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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 23, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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no go to, or call 1-844-970-3696. >>arthel: the military's top officials are at the southern border. patrick shanahan and joint chiefs of staff chairman joseph dun ford meeting with troops as the pentagon weighs how best to use national emergency powers invoked by president trump. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, thank i for joining us. this comes as house democrats introduce their own res layings aimed at blocking the -- resolution aimed at blocking the emergency declaration. president trump is doubling down on his calls for a wall at the southern border with mexico. they will installed barbed wire
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along the existing border fences. >> we apprehended more people than we have in many, many years. we've gotten wit -- with the wae wouldn't have to apprehend them. it's costing us a lot of money. arthel: we have live fox news team coverage with garrett tenney following the latest political developments from the nation's capital. we begin with jeff paul live from the west coast bureau with more on what's happening at the border. jeff. >> reporter: they are working to understand where the gaps in protection are and what dhs specifically needs. so far, they visited a national guard mission that's in new mexico, just across from texas. they're being briefed an checking out border patrol's mobile surveillance vehicles, horses and we podges. it was at this -- weapons. it was at this location where they fired off some version of a pepper ball gun. border patrol says the barrier at this site went up in 2008 and
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once it go the quality of life improved on the mexican side because drug smugglers were forced elsewhere. the trip will help them determine how much money will be spent of the $3.6 billion allocated from the military construction fund. one official says, quote, the secretary will not use all $3.6 billion if he determines it's not necessary. they're viewing two other sites along the border from the air, these are locations requested and pry or advertised for construction by dhs. in a letter to the department of defense, dhs requested, quote, fencing while the dod uses the term barrier, none of the officials used the term wall. arthel. arthel: thank you very much for that update. eric: house democrats are moving forward with their resolution to try and block president trump's national emergency declaration. speaker nancy pelosi saying she vows to fight the president's
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action to try and get funding for his border wall. >> we have a constitutional responsibility to protect and defend the constitution, to do anything less than overturn this action by the president we would be delinquent in our duties as those who take an oath to protect the constitution. eric: garrett tenney has the latest on their efforts. >> reporter: democrats are vowing to fight the president on his emergency declaration and congress in the courts and through public opinion. on tuesday, the house will vote on a resolution of disapproval, which would allow congress to end the national emergency status. democrats and a number of republicans argue there is no real emergency that justifies the president's declaration. on friday, in techs as, nancy pelosi said it was congress' constitutional responsibility to block it. >> we will be fighting him on this use of u us usurping of po, violating the constitution of
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the united states, in the congress, in the court and with the american people. >> reporter: the legislation is expected to sail through the democratic controlled house. in the senate it's expected to be a challenge. democrats need at least foreigns to support it. susan coul mince of main colline would support it. president trump is confident republicans will support his move. even if they don't, he said there's no way he will sign it. >> we need border security. we need a wall. it's a bad subject for the democrats. we need a wall. on the wall, will i veto it? 100%. 100%. and i don't think it survives the veto. we have too many smart people that want border security. i can't imagine it would survive the veto. >> reporter: it would be the first veto of president trump's administration. there's not a lot of optimism that congress can override it. this is just the first of many
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fights ahead over this emergency declaration. eric? eric: garrett, thanks so much. arthel: for more on this, going to bring in bob cuesack, the editor in chief of the hill. we have the president saying he will veto any measures that manage to pass the house and senate to block his emergency declaration. does the constitution allow that? what kind of precedent can it set? would republican leaders support a presidential veto? >> well, those are very tough questions. i mean, the critics say this is -- this should be blocked. it's unlawful. without a doubt, this is going to pass the house. the senate, it's really about 60/40 many i think ther40. i think there will be enough defections at this time. the white house will make sure there are not enough republican defections. president trump will veto this. he doesn't want to. the fact that he has to veto or may have to veto that, that actually could hurt him in the
