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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 24, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PST

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including the only plans with the aarp name. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare. >> israel's border is closed today for a third day in a row as you see leader nicholas maduro refuses to buy hundreds of thousands of venezuelan people in need. >> today's live in the second summit between president trump a north korean dig leader kim jong un. kristin fisher on the ground in hanoi appeared >> plus, details of the latest sentencing memo for former trump campaign chairman. >> welcome everyone to america's
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news headquarters here from washington. and gillian turner. leland: nice to be with you at home. if you think about this on the weekend, a lot of news about venezuela. troops loyal continued to block food and medicine from coming into his home country. this despite a starving population, a dying population as well. so desperate that elites to die in 300 others were injured in violent clashes at the border as trucks tried to make their way across. bryan llenas joining us with the details on whether it's gotten in today. >> midafternoon. juan guiado demanded the united states and 50 other nations recognized as a legitimate interim president of venezuela is now urging the world to keep all options open in ousting president nicholas maduro. the message comes after a day of violent clashes along the border with colombia and brazil.
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under orders, venezuela's national guardsmen walked bridges and fired teargas canisters into crowd who threw rocks will leland: guide humanitarian aid trucks into venezuela. it is to be were killed and some 300 injured. the president has closed the two bridges for at least 48 hours. at one point yesterday, to humanitarian aid trucks to aid trucks were lit on fire by venezuela's national guards and on the bridge. the tracks i just made it to venezuela. they can be seen trying to salvage a much food and medicine from the burning truck says they could. remember, growing number of venezuelans are starving. opposition leader juan guiado said they saw the worst face of the nicholas maduro. >> you are celebrating the people. they cannot receive humanitarian
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aid. that is why the entire country has written a. >> some 60 members of venezuela security forces have effect did hear they defected yesterday leading a border post only to the opposition. he's trying to leave in which maduro lives on the same power. guiado will meet with mike pence and other leaders in colombia monday. meanwhile he spoke yesterday and called on the u.s. and president donald trump to keep his hand off of venezuela. also broke off diplomatic relations with colombia. also learning about an incident yesterday. the venezuela may be threatening to humanitarian aid ship that was sent from puerto rico. the ship is safe, but the aid has yet to be delivered. >> the population continues to suffer. bryan llenas coming thank you. jillian. gillian: lawmakers at home in the u.s. and abroad speaking out in the wake of these ongoing
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deadly clashes with some voicing their support for juan guiado. you're attending has the latest on how to pull their support from disputed president nicholas maduro. >> officials say they continually increase the pressure until he steps aside. the military has injured 300 others. there are additional actions they can take against the maduro regime. secretary of state mike pompeo says it offers a glimpse of the atrocity and shows why the u.s. is standing with the venezuelan people. >> what's happened there is a tragedy. five or six very killed yesterday, but hundreds and hundreds killed from starvation over the past weeks and months. millions of people having to flee their homes. 10% of the venezuelan population are very hopeful in the days and
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weeks and months ahead. they will understand the venezuelan people have made it days numbered. >> in terms of additional actions the u.s. and others might take him and he mentioned the possibility of sanctions against the regime and notably he would not rule out military opposition leader juan guiado is a puppet of president trump. today the envoy to the u.s. said the only puppeteer is maduro in the venezuelan people want him gone. >> this is a venezuela movement led by the people of venezuela under the leadership of juan guiado. they are putting their life at risk as you saw yesterday in order to recover our democracy. what we have seen between democracy and leadership in the world is supporting our movement and we need to see it in that way. >> the international pressure will continue tomorrow with vice president mike pence to meet
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with interim leader juan guiado as well as other and they will express their support to the opposition and demand that nicholas maduro stepped down. gillian: administration officials told fox news that president trump himself is getting briefings on this and ask them about what's happening on the ground multiple times a day. thank you for that. leland: speaking of president trump. he departs washington tomorrow for vietnam where he will meet with her korean leader for a second time. today he pushed back against critics of the meeting. so funny to watch people who have failed for years. funny how to negotiate with north korea but thanks anyway. mike pompeo tells fox news just what can be accomplished this week. >> they've been upended by president trump who would put real economic rusher on north korea. we built a global coalition.
