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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 20, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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summer concert series. >> contact her. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. we'll be back here tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news on a massive lawsuit filed on behalf of the covington catholic high school student at the center of the viral confrontation in washington the "washington post" sued $250 million filed by the family of nick sandmann. attorneys accuse the paper of practicing a modern-day form of mccarthyism. much more in a moment. talk to sean spicer on that and a lot more. first, however, president trump punching back at california as the feud between the white house and golden state intensifies over billions of dollars. good morning. we've reached the midweek point. i'm bill hemmer in new york. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill. i'm sandra smith.
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a fight over the president's border wall taking new shape at this hour as the trump administration threatens california's bullet train project in two major fronts. first targeting nearly $1 billion in federal funds. and second trying to reclaim $2.5 billion. governor newsome calling it political retribution. >> the cost overruns are becoming world record sending is hundreds of times more expensive than the desperately needed wall. >> good morning. the transportation department says it is looking into its legal options to take back that 2.5 billion in federal funds that california has already spent and the timing of this is in question because it was just announced just a day after california filed a lawsuit challenging president trump's emergency declaration at the border.
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now, this all surrounds a $77 billion project creating a bullet train from l.a. to san francisco. governor gavin newsom fired back it is no coincidence that the administration's threat comes 24 hours after california led 16 states in challenging the president's farce call national emergency. a clear political retribution by president trump and we won't sit idly by. it's california's money and we'll fight for it. he addressed the topic during the recent state of the state address. >> abandoning the high speed rail entirely means we will have wasted billions and billions of dollars. with all due respect i have no interest in sending back $3 1/2 billion of federal funding allocated to this project to president donald trump. >> during that address governor said he wanted to scale back
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the rail project which is over budget. they are looking at other ways of funding the project. >> bill: thank you, sir, live in southern california today. >> sandra: now to the latest twist in the jussie smollett case. investigators still waiting to have a follow-up conversation with the actor as prosecutors question the two brothers who had been possible suspects. the state's torn recusing herself from the case and now there are new questions about a racist letter that smollett received a week before the alleged attack. matt finn is keeping track of it all for us live in chicago this morning. matt, what's the latest? >> sandra, this morning jussie smollett's crisis manager tells us jussie decided not to meet with police yesterday or tuesday. chicago police said they can present it to the -- chicago police are trying to get
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portions of this case in front of a grand jury. fox news learned the brothers were set to have their testimony locked in before a grand jury but smollett's team say smollett had nothing to do with the attack. documents obtained reveal that smollett was convicted a 2007 d.u.i. and giving los angeles police false information. tuesday cook county state's attorney foxx recuse herself from this state because she might know some of the witnesses. they investigated a tip yesterday from one of smollett's neighbors that claimed they saw smollett with the brothers before the night of the attack but the tip was inaccurate. >> sandra: what other charges does the actor potentially face? >> well, smollett could be in trouble with the f.b.i. because the f.b.i. is investigating
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that alleged death threat letter that he received a week prior to his attack with a maga return address. we're told if he lied to the f.b.i. about that he could be facing some federal charges. cbs news reports that smollett played a part in sending that threatening letter to himself. when it didn't get enough attention he carried out the alleged attack. smollett denies those claims. >> sandra: matt finn in chicago for us. thanks. >> did you believe he was actually an agent for russia? >> we believed that could be possible and why we opened the case. >> how possible? >> the f.b.i. doesn't open cases because we like a person or don't like a person. we don't open cases because we are political in one direction or another. we open cases because we look at the information we have in our hands at the time and if that information gives us a credible basis to believe that a threat to national security exists, or that a federal crime may have been committed it is
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our obligation under those circumstances to open a case. >> bill: really interesting segment there. andrew mccabe talking a lot just about everywhere. sean spicer, former white house press secretary. how are you doing? you've been watching him speak everywhere. what do you think we're learning from him now, sean? >> we're learning he wants to sell books. this is the comey playbook. you get fired, you write a book. make up salacious allegations and do a massive media tour. we have to remember who he is. investigators felt as they he misled them. the inspector general said he lacked candor with them. and so this is a gentleman who has a history of misleading investigators, of not being straight forward. now he is doing everything he can to sell as many books as he can and make as much money but the reality is this is a guy who is dismissed by the inspector general because he lacked candor and misled them.
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i think viewers wherever he is have to keep in context who this individual is and the playbook that he is following. >> bill: he did nbc yesterday morning. cnn last night. msnbc this morning. i want to go back to the view and pick up this exchange that got a lot of attention. megan mccain with a specific question. >> were you a leaker to the "new york times"? >> absolutely not. not any time ever. you should understand when i was serving as deputy director i was one of two people in the f.b.i. who had authority to disclose information to the media. an f.b.i. policy. >> why did james comey deny the claim he denied your leak to suppress? >> i don't know why he doesn't remember the conversations we had in the same way i view. >> bill: the view is coming down hard there, sean, of all places. >> exactly. but the thing that's interesting about that exchange is the nuance. he says he didn't leak but goes on to explain where he was
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authorized to disclose and talk to the media. meaning that in his mind he doesn't view what he said as a leak because he was authorized to do it under the way that the f.b.i. is structured in terms of who can talk to the media. so he is not denying that he talked to them. what he is saying he didn't leak to them. that's an interesting nuance. >> bill: we'll see where that goes. did you follow this story with covington catholic, right, the "washington post" got a $150 million lawsuit? a couple of excerpts. the post engaged in a modern day form of mccarthyism to claim leadership of a mob of bullies that attacked, vilified and -- the post ignored basic journalistic standards because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented biased agenda against president donald trump. what is this teaching us and what do you think of the suit filed on behalf of lynn wood?
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>> i hope he wins and i hope this is just the first of several to come. this is a teenager who was accused of these heinous things. as they said in the lawsuit basic journalistic standards weren't followed. every google search will follow him wherever he goes and the other students who went to covington because the post and countless other media institutions didn't do the basics. for all of these institutions that decry fake news and attacks on the media, here is example number one why people lost faith in the media. they continue to perpetuate stories as long as they further the narrative that anybody that is a conservative or supports trump should be convicted and condemned. that was their crime, that wore a make america great hat. once they saw that hat, he was guilty, he needed to be convicted and condemned and they went all in after him. a 16-year-old kid is tarnished forever because they not only failed.
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it is not that they failed to follow journalistic principles. they wanted to make sure they got this kid. >> bill: in this case perhaps you have a point there. but all media is not bad and it was your job to stand up for the president and then be fair to the -- they are a true enemy of the people is from the president yet again. >> i've been very clear during my time and since i left the white house that i don't paint the press with a broad brush. i think there are some good reporters and some bad ones. but it took cbs logan the other day to call it out and say all the institutions, "the new york times," "washington post", cbs, nbc, abc, all have a disposition on the left and their problem is they won't admit their own bias. in particular with this particular president there is
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an absolute personal hatred and vitriol because they don't like him and the interactions they have with him. they've made it very personal and so many cases they've stopped being objective and made it a personal crusade to* to go after him. reality is they can't claim to be objective. there are really good reporters out there but by and large most are left leaning and made it a cause to go after this president. >> bill: thank you for your time. a lot more to come up on this, too. the president gave an interview to the "new york times" recently and we're following that. good to have you back on the program. lynn wood is the attorney for nick sandmann. he will be a guest on our program tomorrow. "washington post" is the first shot fired. they have dozens of other media outlets and celebrities they feel were in the wrong and will make their legal case. >> sandra: the news exploding fast this morning. a lot more to get to this hour.
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president trump predicting he will win reelection. >> president trump: you have a lot of people running but only one person is going to win. i hope you know who that person is. >> sandra: the president also sending a message to bernie sanders saying, quote, he missed his chance. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is on deck and joins us live next. >> bill: breaking news on two of the women who fled their countries to become brides of isis fighters. how the u.s. and u.k. are responding and how at least two want to come back here, home. >> sandra: russian president vladimir putin issuing a new warning to the u.s. john james is under consideration to replace nikki haley as our ambassador to the u.n. he will join us with his reaction in moments. >> i'm somebody who represents more than just my race. i'm somebody who represents the united states of america who is a combat veteran and willing to defend this nation and keeping this country first and making sure we advocate for what's
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-it's our confident forever plan. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. ♪ -find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> sandra: the white house revealing its pick for assistant attorney general. jeffrey rosen. he serves as a deputy transportation secretary. he would become second in command to attorney general william barr, replacing deputy a.g. rod rosenstein, who is expected to leave the justice department in mid-march. >> bernie sanders is running, that's right. personally i think he missed his time. it will be interesting to see how he does. i think what happened to bernie maybe was not so nice. i think he was taken advantage of. he ran great four years ago. you have a lot of people running but only one person is going to win.
