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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: president trump aboard air force one on his way to hanoi, vietnam, for a second summit with north korea. fox news alert. a major new development taking place in florida where new england patriots owner robert kraft and dozens others face charge of visiting prostitution. hello, everyone. i'm molly line and this is "the daily briefing." president trump heading to vietnam for his second summit with kim jong unlooking to bridge the nuclear gap with the
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korean deictator. >> i think we'll have a tremendous time. we want denuclearization. we'll have a country that will set a lot of records in terms of speed in terms of economy. >> molly: john roberts is live from hanoi joining us as the president embarks to the other side of the world. john? >> reporter: good morning, molly, from vietnam. good afternoon to you there in new york city. president trump is aboard air force one winging his way here at the same time kim jong-un is making a 3 1/2 day journey through a chinese country side. 2500 miles to get to china sraoe yet new mexico border upon which he will travel by car the remaining 105 miles to vietnam. as the two prepare to meet, new concerns being made by american officials about the direction talks leading up to this summit have been going.
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according to a senior administration official who spoke with fox news, there is concern that the white house, the state department, treasury department and energy department, that president trump's special envoy to north korea has been willing to offer too much in his talks with north korean officials. he is a businessman, former diplomat, who the president appointed to set the table for talk. some of the big concerning, according to the official, denuclearization has been a negotiating point rather than the nonnegotiating promise kim made. u.s. officials do not want south korea engaging economically with north korea. and there are concerns about promised cultural changes between south and north korea. north korea's been offered a lot, these american officials feel, without having to give up anything. according to the official, north korea is not negotiating to get an agreement. north agreement is negotiating to extend its livelihood.
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the official adds the u.s. does not want to make a deal just to make a deal and the u.s. does not want to give away something for nothing. those concerns aside, president trump is optimistic about moving the ball down the field later on this week. here he is at the governors association dinner last night. >> we've given up nothing. we have a special feeling and i think it's going to lead to something very good. maybe not. ultimately, it will. but maybe not. i'm not pushing for speed, but we're not removing the sanctions. and we're going to have, i think, a very interesting 2 1/2 days in vietnam. >> reporter: there's concern that while north korea has stopped testing its weapons, it hasn't taken concrete steps toward dismantling its nuclear program, other than to close a couple facilities it didn't need anyways. in light of what i have been told about the concerns of the state department, dod, treasury and energy, it's unclear how the
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president is going to approach the talks with kim jong-un on thursday here in vietnam. it may be that he take back some of the tariff that his chief negotiators extended to north korea in recent weeks. >> molly: we will see. lots to talk ab there. we'll see you, john, reporting on this summit. let's bring in ab stoddard. there's a lot of talk about just what exactly could potentially come out of this, something concrete. what america could do to feel like this was worth while. a win for the administration. what do you think that would be? what would be a win coming back from that summit? >> well, the original summit ended with broad goals for denuclearization. and within a couple of months,
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we were already in sort of cross hairs with north korea, a trip by secretary of state pompeo was cancelled. the north koreans made it clear they didn't want to deal with mike pompeo, just with the president. all of the experts say they have not taken proper steps to nonnuclearize. gina haspel said they would not be spaoefrbed as intended to give up their nuclear weapons. the missile defense report that came out of our own pentagon in january calls north korea, in terms of its capability to reach us with missiles, an extraordinary threat. so there cannot be a third summit unless the president gets some kind of timetable with certainty on the definition of denuclearization from chairman kim. we don't know what he's going to
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call it. he's been very clear that he's not asking so much more denuclearization, he's just happy there's been a pause in testing. he's said that several times. i'm not in a rush. i just don't want testing. so he's lowered the threshold for concession. not only does chairman kim win when he has a summit with the u.s. president, something hayes own family saw for decades, but -- >> molly: meaning the north koreans have already won this just by the president flying there. >> also the russians and chinese, they eased trade restrictions on the north koreans, so that helps the north korean economy. so it really needs to be a step towards actual arms reduction and we'll have to wait to see what comes out of the talks. >> as the president is overseas, things are very, very busy in washington, d.c. there's a whole slate of things on the plate this week. one of the big things to watch is the house is voting to
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terminate the president's efforts as far as a national emergency is declared. they want to roll that back. potentially the president said he'd be happy to veto if things go through. there are few republicans that have signed on for this. susan colin, lisa murkowski. tend to be rather an independent voice among republicans. what does this mean as far as wind of calling republicans out, making them put a foot down as far as where they stand on this emergency declaration. >> this is a very tough vote for republicans, molly. not on conservatives in safe red districts who have always pledged their allegiance to the constitution. the small government, powers of our checks and balances in our constitution, congress's article i mandated power over the purse. this is a tough vote for them. all the members in swing districts where they're vulnerable next year. they don't want to be on the record setting this precedent.
