against all these things in private. steve: depends on if they have a hearing before the
3:50 am
mueller result. >> yes. steve: thank you very much. >> a pleasure, guys. steve: fewer americans are doing things like going to church and volunteering. fueled some attacks by people on the left. next guest talked with people all across the country. that's exactly how president trump got elected. he will explain coming up next. ainsley: store employee harasses a teenage boy for wearing a maga hat. we will tell you what happened next. >> take off your hat because 14-year-old child said f you to my son. my son said nothing to him. did nothing. steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
3:51 am
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>> growing divide across the united states fueled by the left's attacks on our nation's most sacred and crucial social institutions,
3:54 am
new data reveals fewer americans participating in social institutions such as going to church and even volunteering. our next guest visited towns all across the country experiencing this social ruin and here to explain thousand led president trump to the white house. author of brand new book released this morning it's called alienated america. tim carney joins us live right now. tim, good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you. steve: you talked about alienated america. where is the american dream still alive in america. >> i did go to lots of places where the american dream is still alive. one the he a lets really do have strong communities. i talk about chevy chase, maryland, other places where people have lots of college education but most importantly there are really strong religious communities in middle america that have such good outcomes. so much of rural america you see opioid overdoses and other problems. those don't exist in places like salt lake city or visited wisconsin a really strong church at the center.
3:55 am
so in america today, because we're so secularized the church communities are really the ones that are standing out there as extra strong and support. steve: here's the problem lot as many people going to church. >> that's a big problem. a lot of reasons. one is modern technology. changes the way we interact and provides distractions. sit at home on sunday morning. another is that the left is chasing the church out of the public square. people like nancy pelosi, in n. my book she says i do my religion on sundays. you can't. religion is supposed to be out there and part of the community and part of the institution. institutions in america. that's what you need to connect you to other people to build a family. steve: how does that all connect with how donald trump was elected president? >> so, when trump said the american dream is dead. the elites did not buy it the suffering is real you know this a blue collar guy doesn't make as much money as his father. it's hard to form these
3:56 am
families. did i go around to the polices where american dream seemed dead and seemed alive. what i found in some of these places where it seemed dead it wasn't economics it was the loss of these institutions other politicians aren't out there to articulate that pain. it seemed alive in the elite circles. >> how do we turn it around? >> it has to happen on the local level. that's the thing. somebody like bernie sanders. steve: just declared is he running for president. >> he sees these problems. he thinks the central government will be the problem. it never will be. trump has started by stopping the war on religious institutions. really it's going to be up to all sorts of people. starting up a new little league and going to church and inviting friends. only way to turn it around and rebuild from the bottom up. little that maria to ans that used to connect people together. have to be rebuilt. steve: don't sit in your house go. outside and do something. all part of a brand new book alienated in america.
3:57 am
tim carney, thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: it's a beautifully written book. congratulations. >> thanks. steve: a possible motive may have been revealed against ago tore in chicago. we are live with new developments coming up next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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the most available driver assist techonology in its class. the new 2019 ford edge ♪ brian: rod rosenstein is out. ainsley: one day after andrew mccabe reveals a inside job to remove the president. >> manipulate the president of the united states out of office. this is breath-taking, historic. steve: those brothers questioned on the alleged attack on empire attack tore jussi smollett are speaking out saying quote we are not racist. >> why do so many people believe it? the answer is they despise donald trump. >> california leading a multi-state lawsuit against emergency declaration. taking the liberal battle to the liberal ninth circuit. >> matthew serious is
4:01 am
comparing maga hats to ku klux klan hoods. >> bernie sanders has announced the democratic socialist is going to throw his hat into the ring for president. >> united states will never be a socialist country. [chanting u.s.a.] brian: here we go. another one in this race. we are up to nine. bernie sanders does what many people said he unofficially did over the weekend. recorded of an i'm in video and announces i'm going to be in for 2020 like i was in for 2016. ainsley: he had radio interview this morning this morning and he said yeah, i'm. in i'm running for president. show you a list of all the democrats actually, we have that let's hear it. steve: the thing about bernie now that he has declared he is going to run for president on the democratic party. he has been a national leader ever since he ran against hillary clinton in 2016 and did really well. even though he is one of the national leaders in the
4:02 am
democratic party. he refuses to join the democratic party. he described himself as a democratic socialist when you look at his agenda universal healthcare and healthcare for all many other things that made bernie 2016 stabbed out. watch this. >> tuition-free. three months family and medical leave. living wage. 15 bucks an hour. >> healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege. >> ideas are now your ideas because of your support. brian: medicare for all. single pair system. free college. anti-israel policy. it won him it almost took iowa. and then all of the sudden debbie wasserman schultz working behind the scenes cut his knees out along with
4:03 am
the super delegates required before bernie sanders who was actually. in. ainsley: vote for him. very liberal agenda. you heard what he is for. 2016 different race than 2020. looks like the country more and more people are supporting the socialist agenda. that's what you get request him when we asked the voters. we did a poll last week when the voters were asked who do you want? joe biden was number one and bernie sanders was number two. so far joe b biden hasn't gotten in the race it looks like bleanders do well. steve: biden and bernie sounds like they will be in it. they are the two candidates on the democratic side with the best name recognition four years later, 2016 bernie sanders was a real contrast to hillary clinton. now when you look at the things ran on. that's what everybody is running on it seems like. when it comes to medicare for all. harris, gillibrand, booker, warren, klobuchar all for that amy klobuchar who yesterday said she is not
4:04 am
for free tuition or everybody. ainsley: she wants the first two paid for like a community college she said she did support bernie on $15 an hour minimum wage. with bernie on that. just not free college business. brian: what about the timing? the timing of a socialist declaring for president one day after the president of the united states condemned socialism in miami and we look at venezuela as a case in point of what could happen to america with all our natural resources, with all our history like venezuela, much richer than venezuela. and all their oil resources they have gone into the toilet as a country they can't even stock their shelves with food that would be too expensive to buy anyway because of inflation. so, this is -- like look at me. if i'm a democrat. if i'm running the democratic committee, i would be outraged right now. he won't join my party, yet he wants my nomination. i say hit the road. in or out?