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we've built up the world's coalition to communicate to chairman kim that now is the time. now is the moment i hope we made real progress this week. >> kristin fisher with a preview of the summit. >> location of this summit is very symbolic. a few decades ago vietnam was at war with the united states. now it's one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. president trump is hoping to show north korean leader kim jong un that if he the comiskey denuclearization, his country could enjoy the same kind of economic prosperity of vietnam. >> north korean leader kim jong un for a second time in less than a year as president donald trump. at the first summit in a poor, they work towards a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> we have a situation where the relationships are good. where there's been no nuclear testing, we've got our hostages
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back. >> the singapore agreement was right on specifics. the challenge will be to get the north koreans to sign something more concrete. the north koreans will ask the u.s. to live some of the sanctions that have been crippling their economy. while the u.s. will demand specific steps towards denuclearization bursts of deadlines and verification mechanism. president trump says he's willing to be patient. >> i'm in no rush for speed. >> while there've not been any nuclear weapons or ballistic missile test and the singapore summit, the u.s. intelligence community says the north koreans have continued. both of those programs. trade debate questions at the north koreans to sign something, while they live up to the deal? kristin fisher and hanaway will be there all week. a lot more with secretary of state mike pompeo after our show, "fox news sunday" at the top of the hour.
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ed henry along with kristin fisher will be there as well covering the meeting live from vietnam tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern for analysis and insight. >> joining us now to talk about the hoover institution and former adviser to senator marco rubio in presidential campaign the buzz word this weekend is all about deliverables. everybody in the administration seems to be saying the concrete goals are about five or so deliverables from kim jong un. can you lay those out? >> the first question is what does denuclearization mean. people talk about it. we've got a very different sense of what it means for the north koreans. they think about denuclearization they talking about not just the korean peninsula, but also the u.s. security shield that guards much of northeast asia.
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the question will be, is it going to be very definition of denuclearization or is it ours. the other issue, how complete, how verifiable, how irreversible is that going to be? we are pushing for war in the north koreans are pushing for less. >> how many of these do we need without dispute of success? does the president to walk out with a sheet of paper and a checklist. >> is difficult to come out of the summit with full agreement on all these issues. the problem has always been they agreed to do something and they don't actually do it. we have no way of verifying whether they have or have not. >> elyse those who have been released publicly. >> they're actually producing more fissile material. they're still producing rockets and weapons and they're still potentially hiding things and places that we aren't aware of.
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>> take a listen to secretary of state mike pompeo just a couple hours ago on fox news. >> there's been no change in u.s. policies in the time and secretary of state and even before that when i was cia director. her object is there clear conditions are clear. >> the secretary of state over the course of two years the trump administration's policy on north korea has not changed. you might want to check in with president trump whose own words tell a different tale. take a listen to the president. >> we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> i have a very good relationship with kim jong un. >> the president's tone and tune clearly changed. >> the tone is definitely. obviously more engagement now.
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the point he was trying to reflect as we continue a campaign of economic sanctions. we continue maximum pressure on north korea's gas. we are engaged in military exercises as many with their north asian partners for example as before the singapore summit. the tone is definitely changed, but many ways in which the policy of the administration remains consistent. >> it sounds like an underlying administration official policy has remained the same. president trump struck her. >> or rhetoric and treat insomnia change, but fundamentally we don't necessarily trust the north koreans. we don't think they're good people. kim jong un is a murderer. that hasn't changed. the north korean regime. the effort now is to get them to a place where they'll begin to
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agree to build a relationship with trust amounts of president trump is trying to do. >> from a president trump has said publicly, he seems to believe the summit in and of itself is a good and worthy goal meaning face time with kim jong un translates into good and good bilateral relationship regardless of any tangible slick amount of it. >> we will see. kim jong un we obviously don't know nearly as much about him as we did about his predecessors, and his previous leaders of north korea. the question is going to be how much of this is a personal relationship and how much of this is morning validation on the world stage. every time president trump meets with him, he validates in some ways and that gives him a little bit of what he wants. the question is what we get in return for that. we have to dream big. the denuclearization will happen in a way we can verify in a way that won't be reversed in future regimes. >> thank you so much for ending
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on a note of optimism. everybody appreciates on the sunday before the talks started. train to take a look at the expectations of the talks in a little while. in the meantime a busy week ahead in the mueller investigation set to testify before congress. the only pollution with the russians was with "crooked hillary" clinton and the democratic national committee and where is the server the dnc refused to give the fbi. where are the new text between lisa paige and her lover peter s. now we want them now. this comes in the wake of the paul manafort sentencing memo filed saturday. looking through what was the readback did in that memo and joins us now. >> a lot redacted in fact. so it's appropriate for congress before them as the talks were going on.
