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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 1, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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continues right now. have a great weekend, goodbye. >> i wanted them to denuclearize but i didn't feel it was right. rob: it is friday, march 1st. at 5:00 am the president back in washington after saying no deal to north korea. jillian: the rogue regime is pushing back with their own version of the story. rob: no sympathy from michael cohen, lawmakers accusing the former attorney of lying to congress yet again. jillian: the new investigation the doj is looking for launch and when:could because back to testify. rob: joe biden compliments mike pence, many on the left immediately pounds. jillian: what the former vice president said that has democrats worked up this morning. ♪
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♪ jillian: live? no idea what this is. rob: you never know. jillian: i can't read it from here. it is march. we made it. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: we got through february. jillian: it is a moment and we are having it right now. rob: good morning, happy friday, donald trump waking up at the white house after inking no deal with north korea and getting bipartisan praise for walking away from kim jong un's demand. jillian: the rogue regime tells its own version of the summit. >> reporter: as the president was heading home the north korean delegation staying put in
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telling its own story about what happened. the president blamed the breakdown on sanctions. he said chairman kim wanted the us to lift all sanctions without illuminating his nuclear arsenal, something the us could not do. listen to the president explain this in this exclusive interview with sean hannity. >> they wanted to denuclearize certain areas and i wanted everything. the sanctions are there, i wouldn't give up the sanctions unless we had a real program and they are not ready for that. a lot of people would have said that was a great story but i didn't feel it was right. jillian: listen to this. north korea speaking out with a different take, the foreign minister saying the country did not ask for the removal of all sanctions, just five out of the total 11 and in exchange they were ready to disable there may nuclear complex. the president coming home to mostly bipartisan support, nancy
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pelosi expressed she was happy he walked away from those talks. >> it is good that the president did not give him anything for the little he was proposing but the president walked away from that. we always support diplomacy. jillian: long week indeed but will there be a third summit? the president wants to keep the conference going, not clear if they are talking in person. rob: welcome to fox, nice to meet you. i don't think -- first time. jillian: back at home house republicans calling for a perjury investigation to michael cohen. michael cohen is called a liar in an exclusive fox news interview. rob: doug luzader joins us as cohen prepares to testify again this time on the same day he was supposed to go to prison.
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>> reporter: testified next week. as far as the testimony this week goes, we know donald trump thinks about it, he told us last night. >> as far as cohen is concerned, he is convicted, he is a liar, he has defrauded at a high level, there are a lot of problems. very interesting because he lied so much. heather: cohen accused the president of being a con man and a racist and that was just the beginning. some republicans firing back at cohen saying he lied to congress again. he testified he was not interested in a job at the white house despite some evidence to the contrary. >> jim jordan and i put forth a letter today citing six ways michael cohen has contradicted himself and perhaps committed perjury. we sent that to the new attorney general for criminal referral to
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have them look at. >> reporter::has pleaded guilty to lying to congress once. he is about to begin a prison term for that. 's attorney says he was truthful this week testifying before congress. rob: thank you so much. jillian: michael cohen's new trouble with the doj is worsening by the hour. rob: the hell's executive vice president says he has proof that cohen's claims of turning down a white house job are all lies and it will come back to bite democrats, he says. >> calling around to people who worked with the transition and said that michael cohen lobby or not lobby for a job? as of this hour i talked to 12 witnesses who claim that michael cohen repeatedly, incessantly
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lobbied for a white house job and complained when he didn't get one, ranging from dave bossi, deputy director of the transition down to a pastor in ohio who is a friend of michael cohen, darrell scott, who said i can't live for my friends, he asked me several times to ask the president could he have a job in the white house? this is the sort of perjury trap democrats didn't want to set for their star witness and it is going to boomerang. jillian: cohen originally asked to be the president's chief of staff. rob: fox news alert the state department putting a $1 million bounty on usama bin laden's son who is considered the emerging leader of al qaeda with attacks against the us and our allies. hamza speaking revenge for the death of his father nearly a decade after the mastermind was killed by navy seals in pakistan. the united states ordering members to free all of bin laden's assets as the us and the terror leader down.
