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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 28, 2019 2:00am-6:00am PST

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change his ways, they know what capitalism is. jillian: the president's i want to do this right. that is the real headline, the whole press conference he had. "fox and friends" starts now. pete: there is no deal in vietnam. donald trump cutting the north korean some short. jedediah: heading back to the united states saying kim jong un refused to denuclearize north korea and demanded all sanctions be lifted. >> at this time we had some options and decided not to do any of the options. sometimes you have to walk. this is one of those times. brian: talks with north korea are not over long-term and looking forward to meeting with kim jong un in the future.
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the other big question, why call summit 2.0? the guy who hand delivered a note to the president from kim. what was in the letter the costume to say we will have another summit? this is only half, i can't give up all the sanctions for that part of the country. jillian: let's talk about the host of hannity who is reporting live all week. we want to ask what he thought of this decision for the president saying it's not a good deal. was this a success or a disappointment? >> reporter: the president was very clear, thank you for having me.
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the president is so clear all week, in telegraphing he doesn't want to rush this, he prefers a good deal and if it takes time it takes time. you know what is funny and i see this in the news media, they may be take a little bit of time and try to understand donald trump a little bit more maybe they could read the art of the deal. one of the best-selling business books in history. what does he say? if you want to be a great business person up to the last second in any deal you've got to be able to stand up and walk away and not want it too much. what the president said is kim jong un was willing to give a lot and knock out his biggest facility, he wents sanctions lifted that we for his country. and that is a good thing for the american people.
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and the relationship is built. >> and denuclearization, no. and lift all the sanctions, that is why the president is not having lunch today. maybe they are jarred, can't tell you about north korean culture, and he is gone. here's what he said you a short time ago. >> we are working towards something but didn't sign anything today, didn't quite work out. i wasn't satisfied, good relationship, i decided this wasn't -- we will see what happens over appear go of time.
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>> here is the thing. think about let's go back to singapore. think about all the progress that was made, these are not insignificant things, no more missiles as they were regularly happening, guam is not being threatened. the continental united states, kim jong un was talking about we can fire here. little rocket man, fire and fury, amazing that that led to hostages released, no missiles being fired in over 400 days. the remains of our heroes from the korean war and the president even said we have a deal on paper ready to sign but it
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wouldn't make sense not to have denuclearization. brian: he wanted a grand deal and we've seen for decades, give a little and expect a lot. we want all the sanctions taken off of us, mister president. the president said okay, what do i get? you -- we are going to denuclearize part, not everything. at a press event, apparently we -- >> i got called on by the president which was pretty fun. a pretty big crowded pressroom and i got to ask another question during the press conference. this is who donald trump is. if you think back, i kept predicting the president would declare the national emergency is it relates to declaration of
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emergency as relates to the border because the president was saying it repeatedly publicly. the president has said over and over throughout his life and career and i've known them over two decades that he is going to walk away from a bad deal. the only deal that really make sense for the american people such as serious, significant issues, something that will impact the entire world, create more safety and security, denuclearize the korean peninsula, protect our allies in japan and guam and china in many ways and the continental united states for our kids and grandkids, the deal has to be right. pete: did chairman kim overplay his hand? he got the president to go to vietnam and ultimately when they are sitting across the table, no dice. >> think of it this way.
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when he says i wouldn't be here if i wasn't willing to talk about denuclearization, that is pretty amazing. i don't want to give it away but i asked, they had this dinner the night before. i will let him say that. the idea that people think we can solve what has been a problem he inherited. bill clinton tried to bribe kim jong un's father, kim jong-il. for the american people, never seen nukes etc. it didn't happen. very similar to barack obama dropping $150 billion in cash and other currency on the tarmac for the mullahs of iran.
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when you look at reagan i see a lot of similarities, reagan walking away from ricky vick and the media's reaction in the liberal reaction to reagan which was similar but trump has it worse. this is a disaster, think of the similarities, evil empire. mister gorbachev, tear down this wall, reagan's only advisors pulled it out of the speech ten times. at the end of the day, walked away from ricky vick because of strategic defense and we got what we wanted and one regime that collapsed. jedediah: do you think that will happen here? >> great question and if i had to predict, the pressure on kim jong un economically, he needs
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those sanctions lifted, the president knows that and understand that. my guess is he was testing the president and his resolve and the president showed the strength that i think americans would want. either get what we want or no deal. that is smart negotiation. brian: you have the only interview out there, the president left. >> didn't want to fly out here. you could have flown wheels up the wheels down. at the super bowl. brian: i didn't want to fly with other people. you know my deal. >> i went through jfk like you would think. brian: let's talk about another
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segment of your interview. listen. >> i wanted everything. the sanctions are there, i didn't want to give up the sanctions without a program and i understand that. i spend a lot of time building it. that doesn't mean the world has to be happy. i wanted them to denuclearize. brian: the other thing that has to happen, it is great that he walked away but they got to tighten the sanctions like when we were in the rocket man stage because the russians are breaching it and the south koreans have a major announcement on friday to bring the two koreas closer together so behind-the-scenes he has to bring the hammer down. don't you agree? >> i think the president could have taken two approaches today
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and one approach could have been we are going to double down on the sanctions but the president is telegraphing another message, a great personal relationship. when we started the show at 9:00 am talking about between the two of them. it is not different than when you are doing a business deal in life. if you build that relationship and that trust over time you can move deeper and deeper into more successful negotiations as things go along. i give my opinion is everybody knows and i'm happy for the
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country in the sense that i really believe in the concept of peace through strength, trust but verify, this would have to be verified, complete, we would have to have access to inspections any place any time. ultimately we get that but the idea that we get a deal to say we got a deal, it didn't work out well with kim jong-il or the iranian mullahs, trying to bribe them thinking if we kiss your -- you are going to like us. at the end of the day what would we prefer, a deal for a deal's take or a deal that is deep and profound and really we have a transition to a safer world. at the end of the day the fact the president will fight for future generations and not having a country destabilizing the world and threatening the continental united states is too
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serious to get this wrong. to wait and be patient to me is the right strategy in every way. brian: we will wait to see her entire interview with the president on hannity. >> you are not going to be up at 9:00. you are in an hour early today. >> brian goes to bed at 7:00 so he can do "fox and friends," three hours of radio, then "outnumbered" and the five and fill in for tucker. brian doesn't get enough air time. brian: this is an attack on me. this has taken a twisted. >> it is a credit to you. 18 hours a day, very proud of you guys. >> somebody who is on for 9 hours on television is michael cohen. there he is being sworn in.
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working on his testimony before he went to prison in two months. one reason he's going to prison, lying to congress. here he is as he started the festivities yesterday and it was something to see. >> i am sorry for my lies and for lying to congress. i have lied but i am not a liar. donald trump is a man who ran for office to make his brand great, not to make our country great. he had no desire or intention to lead this nation, only to market himself and to build his wealth and power. brian: we learned that michael cohen is trying to be a better person now that he decided to come out. >> what is really sad and i think we all interviewed michael a lot during the campaign.
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i know i did on radio and tv and got to know him. he apologized -- his attorney and his client. that was never true in any capacity. he apologized to me and i appreciated it. when you think about what michael did say, the president says 95% of it was a lie. it is interesting what he said about the dossier, that it was false. i know from my relationship with michael i can confirm that was false. i knew where he was the weekend in question. when he said there was no collusion, no evidence of collusion, that helps the president in many ways. the fact that he now has a different point of view is fine, but i felt on a personal level having known him, to watch the democrats now under oath put him in legal jeopardy where as a result of this, there will likely be two criminal referrals
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on top of what this man is his family have been through, how anybody could put him in that jeopardy is unimaginable to me but their hatred of donald trump, this is what i saw yesterday. we saw two americans yesterday, two choices for the american people, and elections are always about if you have a clear choice it is powerful. on the democratic side you have a new green deal where they are going to take away brian's plane and helicopter and car and get rid of cows and maybe we shouldn't have any more children because it may be dangerous and raise taxes to 70%, promise you everything from cradle-to-grave, that is going on and simultaneously on the day the president of the united states is negotiating 20 some odd hours in the air away for something as powerful as long-term peace, security and the safer world and democrats purposely orchestrate
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this circus that we saw yesterday, it was an embarrassment, but i predict the combination of the new green deal and the combination of this circus yesterday will have a tremendous impact. the american people are going to see two different visions. >> like economic and foreign policy success which is a lot -- brian: you ask about these conflicting images that are helping why he is making a historic peace deal, this is what he said. >> as far as cohen is concerned he is convicted, he is a liar, he has defrauded at a high level, there are a lot of problems, and he lied so much, i watched some of it. he lied so much and yet he said
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when it came to collusion, the whole hoax with the rest of collusion, a witchhunt hoax, very bad for our country because it really stops you from doing -- he said no collusion. ainsley: the dossier said he was in progress meeting with kremlin officials and we learned he has never been to prod so what does this tell us about the dossier and the collusion investigation? >> the president addressed it with me in the press conference. the president said 95% wasn't true but that 5% about collusion, about the dossier and about the president was exculpatory. you can go through a list of all the untruths about michael cohen that were said. i happen to know where michael cohen was that weekend that they say he was in prague, a family issue he should be proud of as a
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father and i am watching again, the president didn't seem at all concerned in any way about it but the inconsistencies, lying under oath is a felony before congress. he was sworn in yesterday. and the democrats and those that were in his head allowed him to put himself in further legal jeopardy. tells you a lot about -- brian: what he said got him in legal jeopardy, the president said he said the president ran for president not to win but to market himself. do you believe that? >> i interviewed him a lot in 2015-16. i promise you donald trump doesn't get into anything too loose. he was passionate about winning.
2:20 am
that is not true but in an ironic way if he was in it for marketing there couldn't have been any collusion and he was trying to make the moscow trump deal a reality. by the way, got to tell your producer, gavin, you're welcome and he knows what that means. intramural trouble. ainsley: always ask you to come on. you guys do great interviews, can i run some clips? and i said -- ainsley: we want people to watch our show too. brian: thank you very much, have a safe trip back to jfk. >> thanks for having me. how great your show is doing, number one in the morning. brian: watching this interview with the president tonight. meanwhile speaking of michael
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cohen he is heading to prison for lying in a couple months and a new source for the truth, the president is trying to negotiate peace. how is that being covered? >> you may believe that they have these love notes and valentines. >> more trusted in the embrace. >> got to get in there, smile, honey. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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a va hospital emergency room. larry is in custody after the fbi says he opened fire on the doctor at west palm beach va medical center. he was upset about something and had a gun stashed under his wheelchair. the doctor was shot in the neck but will be okay. the fbi says there are more ands out for his arrest in michigan. the search is on for a suspect and a motive after a firefighter is shot dead. robert was gunned down outside his home in indiana. he was in evansville firefighter for 30 years and leaves behind a wife and three kids. he is the second firefighter to die the next two weeks. the other firefighter passed away. >> members of the mainstream media going wild from michael cohen's testimony.
2:26 am
>> michael bill -- deliverable is a part of the investigation. >> the quintessential cooperating criminal. >> they are starting >> if you cover the mock trial. we have a conspiracy, ongoing crime that leads to the white house. brian: it is a far cry from the way they cover the second summit with kim jong un. >> is the founder of american majority, ned ryan. what do you make of this? >> this is what you get when you have partisan political operatives masquerading as journalists, they can barely control their glee. what we saw yesterday was theater of the absurd, total clown show. we were asked to suspend their disbelief that are known and convicted liars a paragon of
2:27 am
truth and rightness. when he was asked point blank questions by debbie wasserman schultz, can you corroborate any of this he says no. mark meadows slapped him with a criminal referral halfway through and i am pretty sure he perjured himself when he said he didn't want to position in the white house and when cnn is calling about as a liar it wasn't a good day for michael cohen. rob: the interests of the cable channels in the run-up to the hearing, this is coverage from 7:00 am to 10:00 am yesterday. the cohen hearing versus the vietnam summit. fox news channel, reason they call us fair and balanced, 43 minutes on the cohen hearing and 44 minutes on the north korean summit. msnbc did 108 minutes on cohen versus 37 minutes on the summit. you can tell where cnn's priorities are, two hours and 4 minutes on cohen and 16 minutes on the summit.
2:28 am
>> this whole thing was planned and coordinated and you had to be deeply naïve do not think it was by the democrats and cohen and lanny davis who is a close confident of the clintons and the mainstream propagandists were more than happy to amplify what we saw yesterday as the president is overseas trying to solve the next essential thread for all americans regardless of party affiliation. it was completely chain full but they could barely control their glee in bringing up is this the beginning of impeachment hearings to which i would say go ahead, give it a shot. i'm not sure you've got the vote in the house but you sure don't have them in the senate but this is all about they still can't get over the fact that donald trump won and election he wasn't supposed to win. this is all about trying to nullify the 2016 election in the mainstream media is happy to go along with it and amplify this and try to bring down donald trump. >> the most telling they were
2:29 am
michael cohen's closing comments the words about his behavior, just that he would know about, they were political comments written by lanny davis or democratic strategists and when he came down and set i fear if he loses the election won't leave the white house. if he loses he will high-5 and say congratulations, you can have the place. >> there were dangerous statements made yesterday including that one which was extremely egregious. my question like yours, did adam schiff and lanny davis right all of the opening and closing statements? the other thing, he admitted to jim jordan he actually talked with adam sure and how i translate it was he coordinated it. >> congressional collusion? >> jim jordan handled himself beautifully. he said you can prepare so you have all the answers in advance.
