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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 26, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the new york congresswoman the start of a comic book satire, alexandria ocasio cortez, the freshman, with a sword and superwoman style outfit with the caption new party. who is this? it is on shelves today if you want to pick it up. thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. february 26th, happening at 5:00 am of fox news alert, the stage is set, donald trump arriving in vietnam in a few hours for talks with kim jong un. rob: some are doubting the president's negotiating skills. we are live. >> this is not about politics or partisanship. it is about patriotism. >> democrats vowed to unveil the emergency declaration on the southern border.
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rob: could democrats end the national emergency while the president is overseas? we are live in washington. jillian: truth, justice and the american way? a comic book website calls out the world's most popular superhero. rob: the critics are forgetting, "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ we were born for this ♪ we were born for this. rob: i did notice it is getting brighter in the mornings and that means we are not that far from spring and the end of this winter weather.
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i never feel unscathed. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: let's get to this fox news alert, donald trump lands in hanoi hours after leaving dc, the president gearing up for summit 2.0 starting tomorrow. rob: arriving to a red carpet welcome in vietnam ahead of denuclearization talks. despite these efforts democrats are doubtful any real progress can be made. >> he continues to have people executed, people starved. a vicious, murderous thug. rob: the president is set to sign a new trade deal with vietnamese leaders after arriving later on in the evening hanoi time. they are expected to open talks
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with a private dinner tomorrow. let's bring in chief national correspondent and henry who is live with us in vietnam. a lot of buzz in that city. >> reporter: good to see you. go ahead. >> reporter: you mentioned kim jong un is already here on the ground. it took him two or three days to get here, he took this trainride, a couple thousand miles from pyongyang to hanoi, red carpet welcome at his hotel. the national media, the washington press corps was at that hotel, displaced by kim jong un and his delegation giving an idea what a big group with him in the chaos around him. donald trump had two fueling stops. one in the uk and one in the uae on the way here. he will be here in a couple
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hours in the bottom line is democrats raising questions about this, people in the mainstream media writing the story saying one story from the a postdated press and the nightmare scenario, the president might give away the store, might not be much of a summit. the nightmare scenario in reality is nuclear war and that is what it appears donald trump has avoided so far. a year and a half ago you had critics calling kim jong un little rocket man and talking about fire and fury, raining down on the north koreans from the us military, if they don't cut out nuclear testing, would lead to nuclear war. no it didn't. just the opposite has happened. it was kim jong un who stopped the nuclear testing, stopped missiles fired over japan, all because of donald trump stepping up and pushing back against him. there is a chance for diplomacy after singapore which was around one, high hopes for what might happen in hanoi.
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jillian: let's listen to bob menendez and then get your reaction on the back end. >> i worry the president wents his made-for-tv moment, dumbing down diplomacy at the end of the day and i'm worried that for the sake of declaring a victory he will give too much. jillian: what can be done to make this successful for everyone? >> democrats raising affair point which is round one in singapore which you mentioned was about photo ops, breaking the ice, sitting down with two countries that had no diplomatic relations, trying to forge peace. it was to be expected that it was largely symbolic the democrats raise a fair point.
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there have to be substantive steps toward denuclearization, can't just do photo ops this time but the fact is donald trump has been driving a hard bargain to get kim jong un to denuclearization, democrats should give peace a chance because the summit hasn't started yet. rob: he has a big omission. there is a reason this hasn't gotten done. there is no way kim jong un will give up the leverage this gives him. thank you for being there in hanoi. jillian: we will kick off coverage of the hanoi summit, starting at 3:00 am. heather will anchor the coverage that and we will join you at 4:00 am eastern time. the house will vote on a measure to block donald trump's national emergency on the southern border, the push comes as a new wave of migrants force a texas port of entry to close.
