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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> we will be back tomorrow, so that is a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. >> oh it's sean hannity. >> sean: you don't keep track of my schedule? >> just keep watching the monitor for a minute. we are broadcasting live from hanoi, we are in vietnam. it's 9:00 a.m. in the morning, 9:00 p.m. in the nation's capital, 12 hour time difference. kim jong un just a short time ago arrived in traffic on the streets of hanoi was awful. so i leave my hotel. 7:15 a.m. in the morning here. probably a 15 minute drive. after literally 40 minutes not moving, -- we are not making
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this up. i hopped on a scooter and it was interesting and chaotic. take a look. and by the way, we were riding on the sidewalk. of course, we will be here all week ahead of president trump second critical hopefully historic summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. the parasite to negotiate a total complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula after kim jong un arrived by train. but we will have more on that historic meeting and a lot of details. we begin the betting all this week and next.
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later we have a mini monologue on the double standard between the treatment of just a small il people. but we begin tonight with an important hannity watch on the far left radical democratic party. we are featuring and beginning with the 29-year-old socialist from new york who is both revered and feared inside her own party. a few weeks ago, congresswoman alexandria, oh because eyal cortez called for an end to all fossil fuels, and even cows. free health care, free child care, free vacations, free paid leave, free higher education, free free, free free. but now she is taking her insane views even a step further and actually questioning whether it is okay for we the american
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people to keep having children all because of climate change. according to a causey a her, tl end anyway. >> there is scientific consensus that children will be very difficult and it does leave i think young people to have a legitimate question. is it okay to still have children? >> sitting u.s. member of congress, a powerful member of our government questioning whether or not it is okay for you, me, or the american people. she wants to nationalize all health care business and doesn't understand why she still needs a massive base of future taxpayers if she wants to fund this insane new green deal fantasy of hers.
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led by a former director of the congressional office, up to 93 trillion. that $63 per year over ten years for additional taxes over each and every single american household. but she and kamala harris say cost shouldn't matter. but that's why the green new deal has been mocked and criticized by anyone that is thinking, but that doesn't concern a causey of cortez because she is the boss. she says so. >> it's creating all of this conversation why? because no one else had even tried, because no one else had even tried. it's unrealistic, vague, doesn't
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address this little minute thin thing. it's like, you try, you do it. because you are not. so until you do it, i'm the bus boss. >> all a right, the sitting u.. congresswoman declaring, she's the boss. she understands that her boss is you. what's really scary is how many prominent democrats and their friends in the haight trump media mob are lining up to support her in a radical socialist views. over the weekend, the so-called paper and record of america. the climate change has now put our fisheries at risks.
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risk. it's a crisis they say, and the only solution is full on american socialism. government control of every aspect of your life. the antithesis of freedom and liberty in our constitutional republic. after all, that worked out so great in venezuela, cuba, north korea and the soviet union. now it's not just the far left wackos in the media, this is influential democrats all across america that are supporting this. including members of both houses and congress, nearly 80 democratic lawmakers backing this bill. even bozo o'rourke fax the bill and that's not all. almost all the democratic presidential candidates they are on board including spartacus, cory booker, kirsten gillibrand, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, kamala harris.
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that's right, the current front runner. they back this $93 trillion destruction of wealth and the american dream. that brings us to the hannity watch on the 2020 radical democratic candidates. tonight though we begin with kamala harris supports. preventing americans from eating red meat, and be rebuilt and renovated with maximum energy efficiency. guaranteed housing, retirement, all in ten years.
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93 chill of of them. >> there is no question we have to be practical. and that they are threatening the air and the planet, that's practical. no country on the face of earth has created more wealth, more opportunity, more prosperity for anybody in the free world. we have increased the world's wealth because of our democratic
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republic. take a look. >> we need to have medicare for all. who of us has not had that situation where you cannot wait for approval? and they say i don't know if your insurance will cover this? let's eliminate that. >> they think about starting from scratch. >> education is a fundamental right. they guarantee that right. >> no tax rate is so high, confiscation, redistribution, statism and socialism, redistribution, we would all make her a government and powerful.
