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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  February 24, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PST

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and rob. i love, america. up next with the "fox report." ♪ we begin with a deadly plane crash in southeastern texas earlier today. the cargo jet a wide body boeing 767 reportedly on its way to houston from miami at least three people are believed dead in the crash. more on this story coming up. >> but first violent clashes amid a standoff over humanitarian aide thousands of rival protesters take to streets as tensions in venezuela reach a boiling point. i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report." convoys carrying ten of millions of dollars many emergency supplies struggle to get into venezuela after a country's contested president nicks last maduro closed all border crossing claiming aid is part of a u.s. led cue. this as more members of the
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venezuelan announced in opposition of juan and sounding off on growing crisis. >> i think the united states needs to continue backing brazil and columbia. the neighbors which circle venezuela and offer them support while we continue to make sure every venezuelan know there's food all around the border wait for them if we can just get it in there. >> we have to be very careful about military intervention at this point. i don't believe that's the solution. i think that solution right now is to support the interim government to give them legitimacy. >> brian in atlanta now with more. brian. >> good evening john. there are some tense standoffs and deadly clashes between venezuelan officials at least two people are dead at this hour. and at least 18 are are injured when there was a clash along the brazilian border according to a
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rett piewtable nonprofit they say that promaduro or private gangs opened fire on civilians according to the associated press two humanitarian aid trucks are stuck trying to get in there but the national guardsman have blocked border crossing. all day today, they have tried to help push humanitarian aid trucks past crossings. and they have met with tear gas and border venezuela protesters let one on fire and couple of humanitarian aid trucks were reportedly bombed by the national police. desperate could be seen trying to salvage whatever food, medicine and supplies that they could get thousands took to the streets today at the request of opposition leader juan, the 35-year-old recognized by the united states as the legitimate interim president of venezuela today he urged all venezuelans
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to unite in allowing to enter he tweeted this video today showing soldiers deserting regime in fave of his government. video of at least four national guardsman abandoning their border post in favor of the opposition has also gone viral. he was seen on a humanitarian aid truck this morning in columbia claims some humanitarian aid truckses made it into the country though we cannot independently confirm that. meanwhile, president trump, vice president mike pence and john bolton all tweeted their support for tweeting venezuela military has a choice embrace democracy, protect civilians and allow in humanitarian aid or face more sanctions in isolation meanwhile president nicholas maduro he gave a speech to his supporters in the capitol of venezuela today urging the imperialist the united states and president donald trump to keep their hands off venezuela and he urged to defend the country's freedom and
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independence at all costs. vowing that he would even give his life to see a free an independent venezuela if necessary. john. >> brian, thank you. >> the special counsel robert mueller's office releasing a new sentencing memo for paul manafort the document slams the former trump campaign chair over what it called brazen illegal activity. this as the new attorney general william barr begins to oversee the special counsel's investigation into president trump. his former campaign manager defending his boss. >> have a lot of face in attorney general barr and overseeing this final resolution. attorney general barr is going to be the one person who has the full unredacted version to write a summary present to congress and show through his summary of the work that bob mueller has done. thereno collusion with any outse entity. >> david is live from washington with the latest. david. >> hey john good evening a lot to digest the deadlines last night at a midnight that
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deadline was met for the documents weren't released until few hours ago. 800 pages total which included exhibit actual sentencing memo i have here black lines heavily redacted i spoke with a justice producer said no major bombshells in a 25 page memo, in fact, many expected to find out an actual prison recommendation for paul manafort but no specific sentence number mentioned. the memo reads, quote, manafort chose repeatedly and knowingly to violate the law whether laws prescribe garden variety crimes such as tax fraud, money landering obstruction of justice and bank fraud, or more lawses that he nevertheless was intimately familiar with. such as foreign agents registration act, this news about manafort comes as usual with jts department told fox news yesterday that special counsel report will not be released to the justice department this coming week court documents show polling data with an associate who authorities argue have tieses to