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rob: griff jenkins joins us with more on the border battle. >> reporter: a strong message to the president from democratic-controlled house when they pass a resolution blocking is national emergency declaration. >> this is not about politics. it is not about partisanship. it is about patriotism. we would be delinquent in our duties if we did not resist, fight back and overturn the president's declaration. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy says the president is doing what is necessary to secure the border. >> the president is going to get the full 200 miles experts said we need to protect us, to have the border secure. that is what the president said he would do. he has the responsibility of the president to secure the border. >> reporter: in laredo, texas, cvp officials had to close a port of entry bridge due to a migrant wave attempting to cross. sources tell me they had 12,000
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illegal crossings. of the resolution passes the house, it will go to the senate where some republicans are supporting it. tom tillis writing this in an op-ed in the washington post, the us senator, i cannot justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass progress. as conservative i cannot indoor the president future left-wing presidents will exploit to advance radical policies. they we wrote economic and individual freedoms. even if this resolution passes the house and senate, donald trump already indicating he is prepared to issue his first veto. this is going to get more dramatic. rob: whether news was the man accused of murdering his brother's family setting his house on fire allegedly for money.
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the grand jury inviting him for murder, arson and weapons charges. prosecutors say he killed his brother's entire family and set both their new jersey homes on fire to make it seem like the family as a whole was being targeted. court documents show he was about to get caught off from the family business. he is pleading not guilty. the funeral for a tennessee police officer killed in a hit and run will be laid to rest friday. nicholas was inspecting a roadway hazard saturday night when he was hit. the suspect, janet heinz, turned result in monday. she was arrested on 9 charges including vehicular homicide, $300,000 bond. officer gallons are graduated from the police academy last month. he is survived by two children. jillian: robert kraft is officially charged with soliciting sex. the new england patriots owner facing a year in jail for paying prostitutes in jupiter, florida. prosecutors claim to have video evidence of craft in the act on the same day teams played a
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playoff game in kansas city last month. he is accused in a month-long investigation resulting in dozens of arrests. craft denies engaging in illegal activity. donald trump blasting the left for blocking an antiabortion bill tweeting senate democrats voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children, democrats position on abortion is now so extreme they don't mind executing babies after birth. this will be remembered as one of the most shocking votes in the history of congress. if there is one thing we should agree on it is protecting the lives of innocent babies. the bill would have penalized doctors who harm babies with the 4 surviving abortion. washington state attorney general says he will sue the president over a new policy barring taxpayer-funded clinics from making abortion referrals. rob: ten minutes after the hour. what do we have to lose? a lot more than north korea
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>> we can have a very good summit, a very tremendous subject, denuclearization may signing summit which is even better so hopefully we can get that completed and very close. rob: the president set to arrive in vietnam and if you are is confident that kim jong un will agree to denuclearize. jillian: what does the president need to do to make sure that
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happens? here is former intelligence officer don braemar. thank you for being here. we were talking in the commercial break, you don't think this is going to be one document signed type of summit. what do you think this will happen? how can it be successful? >> it will be a step of a managed process. it cannot happen overnight. during president reagan and gorbachev, that is a decade. why we expected to happen in 12 months i don't know where that came from. what i see is there will be a series of steps. kim will do this and the united states will counter with this. any number of things, step-by-step we will get to denuclearization but it will take time and patience. rob: after the first of the president said there hasn't been nuclear testing or things like that but we haven't seen any indication this man wants to denuclearize, not taking steps toward doing that.
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a lot of skepticism about whether this is worth it is warranted. what do you think? >> skepticism will always be part of that. the thing is in 18 months we have not seen any testing. what we see is commanders on the ground in south korea already noted tensions are lower. there is a lot less going on. it is going to be a process. is it worth it? know. let's keep moving forward. as long as we are having a dialogue and doing something that hasn't been done in the last three administrations. rob: the north koreans, they are able to continue building their arsenal during all this time. they talked about how rob: will stretch this out as long as he can because he's working towards getting a weapon. >> it is the first step. as long as he keeps talking and there is a dialogue of course they will build. they are not testing right now. they are not going to lower their guard. you can't ask the country to completely stop defending itself when they have so many reasons not to trust the world right now.
