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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOXNEWSW  March 1, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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our next generation is going to be better than we are and i want the best for her. that was my daughter maria. i had to bring her out on stage, last-minute thought and she enjoyed it. love that. what a great moment, that's all-time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. >> she's a chip off the old block. we begin with a fox news alert, the president is arriving in washington to something unusual for him, bipartisan praise, he ended his summit with a north korean leader kim jong un without an agreement or leaving early, he walked away because he was unwilling to give into north korea's demand the us with all sanctions without the ironclad promise from kim to illuminate his nuclear arsenal. hear from the president in an exclusive interview about that moment when he walked away.
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kristin fisher is in hanoi with details of what really happened. >> good evening. donald trump is at the white house but rashida tlaib -- kim jong un is in hanoi, the north koreans talked about the event at a press conference in the middle of the night. at midnight local time in vietnam the foreign minister confirmed talks broke down over sanctions but that's where the similarities with donald trump's account stops. >> what we pre-post was not removal of all sanctions. >> they wanted sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that. wanted to de-nukes certain areas and i wanted everything and sanctions are there and i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program. we are not ready for that and i understand that.
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>> the press secretary is trying to put a positive spin on the failure to reach an agreement in the second summit with the north koreans tweeting president obama refused to walk away with a bad deal with iran, donald trump refused to make the same mistake with iran, north korea or anyone else and even though donald trump is walking away from vietnam with little to show for it he's returning to washington with high praise from his usual critics. >> donald trump did the right thing by walking away and not cutting up for deal for the sake of a photo up. >> they wanted lifting sanctions without denuclearization but the president walked away from that. >> what happens next?
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donald trump said he may be open to a third summit but the north koreans warned at the press conference late last night that heather nauert -- kim jong un might lose his willingness to make a deal. >> safe travels home, thank you so much. the president back in washington amid bipartisan praise for walking away from the summit with kim jong un calling it the art of no deal. you to talk about that, former senior advisor of the state department and david, former foreign policy advisor to the obama campaign. what do you make of the white house's response and the way they are describing what happened years saying the obama administration didn't walk away from the iran deal which they either serrated but the president knew enough to walk away from something that wasn't going to be good for the us.
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>> great talking point by sarah sanders, i give the president credit for having the courage to walking away, the right decision for him but we have to recognize the summit was a failure. we accomplished nothing from this summit and we gave kim jong un something. he got to sit next to the president, got a photo op with the president at it further legitimizes and normalizes him to be there with the president and other countries look at that and there is some symbolism there and instead of us getting some kind of confession from him we got nothing. i also disagree with the president when he suggests there might be a third summit. i don't see how he can go into a third summit without getting something first. first time was historic just because. the second summit should have produced something and then you can't have a third one. shannon: they are praising him for this, there's been open
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dialogue, and people being held there and north korea have gotten to come back, they are highlighting the positives and saying the fact that there is ongoing conversation and nobody walked away, they are counting that in a positive light. >> i talked to the president about the north korea situation ten days ago and he said halting nuclear testing and nuclear programs, sitting these programs back. this was an act of exceptional leadership to walk away. i have been involved in a lot of negotiations. there is a temptation to say we achieved something about that yourself on the back, it's difficult to walk away. there something else going on we have to think about. why did kim think the president would go along with this idea? it could be configured we will corner mister trump, he will agree to a terrible deal because he traveled all the way over here but something else is going on. over the last week we heard
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repeated reports of lower-level state department people who wanted to go too far and they telegraphed to kim, maybe directly that the president was more flexible when he really is and the administration has to look into this and make sure everybody is on the same page. shannon: there may have been a split about what the white house thought was appropriate versus state department employees who were there doing, laying the foundation. >> that's probably right. you saw the reports where high-level officials were concerned there were people during negotiations. the north koreans heard that. >> what do you make of that? this is your area of expertise and you know how this works. >> i think the us team was unified, it was very clear we didn't walk away if we didn't get much.