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russian intelligence community. back in september, manafort pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy related to his lobbying work in ukraine as apartment of a plea agreement. now mueller team originally planned to cut manafort some slack offer him leniency that went out the window when a judge found that manafort lied to investigators after agreeing to work with them before the report is released it will go to attorney general bar who we talked about, president trump was asked about this report yesterday in the oval office. >> you know why i won the race becauses i wases a better candidate than she was and had nothing to do with russia and everybody knows it was a hoax one of the biggest hoax ever perpetrated so i look forward to seeing the report if it is an honest report it will say that if it's not an honest report it won't. it is not the only case on manafort plate on march 8th in few weeks he'll be sentenced in a virginia case in bank fraud 59-year-old paul manafort can get up to 59 years in that
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virginia case but this sentencing memo wraps arguing that releasing manafort from prison present a risk of him it all over again. thank you. >> meanwhile president trump taking care of business before heading off to vietnam for next week's north korean nuclear summit meeting this week with a top chinese official and nominating new u.s. ambassador to the u.n. allison barber wraps it all up live from washington. >> president trump expressed opt mism but u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer said there are big hurndles when it comes to reaching trade deal and china and according to the u.s. secretary of agricultural committed to buying metric tons of u.s. soybeans at yesterday's oval office meeting. in a tweet secretary per sue says it is proof strategy is working and called it a show of good faith by the chinese. negotiators are are working on six areas of broad agreement among items that includes
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agriculture currency and intellectual property reliefs and 200 billion worth of chinese products set to increase by 15% unless there's a deal on march 1st. >> well i set a deadline of march first right now are it is at 10% and i think that if and you can tell this president xi i think that if i see progress they made substantial progress and made it would not -- be inappropriate to extend that deadline. keeping 10% instead of raising it to 25% and a i would be inclined to doing that we're going very deep into the trade, and covering items that a lot of people wanted to cover nobody thought would ever get to but we have a one time shot at making a great deal for both countries. and so we are -- we are going to give it. >> it's a deal reached, the president and his advisors say that president trump will likely meet with chinese president xi jinping in march. president trump said that
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meeting would mostly take place at a home in florida all of this as president announces new nominee for or u.n. ambassador prepares for second with north korean leader kim jong-un and negotiating and gauging with north korean counterparts that this will continue when it begins as for new u.n. kelly kraft is em bass door to canada involved in talks to renegotiate nasa and thought of as a tough negotiator on u.s.-mexico canada agreement fox news is told that kraft has a good working relationship with senate democrats on foreign relations committee, and in part because of that, we're also told that the white house is hoping and expect that she'll have a bit of a smoother kifnlings process because she was recently senate confirmed. john. >> allison barber thank you. >> and be sure to stay with fox news channel for full coverage of the highly anticipated trump kim summit starting wednesday february 27th. but before then, ed henry host a
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special previewing live from vietnam tomorrow 8 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. one million dollars that's the bond county judge set for embattled singer r. kelly during a hearing had in chicago today. the r&b star charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse which allegedly involve four female victims three of whom were minors at time of the alleged it abuse. matt is live in chicago with more. matt. >> john, right now r. kelly is locked new jail and he did you want have 100,000 to bail himself out of jail and it is not clear if he's going to come up with that money any time soon. r. kelly turned himself into chicago police last night. attorney michael says he's representing one of the young females in this case and he says he has a new video of r. kelly involved in a sexual act with a
