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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 28, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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that was better than that terrible one from earlier this week. remember i made fun of it? >> juan: i think oreos stuffed pig is pretty tasty. >> greg: we have to go. >> jessie: "special report" is up next. i bet you are annoyed. >> bret: thanks greg. this is a fox news alert and good evening and good morning here in vietnam. i am bret baier. we are coming to you halfway around the world in vietnam or the second summit between president trump the north korean leader kim jong un entered it a very different fashion than the first, without an agreement at this time. president trump says he was not willing to give into north korea's demand that the u.s. left all sanctions without an ironclad promise from kim to eliminate the nuclear all snow. the north koreans had an extremely rare press conference a few hours ago to say they only wanted some of the sanctions lifted to get rid of its biggest nuclear site.
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the two leaders canceled the scheduled lunch and signing ceremony today, back home both democrats and republicans were given the president varying degrees of credit for not giving in. in south korea's d collapse was viewed with real disappointment. we have fox team coverage. he is in seoul, south korea, where the news agency says the security situation has now turned back to zero. the trump administration on the decision come optimism about the future without another meeting set up on the calendar. we start off here with john roberts. >> good morning to you. we are now in a game of dueling diplomatic narratives with both sides blaming the other for the failure of the second u.s. north korea summit. president trump getting some support from an unlikely corner. the body language between president trump and kim jong un
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looked promising. when it came down to the net and bolts of negotiation, president trump walked away from the table. >> i could have signed an agreement today and you people would have said, what a terrible deal. you have to be prepared to walk. >> kim jong un offered to close the nuclear facility, the prime source of the material for north korea's nuclear weapons program. in exchange according to president trump he wanted all of the sanctions against the regime lifted. >> the facility and all of its scope, which is important for sure still leaves missiles, still leaves warheads and weapon systems. >> they were willing to do you nuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted, but we couldn't give up all the sanctions. >> a rare midnight press conference, north korea's foreign minister disputed the president's claim insisting that he made a realistic proposal.
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>> he proposed not the removal of all sanctions, but the possible removal. the united states insisted that i take one more step because in the dismantlement it became crystal clear that the united states was not ready to accept our proposal. >> and even more rare moment, the democratic leadership said he was right to walk away. chuck schumer tweeted, "a deal that kept short would have only made north korea stronger in the world less safe." this from house speaker nancy pelosi. >> it is good that the president did not give him anything for the little that he was proposing. >> it would typically be unheard of for an american president to travel halfway around the world to make a deal and then have it all the parts. there is no playbook for a leader to leader engagement with north korea. >> i think everyone had hoped we could do this a little better.
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the departure was with the agreement that we would continue to work on what has been an incredibly difficult problem. >> what comes next is unclear. president trump says summit came to a premature close on friendly terms. >> this wasn't a walk away. this was very friendly. we shook hands. >> the president continued his praise of kim jong un and at one him of any complicity in the depth of otto warmbier. >> i don't believe he knew about it. he knew the case very well, he knew it later. >> even lawmakers who backed the decision to walk with from the table found that one hard to swallow. >> he lied. he had to know. >> both sides are expected to keep talking, president trump made no prediction as to when the next summit with kim jong un might be. he said at his press conference that could be soon, maybe not
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for a long time. certainly something for kim to think about. >> bret: john roberts down the road here, thank you. south korea's news agency says diplomacy is now at a crossroads between the u.s. and north korea. let's check in on the mood there after the hasty end to. senior foreign affairs correspondent is in seoul, south korea, . >> it was not the result of the region was looking for. folks watched as president trump and kim jong un walked away from the summit without a deal. the south korean government expressed its regrets >> >> its important that they did not reach a complete agreement and t meeting. >> a possible end of the korean war declaration. possibly a planned visit to seoul, south korea, by capturing on following his trip to the north. on the phone with