4:05 am
steve: they tried to create a law the dnc apparently that's not true. anyway out news this morning bernie is in it to win it. ainsley: what do you think kamala harris is saying right now? steve: bring it on. why not? more the merrier. big contrast there. a new report possible motive against actor jussi smollett. ainsley: comes as brothers once considered persons of interest are breaking silence born in nigeria from chicago. no plans to meet with police today again, matt the police want to meet with him. >> requested a follow-up interview with jussi smollett. as of 5:00 p.m. yesterday they did 23409 hear back from him. this was a holiday. they were giving him the benefit of the doubt. just j smollett's manager says is he going to continue to cooperate with detectives
4:06 am
if he does not. there is a chance they present this case to prosecutors. told during interrogation they rehearsed the attack with smollett. smollett was suspect set that a death threat him aweek prior with a maga return address did not garner more attention. proceeded with this elaborate alleged attack. smollett's attorney says anyone claiming jussi played a role in his own attack is lying. here is why smollett feels he was allegedly assaulted. why do you think you were targeted? >> i can just assume -- against 45. i come really hard against his administration. >> this morning, chicago police are not formally called smollett the suspect in this case. however, no longer calling him necessarily the victim. referring to him as the person who reported this
4:07 am
incident. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: wow, where does he go from here? thanks, matt, great work. people who immediately backed him are backing off. kamala harris won't comment on the smollett probe. we have a sound bite coming up later. ainsley: she did comment when it first happened. brian: condemning the attack calls an attack against humanity. she has since deleted that the question is, too. what was he getting at and what is he going to be charged? if you think about how the racial unrest in this country anti trump movement. not just anti trump hatred african-american, to say it was anti-gay attack and race attack and because i don't like trump. there could be widespread riots because of that. ainsley: comments on by the politicians weighed in. >> you the reason people
4:08 am
believed it because they wanted to believe it they believe donald trump is a racist and they believe racism remains a major problem in america. and you put those two together. voila, the story had legs. the question is why do so many people believe it? and the answer is they despise donald trump. donald trump is a racist. donald trump support racist. the not only racist also homophobic and people that engage in violence. they wanted to believe it and ran with it and now they are embarrassed. steve: there you go. there is a thread. reportedly, in the initial story that mr. smollett gave chicago police. they said something about imagine gaffe. make america great again. an article in so loan that says this. scholar matt serious some day maga hats will be shameful secrets like klan robes. a "the washington post" columnist. when he was speaking to salon, he said this: in a few generations from now, finding a maga hat in your
4:09 am
grandparents' closet would be your grandfather's or grand mother's face in one of those lunch counter photos harassing the black people who are trying to fight jim crow and win their equal human rights. he also says in that article, in salon, to wear donald trump's maga hat and other uniforms is an endorsement of everything he stands for. people who support donald trump need to be held morally accountable. and then that ties in with what happened in observe enter landon or aboutlandon eno. van shoes. >> walks in there wearing a make great again hat and is he offended by the employee who makes comments about it and uses profanity. the mother walks in, momma bear and defends her son. listen. >> what did you say to my
4:10 am
son? to my 14-year-old son? >> yeah. >> my son walks into your store. that gentleman first told him take off your hat. he said nothing to him. 14-year-old child. and then he said f you to my son. my son said nothing to him. did nothing. that is disrespectful. he did nothing. steve: apparently after the employee told the kid when he walked in. he said take off your maga cap. then he said f you to the kid. and then the mother said what did you say to my son my 14-year-old. he said back to her i'm sure he has heard it before. and she said where is the manager and that's how saw right there and that's the guy who fired the kid who said f you to the 14-year-old. unbelievable. vans by the way, their corporate office says the actions and comments from this employee is in contrast with our values and beliefs.
4:11 am
ainsley: let us know what you think about that hand it over to jillian. jillian: california leading multi-state lawsuit against president trump's emergency declaration. 16 democratic attorneys general taking the legal battle to the court. claiming the action is unconstitutional. this after the president claimed national emergency allowing him to move $6 billion of funds to build a border wall. they say the money will hurt their economies. first responders say 16 people stranded on an amusement park ride overnight. passengers,including children and a baby left hanging in gondolas over water. it took hours to save them one by one lowering them into rescue boats using harnesses. strong gust of wind tripped a circuit breaker. the ride will be inspected before it's reopened.
4:12 am
the judge will rule on a request to dismiss the lawsuit against a presidential center. the group is suing to prevent the $500 million human and library from being built in a public park in chicago. they argue that the city is illegally giving parkland to the obama foundation. the city of chicago wants the lawsuit tossed. iconic fashion designer has died. the creative director of chanel passed away in paris after being sick for several weeks. he missed a that nell fashion show last month. his exact cause of death is unknown. he was 85 years old. ainsley: icon in the industry. steve: 85 years. ainsley: everything we love about the clothes we can't afford. jillian: i know. ainsley: he created. is he behind that amazing. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: back to breaking news. bernie sanders is running for president again releasing this video moments ago. >> our campaign is about
4:13 am
transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice. ainsley: well, does he have a chance this time around? we're going to ask harry reid's former communications director up next. brian: heads up. close call for one hockey sportscaster caught on camera. steve: let's see that again ♪ to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. ♪ i'm bernie sanders, i'm running for president. our campaign is not only about de2350e9ing donald trump, the most dangerous president in modern american history. it's not only about winning the nomination and general election. our campaign is about transforming our country. brian: there you go. the tape that was evidently done over the weekend is now out. a fox news alert. moments ago bernie sanders officially announced his second run for president of the united states. he is 76 years old. but, will it work for him and -- excuse me, 77. will it work for him this time around now that he is 77 and more experienced?
4:18 am
let's ask democratic strategist john somers he served as communications director for former house majority leader harry reid. the senator, of course, recovering he has cancer and he is trying to work his way back. they got it early, you mentioned. so bernie sanders in. are you surprised no, i'm thought surprised. there has been. i'm not really surprised. i'm not republicans have been waiting for. right? condemns it in miami. this is an important time. is he actually going going to demonstrate the difference between socialism and what democrats are standing forever. that's been something that the republican stat jises have tried to conflate. they tried to label democrats as socialists and now bernie sanders coming out with his campaign will clearly be able to show a difference. brian: john, i think you are right outside the howard
4:19 am
schultz and mike bloomberg thinking about getting. in they quickly said almost every candidate i am for free college. i am for the green new deal. i am for getting rid of private insurance and kamala harris' case u so, it was really hard to tour push back when this come out and said. this bernie sanders, medicare for all and free college and single pair. he also is something who is not a democrat. he wants to use the apparatus of the democratic party. he won't go into the party. would do democrats put up with this w. that? >> you hear so often we are a big tent. but, personally, i'm bothered by it i'm bothered by the fact that over the last two years, you know, we had the state of the union dress. we had the democratic response to the state of the union address and then we had bernie sanders response tout state of the union address. so he if he wants to run as a separate, you know, socialist then great, go ahead and do that do i have issues with the fact that he, to your point, that he is trying to use the democratic party apparatus in order to become president. brian: senator elizabeth warren warren came out yesterday on some programs
4:20 am
big ideas. wealth tax in order to pay for free preschool. your reaction as that being a viable program resonate with the american people. >> i don't know if that's the ultimate solution that's going to come out of it the reality is you have a lot of working families out there who need to have jobs to pay the bills. but, child care takes out such a big chunk of their income that it does make it difficult. you have a lot of families that have to decide i do work or just stay home and take care of my child? so i think we do need to do something to address the lack of affordable child care in america. whether that's a solution. i don't know. i think it is, you know, it's easy to look at these things whether it's green new deal or warren's child care proposal. it's easy to look at these things in isolation u what the primary is going to do for us is allow us to see all of these candidates and their entire platforms in total so we get a much clearer picture of who we are going to be voting for. brian: john, intramuller setting bring it out of each other and go into the big picture.