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i hope you know who that person is. >> bill: immediate reaction now. bernie sanders is in the race the president commenting yesterday from the oval office. a bit earlier this morning the tweet crazy bernie has just entered the race. i wish him well. what about this development? ronna mcdaniel, rnc chairwoman. you are back in washington, d.c. where the snow is coming down. he said he may have missed his time but bernie sanders is saying he raised $4 million in 12 hours. that's pretty good, ronna. >> that is a good haul. significantly more than kamala harris raised her first day. bernie sanders will force democrat to lurch further to the progressive side of the democrat party. you see candidates trying to out bernie bernie. the american people have to look at these radical ideas and what will it do to our economy versus the results of this
6:18 am
administration, wages up, jobs up. our country is doing phenomenally well. why would we want to change that? >> bill: privately do you hope bernie sanders does well? >> i think they're alterible. the more in, i want a long, drawn-out primary. i want it to go well into the summer of 2020 so that it takes them a long time to pick their candidate. i know president trump is going to win. look at what he has done for this country and what they're offering. it is frightening what they are offering. >> bill: bernie sanders on his announcement said the following. >> the only way we will win this election and create a government and an economy that works for all is with a grassroots movement the likes of which has never been seen in american history. they may have the money and the power. we have the people. that is why we need one million
6:19 am
americans who will commit themselves to this campaign. >> bill: you'll get a lot more reaction on that. the president believes he has won the debate already because you mention he has dragged more to the left. you may get your wish on a long, drawn-out primary. we'll see with all the contenders. here is joe biden in philadelphia yesterday. watch and listen to this comment. >> if you take a look at what the hysteria going on now about the southern border, there is a simple reason, folks, why it's in our interest to deal with that. what's the best way to deal with that? this president came along and essentially let it all blow up. it is about xenophobia. this is not healthy. >> bill: he went there, ronna. >> we know what the democrats are going to do. they're using identity politics. they continue to rip our nation apart. joe biden didn't think it was xenophobia when he voted in
6:20 am
2006 for the secure fence act. many democrats have voted to secure on southern border. it was rational policy under president obama but when president trump does it they use this language. it is divisive. the president is focusing on making our country stronger and safer and they want to continue to divide. i hope the american people reject the democrats' policy of division and running on division. >> bill: we'll have a long time to talk about this. i hope you come back. from washington, d.c. >> sandra: the search continues for a new u.n. ambassador to replace nikki haley. we're heard john james is a top contender for that job. he will discuss that and a lot of other foreign policy headlines this morning. >> bill: this car burst into flames. a woman trapped inside the vehicle. we'll talk to one of the real-life heroes who risked their own life to try to save her. as a fitness junkie, i customize everything -
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $200 back when you buy and eligible smartphone. click, call, or visit a store today. >> sandra: russian president vladimir putin issued a strong warning for the united states saying he is open to arms control talks with president trump but is also fully prepared to protect his own nation. joining us now is john james, former gop senate candidate and sent to be a leading contender to replace nikki haley as our ambassador to the u.n. john james, good morning to you. welcome back to the program. do you have anything to tell us this morning? >> well, it's an honor to be considered for the u.s., u.n. mission. somebody with a business background and reforms and business practices to make the u.n. run better also a combat veteran who understands the consequences of war and also someone who understands the
6:25 am
growing spheres of communist influence around the world and somebody to advocate for america's priorities and have american leadership is absolutely important. >> sandra: sounds like you want the job. >> i look forward to the call should it come. >> sandra: you want the job? >> of course i do. a passion to service. i went to west point and why i ran to the u.s. senate to represent my state and i look forward to answering the call and doing what i can to walk by faith, not by sight as you heard me say many times before. i put myself in a position to serve this country. >> sandra: reports are the white house is considering you as a leading candidate for that role. as you mentioned, 37 years old, west point grad, veteran of the iraq war. you are also seen by many and we're told inside the white house as a rising star in your party. puts a lot of pressure on you. >> not necessarily. the biggest pressure is raising a family in this country but also as 10 years ago i was deployed to operation iraqi
6:26 am
freedom. having those families wait on my shoulders. deploying on the aircraft and bringing the men home safely. after that everything seems easy. i'm putting myself in a position where i can do my best to serve this country and i will leave the star -- i'm just a servant and looking forward to answering the call should my president ask my services. >> sandra: we'll see if that call comes. i know you and your wife just welcomed a new baby a few days ago. that being said i have to get to the issues. vladimir putin issued the warning to the u.s. how would you handle it? >> we need to make sure we're staying strong on russia. russia is cheating. growing spheres of communist includes and russia and china are trying to remake the world in their image and why it's so important to have somebody to advocate for america and lead on behalf of western civilization. make no mistake about it. russia doesn't have the best interests of the united states in mind. i believe we need to be strong on russia, need to have
6:27 am
somebody who understands the consequences of war on the floor of the general assembly and we need to make sure we hold them accountable to the promises they made to the world community. nobody wants nuclear war. we need to have somebody to take a tough stance with russia. i support our president's agenda in making sure that we hold russia accountable to their promises. >> sandra: how can relations be improved with russia or can they be? >> the first thing they need to believe and know in no uncertain circumstances we mean business. we need to make sure our allies know they will always be able to trust and rely on america. and our enemies also need to know that they can trust america's word when we say that we'll defend america and we'll defend our allies and interests. and i believe that they take our president seriously and they finally need to take a look and take a serious look at what they are doing. they can walk this back. all we want is them to abide by the inf treaty of 1987. for them to destroy the missiles and the battalions and
6:28 am
the launchers that are outside of compliance. they do this, we're cool. >> sandra: some other big issues. russia is big. we're also watching north korea. the summit is happening next week in vietnam. what are your expectations? can the president walk away with something from this summit? >> i think that we have to be realistic. the first step is we're beginning the dialogue. we're talking this out. we're putting the olive branch out there to begin the process of de-escalating, ending the korean war. i believe that we should not move from the denuclearization of the peninsula. having these talks we need to make sure we're -- we leave there with a set of circumstances where we have verifiable steps to denuclearize the peninsula and work in concert by holding china's feet to the fire to be good actors in forcing north korea to the table and act in
6:29 am
good faith to make sure that we make the world a safer place by getting north korea to tow the line as it comes to joining the rest of civilization and denuclearizing. >> sandra: the on going situation in venezuela. the president described it as catastrophe. what do you do? >> i think of course we need to galvanize the world community but also understand that the roosevelt and the monroe doctrine set the standard for making sure we keep foreign interference out from under our umbrella. i think by making sure that we continue to give president guaido the information and support he needs, continue to pressure maduro to step down peacefully but also making sure we continue to send aid to take care of the good venezuelan people, to address the root cause for strife in central and south america leading to the crisis on our borders and address the northern triangle
6:30 am
causing strife and is actually causing a foothold that communist influence and russia are continuing to stoke that will lead to forces like isis being able to access our shores. we cannot let that happen. we cannot let socialism win and under president trump's leadership it will not. >> sandra: got it. john james. we got through a lot there as the talked about top contender for the u.n. ambassador role. come back when you get the phone call if you get it. we love talking to you. thanks for coming. >> bill: 9:30 here in new york. trey gowdy challenging recent claims by andrew mccabe. >> his goal was to obstruct a russia investigation, gosh, he did a terrible job. >> bill: several republican lawmakers not buying what mccain is selling. andy biggs will join us on that topic and also there is. >> sandra: another isis bride pleading to return home to the u.s. after she fled to join the terror group in syria.
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>> bill: 9:33. fox news alert. two isis brides now trying to return home. first we had reports of an american woman who traveled to syria now saying see is deeply sorry and wants to come home with her 18-month-old son. in london the british government revoking the citizenship of this isis bride who apparently left london four years ago to join the group in syria. benjamin hall watching all of that and live in london with more. >> there is a huge debate now raging about what to do with the thousands of foreign isis members being held in camps in northern syria. the u.k. making it very clear they don't want them to return home. this woman was one of three school girls who fled to join isis when she was just 15 years old and went on to become a poster girl for western women who joined the terror group and
6:35 am
married a dutch isis fighter. she fled the bombing last month having lost two children under the age of three to sickness. she wanted her third to be safe. he was born last week in the camp but she has shown no remorse. >> it has changed me as a person. made me stronger, tougher. and i have my kids, you know, i did have a good time. >> the last isis held village she fled into the desert. she just wants to live quietly in the u.k. and people should be sympathetic. the u.k. government see it differently. the woman from alabama also joined ice is and wants to go home. the u.s. generally repatriots citizens and put them on trial. president trump said u.k.
6:36 am
people say they should take them back. but they don't want them home. president trump argued they are a bigger threat and be able to regroup if released from syrian camps. >> i listened to devin and paul quiz the doj and f.b.i. for hours. on multiple occasions about the one counter intelligence investigation. i find it stunning that they would know about a second one and not say a single solitary word. and i will continue to not believe they knew about it unless one or the other contradicts it. >> sandra: former congressman trey gowdy reacting to claims from former f.b.i. director andrew mccabe in an interview yesterday he said no member of the bipartisan gang of eight congressional leaders objected when they learned of a counter intelligence investigation of president donald trump. let's bring in arizona republican congressman andy
6:37 am
biggs. he sits on the house judiciary committee and joins us now. good morning to you. what do you think about what you are hearing here and the timeline that he is laying out in these now multiple interviews, andrew mccabe? >> the problem that you always will have from now on with andrew mccabe is that he is not credible. we know he is a liar. got drummed out of the f.b.i. for that. he has the lying to congress issue and some other motivations going on here. he wants to rehabilitate himself and sell books. i mean, it doesn't make sense. the other thing is even now what he is saying indicates that he doesn't have this lack of -- that he has a lack of judgment. so when he starts talking about lisa page and peter strzok, for instance, being these -- they had a personal problem. they had this adulterous relationship. he doesn't get into the fact what was really going on. these two in positions of power were trying to undermine the
6:38 am
election of president trump and delegitimize his presidency when he was elected. what trey was saying yesterday. when he said he was there and heard lots of questions and investigation going on and two years i've been involved doing this i can tell you there was not once that any of us said oh, there was this other investigation. let's ask questions and find out about that. it is simply because as far as we knew it didn't happen. so i don't believe a thing andrew mccabe is saying that congress said yeah, go ahead. >> sandra: here are his own words, andrew mccabe. >> it was my expectation that it would likely be relayed back to the president partially because of the presence of devin nunes. as we began that briefing, as we came into the room i was concerned about being able to keep that information that we
6:39 am
were discussing confidential and close held and it is my belief that that information got back to the president. >> sandra: you go back to trey gowdy's dispute of that claim. nothing in that meeting is supposed to be discussed. i see you shaking your head. >> yeah. it's unbelievable. so let's leave his credibility out of it. for him to say devin nunes was leaking stuff to the white house without any kind of proof or evidence is just outrageous. i have every confidence if devin he didn't do that, number one. but number two, when we start looking at this, this is from a guy who was leaking stuff to the "new york times," who is now kind of throwing comey under the bus saying he forgets that he gave me authority to do that. no, andrew mccabe himself was a leaker and so i look at it and i said the source of all this stuff is a guy with no credibility. >> sandra: what are you calling for here? you are a house judiciary
6:40 am
committee member. do you want a second special counsel? >> exactly, sandra. we've reached a point where so much was going on you need a second special counsel. some of us have been asking for quite some time and didn't get it. i no longer have confidence d.o.j. will lift the lid and bring it out in the open. you have people that were trying to get at a sitting president of the united states. and that simple. we have to get to the bottom of it. >> sandra: great to have you this morning. thank you, sir. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. check this out. baseball's all-star manny machado a rich man. san diego padres signed him to a 10 year $300 million contract. a new record for major league baseball. you think that's rich? bryce harper is still a free agent. he is one of the best hitters in the game. he hasn't signed yet. >> bill: we should have played for baseball, right? that's where we should have had our focus.
