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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 25, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> melissa: wow! nerdy math socks. >> chris: i thought they were kind of cool. now they're nerdy? >> melissa: my son would love those. >> kennedy: you've got pascal on their quest to macspeech and she's a show off! thanks to chris wilson. we are back at noon eastern tomorrow. now, here's harris. >> harris: a busy hour ahead, the present now on his way to hanoi, vietnam. we are getting ready to another high-stakes summit. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. president trump on his way for that second sitdown with north korean leader kim jong un. departing aboard air force one, just moments ago. we showed you him boarding the plane life. the president, during a meeting with america's governors today, predicting tremendous success on the path toward denuclearizatio denuclearization. >> i think we will have very tremendous time. we want denuclearization, and i think he will have a country that will settle dominic set a lot of records for speed in terms of any company.
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i have a very good relationship with kim jong un. very good. we need all the help we can get. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts' life from hanoi, where the second summit is about to take place in days. john? >> harris, good morning to you from vietnam. as a president wings his way here to hanoi, there is concern that's being expressed by some officials in the white house, the state department, the department of defense, the treasury department, even the energy department about the direction that negotiations with north korea have been going ahead of this summit. according to a senior administration official who talked to fox news, there is concern that president trump's special envoy to north korea, stephen biegun, has been willing to offer too much in his talks with north korean officials. and that in the washington parlance, he's getting up too far over his skis. he is a businessman and former diplomat of the present appointed to set the table for
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the talks with north korea paid some big concerns, according to the official who spoke with fox news, denuclearization has become a negotiating point rather than the nonnegotiable promise that kim jong un made at last june's singapore summit. u.s. officials also don't want south korea engaging economically with north korea to any significant degree, and there are concerns about cultural exchanges between south and north korea that are being proposed. the sense is that north korea could be reaping rewards without taking any significant steps. according to the official, north korea is not negotiating to get an agreement. north korea is negotiating simply to extend its livelihood. the official adds that the united states does not want to make a deal just for the sake of making a deal, and that the white house state pentagon treasury, and energy department don't want to give something away for nothing. those are concern shared by democrats and o-uppercase-letter. here is ed markey from >> i think there's apprehension
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among president trump's own diplomats heading into the site. nothing is clear. we could run the risk that kim is giving concessions, which are not accompanied by real concessions that the united states is receiving in return from kim and his routine. >> the fact that senior initiation officials are saying this about the chief envoy to north korea, stephen biegun, just out of these talks, is significant. asked whether or not what he has been negotiating could affect what president trump is able to do at the talks, the official told me, "the president will do what he wants." but it may be, harris, that kim jong un comes into these talks thinking one thing only to find when he gets here that president trump has got something very different in mind. harris? >> harris: that has been a concern. is there an ongoing conversation already set that people might not feel comfortable with
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already customer hey, i want to get your texture for the story. i follow you on social media, and what i loved about the picture you put out this morning is that it really speaks -- and this is on john's twitter page. this is the hotel where you're staying. you say that kim jong un is staying at your hotel. that's a really big sign. i'm just wondering, what do local people think of this? >> [laughs] that's actually the sign that the cross the from our hotel. local folks are taking it in stride, but they really haven't clamped on the security just yet. but they have started to at our hotel, where the north korean delegation, including kim jong un, will take over the top six floors. there is a massive amount of security here. in fact, the three guys with automatic weapons who are posted on my floor were looking at us rather curiously the first few times we came out to do our live reporting. but we have gotten to know them now. [laughs] i think they are still wondering why these americans are leaving the room at 1:00 in the morning and then coming back in. as quickly as they are.
