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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 25, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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you guys. "after the show show". >> you are awesome, brian kilmeade. >> you can still wave. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> see you tomorrow. >> sandra: breaking news on two major store sees as the president and vice president get ready to descend on the world stage. mike pence in columbia to tackle the crisis this venezuela as donald trump gears up with his second summit with kim jong-un. >> eric: bill hemmer is traveling to the vietnam for the summit today. all options are on the table as the maduro regime continues to tighten its grip on its people cutting off humanitarian aid aimed to help them. in one hour the vice president will be sitting down with juan guaido after the horrible weekend of deadly violence during the protests on the
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ground. >> sandra: over at the white house, president trump set to depart for hanoi, vietnam a few hours from now for this second summit with the north korean leader kim jong-un. the white house cautious but optimistic ahead of that meeting. >> president trump: we see eye-to-eye, i believe, but you'll be seeing it more and more over the next couple of days. as long as there is no testing, we're happy. >> we've built up the world's coalition to communicate to chairman k*im. now is the time and the moment and i hope we'll make progress this week. >> let's give trump the latitude he needs to get the result we want. we have a goal now. give up your nukes and we'll provide you the security you need and help you become more prosperous. what i hope will happen is out of this negotiation we'll have a roadmap and a timetable that will get us there. >> eric: it's just after 9:00 a.m. eastern, 9:00 p.m. eastern with john roberts.
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what can we expect? >> good morning from vietnam. there is always the chance there could be a breakthrough this week. officials in the government in south korea that are talking about the possibility that president trump and kim jong-un could finally sign an agreement to end the decades-long korean war, which has only been in a cease-fire since the 1950s. never ended. it is expected most of the progress is going to be incremental. the president pursuing four goals in his talks with kim. the four pillars. establishment of new relations, a lasting and stable piece and recovering pow/mia remains and denuclearization. he said the most important thing is to develop a relationship with him. if they have an open and ongoing dialogue, progress can be built from there. listen to what the president said last night at the governor's association dinner. >> president trump: it is an interesting thing to say but i've developed a good
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relationship. we'll see what that means. he has never had a relationship with anybody from this country and hasn't had lots of relationships anywhere. >> the president's critics say he needs to get more from kim than the last summit. whether they haven't fired a missile or tested a weapon, they haven't taken steps toward dismantling their nuclear program. senate democrats wrote we believe your next meeting with kim thus must demonstrate tangible, verifiable progress on denuclearization and reducing tensions with north. the president is willing to give it time believing that building trust will reduce tensions and ultimately yield results. >> president trump: i'm not pushing for speed. but we're not removing the sanctions. and we're going to have, i think, a very interesting 2 1/2 days in vietnam. >> the president is continuing his sales pitch to kim that
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north korea's economy can flourish if it chooses to end its isolation. the president tweeted with complete denuclear north korea yeah will become a powerhouse. he says he will have an incredible summit. he will leave for hanoi in the noon hour. chairman k*im left on saturday traveling from pyongyang in an armored train and then drive the final 105 miles. an interesting way to get here. he flew aboard air china that the chinese provided for him in the summit in singapore. this time he decided to take the train. >> eric: we'll cover it throughout the next three hours.
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>> sandra: vice president mike pence is meeting with venezuela's opposition leader this morning. the meeting following a weekend of violence along parts of venezuela's border as troops loyal to nicolas maduro blocked humanitarian aid from entering the country. secretary of state mike pompeo saying the united states continues to support juan guaido. >> we're very hopeful in the days and weeks and months ahead that the maduro regime will understand the venezuela people have made its days numbered. >> sandra: let's bring former arkansas governor and fox news contributor mike huckabee. good morning. what needs to happen next here? how can the united states continue to pressure maduro? >> well, i think we're doing it exactly the right way. we're showing the people of venezuela that we stand with them and with freedom and with the return to economic stability. the fact that the vice president himself is going to meet with the leaders of the
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opposition is incredibly significant. the fact that the secretary of state is openly sending supplies and aid, humanitarian assistance and then revealing and making it clear to the world that the maduro regime is trying to block the most basic necessities of life. it kind of lets the whole world know what's at stake here and who the good guys and who are the bad guys. >> sandra: while you've been talking there we're looking at live pictures on the ground in columbia. the vice president has arrived and he will go on to this big meeting. as we watch this unfold, governor huckabee, to what extent should the united states get involved here? >> well, i think the degree to which we are involved. that is to show clear support. we're not going to go fight their battle for them. they have to do that. but i remember back in 2009 when the green movement surfaced in iran and the united states did nothing. we didn't even offer them just a tip of the hat or deep bow
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from the waist. we did nothing. women and others were being slaughtered in the streets and blood running down the sidewalk. we said and did nothing. this is a policy that has some strength it to and that says the united states respects freedom and those who fight for it. and it is night and day difference. i think it will have a significant impact in the ability of the venezuelans to get their government back to where it's stable and economically prosperous. >> sandra: the north korea summit. the second with chairman kim and the president donald trump in hanoi, vietnam. the president is expected to depart shortly. do you expect a breakthrough from this? >> i don't know there will be an epiphany or a big, bright light on the road to damascus kind of moment. i don't think that's probably going to happen. i've always felt this would be a process, not an event. that getting the north koreans to a point where they're willing to get rid of nuclear
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weapons in exchange for security and if people can do something than lick the bark off trees because they're starving to death. the way to get there is do it the way the president is doing, taking it step-by-step but giving every incentive to kim jong-un to make this transition from a nuclear dictatorship to at least -- i'm not saying he will turn it into a democracy, he won't. but at least recognizing that there is no future for him in nuclear weapons. there is a future if he decides to denuclearize and he can be a great leader for his own people. that's what the president is seeking to present to him. it will take time. but the good news is we're seeing real progress. progress we haven't seen in almost 70 years of dictatorship in north korea. >> sandra: that's what you will hear from the president and his team, while democrats have sent that letter saying they want
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tangible, verifiable proof that we're making progress there. the president willing to give it time. we'll see where this goes. he departs shortly for hanoi. want to ask you about this. bring it back here home for us and adam schiff does not want to let this mueller report go without seeing it made public and if it is not made public he says he is willing to subpoena robert mueller to testify over it. how far is he willing to go? >> i think adam schiff will do anything he can to stay in front of a camera. the most dangerous place in washington is anywhere between adam schiff and a tv camera. if he can get more air time on some of the left of center networks, which is basically everybody, then he is going to do it. it has nothing to do with what he finds. adam schiff, if he had information that the president actually colluded with russia, he would have released it a long time ago. he is the biggest leaker in washington it's fun to watch this guy.
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it's like get your popcorn and peanuts, settle down, the circus is about to begin. here come the elephants. let's watch. >> sandra: he is the chairman of the house intelligence committee and said we'll take it to court if necessary. we'll watch it. governor huckabee, great to have you kick things off this monday morning. thank you, sir. stay tuned to fox news channel. we'll have special coverage of the u.s./north korea summit. bill hemmer will be live from hanoi, vietnam. he will co-host live from "america's newsroom" from hanoi starting tomorrow morning. >> eric: meanwhile new developments in the ongoing trade negotiations with china. the dow futures pointing to a higher open after president trump announced he would meet with president xi at the end of the month to settle on a final agreement. that would mean a delay in increase in tariffs on beijing in the meantime. they were set to go into effect
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on friday. >> president trump: doing very well with china. it was a long weekend. they decided to stay for 2 1/2 more days and if all works well we'll have some big news over the week or two. we put ourselves in a position of strength for the first time in 35 years or probably a lot more than that. >> eric: we're following the story live and we're than the the north lawn of the white house. it could point to a breakthrough. >> it seems to be moving in the right direction after four days of high-level discussions here in washington in the white house complex between the top members of the u.s. trade team and chinese trade team. president trump declared yesterday the end of work week deadline to get a deal done for the moment is now on hold. this is what he tweeted last night. i am pleased to report that the u.s. has made substantial progress in our trade talks with china on important issues
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including intellectual property protection, technology transfer, agriculture, services, currency and many other issues. as a result of these have productive cost i will delay the u.s. increase in tariffs scheduled for march 1 assuming both sides make additional progress we'll plan a summit for president xi and myself at mar-a-lago to conclude an agreement. a very good weekend for the u.s. and china. after the tweet he remained optimistic when he spoke to a gathering of governors here at the white house. >> president trump: it has been terrific, i tell you. that whole relationship has been outstanding. we put ourselves into a position of strength. china has been terrific. we want to make a deal that's great for both countries and that's really what we are going to be doing. >> in the middle of the talks on friday the president said he felt it was more likely than not that a deal would get done. china's top negotiator describes the possibility of a
6:13 am
deal as very likely. >> eric: does this mean there is a new deadline? >> that's the question that we're trying to figure out. that's a good one. no mention whatsoever whether there may be a deadline, whether there might not be a deadline. if there is, when that potentially could be, though the president said in comments moments ago we're expecting to get here shortly there could be a signing ceremony soon. >> eric: thank you. >> sandra: top story today as the president prepares to leave for vietnam a short time from now. secretary of state mike pompeo saying the u.s. will abandon the previous administration's policy of cowering to north korea. more on this with retired general jack keane. >> eric: justin fairfax? he is making stunning comparisons as sexual allegations mount against him. we'll dig into that straight ahead. >> if we go backwards and rush to judgment and allow for political lynchings without any
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> there has been no change in u.s. policy since the time i've been secretary of state and even before that when i was c.i.a. director. our mission and objectives are clear. president trump has said it will take time. there may have to be another summit. we may not get everything done this week. we hope we'll make a substantial step along way. >> eric: that's secretary of state mike pompeo talking about north korea on "fox news sunday" as the president gets set to depart for vietnam in three hours. his second sit-down meeting with dictator kim jong-un. what can we expect? retired general jack keane joins us now. what concrete steps, if any, do you expect or can we see from kim jong-un? >> i definitely think we can. let me first set the table in terms of where we are. no testing in 15 months, good
6:18 am
thing. clearly an improved relationship between president trump and kim jong-un. the sanctions are still on but russia and china are not in compliance. there has been no progress on the core issue of denukelization and the intelligence community has made a public statement, the president and his team knows this, that kim jong-un indeed is continuing to improve his nuclear and ballistic capability and in the mind of the intelligence chiefs, does not show any signs of denuclearizing. that's where we start. >> eric: do you think they will have international inspections and he will reveal all of his facilities, dismantle everything and pull back from the dmz? >> well, certainly it's doubtful based on the skepticism the intelligence community has. i do think this summit will show some progress. here is what i think the potential is. number one deals with ending