6:41 am
if you can get it, go for it. >> sandra: we're all looking forward to this season coming up. we'll leave it there. meanwhile the "washington post" slapped with a massive lawsuit from one of the covington catholic high school students. why his attorney says it is only the beginning. bill bennett is our headliner this morning and he will be here to react to this and a whole lot more. >> bill: looking forward to talking to him. new details of the alleged attack in chicago on jussie smollett. the actor has not shown up for a second interview authorities so far. we'll talk to ed davis how the police have done so far. he will tell us next. thanks to navy federal it only took 5 minutes. so vets can join? oh yeah. how do you kind of buy a new car? it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them.
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welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. >> bill: police in chicago want a follow-up interview with jussie smollett. so far it hasn't happened on story he told them about being the victim of a hate crime attack. so far he hasn't shown up for that interview and we're not sure if he will. former boston police commissioner ed davis on this. welcome back to our program.
6:45 am
how do you think the police have handled this so far, ed? >> sandra: you know, i really believe that the superintendent johnson and the chicago police department have done precisely in a textbook way handled this report that did appear rather bizarre on its face but the police need to support victims, they need to have compassion for people who are making claims like this. especially around issues like racism and homophobia. and so they not only investigated it, they supported the alleged victim and they knocked down rumors that came out immediately after the report. but then as time went on, their job is to follow the facts. their job is to determine if these things really did happen. and in a very quick and effective manner they ran these things to ground, they determined that there were some problems with the story and
6:46 am
they have witnesses who are allegedly disputing and talking about a conspiracy here. this was a textbook case that was handled very well. >> bill: it's not solved. let me move on to some evidence. you have the letter that apparently some reporting suggested suspicious and the white powder incident. the white would you dear was tylenol. why do you believe that's smollett's biggest issue? >> the problem with that is that's a federal crime and so people that use white powder to intimidate or frighten people are violating federal statutes. the f.b.i. is involved in this. they are going to look very closely at this. and these are very strict laws. when the feds get involved in something, there are very specific charges, there are very specific guidelines that they have to use. it is -- they're very serious allegations. >> bill: how hard should police push for a second interview in a case like this that's so high
6:47 am
profile? >> well, you have to push and push and do everything you can to get the individual in to try to clear up some of these discrepancies. but in the final analysis the lawyers will probably not allow him to come in and talk to the police again and the next step is a grand jury subpoena. >> bill: when does that happen? what's normally a timetable for something like that? >> it depends on if the negotiations are still going on with the lawyers. but when eventually they determine the lawyers won't let him come in, the grand jury subpoena will go out quickly in concert with the prosecutor's office. >> bill: about this threatening letter that some people are suggesting it might have been fabricated, what can we report about that today, ed? >> well, i think the key issue in that is the raid of the two brothers' apartment and the retrieval of magazines reportedly having letters cut
6:48 am
out of them. that will be a very simple process of identifying and connecting those to the letters that were sent. and that's pretty solid evidence. >> bill: if you were an investigator on a case like this and you have these questions outstanding, what are you doing right now? what is your strategy? are you laying back, communicating with attorneys on his side? what happens in a case like this? >> the prosecutors will handle the communication with the attorneys. you are pushing hard to run down all of these variables. you know, six questions of who, what, when, etc. of investigations. they are trying to answer every single one of those questions around the elements of a crime right now to determine whether or not they have a prosecutable case. >> bill: ed davis. thank you. it captured the attention of the country, i think we can say that. we'll see what the truth is eventually. thank you, sir, for coming in today from boston today. appreciate your time. >> sandra: coming up, much more on the story that seems to get stranger by the day.
6:49 am
tmz first broke the jussie smollett news and next hour harvey levin will be here with his reaction. >> bill: four good samaritans rescuing a woman from inside this fiery vehicle. check it out. one of the heroes there on the scene to rescue her will tell us about that story coming up live.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
do you think this is fun for me? you think i'm having fun? [man on other line] it certainly wasn't much fun to..... do you have eyes on the target? is it her? [man on other line] i can't tell from this photos... ...i need better shots. thank you for flying turkish airlines. taxi! you waiting for someone? no. just... looking. >> sandra: a heart stopping rescue caught on camera. watch this video with us. >> come on! >> sandra: four bystanders jump in to pull a woman from that burning car after a drunk driver crashed into it.
6:53 am
happened monday in garyville, louisiana. the vehicle was engulfed in flames but the men rushed in risking their own lives. punched windows, dragged her to safety with seconds to spare. they stayed with her until medics arrive. amazingly she suffered only minor injuries. she is still healing. byron gilcrease, one of the good samaritans joins us now. you are being called a modern-day hero. tell us what happened that day. >> well, kind of started off as a normal morning. me and my wife were in the kitchen making coffee. i live across the street from where the accident happened. and we heard a boom like a loud crash. she looked out the window and said there is a car on fire. we got to go out there and do something. i said well, let me look out the window. sure enough. there was a car engulfed in flames and we saw a guy trying
6:54 am
to do everything he could to break the window and she said there is somebody in that car. we have to go help. so we ran to the back in the shed and i grabbed a hatchet just in case we needed it to break the window and then we drove up to the road, got out of the vehicle. i heard the window break in the car at that time. very chaotic scene. a lot of people running around. i just put the hatchet down and i just tunnel vision ran across the highway. the other three men had already had the woman's hands and they started to pull her out and in the video i was the guy in the purple shirt. waited for my opportunity to get her out and i grabbed her by the waist. managed to pull her out. >> sandra: as we're telling the story we can see. you are the one closest to her. a man in an orange hoodie looks like a -- it is unbelievable to watch and you did this in just
6:55 am
the nick of time, didn't you? >> yeah. it was really crazy. i didn't hear any sounds or anything. it was a tunnel vision thing just to react. as soon as i had my opportunity to grab her around the waist i grabbed her. we pulled her out of the car. she was really stuck in the car. we had a hard time getting her out. we moved her to the median in the middle of the highway and my wife was hollering is there anybody else in the car? anybody else in the car? we asked her. she said no. she was very alert. and then my wife said we have to move her further away. so just in case the car explodes or anything like that. so we picked her up and we moved her across two lanes of highway and laid her down. >> sandra: quick, smart thinking on your part. you are a hero and she is still recovering and i'm sure you've been through a lot, you and your wife. we appreciate you coming on and telling your story. thank you for what you did. >> thank you. >> bill: everyday people.
6:56 am
wonderful. job well done. latest twist in a moment in the bizarre case of jussie smollett. the empire actor will not talk with police. where does the investigation go? we'll talk with tmz founder harvey levin is our guest. another big story "washington post" slammed with a $250 million lawsuit between nick sandmann and the native american at the rally in washington and the popularity of socialism. it's on the rise with millennials as bernie sanders announces his plan to run for the white house. he is raising a lot of money. bill bennett will be our headliner and we'll talk to him about that and a lot more. come on back. only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together.
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it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪tum tum tum tum smoothies. also available tums sugar-free. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. the latest on the covington student who was accused of harassing a native american. now suing the "washington post" for $250 million in damages. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: the day is flying already. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. good morning. that lawsuit claiming the "washington post" ignored basic journalistic standards in its coverage of the viral confrontation engaging if modern day mccarthyism to advance the biased agenda against the president. doug mcelway picks it up from there. good morning. >> the suit against the "washington post" is the first filed by atlanta attorney lynn wood on behalf of covington catholic student nick sandmann
7:01 am
and his parents. the same firm won many settlements against media organizations who falsely accused richard jewel of the olympics bombing in 1996. yesterday the law firm sent a signal who may be next served. the post engaged in a modern day form of mccarthyism by competing with cnn and nbc to claim leadership of a mob of bullies which attacked and vilified sandmann. the suit asks for $250 million in come pen is a tory in punitive damages. the suit went on to say sandmann was bullied by paper because he was the white catholic student wearing a red make america great again cap. niclas is 16 years old. 5'9" and weighs 115 pounds and has zero history of political
7:02 am
activism. the post ignored basic journalist standards because it wanted to advance its biased agenda against president donald trump. in a statement the post said we're reviewing a copy of the lawsuit and plan to mount a vigorous defense. legal analyst judge andrew napolitano says it is really difficult to prove these kinds of cases especially in regard to come pen is a tory damages because a 16-year-old hasn't demonstrated their earnings. a quote from judge napolitano. it is inconceivable a 16-year-old's lawyer can prove that the 16-year-old boy will lose $250 million because of the lincoln memorial event. sandmann's attorneys say that he suffered permanent harm to his reputation, emotional distress and the post acted with malice. the suit was filed in covington where support for the boys is overwhelming. bill. >> bill: thank you, doug mcelway. more coming up on that. >> president guaido, the information and support he needs, continue to pressure
7:03 am
maduro to step down peacefully but also making sure we continue to send aid to take care of the very good venezuelan people. we cannot let socialism win and under president trump's leadership, it will not. >> sandra: top contender for u.n. ambassador john james commenting on the crisis in venezuela. the military tightening its grip as maduro rejects offers of much-needed food and aid. more than three million people have fled their homes. many immigrating to columbia. richedson is live with more on this. the u.s. is massing aid throughout the region now. what is the latest? >> the administration, sandra, is saying that it is massing aid in columbia and warehouses in houston and miami to try to get aid into venezuela.
7:04 am
this is all to address that humanitarian crisis, the economic crisis ongoing for years in venezuela. it is also the administration trying to boost the legitimacy of the opposition leader there, juan guaido. maduro is blocking the aid claiming it is an american attempt to overthrow his government. opposition leader juan guaido is organizing caravans to bring the aid into venezuela. that begins on saturday. as he pushes more demonstrations to compel maduro to yield power. >> we're very close to our freedom. and we are lucky this international effort has been cooperating in this pursuit. you can know that on the 23rd of february we'll be back on the streets to demand our freedom and there peacefully to achieve the freeing of venezuela and do what is needed to put an end to the
7:05 am
dictatorship. now is the time that we must continue making progress. we're very hopeful and we're very close to achieving our objectives, our goals, and democracy. >> in the meantime tens of thousands of venezuelans are crossing into columbia just to get food and medicine. many of them return to venezuela that day. >> sandra: and rich, as isis loses the last of its territory the state department wants countries to bring home foreign fighters. what is happening there? >> there is this issue of those from other countries who were fighting with isis. americans who are with isis in syria, and the state department calls that situation extremely difficult. one of those cases is that of a college student in alabama when she left in 2014 to join the islamic state. she eventually married isis fighters. she surrendered to coalition forces in a refugee camp in syria. her case is part of this broader issue. what to do with those who left their countries to join isis.
