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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 26, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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down in hanoi, vietnam. they are -- it's 9:00 at night there. the president is set to meet with kim jong-un and start the summit tomorrow. >> we'll be covering it all. >> bill: thank you, guys, as you mentioned, president trump on the ground in hanoi, vietnam. getting ready for his second summit in eight months with k*im k ifm. the north korean leader arrived a bit earlier and received a red carpet welcome as the world watches to see what will come out of another round of meetings regarding the highest stakes on the planet. nuclear weapons. good evening and good morning from vietnam. i'm bill hemmer. sandra, great to see you. we'll be here throughout most of the week watching the history play out for us. hello, sandra. >> sandra: looking forward to your coverage. i'm sandra smith. the stage is set. air force one will be wheeled
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down. it is wheeled down moments ago. president trump will now head for his hotel for the rest of the evening. the world leaders are there. the stage is set. what's the feeling there tonight? >> bill: this is a country and city that's jacked up, i can tell you they're ready for this. they didn't have a lot of time to prepare for it. a period of 10 to 12 days. if you go up and down through central hanoi you will see a city that has been spruced up quite literally with the flags and flowers. this is a chance for vietnam to show off its modern-day form of communism and this is a chance, sandra, for the president of the united states to show chairman kim what could be his if he chooses the course of denuclearization. reunification of the korean peninsula, the end of the armistice from 1953.
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imagine the possibilities for the korean history. that's how the president will present his case to the north korean leader this week. want to get to john roberts who has arrived also in hanoi. john, as we await the president to disembark off air force one let's begin with you and what you're picking up on what we can expect this week. welcome to hanoi. >> thank you, bill. welcome to you as well. good evening to you from hanoi. the president is selling kim on this idea of economic transformation in north korea. kim has already seen the possibilities. he was in singapore and went to the big casino down there. the marina bay sands and saw what is possible if you develop a capitalist economy, not to say he would ever do that but he has seen what a powerful economy can bring you in terms of benefits. the president's first meeting with kim will be tomorrow night. they will have a social dinner together and have their summit on thursday. the president seems in no rush
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to push kim into process of denuclearization just yet. a lot of pressure coming from democrats for the president to get some sort of tangible progress in terms of denuclearization with kim jong-un. it should be a couple minutes before the president comes out. we're told there is concern inside the white house, the state department and the pentagon and treasury and energy department that in the talks leading up to this week's summit the president's special enjoy to north korea was willing to offer too much to north korea to get it to move forward. one of the biggest concerns is that denuclearization has become a negotiating point. in the june summit in singapore it was a non-negotiable promise that kim made. there are also concerns about the push by south korea for economic engagement with north korea and the promise of cultural exchanges between the south and north. the fear is that north korea is
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being given too many promises in exchange for doing nothing, at least at the moment. a lot of talk in south korea you mentioned this at the top, bill, in recent days, about the two leaders potentially signing an agreement to end the war. critics say that north korea is not negotiating to come up with an agreement to end its nuclear program. north korea is negotiating to preserve its way forward. to preserve its survival and that something has to change. there is an expectation by many north korean experts that success has already been pre-cooked into this summit. otherwise the two leaders would not be meeting and that success will be defined in something short of denuclearization. we'll see which way this goes. >> bill: as you mentioned, the door is open. ' wait the president to disembark from air force one. then he heads to his hotel in west hanoi, drive about 30
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minutes give or take. depending how many motor scooters are in the way. tell us the sudden change in your location of reporting today. >> we were at a hotel where kim jong-un is staying. as kim's train arrived at the border between china and vietnam we started to hear rumors that kim jong-un was not happy about the fact that the entire american white house press corpss was in his hotel and within minutes after those rumors started going around, we were informed our file center would be moving here to the international media center from our unilateral position at the hotel. now, i don't want to say there is a direct connection between kim's arrival and us getting kicked out of the hotel but we report, you decide, bill. >> bill: john, thank you. stand by with us as our coverage continues. john roberts in hanoi. daniel hoffman, former c.i.a.
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chief of staff is with me in hanoi as well. frame it this way, daniel. you are chairman kim. what do you want from this meeting? >> i think above all else, kim jong-un wants sanctions relief. his economy is in freefall and he knows his country is an outlier in an economically vibrant region and needs economic growth where they derive legitimacy is providing for their people. he has to be concerned what he has to give up to get the sanctions relief. i think we have made it clear to take steps toward denuclearization. if he has to go all the way remains to be seen. he has to take tangible steps. >> bill: you are the president of the united states halfway
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around the world of travel. >> i think there are a lot of pundits and former colleagues saying it strains the logic that kim jong-un would amass this nuclear capability for integration in the world economy. first and foremost that's what the president is here to find out. kim jong-un's intentions. he wants to see an inventory of their nuclear weapons and ballistics missiles and then i also think he wants to discuss bringing inspectors to north korea. remember that there are a number of sites that north korea has begun dismantling. one nuclear site we would like to see inspectors there and maybe even see north korea rejoin the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that they exited in 2003. >> bill: they have between 20 and 60 nuclear war heads. would you agree on its face about that? >> that's the assessment.
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>> bill: a broad range. 40 in the middle there. what would be the incentive for chairman kim if he did the following. you blew up all the reactors throughout the country, three locations. he holds onto his nuclear weapons but you freeze his ability to test, to fire off missiles, and you call it a stalemate at that point. as president trump gets off air force one. watch the reception at the bottom of the staircase there. would that be an acceptable way to go into the future? chairman kim stays in power, they keep their communist system and he keeps 20 or 60 nuclear war heads. >> chairman kim is a ruthless dictator. negotiations with north korea are complex and challenging. to think we would go straight from zero to denuclearization is probably unrealistic. i agree an arms control regime
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which freezes north korea's nuclear and ballistic missiles and allows inspectors into the country is a pit stop on the way eventually to denuclearization that would make a lot of sense. >> bill: it's a remarkable moment we're watching here along with sandra smith and daniel hoffman and john roberts. michael anton will join us in a moment. this moment in american and vietnamese history. american president comes back to hanoi. a country that wants to show itself off for the system its developed. a saggy form of communism. it has allowed a level of capitalism to flourish. and flourish it has. you look at the amount of growth here, close to 7% every year for the past six years and still growing. you look at hanoi and the way it has taken off. he will make the case to kim that this can be yours, too. would kim ever bye that? >> i think kim is acutely aware
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of how decrepit his own economy is and he knows there are great benefits but also risks when you open up your economy as he might. then if his people lose the fear they have in his government and attain some economic freedom it could risk regime security. it is a delicate balancing act. >> bill: the president with the arrival committee for the moment and he will make his way into his own limousine and make a trek across town and this was a president who was here in march of last year in danang, the halfway mark between hanoi and ho chi minh city in the south. danang was an air base during the war. it transformed itself into a vacation paradise, a coastal city with all the trappings of 2019 modern day. so the president has seen and gotten a taste of this country on that trip.
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but he is about to see a different side of vietnam on this time. >> sandra: you mention kim's 2800 mile train trek here to vietnam. he reportedly stopped along the way chinese industrial cities as well as vietnamese factories, which is something that his father and grandfather used to do and it just highlights again the disparity between his country and this booming economy here in vietnam. >> bill: you mention the train trip. he could have flown here in about an hour and a little more than that flying time a train took 60 hours. that was a symbol in itself to, as you mention, to take a similar route his grandfather took 45 years ago. >> sandra: as i'm watching the president disembark the plane and i'm thinking about there is no question that all that is different between our president and kim jong-un. if there is one area where they might have something in common
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it's they both break convention. kim jong-un was the first north korean leader to cross the line of demarcation and meet his south korea counterpart. the first to meet a sitting u.s. president. there is no question our president breaks a lot of convention, too. they could find common ground here. >> bill: about what the reporting by john roberts preserve its survival. is that what kim is in it for? >> that is the key for kim jong-un. it is all about regime security. you can argue that north korea had a great degree of deterrence before they had nuclear weapons. they have a million man army that deters any strike. at the same time there is no doubt that he is intently focused on maintaining that regime security. >> bill: great to have you here in hanoi. thank you for being here. don't go far. we'll pick your brain throughout the day and in the coming days as well. daniel hoffman live in hanoi. we saw the picture of the president. lead frame now. he will make his way to the hotel in hanoi and bed down for
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the night and there is a long meeting -- long day of meetings set up tomorrow with the vietnamese president and we'll get to a meeting tomorrow night local time in hanoi where he will come face-to-face with chairman kim. they have a dinner planned and we'll see how it goes on thursday. that's the lay of the land so far. >> sandra: the president has arrived. bill hemmer, we'll continue coverage from hanoi as the morning rolls on, the president on the ground there. meantime we have the other breaking news at home. michael cohen arrives on capitol hill just moments ago as he gets set for a week-long testimony marathon. more on what we can expect with andy mccarthy. he will join us live straight ahead. of the united states mint. and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time to start diversifying your assets with physical gold and silver.