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they sold it to us in the bush administration, we got suckered, they charged us $2.5 million for some dynamite double open irrelevant cooling tower. the purpose of kim's offer was to produce plutonium for weapons and they have produced plutonium for a lot of weapons. it was smart for trump to walk away. one historical analogy, the rhetoric summit where ronald reagan was meeting gorbachev and they were supposed to talk about some nuclear weapons, gorbachev got to the point he was willing to give up almost all the soviet nuclear arsenal if the us gave up its own but they demanded ronald reagan give up on missile defense, the idea to defend the american people from nuclear attack rather than avenge them. reagan said no and walked away and are terrified the soviets. a year later we got an arms control agreement that eliminated an entire class of weapons, walking away, i disagree with the idea trump
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lost anything. he did a good thing with the north koreans and the chinese took notice, they think they can pull a fast one with this trade deal that is coming together and they saw the president is not in it for the photo op or political upside. he will walk away from the deal. shannon: what do you think, the fact the president telegraphed strength? >> this could help for any future discussions and negotiations or summit with china about the differences we have with china, they have to think the president might walk away from us like a did from north korea but on the other hand this is great for china because now china has an excuse to ease sanctions, to continue -- and they have been doing that and helping north korea ebay
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sanctions and it can do more of that and continue trade with north korea and they were empowered and emboldened to do that by the fact the president met with kim jong un in this summit which got so much attention but didn't produce anything. the other winter in this is dan coats said he didn't believe north korea really intended to give up nuclear weapons, the president disagree with him, said he was wrong but it turns out he was right. shannon: i hear you laughing. >> dan coats is the head of the intelligence bureaucracy, he says maybe north korea doesn't want to give up its weapons and maybe russia is bad, maybe iran is also bad. i would be happy to produce that assessment for only $25 billion. i will give him a 50% discount. the director of national intelligence is irrelevant. that is supposed to produce intelligence which is information we don't have and make the job of the president and combatant commanders easier and what he did was recycle a
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bunch of obvious truth, north korea would like to hold onto its nukes, they are going to drive a hard bargain, they beat the clinton administration, they beat the george w. bush administration, you don't need to pay intelligence bureaucrats $50 billion year to produce this. donald trump has done better than the other administrations. shannon: this issue as far from settled. we would love to have you back, we are not done yet. nancy pelosi issuing a stark warning for democrats in her party who dared to vote with republicans on anything. she tells democratic lawmakers this is not a day at the beach and moderates need to stop voting with the gop. a move to tighten things up on left follows a volatile week for socialists and centrists as peter doocy reports. >> in house chamber democrats have more seats but in a house committee hearing about climate change they left a lot of empty seats so republicans voted to
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shut it down. >> the motion passes, the hearing is a and. >> reporter: only two democrats showed up, the platform includes a line that reads climate change poses a real and urgent threat, didn't get to have a hearing about that real and urgent threat. >> it is a cheap trick and we will be prepared. >> the democrat majority strength was shaken when republicans insist begun background check bill needed language about undocumented immigrants buying guns into nancy pelosi's does may republican succeeded convincing 26 democrats to join them in amending the bill by voting yes. >> just vote no. a vote yes gives leverage to the other side. >> reporter: democrats are thinking of ways to limit use of the 2 republicans have called a motive to recommit. >> changes to the nti would be a nuclear option. >> reporter: republicans weapon
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i said to force vulnerable democrats to the record on hot button issues so a spokesman for the national republican congressional, chimed in, quote, buckle up and grab your popcorn because democratic inviting is already reaching a breaking point. just wait until the intraparty primaries begin, the gop will need to rely on loopholes to make their mark but next thing they try could be squashed by the speaker. >> the power of the speaker is awesome. >> reporter: democrats are passing high profile agenda items like the resolution disapproving donald trump's emergency declaration and a public land package, democratic growing pains could be short-lived but very few things will get signed by donald trump. shannon: claims that donald trump pushed chief of staff john