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but they are getting used to it. >> harris: it's a 12 hour difference, so we are appreciative of you coming out of the middle of the night. no matter how many may start you, they know you are working. john roberts, thank you. we look forward to your future reporting from the summit. i want to bring enough someone who knows the situation with north korea firsthand. retired lieutenant general david surged as chief of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance for united states air force. he used to sit alert in the f-15, defending the south korean peninsula against kim jong un's grandfather. great to have you, lieutenant general, on the program today. would you make of this second summit? with each of the expectations b? >> first, it's great to be here. we need to keep her on the ball with respect to what i would call the big rocks. in other words, those things that we would like to see agreements solidified on as this whole process moves forward toward complete
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denuclearization. so i think with the president is probably going to go after in some shape or form is, first, a formal agreement agreeing to the sensation on the part of the north koreans for actual nuclear weapons testing. and the testing of the delivery mechanisms, or their intercontinental ballistic missiles. >> harris: we've seen a secession in that. for a while. how would that be any different from what we already have? >> well, we haven't solidified that any formal agreement. it is true, it's been about 15 months since we saw the last icbm tests, or nuclear tests. but we need to get that down in print as evidence of the commitment to moving forward. >> harris: do you think they will do that? >> melissa: i think it's very possible. there are a couple others of the person ought to be going after, too. which they most likely are. that is the cessation of
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building nuclear weapons, following that, a determination -- the definition of what just what denuclearization means, which is then step forward in any kind of a road map that is being built to ultimately get to that objective. >> harris: i want to pause and stick right there. what is our definition of denuclearization? >> quite frankly, harris, i will leave that up to the diplomats and the president. but i believe, in the macro sense, it would mean that the north koreans need to destroy the current inventory of nuclear weapons that they have in a verifiable manner, and agree not to produce nuclear weapons in the future. >> harris: you have put it more straightforward than anyone i have asked that question of. now the question is, do they understand it? north korea, and with a degree to it? here's the secretary of state appearing to tamp down expectations out of the summit. let's watch. >> our objectives are clear, the
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mission is clear. president trump is also so this will take time. they may have to be another summit. we may not get everything done this week. we hope will make a substantial step along the way. >> harris: actually, that sounds realistic based on the information they just gave me. >> yes, ma'am. >> harris: part of the intro i gave everybody in terms you being new to the program is that you worked reconnaissance and surveillance. what do we know that north korea has? >> we know that they have an inventory of nuclear weapons. we don't know the exact number. >> harris: do we know where? >> [laughs] approximately, yes. let me just leave it at that. >> harris: i understand you can't share everything. >> well, no -- the fact of the matter is that, specific information is obviously sensitive and delicate. >> harris: understood. >> but we have a very robust surveillance and reconnaissance architecture in the
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united states that is designed to attract these kind of things. >> harris: that is helpful just in that general way to know, because the big question with other countries like iran has been how do we keep an eye on what they have if we don't know where they start? what we are talking about is that we probably have a good idea for the start. quickly, before he let you go -- in your notes you told my team that you don't know who to trust over there, necessarily, in the past they've done deals. they tend to renege on their agreements. her last thought? >> we have to be very careful and realistic. what's of the biggest concern to kim jong un this is regime staying in power. we are going to have to overcome is he believes literally his trump card are keeping nuclear weapons. so we need to convince him that it's in his best interest not to keep nuclear weapons. that's going to be the challenge for not just next meeting but the follow-up ones as well. >> harris: i know you said before, the best way to get there is to go forward with
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these talks. so we will all be purged to watch them together. lieutenant general, thank you very much. >> you bet. have a great day. we went to seven working on. i president pence's meeting in columbia after weekend clashes on the venice of the border turned daily. the trump administration -- nicolas maduro benjamin hall's love for us in london watching it. benjamin? >> hi, harris. they were remarkable scenes over the weekend. what we saw were forces loyal to maduro opening fire on aid workers who were trying to get food and medicine into that country, in to the starving people there. as you said, today vice president pence arrived in colombia to meet with the lima group. 13 other countries who have come together to try and find a peaceful solution to this crisis. he announced, as you say, tough new sanctions against the regime. as well as another million on
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top of what the u.s. has already given pretty: the people of venezuela to stand up to the regime, saying the tragic events of this past week and have only sealed the resolve of the u.s. to stand with you until liberty and democracy are restored. the interim president, quan guaido, has been recognized by other governments. he thanked them for their support and then declared maduro illegitimate. he also called on the international committee to consider all options. over the weekend, the u.s. backed efforts to deliver humanitarian aid from columbia and brazil ended in bloodshed with venice venezuelan bringing supplies before setting on fire. four people were killed, at least 300 wounded. over 100 members in the military have so far defected in a country where a 9 out of 10 people live in poverty, were 79% of hospital struggle with clean water, and where disease is now rice. there are over 400,000 cases of malaria as well