2:30 am
it was a very interesting thing to watch, thank you for being with us. donald trump on a plane back to the united states without a deal from north korea but talks are not over. it henry is live in hanoi with a key exchange from the president's news conference coming up next. >> new threats from ms 13 targeting cops in the us. we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. tear up ticket. find the cat. [ meowing ] mittens! make it rain. [ cheering ] [ singing opera ] change the music.
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makes you feel like a king! king for a day! well, maybe not the whole day. our 19.99 or 49.99 oil change includes a tire rotation. >> back with a fox news alert, no deal in vietnam, donald trump cutting the north korea summit short. >> he said it back to the us about 8000 miles saying kim jong un refused to denuclearize and demanded all sanctions be lifted. >> good for north korea, bad for us. it henry joins us from hanoi, vietnam where air force one took off in the last hour. we knew there were problems when the president skipped lunch. >> lunch seemed to change but we
2:35 am
were working through the night and originally at 2:00 eastern time there was going to be a signing ceremony. that is what the white house called it. in the middle of the night we are told that is off and it will be a solo news conference by the president. that tells you the two leaders are not coming together, they don't have a deal. the president came out, address the international media that i could better deal but i walked away because it wasn't good. kim jong un put on the table the young gun nuclear facility which is something everyone anticipated would be on the table and certified dismantle that you need to lift all us sanctions to get my economy going again, hardly a deal for the us, the president and secretary of state backed them up on this point saying that was not good enough, an option they wouldn't take. they tried to push kim jong un to put other nuclear material on the table, when he wouldn't do
2:36 am
it they walked away. mike pompeo underscored they made real progress in round 2 of the summit. they have the door open to around 3. mike pompeo said here they are closer to a deal than they were 36 hours ago at the beginning of the talks but made it very clear that they were not going to take a bad deal. listen. >> did you get into the question of actually dismantling? >> absolutely. >> he was willing to take that out? he wants all the sanctions? >> he wants the sanctions and there's plenty left after that and i felt it wasn't good. we spent a long time negotiating and talking to ourselves. that facility while very big, wasn't enough to do what we were doing. >> reporter: the president added
2:37 am
in his face-to-face talks, chairman kim said he is not going to resume nuclear testing. all that testing going on when the president took office, probably inherited from the obama administration so the president said i am not getting the deal i want, the door is open if kim jong un will come back and get more sensible in terms of what he's asking for, then the sanctions will be lifted down the road. brian: david saying or knows a lot about weapons and the mass distraction from the new york times it was asking questions and he indicated a couple times and that conversation that i think we surprised them with how much we knew about what they had and that 4 mile complex has been looked at before and is fine but it is not enough but this is not going to be enough. >> i was watching the press conference live and something i thought was very intriguing, the
2:38 am
president said it was put on the table and the president and secretary of state and others said hang on, what about this nuclear facility, what about that material and he said i think we surprised chairman kim with what we knew so remember the context, this is a president who has had a difficult precarious relationship with the intelligence community, this time they served him well by presenting evidence that kim jong un was surprised the us knew about it and the president backed up the intelligence community and said we are not taking the deal because my intel guys, you have a lot more stuff. if the president had signed an agreement as we find out 6 months later they are hiding this other stuff that is a bad deal. >> is intel guys, mike pompeo was the cia guy. he knows where this stuff is hidden. >> chairman kim thought he was going to pull a fast one on the us, the president and secretary pompeo and others said no way, not going to happen and i would point out something else that
2:39 am
happened in the middle of the night that may get lost in the headlines that say no deal. a few hours before things fell apart kim jong un went on camera and to questions from american reporters which he had never done before, dictator doesn't have a free press and when pressed, will you denuclearize? he said yes, i want to do that? otherwise why what i bother coming here? they don't have a deal. he's on camera, on the record both in singapore or piece of paper and on camera saying i want to denuclearize. that is why the president wanted it. kim jong un that is not a deal he could entertain. fascinating to see if they overplay their hand or didn't want a deal. we have to wait. >> they may come back in 6 months and the president may get a better deal like reagan did. jillian: these teams of gotten to know each other, they learn
2:40 am
each other's limits. they only met twice. this is part of negotiation, now kim jong un is going back to north korea with knowledge that we know more than he thought we did and when they come back to the table maybe they will be able to negotiate but no word on the third summit. >> the president when pressed on that, sarah sanders a written statement when learned there was no deal said we do look forward to the possibility of a third summit, i will tell you the president said i'm not guaranteeing that. the doors open, we shall see. brian: great reporting from vietnam. 19 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with news. >> reporter: you will get back to the senate in a minute but the postcard officer accused of plotting a terrorist attack is facing new charges. prosecutors say christopher plans to a americans and had list of targets including
2:41 am
journalists and democrats. and maryland, new weapons and drug charges. a self-described white nationalist could face decades in prison. 's lawyers are fighting the charges. the deadly ms 13 game is targeting police officers at their own homes the nypd warning cops to live in the suburbs of long island saying gain can members are, quote, looking to hit officers to improve their street credibility, donald trump has visited long island and his out to decimate the game. a man who beat leukemia achieves his dream of becoming a united states marine. he is getting emotional as he is given his new title. he had just finished the crucible, test that includes food and sleep deprivation and 45 miles of marching. he was diagnosed with cancer 11 years old and underwent 5 years of chemo. he's now in remission. the video has been shared online
2:42 am
800,000 times. ainsley: this illegal immigrants came back and was freed in a sanctuary city and now he is going to jail for assaulting a child. brian: you seen the video of kids and activists storming dianne feinstein's office, who is paying for this? we are exposing the group behind it all next. >> i know what i am doing. [can ] [yeah!] in hotels... [maybe, like tilt] resorts... homes and more... [you got it?] [oh that's good, yeah] bookers always find what they're looking for... be a booker at darrell's family uses gain flings now, so their laundry smells more amazing than ever. [darrell's wife] isn't that the dog's towel? [dog sfx] hey, mi towel, su towel. more scent plus oxi boost and febreze in every gain fling.
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>> the biggest climate change activists are now children, student activists from the, quote, sunrise movement storming dianne feinstein's office to fight for the green new deal. a different group of students protested at mitch mcconnell's
2:47 am
office and several were arrested when they wouldn't we. our next guest says the children are being used as ponds. carol markowitz joins us with more. we saw the video of dianne feinstein scolding the kids, can't even vote in my district, don't know what you're talking about. i've been doing this for a long time, why are they using the children and tell us. >> exactly what happened with diane feinstein, you can't argue with children, can't have a debate so it became a viable sensation because nobody expected it. you are supposed to smile and agree to what little kids want and she didn't do that and it worked in her favor because she said the example that you don't have to rollover because you are been a belated by children. the sunrise foundation is funded by a number of liberal groups, the typical groups we know -- the wallace global fund, typical
2:48 am
run-of-the-mill leftist group funding. what is funny in the video you see as well the kids are arguing with diane feinstein and when an adult doesn't feel they are making the appropriate points she jumps in and starts talking more policy. they have the kids ever showing the grown-ups in the background pulling the strings. >> they were found the two years ago and they raised under $1 million. that is incredible. >> the children ankle and get free media. that is the strategy. >> the crazy things they are going after liberals, the new green deal, dick durbin laughed at it on another network, they created this monster and now it
2:49 am
has turned on that. >> the best part of this, they are going after nancy pelosi and diane feinstein and going after democrats who allowed this to go on for so long and are being bitten by it. >> they are going after democrats that are not in support of the green new deal and trying to convince them of it. >> if they do end up convincing them which i don't think they will, anyone who doesn't think so. >> they went to mitch mcconnell's office and he didn't come out. >> it is all part of that occupy movement against capitalism. we will see more from that group straight ahead. the second summit is in the books without a deal. our next guest made it her life's work analyzing kim jong un's moves and she said this could be bad news for him. >> congressman michael walsh and jason chaffetz all live. >> all very good pictures.
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>> donald trump wrapped up the summit with kim jong un explaining why he is leaving vietnam without making a deal, no signing ceremony, even skipped lunch. what does this mean for dean king and where do we go from here? there is no deal. jillian: our next guest spent her life's work dissecting the
2:54 am
moves of kim jong un, the director of asia programs at the wilson center and she joins us now. we are curious what you thought of it. >> this isn't what i expected when i woke up but it shows how tough this negotiation is. this is a complicated process and i have to say there will be a lot of discussion whether donald trump made the right decision. it's not something you can rush into. the stakes are very high not only for north korea but the united states. i have to say what i want to say is i'm disappointed with kim jong un. he has to make the decision to give up key elements of his nuclear program if he wants to put this relationship on the right track. this relationship, repairing this relationship with the united states is essential, it is key not only to telling his people they can move on from this korean war conflict and focus on the economy but members that it is key also to lifting sanctions.
2:55 am
until he gives these up he's not going to have the sanctions lifted. >> the deal was he said okay, i will denuclearize this one facility but not anything else and the president said if i'm giving up all the sanctions i got to walk away. kim and the north koreans not used to having an american president get up and say bad deal, see you next time, goodbye, everybody. >> they were banking on that unpredictability working in their favor and in this case it didn't. interesting to see what happens next. how will the north koreans spin this? he will be huddling with advisors trying to figure out how to save face, very important in korean culture, very little room for that. will they portray this as a rupture in the courts of diplomacy or will they use this as an occasion to install these negotiations and turn back to the tensions we had? i hope that is not the case and we can move forward and those
2:56 am
lines of communication are open and this process continues, cannot go back to the provocation of 2017. >> it's frustrating for our president when you give up something so big and lift sanctions you have to have something big in return. he probably thinks this is wasted time, traveled all the way around the world and give up one nuclear facility? that's not enough. thank you for being with us, you will be watching to see how they cover this in north korea. keep us posted. pete: donald trump flying home from vietnam, no deal, the president is playing it just right, he joins us live from vietnam coming up on an early "fox and friends". america. and home to three bp wind farms. america. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... . .
2:57 am
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3:00 am
♪ brian: there is no deal in vietnam. president trump cutting the north korean summit short. >> it was a very productive two days but sometimes you have to walk. this was one of those times. >> he met with not only kim jong un but also the international community that we would not make a flawed deal. >> they wanted to denuke certain areas and i wanted everything. i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program. >> michael cohen in high profile testimony on capitol hill. >> donald trump is a man who ran for office to make his brand great not to make our country great. >> first announced witness for the 116th congress is a guy who is going to prison in two months for lying to congress. >> i thought it was a terrible display of
3:01 am
dishonesty. he lied so much and, yet, he said when it came to collusion, he said no collusion. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. no deal in vietnam. president trump cutting the north korea summit short. steve: right now the president is on air force one heading back to washington saying kim jong un refused to denuke all of north korea and demanded all sanctions be lifted and that was a deal he couldn't do. >> but at this time we had some options and at this time we decided not to do any of the options. sometimes you have to walk. and this was just one of those times. brian: it seemed like the absolute right decision. the president stressing talks with north korea are not over. he says he is looking forward to meeting with kim jong un in the future. he also said i'm not going to go back to military exercises. they are too expensive and others have speculated that would be somewhat provocative if kim jong un had decided to go.
3:02 am
>> you are exactly right. that is the sticking point here. every last and i can tell you it got dramatic because it started out with word that there would be some sort of a signing ceremony at 2:00 a.m. eastern time and all of a sudden. just the president alone. what was sticking point? what we have dug out that the president learned from kim jong un that he would only denuke as you say on yunpop one nuke ler facility. there is other facilities warheads and missiles that the u.s. wants on the table as well. the u.s. is backed by secretary of state mike
3:03 am
pompeo said no deal. because quite simply we are not going to lift all u.s. sanctions in exchange for you only denuking partly. nonetheless, the president said he is still optimistic that after kim jong un goes home, thinks about it, realizes his desperate economic situation he may come back to the table and sign a deal. why is the president confident of that? something else dramatic happened that while you were sleeping that you have got to pay attention to. u.s. reporters got a chance for the first time ever to ask questions of the dictator. kim jong un, he actually answered some of them, including one of them in which he was pressed are you willing to denuclearize? listen to the answer. >> chairman kim refresh your recollection ready to denuclearize? >> if i wasn't willing to do that i wouldn't be here right now. >> best answer. might be the best answer you have ever heard. >> he said i did not want to denuclearize. i never would have come
3:04 am
here. the president as you heard said that may have been the best answer. so here's the point. they developed trust, they make progress in the end they don't have a deal in writing now. but i can tell you the president on down, senior officials i have spoken to they are confident that after, you know, some cooling off. they may have another summit and they may actually get a deal. steve: for kim to say he is willing to denuke. he doesn't say i'm willing to denuke the whole country and at the table, apparently, pompeo and the intel community said okay, there is a lot more you've got hidden that we know about, so you know what? let's put all the cards on the table. not just that one. >> yes. the president told the international. >> seen taken aback that the u.s. we have led on in previous meetings and that he ever expected. that may have backed him
3:05 am
into a corner as well. brian: also, ed. about what they actually ate at the meal gave clues to the success or failure of this summit? ed: here's what i have picked up from sources is an interesting nugget, back in singapore they had meal. a source of mine went in the meal after and noticed something interesting. all of the american plates were clean. all of the north korean plates they didn't eat. why? they were afraid back then last june that they might be poisoned. they couldn't trust the u.s. what happened this time? the lunch sort of got scraped today but last night they had dinner. a separate source tells me what they did was the americans decided they went dutch. the americans brought steak to the table and the north koreans brought shrimp. and this time everyone seemed to eat. there was trust this time. they didn't have that last time in singapore. again, i'm being clear. it wasn't enough to get a deal this time but trust is being built as the president said, slowly but surely. ainsley: i thought you were going to say like in the
3:06 am
movies let's switch plates. ed: yeah, no. i think kim jong un, he sleeps with one eye open because is he concerned about his grip on power. he is also concerned about whether or not he can eat food that's given to him because it might be poisoned. who can turn down american steak? steve: ed henry routerred some of his sources are waitresses. brian: busboys no more than waiters they clean the plate. bus people i should say so no one sues me. steve: not far from where eddy is right now is dan bongino. he is also in vietnam this morning, this evening there. well, dan, the president said this is a bad deal for the country so i'm walking away. what do you think? >> well, a couple points out of this, steve, i have been watching some of the online feedback. it's almost comical watching the far left attack the
3:07 am
president, steve. couple days as some of the same liberals would say it's going to be awful if he gives away the farm it would be terrible and nothing in return. all of a sudden trump doesn't get the deal back. it's like level 4 trump derangement syndrome effect everyone secondly on this reagan walked away. pejorative better deal later on. thurebleg is not brian sean hany interview. here's what he said about not signing any deal. >> well, and we are working towards something but we didn't sign anything today. it didn't quite work out. i would say that i wasn't satisfied and perhaps he wasn't satisfied. good relationship.