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they have been the victim for so long that they have to lower their own guard. jillian: criticism from the last it was donald trump is too friendly on the appearance side with kim jong un. we don't know what happens behind closed doors. what do you want to see? what do you want his tone to be? >> this has to be more than a photo op. there has to be something that comes out of this meeting that is tangible. it could be working toward ending the korean war, announcing steps toward denuclearization. he has to come forward, he's not just walking away taking a picture. rob: i want to bring up something that illustrates this. it was surprising to see the number of people who think the us should take military action to stop this program, 49 person.
2:18 am
this is a case to me how bad this issue was under president obama, how close, everything has cooled down, that is progress. >> anything that does not firing bombs is good in my book. jillian: know what expect significant change overnight. >> it took 65 years to get to this point. it will not happen in one day. thank you. jillian: it is 18 after the hour. do as i say, not as i do. bernie sanders, climate change is a global threat. why was he just sitting across the country while campaigning for hillary in 2016. rob: people sounding off on social media about those private flights, carly will talk about that coming up. ♪ i want to get away ♪ i want to fly away ♪ yeah ♪ yeah
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jillian: welcome back. climate change phonetic in 2020 candidate bernie sanders slammed by former hillary clinton staffers were his use of private jets during the 2016 election. rob: carly shimkus is here with the story, the hypocrisy is thick. >> you better believe it, bernie sanders facing questions over recent peace, clinton staffers claims bernie sanders used a private jet to make a campaign appearance during the 2016 presidential election. this would fly in the face of sanders's calls to combat climate change. a sanders spokesperson telling politico it would have been impossible for him to make all the campaign appearances clinton
2:23 am
required flying commercial saying that is why charter flights were used, to make sure senator sanders could get to as many locations as quickly as possible in an effort to help the democratic ticket to defeat donald trump but that is not all. sanders continued to fly private spending $242,000 on private airfare between 2017, and 2018. social media sounding off. chip on facebook says socialist leadership always travels first class. instagram user says we found big carbon foot. another person is to graham timing and saying this is how socialism were, the elite get the best and the rest are equally beneath them. will senator sanders fly commercial or private during the 2020 campaign? his spokesperson says he will fly commercial as much as possible. jillian: a lot of us don't know
2:24 am
what is like to fly first class on a private jet. rob: being a socialist and living that billionaire lifestyle. jetblue, what were they thinking you >> jetblue, honoring former black panther member as part of their black history month display at jfk. she has been on the fbi most wanted list since murdering a police officer and escaping from prison in 1979. jetblue apologizing in a statement saying crewmembers came together, we learned of concerns regarding one individual, we remove the poster, apologized for any offense the poster may have caused. offense was cars in the. one president is to graham saying jetblue apologized but did not repudiate. and other social media user
2:25 am
saying, in jetblue, didn't like the heat that comes from honoring a fugitive cop killer. a huge mistake. >> sean hannity going viral. jillian: don't on a scooter to bypass traffic. >> the only way to travel, this is it. jillian: he did make it just before airtime thanks to his fantastic driver. >> produces on the ground showing chaotic traffic in downtown hanoi, the scooter is a way.