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>> bill: 16 past the hour. evening in hanoi. 16 past 9:00. moments ago that is what we saw. president donald trump touching down on air force one in hanoi. president trump's second summit
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with north korean leader kim jong-un. how will this go? michael anton, former spokesman for the national security council in the trump white house. great to have your insight on our program. thank you for your time. what is your expectation, michael? >> i think your last guest had it exactly right. regime survival is the fundamental priority of the north koreans and kim jong-un. so this question of dangling carrots about economic development in front of them boils down to whether kim has had a change of heart, whether he thinks that economic development, money, capitalism, prosperity is a better guarantor of regime survival than a nuclear program. that's what president trump will need to assess from his private conversations. whether he can sense a shift in north korean attitudes. up to recently the north korean attitude has been a nuclear program is the true guarantor and whatever it costs it is worth the price even in terms of wrecking the north korean
6:18 am
economy. >> bill: what is your level of confidence that chairman kim is ready to deal, michael? >> i think my sense is that chairman kim is probably not ready to deal. he wants to probe our side first. the north korean playbook has always been ratchet up tension, be very provocative. scare everybody and then cool off, come to the table and see what concessions you can extract. we had a summit last year. he didn't really extract concessions from our side. but he also didn't resume testing or the provocation. that could be a pause where maybe this is the meeting where he will try to see if he can extract concessions. i expect him to try to do that. based on the reaction from the u.s. side will determine what he will do next. if i were the white house he hasn't made up his mind either way and he is assessing us the same way we're assessing him. >> bill: what did you make a john roberts reporting a short time ago about the chief negotiator on the u.s. side back and forth shuttle
6:19 am
diplomacy and the one who has been in pyongyang and hanoi leading negotiations suggesting that kim is in it to preserve his survival. you can understand that based on history. and i don't know what your sense is that you can ever see a day where chairman kim denukes entirely or whether or not he reaches a point where he can satisfy the u.s. and south korea, japanese and chinese and go ahead and keep dozens of nuclear war heads so long as he does not continue to produce more than that, michael. >> first of all, i know steve and i worked with him in the national security council. he is very able. i think we need to see how this plays out. but again it really comes back to whether or not kim judges the nuclear program to be more of a danger than an asset and the economic potential to be more of an asset. i think it's a brilliant stroke to hold it in vietnam. it is nominally communist, the
6:20 am
regime hasn't changed its formal name but it is a very open economy now. i was there with president trump. downtown hanoi is profitable. kim is seeing that. vietnam shows the way a communist regime can stay in power as the same regime but transform the economy and benefit the country, benefit the people. that example we'll have to see what extent that works on him. if he sees a greater future for his own family, his own regime, his own family history in the sense of staying in power by opening up, it could cause a change of heart. i would doubt he has made that change ever heart yet. the point is, is his mind still open? that's what the president will need to be assessing. >> bill: if he goes with the former that would be a revolution literally. thank you, great to have you. we'll talk again throughout the week. michael anton in washington back to new york and more with sandra. >> sandra: good stuff, bill. thank you. meanwhile the president as the
6:21 am
president continues his trip overseas back here at home on capitol hill michael cohen arrived just a short time ago talking to senate lawmakers behind closed doors. this is the beginning of a big week for him. it is the first of three hearings this week in washington also first big hearing for the new democrat-led house oversight committee. today's testimony coming ahead of a public hearing that will happen tomorrow. lawmakers are set to grill him. we'll see where all this goes as the day unfolds. we have a live report from capitol hill and analysis from andy mccarthy coming up next. cycle so you can seize the morning. zzzquil pure zzzs.
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6:25 am
to testify behind closed doors to the senate intelligence committee. the first of three appearances he will make on the hill this week. catherine herridge is live there this morning. she is following all this for us. what do we expect? >> that's right. thank you, sandra, good morning. fox news has had crews all across capitol hill staking out michael cohen because the senate intelligence committee has kept a very tight lid on the timing of his closed-door testimony today as you mentioned. we have confirmation he is inside the room. our producer reports that cohen took a very circuitous route. he came in through the basement of the hart building up a freight elevator and through the public area. you see it in the video where reporters are waiting into the secure facility where he will take questions from staffers and lawmakers. folks at home may wonder how we got to this point. think back to the fall of 2017.
6:26 am
michael cohen was up here before the same committee and took questions about a trump tower moscow real estate project being discussed during the campaign. cohen testified to the senate intelligence committee that those discussions about the moscow project ended in january of 2016. the special counsel found that the discussions continued until june of 2016. so well into the campaign and it was this lie that got cohen prosecuted by the special counsel. lawmakers tell fox they want to know why cohen committed that lie because the underlying act, the business deal in moscow, was not a criminal act and whether cohen's lie was on his own initiative or whether he was directed by someone else within the campaign. as you mentioned, we've got three days of testimony for cohen and tomorrow i think arguably is really the big one because it's public testimony before one of the house
6:27 am
committees. house democrats are focused on allegations that there was an effort by the president to influence the cohen investigation by getting the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york reassigned to the case. he had earlier recused himself. these issues came up during recent testimony. here is the acting attorney general matt whitaker from a few weeks ago. >> at no time has the white house asked for nor have i provided any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel's investigation or any other investigation. >> justice department has maintained that whitaker, who is no longer in the acting position because we have the new attorney general, william barr, that whitaker stands by that testimony under oath, sandra. >> sandra: what, if anything, can we expect to learn about russia during this hearing? >> what's important to watch in terms of sort of the
6:28 am
choreography on the hill this week is what will actually be handled in the public testimony. the public testimony is not going to include russia. russia will be dealt with in the closed session today with the senate intelligence committee and then in a closed session before the house intelligence committee thursday. what we can expect wednesday is testimony about michael cohen's business dealings with the trump organization and specifically president trump before he became the commander-in-chief as well as the hush money payments which the president has denied and campaign finance violations. for critics what they'll say is wednesday is all about issues that are unrelated to russia, which was the issue that got this whole ball rolling in the first place, sandra. >> sandra: all right. i want to get a bit of breaking news in here. sarah sanders, the press secretary for this white house has weighed in with this statement ahead of michael cohen's testimony saying it is laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like
6:29 am
michael cohen at his word. she went on to put out an entire statement talking about disgraced felon, michael cohen is going to prison for lying to congress. sadly, he will go before congress this week and we expect more of the same. it is laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word and given another opportunity to spread his lies. i want to get that in there. your response before we let you go back in. >> this is one of the issues always with a witness who is effectively damaged because they've pled guilty to lying to federal prosecutors. that's the case with michael cohen today. what you've heard from senior republicans is that they will ask cohen why should we believe you this time when two years ago you lied about one of the fundamental lines of inquiry we were looking at, the trump tower/moscow real estate project. and what commitments or discussions were had with the russia?
6:30 am
it's always the jeopardy, can you trust their testimony a second time around when they are a convicted liar? >> sandra: we'll talk with andy mccarthy on this and more. in hanoi president trump landed a few moments ago and en route to his hotel for the evening. we'll go behind the scenes with bill. he is there in vietnam right now as our coverage rolls on. >> president trump: i think we can have a very good summit. i think we'll have a tremendous summit. we want denuclearization and i think he will have a country that will set a lot of records for speed in terms of an economy.
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>> bill: it is 9:33 in the evening. exactly 12 hours ahead of east coast time live in hanoi, vietnam. i'm bill hemmer. our coverage continues this week.
6:34 am
the president arriving 30 minutes ago. historic second summit with the north korean leader will take place this week in the vietnamese capital. they hope to find a path forward toward denuclearization. both sides trying to find a win. you can look throughout the town of hanoi, it's vibrant, fast and alive and something else to see. we went looking a bit earlier today as to where these two leaders might find themselves face-to-face in 24 hours. they have spruced up hanoi with flags hanging everywhere you look. the north korean flag, vietnamese flag, the american flag. behind me is the government house. this could be one of the locations where the two leaders meet but the vietnamese government has been very tight lipped even this far into the game about where these meetings will take place. we're told because of security concerns. but even 24 hours before the summit begins you can still see these workers stringing lights together just outside the
6:35 am
government house. a couple of things important in there. the location for where these two men will meet in 36 hours hasn't been publicly disclosed. why is that? the vietnamese government is highly concerned about security. they had about 10 to 12 days to get ready for this world summit. not a lot of time by any stretch of the imagination for any city, country anywhere in the world. this is the charge they have been given. it is quite impressive to go up and down street after street in central hanoi and see the way the flags and flowers and sprucing up they've done for the vietnamese capital. and they are ready. they want to show the world a different side of vietnam and they have their chance. but when that schedule comes out it is anyone's guess. i think it tells us a lot about how the vietnamese want to get it right and make sure everything goes okay. whether the americans get anything from it or the koreans, the vietnamese will
6:36 am
win. they have a chance to showcase their city and country. >> sandra: the president is in for the evening. ahead of this he said to expect a very tremendous summit to happen there in the coming hours. bill hemmer. thank you. we'll be back to you in just a moment. meanwhile on capitol hill today the president's former lawyer michael cohen talking to the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors. the first of three appearances on the hill this week. let's bring in andy mccarthy, fox news contributor. good morning. set this up for us. what do we need to know as we wait to hear what comes out of this closed-door meeting? this is the first of many this week. what could come from this? >> well, i think, sandra, this is probably going to have a lot more political fireworks kind of consequences than legal ones. a couple of things people should bear in mind. michael cohen was asked to become a full-fledged
6:37 am
prosecutor by federal prosecutors in manhattan when he was cooperating partially with them as well as with special counsel robert mueller. he declined to do that, which is why he has a jail sentence rather than a cooperation agreement. what that means for our purposes is he still has a very live fifth amendment privilege and there are areas that he clearly did not want to get into with prosecutors and i imagine that at least some of the people in the congressional hearings, whether they are the lawyers who work for the committee or the principals themselves, the representatives themselves, will be probing areas about cohen who obviously has a lot of credibility problems that cohen is not going to want to answer. this may prove to be pretty frustrating, i imagine, for them. >> sandra: to set this all up, as jason chaffetz reminded everybody this morning. forecasting where democrats in the room will go with this. this is the first big hearing
6:38 am
for the democrat now the new democrat-led house oversight committee. that being said sarah sands just put out a statement saying it's laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like michael cohen at his word. the "wall street journal." cohen to testify that trump engaged in criminal conduct while in office. the "wall street journal" is reporting that the president's ex lawyer will tell a house committee he witnessed trump's lies, racism and cheating. his role in hush payments and citing a person familiar with his plans. that's the "wall street journal"'s take on this this morning. >> well, i guess i would say two things about that, sarah. number one, cohen spent a lot of time being investigated by both the f.b.i. and the federal prosecutors. if he was involved in criminal activity with trump i think we would have expected to see some charges come out of it.
