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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 19, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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another activist with facts and stops and spirit her bio says she was playing politics at age 10, i'm glad i was outside playing kickball at 10, not politics. that's all we have tonight, refer nona. a new podcast dropped today, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. >> shannon: laura, thank you very much. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. launching the second presidential run, senator bernie sanders threatening to upend a democratic race that was supposed to be intersectional come about color, about youth, about gender. also breaking tonight, news on jussie smollett, why the cook county state attorney is recusing herself from the case. a reporter at the heart of the story is here live with the latest. president trump denies new allegations that he in a properly meddled in a federal investigation as claimed in "the new york times." the president calling it fake news. that is not all. hello and welcome to "fox news
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@ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. judging from the money flowing incoming turns out there are plenty of democrats still feeling the burn, that is despite the fact that leaders on the left say they are the ones about youth, about diversity, part of the continued in pursuit of identity politics. tonight, a 77-year-old white man who has been in government for decades is taking center change in the 2020 fields of democrats. good evening, trace. >> good evening, shannon peered with senator bernie sanders jumping into the presidential race, former vice president joe biden possibly on the birds, many on the left are issuing a collective sigh. the dallas morning news wrote an op-ed on why both bernie and biden should not run peered cnn ran up and on why biden shouldn't run peered up at the same reason, two oh, two white, too many campaign, biden has run for president twice and failed badly. democratic observers say the only reason bernie sanders had an unexpected strong showing in 2016 is because he was the only
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option for younger, more liberal democrats who oppose hillary clinton for now the field is filled with young, diverse, and exciting candidates, including five women, a mayor, and a little-known white congresswoma congresswoman. kamala harris and cory booker are the future, bernie and biden on the past be right over as one social media observer said, "please, no more bernie sanders or joe biden. you guys are great, but is time for the new, young blood of the democratic party. if anyone can beat trump, it is a woman." the midterms have shown us at that old white man versus old white man is not motivating enough." "the new york times" took it further, examining bernie sanders failure in 2016 to attract minority support, a problem not likely to improve in a race with two african-american senators. unless you consider the new poll that shows bernie sanders is highly popular among black democrats. in fact, he is second only to
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joe biden. then again, biden and bernie are leading most of the early polls. when sanders threw his hat in the ring today, president trump said this. watch. >> i like bernie because he is one person that, on trade, he would agree on trade. >> sanders is also good at raising money. four hours after he announced he was running his campaign, raised more than $1 million, and money in 2020 is going to be critical because the president already has $129 million in his campaign coffers. the most ever by a president at this stage of the campaign cycle. cycle. shannon? >> shannon: the presidential campaigns are never really overcome are they, trace? a couple months away from the next one. the money is piling up. thanks, trace. the president tonight firing back at a "new york times" report claiming he wanted the former acting attorney general to change the prosecutor in charge of the investigation of
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michael cohen wayne. kristin fisher is here with the latest on the story. the president not too happy about the claims. >> not too happy, and the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, just wait in on this report in "the new york times," which claimed that president trump asked and then-acting attorney general matthew whitaker to see if they trump-appointed attorney would unrecuse himself to lead the investigation of hush money payments in the 2016 election purity giuliani says it is not true comments on this president trump. >> no, not at all. i don't know who gave you that, that is more fake news. there is a lot of fake news out there. no, i didn't. >> but democrats like senator richard blumenthal say the report as part of a disturbing pattern of pressing law-enforcement officers to make these investigations go away, and that it makes a strong case for obstruction of justice. special counsel investigating similar claims in a separate probe, which is currently overseen by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. he is stepping down, and about
