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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 24, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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immigration officials said the whole thing could have been prevented. but california's laws stopped them from arresting the mexican despite his criminal past. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] reporter: breaking tonight, robert mueller slams paul manafort in a sentencing memo made public today. i'm katie pavlich in for judge jeanine pirro. a lot to cover tonight as president trump prepares to head overseas to vietman for his second historic summit with kim jong-un. the crisis in venezuela
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intensifying. and mueller's sentencing memo on paul manafort is released. joining me tonight, matt gaetz. thank you for being here. >> it's good to be with you. katie: paul manafort is getting hammered by the special counsel. he said he braisingly violated the law inside and outside of prison. >> when we received the special counsel's report, it's important to review it in context of how it was prepared and who prepared it. the inspector general said all the major h.r. policies had been violated when you saw people move from the hillary clinton investigation to the robert mueller investigation. when lisa page and peter strzok were texting about whether it
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would be wise, they said there was no there there. there was no evidence of collusion after 10 months of investigating. now the special counsel's team that includes people who were supportive of the hillary clinton campaign and supported democratic candidates in the past withinr, we know this is the result of tens of millions of dollars. i think it will take a negative view of the president. katie: the sentencing memo talks about paul manafort violating a garden variety of crimes such as tax fraud, money laundering and bank fraud. but there is nothing that talks about collusion just as the indictment showed before he went through a trial. >> you are right. and these elements with paul manafort largely arise before donald trump ever contemplated
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running for president or so far after paul manafort's departure from the campaign that they couldn't be tied to the campaign. but it plays out with other characters whether it be roger stone or george papadopoulos. the process crimes are what drives the special counsel's activity rather than russians conspiring with americans. so i think you largely see the special counsel trying to investigate people like manafort, like stone, rather than crimes like collusion and obstruction of justice. katie: congressman adam schiff who is in charge of the house oversight committee was on bill maher last night. i wanted you to take a listen to what he said. >> people will stop me in the
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corridor, republicans, and say, keep doing what you are doing. senior republicans, which would be hershey for them to say publicly. i don't need private confidences misgiving. we need public statements. we need people to take a stand. we need people to vote their conscience. katie: are republicans secretly meeting with adam schiff in the halls of capitol hill to talk about how much they hate president trump? >> there are too many republicans who haven't been vocal enough about their support of our president. i believe there are republicans who secretly want the downfall of the president. that's why i love the president so much because he's a disruptive force in washington. but the forgotten men and women of america wanted to see things
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done differently, that's why they elected donald trump. now, you see the establishments of both parties fighting back against bias conclusion. katie: house speaker nancy pelosi is rounding up democrats to vote for a resolution against president trump's national emergency. some republicans said they are going to break ranges and vote with them to condemn the national emergency. my question for you is does the resolution take any power back from the executive and does it do anything to solve the problem of illegal immigration? >> this would be what we would call a show vote in washington. it won't result in a change to law or policy, by the allows nancy pelosi to virtue signal to the radical left about their open borders, abolish ice agenda. i would be disappointed to see republicans break rank.
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but we have to acknowledge, this is an emergency. we just seized enough fentanyl at the border to kill 115 americans. that's more than a third of our country. that's just what we caught. there are enough drugs and gangs and violent people to do great harm to the families in the united states of america. that's why this is an emergency. that's why the president has taken appropriate action. nothing about this vote will do anything but signal to the far left. katie: you are talking to your colleagues about doing something real on illegal immigration. we saw the funding bill which fuels this problem with the crisis of unaccompanied minors and family units at bordered. but eye we see the resolution condemning the president's emergency declaration. are there any plans to tackle this from an illegal immigration
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issue and not tied to founding bill? >> that's the question americans are asking. are there going to be common sense solutions to design an immigration system that works for the american economy and the american people. i thought senator lid i graham was working hard to do -- senator lindsey graham was working hard to do that. it would have built the wall and deal with the dreamers in a way that was humane. and look at those citizens who are here for temporary protected status. people who escaped war or natural disaster. to find a way for them to stay in our country if they follow the law. but the barrier to the common sense reforms most of americans would support is this view on the left that we have to abolish i.c.e. beto o'rourke saying we have to
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tear down walls. katie: you brought to the attention of the american people something that house democrats in the oversight committee voted against in terms of notifying i.c.e. when illegal aliens attempt to purchase guns in american gun stores. can you explain what that was about? >> democrats wanted to stand background checks, and we were working on the element of that legislation. we thought if an illega an illen goes to buy a gun we should notify i.c.e. every single democrat on the judiciary committee voted against notifying i.c.e. if an illegal alien wants to buy a gun. they wouldn't even notify i.c.e. if an illegal alien might
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conduct a massive gun violence. katie: joining me now with more reaction to all the developing news and more. katrina pierson and david bossie. thanks to you both for being here. katrina, i want to start with you. president trump won in part in 2016 because of this strong stance on the border. national security and the rule of law when it comes to illegal immigration. how do you feel this is going to play with it comes to 2020? >> you are absolutely right. i will piggy back off what representative gates said about the messaging nancy pelosi is sending by wanting to stop the emergency action. but i'll take it a step further. nancy calls herself a masterful legislator. also to republicans who have not gotten the memo you just smoke about, are not in touch with the base and get them on the record.