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ultimately congress will do what it wants. you're heavily redact it. 800 pages in total. they pulled fox news they would not be receiving the final special counsel report this coming week. this document is a larger picture of the latest sentencing memo, but it discusses in his alleged crimes, but it does not recommend a specific prison sentence. he chose repeatedly and knowingly to violate the law, whether the laws prescribed garden-variety crimes such as tax fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice and bring fraud or more esoteric laws that would intimately familiar with such as the foreign agent registration act. manna for shared polling data with an associate of u.s. ties to the russian intelligence community. in september he pled guilty to two counts of your essay relating to his lobbying work in ukraine as part of a plea
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agreement. they plan to offer her some lenient view but that'll went out the window when a judge found that manafort lied to investigators after agreeing to cooperate with them. before the report is released it will go to attorney general william barr, but will it be made public? that's a big question. german adam schiff i should have said this morning that better be made public. >> if you were to try to withhold, to try to barrow any of us are poor, that be his legacy and a tarnished legacy. i think there would be immense pressure not only on the department that the attorney general to be forthcoming. >> roy blunt also waited on the report's release. >> the weight of the government here is very strong and people need to think about that when they begin to demand. we need to do whatever you found out or not. >> in a few weeks on march 8th i'll manafort will be sentenced
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in a separate virginia case involving tax and bank fraud to the 69-year-old could face up to 25 years behind ours in the virginia case. leland: we wait for the mueller sentencing as well. thank you. >> blake young democrats rally around bernie sanders for the second major run for the presidency or are there just too many other far left candidates to support this time around. the crowded field of exploring and potential candidates. however, declared candidate and her gang joins us on the issue that got him into the race live coming up just out of the commercial break. plus, while the red carpet. hollywood's biggest stars getting ready for the close-ups that the academy award. we will go live outside the building in los angeles. stick with us.
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jump into the 2020 presidential race of the central campaign promise to provide americans with the universal basic income. joining us now is new york and silicon valley tech entrepreneur and former ceo venture for america. presidential candidate andrew yang. thanks so much for joining us today. some of our viewers are probably admittedly unfamiliar with the candidacy of, that you've been on the trail for a year now. layout the next year in advance. >> sure thing. the first democratic debate there in june on the way to making it there. the 1% the individual donations by may 15th. we are getting 1002 dozen new donations today
10:23 am
>> it most of your funding coming from these folks? who's funding most of your campaign? >> we raised over $400,000 in the last two weeks allowed in most of that is from americans in ohio and around the country and has been changed fundamentally by new technology. the reason donald trump is our president today as we automated away for 4 million manufacturing jobs in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania and other swing states and that's why we need to be honest with the american people that not only are the industries be in effect did that suing retail, call centers, truck driving through the economy and not clamoring for president. gillian: tommy about universal income. the way you see it, the plan is for american nationwide to get about a thousand dollars a month each. tell us how you'll pay for that.
