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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 25, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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old days but we don't have that anymore. >> tucker: [laughs] mark steyn, great to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: will be back tomorrow, that is a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. live from new york -- rather come alive from vietnam, its sean hannity. >> sean: you don't keep track of my schedule? i'd recap of your schedule. wait until you see what just happened. keep watching the monster for a minute. yes, we are broadcasting live from hanoi, we are in vietnam. it is currently 9:00 a.m. in the morning, of course, 9:00 p.m. in the nation's capital, 12 hour time difference. kim jong un just a short time ago arrived and traffic on the streets of hanoi was awful. so i leave my hotel. oh, 7:15 a.m. in the morning here. only 15 minute drive. after literally 40 minutes not moving, we are getting nervous about getting on the air. we are not making this up.
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plan b, i hopped on a scooter, with some other staff of mine. needless to say, it was interesting, chaotic, and kind of fun. take a look. and by the way, we were riding on the sidewalk. we will show the full footage of this all coming up. i know you don't want to miss it. of course, we will be here all week ahead of president trump's second critical hopefully historic summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. the pair are set to negotiate a total, complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula after kim jong un arrived by train. following an arduous three and a half day voyage. can't simply buy this guy a plane? we'll have more on this historic meeting, and why the media is not telling everything you need to know. also, we begin with the vetting, all this week and next, of the
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extreme 2020 democratic candidates as we examine the radical views tonight of kamala harris, the senator from california. later, we have a mini monologue in the double standard between treatment of jussie smollett versus justice kavanaugh versus the covington case. but we begin tonight with an important "hannity watch" on the far left radical democratic party. and the dangers of socialism. we are once again featuring an beginning with a 29 euros socialist from new york who is both revered and feared inside her own party. a few weeks ago, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez called for an end to all fossil fuels, gas powered cars, airplanes, in ten years, maybe take a little longer, and even cows. free health care, free child care, free vacations, free paid leave, free higher education, free government healthy food, free, free, free, free. but now she is taking her insane views even a step further, actually questioning whether it is okay for we, the american
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people, to keep having children all because of climate change. according to ocasio-cortez, the world will end in 12 years anyway. take a look. this is scary because it's real. >> there is scientific consensus that the lives of children will be very difficult and it does lead, i think of a young people to have a legitimate question. you know, should -- is it okay to still have children? >> sean: sitting u.s. member of congress, a powerful member of our government questioning whether or not it's okay for you, me, we, the american people to have children. like socialists, ocasio-cortez loves to have become oppressive hand of the federal government, wants to nationalize every industry. she doesn't understand that she'll still need a massive base of future taxpayers or she wants to fund this into the angry new deal fantasy of hers, and according to a think tank --
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listen to this, led by a former director of the congressional budget office, this green new deal could caused up to $93 trillion -- with a t -- over ten years. that is over $65,000 per year for ten years and additional new taxes for each and every single american household. but she and kamala harris say, it shouldn't matter. ocasio-cortez's socialist utopia fantasies are not based in reality but that is why the green new deal has been resoundingly mocked and criticized by anyone but is thinking, but that doesn't concern ocasio-cortez because she is the boss. she says so. let's take a look. >> i just introduce the green new deal two weeks ago, and it's creating all of this conversation. why? because no one else has even tried. because no one else has even tried. people are like, oh, it's
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unrealistic, oh, it's baggy, it doesn't address this little minute thing, and i am like, you try. you do it. because you're not. because you're not. so until you do it, i'm the bos boss. >> sean: sitting u.s. congresswoman declaring she's the boss. someone might want to give her a copy of the u.s. constitution so she understands that her boss is you, we, the american people, not the other way around. but what's really scary is how many prominent democrats and their friends in the haight trump media mob are lining up to support ocasio-cortez under radical socialist views. look at this, the so-called paper of record in america, "the new york times" editorial board endorsed this insane plan. i wonder if they looked at the $93 trillion. they wrote that climate change is now putting our coral reefs and fisheries at risk.