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an hour ago, the white house named his replacement, and you are looking at him, jeffrey rosen, the current deputy transportation secretary for the new attorney general, william barr, describes him as a distinguished lawyer, a harvard law school graduate, who worked under president george w and george h.w. bush. in addition to that "new york times" report, today president trump also fought back against new lawsuits calling his national emergency declaration unconstitutional. the aclu is now suing president trump over his decision to divert funding for border wall without congressional approval. that is in addition to the 16 states that filed a similar lawsuit on monday. >> we are going to be very successful with a lawsuit. it was filed, it was filed in the ninth circuit. i actually think we might do very well, even in the ninth circuit, because it is an open and close case. >> even without the emergency declaration, the white house says it is now identified nearlf additional funds which would be
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enough to build about 180 miles of a border wall immediately, without waiting for the court challenges to play out. shannon, you know better than anybody else, the court challenges can take quite some time to play out. >> shannon: well into the 2020 election, if not beyond. good news for them if they try to put together their assets, they say they got them on this. we will see with the court say pure thank you, kristin their former acting fbi director's telling his story again tonight. andrew mccabe making new claims about efforts to protect evidence and keep congressional leadership in the loop on his investigation of the president. keep intelligence corresponding catherine herridge tracking the story for us tonight. catherine? >> we are at the beginning of an investigation peered >> on his book to her, the former acting fbi director andrew mccabe said he briefed congressional leadership on the counterintelligence probe into the president. >> i told congress -- >> to anyone object? >> not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds, not based on the facts. >> a member of the so-called gang of eight called mccabe's
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claims possibly misleading, they knew months earlier that the fbi opened the case on trump by investigating his campaign. >> something that we talked about but never seriously considered. >> mccabe tried to downplay conversations with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about invoking the 25th amendment to remove the president. >> i made the decision not to include these comments in the book because they were exactly that: it never went beyond the realm of a brief, offhanded comment by the deputy attorney general to me. >> mccabe justifies the probe citing the director comey firing, and that they wanted to include russia in the memo to back up his decision. as these events unfolded two years ago, mccabe struck a different tone. >> completely within the president's authority to take the steps that he did. we all understand that. >> mccabe, fired for lying about his role in the media leak, now challenging those findings from justice department inspector general michael lee horowitz. >> i was one of two people in
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the fbi that had the authority to disclose information to the media. that is an fbi policy, baked into the way that we run media relations. >> the inspector general uncovered at least three violations of the fbi ethics code, lack of candor under oath, lack of candor when not under oath, in the improper disclosure of nonpublic information about the fbi investigation into the clinton foundation. former fbi field agents tell fox that lack of candor is cause for immediately to special, and they essay mccabe should be held to the same standard. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much for your talk about why the former director of the fbi's talking with these sensitive topics in the medium. isaac wright, national council's moment and not michael anton, welcome to both of you. >> good to be here. >> we know any mccabe is making the rounds, what you do when you are selling a brook. i want to display something that
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he just discussed with anderson cooper. tonight, about whether or not the president may be something rather nefarious. here is that interchange appeared to be good you still believe the president could be a russian asset? >> i think it is possible. i think that is why we started our investigation, and i'm really anxious to see where director mueller can prove that. >> shannon: you are part of this administration, is the president a russian asset? >> no. i hope your camera caught it, i was laughing as i heard that. it is the most preposterous thing i've ever heard, and i am amazed, as a national media and political culture, have been dwelling on this obviously absurd .42 and a half years, and there is no evidence for it. what stuck out from mccabe's original interview with 60 minutes, to put the russia collusion story on a solid footing so that nobody could take it away or lock it back. that is laughable. a solid footing? if there were solid footing for it, two and half years and, we
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would have something. i'm still waiting for any evidence at all of collusion by the president or his team. >> shannon: isaac, so far we have had most of the folks looking at this, senate intelligence committee on the latest to weigh in, it is just not there. we await the mueller investigation, but until then, it is nothing >> that is a great thing i can clear up right now from michael. he was looking for what the evidence is. ask paul manafort, he is looking at serving a life sentence, top it off -- >> shannon: bank fraud -- >> these people lied to the fbi about collusion with russia and they're willing to go to prison to lie to protect the secrets about russia. >> shannon: not lying about russian collusion, let's be clear. we know paul manafort was convicted on tax and bank and fraud charges. >> let's be clear about that. the indictment in court says that man paul manafort was slig memos to russian military -- that's collusion, period.
