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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 22, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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and my dog doing and everyone, getting out-of-doors. >> dana: cats have no rights about their privacy. maybe we should talk about that on monday. >> greg: lead with it, dana. >> dana: that's it for us. we'll see you on monday. we clearly need a break. "special report" is up next. here's a bret. >> bret: does the fox news alert. i'm bret baier. for the second night in a row, law enforcement actions and high-profile accusations lead the show. we are following a quartet of stories involving high-profile people accused of sex crimes. the list includes grammy award-winning r&b artist r. kelly, who is now facing almost a dozen charges of aggravated sexual abuse. new england patriots owner robert kraft caught up in a staying in a florida strip mall strip mall. virginie lieutenant governor justin fairfax, accused of sexual assault by two women. and president trump president trump spatial to labor secretary accused of having with
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underage girl. we begin with r. kelly, has been the subject of two recent tv documentaries alleging serious. 29 grams. today's charges come out of chicago, where kelly is based, and where correspondent matt finn. >> we just heard from cook county states attorney kim foxx who announced charges against r. kelly. ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. they involve four different women, three of whom are under age. today's indictment gives graphic detail about the alleged sexual abuse spanning from 1998 to 2010. these charges, as our kelly documentary that recently aired on tv profiled many underage girls who allege he sexually abused them. here is mongrel who claims kelly coerced her into the abuse >> i was young. however, now that i'm adult, i feel hurt by what he did to me. when i was only 16 years old and
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under the influence of alcohol and marijuana which was provided to me at this after party. . >> of convicted, r. kelly faces up to three to seven counts for each account. his lawyer tells fox news he is preparing to surrender to law enforcement before his hearing tomorrow. his attorney said they wanted to hear the charges were before responding. a statement might come this evening. celebrity attorney michael avenatti claims that he is representing one of the underage girls in this indictment and he also says he has a video that depicts r. kelly involved in a act with a 14-year-old girl. >> bret: chicago has been busy. tomorrow our kelly is scheduled to appear in the same bond court where actor jussie smollett also just stood before a judge. >> that's right. jussie smollett a's problems are getting worse. his character was just was enough "empire." they wrote in a statement that smollett was considered family with the last few weeks have
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been extremely emotional, saying, we are also aware of the effects of this process on the cast and crew members who work on our show and to avoid further disruption onset, we decided to remove the role after mall from the final two seasons of episos of the season. writing in part, "we witnessed and organized to organized law-enforcement spectacle that has no place in the american legal system. the presumption of innocence, a bedrock in the search for justice, was trampled upon at the expense of mr. smollett." smollett is set to appear in court next month on the charges of filing a false police report, if convicted, he faces up to three years in prison. bret? >> bret: matt finn live in chicago. thank you. the most successful team owner in the country's most successful sports league is in trouble tonight. willing new england patriots owner robert kraft is charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostituion in florida. police and jupiter say they have videotape of him paying for two
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sex accident site and elicit illicit massage parlor. authorities say he has not been arrested. a warrant will be rested and his attorneys were told will be notified. this afternoon, president trump was asked about the situation in the oval office. >> it's very sad. i was very surprised to see it. he's proclaimed his innocence, totally, and i'm very surprised to see it. >> bret: a charge against kraft comes amid a widespread crackdown on sex trafficking in that area surrounding palm beach county. about 200 arrest warrants have been issued in recent days and more are expected according to authorities. a spokesperson for kraft says he denies engaging in any illegal activity. now when i update on the sexual assault allegations against virginia's democratic g. it appears republicans in the state legislature are laying the groundwork for a major investigation. correspondent gillian turner tells us what she is hearing tonight. good evening. >> good evening, bret. it's been over two weeks since
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two women came forward to detail the sexual assault allegations against virginia's lieutenant governor, justin fairfax by the states republicans to stay until today, they have been crickets from democrats. >> we try to work diligently, but the colleagues across the aisle, a partisan way to investigate. it was declined. >> in a breakout move today, republicans from estates house of delegates said times up and announced a hearing today. >> we will invite dr. tyson, miss watson to testify. we will also be inviting lieutenant governor fairfax to testify. this will give all parties a chance to be heard. >> meredith watson's attorney accepted immediately, saying, "she looks forward to testifying at the forum." echoing a theme familiar from masters confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh, added, "it is our understanding that the hearing will be public and televised and be subject to the same rules and requirements including our right to present witnesses and cooperators."