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they report that ice is melting in antarctica. it's a crisis, they say, and the only solution is a full on american socialism. government control of every aspect of your life. the antithesis of freedom and liberty in our constitutional republic. after all, that worked out so great in venezuela, cuba, north korea, the former soviet union. now it's not just the far left wackos in the mainstream media, this is "the new york times," dozens of influential democrats, all across america are supporting this, including members of both houses of congress, nearly 80 democratic lawmakers backing this bill. maxine waters, eric swalwell, jerrold nadler, congresswoman tliab, bozo overworked, all the presidential candidates are on board including spartacus cory booker, kirsten gillibrand, elizabeth warren, kamala harris, that's right, the current front-runner, and the
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democratic party's bid to challenge president trump in 2020 fax this $93 trillion destruction of wealth and the american dream. with brings us to this "hannity watch" on the 2020 radical democratic candidates. we'll be putting them all this week, all next week, and all year. but tonight we'll begin with kamala harris, the california senator fully supports this $93 trillion bill, and of the oil industry, health care industry, preventing americans from eating red meat, abolishing gas powered cars, airplanes, mandating that every house, building in america be rebuilt and renovated for maximum energy efficiency, guaranteed universal income, guaranteed vacations, paid leave for all, higher education, isn't it so great with k-12, we pay more per capita than any other country, and we have the worst standards. guaranteed housing, retirement, all in ten years, and elizabeth warren, guaranteed health care, all of your pay
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dollars, 93 trillion of them. but when senator harris was asked about this unrealistic cost, cost doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. what matters is -- what she says here. >> there is no question we have to be practical. but being practical also recognizes that climate change is an existential threat to us as human beings. being practical recognizes that greenhouse gas emissions are threatening our air and threatening the planet and that it is well within our capacity as human beings to change our behavior in a way that we can reduce its effects. that is practical. >> can be afforded? >> of course we can afford it. >> sean: this is just one part of senator harris as radical a vision reshape the united states into a socialist utopia. again, no country in the face of earth has created more wealth, more opportunity, more prosperity, for anybody in the free world. we have increased the world's wealth because of our democratic republic.
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anyway, take a look. >> we need to have medicare for all. that is just the bottom line. who of us has not had that situation where you got to wait for approval and the doctor says, i don't know if your insurance company will cover this? let's eliminate all of that. let's move on. we got to critically re-examine i.c.e. and its role on the way that it is being administered and the work it is doing and we need to probably think about starting from scratch. education is a fundamental right. [cheers and applause] and we will guarantee that right with universal pre-k and that free college. >> sean: that's right, no tax rate is too high, redistribution, statism, socialism, redistribution, to each according for it to his need, from each according to his ability, no senator harris, the ideal world of hurt, we would all make our government rich and powerful. every aspect of our lives. get ready because she is coming
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as the rest of the socialist extreme radical democrats for your wallet. but kamala harris really is into different from any other prominent far left wing who will vilify wealth, success, opportunity, risk-reward, capitalism, while making millions of dollars and enjoying the lap of luxury. let's look at vermont socialist, our friend bernie sanders, probably one of the worst offenders. let's see, he owned three houses, they kind of like mansions to me, making more than a million dollars last year. sanders has been an outspoken advocate for big government climate change policies. but he just loves riding around in a private jet. what about the carbon emissions? according to one clinton campaign official -- which, by the way is a joke, considering she traveled around in private jets, just like al gore, we cut him in a private jet -- the 2016 election season, his royal majesty king bernie sanders would only deign to leave his plush d.c. office for his
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brand-new second-home on the lake if he was flown around on a cushy private jet like a billionaire, master of the universe. like the clintons. since 2016, the socialist has racked up $342,000 in private flights. while demanding while you, we come of the american people, we devote our life savings to battling climate change. let's just recap with a 2020 democrats are pushing for. nearly all of them, open borders, eliminate i.c.e., some want existing border walls torn down. they want to kill off private insurance, 187 million about americans will be impacted becae they want medicare for all. that is your only choice. end of the oil and gas industry, when, for the first time because of president trump, we have achieved energy independence and almost 70 years, and is going to be so many tens and tens and hundreds of thousands of jobs, career paying jobs, once we get