6:19 am
the armistice and the war itself, which would be a step in the right direction clearly. why is that so? because it would lead to pulling these armies away from each other at the demilitarized zone and a reduction in the size of those armies, which would be something substantial particularly for north korea in terms of the amount of money it takes to fuel that army and take care of it. the other thing is in the denuclearization there is a difference in terms of what does it mean? for us it means denuclearizing north korea. south korea doesn't have weapons and we have an umbrella over south korea and japan but also china and russia in the neighborhood have nuclear weapons. that has to get resolved at this summit. it didn't get resolved at the last one. i also think that we'll likely see north korea give up some kind of a facility again. this time likely an enrichment facility. in other words, in terms of
6:20 am
fuel production. if that's consequential, yes but on the flip side they likely have all the fuel they need for the nuclear weapons they have. >> eric: they've taken it off line before. >> and taken it off line twice. >> eric: some people would say he is not giving up anything. he put a because in the testing but basically he is ahead because he really hasn't given any real concrete concession. >> i just told you some that can be made. listen, if they took it off twice and put it back twice it means something to them. and if they shut it down entirely that is a step in the right direction. pause. do they have sufficient fuel for their nuclear weapons? likely. another thing i think they could do, and that is offer to dismantle the icbms that can reach the united states. that clearly would be a step in the right direction for president trump. now that doesn't solve the problem of our allies in the
6:21 am
region because they can still reach them with medium range missiles. nonetheless it's a step in the right direction. the last thing i would say is a pathway forward and a timetable. since the last summit, eric, there hasn't been any negotiations and steps taken until a few weeks ago when both envoys met. and we need a pathway forward out of this summit with substance on that pathway. >> eric: we certainly hope kim will give up something and meet the president somewhere. we have to see, always a pleasure, thank you for your inside. >> sandra: the new push today to reauthorize the 9/11 victims compensation fund. it is running out of money. this afternoon first responders, survivors and their families will be on capitol hill as lawmakers introduce legislation to insure permanent funding. daily show host john stewart has been a major advocate for
6:22 am
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clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> i've heard much about anti-lynching on the floor of this very senate where people were not given any due process whatsoever and we rue that and talk about hundreds -- at least 100 lynchings that have happened in the commonwealth of virginia under those same auspices and we stand here in a rush to judgment with nothing but accusations and no facts. and we decide that we're willing to do the same thing. >> sandra: that was embattled virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax is a senate floor speech comparing himself to lynching victims as he faces
6:26 am
calls to resign over two sexual assault allegations against him. he doubled down on calls for an f.b.i. investigation into those claims. we're following this for us from washington this morning. how did state lawmakers respond to fairfax's remarks there? >> this seemed to catch everyone offguard moments before the legislative session ended when lieutenant governor justin fairfax addressed the sexual assault allegations against him and talked about terror lynchings becauseed on accusations without facts. legislation the general assembly passed that was regret. he repeatedly denied the allegations against him and warned lawmakers of repeating history. >> if we go backwards and rush to judgment and we allow for political lynchings without any due process, any facts, any evidence being heard, then i think we do a disservice to this body in which we all serve.
6:27 am
>> lawmakers sat in silence at the end of his remarks. afterwards several republican lawmakers said comparing himself to lynching victims disgusting. black lawmakers said they didn't take issue with it and heard similar sentiments expressed by their constituents who think he is being treated unfairly because of his race. on friday a republican state lawmaker announced the general assembly will hold a hearing when the assembly meets again in april. lieutenant governor fairfax said he won't participate in that hearing. state democrats say it will be a political show and law enforcement should handle the investigation. attorneys for meredith watson responded in a statement saying the virginia house democratic caucus believes that courageous victims of rape need to be heard, just not by them. ms. watson is counting on the general assembly to do the right thing and hold hearings now. the non-stop efforts to duck
6:28 am
their role is cowardice. sympathy is welcome but action is needed. the first accuser vanessa tyson, her attorneys will meet with the district attorney in boston to lay out her allegations for the rape that occurred in 2004. >> sandra: reaction to all of that pours in this morning. garrett. thank you. >> eric: vice president mike pence has arrived in columbia moments ago. he will meet with juan guaido, the venezuela opposition leader this morning. this as protests broke out over the weekend as maduro's brutal regime cuts off humanitarian aid to his own people. we'll talk to a former venezuelan diplomat who quit maduro's government on what could come next.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>> sandra: president trump speaking to governors from around the nation in the white house. let's listen here. >> president trump: get together and we have a good time but we also will accomplish a lot. it will be a very good meeting. tremendous things are happening for our country. i am not right after this meeting i leave for vietnam where he meet with chairman kim and we talk about something that frankly he never spoke to anybody about and we're speaking loud. i think we can have a very good summit. i think we'll have a tremendous summit. we want denuclearization and he
6:31 am
will have a country that will set a lot of records for speed in terms of cone me. i told you last night it was a lovely dinner but i told you how well we did with our trade talks in china. and it looks like they will be coming back quickly again and we'll have another summit. we'll have a signing summit which is even better. so hopefully we can get that completed. but we're getting very, very close. the ambassador and steve mnuchin, a lot of folks in the room have been helping. that's been great. i see our great secretary sitting. the first time in 54 years that drug prices have gone down this year. mr. secretary, thank you very much. that's great. [applause] today it is my honor to welcome our nation's governors back to the white house after a wonderful evening last night
6:32 am
and i'm deeply great full for your presence, partnership and friendship as we work together for all americans. we're here to forge bonds of cooperation between our federal, state and local governments as we strive to deliver a safe, bright and prosperous future for every community in our magnificent nation. thank you as well to all of my cabinet secretaries who are here today to share their energy, expertise and devotion. they are devoted and they work so hard and they're doing a terrific job. there are few -- i say there are none but there are few administrations that have accomplished what we've accomplished over the last two years, in the first two years. it has been pretty incredible with tax cuts and regulation cuts. more regulations than any other administration in history. that's very important. we still have regulation but you don't have 10 of identical regulations that you have to get approved and wiped out from
6:33 am
different departments. so we've really cut it down. a highway that would take 17 or 18 years of approval now takes probably two. we're trying to get it down to one. it may be rejected on various grounds including environmental, but we have it down to two and we think we can get it down further. so it will be -- that will be something. you know you have many highways and roadways and they're tied up for many years and that won't be happening too much anymore. in my state of the union address i outlined many bipartisan priorities we all share delivering fair trade, we building our nation's infrastructure which we'll work very hard on. as governors, that has to be music to your ears. [applause] . >> sandra: you've been listening to president trump in the white house a few moments ago in the state dining room addressing our nation's governors. it is a business session although you heard right at the top there addressing his departure to hanoi, vietnam a short time from now around the
6:34 am
noon hour eastern time he is expected to depart. he is predicting a very good summit with chairman kim. he also talked about bringing drug prices down here at home. he is expected to address a variety of subjects there to our nation's governors and we'll continue to monitor it and bring you news from it as we get it. for now we have this fox news alert. as vice president mike pence arrives in columbia. he is set to meet with the man the u.s. recognizes as the president of venezuela, juan guaido following a weekend of violent clashes over humanitarian aid shipments. secretary of state mike pompeo keeping his options open when it comes to venezuela. >> we said every option is on the table. we'll do the things that need to be done to make sure that the venezuelan people's voice, that democracy reigns and there is brighter future for the
6:35 am
venezuelans. we have a special guest now. thank you for coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. important to hear your voice as we saw that weekend of unrest over the weekend. first your thoughts this morning, sir. >> thank you so much and good morning, sandra. thank you for having me and thanks to president trump, vice president pence to secretary bolton, to all the u.s. team that has been working to try to bring the help that venezuelan people need from the u.s. and from our allies around the world. i have to tell you, the world has witnessed the atrocity crimes of not only maduro's proxy armed militias but also by cuban-led military that have been committing these ongoing violations of human rights and crimes against humanity. and it is time that right now
6:36 am
in columbia with the special presence of vice president pence with the presence of our constitutional president juan guaido and with the president of columbia and the rest of the lima group representatives there comes out a decisive uncompromising ultimatum with a short deadline. >> sandra: the vice president arrived a short time ago and expect he is participating in the meeting with the president of the republic of columbia and then meet with juan guaido. you speak from a very unique perspective, if you could just explain from where you come, having quit maduro's government, witnessing what is happening there and what needs to come next. >> yes. what i can tell you, i have always worked for my country, for venezuela. i was at the united nations
6:37 am
contributing with the rest of the international community and then, of course, in 2017 in the protests they were shooting students and civilians and also violating the constitution, usurping the rights of the national assembly and i have to draw the red line and i have to stand out and speak out. that's where i denounce 20 officials, including maduro, the u.n. representative then, the u.n. representative now, the minister of foreign affairs, and 20 other officials to the international criminal court for crimes against humanity by inducing a humanitarian crisis to remain in power. they have weaponized people and starvation to control the civilian population and today we see the blockade, evidence of a continuing crime against humanity. this is why -- >> sandra: it's okay. we're listening to you and i'm
6:38 am
wondering what can the united states do here? mike pompeo the secretary of state says all options are on the table. obviously increased sanctions are an option. to what extent do you want to see the united states act there? >> that is such an important question because the united states has been crucial, the sanctions, the support, the humanitarian aid that is brought to the venezuela people has been on point and we cannot thank them enough but it is time for action. the action, as all the options are on the table, are very concise and very, very precise. the venezuelan president guaido has to invoke our article 187.11 of the national constitution in venezuela to invite a peacekeeping operation, a military operation other than war. to be able to bring a monitored international humanitarian intervention. to be able to comply with
6:39 am
international, humanitarian law and with the highest standards of human rights to save the lives of millions and millions of venezuelans that today are starving and oppressed by this criminal proxy failed regime that has ties to international terrorism. so i do believe that instead of bringing russian bombers and iranian warships to our shores, we should be bringing the u.s. comfort to bring the largest mercy hospital to help out with humanitarian aid, food, doctors, and of course it needs the military support because we've already seen what they are doing to the civilian population. >> sandra: really interesting to hear from you. as we watch the situation unfold there and we expect to hear from the vice president. he will be speaking in columbia a short time after these meetings this morning. we'll see what news comes from that as well. thank you for coming on the program this morning.
