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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 1, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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new zealand and more. you are our midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, tracking down a terrorist. usama bin laden's unwanted for threatening to attack american, the prize the united states put on his head. >> i do not want to go to the white house. i was offered a job. heather: he said he would take a bullet for the president but he is biting the bullet himself, how that statement could land him even more prison time. 2019 just got started but 2020
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may be going to pot, democrats introduced a plan to legalize marijuana nationwide. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekend ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekend ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ heather: good morning, so glad it is the weekend. it has been a long week with a lot of news going on. even though it is friday there's more news going on today. you are watching "fox and friends first". it is a big one again, the state department putting $1 million bounty on usama bin laden's son.
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he is considered to be the emerging leader of al qaeda, threatened attacks against the us and our allies, seeking revenge for the death of his father a decade after the 9/11 mastermind was killed by navy seals in pakistan. the united nations ordering members to freeze all of bin laden's assets as the us and the terror leader down. let your panel found al qaeda is getting stronger than isis in somalia, yemen and south asia. we continue to follow that. border agents arrest 180 illegals crossing into mexico, most of them children without parents or families, some people had to be taken to the hospital, the rest were detained. the arrests come as senators from both sides are introducing a bill to stop donald trump's national emergency after the house passed a similar measure earlier this week.
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donald trump waking up at the white house after inking know deal with north korea. he is getting bipartisan praise for walking rashida tlaib -- kim jong un's demand. the rogue regime tells us its own version of the summit. welcome. >> reporter: good morning. as the president was heading home north korea's delegation stayed put and told its own story of what happened. the president blamed the breakdown on sanctions. chairman kim wanted the us to lift all sanctions without eliminating his nuclear arsenal, something the us couldn't do. listen to the president explain in this exclusive interview with sean hannity. >> they would like to the nukes certain areas. i want everything.
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sanctions are there and we won't give up the sanctions unless we have a real program. they are not ready for that. i didn't feel it was right. >> reporter: north korea speaking out with a slightly different take. north korea's foreign minister saying the country did not ask for the removal of all sanctions, just 5 out of total 11 and they were ready to table the main nuclear complex. and mostly bipartisan support, nancy pelosi said she was happy he walked away from the talks. >> it is good the president did not give him what he was proposing. the president walked away from that. >> the president wents -- he is
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not clear on whether it will be in person. shannon: great to have you with us. during his press conference in vietnam donald trump addressed the tragic story of otto warmbier and kim jong un's role in his death. >> don't believe he knew about it, some bad things happened. >> why are you -- >> he tells me he didn't know about it and i will take him at his word. heather: the, getting backlash from newt gingrich who criticizes the president for taking the word of a dictator. >> i can't quite imagine why the president said what he said. he knows it is not true, it can't possibly be true. i think he was trying to be polite but it never helps with a dictator to be pleasant to them when they lie to you.
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much better as reagan would do to take them head on and understand you are not stupid and not going to tolerate their lying to you. heather: we had someone on the team who negotiated his release on "fox and friends first" who agrees with what the president had to say, donald trump had not yet agreed to the third summit with north korea, so we will stay on top of that. back home, house republicans calling for a perjury investigation into michael cohen, donald trump slamming the testimony calling him a liar in an exclusive interview. dudley zadeh joins us live from washington dc as cohen prepares to testify again on the same day he was supposed to go to prison. >> reporter: michael cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to congress once, now some republicans would like to add to the charges. the president's former lawyer and fixer spent three days on
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capitol hill, before three committees including one day of public testimony accusing the president of being a racist, conman and sheet but in the process, did cohen lied to congress? he testified he didn't want a job in the trump administration but republicans point to evidence that he did. >> jim jordan and i put forth a letter today citing six ways that michael cohen contradicted himself and committed perjury. we send that to the new attorney general for criminal referral to have them look at it. >> reporter: cohen's attorney calls this baseless and this use of the, justice system. cohen will be back on capitol hill next week to testify again behind closed doors in front of the house intelligence committee.
