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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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i'm still a forward girl. so you see that husky-footer before? read: i'm tired of it, frankly >> greg: bret baier is up next next. >> tv actor jussie smollet is now considered a criminal suspect himself by chicago police. we'll have a live report from mike tobin in chicago in just a few minutes. first up, breaking tonight, federal prosecutors say a coast guard officer who has been arrested on charges had a hit list, intended to target civilians. christopher paul hansen taken into custody, prosecutors say they found evidence that he was focusing on prominent
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politicians and tv personalities per jennifer griffin is like tonight with details on this >> the details in this affidavit is chilling. federal prosecutors said they arrested a active-duty coast guard lieutenant, who allegedly planned to kill top democratic lawmakers and media personalities. he described himself as a white nationalist who wanted to establish a white homeland and said, "i'm dreaming of a kill to kill almost every last person on earth." the affidavit provides shocking details. the a scale rarely seen on this country. he must be detained pending trial. the fbi raided his cramped silver spring, maryland, apartment where they found a cache of guns and evidence targeting prominent politicians from msnbc and cnn who he called traders. he worked at coast guard headquarters since 2016 and conducted searches on his work computer. arrested on federal drug charges
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last week. had a spreadsheet of targets, those included joey comeau which likely means joe scarborough, chris hayes of msnbc, house speaker nancy pelosi, tim kaine, elizabeth warren, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, is cory booker among others. wrote about biological attacks and had a hit list. court papers suggest he held these views for years, citing a june 2017 interview outlining an attack with a biological weapon. the fbi found 15 firearms and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in his apartment. he is slated to appear in a maryland court on thursday. prosecutors are saying these charges are the "proverbial tip of the iceberg." bret? >> bert: will follow this. our other breaking story.
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jussie smollett is now a suspect in the criminal investigation. his claim that he was the victim of a hate crime, many people in chicago and now the country believe that claim is not true. in your correspondent mike tobin has tonight breaking details. good evening. >> police made it official tonight that jussie smollett is now a suspect, falsifying a police report. once considered potential suspects in an attack, they were caught on video that we just received through chicago affiliate, cbs affiliate wbbm channel two, and it shows the brothers buying supplies, looks to be a ski mask and a red hat before this attack took place. these are some of the things that are coming out as the case
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against a messy jussie smollett fullilove solids the attorney was seen walking into a grand jury. came kim foxx abruptly accused herself from the case but not her office. >> i've never seen it were someone refuses themselves personally but the office doesn't recuse themselves. it's really unusual especially when there is no explanation out there for the personal refusal. it's not as if she was going to try the case herself. >> foxx left the case out of a potential -- questions of impartiality based upon familiarity with potential witnesses in this case. fox news has learned attorney mark errico's will join smollett's legal team. has hot
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even infamous, like scott peterson. however, he's not a member of the bar in illinois. smollett's chicago attorneys will remain lead counsel. meanwhile, fox studios continues to stand by their actor, pushing back against reports that smollett was being minimized in the drama series "empire." jussie smollett continues to be a consummate professional onset and as we previously stated, he's not being written out of the show. the laws and just city attorney confirms in 2007, smollett pleaded guilty to driving intoxicated, providing false information to police when he gave cops his brother's name. still, as between one siblings remain his supporters, taking to instagram to blame the media through a malcolm x meme reading in part, an irresponsible media will make the victim look like a criminal and the criminal look like a victim. we are keeping a close eye on this grand jury.
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they've been allowing the osundairo brothers to come and go through a lesser back entrance of the courthouse and reporters saying that they saw someone get special to me like that was when oprah winfrey was called in for jury duty. >> bert: quickly, smollett has not talked to police again. is there any sense he's going to get called in? >> it seems like he's not going to. a meeting this morning with smollett's lawyers and the prosecutors, but it looks like this request that police started really before the beginning of the weekend for him to come in for a follow-up interview that they are not going to honor that request, bret. >> bert: president trump war of words with his one time fbi chief shows no sign of shopping tonight stopping today. andrew mccabe may intermittently help the man he fired some work looks. we've seen that before. chief correspondent john roberts has details from the north lawn.