3:08 am
but i decided that this wasn't the right time to sign something. so, we will see what happens over a period of time. steve: we will see what happens over a period of time which is interesting because yesterday at this time we heard the president say when he was adjacent to kim jong un that he looked for will will long term again. >> well, steve, listen, the time line here he said yesterday donald trump a couple times that he was in no rush. and that's a good base point to be. because we don't have yet a full accounting of even how many nuclear weapons the north koreans have. not only that steve. we don't have an accounting of their technological capabilities either. i keep bringing up the idea of reentry vehicles. that's important. in order to attack us you have to be able to get a missile up and bring it down, too. to be able to know what they can do technologically is important. kim is not willing to tell us under a the president is not going to make a deal until he finds that out.
3:09 am
ainsley: president sat down with sean hannity. we showed you that one clip. he did say i will denuke. remember at the table ed henry was just saying he told the reporters i wouldn't be here if i didn't want to denuke. he told the president i'm only willing to denuke one facility. this is his biggest character about 400 building at the site. everyone is wondering what would they do with all the stuff that's in these buildings probably move it to other buildings that we know they have. here is the interview with sean. >> well, they wanted to denuke certain areas, and i wanted everything. and the sanctions are there and i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program. and they are not ready for that, and i understand that fully. i really do. they spent a lot of time building it. and that doesn't mean the world has to be happy. but i wanted them to denuke.
3:10 am
ainsley: all right. dan. what's your reaction? >> what i think ain think what s talking about kim was willing to give up the site in exchange for sanction relief. there could be hundreds or thousands of storage. we need to know where they are storing them as well. it doesn't do us any good to denuclearize a facility if he has 10 or 20 hidden in bunkers. ainsley: and we have to be able to inspect. >> access would be great, absolutely. it's got to be part of the deal. brian: part of yesterday's deal was nine hours of michael cohen and a lot of people asking a lot of explosive questions. and congressman jim jordan probably made the most news by basically characterizing who he thought michael cohen was. >> here we go. your first big hearing. your first announced witness, michael cohen. i want everyone in this room to think about this. the first announced witness for the 116th congress is a
3:11 am
guy who is going to prison in two months for -- lying to congress. >> i am sorry for my lies and for lying to congress. i have lied. but i am not a liar. brian: is there a differenc difference? >> nothing screams credibility, brian, like a convicted lier convicted of lying while having a clinton acolyte lawyer in lanny davis. do you know how many times he stepped on himself yesterday cohen. he said trump never took the campaign seriously thought it was infomercial for his business for his brand. no less than an hour later he tells debbie wasserman schultz oh no he would have done anything to win this race. what is it, mike? did he treat it like an infomercial or do anything to win he? can't get out of his own way. the big headline yesterday from this fiasco, this circus up there, this embarrassment is that the
3:12 am
collusion hoax are now dead. it's over. i know the tds infected liberals are going to keep running with thing. cohen said he wasn't in prague. it's over, the case is dead. that was the whole dossier cohen being in prague. they need to let it go. steve: sounds like mr. cohen may actually be in trouble because mark meadows from the great state of north korea announced he was making a criminal referral. he asked mr. cohen about didn't you take $1.2 million from novartis and didn't you represent kazakhstan bank? yes you did. you are breaking the law with that is he essentially asking prosecutors to look into whether or not he could be charged with this which would be many more years in prison. >> you know the irony of this, steve? that fara, the foreign agency registration act which he allegedly broke according to his own words yesterday, cohen. that's what they used to go an manafort. what's cohen and lanny davis
3:13 am
and his clinton paid for legal counsel going to say? no one prosecutes fara. not really that's why they are going after manafort now. steve: why didn't they bring that up that was part of the southern district of new york which charged mr. cohen. why didn't that cause any trouble. >> he is not interesting on anything than keeping the heat on donald trump and keeping the heat away from democrats. it's clear as day at this point, mueller is not a white hat. is he not a good guy. listen, i respect the man's service to the country. i want to get that out and i mean it that does not make what he is doing all right. he is not too long the right thing. a bunch of process crimes while ignoring all the crimes by the democrats in this case is absurd. brian: and, dan, anyone listens to your podcast knows how detailed you know this whole thing we look forward to getting that final report. one of the most explosive moments took place at the end of this hearing all revolved around race. they didn't like the fact
3:14 am
that one of our guests coming up a little bit later in this show is african-american is black and worked for the trump administration for a long time and part of michael cohen's comments were that the president is a racist. when mark meadows brought up is he a racist he hired ms. patten and working for hud the second most powerful position in the hud organization. leave goes after mark meadows, patten and the president. >> just because someone has a person of color a black person working for them does not mean they are not racist. it is insensitive that some would is a even say the fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee is alone racist in itself. donald trump is setting. >> mr. chairman i ask that her words be taken down. >> it's racist to suggest that i asked her to come in here for that reason. >> no, mr. chairman, i do not call mr. meadows a racist. i am trying. >> wait a minute, hold on.
3:15 am
>> i am trying as a person of color, mr. chairman, to express myself and how i felt at that moment. ainsley: then elijah cumtion goes on to say we are best race he is not racist. mark meadows says i have nieces and nephews that are persons of color he gets emotional and looks like he was crying. >> that was a disgusting exchange i'm embarrassed for representative tlaib that was pretty gross. i'm not a huge fan of elijah cummings politics. this isn't right, i know mark meadows and that's not who he is. it was at least one moment of bipartisan come a come comity there. don't you think people who work for donald trump would be of his said racism. brings up the opposite. representative tlaib says nothing more than a prop. that's racist to say that
3:16 am
that seems to have gone over her head completely. brian: i will tell you one thing that seems pretty clear. going to end up calling up ivanka, eric, donald jr. and go with the cfo and have the same series of questions. however, those individuals will back the president, unlike michael cohen who has turned on the president. steve: they are not going to prison. >> yeah. listen, they don't have anything. they have moved seemlessly from the collusion hoax. brian: to business. >> to object destruction of business. they have nothing there. the president was exercising his own constitutional duties. now they are moving ton a bunch of process financial crimes as they dig through thinks financial records. they won't find anything there either. they are getting desperate now. ainsley: did you agree with jim jordan when he said the whole you weren't brought to the dance and didn't get a job at the white house. multiple sources saying he was begging for a job at the white house and that's why he is furious with the president. >> twitter erupted yesterday
3:17 am
with blue checkmark conservatives who know cohen involved in the transition. can i go through a list of names of people who were asked by cohen for -- hey, back me up while i'm trying to get the chief of staff job. michael cohen lied about. he wanted a job in the white house worse than he wanted to take his next breath of oxygen. everybody knows it. ainsley: did he perjure himself? he said he didn't want to go to the white house. >> yeah, he did. there would be numerous witnesses to say what he said yesterday about not wanting to go to the white house is absolutely categorically false. he has already asked people to back him up to get that chief of staff job. he was jilt 9 and didn't like it. steve: eric and don jr. tweeted out that he was at the time lobbying everybody to try to get a job. daniel, thank you very much for joining us from vietnam. have you done great reporting from over there. travel safely back to florida. ainsley: thanks, dan. >> thanks a lot guys, i appreciate it. steve: great job. brian: talk about doing a great job jillian mele. jillian: great job. keep going. brian: that was my toss.
3:18 am
jillian: fair enough. a story out of new york. a little girl dodges bullets as a man opens fire. this happened on the streets of new york city. surveillance video showing him pull out a gun with several people walking on a sidewalk. he fires three times with a little girl just feet away. she quickly turns around and runs to safety. incredibly, no one was hurt. police are still looking for the shooter. they think he was targeting another man. president trump's border wall prototypes are coming down to make room for a new fence. crews demolishing the concrete and steel borders san diego and mexico. president trump has made several stops to evaluate the prototypes since they were put up last year. vpd says after there is no more use for them since correct me if i am wrong is blocking the construction of an al actual wall. a majority of supreme court justices support keeping a giant cross statue dedicated to world war i soldiers. critics say the nearly 100-year-old statue in maryland is religious and
3:19 am
doesn't belong on public land. counselor for the american legion tells "fox & friends" getting rid of the cross could spark a dangerous trend. >> this has been here for a long time and something that we must protect. because it's the tip of the iceberg if we don't stop this. >> the court is expected to decide on the controls by the summer. well, he started his career as a service dog for president george h.w. bush now sully has a brand new job. [applause] >> welcome to the united states -- >> the yellow lab shaking paws at the medical center. his duties include reducing stress for patients and staff. you will remember sully captured hearts all across the nation when this photo laying next to the late president's casket went viral. sully continues on his mission. steve: more service for sully. ainsley: so many stories there. it's the president. sully with the plane his namesake and now helping
3:20 am
individuals serve our country who are sick. steve: that's great. thank you very much, jillian. ainsley: this crime is sick. 81-year-old man beat up over his make america great again hat. this morning a break in the case. brian: nancy pelosi says she has a surprise in the democrats' agenda. >> we have 10 reserved for something special that will will. [laughter] you will have to be ready. brian: i'm ready. what could it be? michael knowles looks like that. he has no idea ♪ anything could happen ♪ anything could happen ♪ anything could happen ♪
3:21 am
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3:25 am
texas to make a 2020 white house run. o'rourke releasing saying quote, amy, his wife and i have made a decision about how we can best serve our country. we are excited to share it with everybody soon. it's unclear exactly when beto will reveal that decision. so stay tuned. all right. brian? brian: i say he is. in he unlike senator cornyn didn't want to run against him. nancy pelosi laying out house democrats 2019 agenda. there you go. focus includes a climate bill. background checks on gun sales and dream act. last item of her list hints there is more coming. >> and then we have 10 reserved for something special that will -- you have to be ready you know. brian: wow, what could that surprise be from nancy pelosi? let's ask michael knowles. is he host of the michael knowles show. michael, you have a theory on what that could be? >> in typical pelosi fashion
3:26 am
i guess we are going to have to pass her special plan to see what's in her special plan. she is clearly implying impeachment here. if you look down that laundry list the first nine planks they're all a typical leftist democrat wish list. and the only one that remains is this question of impeachment. i suppose the other leftist plan that wasn't included in there is medicare for all. but that would be redundant when you look at the lowering prescription drug prices part of it so the key here is plausibility. all of those planks for nancy pelosi, a master political manipulator. pelosi wants a prescription plan pry away enough senate republicans to get equal pay for equal work and all of those sort of feel good titled proposals and president trump has portrayed himself as the most pro-lbgt nominee there the s. at least a pro-probability to all of
3:27 am
these planks. one area she certainly has in her control as speaker of the house. she has a fairly unified caucus is impeachment. she doesn't wants to say it right away because it's a politically volatile aspect of this new congress, but she is clearly keeping it in her pocket. brian: abc did a poll and she might have read. this not good news for that move. all americans were asked what do you think about impeachment hearings? 40% say good idea. 55% not. if she is looking to get momentum for the election. that's not the way to get voters. we can always speculate. the dream act two, if the president wants to do a bigger deal as it relates to immigration, the dream act, infrastructure, you could do something there. if not, the republicans know what it's like to have the house and not the senate or the presidency. you come up with ideas and they don't even get voted on in the senate. it becomes spitting in the wind. >> that's right. i think that nancy pelosi is actually trying to work here. she is a manipulator: there
3:28 am
are areas she could work with the president. i think that number 10 is a threat. right now it's not politically popular typically peach the president. his favorability ratings are fairly high. however, what she says is this is going to be special. there is nothing special about ordinary legislation. there is something special about impeachment. she says we have got to be ready. what are we going to be ready for? anything that comes out of these endless investigations that they're launching and if the president won't play ball with her had. brian: do you know what's on the top two list of every poll in terms of concern is healthcare. if republicans don't get something together on healthcare. they will not be successful in 2020. maybe the prescription drug thing is a time they can maybe meet halfway in between. michael it, will be interesting to see. look forward to hearing about that more on the michael knowles show. >> good to see you. brian: two minutes before the bottom of the hour unless my clock is wrong. second summit wrapping up without a deal. was it still a success long-term. we have a commission to talk about that next. i believe that's them.
3:29 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. president trump on his way back to the united states via air force one without a deal after kim jong un refused to denuke all of north korea while kim was demanding that all the sanctions be lifted. the president said are you kidding? that's a terrible deal for us. i'm leaving. here to weigh in our panel former state department official david tafuri along security analyst dr. rebecca grant and screen right syndicated columnist michael halperin. we were at this desk yesterday. we didn't see this coming. the president was apparently bait and switch. kim come to vietnam.