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>> molly: what if the president does end up putting that veto forth? >> i think he is going to veto. i don't think congress will have a supermajority vote against him and i think he will lose in lower courts. but the way that the law is written, it likely survives. the law was written to broadly that he is likely to prevail in the supreme court and it is likely to survive a constitutional challenge. so that sets up a question for republicans going forward. is this something a democratic could use to set law from 1976 is so per missive in this front. that's the debate going on behind khroeed doors. i do think you'll see enough republican likes susan collins, if they just need four torque get to 51, to reject it in the senate, then it will face a veto, then it moves on and he ultimately prevails. >> molly: the other thing to watch is michael cohen testifying behind closed doors.
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it will be a fascinating week, even as the president's overseas. thank you. >> thank you. >> molly: fox news alert. vice president mike pence heading home after meeting with columbia's president in bogota. as the human tear crisis boils over after a weekend of violence. protesters clashing with venezuelan troops. they are blocking desperately needed food and medicine from entering the country. benjamin hall is love in london with more. benjamin. >> reporter: hi, molly. there were quite markable scenes in weekend. there >> reporter: forces loyal from madura holding back aid worker, opening fire on aid workers who were trying to bring in much needed food and medicine to the starving people of venezuela. today vice president pence flew to columbia to meet with the foreign ministers of 13 other country looking to find a solution to this growing crisis.
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he announced tough new sanctions against government members and called on the people of venezuela to stand up to the regime, saying the tragic events of this past weekend have only steeled the resolve of the u.s. to stand with you. he also announced another $56 million in aid on top of the $139 million that the u.s. had already given. the interim president, juan guaido, who has been recognized by the u.s. and 50 other governments, thanked vice president pence and president trump for their support and declared maduro's election illegitimate. he also called on the international community to consider all options. over the weekend the u.s. backed effort to deliver aid from columbia to brazil ended in blood shed with venezuelan forces firing on those bringing in supply. four people were killed. 300 wounded. over 100 members of the military have so far defected, but largely they are still standing
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with maduro. this despite the fact that country where nine of ten people live in poverty, where 79% of hospitals struggle with clean water and where disease is rife. there are set to be 400 cases of malaria. it is getting worse and there is no medicine to treat it. the u.s. has requested the u.s. security council come together soon to talk about a solution to venezuela. surely that might be another avenue forward to deal with this crisis. remember, you had russia, china, iran, cuba standing alongside venezuela. it is likely some of them would use their veto power. at the moment, something has to give. >> molly: so many people caught in the cross fire. jonathan hall, thank you for the update. fox news alert. we are awaiting a news conference from florida, where officials are expected to detail the prostitution charges. actually, it's just getting started. let's listen.
