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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 26, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> sandra: this teaches that, bill hemmer. from new york city to new york city to hanoi. >> bill: we will see president, chairman can come face-to-face, likely in our program. great show, i will see you tomorrow. from hanoi, goodbye for now. here is "outnumbered" in new york. >> melissa: fox news alert, the stage is set for the second summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong un. president trump arriving in hanoi vietnam just a few hours ago, and earlier, north korean leader kim jong un's armored train pulling into a railway station on the china-vietnam border. the two leaders expected to meet tomorrow. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here's today's harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy, democratic strategist and fox news contributor leslie marshall, and joining us on the couch, the host of "the next revolution," the former
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chief of strategy for british prime ministers the don mike david cameron, steve hilton is with us! speed when i'm ready! >> steve: it's been a while, but we saw each other sunday night. that was such fun. >> melissa: that was a lot of fun. >> steve: i just want to make that clear. >> leslie: you don't want to tell people he took the train from d.c.? >> harris: really bring the revolution? let's do it. >> melissa: let's get started. president trump's motorcade heading to a hotel in hanoi for the night after landing on air force one. kim jong un also arriving in hanoi after he was driven two hours to the vietnamese capital from the chinese border. john roberts is in hanoi with more now. john? >> it was a couple of hours trip for kim jong un, melissa, after taking a three and a half day train ride through the chinese countryside from pal jan counting. it would have been a long train ride but he wanted to take the
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train. everybody in place now. the president done for the night at his hotel after the motorcade writing from the airport. the streets are lined with people. the president treating his creation, saying, "just arrived in vietnam. thank you to all the people for the great reception in hanoi. tremendous crowds and so much love." the president barely misses a step along the path toward fundamental change in north korea, saying there more meetings likely between he will make him and kim jong un down the road. as he did last june in singapore, he will try to sell kim on the idea that he can reap the benefits of economic development in north korea if he gives up his nuclear program. michael antone is a former spokesman for the national security council of the white house. listen here. >> the regime's survival is the fundamental priority of the north koreans and of kim jong un. this question is dangling carrots about economic development in front of them, it really boils down to whether kim has had a change of heart. whether he thinks that economic
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development, money, capitalism, prosperity, is a better guarantor of regime survival than a nuclear program. >> president trump says he is in no rush to try and press came into beginning the process to dismantle his nuclear program, but the president is getting a lot of pressure coming from democrats to push kim into some sort of tangible progress toward denuclearization. north korea experts believe that success has already been precooked into the summit, that the leaders would not have agreed to meet if they had not declared some sort of success at the end of it. there are fears that success phil will fall short of your process on denuclearization. we are also told there is concern of beside the white house. the state trauma, the pentagon, treasury department, even energy. in talks to leading up to the summit, the point person was willing to offer too much to get north korea to move forward. one of the biggest concerns by critics is that denuclearization has now become a negotiating
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point and not the nonnegotiable promise that can made at the first summit back in singapore last june. the overarching fear is that you will be given to many promises in exchange for doing nothing. there are fears that if he didn't move him off of his position, which is nothing, the united states could get stuck again in that cycle of north korea making promises and then doing nothing. president trump has vowed that he will break that cycle but there are also real concerns here that north korea is not negotiating an agreement to denuclearize. it is simply trying to negotiate an agreement to extend its livelihood. melissa? >> melissa: john, i was shocked yesterday when you said you are at the same hotel with kim jong un. now i understand that there was an abrupt movement of the press from the hotel. tell us about that. >> yeah, i'm still staying at the same hotel. i've still got my room, but we had a massive white house file
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center at the hotel where kim jong un is staying. we have these file center set up in every city where the president travels, and we were told at the very last minute just before kim arrived at the hotel that we had to pack up. basically at a moment's notice, and leave. we are now in the international media center, which they have put together. it's a quite great center to work out of, but it's the first time -- i have covered the white house often on for about ten years, under clinton and bush and now president trump. and i've never seen an occasion where a foreign leader has said they want the white house press out of the hotel they were staying in. when we were at the g20 in buenos aires, for example, french president macron was at our hotel and there was no problem. but kim jong un did not like the idea that the white house press corps was at the same hotel as he was. he didn't want us all hanging around. so we talk to somebody pulled the trigger on us moving. so here we are at the international media center. thanks to the folks who set this up, because it's quite a good facility.