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watson claims fairfax raped her while they were undergraduate students at duke university. vanessa tyson, professor at scripps college in california, claims fairfax sexually assaulted her in boston during the democratic national convention of 2004. both these women have called for fairfax to resign and have publicly indicated their desire to testify against him. the big question now is when. republicans in the alleged victims are eager to get the ball rolling in this year's general assembly session ends tomorrow. however, virginia's constitution won't allow lawmakers to return at a special date especially to hold a hearing if that is what they want to do. bret? >> bret: governor northam still has his problems. thank you. the trump administration says it is looking into a judge's conclusion that current labor secretary alex acosta helped arrange a plea deal with a wealthy financier accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls.
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the judge ruled the agreement for jeffrey epstein violated the rights of the victims. acosta was the u.s. attorney who oversaw that deal. senior correspondent rick leventhal has details. >> one seen as a rising star in the trump administration, labor secretary alex acosta is on the defensive after a federal judge ruled prosecutors under his control broke the law back in 2008 when acosta was u.s. attorney in miami. the case in question involves will be financier jeffrey epstein, who faced up to life is he sexually molested dozens of underage girls at his palm beach mansion after they were hired to give him massages. epstein never went to trial. his lawyers reached with the "miami herald" called the deal of a lot of time with the cost is prosecutors. a judge found they failed to discuss the arrangement with more than 30 young victims. the resident was asked about acosta in the oval office this afternoon. >> i really don't know too much about it. i know he's done a great job as labor secretary, and that seems
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like a long time ago. >> epstein's deal allowed him to plead guilty to just two state prostitution charges and registered sex offender status. he had to pay restitution to some of the victims, who were kept out of the loop during negotiations. florida federal court judge kenneth morrow wrote thursday, "particularly problematic was the government's decision to conceal the existence of the agreement and mislead the victims to believe that federal prosecution was still a possibility while the government spent untold hours negotiating the terms and implications of the agreement with epstein's attorneys. scant information was shared with victims." the judge did not overturn the plea deal. instead, he gave federal prosecutors 15 days to confer with the victims and their attorneys to come up with a settlement. it is still possible the case could be reopened and epstein and others could be criminally charged. bret? >> bret: thank you. moments ago, florida congresswoman debbie
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wasserman schultz called for acosta's resignation. she said he is unworthy of their responsibility required for public service because of this developing story. president trump says he expects to have a trade summit with his chinese counterpart very soon that could herald a breakthrough in the months long standoff over chinese trade policies. the president has deemed unacceptable. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house to tell us what is the president is saying after this latest meeting at the oval office. >> is it more likely that a deal happens or doesn't happen? speaking for the united states, i would say it is probably more likely that a deal does happen. >> and perhaps his most optimistic readings of the talks president trump is afternoon signal that the ongoing trade dispute could soon be nearing an end. >> we want to make this a deal that could last for many, many years and a deal that will be good for both countries. but we want to make it meaningful. meaningful. >> trump's outlook was echoed by chinese vice premier, he said a deal is very likely, and treasury secretary steven
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mnuchin who announced the chinese negotiators who had been here in washington for several days would extend their visit to build on progress that has been made this week. the oval office meeting today comes as the president prepares to meet the leader of north korea. mike, kim jong un, whose historic singapore gathering with the president last year produced a joint statement. the sides agreed to peaceful relations, the recovery of u.s. troops remained, follow-up talks, , and the denuclearizatin of the korean peninsula. while the latter remains an elusive but ultimate goal, the president has hailed progress, including the sensation of muscle testing by pyongyang. but the news has not been all positive. the recently released worldwide threat assessment declare that north korea is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities. >> its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons is critical to regime survival. >> codes is not alone in his skepticism of the north. cia director gina gina haspel d