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the two pipelines, dakota, keystone online. these presidents open up anwar, that makes the world for year, and we are not dependent on country that hates our guts for the lifeblood of economy. look at elizabeth warren pushing a wealth tax on your savings. in other words, you've already paid taxes on that money. she wants another bite of the apple. when you die, even another bite of the applicable 4040 present worth. another 10% if you live in new york. so you have warren and senator kamala harris. he they are even supporting reparations. they want free health care, free child care, free vacations, free higher education, even college, free healthy government food. again, does this sound realistic to you? in the real world, nothing is free. democrats want to increase government power, but what is an extreme and very dangerous amount. they want more of your money, more control of your personal decisions, a massive regulation of your business, and they think we can with the people, are
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stupid, helpless, uneducated, not smart enough to pick up on . they think they can spend your hard earned money better then you can, for your kids, your family, and that is why you hear commentary like this from geniuses like bill maher. take a look. >> there are two americas and it seems like one is where all the cool jobs are, where people drive tesla's and eat artisanal ice cream. we have orchestras and theater districts and world-class shopping. we have shelf wolfgang puck. they have chef boyardee. our roofs have solar panels. there is have last year's christmas lights. the flyover states have become the passover states. that is why red state voters are so mad. they don't hate us. they want to be us. >> sean: didn't he donate a million dollars to the democratic election? oh, yeah. what do you see from him, very
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skewed, far left narrative of what america people who live here i really like. by the way, bernie sanders, bill maher, a can open up their homes, bring in the homeless people, nancy pelosi, multi-multimillionaire. if the reason they are so quick to report obvious hate crime hoaxes set up but the president, his supporters, and a negative light, totally ignoring real example of trump supporters getting attacked. last week, we showed you the video of a jump supporter being brutally assaulted, and he has three eyewitnesses. is there any coverage that he is listening to his story? of course, the hatred media mob ignored all of it. earlier, another individual's assault was wearing a maga hat which is now a trigger for the hat. the person who was attacked him it started assault and battery. guess what, yet again, story almost totally ignored by other outlets. it doesn't fit their narrative. hate, hate trump. media mob. all things negative. we'll have more in this coming
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up. by the way, we'll talk a lot about, oh, really, this week, democrats, they will put michael cohen on three committees while the president is trying to negotiate a nuclear deal that would denuclearize the entire korean peninsula? here in vietnam? would come a long way in just a short period uptime. two years, 2017, president trump took it from obama, the situation in asia, global catastrophe, kim jong un threatening to blow up guam, shooting one missile over another over japan, threatened to attack the continental united states and its allies on a daily basis. probably won't hear this in the hate trump mob media but the the presidents peace through strength policies have been overwhelming successful. he deployed multiple aircraft strike groups to the region, increased sanctions, squeezed north korea's only ally, china, making progress as he talked about this weekend. the missiles have not been fired in 15 month. the threats have stopped.
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kim jong un is back in in the e discussing denuclearization. we have our hostage back. we have the remains from the korean war, and of course, the president has given nothing and return to them. get to the hate trump democratic's approach of your sick focus is at home in the united states on the president's former attorney. they do this the week when the president is in vietnam about something significant? i thought they said, envision peace, denuclearization. frankly, a sick, ugly, psychotic example of hate trump derangement syndrome. by the way, don't forget, michael cohen, we know he's going to jail for three years. admitted to lying to congress on the loan application, tax fraud, he will spend years in prison. really? can't leave him and his family along? by the way, members of congress hauling him up there to -- more here in? three of them? maybe you think about -- this was the president's attorney, and when you think about the
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charges that he's faced, maybe it's time for the conspiracy-driven, obsessive hatred for this president to once and for all come to an end. everyone around him needs to stop this because it's not going to accomplish anything for the country. joining us now in vietnam, fox news contributor dan bongino, former clinton pollster mark penn. good to see you. thank you for making the long journey. 25 hours from wheels up to wheels down. >> i still can't get over the scooter thing. i am sitting there -- i thought you were making it up. i swear i thought they were kidding. [laughs] >> sean: now we are 45 minutes from what is a 15 minute ride. we were not moving. >> i know, i saw at. >> sean: i am not missing my show. >> reminds me of the secret service, hurry up and wait. they made it happen. >> sean: we'll get to the whole north korea issue in detail. you will be here with dan hoffman all week analyzing it. but look at what is going on back home. this is not a small fraction of the democratic party. this is a huge fraction.