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>> melissa: the behind the scenes details all of the most fastening prejohn roberts, thank you so much turning to politics now, it appeals feelings are still a little bit rob between the staffers of hillary clinton and bernie sanders. former staffers for clinton's failed 2016 presidential candidacy unloading against sanders and a new article, days after he announced another white house run. anonymous clinton campaign members telling politico that, despite senator sanders' claims to care about global warming, he insisted on flying in chartered jets to campaign events. once for saying, "in the final months of the 2016 campaign, he repeatedly requested and received the use of a carbon-spewing private jet for himself and his traveling staff when he served as a surrogate campaigner for hillary clinton." the former 2016 sanders campaign spokesman, michael briggs,
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respondent -- think of hillary clinton, "you can see why she's one of the most disliked politicians in america. she's not nice, are people out not nice. the things we get is this kind of petty, stupid sniping, a couple years after the fact. it does make me feel good to feel this way, but there are some of the biggest expletives in american politics." steve hilton, you are chuckling! i will go right to you. >> steve: you just want more and more of this! the squabbling. their ridiculous elements to this. first of all, on the climate china doll not change point, and the "carbon-spoon private jet," i seem to remember hillary clinton taking her fair share of carbon-spewing private jazz. not just for her campaign. >> melissa: i'm not sure she is a socialist, though. the environment. >> steve: he wasn't going on about climate. that wasn't his message. he had an economic message. >> harris: that's a very good point. >> steve: she was the one going on about climate, climate
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change. in the end, it's so hilarious to see the bitterness of that fight still being there and being played out. the one thing i will say, bernie sanders -- i can see why it's still there for him. he was not only, in his view, force out of that race because the system was wrecked against him. it seems it's happening to him again, because his whole agenda -- all of his ideas -- it's being co-opted pretty much by the rest of the field. once again, he will get the chance to implement his socialist revolution. >> harris: was interesting but he said, what i was watching the town hall, i thought the very same thing you express. not only co-opted, but just taken. almost -- a question was hanging above my head, "did bernie mrs. moment?" we have for the president say as much. in those moments, last night, i was thinking that. he wasn't talking about energy. but now he is, because that's -- >> steve: the other thing
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that's really important, an interesting development -- when he was running, particularly at the beginning of his campaign 2015, there is a highly revealing interview with vox that i think about when we talk about immigration. his views were almost identical to donald trump's in terms of the impact of uncontrolled immigration and open borders -- >> harris: barack obama used it, as well. >> steve: during the course of the campaign, it became clear to him that you can't get away with it in the modern democratic party. you got to be for open borders. same as you got to have climate change. >> leslie: i think the feeling is still very much there with people who share the populace to uncertain economic issues. that tends to be the more progressive. but hillary clinton, if you remember, she painted yourself as a progressive, certainly, toward the end of the nomination process for the democrats because bernie had painted her so far left. she was really trying to picture yourself as someone who had been progressive since the 60s. her campaign spent over
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$15 million on private jets. which is fine. and present to politics, that's what you have to do to win. she needed bernie to win, she needed the support is to close the chasm in the democratic party. i don't understand where her team is coming from other than the fact that she wants to get in the race. if he is in debt and obviously the president's end, and joe biden is thinking about getting in, she's got the worsto ever. the way he's going about it -- and i'm glad his spokespeople have hit back to say that these people are unlikable, a bunch of shrews, and they worked for the least likable politician in american history. >> harris: what's happening? [laughter] >> leslie: can the democrat on the couch way in? >> steve: one important -- >> leslie: apparently no. >> steve: the nasty people, they are now working for kamala harris. that's the shift. >> leslie: just like he had people --
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>> steve: i don't mean me! >> leslie: look, i don't think she's nasty. i don't think the people that work for her are nasty. what i do think that is nasty, are we going to learn from what happened in 2016? she is not running, bernie is. it's a different field. to your point, yes. he pioneered $50 minimum wage, he pioneered medicare for all. every democrat has taken it. it's now not just democratic talking point, but part of the platform. that's why, in a sense, he needs to play nice. to the economic point, this is a man who talks about the economy, who talks about economic inequality, and has three homes and is very wealthy. the bothersome democrats -- >> kennedy: he's a hypocrite. >> melissa: steve hilton made a tremendous point there come a case you mixed it. he saying this is not her people. he sank to his kamala harris 'his people and i work clinton that are driving this, they are hurting bernie sanders. the point of this article was that he is a hypocrite.