7:06 am
state department says it wants other countries to bring home their fighters to face justice. americans who joined isis should expect the same. >> our policy in this regard would be to repatriate them and it's what we call on all countries to do who have fighters in syria. repatriating these foreign terrorist fighters to their countries of origin, insuring that they are prosecuted and detained. that's the best solution preventing them from returning to the battlefield. we view these fighters as a global threat. >> for weeks secretary of state mike pompeo have said to countries having fighters captured in syria should bring them back to their countries, try them and in his words
7:07 am
punish them. >> bill: the mother of a journalist killed by the islamic state weighing in on the alabama woman wanting to come home. james foley was beheaded from isis two years after being abducted in syria. his mother said the woman who left the u.s. and married the isis fighter now needs to pay for her actions. >> we all make mistakes and need to consider forgiveness particularly for her young child needs to be protected and raised. however, hoda and the many thousands of other isis fighters who have promoted terrorism need to be held accountable and brought to justice. >> she has an 18-month-old son used twitter to call for violence against americans and muslims and says she was brain washed. we'll see where that goes. >> sandra: this story we've been following.
7:08 am
chicago police waiting to reinterview jussie smollett as new reports claim the actor may have been involved in faking a racist letter sent to him on the set of his own show. harvey levin is the founder of tmz. tmz broke this story. what can you tell us this morning? what are we learning about this bizarre story? >> well, as to the letter, there are developments on a bunch of fronts. as to the letter, it is true that the f.b.i. initially when the letter was received at fox studios in chicago, the f.b.i. looked at it. for some reason they backed off it once this alleged attack occurred. they're back on it. now, the one thing that i can't say is that the f.b.i. is now targeting jussie as the sender of the letter. they are just reopening this investigation. i do know -- >> bill: you broke this story in the very beginning. why did you believe it?
7:09 am
>> i didn't say i believed it. what we said was this is what jussie said. i never said i believed it. we reported what jussie said happened. i can tell you that from the beginning, police had suspicions. we knew about the suspicions but they on the record were saying we consider him a victim. >> bill: when you first went to print with this story online you had jussie's version of events. >> right. >> bill: did you run that by police in chicago before you went online with it? >> absolutely. as a matter of fact they said we consider him a victim of this crime and they maintained that for almost two weeks. >> bill: you mentioned the letter. what else is suspicious today or what else is new today? >> well, what's new is it looks like this case may go to the grand jury as early as today. and the brothers who say that they were paid by jussie to concoct this scheme are going
7:10 am
to go before the grand jury. they did not receive immunity. they were not subpoenaed. they are are doing it voluntarily. they met with prosecutors yesterday pro sooumably to go over what they'll tell grand yourors. the focus is whether jussie should be indicted for a felony, which is filing a false police report. >> sandra: right now the chicago police want to reinterview him. the invitation has been out there for multiple days now and he hasn't shown. >> yeah, we are -- look, we are told what he needs to do to avert a grand jury is literally a hail mary where somehow he comes up with something that makes the police believe it. it is just not going to happen. as a matter of fact, i have no doubt jussie is not going to talk to the police again. i think he is done with that. it just doesn't make any sense given where this is right now. and we're being told by law
7:11 am
enforcement the second he refuses to go, it goes immediately to the grand jury. >> bill: a couple questions, harvey. did he bring his story to you first? is that how that began? >> no. as a matter of fact, there was a website, an obscure website that broke this thing vaguely that there was an attack and we saw that and then we started calling various people from his camp and it took a couple of hours until we finally got at least his side of the story. but it was -- i forgot the name of it now. it was a website that posted this several hours after the alleged incident happened. >> bill: in your business you cover hollywood. did you know about his reputation in hollywood? were you a little on the fence at all given his past history? >> absolutely not, bill. jussie is a well-liked person both on and off the empire set.
7:12 am
there was absolutely -- people are stunned. they are still stunned. they can't make sense of this. but there was absolutely no clue that we had and that anybody we've talked to throughout this whole thing had that something like this could go down. >> sandra: have you tried to explain to yourself after that description of this man why we are where we are today and why this story has taken these bizarre twists and turns? >> i'm not a psychologist so i'm not going to pretend to do that. anybody who does is irresponsible. i will say this, the brothers have said that jussie felt that he should have gotten more traction in terms of outrage over that letter that was sent. and again, we don't know who sent it. but felt there should have been more tragic and that's what the brothers are insinuating that that was the motivation.
7:13 am
>> bill: one last question here. when you watch the developments that have taken hold of the country's imagination over the past week. do you play back the events in your mind as to how you originally reported this and perhaps maybe a sense of apprehension in the future when stories like these cross? >> i would absolutely report that story again, bill. i don't know if i understand your question. of course i would report that story. >> bill: hold on. hold on. >> you asked the question. you got an actor who says that he was the victim of a homophobic, racist attack. the police say we're treating him as a victim and we're investigating. why would we not do that story? >> what do you think about the reaction from those who pulled back some of their initial reaction to the situation in chicago? >> i mean, there are two ways of looking at this. one is are you reporting the story? of course you are reporting the story. i mean, that's not even an
7:14 am
issue. but people who made judgments about the story that i believe it's true, that all of that, you know, that's where you got a problem. that people jump to conclusions just hearing allegations now. and that's where we are right now in our society. that's a big problem. that is a big problem and there are a lot of people who did that and now they're pulling it back. in terms of reporting it, i would do exactly that again. >> sandra: before we let you go, are you still in communication with, as you referred to, his team? are you still communicating with them? >> well, yeah, we're talking to a lot of people here. and they are not saying a whole lot right now. i don't think they know quite what to do. it looks to me like mark geragos may be representing him. we can't get to the bottom of it. but there are rumblings of that. we're trying to get information but it is sparse on his side. >>
7:15 am
>> bill: he is a well-known attorney out of l.a. you are saying maybe grand jury today. another day and another interview from andrew mccabe. >> f.b.i. people will continue to do their jobs under any circumstances in the face of any sort of obstacle. when the president and his supporters continually perpetuate this false narrative of corruption within the f.b.i., that makes their job harder every day. >> bill: top republican lawmakers, a lot of reaction firing back at those claims and the credibility. more on that coming up as to what we're learning from the latest interview. >> sandra: the millennial generation, the rise of socialism and the return of the burn. what direction is the democrat party really headed in? we'll ask former education secretary bill bennett about that and more. he has strong thoughts to share with us this morning. our headliner joins us next.
7:16 am
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>> do you still believe the president could be a russian asset? >> i think it's possible. i think that's why we started our investigation. i'm really anxious to see where director mueller concludes that. >> bill: andrew mccabe interview from last night on cnn. standing by his decision to investigate the president. former f.b.i. director making the rounds in a big way on the
7:20 am
talk shows promoting his new book. want to bring in our headliner bill bennett host of wise guys on fox nation. they are keeping you busy. interview after interview as msnbc this morning. cnn and "60 minutes". you've seen and watched it all. what are we learning from him? >> learning a lot about our culture in the country. media tour for a guy who the inspector general of the justice department said lied and should be fired and should not be given his pay. he is on a book tour. other people who lied are going to prison for life but they are associated with donald trump as opposed to donald trump. that's the biggest picture. what do you believe what he is saying? if i believe him, i have more questions. i notice that interesting piece that came up after the "60 minutes" where he talked about oh, well, i reported this to the gang of eight. what did you report to the gang
7:21 am
of eight? if he reported to the gang of eight, you know, mcconnell and ryan and all that, that there was an investigation, counter intelligence investigation, which is what this is about, about russia, why would anybody have any objection? my question is did you mention you were looking at the 25th amendment and talking to cabinet members? i doubt that he did that. >> sandra: fascinating to watch this all unfold. he is really putting himself out there. multiple interviews. he is saying a lot. some of it is contradicting himself. the timelines being laid out. what needs to happen here? >> in washington the thing i learned after being there many years and still there and part of the swamp i guess, you know, is you are either on offense or defense. he is on offense and he is being caught in all sorts of lies but he has to set himself up as best he can because in april the same mr. horowitz is coming out with another report which i think will be very daming. the inspector general.
7:22 am
>> bill: let's go to the view from yesterday. >> were you ever a leaker to the "new york times"? >> absolutely not. not at any time ever. you should understand, megan, when i was serving as deputy director i was one of two people in the f.b.i. who had the authority to disclose information to the media. that is an f.b.i. policy. it is baked into the way we run media relations in the organization. so i transacted on issues regarding the media every single day. >> bill: take her question on its face. why is that question so important? >> well, first of all if he is leaking to the "new york times" it's interesting for an f.b.i. acting director to be doing and he has to deal with comey. there is an old thing in philosophy, the theme in liar. he is known to be a liar. well-educated woman nodding here and he always lies or he lies half the time. which way do we go?
7:23 am
that way? which liar do you believe here? it is hard to know but i think it will be unpacked. i hope lindsey graham gets to the bottom of it. i think this guy horowitz and maybe the courts will get into it. >> sandra: let's unpack the covington situation. the latest tweet from the president coming out the "washington post" and this is quoting nick sandmann and his lawyer suing the "washington post". they ignored basic journalistic standards to advance its well-known and biased agenda against president donald trump. covington student suing "washington post". the president writes go get them, nick, fake news. >> i agree with the president here and i'm glad he has a great lawyer, lynn wood is a great lawyer. >> he represented richard jewel when he was falsely accused of the atlanta olympic bombing in 1996 >> there has to be a case there. there ought to be a case here. we live in a time where what is it, a competition to see how
7:24 am
quickly you can destroy someone and how quickly you can destroy someone with a falsehood. this is unbelievable this rush to judgment, this rush to condemnation. that will be tagging these boys forever no matter what happens in this lawsuit. shameful. it tells you something about where the country is and where a lot of the media is. i don't think apologies do it. >> bill: he is not just going after the "washington post". >> he is going after everybody. >> bill: and individuals. this is a new approach. >> we'll see. but look, given the state of the social media and given what we have seen, something has to be done. i think that's what citizens, non-lawyers like myself say you cannot just have this system where you rush to judgment, destroy somebody and then pick up the pieces later. you have to have some accountability. >> bill: lesson in this. not just a massive lawsuit but a lesson in how people react. >> a big lesson in civics and withholding judgment and the burden of proof. remember the whole business with kavanaugh. can we see where the proof is
7:25 am
before we make a judgment? >> sandra: how about a lesson in economics. we're looking add a trend in this country that is almost hard to believe. if you throw up some of these screens we're looking at fox news polling on the vairability of socialism among the millennial generation. it is rising. >> yeah. well, i give you the american educational system. sorry to say. i worked in it for 40, 50 years now. people think our math and reading scores are bad. they are internationally but you know what our worst subject is, american history. i love the quote. the long story of humanity and history that is mystery, the american achievement is high and unique. are kids are not taught that in high school or in middle school or not even taught that in elementary school. college professors tell me, liberal professor friends when they come i say you were probably taught american is such a great place. kids go no, never heard that. thought it was imperialist, racist. we have to get on this.