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>> -- and the possible good. on friday, february 22nd, the jupiter police department gave us case filing packets stemming from their prostitution sting. after review by our intake prosecutors, we are charging 25 individuals are soliciting another to commit prostitution. pursuant to section 796.072f and 5a1 of the statute. this is punishable up to one year in jail and $5,000 in fine, 100 hours of community service and a class on the dangers of prostitution and hue trafficking. we all expect to receive filing packets for the two women who have been arrested by the jupiter police department for, among other things, deriving support from the proceeds of
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prostitution, which is a second degree felony. all the defendants are presumed innocent at this point. the charges begin the court process with local defendants being mailed a summons to appear in court. out of county defendants will have essentially a low level warrant. they'll have to either surrender or have an attorney contact law enforcement to satisfy the warrant. the office will publicly release court dates for those receiving a summons. the names of all the defendants will be released. they have been released. names of all defendants have been released by the jupiter police department. i'd like to thank the men and women of the jupiter police department for their professionalism and diligence in investigating these cases. it's our on going partnership with law enforcement that helps keep our community safe. you can tell a lot about our community by the way it treats
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its most vulnerable individuals, and that includes victims of human trafficking which is modern day slavery. human trafficking is a business of stealing someone's freedom for profit. including -- it could happen anywhere, including in the peaceful community of jupiter, florida. in 2017 our office joined with the palm beach county sheriff's office and fbi to help start a human trafficking task force. we are pleased with our progress, but we realize there's a lot more to do. these dayses aren't about any one defendant or group of defendants. the larger picture, which we must all confront, is the cold reality that many prostitutes in cases like this are themselves victims. often lured into this country with promises of a better life, only to live and work in a
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sweatshop or brothel performing sex acts for strangers. human trafficking is built on force, fraud or coercion. it is evil in our midst. it is also fueled by the demand side, demands from otherwise law awiding citizens who are not aware or don't want to be aware about those being exploited. human trafficking often occurs in plain sight, which is why i'm hopeful that these case will encourage people to say something if they see something and for victims of this under reported cry to gain the courage to let their voices be heard. with that, i'd like to take any questions you may have. >> please identify yourself. [ inaudible question ]
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>> no, if they are local redents, meaning if they live in palm beach county, they will receive a summons in the mail. like a ticket, notice to appear in court. that court date can be found through the clerk's office. if they are from out of the county, they're subject to a low level warrant. that one, they would either have to surrender to the authorities or they could have an attorney reach out and satisfy the warrant. there is no requirement. [ inaudible question ] >> the matters are still being investigated. i don't want to get too much into the details of the case.
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this is a pending matter. so far there have been no charges of hue flavinitrafficki any of these cases. that could change depending on what the investigators find. >> usually the cases are months long. they last a while. [ inaudible ] how do you find a compromise between monitoring and making sure you are getting everyone charged but knowing these women are out there. >> right. those are questions for the investigators, the police. the jupiter police engaged in a multimonth investigation and then they turned over the filing packets to our office for
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prosecution. i think the question would be more geared toward the investigators. they're very professional and i think they did an outstanding job. there's always a concern about continuing to gather evidence and stepping in and stopping it. that's a question for the investigators. >> where are the women working in this brothel? and do you think state law is sufficient to deal with this situation? >> i would think when we tighten the laws against human trafficking. florida law is very strong against human trafficking. it is a cursory felony, for most cases of adult trafficking. when it comes to child human trafficking, it is a life felony. if there's force involved, adult human trafficking would potentially become a life felony. our punishments are severe. but there's a high burden of
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proof. you need to reach that burden of proof. that's the question, which is why these investigations can take some time. one thing i will mention about florida law, florida law is very progressive. if victims of human trafficking will speak up, they're eligible to have their records expunged including arrest for prosecution. they need to speak up. at the federal level, human trafficking victims are allowed for a visa that could allow them to stay in the country. it's only for victims of human trafficking. the key is to get the victims to speak up. i know the investigators have been talking with them. you have to go get details from the jupiter police department. >> florida has a new law that protects victims of crime from having their information revealed. is there any way that the johns here are considered victims?