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he sits there and talks about the environment, or whatever, that he is out there and he is flying in the private jet and he is also the mean guy on his front lawn yelling. am i right? >> harris: i'm going to go with that they are all hypocrites. >> steve: the establishment he does people. not all of them, but -- you talk to people in -- >> kennedy: kamala harris come hypocrite. elizabeth warren come hypocrite. bernie sanders, hypocrite. cory booker, hypocrite. they are all hypocrites. those are just democrats. there are a bunch of republicans, too. >> harris: that's what i thought you meant. >> kennedy: they all are. i don't appreciate this from hillary clinton's team. why wouldn't bernie sanders fight to win? why wouldn't he go out there and go after her credibility and her character and her choices and her voting record and everything else, and she says there like, "we can't believe that bernard attacked us!" because she uses the royal "we."
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[laughter] do you remember, donald trump at 60 people are part dialect attacking him repeatedly on the stage. did he sit there and cried? "it's so hard, marco rubio making fun of my hands!" >> leslie: the differences whenever clinton had to pass the reins for the barack -- the reign, not the reins. when she lost the nomination to barack obama, one thing i have to say to her is that she brought us together and said, " "pete --" >> harris: she didn't say that! she wishes she did! revive she said, "i support barack obama, you need to support him, they voted for them, and he won." i was in the room. >> kennedy: if the concentration of money and power so chic can become president. that's it. in 2016. >> leslie: i was in the room where bernie sanders was in their pouting like a child, and a lot of the bernie or bust
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people stayed home and were outraged after trump won. and that contributed to it. >> melissa: he got robbed! he should have one that nomination >> leslie: with the one thing republicans do that democrats need to learn is to unite. >> harris: we know that. >> kennedy: they don't look very united right now! >> leslie: exactly. >> melissa: we are following present herb as he is touching down in vietnam for his second high-stakes summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. and an eye-opening new poll on how americans believe that the u.s. is viewed on the world stage. details, and what it means as the president hopes to score abroad. michael cohen kicking off the first of three rounds of testimony on capitol hill. amid reports, he will accuse the president of breaking the law while in office. as a republican step of question over his credibility. we will debate the impact of all
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this. >> i can tell you, there's a number of questions that still remain in terms of criminal offenses that michael cohen may have committed that i think will come out tomorrow. ♪ okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler
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♪ >> harris: president trump's former attorney, michael cohen, is an capitol hill today testifying behind closed doors, to start. and he's with the senate intelligence committee today. tomorrow he goes public before the house oversight committee. cohen reportedly is planning to say that the president engaged in criminal conduct while in office. white house press secretary sarah sanders released this statement. "disgraced felon michael cohen is going to prison for lying to
9:20 am
congress and making of a false statements. sadly, he will go before congress this weekend we can expect more of the same. it is laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like cohen at his word. pathetic to see him given yet another opportunity to spread his lies." here is democratic senate intel committee member, ron wyden. as he was walking today's hearing. >> my big interest has been in the "follow the money" issues. obviously i can't talk about what goes on inside the committee, but what i intend to keep focused on is untangling the very complicated financial arrangement between donald trump and russia. >> harris: here is republican mark meadows on the house oversight committee. >> we want to know the truth. maybe this week will be the first week that he actually
9:21 am
tells the truth. he has raised his right hand over and over again and take an oath's, whether it's attorney-client privilege, the oath to tell the truth to congress, whether it's to tell the truth to the fbi investigators. time and time again, he has not told the truth. hopefully we will find a little bit more about who michael cohen is, and ultimately i think his credibility is lacking. >> harris: i know he was an attorney, but you might say it was a criminal and career like he was telling. >> steve: may be. i don't know, whatever. >> harris: not president at the time. >> steve: honestly i get so frustrated pay look at these idiots in congress, wasting their time. >> harris: wow. >> steve: and our brain space with this kind of gossip come of this nonsense. it doesn't affect anyone's lives. it doesn't affect anything that matters to the american people. >> harris: so i did they do it? >> steve: this is what they love. the game. the game of politics, rather
9:22 am
than actually tackling real issues. for example, fixing the broken immigration system. doing something that actually helps people. there's another aspect to this that i think is really important for everyone to remember this moment, what the democrats say -- give us back the house. we will have a positive agenda. we will focus on health care, people's jobs, incomes. all out the window. what we've heard from the democrats it's positive since we got here? all they've done since taking back control is this kind of nonsense. >> harris: 's events at mission point. rounding out the second month of the year and we are still talking about investigations that could be coming up after robert mueller turns over his report to the new ag. we are still on the same topic. are you convinced that your party can come as you like to say, walk and chew gum at the same time? >> leslie: absolutely! "but her emails!" a waste of time, investigation money there. you can have investigations and put forth legislation.