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kelly to give jared kushner top level security clearance, the president overruled concerns by intel officials and top white house attorney, saying his client's clearance was handled without undue pressure. the field of democratic contenders growing a record place. candidates break away from the pack with increasingly progressive policies and talking points. the latest from cory booker endorsed by four other 2020 contenders. >> enthusiasm for marijuana legalization now and -- >> joining us to debate the rest of the left, next. i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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>> shannon: senator cory booker the latest to call for legalization of marijuana on the federal level. during a list of >> cory booker the latest greece legalization of marijuana on the federal level. joining the list of 2020 candidates trying to break out of a crowded field by taking progressive positions, to medicare for all, green new deal, abolishing ice. here to talk about it is the president of potomac strategy group. the president talked a little earlier tonight about the green new deal idea. >> $100 trillion. it is not even the money. it is so ridiculous. no planes, it is crazy but personally i love it, one of the greatest plans i have ever seen as long as they are the ones that have to sell it. >> he thinks this is great for 2020 for 2024 him. >> i get what he's trying to say but i recognize and the
12:19 am
president of primary some of what was experienced in the republican primary in 2016 is going to be a strong movement to the left to win the nomination. can you make the transition the general election? will be decided a lot of states in the midwest the care mostly about bread-and-butter issues, the economy and other issues associated with it, aren't interested in social policy issues being discussed. >> democrats getting out on a dangerously left-wing limit, democratic presidential candidates isolated and liberal cocoons don't understand their vulnerabilities and issues like reparations, 9-month abortion to the green new deal, they assume media friends can rescue them but what if they can't? >> democrats think whoever gets nominated will be trump. they are overconfident. california -- >> california is not going for donald trump. >> by itself it lowers trump's
12:20 am
approval rating because he is so unpopular in california. that's not how you determine who will be president but these issues are litmus test in the democratic primary, reparations, legalized marijuana, green new deal, simply not majority issues, we will have to see. i think trump and the republican feel good about the direction, it will be hard to track unless they nominate a more moderate candidate who does have more appeal to the middle. >> it happens in primaries on both sides. michael cohen said yesterday given my experience working for donald trump i fear if he loses the election in 2020 there will never be a peaceful transition of power. that's a pretty out there statement but not the only one. this about where the president could go. >> if impeachment starts to
12:21 am
happen even if he loses and election, whatever you think he is capable of doing to create a civil war. i'm not speaking and hyperbole. shannon: he says:says he's not going peaceful if he loses and civil war is coming. >> i don't buy into that rhetoric. one thing is fair to say, we are remarkably polarized as a country. a lot of viewers don't agree with me because they see i'm a former obama spokesperson. of stuff for people even to hear what the other side is saying but i will say this. it doesn't help anything to have these conversations. i don't think the president helps with his rhetoric, but the president didn't cause this either. he doesn't help with his rhetoric. these conversations don't move anything forward the country and bringing people together. >> donnie specializes in this hyperbole. it's over-the-top, no reason to
12:22 am
believe that would happen, using critics say he's going to shut down the mueller report, that hasn't happened. of trump is worried about losing he would have run for reelection in every way we could see, hiring senior staff. it will be a divisive competitive election. the country will come back together. it always does. shannon: thank you for coming in. progressive freshman congresswoman accuses the gop of racism, former trump employee who happens to be african-american showed up at michael cohen's hearing. a long time trump family employee and friend is speaking out tonight and is not holding back. >> there is no amount you could pay me to make me work for a racist. woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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>> shannon: new backlash tonight michael cohen shannon: michael cohen's contentious testimony,
12:27 am
accusations of racism mob the by version lawmaker who vowed to impeach donald trump and the african-american woman accused of being a prop for the gop yesterday firing back. >> reporter: after donald trump's lawyer said that trump was racist, north carolina gop congressman mike meadows defend the president by mentioning housing and urban development official lynn patton as she stood behind him. >> she says is a daughter of a man born in birmingham, alabama, there is no way she would work for an individual who was racist. >> the fact that someone would use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee is a racist in itself. >> reporter: that congresswoman set up an angry back and forth,
12:28 am
congressman meadows and eliza cummings, lynn patton wasn't offered a chance to defend herself of being called a prop so she went on social media posting my presence today was to remind michael cohen that honesty and integrity matter. the truth on my side and when you have that, nothing else matters. patton also said this about kim jong un -- >> a criminally convicted white man over a black female who is highly educated, rose through the ranks of one of the most competitive companies in real estate. >> all stopped and brought the argument full-circle by defending rashida tlaib, singer words should carry more weight than michael cohen.