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>> no, no. martha's law defends victims of crime. >> these documents you just handed out would put robert kraft on the championship morning. >> the documents speak with themselves. we will hand them out. because the jupiter police department identified the names in advance and you all have the names, we decided to, in the interest of transparency allow you to have though documents. they speak for themselves. >> money, power, connections, people believe robert kraft will be treated any differently than these other 24 men? >> i can assure your aur office treats everyone the same. whether you have a lot of money or are you are indigent. we treat all defendants the same. no one gets any special justice
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in palm beach county. >> do you expect more arrests to come from other similar businesses within palm beach county? >> it's hard to say because the investigators are the jupiter police. then you have the martin county. then you have vero beach. it's hard to say if there are more arrests based on their investigation. i was asked early today about rumors about bigger fish. i said that would be news to me. it's hard for me to talk abreu mores, especially false ones. [ inaudible question ] >> no, there are two cases there. there are two counts. correc correct. >> what was it about the fact,
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what is the most he did in this case? >> well, all the cases are being charged as misdemeanors under the tougher statute. the reason that was made, that statute has a mandatory 100 hours of community service. mandatory $5,000 fine. mandatory class on the dangers of prostitution and human trafficking. not to mention a potential for an increased jail sentence from 60 days to a year. >> multiple homes here and up in massachusetts, would he be given a summons? >> there was a question whether or not mr. kraft lived here in palm beach county. i believe we decided it was a summons, so he does have a residence here. he will be receiving a summons. the question is when you get a summons in the mail, generally do not get a mug shot. that's up to the police department. it's not up to us. it's up to the local law
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enforcement. have we all right sent that summons? the attorney hasn't provided the summons. [ inaudible question ] >> are you happen with the way it's being handled? >> law enforcement has been very helpful. they've steeped this away from any defendants to the evils of human trafficking. it's about time the country has a real conversation about human trafficking which is modern day slavery. this is not about lonely old men or victimless crimes. this is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and sex. >> aren't there a lot more who visit the parlor? >> those are the ones charged by the jupiter police department. when i talk about human
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trafficking, i'm talking about the general subject of human trafficking, the larger picture. there's no allegation that any of the defendants were involved with human trafficking. they are not being charged with such. instead of talking about a particular defendant, i'd like to make the conversation broader because it's something we need to have reality check on what's going on out there when it comes to forced labor and forced sexual conduct. our prosecutors have been involved in this for some time. it's hard to i have been aware of it for awhile. i have been involved in fighting human trafficking for awhile, so nothing surprises me. i give a lot of speeches. i'm on the attorney general state wide traffic force for human trafficking, so when this came across my desk, i was not surprised. i'm not surprised about the defendants. defendants in these matters come from every soerbio economic group. it's just the reality of the times we live in. >> what do you think needs to be
11:25 am
done on the supply side of this, in order to stop the problem of human trafficking? >> that's a good question. what should be done to stop human trafficking? the laws are in place. i think we need to do better in encouraging victims to speak up. victims don't know there are services available to them. they don't know they could get their criminal records expunged or obtain a special visa to remain in this country. if we would treat victims as victims and not criminals, i think that we would gain the trust of more individuals to speak up on these matters. right now, lot of them come from countrys where the police are not their friends. so they need to know that we're here to help them and treat them as the victims that they are. [ inaudible question ] >> it's being offered almost in plain sight.
11:26 am
>> our traffic force works with law enforcement to root out human trafficking, whether at the storefront or on the internet. lot of it occurs on the internet. facebook is a popular site used by human trafficking to recruit and groom potential victims. so we're working with them on a daily basis. there's a high burden of proof. we prosecutors can only file cases that reach the level of burden of proof that we can reach beyond a reasonable doubt. we hope some can make a big enough splash to send a message to the rest of the country. our human trafficking task force works with the fbi and the department of homeland security. >> are the victims cooperating? >> that's up to the investigators. i can't say much on the status of that. >> what's the threshold for
11:27 am
being charged? >> we can charge based on probable cause. is it more probable than not that a crime has occurred? our standard is higher. for prosecutors to charge we have to have a good faith belief that we can get a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. that's why sometime you will see police will charge in some case and we will decide not the file. that's why we're having this press conference. we made a decision that enough evidence exists to file charges in all 25 of these cases. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't understand how someone could be targeted. you look at all the defendants in this matter. they come from all walks of life. there's rich, poor. there's young and old. i don't believe anyone was targeted for whom they are.