4:21 am
good to see you. >> you too. brian: we have been telling you free speech is under attack on campuses nationwide. students fighting for their right to speak out. one of those students will join us next ♪ say jerr
4:22 am
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america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ brian: now time for news by the numbers. i will be standing the entire time. first, 20. that's how many years tourists at the grand canyon may have been exposed to radiation. paint buckets in a museum bucket contained uranium although the buckets were removed. the park's department never let the public know. i'm going to walk over here and read. next, zero, that's how many candidates the obamas are planning to endorse for the democratic nomination for president that according to the daily times citing
4:25 am
sources and interviews from former advisors. finally number 3. here we go. 3 feet that's the length of chapo the alligator finding a starve drugs during a drug raid in pennsylvania. the reptile nicknamed after drug lord el chapo convicted last week of doing everything wrong. steve and ainsley. ainsley: in your defense the numbers on the floor are tiny tiny. brian: very small. ainsley: but we seemlessly do it. steve: thank you, brian. conservative students pushing a new bill to protect their first amendment rights in and out of the classroom on campus. ainsley: this comes after the federal court ruled in favor of a christian student group that said the university of iowa discriminated against that group because their leaders must abide by a statement of faith. and joining us now to discuss this is jordan
4:26 am
landau, campus correspondent and student at the university of iowa. so what's the latest because i know you are part of the upthat went to lawmakers and said we need a bill that allows for free speech on campus. what happened there. >> yeah. i'm not a lawyer. but the university of iowa barring business leaders christ violation of our first amendment rights. as a jewish student i applaud for standing um for what they believe in. the leadership institute's campus reform has been reporting for years on examples of colleges and universities trying to suspend our constitutional rights on campus. steve: do you feel like they are picking on you for unevenly or, you know, is this discretion across the board? >> i feel like that's definitely discretion across the board. every student was affected by what happened with business leaders in christ.
4:27 am
before the court ruling in favor of that student organ. thoog. the university tried to descrim tear clause and 30 groups decided not to and temporarily success spebsdzed including one i'm involved in. ainsley: why does the school have a problem with business leaders in christ? are they saying or does the organization say you you havhave to bea christian? what was the argument there? what was the problem? >> the problem was the student wanted to be on leadership but didn't relate to some of their beliefs so the organization i'm sorry you can't beline leadership, and that's what started the whole thing. steve: there at the university of iowa, jordyn, have you personally noticed that your first amendment
4:28 am
rights have been infringed. >> you know. it's very concerning that a taxpayer funded institution like the university of iowa would take such a step. i feel like college students are legal adults and our constitutional rights are not suspended when we get on to campus. and i feel like higher education requires free speech and tolerance and diversity allowing beliefs even those we don't agree with. steve: we did reach out to the university of iowa for a statement. they have not responded. ainsley: jordyn thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. steve: let's see what happens. a democratic governor cancelled plans to build immigration detention center in their state. one lawmaker says it's not just a swipe at president trump it's a swipe at her entire state. he will join us live. ainsley: police officers saving two young children from inside a stolen car. the dramatic moments caught on camera. >> kidnapping? was ahead of its time.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
♪ >> i'm bernie sanders, i'm running for president. our campaign is about taking on the powerful special interest that dominate our economic and political life. we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. we should not have a grotesque level of wealth inequality. ainsley: that's bernie sanders officially announcing his second run for the white house. the independent socialist joining a crowd of democratic field on the heels of president trump's speech in miami last night warning about the dangers of socialism. steve: what do the voters in that neck of the woods think? let's talk to todd piro. he is talking to them breakfast at a very cozy looking place cozy corner in miami springs, florida. todd? todd: good morning. beautifully named and how appropriate you said
4:33 am
president trump was just down the street talking about the ills of socialism and this morning democratic socialist bernie sanders announces he is going to be running for the white house in 2020. so we have some amazing reaction to that. renan your dad was a political prisoner in cuba. you call socialism destructive. what do you call bernie sanders entering. >> socialism is destructive. bernie's vision for america is destructive as well. he almost got to be the frontrunner with hillary it didn't work out. i think they wanted someone younger. i don't think it's going to be a big fac factor. >> thank you for your service, sir. the son of immigrants. you say socialism does not work. your reaction to bernie? >> it's a failed experiment. never works. you know, in cuba and venezuela, example resounding. the thing about bernie he is upfront about his socialism. there is not going to be any surprises. i hope voters educated
4:34 am
themselves on the field. it doesn't allow this to come to fruition. todd: in an area we are in right now so many venezuelan americans. what do you think the reaction to bernie's announcement is going to be? >> almost laughable. great we love our president. adding candidates like bernie to the democratic ticket will only fortify his position it worries me after 2020. when he is done four more years. then what's going to happen? that's where my concern is. todd: thank you. peter spent 30 years in law enforcement has a very specific response. >> bernie sanders is a socialist he does not want to give us the tools we need. surplus military equipment and the weapons we need. todd: getting a call u. >> and in orlando, at the pulse bar. we are 49 people were
4:35 am
killed. the police used a military surplus vehicle. they knocked down the wall and they were able to go in and shoot the guy who had killed 49 people. todd: obviously this will be one of the points discussed in the many debates that can you expect over the course of the next couple months. zachery, you say that for young people who like socialism. they need a field trip to either cuba or venezuela. what is your reaction to bernie sanders' announcement? >> my reaction would be that two of my grand daughters have gone on field trips. in their younger years in school. and both of them have been very educational. i think taking kids to places like venezuela and cuba would be an eye opening experience to see what socialism is all about firsthand. i think bernie running as the democrat president candidate is the best thing in the world for the democrats and the republicans.
4:36 am
todd: why do you say is that? >> because it's bad for the democrats and great for the republicans. todd: zachery, thank you. finally felix, he has the line of the day. he called bernie sanders a unicorn. why? >> because he promises all these great things and rainbows and wonderful things and he can't deliver on that. history has shown that socialism doesn't work in any country. they promised the poor and down trodden all these wonderful things that never gets to happen. unfortunately he is nowtz going to be able to produce. he will get the votes, maybe, which is great for us because i think it will help trump win out presidency in 2020. tolded to thank you for your time u you will give yourself a round of applause u great stuff. back to new york city. [applause] steve: todd piro live at the cozy corner getting reaction to bernie sanders who is now running for president. ainsley: he is in the race officially as of this morning. hand it over to jillian who has headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning to you. good morning to you at home. this story is a big talker. an american woman who moved to syria to become an isis
4:37 am
bride is pleading to come home. hoda's family tells out "new york post" she is ready to pay her debt to society. she is speaking fraught a refugee camp. >> i realize i made a big mistake and i know i ruined my future and my son's future and i deeply, deeply regret it. >> she called four attacks on mesh miracle online before leaving alabama for syria in 2014. police officers rescued children from an alleged carjacker. the dramatic moments caught on body camera in tulsa, oklahoma. >> hands up. >> hands up. >> step out. >> get out of the car. >> get out of the car. >> officers pulling the driver out of car at a gas station. he allegedly stole the car with two young kids inside when their mother went inside a store. the kids were not hurt. the suspect is facing several charges, including kidnapping. veterans are demanding the return of a 100-year-old bible stolen from a vfw
4:38 am
hall. it? >> has been a pretty sacred part for a long time. >> i got really really pissed. don't go into what i call a home and steal from my home. >> police say someone swiping the holy book from the colorado ffw on valentine's day. it isn't worth much money. unclear why the thief took the book. i'm sure it has a lot of sentimental value. a sportscaster is nearly smacked right in the face with a hockey puck on live tv. watch. this tonight we really go inside the glass presented by toyota. my goodness, pierre. jillian: that looks like an inch away. can you see the puck fly right in front of pierre's face. the close call happening at blue jackets game in columbus, ohio. he is one lucky dude. steve: he came three inches from a really bad headache. jillian: those things hurt.