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president trump he was told the dialogue between the u.s. and north korea would continue and a freeze on its missile launchers and nuclear testing would remain. along with a dispute among sanctions, he was not willing to go far enough to satisfy the u.s. that worries north korean allie allies. >> we hope the democratic people in the united states will continue to work together to promote the denuclearization of the peninsula. president trump has been trying to coax his north korean partner into giving up his nukes by citing the economic success of regional neighbors like vietnam. analysts believe kim jong un is determined to modernize his backward country, some say he needs his arsenal to feel secure no matter how rich north koreans become. >> they cannot be rich. dead people can't be rich. >> he needs has nuclear weapons for his personal and political
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game. >> president trump reportedly asked south korean president moon to once again act as mediator between the united states and north korea. his own country security on the line, no doubt he will accept. >> bret: greg palkot, thank you. let's bring in our panel here. eric talmage is the bureau chief for the associated press jeff world as a deputy u.s. political editor for the daily mail. thank you gentlemen for being here. first of all there is a rare element that the north koreans came out and hold a press conference. clearly they wanted to but their point of you out there. your sense of where things are after the summit fell apart? >> i think the north korean side was clearly surprised by the outcome. i think they are disappointed they wanted to make sure that they got their position across. they took an issue with president trump's claim that they wanted all sanctions removed. although they pretty much
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admitted that they are looking for all the sanctions to removed. >> bret: when you talk about the sanctions, five of the 11. it is essentially the meat of the sanctions would be taken out. >> that is right. the north koreans came out with a really big ask. it is not surprising that that didn't work out. we should keep in mind that they also -- he also vowed to make auditorium on missile launches and that is a big deal. we don't need to go back right into crisis mode. we can continue talks and i think the door was left open for that. >> bret: the president will be on the sean hannity show tonight and weave a piece of that talking about his reaction to this deal. take a listen. >> they wanted to denuclearize in certain areas and i wanted everything. the sanctions are there but i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program. they are not ready for that and i understand that fully. i really do. they spend a lot of time building that that doesn't mean
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the world has to be happy. i wanted them to t denucleariz. >> bret: the lower level officials go and they do all of the groundwork of the leaders come in and kind of pulled a rabbit out of the hat. this time it is the two leaders relating to mike to any negotiating. >> absolutely and there is a reason for that. it's less likely a situation where you fly 1,000 miles and don't have anything physical to show for it. kim jong is not the leader of every country of the world, but president trump invested a lot in his personal diplomacy. >> bret: he walk away. it does not give him more street cred in the region or back back home? >> the north koreans watch very closely and people who know him know that this is a classic negotiating tactic for him. if he is unwilling to take their initial asking walk away, i think they know that that is what is going on.
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i think trump and mike pompeo know the north koreans are trying to make a bed. >> bret: do think the north koreans will come back and say, let's talk again? >> definitely. i don't think this is over. north koreans like to come out hard in negotiations like this, it is not that surprising. i'm surprised that both sides are more aware. this will continue. >> bret: i want to ask you about reporting. how difficult is that? they are obviously watching you. you are filing, that has to be challenging? >> it is a very challenging job. we have surprising ability to get around and see things. access has been very hard. i'm the only american journalist was regularly coming in and it is difficult being here. >> bret: that is interesting. i want to talk about the politics very quickly. here's former vice president biden talking about the fallout from all of this. >> you cannot think of anyone who has thrown their arms around
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or chosen the word of dictator and thugs over even our own intelligence committee. standing before the world and taking the word of vladimir putin over the entire intelligence committee, our national reputation as being tarnished. >> bret: we don't know if joe biden will run for president or not but he was pretty critical of coddling dictators. most democrats came out and say, it is good he walked away. >> there is a lot of concern among some trump critics that he was going to put a lot of sanctions on the table and put it former angeli were on the table and not get anything concrete and return. particularly giving north koreans material. i think there is a lot of relief on the part of critics that he didn't set us on a road that would have given up a lot of leverage. >> bret: we will see what comes next. a gentleman, we appreciate your time. back in the u.s. capitol another
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day of testimony from the president's former attorney and fixer, today's session unlike wednesdays was held in private. there has been a very public reaction by republicans to some of michael collins statements yesterday. chief intelligent correspondent catherine herridge's lap tonight on capitol hill. good evening. >> the testimony concluded within the last hour with cohen making a brief public statement. >> as i said i am committed to telling the truth. >> the criminal referral to william barr alleges michael: perjured himself during wednesday's public testimony. >> i did not want to go to the white house. i was offered jobs. >> "prosecutors in the southern district of new york where he pled guilty to bank and tax fraud as well is lying. during and after the campaign he privately told friends and colleagues including his text messages that he was expected to
