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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 26, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert, extended coverage for tonight, the second summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un is now officially underway. just moments ago saw the president meet with boat vietnam's president and prime minister signing key trade deals and now discussing trade and chinese moves in the region at a working lunch. next up, dinner with kim. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. let's go straight to hanoi where our own kristin fisher's life, good morning to you there, kristin. >> hi, actually good afternoon. in the past the trump administration has been very critical of what it views as unfair trade relations with vietnam and so today this signing ceremony was very
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important for the vietnamese government proved to the united states that his companies are willing and able to purchase more u.s. products, especially these big ticket items like boeing airplanes and g.e. engines. the specifics of these deals, the vietnamese airlines have agreed to -- about $13 billion and bamboo airways, another vietnamese airlines have agreed to by ten boeing 787 dreamliner's which is worth about 3 billion and then there was one more deal to buy some engines and also a long-term maintenance deal between those two companies. so president trump in addition to improving these relations with the vietnamese government, is also sending a signal out to north korean leader kim jong un that if you commit to denuclearization than these are the kinds of trade deals in goods that your country someday could enjoy once the north koreans were able to
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improve their own economy. the next time that you see president trump on camera today is going to be at another meeting with vietnamese officials. is going to be meeting with the vietnamese prime minister for a working lunch along with an expanded delegation. we know that previous meeting at that signing ceremony we saw a national security advisor john bolton, secretary of state mike pompeo, the white house press secretary sarah sanders. a lot of those same administration officials are expected to be at this working lunch with more vietnamese officials. but shannon, the thing where all really waiting for, right, is going to be happening tonight. this is the first time that president trump and north korean leader kim jong un are going to be meeting face-to-face for their second summit here in hanoi the non. going to be taking place at a very nice hotel not too far from here. it will be sitting down -- actually they will be arriving at this hotel at around 6:30 a.m., eastern time,
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6:30 p.m. local time here in vietnam. they are going to have about 20 minutes for a one-on-one meeting, just the two of them, then they are going to open it up, dinner is going to have -- each of them are going to select two guests president trump has elected secretary of state mike pompeo and his acting chief of staff mick mulvaney to attend this dinner. the dinners expected to last about 90 minutes and so that's really going to give them a chance to kind of break the ice before the big formal meetings, which are taking place tomorrow and shannon, we still do not know for sure where that big bilateral meeting, the working lunch in the expanded meetings are going to be taking place tomorrow. that's still a closely guarded secret among the north koreans and white house officials. but we are certainly all going to be watching it and you know, what happened here today is really going to be -- it's going to provide the pictures for the pitch that president trump is
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going to be making to north korean leader kim jong on that if you denuclearize you can have the kind of economy that vietnam has enjoyed over the last few years. shannon. >> shannon: given that not long ago the north koreans were referring to secretary pompeo as a gangster, and i could an interesting dinner tonight. so we will check back with you on that and all the developments there in hanoi. thank you very much. as kristin said, the president and kim jong un are going to have the first meeting of the second summit coming up and whatever happens or doesn't happen in vietnam this week is going to have major implications, 1700 miles away in seoul, south korea. that's where senior foreign affairs correspondent reports from this early morning. greg. >> shannon, there are a few people watching the summit in hanoi closer than the folks right here in south korea. after singapore, they are looking for a little more substance. they have a lot at stake. president trump, they're waiting to see if he plays one of his biggest bargaining chips, and that is declaring politically at least the end of the korean war.
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that conflict has been hanging over the korean peninsula for something like 65 years. the fighting ended with simply an armistice at that time. and for north korean leader kim jong un, they want to see what he will give back in return. there is talk he could agree to shutting down his main nuclear processing plant. we will see how far he goes. the dmz and the regime's nuclear threat is just 35 miles from seoul where some on tuesday were protesting. they are upset about the fact that north korea's human rights record is not on the agenda in hanoi. it was not on the agenda in singapore. it is thought there are 120,000 people and political gulags. earlier we spoke with former republican congressman, korean american jake him. he was born in seoul, he works here now. we asked him how he felt about a pocketable possible declaration to the end of the korean war. >> symbolically important.