4:39 am
brian: talking about flying, janice dean was flying outside. she wants to give us the weather real quick. janice: i will real quick because it's cold outs. i have folks from the south where are from you? >> north carolina. >> you st. augustine, florida. >> northern virginia. >> freeport, new york. janice: all right. new york. where are you from sir. >> long island. janice: do you know brian kilmeade? >> yes, i do. janice: you do. do you know him well? >> i went to one of his. janice: book signings? >> money -- janice: holy moly, have you got to see this truck in back of me is trying to parallel park. is he going over snow banks. go to the weather real quick. hold on, here it is. do you need some help, sir? stand by. here we go. current wind chills in new york. it's 11 right now. 1 in chicago. oh my gosh the vehicle is still trying to park. it's really quite incredible. we are dealing with the potential for a winter storm that's going to go up to the
4:40 am
mid-atlantic and northeast and bring the potential for quite a bit of snow, my friend in the d.c. area. i'm warning you now you could get 4 to 6 inches in and around the d.c. area up towards philly and new york it will kind you have turn into a slushy mess on wednesday and thursday. so watching this over the next couple of days. there is your forecast precipitation heading into wednesday. do we know they're still trying to park. they are still trying to park. i should not complain because i'm terrible as well. do you want to say hi to brian kilmeade? >> hello, brian. >> drop that memorial off to the house. >> you spend so much time away from there in the city. i think you are working here 24 hours day. brian: i'm getting berated on the street now. my goodness. it's unbelievable. [laughter] ainsley: he is saying you are working too much. brian: he is saying i work too much. >> hard worker. >> got a lot of weather. i got berated. steve: a little bit. brian: new democratic governor just cancelled plans to build immigration
4:41 am
detention center. one outraged lawmaker says it's not just a swipe at president trump. it's a swipe at the entire state. that lawmaker is here next. ainsley: prices for things like paper towels and kleenexes, they are skyrocketing. we're going to test our knowledge about just how much. plus, find out why the cost is climbing for things that are probably in your house right now. brian: the price is not right. ♪ ♪ ♪ feeling unsure? what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360™ technology. the most available driver assist techonology in its class. the new 2019 ford edge
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4:44 am
jillian: good morning to you. welcome back. quick headlines now. the fda recalling a baby medication sold at dollar general. the agency warning an undissolved ingreed yent in maybe gripe water could cause your child to choke. one case infant unable to swallow the medication. putting passengers in danger
4:45 am
by not properly tracking the weight of their planes. the faa is investigating southwest airlines for allegedly misreporting baggage weights that's according to the "wall street journal." no accidents have been linked to the weight discrepancies. southwest says it is cooperating. steve? steve: thank you, jillian. the newly elected democratic governor of the great state of michigan gretchen whitmer, canceling plans for new private immigration detention center in her state. she says she did it because the company behind it could not guarantee it would not hold immigrants separated from their families. sounds political, doesn't it? well, our next guest says it was a political move and a swipe at president trump. republican michigan state representative thomas albert joins us now live from dancing. tom, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, steve. hey, would you by chance know anybody looking to bay dilapidated prison facility? steve: that's right. it has been closed there for a number of years. it's falling into disrepair.
4:46 am
you thought you had a deal and then the governor does this. why did she pull the plug? >> well, this deal had been under works for well over a year. you know, this former prison facility has set vacant for over a decade now. immigration centers of america came in and said hey, we will invest tens of millions of dollars to fix up. we will bring at least 250 really good paying jobs to your community. and you know, governor whitmer came in and with a heavy hand just killed the deal. it's actually pretty devastating to my community. steve: no kidding. what would this immigration detention center do, tom? >> well, essentially it would hold illegal immigrants. you know, it's not shawshank redemption. this is -- it's a center that would be holding people who are, from my understanding more of civil infraction. they are not criminals. they are really just being held until they can get their hearing and that's what this center would do.
4:47 am
steve: okay there are places like that scattered across the country. apparently she said she made, accord talking, ridiculous demands. she wanted any immigrant who was separated from their family and put in the facility to be let go. >> yeah. that's precisely right. you know, i wish some people in the media would look into what her stipulations were so this deal had been in the works. she added some conditions to the development agreement. some of them were reasonable. one in particular basically said if i could boil it down was if anybody claims or alleges that they're being separated from a family, they would have to be let go. and, of course. nobody could comply with that. it literally just torpedoed the deal. let me put this in perspective. you know. there was a lot of national attention last week to the amazon deal 25,000 joist jobs to new york city. in the grand scheme of things though. jobs come and go in new york city. i think they can weather that storm.
4:48 am
not in in the city of eye own i can't. 250 jobs. that's massive. correctional community. ever since the civil war. ionnia has been housing prisons. correctional community. vital part to law enforcement community and to say that they don't somehow have michigan values to me is insulting. steve: the governor's office did put out a statement to us. they say the governor believes building more detection facilities won't solve our immigration crisis. she also believes separating families does not reflect our michigan values how you answered a moment ago. tom, you know, the governor is -- most governors would love to have 250 jobs for a small community like the one you are talking about right there. but it looks like politics got in the way of those 250 jobs, doesn't it it? >> really does. she is kind of stepping all over the city of ionnia. she wants to go toe to toe with president trump. well, good luck. we will see how that goes
4:49 am
for her. steve: how many sanctuary cities are there in michigan? >> you know, i don't have the answer to that question. i'm not aware of there being any to be honest with you. steve: just curious. and do you feel like there is a crisis at our southern border because apparently she is conflating what's going on down there with what's going on up in your neck of the woods. well, i guess i could put it this way. i'm a state legislator. i work in lansing. i don't work in d.c. and the fact that i'm on tv talking to you now. my biggest issue that i ran on that i campaigned on was legacy cost and fixing our broken pension systems and the fact that i'm here right now talking about immigration i think just shows how big of a crisis we are in right now. steve: there you go. thomas albert from michigan, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: what do you think about that? email us. meanwhile, one member of the media just made a stunning admission about their coverage of president trump. >> we have abandoned our pretense or at least the effort to be objective
4:50 am
today. steve: more from lara logan at the top of the hour. have you noticed things like paper towels and toothpaste cost more? we will talk more about those crisis and what's behind the spike coming up next. ♪ ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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4:53 am
♪ well, if you have been out grocery shopping lately, you might have noticed that your bill is actually getting higher. that's because the prices for everyday items are going up. just how much have they increased and why? steve: trey is a smart shopping expert at true she is here to see if you
4:54 am
can get the price of household items. >> we are seeing increase in raw materials and also the shipping charges are going up. so in some cases manufacturers are spaing thamanufacturer passing that expense on to consumers. i brought some things i thought were pretty surprising and see if you guys could make some guesses. steve: we are playing the price is right. >> we are playing the price is right. we are talking about bounty select a size. do you think that these are higher than 125 or are they lower? steve: for the whole thing? >> for one roll. ainsley: aren't they with 1.50 a roll? >> coming in at 1.565 roll. the interesting thing is that the price has gone up 19.4%. since last year. that is a substantial jump. steve: shipping? >> shipping and raw materials. wood pulp. we are going into kleenex. ainsley: mom always made us use a cloth.