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get ready because that's any other prominent who will vilify success, risk/reward, capitalism, while making millions of dollars. let's look at ferment socialist, her friend bernie sanders. three houses, looked like mansions to me, make more than a million dollars. sanders has it been outspoken advocate for government climate change policies. he just loves riding around on a private jet. what about carbon emissions? one clinton campaign official, i saw it on the campaign trail just like our ward. his royal majesty king bernie sanders would only deign to leave his plush d.c.
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office or his brand-new second home on the lake if he was flown around on a cushy private jet like a billionaire. like the clintons. $42,000 in private flights. and while demanding that you, me and the american people, let's recap what the 2020 democrats are pushing for here. someone is existing the border walls torn down. they want to kill off private insurance, 187 million of us americans will be affected and impacted because they want medicare for all. but that's your only choice. and of the oil and gas industry, it would be for the first time that we have achieved energy independence all 70 years and it's going to be so many tens and tens of hundreds of thousands of jobs once we get
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the two and that makes us independent on the world freer and we are not dependent on countries. when you die even another bite of the apple, so we have warren and senator kamala harris that are even now supporting reparations and they want free health care, free health care, free vacations, free higher education aiding in college. free help the government food, again. does this sound realistic to you? in the real world, nothing is free. democrats want to increase government power on what is an extreme and very dangerous amount. they want more of your money, more control over your personal decisions. a massive regulation of your business, and they think we the
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people are stupid, helpless and uneducated. they will look at your hard-earned money more than you ever could. then you hear commentary like this from geniuses like bill marr. take a look. >> there are two americas, and it looks like one is where all the cool jobs are, and we have orchestras and theater districts and world-class shopping. we have chefs like wolfgang puc puck. they have chef boyardee. [laughs] >> our roofs have solar panels, those have last year's christmas lights. the flyover states have become passed over to states and that's where red state voters are so pistol off. they don't hate us, they want to be honest. >> sean: didn't he give like a million dollars?
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and the people who live here are really like. by the way, bernie sanders and bill marr can bring in all the homeless they want to their homes. it's the reason why they are so quick to report obvious hate crime hoaxes that put the president, his supporters in a negative light, totally ignoring real examples of trump supporters getting attacked. and she has three eyewitnesses. earlier, another individual was assaulted because he was wearing a mega hat mag a hat. the person that is triggered is charged with assault and batter battery.
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all of that and more coming up. and we are going to talk about, this week democrats are going to put michael cohen on three committees? that would denuclearize the entire korean peninsula. with, a long way by the way in just a short period of time. two years, 2017, president prp took the reins from obama. situation in asia, a global catastrophe in the making. kim jong un threatening to blow up guam and shooting one vessel over another over japan threatening to attack the continental united states and its allies on a daily basis. you probably won't hear this but the the presidents peace through strength policies have been overwhelmingly successful. the president deployed multiple aircraft's and strike routes to the sanction. the missiles haven't been fired
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in like 15 months, the threats have stopped. kim jong un has them back at the discussing denuclearization. we got the remains from the korean war, and of course, the presidents are giving nothing in return to them. in the united states on the presidents former attorney, they do that when the president is in vietnam about something significant. i thought they said invision piece. denuclearization frankly is a sick, ugly, psychotic example of hate trump derangement syndrome. by the way, don't forget, michael cohen, he's going to jail for three years. on tax fraud. for more hearings, three of the
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them, that will once and for all coming to an end. joining us now in vietnam, fox news contributor at dan bongino. former clinton pollster mark penn. thanks for making the long journey. 24 hours from wheels up to wheels down. >> i still can't get over the scooter thing. >> we were not moving. >> it reminds me of the secret service because everything is like hurry up and wait. >> i've been here with dan hartman all week, this is not a small fraction of the
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democratic party, this is a huge fraction. you know what bothers me about it? what bothers me about the lake house, he rails against people. i'm a capitalist. >> knock yourself out. get a private jet. or the kids call them pjs, knock it out. just stop wanting everyone else about it. cost doesn't matter. >> you put -- 93 trillion. >> people can't even grasp that number. you put a key number in that prompter. who's got that kind of money laying around? that's extraordinary. >> sean: and how did -- how did plan and save money workout? you were a pollster for the clinton clintons. the era of the big government and welfare as we know it, that
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came from their candidate. this is not the party of bill clinton. >> i think as a moderate democrat, and really firmly in the center, what's happening today is alarming. i have a poll coming out tomorrow in which people are asked, do you think the democratic party is mostly socialist and mostly capitalist and 57% said, mostly socialist. it's alarming what's happening to the image of the democratic party. the new green deal is may be a new red deal. >> sean: it's not alarming at all, it's great. i think ocasio-cortez is -- the problem is, we are talking about 100 plus democrat supporting this stuff. and most of the 2020 -- >> that's right and i'm totally surprised by that because you know if you look through the deal, it calls for the end of aircraft and air travel, private
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or not. a complete reorganization. and who would run trillions of dollars in programs? there is so much in there, i think climate change is a real perspective. >> i'm looking at all of this and they are not going to listen to mark, they are not going to listen to doug shown. this is their base, they want to win the nomination and they have to do all this hard left. and they mean it. >> this was -- he got smoked, bill clinton came in. >> and then he adjusted.