7:26 am
sometimes oversimplify and our problems goes back to the schools but plato said. the most important question in society is who gets to teach the children and what do they teach them? that's right. >> bill: you are full of philosophy. the same poll among capitalism. 57% favorable for all people, 49% for millennials. that's got to give you some hope. >> gives me some hope but that's an aging demographic there. can i just -- >> bill: when bernie sanders come out and has the rally he raised $4 million in 12 hours. don't think he is not form i hadable at the age of 77. what is the attraction for someone under the age of 30? >> i don't know. he was like father abraham the other day. he said well, they've all
7:27 am
learned from me. they've all learned from me. i think i have a good bernie accent. they're all saying what i'm saying. let them run with that lesson in 2020. it is amazing to me how far left -- how fast that party has moved left. i don't see them coming back to the middle. >> sandra: what are the implications of that for 2020? >> i think it's very good for donald trump because i think people can say well, maybe we need to temper capitalism with more charity and more understanding. maybe we need to increase our giving. maybe we need to look at alternative fuels. but when you go to the green new deal, no more fossil fuels, i think the american people will get off. the way these political movements work, the first candidate democrat candidate gets up and said it. they get a standing ovation. the rest will go. >> bill: ronna mcdaniel was on last hour. she said it will be a long, drawn out primary on the democratic side. she is probably right. the way i see it today and give me your analysis. i think they're in the same
7:28 am
situation they were two years ago. the establishment will want a center left candidate like hillary clinton but the progressives will vote far left during the primary contest. my sense is they'll do the same thing in 2020 which then draws out the process, the establishment will look for somebody like joe biden but they may get a fill in the blank. >> first of all if they do one-on-one debates we'll go into 2022 before there is an election. there are 46 of them as best i can tell. so this sorting out is amazing. but look where the energy is and the passion is and the energy and passion is on the left. aoc and the others and they really need to remember that this is still a centrist country. moderate, maybe centrist, slightly left at some point but still a moderate centrist right country. they can't push this too far. we'll see. >> bill: thank you for coming in. >> sandra: president trump defending his declaration of a national emergency.
7:29 am
the real call ention and political backlash from that. >> president trump: we need strong borders. i think in the end we're going to be very successful with the lawsuit. address my fellow vet, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa. home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month.
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>> bill: fox news weather alert. a huge winter storm moving east affecting every state east of the mississippi. 700 flights canceled in and out of washington, d.c. overnight. the swamp is snowy today. also 200 flights canceled out of chicago. that storm expected to affect 200 million people. it will end tomorrow, though. out west another storm moving into the northeast overnight stretching as far south and southwest throughout the morning. you've been warned out there. it is winter, after all. february. >> president trump: we need strong borders. we have to stop drugs, crime,
7:34 am
criminals and human trafficking and we have to stop all of those things that a strong wall will stop. the army corp of engineers are fantastic. i think in the end we'll be very successful with the lawsuit. >> sandra: president trump there saying he has every right to declare a national emergency to build a wall along the southern border. as he faces several legal challenges now for his executive action. time for america's a-team. brad blakeman is here. jeanne zaino political science professor and applied and tim carney "the washington examiner" and author of the book alienated. we got through that. welcome to you, jeanne, nice to have you here. start us off here. is the president winning on this issue? >> he may win in the courts. the courts tend to defer to the president when it comes to executive power. he may win. my big problem with all of this
7:35 am
is the dysfunction it shows about washington, d.c. and our federal government as a whole. why are we in this position that the president has to declare an emergency about an issue that we've known about for 20 years that congress has not addressed sf so my frustration as a political scientist and consultant is with congress and the fact they haven't acted on immigration and whether you like donald trump or not, he is in the same position barack obama was. elected to do something, they cannot do it. congress doesn't address it. >> sandra: president trump by passing congress and here is how people responded. 38% favor that move. 56% oppose it, brad. >> lonely at the top. few times in american history do we appreciate leaders in their time. it is only after time when we can look back and say what they did was right. that's what leadership was about. not putting your finger in the air and determining what the polls say. it is what the president's information tells him that's needed. it is not a want but a need.
7:36 am
>> well, the problem goes further back. congress has been handing more and more power to the executive and doing less and less over the years. so as a conservative i want -- the constitution says congress is supposed to make the laws and approve the funding. this sort of thing where the executive makes up their own spending, their own laws has been going on for decades. trump is doing what his predecessors did. it doesn't mean it's good. it is normal because congress has been handing its power over to the executive part. >> bill: you say he wins in court. >> he may win. they refer to the president on executive authority. he may win if it gets to the supreme court. this is a problem. the reason donald trump was attractive to many voters is because he promised to do something that congress has abdicated its responsibility over. this is bigger. was the law intended to give him this power? probably not. barack obama said i have a pen
7:37 am
and phone. it is the same thing. >> bill: when you walk the halls of congress and you report on this, too. how do lawmakers feel about government changing that way? it's a trend. >> they quietly hand it over. the executive is not taking power from congress. congress is giving it to the white house. then they like to complain about it when they think it is getting used in an opposite direction. they are the ones who made the decision. there are a few who really complain about it. there is a congressman who gets upset about it. most are happy to give up that power. >> this isn't a raw executive power grab. this is legislative power given to the president. this is statute that the president is using. so congress said mr. president, in the 70s, we understand that sometimes discretion is needed and we can't get bogged down in congressional back and forth. the president has to act on emergencies. that exactly what the president is doing. acting within his statutory authority given to him by congress to use his discretion to protect this nation.
7:38 am
and i believe you're right. i think the courts eventually will see it hition way. >> sandra: if he wins in the courts as you are suggesting this will be a huge implication for 2020. >> absolutely. it may not be long before you see a president warren or somebody else declaring a national emergency on gun control or climate change. this whole slippery slope that conservatives and others have talked about. that's the real danger here if we take a step back and look more broadly than just of the challenges of the moment. this is where we're going. >> bill: about actually getting border security. the polling shifted has gone in his favor the longer the battle went on. >> no question about that. >> bill: the other thing overlooked and we reported on it. looking for a certain pile of money. there is a substantial pile of that money you can access for border security that's outside of the range of a legal challenge. >> there is no doubt. >> bill: you could get border security and start building on that. >> absolutely. but not before the courts weigh in. that's the sad part. the 16 states that are suing now the president on his power,
7:39 am
if you look at who they are it's 16 attorneys general who are democrats. so they are using this as a political tool. it is not being used as a shield. it is being used as a sword and the president must defend his right. >> sandra: tough to know how the story will end. >> the main point there is a billion or two he can get to the wall. when he wants more it will be a long time. >> recording as much as $4 billion. isn't that true? >> depend on what the lawyers have to say. he does have discretion over some money but he can't go ahead and appropriate the money. the constitution says that up to congress. >> sandra: final thoughts. >> first-timer. so glad to be here. article 1 congress is supposed to appropriate the money and the president is not supposed to do this. congress gives him this power. it is a real, real constitutional battle but it goes back to the fact that congress does not want to act
7:40 am
and take responsibility or cannot act and take responsibility on key issues. that's a huge dysfunctional problem for all of us. >> bill: this is a 2020 issue. how does he run? >> immigration is a huge issue that most of the elites do not get. it has an impact on a local level. you guys mentioned by book title alienated america. people like at washington and say they don't get why immigration is affecting us. it helps trump just to be talking about immigration. >> democrats say it is a campaign promise. he was elected to deliver. he is delivering. as long as he is delivering it is going to be a campaign issue that will continue through 2020. >> sandra: brad, jeanne and tim, thank you our a-team this morning. president trump punching back at the golden state as the political feud over building a wall intensifies. the trump administration threatening to pull billions away from the bullet train project. what happens next in this showdown? >> bill: the president said the first of march is not a magical date when it comes to trade
7:41 am
talks with china. money man charles payne will make sense of all that coming up. >> president trump: i can only say the talks with china on trade have gone very, very well. in the meantime our economy is very strong and we're doing well. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
7:42 am
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>> sandra: it is trump versus california as the president threat espn to cancel a nearly $1 billion federal grant to california for its bullet train. that's not all. let's bring in charles payne. host of making money with charles payne. this back and forth is something. now he says you know what? no money for that. >> gavin newsom admitted the high speed train stuff on the table wasn't worth it. he set himself up for this. the argument is it's a political payback for california leading the lawsuits against the wall. it is interesting. a billion dollars now. but could be as much as another 2.5 billion if he gets his way.
7:46 am
>> bill: california now wants to scale back their already failed fast train project by substantially shortening the distance so it no longer goes from l.a. to san francisco. send the federal government back the billions of dollars wasted. gavin newsom says it's not his money. >> it's not his money. this is probably a good lesson for gavin newsom. we should have stewardship over taxpayer money and not spend $2 1/2 billion before we realize it was a sinkhole. i give him credit for pulling the plug but now give the cash back. >> bill: good luck with that. >> sandra: the president made some news on trade yesterday when he said this. >> president trump: i think the talks are going very well with china you're referring to and the talks are going very well. i can't tell you exactly about timing. but the date is not a magical
7:47 am
date. a lot of things can happen. >> sandra: not a magical date. we've been discussing the march 1 deadline. does this mean that now he will go beyond that with china? >> absolutely. there are reports that the chief negotiator on this is upset. he wants to stick to that number. he has been through this before. he helped negotiate a similar deal with japan in the 1980s. it was remarkable how similar it was. they were cheating, they were using their currency and why they're starting to talk about china not manipulating currency any more. he wants to press them like they did with japan and we got a deal with japan. president trump has made so much headway. guess what? the pressure is on china right now. they reported for january car sales down almost 16%. retail sales are down. home prices are down. you want to talk about a housing bubble. they cannot afford the sort of economic collapse that they are
7:48 am
tetering really honestly, china is tetering. they borrowed money from the world bank with $3 trillion in foreign reserves are borrowing money. they have this big country they've made a lot of promises to and a lot of people want to see them come through. as much as president xi defact owe dictator he can't stay in power if the economy falls apart. >> do you see it as a floating deadline where you squeeze until you get the negotiation you want? >> i think perhaps they shouldn't give another number than say another 60 days. i think that part of the negotiations are off the table. i think now they're in the very nitty-gritty. they had a successful meeting in beijing. the meeting now. they'll say we'll meet in mar-a-lago in march, maybe at the white house in march, president xi is coming over and putting together the final framework for potentially a deal and let's get rid of the deadlines. i don't think anyone believes it will happen. if a deal doesn't happen the tariffs go into place.