2:26 am
jillian: 25 after the hour, just became the story. a claim by nicholas madero. >> guaranteed healthcare to all people as a right. >> we must stand up against those who. our land, our water and our air. rob: the 2020 democrats are all in on progressive policies but haven't been a lot of details when it comes to policy. what are their positions as the current president works to make some strides overseas. we debate that straight ahead. ♪
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rob: donald trump set to land in hanoi for a second summit with kim jong un who is arriving to a red carpet welcome. the two world leaders are expected to open denuclearization talks with a private dinner tomorrow. jillian: capitol hill, democrats will vote on a measure to block the national emergency on the border. democrats call the declaration unconstitutional. the house is expected to pass the resolution and send it to the senate. rob: michael cohen will testify, he will be grilled on several topics in a hearing that could last 10 hours. a public hearing in front of the house oversight committee is scheduled for tomorrow. according to the wall street journal he will testify that donald trump engaged in criminal conduct while in office. jillian: univision journalist
2:31 am
and american citizen jorge ramos is speaking after being detained by nicholas madero. rob: this is mike pence meet with the opposition leader in hopes of bringing change to the socialist country. todd pyro joins us with a very long story. >> reporter: the frightening experience happening, the questions about the humanitarian crisis, lack of democracy and torture of political prisoners coming to ahead when ramos showed a video he didn't like. and it, children seen picking through garbage on the street. maduro ordering the seizure of the video and the univision crew, including tvs and phones and detaining 6 journalists including ramos for two hours before they were released. >> if he thinks he can censor international press the same way he centers in venezuela he cannot do that. >> reporter: the us and other nations demanding maduro step
2:32 am
down recognizing juan guaido as venezuela's rightful leader. mike pence meeting with juan guaido promising stronger sanctions against maduro government officials and committing $50 million in support. the vp urging a coalition of latin american nations and canada to freeze the assets of venezuela's data and oil company in response to violent clashes saying military action is a possibility. >> we hope for a peaceful transition. we hope diplomatic and economic pressure and the voice of nations around the world will result in peaceful transition. all options are on the table. >> reporter: maduro accused of trying to fabricate a crisis to start a war in south america. rob: trying to hold onto power, thank you so much. russian state tv revealing the kremlin's nuclear hit list and potential missile attack on the united states. the american targets include the
2:33 am
pentagon and camp david. the kremlin developing a hypersonic missile that could hit those marks in 5 minutes. vladimir putin recently threatening an attack if the us moves nuclear weapons into europe. tensions increasingly the us pulling out of the nuclear treaty over alleged russian violations over the years. the alabama woman left the united states become an isis bride should face justice in the united states according to alabama senator doug jones who said it will send a powerful message any american who lends support to a terrorist organization will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. suing the trump administration for blocking her return to the us, this confusion whether she is a citizen since her father is a former diplomat.
2:34 am
jillian: and ice tsunami spurs evacuations on lake erie. you can see massive ice chunks pushing against the niagara river parkway in canada forcing parts of the road to close. on the new york side ice mounds 30 feet high came up to people's homes. hurricane force winds reporter across new york leaving hundreds of thousands without power. rob: janice dean is here with what we can expect today. it seems less windy in new york. >> reporter: with wendy mcculloch, 26 in new york, windchill cooler than that. we have cold air pushed across the northern plains and parts of the midwest, it is one in minneapolis and windchill below 0. pass 24 hours the storm system has exited the northeast. a lot less windy year, we are seeing lake effect snow, showers on the gulf coast and this will be the big story across the west coast, the bay area getting socked with more heavy rain and mountain snow upwards of 4 feet,
2:35 am
the sierra nevada mountains with the next moisture plume off the pacific so that is a big concern across central and northern california to the northwest towards the northern rockies. there is your forecast today, the west coast getting more rain and snow, the system exits the northeast, less windy conditions, partly sunny in new york and the little snow on the upper midwest. . spring is 31/2 weeks away. rob: it just seems brighter outside. >> the sun is out earlier. fixer-upper stars can call themselves royalty. they are purchasing the dark property in waco, texas known as the holland castle built in 1890, the stone structure was listed in $420,000.