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he was not convicted on it, the court documents reveal clear collusion peer they clearly state he was giving campaign strategy memos to russian military intelligence. >> shannon: what we've been told is that he shared polling information with russian individuals. michael, i have not heard anything that equated legal lead to any kind of collusion. >> certainly, keep in mind, the charge here is an extraordinary one. the president himself as a russian asset. acid is an intelligence term, it means you are a spy betraying your comp my country, handing secret information over to a ho. that is just a crazy an extraordinary thing to say peered i find it hard to believe anybody could possibly believe it. you have to also ask yourself if the president were a russian asset, one of the russians gotten out of him? not much, if anything. this administration has been tough on russia, it sanctioned russia, it hasn't pulled back or back or altered u.s. policy on ukraine or crimea, it hasn't
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reopened russian diplomatic installations. in fact, it has closed more of them. it has picked more russian diplomats and known spies out of the united states. doesn't seem to me the administration has given putin anything he wants, it's done a lot of things to him he deftly doesn't want. >> shannon: the argument we hear from people who support president trump, he's done things like arming folks in ukraine, providing them with that. >> why has donald trump refused to allow interpreters or notes to be taken on a single conversation -- >> that is just not true -- >> i didn't interrupt you, don't interrupt me. if everything is above board why are they so determined to keep it secret? yc the first president in modern history to deny those records, , read out to be given? >> i'm sorry, you just don't know what you're talking about -- >> i appreciate you served in this administration, you can google it. >> shannon: we know it -- gentlemen, we know that there are folks on the hill who say
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they want to subpoena and get their hands on those notes on other conversations. michael, what are you saying about that? >> there is one conversation that happened at a dinner after the formal meeting, in which there were interpreters and notetakers. in hamburg, at the g8 in 2017, the democrats time to spend some scandal pair that is the purpose of those dinners, to get foreign leaders into a big room and letm mingle. there are interpreters there, there is no way the president could talk to vladimir putin without a interpreter because he doesn't speak russian and via mayor putin doesn't speak. in a formal meeting, it is true that policy is to have an american interpreter along with the foreign interpreter. in a social setting like that, he doesn't always connect. a sidebar conversation over dessert is hardly some kind of scandal that proves the president is used for russian assets. >> the facts are there. >> shannon: trying to get their hands on that information, we will see. isaac, michael, if you are likely to talk to you guys for an hour. come back, great to have you. >> thank you. >> shannon: a twist in the
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jussie smollett case. they need to talk to the actor, they have a list of questions only he can answer. >> if he doesn't want to come in and talk to the police come he doesn't want to give his side of the story, from what i understand a second time, they can arrest him. >> shannon: we have a story covered on all angles. our chicago bureau with the latest, at a chicago reporter who came under fire when he expressed basic journalistic skepticism when they case surfaced. if they are both live. plus, university of iowa cracking down on a christian group on campus. two of them sued. wait until you hear what an obama-appointed federal judge just decided. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable,
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>> shannon: new develops tonight, the increasingly complex case of jussie smollett, the actor facing fallout as his story is victimized by a racist and homophobic attack is raising questions. police want to conduct a follow-up interview with the "empire" to start, joined lie from chicago with the very latest. >> a very exciting evening following the smollett case. we learned the osundairo brothers, showed up at the cook county criminal courts building, their attorney was spotted going into the grand jury room. police say that ended up a meeting with police and prosecutors, the brothers, and their attorney, not the start of a grand jury pay them a controversial cook county attorney recused yourself, on an abundance of caution, this decision to recuse yourself was made to address potential questions of impartiality based upon familiarity with potential witnesses in this case. and there was confirmation that smollett pleaded no contest back
8:20 pm
in 2007 in los angeles to a dui providing false information to police, and driving without a license. the day started with that standoff. police insisting they wanted smollett to come in for the follow-up interview because of evidence that came out of the interrogation of the osundairo brothers. smollett didn't say no, just me no plans to show up here the legal eagles watching this case, time is eventually going to run out for smollett. if he doesn't submit to that interview, eventually police will work to get charges, get a warrant, they will go pick him up. as you can see, steps are being taken with the states attorneys office. shannon? to be with thank very much, mike. after it was reported, the alleged attack on jussie smollett became a celebrity talking point as politicians and stars alike demanded immediate answers on the racist and homophobic a taxpayer joining us now my from chicago, questions from the start, fox 32 reporter rachel weigle. >> i'm good, thank you so much for having me on, shannon.
8:21 pm
>> shannon: you took heat from people when you were asking questions, as a reporter, because some of this didn't add up to you in the beginning, do you have been there in chicago covering this. you have the resources. what has your experience been like as you have unraveled this thread, it appears, after so many people came after you for questioning this? >> initially, we have fox 32 reported that jussie smollett says he was attacked. we weren't there, we didn't see the attack, so other media outlets just blindly reported that he was attacked. that is journalism 101, the old adage, as i sat on laura ingraham last night, if your mother loves you, check it out. speaking to my manager editor, talking to the source of the chicago pd, they were skeptical from the beginning, given the extremity of the claims, the right half, the location, the no one would have intervened, no cell phone video, they expressed skepticism to me, but that is their job to be skeptical.