7:49 am
>> sandra: the markets are back up a little now. yesterday when this news hit you see the sell-off in the futures overnight. concern about what will get done there. the president sounds confident progress is being made. amazon, newark, new jersey says come over here. >> i live in jersey. you look at the data on newark. they can't support it. they don't have the personnel, they don't have the infrastructure. i go to shows at the new jersey pac and it is like a nightmare. can you imagine bringing in 25,000 workers? listen, everybody wants them to go there. i do think if amazon wanted to be innovative they shouldn't have picked one of these big coastal cities anyway. maybe they should consider something somewhat off the beaten path. i'm not sure newark. >> bill: cincinnati, ohio would take them. that's my hometown.
7:50 am
>> aoc, have the pay $3 billion up front. i'm being facetious. >> bill: chilling new information about the charges against a man accused of killing his fiance. investigators saying patrick frazee tried to have missing colorado mother kelsey berreth several times before he killed her. insight into what happened the day she was killed. >> it is believed this evidence a very long pattern of discussions, even attempts or solicitations to commit a horrible murder for no reason. . so vets can join? oh yeah. how do you kind of buy a new car? it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them.
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7:54 am
>> bill: there are new details emerging in the case of missing colorado mother with an investigator testifying that her fiance patrick frazee beat kelsey berreth to death. he will stand trial for murder after a prelim yesterday. tough to listen to. >> absolutely. investigator testified that patrick frazee told his girlfriend that he used a sweater to blindfold his fiance kelsey berreth to see if she could identify the scent of candles and beat her to death with a bat. in other testimony it was
7:55 am
revealed that frazee and berreth's 1-year-old daughter was in the home when it all happened according to the produces -- prosecution. much of the information coming from the woman frazee was having an affair with. she told the f.b.i. she destroyed berreth's phone and spent three to four hours cleaning the bloody mess in kelsey's home after she was killed. kenny said she was there when frazee burned kelsey's body. cbi agent says kenny claims frazee instructed her three different times to kill kelsey. the first by poisoning a starbucks coffee drink. then by using a metal pipe and then using a metal bat. she came close all three times but couldn't do it. she claims on thanksgiving frazee called her in idaho telling her she needed to get to colorado because she had a mess to clean up. when she arrived at kelsey's
7:56 am
condo she said the scene was horrific. frazee will be back in court next month. >> bill: thanks on that from denver. more to come. >> sandra: fox news alert. legal action against the "washington post". the paper hit with a $250 million lawsuit over its coverage of that confrontation between covington catholic high school students and a native american activist in washington martha maccallum with join us straight ahead next hour. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by 600 dollars every month. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa
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>> sandra: russian president vladimir putin issuing a stern warning to the u.s. threatening our country with a new generation of hypersonic missiles if washington positions missiles in europe. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: the story is developing right now. putin's warning coming after president trump announced plans to get out of a key arms control treating citing russian violations. putin denying that but still open with talks to the white house. here is john james former republican condition out of michigan set to possibly replace nikki haley. >> russia is cheating. russia an china are trying to remake the world in their image an why it's so important to have somebody to lead on behalf of the western civilization. make no mistake about it, russia does not have the best interests of the united states
8:01 am
in mind. >> bill: john james with us on our program two hours ago. to the snowy swamp we go. john roberts with more. looks beautiful. good morning to you. >> you can't tell it's a swamp when it's covered by snow. vladimir putin talking tough after the president earlier this month start evidence a six month clock running on the united states pulling out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. in his annual address vladimir putin threatening to target the united states with the new generation of hypersonic missiles if the u.s. bases intermediate range missiles in europe. russia claiming its hypersonic missiles fly at nine times the speed of sound and evade any current missile defense system. >> russia will be forced to create and develop weapons that can be used not only towards those territories from which direct threats may be directed at us but also towards the territories where centers of decision making and employing
8:02 am
rocket systems that are threatening to us. >> putin threatening not only to target europe but the united states if the missiles are deployed adding that russia would only make that move in response to any deployment of new missiles in europe. not preemptive. he also disputed claims by the u.s. that russia is in violation of the treaty. saying russia was falsely accused. president trump made the u.s. position clear saying we can't be the only country in the world unilaterally bound by this treaty or any other. we'll move forward with developing our own military response options and will work with nato and our other allies and partners to deny russia any military advantage from its unlawful conduct. putin is threatening the united states, he is also indicating a willingness to work with the u.s. to de-escalate growing tensions over weapons systems and sanctions. again, putin from russia. >> we are not interested in
8:03 am
confrontation and we do not want it. let alone confrontation with such a global power like the united states of america. looks like our partners don't see how and at what pace the world is changing and in which direction it is going. >> no hope that russia will make good on its pledge to the inf treaty. the u.s. is developing new systems to defend and deter against the new russian systems. the pentagon planning a new space-based counter measure system to intercept and destroy russian hypersonic weapons and deploy low yield nuclear weapons above submarines to say to russia if you use the new weapons you could face a deadly cost so don't do it. >> bill: watching it from a frozen swamp. >> sandra: another fox news alert this morning involving the covington catholic high school students at the center of the confrontation with the native american man.
8:04 am
nick sandmann's family now filing a $250 million lawsuit against the "washington post" accusing the newspaper of a modern day form of mccarthyism to smear a young boy who in its view an acceptable casualty in their war against the president. martha maccallum anchor of "the story" joins us now. good morning to you. quite something to watch. how do you think it will play out here? >> it's very -- this is going to be fascinating. $250 million lawsuit. i saw the judge make an interesting point they have to somehow prove and we'll talk to the attorneys tonight. you are as well tomorrow. the damage from this event and how that money would add up over the course of his lifetime in terms of the impact from a legal perspective. this is just the beginning. they are also telling media organizations to maintain all of the records and documents with regard to this. not just at the "washington post" but also at the "new york
8:05 am
times," cnn, elizabeth warren, alisa mel an owe, jim carrey have been sent preservation letters. this is a classic case of a rush to judgment and an effort to perpetuate a narrative that is one that these organizations and individuals wanted to believe, even though it turned out to be false. >> sandra: those preservation letters were sent to 50 media organizationss, celebrities and politicians, including cnn, and others, went on to alisa milano. it is something to watch. bill bennett and you are talking about the financial impact on nick sandmann's life that will be because no one is ever going to forget this. it will live on on the internet and we asked dr. bill bennett about this last hour and he said this. >> there has got to be a case there. there ought to be a case here.
8:06 am
we live in a time where what is it, a competition to see how quickly you can destroy someone with a falsehood. this is unbelievable this rush to judgment, this rush to condemnation. that will be tagging these boys forever. >> sandra: he made that point there. >> i think of the duke lacrosse players when i listen to bill bennett talk about that. because one of them went to the same school, high school as my son, not college, but they come back and talk to the students about it and it is not ever gone for them. everywhere they go and as he says every job they apply for they will be one of those boys from duke who was falsely accused but it doesn't matter because it stays with you for the rest of your life. and it is -- i hope that this moment with this covington case makes everybody stop and think and maybe this huge dollar amount will help to do that. the jussie smollett case is another example of a rush to judgment. >> sandra: some of the words
8:07 am
used in the lawsuit. falsely accused this young man of accosting him by swarming him in an intimidating manner. meanwhile the president weighed in on the latest. especially the lawsuit against the "washington post". he tweeted this out this morning. the "washington post" ignored basic journalistic standards -- he is quoting the lawsuit here, because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented biased agenda against president donald trump. the president went to write in that tweet covington student suing "washington post". go get them, nick. fake news, wrote the president. >> sandra: this plays into the president's own rivalry with the "washington post" and jeff bezos and all of that. opposing forces now in the country, an odd situation to be in. the "washington post" will claim their coverage is fair of the president. in this case they have a court case in front of them in which
8:08 am
they'll have to prove that in this specific story there was no bias. >> sandra: so far they've responded by saying we're reviewing a copy of the lawsuit and plan to mount a vigorous defense. you'll have more on this tonight. a lot more coming up here, too, by the way when we speak with lynn wood, one of the attorneys on sandmann's legal team who will join us tomorrow. >> bill: a new front in the front of the border wall. the trump administration trying to claw back $2.5 billion it has given to california on a high speed rail project. the move coming a day after the state filed a lawsuit that challenges the president's emergency declaration over the border. california democratic governor gavin newsom calling it political retribution. jeff paul reports live from los angeles now. >> the transportation department not only wants 2.5 billion dollars back but the trump administration is also
8:09 am
saying it is terminating a nearly billion delay grant to that project. they want to scale back the train project by shortening the distance so it no longer goes from l.a. to san francisco. a new deal. send the federal government back the billions of dollars wasted. he is referring to california governor's state of the state address. during that speech he said he wants to scale back the scope of the project and focus on finishing a line that runs from merced to bakersfield. the governor also had a message for the president about giving any money back. >> abandoning the high speed rail entirely means we'll have wasted billions and billions of dollars. and with all due respect, i have no interest in sending back $3 1/2 billion of federal funding that was allocated to
8:10 am
this project to president donald trump. >> governor released a statement calling into question the timing of all this. quote, it's no coincidence that the administration's threat comes 24 hours after california led 16 states in challenging the president's farce call national emergency. it is clear political retribution by president trump and we won't sit idly by. it is california's money and we are going the fight for it. house minority leader kevin mccarthy said the rail plan was broken and it is time to move on. >> bill: jeff paul from los angeles. thank you. >> sandra: bernie sanders making it official running for the democratic presidential nomination once again. the vermont senator is up against a much bigger crowd than last time around. has opportunity passed? we'll dig into that with bret baier at the bottom of the hour. >> bill: the former acting f.b.i. director dropped another bombshell about the president.
