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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 1, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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outside the sheriff's office in wisconsin after plunging 12 feet to the ground. he was caught hours later. rob: called calling a ted bundy. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. >> the president back in washington. amid bipartisan praise over the last 24 hours. >> president trump did the right thing by walking away. >> border agents arrest 180 illegal immigrants crossing into new mexico. >> we're going to be building over 200 miles of wall. could you call it slats or barriers? and we played the game for a little while. hey, you can't have border security without a wall. >> state department putting bounty on usama bin laden's son. wanted for plotting an attack against america. >> puts socialism on trial and then convicted. >> benjamin netanyahu will be indicted on three separate charges. netanyahu responded to the indictment calling the whole
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investigation a, quote, witch-hunt. >> i need for this democrat congress to understand that we don't need to rewrite the constitution. they need to re-read the constitution. ♪ baby i like it ♪ baby you like it ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ fiesta, forever ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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ainsley: nice to see you, thank you. steve: nice crowd. hey, everybody, alive from new york city, this is our second studio audience show and thank you all for being with us today. brian: i like the semicircle. ainsley: bigger group this time. hey, everyone. steve: it's fantastic. you picked a great day to come to new york city. we have a gigantic program. fan favorites diamond and silk are going to be with us. [cheers and applause] steve: we have more. brian: we need more? is that it? ainsley: we have pete hegseth, we have kurt knutsson. we have sean duffy, his wife rachel campos-duffy. who else do we have, brian? brian: kirk cammeron is going to be here live. tom homan. one of the funniest comedians in the country if you have not seen him live i
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know you have seen him on the show. have you got to check him out. michael loftus, rachel cruze halfback here answering a lot of your questions. steve: big show. that's right. [cheers and applause] so, you picked a great day. and, of course it's a news channel so let's start with the news. how many of you here today were happy that the president walked out of the summit with kim? [cheers and applause] all right. ainsley: guess what? you weren't the only ones nancy pelosi even complimented him for that is he getting bipartisan support for this deal for walking away from the deal at least. steve: indeed. brian: right when he was done he went over and talked to sean hannity. it's the first time they had met. only kidding. he said here's what happened. here's behind the scenes. let's listen. >> it's a much tougher deal to make. maybe it went get made. but, that's the deal that we should have. and, you can't give up everything if you don't get that. now, we could have done large portions, but you are
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not getting that we will see what happens. again, the relationship is very good. he likes me. i like him. some people say oh you shouldn't like him. why shouldn't i like him. i like him. get along great. we will see what happens. brian: the only thing they added is north korea came out and actually had ha press conference. i don't know what america is talking about. we just asked to have sanction relief that i am peed civilian economy and livelihood of our people. the president did not come back like he would, let's say, when he was going against hillary clinton because he knows this is international diplomacy, that's basically not what happened. steve: think about it with ed henry's reporting yesterday. kim did something he had never done before and that was taking questions from the reporter the night before. why suddenly is he taking questions from the reporters which he has never done and then he sends the foreign minister out to make a statement yeah, i don't know what the united states is talking about. because they were shocked that trump actually got up and walked out. now, going in apparently the president was told by
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advisors, he told advisors he did not want to appear too eager to give away the store analysts would say look what he got? he had a signing ceremony. instead the president said this is not the deal i'm angling for so i'm out of here. ainsley: i want to denuke everything. i'm not going to just lift four sanctions if that's what they are saying in state news in north korea. that they didn't say that they were -- they wanted all sanctions lifted. they just wanted four sanctions lifted. that's not enough. the president said we will lift them all possibly if you denuke your entire country. brian: i just got texted from somebody who was actually there said no agreement. steve: mike pompeo again? brian: yeah. they wanted what they got from prior administrations, economic relief which is what brought them to the table but without complete denuclearization, there would be no deal. and they were surprised that we held to that. steve: kim was shocked that the united states stood up and walked out. meanwhile, what is going on behind closed doors in