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heather: pakistan let release an indian fighter pilot after shooting down two military jets. the prime minister calls in a peace gesture in an effort to ease tensions between the nuclear arms countries, celebrations beginning on the border ahead of the pilot's return. problems between the country started earlier this month when a group killed 40 indian soldiers in indian-controlled kashmir. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowing to fight if he's indicted on corruption charges. >> in the ballot box, the last two years they started a political campaign to attack us. a witchhunt. >> reporter: police want benjamin and yahoo to face bribery, fraud, and breach of trust charges. accused of accepting gifts from billionaires, bribing the press and promoting revelatory janice -- change the benefit associates. netanyahu denies wrongdoing. patriots owner robert kraft pleads not guilty to eliciting prostitution accused of paying
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for sex acts of florida massage parlor and two consecutive days in january. police say they have video evidence of it, part of month-long investigation, human trafficking, that resulted in dozens of arrests. if convicted, craft could spend one year behind bars. the senate judiciary committee advances donald trump's pick to fill brett kavanaugh's appeals court seat. the committee overwhelmingly approving naomi row, she had the office of information regulatory affairs, lawmakers criticized her views on abortion. she will serve on the us court of appeals for the dc circuit. today the governor of washington will announce a 2020 white house run. democrat j in the we believe americans are ready to make climate change a top priority calling it the, quote, real national emergency.
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he would be the 10th democrat to throw his hat to the ring for the 2020 nomination. still to come on "fox and friends first" denuclearize in north korea could china be key in convincing kim jong un to cooperate? gordon chang joins us with how the administration should force china's hands. maybe they should hold a class on campaign finance laws for the freshman class. alexandria ocasio cortez accused of hiding cash paid to her boyfriend.
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>> wanted to denuclearize certain areas and i wanted everything and the sanctions are there and i didn't want to give up the sanctions without a program and that is a great start.
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>> donald from walking away from destroy just one nuclear test site. we know there are many more sites throughout the country. how do we move forward? joining me is the author of nuclear showdown, gordon chang. great to have you with us. as we begin our discussion let's bring up this map of north korea nuclear test sites that we know about so far. one of the issues that occurred yesterday is as expected, kim jong un was willing to deal with one of them but we want other areas dealt with as well in order to talk about sanctions relief. what is your opinion of what happened? >> there is this controversy north koreans saying they want relief from 5 of 11 sanctions but they should not have been operating in the first place and they have agreed five times in the past to dismantle this
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particular location. why should we pay them to do it six times? i think donald trump's decision was the right one. the north koreans are not talking in good faith so we shouldn't be talking to them. heather: how would we get to this point? would think certain things would be agreed to before we get to the point of the second summit so we were confident we were going to come away from something? and normally everything would be nailed before the two leaders arrived in hanoi. he told us about this in june of last year. and its atmosphere where heather nauert secure enough to give up his nukes and what donald trump is trying to do is create this process and you don't need the results beforehand but as we see the north koreans cannot be enticed into good behavior.