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given a prominent role in title of the new administration. his attorney lenny davis called the referral baseless and driven by two pro-trump committee members. then there is his cnn interview four days after the 2016 election. >> there is absolutely a chance. >> there was other pushback. on twitter, wikileaks at its editor never spoke to put a cooperative roger stone about hacking democratic emails as he testified. >> he told mr. trump that he had just gotten off the phone with julian sounds. there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage hillary clinton's campaign. >> his lawyer rudy giuliani said his testimony that he waved attorney-client attorney client attorney-client privilege is as follows. mr. trump repeated his criticism of his former lawyer and so-called fixer. >> he said no collusion with the russian hoax. i wonder why he didn't lie about that too. >> it underscored an appearance by democrats away from russia
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collusion to alleged fraudulent practices by drum. >> did he ever provide inflatable assets to insurance company? >> yes. >> where were the committee find more information? do we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns to compare them? >> yes. >> republicans to acknowledge the democrats appearing shifting and strategy while dismissing suggestions that he faces more legal and political trouble. >> the impeachment trouble is there. i think the focus is shifting. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee will recall cohen march 6 for more testimony. >> he was fully cooperative and answered all of our questions and this has always been an excruciating time for him. >> they announced another public hearing for march 14th with a russian born business associate who worked with cohen to market the 2016 real estate project as you know, that project never came through.
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>> bret: catherine herridge live on capitol hill. thank you. of next conservatives come together in washington while democrats come apart at seams on capitol hill. we will explain. first we will see what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox 45, attorneys with the men accused of killing five people at a newspaper office a prosecutors have not provided them with enough details of the charges against our client. the lawyers are said to be considering changes to mike changing his please do not criminally responsible due to insanity. fox two as floodwaters that turned communities into islands, it started to recede after inundating about 2,000 buildings. the russian river north of san francisco reached about 46 feet on wednesday. its highest level in 25 years. this is a lab look at philadelphia from fox 25. the main story, the phillies and bryce harper agree on a record
3:16 pm
contract. his free agency has been a major story of his off-season. reports say he will sign a 13 year deal worth $340 million. the highest ever in baseball. that is not's lab look outside the bell life from "special report." we are 83 miles outside the public as we had to break and throughout the show we will bring you to other interesting sites here in vietnam. >> this statue in downtown is really one of the last markers to vietnam communists passed. the party is still the ruling party here, the government has evolved. it is different in capitalism has rumbled by. look across the straits. international banks altogether and if you want a refreshment across from london park. you go to highlands coffee and grab a latte. "special report" continues after the break. ♪
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the economist blame the partial government shutdown among other factors. the grossed domestic product for the entire year came at 2.9%, the best showing in three years. the dow is off for a third straight day losing 69. the s&p 500 finished at eight and the nasdaq dropped 22. tennessee republican senator lamar alexander said president trump does not need to declare a national emergency in order to get funding for southern border wall. alexander is asking the president to take a second look before the senate votes on a resolution critical of that move. he said congress has already approved enough money for the construction of 234 miles of barrier. alexander is the fourth senator republican to express resistance to the emergency declaration. president trump says he will veto any critical resolution that makes its way to his desk. conservatives from all over the country are in suburban washington tonight for their annual conference known as a c
3:22 pm
pack. correspondent doug mckelway's life and the national harbor maryland to tell us the big topic is with the democrats doing to each other. >> at a time of historically low unemployment and economic expansion and servant of sea advantage of the leftward lurch of the democratic party the latest example, the green new deal. >> to pay for the great new deal, keep borrowing and borrowing. this is such a naive thought in the world of debt that i can't even respond to it. >> the left tilt as a target rich environment from the alleged hoaxes of jussie smollett, the covington kids and late-term abortions, the scandals of virginia politics to the recent discovery of a bernie sanders quote about the goodness of food lines. >> in other countries people don't line up for food. >> bernie sanders was talking about it's going to be in line to wait for food? we have to go to a point where we celebrate capitalism.