12:29 am
>> she is standing as a prop that was not allowed to speak. >> reporter: the battle continued on the airwaves on capitol hill where it began, there appeared to be a peace deal, when representative meadows offered rashida tlaib his hand he instead got a hug. a little call before the next partisan storm. shannon: which is undoubtedly coming. trace's case dug deeper to the issue with jim green and andrew mccarthy. and someone played the race card
12:30 am
and a highly educated black woman who rose in the ranks of the most recognized global real estate companies in the world, spoke before 25 million people at the national committee convention and oversees the largest program office in the country, that is not the resume -- >> she has every right to express her experiences with donald trump. black women are many things. we are not a monolith, we are phenomenal, we are demonized at times, deified, what we aren't is exhibit b, a, or c in a congressional hearing. she allowed herself to go into that room knowing she was not going to be saying anything, knowing her appearance was to stand up and sit down. i asked lynn patton the same question i ask republican congressman. let's talk about the substance. had she asked donald trump why he asked for the death penalty for innocent black boys? she is donald from why he disseminated against black people in his trump organization real estate business?
12:31 am
has she asked him about his both sides comment about the good white supremacists and nazis in charlottesville? did she get answers that satisfied her? that proved to her he was not a racist? shannon: the family worked for him for 15 years, she said cohen has too. it doesn't take 15 years to figure out somebody suddenly a racist unless they aren't. she says she knows him intimately and worked with him for more than a decade and by her assessment he's not a racist and she wanted to be there to support him. >> there's nothing inappropriate about being there to support him and there's nothing inappropriate about being pointed out. what i object to is the entire thing is just theater meant to divide people. there was no reason. if this was a court instead of congress where there are no rules, no judge would have allowed cohen's testimony about
12:32 am
trump being a racist which no matter what you think of trump, is irrelevant to what they were covering yesterday and you wouldn't have had the circus whether this poor woman was a prop or if her being there was correct or not, whether meadows should have pointed her out, the whole thing was not intended to do anything except have both very contentious side in this country at each other's throats again. if that was the intention which is what it looks like to me congratulations, mission accomplished. shannon: are you worried about the use of the word racist, that it has become too common and inaccurate? >> i have side away from throwing racism out there and focused more on implicit bias we all have. in this reality donald trump is earned that moniker. he was ceo of the birther
12:33 am
movement. shannon: do you think the word racist is used inappropriately? >> i do. i don't have implicit bias and we should all take each other as we are without worrying about all that stuff. heather: thank you for weighing in on this topic, good to see you both. political scandals here and abroad, governors virtually been hiding, someone in black faces another in a kkk hood surface. and justin trudeau may not survive a scandal rocking his administration. elected officials trying to cover a big distraction, those stories next. idence in 30,000 precision parts. or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty,
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>> shannon: shannon: a new headache for democrats in virginia. we saw pam northern at a press
12:38 am
conference where the governor said he wasn't in the infamous yearbook photo a day after he apologized for it. she is in an unwanted spotlight on black history month. >> pleased to be joined by my wife pam. >> reporter: when ralph northram admitted he wore black face a michael jackson concert his wife kept him in line. >> inappropriate question. >> my wife says inappropriate circumstances. >> reporter: pam is facing heat of her own after the mother of an eighth grade -- the first lady handed out cotton to black students at the history presentation. virginia's first lady is a teacher and brought students to learn about the history of the governor's mentioned, the oldest in the country. last week she invited more than 100 pages to a program called the historic keychain where she
12:39 am
encouraged them to touch agricultural products like dried tobacco, cotton and produce. the eighth grade student wrote a letter reading in part i will give you the benefit of the doubt because you gave it to some other pages but followed this by asking can you imagine being an enslaved person and having to pick this all day? which didn't help the damage you had done. she offered an apology. northham's husband is on a reconciliation tour of virginia, planning to speak to african-american students but recently was uninvited prompt and questions over how effective he can be in office. same story for lieutenant governor dustin fairfax who is plagued by sexual misconduct allegations. fairfax is facing calls of resignation after two women say he raped them in the early 2000s. >> we stand here and rush to judgment with nothing but accusations and no facts. >> reporter: don't forget the number of democrat attorney general -- mark karen admits he
12:40 am
had calls to step down as well. they continue their jobs but we will see if these two men can survive the storm. shannon: in the beginning when each of them broke, people thought they wouldn't survive. there were calls for them to go. >> reporter: they have a lot of work to do so we will see how it plays out. shannon: the house of delegates voted to censure me and who use the n word when talking about prince george's county of apologized for it. pressure is building for her to resign. north of the border, leftist canadian prime minister justin trudeau accused of improper political pressuring on behalf of a big corporation in québec.