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the war has to be ended. no one is attacking anyone. but other than that i think it's -- it's ended anyway. symbolic reasons. >> would it mean something for the people here? >> feel better, feel safer. >> from congressman kim present donna credits president trump for a lot of movement in korean diplomacy but a lot of people here say there still a lot of risks ahead. shannon. >> shannon: greg in seoul, thank you very much. what is the end game for this summit sequel? north korea's complete denuclearization actually in the cards? well, this is what we just heard from the president. >> we have a very big dinner tonight, as you know, and meetings with north korea and chairman kim. and we both felt very good about having this very important summit in vietnam because you really are an example as to what can happen with good thinking. >> shannon: let's talk about what the president may have
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said, some tangible goals for this conference. fox news contributor dan coffman who is their life. great job with you with us long distance tonight. or afternoon for you. i want to talk a little bit about the president and his approach to kim jong un. we talked a little bit earlier last hour about how he is viewed as now and more confident negotiator, kim jong un that is. here is a heddle stomach headline from "the wall street journal." they say skeptics say that the trump administration is being naive about mr. kim, for the execution of his uncle, the assassination of his half-brother and is keeping some hundred thousand political prisoners locked up in harsh gulags. do you think the president is clear eyed when it comes to the man is going to be sitting down across from? the man says he fell them up with each other. >> i think the president is no less clear eyed frankly than present reagan was when he was negotiating with the soviets in the 1980s. i think we have a very clear understanding of just how ruthless kim jong un is. but we also understand that we need to negotiate.
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expectations should be realistic. i think some of your guests and my former colleagues in the intelligence community have argued that it's strange the logic that kim jong un would amass this capability only to barter them away for food and energy and integration into the world economy but that's what we are here to find out. the president and john bolton's words as opening the door. he can't force kim jong un to walk through it but it's there if kim jong un wants to take some tangible steps for denuclearization. >> shannon: the president weeding out not long ago comedies of the democrats should stop talk about what i should do with (as themselves they didn't do it during eight years of the obama administration. this is something that has bedeviled republican and democratic administrations alike for decades. >> it has. i think we would all do well just to leave politics out of it. enough of a challenge as it is with north korea possessing 2260 north, nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that could target our homeland. politics use to end at the
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water's edge in the old days. i think it would be good if we just focused on the challenge at hand, which is dealing with kim jong un. >> shannon: 's there's been a lot of talk about these incremental steps about building a relationship that the president now says he enjoys with kim, about getting some very basic steps forward. but the question always goes back to verification. no matter what the north koreans sit down at the table and say they are now willing to do, willing to commit to, how in the world in this so-called hermit kingdom to we get verification? >> right, we'll there's no question that kim jong un's father and grandfather hoodwinked the previous administrations promising to take steps towards denuclearization without ever doing so in seeking maximum economic gain with essentially not giving up anything. i think we know we need to get inspectors back into north korea. they haven't been there in over a decade. one useful tangible first step would be for north korea to rejoin the nuclear nonproliferation treaty from which they withdrew in 2003,
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that would mandate inspectors. south korean government officials said that north korea was interested in dismantling the nuclear facility. if that's true, that might also be a tangible first step we might discuss with the north koreans, we could get inspectors there to take a look. of course we also have our separate intelligence capability to essentially miss trust but verify whatever north korea does. >> shannon: and because of her history as a part of this intel community, how tough is it fair in north korea because i've heard from others within the intel community that it is one of if not the worst, toughest place to actually get human intelligence and get accurate readings on just about anything from the economy to the nuke program. >> it is. it's a challenge for that for sure. there's also challenges and understanding kim jong un and one side benefit of all of this discussion between the president and kim jong un in singapore and here is that we really can object to kim jong un on and his
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advisors. at the forefront of kim jong un's mind are the lessons learned from other dictators like muammar qaddafi, who gave up his nuclear weapons capability and was overthrown. and i think you get back to something your previous guests said, and enter the war would give kim jong un some level of confidence that we recognize his regime, that might be something that we tell mike might him to pursue at least some initial steps towards denuclearization. >> shannon: down half their life on the ground in vietnam, thank you very much for your insight, it's always great to have you. >> thanks. >> shannon: what can president trump actually get accomplished this week? is there anything he can do that his critics will actually give him any credit for? who will bring back our power panel who will tell us what they hope is accomplished, some goals they think the president should shoot for. they join us again, next. ♪ chicken?! chicken.