11:28 am
>> if the women are considered victims, does the video expect show that? does the video of the victim affect your view? >> it shouldn't. the individuals involved, we're working with them. i can't speak more about it on the victims. it should not affect our ability to use video ultimately if we need to in court. video evidence is always very powerful in a court of law. you also have the testimony of some of the victims. i know that in many cases like this, there are language barriers and there are interpreters needed. there's also a trust factor that must be gained. we're working all those things. how about this?
11:29 am
let's take care of this. >> can you plead to a lesser charge? >> there are diversions available. just because a mandatory penalty is up to a year in jail doesn't mean someone will get that. first time offenders are very unlikely to get significant jail time. depends on the plea, depending on the background, depending on the conduct, these are all considerations that come into play. >> your office is open to a lesser charge? >> we don't talk about the status. that goes into too much detail that i can talk about at this tim time. [ inaudible question ] >> that would be for the jupiter police department. i say in cases like this, i talk in generalities because i can't speak to the specific evidence. i can't talk about where they
11:30 am
came from or how we broke this case. let's just say that in cases like this, it is not uncommon for women to be lured into this country with the promise of a better life, hard paying job, only to be stuck in squalor. >> can you talk about robert kraft? you're issuing him a summons. does that mean he is here? >> so it's a summons so he does not have to make a public court appearance. >> so he can send an attorney? >> correct. >> one or two charges? >> two charges. [ inaudible question ] >> how important is corroboration? if it goes to trial, their testimony, obviously, could be helpful. if there's video evidence, that also is very powerful evidence.
11:31 am
i don't want to talk specifically to the evidence. in general, video, i would expect is important for any trial. >> palm beach county -- [ inaudible question ]. >> that was two administrations ago. >> i understand. [ inaudible question ] >> florida voters passed into our constitution martha's law which is a victim's bill of rights. we've already had a training session for our prosecutors and we are adhering to the law. as someone who campaigned for marcy's law, it's important for all of us. we must let the victims' voices be heard. [ inaudible question ] >> correct. correct. it also depends on the judge and the court, whether they make an
11:32 am
arrangement. but that would be largely out of our hand. the judge imposes the sentence. if there's a plea, we have a lot more to say in it. it's all speculation at this point. it's still early. [ inaudible question ] >> al and i work on a task force. when it comes to drug treatment center, we're also disappointed that the inspections that occurred were just to see if the fire extinguishers were working. maybe that's something we should do down here. maybe there should be increased scrutiny. there are 320 million americans and there are about 800,000 law
11:33 am
enforcement officers, so it's up to all of us to be the ice and ears to protect against human trafficking. because a lot of this stuff occurs in plain sight. like nail salon worker ho is living in the back room and who is not allowed to handle money and is afraid to look at you in the eye. maybe we'll have a better understanding of what human trafficking is and isn't. >> last question, please. [ inaudible question ] >> it meant that there were two different occurrences in which he's being charged. it's just what it is. instead of one charge, there are two. there's two counts. so he faces two separate counts. he has to satisfy though counts with a plea and move on from there. it could. it could.
