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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 27, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! >> we don't feel good about having this important summit in vietnam because you're an example as to what can happen with good thinking. jillian: it is wednesday, february 27th. happening right now at 3:00 :00 am, an hour earlier on the east coast. you had me at hanoi. donald trump's high-stakes summit with kim jong un. we have the progress expected and what it means for denuclearization. here at home michael cohen in the hot seat, donald trump's
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former attorney just hours away from testimony where he's expected to unleash brand-new accusations. democrats try again to derail the emergency declaration at the border, live in washington with that. "fox and friends first" starts right now. it is shaping up to be a very busy day, you are watching a special early addition of "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. thank you for starting your day with us regardless of the time. in just hours donald trump and kim jong un will come face-to-face for second time, the president gearing up for high-stakes denuclearization talks with a north korean leader in vietnam. summit 2.0 taking pl. in a country that holds tremendous symbolic value and it can
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provide a glimpse of hope for the future. ed henry is live in hanoi with what we can expect, watching your covers all night long, great job. >> it is good to see you and good morning to you because you are right, donald trump's whole point of having the summit in hanoi is to use vietnam as an example for kirstjen neilsen how is he will denuclearize the korean peninsula the president would be willing to lift us sanctions the damaged his economy and the idea would be that would open the door to north korea being the next picture from a short time ago, the president flew down with his vietnamese counterparts, a picture you never could have imagined a couple decades ago, signing new trade deals, pouring money in, investments, trades
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back and forth, could be dividends for the economies of vietnam in the united states. the president will be shifting gears after meetings with those officials, resting at the hotel where we are broadcasting from, down for a couple hours talking to a national security team, getting last-minute briefings about three hours from now, he will be sitting down again 1-on-1 with kim jong un and his remarks in front of vietnamese officials, he sounded cautiously optimistic about those talks. >> we have a big meeting. and it may very well turn out to be very special, you have shown something, the world is getting to see the incredible job you have done in vietnam. >> reporter: the president went on to say he is expecting great things from kim jong un, sounding cautiously optimistic
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about what may happen. a source in the hotel where these conversations will be happening, they will have a working dinner. some of the pictures, flags up there, signs about where the leader from north korea will walk in and kim jong un and this table that appears at least to be where they will have their working dinner. we expect it to be the president, his secretary of state, acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. in addition to mike pompeo and a small team of his advisers, that is not some big wide table, that is ceremonial where you a long distance away, looks like a table that is close, intimate, perhaps a chance to get some business done. singapore was the begin or, the icebreaker but here in hanoi the president has higher expectations about pinning kim jong un down on some of the details.
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>> as to the democrats, the letter they sent that they want specific details before anything was agreed on. >> absolutely but i got to tell you the president fired back on twitter at those democrats, chuck schumer and a handful of other democrats sent this letter saying they believe singapore was a photo op and they want to see actual, verifiable agreements from kim jong un this time, something the president wants as well. number 2, the president fired back on twitter and said where were the democrats with that kind of tough language in the obama years, basically paraphrasing for eight years you were missing in action and meanwhile the problem with north korea got worse and worse. weaver the president say that before. is tired of this advice from the democrats.
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shannon: are you one of the journalist that was kicked out of the hotel? that was really something. >> it really was. rashida tlaib -- kim jong un showing up, we are working in a different hotels a lot of the fox team was not impacted. we are broadcasting across town where the president is staying. we've not been impacted and we will be here throughout the morning. >> what do you hope the us can accomplish with north korea? share your comments, we will share your comments a little later in the show on that. be sure to let us know. back at home, fox news alert, tennessee police officer shot in the line of duty has died. sergeant steve hinkle spent 27 years with sullivan county sheriff's office, first responders saluting them as he passed by, he was responding to a welfare check saturday when he was shot. the suspect is dead.