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as numerous other diseases and no medicine or very little medicine to treat it. in other news that we're just hearing, the u.s. have called on the u.n. security council to meet to discuss venezuela. i could easily provide a path moving forward by which to hold maduro to account in the future. harris? >> harris: thank you, benjamin hall, very much for the latest there. the pentagon will be deploying 1,000 additional u.s. troops to the southern border with mexico this week. that's according to a senior u.s. defense official. it will bring the total number to nearly 6,000 troops supporting homeland security teams at the border. meanwhile, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan went to the border of the week and as president progressed to allocate billions of dollars to building the wall. >> i will also vote the rules committee to put forward a resolution to overturn the president's declaration. this is not about politics. it's not about partisanship. it's about patriotism. it's about the constitution of
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the united states of america. [applause] >> harris: speaking of the wall, house speaker nancy pelosi today going after president trump's emergency declaration for border wall funding ahead of a vote expected in the house tomorrow to block the president. it is expected to seal through that chamber become dumb i could for some tough votes for republicans in santa. peter doocy watching it on the hill for us. peter cuesta mark >> harris, the speaker of the house alluded to it. the democratic-controlled house of representatives is preparing to flex their muscles for a separate but equal to try and stop president trevor building a border wall without their permission. >> this is an historic power grab. it will require historic unity by members of congress, republican or democrat, liberal and conservative. to counteract the president's parasitic movement. >> because congress meant castro's privilege resolution
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has 225 cosponsors, it will pass the house easily ahead from the senate were some republicans have expressed dismay about the emergency preclusion. which is a way of them doing something they couldn't do -- get some thing for the ball. he is now applying pressure in the near republicans that may resist emergency, saying, "i hope our great republican senators to get blood the path without borders can we do have a country. the voters on board with us. be strong and smart. don't fall into the trap of open borders and crime." only one republican lawmaker here has spent to try and keep people out. adam kinzinger, who flew surveillance flights for the national guard and said he agrees with the president. there is a national emergency. >> we found at one point a woman hunkered down in the desert because her coyotes who brought her over deserted her. because they wanted to get away. had she actually not been found
10:15 am
by us, i don't know she would have been able to find her way home. >> speaker pelosi said today that she thinks the real national emergency is gun violence in schools, so it sounds very unlikely that she will come around to the president's point of view. and agree with him that the real national emergency is down at the border by tomorrow's expected vote. harris? >> harris: well, you don't get more of a first-person perspective than a congressperson who has actually been deployed on the border. some very interesting details from adam kinzinger. peter doocy, thank you very muc much. celebrating america, president trump announcing an event to honor the united states on july 4th at our nation's capital. he tweeted this. "hold the date -- we will be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of washington, d.c., on july 4th. it will be called a salute to america and will be held at the lincoln memorial. a major fireworks display, entertainment, and an address by your favorite president -- me!"
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michael cohen is expected to testify on capitol hill this week. the former trump attorney already has admitted to lying to congress once before. he is in fact a criminal liar. should lawmaker's belief in this around? plus, we are possibly days or weeks away from seeing a final robert mueller report. democrats are already preparing for a potential legal battle over how much of it becomes public. stay with me. ♪ ways to lose stubborn belly fat: metal vibration therapy. ( ♪ ) (glass breaking) (gasp) not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment. (music blaring)
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recorders. fox news alert, a speculation mounts over when robert really will long-awaited report on possible trump campaign collusion with moscow. top house democrats are already saying they will do whatever it takes to make sure that report is made public. >> we will obviously subpoena the report. we will bring bob mueller into testify before congress. we'll take it to court if necessary. in the end, i hope the department understands that they are going to have to make this public. i think william barr both millie understand that, as well. if he were to try and withhold or bury any part of this report, that will be his legacy and it will be a tarnished legacy. i think there will be immense pressure not only on the department but on the attorney general to be forthcoming. >> harris: the special councils recommending no leniency, meanwhile, in the sentencing memo for former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. he pleaded guilty last year to
10:22 am
conspiracy against the united states. doug burns is here. former federal prosecutor. can we start with something that was kind of -- i don't know, on my mind during the noon hour of "outnumbered"? collusion is not a crime. so what with the crimes really be here? i don't mean to say that just to be annoying about it. but it's true. >> you're right, it's an antitrust term. it's not a crime in this context. it sounds like a political sent, but it's not. you've heard other experts and legal pundits say that ostensibly you have conspiracy to defraud the united states. if you can show hypothetically again that, for example, somebody in the campaign was directly involved in the hacking of emails -- we haven't seen that. again, a quick editorial, everybody talking about a report that nobody has read it. >> harris: right. so here is alan dershowitz, a legal mind like yourself, who says that -- you know, you can predict everything from the mueller report will eventually come out. he thinks we will see all of it. let us watch. >> let's be realistic -- in the end, everything will come up. there are no secrets.