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that they could pose a direct threat to united states. the stark language from the presidency senior intelligence cadre brings into sharp focus the state of the upcoming assignment, particular for the partners in the region like japan and south korea. >> we now have a situation where their relationships are good, where there is no nuclear testing, no missiles, no rockets, we got our hostages back. >> a possible meeting coming up in march between the president and xi jinping. by the way, bret, we just received word by way of twitter that the president has nominated kelly kraft, the current ambassador to canada, to become his new u.n. ambassador for the u.s. she would be replacing nikki haley. of course we remember our former colleague heather nauert was also among those in consideration. kelly kraft, the new u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nominated and announced by way of twitter this afternoon. bret? >> bret: shall go through senate confirmation. kevin corke come alive on the
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north lawn. thanks. the dow surged pass over the 26,000 mark, mostly on the china news. the s&p 500 gained 18, the nasdaq rose 68 today. for the week, the dow and the s&p both gained about six tenths of a percentage point by the nasdaq was up three quarters. the dow and the nasdaq have nine week winning streaks right now. the s&p has been up 8 of the last nine weeks. deadly violence tonight along the border between venezuela and brazil over venezuela's humanitarian crisis. at least two people were killed and about a dozen injured today. the clashes, as a show down awaits over efforts to bring and badly needed supplies and the ruling regime's determination to stop them. the u.s. has blown more humanitarian aid into columbia along the border with venezuela. opposition leader, who is now seen as the true president by much of the world, juan y doe, plans to bring aiden to venezuela tomorrow to find disputed president nicolas
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maduro. a short time ago, he appeared at a benefit concert in columbia, despite a travel ban preventing that. because officials say israeli gunfire killed a palestinian teenager at a protest along the gaza-israel border fence today. it came as thousands in contested jerusalem descended on a section of a flash point holy site that has been closed by israeli court order for more than a decade. a fox news group was told to move back because of the danger today. this was correspondent trey yingst earlier. >> major concern here is that the violent demonstrations here along the border with ieds, grenades being promoted you israeli troops could lead to what you just heard right now, another explosion from a grenade or an ied. you can see in a distance, that plume of smoke that is coming up from the ground, and right under that plume of smoke, you can see one of the idf military vehicles, and right now, we have a number of idf troops that are asking our group to leave this area. there is concern of not only
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shooters along the border, but also snipers from hamas positions inside the gaza strip that could be firing at our crew right here. i'm going to toss it back to you. >> bret: fox news correspondent trey yingst along the israel-gaza border. president trump will keep hundreds of u.s. troops in syria after demanding the complete withdrawal of all forces last year. this comes as isis fighters eradicated from syria are now escaping into iraq. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details from the pentagon. >> i'm not reversing course. >> the announcement came in the form of a one line statement from the white house last night. "a small peacekeeping group of about 200 will remain in syria for a period of time." >> we will leave a small force along with others in the forest, whether it is eight oh troops ot doesn't start up again. >> u.s. defense officials tell fox news the number is closer to 400 american troops staying in syria to contain isis.
3:15 pm
split between the northern border of turkey and a small garrison near jordan firm at u.s. troops can monitor iranian forces. >> if we'd have kept troops in iraq, we would have never had isis. out of the caliphate is destroyed, and it really has been destroyed, congratulations, mr. president, on making that happen. >> britain and france said they would pull out of the u.s. do not stay. acting different secretary patrick shanahan and general joe dunford posted their truckers counterparts at the cat mike pentagon to discuss protection for u.s.-backed kurdish allies who led the fight against isis. >> we saw some good progress yesterday, and today's meeting, really is about talking next to steps >> are you talking with a? >> yes. >> u.s. just continue to pound what is left of the so-called caliphate. now less than a square mile in eastern syria. >> not enough to do peacekeeping. not in the mess that is syria, at the token, a place to be in syria with the specially the kurds because our main task right now is to keep the
3:16 pm
turks from going after the kurds. >> more than 1,000 isis fighters have slipped across the border into iraq according to u.s. and iraqi officials. they are carrying out kidnappings or northern iraq using the same intimidation they did to consolidate power six years ago. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. up next, will the pope's call for accountability from catholic bishops make a difference in the clergy's sex abuse scandal? will bring you to rome. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 11 in los angeles there is a california cat couple pleaded guilty to torturing their kids and so-called house of horrors case. david and louise turpin shackled to some of their 13 children to beds and start them. they had previously pleaded not guilty to dozens of felony counts including torture, willful child cruelty, and false imprisonment. fox 5 in new york, the manhattan district attorney's office is declining to comment on a bloomberg report that it has put together a criminal case on