3:34 am
>> you would expect document agree to. advise the president of that. the president agreed with pompeo. the president made a good decision here by walking away. the summit itself was a failure. >> just like that. rebecca, dr. grant, that is to say. run one of the things is apparently kim said okay, we will denuke this great big facility that everybody knows about. but you have got mike pompeo there who used to be the cia director and he knows, hey, we are on to you, buddy. you have got all these hidden places all across the country and the guy goes i'm not touching those. the president said well sanctions are such a big enchilada. i'm not going it get half a loaf for that. that's why they made progress in hanoi. even though the outcome was disappointing. if we had seen this outcome after singapore, we would have said look, they talked. they made progress, they got
3:35 am
closer. we wanted a big deal. it didn't happen. but for me the key take away still no missile tests. and if this is all we get out of it, that alone was worth it, steve. steve: just like that. but we have had that for a while. >> we have. but our general there robert abrams has said this is a palpable reduction of tensions on the peninsula. my take on this is well i wouldn't want to be kim jong un going back to north korea with a dissatisfied elite looking for assassins around every corner without a deal. i think we will see more negotiation. this is not over. steve: micah, i don't think kim jong un is used to americans walking away from north korea deals. >> no question about it. if i were advising the president at this point. going into the summit i would have said walk away. his head is getting too big. don't let him take this away with him. rather, plan to leave. and i think that probably that's what was happening, also. brian: don't you think right now kim is going man, i shot myself in the foot. can we reschedule this summit for tomorrow? >> no question.
3:36 am
reality is that the united states specifically trump walked away from the iranian deal, which was already signed. so they have to know. kim has to know that there is a lot of power there. you just can't get what you want because you ask it. you have got to do something in order to follow up. that wasn't happening. as result, trump had to and know in advance this was going to happen. there is no doubt about it. steve: david, what kim wanted. he wanted a denuke part of my stuff but i'm going to keep other stuff all lit up. he wanted all the sanctions lifted so clearly that's a sign that they are killing him. >> that's exactly right. and remember that dan coats at the end of january did an intel assessment that said that north korea did not really intend to give up its nukes. president trump didn't believe him. didn't believe his intel officials who informed him of that it turns out that probably was true. kim jong un had no intention of taking real steps going forward to denuclearize, especially not without dropping all the sanctions which was a no go for america. the problem now for me is i don't know how we get to a
3:37 am
third summit. the first summit was fine as you said. and just having a summit was an accomplishment. the second summit had to have concrete steps forward. it didn't. you can't go into a third summit without having something accomplished now. now, in order to have a third summit. kim jong un has to give up something in advance. that's the only way the president can save face and go into a third summit. so now things are stalled. steve: dr. grant, you you would think that the fact the president flew halfway around the world. they probably had already baked into the deal. we are going to say this at the end and it's going to be a win for everybody. obviously some sort of bait and switch. kim was able to entice him to come to vietnam for the summit. but ultimately it was not a good deal. and i think david is right. it's going to be hard for them to have a third meeting because the president, who says he has got a good relationship with the chairman, you know what? look at this relationship. the guy just turned on me. i thought i had a better deal coming. in. >> well, history would tell us that they there probably
3:38 am
will be a third meeting. it took, steve, four years to denuclearize ukraine back in the early 1990s. nicholas and pressure neff met. it took three presidents to get the second big strategic arms control treaty in the late 1970s. i think we will see them meet again and some progress in that relationship was made in hanoi between kim and trump and that's a good take away. >> i don't think there is any doubt. you don't make peace with your friends. so what happens here is the team is going to have to work. after that we will see what happens. we are moving in small steps. small steps is how you really come to an agreement. not in this grand gross expression like huge and spectacular. small steps and that's actually mature statement by trump. surprisingly but enormously mature. steve: president trump flying back on air force one and kim is back on his train. good luck. david and dr. grant and micah, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> pleasure. steve: 1 and a half minutes before the top of the hour
3:39 am
and jillian has some news. jillian: a teenager is arrested for beating an elderly man over a maga hat. 19-year-old facing assault charges after allegedly throwing the 81-year-old to the ground and tipping his shopping cart over. it happened outside of a new jersey supermarket. the victim suffered minor injuries. a previously deported illegal immigrant and convicted child rapist gets less than two years in prison for illegally reentering the country. honduran national juan raymond vasquez was deported in 2009 but came back into the u.s. five years later. despite federal agents placing a detainer on him, philadelphia police let him go. he went on to repeatedly assault a 5-year-old girl which he later pleaded guilty to. his new sentence will be served on top of an 8 to 20 year sentence for the assault. a semi-truck tips over during a high speed police chase. stop what you are doing and watch this.
3:40 am
>> roll over of a semi. >> look at that incredibly the truck driver walked away without any injuries. this happening as a suspected drunk driver swerved into oncoming traffic near las vegas. police caught up to the driver and found a bottle of vodka in his car. the man has three previous drunk driving convictions. real ireel in a great white shak near a florida pier. check it out. look at that holy -- oh my god. jillian: oh my god is right. the rare catch happening off the beach. it took over an hour to reel in the 10-foot shark. the fisherman before releasing it. ainsley: note to self. not going there this summer. >> catch and release. brian: that thing is dead. that shark was dead. believe me. if you go on that track that
3:41 am
shark is dead. believe me. that should be sushi. jillian: brian. brian: janice dean is, that right? janice: sorry, i was talking to my new friends here from florida and north carolina. what's your name. >> wendy. >> rainy. ellen. >> jean. >> beautiful family. howl are you today? >> 13. janice: happy 13th birthday. what would you say new york weather is here right now. cold, excellent answer. take a look at the maps because we are expecting a little more snow across the new york area and more cold, my friends, winter is happening on for dear life across the southern u.s. look, it's 18. these are wind chills by the way 18 it feels like in dallas. minus 15 in fargo. feels like minus 22 in new york city. a little system move across the northeast overnight tonight and in to today. expectation another one tomorrow. just a quick mover. potential for a little bit of rain maybe some thunderstorms and then
3:42 am
across the midwest more snow in the forecast across the west coast we are dealing with another system that's this weekend and perhaps a nor'easter as we head into sunday and monday. when are you guys leaving? >> today. >> well check in with the forecast. hi come on over here where are from you real quick. >> new zealand. janice: very nice new zealanders welcome to new york. wave to steve, ainsley and brian. look at this at 6:30 in the morning. fantastic. ainsley: good morning. steve: thanks, janice. brian: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. michael cohen apologizing to congress for lying. was there any truth in his testimony. the judge thinks there is some trouble for the president in that. that's what the judge looks like when he sits there in the corner. [laughter] ainsley: forget rock star. rolling stone magazine is putting democrats on the cover ♪ don't turn around ♪ just walk away ♪ that's not a bug, that's not a bug!
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♪ >> lied a lot but it was very interesting because he didn't lie about one thing. he said no collusion with the russian hoax. and i said i wonder why he didn't lie about that too like he did everything else. he lied about so many different things and i was actually impressed. the fact is there is no collusion. and i call it the witch-hunt. this should never happen to another president. this is so bad for our country. ainsley: president trump responding to michael doen's testimony on capitol hill. brian: here to react fox news senior judicial analyst and host of liberty nation judge andrew napolitano. you think there is a few land mines. >> if the testimony is true it's enormous if. the government often has to put creeps on the witness stand to testify against the people the government is prosecuting. the government can't pick and choose who the
3:48 am
eyewitness to pick events were. the government is accustomed to that. that's one way to look at it another way to look at it is this guy has already been convicted of perjury, false and all who would believe him. a third way to look at it is he is going to jail for perjury. does he really want t perjure himself again because he would be going to jail three or four times as long if he perjures himself again. steve: he is going to prison lying to congress here he was talking to congress. >> yes. also goods to prison for lying to the irs by falsifying tax returns. brian: where is the problem for the president. >> the problem is a couple of areas when michael cohen produced a copy of a check on the front page of a couple not this morning, personal check signed by the president while he was president. that's an obligation the president has on michael cohen. when the president filled out his financial forms that everybody is required to fill out when you work for the federal government. who duo money to, he said nobody. so that was an error under oath. was it an innocent error or was he trying to disguise the obligation.
3:49 am
ainsley: michael cohen did for him after he signed that form. is that a possibility? >> it's a possibility but it's not a probability. because according to cohen. again, if cohen is to be believed. it was reimbursement for the hush money. so i don't know where this is going to go. i think most people saw through michael cohen yesterday. if you like the president, michael cohen was a liar and a bitter guy trying to get back at somebody who is not his friend. if you dislike the president a treasure trove informant. >> going to talk about his taxes. thlied about taxes and insurance and payments. if it's just his words that's one thing. it looks as though that committee wants to bring in more. bring in the cfo and bring in ivanka and eric. >> in my opinion you are correct. enough for the committee to justify doing that and it's enough for the committee justify subpoenaing his taxes. why do they need his taxes other than torment,
3:50 am
embarrass, humiliate him. steve: then again ultimately not impeachable. >> in my opinion nothing was impeachable. steve: thank you very much. >> you are welcome. steve: growing tensions two growing powers overnight after two planes shut down. michael wolff says this could have a ripple effect on the united states coming up. ainsley: plus lara logan is live in studio coming up as well ♪ i think your day's about to get better ♪
3:51 am
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brian: growing tensions between two nuclear powers. afghanistan and pack -- excuse me, pakistan shot down two indian warplanes capturing the pilots in disputed territories. so what could this mean for the u.s.? let's ask florida g.o.p. congressman us former green beret commander lieutenant colonel michael waltz now congressman from florida. what does this mean big picture because we are in kashmir, one captured one killed. where do we go from here? >> the kashmir dispute is long standing between pakistan and india. here's big picture. pakistan and india have some of the fastest growing
3:55 am
nuclear arsenals in the world. pakistan is very dependent on theirs because they need them to defeat -- they need their nukes to defeat the indian army. next door on the other side of pakistan is afghanistan. population of afghanistan about 30 million. population of pakistan about 200 million. and if this is why -- this is why staying engaged and stabilizing afghanistan is so important. if afghanistan fails, pakistan fails. you have half the world's terrorist organizations running around that part of the world with loose nuclear weapons. the entire world would be in trouble in a big way. and this is why the united states, i have said all along, even though it's hard, even though it's difficult, has the lead in that part of the world and stay involved. brian: india also has some pride. remember the mumbai massacre they never felt they got redemption on that. do you think there is pressure on them to act strongly real quick? >> there is. i was with vice president cheney when that happened in
3:56 am
2000 will. 2000 2008. both arsenals were spinning up. having a presence over there that the united states was able to tamp that down. all the more reason look, at the end of the day, brian, when the united states withdraws, bad things happens fill the vacuum. we have to fight these wars over there and stay engaged or follow us home in a big way. brian: that's got to be explained american people it's not just an endless war it's a stabilization in the area. care about the people. not just looking to take their raw material. congressman. >> again, half the world's terrorist organization right over there. brian: you got it congressman michael waltz, thank you so much. lara logan and more coming your way next hour. feeling unsure? what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360™ technology.
