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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 28, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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be better than we are. and i want the best for her. all that was my daughter, maria and i had to bring her out on stage. a last-minute thought and we did it, she enjoyed it. what a great moment. that is all the time we have shannon bream a "fox news @ night" take it from here. >> shannon: she is beautiful and a chip off of the old block. >> laura: thank you. >> shannon: we can with a fox news alert tonight the president arriving to washington to something unusual for him, bipartisan praise. the president back at the white house after ending the summit north korean leader kim jong un without an agreement and leaving early. the president said he walked away because he was unwilling to give into north korea's demand but the u.s. lift all sanctions without an ironclad promise from kim to eliminate his arsenal. tonight you're from the president himself an exclusive interview about what led to that moment when he walked away. hello welcome to fox dome xp 30, and with new details about what
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really happened, good morning to you there, kristin. good morning to you, good evening to you shannon, president trump may be back at the white house but kim jong un is still here in the hanoi. the north korean finally decided to give their version of events at a press conference in the middle of the night at midnight local time here in vietnam. the north koreans foreign minister concerned that the talks broke down over sanctions, but that is where the similarities of president trump's account stop. >> is not the removal of all sanctions. basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do th that. they wanted to d nuke certain areas and i wanted everything. and the sanctions are there and i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program. and they are not ready for that,
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and i understand that my really do. >> shannon: the white house press secretary is trying to pua positive spin on the failure to reach an agreement that the second psalm with the north koreans, tweeted tonight "president obama refused to walk away with a bad deal and president trump refuses to make the same mistake with north korea, iran or anyone else. even though he's walking away with little to show for it, he is returning to washington with high praise from his usual critics. >> president trump to the right thing by walking away and not cutting a poor deal for the sake of a photo op. >> they wanted to lift things sanctions without the denuclearization. i'm glad the president walked away from it. speed two so happens next? president trump has said that he may be open to a third summit, but the north koreans warrant
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that that press conference late last night that kim jong un might lose his willingness to pursue a deal after the u.s. rejected what he offered in hanoi, shannon. >> shannon: kristin fisher commenced safe travels home thank you so much. the president back in washington with bipartisan praise over the last 24 hours. walking away from his home met with kim jong un calling at the art of the no deal. here to talk about that christian with ten former senior advisor, fred white assistant to donald trump and davidson. the advisor to obama campaign, welcome to all of you. >> thank you, david what do you make of the white house's response and the way they are describing what happened saying the obama administration did not walk away from the iran deal, dis- rated and walked from abbott saying the president did knew enough to walk away something that would not be good for the u.s. >> david: that is a great talking point for sarah sanders and i give the president for having the courage to walk away.
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i think it was the right decision for him but we also have to recognize the summit was a failure. we accomplish nothing and unfortunately we gave kim jong un something, he got to sit next to the president, he got a photo all up with the president and further legitimizes and normalizes kim jong un to be there with the president. other countries look at that and they were his symbolism they are. instead of us getting some kind of concession from him, we got nothing. i also disagree with the president he suggest there might be a third summit. i don't see how we can go into a third summit without getting something first. the first time it was great historic because they met, but the second summit should have produced something and without producing something you can have a third one. >> shannon: fred, including people who are not normally supportive of him, they are praising him for this but talk about the fact there is open dialogue, the missile testing has stopped and we have some refugees come excuse me, people
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held in north korea have gotten a comeback. they are highlighting the positive and the fact there is an ongoing conversation and no one walked away and no missile test today, they are coming that has a positive. >> fred: i think that is right. i talked to the president north korea's situation ten days ago. he said the hole to nuclear testing and nuclear program is a big step forward. i think he is right it is setting the steps back. active exceptional leaders to walk away. i've been involved in a lot of negotiations with the cia and the state department. there is this sensation to say we achieve something the signing ceremony and pat yourself on the back but very difficult to walk away. there is something else going on that we have to think about. why did kim think the president would go along with this bad deal? nobody is talking about that. kim figured, look we will corner mr. trump and he will agree to a terrible deal because he traveled all the way over here. but something else is going on. last week on this network we have heard repeated reports