10:24 am
>> the big winners of artificial intelligence is going to be amazon, google, facebook amazon really -- despite having a record profit appeared during federal taxes. we need a new value added tax that would help harness the gain for those new technologies and bringing those gains to ohio one the american people in the form of a thousand dollars dividend. >> quick question is not taxable are protected. >> it would not be taxable. gillian: so, how much is this going to cost. have you come up with that number? >> if you come up with their current spending, we are spending $1.5 trillion on
10:25 am
several hundred programs including food stamps and programs we can get by providing a dividend that ends up a better option for many people enrolled in those programs are the value-added tax and technology companies i describe would generate 800 million in new revenue, which combined with current spending, all the economic activity of as well as cost savings and value gained would be enough to pay for a dividend of $1000 per month. gillian: you say the policy proposal is socialist right? >> it's capitalism or income doesn't hurt a zero. honesty on business person. people have money to spend on my friends who are ceos in silicon valley in other parts of the country know that is the way the economy works. transfer of data leave it there.
10:26 am
thanks so much for your time today. >> thanks so much. great to be here with you. leland: how do republicans plan to counter repost old. other things we've heard about. we bring in charlie kirk from phoenix. good to see you as always. follow up on what andrew said. have you ever heard of capitalism or income doesn't start. >> it's an interesting way to go about it. not totally supplies to hear this in the democrat primary. how much do you hate trumpet how much free stuff can you give away. universal basic income is not a new thing to be tried. a lot of european countries have retried in a retreating away from it. turning to you spend a lot of time on college campuses. college kids love free stuff. a thousand dollars a month in free college, how do you program against that?
10:27 am
>> my favorite response from the first draft of the agreement deal is when people say where do i sign up for that. of course they retracted that later. all kidding aside, this is the democrat primary as you can get out the most free stuff and things they're trying to note here that this is somehow good for capitalism market. those of us to really understand, you have to take the money from somewhere. >> those of us who understand when you go to college campuses with this message, do college kids understand this or are they pulled over and abused by the promise of free stuff? >> some do. very generous with other people's money. sounds very good. when put in crack to a cc huge social cost. we spent in transit dollars in social welfare in america right now is very little to show for it. a really important thing to talk
10:28 am
about. it's very difficult to compete against the free stuff narrative. we have to continue to preach the message we have results come aboard not going to create utopia. >> somebody promising a lot of free stuff is bernie sanders did latest hampshire poll has him leading biden by two points. he said 27%. biden at 25 among voters they are conducted february 21st through 22nd in new hampshire. brings up an important question because when we are on the trail back in 2016 coming heuer as well. a lot of people who are bernie sanders supporter whatever president trump. if he ends up being the nominee come you get a couple folks in pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin who flit from trump to sanders. president trump doesn't win reelection. >> i will say this. the sanders supporters, some of them translated to donald trump supporters. don't underestimate bernie sanders. his recent extraordinary amount
10:29 am
of money, 10 aggressors enthusiasm. some can make the argument he won the democratic primary in 2016 and the process is allowed to play out. he communicates to the blue-collar workers. trade you real quick, we will go the video of the u.s.a. organizer being beaten up at the university of california upper leg. we got that video. 20 seconds or less up it on the case and police found a guy who threw the punch. >> they found the guy and he's in a police insurmountable fenimore permission the coming week will be going to the you see berkeley on tuesday. we'll see what happens. leland: will fall your visit. hopefully that is slightly more gentlemanly welcome the new organizer had. good to see you, charlie. >> thank you. gillian: deadly clashes continuing along the venezuelan order. today we'll have a report on
10:30 am
what president trump plans to do as the violence continues to escalate. plus, always here at home. president trump gears up for his second comment with north korean tater kim jong un. what you can expect a annoying as it continues to prep for this meeting. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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gillian: deadly clashes continuing today along the venezuela colombian border is true -- continuing to blast humanitarian aid from entering the country. civilians now desperate for food and medicine have been caught in
10:35 am
the crossfire leaving at least two people died and about 300 others injured yesterday. secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. isn't ruling out the use of military force. >> every option is on the table. we are going to do the things they need to be done to make sure the venezuelan people's voice, that democracy reigns and there's a brighter future for the people of venezuela. transfer the trump administration of 20 other countries now recognize juan guiado is the legitimate president. on the other side, russia, china and iran are in the country whose till support maduro. >> had won our country to that list which is cuba which had some forces in advisers inside venezuela. some of the reporting says a lot of the violence is directed by not the venezuelan military, but this cuban mercenaries and cuban advisers inside.