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three people dead after a truck was hit by two oncoming trains going different directions. passenger left in shock. >> i knew something was wrong because people were panicking. >> the train shook very hard. >> a really big bank. >> i saw fire on the track. >> investigators think the driver was trying to beat the trains at the crossing gate as the crossing gates came down. one train derailed and crashed but no passengers were seriously injured. everyone in the truck was killed. and now to another fox news alert, donald trump's former attorney in the hot seat, michael cohen expected to target the president in public testimony today after his closed-door questioning sparked a firestorm. todd pyro is here with what we can expect.
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>> reporter: michael cohen tries to convince the oversight committee and the public that he's telling the truth about donald trump after fireworks surrounding his closed-door testimony yesterday with florida congressman matt gates tweeting to your wife and father-in-law know about your girlfriends, maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. i wonder if she will remain faithful when they are in prison. she's about to learn a lot. he has deleted that tweet but is not backing down on his message that cohen is a liar. >> we know he lied to congress in law enforcement and the irs and three banks but he is going to prison for his lies and it will be one heck of an inquiry for us because this is someone who has tangled such a web of lies that he's not to be believed. >> reporter::will deliver a statement which reads in part, quote, i am ashamed that i chose to take part in mister trump's illicit acts rather listen to my own conscience. i'm ashamed because i know what mister trump is, he is a racist, a con man, achieved. and he will providing canadian
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documents including a check to stormy daniels. >> at this point in time i appreciate the opportunity that was given to me to clear the record until the truth. i will let the american people decide exactly who is telling the truth. >>:also expected to say trump knew that roger stone was talking with julian assange about the democratic national committee emails. watch out for this. >> i question the timing of it and i posted his statement on twitter so people can read it for themselves. thank you so much, todd. this also still going on, national guard, border patrol teaming up to arrest 75 illegals, a blackhawk helicopter helping agent spot dozens of people in the arizona desk, one group causing -- wearing camouflage clothing to blend in. last month 48,000 people were apprehended on the southwest border according to the cbt.
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and isis one of the will spend the next 15 years in prison. he created online accounts for isis and said he wanted to, quote, redefine terror. >> i want to get to the point every american -- >> he also plotted to bomb san francisco's bay area. chicago electric first african-american mayor come april. the top two vote getters overnight secured 50% of the votes needed to win yesterday's election so they advanced to a runoff. the winner will succeed democrat rahm emanuel. today, this is big, the supreme
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court will consider if this giant statue is religious. the 40 foot world war i memorial has stood for nearly 100 years on a highway in maryland, critics say the cross is religious and should not be on public land but supporters claim it is secular in nature. a decision is expected by the summer. time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. we are hours away from the second face-to-face meeting between donald trump and kim jong un. why is this president so different when it comes to his relationship with north korea. rebecca grant says it comes down to one word, business. she's here live to explain.
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.. .. heather: donald trump meeting with kim jong un in just hours.
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keeping a close eye on the talks, the united states has 30,000 troops in south korea as the north wants them out but should we comply? here's an expert, doctor rebecca grant. thank you for joining us. and exciting day. let's take a look at the breakdown of those troops. you mentioned 30,000 total, army, navy, marine corps and air force. how could these talks impart our forces in south korea? >> reporter: this morning i see 0 impact from the hanoi talks on our forces in south korea. they have a slogan. they are ready to fight tonight. is right now we are not talking about withdrawing a single soldier or airman and our forces remain ready to deter and defend. if we see denuclearization and a peace treaty then down the road
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there might be a reevaluation of our relationship with south korea. heather: what if there's a declaration through the senate as well? a declaration of peace on the korean peninsula from north to south korea? >> a declaration of peace is important first step but that is not going to change our military posture. donald trump has made clear we have given up nothing in terms of security and north korea still keeps a very large army, stunning cyberweapons, this is not the moment to talk about taking the posture on the korean peninsula. heather: what about military exercises? did the president not pool those back? >> one exercise last year. our military units remain at the unit level on a regular basis.