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last year a un panel found al qaeda is getting stronger than isis in places like somalia, yemen and south asia. border agents, crossing into new mexico, most of them kids without any parents at all. or families from central america. some people had to be taken to the hospital. the arrests come as senators from both sides introduce a bill to stop donald trump's national emergency declaration, the house passed a similar measure earlier this week. jillian: the governor of washington state has his eyes on washington dc. j inslee will announce his presidential bid today. 's top issue, climate change which he calls the real national emergency. he would be the 10th democrat to run for the 2020 nomination. the list is growing. 2020 could be a big year for the castro family. julian castro says his brother,
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joaquin castro is considering a senate run. there is no clear democratic front runner to challenge john cornyn in 2020. joaquin is the campaign chairman for his brother. rob: the price was right for philadelphia. the phillies are signing bryce harper to the biggest contract in majorly baseball history. jillian: the star outfielder is getting a whopping 13 year, $330 million deal beating $300 million contract from last week. the last 7 seasons with washington nationals. he is a 6-time all-star and mvp in 2015. philadelphia was hopeful for a while with this and we gave up hope as the dodgers and giants and everyone else came to the conversation. we will see, we have 13 years. eight minutes after the hour, donald trump walking away from an agreement with north korea
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after the rogue regime refused to give up its secretive nuclear -- new we are facilities. what else could they be hiding? national security analyst says there is something more to worry about than what is inside those facilities. he joined us next. rob: country music star carrie underwood like you have never heard her before. ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful.
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regime offered to destroy one nuclear test site. rob: we know there are many sites throughout the country so how do we move forward? jillian: here is national security analyst and director for the clarion project ryan morrow, thank you for your time this morning. what do you make of kim jong un as the president said wanting to just denuclearize the one facility? we know they have much more. >> the test is whether they tell us things they have that they don't know we already know about. we have to assume there's stuff we are missing, these underground complexes and nuclear facilities, we are only addressing what we know about. the other big requirement we have to have, all the arms sales going to terrorists and iran and the asad regime, they are serious about a deal they have to be traders allies into those over them. rob: you saw the map, facility separate all over the country. they have a number of
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facilities. the north koreans wanted partial sanction relief. the president was saying they want. and relief. either way, partial doesn't cut it. partial nuclear disarmament doesn't work, partial relief doesn't work. >> if you are thinking like a north korean dictator it does work. the reason is based on their behavior i think there's a lot more internal unrest in the intelligence community in north korea. the state media in north korea, propaganda apparatus was trying to play this down, the fact that there wasn't a deal reached and when trump ended the talks the first thing they did was put together this press conference and say don't listen to america, we were not being unreasonable, a crisis on their end, very defensive. that means kim jong un believes if his people believe he's not
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being reasonable and there's no chance for a new opening with the united states they might turn on him. he is scared right now. jillian: going off of what you are saying do you think in theory it could have been kim jong un would have been content going back and saying we have have the sanctions lift the country would have been like okay, congratulations, not really giving up many nukes. >> that would be his dream deal, they think that is the key to their survival. at the same time, the key for survival is showing his people including the military, making progress economically including with the united states. you have to come back and deliver some goods and say life will be less miserable. rob: let's bring in the china factor, we try to negotiate with china, they are bad actors, sealer intelligence, trade deficits, let's bring some information to compare the chinese currency which is down
2:16 am
versus the dollar, their economy is down, they are healthy. they were steamrolling for a long time and that has slowed. can the president leverage china to reapply maximum pressure on north korea? that is what it would take to make them jump. >> 90% of their trade is going to china and it has worked in the past and they eased up. they also cracked down in the past with behavioral changes but there's more pressure on iran because those arms sales going to iran and terrorists and other black-market activities is crucial for the regime's survival. maximizing pressure on iran by north korean black-market materials is good way to do that. jillian: what about russia? russia is a factor in this. >> is important in china because of how much trade is going on. russia is an obstacle and we can move around them. in a point we can exert is
2:17 am
talking about the currency which they stopped doing because seeking regime change but if otto warmbier t -- if kim jong un is good for his people -- >> that is what they have. thank you so much. jillian: 17 after they are. maybe they should've held a class on campaign finance laws for the freshman alexandria ocasio cortez accused of hiding cash paid to her boyfriend. rob: handcuff teenager dives out of a second-story window and that's not even the best part of the story. you got to see and hear what happened next. bookers book now and ask their boss later.. [do you want breakfast or no?] [definitely breakfast.]