11:34 am
take one more. all right. thank you all very much. thank you. >> molly: all right. the press conference there in florida just beginning to wrap up. just a few details about the human trafficking ring. the bust there. number of people arrested. very serious crimes that have been charged. joining me now is rick leventhal. chance to listen to this. what strikes you as you listen to this? >> we have been told initially that there were as many as 200 people involved in this sting and that we might learn more names, which we did not. they did say the investigation is on going. when they asked the state attorney about whether there was a bigger fish, he said it would be news to me. so we don't know whether that's the case. we do know bob kraft is among those who was arrested. he's obvious notorious and very famous, as the owner of the new england patriots who won six
11:35 am
super bowls. he's a guy worth $6.6 billion, according to estimates, and was caught by police on surveillance footage from inside a massage parlor paying for sex. a guy who went there two days in a row, molly, january 19 and january 20. january 20 was the day the patriots played the kansas city chiefs in the afc championship game in kansas city. he was, according to the authorities, in this massage parlor at 10 a.m. that night he was in kansas city celebrating the patriots win over the chiefs. >> molly: patriots, won the most recent super bowl. seem they function just well on the field. but there's fascinating detective work also revealed. >> the massage parlor was watching. when these men would leave, they would do traffic stops.
11:36 am
they'd pull over the vehicle the men were in and then get their identification but not tell them why they were being pulled over, that they were being pulled over in connection with this human trafbing ring. they'd pull them over. they pulled over kraeut's white bentley, according to court documents, and got his driver's license. so he will, in fact, be charged it sounds like two counts of solicitation of prosecution, first degree misdemeanor which could carry up to a year in jail. now, it's not likely with a first offender. i want to read you the nfl's statement on this. the nfl has weighed in. sed our personal conduct policy applies equally to everyone in the nfl. we will handle this in the same way we would issue any conduct under the policy. we will take appropriate action as warranted based on the facts. of course, robert kraft, his
11:37 am
spokes person released a statement after his name popped up in connection with this investigation. the spokes person said we categorically deny that mr. kraft engaged in any illegal activity because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further. one other note here, molly. bob kraft did not let this get in the way of his good times because we know he went to l.a. over the weekend. he was there for some preoscar parties. tmz sports got some video of him celebrating at one of those parties. you see him, i guess, exiting that party. we all have seen images of bob kraft landing in boston today with tom brady an giselle. exchanging hugs then heading off. he spent a weekend in l.a. and he's back in boston. now he has or will be mailed it sounds like, a summons for this prostitution charge. >> molly: they determined he has a residence down there in the area how it changes how you might be affected by this. an attorney might be handling
11:38 am
the majority of this for him. the question is, will he have to attend an educational class? >> sounds like he will be facing at least 60 days behind bars. he could negotiate that down. i'm sure your legal guest will weigh in on that. he also will have to take a class and may have to do 100 hours of community service. one other name that popped up was john havens, former chief financial officer of citi group. he is also among those 25 that were caught. we will find out in the coming days and weeks. >> molly: we do have a legal guest, former associate independent counsel in the whitewater investigation. fascinating to watch this unfold. we got a few more details there. palm beach county state attorneys office, david aronberg said this is modern day slavery.
11:39 am
and that this is noted about one defendant. but certainly that robert kraft was caught in this police investigation, that has drawn attention to this. what sort of repercussions are there for mr. kraft and the other men the attorney's office was talking about today? >> as your prior guest mentioned, for each count i think it carries 60 days in prison and he'll have excellent lawyers presumably that could get some kind of deal where he'd have something short of a prison sentence. so the police officer's focus on the bigger issue here, which is the extent to which this is a sex trafficking scheme, that is people, girls brought from other countries, sort of conned into coming to the united states, losing their passports, living in inhumane conditions. that's extraordinarily disturbing. and if mr. kraft's arrest draws attention to that because of his fame and fortune, then i think the system of justice has done its job, at least for now. >> molly: one of the other
11:40 am
fascinating things we have seen, just the amount of police work that goes into this. they ask if -- reporters on the scene asked if the women were cooperating, some of the women who were involved were cooperating. they talked about how investigators are working with those women. in this particular case there's an enormous amount of surveillance that was done. as reporter rick leventhal talked about, there were also traffic stops to get i.d.'s from these men. do they have enough evidence for this not to be swept away in do they need the actual cooperation of these women? >> if they have the video evidence, there's no better evidence than that. what a misdemeanor means, you can't go to jail for more than under a year. felony is something you go for under a year. misdemeanor is a lot smaller. in terms of the implications there. my guess is this kind of evidence would put anybody in jeopardy, but as we indicated
11:41 am
earlier, got a big fish with a lot of money. his liability, his reputation arguably tarnished, but let's hope to the extent to which this has been going on for a long time, this sting is gonna unravel some things that are really unacceptable as a matter of basic human rights in the united states. >> molly: david aronberg talked about the women being pulled into this. being brought here an living as modern day slave. he all talked about this being fueled by the demand side. you talked about the attention this was getting as far as these big arrests. is that the ultimate take away here? this is the wrong thing to do? people need to be educated about this. but there's a far greater human toll than whatever personal desire you may have in the moment? >> yeah. it's very much below the radar. we think about human trafficking happening in other parts of the world. asia perhaps, parts of europe, but it does happen in the united states. i lived for a year in oklahoma.