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they are absolutely ready to deter and defend. we may see a pooling back, a provocative joint exercise, that's a good gesture donald trump can make without impacting military readiness. heather: why is donald trump different in his relationship with north korea so that we have gotten to this point? >> he is so different and that is why we are here. trump alone says that kim jong un wanted a different position on the world stage and trump is treating kim jong un like a business colleague. selling denuclearize a fantastic business opportunity for a brighter future. heather: the summit is being held there in vietnam, an example to kim jong un and what could happen with north korea. >> hanoi is a symbolic location,
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kim jong un appreciates that. there is a better and brighter future than north korea. kim jong un's choices simple, trade nuclear weapons for economic prosperity. a good deal and he should take it. heather: should we agree to sanctions relief before we have proof that they are taking steps needed to denuclearize? >> these are not us sanctions entirely, they are un sanctions. we keep the pressure on. it will depend on what kim jong un brings to the table. it is in his hand. heather: we will see what happens. it is something donald trump, the first sitting us president to meet with a north korean leader, his second sit down with him happening a few hours from now. we appreciate it. time is 18 after the top of the hour, donald trump's border emergency facing a wall of
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opposition in congress while he is overseas. house democrats voting to overturn it. where does it stand in the senate. we are live in washington up next. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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[ ding ] [ cooing ] [ door closes ] [ cooing ] ♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". >> a measure to block donald trump's national emergency on the southern border. the vote setting up donald trump's first veto. griff jenkins joins us in dc where the measure moves to the senate. not entirely unexpected this would happen. >> it a sharp rebuke of the declaration that a democrat controlled house voting 225-182
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to block it. but it is falling short of the majority needed to override the veto. this was duty. >> we are not going to give any president, democrat or republican, a blank check to shred the constitution of the united states. we would be delinquent in our duties as members of congress if we did not overturn what the president is proposing. >> reporter: it wasn't just democrats. more than a dozen republicans crossing the aisle to cast a vote against the president. illinois congressman adam kinsinger back from his fourth deployment in the air national guard had this to say. >> i got to tell you why this rises to the level of national emergency. of this was just an issue of immigration i wouldn't think so. this is an issue of drugs, human trafficking. >> reporter: it goes to the
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senate where three republicans indicate they will join democrats opposing the president, setting of a vote. mitch mcconnell says it has an uncertain future. >> couldn't handicap the outcome at this point. we will certainly be voting on it. >> reporter: one more republican defection and it will pass in the senate almost guaranteeing we will see the president's first stroke of the veto pen. >> reporter: i was getting ready to ask you, one more and he would veto it. thank you for joining us. the house will vote on the most high profile gun legislation years. democrats pushing two bills, once require background checks for private transactions and the other extends the time a gun dealer must wait to hear back from a background check before making a sale. the house is expected to pass the bill.
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they likely will not be considered by the senate. executives grilled on capitol hill over the rising cost of drugs. senator chuck grassley demanding the company step up to remedy the problem. >> we have all seen the finger-pointing, every link on the supply chain has gotten skilled at finger-pointing. but like most americans, i at least, you will find most members of congress are sick and tired of the blame game. it is time for solutions. >> the entire pharmaceutical system needs to be overwhelmed before prices can drop. lake erie, and your member this story? now has the same rights as a human being. voters in toledo, ohio voting in favor of the lake erie bill of rights which allows people to
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sue on the way behalf. it is necessary to protect the lake from the contamination. critics argue it will result in legal fees for farmers and businesses. there you have it. the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour and north korea's nukes are not the only problem. human rights atrocities can't be ignored. our foreign-policy panel up next to break down how donald trump should and pop the pressure. minimums and fees seem to be the foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? ahoy! gotcha! nooooo... noooooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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>> back with a fox news alert, half past the top of the hour and a live look at hanoi, vietnam. donald trump and kim jong un hours away from the second summit. the president has been busy meeting with vietnamese officials and praising the country as a model nation.