10:36 am
big questions when you look at these tweets from john bolton and what we heard from secretary pompeo today is how much are they speaking to the venezuelan military? how much of this aching to the cuban military that you too could be held responsible. gillian: how much of the military's top brass in the maduro military talking to the opposition. john bolton told fox news last week in a seat in the media but they are talking every single day show in the loyalty to maduro is not as certain as they thought. >> he was able to make it over to columbia and back into venezuela. some in the u.s. foreign policy community is a pretty positive sign. gillian: switching gears, new details in the r. kelly case coming in. telling fox news that the r&b singer hasn't yet posted bond and doesn't actually have the $100,000 he needs to bail himself out. kelly remains in jail now. he faces 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault.
10:37 am
plus coming up, we'll take you straight to the red carpet. hollywood gets ready for this year's award. plus, a tennessee water rescue. how a pair of two do-gooders can to help. new philadelphia dips. so good, you'll take all the credit.
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which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ leland: we say it over and over again. do not try to drive through high water. it happened on a flooded road in tennessee and you can see it ended up taking a couple of good samaritans who had to risk their own lines to then pulled his driver and passenger out of their car and save them from the swift and rising floodwaters. gillian: other states now also facing the prospect of torrential rain. the powerful storm has been untrue moving eastward from
10:42 am
tennessee. meteorologist adam klotz of the weather center with the latest forecast. >> that exact same storm and if you stretch far enough north is becoming a big snow producer across extreme northeastern wing women across the upper midwest. blizzard conditions in these areas. the larger concern is the spot you mentioned a very heavy rain. now we see when just beginning to move in at times gusting up to 50 miles per hour. the grounds already soggy and you can see trees fall out. wouldn't be surprised if power outages became an issue for not running into the rest of the assignments we continue to have strong winds. paying attention to the snow as we continue moving to the north running into the cold air. everything you look at in the red as a blizzard warning which means visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. drifting snow, heavy snow.
10:43 am
this is going to be a nasty situation for folks in the upper midwest throughout the rest of the day. this is your future radar and the good news is the system is pushing out overnight tonight into tomorrow so by monday morning as things clear off you just have to get through the rest of this weekend. gillian: wishing all those in the service pack a safe rest of their weekend. leland: the president of the white house today for final strategy sessions before heading to his sitdown with north korea's kim jong un. for the past week or so the administration has been lowering expectations of the meeting. secretary of state mike pompeo. >> you think it remains a nuclear threat? >> yes. but the president that he doesn't. that's not what he said. no longer nuclear threats north korea. what he says was the effort has
10:44 am
been made in singapore, and a commitment chairman kim made to substantially take down the rest to the american people. leland: mike pompeo on cnn aired after the show appeared in the meantime would bring in our talk radio panel. rj harrison harrisburg, pennsylvania. good to see you both. first to you, rj. when you make of this lowering of the expectation? the president almost declared victory when he came back from the last summit and the north koreans have lied about those things and gone back on the promises they haven't lied about. >> right there is the answer. the president is smart enough to know we have to proceed with caution. everything has to be verified. we made deals with these people before before the current regime and only to have them disintegrate. i do think we have to tread lightly and you think he's going to come back with an absolute deal and what have you are tall
10:45 am
orders right now. leland: richard, are you on the same page with that? >> things for having me again, leland. as i can add to the weather report will quickly come or that a couple feet of snow recently in the genus absolutely incredible. leland: good to know. >> i think what the president needs to do before he goes to vietnam is decide who's the national director of intelligence. he needs to be on the same page as dan coats. the same page as our intelligence community because this global hotspot intelligence is more important than anywhere else in the world. the president has to trust with the intelligence community is telling him and then move forward without. until he decides to trust what is being told we'll have a repeat of helsinki. leland: there's a good point here. gina haskell, director of the cia put out a very stark warning terms of what north korea's intentions are. nobody in the intelligence
10:46 am
community say they think that kim jong un will be willing to give up any of his nukes. what is the point of this? >> do we really believe that the president believes that none of this is true? i don't think he completely dismisses everything before him. he has his own way of negotiating. further down the road with them no matter how you look at it than we were with barack obama. let's let it play out and see where it's going to go. leland: you just made the point yourself that they reneged on a lot of deals. the point is that negotiation. the point is then giving up their nukes. barack obama was the one to sit down with them because he didn't trust them. how is president trump doing any better? >> easily talking to them. leland: talking is the aim? >> we were getting nowhere before.