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courts. so it's a better situation if republicans stick with the president, but there are a number of republicans, senator graham said on fox yesterday he expects a handful of republican defections, that would mean it would pass the senate. the president is right, there is no chance i think that he would be overridden, that congress would override his veto? it's going to be settled in the courts. arthel: that of course extends the timing of everything. but meanwhile let's talk about this. during the flight to el paso today, patrick shanahan and general dunford briefing reporters about the mission there and th the defense department's role in border security and i want to go over some of that briefing again. jeff paul touched on it. regarding that briefing, the $3.6 billion from the military construction fund, secretary shanahan will determine which dhs, department of home p land security projects are necessary for the use of of the armed
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forces and, therefore, how much of that money is spent. noting that the secretary will not use all $3.6 billion if he doesn't deem it necessary. secretary shanahan looking to assess where are the needs for the dhs and gaps and whether or how military construction is necessary to support the department of homeland security. so bob, with such a detailed mission at hand, does that signal that the acting defense secretary is focused on border security and not politics? >> well, yes. i mean certainly though he does report to the president and that's what democrats are going to be highlighting, is that you're taking away money from defense, you're taking away from other projects that could be in lawmakers' backyards. but at the same point, the president said listen, this is a winning issue for us politically and he's moving furled. he's gotten some money from the congress, not as much as he
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wanted. but his team is moving forward and at least i think for the 2020 re-election, they can say, the president can say we've made progress on the wall and now we have to finish it and that's why you've got to reelect me. is he where he wanted to be? no. i think that's partially to blame, republicans after he won, they didn't make this a top priority. they should have used the political capital after trump won and moved forward with the wall. but they didn't at that time and then of course now democrats have the house. so it's a lot more difficult. arthel: there was show and tell at monument site 3 there in el paso, which is a national guard mission, although the vehicles there were not being used at the site but they were brought there, 145 of these vehicles. i understand equipped with sophisticated sensors and cameras. they've been moved there temporarily again, so secretary shanahan and company can see them. these vehicles, which are used in conjunction with customs and border patrol there, near what they're calling attractive areas
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for migrants to cross the border, so again, does all of this bolster president trump's demand for more border barriers? >> i think this kind of show and tell is something good for the president because -- remember, democrats have long supported border security and comprehensive immigration reform there's tens of billions of dollars in border security there and they supported the 2006 fence act, which created some barriers but was not fully completed, at least to the satisfaction of many critics. so the fact that you're showing this is where we need some border security, i think honestly the white house needs to do more of this to show, hey, we need some of this here and whether it's a barrier or whether it's technology and certainly democrats do support some technology. it's just the politics of the wall, arthel, that is blocking this and has led to a shut down and led to continued fights that will continue in the years ahead, really. arthel: well, bob, can you stay
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there for us because i want to bring you back and get your reaction on the developing story there in venezuela. but for now, eric is going to fill us in. eric: there's been a lot of action on that on this saturday. some of the country's troops are abandoning their posts at the border site amid continuing violent clashes was civilians. they are backed bivens wa by s opposition leader, juan guaido. they're trying to get the aid into venezuela. nicolas maduro is hanging on, refusing we're told to let tons of donations in. of course, there's been a sad and tragic fall for the a country that's gone from being one of the wealthiest in the western hemisphere to one of the poorest because of a devastating path of socialism and corruption. brian llenas has been following the developments from our atlanta bureau today.
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>> reporter: look, an hour ago the opposition leader, juan guaido, the man that the united states recognizes at the interim president of venezuela, said the first u.s. humanitarian aid trucks from colombia have entered venezuela. that is a first. they were sitting in a warehouse 220 tons of humanitarian aid in a warehouse in colombia. we're getting word now from the opposition at least that some of the trucks have made their way through from the colombia side into venezuela. we ca cannot independently confm this. we are getting word from the associated press that the first protester today has been killed in a clash with vein venezueland forces near the border with brazil, a relative is selling the associated press that just yesterday two others at least were killed along that border in brazil. there are many hot spots right now, tense moments along the borders of both colombia and brazil with venezuela.