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heather: part of this process is china. and putting more pressure on north korea to denuclearize? >> it would be nice -- we have tried to talk to be cooperative over the last two decades. it hasn't worked, and an intercontinental ballistic missile program because of chinese technology, equipment, material and the rest of it. what we need to do is treat the chinese not as partners in this process but as adversaries on the other side. shannon: we can talk about the difference in terms of the value of our dollar versus the china
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eon and compare it to obama's presidency and the value of the dollar has gone up significantly. in terms of the delay with these tariffs, $200 billion in chinese goods, where do you see this coming into play? >> the us has all the economic leverage in this, the chinese need access to the american economy. our economy is bigger. we do not have an economy geared to sell things to china but china has an economy geared to selling things to us. we see the weakness, i think donald trump should press the advantage and the chinese have now seen he is willing to walk away from the north koreans. he is willing to walk away from the chinese as well. that's a good thing for us when we try to settle our trade differences with china. the chinese stealing us intellectual property so these guys are criminals. heather: the chinese on top of
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what you said which is significant, are they willing to pay attention to these sanctions. we are not paying attention in north korea. russia not paying attention either. >> we should be imposing costs on chinese enterprises for open sanctions violations transferring commodities to and from north korea. this is critical for us to go after china and we show kim jong un there is no hope for him. heather: the chinese banks. gordon, thank you, we appreciate it. lawmakers grilling michael cohen inside, this guy grabbed a bite to eat on the outside. this is pretty funny. carly shimkus with the pizza guy on capitol hill going viral. ♪
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you need and still save hundreds of dollars. do you guys sell, other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. heather: well wishes pouring in for actor luke harry after he reportedly suffers a stroke was the actor says he's under observation after being rushed to a hospital in la. the 52-year-old known for his role on beverly hills 90210 and riverdale. >> a little sore but getting better and better. >> reporter: his former costar writing on instagram assay a prayer for his speedy recovery and praying hard for luke perry.
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may he have a full and fast recovery. the link to jussie smollett as a crime folks regret getting involved. they say they understand how it has impacted people across the nation particularly minority communities and especially those who have been victims of hate crimes themselves. small it filed a false report to chicago police, he says he is innocent. the dynamic duo diamond and silk kicking off cpac. the conservative action committee, passionate call for democrats in congress to step it up. >> democrat congress to understand that we don't need to rewrite the constitution. they need to reread the constitution.
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heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with online reaction. they brought excitement. >> fired up and received a standing ovation at cpac, speech covered everything from socialism to the green new deal and israeli politics and antiabortion issues. if you watch fox news and follow on social media you will feel like these fine folks who commented about their speech. one person instagram said i love these two ladies, they are true americans, and let democrats know it. thanks for taking a stand and another instagram user posting these two women tell it like it is. one of the big things on social media they talked about, how far
1:25 am
left the left is willing to go in 2020. heather: they are going to be on "fox and friends" later. they are so funny. representative todd lou calling out liberals as well. >> after donald trump left hanoi without finding a denuclearization deal the hashtag trump failed became the top trending topic on twitter and california democrat ted lose one of the most outspoken trump critic on social media came to his defense on this front, the hashtag trump fail is trending and i find it inappropriate, people should not be hoping the president fails or take pleasure in his failure on the global stage. whether you like donald trump or not he represents america and foreign affairs. that comment resonating with a lot of people, proud of the statement, country before party as it should be.
1:26 am
david tweets this is the way forward. we don't need a more amplified language. we need a balanced the bay. another social media user says on both sides of the aisle we need to work together for america and not just against those we disagree with politically. i couldn't agree with that statement more. even if you don't like the president tweeting, trump fail, applauding the fact that kim jong un still has nuclear weapons. we 20 as long as it is anti-trump. let's talk about this. hallway pizza. >> social media giving this congressional staffer a standing ovation, caught on live tv, a big pile of pizza. my favorite part is when he realizes he is on tv he looks at the camera lightweight.
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oh, no. one person on social media says he knows how to deal with politics. martha tweets why care about significant world affairs when you can eat pizza? heather: a lot of folks were wishing they could go out and do that. as he walked away that is a huge pizza. >> that was during the testimony, it was hours and hours long. heather: i wonder if he was supposed to share it. thank you so much. coming up, the time is 27 minutes after the top of the hour, democrats made michael cohen a star witness against donald trump but did their plan backfire? >> lied about colluding and coordinating with the russians. >> i wouldn't use the word colluding. heather: will this put a end to the collusion talk? we will talk about it next.