6:40 am
>> thank you very much. >> eric: president trump just moments ago speaking to governors at the white house. he was hailing the lowering of drug prices that he said is the first time this has happened in our country in decades. as well as previewing his upcoming departure for the summit with kim jong-un in han -- hanoi. >> sandra: tom perez says warning about socialism is a political employ. >> the children's health insurance program, all of those things were socialism. why do they do that? they're wrong on the issues. [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars
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>> sandra: a search turns up nearly $20 million worth of cocaine inside a shipment of fresh pine apples. federal agents discovering a
6:44 am
ton of the drug in the savannah, georgia sea port last november. the bust is still under investigation. we know the pineapple shipment came from columbia and officials have also found cocaine hidden in pineapples. >> tom perez says republicans voicing concerns about socialism is just a political trick that he claims is designed to distract from issues that people care about. he spoke to chris wallace on "fox news sunday". >> this is one of the oldest tricks in the playbook, chris. you go back 75 years when republicans don't want to discuss the issues that matter to real people, they call it socialism. social security when it was being debated you had republicans calling it socialism. the minimum wage in 1938, you had republicans calling it socialism. >> eric: this comes as california senator and democratic presidential candidate kamala harris defends
6:45 am
the green new deal's price tag saying it is not about cost. what does it mean? john sununu joins us former white house chief of staff under george h.w. bush. is this trying to do a statue of liberty play and distract? >> it is an old claim. almost as old as the pandering politics of the democrat party. this is the party, the democrats were the party that flirted with communism in the 40s and 50s and the republicans criticized them to the point where ronald reagan left the democratic party and became a republican. it's historically been strong. bernie sanders chose to spend his honeymoon in the soviet union. perez dismissing the criticism without taking the responsibility for the reason for the criticism is what's wrong with what he said. the democrats are flirting with
6:46 am
government takeover of life, limb, property, and freedom. the republicans are rightly calling them out for it. >> eric: what do you say to -- you just mentioned bernie sanders. videotape of him praising the soviet union and what he saw when he went there and also praising cuba. is this the message you think the american people want to hear? >> no, they don't want to hear that and the republicans are fortunate that the democrat party is going back into this mode. it is going to be a donny brook in the democrat primary as they try to out do each other an socialism and government control of our lives. i think they're making a serious political mistake but as a republican i thank them for it. >> eric: that praising comes in tapes from 1988 but still you see the echoes resonate today. we have senator kamala harris, for example, dismissing the price tag over the new green deal which supporters say is needed to deal with climate change.
6:47 am
here is what the california senator said. >> no question we have to be practical. being practical also recognizes that climate change is an exotension threat. >> eric: can we afford it? >> it's about an investment. of course we can afford it. the question is, is it worth the cost in terms of the investment potential? >> doesn't she have a point? >> this has been the line of the democrats since the mid 80s. climate change will destroy the world tomorrow. tomorrow has never come. it is an issue that has to be addressed, but in a responsible way. not with the ridiculous green new deal the democrats are talking about, which would not only bankrupt america but disrupt economies around the world. there is a rational way to deal with tough problems. the democrats are choosing an irrational road. i have said it before. they are quaunt tateively ill
6:48 am
literate. she doesn't understand what a trillion dollars is in comparison to a billion or a million. she throws out numbers and frankly it is going to catch up with them as there is going to be more scrutiny of these wild claims and wild policies as she and others go into the democratic primary. >> eric: do you think this will -- that will abate or do you think it will continue as the democrats go it seems further left? >> i certainly hope they go as far left as they would like to go. it will send the middle back to the republican party and then we can get this country straightened out. >> eric: all right, governor, spoken as a true veteran of politics. governor john sununu in new hampshire. as always, thank you. >> sandra: vice president mike pence on the ground in columbia where he meets with juan guaido in a matters of moments. >> eric: this morning president trump is speaking to 2 nation's
6:49 am
governors. taking on a variety of issues from infrastructure and the meeting with kim jong-un and stressing border security. we'll bring you what he said next. >> president trump: i put on twitter a piece of it. its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> eric: at the white house the president is speaking to a group of the nation's governors talking about border skooufrment let's listen to what he is saying. >> president trump: i'll say this. border patrol and ice and i'm proud of ice because they go into areas where a lot of people don't want to go, including law enforcement. these are tough, tough people that they're dealing with and you need tough people. the ice people are tough. but they are incredible. they are just incredible in so many ways. they're patriotic people. they love our country.
6:53 am
they want it to work. and they will go into situations that you want no part of. >> eric: the president praising the first responders and those on the borders. we'll bring you news as it happens. >> sandra: fox news alert. singer r. kelly due back in court today spending the weekend in cook county jail after failing to come up with $100,000 cash bail. kelly is facing 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse involving at least three underage girls between 1998 and 2010. matt finn is live in chicago with this. matt. >> r. kelly is set to appear before a judge in a matter of minutes. this morning his attorney says he will enter a not guilty plea in response to the charges against him. his attorney tells us that today will be the day the singer can bail himself out unable to come up with the $100,000 he needed over the weekend. he may be able to get hold of a
6:54 am
check today implying he couldn't over the weekend. also celebrity attorney michael avenatti says he is representing at least one of the victims in the case and claims he has the video that depicts r. kelly engaged in a sexual act with a 14-year-old girl. he turned that video over to prosecutors. r. kelly's team says they haven't been able to watch the video yet. they doubt the authenticity. >> i haven't seen any evidence of any 14-year-old victim. there is an allegation. i haven't seen evidence of it. that's why we have a process. >> i'm speaking out because i want to encourage other victims who i know must be out there, who i know must be out there to come forward as well. >> r. kelly -- the prosecutors allege r. kelly met one of the victims in this case at his previous sexual assault trial
6:55 am
in 2008 when he gave her his autograph. kelly's attorney says r. kelly doesn't need to force anyone into a non-consensual affair because he is, quote, a rock star. >> sandra: matt finn, thanks. >> eric: and we'll keep an eye in moments from now vice president mike pence will be meeting with venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido. he arrived in columbia and will meet with the venezuela opposition leader backed by the u.s. and 50 nations. we'll bring you that meeting and the latest from the ground there straight ahead on "america's newsroom." it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. two big foreign policy stories unfolding at this hour from another historic summit with north korea and the political crisis rocking venezuela. president trump and vice president mike pence getting into the thick of things on the world stage this morning. >> eric: good to be here this morning and good to be with you. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. the vice president mike pence is wrapping up his sit-down with juan guaido backed by the u.s. and 50 other nations. they recognize him as the interim president of venezuela. just as president trump is now getting ready to leave about an hour from now to hanoi, vietnam where there is a lot at stake ahead of his sit down meeting with dictator kim jong-un.
7:00 am
the president speaking to reporters ahead of talking with our nation's governors moments ago. >> the united states has been crucial, the sanctions, the support, the humanitarian aid it brought to the venezuelan people. but it is time for action. the action as all the options are on the table are very concise and very, very precise. >> the fact that the vice president himself is going to meet with the leaders of the opposition is incredibly significant. lets the whole world know what's at stake here and who is good guys, who are the bad guys. >> sandra: let's go live to our own rich edson live at the white house this morning as the president is expected to depart shortly. rich, good morning. >> he is, sandra. this as the vice president just landed in columbia. the vice president will meet with the opposition leader and the interim president juan guaido along with dozens of other countries, leaders from
7:01 am
them focused on addressing the issues and leadership in venezuela. this weekend guaido organized caravans to bring food, medicine and other aid into venezuela from columbia and brazil. maduro's government is blocking that aid. the associated press reports fighting at the border killed two people and injured 300. a senior official within guaido's interim government has urged the international community to use military force. the u.s. they say is not going down the road to using military force. secretary of state mike pompeo said the united states is looking into more sanctions against the had mad regime. >> sandra: rich edson at the white house for us this morning. thank you. >> we will subpoena the report. we'll bring bob mueller in to testify before congress. we'll take to court if necessary. and in the end i think the
7:02 am
department understands they are going to have to make this public. >> eric: that's house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff saying he will not only subpoena the special counsel if he has to but warns he is ready to sue to make the robert mueller report public. this amid widespread reports that special counsel is finally near the end of the russia investigation. griff jenkins live in washington with much more on what we can expect. >> chairman's threats are raising more questions than simply when will we get this report such as what will the size and scope of this be and can this chairman compel mueller to testify beyond the contents of the report if he believes that something was buried or excluded or not released to congress or the public? for example, if obstruction of justice were not covered or redacted in the report, can mueller be forced to answer questions about it? that's unclear at this point. what we know is this, under d.o.j. regulations special
7:03 am
counsel is required to submit a confidential report to the attorney general. then attorney general barr will have discretion over what he chooses to release publicly. schiff says it's in barr's interest to be forthcoming. >> if we were to try to bury any part of this report, that will be his legacy and it will be a tarnished legacy. i think there will be immense pressure not only on the department but on the attorney general to be forthcoming. >> eric: barr is also required to issue a summary of mueller's findings to lindsey graham and ranking member dianne feinstein and chairman graham says this should be the end of it. >> i think mueller is going to be the person most people listen to, not adam schiff. the mueller report will be out soon. if there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russian intelligence community, then that should be the end of all this. i've seen no evidence of collusion. >> meanwhile the president's
7:04 am
former personal lawyer michael cohen begins testifying on the hill privately and publicly tomorrow. >> eric: there is certainly a lot this week. >> sandra: a busy morning. let's get to our a-team. david avila joins us, mary anne marsh former senior advisor to john kerry and tom bevan, publisher of real clear politics. good morning to all of you. what a monday morning this is. what a week this is going to be for the president, the vice president on the world stage. let's start with north korea. big expectations heading into the summit. what can the president walk away with here? >> let's keep in mind north korea is one of the countries that is not in the world nuclear treaty and how nuclear power is going to be used. they aren't part of that treaty. there has to be real evidence continuing to be shown that is going away. the president is pushing to go a different path and make something happen by showing the
7:05 am
leader of north korea that there is a better path economically than what he is doing right now putting all his eggs in the basket of china. if we'll get a deal it is because he decides he can get a better economic deal of the united states than what he has been getting out of china. >> the only thing worse than the first meeting between trump and kim is the second meeting between trump and kim. >> sandra: it hasn't happened yet. >> they're on their way to hanoi. kim has done nothing to earn it. that's the problem. since the last meeting. no president of the united states had ever met with the leader of north korea until donald trump met with kim and now he has a second meeting and has done nothing to earn it. >> sandra: he would say that's a success in itself. >> you are elevating kim in the world stage and conferring he is the leader the likes of which other countries -- he has done nothing to earn it. he covets nuclear weapons and
7:06 am
done nothing to denuclearize. trump has given him everything and he has gotten nothing. >> sandra: this is mike pompeo on the prospects of this north korean summit. listen. >> test, prey and cower has been upended by president trump. we put economic pressure on the north koreans, a global coalition. we've built up the world's coalition to communicate to chairman kim now is the time and the moment and i hope we'll make progress on that this week. >> sandra: that sets up for a big meeting. >> sure. i would disagree with mary anne. part of trump's rationale for this we've been doing the same thing with north korea for 20 years. multiple administrations of different parties and gotten nowhere. why not try something different? better to be talking than not talking. pompeo is right. they put on sanctions which trump says he won't give up. so i think there is a chance, even if trump walks away with
7:07 am
nothing new from this meeting, there has been no nuclear testing, has been no icbm testing and he will continue the conversation. by the way, the public approves the way trump is handling the situation. they would rather see us talking to them as opposed to isolating themselves. >> eric: mary anne brings up that he is -- how about warmbier, tortured and executed and murdered by the north korean? wouldn't that be something -- >> there are many things he could do. again, no other president has ever met with any leader of north korea. his father and his grandfather have been and he himself have all been murderous dictators who starved their people. he makes maduro looks like a boy scout. you have to ask what we're getting in return. he uses this for propaganda at home to elevate himself and punish his people further.