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meanwhile, juan guaido was on the border of venezuela and colombia this morning. he climbed aboard a humanitarian truck, one of many that's carrying 220 tons of u.s. food, medicines, diapers, that are supposed to go to the desperate, starving venezuelans. maduro has instructed them to block the aid. there are protesters lighting a public bus on fire and maduro's forces fired tear gas canisters. you're looking at guaido, a video that he tweeted with presumably a venezuelan general who is e pledging his allegiance to guaido. the president of the united states, the vice president and john boleton bolton twee tweetr support today. guaido released this video in which he spoke on twitter and he
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urged those who are supporters of maduro, he said this, quote, this is a struggle for all venezuelans. the time is now, we ask that all chavistas side with the constitution. today, venezuela needs you. venezuela needs all of us united. the time i time is now. the first humanitarian trucks have been reported to have made their way into venezuela. we cannot confirm this is true. you can imagine, there is confusion right now with tense standoffs between the opposition forces and civilians as well as maduro's military right now. so we will continue to follow the fluid situation. eric: that would be a good sign if indeed those trucks have been able to break through. arthel: for more on this, we're going to bring back bob cuesack. if the venezuelan soldiers
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continue to support nicolas maduro and blockade from the u.s. to enter venezuela, the trump administration is threatening to deport family members of those military members, some of those relatives living in miami. so how do you assess that threat posed by the trump administration? is that the right position? will it be effective? >> it's a very significant threat and trump has been consistent on this and this is risky because they have -- the administration has thrown full support against maduro and for opposition leader. if trump wins, it will be a significant foreign policy win. at the same time, it is risky. i think the next week is going to be very significant here. marco rubio has been with the white house on this, very forceful on this. remember, trump has said i want to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan. he has not taken military option off the table here. this is a significant risk for the white house but certainly
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it's having a big effect. arthel: 's talk about u.s. financial sanctions against venezuela and military personnel who support maduro and continue to block humanitarian aid to the people. the united states has again, brian llenas told us the u.s. has stockpiled aid on the colombian border. we're not sure if they're letting that aid come in at this moment and again senator rubio is backing the president, he said today the venezuelan military must decide whether or not to allow the aid to reach those who really need it. you mentioned military consequences potentially. how likely is that if those demands are not met? >> well, it's a slippery slope without a doubt. i'm sure some people in congress are nervous this could lead to military action. i think the big question is what senator marco rubio raised, is if the military is going to defect against maduro, will they
11:16 am
let the aid through to people who need it or will they continue to support maduro. that's the big question. there have been some reports that there have been some defections in the military. that's the breaking point. if that happens, this regime starts to crumble very, very quickly. if it doesn't happen very quickly, then it's going to be very messy in the weeks and months ahead. arthel: well, we are definitely going to continue monitoring this. bob, thank you very much for joining us. eric: president trump says he's making progress in the trade talks with china and it may extend a looming tariff deadline to continue those negotiation was beijing. you know there's still major sticking points between the two world's largest economies, we'll take a look at those, especially because they steal our intellectual property. we're day day away from the secd
11:17 am
summit between president trump and kim jong un. what must he do to fulfill his pledge to denuclearize. sung moon lee is here on that. can we talk?
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judge has set singer r. kelly's bond at $1 million after he was charged with 10 counts of felony sexual abuse. the 52-year-old singer, whose real name is robert sylvester kelly, has been in police custody since turning himself in late last night. prosecutors say kelly abused four victims, three of whom were minors. the incidents allegedly took place between 1998 and 2010. kelly's lawyer is accusing the women of lying and trying to exploit the singer's fame. right now, you see there on the screen, the cook county state attorney speaking now. let's a take a listen. >> the victim in this case, the third victim, l.c., was involved in an incident which occurred on february 18th, 2003. a grand jury returned an indictment on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, based on the transmission of sesemen by robert kelly, fore
11:22 am
purpose of sexual gratification during the course of the underlying forcible felony of aggravated criminal sexual assault attempt. on february 18th, 2003, at 8:55 north laramy street in cloudchicago, while the victim s waiting alone in a room robert kelly to come in so she could braid his hair, he entered, saying he didn't want his hair braided that day. he wanted his head massaged. at the time he said this, robert kelly had his pants pulled down and he was pointing to his p.e.n.i.s. he grabbed the victim by the head and tried to force her but the victim was able to resist. robert kelly masturbated and edgejaculated onto the victim.