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i love that you showed me the autograph, that was very nice and that's the way i feel. and congratulations on the tremendous work that you've done over a short period of time. it's so obvious to anybody that looks. congratulations to all of vietnam. thank you. >> shannon: you've been listening to president from speaking their life in vietnam. he's had a working lunch with number of vietnamese leaders including the prime minister after signing this trade deals that he referenced there between the two nations that he hopes will have a positive economic impact. he says it's prefer that that. and also foreshadowing that to north korea and the dinner that he will have with leader kim jong un tonight. wanting to show him what's possible. the president has said the administration has said when you're able to work together with someone who has been considered hostile partner in these negotiations in the past. so let's bring back the former trump advisor fred flights. former cia deputy division chief for the koreans, bruce klinger and hoover fellow, chan.
9:17 pm
we'd ask you to be to spell out what you think should be a top goal for something the president should accomplish. we'll start with you. a tough road to hoe here. >> i would like to see more specificity after singapore. the singapore declaration was quite vague. i would like to see what other specific steps that kim jong un intends to commit to? it would be great if we could get a definition on denuclearization. with the actual steps he will take, verification is something i will talk more about, actually seeing what that looks like, having some specificity and then we can talk about the easing of economic sanctions potentially on our side and what the steps might be. in the absence of specificity, very difficult to really chill him i felt anything that's going to be published. >> shannon: you can give us your goal, you have expertise in that area, so however you want to tackle those two. >> secretary pompeo has repeatedly claimed that german kim has agreed to dismantle the entire petroleum and uranium enrichment production facilities and totally abandoned the
9:18 pm
nuclear and missile arsenal. north korea has rejected that claim. so what we need to see his get this in writing. we need to have a common definition on what denuclearization is. if not global arms control. it's denuclearization of north korea. we need to get north korean commitment to international standards of verification. we need to get them to commit to fully abandoning their arsenal and their production capabilities as well as very early on getting a data declaration of the programs. that's all i think very tangible steps that we need to get very early on. >> shannon: any chance we get any of that? >> well, if we don't have that, then we don't have an agreement. >> shannon: so we have to have some peace for the schedule forward. fred, your policy calls for the president here this week? >> i would like to see at a minimum an agreement for an expection of north korea's nuclear site antimissile production facility. i think we are close to getting that agreement. if we could get inspections of the main nuclear site, that would be tremendous. there should be a road map of
9:19 pm
one north korea is going to agree to inspections and dismantlement of other facilities and also a date and a process on one north korea will provide a full and thorough accounting of its nuclear missiles and wmd programs. that timetable i think is very important. i don't think we will get that out of this moment but if we at least started some inspections i think it would be a big step forward. >> shannon: it's interesting this week, ahead of this a number of democrats especially in the senate, think about chuck schumer, the top democrat they're taking the floor, and he talked about the fact that congress is going to have to be a party to anything substantive. the president agreed to. so lanhee, he is negotiating with kim jong un but he's also going to have to selves at, whatever they come up with. >> he will have to sell at home and i think one of the challenges as we talked earlier about how politics is so imbued with everything we're doing now and it's unfortunate because if we were able to come up with an agreement that hesitates, that have some steps forward, i would think there would be bipartisan support for it. this is the challenge we are
9:20 pm
operating in and the current environment. there's so much hostility towards the president and what he's trying to do from democrats in congress. that what i fear is even if there is an agreement that comes forward that presents some actual achievements and accomplishments moving forward maybe democrats still oppose it, that would be very unfortunate. >> shannon: what about south korean buying because they have different interests, some aligned with ours and some that are very specific to their nation as well. >> the south korean president is a progressive or liberal and he's very interested in improving relations with north korea and really leaving denuclearization to the u.s. but denuclearization is an international issue to that's been a source of some friction between washington and seoul. but there also concerned about things like an icbm only deal where the u.s. is focusing just on protecting our american homeland, which secretary pompeo seems to be hinting at, that would not only leave our south korean, but also our japanese allies very concerned. they are concerned that we will only focus on our protection and not those of our allies.