10:23 am
in the end it all come out. in the end, as i've said from day one, it would have been so much better if we had a nonpartisan independent commission like they have in england and in israel. like we had after 9/11. getting to the whole truth and a nonpartisan way. >> harris: i don't want to put words in his mouth, but i think he also means by leaking. like it's all going to come out, it's not like it will come out in a notebook. >> let's go to the regulations themselves. that's important. you've heard people talk about them. in the federal code of regulations, it says that the report issued by the special counsel shall be confidential. it's right in there. that came out after the massive report released to the public so they decided to change it. it's now it's not good for the goose, good for the gander. everybody's tap dancing. what professor dershowitz means, of course. by the way, the attorney general doesn't take the report and say, "here you go, guys." the way it works he provides a summary of the report to congress. that's the way it all works. but what professor dershowitz is
10:24 am
saying that it ought to be leaked out. >> harris: you think it will be leaked? >> i'm not sure i agree 100% with the professor, who i have great respect for always. i think it's clear that bill barr will do the best he cannot provide a summary of what's in there. make no mistake about it, the sound bites will be flying like rockets. which is the only reason for this, because the doj has said in memos that he can't indict the president. the next one, you hear 20 times before brexit. it is because somebody's not being charged doesn't mean they didn't do it. just means you can't prove it. on and on. because it's political toxicity more than law. >> harris: i try not to hear that before breakfast. president former attorney michael cohen is set to testify privately before three committees this week. privately, senate intelligence tomorrow publicly before the house oversight on wednesday. privately before the house intel on thursday. here is the chairman of the third committee, adam schiff, previewing his own line of questioning.
10:25 am
>> false things before committee when he first appeared, and did they go beyond what he told us about moscow and trump tower? into other areas as well? i would have been aware of the false testimony that was given? what other light can he should know that he is cooperating on issues of obstruction of justice or collusion? what more could he tell us about the trump tower new york meeting? >> harris: where the democrats so thirsty to talk to a criminal lawyer? >> we are all familiar with a team down by six on their own, with four seconds left. the hail mary. this is a legal hail mary. can you imagine, talking about professor dershowitz he talks about the shoe on the other foot test. if the republicans brought in a witness like this, left and right with haughty derision, you would be hearing, "how can you bring in somebody has been convicted of lying to congress?" et cetera. i'm a purist, i'm a lawyer. just because somebody light doesn't mean they couldn't tell the truth. again, very surprising they would bring this witness in. >> harris: really quickly before i let go, and they moved
10:26 am
his present day because he said he had shoulder surgery that he needs to recover from preto gives them two more months and he kept rescheduling things as we were approaching march 6th. that'll be in may. why's that important? >> you me that he got the two months? >> harris: he's got more time to do what with? and it mitigate that prison sentence? >> that's a great question. ostensibly, yes. if you came up with some fallible information >> harris: and you thinking is that? i think his attorneys -- >> the last point i will make is that everybody makes it like man afford you and he are unwilling to cooperate. it could be that they are unable to. we don't know. people are depreciating the difference. he is unwilling to provide the information against president trump? no. he may be unable to. an open question. meaning he doesn't have it come it's not there. >> harris: interesting. if you don't say that you get a little bit more time. doug, great to see you. virginia's democratic lieutenant governor justin fairfax just sparked a new with explosive
10:27 am
comments about the sexual assault allegations against him. a live report on that. and, democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez just went after senator diane feinstein over her comments about the controversial green new deal. is this issue exposing a rift among democrats? i will ask the former dnc chairman, ed rendell, next. ♪
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10:32 am
those same hospices. and we stand here in a rushed adjustment with nothing but accusations and no facts. and we decide that we are willing to do the same thing. >> harris: wow. virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax shocked lawmakers with those comments, comparing himself to victims of lynchings in a super high speech yesterday. fairfax is in a fight to remain in office after he was accused of sexual assault by two women. garrett tenney's life for us with more on this. garrett? >> harris, the lieutenant governor repeatedly pointed to racial injustice in the state's history while addressing the allegations against him. on the final day of the state legislative session, fairfax urged lawmakers -- most of whom have called for his resignation -- to uphold the right to due process guaranteed by the 14th amendment. a rate that he knew ted was given to former slaves when it was established just after the civil war. he also compared the allegations against him to the fact-free