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you know what bothers me about it? what bothers me about bernie is not that he owns a lake house, is that he's a guy who owns a lake house who rails against people who own flake houses. i am a capitalist, sean. >> sean: using private planes. >> private jet, the kids call him that p.j. -- knock it off. people who own lake houses. to stop haunting everyone else about it kamala harris, glad you played that come across as a matter? are you for real? >> sean: $93 trillion. >> people cannot grasp that number. you put a key number in that prompter, $65,000 per household per year. who's got that kind of money laying around? >> sean: nobody. because that is extraordinary. >> sean: how did you keep your doctor, your plan, save money, work out? not well. let's go to mark penn. you were a poster for the clintons. you are listening to your democratic party. the era of big government and welfare as we know it, that came from your candidate.
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this is not the party of bill clinton. >> i think that's right. i think the moderate democrats, the party with bill clinton be really firmly in the center, what's happening today is alarming. i have a poll coming out tomorrow on which people are asked do you think your democratic party is mostly socialist or capitalist and 57% said mostly socialist. this is alarming what is happening to the image of the democratic party. the new green deal is a new red deal -- >> sean: not alarming at all. this is great. i think ocasio-cortez -- the problem is -- we are talking about 100 plus democrats supporting this stuff. most of the 2020 -- >> that's right. i'm totally surprised by that because you know, if you look through deal, it calls for the end of aircraft and air travel, private or not, the end of -- a
10:20 pm
complete reorganization. who would run trillions of dollars, selected programs, the end of democracy. so much in there that a sensible democratic -- would say, let's put this in perspective and do the right thing. >> sean: i'm looking at all this, and they are not going to listen to mark, they are not going to listen to doug schoen. i see these 2020 candidates as recognizing come of this is their base. they want to enact the nomination, they got to do all of those hard left and they needed. that is what they believe. >> they tried this before. the reagan reelect where walter mondale thought it would be good to run on raising taxes. he lost 49 out of 50 states. bill clinton came -- i'm not a clinton fan -- but the democratic leadership committee, -- >> sean: first there is hillary care, then -- >> they had to.
10:21 pm
i'm not defending clinton, he just understood that to maintain power, this radical far left large they were taking was not going to work, they are going to get annihilated. he got crushed. these costs are real. i saw a study about the land it would take for the solar panel plan to get our petrochemicals, it will be a the entire landmass of california and texas. if you got a home in california or texas, get ready to move out. >> sean: mark, as a look at this, your party has really been co-opted. but i think it has been something that has been building for a long, long time. while democrats hid where they stood in 2018, now they are just breaking about it. bill clinton lost, what, 60 seats in his first midterm, and eight senate, and 52 house seats. obama lost 63 house seats, six senate seats. trump gained seats in the senates and the 40 seats he lost to the house, nothing in comparison.