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washington, d.c.? there was a bill to expand federal background checks for gun purchases and 26 democrats actually joined republicans, many on the legislation, so that ice would be notified in the event that an illegal alien tried to buy a handgun. brian: which by the way is logical. sounds like a great thing to add. ainsley: 26 democrats vote for that. steve: no kidding. nancy pelosi was furious and she lashed out at the two dozen moderates who voted with the republicans and she pressured them you have got to get on board. she said we are either a team or we're not. we have toe make that decision. we have all got to vote exactly the same. forget about that bipartisan thing. vote if you are a democrat. ainsley: one of her spokes persons went into the room and looked at all of these moderates and said you are going to be on a list. if you continue to vote with these republicans, you continue to be moderate and you are not extreme like all of us, then we will put you on a list and make sure
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activists get you out of office and upseat you in 2020. brian: can you believe the arrogance of a freshman there for weeks not years it call out others who have been there forever. who might be elected in trump won districts. they can't afford or get, this they might not want to vote against this because they actually believe in it. "the washington post" has people from their reporting. house democrats exploded in recriminations thursday over moderates bucking the party couldn't believe that moderates with liberal congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez threght tthreaten. she has a link to activists that will immediate primary then. my goodness. a moderate won in a trump won district and you want to put a liberal there you know who should be high fiving? kevin mccarthy a republican will walk through with that seat. ainsley: it's pretty scary. bullying.
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if you don't vote with us we will get you out of office. we will make sure every single democrat thinks the way we do. steve: democrats have had some embarrassments in the last week or two because there have been some procedural votes that they have actually lost on which is extraordinary because they hold the majority. now, in the past, the republicans have done very well with that. so, nancy pelosi and aoc are very ininoin inin sync. the reporter said inside thursday's tense house meeting of the democrats, an exasperated pelosi demanded moderates stiffen their spines aoc threatening to put them on a list and mods begs for fo forbearance. medicare for all front and center. democrats sober enough to understanding how dumb that would be because not only
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would that be mod accessible, unless you love the way motor vehicle runs or the way the v.a. has been producing. steve: getting better. brian: fantastic. the problem is private insurance, over 70% of the american public have private insurance and like it. this would destroy it. so democrats just said you know, i'm not really for this. and they got blasted. let's see what's going to happen. ainsley: wonder how a joe manchin feels like this. steve: when it gets to the senate. ainsley: you can't force -- you have to vote according to what your constituents feel. steve: sure. otherwise you are walking the plank. ainsley: joe manchin a moderate area you can't have him voting for what they are voting for in california. totally different. brian: a lot of this stuff is going to die in the house. it's never going to get to the senate. sadly, you remember republicans were very frustrated they put all this stuff together and the senate wouldn't even vote on it now it's role reversal. steve: anyway. a lot going on in the news. thank you very much for joining us. meanwhile, jillian joins us
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right now. she is right over there, ladies and gentlemen. jillian: that's right. good friday morning. and we begin with a fox news alert. the state department putting a 1-million-dollar bounty on usama bin laden's son. hamza bin laden is emerging as the new leader of al qaeda. he has threatened attacks against the u.s. and our allies for the death of his father at the hands of u.s. navy seals. i love you, that will be $5. those were the bizarre final words from a death row inmate in texas overnight. billy cobble put to death by lethal injection after shooting and killing his estranged's wife's parents and a brother a police officer. his children became violent watching the edges cushion. kicking, throwing fists and yelling obscenities. the governor of washington state has his eyes on washington, d.c. democrat jay endsley is expected to announce his 2020 presidential bid today. his top issue climate change which he calls the real national emergency. instantly woulendsley would be h