6:39 am
secondly, if the prosecutors had thought he was a valuable credible witness, they would have completed a cooperation agreement with him. they would have gotten over whatever hump there was in the negotiations and signed him up as a full-fledged cooperator. they declined to do that. i have to think they did that because they didn't think he was a useful or valuable witness. >> sandra: as we are awaiting the release of the mueller report. many democrats are making the case for seeing it in its entirety. adam schiff saying it all should be made public. rod rosenstein was asked about that and what he thinks william barr is going to do. he said this. >> i can tell you i think the regulation was appropriately written to insure that we can be confident that the investigation was conducted in an independent way and that if that special prosecutor believed something should be done and we prohibited him from doing it there would be a
6:40 am
report to congress at the end. beyond that i think attorney general barr will make the right decision. he has a lot of experience with this. i think we can count on him to do the right thing. >> sandra: that's deputy a.g. rosenstein giving his full support to william bar saying he will do the right thing here. what is that? >> it's interesting and appropriate to pick out rod rosenstein to ask about this because if you remember back in was it may of 2017 it was his memorandum that was offered up as the initial justification for firing james comey. the reason that rosenstein gave in the memo was the fact that comey had gone public with the evidence in the case against an uncharged person, mrs. clinton. in connection with her email investigation. that's a reflection of justice department rules and protocols that you don't speak publicly unless you are going to
6:41 am
formally accuse somebody in an indictment and give them all the protections the law requires you to give them in order to fight back the charge. the justice department does not speak unless they charge someone. that's the rule of the road. >> sandra: great to get your take and reaction to all that this morning. thank you, sir. we'll have more on the michael cohen hearings as well as the house vote today on a resolution to block president trump's emergency declaration over the border wall. house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows will join us next hour on both of those big stories. comedian jon stewart on the hill yesterday for compensation for victims of nine 11. >> this is theater. we're all down here today. there is no reason to have dragged these people down here. no reason to have to have these
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>> bill: 9:44 back in new york. same time here in the evening live in hanoi, vietnam. our coverage continues now. president trump arrived just about 45 minutes ago for his second summit with the north korean leader kim jong-un. a matter that is so pressing. nuclear weapons. how do you resolve it? the president has a packed agenda. scheduled to meet with the vietnamese president and others before the second sit-down meeting with chairman kim. that will happen 24 hours from now. want to bring in republican congressman from florida michael waltz. thank you for being with us on this program live from hanoi. want to read you the president's quote from the other day. i'm in no rush for speed. we just don't want testing. where does it go from there then, sir? >> i think it's worth remembering that war and reminding everyone that war on
6:46 am
that peninsula which would certainly involve the chinese military would be horrific and i commend the president for trying something that so many other administrations have kicked the can down the road on. but we do have i think two big disconnects. one is the timeline. i would remind everyone that secretary pompeo, when he was head of the c.i.a. said time was not on our side. the north koreans were marching towards a fully capable icbm in the next year. that was a year and a half ago. i am in a rush for the north koreans to come to the table with something very concrete, including a full accounting of their program. that's what i want to see coming out of this summit before we make any more concessions. >> bill: what's remarkable about that, we don't even have a list of their nuclear assets just yet. if you really get into the details of these negotiations, you have to dive deep to try to figure out a way forward.
6:47 am
their idea of denuking is different from ours and ours different from theirs. they want the united states government, which operates this nuclear umbrella that protects south korea and japan is to go neutral and pull out. we want him to end his program, quit enriching uranium and hand over 20 or 60 nuclear war heads they already have. that's a long way to go. >> a very long way to go. denuclearization does not mean a freezing of the program, which is where we are now. i think the administration deserves credit for that. denuclearization is a destruction of the program. i don't want to see us leave the program intact that can be turned on years from now if the north koreans don't like the way things are going. the other things to watch for are -- one is for a declaration
6:48 am
of peace on the peninsula. that sounds great but we have to be careful there. that gives the chinese and russians and excuse to back out of sanctions and also we can't overlook the liberals on the south korean political system that want the americans out. back in the 1980s you had mass protests for u.s. troops to leave. if we have peace on the peninsula that gives an opening for all those things to happen. we can't forget the japanese. if we reach an agreement on icbms, that keeps the american homeland safe, that's great. the japanese are very concerned being left out of this. short range missiles can reach japan and destabilize all of asia. that wouldn't be in america's interest. >> bill: congressman, we're watching a street-side view of a camera in western hanoi where president trump as arrived at the hotel. the official hotel where he will be staying for the next 2 1/2 days and we'll watch the meetings get underway tomorrow
6:49 am
morning local time. it will be a day very interestingly, congressman, that he will meet with vietnamese officials and the president of vietnam for several hours and it won't be a good 22, 24 hours from now until these men chairman kim and president trump come face-to-face. they'll have a dinner here tomorrow night. the reason i think it's significant is president trump wants to impress upon the vietnamese government to tell chairman kim this could be his. look what you have done over the past 20 years. >> i think that's absolutely right. he is putting a brighter future on the table for the north korean people, which are barely surviving day-to-day. that is -- i think that's a viable path. the key here as you pointed out in the beginning is the timing. what we need to see from the north koreans before we relax an inch on sanctions -- remember, the only reason that we are at the table at this point is because the administration, with nikki
6:50 am
haley at the u.n., did a fantastic job of tightening down on the north korean economy and what drove them to the table. we have to keep that pressure on in order for them to give up something that he does not want to give up. he believes his regime depends on having a nuclear umbrella and we need to make him -- convince him if you achieve that nuclear weapon it will mean the destruction of your regime and we have a long way to go to get there. >> bill: thank you, sir, michael waltz from capitol hill. thank you for coming on today and ultimately you need verification. to do that you need inspectors on the ground. another part of this difficult negotiation. i want to get back to sandra back in new york. >> sandra: follow all the news from there. back at home other news we're watching, an american man held captive in yemen for a year and a half has been reunited with his family. what we're learning how the u.s. secured his release. plus vice president pence saying nicolas maduro must go and announcing new sanctions on
6:51 am
their regime. nooooo... nooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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>> sandra: president trump arriving moments ago outside his hotel in hanoi. that's where we find our own ed henry joining us live there. ed. >> sandra, good to see you. i am outside the president's hotel. we're reporting live here, bill hemmer is inside the same hotel as the president. i came out here because we started hearing this large crowd develop as word spread around hanoi that president trump would be staying at this hotel. i'm talking to people who say they've been waiting over two hours to get a glimpse of president trump. he actually went in a back entrance as you can imagine for security reasons. some of the vietnamese folks behind me were telling me
6:55 am
during the break they want him to come out because they don't want to go home, they say, they want to see him. they're very excited that the american president is in their country and b, they say they're very excited about the prospect of peace not just between the u.s. and north korea as you can hear the roaring and the flags out here that people are waving, vietnamese flags as well. i want to talk to this young gentleman. he is 29 years old. you saw president obama a few years ago in vietnam. why did you come out tonight? >> some years ago i saw mr. obama and this time i am very happy because mr. trump comes to vietnam. >> bill: how badly did you want to see him up close? >> want to see him? really wanted to see him. >> what do you think about the chances of peace with north korea? >> the people want traditional
6:56 am
people so -- >> how long have you been waiting? >> two hours. >> thanks for talking us to. we appreciate it. gives you an idea. there is a palpable excitement out here at the idea the american president is now here, kim jong-un is here in hanoi and the idea there may be some peace. a lot of hard work needs to be done but people from vietnam who saw their country wracked by war for so long. they're excited at least about the prospect for peace, sandra. >> sandra: ed henry on the ground in hanoi and bill hemmer not far away. >> bill: in a moment we're covering the summit from all angles. it is an electric night here in hanoi. our coverage rolls on next.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
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liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert. president trump now on the ground in vietnam for a second historic summit with the north korean leader kim jong-un. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" on this tuesday morning. i'm sandra smith in new york and there he is, good morning, bill. >> bill: you look great and it is great to hear your voice from half a world away. i'm bill hemmer. back there in the u.s. we're live in hanoi for most of the week where we're going to see some incredible history. one hour ago we saw president trump arrive on board air force one and moments ago we saw his motorcade pull up to the hotel in western hanoi where he will make his home for the next 48 hours. what will they get from this? do they get a chance to go
7:01 am
denuclearization in north korea? a chance to end the armistice set in 1953, or do you reach another wall in the stubborn back and forth between the north korean government and the united states and its allies on behalf of japan and south korea here in the region? president trump looking to move the ball forward certainly on scrapping the nuclear program. an analysis kim wants the make it happen. >> above all else he wants sanctions relief. his economy is in freefall and he knows that his country is an outlier in a vibrant region. >> regime survival. this question of dangling carrots about economic development in front of him really boils down to whether kim has had a change of heart, whether he thinks that economic development, money, capitalism, prosperity is a better
7:02 am
guarantor of regime survival than a nuclear program. >> bill: michael anton. we have a panel in new york city but we begin in hanoi with daniel hoffman about the join the president's intelligence advisory board. the president is here, will go down for the night. what do we get from this tomorrow, dan? >> we've talked a lot about what we might see over the next couple of days. one thing to consider is whether president trump is able to discuss the idea of a peace treaty to end the korean war. from kim jong-un's perspective that would provide him with the knowledge that we would recognize the legitimacy of his regime. a precursor to any arms control agreement. >> bill: if you do a deal like that with north korea that's really good for chairman kim. that scores one in his column. >> it is. i think at the forefrnt of his mind are lesson learned from
7:03 am
gadhafi. kim wants an iron clad guarantee to recognize his regime. >> bill: ed henry will join us in a moment. go back to new york and open it up to the others joining us as well. >> sandra: let's bring in our new york city panel. mo elleithee, senior spokesman for hillary clinton's 2000 8 kam tain. jonathan wack tell and marc lotter. good morning to all of you. we continue our coverage from hanoi back here in new york city. we look on now the second historic summit happening with these two leaders. marc, big expectations or do you think at this point people are looking on to just watch this relationship as it develops? >> i think it's a process.
7:04 am
no one believes that the chairman is going to come in and hand over the keys to his nuclear program after one meeting. it will take a while not only to get him there but get into the verification programs and systems that have to follow. i think it's also important to remember. it wasn't two years ago the vice president. i was on board with him on our way to south korea at a time when we talked about rocket man. north korea launched a missile over japan. we have come a long way. this is a process and it will play out. >> look, i always hope that diplomacy works and so i'm glad that we've got an opportunity here. but what worries me is diplomacy without a strategy. we don't know what the president's strategy is but what we've seen up until now it appears that it was escalate and capitulate. he escalated with some very incendiary rhetoric during the days of rocket man.