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she want to add to her majority in the house and they want to take back seats in the senate. it's on this false narrative there is a manufactured crisis when two months ago they were talking about the crisis we had on the border. we were just in el paso and i spoke to several citizens who did not support president trump and who did not support the wall who all do not want the wall to come down in el paso. and they were dead silent when i asked hem why their neighbors just 20 minutes from them did not deserve of the same. silence. katie: the left has legislated on this resistance movement. nancy pelosi was in laredo saying the president is abusing his office and disrespecting the presidency by declaring this national emergency. she decided to put this resolution on the floor. what does it say to you when it
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comes to getting something done on this issue? >> they are clear not interested in getting anything done. this is a show vote. it does not mean anything. except we get to put people on the record, which i appreciate. in 2020 when we go to re-elect president trump we'll be re-electing republicans and democrats. people who vote on the wrong side of this issue are going to be, you know, in danger when it comes to 2020. i'm excited abouting this vote. i want to see republicans, if there are any. and i want to see the democrats put their money where their mouth is. katie: we got news from the robert mueller investigation. they had a sentencing memo for manafort. katrina, what does this have to do with the president's strategy moving forward the robert
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mueller investigation doesn't end anytime soon before 2020. >> the president stated and many of us agree this is essentially the greatest hoax on the american public. you have a guy that has unfettered power and access to fund, i do hope they include the amount of tax dollars it costs once this report does come out. but the president is note concerned about this because it has nothing to do with him, it has nothing do with the campaign strategy. donald trump won this election, the left hates it. we are in the age of hoaxes all against trump and trump supporters. so again the left is going to have egg on their face when this report comes out. the president will be vindicated. this is not the first hoax and i'm pretty sure this won't be the last. i just hope people start to pay a script writer. not even denzel could pull off
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some of the hoaxes we have seen. >> this is outrageous. our president is going to vietnam to negotiate a nuclear deal or an opportunity to make a deal with kim jong-un of north korea. something that the world needs to have happen. this president is going over there to negotiate on behalf of all the american people. it's outrageous that robert mueller has not submitted this report and closed it down. the president doesn't deserve to go to this summit with this hanging over his head. this should be behind us. and the president should be able to do his job every day without worry being this really ridiculous now charade of an investigation. katie: it's been interesting to see how the narrative has changed with similar investigations. democrats and some republicans have gone to great lengths to
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protect the special counsel. any time the president or his supporters question robert mueller they were depicted as people who weren't interested in the truth. now that robert mueller doesn't seem to be finding the collusion. they are questioning the credibility and legitimacy of the robert mueller investigation and launching their own investigation. >> of course they are. they have to have some type of conspiracy or hoax to continue throughout the election cycle. kevin mccarthy tweeted several questions he has for adam schiff who has been claiming from the beginning that he has evidence of collusion. which by the way is not a crime. but here we are, two years now into this nightmare of a hoax on the american people. but i do think that this investigation -- we'll see how thorough it was.
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we know there was a campaign that was collude with foreign entities and a lot of people involved in the previous administration who were in an act of sedition. i think that's what needs to come out of this investigation. if you are going to investigate collusion, let's investigate collusion and get on with it. katie: there will be a big primary against democrats. will they realized it's the bottom of the list when it comes to people's priorities. they wanted results from the government. >> this president will be able to run on all of his unbelievably successful accomplishments he has been able to succeed on for the american people. unemployment rates, gdp, national security. but you have the adam schiffs of the world. you have the jerry nadlers of the world. you have nancy pelosi and others in the house that want to have a
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never-ending investigation. the american people are tired of it and they want to get back to business. that's what's important here. we'll have a little bit of overreach in my opinion. congress is going to be able to see for themselves what the american people say. but democrats in congress are overreaching. they are going to be in danger. once this mueller report comes in, if they continue on this path, the boomerang effect is going to be there. it will benefit president trump and he'll be more successful for their overreach. katie: we appreciate you coming on so much. thanks. coming up, will an isis briepsd attempts to be allowed back into the u.s. succeed? plus, bernie sanders raises nearly $6 million in 24 hours. will socialism pave the way to the white house in 2020?