3:23 pm
>> that is the other theme of c pack this year. >> 3% growth as far as the eye can see. it is the hottest economy in the world and i will let the ankle fighters just bite our ankles. >> confronting those expressions, they are embracing socialism in a far left agenda. >> this is now a voting issue across the country. the great generation has risen up. >> that while the g.o.p. remains older and largely white. c pack organizers are intent on changing that, this breakout session with young minorities. many face daunting peer pressure is one example. >> you people come up to you and say you hate yourself and you were uncle tom. >> he is preaching to his followers while hayden williams invited to to c pack will punct at berkeley kept his camera rolling. >> i'm sure 10 million people have seen it. republicans have been embracing
3:24 pm
social media, but they're doing it now. fully cognizant that it is the way to reach a new generation of voters. >> bret: doug mckelway life and national harbor maryland. not another example of democrats not on the same page of the political playbook. this happened earlier this week in washington and of the democratic leadership is trying to tighten up. correspondent peter doocy picks up that story. >> and the house chamber democrats have more seats, but the house committee hearing about climate change, democrats left a lot of empty seats. republicans voted to shut it down. >> the motion passes. >> because only two democrats showed up, the party whose platform includes a line that reads, "climate change poses a real and urgent threat." they didn't have a hearing about that threat. >> we have utrecht. it is a cheap trick. we will be prepared. >> the democratic majority was
3:25 pm
shaken further when republicans insisted a gun background check bill he did language about undocumented immigrants buying guns. to nancy pelosi's dismay, republicans succeeded in convincing 26 democrats to join them in amending the bill by voting yes. >> vote no. the fact is a vote yes is to give leverage to the other side. >> democrats are thinking of ways to limit use of the tools they used here called a motion to recommit or mtr. >> changes to the mtr would be a nuclear option. >> they weaponized the mtr to force vulnerable democrats onto the record on hot button issues. a spokesman for the national republican committee chimed in, buckle up and grab your popcorn because democratic biting is already reaching a breaking point and it is only month two of democrats house majority. just wait until the party primaries began. until then the g.o.p. will need to rely on loopholes to make
3:26 pm
their mark, the next thing they tried could be squashed by the speaker. >> house democrats are still passing some high-profile agenda items like the resolution disapproving president trump's emergency declaration and a public package. democratic growing pains could be short-lived, but then again very few things will ever get signed by president trump. >> bret: peter doocy on the hill, thank you. up next serious criminal charges against one of the top political figures in the middle east. we will bring you there. first beyond our borders tonight. heavy rain turned roads into shallow rivers outside of jerusalem today. one commuter was stranded on top of his car and gushing floodwaters. rescuers and soon responded waiting through the waist deep water. in the past few days the jerusalem area has seen thunderstorms and rain fall that has swamped the streets. authorities say the accident that killed at least 25 people
3:27 pm
yesterday and cairo was caused by a fight between two train conductors. a single rare car collided head-on with the barrier of the main train station. egypt's prosecutor general said they forgot to put on the brakes before leaving his car to fight with another conductor was railcar was blocking his. cabinet ministers are rallying around the canadian prime minister justin trudeau. a day after his former attorney general testified, he had inappropriately try to pressure her to avoid prosecution of a major canadian engineering company in order to save jobs. justin trudeau has acknowledged raising the issue but says, it was done appropriately. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we had to break, the economy here is booming. one area in particular has a very long history of commerce. this is part of the old quarters, 36 traits that go
3:28 pm
back-to-back about a thousand years. each one of these streets named for a different craft that is done on the street. security is tight here, they have only ten days to get ready for the summit. think about that. singapore had two months. "special report" continues after the break. in the musical to ♪ musical the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever. ron! soh really? going on at schwab. thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again. and online equity trades are only $4.95...