12:41 am
>> reporter: a lot of shockwaves in canada on this one. put this in a geopolitical context. the prime minister from canada was a powerful counterweight for donald trump's way of doing business. a voice in the american alliance, his good friend president obama handled things. but now justin trudeau's political scandal has threatened that voice. donald trump refers to him as justin from canada. just an act hurt when called out, donald trump said in us that of her tariffs, very dishonest and weak, another tweet about the prime minister. that was in june when a photo the president sitting as world leaders look around the world as donald trump left the g7 summit in canada. since then scandals heated up over a worldwide construction contractor that allegedly bribed officials in libya.
12:42 am
a conviction in canada, a 10 year ban on bidding for federal contracts. justice minister jody wilson testified trudeau encouraged her to, quote, find a solution saying if there was no plea deal there will be many jobs lost and lava lynn would move its records from montréal. she left the justice ministry and resigned the cabinet laying bare the division in trudeau's government. >> there were many inappropriate conversations and attempts at political interference. >> reporter: trudeau says he wanted to save jobs in québec. they employ 3400 people, but claims he didn't interfere in the judicial process and saying at a news conference, i and my staff acted appropriately and professionally and i completely disagree with the characterization of the former attorney general about these events.
12:43 am
this makes sense when you look at in a political context, trudeau face a tougher election cycle this year and when he came on the world scene as the young canadian counterpart to then president barack obama, his liberal party is now underwater in polls. shannon: time has a way of catching up with you. new problems for israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu facing charges of fraud and bribery from accepting gifts in exchange for political favors. this amid a tough reelection battle. >> translator: the left is doing this because they can't beat us in the ballot box. i call on you, benjamin netanyahu, to come to your senses, show responsibility. resign from your post. >> reporter: the opposition leader accused of sexual misconduct 40 years ago in high
12:44 am
school. and allegation his party's party calls a blatant lie. plans to get rid of a right of passage so kids won't be traumatized, california wants to and outlaw animal dissection classes in school. across the country harvard students want a professor fired because of the client he agreed to represent in a high profile case, leaving them feeling unsafe. the power of faith, we will tackle that when we return. & the staff needs to know, they will & they'll drop everything can you take a look at her vitals? & share the data with other specialists yeah, i'm looking at them now. & they'll drop everything hey. & take care of this baby yeah, that procedure seems right. & that one too. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when your patient's tests come back...