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there were lower-level state department people who wanted to go too far. and i think they telegraphed to him may be directly to the government, that the president was more flexible than he really is. and i think the administration has to end this make sure everybody is on the same page. >> shannon: if you are the trump administration itself there may have been a split they are about what the white house, the highest level of the president thought was appropriate versus the state department employees who were they are doing some of the laying of the groundwork foundational work. >> fred: i think that is right. use all the work this week where high-level officials concerned and people doing negotiations that might be ready to give to way too much. i think. >> shannon: christian what do you make of that, this is your area of expertise and you know how this works. >> christian: yeah, no, actually of the u.s. team was fairly unified. i think it was clear we were going to walk away if we didn't get much in chattering beyond, something the north koreans told us to us in the bush administration. we got suckered and they charge
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is $2.5 million for dynamite to blow up a relatively cooling tower. and still it -- incidentally, kim offered to trump to shut it down is to produce plutonium for weapons. they have already produced enough plutonium for a lot of weapons. today, tomorrow not much. smart for jump -- trump to walk away. and the summit where ronald reagan was meeting gorbachev and originally supposed to meet to talk about eliminating nuclear weapons. gorbachev got to the point he was willing to give up almost all of the soviet nuclear arsenal if the u.s. gave up its own. but they demanded that ronald reagan give up on the idea of missile defense. the idea to defend the american people from nuclear attack rather than avenge them. reagan said no, walked away and it terrified the soviets and a year later we actually got arms control agreement that eliminated an entire class of weapons in europe. walking away, i disagree with the idea trump lost it and we didn't get anything. i think trump did a good thing
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with north koreans and also the chinese took notice about that. they think they can pull a fast one on trump with this radio coming together. today, they saw the president is not actually in it for the photo up, not in it for the political upside that you will walk away from bad deals. >> shannon: david and fredda, what do you think about that, te president telegraphed strength and wouldn't roll over? >> fred: i think christian is right this could help her future discussions and negotiations or a summit with china about the differences that we have with china, they have to think, okay the president might walk away from us like he did with north korea. but on the other hand this is great for china. china has an excuse also to do with north korea. it has an excuse to ease sanctions to continue to deal with -- >> shannon: do what we've been doing. >> fred: and evade sanctions and can do more of that and continue trade with north korea. they were empowered and emboldened to do that by the fact that the president met again with kim jong un and the
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summit which got so much attention but really didn't produce anything. the other winner in this is dan, he said the leader of the dni, that he didn't believe that north korea really intended to give up its nuclear weapons. the president disagreed with him. he said he was wrong. but it turns out he was right. >> shannon: christian i hear you laughing so i will give you a chance to respond to that. >> christian: dan coats the $50 billion per bureaucracy said no, maybe north korea doesn't want to give up its weapons and may be a rush is bad, may be iran is also bad. i mean i would be happy to produce a relevant assessment for $25 million, the director of national intelligence spoke to the person in the institution and that's relevant. that is to produce intelligence with this information we don't have them make the job of the president and our bad command easier. what he said was recycled a bunch of obvious truths. yes, north korea would like to hold onto their nukes and would
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drive a hard bargain. they beat the clinton administration and the george w. bush administration, this is obvious you don't need to pay bureaucrats $50 billion a year to produce this but listen, donald trump has done better than the two other administrations. >> shannon: unfortunately we are out of time but this issue far from settled so if you come back we will have you back on because korea not done yet, thank you all. >> david: thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi a warning for democrats and the party who dared to vote republican's on anything. according to politico, pelosi telling lawmakers this is not a day at the beach. and moderates need to stop voting with the g.o.p. that move to tighten things up on the left, a week for socialist and centrist as peter doocy reports. >> in the house chamber, democrats have more seats, but in a house to meeting -- committee hearing a lot of empty seats of the republicans voted to shut it down.