2:36 am
the couple plans to restore it. 2020 democrats all in on their progressive policies. >> reporter: if you're a minimum-wage worker you cannot afford the market rate for a 1-bedroom apartment. we must stand against those who pollute our land. jillian: what are their positions as donald trump works to make strides overseas? that debate coming up next. rob: website slamming superman for lack of diversely but the man of steel himself, dean cain, says not so fast, crucial details. ♪
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rob: the president is making
2:40 am
progress overseas, very little on foreign-policy positions, numerous 2020 democratic hopefuls. many are pushing progressive policies. >> we have got to fight to do exactly what every other country does and guarantee healthcare to all people as a right. >> reporter: if you're a minimum-wage worker working full time you cannot afford the market rate for a 1-bedroom apartment. we must stand against those who commute the best pollute our land, water and air. rob: hyper focused on domestic issues. what can we expect from foreign policy proposals from progressives? deputy assistant secretary of state under president obama joe rubin and the trump campaign advisory board, thank you for
2:41 am
coming on this morning. i start with you. there's been no real -- there's a lot going on, very complicated foreign situation in this country and you are not hearing a lot of details. what do you think? >> there is a lot going on with north korea even today and venezuela. democrats are in a divisive moment. we have a progressive -- focused on domestic issues and the president putting out a vision of america's role in the world that is antithetical to traditional democratic positions promoting democracy and human rights and american security rooted in realism. as candidates are caught in between positions, really not engaging on foreign-policy which will put them in a disadvantage in the general election but could also be a distinguishing part of these primaries. rob: we've got everybody working
2:42 am
and strong economy. most threats are from overseas and the democratic party candidates are not in unison. what do you think? >> one will internationally, major issues with north korea, china and the middle east and we see very few democratic candidates talking about this. many of them don't have any issues. out of the 12 i looked at only four had foreign-policy on the iran the only big-name candidates who had anything about foreign-policy was elizabeth warren, the last issue she had listed in part of it was opposing donald trump, resisting donald trump. very frustrating for many voters i talked to that are democrats want to know where candidates stand on foreign-policy issues and one thing that may set a candidate a party someone who is strong and talking about foreign-policy, joe biden. it could be interesting if he comes in focused on that in this
2:43 am
race, he could take the nomination compared to people like kamala harris and cory booker, medicare for all and expensive radical liberal far left policies. rob: joe biden has the lead in early polling in bernie sanders after that. most of the more left democrats want less foreign intervention and want to spend that money at home. does that resonate with democratic voters? >> it does. the democratic base is focused on domestic politics. if one can make an argument about reducing defense spending and increasing expenditures at home that will hold a lot of sway with democratic base voters. a division of america's role in the world and diplomacy abroad and ensuring allies are with us, that will permeate across democrats and the difference is between details and how much will be anti-trump versus pro diplomacy, we will see that on
2:44 am
north korea. rob: you have green new deal, guaranteed jobs, college that is free. i sign editorial cartoon that was pretty funny and telling showing all the candidates for president pushing a donkey, the democrat donkey to the left until they all fall over the edge. are they going to lose the moderates that help them win in 2018? >> i think they will. when you look at democrats farther left than traditional moderates and talking about these ideas it sounds great in theory but when you break down the policies to them they don't support these policies. medicare for all is a great example, looking at 70% of people, when you start getting into the nitty-gritty of the polling, illuminate private health insurance, dropping into the 20%.
2:45 am
it is very different from support for these policies they want people to believe in similar when we look at the green new deal. rob: appreciate your time and we will see how this goes. jillian: 15 until the top of the our, john stuart stand with america's euros pushing congress to restart the 9/11 victims compensation. a first responder in dc making the case to lawmakers, why he says this is critical. >> peter hegseth with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> according to a new study it is going to cost $93 trillion, $650,000 for you. make that check in care of me, will you? taken care of very nicely. we also find out bernie sanders when running for president, guy all about climate change reform, $300,000 worth in private flights to get hillary clinton
2:46 am
not elected in many things including aoc, a can them she does not deserve, shouldn't have kids because the world will end and ten years. and sharon sign on those. mike huckabee, representative steve scalise, morgan ortagus and greg abbott, don't miss it in 14 minutes for now. rob: we will go to break, see you in 14 minutes. ask their bos. [do you want breakfast or no?] [definitely breakfast.] be a booker at the russells travel to a different swim meet every saturday. but now... it's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings.