10:33 am
accusations which often lead to lynchings of african-americans in the jim crow era and warned lawmakers not to repeat history. >> we have to decide who we are, and i'm happy to be just one representative example of whether or not we are going to rise to the better angels of our nature or go back down a very dark political road where 50 years ago, had figures been pointed to me in the exact same way, will be a very different outcome. >> at the end of has roughly five minute speech, lawmakers sat in with the ap describes as an awkward silence. afterwards, one republican called fairfax's closing comments comparing himself to lynching victims disgusting. however, several members of legislative black caucus said they did not take any issue with his remarks and that their own constituents have also expressed concerns that fairfax is being treated unfairly because of his race. fairfax has turned down an invitation to testify at a legislative hearing with his accusers, and state democrats are also against the g.o.p.
10:34 am
organized hearing. on friday, attorneys for one of the accusers -- meredith watson -- slammed that decision saying, "apparently the house democratic caucus believes that courageous victims of rape need to be heard, just not by then." the effort is prokaryote dumb encourages. some of these welcome, but action is needed." see democrats say it should be done by law enforcement and political body should stay out of it. >> harris: we're just a couple of days from hearing the accusers, and the lieutenant governor doesn't want to show? >> he said it be a political source of humorous to kent. but at this point it's unclear whether or not -- >> harris: but it's already political circus. >> it up so he has been, especially with the governor and attorney general still refusing to resign, as well, over there black face scandals. >> harris: garrett tenney, thank you very much. senate republicans are reportedly looking to force democrats to vote on the controversial green new deal as early as this week.
10:35 am
democratic senator dianne feinstein was caught on camera sparring with schoolkids after they demanded she support the green new deal. watch. >> you know it's interesting about this group? i have been doing this for 30 years. i know what i'm doing. you come in here, and you say, "it has to be my way or the highway." i don't respond to that. i know what i'm doing. so, you know, maybe people should listen a little bit. >> harris: boy, that's tough. they are little, right? congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez hit back. watch. >> it's gotten worse. so i don't think that working on an issue for 30 years alone is what qualifies -- is what makes someone qualified to solve an issue. >> harris: that's tough come also as a preshe just went after dianne feinstein.
10:36 am
ed rendell, former dnc chairman and former pennsylvania governor, great to see you today. how do you navigate forward with this policy in hand with alexandria ocasio-cortez and dianne feinstein on opposite sides? >> i think it's up to the leaders, leader schumer and leader durbin. if this motion is brought to the floor, told a vote of the green new deal. to stand up and say, "look, we moved to table this. we think that the issue of climate change is real, time is running out, we got to do something about it." but right now we want to examine all of our options. look, the aspirations of the green new deal are excellent. we all would like to see some of those things achieved. but they can't be achieved in the timelines of the green new deal sets, nor would they be affordable by the country at this point. so we can't vote for that, because we've got to be
10:37 am
responsible in what we say to her. we should only tell them we can achieve something that we really can achieve. on the other hand, we should force the republicans to start considering what to do about climate change now. not two or three years down the road. now. >> harris: is there a split in your party customer give their problem? because how speaker pelosi called the green new deal a suggestion. in fact, she called it a green dream at one point. senator dick durbin was laughing at it. what the heck is this? how do you bring those people together going forth of any sort of deal? by the become of the green party had a green new deal. this isn't the first time we've seen this sort of thing. >> no. i think it's incumbent upon us as democrats to look for solutions, but solutions that can be achieved. we cannot tell people that we can do, b, and see when we know we can't do it. we don't have enough time to achieve them. we have to be real. you've got to say to people like
10:38 am
aoc or other young newly-elected people who've got dreams and aspirations -- >> harris: senator markey don't tell mike help to read it. i do know his age >> anybody does things that are aspirational and have good goals -- look, we understand you. we understand your frustration. we are going to get there and get there in a way that can be achieved. >> harris: is the pressure to do that before 2020? because this seems to be heating up. when you see dianne feinstein in that position with those little kids, that movement, when you see her pressing back like that and an answer back on instagram -- this starts to get to be the news rather than the actual policy. last words, quickly? >> absolutely. we will win the 2020 2020 ellio keep make tariffs. >> harris: he drops the truth. thank you very much. i appreciate your time.