7:08 am
>> is that an excuse not to engage someone? >> get something and we have gotten nothing. >> sandra: it hasn't happened yet. the president hasn't taken off yet. he will do so in a couple of hours. here is the president in his own words in a tweet. he said meeting for breakfast with our nation's governors and off to vietnam with an important summit to kim jong-un. with complete denuclearization north korea will become a powerhouse. without it more of the same. president kim will make a wise decision. >> economic is key here. the leader of north korea needs to see a better path economically. we've all referenced this. his family has been in power for a very long time. they won't just change the way they operate if they don't see a better economic path. that's where the president, who does have a strong record particularly here in the united states in helping to make
7:09 am
economic growth occur, is saying to the leader, kim jong-un, follow me. look, i can show you a better way economically to provide not only for your family but the people of your country. >> eric: he starved millions of his own people. he has people in concentrations camps. economic survival for his people? he doesn't care about his people or for his own regime? >> we should be pushing all for human rights, no question about that. there are a lot of dictators our country has dealt with over the years. the terrible deal we gave to iran, the obama administration gave to iran. we practically gave them the store. that kerry and his allies gave away. we would rather not but right now for the national security, having a denuclearizeed
7:10 am
>> to get a meeting with donald trump when you are trying to distract from michael cohen and others. we'll see if that works. we hold none of them accountable. that's what i question. how can you meet with kim when trump embraces putin and erdogan and the crown prince of saudi arabia? all of them are guilty. >> quickly, mary anne. madeleine albright klinked glasses with the previous administration under bill clinton tried the carrot approached and got swindled. bush bush tried to get isolation. trump is trying something new. maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. it isn't fair to say just because he is doing this it's unprecedented and unacceptable. >> sandra: a weekend of unrest in venezuela. secretary mike pompeo went on "fox news sunday" and said this. >> we're very hopeful in the days and weeks and months and
7:11 am
head the maduro regime will understand the venezuelan people have made its days numbered. every option is on the table. we'll do the things that need to be done to make sure the venezuelan people's voice, democracy reigns and a brighter future for the people of venezuela. >> sandra: next steps in venezuela? >> continue pushing to have a democratically elected leader in venezuela as this administration continues to look at south america and say where can we put more democracies, as china continues its approach to try to do more down in south america. now we have a chinese company that runs the panama canal. russia continues to have more and more allies down there to keep us unnerved. this is as much a national security issue for the united states as a democracy issue for venezuela. and let me just say in 2020, this can only help president with hispanic voters as he
7:12 am
continues to reach for demz. >> sandra: the news is moving fast this morning. our a-team will be back. we'll see you in a moment. >> eric: the vice president in columbia to tackle the venezuelan crisis we've been talking about. moments from now he will be face-to-face with the opposition leader juan guaido backed by the u.s. and 50 other nations. he is set to not only meet with him but perhaps strategize on the next steps against maduro. we'll bring you that report live as we get it. >> sandra: new comments from president trump on china and trade as we hear there could be a big breakthrough in the trade war. charles payne is on deck as the market rallies. >> eric: a bipartisan group of lawmakers fighting for more money for the families of 9/11 victims. all the first responders who got sick have a big advocate with them with a big megaphone.
7:13 am
that's up next. stay with us for that segment coming up. one of the benefits we as a country
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7:17 am
bilateral meeting. juan guaido meeting with our vice president there. you can see him on the right-hand side of your screen mike pence. this following a weekend of unrest in venezuela meeting with the columbian president and juan guaido. it continues in columbia. a story we've been telling you about this morning. the 9/11 victims compensation fund running out of money. today hundreds of first responders, survivors and families will be marching in washington pushing for full compensation for everyone suffering illnesses as a result of exposure to toxins during the weeks of sifting through the rubble at the world trade center site. a group of bipartisan lawmakers set to introduce the never forget the heroes bill calling for a quick yes vote. john stewart, the comedian on comedy central and john steele is a 9/11 responder, long time
7:18 am
advocates of 9/11 workers sickened while working at the site following the terrorist attack. they are our headliners as they join us from capitol hill. john stewart, i know you're joining us to give them a bigger voice. what is your message this morning? >> as i'm listening to the feed i see there is a tremendous amount of news happening and a lot going on. we don't want the 9/11 community and first responders to have their issue be swept under the rug or be ignored. we're trying to get a quick resolution to get the vcf fund fully funded and extended as long as healthcare. these are men and women who have suffered great illnesses because of their heroic work at ground zero during 9/11 and months past. they deserve our attention. they've answered the call for us and we need to answer the call for them.
7:19 am
we're just trying to get that pushed through. >> i've heard you speak on this and passion nall about helping those who continue to live impacted by the toxins of those days following 9/11, firefighters, policemen and women. how will this bill help them? >> thank you for having me. i'm passionate because people are sick and dying. i've been to 181 funerals. the pain, the struggle. the fight is real. when this went into effect the conversations are now do i put gas in the car or do i put food on the table? do i keep a roof over my head or pay the utilities? this is real and this policy effect is devastating to the 9/11 community. this is a bipartisan bill led by senator gillibrand and gardner from colorado. congress has a sense of urgency. congress has a chance right now. i think congress and the senate need this more than anything to
7:20 am
come together like we did 18 years ago. they can take our worst day, our worst weeks and months and especially our worst 18 years since and come together and make congress's finest hour. they have a chance to be that guy and anybody who practices political malpractice we'll expose them. >> sandra: john stewart you published an opinion piece talking about the need for funding this bill. what 9/11 heroes need from congress. you talked about walking the halls of congress with the injured and ill 9/11 responders and survivors and you said in that piece that you were looking to see if remembering 9/11 is more than a cheap obligatory slogan people tweet out. what did you find? >> i think there is an inevitability to this process. john has been through this for over 18 years. after 9/11, 9/11 responders had to fight to get people to believe they were actually sick. then they had to fight to get
7:21 am
people to believe it was actually caused by ground zero and the toxins. the only thing that is even remotely analogous to what they faced on 9/11 are the burn pits. they know these things cause illnesses. they had to fight for that. then they had to fight their own government to try to get some kind of health program that could help them kind of navigate their way through all this. this has been a fight. it is not something they're unaccustomed to but i find it's -- it's unconscionable. it cannot continue. we cannot force the men and women that so heroicly went down to ground zero and stayed there for nine or 10 months disrupting their lives as well. we can't force them to have to fight for this anymore. we have to grant them. look, i know congress is with
7:22 am
fiscal responsibility. in the larger scheme of things, this is not a lot of money but what it will do for these families is enormous. this is a national embarrassment and crisis. they've got to step up. >> sandra: if i could ask john why has it been such a fight? this is a bipartisan effort being introduced today. gillibrand, pete king. democrats and republicans involved here. so why has it been such a fight to make this funding permanent? >> you know, one, out of sight, out of mind. 18 years later. many people have moved on since 9/11 but for those affected by 9/11 this is the longest day that hasn't ended for us. as for elected officials, i can't speak for all of them. usually it's because of bad politics and poor leadership
7:23 am
and tribalism. by the time we get done over the next few months we'll have a bill ready to vote on that republican leadership will agree with senator gillibrand and hopefully they make it permanent. we compare our bill to the nuclear bill and the black lung bill that are permanent. geographically they help people in different parts of the country. we're asking for permanent status just like on the healthcare. that's national. 434 out of 435 congressional districts were represented at ground zero. 90,000 people on the world trade center program and 20,000 are being awaiting for their injuries. congress has the chance to do the right thing. >> they don't have to work through all the bugs of it. the program exists, it has been functioning beautifully. the justice department and the special pay master have done a
7:24 am
great job of streamlining the bureaucracies and going through these claims and credentialing them is a good manner. they just need to refill the debit card so these families aren't going to see their awards cut by up to 70%. >> congress can't put a date on legislation anymore. these cancers and respiratory illnesses have no dates. everybody's immune system is different. stop giving us five years here and there. we're asking for 72 years to coincide with the world trade center health program. that's what we got in 2015. now we have 72. we want 72 years on the vcf. that simple. anything short of that is a failure. >> sandra: how did you get involved, john stewart? >> i lived in lower manhattan so i was involved from the get-go. but in 2010, we had heard that
7:25 am
there was this health bill, and i knew the man's story how he had gotten sick and passed away. they had found glass and mercury in his lungs, which was part of the atomized. the twin towers were atomized and turned into particles and there were fires down there and those guys worked down there, ate down there, breathed everything in. so it was clear that they were going to face some challenges and sicknessess. but for some reason we couldn't move the government. in 2010 when they were first putting the bill on there they weren't going to do on it. i contacted john theil, he is an obedient servant. through his leadership i was able to get involved in a small way turn a spotlight on some things and we've stayed close
7:26 am
since. i honestly can't believe we're still in this position. a lot of the men and women that we brought down here early on and that john has been with, they're no longer with us. those are names that go up on john's memorial park. it's a tragic situation. >> john is being humble but he has a role to play and a very large audience but so does fox news and i'm imploring fox news to continue telling this story and continuing to tell people across the country the 9/11 responders in every state and every congressional district that need this help. >> it really helps and does make a difference. >> sandra: we absolutely hear you and love and support our nation's heroes. you are out there fighting for them. we appreciate what you are doing. >> thank you so much for having us. >> sandra: appreciate your time this morning. senator gillibrand is set to introduce the never forget the heroes bills later today and
7:27 am
formed an exploratory committee but hasn't formally launched a presidential campaign. she will speak with chris wallace tonight on special report at 6:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. california senator kamala harris pushing for the green new deal over the weekend. >> being practical, recognizes that greenhouse gas emissions are threatening our air and threatening the planet and that it is well within our capacity as human beings to change our behaviors in a way that we can reduce its effect. >> sandra: the democratic hopeful facing backlash for her comments. we'll tell you why just ahead. plus political chaos growing in virginia as lieutenant governor justin fairfax sparks outrage with some of his recent rhetoric. our a-team is back with more. >> if we go backward and rush to judgment and allow for political lynchings without any due process or facts or any
7:28 am
evidence being heard i think we do a disservice to this very body in which we all serve.