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new reaction to the crisis unfolding in venezuela. governor mike huck beef is here governor mike huck beef is here and ready to weigh in next. so with xfinity mobile
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katie: violent clashes in venezuela amid a standoff over humanitarian aid. thousands of protesters take to the streets and tensions reach a crisis level in the country. here with that and much more, mike huckabee joins me now. nicolas maduro today cut ties with colombia. this thugs in venezuela have been burning aid trucks with medicine and food trying to come into the country on the colombian border. the white house is watching this closely. former ambassador john bolton tweeting, these four venezuelan military members chose to stand with the venezuelan people today. there are now defections from the military which has been back nicolas maduro. they are now on the side of the
12:22 am
president of the united states and democracies across the world are recognizing juan guaido. ways your response? >> it's another collapse of socialism and a reminder it doesn't work, and ultimately we see another rich nation turned into an impoverished nation because of socialism and corruption. but we also see what a strong u.s. policy does. even jeb bush today tweeted out commendation for president trump's large of the venezuelan situation. and jeb is no big supporter of president trump. so it's significant. but it's an honest assessment. this wouldn't be happening if it weren't for the strong policies toward freedom and encouraging the people of venezuela to take charge. now we are seeing these defections. it's a seminal event there and it looks like it's unraveling in
12:23 am
venezuela against the regime. katie: juan guaido is recognized by the united states and other democracies in the world. he's at the front lines at the border trying to push this aid through. yet we have politicians, some running for president in the united states, bernie sanders, condemning maduro in some way, but not saying he should go. what's your response to that? >> bernie sanders never met a communist he didn't love. he did his honeyman in the soviet union back in the day. he has been captured on video the last 40 years praising fidel castro and every leader and off -- every communist leader often at the expense of the united states.
12:24 am
bernie sanders cannot represent the viewds of traditional democrats who find those ideas utterly repulsive. katie: bernie sanders upheld venezuela as an example of how socialism works. now he doesn't want to talk about it. what do you think the outcome will be from a national security perspective for the united states. it is getting violent. maduro doesn't seem like he's going to go. it's a very serious violent situation that could get much worse. >> i think ultimately there will be a takeover of venezuela, if you will. an uprising that will lead to the ousting of maduro. the people have seen their lives totally collapse. their economy is in the toilet. they don't want to live like this. they know what it was like when they had freedom. now they know what it many like under socialism and they are
12:25 am
rejecting it. they are doing it at great expense and great risk to themselves and their families. which show you the desperation of people who having tasted people want to enjoy it yet again. i hope that people will recognize that we are blessed in the united states. and frankly we are fortunate to have a president who doesn't just walk away and turn a blind eye to the horrors going on in the socialist venezuela and supplying help and assistance to get that freedom back to the people there. katie: governor mike huckabee, thank you so much. charlie kirk and jason chaffetz still on deck. bernie sanders brings his socialist m this is the all-new chevy silverado. it's beautiful. beefy and mean looking. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. the cab is bigger than the last generation. it's the first truck i've seen make you look small. but that's not all... whoo! oh my...
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methanol. a dozen people have been arrested. i'm anita vogel, now back to "justice with judge jeanine."