4:55 am
>> that's environmentally friendly. steve: kleenex gone up. >> i have 1.99 a box higher or lower? ainsley: i would say higher. steve: it went down. explain that? brian: less pulp. >> 1.67 a box. and that is an 8.4% increase from last year. so these are going up as well. so these paper products are really something you want to be mindful of when you are buying them so you don't overspend. talk about ways to save. this one surprised me because we have seen clorox around for decades? do we think the actual price is higher or lower? ainsley: i think it's higher $5. >> 4.50. steve: i bit shop right brand. >> clorox owns this category. the brand clorox is synonymous with bleach a lot of folks aren't doing what you are doing buying generic up 8.4% over last year. that's a big increase to see.
4:56 am
i'm sorry, 13.3%. increase. brian: what about saran that clings? >> we are seeing plastic resins has gone up. do you think 3.15 is up or different. steve: gone up. brian: you are right. >> actually the price is 2.84. this went up 3.8% from last year because of the increases of plastic resin. brian: they don't ship they go on high speed trains? >> i'm not sure. we are seeing plastic resin increase. be mindful. >> all right. what do you think? steve: lower. >> we are seeing a lot of improvements in toothpaste this year prices are staying about the same. ainsley: free for us. steve: thank you very much. straight ahead on this tuesday. fox news alert, bernie sanders running for president. >> together, you and i and
4:57 am
our 2016 campaign began the political revolution. now it is time to complete that revolution. steve: how is he going to do that? we are live in washington next. . . . . a reality takes more than just investment advice. from insurance to savings to retirement, it takes someone with experience and knowledge who can help me build a complete plan. brian, my certified financial planner™ professional, is committed to working in my best interest.
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every curve, every innovation, levery feeling, a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪ >> i'm bernie sanders. i'm run for president. >> if he wants to run as separate socialist, great do that. i do have issues he is trying to use the democratic party apparatus to run. ainsley: andrew mccabe reveals inside job to remove the president. >> to manipulate the president of the united states out of office. >> multi-state lawsuit against president trump's emergency declaration, taking the legal battle to the liberal ninth circuit court. steve: new report reveals a possible new motive in the alleged attack against juicy seminole let. he was upset with a death threat
5:01 am
he sent to himself did not receive much attention. >> we abandoned effort to be objective today. >> america will never be a socialist country. [cheering] brian: there you go the president with the big speech yesterday. now this, senator bernie sanders to the surprise of few, made it official he is running for president. ainsley: the democratic socialist from vermont ending the speculation officially joining the crowded field of 2020 democratic hope if you -- hopefuls. steve: griff jenkins. two blocks where the senator works on monday through friday in it. reporter: are you feeling the bern yet? he tweeted this minutes ago. he said i'm running for president. i'm asking you to join me as part of an unprecedented and
5:02 am
grassroots campaign will begin with one million people across the country. say you're in, a link to fund-raising. he put out an official campaign video. watch. >> our campaign is not only about defeating donald trump, the most dangerous president in modern american history. it is not only about winning the democratic nomination and the general election. our campaign is about transforming our country. reporter: as for what that transformation might include, here are some highlights that he puts in his first campaign video. medicare for all, free college tuition, climate change, possibly a new green deal, taking on corporate greed, raising the minimum wage, addressing, favorite topic of his, campaign finance reform. he raised new issues i had not heard. ending america's involvement in yemen's war. he wants to put a spotlight on mass incarceration.
5:03 am
he hints about comprehensive immigration reform. whether the democrats are feeling the bern, the rcp announcement had sanders in second, 17% behind joe biden, a little over 27%. followed in third by kamala harris, elizabeth warren and beto. he won new hampshire, more than 20 other primaries and caucuses. he will be a force to reckon with. brian: the democratic party was plotting against him the entire time. rigged against him, wiki links bottom ahold of emails. a lot showed dnc was working ends bernie sanders. ainsley: giving hillary questions to one of the debates. brian: cnn. steve: they tried to change the rules a year ago. they did not want him in the campaign but he is in it. he was on another morning show, cbs, a little while ago, he said essentially the themes from 2016 will continue in 2020.
5:04 am
watch. >> in a sense this campaign, john, is a continuation of what we did in 2016. you will recall, you may recall, that in 2016 many of the ideas that i talked about, medicare for all, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, making public colleges and universities tuition-free, all of those ideas, oh, bernie be they're so radical, they are extremely american people won't except those ideas. what happened over three years? all of those ideas and many more are now part of the political mainstream. >> you're saying the party came your way? >> well i don't want to say that. i think most people would say that. steve: candidates, most of the democratic candidates have adopted some plank from the bernie campaign. ainsley: party is finally on board with me. actually hooks good. we have a montage, some of the things that he is for. you heard some in the interview.
5:05 am
you heard some in the other interview, if you vote for bernie sanders this is what you're getting. listen. >> tuition-free. three months paid family and medical leave. a living wage, 15 bucks an hour. health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. radical ideas are now mainstream ideas because of your support. brian: those are his ideas. everyone getting everything for free because the horrible rich people have had it too good for too long. someone at some point has to work. jon summers one of the people that worked for harry reid for years, communications, looks at bernie sanders. he is an outlier, he is not in the party. he is a legitimate social i he has been there. >> final i you bottom the socialist republicans are been waiting for this. is important time. he will help demonstrate the difference between socialism and
5:06 am
what democrats are standing for. that is something the republican strategists tried to conflate. they tried to label democrats as socialists. bernie sanders coming out with his campaign will clearly show a difference. steve: he went on to say, bernie sanders went on to say on public radio, he needs one million people to continue the grassroots movement from 2016. we all went to bernie sanders rallies in 2016. it just goes to show you if he can get the people who supported him in 2016 to continue on now, there will be a real choice. i mean, no doubt about it, the people, who went, i met and talked to at the bernie sanders rallies, they loved him because he was proposing things they would like. they would like to be able to afford to go to college. they would like to be able to afford health care. they would like a higher minimum wage. people feel the system left them behind.
5:07 am
for bernie sanders to say it's a right for those things that is a very potent message for a big chunk of this company. brian: keep in mind he had nobody attack him. hillary clinton didn't want to elevate him. she was barely attacking him. he will get hit by eight sides at some point. as soon as it becomes clear he will be legitimate, double figures threat, they're going after him and talk about his lack of accomplishments, basically are zero. except for helping destroy the e va was in a crisis when he was in charge of it, democrats had senate. ainsley: according to the polls, he has better chance in the race than anyone on the democrat side. brian: huge target. steve: a lot of people liked him, the field is so large ex, fraction alizeed because bernie runs more gets a bunch more. we'll keep you posted on that. shocking news from the world of mainstream media, one of the
5:08 am
most prominent faces on "60 minutes" over the last decade or so, lara logan, former chief foreign affairs correspondent with cbs, sat down with that man, mike ritlin, she just blew up the mainstream media. well-known secret, everybody on the television, elsewhere, mainstream media, they are to the political left, not right. >> most are left or liberal or democrat, whatever word you want to give it. how do you know you're being lied to? how do you know you're being manipulated? how do you know that something is not right with the coverage? when they simplify it all, and there is no grey. there is no gray. it is all one way. well, life isn't like that. if it doesn't match real life, it is probably not, something is wrong, right so for example, you
5:09 am
know, all the coverage on trump all the time is negative. there is nothing, there is nothing, no mitigating policy or event or anything that has happened since he was elected that is out there in the media that you can read about, right? that tells you that is distortion of the way things go in real life. although the media has always been history, always been left-leaning, we've abandoned our pretense or at least the effort to be objective today. steve: that is the key. a lot of effort. ainsley: a lot of people agree with her. we asked you guys when we aired that in the first hour of the show, to weigh in on this steve said, lara logan is right. the media is not fair. i wish they were. we must still keep voting if we ever expect to change. brian: vito, we as educated americans can see what the media stands for, are able to see what
5:10 am
is happening in our country. that is, it is pretty stark for her to do that. if you want a war covered, if you want somebody with respect to the military you hire her. you have never heard to a man or to a woman if people want their story told, they could count on her to get it right. ainsley: look at the wailing wall in israel. there is small portion for women to pray, rest is for men. like "breitbart" or fox news she said, the rest that doesn't tell the full sorry is the majority of the media. steve: she says in journalism, we have a few conventions. you need two first-hand sources. that standard is out of the window. you read one stories these days, based on one mom must administration official. that is not journalism. quote that is horse blank.