7:29 am
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>> sandra: the nfl issues a new statement on charges filed against new england patriots owner robert craft for soliciting prosecution in florida. our personal conduct policy applies to everyone in the nfl. we'll handle this allegation the same we would handle any issue under the pollz. seeking a full understanding of the facts while ensuring we don't interfere with a law enforcement investigation. we'll take action as warranted based on the facts. >> there is no question we have to be practical but being practical also recognizes that climate change is an exostention all threat to us as human beings. is it worth the cost in terms of the investment potential?
7:33 am
will we get back more than we put in? >> eric: that's kamala harris on concerns over the price tag of the green new deal and medicare for all. she said they address issues that we cannot afford to ignore. peter doocy now from capitol hill live. peter, does the senator have an estimate on exactly how much that could cost? >> no estimate yet and we don't know when we might get it, eric. it sounds like it would be june at the earliest because senator harris says she wants to have a debate on the debate stage about the cost of this and that's not going to happen until june. >> we have folks that are suggesting that we should buy science fiction instead of science fact. and we have got to correct course on this. it is an imminent issue requiring our priority, which is why i am supporting the resolution on the green deal.
7:34 am
>> the cost of the green new deal is the one part of it that democrats seem to get defensive about. senator cory booker told me it's a lie when critics say that it might be too expensive but he and all the other 2020 democrats will have a chance to go on the record with their support. mitch mcconnell plans to bring the resolution for a vote in the senate sometime very soon. potentially in the next couple days. >> eric: besides senator booker what are the other democrats saying about this? >> basically you have to spend money by pairing down every structure in the united states so it's more ecofriendly to save money and eventually save the planet. >> if we spend money building here in america, that helps our economy. and at the end when we build a new building, we have a new building, right? no, but this is important. when we spend money upgrading our buildings so they don't use
7:35 am
as much energy, we have a more valuable building. >> eric: warren today took the extraordinary step of promising not to host any in-person fundraisers with wealthy donors explaining that just because somebody is rich and they write her a big check they won't get special access to her or special seating at vip events. >> eric: the big bucks guys will be mad at that. peter, thank you. >> sandra: more on this with our a-team. i told you they would be back. david avella, mary anne marsh and tom bevan. david, it's interesting to hear those who publicly support the green new deal say we'll pay for it or it is an investment. which is it? >> the bigger question is talking about paying for it is at what cost are democratic candidates willing to put on china, the world's biggest polluter, on climate change. if they really want a green deal. if they really want to tackle
7:36 am
this climate change, you can't do it without getting buy-in from china. what levels of sanctions and tariffs are they willing to put on china to make them change their way? it is a big redistribution of economics and let's keep in mind, folks, in 2009 with president obama's green deal, which got us -- we were led to a huge republican wave in 2010. so allow the democrats to continue down the green deal path. >> sandra: we talk about the past but we can't talk about the specifics because there aren't a lot. don't really know how they will accomplish the goals. >> we're starting to see that. donald trump pulled us out of the climate treaty. i digress. dianne feinstein is putting together legislation that takes ocasio-cortez resolution and putting details to it. we'll see some real effort to put this together.
7:37 am
>> eric: what do you think will be in it? >> i give ocasio-cortez credit for sparking the debate. she has a lot of attention to an issue that's dormant for two years. dianne feinstein and others need to put the details together to do it. ocasio-cortez would be better served if she worked with someone like feinstein to put legislation together with real details and plans and dollars together to get something passed and really change things than just using social media to talk about it and not get something done. >> sandra: aoc then took on dianne feinstein over the weekend in this online bit. watch. >> the issue has gotten worse. so i don't think that working on an issue for 30 years alone is what qualifies as what makes someone qualified to solve an issue. that said, there are a lot of people that have been doing
7:38 am
this work for decades that have proposed ambitious solutions for years and have not been listened to. >> she also said in that instagram post that people should consider not having children because that also represents a threat to the planet. listen, give ocasio-cortez credit for sparking the debate but it is not necessarily -- it's a debate that will cause a schism within the democratic party. she is saying climate delaying is the same as climate denying. so this is something that will be hashed out in the primaries in 2020 and also in congress with nancy pelosi. but it is not necessarily a great development for democrats. i look at all these issues. how do these issues play in the seven states that matter in 2020, right? midwest, ohio, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, north
7:39 am
carolina, florida. outside of that it doesn't matter. >> eric: they're already fighting each other when dianne feinstein met with this group of kids in san francisco. >> you know what is interesting about this group is i've been doing this for 30 years. i know what i'm doing. you come in here and you say it has to be my way or the highway. i don't respond to that. i've gotten elected. i just ran. i was elected by almost a million vote plurality, and i know what i'm doing. so, you know, maybe people should listen a little bit. >> eric: how did diane and alexandria, can they get together at this? >> here is the challenge for ocasio-cortez. do you want to be more like bernie sanders who over a 30 year career has passed 1.8% of all the legislation he has ever introduced. talks a lot or get nothing done
7:40 am
or more like dianne feinstein who passed some of the most landmark legislation in our country going back to the days when she was in san francisco city hall holding harvey milk after he was assassinated. >> we know what's in this green deal. it's getting rid of fossil fuels. the only people that get to fly private are bernie sanders who demanded out of the clinton campaign that he get to fly private planes. only elite democrats will get to fly private planes in this green deal. tom's point what does it matter in the seven states? get rid of fossil fuels and you'll insure trump wins ohio, wisconsin, michigan. that's what the new green deal is all about. >> sandra: we'll leave it there. thank you to the a-team second time around. >> eric: this morning the markets have been moving higher because the president last night said we're making progress on the trade talks
7:41 am
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7:45 am
book now at >> eric: a look at the dow jones up 168 points that after the president said the u.s. and china made in his words substantial progress in trade talks over the weekend. and that he will delay a march 1 deadline to hike tariffs on chinese goods. what does it mean? i know who knows, charles payne host of "making money." good morning, charles. the president spoke last night to the governors and boom, we have the dow going up. do you think there is real progress dealing with china? >> absolutely. the market bleefshs -- believes that as well. if it wasn't a nail biter we would be up a thousand points. we had the best first eight weeks at the start of a year since 1964. the market has been up nine weeks in a row. this was anticipated.
7:46 am
i follow three chinese news services as a better source for me than the "washington post" or "new york times." they've been acknowledging the issues that president trump has brought up. also suggesting that there will be authentic responses, authentic solutions. everyone is pretty excited. what helped also last night i was watching the futures. the market was up and it was up -- it didn't really explode. it got more traction this morning when president trump started talking about some sort of ceremony next month at mar-a-lago. >> eric: you say the chinese accept this from what you're seeing? >> chinese media a lot controlled by the government are acknowledging a lot of these issues now. a year ago they were belligerent. now they're acknowledging the problems and saying there will be solution. they understand ultimately this will be better for both countries. they're calling it a win/win in
7:47 am
china but i think it could be a win/win for the world. >> sandra: we enter march, everybody is talking about taxes. kayleigh mcenany called this the left tax refund freak-out exposes their ignorance on taxes. the radical left has taken over the democratic party. smaller tax refunds aren't a bad thing. they're a sign that people are keeping more money rather than letting uncle sam keep it under his mattress for them. there is a lot of analysis over what is happening come tax season. what is happening, charles? >> she was responding to a new jersey congressman harping about this. the bottom line is if the government keeps less of your money, then there is less to refund to you at the end of the year. so people have been making more money. their checks have been bigger. not only have their checks been bigger but their wages have gone up particularly in the last five months.