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>> bret: the john mccain memorial here and downtown hanoi. there are new problems tonight for israel's prime minister during an already tough reelection site. he is now facing serious criminal charges. correspondent trey yingst has details tonight from jerusalem. >> is really prime minister will be indicted on accounts of bribery as well as two counts of fraud and breach of trust. israel's attorney general elise the chargers today and provided new details into the cases. he is accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cigars, champagne, and jewelry in exchange for using his influence as prime minister for the business and personal interests of his friends. they charges released by the attorney general also show that he allegedly helped with delivery delays de regularization in return for favorable coverage on his internet news site.
3:33 pm
he responded to the charges this evening echoing language used by president trump. >> in this witch hunt against me they did not stop at any means. they are still spilling my last class. they are chasing my son. they put my family through for three years. >> the announcements, later 40 days before the elections in april. the retired general of the leader of israel's largest opposition coalition against him responded to the indictments calling them the per minister o fight his battles. >> i calling you to show responsibility and resign. if and when you prove your innocence, you will be able to return to the public arena with your head held high. >> today is a turning point for the personal life who places
3:34 pm
years in prison if convicted. >> bret: trade gangs in jerusalem. pakistan's prime minister says his country will release a captured indian fighter pilot tomorrow. the move comes as a two countries try to diffuse the most serious confrontation and two decades over the dispute region of kashmir. the official site even if the pilot is returned home, india not hesitate to strike its neighbor first if it. another terror attack like on february 14th suicide bombing that killed more than 40 indian military troops. we will follow that story. in a spiritless opposition leader who is recognized as interim president by the u.s. and dozens of other countries says he will return to his country this weekend despite what he calls threats. he made a comment today and brazil, president trump is keeping the pressure up on disputed venezuelan president nicolas maduro. steve harrigan has the specifics tonight from caracas.
3:35 pm
>> they hold their children whatever else their arms could carry with borders shut down by their own government, venezuelans are desperate to flee, cross the river into columbia. the u.s. and other nations have sent thousands of emergency aid to venezuela only to see it burned or blocked by container trucks put into place on the border by the embattled president nicolas maduro. the government says the humanitarian aid is just a pretense for a regime change and if the u.s. has already seized $30 billion in venezuelan asset. president trump addressed the crisis. >> people are starving to death and you would really think that the man in charge currently would let those supplies get through. we are getting them into some of these cities and some of the areas that need them the most. >> a former bus driver reelected in a disputed vote last year has
3:36 pm
been able to avoid any large-scale military defections. he is keeping control over the police and court. the opposition leader backed by the u.s. and 50 other countries, juan cuadrado is in brazil. it is not clear how he plans to reenter venezuela, or if you'll be arrested upon his return. >> as you know i received threats to myself and my family. threats to be imprisoned by the regime. even so that will not prevent a return to venezuela this weekend. at the very latest on monday. >> the u.s. also pushed diplomatic efforts at the u.n. security council pushing a revolution resolution. a resolution that was vetoed by russia and china. >> bret: a steve harrigan and caracas, thank you. when we come back the last thing democrats and virginia needed, we will explain. intemperate korean leader kim jong un is still here and
3:37 pm
hanoi vietnam. the summit began with a big hassle for the white house press corps. these photographers around the corner to check a glimpse of the north korean leader kim jong un. this is has hotel behind us. i used to be the hotel for the white house press corps too, will the leader arrived, he said no. this is not going to work. the white house press corps was kicked out. they left to another hotel. a lot of changes for the summit, "special report" continues after the break. ♪ strange forces at work? only if you're referring to gravity-and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ >> bret: delay care and hanoi. the new england patriots owner back in the u.s. is pleading not guilty to two counts of misdemeanor solicitation. his attorney filed a written plea and the court documents