8:22 pm
i voiced that skepticism early on, took a lot of flack for it, but at the end of the day, i didn't take that personally. this became something very politicized very early on by both the left and right. but yeah, i did caution against some people -- against the outrage without more actual facts coming through. as the facts are coming through, it appears right now that that skepticism was warranted. >> shannon: we are getting more information, slowly, a lot of it not on the record. some of it is on the record. but what we know tonight is the state attorney has decided to recuse herself. can you tell us anything about what is behind that decision of what happens next? >> she put it because of familiarity with potential witnesses bear that is a very vague term. she obviously has some kind of connection either to the witnesses themselves, possibly with smollett. if that is the case, she is doing the right thing by recusing herself. there are a lot of theories floating around, i don't know that they know smollett personally, but i know he is under pressure from the mayor's
8:23 pm
office and the police, they really do want to prosecute jussie smollett to the full letter of the law because they believe that he fabricated this entire police report. and they want to see him prosecuted for that. also, keep in mind, we're not talking about the federal investigation going on into that letter that was sent to the "empire" that come about as a whole different issue altogether. if the feds decide to prosecute him on that. that is totally independent of what happens with the chicago police department. now you're talking federal time, a whole different potential list of problems. there are no leaks coming out of that investigation, no idea what is going on with that. >> shannon: a lot more questions and answers on some of that beard i want to read from his attorney, "as a victim of a hate crime, cooperated with the police investigation. jussie smollett is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators or individuals he is familiar with. he has now been further victimized that he played a role in his own attack, nothing is further from the truth, and
8:24 pm
anyone claiming otherwise is lying." they are not leaving a lot of daylight there, rafel. >> >> no, in his first attorneyy sources are telling me that michael monaco essentially felt he couldn't work with him because it smollett wanted to come out with that declarative statement, you might recall, over the weekend, that his lawyers released. my sources are telling me that michael monaco didn't want that, didn't want him to come out that strongly. just felt they had a difference of opinion in philosophy. it appears that jussie smollett at his legal team have every intention of fighting the spirit taking this all the way, you know, until the 12th round, which means, i don't know we are in for any kind of resolution anytime soon. >> shannon: that is true they want to talk to him again, so far no plans for that. we will follow your twitter feed, join us again when you have news. good to have you. >> any time, you, shannon. >> shannon: covington catholic student suing reporters for billions of dollars, that story tops the real news roundup,
8:25 pm
plus, he was a hit in 2016, but many democrats tonight are grumbling about bernie sanders running in 2020. how are they going to villa joe biden jumps in? how do they stack up against the president? chris stirewalt is here to answer those questions and more when we come back. i'm mildly obsessed with numbers. so, i started with the stats regarding my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. like how humira has been prescribed to over 300,000 patients. and how many patients saw clear or almost clear skin
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♪ >> shannon: tonight, it is official, bernie sanders has joined a 2020 race, and plenty democrats preaching diversity frankly not thrilled about it but how will they feel about joe biden? i would either match up against president trump? let's ask our resident expert, politics editor chris stirewalt. good evening. people are feeling the bern. to speak on have been for years. >> shannon: some of his positions from the campaign in 2016. >> tuition free. paid family and medical leave.
8:30 pm
a living wage, $15 an hour paired health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. radical ideas are now mainstream ideas because of your support. >> shannon: a lot of people running now have some of those same ideas. >> they say they do. elizabeth warren, i think, out matches him. i think she has a lot of the same ideas, running basically in the same lane. think has serious structural advantages. but remember, there is nothing new about democrats wanting these things. this is, in fact, the stuff democrats talked about in the '40s and 'fix 50s, an apostle he 60s. this is the way back machine. they moved away from this in the ' 80s aunt '90s after serious political setbacks and developed clinton-ism, even the obama, cool, technocratic, yes, liberal, but not all of the way the way sanders is.