3:17 pm
former tom campion chairman paul manafort to use if he is pardoned by president trump. he is facing the possibility of life in prison after convictions and guilty pleas to a variety of chargers as we await the latest filing in the paul manafort case, his sentencing from a special counsel, and where did that mueller will not put his report forward next week. this is a live look at las vegas from fox 5. the big story they are tonight, a storm brings a rare snow to the las vegas trip. don't see that often. it forces officials to close some schools and delay the opening of others due to the cold weather. after school activities, canceled, after reports of recent conditions and some locations. not inside the casino spray that his tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ s they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs
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>> bret: our focus on faith. church leaders are stressing accountability during the second day of a special vatican summit on the clergy circuit, sex abuse crisis. religion correspondent lauren green tells us what happened today in rome. >> the point is clear. bishop may say to himself, this problem and abuse in the church does not concern me. >> on the second day of the vatican's historic summit,
3:22 pm
bishops took on the issue of cut accountability. chicago's archbishop outlined the principles of how the church should hose abusers responsible first and foremost, the church should be a loving and caring mother. in the end, he admitted rules are only words on paper if they are not taken seriously. >> sadly many of our people, not just those abused or parents of those abused, but the faithful at large, are wondering if we can with the leaders of the church, fully understand the sacred bond. >> at today's news conference, journalists reminded the bishops that accountability didn't work in the case of the now disgraced ex-cardinal theodore mccarrick, once the loudest voice clambering against sexual abuse and yet just last week was defrauded after investigation revealed the ears of abusing seminarians and at least. it is that kind of track record in the church that have abusers
3:23 pm
eyes close on the summit. >> we are 48 survivors from 20 countries. i must confess, to put pressure on the vatican. >> the bishops say that culture of covering up or looking the other way is precisely what this conference is trying to help her change. boston's cardinal sean o'malley says the clergy, especially in america, need to take seriously the civil laws of the land when it comes to child abusers in the church. >> there are 50 states and each state has its own reporting laws. but we believe that there is a moral obligation to share this information with the civil authorities for the safety of children. >> the bishops say they want to change the church from a culture of silence to a culture of reporting, which opens the door to their next topic tomorrow, transparency. bret? >> bret: lauren green in rome. thank you. up next, some democratic presidential candidates are supporting a position hillary clinton and barack obama would not take. we are bringing that story.
3:24 pm
first, beyond our borders tonight. israel on its way to the moon, following a dramatic nighttime launch by aerospace company spacex, the falcon nine rocket blasted from cape canaveral florida. it was carrying three separate spacecrafts, most notably israel's privately funded lunar lander. israel seeks to become only the fourth country to successfully land on the moon after the u.s., russia, and china. a court in moscow is extending bit attention for an american arrested at the end of december for alleged spying. former marine paul whelan was detained in a moscow hotel. his lawyer says his client was handed a flash drive with classified information that he had been unaware of. iran's navy has started an annual general and the strategic street of her moves. iranian admirals as submarines, warships, helicopters, and surveillance planes will participate in the exercise, which will also include missile launchers from some of the vessels. just some of the other stories
3:25 pm
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♪ >> bret: an illustration tonight about just how far left some democratic presidential candidates seem willing to go to get their party's nomination. at least three of them are now supporting a position hillary clinton and barack obama
3:29 pm
would not take. reparations for african-americans. here is correspondent doug mckelway. >> the idea of reparations occasionally arises as a way to write americans historical wrong of slavery. it is getting attention of presidential candidates now pray >> we've got to address that again, back to the inequity. >> after democratic senator kamala harris through her support behind reparations last week, two other democratic candidates jumped on board yesterday. >> i have long thought that this country would be better off if we did find a way to do that. >> senator elizabeth warren said, "we must confront the dark history of slavery in government sanctioned discrimination." civil rights activist robert rosen's the southern reparations pushes shameless pandering. >> i find it insulting. i would rather face an honest bigot than a social justice warrior. >> he believes that the real reason behind the move is that president trump is pulling some of the african-american vote away from the democratic party. >> african-american unemployment
3:30 pm