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>> and again, i'm not defending clinton. he understood that to maintain power, this was not going to work. those costs are real. i saw a study about the land it would take for her solar panel plan, it would be the entire landmass of california and texa texas. >> you know, as i look at this, you are party has really been co-opted, and you know, bill clinton lost 60 seats and has first midterm and eight senate and 52 house seats. obama lost 63 63 house seats ad six senate seats.
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and we've been through several cycles where the republicans had a lot and people like romney would get the nominations. but i agree with you, these issues are not really going to be in the mainstream for donald trump but they will be surprising. >> they will be a good nominee. don't worry about it. you will see in the bronx primary that she's not the leader of the party yet. >> if this stuff keeps up, could be a great nominee for the republicans. >> that's sad. they weren't patting themselves on the back, but ocasio-cortez last night and hollywood liberals were taking shots at
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the president. we will tell you how the president responded in a mini monologue coming up next. also more on my day in vietnam. this is true, i would not be here but for that motorcycle. or vespa. or what do you call these things? scooters. bill's back needed a afvacation from his vacation. an amusement park... so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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[ cooing ] [ door closes ] [ cooing ] ♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". >> sean: last night hollywood a-list gathering of narcissists for their annual congratulatory award show in los angeles, all the oscars were surprisingly less politicals in recent years. it still included a few shots of the border wall and then there is the director, pretty angry. spike lee couldn't help himself but bring up 2020. >> the 2,020 presidential election is around the corner. [cheers and applause] let's all mobilize, let's all be
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on the right side of history. make the moral choice between love versus hate. let's do the right thing. >> sean: is endorsing president trump. the president responded, it would be nice if the league could read his notes or better yet not have to use notes at all in doing his racist hit on your president. the lowest unemployment numbers in history, tax cuts and almost any other president, that's what records are. ask yourself, why is it that hollywood was consumed so much, just like in media? anti-trump hatred and vitriol. because remember they all claim to be about compassion and helping those in need. when they like to see the denuclearization of the korean peninsula? the president is doing that and creating jobs and opportunity, creating records for hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace and record
6:29 pm
unemployment. look at this, remember alice marie johnson? her sentence was commuted. just last month, the first beneficiary of his prison reform bill matthew charles was released after spending decades in prison. the previous president made the promise but never delivered on the promise. remember barack obama and hollywood fawning over him? he never had a record unemployment like this. he added 13 more american to 000000 americans. immigration, affecting our country, and conservative originals as promised, moving the embassy to jerusalem and putting an end to the ridiculous insane iranian deal and dumping $150 million to the mullah's of
6:30 pm
orion. and even negotiating better nato deals. by the way of hollywood's, and like in the ocasio-cortez smollett case. and, he exposes himself as a liar. take a look. that's the evidence, the facts and the witnesses. there is a lot more evidence that hasn't been presented that yet. and that does not support the
6:31 pm
version. and that's definitely his version of what happened. >> , the evidence of the police are revealing appears overwhelming at this point. that ignored actual incidents as we covered last week, over recruiting, and three i went doesn't eyewitnesses from the get-go.