8:31 pm
this is really retro politics. bernie sanders is a retro candidate, he has been around for 40 years. >> shannon: it is so funny, he is popular with young people. we have a poll from emerson university that says 18 to 34-year-olds, sanders is the top of their list, 35%, followed by biden, kamala harris at 12%. these are old ideas come recycled, they are back there the young people are digging it. >> far be it from me to look at somebody else's poll, but i look at there is a little bit. they are not methodologically up to snuff from what i want to see, but the other thing is, this is just a name identification measurement. at this point, have you heard of this person? guess what, sherrod brown, not exactly electrifying college campuses. they are not shot through with the sherrod a fact. bernie sanders was the runner-up last time, obviously famous. let's be frank, he has a better chance to win the nomination this time around and he did last
8:32 pm
time around when he ended up with 46% of the vote. that is because last time around he was facing hillary clinton, who was a heavy favorite, presumptive nominee. >> shannon: the dnc was clearly waiting the scales. >> bigley. this time, bernie sanders is one of money, and donald trump did to republicans 2016 -- if you have a quarter of the vote come if you have 30% of the vote, there are 20 people running, that is enough with the proportional delegate distributions, with the new delegate rules that bernie sanders sort of imposed upon the dnc. as recompense for what was done to him. it looked, he could win the nomination. i don't think he is the most likely winner, but boy, he could win. if he does, this has almost become the worst-case scenario for democrats. it is hard to come up with a worst outcome for democrats in 2020, someone who embraces the moniker of "socialist," who is an old white dude, not only easy prey for republicans on those issues, but he almost certainly
8:33 pm
invite howard schultz or somebody else into the race when you have two extreme candidates on either side. exactly. >> shannon: the left is telling us they are done with that. >> everyone is excited about white dudes in their 70s. >> shannon: the new 30s. >> that's not true, i will accept thought. >> shannon: just in, "the washington post" with a huge lawsuit from the team at the center of the covington catholic controversy. that tops tonight's real news roundup. here's the lawsuit claims, they engaged in a modern-day form of mccarthyism by building the covington student, nicholas sandmann, claiming they did this because he was wearing a maga hat after the march for life rally. the lawsuit says, rather than digging to the truth, "the post" bullied him because he is a white catholic student wearing and "make america great again" hat. in order to fully compensate him
8:34 pm
for the damages, he is supposed to teach them a lesson they will never forget, money damages in excess of $250 million. the amount jeff bezos, the world's richest person, paid in cash for "the post" when they purchased the paper in 2013 for the post says they are reviewing a copy of the lawsuit and plan to have a vigorous defense. a 7-year-old texas boy in michigan helped president trump a fund of border wall by selling hot chocolate, sparking outrage in his neighborhood. somebody called him a little hitler for his efforts bear he's raised about $6,000 selling hot chocolate. some of the angry neighbors have come back and apologize. emergency rooms are gearing up to treat a rare disorder where marijuana users -- skeptics debate whether cannabis is actually the cause, although
8:35 pm
according to the mayo clinic, the quick know my condition is relieved when the patient stop smoking marijuana peer taking aim at iran, trying to decriminalize homosexuality, in contrast to claims that this president is anti-lgbtq right spirit is the white house flipping the script? and part of our weeklong series on the green new deal, how did the high-speed train from california go off the rails? the answer might surprise you. ♪ have you ever worked with dr. francis? oh yeah, he's ok.
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♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert, the trump administration stepping up its battle with california over the high-speed rail. the state drastically scale back the project, and the trump administration says hey, give us back the money we gave you for the project. intending to cancel nearly $1 billion in federal grant funds, the administration also wants $2.5 billion back that was previously granted to the nondefunct project. california governor and democrat gavin newsom called it a clear
8:40 pm
political retribution. he says for california leading the way on challenging the president's border barrier national emergency. he says this is california's money and we are going to fight for it. california bullet train kicks off tonight's installment of our weeklong series examining the green new deal. correspondent doug mckelway looks at the proposal's potential impact on american financial security. >> it took only a week after the rollout of the green new deal, the california governor gavin newsom through a wet blanket on a big part of it, drastically slashing his states high-speed rail project. >> abandoning the high-speed rail project entirely means will have wasted billions and billions of dollars paid >> the project cost ballooned billionsa vision for the green new deal paid >> i hope to cofound a green new deal 15 years ago, and we did about $150 billion of investment in renewable, and a lot of that money was wasted.
8:41 pm
maybe most of it. >> even of the green new deal was fully implemented, how would it impact climate change? speak with the united states disappeared from the planet, ril temperatures would only be about a tenth of a degree by 2100. >> germany provides a glimpse of the u.s. future with 100% renewable energy. >> they will have spent $580 billion by 2025 on its transition to renewables, but if the missions have been flat over the last ten years. >> that is because wind and solar require fossil fuel back up when it is not windy or something. germans play roughly twice as much for electricity for households as neighboring france. wind and solar also require a lot of land, and they are going to kill this proposed array in virginia. they also proposed retrofitting every building in the u.s. >> how much would that cost? >> one estimate puts it at $1.3 trillion for homes.