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the motion passes, the hearing is adjourned. >> peter: only two democrats showed up the party whose platform includes a line that reads climate change poses a real and urgent threat didn't get to have a hearing about that real and urgent threat. >> that got you trick but a cheap trick. we will be prepared for it. >> peter: the new democratic majority strength was shaken further when republicans insist that a gun background check needed language about undocumented immigrants buying guns and speaker pelosi dismay, republicans succeeded in convincing 26 democrats to join them in amending the bill by voting yes. >> just vote no because the fact is, a vote yes is to give levers to the other side. >> peter: now democrats reportedly thinking ways to limit use of republican view. called a motion to recommit or mtr. >> changes to the mtr would be a nuclear option. >> peter: . >> peter: republicans have weaponized mtr to force
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democrats onto the record on hard-bitten issues. a spokesman for the national republican congressional committee time dan buckle up and grab your popcorn because democratic infighting is already reaching a breaking point and it's only a month to a democrat house majority. wait until the inner party primaries began. until then the g.o.p. will need to rely on loopholes to make their mark, but the next thing they try could be squashed by the speaker. >> the power of the speaker is awesome. >> peter: house democrats are still passing high-profile agenda items like the resolution disapproving president trump's emergency declaration and a public land package. so democratic growing pains could be short-lived, but then again, very few things they ever passed or ever going to get signed by president trump. shannon. >> shannon: making good point, peter doocy on the hill, thank you. claims president trump reportedly pushed chief of staff john kelly to get his son in law
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and senior advisor jared kushner a top level security clearance. "the new york times" reports the president overruled concerns by intel officials and white house attorney and kushner's attorney said his clients clearance were hindered -- handled without pressure. the 2020 contenders handled with pace to break away from the pack with increasingly reckless policies and talking points. the latest from new jersey senator cory booker and endorsed for other 2020 contenders. >> enthusiasm for marijuana legalization now. hey, look, i'm all for it. >> shannon: joining us live with the race to the left, next. matt michael be up
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>> shannon: senator cory booker the latest to call for legalization of marijuana on the federal level. during a list of 2020 candidates to break out of a crowded field by taking increasingly progressive views. the green new deal to medicaid for all to abolishing ice and you see the list they are. a spokesperson for obama for america, welcome to you both. >> okay, so the president talked with those sean hannity and this is what he says about the green new deal idea. >> $100 trillion and you are good for that, but the same amount of money, so ridiculous, no playing anymore. it is crazy, but personally, i love it. it's one of the great plans i have ever seen. as long as they are the ones i have to sell it. >> shannon: he said he loves it. it is great for 2020 for him. >> i get what he is trying to say but i recognize in the
8:19 pm
presidential primary this year, some of what was experienced in the republican primary in 2016, there will be a strong movement to the left in order to win this nomination but the question is can he make the transition in the general election. ultimately, decided in the states across the midwest that care mostly about the bread and butter issues specifically economy and other issues associated with it may be not as interested in social policies that are being discussed. >> shannon: the "washington examiner" democrats getting out dangerously left wing when the presidential candidate isolated in liberal cocoons don't seem to understand their vulnerability on issues like reparations, nine-month abortion and green new deal and they assume media feel. matt. >> democrats whoever gets trumped they are overconfident and writes about how california >> shannon: california is not voting for presidential, it's not happening. >> matt: but it lowers trump's rating because he's -- he's so
8:20 pm
unpopular in california and that does not determine president or not. these are not majority litmus test. reparations, legalized marijuana, green new deal. these are simply not majority issues and the democrats need to consult the majority public. we will have to see but the republicans feel good about the directions so far to the left that it will be hard to track back and was they nominate in more meta- -- michael bloomberg who has more appeal to the middle. >> shannon: please see this happens and the primary on both sides but now is for us michael cohen said yesterday when he was testifying, given my experience working for president trump i fear if he loses the election 2020, there will never be a peaceful transition of power here that is a pretty out there statement, but it's not the only one. the president forever, he says this about where he thinks the president can go. >> if impeachment starts to happen even if he loses an
8:21 pm
election, what ever in a move do you think this guy is capable of doing to create a civil war, i know, i'm not speaking about hyperbole. >> shannon: he's not speaking hyperbole but he's not going peacefully if he loses and he sees a war coming. >> matt: i don't know if i buy into that rhetoric actually. one thing is fair to say, we are polarized as a country right now. i know there is a lot of viewers watching this network that don't agree with me because they see i'm a former obama spokesperson. we are at a point where it's tough to hear what the other side is saying. but i will say this, it doesn't help anything to have these kind of conversations. i will argue on my side i don't think the president helps with his rhetoric but the president did not cause this problem either. many respects he does not help with the rhetoric. i don't see this conversations move anything forward for the country to bring people together at all. >> shannon: and matt. >> matt: specializes in hyperbole and i think it's over the top. there is no reason to believe that would happen. you have seen predictions how we
8:22 pm
will fire robert mueller or shut down the mueller again that has not happening. look if president trump is worried about losing, he would not win free election and every single we could see, senior staff, raising money, running fr election so it will be divisive very competitive election and the country will come back together because it always does. >> shannon: i feel like the last one just got over. matthew and zach thank you for coming in. freshman congresswoman ng accuses of racism and former trump employee administration officials happen to be african-american showed up yesterday's michael cohen. that woman and pat long time trump employee friend speaking out tonight and she is not holding back. there is no amount of money in the world to pay me to make me work for racism.