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but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. ♪ ainsley: no deal in vietnam. president trump cutting the north korea summit short. >> they won't denuke certain years and i wanted everything. i didn't want to lift the sanctions unless we had a real program. >> unless we have full denuclearization, the president won't do a bad deal. that's a good thing for the american people. something else dramatic happened while you were sleeping. kim jong un went on camera took questions when pressed will you denuclearize? he said yes. >> michael cohen back on the hill today for a final day of questioning. >> he comes out at one point and says, listen, trump never took the campaign seriously no less than an hour later told debbie wasserman schultz oh, no, he would have done anything to win this race. what is it, mike? >> he lied to much and, yet
4:01 am
he said when it came to collusion, he said no collusion. ♪ ainsley: straight to this fox news alert. no deal in vietnam. president trump cutting the north korea summit short. brian: right now he is heading back to the u.s. saying kim jong un refused to denuclearize north korea and demanded all sanctions be lifted. steve: ed henry joins us live from hanoi, vietnam with more on what this means for the united states. ed, we figured yesterday when we were planning the show. we would show the signing ceremony there would be a handshake at the end. instead, things fell apart. there was no handshake. there was no signing ceremony. there was no lunch. ed: yeah. they pulled that as well. you are right, guys. i was reporting through the night and we were expecting a signing ceremony while you were maybe shaking the sleep out of your eyes 2:00 a.m. eastern time instead sarah sanders abruptly told reporters here it's changing. there will no longer be a
4:02 am
signing ceremony with kim jong un and president trump. instead a solo news conference by the president. obviously a sign a, there is no deal and, b he wanted to put his imprint on what happened, what went wrong. when pressed by reporters, the president said he still believes they made progress, he is still hopeful there could be a deal down the road but that basically kim jong un only put part of his nuclear program on the table and wanted full sanctions relief when the president didn't do that watch. >> did you get into the question of actually dismantling the complex. >> yes. >> does he seem willing ultimatelultimately to taking af that out. >> sure totally. hhe wants the sanctions left. as you know there is plenty left after that. i felt it wasn't good. mike and i spent a long time negotiating and talking about it to ourselves i felt that facility while very big it wasn't enough to do what
4:03 am
we were doing. ed: mike being secretary of state mike pompeo. the president revealing he and his secretary of state seemed to surprise kim jong un take him off guard perhaps by revealing u.s. intelligence suggesting there were a whole bunch of other nuclear facilities perhaps that kim jong un was not being honest about although i will say earlier in the evening kim jong un did make a surprising statement when pressed by u.s. reporters. watch. >> chairman kim refresh your recollection ready to denuclearize? >> if i'm not willing to do that i won't be here right now. >> good answer. wow. that might be the best answer you have ever heard. >> so he is on camera now on the record kim jong un saying is he ready to denuclearize. the question is holding his feet to the fire to make sure this is just not another empty promise from the north koreans. that may be one of the
4:04 am
reasons the president walked away. wants to test all of this. left the door open, guys, to having a third summit down the road when kim jong un gets more serious about putting his whole nuclear weapons and missile program on the table. brian: fascinating, ed. because we heard him say that to the south korean leader. he said that to our people. but to actually say it to the world press to american press now the president is like that's what i'm dealing with. one minute he will say i don't want to do this but there is really no action he is ready to take yet. >> yeah. and, look, of course it makes sense for kim jong un. he will take that deal any day to get full relief on all u.s. sanctions, maybe united nations sanctions. eu sanctions. the whole lot of them by just putting some of this nuclear program on the table. no, that's not a good deal for the u.s. and the rest of the world. another point i want to underline that happened overnight is the president revealed that kim jong un told him face to face that he is not going to restart some of that nuclear testing that stopped. remember, when the president took office, there were
4:05 am
missiles hanging over japan. that has stopped during these negotiations. a lot of people wondering will the missile test restart? the president says no. and if they do restart. it certainly sounds like the military option from the u.s. is on the table, guys. ainsley: okay. thank you, ed. let's bring in jason chaffetz fox news contributor. former u.s. congressman from utah and former chairman of house oversight and government reform committee. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, keep going. ainsley: long, long resume. the president left without a deal. do you think that was smart? >> i'm proud of what the president is doing. because i think conventional wisdom for a politician says oh prebake the deal and just come on and sign the thing. but if you want different results you have to do things differently. the fact that the president is doing this is a positive. the other factor that you have got to put into this, i don't think any deal gets done without china. and the trade negotiations and everything that's going on in china is another part of this puzzle. it's not just us and north korea. you have the south koreans, you have japan. you most importantly you
4:06 am
have the chinese. and when they are brought into the picture. that's when ultimately i think you can get to a deal. brian: couple weeks mar-a-lago sign a trade deal. the president doesn't want to walk away from two deals. we might have additional leverage. or they might be saying the president will walk away from any deal. we might as well do a fair deal. >> donald trump has shown time and time again, he does things in an unconventional way. that's why america likes him and they elected him and why he will ultimately strike a deal but will also include china. steve: right. well, we were discussing earlier, jason, we wonder whether or not kim jong un did a bait and switch to get the president to come. remember that guy who had lunch with him yesterday. had personally hand-delivered a note from the chairman to the president saying hey, let's have another summit because we are willing to give all this stuff up. obviously it wasn't enough. and, in fact, watch this sound bite. sean hannity after everything broke down was talking to the president and he made it very clear, kim
4:07 am
wanted the sanctions released and removed and the president wanted denuke and everything. wasn't going to happen. >> well, they wanted to denuke certain areas. and i wanted everything. and the sanctions are there. and i didn't want to give up the sanctions. unless we had a real program. and they are not ready for that and i understand that fully. i really do. they spent a lot of time building it and that doesn't mean the world has to be happy. but i wanted them to denuke. steve: in the sound bite that ed henry says willing to denuke. he doesn't say he is willing to denuke everything. ainsley: exactly. i will denuke one. >> this is the importance of the united states intelligence operations and what's going on there. my guess is between mike pompeo and the president of the united states, they were able to at least describe in part that, hey, we know more about this than you think we do. you are not just going to be able to take this one facility down and then go
4:08 am
ahead and move it over here. again, that's why we invest billions of dollars as americans in to intelligence and this is precisely why you need it. brian: jason, the other thing that has to happen they have to put the screws back on when it comes to sanctions. >> yeah. brian: china backed off. we have video of russia putting stuff on north korean ships in the middle of the ocean. we also know he had a luxury car. is he not supposed to have any luxury items. we have got to put those sanctions back on strongly. we have been looking the other way. >> i do believe at the end of this summit though the world is a safer place. have you two world leaders that have a degree of trust and a bond and a relationship. they are able to communicate mike pompeo and his team along with the intelligence services are able to do what they need to do. and in the might of the united states military to back it up. you put that equation together, i think the world is a safer place. ainsley: did you watch? i'm sure you watched the michael cohen hearing. >> yes. i wasted those seven hours. i did. ainsley: what did you think? >> look, i'm disappointed
4:09 am
that they did it when they did it. i think that was just absolutely out of protocol. they could have done it earlier. they could have done it later. the timing was bad. ainsley: that's elijah cummings decision, right. >> it is cummings decision nancy pelosi plays a role. nothing is going to happen without nancy pelosi engaged in that at the end of the day the american public in congress got to see what mueller saw. you saw a self-described fool. that's how he described himself and that's the way he walks out of this. he is going to jail. important to me is that the southern district of new york and mueller's team, they didn't hold this guy back to be a witness in other cases. they went ahead and prosecuted and sentenced him. he will be in jail before we know it. not soon enough as far as i'm concerned. >> he said the southern district has been -- he has been in constant contact with the southern district of new york. >> i don't know what to believe or not believe with him. but, what's important about cohen is they don't believe him enough to to hold him back as a witness. they would have not -- they wouldn't have held him back but he is not a credible
4:10 am
witness. steve: one curious thing and it happened when mark meadows, chairman of the freedom caucus, was interrogating mr. cohen and that was he asked him about different dealings with foreign companies. and said, i don't think you are registered under fara. and it looks like there could be some legal peril for mr. cohen yet if you missed the exchange. here they are. >> you indicated that you had contracts with foreign entities and, yet, we have a truth in testimony disclosure form which requires you to list those foreign contracts for the last two years and you put na on there. did have you foreign contracts over the last two years. >> yes. >> why didn't you put them on the form. >> because those foreign companies that you are referring to are not government companies. i am a nongovernment employee. that was not lobbying. and they are not. >> it has nothing to do with lobbying. it is a criminal offense not
4:11 am
to list all your foreign contracts. >> i'm going to take a look at it before i leave and hopefully i will amend it. >> you know, it's just one more example, mr. cohen of your skirting the truth. steve: mark meadows made a criminal referral to the department of justice saying what's the deal? why didn't you prosecute him on this because this could send him away for a long time. >> this is a two-page 230r78 we would give to every single witness. it's simple and easy to say. he wrote na not applicable over contracts last two years. that's one set of legal problems. the bigger legal problem and the question ultimately for mueller is why didn't you charge him? he is accepting -- michael cohen is accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars to represent these foreign entities. he says it's not lobbying. now, any evidence that shows that he was contacting people in the administration or members of congress on behalf of those organizations, why else would they pay him? brian: it's interesting. you mentioned contacting other members of congress. he was asked was michael cohen? who have you talked to you
4:12 am
talked to elijah cumtion who else have you talked to? listen to what he said. >> did you or anyone else on your team cooperate with the democrat party in preparing for this hearing? >> we have spoken to the party. >> did you prepare with chairman cummings or anyone on your team? >> i'm sorry, what do you mean by prepare? >> prepare for this hearing? >> prepare? i prepared with my counsel. >> did you prepare with democrat majority or chairman cummings? >> we spoke with chairman cummings and the party. >> with chairman schiff? >> spoke with chairman schiff and his party -- and his people as well. brian: that's today. >> whoa, come on. i will tell you what, every single time this came up when i was a the chairman. when we had meetings and a witness coming. in every single time we brought the democrats into the discussion. it was just absolutely out of protocol to do it without the democrats. the fact that michael cohen again, an admitted liar but i don't know what to believe with him is meeting with
4:13 am
schiff, the democratic national committee, he is talking to elijah cummings? talk about collusion. that's the one part that i can point to to say oh, come on. that is so wrong. ainsley: what's the problem with that? >> it's one sided. ainsley: people on the committee are telling him what to say and vis vice verse versa. >> when i was the chairman and we had witnesses we allowed the democrats to come in too. it's playing fair. brian: you don't want to say i'm going to ask you this and then you say this. i'm going to ask you this you and then you say. this not made for television event it's unscripted. that was made for television the whole things written in final comments written in detail sounded like a total political document not anything. you don't shut down the government on christmas. you don't call a gold star -- don't put down a gold star family. you don't say a prisoner of war is i like people that don't get captured. i mean, wait a second, sounds like hillary clinton's talking points. >> house rules and committee rules they do not allow a
4:14 am
witness or members of congress to address the president of the united states directly. and all of a sudden he is going on and then is he looking directly into the camera and he is making this point directly to the president. that is a violation of house rules. brian: lean davis' talking points. >> it's so wrong. steve: what about the rules? we heard at the get-go jim jordan and others said we were told we couldn't ask anything about russia and then in the last five seconds elijah cummings has changed all the rules. >> no. and they allowed him to just make his whole case and look directly into the camera. i think that was wrong. i think the whole hearing i don't think it should have happened in the first place. what they should be doing is bringing in rod rosenstein. that's an actual thing that congress should be looking at and they didn't do that. brian: now they are looking at adam schiff's committee behind closed doors. is he not likely to leak anything. brian: of course. how could it be different? >> what's left to leak? >> they have exhausted this and ridden this pony as far as it is to go.
4:15 am
brian: going after his taxes and personal finance and insurance. what do you do with insurance? that was clear with those series of questions at the end, right? >> i don't think that what the president is doing and the things he laid out are actual criminal charges. look, the point is mueller knows more about this than anything. what did mueller decide? there is no collusion. brian: we don't know that. >> but they took the witness, the person that was next to donald trump and they are letting him go to jail. they cannot. ainsley: judge napolitano was on earlier and said he doesn't look like, based on what he saw yesterday there is any reason to impeach. i just feel like it makes the government look -- just look like clowns. this guy is going to prison for lying and they are putting him on the stand and believing him? >> i think everybody saw what michael -- what michael cohen saw in himself. he is a fool. that's the way he is described. he described himself as a fool. that's what i saw. ainsley: democrats wants him to say and therefore they are believing him now. >> well, they are very selective in what they did.
4:16 am
ainsley: exactly. >> when they actually asked him a direct question about collusion and other things. he had nothing. i mean, a -- that's about all he came up with. steve: it was something. of course today we will see what happened. >> it's the first in a series of things. i'm sure we'll be back. steve: jason chaffetz, thank you very much. 7:16 now in new york city. and jillian has some headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning. a man is charged with attempted murder. accused of trying to rub over a police officer. investigators say jonathan gillespie was driving a stolen truck when he was pulled over in west virginia. instead of talking to the officer. police say gillespie sped up and tried to hit the cop. that set off a high speed chase that only ended when gillespie crashed into another cop car. is he now under arrest. no one is seriously hurt. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu could be indicted on corruption charges today. police want him to face bribery, fraud, and breach of trust charges. is he accused of accepting gifts from billionaires. bribing the press and
4:17 am
promoting regulatory changes to benefit associates. israel's attorney general is expected to announce his decision today netanyahu denies any wrongdoing. the most high profile gun legislation in nearly 25 years is heading to the senate. the house passing a bill requiring background checks for private transitions. democrats also pushing another measure to extend the time a gun dealer must wait to hear back from a background check before making a sale. it's not likely to pass in the republican controlled senate. hey, if you have got a sweet tooth. this job is for you. cadbury is hiring a professional chocolate taste tester. you don't need any experience for the $14 an hour gig. just a passion for confections. only probable though in the u.k. but, that doesn't mean your dog doesn't have a chance with the brand. how you ask? well cadbury u.s. is holding bunny tryouts for pets to star in a remake of their iconic easter commercial. i don't know how much that one is paying though.
4:18 am
steve: in dog dollars. ainsley: right around the corner easter here we go. steve: 14 bucks an hour chocolate all day. ainsley: michael cohen called mar trump a racist. >> as a daughter of a man born in birmingham, alabama, there is no way she would work for an individual who was racist. ainsley: lynn patten once called michael cohen a friend. this morning she joins us live to set the record straight. brian: plus forget rock stars. "rolling stone" magazine is putting women on the cover. where are the republican women? turns out there aren't any. tomi lahren is ours. she will be here live. let's zoom and go out ♪ more than a feeling ♪ what you need. nice. but, uh...
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4:23 am
stock drop on less people paying for the program. i hope you didn't pay analyst for that evaluation. dove is offering $5,000 to new dads. grants to fathers who don't receive paid paternity leave so they can go home and help care for their child. good luck. you just kind to find the soap. and here is my final mark and then i will leave you alone. 7 feet is the big number. that's how big this rare sun fish is and that's the first time i have seen it a man found it washed up on a shore of california beach. scientists say this particular sun fish known as a hood winker for those in the business has never been seen in the northern hemisphere and as ed brings the camera up. let me turn it over to steve doosy. steve: thank you very much, brian. that was excellent. meanwhile switching gears the family of an american tourist murdered in mexico speaking out about the attack that left their son dead. >> they said three people -- witnesses saw three people attack him. they stabbed him, took his
4:24 am
wallet, his iphone his watch and his shoes. and i mean by now i'm just -- i'm bawling my eyes out. and i just -- i mean, it's an incredible experience to get a call like that. steve: no kidding. just heart breaking. fox nation host tomi lahren has been following the story and she joins us from california. tomi, why was this young man, taylor meyer, why was he down in mexico? >> taylor was like many young people 27 years old. he was with 13 of his friends celebrating another friend's 30th birthday in a beautiful resort town, brutally stabbed and murdered there in november. steve: okay. and we heard that's the phone call no parent ever wants to get. a read in one of the stories from southern california that it sounded as if he had been targeted and his valuables were stolen.