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>> bret, good evening to you. the escalating war of words refocuses on the russian indication as we get indications that the special counsel robert mueller may be able to submit his report. meeting with austria's chancellor, president trump with harsh words with his former acting fbi director. >> i think andrew mccabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple of days and looks to me as sort of a poor man's j. edgar hoover. he's a disaster. >> in interviews to sell his book, andrew mccabe continues to exist that president trump could be a russian asset, but he acknowledges that all of the information that launched the investigation is already in the public domain. >> i'm not so sure there aren't things that haven't been made public. >> reminded that mccain wasn't fired from the fbi after an
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>> anybody reading the ig report says al qaeda man like this be involved with the fbi? >> eager to see what the report about the stomach president trump's connections to russia. the doj would not comment on timing, that report will be coming soon. >> that would be up to the new attorney general. he's a tremendous man, tremendous person who really respects this country and respects the justice department. that to be totally up to him. >> if that report is released next week, it'll be when trump is in vietnam with the second meeting with kim jong un. no rush to push kim to give up its nuclear program, and insist that next week's meeting is another step along the long path. >> i do not think this will be the last meeting by any chance, but i do think the relationship is very strong. >> and president trump's meetings with the austrian
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chancellor, and his annual address to the nation, vladimir putin threatening to target europe and the united state with a new generation of hypersonic weapons if u.s. bases intermediate range missiles in europe. >> which could be used only on those territories which direct threats may be directed at us, but also towards those territories where centers of the mission making and are getting to us. >> a response to trump to pull out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. john james on the president's short list for u.n. ambassador insisting that russia needs to be held in check. >> russia is cheating. growing spheres of communist influence in russia and china are trying to remake the world in their image. this is why it's so important to have somebody advocate for america to lead on behalf of western civilization. >> vladimir putin did say he's
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not looking for confrontation particularly with the united states, a sign he may be willing to talk. the pentagon is working on developing countermeasures to russia's new weapons, putting together a space based system to detect and destroy hypersonic missiles and also with a plan to equip nuclear submarines with low yield nuclear weapons as a deterrent to russia. >> bert: john roberts live on the north lawn. john, thanks for the newest entry running circles around the competition so far when it comes to cash. the bernie sanders campaign says it raised $6 million in the first 24 hours after the vermont senator 's candidacy announcement. denied, correspondent peter doocy looks at what sanders is bringing to this race. >> while joe biden takes it slow, bernie sanders is raking in the dough, quadrupled in kamala harris' first day hall, earning $6 million from a quarter million donors, the same average donation as last time.
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>> we got an average of $27 per campaign contribution. >> out of the gate, bernie sanders taking advantage of being bernie sanders. >> name recognition is hugely important for a couple of reasons. first, it drives polls. poland drives financial resources. people don't want to give money to candidates who don't have a chance of winning. >> how far can a democratic socialist can take it if socialism is unfavorable to 59% of all unregistered voters. >> never cuts coming to that even if anders is not broadly popular in the party, between his popular base of support, he's not going anywhere. >> sanders can take which put party bosses known as superdelegates in the backseat. >> if he survives the first ballot, do you really think that the party is going to turn him away and because that sort of explosion and potentially a
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third-party candidacy and who knows what else? >> republicans see that as a boost to president trump's reelection prospects. >> bernie sanders is going to force democrats to lurch further to the left, further to the progressive, socialist side of the democratic party. you are already seeing candidates trying to out bernie bernie. >> but they plan to win back the democratic primary in part by using the model that worked in 2016 for the republican nominee. >> i think i would remind all of your viewers exactly how donald trump won the republican nomination when we had debates, jr. debates, and field debates. we are going to have this same issue on the democratic side so that means the vote is going to be split ten ways, 15 ways, 20 ways. guess which candidate has the core base of support that him? it's bernie sanders. >> his democratic socialist ideas are now part of the mainstream. democratic primary voters have a choice to since those who copy the state
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to make sanders platform or the man himself. >> bert: we will see. it'll be a rotten. peter, thanks. a pair of women who left their country to join isis terrorists are being told that they are not welcome back. one of them is from great britain. the other is the alabama woman we've been telling you about this week. correspondent benjamin hall has both stories tonight. >> disavowed by the u.s., the alabama native who joined against attacks against the west looks likely to stay in syria. president trump tweeted that he and his secretary of state mike pompeo to block hoda muthana's return. she will not be admitted into the united states. it's unclear if she had her citizenship revoked, and there are ways the government can do that. lawyers say they plan to challenge the ruling. asked if she deserved punishment, she responded therapy. >> may be therapy, a process
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that ensures we'll never do this again. >> a global debate on the subject. just yesterday, the british government stripped her of her citizenship. >> when somebody turns their back on the vendor mental values in support of jericho but they do not have an automatic right to return to the u.k. >> she was just 15 when she was sent to join isis and regrets none of it, saying she left only for the safety of her unborn baby, having already lost to coothers. muthana they have urged to take countries to make others back. >> repatriating them ensuring they are prosecuted and detained? that's the best solution. >> 59 americans are known to have traveled to join isis. the u.s. has repatriated almost all american men, but women and their children of the 13 known have not been.