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14-year-old girl. today the state attorney here says that that video does exist. r. kelly's attorney says he might have engaged in sexual acts but that does not mean they were forced and one of the victims attorneys says r. kelly entire circle covers for him. >> did it he force them to have sex? yes. he did not force anyone to have sex. he doesn't have -- he's a -- he's a rock star. each of the people the managers, agents, attorneys and others continue to get their pay day while they look the other way while this predator molested sexually abused underage girls. >> robert kelly facing three to seven years in jail for each of the ten count filed against him in court today relatively quiet only whispering to his attorney and no noticeable behavior from r. kelly john. >> matt reporting live from chicago. matt, thank you. >> cargo plane crashes in
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southeast texas today. leaving at least three people dead. that plane reportedly was on its way to houston from miami. jackie live in our new york city newsroom with latest on that. jackie. >> john witnesses say that plane went into a nose dive before it crashed. accordingradar gained considerad as it plunged into water and no distress call they described that scene as total devastation and don't expect to find any survivors with three people onboard that plane. debris and landing gear scattered everywhere in the trinity bay and known for duck hunting with pockets of mud up to five feet deep. investigators say that will make for a difficult recovery as investigators search for victims also the planes blast off. >> first thing that i saw the minute i got out there was floating debris. everything from -- bed sheets to women's clothing. to cardboard boxes to a lot of fiberglass and then as we got
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closer we started seeing plane debris. but i would say that the largest chunk of the plane that i could actually visually put my eyes on -- is probably not much larger than about 50 feet. >> this is the plane before it took off this morning in miami. the 767 won of 30 in amazon fleet it was 26 years old according to information on its tail member although aviation expert tells fox news the age of the plane would only be relevant if maintenance was not done correctly. the plane was manufactured by boeing and a about 30 minutes ago they put out a statement reading we're concerned by the safety of the three people reported to be onboard the plane. we are prepared to provide technical assistance the national transportation safety board has investigates the accident. the weather in houston was clear so visibility should not have been a problem. but the plane may have crossed through some storm cells on its way into texas. around 12:38 p.m. that aircraft ascended 12,000 feet in just 30 seconds.
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they'll investigate the cause of the crash and local official say cleanup and the investigation could take weeks. john. >> jackie. reporting jackie, thank you. >> tense exchange goes viral after students confront senator dianne feinstein over the so-called green new deal. why she is catching flak for her response. >> plus a sign of what's to come as the house moves to block president trump's emergency declaration. so where does the border battle stand? >> there is no emergency at the border. it's of the president not a reality when he tries to resurface power of congress for -- spending, he has -- does so a cause to efforts. this is the all-new chevy silverado. it's beautiful. beefy and mean looking. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. the cab is bigger than the last generation. it's the first truck i've seen make you look small. but that's not all...
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>> we apprehended more people than we have in many years, apprehended meaning we've gotten
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with a wall we wouldn't have to apprehend them if we have proper structures cost us a lot of money to do anythingless than overturn -- action by the president we would be dlings delinquent in our duties. intercourse a resolution aimed to block the emergency declaration with senate democrats to follow suit. in washington with the latest. >> democrats are vowing to fight the president on his declaration and congress in the courts and through public opinion on tuesday, the house will vote on what is known as resolution of disit profl allow congress to end national emergency status democrats and a number of republicans argue there's no real emergency that justifies the president's declaration. on friday, in lord doe texas speaker nancy pelosi said it was
2:20 am
congress constitutionallal responsibility to block it. >> we will be fighting him on this -- resurfacing of power of violating the the constitution of the united states in the congress, in the court and with the american people. >> the legislation is expected to sail through democrat controlled house in the senate, it is expected to be a bit more of a challenge. democrats need at least four are republicans to support it. so far only susan collins of maine will vote for it and they have concern over the precedent with emergency power could set in oval office friday president trump was confident, though, that republicans will support his move and even if they don't, he there's no way that he would sign it. >> go to -- everybody knows we need border security we need a wall it is a very bad subject for the democrats. we need a wall on the the wall -- will i veto it, 100%. 100.. and i don't think it is survive veto we have smart people who want border security so i can't