4:25 am
>> well, yes. going back as well this story is very close to my heart. i actually met taylor meyer here in hermosa beach. and when this happened his friends reached out to me and i was shocked and heart-broken to hear what happened. i was also horrified that the fact the stories coming out in the mainstream media were actually fake stories. they got it all wrong. they had contacted taylor meyer's family telling them that he had been killed; yet, other publications were running stories that he was a canadian, that he lived in mexico. that he was there and it was a drug deal gone wrong. it was lbgt group. none of this was true. this is why his family is trying to get this story out because they believe that mexico and the mexican tourism industry has a vested interest in keeping these stories of americans murdered in mexico under wraps and they want to get it out because they want to protect other americans who are traveling. steve: that's right. that's why you are featuring this on fox nation as of today. here's a sound bite from his father warning about the
4:26 am
country of mexico and tourism. travel warning the state department ranks all the countries on the planet as far as danger for americans to travel. as i previously said mexico is ranked a 2 the same as antarctica, france, italy, austria and germany. and it's not. there is nothing i can do or we can do to get taylor back. what we don't want is other parents or other families or loved ones to be lost down there. steve: absolutely. the state contempt did say we offer our deepest condolences to the family of tale meyer the safety and security of citizens is the department's highest priority. we are committed to providing clear and comprehensive safety to u.s. citizens so they can make informed travel decisions whenever they travel around the world. and so where are we right now? has the mexican government
4:27 am
asked for any help from the fbi or anything like that? >> you know, his family has been in communication, you know, with the consulate in trying to get something done. but taylor's dad, chris, is actually very invested in this. he has written a letter to every single member of congress, including president trump trying to get this travel advisory changed because many americans don't realize how dangerous mexico is. and i know because i am a 26-year-old and a lot of my friends vacation or spring break in mexico and they think it's safe if they stay in a resort area. but that's not. so and we are really trying to get the word out. mexico is not safe. steve: right. in fact we have been on vacation and stayed in resort areas and we said we would like to go in to town for dinner they said you really shouldn't leave. i read in one of the news reports, tomi, that apparently the local authorities regarded wherever this young man was murdered was an area americans generally don't go. people need to know that there are parts of mexico
4:28 am
you really shouldn't visit. >> well, also, i really encourage everyone to watch this special on fox nation because his family really goes through and debunks a lot of these claims and tells the full time line of what happened to taylor. if it can happen to a 27-year-old fit guy from southern california, it can happen to you. it can happen to your son and daughter. i really encourage everyone to watch this and this story because it's so important. especially going into spring break season. steve: it is a cautionary tale go to it's a great service. you will be able to download tomi and listen to her tell her stories and this is a very powerful one. tomi, thank you for joining us today from southern california. >> thanks so much for helping us tell the story. thank you very much for this. steve: indeed for taylor. once again meanwhile, a powerful story in the middle of the nationwide abortion debate. one doctor who performed 1200 abortion was decided to walk away from it all after his daughter's tragic death
4:29 am
that doctor will join us live. you must hear his heart-breaking story. plus, michael cohen called president trump a racist and then a top housing and urban development official stood up to prove him wrong. that woman lynne patton once called michael cohen a friend. you don't want to miss it. she is next. . . our everyday diet is very acidic.
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4:34 am
♪ >> you made some very demeaning comments about the president that miss patton doesn't agree with. in fact it has to do with your claim the racism. she says that as a daughter of a man born in birmingham, alabama, that there is no way that she would work an individual who was racist. ainsley: lynn patton is a regional administrator in new york and new jersey for the united states department of housing and urban development and has known the trump family for years thanks to her previous work at the eric trump foundation and the trump organization. she joins us now to tell us exactly what happened. you were standing up behind mark meadows. why was it important to be there to look at your former friend michael cohen in the eye? >> i'm so fired up to be here. thanks for you guys having me. first i was not there to
4:35 am
represent and entire race of people. i was there to represent one man, one man who never mind having the lowest unemployment for blacks, minorities hispanics women, also gave $32 million more than the last administration to historically black colleges and universities. pave the largest disas grant to puerto rico. largest prison reform bill in three decades. pardoning more people with disparate sentences than any other person in history. he just created and urban council that will funnel $100 billion of capital into urban and rural communities through opportunity zones. you know, he just made slain medgar evers home a civil rights historic monument. these are things that the american public doesn't hear enough about.
4:36 am
brian: because congressman, michael cohen, been attorney for years, between them he heard racist come out of the comments, black leaders never have prosperous countries and they preside over horrible nations. >> i said it before, i say it again, the president does not see color, race, creed, religion. what he sees is success and failure. whether that manifests itself as a person, a place, a property, a restaurant, a tv show, a policy, you know, a country, a community, he makes no different ages. so to me that is what makes people uncomfortable. he doesn't care what people think and he will tell it like it is. brian: right. >> one of the things i do want to say, you know, he also doesn't care what imaginary quota the mainstream media thinks he should have either in his administration or at his companies. he has been empowering women and minorities for years.
4:37 am
ainsley: yesterday during the hearing freshman congresswoman rashida tlaib said by you standing there, behind mark meadows, she was calling it racist, that he was using you as a prop. listen to this. >> just to make a note, mr. chairman, just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean they aren't racist. it is insensitive someone would say, say, the fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee, alone racist in itself. ainsley: brian: are you a rob? , are you a token? >> what i would like to ask the congresswoman of michigan, why she takes the word of a self-confessed perjurer, criminally convicted white man over a black female who is
4:38 am
highly-educated, rose up through the ranks of one of the most competitive companies in real estate, spoke before 25 million people at the republican national convention, and now works in one of the most historic administrations in history and so to me, that would be my question? that is more racist than being put up there as quote-unquote prop. you know, trump has time and time again done so much for the black community. i'm proud to be a part of it. ainsley: she apologized. did you accept her apology? have you talked to her? >> she didn't apologize to me. she apologized to congressman mark meadows was implying he was racist which is also laughable. i was there again not to push back against a racist narrative, i was there to push back against a liar. this man literally said yesterday, i have lied but i am not a liar. that was a legit quote.
4:39 am
i was there to push back against the literally perjured himself again yesterday. brian: you know him. he brought you into the company. >> yes. brian: who is the michael cohen you know, and who is the michael cohen we're seeing right there or is it the same guy? >> unfortunately it is, i said it on my instagram post. it is unfortunate, i put a lot of time, energy, and dedication who i obviously never really knew. it is a shame the president did the same thing. you know, this man perjured himself yesterday again hit rally saying he did not want to go to the white house. not only widely known, you know, lobby for the position of chief of staff, you can ask anybody, but he told me personally that he wanted to work at the white house and what i saw when he was iced out from going to washington was the fast deterioration of a man who, once had so much confidence and
4:40 am
swagger, you know. he literally crumbled right before my eyes over the next year or so, becoming so desperate and delusional for the, sort of acknowledgement of our president, that it became borderline pathetic. brian: would you ever work for a racist? >> never. you know, i know the catchphrase, as a daughter after man born in birmingham, alabama, there is no amount of money in the world could pay me to work for a racist. i could be out there writing a seven-figure book right now. i could be working at a place pays a lot more than the federal government because i work here because i know this man is making a difference. i know this family is making a difference. i'm honored to not only call them my bosses and my friends. ainsley: you didn't sign an nda? >> some people are trying to be relevant, ainsley. let's not give them airtime.
4:41 am
ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian with some headlines for us. jillian: start with this story out of new york, the deadly ms-13 gang is targeting police officers at their own homes. the nypd warning cops who live in the sub bauschs on long island, no, gang members are quote, looking to hit officers to improve their streed credibility. president trump has visited long island towns with large pockets of nsb 13. he vowed to decimate the gang. a mother suing a million dollars after emotional support dog allegedly mauled her daughter. she says her dog was attacked by a pitbull waiting at a gate for alaska airlines flight. this happened in portland. the airline does not require support animals to be in crate. the dog owner and alaska airlines all named in the lawsuit. after years in prison, she was acquitted of killing her roommate in italy. amanda knox is under fire for
4:42 am
making a murder joke online. knox posting this picture from a murder mystery party. her caption reading in part, a priceless painting goes missing the owner is found poisoned and stabbed, would you believe it i the countess of lovelace accused and acquitted in four hours. better than four years. okay? she is only 13 years old but this soccer star is boeing pro. olivia is ditching the scholarship from the university of north carolina to sign a multiyear endorsement deal with nike. she has already appeared in nike ads including this one in shown during the academy awards. she cannot play pro in the u.s. brian: why is that necessary. there is no pro league to go to? international. jillian: maybe. brian: i follow that story. ainsley, you take it the rest of the way. ainsley: how bad is political
4:43 am
bias at places like facebook and google? the numbers prove it is way worse than you might think. he performed 1200 abortions before walking away from it all. what changed for him? the moment his daughter died in his arms. one doctor's powerful story. in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ ainsley: in five years dr. an any levetino performed 1200 abortions including 100 second trimester abortions. during that time his 5-year-old daughter, heather was hit by a car. two months before her sixth birthday, heather died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital in their parents arms. the death of his daughter led them to stop abortions. dr. anthony levatino is board-certified ob/gyn and a former abortionist. he is here now.
4:48 am
tell us your story please. >> when i graduated in medical school in 1976, i was dedicated pro-choice. as gynecologist in training i learned to do abortions both first and second trimester. in practice i performed over 1200 abortions over four 1/2, almost five-year period including 10% of those, about 120 of them were second trimester abortions up to 24 weeks. i was quite dedicated to it. this was a woman's choice and i was an obstetrician and i was going to provide that care. on june 23rd, 1984, as you mentioned my daughter heather was hit by a car and in front of our home and ultimately died. people on, watching the program who have children may think they have some idea what that might be like. if you haven't lost a child yourself, you have no idea. i hope you never find out. but what do you do after a disaster? you bury your child, you try to
4:49 am
get back into your life. i don't remember exactly how long it was after that i was scheduled for my first d and e second trimester abortion. i showed up at the hospital just like i had over 100 times before thinking of it as routine. second trimester d and e abortion, is brutal, inhumane procedure. this is a morning show so i cannot describe it. let's just say they called it dismemberment abortion for a reason. i started that abortion and just stared what i had just pulled out of the uterus. when you do an abortion you have to believe it or not, keep inventory. you have to make sure you get everything. and to the first time in my career after all those years and all those abortions i looked, i really looked at that pile of body parts on the side of the table and i didn't see her wonderful right to choose and i didn't see what a great doctor
4:50 am
was i helping her with her problem or $800 cash i made in 15 minutes. all i could see was somebody's son or daughter. it struck me in that moment this patient had figuratively, never literally, came to me, $800, kill my son and daughter. i was kind of person look her back in the eye with no hesitation, sure i will do that. ainsley: pretty powerful. i am mother of a little girl. i look at your little girl heather and i can't imagine. some of these doctors want to do late-term abortion, can't picture what that would be like. so, what has been the reaction from the public when, when you decided to give that up? >> well, it was, it was a long, drawn-out process. you know, the initial, my partners were very understanding. you know because they understood
4:51 am
what we had gone through. ainsley: of course. >> but as time went by -- ainsley: i hate to interrupt you we're running out of time. go see the movie you play the abortion doctor, in unplanned. >> that's right.
4:52 am
welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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4:55 am
brian: our next guest is calling out tech giants for what he call as stunning level of political intolerance. joining me the founder of the lincoln network, garrett johnson. you did a study with the big guys. what did you find? >> we saw something really interesting. it wasn't necessarily a conversation of right versus left but what our data revealed was that there was a polarization, a radicalization of both the far right and the far left. so when you looked at, you know, are your idealogical views impacting your ability to do your work? 49% of people who work at a company that promotes a political agenda said yes. if you work at a company that does not promote a political agenda, 91% of people said no. when you asked a question, do you feel that you would be ostracized or ridiculed by your colleagues if you disagreed with them? people who work at political, at companies that promote a political agenda, 63% said yes.
4:56 am
79% said no. if they don't work at a company promoting a midcall agenda. brian: unbelievable. google, facebook, twitter, giants like that. last question, you feel humiliated. the in 2016 tech giants thought they unawarely got donald trump corrected. they might be looking to correct things right now? >> that could be the case. the companies are polarizing the workforce, far right, far left. the exhausted majority in the middle that want to do good work. brian: the study reveals it is very hard. thank you very much, garrett johnson. coming up lara logan says political bias destroying people's faith in journalism. ye in 5 minutes. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? the best simple salad ever?d
4:57 am
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while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. ainsley: no deal in vietnam. president trump cutting the north korea summit in new york. >> we wanted to denuke certain areas around i wanted everything. >> this is not a failure. reagan walked away at reykjavik. got a better deal later on. this is good move by trump. i'm glad he did it. something else dramatic happened while you were sleeping. kim jong-un went on camera, while you denuclearization. he said yes. >> michael kohan back on the hill today. >> i'm ashamed because i know what mr. trump is. he is a racist. >> the president does not see color, race, creed, religion. what he sees is success and failure. >> the american public and congress bottom to see with
5:01 am
mueller saw. you saw a self-described fool. >> he lied so much and yet he said, when it came to collusion i said no collusion. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. no deal in vietnam. president trump cutting the north korea summit short. brian: wow. that happened as we woke up today. he is heading back to the united states well enroute, saying kim jong-un refuse god denuclearization another cree and demanded all sanctions be lifted. steve: that was a bridge too far. ed henry joins us from hanoi with more what it means. ed, in the sound bite montage right there, dan bongino says it is not a failure that the president walked away. what are other people saying? >> what people here on the ground are saying they're still hopeful there could be a deal down the road because kim jong-un's economy has been in such desperate shape, this may have been a gambit where he thought he could get away with the president relieving economic
5:02 am
sanctions so that the north korean economy could rebound while only showing part of his nuclear program. the president called him out on that. in fact, an important point that was revealed is the president told reporters that at one point he believes the president, that he, and secretary of state mike pompeo surprised kim jong-un by revealing some u.s. intel that suggested there were far more nuclear materials, weapons, missiles, warheads, facilities that the u.s. intelligence community knows about and kim jong-un did not put on the table. listen. >> you get into the question of actually dismantling the pongyong complex. >> yes. >> does he seem willing ultimately to take all of that out. >> totally, sure. >> he wants all the sanctions off. >> he would do that. he wants the sanctions. as you know there is plenty left after that. i felt it wasn't good.