7:05 am
has a first sit-down with the north korean dictator, walks away announcing to the world that north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. we have seen plenty of opportunities since then, plenty of evidence that's not true. they have continued to ramp up their research and production of enriched uranium. they have -- we've seen evidence from our own, the president's own intelligence community that they have not been dismantling a lot of their nuclear delivery systems. and so the notion that north korea, that we're in a better place today than we were then, that may be true for the north koreans who while they continue to struggle economically now have a level of credibility on the world stage that they did not have before. i hope the president can turn that around a little bit and put in some measures now where we can actually verify what he says. >> sandra: as far as managing expectations of this the president predicted a very tremendous summit between the
7:06 am
two world leaders but tempered the expectations saying he is not in a rush for north korea to denuclearize. >> it is silly to go quick ain something like this. let's look what happened with reagan and gorbachev. it has a personal relationship just to break the ice and get in there and have these conversations, there is so much noise on the periphery. that's essential here. but we mustn't forget what's different about this scenario is that it was one thing to have the soviet union and united states negotiating. this is a whole mish mash of countries mixed in here. of course it is president trump and the leader kim talking to one another. but you have the chinese involved, you have the japanese, you have the south koreans, the russians. it is a really complicated situation and the whole reason there was a war in the first place is because you had these international pressures pulling at one another.
7:07 am
so that all still exists and that's why the navigation through these difficult negotiations needs to be hand nld a very methodical and careful way. >> sandra: the conversation will continue here back at home and it will continue in hanoi, bill. >> bill: i think jonathan's point is very well taken and our audience over the next several days will get a sense of the point he is making there. ed henry is up from the street with us here on set now. a sense of excitement. >> a lot of excitement. we got the idea in part because we were near this an hour or so ago and heard roars out there and thought could kim jong-un be out there? remember, in singapore when kim arrived before president trump he went to the casino. he went around and taking selfies with people. we thought it was that. as the crowd kept building we found out they're waiting for president trump outside his hotel. we go down there and kind of throw this together last minute and there were people coming to
7:08 am
us as american media saying which door is he going through? we want to see him. we've been waiting over two hours. they said we don't want to go home. we're so excited to be here. >> bill: just walking the streets here this is more than just a novelty for the vietnamese people. they take it to heart. back to jonathan's point there. senator bob menendez a democrat from new jersey has his own list of demands from this meeting. listen to this. >> we don't need a made for tv moment. we need a verifiable, enforceible denuclearization, it means the elimination of all of north korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. the president walked away from the first summit without even a
7:09 am
definition of what the denuclearization of the korean peninsula is. >> bill: he may be factually right about that. there maybe a reason. this is hard stuff and if you dive into the details you'll see for yourself. >> look -- let's leave aside the clandestine sites we know kim has for nuclear weapons development. one of them is over three square miles and has almost 400 buildings. arms control experts estimate it would take years to go through just that complex and confirm that it has been detoothed. and so the process is not going to happen overnight. what i would also highlight is it does require a degree of relationship between the president -- president trump and kim jong-un. we're seeing that as a present cursor. >> i'm not sure we need a definition of what denuclearization is. the arms control experts are
7:10 am
saying know it. the key will it be verifiable? independent inspectors allowed in. the democrats are right in general this stage of the talks are going to have to be more than just the photo ops. round one in singapore break the ice. now you have to get down to more specifics. the idea there are some democrats and some of the media being pessimistic trying to talk this down. pie in the sky, come on. >> bill: the white house said 15 months ago you had missiles being tested. you worked in the white house a long time. i want to share it with our audience. chairman kim arrived here i want to say it was about 10 hours ago, maybe 12 hours ago. and the reporters covering his visit were at his hotel and the north korean delegation. we got video so we can show you, told the reporters to pack up and leave. they had to go find another place of residence here in hanoi. i think the reason is
7:11 am
significant not because we lend sympathy towards the reporters, it is just the wiley nature of the north korean regime now here in hanoi, vietnam and they are calling some of the shots. >> he is a dictator and he thinks he can control the pictures and everything. he is not in pyongyang anymore. yes, vietnam is a communist country but the americans are here and we're trying to open things up. there should be transparency. this is serious stuff. the dictator is worried he can't control the message. the genie is out of the bottle. this is 2019. >> it is a class of civilization. central planning meeting a wide open summit open to the media. that's what you just got there. >> bill: good stuff. sandra back in new york. >> sandra: a minute ago president trump tweeted this out. just arrived in vietnam. thank you to all the people for the great reception in hanoi. tremendous crowds and so much
7:12 am
love. from vietnam to venezuela, want to bring in our a-team on that. mike pence says it's time for action against maduro. >> i think the vice president delivered a very clear message. everything that the former venezuelan president and dictator is doing is closely being watched. the world is waiting for him to leave and that all options are on the table as we continue to try to get humanitarian aid, food and sed sin to the people of venezuela who are starving. >> sandra: he announced more sanctions, mo, while visiting in columbia. he said to leaders around the world it's time. no bystanders in venezuela's struggle for freedom. maduro must go. >> it's one of those rare areas there is a lot of bipartisan agreement that the situation in venezuela is untenable. that maduro has to go. you've seen a lot of democrats on the hill say that the administration's approach up to
7:13 am
this point has been appropriate. there is some concern about putting a military option on the table and whether or not that -- you see some rifts within the democratic party on that point. whether or not we should leave a military option on the table. i do think that this is a situation where there is agreement that maduro has to go and i think the vice president's point is a good one. everybody needs to be involved in these talks. >> sandra: mike pompeo made it clear all options are on the table. what we heard from the vice president is more sanctions coming and pledged for aid. what is next and how far do we get involved? >> i think the administration has done a good job of trying to build consensus around this. mexico hasn't been as helpful as we would want them to be. there is a more united perspective on this and approach to the issue. we need more. one of the fundamental problems
7:14 am
also this isn't just about venezuela. this is about iranian and cuban interests. they're embedded in that country. one thing that could go very bad here is violence on a scale that would be unprecedented because when a regime feels itself cornered and has allies like those two governments used to oppression and tactics that crack down on dissent. thinks can get ugly and we have to be very careful. >> sandra: a lot of unrest over the weekend. the vice president speaking firmly on that. thank you all. they'll be back with us in a bit, thanks to our a-team. >> this isn't about the border. this is about the constitution of the united states. this is not about politics, it's not about partisanship. it is about patriotism. we would be delinquent in our duties if we did not resist and
7:15 am
fight back to overturn the president's declaration. >> sandra: another big story we're watching today. house speaker nancy pelosi leading the charge against president trump's national emergency declaration to fund a border wall. her latest comments come as the full house is set to vote today on a resolution to block it. next up will be the senate. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. do house democrats worry it's a waste of time? >> no, democrats are trying to pick off republican votes in the house hoping it will lead to more defections in the senate. >> there have been many senators, democrats, but also conservative republicans, who have sounded the alarm about president trump's declaration. i hope that they will vote their conscience. that they for a moment will put the country above any worry of their own political concerns or futures. that is what is required of us now.
7:16 am
>> when it gets to the senate sounds like moderate republicans. will vote will democrats against president trump's national emergency declaration north carolina senators tillis says he is with them. i cannot justify providing the executive with more ways to bypass congress. as a conservative i can't endorse a precedent i know future left wing presidents will exploit to advance radical policies that will he rode individual freedoms. we expect action on the house floor today. >> sandra: busy morning. mike emanuel on the hill for us. thanks. >> bill: another story we're keeping a close eye on. michael cohen arrived on capitol hill one hour ago. the first of three hearings that will happen over three days. what lawmakers want to know and what he might be able to tell them.
7:17 am
republican congressman mark meadows will join us live in a moment with a preview of what to expect during cohen's testimony in washington
7:18 am
7:19 am
7:20 am
>> sandra: former trump attorney michael cohen kicking off three days of testimony on capitol hill all happening this morning appearing today in a
7:21 am
closed-door hearing before the senate intelligence committee. wednesday he testifies in public before the house oversight and reform committee. our headliner this morning is mark meadows. a republican on tomorrow's panel and chairman of the house freedom caucus. a big week for many reasons. the president is overseas, back at home these hearings will be happening. when you are in that room, what do you want to know from michael cohen? >> well, we want to know the truth. and maybe this week will be the first week that he actually tells the truth. he has raised his right hand and taken oaths, whether it's attorney/client privilege. oaths to tell the truth to congress. whether it's telling the truth to f.b.i. investigators and time and time again he has not told the truth. we want to hear the truth but want to make sure the scope is large enough so that we can get to the bottom of it. michael cohen is a very seedy character in my opinion. those are not my words. it is really the analysis that was done by the southern
7:22 am
district of new york. so hopefully we'll find a little bit more about who michael cohen is. and ultimately i think his credibility is lacking. >> sandra: do you think that will happen? do you think we'll learn anything from this? >> i think the michael cohen will make a number of accusations. i can tell you that jim jordan and myself and a number of us on the oversight committee have been looking at documents that michael cohen has been involved with. and i can tell you there are a number of questions that still remain in terms of potential criminal offenses that michael cohen may have committed that i believe will come out tomorrow. i don't know why michael cohen is coming to congress supposedly he has told the special prosecutor everything he needed to know. but we will have a number of questions and i think there will be some very tough questions for michael cohen to answer tomorrow. >> sandra: and i know that you, along with jim jordan, are getting together to ask chairman cummings for some of
7:23 am
those documents that you say he has refused to request, these justice department documents. what are you asking for there, you and jim jordan? >> there are a number of documents. less than 48 hours before the hearing that comes up tomorrow, sandra. less than 48 hours. we have reports of what michael cohen is going to say and yet the committee has not released anything to the minority. we're wanting some of those documents. we want additional documents from d.o.j. and f.b.i. in terms of some of the background that would actually let the american people know there was not a russia collusion that happened on behalf of this president. and yet what they want to do is focus this hearing just so that it can do as much damage in a partisan way as possible without exposing perhaps the holes in their argument. i will say this, one -- this week is probably the most partisan week that you will see
7:24 am
under a democrat leadership ever. they've started, they'll start today with trying to get rid of an emergency declaration for the border. it will continue all week and unfortunately it will start this week and continue on until 2020. >> sandra: interesting jason chaffetz decided to pen a piece published on fox news upon com making the case it's a distraction. i want to move on to house democrats. right now it looks like they're poised to pass this legislation to block the president's emergency declaration to fund the wall at the southern border. and i wonder if this is a sign of things to come if it gets to the senate. thom tillis, the republican from north carolina says he would vote in favor of this resolution against the president's emergency declaration, although he says he does support the president's
7:25 am
vision on border security. he said republicans need to realize that this will lead inevitably to regret when a democrat once again controls the white house. the precedent set by trump and declares his or her own national emergency to advance a policy that couldn't gain congressional approval. your thoughts on that, congressman? >> i disagree with my senator from my own state. i can tell you that those arguments that he is putting forth, there is only one problem with it. it is in statute right now. this president is following what is in statute. i agree with thom we need to reign in the executive branch. the democrats were applauding obama for the executive authority in 2010. now here they are. if they're serious, let's rein
7:26 am
in the executive power once and for all. the statute is clear. this president has the ability to do it. i will support him. whatever vote happens in the senate there isn't enough votes in the house to override a presidential veto that will certainly come. people need to be considering that as well. >> sandra: great to have you as our headliner this morning. thank you very much. all right. bill, over to you. >> bill: bernie sanders setting his sights on trump country. how he plans to flip the vote. you have president trump in hanoi, vietnam. a long way from home getting ready for his second summit with the north korean leader chairman kim. what a night it is here in hanoi. almost 10:30 in the evening. high stakes over nuclear diplomacy. both leaders getting ready to step onto the world stage yet again. we will watch it together here in vietnam.