12:30 am
lauren blanchard continues team coverage. thank you so much. >> the president is back at his hotel resting up before his dinner with kim jong un later today. is trying to make the message between his tweets and remarks earlier that north korea could have a better economy like vietnam but the cost is denuclearization. >> the world is getting to see the incredible job you have done in vietnam in a short period of time. i look forward to the meeting tonight. chairman kim wants to do something on par with what you have done in a short time, you can do it in a rapid time. >> reporter: donald trump meeting with the president and prime minister of vietnam, signing a trade agreement with $21 billion, 83,000 american jobs, enough to send a clear message to north korea, and economic relationship like the
12:31 am
one between the us and vietnam is possible. the president tweeted ahead of the meeting he thinks the summit is an opportunity for kim jong un. it is seen by hanoi as a chance to be a roadmap for north korea. the president says vietnam is thriving of north korea could do the same very quickly. amazing to see how big of a buzz the summit has created, the sheer size of the crowd wind up on the road hoping to catch a glimpse of the motorcade. and signs welcoming the two leaders as people see a major role in painting a pathway to peace and prosperity. and we have driven around hanoi, nicknamed the city of peace, we have seen t-shirts showing the faces of trump and kim jong un, as well as the flags of the 3 countries and while the visual the handshake is important, many
12:32 am
people here and at home hope it is not the only thing to come out of the meeting, that photo up, the handshake but they are looking for a real concrete path to denuclearization. heather: must be exciting to be there. what would a win look like from both countries from this we summit. here to weigh in is our foreign-policy panel, defense priority policy director benjamin friedman and former spokesperson to the mission to the united nations, and asia expert with the heritage foundation, thank you for joining us, potentially and exciting day. as we begin our conversation let's go down the line and i will begin with you. what would a win for the us look like in your opinion? >> there are three goals for the trump administration and going to the summit today.
12:33 am
the first is to define what's new denuclearization means. that means on our part, explain exactly what we need. the second part is to have a roadmap to denuclearization and an agreement on that and the third is any kind of enrichment or advancement in north korea as we speak during those negotiations. >> as i moved to you, bringing up those goals that were the result of the singapore summit, these were the goals going into that, we just heard about some of them. continue that point and what do you think a win for the us would be? >> time for the us to return to its initial verifiable irreversible dismantling of the nuclear program. that is the legally required definition in the un sanctions and the language we need to
12:34 am
return to but we shouldn't just be making goals on denuclearization. our us policy and strategy toward north korea is much more complex. it involves pressing north korea on thornier issues including human rights issues but there 80,000 to 120,000 individuals in political prison camps today. it is time for donald trump to be bold on denuclearization and human rights. >> we spoke with one of the negotiators who participated in getting otto warmbier out yesterday talking about the human rights violations that go on. what in your opinion would be a win for the us? >> with all due respect to olivia, none of that is going to happen. we can't expect progress on human rights in the near-term. they are not going to denuclearize in the near-term. almost everyone understands that. what the united states should
12:35 am
look for is a process leading to normalization or something approaching peace, leaving north korea with some weapons. it is good that we've taken steps towards that but we are really looking at a theatrical production where they agreed to protect denuclearize and we believe in that. heather: this is an article that came out overnight, they have spoken with insiders who have been involved in the negotiations up to this point. we look at what they say may happen as a result of what is going on here but it could change, the meeting going on with donald trump and kim jong un in a couple hours. a tentative deal would be a declaration to end the korean war, north korea to return more us remains, the creation of us north korea liaison offices and north korea to stop producing
12:36 am
nuclear materials at one of its primary facilities that we heard about during the singapore summit. it would include 300 different buildings and several acres. what do you think of that? if any of that ends up being true? >> that would be an okay deal but it would fall pretty far short of denuclearization let alone fire viable -- verifiable denuclearization. it is a step towards better relations but pretty far short of what some people expect. it would be a poor man's agreed framework which is what the united states got with the north koreans back in 1994. heather: olivia, your thoughts on the points and attendant deal? >> the most concerning aspects of this prospect of deal our first, the idea that a piece
12:37 am
declaration is needed right now. i think a piece declaration threatens the ability of the us to maintain its alliance with south korea. even though it could be a very symbolic measure, this could lead to withdrawal of us troops on the peninsula and even more concerning, all these promises, north korea has promised to dismantle multiple times and here we are in 2019, they are promising a return for inter-korean economic relaxation of sanctions, this would be huge to give up for nothing in return. heather: you get the final word. >> the point on the end of the korean war, that would be a positive step generally as a declaration. there can be no give the removal of us troops from south korea. it would undermine entirely the stability of the area.