9:23 am
replicas of done it. >> melissa: so where's the immigration reform? >> leslie: democrats can do it. i believe democrats will put that forward. >> melissa: where is the? they could be doing it right now! >> leslie: right now they are bogged down with the president that wants to have a national emergency declaration, and even have -- >> kennedy: who is putting the docket in the house, republicans? >> leslie: >> leslie: with repus they will pass it, and we will see what happens. >> harris: one vote today. >> leslie: universal background checks is one step toward what they promise their constituents. >> harris: that's one vote today. what about health care and those of you thinks? >> leslie: how many months into his army? >> harris: two >> leslie: right. you want universal background checks, health care, copperheads immigration reform -- how is it going to be put forth and voted on in 60 days? >> kennedy: how about expediting an agenda and set of investigations? if the president has done something wrong, yes, it's their necessity to make sure he's probably investigated. but these point, a lot of the
9:24 am
stuff is retried because it. and it's not going to affect the way his supporters feel. i understand -- >> leslie: it's the court of public opinion deciding. >> kennedy: at some point it becomes to voters. with a really want is to build on economic momentum, and democrats have an ability to offer an agenda that does that. they are not doing that right now. >> melissa: let me jump and pay this great article and ask yesterday that i brought in case anyone wants it. one place where russia and really never comes up -- i will. that is, the candidates went there and walked around for the voters in that area, the only question they ask about trump is, "what are your ideas to beat him?" of the event that -- to steve's point, they asked about health care, policy, wages. they asked about stuff that they care about that is going to affect them. nobody wanted to hear anything about russia or mueller, so democrats go down this path and commit to this agenda there
9:25 am
is already evidence that it is a loser. on the campaign trail. >> harris: you have green nuccio. we will talk about them are coming up. you got some democrats focus on whether they are for a door against it, that's going on. i am looking for that proof that they are going to do what they said they would do. legislate and investigate. that's what they said. >> steve: that's exactly what they said. it just feels like they are addicted to the tawdry gossip. the retread of this russia story. they can't let it go. they are addicted to it. maybe they have better instincts, to say that we should focus on things they got elected. but they can't seem to do it. this is what they really love doing. plus, it is, in the end, going to capture the attention of their media backers because they all are obsessed with russia, too. you know you can always get an interview going on about adam schiff, going on about russia. >> harris: what are independents thinking right now?
9:26 am
that's what i want to know. there are so many more of them now on the country. speedy republicans do the same thing when the she was on the other foot. i know, just throwing out there. go ahead. >> harris: that green new deal i just mentioned could cost a lot of green. forgive the pun. [laughter] a new estimate of a staggering price tag, and why this could paint democrats into a green corner. [laughter] >> melissa: please don't. >> harris: plus, the promise of guaranteed income that was first floated as part of the green new deal. senior advisor to president, ivanka trump, reacts to that during our one-on-one with the man in the center seat care, steve hilton. >> i don't think most americans come in their heart, want it. ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan
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but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? ♪ >> kennedy: welcome back. the green new deal sticker shock, the sweeping proposal by
9:31 am
congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez could cost as much as -- wait for it -- $93 trillion. that's trillion with a t. or $600,000 per household over a decade. that's according to a new study coauthored by the former director of the nonpartisan congressional budget office. the senate sponsor of the resolution, democratic senator ed markey, saying, "any so-called analysis that includes artificially inflated numbers that rely on lazy assumptions, including by policies that aren't even in the resolution, is bogus. adding up price on the resolution of principles, not policies, is just big oil misinformation." thanks, ed. the reported sticker shock comes after kamala harris made this case for the resolution. >> there is no question we have to be practical. but being practical also recognizes that climate change is an ex-central threat. people in the private sector understand it really well. it's not about cost, it's about an investment. and the question should be, is
9:32 am
it worth the cost in terms of the investment potential? are we going to get back more than we put in? >> kennedy: absolutely not. there is no way humanly possible, but thanks for that. meanwhile, congresswoman o'connor sue cortez raising more eyebrows after the blowback of a statement or office release promising economic security even for those unwilling to work. her words. and it calls for the elimination of farting cows and interval. she says maybe it's time for parents to rethink having kids. >> there is scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be difficult, and it does lead young people to have a legitimate question. you know, is it okay to still have children? >> kennedy: "is it okay to still have children," steve hilton? >> steve: there was a time when she first came onto the scene where he actually -- i
9:33 am
quite liked her antiestablishment attitude. i kind of liked the attitude. more and more -- i don't know whether she is having some of nervous breakdown or whether all we are seeing now is the true ugliness and darkness of her ideology. being revealed. but her statements lately -- "i am the boss. we are in charge." they've got this no child policy? it's disturbingly authoritarian. even fascist. it seems like she would be much more comfortable, friendly, and china. with this approach to politics, it fits much better than the brutal authoritarian regime over there. i'm really frightened of the way she is talking. >> melissa: this is in the first time we've heard this very extreme progressive rhetoric. she wants to know -- looks tallied up -- she wants to get rid of children, airplanes, and cows. >> kennedy: and health insurance. and all health insurance companies. >> melissa: i have heard royalty in the u.k., prince william said something like this.