10:39 am
the stocks on wall street's are today after president trump delayed a hikes on u.s. tariffs on china that was such a kick in on friday. the president tweeted of the two countries are making "substantial progress in trade talks." ryan is live in london, london for us. >> good afternoon. president trump's decision to hold off on imposing more tariffs on chinese good is just what they wanted to hear. not just in the united states, stocks right around the world rose. no more so than in hong kong, where the hang seng index -- that's the equivalent of the dow there -- rose more than 5%. stock markets rose elsewhere, including here in the u.k. though i have to say it was a bit more muted. a lot going on in the world right now. the reality is that some investors anticipated this coming, so it was to a certain extent priced in. words do all begin? added ball for president trump, talked about the progress made in talks over the weekend saying
10:40 am
the two sides had made headway in areas. this is really important, the protection of intellectual property and technology transfer. the u.s. once trying to crack down on theft of american ip and stop forcing american companies to share their technology as a condition of doing business in china. before he headed out for vietnam today, president trump also said he hoped to host chinese president xi in florida to conclude the deal. that is, of course, he added, if negotiators continue to make progress. he said that is not certain. president trump has not postponed what would have doubled tariffs on more than $200 billion with the chinese goods. more than half of the goods that come from china and the united states. the chinese, of course, would have almost certain he replied in kind, raising the prospect of a much more acute trade war. president trump also said the u.s. made progress on gaining more favorable conditions for
10:41 am
american businesses exporting into china. so, investors say, bottom line, they are very happy with what they saw, what they've seen over the last 24 hours. that said, they say the devil is in the details and the details right now -- well, there are not that many of them. back to you. >> harris: we will report them and they happen. thank you very much very much. one makers under to replenish the competition fun for 9/11 for sue bonder and survivors , which is nearly cash free. they need cash. getting some heavy weights liberty support. that's next. ♪ home letsveterans buy a home with no down payment. in fact every day, my team helps veterans buy a home without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. go to, or call 1-844-998-2100. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars or more a month in rent, newday's operation home can help you buy a home for what you're paying in rent. and you don't need a down payment or one dollar out of pocket for closing costs.
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>> harris: a father and son serving our nation side-by-side. command sergeant major michael kirby and his son, specialist kyle kirby, and the two are both members of arizona's national guard have been deployed to afghanistan in the same unit. dad says he can't wait to get started.