is at an all-time low. historic. >> while polls show only 7% of african-american voters support the president, he believes it's higher. >> absolutely. about 19% of blacks support donald trump. these are concrete steps that this administration is taking that, if it's done the right way, it can really convert democratic voters to swing voters. >> he cites opportunity zones and sentencing reform as well as the low an employment rate. supporting reparations may be a risky strategy for all three candidates given the divisiveness over the issue. 12016 mirror survey found that only 32% of african-americans were opposed to it but 85% of white residents were. one of the other democratic contenders have weighed in on reparations. during his 2016 campaign, senator bernie sanders dismissed it, telling the interviewer, "it's likelihood of getting through congress is no." none of the three have offered details for example, how to
3:31 pm
divvy up reparations among mixed-race people or how to handle the groundswell of opposition that is surely to follow. >> bret: thank you. house democrats are moving forward with a resolution to neutralize or try to become a president trump's national emergency declaration on the bo. house speaker nancy pelosi said the president's move to get funding for a southern border wall dishonors his office. the president says it is necessary. a vote on the house measure is expected next week. it would then proceed to the senate if passed. then if it passes there, president trump said today in the oval office, he would veto the bill. just this afternoon, senior defense officials said that 1,000 additional u.s. troops are being deployed to the southern u.s. border next week. that's in addition to the 5,000 already there. tonight we conclude our weeklong series on the green new deal by focusing on its primary sponsor. some are drawing parallels between the communication style
3:32 pm
and attention new york democratic congress home in alexandria because he a court has is getting and the politicians she and her colleagues most despise. correspondent peter doocy takes a look. >> one of them is all about the green new deal. the other is all about the art of the deal. but alexandria me too and donald trump might not be so different after all. >> new york is a great place, great people. >> and it's on for the president him a congresswoman, who both ds establishments. while engineering primary upsides and eventual elections. they both believe they started something. >> we meet a machine with a movement. >> ours is the greatest political movement. >> the recent d.c. transplants also share a strong dislike for amazon founder jeff bezos. ocasio-cortez protester tax prices for hq to 2 in new york city. >> at what point is it immoral that we are building jeff bezos
3:33 pm
a helipad? >> president trump protested when jeff bezos purchased the paper. >> i have respect for jeff bezos but he bought "the washington post" to have political influence. >> the president pegs a a lot of the press about him. a common complaint being, "when you see anonymous source, stop reading the story, it is fiction. and aoc thinks she has the same problem, tweeting, "one disappointment about d.c. is the cost of debt masquerades as reporting." despite all the similarities, the two have vastly different worldviews. speak of the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. >> that is why ocasio-cortez pushes the green new deal, which trump abuse as a punch line. >> let's rip down every building in new york city and rebuild it environmentally slightly better. >> one of the green new deals least popular provisions, lowering earth's temperature by eliminating cow was. >> maybe we shouldn't be eating a hamburger for breakfast, lunch, and in her. >> and that is something this president could never stomach.
3:34 pm
>> big macs come a court of hundreds of cheap, everything that i like, that you like. and i know that no matter what we do, there is nothing they could have that is better than that. >> displayed on fast food is one of the reasons they'll probably never be fast friends. but their paths to party takeovers have sometimes married each other. after all, trump was the king of queens before ocasio-cortez became the queen of queens. bret? >> bret: peter, thank you. how far left while most of the 2020 field on the democratic si? we'll take you to the campaign trail when the panel joins me after the break. ♪ g than the accident itself. that's why esurance makes it simple. just take some pics. [picture noises] go to sleep. wake up. grab a bite. maybe some racquetball. and boom - your money's on the way so you can get back on the road fast. well, not that fast. the editor had to make it fit in 30 seconds.
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3:39 pm
those who have achieved success if they play by the rules and work hard. good for you. keep it. but i am saying, we need to be honest and addressed that not everyone has an equal opportunity to access to success and we have to address that. >> bret: california senator kamala harris talking about reparations. it has come up on the campaign trail. elizabeth warren now supporting this as well for african-americans, we must confront a dark history of slavery, government sanctioned discrimination in this country. this has many consequences, including undermining the opportunity of black farmers to build wealth in america for generations. we need to stomach, structural changes to address that." this has come up before. the last cycle, bernie sanders was asked about reparations and what he thought about it. >> while you weren't in favor of reparations? >> again, it's the same reason the president does not, and -- >> what is that?