5:11 am
that is absolutely horse blank. wow. brian: hey, jillian. jillian: california leading a multi-state lawsuit against president trump's emergency declaration. 16 democratic attorneys general taking the legal battle to the liberal ninth circuit court, claiming the action is unconstitutional. this after the president declared a national emergency allowing him to move $6 billion in military funds to build a southern border wall. the states say moving money will hurt their economies. president trump tweeting moments ago about the case saying, as i predicted, 16 cities, led mostly by open border democrats and the radical left have filed a lawsuit in of course the ninth circuit. the california the state that wasted billions of dollars on their out of control fast train with no hope of completion, seems in charge. first-responders say 16 people stranded on an amusement park overnight.
5:12 am
passengers, children, a baby, left hanging over gondolas in san diego. took hours saving them one by one. the seaworld ride came to a sudden stop after a strong gust of the wind trip ad circuit breaker. the ride will be inspected before it is open. a second woman accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of ault makes a call for open hearings. justin fairfax's says she is frustrated by fairfax's call for a fbi probe. those proceedings are out of the public eye, leaving victims vulnerable to selective leaks and smears. fairfax denies the allegations against him. a new mom bursts into tears when a very special person shows up at the hospital. >> look it. oh. jillian: army staff sergeant skyler cooper surprising his
5:13 am
wife and their newborn twins. she was sick with the flu, gave birth early. cooper flu all the way home to kansas from kuwait to surprise her. steve: fantastic. thank you very much. jillian. ainsley: delivering without him. then he got to be there. brian: that is tough. andrew mccabe speaking out moments ago about president trump and russia. >> that the president might have obstructed justice for purpose of ending our investigation into russia, you have to ask yourself why. brian: we'll ask jim jordan that question, why. ainsley: plus it is snow skiing like you have never seen it before. video out of amish country, going viral. ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts.
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5:18 am
done. >> did anyone object? >> that is the important part here, savannah, no one objected, not on legal browneds, not on constitutional grounds, not paved on the facts. brian: nobody objected in congress. bombshell interview moments ago on nbc. andrew mccabe claims he filled in congress on everything the fbi was doing got no objections of the here to react house judiciary member in the majority at that time, congressman jim jordan. did you object when you were informed? >> i would have objected but i was not informed. he told us when we deposed him there was no evidence of any type of covered nation between the trump campaign and russia, up until may 9th of 2017. remember they started this investigation in july of 2016. so the bottom line is, you can't trust andy mccabe. he lied three times under oath. he was fired at the fbi and he is currently under investigation by the justice department. he and four other top people at
5:19 am
fbi in that critical eight days in may were trying to put together this scheme to go after the president to remove him from office. that is scary. all of them unelected, none faced voters, yet coordinating working on removing the president of the united states from office which is scary to think about. brian: rod rosenstein said i never brought up the 25th amendment, i never said about wearing a wire. will we ever find out who is telling the truth here? believe it or not seems like mccabe's story is backed up by jim baker and others about rod rosenstein bringing that up. and lisa page. >> look, you can't trust andy mccabe. he tries to make himself out in boycott, "60 minutes" tried to make him look like but you can't trust him. you're right he is the third person who told us that rod rosenstein was serious when he made the comments about wearing a wire and recording the president and looking to work with members of the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment. this underscores one important thing. we need both individuals, andy
5:20 am
mccabe, rod rosenstein, two different stories, both under oath answering questions from congress, particularly i would prefer the oversight committee where we can ask him questions. that is how the system works. you figure out who is telling the truth when you bring people in, put them under oath and ask them questions so the american people can see what really took place. brian: jim, in your opinion, jim jordan's opinion, do you believe that mccabe sincerely was worried that russia had undo influence on the president or something else? >> i think all these people, remember brian, jim comey fired, andy mccabe fired, jim baker, chief counsel at fbi, demoted then left. lisa page, peter strzok, demoted and fired. these five people were key people. when comey gets fired, those four individuals, mccabe, baker, strobing page. that drove this whole thing in may after their buddy jim comey gets fired.
5:21 am
they try to figure out what they can do boeing after the president of the united states. brian: jim, thanks. we'll talk to you again. he is not spoke away. police looking for possible motive in the attack against jussie smollett. we're live in check go next. (indistinguishable muttering) that was awful. why are you so good at this? had a coach in high school. really helped me up my game. i had a coach. math. ooh. so, why don't traders have coaches?
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5:25 am
smollett's crisis manager, says he will work with them. if he does not, the case could be turned over to prosecutor or grand jury. two brothers said smollett paid them to rehearse and carry out the fake attack. smollett was upset a death threat letter a week prior with maga return address did not garner enough attention. his attorney says that anyone suggesting smollett played a role in his own attack is lying. >> why do you think you were targeted? >> i could just assume, i mean i come really, really hard against 45. i come really, really hard against his administration. reporter: this morning chicago police still not formally calling jussie smollett the victim or suspect in this case. ainsley. ainsley: matt finn, the story continues to develop. let's hand it down to.steve.