10:46 am
>> this is my fifth to put me, it's his first. we are fortunate to be in the same unit now. i know mom is pretty excited about that. we have a lot of soldiers that are doing a good job. everybody's really excited to do a gravity. bring everybody home safely. >> harris: thank you to that father and son prayed although serving over there, for their service. survivors and first responders of the september 11th attacks are converging on washington today, joining former daily show host jon stewart in support of a new senate bill that would ensure the 9/11 victims fun never runs out of money. the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. it's hard to believe they are at the point now where they need this much help, but they do. >> harris, good afternoon too. the 9/11 victim compensation fund is running low on cash. here's part of the pitch to replenish and make it permanent. >> these are men and women who have suffered great illnesses
10:47 am
because of their heroic rift, down on ground zero. during. during the annual event during the months that passed. and they deserve our attention. they have also if the call for us and we need to answer the call for them. >> the bill provides competition for people who were injured, sicken, or killed as a result of the attacks of recovery efforts. legislation at mike extent the fund expire next year to 2090. also fully pays multiple claims that may been previously reduced due to insufficient funding. a first responder told fox today that it is personal. >> and passion because people are sick and dying. a bit to 181 funerals. the pain, the struggle, the fight israel. when this went into effect, the conversation is now, "go put gas in the car or do i put food on the table? do i keep a roof over my head or
10:48 am
do i pay the utilities?" this is real. new york city mayor will de blasio tweeted today that should be an easy call from a unanimous vote. "if you say you never forget september 11th, then you must bow to give our 9/11 first responders and survivors and the money they were promised. this effort is bipartisan and the push on capitol hill is under way." harris? >> harris: mike, thank you very much. the state attorney's office to set the whole news conference, we have learned, afternoon and good patriots owner bob kraft was implicated in a prostitution sting. more information as we get. trump summit two-point oh -- what to expect with this i could sit on with north korea's dictator. the power panel slides in and we are talking politics. ♪ after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
10:49 am
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>> hi, everyone. i'm in for dana perino. we are waiting at 2:00 p.m. news conference out of florida on the human trafficking ring run out of massage parlors. patriots owner robert kraft said to be one of over 100 men who paid for acts down there. could he be arrested and see jail time customer will the nfl do? we will discuss all of that on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: president trump leaving for vietnam just a short time ago. he saw his plane live as he boarded air force one, and he's
10:53 am
set to meet kim jong un for a second summit. both leaders expressing optimism, but some democrats are warning the president could get played. time now for the power panel. lawrence is a former deputy assistant secretary for public affairs, at dhs. david served as a foreign policy advisor to the obama campaign. i will start with you. just where the president is. i had a lieutenant general on earlier who led the air force, and he said the part of the world was recon. and it was interesting to hear his take on how far we could get with the second summit. >> yeah, i don't have high hopes for the second summit. president trump tries to oversell these meetings and have high hopes for what's going to happen and talk them up, but in reality, these summits -- there's not going to be a lot coming out of it unless we have some really concrete time frames for denuclearization and
10:54 am
verifications from international inspectors. all of these things we saw in the first summit and didn't really make any progress on. so there is fear that this doesn't go anywhere because you're not going to have denuclearization for it is not to be an immediate claim for success from president trump. i think we ought to be ready for that. that's not to say there hasn't been some progress with this administration engaging with north korea. there has been a decreased attention within the region, and they should be recognized. however, if these summits are going to continue, we really have to stop and think about what success looks like, what are those steps they need to commit to come if you denuclearize, and why we need denuclearization in the region. >> harris: david, lieutenant general was saying that they want to get it in writing now, the stop on the ballistic missiles, because that's what would carry the nukes. i know you are grinning right now because she did some of the work for you. >> i have to say, i agree with lauren. her comments are very insightful. every time one of these summits happens, the goals for each side should be to come away with
10:55 am
something. the thing is that kim jong un always comes away with something because he gets to sit next to the president of the united states and have a photo op with the president of the united states. that helps normalize and legitimize him. in the first summit, we also got something. trump deserve some credit because there was a general agreement as to denuclearization. in this summit, trump has to advance the ball forward. he has to get something else for the united states. what i think that should be is a timeline for real steps toward denuclearization. the aerial photographs and intelligence suggest that north korea has not moved toward duty creation. so what trump needs to secure is a real concrete step toward that. that's the big question going into the summit. >> harris: the hope at this point is that we can all get on the same page about denuclearization, and lieutenant general made a very straightforward about what we need to do. we will cover the news as it happens. good to see you both, thank you
10:56 am
very much. at any moment the florida state attorney's office will hold a news conference on robert kraft. stay close. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst.
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>> harris: president trump aboard air force one on his way to hanoi, vietnam, for a second summit with north korea. fox news alert. a major new development taking place in florida where new england patriots owner robert kraft and dozens others face charge of visiting prostitution. hello, everyone. i'm molly line and this is "the daily briefing." president trump heading to vietnam for his second summit with kim jong unlooking to bridge the nuclear gap with the


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