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democrat to run for the 2020 nomination. the phillies signing brice harper to the biggest contract in mlb history. whopping 13 year 330-million-dollar deal he spent the last seven season with the washington nationals. is he a six-time all-star and won mlmvp. people in philadelphia did not expect this they were giving up on it anyone with me. [cheers and applause] ainsley: how many times do you have to go to the world series to pay that back? >> every time. steve: we have a big crowd here. let's meet some of the folks, ladies and gentlemen, hi, i'm steve along with ainsley and brian. welcome to the program. what's your name, sir? >> nathan. steve: nathan, where are from you? >> from here in manhattan. did anyone travel more than
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one block? what's your name? >wendy.>> where dual? >> philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> what do you think about this news about bryce harper? >> i'm a saints fan. brian: don't bring up the playoffs. steve: hey, bruce, how are you? how long have you been watching "fox & friends"? >> gosh, for as long as it's been on. steve: that's fantastic. at what point in the day do you actually turn on the television and what time do you turn it off. >> we mostly dvr stuff. we turn it on usually late at night when we get home. steve: so you actually watch our program during tucker carlson? [laughter] and one other person, real quickly, is there a christie kleja here? how are you? >> hi. steve: you told one of our producers a secret? steve: yes. once upon a time back when i was in my 20's or 30's. >> yes. you used to be on nbc 4 in
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d.c. and i used to watch you then. and i still watch you now. steve: look at that she followed me. >> yeah. steve: it is great to meet you. after like 30 years. [applause] anyway, so we have great crowd. did anybody travel more than 500 miles? oh my goodness. brian: a lot of people. almost everybody. >> louisiana. ainsley: san antonio. >> steve: buckle your seat belts, folk we have a bumpy show. ainsley: larry kudlow sending this message to the crowd at cpac. >> join us to put socialism on trial and then convict it. ainsley: what does our audience think about that? stick around. [cheers and applause]
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brian: people all across the country representing the "fox & friends" audience. you guys were kind enough to come in for us. petition, email us, we followed up and now you are here. you have been patted down, you passed a background check. thank you very much. [laughter] yesterday larry kudlow went to cpac. are you familiar with cpac that conservative conference? >> yeah. brian: larry kudlow went to cpac and he has joined the administration. in the past he has been representing cnbc. great broadcaster and speaker. he came out and said guy, i have a theme. it's called socialism. not good. listen. >> you next president trump is providing leadership. he has kind of changed the whole psychology. we have gone from perform to optimism right there. it's a major change. he has ended the war on business. he has ended the war on energy. he has ended the war on success. i'm here with just one simple ask, please. join us t
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and join us to put socialism on trial and then convict it. [cheers and applause] brian brian pretty amazing too. so many of the candidates on the left saying yeah, socialism. beto o'rourke went out of his way yesterday to say i'm a capitalist. i like to see that i like to see him once in a while roll down his sleeves and put on a tie. let's see what happens. i want to find out what you think of socialism and i think christian is over here, right? specify fan, you arstephan,. >> i grew up in poll land, communism earlier 70's. brian: when did you come here? >> in '78. brian: what did you leave? >> we left over there the communism over there. no freedom, nothing. brian: but yet everything was guaranteed, wasn't it? did you have healthcare. >> that was only guaranteed two. types of people. there is people in power,
3:20 am
rich and there is people with no money, poor people. there is no middle up there. brian: does it concern you we are talking socialism in this country. >> same thing communism in a different form type of a deal. brian: 18 to 24-year-olds over 50% want socialism. christian where from you. >> from new york city. brian: what's your view on the socialist alexandria of the next generation. >> it next make any sense when you look at places like venezuela gem of south america. now you look at it without getting into too much graphic detail why would anyone willie want that? brian: it's guarantees, right? it's guarantees. have you got to go compete. that's what capitalism represents. listen, coming up next, we will talk to the audience throughout the two and a half hour show they are wonderful people we gave them free coffee so they must be alert. speaking of cpac, diamond
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and silk are going to be here. they are coming here next. they are walking through the door. we will have much more coming your way. even governor christie is going to be here live. great show. don't move. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ she's doing it again. no cover up spray here... it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, burying the smell in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air.