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there is a strong indication that the state department will argue that muthana was never supposed to be a u.s. citizen. her father was diplomate when she was born, making her ineligible. >> bert: benjamin hall and lodging. thank you. venezuelan opposition leader is trying to get millions of dollars of human hearing aid into his country despite a blockade from disputed president nicholas maduro. looks at the u.s. is trying to help them. >> the u.s. government is delivering 200 metric tons of supply ready to deploy throughout the country years into an economic crisis. the problem? figuring out how to get that aid into venezuela. >> that really is up to one white juan one and his team. give their people to the right
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people. >> they are stuck in neighboring columbia. contested president nicholas maduro blocking american aid, calling it an attempt to overthrow his government. >> this is not an earthquake, this is not a tornado or flood. this is one man and one regime imposing dictatorial rule, imposing suffering and pain on people. >> the administrator of the u.s. agency for international development says he's coordinated with the colombian government to ensure interim president and opposition leader juan guaido has the aid he needs. >> we know it's not enough that the humanitarian aid enters. we must open the humanitarian channel in the matter. >> guaido aiding caravans trying to cry saturday into venezuela, setting up a confrontation with the venezuela military. a day before guaido's caravan leaves for venezuela, richard branson says he is a benefit concert to aid more money for
3:17 pm
venezuelans. told the press that he's trying to raise $100 million from viewers who would pay to watch the concert streaming from the internet. also on friday and on the other side of the columbia venezuela border, maduro's government has announced its hosting a competing concert. they are calling it "hands off venezuela." bret? >> bert: rich, thanks. up next, president trump wants a refund from california. the state's governor says sorry, all sales are final.
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[ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". >> bert: attorneys represent in the kentucky high school student involved in a confrontation that went viral on social media last month are suing "the washington post" for $250 million. the lawsuit accuses the poster practicing what he calls "a modern-day form of mccarthyism by targeting nicholas sandmann." it says the paper published a series of falls and defend and defamatory print in its war against president trump. the s&p 500 finished ahead five, the nasdaq up by two. president trump wants the money
3:22 pm
back. actually, it's your money. $2.5 billion in federal taxpayer funds that went toward an ambitious but ill-fated attempt to construct a high-speed rail system between los angeles and san francisco. jeff pollard reports tonight from l.a. that california's governor says it's all about politics and the money essentially is nonrefundable. >> california finds itself in a funding fight with the feds over a high-speed rail project just a day after the golden state followed a life lawsuit following the emergency declaration. looking in its legal options to take back $2.5 billion and the trump administration says it's terminating nearly additional billion dollar grant for the project. >> with all due respect, i have no interest in sending back $3.5 billion of federal funding that was allocated to this project to president donald trump. >> the now estimated 77 billion
3:23 pm
rail plan was supposed to create a bullet train line from l.a. to san francisco. but it well over double the initial budget and behind schedule. rather than scrap the project, governor newsom wants to scale back the scope and focus on finishing a line that runs from merced to bakersfield. >> abandoning the high-speed rail entirely means that we will have wasted billions and billions of dollars with nothing but broken promises, partially fulfilled commitments, and lawsuits to show for it. >> president trump though has other ideas. he tweeted today that the new plan is a different deal with record cost overruns and it's time for california to send the federal government back billions of dollars wasted. one expert on the controversy says getting the billions back would be unprecedented. >> they feel like we have a chance to get this money back and in the interim we have a chance to politically wound governor newsom and really wound this project by generating a lot of bad headlines. >> governor newsom is not
3:24 pm
backing down saying, "this is a clear reputation by husband from and we will not sit idly by." california republican kevin mccarthy released a statement calling the rail plan broken and it's time to move on. >> bert: thank you. up next, there is something in the water that could make you sick. folks are not happy with the federal government's response. we'll bring you there. beyond our borders tonight, survivor of clergy sexual assault are demanding action to stop that kids of what they call abusive cover-up. a demonstration in st. peter's square comes one day before the start of a landmark vatican summit on the issue. also today, pope francis told cold rooms from southern italy, people causally attacking the church are links to the devil. hundreds of civilians left the last unplayed held by islamic state group of militants in eastern syria today. the movie signals a possible end