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>> thought every step of the way and it is an embarrassment to us and our country. thomas's job to fund it properly
2:50 am
and let these people live in peace. >> john stuart standing with america's euros slamming members of congress after reports the 9/11 victims compensation fund could soon run out. a retired firefighter and 9/11 first responder joins me now. thank you for your time and service to the city in the country. talk about those who don't know you and your story, that was your first fire. >> on september 10th, all set that day, driving over the verrazano bridge. >> what happened in the years since. you have been sick i understand. >> i developed sinus polyps, had to have surgery to have them removed. i have sleep apnea, nodules on
2:51 am
my thyroid and neuropathy. jillian: you are feeling affect all these years later, talk about what you are trying to get done the victims? >> the victims compensation fund was extended in 2015 for five years is running out of money, start reducing payment as of yesterday up to 15%, people expecting their awards and by next year reducing 70% so we are down here to get the bill extended permanently so we are with the health care portion of the bill. jillian: what are the chances it would be permanent? >> i think it is tough to say but in 2015, the extent the health care portion for 75 years which makes it permanent, we could get the bill passed 72 years to run currently.
2:52 am
jillian: 231% increase in illness claims linked to 9/11, 2015, 235% increase, what does that say to you? >> it is scary. it tells me we're getting to the point expert said we would start getting sick, we're getting close to the 20th anniversary and diseases will start to manifest. 235% is scary. >> why do you think this is so critical now more than ever? >> we have families, not just for firefighters but anybody who volunteered, responded, people who came from all over the country, 433 congressional districts, 434 people to someone in the program. it is important because you have people getting sick the can't go to work or get care for their
2:53 am
families and in many cases are being let go. the mtas being let go, we can't stand for that, people being fired or let go when they have families to take care of. the best we can do is take care of them now. >> for many people who may not have a tie to it, it is something horrible that happened in our country's history but for so many people yourself included is a reminder you are still battling this. >> every day summit is getting diagnosed, we have 10,000 people with at least one 911 related cancer. it is getting pretty dire and we expect those numbers to jump to 30,000 in a year. >> thank you for joining us.
2:54 am
it is 7 minutes until the hour. one comic book website slamming superman for lack of diversity, the man of steel himself, dean cain's firing back. it is called death for a reason. a circus tent gone horribly wrong stunned the audience and leaves kids in tears, what could have prevented this. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at . .
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jillian: congresswoman ilhan omar deletes controversial tweets triggered backlash. one of them paying members of congress to support israel. now an organization linked to the terror group hamas is defending the minnesota democrats' comments. the aipac saying quote quote does not feel there was any an at this semitic meaning in her tweets. adding they are standing firm in heir willingness to speak out. omar will be a keynote speaker at a cair event next month. rob: a comic boat web side firing a superman if superman needs to be white. one supe superman has something to say about that. >> superman, do you know me? agent rollins is a friend of mine. he better be alive. >> that's dea dean cain probably recognize him from this network he is of asian
2:59 am
descent. evidence played superman in his show lois and clark. you are about 25 years too late. he will join "fox & friends" coming up at 8:25 eastern to talk all with tha about that. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly u as always we start with the good. a 7-year-old boy hailed a hero by first responders for calling 911 to save his mother's life. >> my mom -- she is super bad. >> urge where are you? >> continues sell town, u.s.a. >> ho >> he told dispatchers landmarks nearby so they could find his location in colorado. his mother is okay. rob: good job, kid. that's impressive. motorcyclists crash inside the so-called globe of death u look at this. and there they go. fans looking on in horror as
3:00 am
three bikes collide in the u.k. one smashing into the other two had become entangled incredibly nobody was seriously hurt. jillian: rurej cat gets tangled in a can of dog food: >> president trump is set to land in hanoi in two hours for summit 2.0. >> this trip could be a before it even happens. >> require doctors to treat babies born alive after a failed abortion. the president calling it one of the most shocking votes in the history of our country. >> this green new deal could cost up to 93 trillion. >> is it okay to still have children? >> she just keeps spewing this stuff and there is nobody to tell her no. >> democrats in the house are forcing a vote on a resolution that would stop the national emergency. >> this is not about politics.


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