7:48 am
it is really remarkable to suggest that somehow that because i didn't give the government a bigger tax-free loan that that's a bad thing. >> eric: good news, we get the money now. >> jersey residents, it is more complicated. the majority of america. 75% of americans made more money because of the tax cut last year. kept more money which is the key thing. >> sandra: warren buffett is saying the wealthy are undertaxed relative to the general population. i know your answer to that. >> he can always write a check. >> sandra: i knew it. >> he is not leaving his money to the federal government. he is leaving it in a trust so bill gates and others can do good things with it. what does that tell you? >> sandra: we'll see you later. breaking news on the venezuelan crisis, vice president mike pence meeting with the opposition leader saying the trump administration supports the liberation of the
7:49 am
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>> it is a great privilege to serve this moment. i send you and the president of columbia greetings from the united states of america. a very simple message from president trump. we're with you 100%. >> sandra: that was vice president mike pence a few moments ago in columbia offering full support to venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido as the disputed president nicolas maduro blocks aid shipments into the country. dr. marc siegel, fox news medical analyst joins us now. good morning to you. what is happening here? >> the center for justice and peace report out of venezuela in september that showed shocking problems there. 79% hospitals are without regular water. 53% of the operating rooms are closed. 55% of physicians have left in five years. 40% decrease in hospital beds. you can imagine what's going on. if you have heart disease today in venezuela, there is an 88%
7:54 am
chance you can't get your blood drawn and 30% chance you can't get an ekg. no basic care there and infectious diseases are rampant. 400,000 cases of malaria, 10,000 cases of t.b. and measles, 7,000 to 8,000 cases. >> eric: it shows case-by-case the devastation that's going on. >> not only that, yes, devastation, maternity problems. 66% increase in maternity deaths. we aren't getting basic care for delivery of babies there. i don't want to sound heartless. it is an issue of our compassion and as the united states it's important to us. this is also a national security issue. this is a public health issue for something that is going on in our hemisphere. that's why i believe -- i'm not alone in this -- we always look at we don't want to get involved militarily in other country's problems. this is going to spread here.
7:55 am
we'll have not just migrants spreading here but health problems spreading here. the united states navy ship comfort was down in the area. i would like to see it return there and return there with military support. >> sandra: lawmakers are speaking out. florida senator mark rubio calling out maduro. 300 tons of food -- senator marco rubio. >> maduro is using food and weapon as weapons. 4 1/2 million people in venezuela are eating less than a meal today. three million are eating garbage, poverty, starvation. this isn't a weapon of war. this is cruelty. this is indifference to human life. i think we have to pay attention to it as citizens of this hemisphere.
7:56 am
>> eric: it is astounding and unacceptable and it is continuing. >> it has to stop. >> sandra: thanks, dr. siegel. >> eric: we're waiting for the president's departure from the white house. he will be heading to vietnam. his second summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un. we're live in hanoi straight ahead for what we can expect from that meeting on a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i have fantastic news for
7:57 am
7:58 am
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8:00 am
this hour from a new summit with north korea to the political crisis rocking venezuela. the president and vice president both on the world stage today. welcome back to "america's newsroom." third hour. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: thank you for joining us. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer who will be reporting live from vietnam tomorrow. mike pence making it clear to juan guaido the trump administration does support his efforts and his people 100%. all of this as president trump is getting ready to leave about an hour from now for a summit in hanoi, vietnam where a lot is at stake. it will be a second meeting with dictator kim jong-un. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live in hanoi. john, good morning or good evening to you there. >> it's about 11:00 at night here but the town is still hopping. there is a disco down the street that continues to thump and motorcycles continue to roar through the streets of hanoi. the president expected to leave
8:01 am
aboard air force one for vietnam in 90 minutes speaking at a governors association sounding an upbeat note about what lies ahead this week. listen here. >> president trump: right after this meeting i leave for vietnam where i meet with chairman kim and we talk about something that frankly he never spoke to anybody about. we're speaking loud and i think we can have a very good summit. >> a very good summit. the president is looking forward to it as are officials from south korea. a lot of talk in the last few days about the possibility that president trump and kim jong-un could sign an agreement to finally end the korean war during their summit. most of the progress this week expected to be incremental. the president pursuing four goals in talks with kim. the four pillars. establishment of new relations, lasting and stable piece.
8:02 am
complete denuclearization and remains of american soldiers. if they can have trust progress can be built from there. senate democrats wanting trump to lean on kim putting recent testimony by the intelligence chiefs in the letter to the president say while you may disagree we note the assessment of the office of national security that north korea will seek to contain its weapons of mass destruction and unlikely to give it up because its leaders view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival. president trump is willing to give negotiations time believing that building trust will ultimately yield results. listen to what the president said last night. >> president trump: i'm not pushing for speed but we aren't removing the sanctions. and we are going to have i think a very interesting 2 1/2
8:03 am
days in vietnam and we have a chance for the total denuclearization of an area of the world that was very dangerous. >> i reached out to white house officials earlier today about what about the talk in south korea to end the korean war which has only been a cease-fire up until now. they refused to comment saying the meetings have to happen first. but it sounds potentially promising that we could see something big out of the summit this week. >> sandra: you hit the ground running there john roberts. we look forward to your coverage from there. thank you, sir. >> eric: the president saying we have a chance at denuclearization. how big or small is that chance? hugo gurdon joins us. what tangible moves do you think kim could make specifically on his nuclear program, if any? >> you know, eric, president trump is not the kind of politician who plays down expectations. he says what he is going to achieve will be one of the
8:04 am
wonders of the world. he sets himself up for possible disappointment. there has been a lot of talk over the course of the last week or two about the possibility that there will be some sort of signing ceremony to formally end the korean war. and the truth is that hostilities ended in 1953. if that's all the president get, it will be a severe disappointment. it can produce some good things. it can make peace less precarious in the peninsula and we're not likely to see more missile tests flying over japan, etc. but not having denuclearization or concrete steps like, for example, the shutting down of one of the sites where fissile material is made for bombs. there has to be something that is solid. >> eric: some say an official end to the conflict would be a
8:05 am
big win at the same time. would that be an excuse for kim to withdraw our troops from south korea? >> look, i don't want to underplay the fact or the possibility of a formal end to the war. it would be a good thing. you're right. in order for him to sign that he could be saying removing troops or reducing troops. he has already had a number of concessions from president trump such as not holding naval and other military exercises in the region. it is really time for him to give something to president trump. president trump has built up expectations. i think he is right to try and go and get something and he an end to the korean war is something. >> eric: how about identifying nuclear facilities, agreeing to a timetable to dismantle them. international inspections. pulling his troops back from the dmz and this sort of thing? >> exactly so.
8:06 am
letting inspectors in would be a very solid move. it is almost the minimum to show that he is willing to consider denuclearization as dan coats and others have said, he is not doing things now which are consistent with the current plan to denuclearize. if that were part of his plan, then the fissile plant would have been scaled down already. >> eric: hugo, one thing that hasn't been brought into the public sphere in this that we don't know or is being considered is human rights. here you have kim jong-un with -- human experimentation. warmbier, federal judge saying he was forced into a false confession. tortured, beaten horribly.
8:07 am
came back brain dead and non-responsive. how about something simple on otto's case? bringing his killers to justice or an apology, something on human rights. is that at all in any realm of possibility? >> i don't think that will happen right now. north korea is a prison state. scores of thousands, hundreds of thousands perhaps are in prisons across that country. i don't think that we'll get anything of that sort just yet. i think that is more likely to come once there is -- let's say there is a peace deal in place. once there is more trust between the two, then perhaps there will be an opening up. you'll probably recall that president trump made a -- had a movie made, a lot of people derided it about the possibilities for north korea if it becomes again part of the international community. i think it will be at a much later stage you'll see the sort of prison state loosen up.
8:08 am
>> eric: perhaps that will come at some point for all humanity. hugo gurdon, thanks as always. >> sandra: fox news alert. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff vowing to take the justice department to court if robert mueller's much-anticipated report on the russia investigation is not made public. sources say the special counsel is close to wrapping his investigation and will present his report to attorney general william barr. catherine herridge joins us live from washington good morning. >> thank you, sandra. the special counsel robert mueller report is not expected before early next week. when it is delivered to attorney general william barr nothing will be public at that time because the findings are considered confidential. the democratic chairman of the house intelligence committee is threatening to compel special counsel mueller to make his findings available to congress. >> he does have a responsibility to report it and, in fact, if you take the position -- i think it's a
8:09 am
flawed one. if you take the position the president cannot be indicted and the only remedy for improper, illegal or other conduct is impeachment, you cannot withhold that information from congress or essentially the president has immunity. >> attorney general barr writes a summary of the mueller report and barr decides how much is public and how much is provided to congress during his confirmation hearings you see there barr said he would err on the side of transparency. this issue is so sensitive because the raw findings may not be sufficient to warrant criminal prosecution and the former f.b.i. director james comey was roundly criticized by republicans, democrats and inspector general for publicly releasing evidence from the clinton email case and then recommending against prosecution. senate judiciary committee chairman lindsey graham who has
8:10 am
oversite for the justice department and special counsel weighed in on these issues over the weekend. >> my belief is that collusion really is conspiracy and nobody has been charged with a crime of conspiracy. everybody who has been charged has been process crimes or financial crimes. so my belief is that there is no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians and if they had been, somebody would have been charged by now with conspiracy. but we'll know in a couple weeks. >> graham renewed his commitments that rosenstein and mccabe be brought to testify. house republicans have criticized rosenstein to come to capitol hill. finding time to speak publicly here in washington rosenstein leaves mid-march. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you very much.
8:11 am
>> eric: rescue crews have recovered two bodies from the amazon prime cargo plane that crashed in texas as investigators are trying to gather clues on what happened. how they say the public can help. >> sandra: president trump set to depart for his second summit with kim jong-un a little over an hour from now. the white house vowing to move toward the goals set in last year's big meeting. how much progress is actually possible here? former white house press secretary ari fleischer will be here to way in live next. >> there is no future for him in nuclear weapons. there is a future if he decides to denuclearize and he can be a great leader for his own people. that's what the president is seeking to present to him. sinex. my congestion's gone. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh!