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[bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> sean: no arrest in the case case, where's the outrage? we have larry elder, and really, we won't even raise the question. in these other instances. >> no kidding. a couple of points, number one, the story from the get-go was an individual when it was minus 30 degrees in chicago was running around attacking someone
6:33 pm
wearing a hat. you can't write a check to the people that you are stating it with. and it wasn't really a crime to begin with. to your point, there should be further outrage about what's going on in the right. it really is when it includes them, . , if i asked you for the list, we would go down right now from memory. >> may i? i think, all the offensive and
6:34 pm
outrageous things, and that made them feel uncomfortable. that compared to christopher columbus offing native american native americans. trent thought praised strom thurmond on his 100th birthday, and, they apologized to them. >> gotten away with it. >> listen to larry's list. >> is anyone shocked? i was somewhat pleased at the
6:35 pm
level, from folks who are generally pretty wild and their comments. i think they are actually a lot of great movies coming up this year. i wish they would stick to talking about their art, there is plenty of opportunity, maybe the less respecting they are get for the actual products they put out. >> are all of the spike lee sour grapes, green book was an amazing movie. my 95-year-old friend of my mom, i asked her to go to that movie and she said no. she said i don't need to see it,
6:36 pm
i loved it. and for spike lee to be upset that he didn't win, sour grapes. petulance. >> sean: good to see you both. that mind is like a memory chip for both of you. so why are we in handling? why are we -- already criticizing it. shocking and exposing a double standard. in an update, jorge ramos is in a scary situation. that's the best coverage of the summit straight ahead. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here.
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's >> sean: it's a fox news alert as we continue to reporting tonight from hanoi, vietnam. george ramos and six others detained at the venezuela -- after the interview with the venezuelan dictator nicolas maduro. reports say he didn't like the line of questioning so he ended the interview, confiscated the equipment and had ramos and his other colleagues arrested. thankfully the group was released but we will continue to monitor this disturbing story. i have to tell you, i don't agree with jorge on a lot of issues, he's an american. more on the trump-kim summit coming up later this week that has yet to take place but, they hate trump media mob is ready. criticizing the president. >> justice she was meeting with kim jong un, she has two private meetings and one public
6:42 pm
testimony what could we see the president give away? >> be frank. that's good press after that. >> did the president say he loved to kim jong un? love and kisses? >> i don't know. it's unreal. >> out president tweeted "today china trade deal and more in advanced stages, relationship between the two countries is very strong. i therefore agree to delay the u.s. tariff hikes. here now with the reaction in vietnam, fox news and chief national correspondent daniel hoffman. how many years and the cia? >> a lot. the thing is, every everything we do.
6:43 pm
you scare the out of everybody. >> so you were making fun of my scooter trip. >> i want to make a confession. i was here during the drama and, i was thinking this was my big break. so when you got here, i was glad to see you but not that glad. but i'm kidding. >> three hearings this week with michael cohen. really this week, when you think of all that was at stake. and serious opportunity for a lasting peace and more safety for the world, that's how sick these people are. >> let me take a look at that from the optic of kim jong un. when you look at the challenges
6:44 pm
he's facing domestically, he sees that: cohen will be testig this week. >> >> sean: these democrats don't care about him. but putting that aside, the former attorney of the president, 1 of hundreds, this is what they are doing this week. >> that politics stopped at the water's edge. meaning that presidents, democrats, republicans could develop that in peace. this morning, he fired off this letter with all kinds of conditions about what could happen here in hanoi. but we have to move towards denuclearization and we need to specific steps. but when did democrats write a letter to barack obama over eight years? the problem got worse and worse but here's the bottom line. here in hanoi, president obama
6:45 pm
could do a number of things but also could come up with an agreement that has an end to the korean war. also, might move closer to denuclearization and move away from nuclear conflict. >> and the shot of a real benefit trade deal from the american farmers and workers and everybody else, watching all this. i'm like, this is all pathological, to the point where you can't give a week for the president abroad in asia in vietnam to negotiate a peace without the trump russian narrative with no evidence. >> i think hopefully the china narrative will overtake that a little bit. the president has negotiated a trade deal with china and remember 90% of north korea's trade is with china. it's also important as we seek to put pressure on north korea and china. >> a year or so ago, how many critics of this president said he will never get a deal with
6:46 pm
china? and a year and a half ago they said, fire and fury. >> sean: if he cured cancer, and -- i'm glad you made it tonight. >> sean: by the way, shifty out of shift, biggest liar in congress. he doesn't want to come on our show and we will tell you're the reason we come back. and there is a scooter here in a while trip, and i wouldn't have gotten here in time.