8:42 pm
they argue it is an investment. >> for every $1 we spend on infrastructure, we get a return on the investment. >> the tower in london was retrofitted with energy-saving mining when i got caught fire in 2017. 72 died. high-rise fires in dubai were also worsened by colliding. there are better fire resistant claddings, but with more with the green new deal, it tends to be more expensive. shannon? >> doug mckelway, thank you very much for ten months ago, re history of the highest ranking openly official ever in a republican administration. now the u.s. and bassett or to germany spearheading a global initiative to project lgbt individuals. good evening, ellison barber. >> hi, shannon. it was starting a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality. the campaign is said to be heavily aimed at the iran officials, telling fox news ambassador to germany has been working on this issue for month
8:43 pm
months. a spokesperson for the u.s. embassy in berlin told fox news ambassador ric grenell, hosting a meeting in berlin on tuesday with 11 lgbt activists from various european countries. the media spokesperson said it was an opportunity to listen and discuss ideas on how the u.s. can advance the criminalization of lgbt status and conduct around the world. the state department official seemed to downplay the debriefing earlier today. >> this is not a big policy departure. this is long-standing. and it is bipartisan. >> the latest efforts led by the investor have a newer sense of urgency after reports surfaced in late january that iran publicly hung a man accused of violating the countries anti-gay laws. he called it our greatest and barbaric, and at the time, told, "i'm committed to a more aggressive nation with our european allies to make clear that criminalizing homosexuality is incompatible
8:44 pm
with the u.n.'s universal declaration of human rights." the trump administration has come under fire when it comes to lgbt issues at home and abroad. the trump administration reversed obama-era policies effectively banning transgender people from serving in the military. activists at the administration administration's asylum policies complicated efforts to save lgbt chechens, as reports suggested the chechen government was arresting, torturing, and killing members of the lgbt community. in a statement, human rights campaign pointed to examples like that and told fox news when it comes to the focus on decriminalization of homosexuality, if his commitment is real, we have a lot of questions about the administration's intentions and commitments and are eager to see what proof and action will follow. reporting from nbc news suggest the recent focus on decriminalization is not only about human rights, but iran in general, and that "reframing the conversation on around around human rights issues that has broad support in europe could
8:45 pm
help the united states and europe reach a point of agreement on iran. shannon? >> shannon: ellison barber, thank you very much. from this global push to decriminalize homosexuality, the g.o.p. leading the way on repealing the death penalty and getting criminal justice reform passed, is compassionate conservatism two-point oh or an effort to be the last at its own game. university of iowa cracks down on the number of christian student groups on campus, two decided to sue. up next, find out what it obama-appointed federal judge just decided. when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. but you can believe this, real esurance employee nancy abraham. look her up online. esurance, it's surprisingly painless. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world.
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♪ >> shannon: okay, just before the break we told you the trump administration is working to decriminalize homosexuality around the world, where people can still in some countries face the death penalty. also today, "the wall street journal" reporting that state-level republican spearheading efforts to abolish the death penalty. just months ago, the white house led the way in criminal justice reform. as the g.o.p. flipping the script on the left heading into the 2020 run for the white house? let's debate with the power panel, back with us again, enjoining ellie jasinski from the federalist, welcome back to both of you. great to have you. okay, so, what do you make of this, traditionally ideas the left would say they have more
8:50 pm
ownership of, but republicans saying hey come under the trump administration, we are going to step forward. >> got to be honest, i think it is time to put partisanship aside, and if the trump administration is going to come around, a genuine intention to do the right thing, we should beat them with open hands and welcome them to the fight. the obama administration made a huge priority of decriminalizing homosexuality internationally with the equality outreach program in over 50 countries through u.s. embassies. hillary clinton in 2011 went to the united nations in geneva and declared the lgbtq rights, one of the great remaining human rights challenges of our time. if the trump administration is genuine about this and they're going to join the fight, i think we should welcome them with open arms parents going leading the efforts seem to be ric grenell, who has been with us on a show, in front of the show, many times. he wrote the op-ed about the saying, it is time for us to speak up. countries are people can literally be put to death, that has to stop. a conservative commentator tweet to this "anti-trump guy man, a
8:51 pm