7:27 am
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7:31 am
>> bill: this is the old corner market in hanoi. commerce is thriving. the economy is growing at 7% for six years now. that's a big message president trump wants to deliver to chairman kim. you give up your nukes and we'll relief the sanctions and has the possibility of growing today like it is growing in hanoi. a strong message and the ument -- ultimate sale in the art of the vietnam deal. back with daniel hoffman and ed henry live here. it's 10:30 in the evening. all day tomorrow the president will meet with the vietnamese president and his delegation trying to impress upon vietnamese officials to tell
7:32 am
chairman kim this could be his if. >> i think that's absolutely clear. we have done a lot of work leading up to the summit to make that point. there is a trade-off here. if kim jong-un is willing to take steps towards denuclearization there could be benefit for him. winston churchill said it is better to meet jaw to jaw than beating at war. >> we're glad you're safe. you were walking through traffic. a little crazy around here. a broader context to the economic market situation. 2/3 of the economic growth in the entire world is coming from asia, vietnam is part of that economic engine for sure. you're right, the president is trying -- president trump a trying to show chairman kim there is a better way here. vietnam, communist. market reforms. you can open the door to this
7:33 am
kind of economic activity and by the way, we're hearing that there is a u.s./vietnamese trade deal cooking while president trump is here. chairman kim, if you don't want to walk through the door and take this door we've opened for you as john bolton has said. we're getting more american trade deals while we're here. we're in. >> bill: the tweet from the president 30 minutes ago. just arrived in vietnam. thank you to all the people for the great reception in hanoi. great crowds and so much love. the vietnamese are proud to have this event. back home a couple of democratic members of congress sent out a letter. they want some -- more discussion, proof about what they are getting out of this. on behalf of adam schiff and smith they write this. we urge you and your administration to be candid with the american people. a summit with little more than
7:34 am
spectacle will erode -- measure that when you talk about lindsey graham and how he refers to it as a 12-step program and we are now on step two. it is that complicated. >> maybe our elected representatives can slow down and take a step back. the process of negotiation with soviet union was slow and we took a few steps forward and some back. president reagan in iceland walked away with a deal because it wasn't the right deal. we would all do well to understand these negotiations would happen. we should all be calmly looking at the results. we don't control it. >> also vietnam wasn't just chosen as a summit site because of the economy. they were wracked by war for so long. american lost over 58,000 american soldiers. it was a searing experience. the other day i was shooting
7:35 am
what i thought would be a fun story about the barber here in hanoi giving out hair cuts, pick a kim or trump haircut. but i asked the barber shop why are you doing this? he said my family was really impacted by the war here. ist was a searing thing. and i want peace. this is a barber shop owner. hang on, folks. >> bill: you can see so many billboards throughout the city. they say we are the city of peace and they would like to leave that impression. thank you, ed and dan. we'll see you soon. back to sandra now in new york. >> as i go around the country. i will do it in this campaign. i go not only into communities which are progressive or democratic, we head out to trump country. we head out to trump country. and we are going to talk to those people and we are going to expose trump as the liar and fraud that he is. >> sandra: bernie sanders
7:36 am
setting his sights on donald trump voters hoping to win them over in 2020. let's go back to our a-team. bernie's message, what do you think? >> i think it's a smart message for all democrats. 70,000 votes had swung over three states combined in 2016, donald trump would have lost the election. that's how narrow of a majority he won by in those states. democrats have to go back into those states like michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin and compete there with a message that the president isn't who he says he is and here is -- >> sandra: that's the message? >> let me finish. here is our alternative. that has to be the message. democrats have to provide an alternative. >> my argument has always been that the democratic party is the party of opportunity, the party that is going to hold others accountable and level the playing field so that you can get ahead. democrats have to show how they
7:37 am
are going to do that and they have to show how the president has not. there are two years to litigate that. >> bill: bernie sanders and the rest of the socialists running to president will go into pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin say our green new deal wants to take away your manufacturing jobs. remember president obama said it would take a miracle to bring them back. president trump is doing that. we'll raise your taxes. we'll have government take over your private health insurance and take it away from you. we welcome the fight in trump country and the rest of the country. the programs and the policies that are being put forth by the progressive socialist democrats that are leading their party right now are just not even close to matching what the american people want. >> i think democrats are really looking forward to having that contrast. when you go into the states and talk to people who are impacted negatively by trump's trade war. the soybean farmers, the folks like that who saw -- who took a huge hit because of the trade
7:38 am
war. we've seen economic growth slow down under this president. wage growth slowed down. >> fastest wage growth in 10 years. >> sandra: that brings us to this point. anthony scaramucci made this point talking about three things that will bring donald trump to a victory in 2020. here it is. >> it's a domestic economy approach. the second piece for him as you guys know is border security. he is very, very, very concerned about that and thinks that plays well to his base and thirdly is to see if he can help to create more regional stability in the middle east, denuclearization the north korean peninsula and reset the trade situation for america as it relates to china and the e.u. >> sandra: number one he says it is going to be about the economy. there are a lot of successes to tout there and still some time to go, marc. >> absolutely. to mo's point earlier.
7:39 am
the china deal is coming to fruition. we hope we can get that done. that will benefit the farmers. we see the economic growth. people are starting to see their paychecks going up. we had the fastest manufacturing growth since 1997 last year. these are all good stats. >> sandra: how do the democrats run against the president when it comes to the economy, mo? >> first of all, if this is what they do. what the president and republicans do, i think democrats will be okay. look, people don't vote -- i think 2016 was a great example of this. they don't vote on economic statistics. they voted on economic statistics by every measure democrats would have won in 2016. there are people still feeling left behind and the president's policies haven't left them and democrats need to go into the states like michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, like wisconsin and make the case as to how this president's policies have not helped them and offer an alternative. that don't mean it's a slam
7:40 am
dunk. this president can be reelected and democrats need to know that. but he can also lose and democrats have to offer a viable alternative. >> sandra: they will have to get specific with some numbers. the overarching numbers, lowest unemployment rate this country has seen in decades. a booming stock market. highest levels of the year on monday and the president -- >> democrats made those exact points on election day 2016 and lost. people don't vote on statistics. >> sandra: it is successes on foreign policy, meeting with north korean dictator as we speak. >> waiting to see that. we haven't seen it yet. >> sandra: talking about border security and enthusiasm is key for the president to win as well. next up i want to talk about the national emergency declaration of the democrats fightings against this, marc. where will it go? >> it will pass the house. close in the senate. whether it gets out or not. it is nothing but a show because it is absolutely going
7:41 am
to be vetoed and they aren't even close to having enough votes for a veto to override. >> it is in trouble in the senate. three republicans come out against it. they need one more, a few to watch. i think marc is right. they won't have a veto-proof majority. the president will veto it and it will be litigated in the courts. >> sandra: thank you. our a-team this morning. appreciate having you guys. bill. >> bill: we are coming up on the midnight hour in hanoi. federal appeals judge a moment ago back in the u.s. issuing a major ruling in at&t's $81 billion takeover of time warner. details coming up. we have a study showing the green new deal proposed by democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez shows a price tag that could reach $93 trillion. how do you get to that number? we'll break down the numbers in a moment here straight ahead.
7:42 am
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7:46 am
>> sandra: breaking news, a federal appeals court issued a major ruling signing off on at&t's $81 billion takeover of time warner. let's bring in charles payne from fox news network. he has to put down the pen to join us on the air. this is breaking news. what can you tell us? >> i have to tell you at&t and time warner have moved ahead with the merger as if it will go through. to the degree it is not a surprise. listen, this is now perhaps with legal scholars to rang will about. i think from a market perspective it is not necessarily a surprise. this is again appeals court. the second victory for these companies. we'll see what happens with respect to the trump administration. but i think they are all acting as if it's ultimately going to be a done deal. both companies are moving and doing the right paperwork necessary to merge. >> sandra: there was concern it would drive up costs for
7:47 am
consumers. >> there are a variety of concerns with the mega deals. i think american consumers have already seen what a lack of competition can do. but again this is where the legal scholars can argue this stuff all day long. these companies are acting like it will get done and seem confident about it. >> sandra: the green new deal we've been talking about, the cost to implement such a deal. let's lay these out for you and have you react. $93 trillion over a 10-year period. the american action forum did a study on what we know about this so far. transition to a low carbon electricity grid 5.4 zero. transition to a low carbon electricity grid. there is a t after all of these. greenhouseing building renovations between 1 and 4 1/2 trillion. >> guaranteed jobs. you know how much that may cost?
7:48 am
up to 44.6 trillion and left off universal healthcare, another $36 trillion and they break it down. they do great work. the only thing they argued about is tariffs. universal healthcare would cost the household $260,000: 93 trillion dollars to create the perfect utopia. the only question is where do we get the money from? >> sandra: bernie sanders, we heard from him a short time ago at a town hall saying he is campaigning in trump country and believes he can beat donald trump in four key states he took in 2016 and he is talking the economy. he is talking jobs and he is talking amazon. listen to this at the town hall. >> am i going to demand that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes?