5:26 am
steve: ainsley thank you very much. former atlanta police officer vincent hill along with retired new york city police department commander joe cardinale, blue lives matter founder, new york city police department sergeant joseph petrice. good morning. "tmz" is reporting vincent, a grand jury could be seated as early as today to hear this doesn't it seem extraordinary to hear for last couple days the chicago police are asking to talk to him, he is like, not today? >> that is quite troubling, steve. you have to ask your sell why is he not willing to talk if he wasn't involved in some capacity to this if you were attacked the way he says he was attacked you would want to cooperate fully but we're not seeing that here from smollett and you have to question why. steve: were there any red flags in the initial story? >> absolutely. from the beginning. it was one of the coldest nights of the year in chicago. i believe it was minus
5:27 am
18 degrees. steve: polar vortex. >> the chances of smollett going out 1:30 to get to subway sandwich, the chance of people being on the street other than people involved in the alleged scheme, there is no others on street. there were two individuals because it was just that cold. steve: joe. >> i agree. for him to come out we felt it was orchestrated some degree from the beginning. i gave him the benefit of the doubt he was assaulted at one point. all these other factors started coming in. chicago police department did what they had to do. they laid-back, got their ducks lined up. they're systematically going through this i guarranty he will not speak to them, if he recants on anything, they have the knowledge from these go brothers it will be a big problem. steve: joe, it looks like there is amazing blitz work here. they were able to track down the two brothers who are not from
5:28 am
nigeria. they were born in chicago. they say they're not anti-trump or racist or not homophobic. there are the brothers right. there sounds like they have really spilled the beans according to "tmz" and the chicago paper. >> from law enforcement point of view you have to treat every case seriously especially with the allegations. some times, police officers walk through the door, no way this happened. sure enough, video, witnesses come out it ends up being true. on other side if the individual paid these guys off, come in, use lgbt community, throwing swipes at the president, completely disgraceful and he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest. steve: vincent, sounds like the police searched their apartment. they found a magazine with words cut out. it was a week earlier that smollett got at "empire" headquarters in chicago a racist letter. according to the latest news, he was apparently upset the racist letter didn't get a bigger reaction so that is why he paid these guys to stage this hoax.
5:29 am
>> what's said, steve, the fact he would use not only racial but political motivations behind this, for whatever reason he did this. but i heard about the letter, i kind, okay, maybe, but just a few days later this alleged attack, that really started to paint the picture something is not right here. the chances of if they were these white racists as he painted them out to be, chances are they wouldn't even watch "empire," wouldn't know who he is. the chances of them finding him at 1:30 in the morning just after this letter, slim to none. steve: if this is a hoax, joe what is the impact on people who come forward with other real hate crimes? >> we discussed this earlier. major impact, because they will say, who will believe me now. the real victims are the ones victim in this. people in the future get gay bashed if they're assaulted in any capacity with a racial motivation behind it, they will be a little hesitant, who are they going to believe. he really casts a dark shadow on
5:30 am
the rest of the country with this. steve: joseph, we just heard in the sound bite from gma, talks about how he really doesn't like the president of the united states and if this were a hoax, and all of these resources, all of these police officers out in chicago, and the fbi is probably involved as well, these are people in chicago who could be investigating some other crimes. >> what these individuals don't realize, i said it before in interviews, people with certain status, celebrities or politicians, use the platform to spew hate. what happens there is riots, police officers injured, people up in arms. it has to stop. these individuals, celebrity, whatever you want to call them, has to stop, because it could have really bad ramifications. steve: no kidding. great discussion, vincent, joe, joseph. we'll see what happens. 8:30 in new york city. bernie sanders announced hour 1/2 ago he officially announced he is running for president in 2020.
5:31 am
reaction from voters in miami where they're talking about socialism this morning. meet the teenager who wrote epic letter to his teacher about why he didn't want to do homework. it is not a real thing in the real world. talking about other excuses are now going viral. meet the family coming up on this tuesday. ♪ deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. breathe right strips are designed to simply when nighttime nasal congestion closes in, open your nose right back up. ♪ breathe better. sleep better. breathe right.
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♪ >> i'm bernie sanders. i'm running for president. our campaign is about taking on the powerful special interests that dominate our economic and political life. we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. we should not have a grotesque level of wealth inequality. steve: well you have bernie sanders announcing his second run for the white house. independent socialist, should read democratic socialist, joining a crowded democratic
5:35 am
field on the heels of trump's speech in miami, warning about the dangers of socialism. ainsley: every bank account should be equal he is saying. if you make a lot of money, give it away. brian: yep. so what do voters think? todd piro talking to them over breakfast at the cozy corner miami springs, florida. todd? >> good morning to all of you. the word socialism touches off a lot of emotions for folks here in the miami area. it is not just a word. it means so much more. begin with luis. you're involved in international business development. you fled nicaragua because of a socialist regime. what is your reaction to the bernie sanders announcement. >> it is sad that we have people believe in socialism. i believe it is destructive for any economy. i welcome bernie sanders visit any latin american country that has socialism about to go bankrupt. we have ecuador, we have argue argue, we have venezuela, and
5:36 am
their economies are crumbling. it is not very good for any economy to have socialism. >> luis, thank you very much. maria, good to hear from you. you're a teacher. what is your reaction to the bernie announcement. >> it is not surprising to me that a lot of our millenials are gearing towards socialism. and that bernie sanders is playing to these people, because they have been indoctrinating in our schools. not only leftists professors teaching at universities, k-12 programs, have been teaching to the left for a long, long time and it is time that we teach these youngsters that socialism is not what it is cracked up to be. having lived under socialism, i can tell through is no equality in socialism except misery steve, thank you for your opinion, maria, as a teacher you would know.
5:37 am
you have a different opinion on socialism? >> i believe he has excellent ideas. i believe he stands for democratic socialism, which is little different than what we're talking about here. i am afraid however, he will interrupt the democratic vote, he pulls some of the voters away. >> quickly, try to fit you guys n benjamin, if bernie wins, how does affect your business as restaurant supplier? >> would affect me. talking about 70% taxes, with so much taxes impossible to grow a business to expand, higher more people. definitely hurt people. >> what aurora said when i asked her about bernie, she had say no good. it is that simple. back to you. >> todd piro in cozy corner is in miami springs. jillian: police ramping up a search for a hit-and-run driver
5:38 am
who sent a little girl flying through the air. in the terrifying video you see the 7-year-old thrown several feet as she crossed the street in california. incredibly she walked away with only a few bumps and bruises. there is a 2500-dollar reward for information on the driver, who left before talking to police. indiana up closer to providing gun training for teachers. the statehouse of representatives, passed a bill which would use state funds to pay for the voluntary training t would cost up to $2,000 per teacher. the program is designed specifically for active shooter training. the bill now moveses to the state senate. senator cory booker is downplaying the cost of the green new deal, this following a "wall street journal" report about the multimillion-dollar cost of installing led light bulbs in new york city. the 20 to presidential candidate calls that fake news. >> this is the lie that is going on right now, this lie being put out, somehow being green and
5:39 am
responsible with the environment means you have to hurt the economy, a lie. jillian: booker citing experience as new jersey may saying he saved taxpayers money by growing green. expect skiers on a mountain, not exactly on the side of the road, not in this capacity. watch this. >> whoa. >> look at that. >> whoa! jillian: yep, that is amish man getting pulled through the snow by a horse and buggy. you can see them gliding through the snow next to a road in minnesota. the woman in the car, or anybody can't seem to figure out how he kept his hat on of the whole thing is very impressive. i enjoy the video. steve: how great is that? ainsley: snow skiing, water skiing mixed together without a boat. brian: i'm sure lincoln did the same thing, right? [laughter]. [buzzer] he took the kids in the carriage. steve: northern plains, they
5:40 am
have plenty of snow, don't they janice dean? janice: that is a good segue. wasn't that guy great, everybody? where are you from. >> austin. janice: what about you ladies? >> rome, new york. janice: where are you from, lady? >> georgia. >> lookout mountain. janice: what is the weather. >> 54 and cold. >> frankfurt, new york. janice: we will look at the maps, show you what is happening across the fair country. 24, you were right, georgia, 24 here in new york, with windchill feels colder than that a big storm system developing across the gulf coast, brings potential for heavy snow in and around the washington, d.c., area, bret baier and company, we could see several inches of snow, you know what happens when there is snow in d.c.? things start to shut down. into philly and new york. it will be kind of a wintry mix as we get into wednesday and thursday. not a big blockbuster storm.