patriot movement of americans -- tags jussie smollett -- which one will the media focus on more?" you think the media on the left from a lot of skeptics in the lgbt community not sure what the trump administration is actually going to do on this. >> i think it is going to be huge to see if the left, and you can probably include the media in that, react in the way you might expect them to if the policy, the same policy were coming under a democratic administration. we don't know yet there's some on the left already attacking ambassador grenell's move, but we will see if that is the position. it is definitely a step by the trump administration to show that they are willing to buck the expectations, in fact, they are bucking the expectations. a lot of people set out for this president, and a lot of people's preconceived notions about this president may turn out, in fact, to be false paired this is
8:52 pm
coming under the administration of the vice president, who is routinely targeted with hyperbolic language because of his faith on these particular issues. >> an opportunity to encourage that about faith, this should be the opportunity for the trump administration to recant some of the things that upset about transgendered service members in the american military. that should be an opportunity to come together. >> shannon: we will see how this goes. this is spearheading effort is starting. i want to make sure we get you both to weigh in on the case out of the university of iowa, where they essentially told a student group to have leadership principles if you're going to be a leadership in a leadership position, one of these christiat you to live by certain christian principles, and that includes no sex before marriage, a man any woman, a number of religious groups do you recognize on campus susan see wood, and a fl judge appointed by obama told university to cut it out, that he take the group's back. they are strategies and policies in a way that hurts the
8:53 pm
christian groups but not necessarily others on campus. i want to get you both to quickly weigh in. first you, isaac. >> i'm not an attorney like you, shannon, i don't have a law degree. i can't analyze the judge's opinion, but i will say as a person of faith, it hurts me to see a group that claims the name of christ, focused so much effort on being exclusionary, when hopefully those efforts instead could go for the message of executing the message of jesus, luke chapter 6, i think that would be a much better goal with their time. >> shannon: let me get emily to weigh in, 20 seconds appeared >> i'm so glad we are talking about this, which had more time because this is something people don't realize how common it is on college campuses, a lot of campuses have these policies, not only to that of the policy, they apply them unevenly. more student groups should sue but i would say to that point that a lot of these groups are not focusing all their energy on talking with these particular issues. it is when students on the other side come in and try to poke
8:54 pm
them and problem on these issues that these conflicts happen, but more student groups should pursue legal challenges because they are very effective and warranted. >> shannon: emily and isaac, thank you both very much. we begin our closing argument tonight, democrats get together, are they going ground president trump's cherished space force? on matt. it offers a lot of great technology inside. oh, this is fancy. yeah, that's the available hd surround vision camera. the top of your car? it helps you see dangers around the vehicle. what is that? what the? wait wait wait... what is that? oh my god. what is happening? these are big alligators. now we're surrounded. so who's getting out first? i don't know but we're keeping this camera on. [laughing] and our shirts from custom ink help bring us together. we order custom ink to welcome new employees, personalize team shirts, and even for company events.
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which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ >> today, i'm thrilled to sign a new order, taking the next step to create that united states space force. so important. >> shannon: so it is official, president trump signing a directive today to create a six branch of the armed forces. except for the democratically enforced cost to create it. russia and china are working on weapons capable of taking out u.s. satellites, so the air force just started launching its own to detect the signs of
8:59 pm
attack. he wants the space forced to pack an actual punch. >> that's going to be a very big part of where the defense of our nation, and you could say it offense, but let's be nice about it and say defense of our nation is going to be. >> shannon: the idea of a space force has captivated american pop culture, going back decades. it is apparently one of his most cherished ideas. mike pence at jokes that he asks about it at least once a month. the white house is going with a space force plan b, rather than as a stand-alone branch of the armed forces. undeterred, pitched the new headquarters of the space worse. stay tuned. while, tonight's midnight heroes are the bystanders who jumped in and pulled a woman from her burning car after she was hit by a suspected drunk driver. even though the woman's car was engulfed in flames, she had just
9:00 pm
minor injuries. some of the men who rescued her also got burned in the process. tonight, we salute them as our midnight heroes. most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night now from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." bernie sanders is running for president, not that he ever etopped. sanders announced his second campaign this morning in a ten minute video. but before you drop everything and watch it, take half a moment to appreciate just how much america and the democratic party aave changed over the past four years. pull up sander's first presidential announcement speech. it was may 26, 2015 in burlington, vermont, and sander's looks different but the second thing, if you watch it, just how familiar his wordsay sound.rm it is spooky. virtually all of the themes w sander' announcement speech, his


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