9:34 am
you have to think about having kids now in this day and age because of the impact it has on the environment. she's in great company. she is the ultimate elitist. she is the opposite of what she says. she advocates policies that are for the very wealthy, if you destroy lives by making energy really expensive and you destroy jobs and industries by going over to this economy, how is that helping poor working people? this is the ultimate rich ideology. >> kennedy: it's not. because we have to do -- they're only two ways to go about it. dingbats who worry about the for swallowing itself and we are all going to die in a fiery hell ball, they shouldn't have kids. we don't need hysterical rewards path leading the earth. we do need are a bunch more workers than dependents. people having five, six whom i maybe a dozen kids in order to prop up the system. speed when i want to yield my time with this question to you, leslie. i see something happening within the democratic party. i thought maybe it wasn't right about until we saw senator dick durbin say, "what
9:35 am
the heck is that?" he said green new deal and read it. this is a battle of epic proportions. why is aoc able to come up from her kitchen, making whatever she was making, best dianne feinstein? how is this possible that the party is so easy to capitulate to this? i'm very curious. >> leslie: if you look at her followers, very much like bernie's followers -- >> harris: do the vote? that's going to be the issue. >> leslie: more than 300,000 of his new 1 million volunteers that signed up are new. new emails. younger blood, if you will, coming into the party. >> harris: why? a >> leslie: i believe it's the millennials -- left of left, which she is, in which bernie is. but i think she is left of bernie. they are really trying to pull the party here. the new year speaker pelosi say things like "green whatever it is." >> harris: saying it's a suggestion. >> leslie: yes. and senator dick durbin said,
9:36 am
"what is this?" there are realities -- and i have said this before about aoc -- he is green. and she needs to learn from people that know how to do this job. this is not going to pass. >> harris: she must be a dark shade of green. she's been around a little bit. >> steve: is the way she talks about a pay and what about this language? "i'm the boss. we are in charge." >> leslie: i'm going to sound like my grandmother. too big for her britches. >> kennedy: these are not suggestions. it's not, "here are some things i've done in my life. let's be opera and abel shows wonderful things." it's about somebody trying to chill the government through force to change behavior. here's ivanka trump and's hilton talking about the green new deal. >> i don't think most americans in their heart want to be given something. people want to work for what they get.
9:37 am
i think this idea of this guaranteed minimum is not something. they want and ability to be able to secure a job. they want to be able to live in a country where there is a potential for upward mobility. >> kennedy: what you think about that, steve? >> steve: the interesting context here was that i was actually asking her to distinguish between -- we've been just a don't like talking about this -- the aoc authoritarian top-down approach. the subject of our interview, which you can see on my show on sunday evenings, which is the work that she is leading. to help workers get the skills they need to get jobs in the private sector that pay well. the big contrast between what the trump administration is doing to help the american workers through the private sector, and the public sector top-done government approach. there is a lot more to it than just saying, "well, we think the green new deal is orc." it's actually very interesting to see the detail policy work that the said administration is
9:38 am
doing. to actually help people get these well-paying jobs that can support a family. the things that are in the green new deal, but delivery through the private sector. >> kennedy: and to have ownership of their ideas. some people think that alexandria ocasio-cortez is a caricature. and look at this! she is now the subject of a comic book. it's an upcoming comic book from devils duke comics, "alexander katsu court has on the freshman force." how exciting. what do you think i'm a leslie customer glee by a few copies? >> leslie: no, no, no. why is it wrong that even if you don't like what she is saying, somebody who is a bartender and said, "look, i'm going to unseat a decade-long democrat." i'm sorry, i think she deserves kudos for that. >> harris: i agree with you. >> leslie: young girls should look up to a superhero who can fight the assumptions and when. >> harris: people are not paying the right kind of attention to her. not only did she use her bernie's ideas, those were her thoughts. she was a protege.