8:11 am
republicans firing back saying andrew mccabe cannot be trusted. ari fleischer will measure up the interviews over the past three days coming up live. >> the problem that you'll have from now on with andrew mccabe he is incredible. he doesn't have veracity. we know he is a liar. he got drummed out of the f.b.i. for that.
8:12 am
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>> the purpose of the briefing
8:15 am
was to let congressional leadership know exactly what we've been doing. >> did you tell congress? >> i told congress what we had done? >> did anyone object >> no one objected >> do you still believe the president is a russian asset? >> i think it's possible and why we started our investigation and see where director mueller concludes that. >> sandra: stunning admission from andrew mccabe saying he had informed the bipartisan gang of eight about a counter intelligence investigation into president trump and none of them objected. former congressman trey gowdy not one of the gang of eight is challenging that claim. >> quized the doj and f.b.i. for hours on multiple occasions about the one counter intelligence investigation we all knew about. i find it stunning that they would know about a second one and not say a single solitary word.
8:16 am
>> sandra: let's bring in ari fleischer, fox news contributor. can you make sense of this for us? mccabe is all over the place talking about this and i quote him in that nbc interview saying i told congress what we had done. he was then asked did anyone object? he said no one objected. trey gowdy is clearly questioning that claim. >> this is just stunning to me. what i cannot understand is how reporters who pride themselves on being able to ask hard questions aren't being precise. the question should be did you tell the gang of eight that you considered invoking the 25th amendment? not that there was a counter intelligence investigation. everybody in the beginning in the summer of 2016 there was a counter intelligence investigation. so when people ask him that question they're missing the bigger picture, the absolute inappropriate behavior of andy mccabe, james comey and anyone else who participated in a discussion about removing a duly elected president using
8:17 am
the 25th amendment. this is the bad behavior going on at the top of the f.b.i. and what concerns me the most. >> sandra: what do you think is going on here with the former acting director of the f.b.i.? on a media blitz and put himself out there and he is all over. >> ? politics and every campaign going back to 1982 you're told your opponent did x, y, z, did drugs, he is a criminal. you have to vet this stuff. hardly ever is it true. people make things up about people in politics. you would think the f.b.i. would be immune from that at the top level. i think the f.b.i. bought in on every worst case argument about donald trump and they believed it the way a partisan believes it, not the way a neutral fact finding law enforcement officer should believe it. i think they were driven by animus and tweets and their
8:18 am
approach. for andy mccabe saying he can't rule out that the president is a russian asset. doesn't that tell you about his judgment? >> sandra: he said that's why we started our investigation. the white house by kellyanne conway responded to that and said mccabe's comment is hardly worth dig any filing with a response. lawmakers are speaking out what they're hearing here. we had andy biggs on the house judiciary committee on the program this morning backing up trey gowdy's refusing the claim that andrew mccabe has put out there very strongly. >> when trey said that he was there and he heard lots of questions and investigation going on and in the two years i've been involved doing this i can tell you there was not once that any of us said oh, there was this other investigation. let's ask questions and find out about that. it is simply because as far as we knew, it didn't happen. i don't believe a thing andrew
8:19 am
mccabe is saying that congress said go ahead. >> sandra: he is calling for a second special counsel to investigate the matter. >> not surprised that congress is looking to do that. this is so hard to understand particularly from a man who was fired for lying. i've had my own run ins with andy mccabe. it was to protect james comey f.b.i. at all costs. they didn't wear blinders the way justice is supposed to be done. they blindly loyal to jim comey. under comey i was invited to lead an f.b.i. counter terrorism communications training session. when comey got fired i said some mildly critical things about comey &y mccabe. i was in an f.b.i. car on my way to the event mccabe told the car to drop me off because i criticized comey mildly. he was so defensive about james comey he canceled the terrorism training of an event and told him pull over and let him out. this is a reflection of the top
8:20 am
leadership of the f.b.i. protect james comey at all costs. that's the problem with blind loyalty. >> sandra: that's a stunning story. >> it didn't feel good to get dropped off on the sidewalk, either. >> sandra: we appreciate you coming on. see you again soon, ari fleischer, thank you. >> bill: 20 past. breaking news on two women who fled their countries to become brides of isis fighters. how the u.s. and u.k. are responding to their latest move. the plot thickening in the alleged hate crime attack on jussie smollett. the case taking a new turn this morning. >> we are told that what he needs to do to avert a grand jury is literally a hail mary or somehow he comes up with something that makes the police believe it. ewday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars or more to pay credit card debt,
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8:22 am
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>> sandra: five men are safe after their car is submerged in water. you can see them standing there on the hood in the middle of a river. it happened yesterday in mendota, california near fresno. rescue teams brought them to safety. the fresno county sheriff's office said the driver tried to walk through the water not knowing how deep it really was. and they're okay. >> i have no doubt jussie is not going to talk to the police again. i think he is done with that. it just doesn't make any sense given where this is right now. and we're being told by law enforcement the second he refuses to go it goes immediately to the grand jury. >> bill: that's tmz's harvey levin with us early on the jussie smollett matter. investigators waiting for a follow-up interview. not sure it will happen. prosecutors are questioning the two brothers. new developments today. matt finn has been on the story
8:25 am
from the beginning. back with us live in chicago. what have you learned? >> this whole story took a dramatic turn when the two brothers gave police some type of testimony that dramatically altered the story. as a result police requested an important follow-up interview with jussie smollett. this morning the crisis manager tells us he is not talking to police. the police said they can take the case to a grand jury or prosecutors seeking a warrant or subpoena. it is becoming clear in chicago that police are trying to get portions of this case in front of a grand jury. fox news has learned the brothers were set to have their testimony locked in before a grand jury yesterday but some type of information was presented that delayed the grand jury proceedings. fox news has also obtained documents that reveal smollett was convicted in los angeles for a 2007 dui arrest and he gave false information to police in california.
8:26 am
the f.b.i. is investigating the death threat letter that smollett received a week before the alleged attack. cbs news reports smollett might have helped craft that letter that called him a homophobic slur and said he would die. his attorneys released a statement that anyone who is saying smollett had anything to do with the attack is a liar. >> bill: thanks, matt finn in chicago as that story develops. >> sandra: candidates for president tout policies that rely on their tax dollars. >> bill: senator bernie sanders is back in the race for 2020 in a growing field of progressive democrats, did he miss his chance or not? bret baier with analysis coming up next. >> president trump: i thought what happened to bernie sanders four years ago was quite sad as it pertains to our country. we'll see how he does. you have a lot of people running. but only one person is going to
8:27 am
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8:30 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. two women who fled to syria and married isis fighters begging to come home. she is willing to face the consequences of her decision. a british teenager is hoping to raise her if you born baby boy in the u.k. despite being stripped of her citizenship. benjamin hall is following this from our london bureau. >> as isis loses all their territory we hear foreigners who say they regret joining isis but want to go home. a huge debate whether or not they should be allowed to do so. this is the latest woman. she fled the u.k. at 15 and with isis for four years. she said she left the terror group reluctantly for the sake of her child born last week after two previous babies died.
8:31 am
she has shown no remorse. >> did you know what the islamic state were doing when you left for syria? because they had beheaded people. there were executions. >> yeah, i knew about those things and i was okay with it. >> yesterday the british government took the step of revoking her citizenship saying she is a national security risk who rejected the u.k. she is also a bangladesh citizen so won't be left stateless. her lawyers are challenging saying her new baby fathered with a dutch terrorist is still british and innocent. her story mirrors that of hoda from alabama reported yesterday also joined isis four years ago but now wants to go home. her lawyer has said she is willing to face u.s. justice but could then perhaps become a model for deradicalization those others fear she would be a beacon for jihadis. all the american men captured
8:32 am
have been brought back to the u.s. the women haven't. there are dozens in camp in northern syria. what happens to them is a big debate. >> sandra: we continue to follow it. thank you. >> the only way we will win this election and create a government and an economy that works for all is with a grassroots movement the likes of which has never been seen in american history. they may have the money and the power, we have the people. >> bill: bernie sanders has a message making it official he is in and the field of democratic presidential candidates will be crowded. sanders reports he has raised almost $6 million in about 24 hours. president trump reacting earlier today tweeting crazy bernie just entered the race. i wish him well. anchor bret baier with me now. nice to see you. you made it through the snow i see down there in the frozen
8:33 am
swamp. >> barely. >> bill: the headline. bernie, sanders is no longer the only socialist in the democratic crowd. what has changed over the past two or four years and how does it change for him? how do you see that now? >> it is a challenge for him in that there are other candidates who have adopted some of his talking points. some of the things he ran on the first time. but in his interview yesterday with cbs he said basically he is the original and he has a point there. if you look at his fundraising totals in the first 24 hours, they're astronomical. if you look at his name recognition and pops up in polls it is high. why? he spent an entire primary up against hillary clinton in debates and town halls and campaigning, state after state. and he established that trust with a lot of young people especially. and bernie sanders is going to be formidable.
8:34 am
even though the democratic party may not love that he is formidable. >> bill: the original bumper sticker. look at the money the last 24 hours. the campaign says 223,000 donations from all 50 states. close to $5.9 million. launch video viewed more than 8 million times. he is formidable. i would say sanders 2.0 is actually real as much as others would like to dismiss him. >> even more so because of the change in the dnc rules that essentially took out the weighting the system for hillary clinton as far as the delegates go and how they are apportioned throughout the primary system. he will be a force here. there is a real battle on the left side of the party that we've talked about many times about the progressive side, the elizabeth warrens and kamala harris's, the bernie sanders. we aren't even done with all the candidates yet and really that will be the battle of the
8:35 am
democratic party, which side wins going forward. >> bill: ronna mcdaniel sized it up for us two hours ago head of the rnc said it will be a long primary. i can't disagree with that, can you? >> no, the debates start in june. june they start. and you could have 20 candidates on stage. and you've got the possibility of a lot of different varieties of democrats all fighting for that same powerful vote and really the power is on the left. i think if bernie sanders does win, that that is potentially detrimental to the democratic party overall and forces somebody like a howard schultz to get in the race and probably is to the benefit of donald trump. >> bill: two observations on that. long primary, we know about iowa and new hampshire. i don't think people realize california has moved up their primary three months. early march as opposed to june.