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jillian: a major winter storm moving across the country, winter not done with us. rob: knocking down power lines, blocking highways in parts of oregon and new england, could see six inches of snow this weekend. jillian: janice dean tracking the storm, not one, not two but three. >> in like a lion, like a lamb. across the northeast and california, our first weather maker, these are not blockbuster snowstorms but it will cause some problems if you are traveling this weekend. here is the first burst of snow across the northeast, could see some icy conditions and a rain event over the southeast. first one moves through this morning, this is the second one
2:22 am
that comes in this evening, overnight tonight and into saturday. the next storm system could have a little more punch, maybe a coastal event. that will last sunday night into monday, that could cause travel delays. we have a live look at times square where it is snowing, there's a coding of snow happening in new york city rate there. is that time square? it is supposed to be the city that never sleeps but when it snows no one wants to go out there. here is saturday. here's what we are dealing with saturday. the next storm system sunday, monday. we need to pay attention because this could bring measurable snow across new york and boston and interior sections so that is what we have to watch carefully. if i could end with credible amounts of rain and snow for the west coast, they have been bombarded with storm system
2:23 am
after storm system. this will move in and a little more moisture on the weekend. a lot going on. you are going to need me. jillian: we always need you. rob: they are getting inundated. >> no more drought in california. happy friday. jillian: calling for the us to lead again. the former vice president taking jabs at donald trump saying america needs to come out on top. >> failure of presidential leadership is generating incredible doubt. this is the first moment in modern memory, perhaps in the last we 7 years, where american leadership and engagement is in doubt. >> reporter: biden making remarks to students at the university of nebraska. sources telling the hill, they held meetings with potential aids if he decides to run in 2020. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez accused of paying
2:24 am
thousands in campaign money to her boyfriend. a republican group filing a complaint against the democratic socialist with the federal elections commission, it claims riley roberts received two, $3000 payments from a political action committee for marketing consultant services. ocasio cortez didn't claim the money is a campaign expense. rob: working to block comments on all videos of kids, but for making -- concerns of online predators. it is able be comment feature on tens of millions of videos, they pulled that after the child predator dangers were discovered just last month. twitter is testing a feature to let users hide replies to tweets. the tool would allow a user to silence conversations other users start about their tweets. those replies would not be deleted, just wouldn't be visible to you, giving people control over conversations they start on twitter.
2:25 am
what a world. jillian: you could soon get a ticket for petting your dog. florida lawmakers are proposing a bill to crack down on district driving including everything from texting, putting on makeup, and pitting your pup when you are driving. rob: according to aaa survey 52% of people say they pet their dog while driving. jillian: they are so cute. rob: those are people who have died in their cars. jillian: hoping to spend spring break on a beach, a new travel warnings that might make you change your plans. rob: joe biden thinks mike pence is a decent guy. what is wrong with that? the left comes out swinging. what does that say about the status ability and politics. charlie kirk ways in next. ♪
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jillian: a look at top headlines we are following this friday. the state department putting $1 million bounty on usama bin laden's son, hamza bin laden the emerging leader of al qaeda plotting attacks against the us and our allies, seeking revenge for the death of his father nearly a decade after the 9/11 mastermind was killed by u.s. navy seals in pakistan. rob: north korean officials regarding their is holding rare news conference to shoot down donald trump's version of events at the vietnam summit. the foreign minister saying kim jong un only asked for 5 of 11 sanctions to be lifted, not all of them and that kim was ready to dismantle his main nuclear site. the second summit ended with no deal and there is no set plan
2:30 am