7:49 am
damn right, i will. all right? [applause] and let me give you -- people say where are you going to get the money? amazon owned by the wealthiest guy in the world made $5 billion last year in profits and anyone know how much they paid in taxes? that's where we'll begin getting the money. >> listen. he has his beef on amazon and taxes. he said $5 billion. we are talking drill -- trillions of dollars. take every nickel and you have 1% of what your plan may cost. where will you get the rest of the money? he could be competitive in those states although less so today than he would have been two years ago. at this very moment the federal reserve just told sherod brown things are going very well for
7:50 am
low-skilled workers, better than they have in years. the federal reserve chairman told him that just moments ago. >> sandra: markets down a little bit. >> we were down over 100 points and we're only down 43 now. >> sandra: charles payne at 2:00 today. michael cohen getting a grilling on capitol hill. former fixer begins three days of testimony before congressman. tennessee congressman mark green will be at one of the hearings and he will joining us live next hour. we go back to hanoi, vietnam. that will all be next. making my dreams a reality
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more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. >> bill: we're in central hanoi a few blocks there chairman kim owes hotel. in america we know this as the hano hilton during the vietnam war. pilots were taken and housed at the prison including the late senator john mccain here for a period of about six years. most of the prison has been torn down and used as a housing complex. they have a small museum where you can get in line and buy a ticket and take your own tour
7:55 am
here of the hanoi hilton. vietnamese we were the latest invader. if you go back the japanese, chinese, french. remarkable stuff here, too. i was here 25 years ago as a young backpacker, worked my way up from ho chi minh city in the south through danang and up here to hanoi. i've been looking forward to coming back to see how the place changes. i tell you, sandra, west hanoi is sprawling. big buildings, hotels, all the modern amenities you would expect in the west. i don't think time should be judged over roads, building or government policy. the thing that stiex -strikes me the most. everyone has a smartphone. the scooters you see, they all have it in their pockets and it guides them through their day like us. this is still a one party
7:56 am
communist system they have access to almost the same information we do. i can't emphasize enough how significant that is for people all over the world and to see it in realtime now is really quite something. that is in my view the most significant change. >> sandra: you see a lot of anticipation for this summit to be happening? >> bill: big time. they're ready for this and about to get underway, too. we came to see this. it is about to go down. our coverage of this highly-anticipated second summit continues in a moment here. we're back live in hanoi coming up at 11:00 in the evening. the president has arrived in vietnam. alue. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-newdayusa. need cash? at newday usa, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the major players now in place for the next historic summit between the u.s. and north korea. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith in new york city. bill. >> bill: sandra, hello from hanoi. what a day it has been already. i'm bill hemmer live in vietnam. coming up on the 11th hour. president trump arrived ahead of his face-to-face meeting with chairman kim. chairman kim opting to go along the rails in china for what amounted to a 60-hour trip. two-day summit begins tomorrow with a whole lot on the line for both sides. here is michael anton, former national security spokesman for president trump.
8:01 am
>> regime survival is the fundamental priority of the north koreans and kim jong-un. the question about dangling carrots of economic development in front of them, it boils down whether kim has had a change of heart. whether he thinks economic development, money, capitalism, prosperity is a better guarantor of regime survival than a nuclear program. >> bill: president trump has been on the ground for two hours. chairman kim 12 hours. john roberts has been here for two days live in hanoi. john, let's begin with you across town in the vietnamese capital. okay. one moment. we'll make a connection. roberts is here but a little momentary glitch here as we try to bring in his signal there. the thing that john was talking with us about two hours ago was the move that happened with
8:02 am
some of the press corps following chairman kim. they paid for it ahead of time at the hotel. when chairman kim's delegation arrived at the hotel they told the reporters to get out. it doesn't happen this way ever, i don't believe. when we get john back on the line he will explain his own history with this and how high a demand that is for any world leader regardless of whether you are from north korea or not. i got the connection with john. let's move across town now and we'll get john roberts in a moment when we establish that connection in hanoi. a remarkable thing, sandra. you don't see it. now they're scrambling to find a new room. it shows you the level of sensitivity and security on behalf of the north korean leader. they are paranoid when they come to vietnam and evidence of that. >> sandra: there was a bit of a mishap when kim jong-un was
8:03 am
stepping off the train and one of his most immediate security detail didn't realize he walked off the train car and ran towards him and then there was the moments where his motorcade was moving down the street and his security detail running alongside him in the vehicle. really something to see all of that and this as the president did tweet a short time ago just less than an hour ago that he had just arrived in vietnam. he thanked all the people for the great reception in hanoi and went on to say tremendous crowds and so much love. crowds there are. ed henry was on the streets a short time ago and it is the 11:00 p.m. hour there and there is a lot of activity long into the evening there ahead of the big day tomorrow. >> bill: hanoi is a sprawling city and seen major growth in the last 10 years. vietnam has been growing 7% for six years running. that's growth that any country anywhere in the world would take. truly remarkable stuff but they
8:04 am
are fired up. they want to show the world that they can do it, frankly. and we're about to see how starting tomorrow morning. >> sandra: hard to believe it's been eight months since the first historic summit in singapore and here we are today. more from you in a bit from hanoi. a big day in washington as well. right now michael cohen is on capitol hill testifying behind closed doors. catherine herridge is live on the hill with more. hello. >> thank you, sandra, we're just two hours into the cohen testimony and just take a walk with me. i want to get you situated. now we're on the ground floor of the hart senate office building. over my right screen left you will see lights and then just to the hallway there the double doors that's the entrance to the secure facility where cohen is testifying. the morning cohen took a route
8:05 am
that effectively shielded him from the media. he arrived here in the basement, came up through a freight elevator according to our producer and then he came up onto the second floor and walked along that hallway briefly. he did not take reporters' questions. one focus this morning is on cohen's testimony in 2017 when he told the same senate committee that discussions by the trump tower moscow project ended in january 2016. the timeline here is important because special counsel found those discussions went until june and prosecuted cohen for lying to congress. they want to know why cohen would lie about that when the underlying act, the business deal, was not a criminal offense. this morning the white house press secretary issued a statement that reads in part disgraced felon michael cohen is going to prison for lying to
8:06 am
congress. it is laughable anyone would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word and pathetic to see him given another opportunity to spread his lies. earlier today we asked lawmakers. >> what i intend to keep focused on is untangling the very complicated financial arrangement between donald trump and russia. >> does not impress mr. cohen. he lied to us once. anything he says i think that the american people need to be very, very skeptical about it. >> the republican chairman of the senate intelligence committee richard byrd told fox last night he would have hard questions with cohen why he lied to congress in the first place and also told fox that
8:07 am
this committee is really in the endgame now. cohen is one of a handful of witnesses they want to hear from before they wrap up their investigation. >> sandra: catherine herridge. thank you for that. congressman mark green joins us, the tennessee republican. a member of the house oversight committee. cohen is testifying before that committee tomorrow in a public hearing. we'll see what you ask then. do you want to tell us now, congressman? good morning. >> i just think it's -- thank you for having me on the show. it's crazy the first witness the democrats call to testify before congress is a guy who has been convicted or pled guilty to lying to congress. it's just crazy. this guy has lied to the i.r.s. five times. lied to banks in order to get loans to pay off loans. he even lied about delivering his own child. his wife had to correct the record on that one. if you read the southern district of new york, prosecutors and the report there, it paints the picture of
8:08 am
a narcissistic bully who can't tell the truth and this is who the democrats want to put in front of us. it makes no sense, crazy. we'll continue to show america the truth about who michael cohen is. >> sandra: we saw the statement from sarah sanders. saying it's laughable that they would call this witness before congress that is going to jail for lying to congress. it sounds like the republican strategy will be to continue to question the credibility of this witness. what do you expect from democrats in that committee hearing tomorrow? >> i think they will be asking all sorts of questions about the president. for them this isn't about the truth. if it were about the truth we would have a different witness. this is about trying their best to discredit the president of the united states. they will be asking all sorts of questions and you can look at how they narrowed the scope of this thing. they want mr. cohen to talk about the president's taxes, his debts. so we've got a guy who lied to
8:09 am
the i.r.s. five times who will tell us about the president's taxes? it just makes no sense. i guess it is their way of operating. they took a fake dossier that was created to get an f.b.i. investigation and now they are going to get a fake witness in front of the oversight committee to do what i don't know. certainly not find the truth. >> sandra: and according to the "wall street journal" this morning they're putting out cohen plans to testify trump engaged in criminal conduct while in office. others are reporting the same and even revealed some of his -- trump's private financial documents. we'll see where it all goes. a vote today on this resolution to stop the president's declaration of an emergency to fund the border wall at the southern border. what are your expectations for this? mark meadows appeared on the program a little bit earlier this morning talking about the hypocrisy on the part of democrats. listen to that first and we'll get your reaction. >> it was the democrats applauding president barack
8:10 am
obama for this same executive authority when he did it in 2010 and yet here they are. they've become righteous all of sudden? let's rein in the executive power once and for all if they're serious. until then the statute is clear, this president has the ability to do that. >> absolutely. the 1976 act gives the president the authority to do this. it is obvious he does. 59 previous declarations, 31 still in effect. it is hypocrisy. i just came from the oversight committee, sandra. and the democrats are issuing all these subpoenas and saying this is an emergency. we've got to get this information about separating children. but interestingly enough it wasn't an emergency during the obama administration when it was happening. suddenly it is an emergency. by the way, didn't the president just declare an emergency and you want to go against that? what is it?