10:47 am
police were going down a path. will we achieve what we want? even the president is downplaying this for a reason. we don't know. leland: richard, unquestionably unquestionably -- >> i don't think it's fair. i don't think we know what it is. leland: i think everyone knows that the desired outcome is, which is north koreans are giving up their nukes. this brings up an interesting point politically. nothing looks more presidential than the president flying on air force one and going to a summit. how do the 2020 dams countered this messaging encounter what is undoubtedly a president looking presidential and doing what presidents do. >> indeed, leland. i think the cost of this trip to vietnam should be shifted from the taxpayers actually to the trump campaign committee because that's what this is near the safe photo op for the president of the united states. the democrats counter this with
10:48 am
using the facts. what is he achieved? what is he actually achieved other than a handshake and some photo ops with chairman kim. >> fellas, we have to leave it there. the white house would counter this in terms of staying there haven't been any nuclear test and i haven't been any missiles. that is something barack obama was not able to achieve. rj harrison harrisburg, pennsylvania. we will come out and visit you my friend. thank you. gillian: coming up, night of clip and glamour like none other. celebrities lining the red carpet. fox senior vice president michael to morale is the scene there with everything we want to know. >> we are. the votes are in. we'll have a complete look coming up next.
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♪ gillian: that is gene kelly, singing in the rain. best movie ever made. we learn to speak in the director of the iconic hollywood musical passed away eight in new york. he suffered from heart failure. he got his start on broadway, dancing alongside and went on to develop the most beloved musicals of the 40s and it these. all of them classic as well as some others like charade with audrey hepburn and cary grant and the tousled. stanley was 94 years old. leland: leaves behind a great legacy. tonight, the academy awards will be a star-studded affair for sure is you at home per pair for some serious entertainment. some films are already taking history were told. senior vice president michael
10:54 am
tammero joining us live. reporter: you know, one misstep after another. first it was supposed and then they were giving out awards during the commercials until they were. that said, what is on the line. >> black panthers securing and historic nod as the first super hero nominee ever were to best picture. after more than three decades of making films, spike lee and direct her with black klansman. the spanish language burning up its first best picture that ties with competitor for the most nominations each boasting 10. bohemian rhapsody and a star is
10:55 am
born. best picture and best director historically go hand in hand so it stands out that the directors of those two films are among this year's. cooper is however amongst the best actor computing with christian bale, and william dafoe. but for best dressed, with stiff competition from glenn close, and surprise entry, melissaa. reporter: you know guys, we have no here in hollywood on friday and if that isn't a sign of the apocalypse that will in due, netflix actually wins best picture. to quote bette davis, and fasten your seatbelt. it's going to be a bumpy night. gillian: michael come you got to admit that bohemian rhapsody is the only choice for best picture. train a fantastic movie. some of the controversy surrounding that movie.
10:56 am
for best year. the very least we get to look forward to queen. gillian: going to be awesome. leland: michael tammero on the red carpet. i have 30 seconds to add an interesting point about that and i have absolutely no idea what any of you all were talking about. gillian: leland: you saw it here first. place your bets. gillian: glenn close her best not to us. i think i incurred -- concur. leland: secretary of state mike ang pao coming up on "fox news sunday." chris wallace and kristin fisher from hanoi. we will see you next weekend. apartments become houses, cars become mini vans. as we upgrade and downsize,
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an allstate agent will do the same for our protection. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. but will this do anything to advance? the denuclearization of north korea. >> chairman kim and i have a very good relationship. i wouldn't be surprised to see something worked out. >> will discuss the upcoming summit. where the president change his mind on u.s. troops in north korea. we sit down with mike pompeo live on "fox news sunday".


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