3:40 pm
>> we have got to invest in the future. what we have got to do is impressed poverty in america, something that very few people talk about, and especially in the african-american community and the latino community. >> bret: the president -- talking about president obama, who spoke out against that as well. one of the examples of going left, at least part of the 2020 field. let's begin our panel. fox news media analyst how howard kurtz. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist," and jeff mason, correspondent for reuters. mollie, more and more examples of part of those fields touching base with the progressive side of the party to try and tap into that. >> maybe this business of reparations, her wall. it will never be rebuilt. i'm stoned, as we just are , too radical for bernie. elizabeth warren, coming out for this. i understand you might be trying to et cetera african-american base of the case of senator harris. i understand it may be important in iraq about racial inequality. this is the kind of thing that can turn off white moderate voters, who might be looking for an alternative to trump, and i
3:41 pm
think that it gives the g.o.p. a very fat target that could open an even greater lane for more center left candidate like amy klobuchar or joe biden. >> bret: mollie? >> of socialism, vegetarianism, and reparations are the campaign theme for the eventual democratic nominee, it sounds like donald trump will win in a landslide. that is with the talk has been this week, some of these very far left views. it does appeal to a certain constituency. on a larger scale, i'm not sure how well it will go. we need to have details on what these reparations means so that people can determine whether they want, as taxpayers, nation of immigrants and a lot of them are taxpayers, they'll need to know whether they are on board with reparations. >> bret: similar to the details of the green new deal, which has been called aspirational and a resolution but we have kind of laid it out as it's been written so far this week in different elements of it. >> it all does come down to the
3:42 pm
details. it's interesting to see what people's larger scale is, their big vision is. we need to get much more nitty-gritty. >> bret: fox news poll, most recently, socialism and capitalism, split and parties, unfavorable. we can see where this stands. this is across both parties. but for democrats, it is much tighter. the favorable-unfavorable on socialism-capitalism. >> i think that is one reason why president trump keeps bringing it up. >> bret: you are sensing this is one of the main pillars he will run on. >> he keeps coming back to it. even in this beach just about venezuela from miami a few days ago, he spent as much time talking about problems in that country as he did talking about this is something we can't have in our own country. that was a clear reference to people like bernie sanders and others. so, yeah, i think that what is going to come up. i think that if you will come up. going back to the conversation we were just having, reparations is a word, part of the question
3:43 pm
for those presidential candidates, but i think when we get to do the details, if this continues to be a theme, it will be more about trying to work on income inequality, trying to make sure that poor people, both african-americans and latinos, as they mention, have some -- more opportunities, policies that can help them. whether or not it ends up being a check, which is probably what people think of when they hear reparations. i'm not so sure that is what they're talking about. >> bret: there are candidates of the democratic party who are speaking more toward the center part of the party. here is john delaney on the trail. >> a lot of people are talking about climate change and always kind of things they want to do. most of which are completely impractical. if we want to enact, if we want to beat trump, we should not put up a candidate that embraces socialism. >> bret: he is talking about that, we want and joe biden, we didn't know if he is getting input likely would have similar. and amy klobuchar, who has another article in "the new york times" now about this treatment of staff.
3:44 pm
she's addressed this many times including here on the panel. during the trip to south carolina in 2008 had procured a salad for his boss, r rates to an airport or animal, he delivered the grim news he had fumbled the plastic eating utensils before reaching the gate, and the crew did not have any forks on such a short flight. what happened next was typical. ms. amy klobuchar berated her aide instantly for the slip up. what happened after that was not. she pulled a comb from her bag and began eating the salad with it. according to four people familiar with the episode, she handed the come to her staff member with a directive, clean it. howie this is the sixth article citing a anonymous sources braids because that is a point. i'm not going to defend it, maybe she did something she haven't have done but we have probably have a dozen former aides to amy klobuchar who have been talking to "huffington post," buzzfeed, "new york times," trashing her. she is so difficult to work with, cruel, i don't think this resonated voters. she's tough on her staff?