8:11 am
is it an emergency or is it not? their hypocrisy is mind numbing. >> sandra: congressman mark green. thom tillis, a republican in the senate says he would vote in favor of this resolution to block the president's declaration of this national emergency. so you wonder who else is out there on your side. final thoughts. i have to leave it there. >> real quickly on the house side we're all with the president. this should be a national emergency. >> sandra: congressman mark green, thank you for your time this morning. we head back out to bill in hanoi with the latest. >> bill: every day the news cycle now, you can't distinguish the days in the news cycle. i was watching in the lower corner of your screen, you have a michael cohen hearing tomorrow that we'll be watching in a split screen from half a world away. you have a president who is negotiating over nuclear weapons and you have members of congress who are questioning
8:12 am
his private lawyer about payments allegedly made during the campaign. this is really going to be an interesting juxtaposition. how the white house plays it, how republicans respond to it. there was a saying about you stop at the water's edge when the president is overseas and you just wonder how far this hearing will go tomorrow. we're watching that here and the world is watching here in hanoi to see how this summit goes. to see what happens between chairman kim and president trump when things get underway tomorrow. the president will meet with the vietnamese leadership tomorrow. tomorrow night around 22 hours from now the two men will come together and share a meal in hanoi. reaction from the korean peninsula as our coverage continues. live in vietnam tonight. it is 11:12 in the evening coming up. >> test, pray and cower.
8:13 am
we've built out the world's coalition to communicate to chairman kim now is the time and now is the moment. i hope we'll make real progress on that this week. like my bike and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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8:16 am
♪ upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... girl, pepto ultra coating will treat your stomach right. ♪nausea, heartburn, ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, ♪ diarrhea... try pepto with ultra coating. >> sandra: president trump's former attorney michael cohen today testifying behind closed doors before the senate intelligence committee and speak to two house panels including a public hearing tomorrow.
8:17 am
byron york is correspondent for "the washington examiner" and fox news contributor. good morning to you. one week, three hearings. what are these hearings exactly? what are they designed to do? >> it's a lot of michael cohen. as you said he is speaking to the senate intelligence committee today. and he is speaking to the house intelligence committee on thursday. both of those hearings are expected to focus on russia and the trump/russia matter and investigation and both of them are secret. they are behind closed doors. we won't know what cohen was asked or what he said. tomorrow he is supposed to testify before the house oversight committee and that committee hearing is public. so we'll get to hear his testimony but on that one the chairman, cummings, a democrat, has ordered they not talk about russia. the chairman wants to talk about the stormy daniels payment or the trump foundation or the president's tax returns or the president's business
8:18 am
practices, or a lot of other topics. he actually released a list of topics he wanted to discuss but he won't talk about russia. it is almost as if the whole thing is designed for us not to learn anything new about the trump/russia matter. >> sandra: it says a lot when we'll learn a lot more in coming days how lawmakers plan to question michael cohen, the closed door hearings we'll see. the white house is saying, sarah sanders disgraced michael cohen writes he will go before congress this week and we can expect more of the same. it's laughable anybody would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word and pathetic to see him given another opportunity to spread his lies. what you are seeing here is continued questioning of his credibility as a witness in these hearings, byron. and he mccarthy appeared on the program earlier and said this about that. >> if the prosecutors thought
8:19 am
he was a valuable, credible witness, they would have completed a cooperation agreement with him and gotten over whatever hump there was in the negotiations and signed him up as a full-fledged cooperator. they declined to do that. i have to think they didn't think he was a very useful or valuable witness. >> the white house statement is what you would expect from the white house. and it is indeed a little odd that a man who has just pleaded guilty to lying to congress is now going to be welcomed to testify before congress, before the very lawmakers he pleaded guilty to lying to. so expect republicans on the house committee to make a big deal about that tomorrow. they will probably be bringing it up every time they can. the fact is cohen also in addition to pleading guilty to lying to congress, pleaded guilty to evading taxes.
8:20 am
he had an elaborate scheme involving taxi medallions in new york city and defrauding a bank. there is a lot for republicans to talk about for cohen if they want to undermine his credibility. >> sandra: if anybody throws a wrench in the works you say it will be during the oversight committee hearing tomorrow and it will be republicans. how so, byron? final thoughts. >> the chairman has said he won't talk about russia. when the microphone goes to the republicans they can ask what they want to ask. michael cohen is mentioned in the so-called trump dossier 24 times, obviously a key player in the trump tower/moscow matter. that's part of what he lied to congress about. there is nothing to stop republicans from asking cohen about russia matters. we'll see if he answers and we'll see if the chairman decides to side with cohen or his fellow lawmakers. >> sandra: a lot of uncertainty heading into that. the public hearing will happen tomorrow during these hours
8:21 am
tomorrow, byron york, great to hear from you this morning. thank you, sir. >> bill: here in hanoi final preparations well underway now in vietnam as president trump gets ready for his second summit with the north korean leader kim jong-un. both leaders are now here in hanoi, vietnam. people in south korea watching this summit closely. we'll get a live report from seoul to let you know what they're thinking and feeling about the second time around. >> president trump: we have a chance for the total denuclearization of an area of the world that was very dangerous. your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by 600 dollars every month. go to
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or call 1-855-newdayusa or call 1-855-newdayusa was a success for lastchoicehotels.comign badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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8:25 am
we found this billboard near the government center. you can see the hammer and sickle the represents the communist party. at the bottom our translator tells us the message is to the people of this ward that they can achieve the socio-economic targets the government has set out for them. again we're in the capital city of hanoi, northern part of the country. the hammer and sickle the represents the party is common. very interesting how they've tried to keep the party in control and allow the economy to be flexible and to grow. and grow it has. with the vietnamese government, they will argue the communist party still runs things but the people under the wing and under the rule of the party have been able to make a profitable living for themselves and there is evidence of that that is quite clear over the past 10 years or so. vietnam is a boom town. meanwhile the summit tomorrow closely watched in seoul, south korea.
8:26 am
koreans throughout the entire peninsula watching to see how chairman kim reacts to president trump. greg palkot has that part of the story live in seoul, south korea. what reaction are you getting from there tonight? >> good evening, bill. as you can imagine all eyes here are on the trump/kim summit. after singapore the folks in seoul are hoping for more substance. with president trump in hanoi they will wait to see if he can deliver the declaration of the end of the korean war. fighting stopped 65 years ago with an armistice. when you see what north korean leader kim jong-un might give back in return he could agree to shutting down his main nuclear processing center in the north. that could lower the temperatures a bit. in fact here in seoul not everybody is happy. there was a small protest in front of the u.s. embassy. people concerned that north korean's human rights abuses
8:27 am
aren't being addressed in the summit just as they were not addressed in singapore. the reports are 120,000 people are in political prisons in north korea. >> bill: you spoke with a lot of people there, greg, including someone with a special interest in what happens at the summit and the outcome. what did you hear? >> absolutely. the man i talked to is a former republican congressman from california. his name is jay kim. he was born in seoul in 1939. he lived through world war ii and the korean war before coming to the u.s. and becoming the first korean american in the house of representatives. here is what he thinks about the end of the korean war declaration. >> symbolically important. the war is ended. nobody is attacking anyone. symbolically. but other than that i think it's not -- it ended anyway. but symbolic reasons. >> he said we would feel
8:28 am
better, feel safer, in fact, if that declaration was made. i think a lot of people would agree with that. president trump, he gives a lot of credit to. a lot of people in south korea understand it could go either way in the next couple of days. back to you. >> bill: indeed. 1953 and still counting. thank you, sir. in seoul, south korea, greg palkot. >> sandra: at home a big ordeal on the rails. an amtrak train stuck motionless, its passengers trapped for more than a day. the status of the rescue efforts there next. plus the historic summit between president trump and kim jong-un, where they are set to address the world's biggest security challenge. north korea's nuclear program. what will it take for kim to give up his arsenal. congressman adam kinzinger will be live with his take? >> president trump: what will happen? i can't tell you. i'm not in a rush. i don't want to rush anybody. i just don't want testing. as long as there is no testing,
8:29 am
we're happy.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. nearly 200 people trapped on an amtrak train for more than 30 hours. finally on the move again. the train came to a stand still sunday evening after hitting a fallen tree on the tracks near oak ridge, oregon. dan springer is live in seattle with the latest. what stories are coming out of here, dan? >> what a travel nightmare. there has to be a lot of relief people on that train, stuck on the tracks for just over 36 hours. this happened in oak ridge, oregon, 40 miles southeast of eugene in the foothills of the cascade mountains. the train left seattle 9:45 sunday morning headed for los angeles but hit a tree at 6:00 that night. it fell onto the tracks. national weather service said oak ridge received a foot and two feet of snow over a 24-hour period starting sunday. the weight of the snow toppled
8:33 am
trees all over central oregon and knocked out power to much of eugene and all of oak ridge. that's what amtrak decided to keep the 183 passengers and crew on the train rather than take them to a hotel in the town which didn't have any power. for the first seven hours the amtrak crew tried to repair the train and get it moving again. that didn't work. union pacific began clearing the way to get an engine to the stranded train. after 30 hours or so they finally reached the train and it is now headed back to eugene and eventually all the way back to portland. no injuries reported and passengers were trying to make the best of it. one woman started playing her ukulele. food started running out along with other supplies for the kids on board. several passengers posted their stories on social media. >> they did an announcement they're making diapers for some of the kids that are on the train. they aren't telling us anything except that --
8:34 am
>> their ordeal will soon be over. amtrak released a statement saying he will provide refunds and other compensation to the passengers. >> sandra: a rough trip for those folks. dan springer, thank you. >> bill: the stage is now set for the second meeting we've seen in eight months between president donald trump and chairman kim jong-un. both leaders are in hanoi. two hours 30 minutes ago and 12 hours ago. can they make progress on denuclearization. adam kinzinger from illinois and serves on the house foreign affairs committee. you have 28,000 american troops in south korea. if you are president trump and you fly halfway around the world to hanoi, what makes this trip a success in his mind? >> that's a good question. i think success is progress. i don't know exactly what that
8:35 am
progress will be. there are a number of steps between simply not shooting nuclear missiles over japan to get to where we need to be, which is verifiable, complete destruction of north korea's nuclear program. as we remember with the iran nuclear deal it wasn't played out in public but over a period of a couple years they came to an agreement. a flawed agreement and bad deal. but it took that long. this is being played out on the national stage. a lot of people that want immediate response. i don't think we'll get there to an immediate final solution to this whole thing. but i think when it is all said and done if he can walk out and say here are some new steps i've gotten and promises from north korea, then i think we'll be in a better place. >> bill: i'm hearing there will be a resolution on the house side on behalf of your democratic colleagues to try to introduce a resolution that would bring about a peace deal. the armistice has been in place for 60 years. that would reunite to a degree
8:36 am
the peninsula. is that something you would go for at this point? >> i think at this point congress shouldn't be the one introducing the peace deal. that needs to be handled by the administration as part of their progress to get to the destruction of north korea's nuclear program. to the point it's possible because of the different steps that have be achieved, i would be supportive of it. for congress to unilaterally do that would be a mistake. we aren't in all these meetings with kim jong-un and with donald trump. >> bill: i'm just watching this develop and we'll see where it goes. meanwhile you were just at the border, had a bit of a deployment yourself. what did you learn down there that you want people to understand? >> it is important to understand a national emergency isn't about the immigration issue, it's about the drugs and human trafficking. i saw both of those regularly every flight. you would see situations where groups would be brought over by coyotes. the people that work for the drug cartels that pay the drug cartels to have these people
8:37 am
bring them over. the first sign of trouble these coyotes abon dan the group. in many cases they drop bundles and run away from border patrol. when we capture drugs it would be things like 70 pounds of meth. this is a real problem. for the democrats to pull even national guard assets, which this is my fourth deployment. three of them were under president obama. for them to pull national guard doesn't say they support technology. national guard is that technology. i hope they reconsidering a lot of that. >> bill: the national emergency was called. did you support that move? is that the right call at the moment? >> i think it is. i went down there neutral on the question and wanted to get a firsthand look. i came back convinced it is the right thing to do. this is a national emergency threatening the american people. not just the immigrants. the issue of drugs and human trafficking. this is the right way to do it.