11:42 am
traffic stops or stops along the highway, girls were trafficked because i knew prosecutors there. there's been exposes around washington, d.c. where i live. block from the white house, young girls trafficked from their high schools and basically once they get into one of these rings, they can't get out. for children, that is a tremendous tragedy. of course, for these people that don't have the resources, they don't have the lobbying money, they don't have the access to actually draw attention to this problem which sounds like mr. kraft's situation could. the ebbing ten to which that creates some incentive for government and for citizens to focus their attentions on this. i think everyone would agree it's just not something anyone's comfortable with in the united states. especially when you're talking about under age girls. these are our own children, and that's not okay. >> molly: we're talking a lot ab those victims today and in recent days in the wake of this unfolding. kim wehlen, we appreciate it.
11:43 am
i also want to thank rick leventhal for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> molly: we'll be right back. we're oscar mayer deli fresh and you may know us from...
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>> molly: r&b star r. kelly in court today entering not guilty pleas to all ten counts of criminal sexual abuse against him involving four alleged victims. three minor. a judge set his bail at $1 million. matt finn joins us from chicago. matt? >> reporter: he's been unable to come up with the $100,000 to bail himself out. r. kelly's attorney said he thinks today is the day the $100,000 will surface. we're kind of on an r. kelly stand by so see if he's able to
11:48 am
bail himself out of court. he was wearing an orange department of corrections jump suit. deputies brought him in. he was relatively quiet. he looked distraught. he answered yes and no questions to the judge. one of the attorneys representing one of the victims claims he has turned over two videos to prosecutors that depict r. kelly in sexual acts with an under age girl. one video he allegedly talks about the girl being 14. r. kelly's attorneys said they have not seen the tape. here is one of the women speaking out against the singer. and his attorney. >> we're going to look at the evidence. when we've seen the evidence, we're going to make a determination how we should proceed. at this point in time, i have no reason to believe that there is any type. >> very happy and excited because i was star struck. now that i'm an adult, i feel hurt by what he did to me when i
11:49 am
was only 16 years old and under the force of alcohol and marijuana, which was provided to me at this after party. >> reporter: cook county state's attorney said one tape does exist. r. kelly's attorney said the singer doesn't force anyone into sex that is not consensual because he is, quote, a rock star. >> molly: matt finn. thank you. a virginia democratic lieutenant governor under fire for a pair of sexual assault allegations against him. and now taking heat for comments that he made before the state senate after republicans announced hearings into the allegations. fairfax compares his situation to that of lynching victims. this as both fair fax accusers have indicated a willingness to testify. garrett tenney is in washington with the latest on this. >> reporter: molly, this was on the final day of virginia's legislative session. the lieutenant governor addressed sexual assault allegations against him and the
11:50 am
widespread calls for his resignation. he compared himself to african-americans during the jim crow era who were lynched based on accusations alone without any evidence. fairfax is calling for an independent investigation which he says will prove his innocence. on sunday, he warned lawmakers not to repeat history by not giving him due process. >> if we go backwards and we rush to judgment and we allow for political lynchings without any due process, any facts, any evidence being heard, i think we do a disservice to this very body in which we all serve. >> reporter: fairfax five minute speech comes days after his two accusers say they were willing to testify at a public hearing that state republicans announced plans for. the lieutenant governor said he will not participate in the hearings, calling them a political circus. democrats on the state and national level are all taking issue with the hearings and, like fairfax, want law enforcement to handle any
11:51 am
investigation. >> i have a concern in the context of having a part-time state legislature conducting the hearings. i have been unequivocal in making sure that when allegations of this nature are made, that they are investigated. i don't think virginia house of delegates and the senate are the right place to investigate. >> reporter: right now no hearings have been scheduled at this point. the attorneys for vanessa tyson are moving ahead with a possible criminal complaint in boston where the alleged assault occurred in 2004. >> molly: garrett tenney, thank you. president trump is on his way to vietnam. what both saoeuides want to get of this second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. brea. it has protein, plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best.