10:22 pm
>> there is a long way until we see the actual nominees. we've been through several cycles where the republicans had a lot of far out ideas in the republican primaries and then people like romney would get the nomination. so let's see. i agree with you. these issues are not going to really be in the mainstream -- >> sean: you are voting for donald trump. >> my democratic credential -- we've got a long way to go. there will be a good nominee. there will be a good nominee. >> sean: oh, yeah, there's going to be. >> don't worry about it. 15,000 votes in the bronx primary, she's not the leader of the party yet. >> there will be a good nominee but i think for us. a good nominee for the republicans. >> sean: the fact that they are not focused on peace and denuclearization, the korean peninsula, that is sad. coming up, while they weren't patting themselves on the back that ocasio-cortez last night, hollywood liberals were taking shots of the president. we'll tell you how the president
10:23 pm
responded in a mini monologue coming up next. also more on my day in vietnam, literally, this is true, i would not be here but for that motorcycle. or what you call it. vespa -- what you call these things? scooters! when we started our business
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♪ >> sean: last night's hollywood a-list gathering of narcissists for their annual congratulatory awards show in los angeles, the oscars were surprisingly less political events in recent years, it still included some shots at the border wall. then there is director, pretty angry, spike lee, just could not help himself but bring up 2020. let's take a look. >> the 2,020 presidential election is around the corner. let's all mobilize, let's all be
10:28 pm
on the right side of history. make the moral choice between love versus hate. let's do the right thing? >> sean: he's endorsing president trump. the president responded, be nice if he could read his notes or better yet, not have to use notes at all when doing his r head on her president who has done more for african-ameril justice reform, lowest or in numbers in history, tax cuts, than almost any other president. that is what records are. ask yourself, why is it that hollywood is consumed with so much -- just like the media -- anti-trump hatred, vitriol, because her member, they all claim to be about compassion,ey helping those in need, wouldn'tg they like to see the denuclearization of the korean peninsula? the president is doing that, creating jobs, opportunity, record the unemployment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the orworkplace, a record low youth unemployment. they ignore that, giving people
10:29 pm
a second chance at success. look at this, alice marie johnson, her sentence was commuted. one time offender. president trump did that. just last month, the first beneficiary office prison reform bill, matthew charles, released after spending decades in prison for a nonviolentca drug offense, another accomplishment. the previous presidents, they made the promise, they never delivered on the promise. barack obama, hollywood fawning over him, he never got prison reform gun, he never had record low unemployment. no, he added 30 more million more americans to food stamps,ca eat more million americans are property, trade, job creation, andrew g independence, protecting our country, tax cuts, record low, supreme court, conservative originalists as promised, moving the embassy to jerusalem, putting an end to the ridiculous, insane or uranium deal and dumping $150 million to the mullahs of d iran. effective diplomacy, trade
10:30 pm
deals, canada, china, mexico, and even negotiating better nato deals. so the president's delivering victory after victory for the forgotten men and women of the country. by the way, if hollywood would just stop reading off their anti-trump heat psychotic script, maybe they would see all of the progress that's being made. instead, they and their cohorts in the hate trimmed media mob, they would rather focus on fake news, rushing to judgment, like a man jussie smollett case, the smearing of nick sandmann and his covington catholic high school classmates. now we are learning that there is even more evidence that police say exposes him as a liar. let's take a look. >> it's important for people to recognize that it's not the chicago police saying he did something. it's the evidence, the facts, t and the witnesses that are saying this. i can tell you this, there is a lot more evidence that hasn't been presented yet that does not support the version that he there is still a lot of physical
10:31 pm
evidence, video evidence, and testimony that just simply doesn't support its version of what happened. >> sean: breath press conference i ever saw, the superintendent of police in chicago, i believe his name is eddie johnson. he's amazing. of course it smollett still has the presumption of innocence until convicted in a court of law. we remain steadfast. but the evidence appears overwhelming. while the media and hollywood, to were busy rushing to judgment on smollett while only attacking conservatives, ignoring actual instances of political violence against the a pro-trump activis, that recovered last week, conservative hated williams recently attacked at uc berkeley on the campus while recruiting for a turning point usa, all caught on video, and three eyewitnesses from the get-go, did not even cover this. take a look. >> [bleep]! [bleep]! [bleep]! [bleep]! [bleep]! [bleep]!