8:38 am
a lot comes over the unregulated border. >> bill: in about 23 hours, sir, in a house office building on capitol hill michael cohen is going to tell america something. what do you think we'll learn tomorrow? >> i don't know. we know that michael cohen has lied to congress before. so the question is will he lie to congress again. i have seen reports of what they think he will say. i'm watching but understanding through the filter of cohen lying to congress. democrats are set to move toward impeachment. i think this is the beginning of their process. it happens when you lose control of the house. ultimately the democrats have to answer to the american people with whatever they decide to proceed with. >> bill: privately it goes on today, publicly 22 hours away. what an interesting split screen tomorrow. thank you for your time today. we'll talk soon. thank you, sir. 22 before the hour now.
8:39 am
back to sandra. >> sandra: 2020 democratic candidates are lining up for the presidency. a potential frontrunner isn't even in the race yet. sources say former vice president joe biden is close to throwing his hat in the ring. peter doocy is live in delaware. any news from that front yet? >> not yet. the former vice president will speak here in a little while. if he announces something soon, then the primary discussion could soon shift away from policies impacting people here like medicare for all and the green new deal and more toward foreign policy issues. he has been talking a lot about that lately. >> under attack by an administration that says -- views the e.u. as a problem and rooting for its demise, which is the dumbest thing in the world. >> as vice president biden became one of the most relatable politicians in the
8:40 am
country sharing lots of things that others in the field right now probably wouldn't. >> don't hold it against me that i don't own a single stock or bond. i have no savings account. but i got a great pension and i got a good salary. >> the one way biden might stand out the most from the rest of the pack is that declared democrats have adopted a soft approach toward president trump. >> patriotism is love of country. you can't love your country if you don't love your fellow country men and women. >> that is completely different than the way biden approached the president. he is the only one in the field so far who joked about fighting him. >> they asked me would i like to debate this gentleman. i said no, i said if we were in high school i would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. >> president trump responded that fight wouldn't last long.
8:41 am
there could be more where that came from or not if biden decides to get in. >> sandra: wait and see, peter doocy. thank you. we'll get more from bill live in vietnam in just a moment but first to some other big news on the world stage this morning as vice president pence announces new sanctions on the maduro regime in venezuela. senator cory gardner serves on the foreign relations committee. his thoughts on the latest move to oust a dictator next. >> what the world saw this weekend is what the people of venezuela have been living with for years. and that is the oppression and brutality of the maduro regime and their henchmen who use force, violence and intimidation. one hour pickup order?
8:42 am
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8:45 am
people in need and suppress peaceful protests while their tyrant danced in caracas. their actions will not go unpunished. >> sandra: new sanctions against the regime of maduro. he pledged u.s. support for opposition leader juan guaido and $56 million in additional aid for venezuelans. senator cory gardner serves on the foreign relations committee and joins us now. good morning to you, senator. based on our actions in recent days, is the united states applying enough pressure on the maduro regime? >> we're applying appropriate pressure now. it is building as we gain more allies in our coalition against the socialist dictator maduro. we will see our efforts succeed. this is a tyrant, a leader who cares only about himself and
8:46 am
his elite cronies. denying basic aid to his own citizens and murdered people to deny the aid. the u.s. is leading textbook diplomacy and nations around the globe are behind our efforts. >> sandra: there is no dill emma between peace and war. he said the time has come to change history. mike pompeo has indicated that all options are on the table. how far should we go in pressuring maduro and is the military an option? >> i don't think we need to go there right now. our diplomacy is working. it is increasing the resolve of the people of venezuela. increasing the resolve in people around the world who are willing to stand up and stand behind guaido instead of maduro. you can see that people are starting to come together with this leadership we put together. let's keep the diplomacy and ramp up the sanctions. >> sandra: the big summit
8:47 am
begins tomorrow. what do you think for the united states as we enter the second historic summit with kim jong-un? >> number one, we need a roadmap to complete, verifiable denuclearization. if we don't have concrete steps it's a surrender by the united states and it's not acceptable. kim jong-un is a two-bit dictator who puts his interests ahead of the people of his country. i don't think that's changed. what the united states must do is continue to apply our maximum pressure that we can and make sure that north korea doesn't do what they've done for decades. that is give a little, get a lot. and the status quo remains. >> sandra: the president has indicated, however, senator, he is in no rush when it comes to denuclearizeing north korea. what would the concrete steps for the united states to claim victory from the second summit.
8:48 am
>> a concrete step is not giving us the sleeves out of a vest. demolishing or destroying facilities that have already been destroyed or demissioning facilities that have long been promise to already been decommissioned. we haven't seen a single missile that matters completely dismantled yet. full transparency, accountability, going in with iaea inspectors, unfettered access for the inspectors. it is not giving to north korea what they want, which is a place at the world table before they are actually complying with international law. there is one actor that is not in compliance with international law, north korea. north korea is in violation of international law, in violation of u.s. sanctions. not us, not south korea. only north korea. it is time for them to comply and time for them to fulfill complete denuclearization. >> sandra: the president is
8:49 am
eager for a foreign policy triumph in 2020. mr. kim needs to show a far more tangible commitment to become nuclear free than he has to date. a vote happening in the house today on this resolution to overturn the president's declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for the border wall. it goes to the senate, what happens? >> look, i think we should rightfully have a discussion about border security. i'm talking to experts around the country about this emergency declaration. but i think what's disgusting about this entire debate is a year ago republicans and democrats came together for $25 billion in border security. people on both sides of the aisle agreed to $25 billion. one intervening event that seems to have changed people's minds. the election of president trump and the house and senate defeat in the house of republicans and the republican majority. so that has changed since that election. since the vote we had a year ago on the $25 billion. is this about politics? it seems to be more about
8:50 am
politics than policy. a year ago people agreed to get something done. >> sandra: what was your reaction to thom tillis, your colleague saying he would vote to support the resolution to block it. >> he will vote no it sounds like in the op-ed he wrote. i think our colleagues will do what they believe is best but i think the discussion that we have to have in this country is what we are going to do for congress to function to do what so many people said they wanted to do, secure the border, enforce our laws, make sure we have laws that work and get back to an immigration system that benefits this country. >> sandra: senator cory gardner. thank you, busy morning. we appreciate your time. american man held captive in yemen for 18 months reunited with his family. what we're learning about how the u.s. secured his release. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life.
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>> the president's former lawyer, michael cohen, on capitol hill today for the first of three hearings. tomorrow he testifies publicly and there are reports he will slam the president on everything from hush money to women to possible criminal activities. the white house is hitting back hard saying democrats are giving cohen a chance to spread more lies. he is a criminal liar, by the way. we'll debate. that green new deal alexandria ocasio-cortez is pushing to have an high-popping price tag. a new study estimates it would cost $93 trillion. trillion with a t. will this make democrats think twice about supporting it? we'll hash that out, too. all that and in the center seat a man with a beautiful british accent. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: back in hanoi fox news alert now. an american man now freed after
8:55 am
being held captive in the country of yemen for the last 18 months. president trump announcing that danny birch has been reunited with his wife and children. we have the story. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon. >> it was a peaceful turnover and that it was led by other forces, iranian backed forces abducted him in 2017. secretary of state mike pompeo said he is safe and secure. quote. the united states expresses our deep gratitude to the united arab emirates, peoples and leadership in facilitating the release for mr. birch. the safety and well-being of americans remains one of the highest priorities of the trump administration. burch lived in yemen for years when a deadly civil war has raged since 20 .
8:56 am
he worked for an oil company when he was kidnapped. he was the 20th american hostage recovered since he took office. the president said danny's recovery reflects the best of the united states and its partners can accomplish. a dozen other americans remain in captivity around the world. one of five known americans held in iran accused of spying. the state department calls the charges bogus and demands their release. last month the colleague jennifer griffin spoke to wong's wife said he is being held unjustly and that he is not an american spy, he is just a history nerd. >> bill: thanks from the pentagon. all the players are in place here in hanoi. we'll tell you what's on the line here. when the meeting takes place we've got some details in a moment president trump and kim jong-un.
8:57 am
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>> sandra: this teaches that, bill hemmer. from new york city to new york city to hanoi. >> bill: we will see president, chairman can come face-to-face, likely in our program. great show, i will see you tomorrow. from hanoi, goodbye for now. here is "outnumbered" in new york. >> melissa: fox news alert, the stage is set for the second summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong un. president trump arriving in hanoi vietnam just a few hours ago, and earlier, north korean leader kim jong un's armored train pulling into a railway station on the china-vietnam border. the two leaders expected to meet tomorrow. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here's today's harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy, democratic strategist and fox news contributor leslie marshall, and joining us on the couch, the host


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