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11:56 am
moment, and we hope to make real progress on that this week. >> molly: mike pompeo on this week's second trump/kim summit. president trump departing for vietnam and his sitdown with kim jong-un. kim making his way there via a 2,000-mile train ride through china. joining me now the director at the woodrow wilson international center for scholars. thank you so much for joining us today, as this historic summit is about to get under way. we just heard from the secretary of state, mike pompeo. there's been talk with north korea. the president eluded to this in a recent tweet, saying his country could fast become one of the great economic powers anywhere in the world. so it seems that the great carrot that we're holding out there for north korea is this economic prosperity. will that be enough for north korea to make changes when there have been a lot of analysts who argue they're not going to give up their nuclear weapons because
11:57 am
they see that as vital to their security? >> i think kim jong-un will try to hold on to his nuclear weapons as long as he can. that does not mean he doesn't want or need a change in that relationship with the united states so that he doesn't -- he definitely wants and needs a change in his economy. remember that despite the fact that the divisions that we see, i don't think owe pyongyang is one of the poorest cities. they are going without heat in what is a cold and brutal winter. they don't have electricity. he knows if he wants to lead this country for decades to come, he's got to find a way to lift the crippling sanctions and put the country on a better track. the the question is, is it time now? is this the right time? certainly repairing that relationship with the united states is the first step toward a better path economically so the united states is using that incentive to try to convince him
11:58 am
to make that big change. >> molly: and part of this, the president also kind of has the personality, of course. these two men will be meeting one on one. seems the president has implied a certain amount of warmth there. there's a door that's been open. the president's either been villified or praised for this. how much does personality play in when these gentlemen meet behind the scenes? >> these are both men with big egos and also men who want to leave a legacy behind and have that big dramatic moment, so we will see some drama. i do think that's the first step. dealing with the north koreans. i dealt with them myself. we do have to go straight to the top. what we saw last june was starting this negotiating process with the leaders. what we didn't see was the hard work that the people beneath them have to put into this process in order for it to be a success.
11:59 am
thankfully this time it had both negotiating teams on the ground since last week putting in those long hours to map out what's going to happen in these meetings. so hopefully what we'll see is something far more detailed than what we saw last june. >> molly: one other thing's been fascinating to me. kim jong-un is traveling by armored train, making this journey expected to take upwards of 60 hours instead of flying. there's some because they say he doesn't want to use a chinese plane again and he wants to do it his way. your thoughts on just his manner of travel. there he is waving as he departs. >> we don't know what prompted the reason to take the train. train travel is among the propaganda among the kim to have led north korea. you go to pyongyang you go to mausoleum -- >> molly: we have to say
12:00 pm
good-bye. we thank you for joining us. here's trace gallagher. there ar >> 9/11 first responders are sick and dying. live look at capitol hill where members of both parties teaming up to end once and for all what john stewart called a national embarrassment. >> they always answered the call for us. we need to answer the calm for them. >> those facte affected by 9/11. >> president trump on his way to second summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un. the president now says he's not in a rush to get kim to give up his nukes. after vladimir putin warned another cuban


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