9:21 pm
peace declaration sounds good but really it's a meaningless gesture. it does nothing to reduce the nuclear missile or conventional force threat so we need to work towards a peace treaty, but we need to get the north korean conventional threat reduced before we sign any kind of document. >> shannon: before we get cut off i want to bring the issue of russia. north korea has been having conversations with them too and they clearly have different interests than the u.s. does in these deals. >> i think that's exactly right. i think russia is violating u.n. sanctions. i think that is picked up recently. i think china is also. we need to keep the pressure on russia and china and jumping back to south korea. i think south korea is far too interested in making a deal with north korea before north korea offers anything. so we need to keep the pressure on before -- until north korea delivers. >> shannon: all right, bruce, and fred and lanhee, thank you all for multiple bytes of the apple tonight as we continue watching this breaking news in vietnam, great to have all of you. 2020 democratic candidates
9:22 pm
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>> shannon: a war memorial in the shape of a cross it's just outside our nation's capital but not for much longer if an atheist group gets its way. if the legal battle over that monument lands at the supreme court tomorrow morning. >> to think of having that memorial defaced or torn down or bulldozed, i can't conceive of it. >> after years of legal wrangling, that's exactly what an atheist group hopes to accomplish. taking down the peace cross, a world war i memorial erected by gold star mothers who lost their sons overseas. the vast majority had no realistic hope of ever visiting their son's final resting places
9:27 pm
so many solders memorial is their best substitute. 49 names are etched on the 40-foot structure made of concrete and granite along with these words. valor, endurance, courage and devotion. critics say the cross shape of the memorial, which has stood maryland for nearly a century means it can't possibly honor all veterans and any neutral wa way. >> it doesn't represent our veterans who have served honorably for muslim and buddhist and jewish and of course of no faith at all. >> the memorial was built of members private funds and donations. in 1961 it came under control controlled marilyn parks commission and all government funds are used for maintenance and upkeep. opponents say that's an unconstitutional entanglement of church and state. the legal team descending the memorial argues that everyday americans don't see it that way. >> ellis the government is actually coercing individuals in this country to believe
9:28 pm
something or act in a religious matter, there's no violation violation of the first amendment. i think people across the country understand that intuitively at a time for the supreme court to give some clarity to that. i think it will. >> those fighting to take down the memorial say it's got a fundamental problem that is something viewed by many as a christian symbol can't be a markel stomach marker for the diverse array of men and women have served our country. >> there is an unfairness suggesting that a cross could represent all veterans one clearly not all veterans are christians. >> legal analysts note that the supreme court's jurisprudence in this area is far from clear. leading advocates on both sides to wonder what's acceptable and what's not in the realm of public memorials and displays. justice clarence thomas himself has said that the court's position is "anyone's guess. veterans who support the peace cross say they're worried about the implications for memorials across the country including at places like arlington national cemetery. if opponents of this memorial are successful in convincing the
9:29 pm
justices it has to go. >> that's what we just can't back down. we've got to win this. >> shannon: the makeup of the supreme court has changed significantly since the last time the justices heard one of these cases on public display. the argument start 10:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. i will be there. they will have a decision by late june and i will bring the story tomorrow. any 20 democratic candidates struggle to stand out in an ever expanding field it's got a money problem. not necessarily a lack of it but whether a campaign that happens to be raking it in his not guilty of a sin under the new progressive rules. following the story for us tonight, hate david. >> good evening. in 2016 hillary clinton significantly outpaced donald trump in fund-raising but he still won. now trump is the one pulling in the big money because he's not afraid to take individual money in corporate money. while democrats continue to distance themselves from big money, leaving them behind in that race for cash. >> i think you do need to get money out of politics.