11:23 am
the shirt the victim was wearing was submitted for dna testing. arthel: let's break away there. as you can see, kimberly fox, cook county prosecutor laying out explicit detailed charges against r. kelly whose bond has been set at $1 million. we will follow the story. as you know, kelly, r. kelly is charged with 10 counts of felony sexual ayo abuse. we'll follow the story and bring you the latest when warranted. this is another fox news alert. president trump says he's optimistic about reaching a deal, a trade deal with china after two weeks of talks. mr. trump says he may delay the march 1st deadline and expects to meet with chinese president xi jinping next month to complete an agreement. >> i'm very surprised to see it. >> [ indiscernible ] >> their children speak fluent
11:24 am
chinese even though they're very young. they were taught. arthel: allison barber joins us live from the white house with the latest. allison. >> reporter: china according to the u.s. secretary of ag agriculture committed to buying an additional 10 million metric tons of u.s. soybeans during the meeting in the oval office yesterday. sonny perdue said it is proof the strategy is working. he called it a show good faith by the chinese, an indication of more good news to come. president trump expressed optimism at yesterday's meeting. at the same time the u.s. trade rep, robert lighthizer said there are a few hurdles when it comes to a u.s./china trade deal. negotiators are working on six areas of a broad agreement, forced technology transfer, intellectual property rights, currency, agriculture and nontariff barriers to trade. initially they were said to be member ran dulls of understanding. -- memorandums of understanding.
11:25 am
lighthizer changed the terminology after president trump pushed back on mous. he said mous don't mean anything. he said they would go with the trade agreement instead. without a deal by march 1st, tariffs on roughly $200 billion worth of chinese products are set to go from 10% to 25%. >> i think that if -- you can tell this to president xi. i think if i see progress being made, substantial progress being made, it would not be inappropriate to extend that deadline. keep it at 10% instead of raising it to 25%. i would be inclined to doing that. we are going very deep into the trade and covering items that a lot of people wanted to cover, nobody thought would ever get to. we have a one-time shot at making a great deal for both countries and so we are going to get it. >> reporter: chinese president xi jinping is reportedly going to perhaps meet with president
11:26 am
trump in march, president trump said during the meeting yesterday that he could meet with the chinese president in march at his place in mar-a-lago. arthel? arthel: optimism is a good thing. allison barber, thank you very much. eric. eric: north korean leader kim jong un is reportedly already on his way heading to the summit in vietnam. a russian news agency said he jumped on a special armored train today, starting the train journey across china first before he heads to vietnam for wednesday's talks with president trump. >> singapore was a tremendous success, only the fake news likes to portray it otherwise. we would have literally been in a war with north korea in my opinion, had i not been elected. eric: what can we expect with the second meeting. joining us now is sung-yoon lee, a professor of korean studies. he's at the fletcher school of diploma sigh acy at tufts unive.