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a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! heather: a look at top headline started with a fox news alert, the state department putting a $1 million value on usama bin laden's son who is considered to be the emerging leader of al qaeda, threatened attacks against the us and our allies, seeking revenge for the death of his father nearly a decade after the 9/11 mastermind was killed by navy seals in pakistan. north korean officials holding a rare news conference to shoot down donald trump's version of the summit. the foreign minister says kim jong un only asked for 5 of the 11 sanctions to be lifted and he was ready to dismantle his main
1:32 am
nuclear site. the summit ended with no deal and no plans for a third. house republicans accusing michael cohen of perjury. mark meadows and jim jordan outlining a list of ways he contradicted himself in a letter to the doj. the allegations are called baseless. he will return to capitol hill next week for another closed-door session with lawmakers. democrats have a long-held claim the trump campaign colluded with russia in 2016. >> plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. >> i believe there has been collusion. >> starting to smell like collusion. >> cold hard evidence of the trump campaign, the trump family eagerly intending to collude possibly with russia. heather: has their star witness michael cohen taken the wind out of his sails? here to debate is michael cohen
1:33 am
-- republican strategist, thank you for joining us. philip, i will start with you. your take on everything that went down with cohen and how it shakes out in terms of the collusion theory. >> it is two track. the republicans were happy because from the legal front and the collusion front there wasn't anything there plus they trapped cohen into possible perjury. the democratic side think they won the pr war, they exposed things republican supporters, the president, didn't want out there especially on the stormy daniels front. that was a big win for them because that's where the investigation is going. heather: your take on what went down? >> i kind of agree with the other guests. collusion was one thing. what we are finding now is probably much worse with financial crimes.
1:34 am
heather: so much money investigating collusion which from the beginning the trump campaign said didn't happen and now we have michael cohen saying it didn't happen. >> like many investigations sometimes you unearth worse crimes and that is what we are finding here with possible bank fraud, hush payments, we still have to find out more about what is going on with trump tower in moscow and many other things. we are not done on the collusion front. we have to see what the special counsel says but i also believe there are worse crimes that undermine the office of the presidency coming from the president. heather: listen to what debbie wasserman schultz had to say when she asked cohen about collusion. listen. >> did he lie about colluding and coordinating with the russians at any point during his campaign? >> i wouldn't use the word collusion.
1:35 am
heather: there you have it. >> we've been doing this for a year. i came on fox and for the year ago, they are still nothing there with collusion with the russians. this is obviously going to the trump financial situation, the trump payments. that is where this investigation is going, to go back to russian collusion is a farce. heather: the word here? >> we are finding out more and more crimes, bank fraud and other things that are probably worse than the collusion issue but i don't think we are done with the collusion issue. we have to see where the council goes. heather: we know cohen said he was not in prague at any time, when to believe him and when to not is a question. he is there and testifying. thank you for joining us. california residents, some extreme weather, california residents hoping to return home
1:36 am
after the worst flooding in decades. the governor declaring a state of emergency in several counties. the raging river cresting at 45 feet turning towns into islands, over 20 inches of rain pounding sonoma county and three days, one man drowns trying to reach his family that was trapped at home. more rain is expected this weekend. energy company admitting it may have caused the district of wildfire, the pacific gas & electric believes a power line failure sparked the camp fire which killed 86 people. you remember that horrible, thousands of homes in northern california last year. pg and he has lost billions of dollars, if found liable for the fire, criminal charges could be filed. the us border patrol museum is back open after protesters damaged and exhibit. last month, 50 activists barged
1:37 am
into the museum in el paso, texas, chanting and holding signs, and photos honoring fallen agents with photos of migrant children. museum officials say a dozen items had to be replaced completely. the protesters denied causing permanent damage. andrew cuomo trying to convince amazon not to cancel its new headquarters. according to the new york times the democrat has spoken to ceo jeff bezos several times to guarantee support for the project in new york city. it was crap last month after local pushback cost the city thousands of jobs, tens of millions of dollars in revenue. new york officials publishing an open letter to amazon in a time saying governor cuomo will take personal responsibly for the project's state approval. we will see what alexandria ocasio cortez has to say. a license to drive, the state that wants to help illegal immigrants get behind the wheel. 2019 just got started but 2020
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may be going to pot. several democratic candidates introducing a plan to legalize marijuana nationwide. is this really the fight, the direction, the right direction for our country? your comments rolling in on this one. ♪ this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews.