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>> shannon: new backlash tonight michael cohen wins public testimony yesterday and
8:27 pm
accusations of racism loved by your fresh lawmaker vowed to impeach president trump calling him calling him mf. an african-american woman calling prop to the g.o.p. yesterday is firing back. trach out -- trace gallagher. >> good evening president trump's former lawyer michael cohen told the house insight committee he was racist, north carolina g.o.p. mark meadows defended the president by mentioning housing and urban development official lynn patton as she stood behind him watch. >> she says as a daughter of a man born in birmingham, alabama, that there is no way she would work for an individual who was racist. >> the fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee is alone racist in itself. and that response by congressmen set off an angry back-and-forth
8:28 pm
between her, congressman meadows and oversight dear elijah cummings. but patton was not offered a chance to defend yourself or be calling a prop so she went on social media posting "my presence today was to remind michael cohen honesty and integrity still matter. i do not have a nondisclosure agreement. i do not have a book deal, but what i do have is the truth on my side when you have that, nothing else matters." patton also said this about where she was to leave on fox & friends. >> why does she take the word of a self-confessed perjurer and criminally convicted white man over a black female who is highly educated, rose up through the ranks of one of the most competitive companies and real estate. >> then all over on msnbc al sharpton brought the argument full-circle by defending congressman khalid and going after lynn patton forsaking her word should carry more weight than michael cohen wins.
8:29 pm
watch. >> one word, she couldn't testify. she was standing there as a prop that was not allowed to speak, but is not brought there to speak. >> trace: the battle continued on the airways on capitol hill where it began, there appeared to be a peace deal and the house floor representative meadows offered representative to lead his hand but instead got a hug. the two spoke for about a minute. a little calm before the next partisan storm, shannon. >> shannon: trees, thank you very much. trace presented the case so let's dig in deeper to the issue with fox contributor andrew mccarthy, welcome to you both. >> high, shannon. i want to play a little bit more about lynn patton on instagram come i want to read a little bit more what she said yesterday. someone played the race card and it wasn't the republican. a highly educated black woman who rose through the ranks of a real estate company in the world spoke before 25 million people at the republican national
8:30 pm
committee convention and successfully oversees the program office in the country. that is not the resume of a prop. jamail. >> while she certainly has every right to express her personal experience with president trump. here is the thing, shannon black women are many things, we are phenomenal, we are demonized at times. we are deified but what we aren't our exhibit b, a, c and congressional hearing. she allowed herself to go into that room knowing she was not going to be saying anything. knowing that her appearance was to stand up and sit down, now, i would ask this patent the same thing i would ask republican congressman has she asked president trump why asked for the death penalty for innocent black boys? has she asked why discriminated against black tennis and trump organization real estate
8:31 pm
business? has she asked him about his boat-sized comment about the good white supremacist and charlottesville? did she get answers that satisfied her that proved to her? >> shannon: she has known him and the family worked for them for 15 plus years. she said cohen has two and it doesn't take 15 years that someone is suddenly a racist unless they aren't. so auntie, she knows him intimately and work with him over a decade. by her assessment, he's not a racist and she wanted to be there it support him. is that appropriate, and he? >> andrew: there is nothing even inappropriate about being pointed out but what i object to is the entire thing is just the ater that is meant to divide people. there is no reason and if this were a court, shannon and stead of congress with no rules, no judge would have allowed cohen's
8:32 pm
testimony about trumping a racist no matter what you think of trump, irrelevant to what they were covering yesterday. and then you wouldn't have had this whole circus about whether this poor woman was a prop or being there was correct or not, whether meadows should have pointed out. the whole thing was not intended to do anything except have both of our very contentious sides in this country at each other's throats again. and if that was the intention, which it look like to me, congratulations, mission accomplished. >> shannon: you have a 15 seconds but are you worried about the use of the word racist that it becomes too common and possibly inaccurate from various circumstances? >> jehmu: i have deftly cited ways throwing racism out there and so we all have this bias. in this reality president trump has earned that monitor. he was the ceo of the birther --