11:27 am
what credible steps do you think kim could offer, if any, at the meeting next week. >> the north korean leadership is a strange, bizarre amalgamation of mid evil morrays it's easy to underestimate them. presidential administrations have seriously patronized, underestimated the north korean adversary. if you look at the concessions that kim has given so far, kim has released u.s. detainees who never should have been in prison in the first place. he decommissioned an old nuclear test site after six underground tests that he does not need anymore. he has said that he's aamenable to holding off on nuclear and missile tests which are activities prohibited under more than 10 u.n. security council resolutions and in return for that, he has bought himself already much time and money in the form of non-sanctions
11:28 am
enforcement and lax sanctions enforcement. he bought himself a lot of money and time with which to further develop his nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities. so any concession president trump should reject and demand on kim to take meaningful steps such as release political prisoners, stop counterfeiting u.s. currency, abide by the norms of international community as an aid recipient nation, allowing for monitoring and transparency, stop money laundering, release all political prisoners, not only north koreans but also foreign detainees unlawfully abducted, change its political system, become a free and open society, denuclearize as stipulated in various u.n. security council resolutions and so on. i know it's a high bar to meet at once and it won't happen. but these are terms stipulated in the u.s. sanctions law and
11:29 am
president trump should argue i am authorized, i am obliged to continue to enforce sanctions on your regime unless you made these substantive changes. eric: what you're saying is kim has keef deviously been able toy the international community and perhaps us by abandoning some of the facilities that he doesn't need anymore, like the major nuclear center which basically he's already achieved his goals already so why use it? >> exactly. his uranium enrichment facilities are churning at full speed at several undisclosed locations. he doesn't need that plutonium plant that was previously frozen with i.a.e.a. inspectors present, monitoring the situation between 1994 and 2002. so for kim to say, to recycle this and say, hey, this is what
11:30 am
i'll do, that's no concession at all. the three generations of kims have been playing the united states for decades now and this business about ending the korean war, signing a peace agreement, peace has a hypnotic, alluring ring to it, sure. but there are peace agreements in history that have brought on war, rather than peace. with a peace agreement, kim seeks to dislodge the united states, u.s. troops and its influence from the region from korea and from japan and to be better positioned to isolate, sensor bully south korea, the richer, legitimate korean state that is a threat to the north korean regime. eric: when we talk about, quote, denuclearization, the u.s. point of view is that kim gives up his nuclear program, which you don't see very likely, and his definition is all u.s. assets, military assets and 28,500 troops out of south korea so that he can eventually basically try and take over?
11:31 am
>> you know, even on the propaganda front we see kim's ververy adept. there are no nukes in the south, as we know. since 2005. and now north korea said you agreed to this and we know we mean by denuclearization of the korean pin peninsula, the end of united states detense. playing into north korea's hand by using verbiage like have to end the war, end the hostility, it's not a promising sign. eric: if there was one thing you would like to see, what would that one thing be to come out of the meeting? >> i would like president trump to look at the north korean dictator straight in the eye and say, chairman kim, please tear down the walls of your horrific
11:32 am
gullags. he won't, of course. that would mark a very symbolic, powerful moment in history. eric: professor sung-yoon lee of tufts university in boston, thank you for joining us. we'll see what if anything comes you out of this meeting on wednesday. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. eric: fox news channel will have complete live coverage of the summit between the president and kim jong un. our coverage is live, it starts on tuesday, all throughout the day and through the evening here in the fox news channel of this very important second meeting and we'll see what will come out of it. arthel. arthel: we are getting new information that special counsel robert mueller's report, he will not submit his findings to the attorney general next week. the release is certainly meant. when they are complete, how much should the public be able to see. >> there was no collusion, no
11:33 am
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drive yours away this presidents day. arthel: we are getting word that special counsel robert mueller's report will not be delivered to attorney general william barr next week, despite reports to the contrary. and as lawmakers on capitol hill await the investigation's eventual conclusion, democrats are demanding its findings be made public. meanwhile, president trump continues to deny any collusion with russia. >> i won the race. you know why i won the race, i was a better candidate than she was and has nothing to do with russia. everybody knows it's a hoax. i look forward to seeing the report. if it's an honest report, it will say that. if it's not an honest report, it won't. arthel: let's bring in boyd mattson, the gop strategist and former chief of staff for mike lee, and robin biro, democratic