3:25 pm
in a standoff that lasted more than a week. more than $4.2 billion in fines for helping wealthier french clients evade tax authorities. the paris court convicted the zurich base bank of illegal soliciting of what the french call it record fine. just some of the news beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. only pay fo i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those... which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bert: the cdc says it's almost certain that you have toxic chemicals in your body. some of those could come from your drinking water. there are increasing concerns of the federal response to contamination in groundwater. they say the epa's plan is not good enough. molly line takes a look tonight at cape cod. >> we have to take a more proactive, preventive role, rather than putting on band-aids after the fact. >> millions of americans' drinking water is laced with chemicals, man-made toxins. cracking down on these substances is under attack by environmentalists. >> it doesn't ban the use in p foss in everyday products, pf cas in the water or air, and it
3:30 pm
doesn't clean up the mess we already have. >> is found in nonstick cookware and packaging. some studies have linked the chemicals to elevated cholesterol, increased cancer risk, fertility problems, and low infant birth weight. one cdc study estimated that they would be detectable in the blood of 98% of the u.s. population. acting epa administrator andrew wheeler is pushing back against critics. >> this plan does move pretty fast. this is a comprehensive plan, our drinking water, >> the cape cod town has spending 16 million to test the filtration system serving one of its villages located in the shadow of a fire training
3:31 pm
academy. >> the town has sued a number of chemical, companies that have produced firefighting foams that the county has purchased over the last decades and we are pursuing that through court to see we can get reimbursement for the cost that we incurred. >> in washington, reaction to the epa role has been lukewarm. say that the further aggressive and impactful actions must be taken by the administration must be taken to protect american communities. >> bert: and a lot of politicians are mocking the so-called green new deal, the environmental manifesto from freshman congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york. but when it comes to the potential dramatic changes to the country and your household, not many folks are laughing. correspondent doug mckelway continues our weeklong series with how the self-described " "socialist agenda" could create
3:32 pm
massive problems for your family's health and nutrition. >> for all the cow flatulence jokes it spawned, the green new deal is serious about the threat of cow methane. syria scientists have found that a dairy cow produces 400 liters of methane per day. the epa mentions up to 25 25 ts more powerful in methane gas and co2. >> it requires more resources to produce me to it does to produce plant-based food. >> senator cory booker told "veg news" this planet cannot support animal based agriculture. >> we have a member of the house of representatives who knows this about food. food grows in supermarkets, not on farms. >> it is ludicrous to think that ag, 9% in total omissions, less than 1.5, that's going to stop climate change. >> the green new deal also
3:33 pm
trends sustainable local farmer. >> like selling direct that a farmers' market or through community supported agriculture's subscriptions marketplace. >> dismantling figure agriculture, economies of scale that help feed the fuel cheaply. tractors, combines, other tools that allow farming to be handled by about 2% of the population, you have potentially disastrous consequences. >> energy use lifts people out of poverty. it leads to longer and better lives. i lived in africa. i can assure you that without energy, life is brutal and short. >> and x of the green new deal argue that's why it includes so many nonclimate related proposals. the hardships and higher costs it would impose would require a vast increase in the safety net. >> there is universal health care. there's free education.
3:34 pm
>> basically a progressive manifesto reading is a policy platform. >> to most older americans, these ideas are preposterous because of the astronomical costs, but socialism is not only regaining a foothold in the u.s. some polls suggest is more popular among millennials than capitalism. bret? >> bert: tomorrow, doug looks at the green new deal, climate change, and all the facts and figures surrounding it. the actor who claimed he was the victim of a hate crime is now a criminal suspect. we'll get reaction from the panel when we come back. [music playing] (vo) this is jerry.