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8:15 am
>> eric: federal investigators are reaching out to the public for photos or videos taken of the doomed amazon cargo plane that crashed this weekend. it was flying from miami to houston on saturday when it went down in trinity bay 40 miles from the airport. three people aboard were killed. the ntsb said surveillance camera recorded video of that plane a mile from where it crashed. >> the aircraft is in the video as it is descending. it is descending in a steep
8:16 am
descent, steep nose-down attitude. and it is in the video for approximately five seconds. >> eric: the sheriff's office confirms that two bodies have so far been recovered from the water and pending identification by the medical examiner. >> test, prey and cower has been unended by president trump. we put real economic pressure on the north koreans and built out a global coalition. we have built up the world's coalition to communicate to chairman kim now is the time and now is the moment and i hope we'll make real progress this week. >> sandra: striking a cautious but optimistic tone ahead of president trump's second meeting with kim jong-un. let's bring in ari fleischer. good morning to you. i know you had your criticisms of the last summit but you also had your compliments of it as well. what do you expect to come of this meeting and what would
8:17 am
actually make it a success? >> i've been a cynic since the start because i dealt with the north koreans when i was in the administration. they've lied to three administrations in a row. i think president trump is getting them to move in a good direction. the lack of tests, the president points out, is a productive development around the world. will they denuclearize or lie? the president will want to wrestle these to the ground. it has been progress. i just don't trust the north koreans. >> sandra: i just wonder what you can walk away with that would say that we are making significant progress? general jack keane had his thoughts on declaring denuclearization and the actual definition of it. here is how he described that this morning. >> in the denuclearization there is a difference in terms of what does it mean?
8:18 am
for us it means denuclearize north korea. kim jong-un's mind the korean peninsula. south korea doesn't have weapons and we have an umbrella over south korea and japan and china and russia have nuclear weapons. that needs to get resolved in this summit. >> that's the big goal and the high hurdle and probably too high a hurdle for anybody to solve. north korea wants to have nuclear weapons as a safeguard to prevent the regime from falling. look, the progress being made that they aren't testing selfishly speaking as americans is huge because north korea does have nuclear bombs but they can't deliver them. that's the issue. they can't deliver them far. they can't deliver them to the united states on icbms. they don't have the technology and ability and if they don't test they'll never get it. it puts japan and others in the neighborhood at risk, south korea has always been at risk
8:19 am
but it protects us as americans if they don't test. will they go beyond that and get rid of all their nukes? that's a goal that we've always talked about. i just don't believe it will ever happen. i think north korea will always hold on to them. >> sandra: moving on to venezuela. we know the president will be on the world stage. but this morning vice president mike pence has been meeting with the opposition leader juan guaido and the columbian president and about to deliver remarks shortly. all options are on the table there as mike pompeo has described it, including sanctions and more. we'll see what the vice president is about to say there. we had earlier a former venezuelan senior diplomat to the u.n. on and said this on "america's newsroom" earlier, listen. >> the venezuelan president guaido has to invoke our article 187.11 of the national constitution in venezuela to
8:20 am
invite a peacekeeping operation, a military operation other than war, to be able to bring a monitored international, humanitarian intervention. >> sandra: after a violent weekend in venezuela the vice president is there conducting meetings. what do you expect to come of these? >> i think this so far has been a shining example of good foreign policy. the president has led the way in uniting the world, moving multiple nations to follow our example in cracking down on that government and if you're for human rights and democracy, if you're against the crippling socialism that has destroyed a nation and made people go hungry and lack of medicine, this is what you want to hope for. you want the world to continue to put the pressure on venezuela following america's example. so far, so good. i think the trump administration has handled this just right and deserve credit for pushing it to this point. the easiest thing in foreign policy is to look the other way
8:21 am
and let the problems pass. one of the things about the trump administration, they don't do that. venezuela he is pushing for the good. i'm glad to see it. >> sandra: very interesting. when he sat down there and addressed president guaido, the vice president did, and said the president and he are with him 100%. it is a big day. it will be a big week. ari fleischer, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> eric: iran inflaming more tensions with the u.s. after test launch during military drills in the persian gulf. what we're learning about the latest addition to that regime's miss will program. >> sandra: a bipartisan push happening on capitol hill for the first responders fallen hill from their work at ground zero. former daily show host john stewart returns to washington to join the fight. >> they've got to understand in the larger scheme of things, this is not a lot of money but what it will do for these
8:22 am
families is enormous. this is a national embarrassment and crisis. country honorably. who ha whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need cash. with home values rising all across the country, now's the time to use your valuable va home loan benefit. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by 600 dollars a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, now's the time to call newday usa.
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go to or call 1-855-newdayusa
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[ ding ] show me just add magic. hey toothless. [ ding ] [ gurgling ] [ ding ] show me cartoons on netflix. [ ding ] [ cooing ] [ door closes ] [ cooing ] ♪
8:25 am
[ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". >> eric: fox news alert on capitol hill where 9/11 survivors and first responders are joining lawmakers this morning as they introduce a new bill to reauthorize the 9/11 victim compensation fund because it is running out of money. former daily show host john stewart has been pushing congress to replenish that fund for years. he spoke with sandra about that push in the last hour of "america's newsroom." >> these are men and women who have suffered great illnesses because of their heroic work down on ground zero during 9/11 and during the months that passed and they deserve our attention. they've always answered the call for us and we need to answer the call for them.
8:26 am
>> eric: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on the hill with this very worthy cause. >> we expect to hear a lot about this on capitol hill. the concern is the 9/11 victim compensation fund is running low of cash. an appeal to replenish it and make it permanent. >> i know congress is great at fiscal responsibility as you can tell from the marble and gold rotunda we're standing in. in the larger scheme of things, this is not a lot of money. >> this is a bipartisan push in the senate led by new york democrat senator kirsten gillibrand and colorado republican senator cory gardner designed to insure the victim compensation fund is fully funded and will remain open for those that will become ill in the future. the issue is thousands of 9/11 first responders and survivors have become ill due to the
8:27 am
toxic cocktail of chemicals and other items burning at ground zero. if congress doesn't fix it, those people are facing dramatically reduced awards until congress acts. >> it can take our worst day, our worst week and worst month and worst 18 years since and come together and make congress's finest hour. they have a chance to be that guy. >> 18 years after the september 11th attacks there is a renewed call to never forget and that includes those who rushed to the scene and are still suffering. >> eric: we won't forget, michael. thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert brand-new reaction from house speaker nancy pelosi to president trump's national emergency on the southern border. nancy pelosi is expected to bring a bill to the house floor tomorrow to try to overturn that move by the president. listen to what she just said a few moments ago. >> mr. president, if you want to talk about emergencies, this
8:28 am
is an emergency. go to the house rules committee to put forth a resolution to overturn the president's declaration. >> sandra: nancy pelosi joining andrew cuomo to sign a red flag gun control bill. nancy pelosi just a few moments ago. >> eric: sandra, as we're told robert mueller's russia investigation is close to wrapping up. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff vows to see that those findings are made public. what will attorney general william barr do with the special counsel's report? we'll look into that as "america's newsroom" continues.
8:29 am
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>> eric: fox news alert as tensions escalate between washington and tehran. iran has successfully launched a cruise missile claiming they did it from a submarine for the first time. we're following this from our
8:32 am
middle east bureau. >> the iranians launched the cruise missile yesterday as part of their annual military drills. the test raising new tensions between the united states and iran. the test was significant. the cruise missile was launched for the first time from a submarine for this country. according to state media the test was successful and at least two other submarines have the same launching capability. during the military drills surface to air missiles were launched. a dozen vessels participated in the drills as the united states and israel warn iran against provocative action in the middle east. netanyahu discussed the growing threat of iran at his cabinet meetings. they've spoken at length over the past several months what officials see as aggressive action by iran primarily in syria. >> i have a clear message to
8:33 am
the iranian regime that wants to destroy israel. israel will continue to act as necessary in order to block iranian military entrenchment in syria. >> with military drills over the weekend and a continued presence of iranian troops in syria. they are afraid it could lead to military action in the future. >> they simply say no, we won't release the underlying evidence. what options do you have? >> well, we'll subpoena the report. we'll bring bob mueller in to testify before congress. we'll take to court if necessary. and in the end i think the department understands they are going to have to make this public. >> sandra: that's house intelligence committee adam schiff saying he is ready to take the department of justice to court in order to make the mueller report public. the special counsel is
8:34 am
expected to submit his report soon. we have a former assistant attorney general and professor of law at berkeley. tell us, should this be made public? should the american people be able to read and see the contents of this report? >> personally, i hope the report is made public as much as consistent with classification and grand jury information has to be removed. that's different than whether legally it has to be released to the public. i think congressman schiff can issue as many subpoenas as he likes but i think he is mistaken if he thinks he understands attorney general bill barr. he is put there to defend the institution of the justice department. the justice department doesn't have a legal obligation to release the mueller report in public. >> sandra: interesting. so adam schiff could subpoena
8:35 am
the justice department and say turn over the contents of this. does the justice department have an obligation to respond to him? >> no. there are two different kinds of law here. one are the regulations that actually created the special counsel in the first place. those regulations actually don't provide for the report to become public. instead mr. mueller has to give it to the attorney general. the attorney general decides how much of it to release if any. it's the attorney general who gives the report to congress. after all the controversy we've had with the justice department and james comey making things public when they should or shouldn't have been. more importantly is the constitution. under the constitution the executive branch has executive privilege that allows it to keep confidential materials related to law enforcement investigations. i don't think any court will want to step in the middle of the fight between congress and the justice department and force the department to hand
8:36 am
over prosecutorial materials. >> sandra: what would be the reasons for which william barr would not want to make this public in its entirety? >> one thing, i think the most important thing and it goes back to the comey problems, the justice department does not publicly disclose why it didn't prosecute people. that besmirchs the reputation of the alleged targets and unlikely to want to release witness information. what if they set a bad precedent and people won't cooperate with the justice department in the future? if congressman schiff is so confident in his abilities, he can always subpoena the same witnesses and hire his own investigators and bring them out to congress. why have the independent counsel do the job which properly lies in the hands of congress if schiff wants to know what happens he can conduct his own investigation and subpoena the same individuals. the mueller report, i think, will probably in the end be released in public but it's just a policy decision up to
8:37 am
mr. barr and ultimately the president. >> sandra: in the end, how much of this report do you think the public will actually get to see? >> i actually think a lot of it will become public. i expect there isn't any evidence yet of any conspiracy between trump and the russians to commit a violation of federal law. since the report more likely than not will clear president trump, i think the president and the attorney general have a great interest in releasing it as broadly as possible. >> sandra: it's a wait and see at this point what happens, when it happens. what we see, how much of it we see. your final thoughts to you as we're still in the wait and see mode, professor. >> i think the interesting thing is after the report comes out, the forum, the battlefield will shift to congress. i expect that congress will want to start some kind of impeachment investigation and go over the same ground that mr. mueller has gone over. so far it doesn't look like they'll find anything damaging
8:38 am
that mueller hasn't already found. >> sandra: we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> eric: did you see the oscars last night? memorable moments. the awards ceremony didn't have a host this year so it leaned on its presenters and a rocking performance by queen and adam lambert and lady gaga and bradley cooper wowed them by performing their song "shallow" from the movie "a star is born." it didn't take long for the whole show to get political. >> there is no host tonight. no popular movie category and mexico is not paying for the wall. [speaking spanish] >> the 2020 presidential election is around the corner. make the choice between love versus hate.