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>> sean: a deep state spokesman, and frankly the biggest liar in congress adam schiff appeared on bill marr is this weekend, where we asked why he didn't appear on fox news, specifically why he didn't appear on the show? and by the way, bill, thank you. >> did you get invited on fox news? >> yes i do. and i go from time to time. >> how does he invite you on? >> he invites me a lot. you know, i used to go. >> that's who needs to hear your message. i thought you weren't invited? >> i am invited. >> i thought you liked me? >> i do. but i like america, too. >> you have to get in the bubble. you know, congressman adam schiff, an hour. mano a mano. let's go. and i will point out all the
6:52 pm
lies and propaganda you've been pushing for two years. join us now, monica crowley and sara carter. let's start with you. i think you could probably name as quickly as i can all the filed stories that he's pushed. >> he's pushed so many false stories, and there's been so much happening on the hill. and now he's in a panic because he knows that the mueller report will come out and he's trying to prepare for that, because he knows it's not what he needs. so it's like we throw the rule of law at the window because his target is president trump, no matter what. he keeps pushing this false narrative that there was collusion or conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia and now he is desperate. so this is once again, look. i think bill martin did a good thing. he should come on your show and talk about these facts and known facts with you, to everyone. he shouldn't just put himself in a bubble away from the whole
6:53 pm
entire country. if he wants to get his point across he can come here. and if he truly believes that, if he truly believes what he's saying, he will come on your show. and if he doesn't, he won't show up. >> i'm offering him an hour, one on one. my favorite tape is him getting hoaxed by a guys that he thinks are from russia. and he is colluding with them on tape believing it's real about, do you have any bad information on trump? the irony, colluding to hurt trump. he got suckered and it's a huge embarrassment. the media protects him, of course. >> while of course, and the left is so brilliant at project to projection. they are so good of the kissing donald trump and his team on the left of what they are guilty of doing. bill marr is 100% right. he came on fox news, he should sit with you for an hour but he will not leave his safe space on
6:54 pm
that show and other networks because he doesn't want to risk having tough questions asked of him which he will be forced to answer. nor does he want the entire false russian collusion narrative exposed. they have got to keep this going through the 2020 election and beyond. i do think the president will be reelected. so once the russian collusion thing falls apart, they will turn to something else and he's already indicating he will look at the trump administration, financial transactions, it will never stop. >> sean: the last word? >> i think what we need to look for, the mueller report will come out and whether or not the attorney general makes it public is up to him. the important thing is, the attorney general look at all the referrals that -- criminal referrals that will be sent from congress to the doj. so many are coming and people will be held responsible, sean. >> sean: thank you both.
6:55 pm
when we come back -- i can make fun of myself. a wild ride to this location. we would not have gotten here without me going on that scooter. i will show you the whole thing, straight ahead. life? introducing the new 2019 ford edge st. capability meets power. in the first suv from the ford performance team. the new 2019 ford edge st
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>> sean: live in vietnam for the historic summit this week. everybody on my staff, crew, they are all laughing at this. i figure i will share it. it takes courage to do this. my commute to the set. we might not have made it unless a lot out of a car and did this. take a look. >> [traffic noise]. >> the only way to travel. this is it. oi oise -- otherwise we would not make the show. >> sean: that's our commute. we left at 7:15 a.m. here, 10 p.m. in d.c. aside kim jong-un arrived, traffic was insane. it was a stand still over 45
7:00 pm
minutes. we go plan-b. i hop on the scooter with somebody. we just went on the sidewalk and we got here on time. we will be here for this historic week all week from vietnam. laura ingraham is standing by. >> laura: i am laughing so hard my ear rings are falling off. can we call that a mobed? >> sean: no, they are scooters. >> laura: you look adorable and freshes. -- precious. you got all of the intersections do down. you should be in a helicopter saying hanoi heavy


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