for a third. jillian: accusing michael cohen of perjury. mike meadows and jim jordan outlining a list of ways cohen contradicted himself in a letter to the doj. 's attorney called the allegation baseless. he will return to capitol hill for another closed-door session with lawmakers. rob: the nation of pakistan will release an indian fighter pilot after shooting down two military jets. the prime minister calls it a piece gesture in an effort to ease tensions between the two nuclear armed countries. celebrations already beginning on the border ahead of the pilots's return. long-held tensions between these countries reigniting earlier this month when the terror group killed 40 indian soldiers in the indian control portion of the disputed territory of kashmir. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowing to fight corruption charges. >> opposition knows it cannot beat us, for the last two years
2:31 am
they started a political campaign to attack us. a witchhunt. rob: netanyahu faces bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges, accepting gifts from billionaires and bribing the press. he denies wrongdoing, election the two month. jillian: you might rethink vacation plans to this tropical island. the state department issuing a warning because of an uptick in crime in the bahamas. the sand trap area in nassau and family islands like new providence and grand bahama are seeing more burglaries, armed robberies and sexual assault. top house democrat is expecting doubt about a new medicare for all bill, house budget committee chairman john yarmouth said the new version just released this week goes far beyond medicare for all. democrats, 26 of them, dropped support for the bill, yarmouth telling the whole, quote,
2:32 am
universal healthcare on demand unlimited. it is all single payer, no private insurance, very different from medicare. he plans to hold a hearing on all medicare proposals in june but the measure is not expected to pass. rob: joe biden, potential 2020 candidate, in hot water for complementing our current vice president, mike pence. >> the fact of the matter is, he is a decent guy, our vice president, who stood before this group of allies and leaders and said i am here on behalf of donald trump. there was dead silence. jillian: after major online backlash he is forced to walk back his comments. what does that say about the state of civility in politics? rob: years the founder of turning point usa, charlie kirk. kind of sad you can't say something nice.
2:33 am
>> this is a story on what you are covering. it shows the state of the democrat party. there is an old adage that goes when we conservatives believe liberals are wrong, but liberals tend to believe conservatives are bad. so true right now. the democrat base believes conservatives are bad people. mike pence is a decent person and joe biden comes from a different time in american politics where it was okay to say people were decent, now the democrat party is so angry, the democrat base is filled with rage, you can no longer say anyone is decent whatsoever. i don't know if vice president biden wants to engage in that kind of democrat party or if he will be successful with the state of american politics the way it is. jillian: that is one of the questions. is there a place for joe biden
2:34 am
in the democrat party? voters want joe biden to run. look at their choices for 2020 democrats, 30% have joe biden at the top followed by bernie sanders at 22%. it seems the voters want him. >> one thing the last couple election cycle summit is don't be a front runner at this stage in the race, things can change. if joe biden does get into the race he will be stunned and look around and say what happened to my democrat party? joe biden has run for president multiple times before, he was instrumental in obama's victory in 2008 and 2012, ms. -- midwestern values can, represented delaware, has a good way to bring people together and people around him are going to say you are what is wrong, you don't represent the new democrat party. he will hesitate before going in after things like this, to walk
2:35 am
back a simple comment saying the vice president is a decent person. rob: if he doesn't run a guy like bernie will have a tough time winning a general election. you are in cpac in maryland, the president is there tomorrow. >> things are amazing, i love cpac, the energy is off the charts. for any doubt anyone has that donald trump is somehow there is doubts, he has so much support within the conservative movement. cpac, the grassroots activist super bowl, the amount of make america great again hat and support for the president's ideas and successes is off the charts, he speaks tomorrow, the vice president speaks today and great to be here. jillian: appreciate it. rob: new york state of mind rubbing off on virginia.
2:36 am
amazon facing a brand-new fight. kurt the cyber guy here with the big tech backlash. jillian: found with duct tape in the back of his pickup truck, this guy accused of faking his own kidnapping. we are coming right back. after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪
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rob: unbelievable video. watch this star come up, the van hits, a teen in critical condition after his car flipped and crashes into a concrete wall. unbelievable surveillance video. they tried to avoid hitting this van that has no idea what it is doing, that thing flipped 5, 6, 7 times, barreled across the parking lot, he was partially ejected and found unconscious. it sounded like a bomb went off, the driver who hit kelly is on the run.