11:38 am
strategist and former obama campaign regional field director. i want to get your reaction to what you heard president trump say there in the sound bite. i'll start with you, boyd. president trump saying low pressure, he will sanction this as a real, honest report if it does not confirm or insinuate there was any collusion. if that report by mr. mueller says there is collusion, then it's a bogus report. what do you think about that? >> i think everyone's got to step back a little bit. one, mr. mueller has not produced the report yet. whether it's saying it's right or wrong or whether more of it needs to be made public or not, those are things that haven't even happened yet. mr. mueller's gotten really good at the fakes close. he gets a few news cycles out of it i think. the more important thing is to look at the real issue. the president is right, the issue is was there collusion or not during the 2016 campaign. if there's not, let's move forward and move on and if there is, let's get into the substance
11:39 am
of that and let's have that conversation. arthel: robin, how do you see it, the president, his sound bite there that we played? >> i want to manage the expectations of my colleagues on the left. i never thought that president trump might be implicated in this directly himself. the original appointment orders, i want to go back to that, because those specify that this was an investigation into russia's attempt to meddle in our democracy. so i'm anxious to see -- i thank god this is coming to an end, for one thing. but i think americans deserve to know the truth. i just want of course we can all agree that any portions that may compromise national security need to be redacted. to regain public trust, let's get tran transparency. arthel: when the time comes, how much do you think will be made public, how much of that information, that doesn't breach national security should be made public, and do you think attorney general barr will lean
11:40 am
towards the law or will politics determine what mr. barr shares from the mueller report? >> i think attorney general barr was very clear in his confirmation hearings that he wanted to be as transparent as was possible under the law. and i think that's a good thing. we do need transparency. that's what creates trust in this country. he also raised the point that once it is out, what happens, how much is out there, we have this real problem in our country right now called instant certainty. and the moment anything happens, we suddenly have everyone proclaiming what it is, what it means, and what should come next. we've seen even just this week in the jussie smollett case of just that instant certainty, things are not always as they appear to be. there's going to be a lot to unknack the mueller report and it will be a lot of news cycles. but we need to be careful. instant certainty undermines trust and it prevents us from actually getting to the truth. and the american people are very weary and leery of big
11:41 am
government right now. people need to be careful. robin is absolutely right in cautioning those on the left. i'm going to do the same and caution those on the right to not spike the football or for the left to go crazy in terms of demanding more and more and becoming obsessed with it. there's a better way to do this. instant uncertainty, asking questions, listening, being open to new information and ideas is really what we've got to get back to in the country. arthel: robin, if what attorney general b a arr releases does not satisfy the democrats, how far should they go with subpoenas and measures to get the information released? >> arthel, you already know they're going to take this to the limit, if they're not satisfied. because the issue here is protecting and restoring the american public trust in our system of democracy. that's important. i'm a veteran. i pledged my life to defend this country against all enemies, foreign or domestic. we have to make sure that we know the full extent to which our foreign ad adversaries trieo do this and americans deserve to
11:42 am
know the truth. arthel: robin said he thinks democrats will push it to the limit. could there be a point where it becomes too much and it backfires on the democrats? >> yeah, there's actually a point where that does happen and they should learn from the mistakes the republicans made during the obama administration for living proof of that. but again, the idea is that we need to get back to everyone doing what their job actually is. too often we're already seeing things where the president's saying this is going to go to the courts and this is going to go here. we keep waiting for people to swoop in and solve problems. that's not the way it's designed to be. open transparency is a big part of this process. i'm sure there will be a debate on what transparency is. but as robin said, this really does get down to let's look at what's in the best interest of the country, not political points, not fund raising, not 2020 candidates for election. let's do this based on truth,
11:43 am
let's build trust and let's get it back to the american people where it really belongs. arthel: i saw robin is shaking his head. it seems you both agree on that point. we'll leave it there. robin, boyd, thank you very much. >> thanks, arthel. welwelcome back. eric: the owner of the new england patriots, he was snagged in a prostitution bust in south florida. robert kraft is denying the charges. what could be the fallout legally and from the nfl? we're live with those details, next.