2:21 am
imagine it survive veto but that would be the first of president trump administration and they can muster of two-thirds votes necessary to override it to be clear this is the first of many fights head over this emergency declaration. john. >> tabaret, thank you. meanwhile acting defense secretary patrick shanahan touring visits and a city that president trump claimed one of the most dangerous in the nation until a border wall was built. jeff paul is in los angeles with more. >> shanahan traveled to border working to understand why the gaps and protection are. and what what dhs specifically needs by air on ground he spent the day checking out the border just outside of el paso going into portions of new mexico as well. he visited national guard mission where they were briefed on and checked out border patrol
2:22 am
at support vehicles atv and weapons it was at this location that officials fired off some version of a pep or ball gun at the border and border patrol says barrier at this particular site went up in 2008 once it did quality of life improved on the mexican side because drug smugglers were forced elsewhere this trip will also help them determine how much money will be spent to the 3.6 billion dollars allocated in the military's construction fund. one official says, quote, the secretary will not use all three point six billion. and the prioritized for construction by the department of homeland security in a letter that was sent to pentagon last night something to point out in that letter to the department of defense dhs requested fencing while d.o.d. uses term barrier none of the officials use the term wall. john. >> all right thanks very much. jeff paul. smart dianne feinstein making
2:23 am
headlines after getting into a heated exchange with some san francisco school kids. the student urged feinstein to support the green new deal l ambitious and controversial plan to lower carbon emissions and transform the the economy. but feinstein pushed become and that's when things got a bit tense. >> you come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway. i don't respond to that. i know what i'm doing. so -- you know, maybe people should listen a little bit. >> feinstein called a meeting spirited discussion saying the students were heard loud and clear. democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren talking what she wants to see happen in politics. >> i'm fighting for big structural change because that's what we need many this country. we have a broken political system. i'm here because i believe in the change we can make together. so now with bernie sanders
2:24 am
officially announcing his run for the highest office, how far left can the democrats go? plus -- a bill in colorado would allow the state to join a group of states looking to bypass electoral college in favor of the popular vote could we be seeing the end of the electoral college system or is this just more outrage hillary clinton lost in 2016. >> why does 12 states get to pick the president? right? st that's what's happening now. >> taking away your and my vote saying let's let someone else in another the state decide. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth.
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>> at the national transportation safety board is preparing to announce what it is learned so far of the plane crash on near houston, texas a boeing 767 owned by @lis air and flying the colors of prime air, the amazon cargo delivery service.
2:29 am
now that plane went down into the bay near houston about 145 this afternoon local time. no signs of survivors there were three crew members onboard that aircraft. you can see some of the debris most likely amazon packages lying there in the water along with parts of the aircraft. so the national transportation safety board preparing to issue that have that news conference at reagan national airport in washington, d.c. we will let you know if they tell us anything new. >> meanwhile vermont senator bernie sanders throwing his hat into the democratic presidential primary ring earlier this week during an already crowded field with more expected to jump in. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" it is the bottom of how shall and if you're just joining us sanders making a 2020 run for the presidency official on tuesday. he's expected to expand the debate on democratic socialism in election cycle sanders is now one of nine democrats who
2:30 am
declare candidacies with two others announcing exploratory committees let's bring in dave senior political reporter and a federal politics editor for the the center for public integrity. you know, republicans often like to nominate the second place finisher from previous campaign swing next time around is what democrats might do with bernie sanders this time? >> if anything it is harder for bernie sanders because of the number of candidate that are already in the field. you should just show the graphic and we could have several others who get in who are going to be more than just semilegitimate candidates they could be front runner type candidate like a joe biden or michael bloomberg who has unlimited wells so bernie sanders has a lot going for him in the sense with a lot of money. he's got a lot of passionate base, he's somebody who, you know, way even though on opposite end of the spectrum from donald trump he has a same kind of support on the left that donald trump has on the right and that can be sustain fuel for