2:40 am
firefighters rescue a man trapped under a car, the car falling on his legs while he is working on the brakes. indianapolis emergency crew jacked the vehicle up and pulled him to safety. the man only suffered minor injuries. jillian: first it was new york, virginia proposed amazon hq 2 second headquarters might be in jeopardy. [chanting] jillian: here to weigh in on the big tech backlash is kurt the cyber guy. rob: governor cuomo in the state of new york this morning, he is trying to do a second chance for amazon to come to a new york suburb and these people in virginia, the protesters are shooting themselves in the head.
2:41 am
when you win, when amazon does not come to your town, what did you win? we are talking about the most misunderstood story. jillian: you win less traffic congestion. >> great. it authority there. >> that same economic and put into that community will provide better roads and more subways and more buses and that is what i'm not understanding and the misunderstood issue having to do with there was a $3 billion set aside in the great state of new york. it was not that someone had $3 billion. it is with $27 billion we anticipate coming in. jillian: here's what activists take issue with, talking negative impact of displacement, rising housing costs on low income communities and amazon's antiunion stance.
2:42 am
>> that is valid but why should the community and the head with not allowing growth of jobs into your own city, thousands of jobs, not cheap jobs, great jobs. i'm not understanding. this is not the method to go about this protest, it is not going to do anything good for you. it is jeff bezos and his team that will decide whether they go into a community or not and you could make him feel very unwelcome and he will move on. jillian: we will see how it plays out. let's talk about this video sharing are one, collecting kids data. >> already 1 billion downloads of this apps kids are all over. a lot of music involved. $5.7 million fine is a record, of any type of apps like this, costs a huge amount of money to you and me, $75 billion
2:43 am
corporate owner of tick-tock, doesn't matter. not going to do a thing to help kids and none of these tech companies will care about your kids like you will. jillian: got to keep an eye on this. let's look at a statement from the chairman who said the operators new many children using apps but failed to seek parental consent before collecting names, email addresses and personal information from users under the age of 13 and on changes to the apps, quote, we have implemented changes to accommodate younger us users in a limited separate apps experience that has additional safety and privacy protections designed for this audience. >> how many corporate marketing marks could come up with a statement like that? do you care about your kids then? do they care about your kids now? i don't believe it for one second. the question is if you and i can't read every single thing
2:44 am
for our kids online and they are fighting these things, what else is there to protect them? at this point at least, even though i'm not pro-big government and don't like oversight, hands-off policy, there needs to be some form of regulation in this country that says you've got to at least disclose this kind of stuff in such a clear method that everybody knows how your privacy is being violated. jillian: keep an eye on those controls the best you can, thank you for joining us. i didn't mean to. it is 44 minutes after the hour. lawmakers were grilling michael cohen, this guy grabbed a bite to eat outside and it happened on live tv. when you're hungry or hungry. carly shimkus, the pizza guy going viral. time to check in with steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox and friends". i admit i had some pizza yesterday. pete: we will do the number 2
2:45 am
audience participation live studio audience thing, we are outside studio f on the other side of this door is the crowd. how many, 4 or 500 people or something like that. we have a busy three hours jampacked with a lot of fun and surprises and fantastic deals and chris christie, former governor of the great state of new jersey will be with us. lauren trump, wife of eric trump, jesse waters, diamond and silk and tom homan, former acting ice director. kicks off in a couple minutes. they can't see me. "fox and friends" starts in 15 minutes. "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom.
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>> the tv personality gave an emotional speech on issues of conservatives. >> even though i was a sick kid, not able to graduate high school, all these things are against me. i was in a country where it doesn't matter, you can achieve anything. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115. >> he has quite the rags to riches story. during his speech he talked about how he grew up poor, he mentioned he was sick, suffered from epilepsy ever since he was a boy and the point of his speech was to dispel the notion the conservative party is the party for rich people. cpac tweeted a portion of his
2:50 am
speech making rounds on social media. anything his story in this country and we must keep it that way and one person on instagram said what common sense, rick is a chip off the old block. i recommend everybody watch this. rob: unlikely support for the president from ted. >> democrat from california, one of the most outspoken trump critics. but after donald trump left hanoi without signing a denuclearization deal the hashtag trump fail became the top trending topic on twitter. to do defend the president saying the hashtag trump fail is printed, i find it inappropriate, people should not be hoping the president fails are taking pleasure in his failure on the global stage. whether you like donald trump or not he represents america in foreign affairs, we want america
2:51 am
to succeed. this is resonating with a lot of folks on social media. dana says this might be the first thing i ever great with you on, please start living by example. ethan on twitter says are frequently disagree with you but hats off to you for taking the high road. if you are rooting for trump to fail, by extension you are rooting for kim jong un to keep his nuclear weapons and murder people. jillian: i apologize for not including you yesterday. i was eating pizza yesterday but not quite like this guy. >> she goes i really want pizza but this is my favorite video of the day. congressional staff are caught eating pizza during from michael cohen testimony. he realizes he is on camera.