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3:39 pm
>> i was greatly surprised how many people jumped on board to side with jussie smollett. >> than he became a thing of, oh, it's not necessarily that you don't believe that this is the truth. you don't even want to see the truth. >> so if you did this, we need to know, are you crazy? did you literally, like, loser nothing is adding up about why he would do this. >> bert: nothing is adding up about why. now chicago police say that jussie smollett is the suspect in a crime. falsifying a report about a criminal act. and now his lawyers met with investigators today. the two man associated with him meeting with a grand jury tonight. what about the story? let's bring our panel. marc thiessen, amy walter, and vendor
3:40 pm
marc, this story has evolved through the week and it's been quite something to watch. >> this might end up as a pattern. first it was the covington kids that everyone jumped to believe that they were wearing maga hats and they are suing some of the news organizations that reported, falsely reported. there is this rush to believe jussie smollett because he said he was attacked in chicago by people yelling " "this is maga country" because we all know that chicago is maga country. these people jumped to believe him. why is that? it opposes the fact that the political left in washington has contempt not just for donald trump, but for donald trump's supporters. they assume donald trump's report is our as a 78 million trauma voters voted twice for barack obama. what happened is millions of americans who are not being listened to asserted themselves through the democratic process
3:41 pm
and instead of listening to them and taking them seriously, they continue to believe that these people are racists, bigots, have to be shunned. that's what we see in both of these cases. >> bert: the media who cover media say this was just celebrity media that made the mistake of jumping. not the case. we have a lot of example of that. but tmz's harvey levin on "america's newsroom" today. >> i didn't say i believed it. what we said was this is what jussie sad. i never said we believe that. we reported what jussie said happened. we can tell you that from the beginning, police had suspicions. we knew about the suspicions, but they on the record were saying that we consider him a victim. >> bert: we are going to let this play out, amy, and see where it goes. but it's clearly going one direction. >> which is the opposite of where it started. honestly, i saw this tory bubble up on twitter. once i saw it kind of going the way we saw the covington story where it was the left and the
3:42 pm
right yelling at each other and who was responsible and what it says about our culture, i literally just blocked it out. i spent zero minutes on the story in part because we are doing whatever we see something that's going to basically reinforce our own political views, we decide to attach to it. when it doesn't reinforce, we decide to call it out as being, you know, someone being hypocritical for being this. i just choose to not engage of it. >> bert: of the back-and-forth? >> and you are much happier. >> i'm a much better person for all of this. >> bert: and we bring you to this panel. >> it just goes to the broader -- i think marc is right. it's become very easy. there is a shorthand in our political culture for what the left, right, alexandra causer cortez, people want to believe any rumors about her -- people n the right are going to believe
3:43 pm
even if it's a rumor that ends up being debunked. people on the left are going to want to believe anything about somebody in a maga hat. >> bert: he brought politics into it, so it changes the dynamic. >> first of all i have to say that amy has the right aspect towards it. let's not pay attention to this. let's not overreact, let's not feel the need to jump in and let every opinion we have just flow on social media, which is what i think we have going on every day. this is just another disturbing sign of this bubbling up of victimhood chic which john the hoarder, and the steam for peope who tell the stories designed to make them look like either in tragic victims or in the xxi's case, i fought back. i was fighting them in the street depicting him as a brave actor in this scenario. hear what this tells us is we should take a step back, not
3:44 pm
jump to the idea that every recent story that comes out in the news is representative of this whole narrative that we have about the country and where it's going. that's the problem i think we have in the situation. everybody jumped past the question whether this happened or not the way that he said and jumping to what this says about the country we live in, the claimant we live in. maybe every event is something that should not be. >> bert: to this point, we have a story breaking today of a close guard officer arrested by the fbi spouting white nationalist views saying that he wants to kill x numbers of politicians and tv personalities to cleanse the world, essentially. so that person is not -- you know, through the prism of all trump supporters. just, maybe as you point? >> then someone will make that point that this is because he did this because of donald trump, that's going to happen. if it ends up being true that he's a white nationalist and planting all of this. i think we have a problem in our
3:45 pm
culture, we have a culture of contempt in washington that's gripped both the left in the right and i think we need to stop assuming the bad motives on people we disagree with, whether you are conservative, liberals have bad ideas in my view but they want to help the country and make the country a better place of their own way even through something as idiotic as the green new deal. consider this have all my conservatives have . you might not think a national emergency is a good idea. let's stop assuming that everybody's motives are racist, bigoted, and horrible because everybody loves this country and we are trying to make this a better place in our own way. >> we are taking whatever is happening in washington so everything here is poisonous and we have to assume, if it's as bad as it is here, it must be like this. [laughter] exactly what's going on in the country and we don't see it reflected badly. >> normal americans aren't like us. >> bert: so we've solved it all on the panel. next up, we'll talk about something a little bigger.