5:03 am
mike and i spent a long time negotiating talk about it to ourselves. i felt that particular, as you know that facility, while very big, it wasn't enough to do what we were doing. reporter: mike of course, being mike pompeo the secretary of state. what are the other things that the president might be referring to they can do? so caught maximum pressure on kim jong-un, which would mean pouring on more u.s. sanctions to cripple his economy more, push him further to the corner to get him back to the negotiating table. interesting, before all of this sort of blew up, kim jong-un, for the first time on camera said he is ready to denuclearization. watch. >> chairman kim, are you ready to denuclearization? >> translator: if i'm not willing to do that i won't be here right now. >> wow, that might be the best answer you of ever heard.
5:04 am
reporter: that might be the best answer, the president said that kim kill was admitting in public, something he told south korean officials, something he told the president in right. but signed to in sing is pour. remember that sort of framework in singapore that he signed was not really binding, it wasn't specific. this is where they were trying to get down to the details. here is the bottom line. the president called kim jong-un's bluff. he is is now leaving the door open, the president is to a third summit down the road. says he is not committed to it. not picking a site. he believes kim jong-un will come to a deal more favorable to the u.s. guys. brian: is that are where the reporters got tossed out for yelling questions when they shouldn't? reporter: no, that was a previous meeting where a question was asked by michael cohen about to testify. this is about 36 hours ago. you know, it appeared maybe folks in the white house didn't like that. there were other questions about the nuclear issue that maybe kim jong-un didn't like.
5:05 am
so reporters were pushed out of a later meeting but then today reporters let back in and that was the first time we're aware of kim jong-un being asked questions by u.s. reporters or frankly reporters of any kind because as a dictator, he obviously does not submit to news conferences interviews the way president trump does. steve: that is how dictators roll. ed, thank you very much. ainsley: common sense here, when you go to the table you want to negotiate something big and kim jong-un is asking him to remove all the sanctions, well the president of our country is saying i will think about that if you, possibly would do that if you remove all of the nuclear weapons. it is one, you give me something and i give you something. steve: sure. ainsley: kim jong-un said you know what i will close one of our nuclear facilities. the president said we know you have a lot more. you will not close one and move the materials to other facilities. brian: he stays in vietnam. there was no signing ceremony
5:06 am
that was planned the president is on his way home. he talked to sean hannity. you will see the whole interview tonight. hire is what he told sean about the developing talks. >> well they wanted to denuke certain areas and i wanted everything and the sanctions are there and i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program and they're not ready for that. i understand that fully, i really do. they spent a lot of time building it, that doesn't mean the world has to be happy but i wanted them to denuke. well and we're working towards something but we didn't sign anything today. it didn't quite work out. i would say that i wasn't satisfied and perhaps he wasn't satisfied. good relationship but i decided that this wasn't the right time to sign something. so we'll see what happens over a period of time. steve: we will see what happens. so the president wanted a big
5:07 am
deal. mr. kim said i will denuke one thing but not other stuff u.s. intel community told the president about. what about that stuff? all to have those sanctions lifted, which means the sanctions are working, which means the pressure continues. >> mike pompeo said we've gotten to know each other really well. we know our challenges and we know our limits. brian: i don't foe what kim jong-un, not that he has to, how he will spin this out postively for his people who don't really have a choice. it is a basically a big prison camp of a country. hard for him to spin this out to say we made progress. everybody knows we left early. the president said no. he said it no, in polite respectful way, but he said no. you can't spin that out, it wasn't enough. it just shows you we're not going to give anything just to keep talking going. steve: but in north korea, the image of the north korea leader shaking hands with the president is, that is pr win for him.
5:08 am
brian: maybe. they had the pr win in singapore, i'm not sure if it's a win now. steve: makes him look like he is a player. anyway, did you see the cover of the "new york post"? that is image of michael cohen wearing prison stripes. he did not actually appear like that yesterday in the house oversight committee. that is what he was wearing a blue suit and a light blue tie. nonetheless congressman chip roy of texas, he is a republican, he saw the fact that the democrats convened this particular hearing on the same day the president was doing this summit as a charade. listen to this. here is the congressman. >> this is not what we're doing for the american people. while we engage in this charade, this is not what the american people sent us here to do. this is an embarassment for our country. i talked to my beautiful wife back in texas just before the hearing, i said don't bother
5:09 am
watching. she said, as i roughly expected, don't worry i won't. i have more important things to do. she like the rest of the american people have a hell of a lot more important things to do than watch this. steve: i'm sure a lot of people did watch it. congressman chip roy, republican from texas joins us right now, member of house oversight and reform committee in statuary hall. congressman, why did the democrats schedule this particular high-profile hearing the same day the president was in vietnam? >> thanks for having me on this morning. i think it was clearly purposeful. unfortunately my democrat colleagues appear more interested in political theater than the job the people back home want us to do in congress. people back home are excited about what the president is doing, not what congress is doing. trenten the border when congress is shirking its responsibility. they want a balanced budget, get spiraling health care costs under control. what they saw yesterday was a
5:10 am
bunch of games. they saw the circus. they saw the swamp in action. that is precisely with they sent me here to change. i wanted to highlight that. i think they're frustrated watching the democrat party pull up a witness like michael cohen who untrustworthy by definition. we've seen he already pled guilty to numerous crimes, bank fraud, lying to financial institutions, tax evasion, lying to congress? we call forward a witness who already admitted lying to congress. they bring him forward as a star witness. yesterday what happened, we saw more of that in his own testimony yesterday. that is what american people are tired of. they want to see something different. ainsley: congressman, you dead get points calling your wife beautiful. i'm sure she appreciated that. >> she is. ainsley: many are wondering the same thing. this guy was a convicted liar. it was a lanny davis presentation according to jim jordan. sean hannity sat down with the president yesterday in vietnam and he asked the president about the hearing. listen to this.
5:11 am
>> as far as cohen is concerned, he is convicted, he is a liar. he's defrauded at a high level. got a lot of problems and you know, it was very interesting because he lied so much, i watched some of it. i was actually able to watch some of it. he lied so much yet he said, when it came to collusion, the whole hoax with the russia collusion, just a witch-hunt hoax, very, by the way, very, very bad for our country because it really stops you from doing what you're supposed to be doing, he said no collusion. ainsley: what's your reaction? >> i think it is important what we learned yesterday was that he reiterated that there was no collusion. he said that in testimony. he also said that he had never been to prague, never been to the czech republic. i questioned him on that. number of my colleagues did, which undermines the steel dossier. that is what we saw during the hearing, reinforced what we know about mr. cohen. in the hearing, coming to the
5:12 am
hearing he filled out financial forms that you have to disclose when you're coming to testify that contradicted his own testimony. saying that he hadn't engaged in foreign contracts when in fact he testified he had engaged in foreign contracts with entities that have significant government ownership, particularly the bank in kazakhstan. we saw he actually testified there that he would be happy to hand over recordings of clients to the democrats on the committee, notwithstanding the fact that he has a duty as a lawyer, hard to believe he is disbarred by the way, a duty as a lawyer to withhold that because it is privileged information. steve: right. >> this is the kind of thing we saw over and over again. he tried to say he hadn't committed bank fraud. he pled to lying to financial institution. we called him out on it. brian: i know you're patient with the process. buckle up. he will call in the cfo, the trump children, go after insurance fraud, make his tax returns public, make him account
5:13 am
for things that have to do with the trump organization. do you have hardcore indications they are going forward with that? >> we haven't seen any specific list. i think we clear hi see the playbook, what they want to try to do over next 18 to 20 months. clearly political. i think we ought to do our job as oversight committee. ought to be oversight and government reform. look at all the things the american people are tired of, federal government wastes money, doesn't do its job. have somebody come in, get rod rosenstein in. find out what is going on at the department of justice. instead they want to engage in political theater. they want to target the president for purely political reasons. we know that the american people, they didn't support the president of the united states because he is per february. no human being is. they support the the president they want the swamp drained, health care freedom, balanced budget, they want a secure border and want washington the heck out of their lives so they go on doing what they do best. steve: quite an eye opener yesterday for nine hours. he will appear on capitol hill
5:14 am
again today, but that will behind closed doors. congressman chip roy, we thank you very much for joining us. >> thank y'all. ainsley: thank you. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. jillian you have other news i've been working on. jillian: yes i do. let's get you caught up starting with this story, a man described as having a heart full of scorpions will be executed in texas today. billy koppel will be executed after killing his estranged wife and her police officer brother. the supreme court struck down to delay the execution and commute the sentence. he will be the third inmate put to death in the u.s. and the second in texas this year. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu could be indicted on corruption charges today. police want him to face bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges. he is accused of accepting gifts from billionaires, bribing the press, promoting regulatory changes to benefit associates. israel's attorney general is expected to announce his
5:15 am
decision today. netanyahu denies any wrongdoing. pakistan is now pledging to release an indian fighter pilot after shooting down a plane. the prime minister calls it a peace gesture. earlier florida congressman and green beret commander michael waltz explained why it is important for the u.s. to de-escalate rising tensions. >> the united states said all along, even though it is hard, even though it is difficult has the lead in that part of the world and stay involved. jillian: problems between the countries started earlier this month when a terror group killed who indian soldiers in indian-controlled kashmir. this is what happens when you park in front of a fire hydrant. you're not supposed to do that. california firefighters forced to break a car's windows to get to the water source. they say the hose couldn't go above or under the cars, because it need as straight line out of the hydrant. it is illegal to block a fire
5:16 am
hydrant. do not do this. steve: they wound up with a ticket and two broken windows? jillian: i seen it before. >> firemen had to shove it through the windows. got to do what you got to do. jillian: you have to save lives and buildings. brian: most people have comprehensive glass. steve: she should. safe light is ready. brian: they come to your house. ainsley: front windshield. steve: they can do all of it. brian: they can. i don't know if they want to. steve: 8:16 on this thursday of the growing outrage after senate democrats block a bill to protect babies who are born after failed abortions. dana loesch says democrats have fought harder for animals than humans. you will hear her on that coming up next. ainsley: plus lara logan got a lot of people talking when she called out the media's bias. >> the media everywhere is mostly liberal, not just in the u.s. but in this country 85% of journalists are registered
5:17 am
democrats. so that is just a fact. ainsley: she is here live coming up. ♪ everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance.
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♪ steve: some quick thursday morning headlines for you. first up, oklahoma's governor signs a new bill expanding gun rights. people 25 years and older can now legally carry a firearm without a permit in oklahoma. so vets and servicemembers who are 18 and older. people with felony convictions and mental health problems are not allowed to carry guns. president trump's border wall prototypes coming down to make room for a new fence in the san diego area. there you go. president trump made several stops to evaluate the prototypes that is to say. cpb, says there is no more use for them since congress is blocking the construction of an actual wall. so down they go. ainsley: this week senate democrats blocked the born alive abortion survivors protection
5:22 am
act which is a law requiring doctors to treat babies who survive abortions. earlier we heard reaction from a physician who used to perform them. >> if you haven't lost a child yourself you have no idea, i hope you never find out but what do you do after a disaster? you bury your child. you try to get back into your life. the first time in my career after all those years and all those abortions i looked, i really looked. i didn't see her wonderful right to choose. i didn't see what a great doctor i was helping her with her problem. i didn't even see the $800 cash i made in 15 minutes. all i could see was somebody's son or daughter. brian: here is react nationally syndicated radio show host dana loesch, from "the dana show." you've been all over this. we've been following this. when that senate bill crashed and burned many people were shocked including, including you. >> yeah, very much so. good morning. this is just a horrible story.
5:23 am
it shows how much i think that the democrat party has changed over the years. this is not the democrat party of the '90s. this isn't the democrat party where lawmakers previously were too scared or at least had the sense or respect for life to vote publicly and attach their name to a no vote on a this roll call measure, staying withhold medical care on an infant born alive after an abortion. what amazes me how out of step they are also with american voters. not with american voters but their own democrat voters. a poll earlier this month, two polls were released one from earlier this month, showed around 77% of democrats actually opposed with holding care to infants born alive after abortion. then of course those numbers are incredibly high, still a majority of democrats who are opposed to late-term abortions as well as 80% of american voters this party is drifting further and further left, further and further away from
5:24 am
respect for life. if that is what they run own, guys, in 2020, i don't see how they ever have the chance recapturing the majority. steve: we're not talking about the right to have an abortion. the born alive bill if a baby is born during a botched abortion, then the doctor, the doctor involved in the abortion, would be charged if he tried, did not try to revive the baby. so really what we're trying, what we're talking about, a child who is born and then is aborted. i mean that's where we are now. this is not just a right to have an abortion. >> full-term baby, that is alive, a viable infant that is alive and then criminal penalty attached if a medical professional chooses to withhold medical care. by the way that is not health care. that is not denying a woman access to health care. when you are talking about whether or not you are going to allow an an inwho survived an
5:25 am
abortion to die. that is murder, that is not health care. ainsley: they would give health care to the woman on the table but they could decide to kill the baby. >> exactly. isn't that the opposite of health care? when you're withholding treatment to save a life, when you are withholding life saving medical treatment from a life that is separate from the life of the woman, that is on the table who, ainsley as you so accurately pointed is still going to receive health care. is still going to have access to care to procedure which she just underwent. undermines every argument all these individuals, all these lawmakers made in favor of this particular measure. it is absolutely abhorrent. but now they have their names attached to this publicly. democrats will own this forever. this is hair new policy on life. brian: argument, they were saying on "the view," almost never happens but, even if it almost never happens, if it happens once it is too many.