8:33 pm
>> shannon: i want to get to that and andy to your point do you think the word racist is used appropriately these days? >> andrew: i think it is used inappropriately but i don't think i have implicit bias and i think we should take each other as we are without worrying about all that stuff. >> shannon: okay in a perfect world. andy, thank you for weighing in on this topic, good to see you both. >> jehmu: thank you. >> shannon: political and abroad, hiding and the picture of someone in blackface, another kkk hood surfaced and now his wife is having to apologize and we will explain why. canadian prime minister justin trudeau may not survive a scandal rocking his administration. elected officials with a big distraction. those stories are next.
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>> shannon: a new headache developing for democrats in virginia. just weeks ago we saw pam standing behind her husband in a
8:38 pm
press conference where the governor was not in infamous yearbook photo of the day after he apologized for it. now, david reports she is in a spotlight on the last day of black history month. >> pleased to be joined by my wife, pam. ralph northam admitted he wore blackface as part of michael jackson costume, his wife kept him in line. >> inappropriate. >> my wife says in appropriate circumstances. >> pam northam facing heat of her own after the mother of an eighth-grade page at the virginia capital says the first lady handed out cotton to black students as part of a history presentation. virginia's first lady as a teacher and recently brought students to learn about the history of the governor's mansion. the oldest in the country, last week she invited more than 100 pages of all races to a program called the historic kitchen where she encouraged them to touch agricultural products like
8:39 pm
dried tobacco, raw cotton and produce. the eight great student wrote a letter to mrs. northam that reads in part i will give you the benefit of the doubt because you gave it to other pages but you followed us by asking can you imagine being enslaved person and having to pick this all day? which didn't help the damage you had done. in a statement the first lady offered an i regret -- regret i upset anyone northam's husband on what he calls can still eat -- he speak to talk to african-american students but was recently uninvited prompting questions over just how effective he can be in office. same story for lieutenant governor justin fairfax who was played by sexual misconduct allegations. fairfax is facing his own cause of resignation after two women said he them in early 2,000. >> we stand here in a rush to judgment with accusations and no facts. and don't forget number three democrat attorney general mark hearing. he also admitted he wore
8:40 pm
blackface and calls for him to step down as well. all three men continued their jobs but the work of virginia must continue we will see if these three men can survive the storm commission end. >> shannon: it is interesting because when each broke a lot of folks thought they wouldn't survive and there were calls across the board for them to go and all three hang on. >> justin: a lot of them have work to do so we will see how it plays out the next few years. >> shannon: thank you, neighbor in maryland with house delegates in annapolis voted venomously with state lawmaker marian asante. the democrat use the n-word talking about majority black prince georges county and apologize for it but the pressure building for her to resign. political firestorm developing north of the border. the prime minister justin trudeau's office accused of improper political pressuring on behalf of a big corporation in the politically vital providence of quebec. lee lim federal reporting, hate. >> a lot of shock waves in this
8:41 pm
1 amp at this geopolitical context and the prime minister from canada was a counterweight to president trump's way of doing business and a voice if you will within the angle american alliance underway his good friend, president obama handled things, that now justin trudeau political scandal has certainly threatened that voice. president trump refers to him as just in canada, justin hurt when called out mr. trump said in a spread over tariffs. very dishonest and weak say another tweet about the prime minister. that was in june when the famous struggle with the president while world leaders ricocheted around the world as president trump left the g7 summit in canada. since then a scandal heated up over snc 11 lynn a worldwide construction contract that allegedly derived officials in libya. a conviction in canada would mean 10-year ban on bidding for federal contracts.