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shannon: times are changing and academia but is the next generation well served? a couple millennials joining us to discuss. welcome to both of you. i want to start with the law professor that seemed well loved and tonight he is in trouble because the client he decided to represent. he joined the legal team of harvey weinstein and students petition to get rid of them. do you want to accept your diploma from someone who for whatever reason believes it is okay to defend such a prominent figure at the center of the meat too movement. it is not only upsetting but deeply from a inducing. they don't want him to take
12:49 am
these clients. >> this dean represented aaron hernandez before he represented harvey weinstein and last time i checked criminal defense attorneys defend criminals. you can have a conversation about the type of clients he's taking on and he is open to that conversation but when you say trauma inducing a person has not been incredibly accused of sexual assault it seems ridiculous especially for graduate students and some are law students who don't understand what it is you go to law school for the first place. heather: in the last couple years there are times schools including graduate-level programs told students they are too traumatized by a political event, they don't have to take exams. >> students manufacturing this idea they are physically unsafe by the presence of people they
12:50 am
don't like rather than saying how can i learn from this person's experience and grow in my understanding? just i don't want to be near me because they make me feel unsafe. harvey weinstein could be a horrible human being which he is. he could also be deserving of legal defense, that is the system we have. it is important to have defense attorneys willing to do these jobs. they are not enviable but an important part of the legal system. you shouldn't lose your job because you are doing your job. shannon: california, to the other pond. to the west coast where there is a bill introduced in the legislature that says there will be no student dissections of any animals in k-12, not good for kids. peta says coming up the corpses of dead animals for crude biology lesson should be a thing of the past. it with school funds, exposes students and educators to formaldehyde and deprive
12:51 am
students of education using advanced simulation that are familiar -- to. to cut it up animals. i didn't like doing this in high school. not anymore in california. >> you can always opt out on moral grounds, that has been available for a long time. from the article i read it doesn't seem this bill is out of committee and it might be a rogue legislator advocating for this but when they say they can do this on a computer simulation, we have a bunch of future doctors who are not going to be able to operate on a computer. they have to actually touch people who have the same organs we find in these animals when doing the dissection and you learn a lot from it. i was never forced to do this. you can morally opt out but i don't we should be removing it from the curriculum together. >> i was first in line every year during dissection. that is what i remember from
12:52 am
class. a way to make science and biology interesting for many students. a lot of people at home can remember the dissection courses they took in class, way to get young people engaged, ridiculous to do away with this. will be empty aquariums in science rooms ambient farms because it might be -- on a serious note it does say something about the state of political discourse when people have no problem with dissection of life human beings babies but do have a problem with dissection of dead animals and that needs to be discussed. >> we were having a lovely millennial evening and now you've gone to abortion. shannon: this is another discussion but let me get to another case, something at duke university. a speech got canceled because the title of the speech, only the vision of god can make someone happy. we will try to get to that tomorrow. it is billed as the biggest gathering of conservative
12:53 am
activists in the world and we will take you to see pack, they say democrats are doing their job for them. that is next. whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price!
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>> shannon: conservatives from shannon: conservatives all over the country are in suburban washington, the annual cpac convention. many attendees think democrats are doing their job for them. >> a time of historically low unemployment and economic expansion conservatives the advantage in the leftward letters of the democratic party, the latest example the green new deal. >> all you need to do is keep borrowing and borrowing, such a naïve thought in the world of debt that i can't even respond to it. >> reporter: the left tilt is a target from the alleged hoaxes of jussie smollett, embrace of
12:58 am
late-term abortions, scandals in democratic politics to the recent discovery of a 1980s bernie sanders quote about the goodness of food lines. >> in other countries people don't line up for food, the rich get the food and the poor starve to death. >> reporter: he was talking about it is good to be in line to wait for food. we've got to get to the point we celebrate capitalism. >> reporter: that is the other theme of cpac. >> 3% growth as far as the eye can see, the hottest economy in the world. i will at the ankle biters bite our wrinkles. >> reporter: confronting those successes is a sober demographic reality, polls suggesting millennial's are embracing socialism and a far left agenda. >> this is a voting issue across the country. the green generation has risen up. >> reporter: the gop remains older and largely white. cpac organizers are intent on changing that with young minorities many facing daunting pressure is one example. >> have people come up to you and tell you you hate yourself and your uncle tom.
12:59 am
>> reporter: preaching conservatism to his quarter million instagram followers, hayden williamson invited to cpac after he was punched out for being a conservative at uc berkeley with his camera rolling. >> 10 million people. >> reporter: republicans have been late in utilizing social media but they are embracing it now fully cognizant as a way to reach a new generation of voters. shannon: tonight, two special serviceman in our midnight hero. first, just graduated boot camp. my godson just made it through. he has become a marine but he is a warrior to the core. michael won the biggest battle of his life beating leukemia. he wanted to make it to the service. world war ii veteran joe cuba is about to turn 100 years old. all he wanted was a birthday guard. after posting his wish online he has gotten thousands of cards and gifts from japan, australia,
1:00 am
new zealand and more. you are our midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, tracking down a terrorist. usama bin laden's unwanted for threatening to attack american, the prize the united states put on his head. >> i do not want to go to the white house. i was offered a job. heather: he said he would take a bullet for the president but he is biting the bullet himself, how that statement could land him even more prison time. 2019 just got started


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