3:42 pm
were released today. the 77-year-old was requesting a nonjury trial, he was amongst hundreds of men charged the crackdown and the investigation into human trafficking at the florida day spas. there is yet another political controversy tonight in the commonwealth of virginia. he states top three democrats are already dealing with assorted issues ranging from embarrassing to potentially criminal. now the first lady of virginia is trying to recover from her own self-inflicted political wound. senior political correspondent mike emanuel tells us about it tonight. >> it has been a bumpy road for virginia's governor. on a timer he is supposed to be on a reconciliation tour. the allegation that the first lady handed raw cotton to only black students during a student tour of the government's mansion and asked them to imagine being and having to pick it. a spokesman said she hosted about 100 pages and she invited
3:43 pm
all of them to touch agricultural products such as dried tobacco, produce and cotton. she said she has provided the same educational tour to the executive visitors in the past few months and she has used agricultural crops to use as a painful period and virginia's history. she said she regrets that she has upset anyone. she has been intense pressures of the revelation of a racist picture on his medical school yearbook page and after betting he once wore a black face. it was his wife who appeared to stop him from moonwalking during his apology news conference. >> my wife says in appropriate circumstances. >> lastly the governor had to cancel his first stop on his so called reconciliation tour at a historically black college after students protested. the pressure could be even greater on the lieutenant governor accused by two women of
3:44 pm
assault. they haven't accepted an invitation to testify before the house of delegates. a day for the hearing is yet to be scheduled. >> bret: mike emanuel ndc, thank you. next up our panel back in washington on the summit here. michael cohen and the democrats are trying tighten up. ♪ cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. ♪ >> are you discussing human rights? >> we are discussing everything. he knew the case very well, but he knew it later. it is a big country, a lot of people. and those present in those camps you have a lot of people. some really bad things happened to otto. he said he didn't know anything about it and i will take that. >> bret: he walked away from me so much saying it wasn't ideal he could agree to. that statement raised a lot of eyebrows back in washington. the former u.s. bass or to the u.n. nikki haley tweeting out "america does the cruelty that
3:49 pm
was placed on him by the north korean regime. our hearts are with the family for the strength and courage. we will never forget him." he died after being held in captivity. some senators weighed in quickly on that particular element of the summit. >> the blood of otto warmbier is on the hands of kim jong un. there is no doubt that he knew about it and he allowed it to happen on the responsibility lies directly with kim jong un. >> the treatment of otto warmbier was unforgivable. >> have never heard of someone who did something wrong say, i dated! internationally they blame someone else. >> often prevent any interest in him getting to the condition that he did. evidence to that that i have for this is that it is the only american prisoner to which it happened to. that was abnormal. >> bret: that last person was the is really paratrooper. back to our second panel.
3:50 pm
jonathan swann the national political reporter and mollie hemingway the senior editor at the federalist. tom rogan, the cometary writer for the "washington examiner" ." what are your thoughts? >> donald trump certainly does not need to make north koreans abuse the centerpiece of his messaging, neither does he need to speak on behalf of or defend the regime leader in this horrible case of otto warmbier's death. the same time neither do critics need to make this the talking point of the post summit analysis. there is a lot of good that came from this summit as winston churchill likes to say, meeting jaw to job is better than war. this was an important thing. there was a lot to focus on in terms of the positives compared to where we were a couple of years ago. >> bret: the walk away, the administration i get these hands felt pretty good saying this was not the deal that we wanted to take.