10:32 pm
[bleep]! [bleep]! >> you want to hit me? i'll shoot you. >> [bleep]! [bleep]! >> get the [bleep] out of my face! >> [bleep]! [bleep]! >> i'm with you. >> [bleep]! [bleep]! >> sean: no arrests in the case. where's the outrage? anyway, let's goe to the news desk. larry elder, nationally syndicated radio talk show host for sale and communications in american first action senior advisor sean spicer. sean, we start with you. really? really? we won't even raise the question in these other instances. >> no kidding. a couple points. number one, the story from the get-go was that an individual, what it was minus 30 degrees in chicago, was running around attacking someone wearing a maga
10:33 pm
hat, which, in itself, was not believable. the second thing is, if you will stage a crime, don't write a check to the people that you are staging it with, which is what apparently he did. so this really goes to show you that it didn't take much to uncover that it really wasn't a crime to begin with. what he had alleged. so to your point, there should be further outrage about what is going on on the right. so many of these people that claim tolerance and inclusion really only mean what it includes them and their point of view, when it is against conservatives or people who support the president, quite a different tune to thing. >> sean: larry, you are great -- you have a memory bank that is second-to-none. all the instances of hypocrisy. if i ask you for the list, you will go down at right now for memory. >> may i? >> sean: go ahead. ahead. >> i think, sean, president trump was classy not to nail spike lee with the offensive, racist, outrageous things that spike we have said.
10:34 pm
for example, spike lee says he did not like interracial couples. when he sees them on the street, he gives them visual daggers to make them feel uncomfortable. if david duke said that, we would call him racist. spike lee says that, nobody cares. spike lee also criticized whites were moving into harlem. he compared them to christopher columbus offering native americans. really? if whites move into harlem, that is racist? spike lee also said about the senator from mississippi, when he praised strom thurmond on the 100th birthday, he said trent lot on "good morning america" is a "straight up member of the klan, i bet he has a hood somewhere in his closet." even diane sawyer thought that was outrageous. he never apologized. he says all sorts of things, have gotten away with it. nobody says a word. >> sean: listen to larry's list, just on spike lee, sean. it's amazing. >> it is. is anybody shocked? i was somewhat pleased at the
10:35 pm
level that it wasn't as much as i could have been last night. a few comments from the folks who are generally pretty wild and their comments when they come up. i actually think there is a lot of great movies this year. a lot of really good actors in them. i wish they would stick to talking about their art. and their profession, and stop trying to be political pundits. if they want to do it, there's plenty of opportunity to come out here and write and do punditry. they should stick to acting and filmmaking and focus on that. that is what people are going to see. they want to see their art and film, and other political point of view. the less of it there is, maybe the more respect they'll get for the actual products they put out. >> sean: well said. last word, larry. >> all of the spike lee sour grapes after he lost best director and best picture, "green book" was an amazing movie. my 95-year-old friend of my mom is named ruth jeffries. i asked her if she wanted to see it, and she said, no, she's from alabama. she said, i don't need to see it. i lived at braid it was a great,
10:36 pm
great movie, and first likely to be upset that his didn't win, sour grapes. petulance. childishness. >> sean: good to see you both. that mind is like a memory chip for both of you. why are we in hanoi? why are we in vietnam? the president meeting with kim jong un again, hasn't got it started yet, but they hate drum media, they are already criticizing. a shocking double standard. jorge ramos is in venezuela. a scary situation. apparently under arrest. you are not going to believe my scooter ride. we'll get to that and much more, straight ahead, from hanoi. we are in vietnam. best coverage of the summit straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. as we continue reporting tonight from hanoi vietnam, jorge ramos, six other univision staff first detained at the presidential palace in venezuela. this allegedly occurred after an interview with a venezuelan dictator nicolas maduro. according to reports, he did not like a line of questioning so he ended the interview, confiscated the equipment, and had jorge ramos along with his colleagues arrested. we do have an update, thankfully, three hours later, the group was released. we'll continue to monitor this disturbing story. i got to tell you, you know what, i don't agree with jorge ramos tell mike on a lot of issues. he's an american. more on the trump-kim stomach later of this week. reits leader to -- if he had to take place. but the hatred media mob are ready. he hasn't gotten here. criticizing the president. watch this. >>iz just as he is meeting with kim jong un, michael, and is on capitol hill. several private meetings, and one private testimony on capitol hill.