8:42 pm
justice minister jody wilson ray both testified wednesday trudeau encouraged her to find a solution for snc la violin saying if there was no plea deal, there would be many jobs lost and snc, with move headquarters from montreal. she left the justice ministry and resigned the cabinet laying bare the division in trudeau's government. >> there were many other inappropriate conversations and attempts at political interference. trudeau only wanted to save jobs and problems of quebec where employees 3400 people. claims he didn't interfere in the judicial process. and saying at a news conference i and my staff acted appropriately and professionally and therefore, i completely disagree with the characterization of the former attorney general about these events. >> leland: this makes a lot more sense when you look at it
8:43 pm
in the political context. trudeau faces tough reelection fight later this year, and well it came on the road seen as the young canadian counterpart to then president barack obama, his liberal party, shannon, is now vastly underwater in the polls. >> shannon: it hasn't seem most popular politicians but time has a way of catching up with you, leland, thank you. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu with serious charges of fraud and bribery for allegedly accepting gifts of cigars in champaign in exchange for political favors. indictments come with top reelection battle. >> the left is doing this because they know they can't beat us in the ballot box. i call on you, benjamin netanyahu to com come o your senses, show responsibility and reposed. >> shannon: the leader you heard for benny gantz accused of sexual misconduct 40 years ago in high school.
8:44 pm
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delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. speed when times are changing in academia but the next generation well served. joining us like to discuss contributor and the media director phillips, welcome to both of you. we will start with this dispute harvard campus. a law professor well esteemed, well loved and tonight he is in trouble apparently because of a client he decided to represent. he joined the legal team of harvey weinstein and a number of student started to petition to get rid of him now. do you really want one day to accept your diploma from someone who for whatever reason professional or personal believes it's okay to prominent of the me too movement? dean sullivan professional art not only upsetting but deeply trauma inducing. jessica, they say they don't
8:49 pm
want him to take certain clients. >> this dean represented aaron hernandez before harvey weinstein and last time i checked criminal defense attorneys defend criminals. i think you can have a conversation about the type of crimes he's taking on and it sounds like he is open to that conversation, but when you say trauma inducing and the person you are discussing has not been incredibly accused of sexual assault themselves, it seems a little ridiculous especially for graduate students. if some of these are law students from the south who do not understand what it is that you go to law school four. in the first place. >> shannon: and i know this is the kind of thing you cover all the time but the last couple of years there are times schools including graduate level programs or told students to traumatized -- traumatized, they don't have to take exams or come to class. >> this is the growing trends of students manufacturing physically on site by the presence of people they don't like rather than saying, how can i learn from this person's experience and grow in my own
8:50 pm
understanding but they simply try to say i don't want them here because it made me feel unsafe. two things can be true, one harvey weinstein can be a horrible human being which he is, number two, deserving of legal defense a system that we have an important to have and willing to do these jobs and not in the role but still important part of the legal system. you shouldn't lose your job simply because you are doing your job. >> shannon: okay let's go to california across the pond, the other pond. it feels like a different country but the west coast where a bill introduced they were in the legislature that says there will be no student dissections of any animals in k-12, not good for kids and traumatizing. peta said cutting up the corpses of dead animals for a crude biology lesson should be a thing of the past. and also wade's school funds and educators with formaldehyde and a no curse in jenin and deprives students of education with advanced simulation that are
8:51 pm