12:38 am
i don't think we should assume that kim jong un has no larger aspirations. and to be careful in terms of north korean promises about the administration not giving away too much before we get anything. i am not very worried about withdrawal of sanctions but it could happen. we don't know what will happen with 1-on-1 meetings between donald trump and kim jong un. that is what we need to be careful of. heather: thank you for joining us. we will see what happens today. thank you. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and the first summit we were talking about, north korea promised to return the remains of american soldiers killed in the korean war. where does it stand now and why is it so critical? our next guest whose uncle is a pow has a message for donald trump. you don't want to miss it. this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews.
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there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. this is a fight against time. what we are dealing with is coming out meeting someone who is 85, 90 years old, can't get around, has no food, has no water, and just wants to give up and die. and that's where we come in.
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with your gift of just $25 we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. ♪ soft melancholy music
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>> one of donald trump's priorities for the second summit negotiating the return of remains of soldiers from the korean war. 7000 personnel unaccounted for. our next guest and his family have dedicated their lives to finding answers about an uncle who never came home. joining me, army corporal roger dumas's, prisoner of war. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. these are the stories people want to hear about because it brings a personal element to what is behind these negotiations. tell us about your uncle. >> my uncle was in the first wave of combat, captured november 4, 1950, when the
12:43 am
chinese overran the front lines. devastated our military close to the border at the time. we only knew at the time that he was am i a. there was no other word for what happened to him. many years later, he was in north korea. we didn't know he was a pow. heather: when you hear about donald from bringing more remains home and what he was able to accomplish after the first summit in singapore what are your thoughts on that? >> it is a great accomplishment but my first question is what about the pows that were alive who did not return like my uncle? he was known to be alive when the war ended. there were many others alive when the war ended.
12:44 am
in 1957 u.s. congress investigated those pows who he did not return in the house resolution to make that a top priority. they did not return and knew they were alive and over the years that has been forgotten and we don't even ask, no president has asked do you have live americans in north korea? >> if you tried to ask donald trump or get word to his administration to address that while he has the opportunity? >> i try and i know people work at it. it is a difficult thing to get to the white house for someone. >> he watches fox news so maybe. >> i'm hoping, please ask are you holding any live americans in north korea. it is a simple question. no american president has asked that question of the north koreans.
12:45 am
it is so frustrating as a family member to deal with that. there are so many family members trying to find some information about what happened. >> do you have a number, those that perhaps still believed to be alive? >> the official list the house of representatives and senate was investigating in 1957 was 450 known to be alive, it got reduced to 384. my uncle was on the list. >> you still have hope. >> i think he may be alive. my uncle bob is a-year-old are. he was there, searching his whole life or his brother. >> let's hope he does come home alive for sure. thank you so much. >> thank you for telling the story. we will be right back, stay with us. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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heather: north korea versus iran. that is what donald trump's approach is critical. joining me to discuss is dan hoffman who the president just tapped to be part of his advisory board. thank you for joining us on this important day. as we get into this, the differences, we can look at it side-by-side, negotiations that have been going on. what do you see as the primary difference? >> let me highlight north korea has an existing nuclear program. they are producing plutonium, enriching uranium.