10:42 pm
how could that impact the negotiations we see in north korea? what could we see the president give away? >> do you think the president is looking for good press? let's be frank. he felt like he got a good press after the last one and he figures another photo op might do that. >> to the president say that he loves kim jong unn again? love and kisses? it's unreal. >> sean: back in the real world, the president is making progress of our asian counterparts, the president tweeted, "today, china trade deal and more and advanced stages, relationship between the two countries very strong. i have therefore agreed to delay the u.s. tariff hikes. we'll see what happens." here with reaction, fox news chief correspondent ed henry and dan hoffman. how many years the cia? >> a lot. >> sean: everything we do, no, you can't do that, you are in the shower, the videotaping you, you scare everybody.
10:43 pm
>> i thought we finished the shower talk on the radio this morning, sean. >> sean: [laughs] we did. you were making fun of my scooter trip. >> i want to make a confession. i was here during the drama when your producer said that he might not make air. and they were like, henry, get in the anchor chair. i was hoping this was my big break. >> sean: you were going to do the monologue? >> i was ready. so when i got here, i was glad to see you but not that glad. no, i'm getting. >> sean: we are here for an abortion reason. 3 interviews of michael cohen. this week? this week? all that is in steak, no more missiles fired, hostages returned, the president gives up nothing. and serious opportunity for a lasting peace and more safety forla the world. that is how sick these people are. >> let me take a look from the optic of kim jong un. he's looking atoo the president and the challenges he's facing, he's basing domestically, so he
10:44 pm
is seeing that michael cohen will be testifying this d weeked he will factor that into his own negotiations this week. no question about that. >> sean: kim jong un? >> kim jong un eyes, absolutely. >> sean: first of all, these democrats don't care about him. the guy is going to jail, he has the hardest time of his life, putting that aside, really? the former attorney at the president, 1 of hundreds, and this is -- >> it used to be that politics stopped at the water's edge, meaning that presidents,ha democrats or republicans, code conduct foreign policy in peace and try to come together. that is not happening. senate democrats as morning fired off this letter with all kinds of conditions about what should happen in hanoi. they should hold the president's feet to the fire. we have to move toward denuclearization, specific t steps, all of that true. when democrats write a letter to barack obama over eight years about getting top with north korea? he didn't. spoiler alert. it got worse and worse. here in hanoi, president trump could do a number of things, two in particular.
10:45 pm
he might come up with an agreement that has a finally an end to the korean war. decades later. >> sean: that is huge. >> number two, might move closer to denuclearization and move away from nuclear conflict. these are major steps. >> sean: a shot at a real benefit trade deal for the american farmers, workers, everyone else. watching all this, and i'm like, this is now pathological to the point where you can't give a week for a president abroad in asia, in vietnam, to negotiate a peace without the two year trump-russian narrative with no evidence. >> i think hopefully the china narrative will overtake that a little better. the president has negotiated a trade deal with china. remember, 90% of north korea's trade is with china. that deal is important economically for us. also important as they put pressure on north korea with the sanctions and china. >> a year or so ago, how many critics of the president said, he'll never get a deal with trying to? the tariff thing is a fool's errand.