9:30 pm
>> joe biden, who isn't even officially in the race, was asked about big money donations this afternoon at a forum. >> we also are making a decision whether or not we can fund this campaign on my conditions. because i will not accept -- i will not be part of a super pac. >> is a common promise. democratic presidential candidates refusing to take big money to get ahead in the race and attacking those that haven't followed suit. >> was really long with washington is corruption and greed. >> chris wallace called out the after of executives agreed to hold the fund-raiser. >> $2700 tickets, are you going to go ahead and have the fund-raiser or not? >> of course, i'm going to ask americans all across this country to support my campaign for taking away the influence that corporate pacs have come to the fact that federal lobbyist get to control everything. >> you don't see a contradictio contradiction? >> senator elizabeth warren, against taking big money admits it tough to play when you don't have the funds.
9:31 pm
>> republicans come to the table armed to the teeth. they've got all of their donors, their wealthy, wealthy donors. they got their super pacs. >> and the president makes no apologies. according to federal election filings at the end of 2018, trump's reelection campaign published just north of $67 million. as for a look at his opponents, the first quarter numbers aren't out until april but kamala harris holden $1.5 million in the 24 hours after announcing her run. >> team members for bernie sanders, they say the average donation, $27. they have already more than $10 million in the bank in just a week. >> shannon: it adds up. david, thank you very much. dozens of former staffers standing up to defendant senator amy klobuchar after some accuse her of mistreating her staff. that's in tonight's 2060 seconds. dozens are not speaking a defense of 2020 candidate amy klobuchar who was reportedly accused of creating a toxic work
9:32 pm
environment and throwing office supplies at her staff. the staffers on this new letter disagree with that narrative. they say that she goes out of her way, that she did to help them and to celebrate the personal successes. senator kirsten gillibrand tweeting that there's a miracle drug, offers a simple answer to many of life's problems. history is that if you heard of a miracle drug that saved lives, for the homelessness is a problem, improves kids' lives, we probably support getting it on every shelf, right? it's not a drug, it's a $15 minimum wage. university of washington study of the $15 minimum wage in seattle points out young, new workers struggling amid seattle $15 minimum wage. they say because employers are unwilling to pay inexperienced workers that much. in democratic 2020 candidate castro proposing the u.s. provide reparations to descendants of in an effort to "resolve its original sin of slavery." if elected president he says he
9:33 pm
would establish a task force to find the best way to make amends for the country 'has passed, saying it's not a political issue but a matter of right and wrong. 2020 presidential race, the man who posters it would be the democratic front runner if he gets in. made a public appearance today in delaware. political lectures worth listening to every word. a correspondent peter doocy shows us what former vice president joe biden is saying tonight. >> joe biden says he's been given a go for 2020 by his kids and his grandkids. >> i have not made the final decision but don't be surprised. >> is best known as barack obama's right-hand man and once summed up the biggest legislative won with one of tv's most famous beliefs. for other democrats already campaigning, obamacare is old news. >> i support medicare for all. >> is a long from delaware also calls, falls a lot more to the middle of the wing. >> half of all the workers have no savings as they face
9:34 pm
retirement. >> although he might sympathize with that. >> i don't own a single stock or bond. don't own it, but i have a great pension and a great salary. >> he will also have to address concerns of his support of the tough crime bill that was weaselly reformed and his leadership of the committee that grilled clarence thomas accuser anita hill. >> i wish i could've done more to prevent those questions. >> he will also be running for the first time since sulfur cameras can capture everyone to like this one or 2006. "you cannot go to 7-eleven or dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. in 2016, a grief stricken biden rolled out a run to process his son's death. since then his family's personal lives have been made tabloid news and "new york times" columnist maureen dowd writes "not all families have to stomach donald trump slow blows as fight and will" and biden will have to temper that irish temper of his. that's been tough since trump took over. >> they ask me what i like to
9:35 pm
debate this gentleman and i said no, i said if we were in high school it would take a behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. but president trump welcomes the fight. >> go like this. he's down and he will never get up. >> tested out his 2020 pitch in dozens of states as a top midterm surrogate in 2018 and polls show he would be the front runner the day he enters the race but president obama recently said he thinks the party needs new blood and that likely doesn't apply to his former vp. shannon. >> shannon: peter doocy, thank you very much. roseann santos allegedly flew into a rage when she saw manwaring to make america great had enough samples may have to pay a hefty price. trace gallagher picks up the story from there. hey, trace. >> good evening, janet. this was the restaurant, 23-year-old braden turner walked into grab a bite wearing a red make america great again hat. 141-year-old rosie santos