3:51 pm
>> there are certainly people like john bolton, the five president mike pounds and some hawkish senators like marco rubio, they are much happier than with this outcome that ideal that may have not been worth it. the retell for me was friday when steve beacon who is a north korea working with mike pompeo the secretary of state, he admitted on the record that he didn't believe that the north koreans had made the basic decision to denuclearize and you don't get from there on friday to a triumphant ribbon cutting ceremony on the following week. we don't even have an infantry of what weapons they have in their country. we don't know where everything is. no one has followed a seriously and we wrote this eight week ago. no one has followed this issue seriously, i thought north korea would get to the trump administration wanted them. if you're worrying about
3:52 pm
north korea, you are much happier with an outcome like this then you are with the alternative which would have been a victory declaration and something pretty light. >> bret: he wrote a column on why we shouldn't read the north koreans statements about their side of the summit is a negative. there may be some optimism here. >> yes. i think there is. i think it is quite notable that president trump and the white house is pushing this. it is what happens, to spare that president trump walks away. it shows for the first time that ability to push back against the north koreans even in a different state of being that trump has in terms of going to hanoi a meeting with him. i think the rationale behind that was to say listen, i'm going to carry water for you in terms of things like otto warmbier. i'm going to do these unconventional things, but you must make the decision to make the necessary concessions to us. when they saw the kind of
3:53 pm
demands basically, it really significant chunk of sanctions release that they were demanding in return for trustee closure. frankly, kim jong un is not there yet. he needs to go back and have that jockeying. the key card to look for is the guy you always see with kim jong un. he is the hard-liner behind the scenes. that is why trump is saying, figure out your internal stuff and let's go for it again. >> bret: the president will be on the sean hannity show tonight. here's a sound out about uncle cohen. >> he is convicted and he is a liar. he is defrauded at a higher level. he has a lot of problems. it was very interesting because he lies so much. i watched some of it. i was able to watch some of it. he lied to so much and yet he said when it came to collusion, the whole hoax with depression collusion, the witch hunt, -- by the way that is very bad for a country because it stops you
3:54 pm
from doing that. he said no collusion. >> he didn't just say no collusion, he also said that he had never been to prague. that dossier where it had so many innuendos and rumors. the only thing that was really able to be fact-checked it was the fact that he had gone to prague to work out a deal with russians to steal the election. he said he has never been there and he said that to congress. there were people who thought that michael: was going to be the key to this conspiracy, the testimony that he gave yesterday gave them nothing. no collusion, no trip to prague, no blackmail. that was a huge disappointment for people who remain russian conspiracy thinkers. >> bret: i owe you a commentary next time you're on the panel. i have to run. when we come back, a final goodbye from vietnam. ♪
3:55 pm
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♪ finally, good morning vietnam. i had to say it once before i left. it's almost 7:00 a.m. friday morning here in hanoi and now let's look back at the lighter moments of this vietnam summit. this week we have had running bodyguards, a sprinting translator, north korean smoke break and some of president trump signature humor. >> i feel like having a nice, private dinner. >> if i wasn't willing to do that i would not be here right now. >> that might be the best answer you've ever heard of. >> president trump left the summit of course early with no deal on the table. in fact there was nothing on the table. it they had planned a lovely white fish and foie gras but
4:00 pm
that was it. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for the special report. fair, balanced and still unafraid. i will be traveling back to d.c., tonight or this morning, whatever this is. "the story" hosted by martha is up next. >> martha: in moments, newt gingrich is here. he says while the country has been sucked into a blinding vortex of gossip and hostility toward the president, the world is undergoing the most dramatic change since world war ii. so the power struggle in venezuela, protesting the streets of france and the drama over brexit and a worldwide sex abuse scandal that hangs over one of the world's largest religions. and in the middle east, israel's prime minister indicted ahead of a pivotal election. saudi arabia's crown prince cozying up to china. while nuclear power as india and pakistan are on the nice edge of war.


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