5:41 am
could see the potential not only for heavy snow but ice across the appalachians. we will keep that in mind. wave everybody. thank you for coming to "fox & friends." good job, lady. ainsley: good job. brian: got to like kids. steve: after that foxcast, i am predict the federal government will close in washington on thursday because of the snow. brian: only the amish will be on the streets because they're equipped. steve: coming up. brian: congresswoman omar facing bipartisan backlash for hateful comments about israel. our next guest is digging into her past. she is not he says, a big fan of america either. ainsley: meet a teenager who wrote an epic letter to his teacher, why he didn't do his homework. it is not a thing in the real world he told his teacher. he will tell us about the other excuses now going viral. janice: yes, wave, everybody. yea, georgia. ♪ i think it will fit.
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♪ wake up sweetie. ♪ doctor dave. ♪ here's your order.
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applebee's to go. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ steve: freshman democratic congresswoman ihan omar is no stranger to controversy sparking bipartisan backlash over antisemitic tweets. she is expected a keynote speaker for the council on is lamic relations, cair, with ties to the terrorist group hamas. ainsley: they took a deep dive into the freshman congresswoman's past. representative omar claim she fell in love with democracy, recent events that is it is temporary crush. steve: assistant editor, "wall street journal" editorial page, james freeman. good morning to you. >> good to be here, thanks. steve: she was running, so
5:46 am
powerful, because she fell in love with democracy. >> that was the story we got in public radio report before her election last fall. after the election the story seems to evolve. "new york times" reporting in december, she was essentially disappointed with america just about from the moment she arrived and i think what was really disturbing in the recent hearing of the house foreign relations committee, she was essentially giving kind of the marxist version of the cold war history. basically no mention of atrocities or horrors committed by communist opponents but wanted to focus a lot on bad things that our allies had done decades ago. ainsley: why do you think she broke up with america? >> you know, it's a good question. i think we're all sorry that this country hasn't lived up to her expectations but, it is a very disturbing view she is expressing. even today, she, there is, this
5:47 am
original claim that she fell in love with democracy. she is not supporting democracy in venezuela. she is supporting maduro who is preventing democracy in venezuela. brian: steve: she had, nancy pelosi specifically ordered her to apologize for a antisemitic tweet how politicians in washington support israel because they get money. it is all about the benjamins. here is louis farrakhan who has said a lot of anti-semitic things over the years. on sunday, talking about congresswoman omar. >> sweetheart, don't do that. you have nothing to apologize for. you were sent there by the people to shake up that corrupt house! shake it up. steve: he says to her she shouldn't have to apologize. >> she can't control what
5:48 am
farrakhan says, but obviously, this is not suggesting you're on the right track as a member of congress if you're earning the praise of louis farrakhan. i think as far as what the people wanted, they seem to get a very different story before her election. now they may decide over time they think it is great if she wants to give the anti-american view of history on her perch in the foreign relations committee, but probably would have been nice to tell people the full story on her views on america before the election. >> she supported farrakhan in the past. >> she is supporting maduro now. she is talking about, wants to talk about apparent outrages from decades ago. amnesty international says between 2015 and 2017, maduro's government has been responsible for extra judicial killings of more than 8,000 people. not to mention all of the people driven into poverty, starvation, millions fleeing across the border. you have this crisis right now,
5:49 am
where democracy is under siege, and she wants to look elsewhere for villains. steve: we'll see what happens. james freeman, op-ed page. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead, many of us hated doing homework. now one high school student came up with a hilarious excuse for his teacher. quote, homework? that is not a real thing in the real world. the teenager and his father join us next. good morning. >> check in with sandra smith, find out what is on her show coming up in the hour. >> no one likes homework. bernie sanders officially joins the growing list of candidates running for president in 2020. reaction to that. plus 16 states suing the president over his plan to declare a national emergency to secure funding for a border wall. so what does the white house have to say about that this morning? new developments in the aiminged attack on actor jussie smollett. we'll have great show for you
5:50 am
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♪ brian: high school student is going viral for his explanation for not doing his homework. ainsley: he is 14 years old. his name is eddie cortez, wrote in a letter when she asked him why you didn't do his homework, he said homework is not a real thing in the real world. steve: joining us in the real world, is the student hine that letter, eddie cortez and his father alfred. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: eddie, let's start with you. you had an assignment, you decided what, i will do some creative writing here. why did you think you could get away with this? >> i don't know. because it was kind of funny and
5:54 am
i did have some good points in my note. steve: it was funny. you did have some good points. what were your best points? >> that homework is stresses you out and i forgot. ainsley: read the letter. >> makes me unhappy. steve: read it. >> i didn't do my homework because i don't want to do school work over the weekend because it stress, it is a stress-free time to go out with your friends, watch tv and play games. i don't do it also because it makes me very mad and unhappy. i do what makes me happy because i want to be happy. plus my mom has been finding gray hairs, not trying to stress out. real world jobs don't give you homework unless you're a boss or a teacher. homework is not a real thing in the real world. so we should not have to do it
5:55 am
in school because it is not useful. case closed. the court rules in the favor of edward cortez in the case of student v homework. ainsley: you're clearly very witty. at least you were honest. dad, what do you think about it? >> i thought it was funny. i actually put it on facebook to show my family, because it was hilarious to me. the teacher sent it to us. he asked him for a explanation. he gave his explanation. brian: all right. does he, tell me how the story ends. does he do homework and do well in school? >> he is doing all right. he does his homework. we went to a wrestling tournament for his brother. he had to miss homework that weekend. he thought it would be funny to do his own little letter. it went viral. steve: it is funny until your mother hears that you were talking about her getting a gray hair. what is her reaction to telling
5:56 am
world she is getting gray hair. >> i actually wrote that wrong in the letter. i meant to put that my mom has been finding gray hairs in my hair. my mom is looking in my hair and she found gray hairs. i got really worried about it. steve: if you're 14, you are getting gray hairs. you should lay off the homework. ainsley: real quickly, i doubt your teacher thinks it is funny. what did see say? >> they haven't said anything yet. brian: okay. steve: maybe they're watching. >> i don't think they know about this. ainsley: they will today. steve: no longer a secret. >> the cortez family, thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. brian: keep the letters coming. if you have some time, doesn't stress you out, do some homework. ainsley: do your homeworks. brian: more "fox & friends" in a moment. if you have time. >> in the reeled world. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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>> i wonder if somebody was going to run from the television, where they would run to? >> maybe on the treadmill, maybe to the gym? >> i have to run to the radio. >> radio with brian. bye, everyone. >> bill: good morning. three big stories breaking this hour. another big name enters the race for the white house. we're seeing another big development in the strange case of jussie smollett and it is now official, 16 states are suing the trump administration. that was fancy for tuesday. i'm bill hemmer, good morning, great to have you with us today. >> sandra: thank you very much, nice to be back. good morning, i'm sandra smith. to those lawsuits first. california's attorney general leading the pack of challengers to president trump's national emergency declaration arguing president trump does not have the authority to move funds to build the wall. >> bill: that legal battle is just get pg started as the president predicted how it


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