9:36 pm
started yelling at him about the hat. that's when turner grabbed his cell phone and began recording. watch. >> this is the problem. ignorant [bleep], ignorant people like this. i'm just trying to sit here and eat a nice meal. if you see this? do you this? people like that, that's the problem. >> it turns a police officer happened to be at the restaurant as braden turner noted while rosie santos was being handcuffed. look. >> trying to grab my hand. getting cuffed. have a nice night in a cell, rosie. >> talked about president trump's border wall and told police that turner should not be allowed to eat and a mexican restaurant. she even took another swipe at turner as she was being let out. santos also says she has long been bullied and discriminated against and in this case, she was provoked. but the bartender says that's not true. >> to the guy the chen had say anything to provoke her? >> no, he just walked in order his food. he could imagine somebody coming
9:37 pm
up to somebody and hitting them when there's cops everywhere. >> rosie santos was handed over to immigration and customs enforcement. it turns out she's from brazil and in the u.s. illegally. the massachusetts immigrant and refugee advocacy coalition says "it's unfortunate that ice is taken ms. santos into custody before her case is adjudicated in the courts. advice interference disrupts our justice system and denies both sides the resolution they deserve." i says that the santos is facing disorderly conduct charges and has been facing federal immigration court where she could face deportation. shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher, thank you very much. the meeting between president trump and kim jong un on just hours away. some are critical of the summit sang the president should confront the dictator on human rights abuses. so is this the time and place but i? plus, we will take you on a behind the scenes tour of the colonial era hotel where kim jong un is staying and you will see the recently discovered
9:38 pm
bunkers below what we are told celebrities once hid out. leslie marshall and morgan ortagus are here to weigh in on what comes next and that summit when we return. ♪ around the clock. and with a $0 copay, that's something to groove about. ♪let's groove tonight. toujeo® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash, or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles, or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which can be life-threatening. it may cause shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. check your blood sugar levels daily. injection site reactions may occur. don't change your dose of insulin without talking to your doctor.
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>> shannon: back now to our live coverage of the second trump-kim summit in vietnam. southeast asian host nation has a rich and complicated history. here to her stomach share a
9:42 pm
small piece of a history with us is david. >> beautiful history, the city known to many americans for the vietnam war but some of the places where president trump and leader kim will meet date back more than a century. >> guess at the jw marriott in hanoi got quite a sight on the president of the united states pulled up in style ahead of his meeting with kim jong un. the 450 room five star hotel is quite a fit for the leader of the free world. 6 miles away, kim is staying in the heart of the city, the same hotel with the american press court was set up before kim's team booted them to another location. take a drive around hanoi and you will find the new and old. the french colonial architecture pops and is no better place to find it in the legend metropole hanoi. that's where president trump and leader kim will meet for dinner. built in 1901 and originally called the grand hotel metropole its beauty brings guests back to the french colonial area. among its guest, charlie chaplin
9:43 pm
on his honeymoon, president george w. bush and jane fonda, a standout during the vietnam war for her opposition. musician joan baez, another antiwar celebrity among the guests. during the vietnam war construction crews built bomb shelters underground to protect people from american air raids. those tunnels were closed off shortly after the war but just a few years ago they were uncovered, literally and still exist today. >> part of a museum at the hotel site, the president will spend two hours with leader kim at the hotel before parting ways. president trump stayed at the metropole on his vietnam trip back in 2017 would be enemies authorities say the jw marriott where he staying now is easier to secure. shannon, how about those troubles? pretty amazing. >> shannon: you just never know what's going on there. mistress, thank you, david. south korean protesters joined by north korean defectors in seoul on tuesday urging the president to address the north 'has human rights record with his meeting with kim jong un. joining to discuss that more and