2:52 am
this has been viewed millions of times on social media. this man has not been found, offer free pizza for life, there is no justice in this world. i like that one on social media. rob: we caught you on camera before. >> this infamous video. i was doing the radio report, had no idea about this until my boss said carly, stop eating. candy on that table. i saw jellybeans and my mind went blank. jillian: you ran for the food. >> can you believe it? does that surprise any of you? rob: sometimes you eat pizza and are 105 pounds. >> i appreciate you there. rob: thanks so much. 52 minutes after the hour. a handcuffed teenager dives out of a second story window and the
2:53 am
story gets even better. you've got to see and hear what happens next. jillian: master gardener martha stewart potting a different kind of plant. we will tell you about it. (vo) this is the avery's. this is the avery's trying the hottest new bistro. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the avery's wondering if eating out .th . this is the avery's wi th the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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some big freakin' news from mr. clean. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try new clean freak from mr. clean.
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♪ hey, i'm a countryman
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♪ ♪ hey, baby, i'm a countryman. rob: i bet the president crashed hard when he got back from that check. vietnam for only two days? oh, man. brutal. all right. welcome back. a little look brian for you. cory booker wants marijuana to be legalized at the federal level and some of his fellow democratic presidential candidates joining him. >> here have you people being punished for doing things that two of the last three presidents admitted to doing. understanding, this was a war on people and there are casualties still suffering for lifetime sentences bill first introduced by the new jersey senator would clear marijuana convictions from million of criminal records. his 2020 rivals co-sponsoring this measure include bernie sanders, kamala harris, clib and
2:58 am
elizabeth warren. we asked what you thought of the 2020 democrats pushing to legalize pot. legalize it. i will still vote republican. bruce on facebook writes that marijuana should never have been illegal in the first place. and finally gianno on instagram writes i have heard too many of these bills wanting to legalize marijuana but nothing ever materializes. jillian: martha stewart is touting a different type of plant. martha stewart teeming up with cannabis. doesn't get people or animals high but helps release pain and anxiety. unclear when new products. we use some for my dog. rob: interesting. jillian: speaking of good things. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. should we start with the good? okay. singer carrie underwood singing high pitch rendition of happy birthday to her son
2:59 am
♪ happy birthday birthday to you ♪ happy birthday birthday to you ♪ has been birthday ♪ >> erupting into giggles after mom suck as helium balloon he turns 4 years old and a very happy birthday. is he like i want to try. rob: everyone wants to try that. this man accused of fakes his own kidnapping to get out of a. releasing robert he claimed to be abducted and held hostage. it was all made up to avoid paying a $50,000 super bowl bet. i don't know how. but he is now facing multiple charges. jillian: and the ugly, a teen in hand cuffs caught on camera making a bold escape and diving out of a sheriff's window. the deputy shocked to find out room empty when he returns. >> oh, no way. >> the teen seen sprinting
3:00 am
outside the sheriff's office in wisconsin after plunging 12 feet to the ground. he was caught hours later. rob: called calling a ted bundy. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. >> the president back in washington. amid bipartisan praise over the last 24 hours. >> president trump did the right thing by walking away. >> border agents arrest 180 illegal immigrants crossing into new mexico. >> we're going to be building over 200 miles of wall. could you call it slats or barriers? and we played the game for a little while. hey, you can't have border security without a wall. >> state department putting bounty on usama bin laden's son. wanted for plotting an attack against america. >> puts socialism on trial and then convicted. >> benjamin netanyahu will be indicted on three separate charges. netanyahu responded


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