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elderly person for a month. call right now. ♪ soft melancholy music ♪ heather: we are getting closer and closer to spring, daylight happening a little earlier, live shot of new york city where the lights are always on. donald trump vowing to fight the mueller probe if it proves to be
1:42 am
dishonest. in an exclusive interview the president speaking out to sean hannity. >> collusion delusion. it is a shame. i hope it will be an honest report. if it isn't we fight it very strongly because when you look at what happened at the fbi at the top levels with mccabe and the dishonesty, comey and the dishonesty. heather: the special counsel could release the report within the coming weeks. lots of folks waiting for that. top house democrat in the meantime expressing doubt about a new medicare for all bill. house budget committee chairman john yarmouth said the new version goes far beyond medicare for all, 26 democrats dropped support for the bill, yarmouth telling the whole, quote, it is a universal healthcare on demand, unlimited, all single-payer, no private insurance. it is a very different thing than medicare. he plans to hold a hearing on all medicare proposals sometime
1:43 am
in june, but the measure is not expected to pass. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez accused of paying thousands of dollars in campaign money to her boyfriend. a republican group filing a complaint against the democratic socialist with the federal elections commission. it claims riley roberts received two, $3000 payments from a political action committee for marketing consultant services. ocasio cortez didn't claim the money as a campaign expense. top white house economic advisor larry kudlow urges conservatives to fight against socialism while speaking at cpac. >> i ask you to join donald trump and me and the rest to put socialism on trial. and convicted. heather: he asked them to debate socialism during his remarks in maryland.
1:44 am
cory booker really wants marijuana to be legalized at the federal level and fellow democratic presidential candidates are joining him. >> you have people being punished for doing things two of the last week the presidents admit to doing. this is a war on people and casualties are still suffering for lifetime sentences. heather: the bill first introduced by new jersey senator two years ago would clear marijuana convictions for millions of criminal records. his 2020 rivals cosponsoring the measure include bernie sanders, kamala harris, kirsten gillibrand, and elizabeth warren. we asked you what you thought of 2020 democrats pushing to legalize marijuana and the responses rolling in, jimmy writing legalize it and i will still vote republican. bruce writes marijuana should never have been illegal in the first place. john honest graham rights i've heard too many of these bills
1:45 am
wanting to legalize marijuana but nothing ever materializes. keep your comments rolling in. the time now is not quite the top of the hour, the nypd warning ms 13 gang members are planning to target its officers. the threat stretches far beyond new york. doctor darren porcher is here live to tell us why this just proves our broken immigration system needs to be fixed. a church under fire for this sign saying heaven has strict immigration laws. how they are responding to criticism. ♪ have i mentioned ♪ everybody wants to go to heaven ♪ - my family and i did a fundraiser walk in honor of my dad,
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heather: a new threat from the violent gangs ms 13 targeting off-duty officers and some gang members going as far as following those officers home, the nypd sent again alert the gang is looking to hit local officers to gain, quote, street credibility. this threat stretches beyond new york, another reason to secure the border and fix our broken immigration system. here to weigh in, doctor darren porcher. this is such troubling news. >> to say the least. you talk about how necessary it is to secure the border. people who come into the country legally, ms 13 is one of the most violent gangs we have seen. the department of justice, it is important officers do not become impervious to threats against their lives. not just the threat against the officer but against the
1:50 am
officer's families as well. it is possible surveillance for officers coming to and from work. heather: another example of the importance of local authorities be it a sheriff department or police department or city as a whole working with ice investigators. we constantly hear with the 2020 democrats on -- democratic president of candidates talking and slicing they should be abolished altogether. >> to be a symbiotic relationship between local law enforcement and federal government. ice in particular. we need that ongoing communication between the two. take into consideration sanctuary cities and sanctuary states like california. they hurt the plight of law enforcement and the truth is they are here, law enforcement is here to protect and preserve life for citizens. heather: one of the controversies in north carolina, my home state, two of the largest counties, when these