8:39 am
let's do the right thing. you know i had to get that in there. >> eric: president hit back with spike lee for that. the president be nice in spike lee could read his notes or not have to use notes at all when doing his racist hit on your president who has done more for african-american, lowest unemployment numbers in history, tax cuts, etc., than almost any other prez. the biggest moments, "green book" won best picture and best supporting actor. bohemian rhapsody winning four oscars and best actor, but perhaps the biggest upset of the night the favorites olivia coleman winning over gwen close.
8:40 am
seven nominations and she has yet to take an oscar home. what do they have against her? olivia coleman was spectacular. >> sandra: it goes a little late that show. i had to go to back to wake up for this. sounds like you know some of these movies. were you a fan? >> i can't believe when you see "green book." amazing film. >> sandra: what a show last night. okay. thank you, president trump gearing up for his second meeting with kim jong-un. so what progress, if any, will be made toward north korea's denuclearization. florida congressman yoho will be here in weigh in next. >> president trump has said it will take time. there may have to be another summit. we may not get everything done this week. we hope we'll make a substantial step along the way. so in this commercial we see two travelers
8:41 am
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>> sandra: the white house denying a charge made by the "washington post" this morning.
8:44 am
the post reporting that a staffer on donald trump's 2016 presidential campaign says he kissed her without her consent at a small gathering of supporters before a florida rally. an interaction she alleges in a new lawsuit still causes her anguish. sarah sanders, the press secretary, responding to the allegation saying, quote, this accusation is absurd on its face. this never happened and is directly contradicted by multiple highly-credible eyewitness accounts. >> do you think north korea remains a nuclear threat? >> yes, but the president said he doesn't. that's not what he said. >> he tweeted it no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. >> what he said was that the efforts that have been made in singapore, the commitment that chairman kim made have substantially taken down the risk to the american people. >> eric: >> eric: making it clear negotiations with north korea have led to a substantial step
8:45 am
toward denuclearization. minutes from now the president will be leaving the white house for hanoi with his second face-to-face meeting with the north korea dictator. congressman yoho, what is realistic and you would like to see to come out of this meeting? >> what i would like to see is moving forward with a clear definition of denuclearization is. right now there is not a clear definition of that. before you move forward i think you need to have that so that you can work towards that in that goal. i think it will build on the previous summit obviously with the four pillars making better relationships, economic development, bringing peace to the korean peninsula and then denuclearization once we define that and returning the prisoner of war and missing in action remains. these are the key corner stones of the four previous pillars.
8:46 am
>> the definition of denuclearization. to chairman kim that means troops out. to us it means he completely gives up his nuclear weapons and his programs. what do you think are the chances of kim jong-un doing that? >> eric, you're absolutely right. we need that definition. if we can't have the definition that all sides agree i don't know how to go further. the last thing we want is to go back to where we were where kim jong-un was threatening the annihilation to the united states. he said this is something we don't want to go back to. kim jong-un, the next play is in his hands and if he chooses wisely, you will see this prosperity that vietnam has seen and i think that's a great place to have the summit. >> eric: you think he would want that prosperity? here is a regime that his
8:47 am
father and grandfather brutally suppressed and killed and exploited and have imprisoned countless members of their citizens as well as others. do you think he really wants to move into the western style as opposed to just remaining in power? >> we'll find out. after this summit we'll see what happens. what you just brought up there has been three kims. the hierarchy of the lineage there for three generations and looked at as a deity. what kim jong-un has in his hand is to change the course of north korea for the better. keep in mind that vietnam, japan and germany, these are all countries we had war with. none of them have nuclear weapons yet they're our largest trading partners and something we hope kim jong-un looks at and says you know what? let's forego the nuclear weapons and work on economies and trade. i hope he sees that when he goes to vietnam. >> eric: before he even gets to
8:48 am
that potentially, there are those who say he has to open up his facilities to international inspectors. >> absolutely. >> eric: we don't know what he has completely because he hasn't made a list. >> no, you're absolutely right. there has to be that assurance that he is moving earnestly and sincerely forward but we have to verify. it goes back to what ronald reagan says, trust by verify. we can't go forward until we can verify what they're doing to proceed to the next level. the cards are in kim jong-un's hand as far as the next one he plays. if he chooses badly, the sanctions, our goal on the house foreign affairs committee is to make sure that we stand with these sanctions. we hold the administration accountable so that they don't repeat the mistakes of the last three administrations. >> eric: we'll see if kim has the ace or a joker. you think he would go this far they would get something out of it. we'll see what happens. >> let's hope it is not a joker. >> eric: thank you for your
8:49 am
insight as always. >> sandra: 11 minutes to the top of the hour. "outnumbered" is coming up. what is coming up? melissa and harris, good morning. >> as you know it is a very busy monday. the president is set to head to vietnam in less than a half hour from now for that high-stakes second summit with kim jong-un. some are saying they fear the president could make too many concessions to north korea. he said he can succeed where all others have failed. whether the north will give up their nukes. >> and the green new deal highlighting divisions among democrats. senator dianne feinstein scolding some child climate activists telling them the plan is not realistic and alexandria ocasio-cortez hitting back at the veteran lawmaker. how it plays out heading to 2020. >> the kids are like what happened? our man in the middle. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. eric and sandra, back to you. >> sandra: thank you. we'll see you shortly.
8:50 am
meanwhile, vice president mike pence the news continues. he is delivering remarks to the lima group in columbia. he arrived there this morning as he travels to south america to meet with opposition leader juan guaido. any news that we get we'll bring that to you. stay tuned. we'll be right back. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> eric: fox news alert. r. kelly has pled not guilty to 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. he is in court in chicago this morning accused of sexually abusing one woman and three underage girls over a span of 12 years. matt finn joins us live from the cook county courthouse in downtown chicago with the latest.
8:54 am
>> celebrity attorney michael avenatti claims he is representing one of the victims in the case and submitted a video to prosecutors which depicts kelly engaged with a 14-year-old girl and sexual acts with an underage girl. avenatti told us he believes these tapes are outrageous, illegal and leave no question as to r. kelly's alleged guilt. kelly refers to the victim's age in the newest tape. avenatti claims more witnesses have come forward in the case over the weekend. today in court a short while ago r. kelly's attorney entered a not guilty plea to all the 10 charges which are a felony here in illinois. each count carries three the seven years. he was brought in by deputies wearing the orange jumpsuits. quiet and emotionally only briefly answering yes or no questions to the judge. r. kelly has not posted bond since his hearing on saturday. his attorney says he cannot get
8:55 am
ahold of the $100,000 needed. his attorney suggested that maybe he would get ahold of a verified check today. now it looks like that might not happen. michael avenatti claiming he is representing one of the victims. now that a trial judge has been assigned to this case, the attorneys will start to share their evidence and perhaps r. kelly's defense attorneys will be able to see the alleged videos that avenatti claims he has. so far r. kelly's attorneys are disputing that they even exist. >> sandra: minutes from now president trump is set to leave the white house for another summit with north korea's kim jong-un. we'll have that for you live as soon as that happens. a few minutes from the top of the hour. stay with us. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> heather: the newsroom involved opening on a big moment in sports history when an underdog fighter, then known as cash is clay won his first world heavyweight boxing crown at just 22 years old. defeating sonny lifton on the state in 1964. clay, who later became muhammad ali, got a technical knockout. he was stripped of his title in 1967 after he cited religious reasons for defining his draft notice. all he won the heavyweight crown two more times, once against george foreman and the other during the rematch with leon sphinx, becoming the first fighter to ever win three titles. but he got his start at being the greatest of all time 55 years ago today. from our newsroom news vault, to this, a quick program note for you. mike coast, bill hemmer, will be joining us live from hanoi vietnam tomorrow to cover the two-day summit between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un on. so we look forward to that. he's making his way there now, and we will because like that
9:00 am
tomorrow. it'll be very exciting to have them on the ground there. great to have you here this morning. >> eric: a big week coming up. >> sandra: a big day, a big morning, a big week. thanks for joining us. we will see her tomorrow mornin morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: fox news alert on a busy monday, president trump taking on his critics and outlining his hopes for his second face-to-face meeting with north korean chairman kim jong un. the president set it apart the white house at any moment now, en route to a high-stakes summit in vietnam. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis -- host of cavity on the fox business network, kennedy herself. fox news contributor jessica tarlov jessica tarlov, joining us in the center seat, chris wilson is here. republican strategist and former poster for the ted cruz campaign. when i got all enthusiastic just then, you look like i had pronounced her name right! [laughter] >> kennedy: traditional position.


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