5:26 am
dana, thank you. >> exactly. by the way as you talk to that one doctor, no doctor will decide it is for of legitimate treatment this late in a pregnancy. brian: except the governor of virginia. >> ralph northam. brian: he is genius. steve: dana loesch doing "the dana show." check it out, one baseball cameraman just got the perfect shot. >> hit the camera. brian: the play of the day. the details next. steve: plus lara logan has a lot of people talking when she called out the media bias on a podcast. >> media everywhere is mostly liberal, not just in the u.s. but in this country 85% of journalists are registered democrats. so that is just a fact. steve: that is just a fact she says. take a look. lara logan joins us next. ♪
5:27 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. the north korea summit with the united states has been cut short. the president currently it back on air force one. mr. kim is back on his train heading to north korea. apparently the president said he had to walk away from the
5:32 am
negotiating table because mr. kim wanted the united states to lift all sanctions in return for denuking part of north korea, not the whole enchill laud today, just part of it. let's bring in lar la logan. former cbs correspondent. she joins us live on the couch. what do you make of this, lara. >> what is interesting to me as a journalist, we've been following this a long time, north korea has been so isolated. all indications with kim jong-un that he is much more outward looking than his father ever was and the intelligence officials that i have spoken to over the years have always said they believe that is because the country is bankrupt, right? even its soldiers are starving. it is eating itself alive from within. this is really about survival for kim jong-un. so north korea still has to play a powerful game. they are not just going to fold. they have shown that at the summit.
5:33 am
they will not just say, okay, we'll do whatever you want, right? they're a proud and powerful nation in their own eyes. that is very important to kim jong-un. the propaganda is everything in north korea. steve: but they're still hungry. >> i have spoken to one american who spent time in north korea. it is not dennis rodman by the way. but with kim jong-un. he described him, met with him four or five times, in fact spent a quite a bit of time over there with him. he said kim jong-un was always asking him questions, how do americans view our country and was very interested in that. so, that, you know, those indicators to me suggest that he does want a relationship with the outside world. ainsley: what is your reaction to the media, if you watched all the other networks, you have our president over there trying to denuclearization a country that would make all of us safe, the whole world safe, if you watch the other networks, there is much more coverage on michael cohen, this convicted liar going to prison for lying, speaking
5:34 am
out how much he now hates his former client, the president? >> well you know, if you speak to people, i speak to people everywhere i go. i go to go small towns. i go to big cities. i go east coast, west coast, that fly over country bill maher doesn't like. i spend a lot of time there. in fact i live there. what people say to me consistently, that is all they hear from most of the media is about trump and russia and whether it is michael cohen, you can substitute that for roger stone or something else. so what i hear a lot from people all the time is that they don't watch anymore, they're tired of hearing all of that. as a journalist, what i find frustrating to me there is big conversation to be had about the fact that the u.s. is meeting with the taliban for example. a lot of afghans and some very senior level ones said that the u.s. is negotiating their surrender in afghanistan. that is of extraordinary significance but there isn't a
5:35 am
lot of room for these conversations. not to say that you know, the other stories don't deserve coverage. there is not a lot of talk about syria, iraq, afghanistan. venezuela. people want the war in iraq or war in syria. brian: right. the theory is people don't care enough, so we'll cover the soap opera, if you could tell people this in a way which it matters to them, they will care. that has always been your goal, right? >> that has been my experience. whether it was at "cbs evening news." or "60 minutes," we never had people turn off when we were reporting from the battlefield. that never happened. sometimes it was just a long interview story. some of the best stories that we did were interview driven. we never found people turning away from the show because we were reporting on those things. i mean a good story is a good story and that's what people are drawn to, right? steve: we were talking your
5:36 am
story, within the last 10 days where you were on a podcast, mike drop, with former navy seal. you were talking about how the mainstream media in the united states and media in general around the world is way to the political left and i think we just ran a little sound bite where you were talking about 80% of people are progressive rather than right down the middle, they pick the lane and the lane is in the left. >> well, the thing is, it doesn't mean if you're a democrat that you can't be, or you're on the left that you can't be a professional journalist, right? i'm not saying there aren't any good journalists on the left, that everyone is a political operative. i'm saying too is much politics, there are too many political operatives and too much political discourse infiltrated -- steve: in the actual news? >> yes. look at the language. it is so pejorative, right? what happened to reporting the
5:37 am
facts? this is discipline every good reporter knows. we did it everywhere i ever worked. you choose a word, write something, that's pejorative. we don't need pejorative language. people don't need pejorative language. they want to know what facts are and more and more people are saying to me today, i don't know what the facts are. i have to read 15 different articles, go to a bunch of different places. i can't go to one place. used to be i could figure out what was going on. now they can't. brian: how would you characterize the ereaction, the word you used on the podcast i know i'm committing career suicide, 85% of the democrats and what has been the reaction? >> we have to be honest who we are. typically people are more sympathetic and less critical to people they agree with. the vast majority of our profession is on one side of the political spectrum, let's be honest what role that is playing in this moment particularly when the coverage is so weighted on one side.
5:38 am
brian: have they got mad at you? have you -- >> there has been typical reaction that i would expect from people who don't want to hear that. and there has been you know the typical attacks. so if you're critical, you have to be labeled as a conservative whether or not it is true doesn't matter f we can then paint you as conspiracy theorist, you're even further to the right. hopefully we can dismiss you completely. so in fact, what i've been surprised by how many people have been supportive. you know people, i have had honestly a lot of people coming to me saying, thank you for standing up for the truth. ainsley: what is interesting, you're in new york right now but you live and raising your kids in texas. i used to live in texas. i'm from south carolina. it is in midwest, out on long island they think differently than in the city. all the media outlets, hollywood, california, media outlets and new york reporting what is happening in our
5:39 am
country. they never lived in the heartland or places where we lived. you're seeing a different perspective, aren't you, living there? >> i really do. for example, no one paid a lot of attention in the media to the rural internet program. when i moved to rural america i couldn't get high-speed internet. i sometimes say when i'm talking to college students, raise your hand if you can imagine what it would be like if you spent a day of your life without high-speed internet? how would you apply for a job? those programs matter to people whose lives are affected by them. in the big cities in america no one cares about that. adult reeducation program, a lot of money poured into that recently. you don't hear anything about that either. brian: we know every oligarch paul manafort spoke to. it doesn't help people of texas. >> not just texas but rural america everywhere, right? steve: technology changed everything. when i was growing up, we had a party line. when the phone would ring 12
5:40 am
people would pick it up. >> i remember pay phones. you remember those. steve: thanks very much for joining us. please stop by. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. jillian: it would fake tore -- take forever to dial up and eventually you get online. starting with this, a little girl dodges bullets as a man opens fires on the streets of new york city. watch the surveillance video show him pull out a gun with several people walking on a sidewalk. he fires thee times with the little girl just feet away. she quickly turns around and runs to safety. incredibly nobody was hurt. police are still looking for the shooter. they think he was targeting another man. semi-truck hit flips over during a high-speed police chase. watch this. >> go over on the line. go over on the line. jillian: isn't that incredible? the truck driver walked away
5:41 am
without any injuries. a suspects drunk driver swerved into on-coming traffic in los angeles. police caught up to him and found a bottle of vodka in his car. the man had three previous drunk driving convictions. walmart is receiving backlash after they announced they are getting rid of greaters. they are want customer hosts who have to lift 25-pound and stand on ladders. the current greeters are worried they will lose their jobs if they can't fulfill the requirements. walmart will work with the employees to try to accommodate their needs. talking about getting a the shot, a cameraman at a college baseball game gets right into the action. well, that is not how it was planned. a university of southern mississippi baseball player lining a foul ball right into the camera lens. a student was running the camera and was not hurt. probably cost a couple bucks to replace that.
5:42 am
ainsley: thankfully he had the camera in front of him. brian: hope it is not a freelancer. that means he ownses it. if it's a company, he it has to pay. steve: it is busted. bill hemmer has been covering the summit all week. he says no deal is not a big deal. he will join us live with historical context to summits coming up next. ainsley: plus 2020 democrats are racing to the left, pushing more socialist policies. kim strassel says it could get ugly and she is here live. ♪
5:43 am
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get 0% financing for 72 months on this all-new silverado. drive yours away this presidents day. ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. steve: president trump back on air force one on his way home without a deal but the president remains optimistic urging other countries to play a role too. >> prepared to help. i can tell you japan, south korea, i think china, so many
5:47 am
and speaking of china we're very well on our way to doing something special but we'll see. i am always prepared to walk. ainsley: here to put this in context with other global negotiations facing america, "america's newsroom" co-host bill hemmer live in hanoi. bill, you've done a great job with your coverage over. there hello. >> thank you, hello to you. been watching since is 5:00 this morning. i think at this point it's a telethon for you guys. one thing i want to make clear, i was in the press conference when the president and secretary pompeo was there, i did not get a sense of resignation on behalf of either man. i don't want to call it optimistic but they were not hanging their heads. that either means one of two things, that they had chairman kim where they wanted to take him or chairman kim will go home, go off the rails again or he could pull off something wiley. that is the drama we're left with. brian: bill, the one thing that stood out with me that is going to, that i think is going to resonate is that the president feels this is just a chapter, it is not, it is not the end.
5:48 am
that is what i thought. it just, that i'm willing to walk away but i'm not ending it. >> yeah. a couple things on that, brian, before this even began secretary pompeo was talking about a third summit. i was somewhat surprised there was no announcement today about a further meeting, however they said they will keep in touch, they will continue talking. so this will progress a little bit. you mentioned history a moment ago, steve. i want to remind our viewers, gorbachev and reagan met five times, it wasn't until after the second time they talked they really started advancing the process for both side but gorbachev at that time in his history, he wanted to get something for it. my sense is that chairman kim wants to get something for it. the sanctions are getting tighter and tighter. he is in vietnam. they're trying to sell them on the idea you can get market reforms still have communist government that runs the country. we'll see whether or not that
5:49 am
made an impression. steve: trump had sanctions. reagan had "star wars," missile defense. what do you have coming up in 12 minutes? >> we have a lot more on this we'll let you know where we think we have gone today. really what we believe the state of play is coming out of summit 2.0. in addition michael cohen is back on the hill today again, third time this week. will hurd, republican from texas. he will lead some of the questioning today. so we'll talk to him coming up in a matter of moments here. day three from hanoi, guys. ainsley: thank you, bill. brian: where it is morning, excuse me it is night. meanwhile straight ahead democrats running in 2020 keep going left, left and left. are the socialist policies are really the best offer they can muster? kim strassel says the dems may not have a choice. she is on deck. rvice he doesn'tn to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff
5:50 am
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♪ steve: some of the democratic presidential hopefuls pushing free health care, tuition, climate change, to name a few in their progressive agenda. a new poll reveals 77% of democrats feel the united states would be better off if it were more socialist. ainsley: but are socialist policies are the best they have to offer to the american people? fox news contributor and "wall street journal" columnist
5:54 am
kimberly strassel joins us now to weigh in. kimberly, great to see you,. >> hi, guys. ainsley: hi. will this actually work? what do the polls show? do people really like this progressive socialist agenda? >> i think what matters looking at the candidates the democratic base likes them. that is the only issue right now because we're in the primary season. you look out there at the democratic party, in my mind it is where the republican party was 10 years ago at the height of tea party absolutism, it suffered, the democrats suffered a terrible defeat in 2016. instead of blaming that on the candidate, hillary clinton, who didn't go to the right states, didn't campaign the right way, they're blaming it on policies. they believe what you need is more progressive policies ever more left. that is what the candidates are catering to at least at moment. brian: that is explains why harris, booker, gillibrand and others they all subscribe to the green deal, medicare for all,
5:55 am
you get a check when you're born, preschool for one of the candidates? >> you think like this group of democratic primary contenders, they truly believe donald trump doesn't have a shot at re-election in 2020. so for them, this is only game in town. whoever wins the primary will be president of the united states. i'm not saying that is correct analysis but that is what's in their mind. steve: right. >> they're catering to the most aggressive and progressive part of the their party at the moment. steve: you were talking about the base, the democratic base has changed over the last 10 years. >> it has. it has become younger. it is also, as i said, had to take on these defeats that they have had which really radicalized them in a way. i think the problem for these democratic candidates with this thinking, with that base, is they're not being realizic about what average americans want. you look at medicare for all, for instance, well, maybe my
5:56 am
out-of-pocket expenses will be less. that is how they address it, then it is pretty popular. when they say you will have to raise taxes for it, support for it absolutely plummets. that is the debate that will end up happening in a general election. steve: absolutely right. kimberly strassel from ainsley: thanks, kimberly. more "fox & friends" just moments away.
5:57 am
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michael collins just arrived from capitol hill for his third day of testimony. today, it will be behind closed doors. >> that's right. >> big show coming your way. >> we will see you back here tomorrow, everybody. so long. >> breaking news. the two big stories. we begin with this abrupt ending to the second nuclear summit between president trump and chairman kim jong un. failing to reach an agreement. meanwhile, back at home, former trump attorney michael cohen back on the hill. as you saw, he arrived just moments ago. good morning, everybody. day three here, i am bill hemmer, and sandra, great to see you. good morning back there at home. be too good to see you too, bill. i'm sandra smith. zoning in on one key aspect of yesterday's explosive hearing. the moment


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