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3:50 pm
america. it looks like we do not see how and at what pace the world is changing. russia will be forced to create and deploy new types of questions not only against the territories were a direct threat comes from, but also territories with the decision-making systems where threatening us are located. >> i think we do need to be worried about russian missiles, but vita reviewed and then 2007 talked about withdrawing from the inf treaty, we've been living in russia's violations for years. i think what we are doing now is exposing the hypocrisy. >> bert: new threats from vladimir puritan and his annual address to the nation today. threatening to target europe if the u.s. puts missiles in europ europe. more bluster from vladimir puti vladimir putin? >> is bluster, propaganda, they were already doing this golf already. there is a bar or partisan
3:51 pm
international consensus that it's been in violation of the inf treaty for a long time now. long overdue for the united states to withdraw our withdrawal is not about what russia is doing alone. it's also about the capabilities that china has to do. it's something we are more likely going to be paying attention to in a conflict capacity versus russia looking ahead. we need to have a greater capability in that area and have the ability to respond to china in ways that we do not currently have the capability under the inf treaty. in this case, i think we shouldn't be suffered by what putin has done in this case that this is some new demonstrable threat. something they were already doing anyway. >> that seems to be what he's done about europe and the u.s. position, putting any time we are talking about putting troops or weapon systems in europe, comes out with the same sort of
3:52 pm
statements. if he punches us, we are going to have to punch back. this is a focus for his domestic audience much than it is an international audience. this is basically his state of the union in russia and what he's saying about the russians is don't worry, i'm a nationalist, i'm going to protect russian interests. we aren't going to let those western countries, especially the u.s., push us around. this is as much directed there as it was to a threat to the u.s. or the rest of the world. i agree with ben that the real issue here because we've been fighting with russia about the imf now for years when obama was president as well is where does china fit into this where in a new deal theoretically a new deal gets caught, where does china come in with that and has to be part of this? >> bert: senior officials pointing out in the wake of all this, the pentagon building your
3:53 pm
low yield nuclear weapons for submarines, space-based defense to counteract the hypersonic missile request. the u.s. want out of the imf treaty to read its own land-based missiles to take on china. interesting. >> this is a treaty that did not find china, iran, north korea, and russia was violating the treaty. the only one abiding by the treaty was united states, and one country biting is a joke joke. i agree with ben and amy that it's not even primarily a rush of play. it's a china play because china, 95% of china's missiles would violate the imf treaty. this allows them to build missiles and deploy them in asia that can compete with the chinese threat. if china threatens one of our
3:54 pm
allies, our only response is a nuclear icbm. this is also a north korea play. because north korea, the message to north korea is if you do not denuclearize, then we can surround you with short-range missiles that can destroy your regime overnight. in minutes. they can send them in guam, they can send them in japan. this is a subtle threat to north korea as well. >> bert: a head the summit, we'll bring you to hanoi ahead of that summit next week. >> this factors into this discussion to mark theiss and del micah potter's point, it's going to be on the table you'll see in the long term, continue the saber rattling, the fact that they are trying to be a call to continental power. >> bert: we are hearing reports that the mueller report
3:55 pm
is coming out next week. >> there is no need to rush this out while the president is overseas where they can wait another day. it's been quite some time we've been waiting. i would be surprised. >> bert: he should be on u.s. soil. >> that would be a mistake for mueller. >> bert: panel, thank you very much. some final thoughts after the break. every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day, we put our latest technology
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>> bert: as i mentioned on the panel, "special report" heads to vietnam with the presidents summit with kim jong un on. in the meantime, stick with fox news for the latest on the jussie smollett hate crime story. also this evening, former "cbs news" correspondent mara logan talks to sean hannity about her recent criticism of the liberal news media. and martha will talk shortly with one of the lawyers for the covington, kentucky,
4:00 pm
high schooler who was suing the "washington post" over the viral video for $250 million. thank you for inviting us in your home tonight for that's it for the "special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid. here's martha. >> martha: thank you very much, bret. we will speak, as between you and i just the attorney of covington high schooler nicholas admin ringing a $250 million lawsuit against "the washington post" ." also now in their sight, "the new york times," cnn, senator elizabeth warren and alyssa milano after statements in this infamous moment with nathan phillips. >> outrage over this viral video showing high school teenagers harassing american american elder. >> native american elder has surfaced of a group


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