1:51 am
individuals are placed under arrest, not notifying ice or coordinating with them. >> that is troublesome to say the least. detained by localized police department, they can be released without information transferring from ice or the federal government to the localized police department and a lot of this was touted by politicians that don't understand, they don't get the message, violent people in custody, we need that ongoing communication to ensure the federal law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies have that connection with the information to ensure we have these people in custody and deport them as need be. heather: they are coming across the border illegally. it is documented time and time again there will be an ms 13 gang member caught crossing the border. we hear people once again, many people running for potentially
1:52 am
the 2020 democratic ticket, it is not a crisis, not a national emergency at the border. >> i see it as a national emergency, illegal or undocumented aliens coming into the united states committing horrific crimes and atrocities against united states citizens. something needs to come to the play and law enforcement to stop these individuals from coming into the united states but it goes back to we need to have an ongoing and solitary occasion between federal government and localized law enforcement. we can't have politicians interdicting because they put citizens in harm's way. heather: 10,000 members of ms 13 trying to cross the border. >> the number is higher, difficult for us to quantitate the number of illegals in the united states. based on my experience in the
1:53 am
nypd oftentimes come in contact with people who have come into the country illegally and committed acts of atrocity. we held them in custody but the truth is we need ongoing communication and we need something to stop the stem of undocumented immigrants coming to the united states. heather: stop the surveillance they are doing of nypd officers and following them home is very troubling. thank you so much for joining us, great to have you with us. been a wild. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. the promise of pizza. police thinking outside the box to end for our standoff. whatever works. doctors calling it a medical miracle. this man up on his feet after not walking for years. the incredible story of his recovery. ♪
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to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! heather: illegal immigrants could get drivers licenses and id cards in one state. democratic governor tony evers including the measuring his first ever budget saying the move will make communities safer and strengthen families and the economy. not likely to pass in the republican state legislature. a church is trying to clear the air after this sign about immigrants parked controversy,
1:58 am
quote, heaven has strict immigration laws, hell has open borders. the board of immigration has been used -- removed. it insult to the large hispanic population but one pastor said it had nothing to do with them. >> the reason we put that sign up is to tell everybody it is not easy to make heaven. the fine is not political. i have no intention. heather: the church apologized to anyone who was offended. now as always, time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a really good one for friday. a patient with parkinson's disease walks again. doctors say it was a miracle. >> dealing with that. >> this was the power of prayer. heather: charles shields was in a wheelchair for years before he
1:59 am
suddenly stood up during a relaxation class in arizona. his son's doctors say he is regaining his speech as well. the bad. a town takes a family dog and sells on ebay when it couldn't pay their bills. the person who bought the pug for $850 is seeking damages saying the town's ultimate a sick dog. investigation underway. the ugly. pizza ends a four our police standoff. a man barricaded himself in his florida bedroom, threatened his family until officers offered him a slice. not clear if he got the pizza before going to jail. that look on his face i don't think he got any pizza. is facing several charges. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends," a very busy week, thank you for joining us. "fox and friends first" continues right now. have a great weekend, goodbye.
2:00 am
>> i wanted them to denuclearize but i didn't feel it was right. rob: it is friday, march 1st. at 5:00 am the president back in washington after saying no deal to north korea. jillian: the rogue regime is pushing back with their own version of the story. rob: no sympathy from michael cohen, lawmakers accusing the former attorney of lying to congress yet again. jillian: the new investigation the doj is looking for launch and when:could because back to testify. rob: joe biden compliments mike pence, many on the left immediately pounds. jillian: what the former vice president said that has democrats worked up this morning. ♪


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