9:39 am
but now she's running away with the topic. when you look at that time how last night it was like -- aoc! >> melissa: she is setting the agenda. >> leslie: we have heard of #mealsalso. herhashtagis#me. flipping and supporting the measure -- will it lead to the president's first ever veto? more from the couch, next. ♪ ything with a stain. soak your nasty jersey. it stinks! wash the really dirty clothes separately. remember -hard work builds character! new tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! but you didn't fold it. oh, that wasn't in the note. should have sent a text. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes
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>> right now we are focused with dealing with this man-made manufactured manipulative so-called national emergency that is really just designed to fulfill a campaign a pause line. connected to a medieval border wall that the president claimed mexico would pay for. this whole thing is outrageous, and it's inconsistent with the united states constitution and the allocation of the power of spending to the congress.
9:44 am
>> harris: that was house democratic caucus chair, going after the president's declaration of a national emergency on the seven border. the house is set to vote today on the resolution challenging that very move. it is expected to pass in the house, but the vote in the senate is a toss-up, we are told. vice president mike pence met with republican senators on capitol hill. today, as some republicans say they may in fact vote to condemn the president's decision. if at least four of them in the senate vote with democrats, the measure will pass and go to the president's desk. right now republican senator susan collins and thom thom tillis have said that they will vote against the president's order. moments ago, senator lisa murkowski just said that she will back the measure. becoming the third republican senator to do so. house minority whip steve scalise says even if the resolution passes the president has vowed to veto it and the declaration will stand.
9:45 am
>> when you see the vote today, they will be nowhere near the votes to override a veto. this law will be -- this emergency declaration will be upheld. even if it makes its way through the senate, which hopefully it doesn't get past the senate. ultimately, we are going to stand with the president in making sure we can secure this border and confront this national crisis that is taking lives every single day. >> harris: let's go to melissa first because she was ferociously taking notes paid what's up, girl? >> this confirms it. i've had for a little while though the only thing you can get enough votes forever in congress is "no." they can't get together a coalition to do anything. to anything "yes." to build anything, to reform immigration, to do anything positive or constructive for the people. the only thing that works as a "no eczema" to something someone else has done. and that is really something. >> harris: steve, i've been wondering over the last couple weeks if the president would declare an emergency, would have
9:46 am
been more publicly prudent just to do that? rather than send the congress through the exercise? because they have done that could have passed those appropriations, another cr for the dhs. they could have done that without all of this. at this point, he should have said, this is an emergency." he just left the border. >> steve: he could have. there's also an argument that he could have spent the money without this drama. >> harris: why didn't he? daca not only wants to build the wall, he wants to make it clear that he is fighting for this. that's an important priority for him. i think this argument about the power of the purse -- and dig a little bit deeper on it. of course, it is clearly in the constitution. but how low does that really go? are we really saying this multitrillion dollar government we now have, that every dollar that will be micromanaged by the congress? >> harris: we are not saying it with all honesty. >> steve: is ridiculous. it seems to me, i'll get the budget and let the leaders determine how to spend it. the minute we are getting into discussing how many beds they
9:47 am
would have, i thought, "this is crazy. this is micromanagement that the founders never intended." >> harris: kennedy, do you think it's with full-throated nest that you say, "we are going to count every quarter and every dollar questionnaire" doesn't that we would nuke a government waste. >> kennedy: from the leaders endorsing the multi-trillion dollar green new deal, no. is not about making government bigger. it's not about pinching bunnies. it's not about in the event. there's so much fiscal irresponsibility in both sides. the only good thing about the emergency declaration, which in principle i don't agree with for either party, is that it's not spending your money. it's taking money that's already been allocated and moving it over. that's the only thing. >> leslie: bottom line, i think you're going to see the four that they need, the defectors, to vote with democrats. i think the president will veto it, but it's important -- especially for republicans who are going to have a really hard
9:48 am
time in those swing states we have some of their constituency who love trump and some who are more moderate republicans and are not in favor of this and do agree with democrats on this. >> harris: we will keep you apprised of what happens on the hill with that vote. president trump is now in vietnam for his historic second summit with kim jong un. as the new polls polls shows hw america thinks the world sees us, what it says about the president and his apologies take a look gar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. as the number one choice of hospitals pampers swaddlers is two times softer and wraps your baby in our most premium protection. because everything that touches your baby should be this comforting. pampers. the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents.