11:44 am
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eric: new england patriots owner robert kraft is denying charges of soliciting as prostitute in southern florida. police say kraft was videotaped twice engaging in i'll illicit activity they say during a sting operation of human trafficking at area spas. 200 other arrest warrants were issued in this wide-ranging case. reports say the names range from
11:48 am
former law enforcement officials to a wall street billionaire. jacqui heinrich has more on the latest developments. >> reporter: florida police say they were as stunned as anyone to see kraft among the hundreds accused of soliciting sex in a prostitution ring. he's one of 25 people that have been charged so far. the investigation took more than eight months. as part of the sting, police planted cameras inside the spas, they said the women were working in sexual service and patrons paid between $59 and $79 for services. kraft is accused of paying for sex on the spa on two occasions last month. police say they have it all on camera. >> the video that we obtained, it shows the act that took place on every gentleman that you have a list of, the act that took place is recorded on the video. >> reporter: kraft faces two charges, both second degree missemisdemeanors. it's unlikely he will be formally arrested.
11:49 am
they are served through a summons in the mail. as far as jail time, each count carries a maximum sentence of 60 days behind bars. usually the spa owners face the maximum penalty. patrons are most often scheduled to community service. kraft denies the allegations. the nfl said it's monitoring developments. the league policy says franchise owners are held to a higher standard of personal conduct. patriots fans are withholding judgment until all the facts come out. >> you kind of got to wait until the full story ravels before you -- story unravels before you comment but it sounds like he made some sort of mistake, regardless of what it is so far. 77-year-old man lost his wife, who knows. i see how you can end up in a place like this. >> reporter: so far, 10 spas have been closed and police are looking into whether workers were victims of human trafficking. arthel: a massive storm turning
11:50 am
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eric: a rare winter storm slammed the southwest shutting down travel over the mountains
11:54 am
of arizona, new mexico and parts of colorado. snow in flagstaff reached an all-time record. the city declared a state of emergency. adam klotz is tracking the storm from the fox news extreme weather center. i guess the snow even in scottsdale wasn't stopping the golfers. >> that doesn't surprise me. if you've got to golf, you've got to golf. that weather that we're talking about, now sweeping across the country, it's going to cause a lot of problems for different areas of the country. depending on where you are, what you see is a bit different. major flooding in the southeast, perhaps tornadoes later this evening. there's cold enough air that this will be a big winter storm. i'm going to begin in the southeast. this is our severe threat, through tonight and a lot of this goes into the overnight hours. you're getting into portions of memphis, stretching down into northern mississippi, all an area where you could see severe thunderstorms. even more than that, there's enough instability there that a lot of this could turn into
11:55 am
tornadic activity. everything you're looking at in the red area, northern mississippi mostly, a high potential of tornado threats this evening, running into early tomorrow morning. that's going to be one we have to pay close attention to. outside of that area, much larger area than that, we're talking about flooding stretching across a huge region here, the ohio river valley, stretching south, northern georgia, northern alabama, all areas to pay attention to. on the backside of this, everything in the red, that's a blizzard warning, up in the upper plains, upper midwest. visibility down to a quarter of a mile, winds at 35 miles an hour. it will be a white-out. some of the areas, you can watch it on the move, it's a thin line but spots getting up to 18 to 2. this could be a major snow right in this particular region as we kind of watch it move. hour by hour, i'll leave you with this, see it on the move, it happens overnight tonight. all of this moving to the east coast by tomorrow. guys, as this moves to the east coast, i will say maybe not as
11:56 am
bad of weather for folks tomorrow but today and tonight we're going to be paying attention to it. eric: adam, thanks so much. arthel: we have some breaking news, a twin engine boeing 767 cargo jetliner operated by atlas air crashed into the trinity bay, trinity bay in texas. this happening shortly before 12:45 p.m. central time today, after losing radar and radio contact with the boeing 767, 30 miles southeast of the houston george bush intercontinental airport, it was flying from miami to houston, we'll have details as we get them in. stay right here on fox news and eric and i are back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. hope you join us. i would like to take a moment
11:57 am
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>> welcome to the journal editorial report. i am paul gigot. from fbi deputy director andrew mccabe continuing his book tour this week confirming interviews he open an investigation of the present after firing of director james comey. even suggesting the president might be a russian asset. >> do you still believe the president would be a russian asset? >> i think it is possible. i think that is why we started our investigation. i'm really anxious to see where the director concludes that pierce dog


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