2:31 am
him going deep into a primary season. >> but he finished second, obviously, to hillary clinton, and she has not said one way or other whether she might consider running again is that a possibility? >> highly unlikely at leasts at this juncture get on a catastrophic political situation on the democratic side you have so many kaingts like elizabeth warren kamala harris, cory booker and list goes on who very much seem to be trying to vie for democratic ban or most of the democratics really are not talking about hillary clinton right now. at least among the elect electorate so getting all of the attention not some sort of hillary clinton coming in and entering the race in a month or two. >> bernie sanders certainly changed the conversation last time around as a democratic socialist running for the presidency. he says the ideas that he brought to table back then have sort of gone mainstream then. listen. >> all of the ideas peel all so
2:32 am
radical they are extremely american people won't accept those ideas you know what happened over three yearses all of those ideas and many more are now thought of the political mainstream. >> is he right? he's right to a point. for example, hr1 was first bill that democrats put forward in the house. when they took control of the house in january. what is hr1 well it is a whole package of different types of ethics reform campaign a finance rrm lobbying changes and it is very thick and very detailed it has probably not going to pass much at all at least in next two years. but it does show that democrats the establishment democrats have taken major cues from the issues that bernie sanders was talking about about in 2016, and that way he's right. but still some of the democratic socialism ideas that bernie sanders are not going to be necessarily a part going forward of the democratic platform whoever becomes president -- president of the united states or the democratic representative on the democratic side. >> but seems like the declared
2:33 am
candidates, elizabeth warrens, the kamala harris's cory bookers, they are taking the party farther and farther left. i mean, that's what makes bernie sanders positions seem almost mainstream these days. >> well if you get a joe biden coming in and michael bloomberg comes in howard shuttle might be a potential independent these are people who are not going to necessarily be that far to the left and definitely represent a different quarter of the democratic party. you can even say that about somebody like cory booker, you can say about that any -- at least in certain ways. so there's a diversity of candidates racially, ethnically age wise you have traditionalist all the way up to millennials going on right now. so if you want a democratic candidate that really, really fits your personal beliefs and political philosophies and you're a democrat you have a lot to choose from john. >> you mentioned joe biden he says that biden potential
2:34 am
candidacy is key to whether or not hillary clinton might get into the race. listen to this. >> i think it depends upon how field is shaping up. i think if the party looks too far to the left and there's no front runner she'll get in and joe biden gets in that means she won't if he gets in if he doesn't field will be open for her. >> i didn't introduce that correctly that's mark penn he worked for both clintons in their presidential campaigns he's the one who says that biden candidate city might prevent hillary from getting in. >> before anyone talks about hillary clinton, let's figure out joe biden will do. joe biden has wanted to run for years. joe biden has run two other times back in 1988 in 2008 he department do very well then but that was before he was vice president of the united states for eight years. so e he's -- he's 76 years old. he's somebody who is, obviously, at the end of his political career so if he's going to do it he's going to do it now and he
2:35 am
wants to do it what's holding this back could be family considerations would be number one. his wife isn't really all that thrilled about doing it so that could be a consideration for joe bide as he does that's going to happen over next couple of weeks. >> that seems more democrats are going to be jumping in. dave leventhal senator for public integrity. >> thank you, john. a bill to award colorado electoral votes for president to winner of the national popular vote is heading to the governor's desk for signature there. alicia explains what's going on. >> colorado democratically controlled legislature voted to join the national popular vote interstate compact tone sure that every vote will be equal throughout the u.s. that every vote in every state will matter in every presidential election. states that join agree to award their electoral votes to win or of the national popular vote regardless of their own states results. the movement got its start after
2:36 am