9:44 pm
on the biggest issues we can put them in trouble and morgan ortagus, great to have you both with us. >> good to be her. >> shannon: morgan, i want to start with you on that. politico has a headline saying trump's blind spot on north korea could sink a deal. president donald trump has banked his north korea policy on selling kim jong un on on future prosperity and riches but legislation trumps -- bars them from investing in the country because of its record on human rights, and issue the president has given scant attention in his talks with pyongyang leaving folks to ask is the time and place for that? >> it's always the time and place to bring up human rights, absolutely, shannon. i don't know where they get that headline from because the president has not yet met with him. i think by the time we all wake up in the morning they will be having that dinner but i think human rights should be at the front of the table always but you have to ask yourself how do we get there? i think there's a couple things that will likely get put on the
9:45 pm
table tomorrow that actually were put on the table back in the '90s so there may be an establishment of liaison offices. that's been talked about before but never fully happen. they may also talk potentially about not necessarily loosen extensions, but opening it up for the north and south to do economic deals together. so i think the point of the administration is trying to make is if you care about human rights are going to have to open up north korea if they come to the table, a lot of caveats here. you're going to have to open up north korea economically in order for their people to see with the rest of the world lives like. and so that it sort of i think the argument that they would make from the human rights perspective. >> shannon: okay, and as we look ahead to this there are some who aren't even giving the president a chance to make some headway here. the american, a blog that says headlines dams and the media have decided the summit will be a disaster in advance. if you believe the many media reports leading up to the meeting in hanoi the united states has already lost and will get from the meeting
9:46 pm
either nothing or worse than nothing, on reciprocated concessions to the north, the north koreans, that's because trump is always wrong. matter what happens here, leslie, is he going to get some credit? >> he will get credit if they get something done, this is the art of the deal man as he always touts. the problem is the first meeting, as we know, became a photo op and a boost for him because of his approval ratings and i fear not because of a democrat and anything trump does is wrong but that will be the same this time around. the reason is that dan coats said to congress, kim jong un on needs to have wmds to ensure his power and his safety, it's his security blanket for him. the president, our secretary of state have already pulled back from discussion of full denuclearization, which is what this has to be. we are really tough with maduro in venezuela but with north korea it's an entirely different game with this dictator and we have to ask
9:47 pm
yourself the speaking of being tough with this dictator, let's talk about being tough with human rights. the president has made harder for them to get assistance to those victims of human rights and that's something he could, with his love affair with kim jong un, pave the way for to talk about without saying how it would benefit economically, just explain to the ego with kim jong un. >> can i answer that? the reason why it's different is because north korea has nuclear weapons and are actively working on the capability to hit the united states. venezuela does not have that and so it's an entirely different calculation whenever you could literally enter into a nuclear war with another country. >> shannon: i want to bring something else up because there are those who say this week there should be all about what the president is doing their and the fact they're having a second summit and trying to get something accomplished, but it's also three days of michael: con being on capitol hill. "the washington post" tonight is breaking some news they say, we can only attribute them, working
9:48 pm
to verify these things, that he will describe president trump and his text to do my testimony as a racist comment who knew that an advisor was in contact with wikileaks and among other things so those hearings are happening this week, jason chaffetz, former congressman and chair of the oversight committee writes this, he said the hearing is an obvious attempt to embarrass the president and preemptively undercut any goodwill is peacemaking with north korea might generate. one has to wonder why if all the is available on the calendar democrat like this particular day undermining the long-standing tradition of avoiding proceedings with the president is overseas. leslie. >> i haven't heard from anybody in my neck of the what's that this was planned to have the president overseas, and they looked at the calendar. this was planned -- it was originally planned and delayed, if you call. if you want it was moved. >> and in addition to that, look, we know that from all of the email investigations with
9:49 pm