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katie: are democrats ready to feel the burn again? bernie sanders jumping into the 2020 pool, raising $6 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign. is socialism the ticket for democrats to beat trump? stephanie hamil joins me with antjuan seawright. can you tell me the difference between a socialist and democrat socialist. >> i can tell you this, the independent senator from vermont entered himself into the democratic primary. but he has the same math problem he had in 2016. this is the first time we had a record number of women, a record number of african-american candidates running. we had some strongandidates on the ticket. if you look at places like south carolina. many of the democrats here in
12:32 am
south carolina rejected the idea of bernie sanders and his policies and positions. i think this socialism buzz word used by the right is because they want to make america scared again because they have knee general today to put forth for the 2020 election. katie: bernie sanders happens called himself a socialist and many on the left have called themselves democratic socialists. antjuan talked about a series of democratic candidates. klobuchar just got in there, elizabeth warren. bernie sanders. do you think they are underestimating bernie sanders considering how much money he raised, and a little upset his socialist policies have been hijacked. >> a lot of these candidates are using and recycling the
12:33 am
senators' campaign platform from 2016. it is significant he was able to raise $6 million in 24 hours. kamala harris of california raised $1 million. elizabeth warren only raised $300,000 in 24 hours. but we shouldn't read too much into it because it's so early we don't know officially who all will run. we still haven't heard in former vice president joe biden is going to get from the race. the democratic party is the party of diversity and women. and their two front runners are older white men. >> let's be clear. the heart and soul of the democratic party are african-american voters. if you think bernie sanders will receive more popularity when it's all said and done than two
12:34 am
african-american candidates or any of the other candidates on the ticket you are drinking too much of your own kool-aid. katie: are you arguing they are voting on race and not policy? >> i never said that. i was repeating a points that stephanie made that the heart and soul of this democratic party is african-americans. that's the way to the election. katie: you mentioned math and you are right bernie sanders has a math problem when it comes to socialist policies. you mentioned south carolina when it comes to the electoral college. if it's not bernie sanders with a path, then who is it. there are so many candidates who are trying to define themselves. and they keep playing into identity politics. who can beat trump. >> that's to be determined. because it's early in the process. keep in mind, this time in 2007,
12:35 am
not many people knew who barack obama was and very few people those could win the nomination. now we are talking about him and two historic terms. during the democratic primary south carolina picks nominees and this won't be any different. katie: bernie sanders has grassroots support. the donations of $6 million were from 200,000 people and the average was $27 per men donating. he still has a grasp on the grassroots movement. he had that in 2016. >> he does have that. but i think we'll start to see that fizzle out. if you look at what happened in 2016. bernie sanders was the anti-clinton candidate. thousand we have all these other candidates using his platform running on universal healthcare, open borders.
12:36 am
you name it. >> that's not true. >> it is true. all the favorite candidates are running on that which is very dangerous. and it's not going to resonate with the american people. the working class and poor. bernie sanders has a problem with women voters and minority voters. they are not going to come out to support him. which one of these candidate could beat president trump? no one. you look at what's going on with the campaign. this is a well-oiled machine. they have been raising money since president trump took office. this is two years in the making. they raids over $100 million. they have all their ducks in a row. the rnc passed a resolution that they would fully support president trump in 2020. we won't see the divided vicious primary we'll see on the democratic side. this will be entertaining for to us sit back and wait.
12:37 am
i am going to get out the popcorn. katie: antjuan, the left is trying to determine themselves. they are playing very heavily into identity politics. we saw them take the bait on jussie smollett, kamala harris and cory booker. do they risk damaging their credibility when it comes to jumping into identify politics and using it as a weapon? >> i can tell you what i share with all the candidate i have been in contact with. i said stay laser focused on a policy agenda that will solve some of the major problems we have had for a long time, and point to the failure we have seen from this president and the republicans in control of the senate and formerly the congress. that will be my message to the
12:38 am
ones who reap out to me. >> i think it's important to know what's going on in venezuela. the socialist paradise gone wrong. bernie sanders and all these other democrats can promise all this free stuff. but then we are seeing what actually happened. >> we are not going to turn into venezuela, stephanie. >> youer in know. >> you are trying to make america scared again. katie: bernie sanders has a long history of brazen venezuela and russia. now that venezuela is collapsing he doesn't want to explain why socialism isn't working. and it was a rich country. coming up. nancy pelosi might be looking to put a wall -- put up a wall of her own between trump guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score!