the 2,000 election when al gore won and bush won electoral college gained steam after it happen haded to hillary clinton in 2016. backers need states totaling 270 electoral to vote to win the presidency right now 11 states in the district of columbia belong. with colorado's democratic governor jared's signature expected to add a the state's 9 votes. all places clinton won. with colorado, organizers need just 89 more electoral votes. honestly that would take some red states doing it. this is an end run around u.s. constitution. >> this is not something where the state legislature independently via compact can can come together to modify the the federal constitution. article 4 say, how states can join the union and so states still have it abide by our supreme law of the land had is the u.s. federal constitution. supporters say it evens playing field for voters pointing out
2:37 am
majority of votes to place in just a dozen battle ground. why do 12 states get to pick the president? right? that's what's happening now. but those oppose worried candidates would visit states with big populations. and so this would be taking away your and my vote saying let's someone sw else in another state decide what colorado is going to do? >> a pugh research poll last year showed a majority of americans supported changing the constitution to get rid of the electoral college. national popular vote compact could not change the constitution and it wouldn't get rid of the electoral college. that would take action from congress. in denver, alicia, fox news. >>to nigeria that presidential election took place today. the army says it killed six people that describes as political hoodlum in the confrontation during election day. gite that, some voters expressed optimism about the proceeds. >> well, from every indication
2:38 am
to successful exercise -- there's no threat -- kitty logan has more from london. >> hi, don so nigeria election was marred by some violence and the hitches at the start of the day but most people were able to get out to vote. votes are now being counted in many area voting extended at some polling stations late opening due to technical problems. organizing this election was a challenge over 72 million nigerian voting for a president around 70 candidates. the current nigerian president is hoping to be e reelected he's challenged by former vice president abubaca both claim they can win and the third agree it is too close to call. the election was originally scheduled to take place last
2:39 am
saturday but postponed at the last minute due to logistical issue and officials say extremists also tried to disrupt the vote by farring on a city in the northeast earlier in the day. some say that stop voting the attack since claimed by isis. the nigerian military also have been fighting the extremist group for around ten years militants still have a strong hold in north of the country. there, they continue to carry out regular attacks and disrupt local communities. but organizers will be relieved it that disruption by extremists was minimal results are expected within the next few days. john. >> logan, thank you. >> chicago leaders calling out selects for jumping to conclusions as the city continues to deal with the fallout over the yous see smollett case. plus, women taking catholic bishopses to task. a look at day three of the
2:40 am
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now to growing backlash against jussie smollett chicago lead reverse slamming the "empire" actor for claiming to be the victim of a racist and a homophobic attack now charged with orchestrating on himself. two older men calling out those who potentially supported him releasing joint statement saying, mr. smollett severely undersamed capabilities of our world class police department. and today's climate where emotions run high we need to
2:45 am
take a step back, not rush to judgment. and let the police do their job. many officials and selects rushed to just see smollett defense without taking time to consider fact and let the evidence be collected. while patience is often difficult during volatile times it is what is sorely needed. smollett released on bond thursday after charged with filing a false report. >> catholic bishoping sharing message of optimism on day three of pope francis four day vatican summit on sexual abuse. saying that catholic church is now much closer to adopting worldwide policy when it comes to handling allegations. >> some cultures have not yet experienced the mind of revelations that we have and under another part of the west but we've been trying to communicate to them that listen just because it hasn't come forward doesn't mean it is not there. and therefore, we need to be -- working on prevention, on
2:46 am
education, and we need to have clear guidelines and then we need to implement them. >> on clerical abuse the pope, the bishops and religious leaders focused on the issue of transparency, and facing the ugly truth that it has been sorely lacking in the church. >> this congress did not pass. bishops have a clashing from a nun veer veronica one of a handf twoam speak here basically called out bishop of being like the -- >> the custodians of starngdz why did we for so long? >> victims of clear clergy abuse from at least 20 countrieses they came to keep the pressure on bishop but still who was
2:47 am
sexually abused by a priest many 2011 says there's some progress. >> optimistic that something positive will come out of this. there's a sense that bishops are seeing the light. many are meeting with abuse victims and hearing their stories. and one german cardinal revealed what happened to one of his local diocese blatant abuse of power. >> could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed. even though they'll be no final document coming from summit they're asking for a guideline to take back home with them an they're created to give them something concrete tomorrow is firmly end with pope giving a final word they know it is just the beginning of any real change. john. >> lauren greene thank you, and >> lauren greene thank you, and we'll be right back. every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day, we put our latest technology