republicans that sometimes parties do prorate somebody out there to slam the president or slam somebody in that party. we know that he already like to congress, so he's not trusted even by many democrats but in addition i don't think we're going to have any huge moments because of so many leaks and so much stuff is already said and that's already out we also have to remember that the house oversight committee, although they can issue more subpoenas, this isn't going to change much, but i will say this guy has nothing to lose, he's headed to jail. >> shannon: he's headed to jail if we are lying. stick around, we have a lot more to talk about. we will take a quick break and be right back. ♪ wow, before i refinanced i paid so much on my grad school loans. so insane! speaking of insane, have i not taken a vacation in 4 years? i should probably do that, and get a new car. how about a road trip? or tokyo? well i've got to celebrate, because now i'm going to be
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>> shannon: we're getting breaking news tonight from politico. they say that that an early copy of what michael cohen plans to testify about tomorrow, what is going to say. he says in his testimony he is going to say the president is a con man and a chief who knew that roger stone was communicating with wikileaks so let's bring back our fox news contributor's to talk about this. and looking at this, again, coming from politico, they say also that this is part of what he's going to say tomorrow as he testifies in the world will be able to watch this, he says i'm here under oath to collect the record to answer the committee's question truthfully and offer the american people what i know
9:54 pm
about president trump. he says i recognize that some of you made out and attack me on my credibility. i don't know how this is anything but partisan tomorrow, when he says those words and has this hearing. >> i just don't know what you believe. he swore under oath. less time he was in front of congress and it's one of the things that he's in trouble for, for lying. he also has hired very -- not just attorneys, he's hired very political attorneys to represent him here. they are clearly a brand and an image. he's going to jail so people want to believe this tomorrow, that's fine, they can. i think that this is part of theater, part of the theme that we are going to see that the democrats, just in case the mueller report is not the big thing they thought it was going to be, they are starting to set up the pieces for an impeachment case if the mueller report doesn't reveal what they had expected it to reveal these past
9:55 pm
two years. >> shannon: leslie, listen, to his credit, for the most part with for very little of the mueller report as it's coming together. they've been pretty good about keeping things under wraps but we are now hearing that there are democrats were obviously thinking it's not going to be that slam-dunk, as morgan said they are going down other avenues. i can imagine that michael cohen, as you said there are people on both sides of the aisle that have reasons to distrust him. he's going to get a lot of attention tomorrow but i don't know that he's going to persuade anybody who's already either a big supporter of the president or a critic of the president from moving off those positions. >> absolutely, you're 100% right, shannon. this is something that when you have televised testimony from somebody like michael cohen or even somebody perhaps who hasn't lied to congress who was there for the first time, you're looking at somebody who is basically being tried in the court of public opinion because he is already going to jail and like you said, the people have made up their mind, the people
9:56 pm
that like the president look at him as a liar and the people that don't like the president are hoping that he's going to -- >> shannon: have to leave it there, right after this ed henry will pick up like country though my coverage from the amount for the president has into a second summit with kim jong un, stick around. alize team shirts, and even for company events. the design lab is so easy to use. we just upload out logo and if we have any questions, customer service is there to help. seeing our team together in custom ink gear is an amazing reminder of how far we've come as a business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at upload your logo or start your design today parts of me i didn't even know. i find out i'm 19% native american, specifically from the chihuahua people. what?! that's... i find that crazy. it traces their journey in the mid-1800s from central mexico to texas. learning about the risks they took for a better life... gives me so much respect and gratitude.
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♪ >> ed: it is game on here in hanoi, two powerful world leaders now just hours from their first face-to-face meeting since singapore last june, which i think i'm chairman kim jong un called "a prelude to peace." moments ago, president trump about the prospects were in agreement. speak on behalf of the united states, i want to thank you very much for hosting, and hopefully great things will happen later on with the meeting. >> ed: great things, that is being put to the test right now hear the summit happening with a very real threat of nuclear conflict hanging in the balance. the fox news channel is on the ground to bring you e


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