superior to cutting up animals. jessica come i didn't like doing this in high school and had to do it where i would have tanked my biology great but not anymore in california. >> jessica: you can always opt out moral ground which has been up available a very long time. an article i read about this, it doesn't seem like it's at a committee at this point and just a road legislature advocating for this. but when they say peta alleges they can do this on a computer simulation and that can be better off, hopefully a bunch of future doctors coming up who will not be able to operate on a computer. they will have to actually touch people who have the same organs that we find in these animals when doing the dissections. and you learn a lot from it. so i personally was never forced to do this. you can morally opt out but i don't think it is something we should be removing from the cripple and altogether. >> i was first in line every year. >> shannon: you remember. >> jessica: that explains a lot, kevin. >> a way to make science and
8:52 pm
biology interesting for a lot of students and a lot of people at home can remember that dissection forces so i think it is a way to get young people engaged and ridiculous to do away with this. are we talking aquariums, and farms because that might be taking away from animal rights but on a serious note it says something about the state of political discourse when people have no problem with dissection of life human beings, babies but do have a problem with dissection of dead animals. i think that is something that needs to be discussed. >> shannon: having a lovely minute lineal which going to abortion which you know. we went this be another discussion but we might do it tomorrow night, something that duke university, got canceled because the title of this speech which was only division of god can make someone happening is triggering. but i see that when we will get to tomorrow. jessica and kevin. a conservative activist in the
8:53 pm
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>> shannon: conservatives from all over the country are in washington tonight they annual cpac convention. and doug mckelway saved many of attendees say the democrats are doing the jobs for them. >> at a time of historically low employment and economic expansion, conservatives the advantage of the lurch of the democratic party. the latest example of the green new deal. >> to pay for the green deal all you need to do is keep borrowing and borrowing and borrowing. this is a naive thought in the world of debt. i can't even respond to it. >> the left hill is a target environments conservatives from the alleged hopes of jussie smollett, the coveted kid, they embraced of late term abortions, the scandals virginia democratic politics to the recent discovery of the 1980s bernie sanders
8:58 pm
quote about the goodness of food lines. >> in other countries people don't line up and the rich get the food and the poor follow-up of the deck. >> bernie sanders talking about it's good to be in line to wait for food? we have got to get to a point where we celebrate capitalism. >> that is the other theme of cpac this year. 3% growth as far as the eye can see. it is the hottest economy in the world. and i will let the ankle biters just bite our ankles. >> confronting though success is a sober democratic -- demographic reality and embracing socialism and a far left agenda. this is now a voting issue across the country. the green generation has risen up. that while the g.o.p. remains older and largely white. cpac organizers intent on changing that this breakout session with young minorities, many facing daunting peer pressure is one example. >> you have people come up to you and tell you you hate yourself. >> patrick preaching to a
8:59 pm
quarter million instagram followers while hayden williams invited to cpac after he punched out for being conservative at uc berkeley kept his camera rolling. >> i'm sure 10 million people have seen it. republicans have been late in utilizing social media, but they are embracing it now. fully cognizant to reach a new generation of voters, shannon. >> shannon: doug mckelway, thank you very much. tonight we honor two very special surplus -- servicemen in maine night hero, blanco camp fiore he graduated boot camp. he has become a marine but also already a warrior to the core. michael had already won the biggest battle of his life, beating leukemia and he wanted to make it to the surface, kudos to him. and world war ii veteran joe to turn 100 years old and all he wanted was 100 birthday cards. after his retirement home posted his wish online, he has actually gotten thousands of cards and gifts.
9:00 pm
he got cards from japan, new zealand and more. good, private, you are the midnight heroes for service to the country and much more. most watch, most trusted, great you are spent your evening with us good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ good evening, welcome to tucker carlson tonight the acrth koreans, ended early in the president rejected north korea's negotiating position unacceptable in bed for the united states but is that a good thing or a bad thing, we will find out ahead and democratic presidential candidate gafford has all been been expelled basically from her party, her prime opposing war. happy to talk to her on this show. first, michael cohen spent a decade as trump's high-profile lobbyer, and defender and personal attorney. one day he decided he hated donald trump and became his mortal


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