10:46 pm
a year and a half ago said, fire and fury -- >> sean: ran. >> they said it will blow it up in hisnd face, the opposite has happened. >> sean: peace through strength. look at the economy for you to be cured cancer and gave every american $10 million, they would still hate them. that so psychotic it's gotten. you'll be reporting with us all week. >> i'm glad you made it tonight. >> sean: by the way, shifty adam schiff, biggest liar in congress, he doesn't want to come in our show. we also your reason when wen go back and i took the scooter here and it's a wild trip and we'll show you the whole video, and it was -- i wouldn't have gotten here on time. we'll explain in vietnam from hanoi. ♪ everyone's got to listen to m. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes,
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>> sean: deep stage spokesman -- frankly, the biggest liar in congress, adam schiff, appeared on bill martha show, and he was asked why he refuses to come on fox news, and why he refuses to come on a show. by the way, thank you. >> did you get invited on fox news? >> yes. and i go on fox from time to time -- >> sean hannity invites you on? >> he invites me on a lot for you you don't want to go? >> i used to go. >> you should go. that's who needs to hear your message. i thought you weren't invited. >> i am invited. >> please go. seriously. >> i thought you liked me liked me. >> i do. but i like america, too. you got to get in the bubble, man. >> sean: got to get in the bubble. i agree with bill maher. you know what, congressman adam schiff, an hour, mano a mano, we'll go. i will point out all of the lies, all the misinformation and propaganda you have been pushing
10:52 pm
for two years. joining us with reaction as "washington times" columnist, monica crowley, and fox news contributor sara carter. good to see you both. sara, let's start with you. you could probably name as quickly as i can all the false stories he's pushed. >> he's pushed so many false stories, sean. there has been so much happening on the hill. and schiff is in a panic because he knows the mueller report is going to come out and he's trying to prepare for that because he knows it's not going to be what he needs. he's basically like, we'll throw the rules of law out the window because schiff's target is president trump, no matter what. he keeps pushing this false narrative that there was collusion or conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia, and now he's desperate. so this is once again -- look, i think bill maher did a great thing. schiff should come on your show. he should talk about these facts, and nonfacts with you, to everyone. he shouldn't just put himself in a bubble away from the whole
10:53 pm
entire country. if you want to get his point across come he can come here. if he truly believes that, sean, if you truly believes what he is saying, he will come on your show. if he doesn't, he won't show up. >> sean: i am all -- i've offered him an hour. one-on-one. monica, my favorite tape is him getting hoaxed by guys he thinks are from russia, and he's colluding with them on tape believing it's real about, do you have any bad information on trump? the iron he! colluding to hurt trump, and he got suckered, huge impairment embarrassment. the media protects them of course. >> the left is so brilliant at projection so they are so good at accusing donald trump and his team of what they on the left are actuallyth guilty of doing. bill maher is 100% right. he should come on fox news. he should sit with you for an hour. but he will not leave his safe
10:54 pm
space on bill martha show and other networks because he doesn't want to risk having to have questions asked of him. which you will be forced to answer, nor does he want the entire false russian collusion narrative exposed. they've got to get this going to the 2020 election and beyond. i do believe that the president will be reelected. once the russian collusion thing falls apart, they are going to turn to something else and schiff has indicated he will look at the trump organization financial transactions, it will never stop. >> sean: last road, quick, sara. >> i think what we need to look for, the mueller report will come out, whether or not william barr, the attorney general, make the public, it will be up to him. the most important thing is is that the attorney general look at all the referrals come with criminal referrals that will be sent from congress to the doj. so many are coming and people will be held responsible, sean. >> sean: thank you, both. when we come back, i can make
10:55 pm
fun of myself. a wild ride to this location tonight. we would not have gotten here without me going on that scooter. i will show you the whole thing. straight ahead. ♪ buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken! test test
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. >> sean: live in strevietnam an hanoi for the summit. everybody on my staff and crew, they're all laughing at this. i figure i'm going to share it. my commute to the set today, we might not have made it, unless i got out of a car and did this. take a look! this. take a look. the only way to travel. this is it, right here. otherwise we wouldn't make the show the tonight. >> sean: alright. yes, that's our commute, early this morning. remember it was -- we least at 7:15am, it's almost 10:00 a.m. here, 10:00 pm in dc. just as kim jong-un arrived, traffic was insane. it was still a stand still over 45 minutes. so alright we go to plan b.
11:00 pm
i hop on the scooter, with somebody, and i just went on the sidewalk. we got here on time. definitely interesting. chaotic. we'll be here for this historic week from hanoi, vietnam, kim jong-un and the president. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by. >> laura: hannity, let me just say [ laughter ] >> laura: my earrings are falling off i'm laughing so hard here. let me just say that little moped, can we call it a moped and you? >> sean: they call it scooters. everyone has it. there are no motor cycles. only scooters. >> laura: you look at door able, precious. and i think you have a second career as a traffic reporter. i mean you got all the intersections down, and you should be in a helicopter, well hanoi avenue is looking really safe today. i've never seen anything like this. >> sean: my staff said, you've got to air this. >> laura: i love how ye


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