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>> fox news alert the transportation safety board is wrapping up a news conference about a crash of air cargo plane into trinity bay of the houston international airport. it was on its way from miami flying cargo for amazon. the transportation safety board says they have a go team on the way. they're trying to figure out
2:52 am
what caused that boeing 767 cargo plane to schismly fall out of the sky when it was only 30 miles from its destination. three people onboard all three are believed to have parished we will keep you updated here on fox. a welcome spectacle in england u.s. and a royal air force a planes roaring over the city of cheffield in honor of ten brave american who is died saving live of children. benjamin hall has that story. >> flyover to honor american heros 75 years in the making. >> thank you. i can't -- i can't believe all of this. this is -- unbelievable. in 1944 an air force crew of ten men sacrificed their lives to save a group of english school children. >> we heard a plane coming over and friend said to me -- says -- this plane doesn't sound right i've never heard one like this. 82-year-old tony as he's never
2:53 am
forgotten that day. american -- is flying emission from an english air base to occupy denmark and plane was hit by enemy fire. he managed to coax it back over land forcing park where he could try to crash land. but at the last moment he saw a group of children playing in the >> the pilot went like -- of course eight years old we thought they were just -- so we were back. ford says he now realizes the pilot was trying to get them to run away. but rather than risk hitting them he veered off and crashed into the woods nearby. none of the ten onboard survived. he got a choice to make. he could have landed on the green. or he could have died. because it is no way it would have gone over -- >> tony made it his mission to see that ten are remembered for their heroism. >> they'll be up to it. friday his work paid off.
2:54 am
thousands of people attended a memorial fly over in their honor flown by american and british forces together. several of the airmen relatives traveled to u.k. for the moment. >> coming here today and seeing 10,000 people and the aircraft flying overhead words express how all of that means to me and families. tony says a few years after the crash, e had had began scattering flowerses at the site in 169 a formal garden memorial set up to hon had nor it. mr. fools have been tending to that memorial ever since. in london fox news. >> a daring rescue in arizona help from a helicopter rescued two people from rushing water in the valley area yesterday. pinel county sheriff office says that two were trying to cross a stream on foot when a woman fell in and a man jumped in to try to help her, he was caught in the current as well.
2:55 am
both reportedly are doing pine right now. fine right now. one lucky dog has quite a tale to tell after a fire department comes to rescue, that story coming up. plus here's jesse with a preview of tonight's waters world. a man has a gun pulled on him just for wearing maga hat we have a hate crimes hoax investigation and the waters world award show tonight. this is the all-new chevy silverado. it's beautiful. beefy and mean looking. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever. the cab is bigger than the last generation. it's the first truck i've seen make you look small. but that's not all... whoo! oh my... whoa! the silverado has more cargo volume than any competitor. very impressive. now, during the chevy presidents day sales event, get 0% financing for 72 months on this all-new silverado. . .
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♪ >> curiosity killed the cat in this case curiosity nearly cost a dog his head california family got a shock when they saw their family pet bam bam with his head stuck in a spare tire. the family has no clue how it happened they tried soap and water and hopes of setting bam bam free but call the fire department for help. fire crews came in, cut the wheel and safely freed the dog. and that's how fox reports had this saturday february 23rd i'm jon scott is thank you for joining us. [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
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♪ >> the anticipated trump-kim summit starting wednesday, february 27th. >> our president is going to vietnam to negotiate a nuclear deal, something that the world needs to have happen. >> meanwhile, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan got a first-hand look at what's happening at the southern border. >> any place where you can have people vanish in seconds or minutes, that's where we need to erect barriers make sure there are no road blocks that can accelerated it. >> standoff over humanitarian aid. thousands of protesters take to the street. >> another clasp of socialism and a reminder that doesn't work. >> r and b singer r. kelly appearing before


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