3:45 pm
she said she is to present herself and she has high standards. it seems the kind of thing that if these people feel so strongly, having worked or dealt with amy klobuchar that she is a terrible person, they ought to go on the record. as long as they are doing the anonymous sniping from behind a curtain, protection, granted by journalists, i think it is unfair and i don't think -- >> bret: here she is addressing this again. >> i am really proud of our staff. you can ask him, and we do really good work. not that many people have raised it here because i think they are much more focused on, can you do the job. i have shown that i can do the job. >> bret: it sounds like she is going after people asking this question. >> a story that people in washington, d.c., are very excited by. i agree that there are big problems with her being sourced anonymously to people that are going after a former boss. i'm not sure that being a tough boss is a trait that will make people not vote for someone. i think it might even be -- when they look at the results that
3:46 pm
she has achieved, they have a lot they can go with. she has been a senator who has accomplished things in a tough environment. that is probably more important than if she is mean to her staff. >> bret: let's be clear. we've heard the stories around washington for some time. it's not just these articles. it's been floating out there. >> i've heard it long before she was a presidential candidate. i think if there's anything we've learned in the last couple of years, the last year in particular, americans do care that people treat each other well. it could hurt her. >> bret: we'll see how the spies. next up, the friday lightning round. ♪ and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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3:51 pm
today when the president was asked about this and he noted it was not a change, wasn't a reversing course, but it is. his initial comment was we are taking all u.s. troops out of syria. you are right. he's agreed or agreed to some of the advice that he is taken from people around the military advisors, people like lindsey graham, who said you have to have at least a few people still there. >> bret: mollie? what a .2 is we need a foreign policy establishment with better ideas. we need to learn how would we accomplish a mission in another region that and it's time to come home. not to leave troops for years or decades and regions. we had a goal, which was to take away all of this b-17-controlled territories. we achieved that goal 100%. it is time to go, not continue to be involved in a civil war. yes, the people that wanted to be there, they want to overthrew the government. that they learn lessons from their failed projects of the past. >> i think a few hundred troops
3:52 pm
doesn't do much in terms of helping the anti-assad forces are keeping the peace, could be a tempting target for terrorists. >> bret: winners and losers. it's friday. when her first? speak of >> mike winters pope francis for saying we hear the cries of little ones for the vatican summit on the massive church sexual abuse scandals. he's been slow but i think a tougher rhetoric and assignment shows he may be turning the corner and taking hold of this terrible issue. >> bret: loser? >> my loser is jussie smollett. he blew up his career, traumatize the city of chicago, ignited a racial firestorm, betrayed his friends, all because he wanted a raise. we should airbrush them out of the public square just as the fox show "empire" has written him out of the series. >> bret: he might be a lot of people's loser. mollie? >> my winter is bill barr, approved as attorney general. for the first time in two years, there is an attorney general who can oversee the department.
3:53 pm
my loser is "the washington post." they were stopped with a $250 million lawsuit for smearing the covington children who were here for the march for life. it's unlikely that that suit well win but it speaks to some great frustration with media performance and we did have a supreme court justice this week say it's time to revisit libel laws of "new york times." >> bret: when i first? >> kim jong un. next week, a summit between the president of the north korean, and the fact that that is happening at all is a win for the north korean leader. u.s. officials have been playing down expectations of what will happen and that alone is good for him. loser, patriots owner robert kraft. accused of soliciting prostitution right at him like i have to say anything more. >> bret: methods. that is all you have to say. we should point out, next week, we will be in vietnam. we'll bring you "special report" from hanoi for the summit. chris wallace will be here on monday and he will have democratic presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand on the show.
3:54 pm
we'll continue to bring democratic candidates as they become available to the show. we ask all the time. when we come back, notable quotables. ♪ as someone in witness protection, i can't tell you anything about myself. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. . ... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bret: finally tonight. it's friday, that means "notable quotables." >> i bring greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america president donald trump. >> the people of venezuela are standing for freedom and democracy and the united states of america is standing right by their side. >> jussie, any comment? jussie smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career. >> he is a liar. >> you want to look at hate,
3:59 pm
uc berkeley's campus. >> patriots' owner robert kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution. >> i'm very thankful for the diligence and field investigation of the fbi and the coast guard investigative service. >> chairman kim is at the table because he is afraid of trump. >> took the stand and apologizing for pushing a photo of instagram of judge jackson. >> i don't think the president has any concerns of michael cohen. >> my keep your powder dry because do you not know what bob mueller has. >> bottom line is you can't just andy mccabe. >> she is not a terrorist. is a terrorist not a united states citizen. >> when i hear the name tulsi gabbard i think of assad apologist. >> a lot of people running but only one person is going to win. i hope you know who that person is. goodbye, everybody. >> bret: hard to believe one week. a lot jammed into that week. thanks for inviting us into
4:00 pm
your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we're on the record to vietnam next week. "the story" hosted by martha maa mccallum starts rate knew. >> good evening, bret. good evening, everybody. breaking tonight, we are getting brand new information on the charges against robert kraft, owner of the new england patriots and singer r. kelly. both facing some stunning charges tonight related to sexual offenses and there is heat also on labor secretary alexander owe costa of questioning handling of another sexual impropriety case. friday night of breaking news on "the story." but, first tonight, the message from presidential candidate who supported former empire star jussie smollett is regardless of whatever happened they say it should not detract from this. >> we know in america that bigoted and bias attacks are on the rise in a serious


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