8:36 am
june left the state irrelevant. that won't be the case in 2020. >> no, and it is a big deal because it is lot of delegates all at once and that benefits kamala harris, the california senator. but bernie sanders will do well there, too. remember that in all of those states as the hillary clinton, bernie sanders battle continued, he was hanging tough and some of them were winner take all. now if you just apportion your delegates and have a ton of candidates like you have potentially right now, 30% could get you this nomination. >> bill: interesting. one more observation on that then. my feeling is that the democratic party has not changed the process that much since 2016. the establishment wanted hillary clinton but bernie sanders is picking up all these votes. who does the establishment want now in 2020? is it joe biden or somebody else that is center left? if that is the case, how many more votes does sanders or
8:37 am
elizabeth warren peel off? if that situation is the same from 2016, it's a long primary, they'll beat each other up and trump will sit back and say have at it. >> that's right. i don't know who the establishment wants but joe biden is really the it factor. his decision will shake up this race one way or the other and put the parameters on where things stand. joe biden's decision whether to get in or out. mike bloomberg is another one who will make a big decision. now winning the primary for mike bloomberg will be a challenge with the power again on the bernie sanders, elizabeth warren side. >> bill: my guess is joe biden gets in. you want to take the side of that bet or not? >> i'm with you. >> bill: we'll see you in time and see you at 6:00 tonight. >> sandra: 2020 democrats busy trying to raise campaign cash.
8:38 am
some of them already reaching out to wealthy supporters while at the same time bashing the super rich on the campaign trail. william la jeunesse is live from our west coast bureau with more. >> here is the disconnect. democrats are campaigning on reducing inequality while driving into beverly hills, greenwich, connecticut to raise money from the millionaires they accuse of rigging the system. >> stop handing out enormous tax giveaways to rich people. >> we have a tax bill that got passed that gave a trillion dollars to the top 1%. >> we should close those tax loopholes designed by and for the wealthy. >> we need to start having a tax code in the country that reflects our values as a people. >> these democrats attack the wealthy publicly. privately they seek them out. senator cory booker received almost $6 million from lawyers and wall street followed by real estate and entertainment.
8:39 am
>> this is an election where the ultrawealthy are going to pay more in contributions, pay more in super pa*x and ultimately if the democrats win, pay more in taxes. >> senator elizabeth warren wants candidates to not have pac money. >> elizabeth warren knocked on my door a number of years ago and asked me for money when she was running for the senate. >> senator amy klobuchar took 65% from corporations, top donors to harris include big names from silicon valley and hollywood where she recently attended a fund raidser with millionaire studio execs. >> candidates who go to the top will pay for it in the polls in the democratic primaries. >> we'll see. will primary voters shame candidates who accept millionaire money as hypocrites? or do they accept the rich and
8:40 am
powerful rig the system to beat president trump at any price? >> sandra: they are out there trying to raise the cash that's for sure. >> bill: we have this now. family of nicholas sandmann slapping a massive lawsuit on the washington poverty. their attorneys claim the paper targeted and bullied the 16-year-old as part of an effort to smear president trump. do they have a case here? talk to howie kurtz coming up in a moment on that. >> this is a teenager who is accused of these heinous things. as i said in the lawsuit basic journalistic standards weren't followed. pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit you've earned with your service.
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memories. what we deliver by delivering.
8:43 am
>> sandra: new reaction coming in on the 250 million dollar lawsuit now against the "washington post" over its coverage of that viral confrontation, the family of covington high school's nick sandmann says the newspaper targeted and bullied the high school student in order to
8:44 am
embarrass the president. >> even what we have seen something has to be done. i think that's what citizens, non-lawyers like myself say. you cannot just have this system where you rush to judgment, destroy somebody and then pick up the pieces later. >> sandra: "media buzz" host and fox news media analyst howie kurtz joins us now. good morning. take us back to the moment when all of this was unfolding and the way washington -- the "washington post" reacted. >> the "washington post" made two serious errors, one was relying on the misleading video that didn't caption much of what happened and relying on an interview with the native american activist who said several things that turned out not to be true. in the process reporting by the post and others did unfairly malign nick sandmann but it doesn't add up to malice and it
8:45 am
doesn't add up to a $250 million libel judgment. >> sandra: the lawsuit alleges that the post -- the words in the lawsuit -- targeted and bullied the 16-year-old nicholas sandmann in order to embarrass president trump, howie. >> well, of course the fact that the sandmann and others were wearing the maga caps gave fuel to it. three metro reporters covered a demonstration on deadline. not political reporters covering the administration. i don't think they had any motivation. you can accuse them of sloppiness. i looked at the first couple stories. where was the other side? there was a statement from the covington kids own school and own diocese in kentucky saying we condemn what they did and some students may be expelled. they later apologized for that. a couple days later the post ran a story saying it's a lot more complicated than anyone realized. a third group of black
8:46 am
activists stirring it up. i'm not defending what the paper did. the social media mob descended on nick sandmann and the students because of flawed reporting. to say it's all political and that's why it was done and malice is a much tougher case to make in a courtroom. >> sandra: you heard from bill bennett earlier, this will live on forever for this young man. people are looking at this lawsuit saying he should get every penny of it. the president has decided to weigh in and he put a tweet out there and he is cheering nick sandmann on. he is making the case that he has a solid case here and he should win. the president certainly took the opportunity to weigh in on it. >> given his animosity or you would say mutual animosity between him and the "washington
8:47 am
post" i'm not surprised he would be rooting for the 16-year-old kid who is a sympathetic figure who wants to clear his name as much as anything else. whether he gets a dollar in damages or not. by the way the president tweeting that "the new york times" calling the paper the enemy of the people. first time he has done that against a specific news organization over a lengthy story about the russia investigation. also claiming that journalists publishing and don't seek verification. in that russia story, one of the "new york times" reporters sent lengthy email were sent asking for comment but they didn't engage. >> sandra: the lawsuits asserts the newspaper bullied sandmann in its reporting because he was the white catholic student wearing a red make america great again cap. his legal team and lawyer will be joining us on this program tomorrow morning, howie. they sent preservation letters to 50 groups whether it was newspapers, celebrities, who immediately responded to all of
8:48 am
this. this is going to take a lot of time. this will take a lot of time to play out. i wonder -- we asked this question in the days that followed. will there be any lessons learned? >> i think there should be journalistic soul searching by the news organization that piled on and made these kids a symbol of racial hatred and intolerance. they were the victims here. sandmann was trying to cool down the confrontation. i'm not sure it gets settled in a courtroom. i have think more lawsuits are coming and it will cause these organizations a lot of money but i do think there is a real journalistic failure and one we perhaps haven't fully explored the lessons of and i think that's important. >> sandra: a lengthy lawsuit and the "washington post" intends to fight back. we'll see. howie kurtz, thank you. >> bill: kennedy and harris coming up next on "outnumbered." quick preview. >> hi, bill. the president and the state of california locked in yet
8:49 am
another battle. the administration is planning now to pull nearly $1 billion in funding for a high-speed rail project saying the state isn't holding up its end of the deal. california's governor said it's political payback because of the emergency declaration lawsuit. >> so much to handle. 2020 democratic hopefuls trying to walk a fine line when it comes to progressive proposals and being branded as socialists. whether the president can use that label to sway voters? >> see you in 10 minutes. alert on the border with mexico. why border patrol agents say they expect a surge of arrests from illegal border crossings. why would that be? we'll take you there live coming up. ta ke care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life.
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8:53 am
>> sandra: millions of americans in the path of a major winter storm. the national weather service saying snow and ice will blanket the upper midwest and northeast today. the hardest hit areas expected to be washington, d.c., baltimore and philadelphia. those places could get three to six inches of snow. air travel already affected by this. snow causing minneapolis/st. paul airport to close down all but one runway. >> bill: confirming at least 25 ms-13 gang members have been deported from mexico found hiding in the caravan of 16 hundred migrants across the u.s. border. texas border agents -- we track it down in eagle pass, texas today for us. what did you learn? >> good morning, bill.
8:54 am
illegal border crossings have skyrocketed 700% higher than last year. they'll see migrants calling out to them and ignore them and continue crossing over. the migrants want to get arrested because then they bypass the indefinite wait to get processed legally. at least half the people crossing the border are family units with children. just this week they pulled an unconscious 12-year-old boy from the rio grande river who crossed with his brother and another man. the high number of children is a challenge. most detention centers were built to process single adult males and had to convert them into child friendly rooms with diapers and supplies but very makeshift and agents are taking on the childcare themselves. >> earlier last week where it was two small children 3 years old and 1 year old that were in a group. no family with them. the children were too young to identify themselves. it was border patrol agents that had to care for them through the evening, through the night until we could get
8:55 am
them to a care facility. >> another danger criminals are mixed in with families coming across. border patrol arrested an ms-13 gang member who crossed into eagle pass over the weekend and mexican immigration officials identified and deported 25 more ms-13 gang members concealed in the caravan in mexico. border patrol says they have had record apprehension rates. 2,000 arrests along the border every day. higher than in years past. border patrol is not equipped to deal with it. >> bill: jackie, thank you on the border with texas and mexico. >> sandra: the white house moving forward with plans to build more border wall despite a massive legal challenge from 16 states. what is the next step for the trump administration? whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself.
8:56 am
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>> five, four, three, two, one, zero. ignition. >> bill: space race milestone in our newsroom involved today as john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth, blasting off on fort friendship on this day in 1962. about 100,000 spectators watching on the ground in florida with millions watching it on tv. here is john glenn when he saw the earth from space for the very first time. speak of capsule is turning aro. oh, that view is tremendous. >> bill: he spent nearly five hours in space or being or three times. he later went on to politics, as you know. became a senator from ohio, lodged a bid for the white house in 1984. almost four decades after that he missed flight, he made history in 1998 as it will disperse never to travel in space. it all started about 57 years ago today. john glenn left us about two
9:00 am
years ago. december of 2016. >> sandra: that was a good look back. it >> bill: a good ohio man. if you haven't seen "last man" yet, pretty good movie on neil armstrong. check it out. >> sandra: thinks returning is today. we will see her tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, president trump is throwing his support guide to catholic school student taking on "the washington post" over a viral video that was twisted by critics. a new lawsuit seeking $250 million, high school juniors accusing the paper of practicing a "modern-day form of mccarthyism." you are watching "outnumbered." and harris faulkner. here today, fox business and kurt, dagen mcdowell. fox news analyst and cohost of "benson & harf" on fox news radio, marie harf. and host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy herself. in the center seat, he says he's ready. joe concha. media reporter and columnist for "the


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