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call now to learn more.
9:52 am
>> melissa: a new poll of the american's view of their place in the world come as president trump lands in vietnam ahead of us seconds a most kim jong un. a new gallup survey finding 58% of respondents believe the u.s. is viewed favorably by the rest of the world. that is the best reading in 16 years. what do you think? >> steve: i think this goes to one simple thing, which is strength. people like their leaders to both be strong and to appear to be strong. to be projecting that strength around the world is a big priority for the president, to come across as strong. i think that is what this reflects. but america is holding its own and setting the agenda and playing a strong role on the world's stage.
9:53 am
>> melissa: kennedy, some people think this has to do with the economy. that i could be one reason why the rest of the world might respect us. but then you drill down on, do they respect our president? that's a number. 65% say they do respect -- wheat, 31 -- i'm going to get this wrong. 36% say they will respect. 65% say they don't have much respect. of course, it's completely different when you break it down among political lines. 65% of republicans think they have respect. 2% of democrats don't think they respect to leader. i'm butchering this. democrats, 26% of democrats -- of independence, sorry. they think they respect the leader. now that i've thoroughly confused you... [laughter] 's before it goes to show that people are more politically engaged in labor have been. when people are more engaged they are able to break complex things down and make sense of them. and that's why there is a differentiation between the united states and what people think of this country. and president trump and now what people think of him.
9:54 am
he has a very big personality, he's very unorthodox president, and we still don't understand what the impact of his presidency and his legacy will be. that will take time. history may judge him very differently than he is judged in the moment, but that is why he's president. people knew his flaws. they may not necessarily have liked him, but they like the economic message that he had and the forcefulness of some of those campaign promises. and that is how he got elected. >> melissa: i think it's funny that you talk about our perception of what of the people think of us. that's like the ultimate navel-gazing, right? [laughs] >> leslie: i live in l.a., that's daily. "i'm at starbucks, what do other people think of me?" i'm going to disagree with you on strength of leader and go to your strength of the economy. i think this speaks to strengthen the economy when you look at the breakdown of the poll. clearly, to your numbers, it all adds up -- the majority don't except for
9:55 am
some republicans. if you take that, in that poll, leaders in the world really don't respect him. you need to do adults or of the world. it speaks to our economy and american perception and confidence. >> melissa: that money talks, basically. it's got the power. >> steve: how fantastically lucky we are from someone from the business network to bring jobless numbers. [laughter] >> melissa: you are making the front of me, but that's okay! more to be in a moment ey for yo? newday usa can help. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service. but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va, and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 50,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay
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9:59 am
>> melissa: steven hilton to my tapping you. the rest of your interview with a volga is on your show this weekend. give us a highlight. >> steve: it's about what she and the administration are doing to really boost jobs in this country. give people the skills they need for the future. it's real policy details i think everyone needs to see. much more exciting to have a volga trump in much of the sunday at 9:00 eastern is kennedy! she will be there, too! you got to watch now. >> melissa: absolutely.
10:00 am
it's great drill down on specific policy. how to get young people the accurate training they need for the jobs. we have this huge gap. that is it for us. we are back on the couch tomorrow at noon eastern. here's harris! 31 let's go to work. fox news alert, president trump is in vietnam at of his high-stakes summit with north korean leader kim jong un. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. the president has arrived and i hanoi with the second summit with the dictator. whether kim's resume will give up its new their weapons. republican adam kinzinger, who sits on the house foreign relations committee, expects to see steps in the right direction parade watch. speak a lot of people want immediate response. i don't think we will get there to an immediate final solution to this whole thing. i think when it's all said and done, if you can walk out and say, "here's the new steps of god, here are promises from north korea," i think we will b


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