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katie: house democrats taking the first steps friday in a bid to stop the president's national emergency declaration to you build the border wall. nancy pelosi says she'll bring the resolution to a vote tuesday while also having this to say. >> the promise was mexico was going to pay for it. declaring a national emergency to honor an applause line in a rally. not only is he disrespecting the congress and legislative branch and the constitution of the united states, he's dishonoring the office in which he serves. katie: joining me now with
12:44 am
reaction, turning points u.s.a. founder charlie kirk. nancy pelosi is arguing the president is dishonoring his office by declaring this national emergency. what's your response to that. he's doing the exact opposite. he's fixing a bipartisan failure of the last 40 years where both parties failed to secure the southern border. the way i right is no different than any other national emergency declaration presidents have done in the path. when there is a pressing need effecting the residents of our country. the porous southern border is having a real impact on americans. what's most of concerning is the amount of children trafficked across the southern border. we don't talk enough about that. this is his constitutional
12:45 am
authority to secure the southern border. i totally challenge with nancy pelosi said. he is the promise keeper-in-chief. he went to congress and got some start-up funding and he's using the emergency to fund the wall. katie: the democrats were for the forensic in 2006, chuck schumer, dick bur continue, and even barack obama were on the border complaining there wasn't enough funding to secure the border. what has changed now that the president is taking this situation a step further and taking it a little more seriously. yet here we are with all this opposition. >> two things i'm able to pinpoint. president trump stole the base
12:46 am
of the democrat party away from them which is working class voters in the midwest. so the democrats have a serious political issue. the only way they will make up for it is to turn the immigration problem into a political issue. the second thing is this hatred for donald trump. they oppose things just because the president is for them. they truly hate president trump more than they want what's best for america. it seems as if no matter what he puts forth. they are immediately and instantaneously in opposition of it. real applause for president trump to change the political makeup of this country and win states republicans lake ontario won in 20-30 years. katie: you talked about hatred. there is an incident at u.c. berkeley. i want to get the video and get
12:47 am
your response. so that was one of your recruiters who was allegedly punched in the face by someone who disagrees with him. can you tell us what happened leading up to that moment? was there a confrontation prior to that moment. >> we were just made aware of this a few days ago. we were doing an activism recruiting event, peacefully trying to recruit students. we understand we'll be in the ideological minority in u.c. berkeley. but that doesn't mean you can't try. one of our activists was sucker punched in the jaw. this an unfortunate example of how violent the left has become. the left hates the idea that there are other ideas. fighting on college campuses, we understand we'll be in the ideological minority.
12:48 am
but we never thought we would be met with physical confrontation and violence. i will be there next week and we'll see what will happen. we'll keep it very peaceful and we hope u.c. berkeley does as well. katie: charlie kirk, thank you so much. coming up. coming up. an isis pride when we started our business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money.
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katie: president trump is standing his ground. refusing to allow an isis bride back into the country. form congressman jason chaffetz joins plea to talk about it. the attorneys for this woman who joined isis five years ago, tweeted about it. tweeted about killing innocents through the use of jihad. it was the obama administration in 2016 that analyzed it and said she doesn't have any kind of claim to birthright citizenship. where are we on the story? >> she doesn't. her father was a diplomat. we don't recognize them as u.s. citizens.
12:53 am
she made the elective choice -- she was born in new jersey but she was in alabama and she got on a plane and went to turkey, and the next thing we know she is fighting with isis and tweeting back to the united states for people to gon with drive-by shootings and putting people in trucks and running them over. she has been married a couple of times and has an 18-month-old i read about and she wants to come back to the united states. the president and secretary pompeo are right. she should stay where she is. katie: her attorneys who are part of the islamic counsel says the united states has an obligation to take her back and she could help us out by going to therapy and talking to people about how to not become radicalized, and that could be
12:54 am
her debt to society. >> i don't want to pay for that. i don't think anybody watching this program or living in any part of the country should go for that. if you want to putter in guantanamo bay, go ahead, but to have this burden put on them for the decision she made and as an adult advocate the killing of americans. good luck with this case. there isn't a group in the united states of america who is going to support her coming back to the united states. katie: cair does. she is not an american according to the obama administration and their analysis of it. but there are a number of americans who went to syria and europeans who went to syria. we still have guantanamo bay. but how do we deal with this issue? especially lawmakers on capitol hill.
12:55 am
>> citizenship does matter. you deal with u.s. citizens differently than enemy combatants who come from different parts of the world. that's why guantanamo bay is so important. in this case, the ruling came down she was not a united states citizen given her father's diplomatic status at the time she was born. and i see no reason to bend on what the obama administration ruling that they made. katie: i find it interesting they are trying to portray her as someone regretful of her decision. she wants to come back five years later after the caliphate has been crushed by the trump administration. the timing is suspicious. >> she was quoted saying they were literally eating grass. when you advocate killing americans and fight for i this is the all-new chevy silverado. it's beautiful. beefy and mean looking. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. the cab is bigger than the last generation.
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plus it helps burn fat, fuel desire, and improve performance. now you can continue to feel like the real men that made this country great. do yourself a favor. do america a favor. text the keyword on the screen to 20-20-20 for your complimentary bottle. that's a complimentary bottle by texting the keyword on the screen to 20-20-20. . >> finally as special programming note tune in tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern for special preview a president trumps historic summit in vietnam with the north korean leader. thank you for watching tonight. greg gutfeld is up next. enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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. >> join us now is commerce woman maxine waters. chairwoman waters thank you for being here tonight it's nice to have you here. >> [laughter] she is cutting out. oh no. can you hear me quick. >> not that well. >> we'll take a quick break i will send a bunch of elves over we will be back with you in just a moment we think we have fixed our gremlins. >> can you hear me quick. >> barely. >> i will talk louder. >> i don't know what's happening


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