12:50 am
they have 20 to 60 weapons. a ballistic missile is capable of targeting the homeland. iran is nowhere near that level. they are an aspiring nuclear power. north korea provided missile technology and sold arms to yemen and libya. the iranian's are a state sponsor of terrorism supporting proxy militants in lebanon, iraq and bahrain. there are key differences but they represent significant threats. heather: one of the elements released from their sources is one part of the tentative deal being discussed is north korea would agree to stop producing materials for nuclear bombs and in exchange the us would list us sanctions on iran. what do you think? how are we getting into that facility? >> there are a couple ways. one, that is a logical first
12:51 am
step. it is expensive, three square miles, has 400 buildings, arms control experts, kim jong un has made it clear he has visions of step-by-step process, it is significant enough, he will expect sanctions relief. that is the key goal. to become a member of the nonproliferation treaty from which they exited in 2003, that would mandate inspectors. heather: i ask about that specifically. as he ran for president, he was adamant and vocal about the iran nuclear deal. to determine if they were following through and doing what they were supposed to do. how would we be able to do that
12:52 am
with north korea? >> other issues with the iranian deal didn't touch on missile capability or the fact that iran was sponsoring terrorism all over the middle east and targeted the saudi ambassador. in the case of north korea we are going to have to have some ironclad details to make sure inspectors have access. there is a missed trust but verify, we have other avenues to ensure that north korea is not good winking us going back years dealing with the west. >> we will see what comes out of the meeting just a couple hours away between the president and kim jong un. we would love to have you back with your insight. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and before round to even begins, this kim jong un impersonator is getting a boost.
12:53 am
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heather: kim jong un's famed jogging bodyguards are back and making a viral splash once again.
12:57 am
carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with online reaction. you knew they would be back. >> these guys are viral in singapore. they are back at it again and act as human shields. it looks a little silly to us but they come from very elite families. a big honor in north korea, the only people allowed to carry a gun around kim jong un and they are celebrities on social media. jogging around his car should be an olympic event slight synchronized swimming. what if someone falls? in dress shoes that might happen. another twitter user says they have to drive at 5 miles an hour. how good are the bodyguards at 60 miles an hour? that would be the real test. heather: he had the window down and was waving.
12:58 am
>> and intense vetting process these individuals have to go through. if it is the real kim jong un in there, it could be a decoy, one of which is no longer there. a man who was acting as kim jong un impersonator has been deported from vietnam. he arrived in hanoi last weekend held a fake summit with that trump impersonator. these guys look very much like the real thing. he says vietnamese police caught up with him and told him there was an issue with his visa but he believes they were just trying to get him out of the country. one twitter user says i take it they don't have a sense of humor. michael says deported a witness protection? i take it kim jong un doesn't like to be mocked. may be for the best he was forced to leave the country. >> what about the impersonator for donald trump? is he still there?
12:59 am
>> he can no longer impersonate donald trump during the summit. heather: he looks like him. >> nobody to negotiate now. it won't go like that. really interesting. earlier we asked what you hope the us can accomplish with north korea at the summit. your comments are pouring in. matthew writing this on facebook, obama had is on track for nuclear war so pretty much anything. sort of that is a win. earl commenting sign a declaration to end the korean war. that is a possibility and karen says peace between the countries and the end to the rockets. more trust between the countries. keep giving us your comments and we will keep sharing them. fox news continues, very busy day at 3:00 eastern. goodbye.
1:00 am
>> we both felt very good about having this important summit in vietnam because you are an example as to what can happen with good thinking. >> it is wednesday, february 27th and happening our 4:00 am a fox news alert. >> the stage is set for a second historic summit, donald trump and kim jong un meeting and just hours to fully establish a clear plan for denuclearization. heather: home, michael cohen ready for his close-up, former attorney heading to the hill, kicking off days of congressional testimony and the democratic committee behind this promising other moments. >> the president's emergency declaration over our immigration crisis facing a wall of opposition in the house. >> we are not going to give


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