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3:25 am
tough on crime and prison population and showing the rest of the country. this is supposed to be my issues. you are stealing my issues. [laughter] ainsley: joining us now to react social media stars diamond and silk. good morning, ladies. you were at cpac yesterday. >> yes, ma'am. ainsley: the audience just went wild when you all came out. >> it was phenomenal. a beautiful experience. amazing. just being there with like-minded people. talking about our freedoms and us being very patriotic. we loved it. ainsley: what did you think about van jones praising republicans? >> you have to understand that van jones has been a long advocate for criminal justice reform. to see him give honor where honor is due praising this administration for trying to solve this problem. i appreciate that. steve: he is taking a lot of flack from people in his own party for siding with
3:26 am
conservatives. >> you have to understand, i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> sometimes you have some on the left they don't want a problem solved because they make money by creating this foolishness where we are always bickering about something. but our president solved this here. and i commend van jones. brian: the president reached out to him and he responded and every step of the way he was praising the president. he said at the last minute i thought everything was going to fall apart. instead they doubled down. jared kushner deserves a lot of president. he went on to praise the president on opportunity zones as well as opioids reform. that shows you this is -- the issues matter more than the party and that's going to be the new theme. >> it has to be the new theme. >> you have to remember that president obama did absolutely nothing, in my opinion, for the community, for prison reform. he had the opportunity to do that. but, things that was plaguing especially the black community, obama did not do anything. but our president, president donald j. trump all americans step in and got
3:27 am
the problem solved. steve: you know, it seems like there is some confusion on the political left. you have van jones taking heat for praising conservatives. then have you got nancy pelosi and aoc they are saying hey, there are too many people voting in our party, voting with the republicans got to all be on the same team. so when people think, okay, you know, every election it's like vote for me, i will go to washington and work with the other side and get stuff done. but, when they are actually there, it's kind of like, nope. >> they don't do anything. see what i have been telling people i want you to switch your party to republican and let people vote for president joneld j. trump. i know it shouldn't be about the party. right now we have a republican in office working for all americans. brian: i want to bring it to this story. congressman tlaib famously went after mark meadows for bringing out lynn patton a long time employee of the trump administration who is now with hud. african-american. says oh yeah, michael cohen called the president a racist. would donald trump be a
3:28 am
racist if he hired lynn patton for 25 years? they made up. they hugged it out. they talked for a minute. mark meadows approached and said i'm glad we worked this out. it's over. on msnbc and doubles down. listen. >> i mean, i really do stand by very much i wanted to be heard. i wanted to be seen. and for me at that moment, watching this young woman stand up behind congressman meadows in that way was very hurtful. and it was very disrespectful. >> it's very sickening to see somebody like her. this is what i call the radicals in congress. this is why i tell you we don't need to rewrite the constitution. they need to reread it where is it. [applause] >> where is it in the constitution for you disparage somebody and claim they are a token. and that's a racial innuendo
3:29 am
undertone is what she was saying. you know what i were doing. and i think she should step down. >> with her being a race baiter. >> yes, a race baiter. but with her being a woman of color, was she being a token for the democrats? [applause] steve: re-read not re-write. >> and then memorize it. steve: you didn't memorize that. >> no. thank you. ainsley: part of your speech at cpac. >> absolutely. you know what? i just want americans, come on, y'all, take a look at venezuela is the example. okay, take a look at that do you want this country to look like that. >> no. >> when you see people pushing socialistic ideas. listen, we can be that one day. that's why i am for capitalism. >> that's right. >> pull yourself up by your boot straps. i don't want anyone walking around living the american nightmare. >> then whenever you see
3:30 am
illegal aliens crossing the border. you don't see them crossing the border at venezuela, do you? they come here to america. they want to obtain this american dream. the president had this economy hot and everybody want to lick it up. steve: ladies and gentlemen, diamond and silk. [cheers and applause] steve: thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. steve: ilhan omar says president trump is a dictator. we will tell that you story. brian: he is going to be impeached according to her. ainsley: she represents pete hegseth's home state and he joins us live next. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa
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only for a limited time. ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: we opened the door and look who came in it is "fox & friends" live from new york city our streaming live studio audience. people are excited to be here. ainsley: it's so much fun. when pete hegseth walked in the audience went wild. [cheers and applause] brian: i got to tell you. i was a little surprised i didn't think you guys liked pete. i had no idea. ainsley: is he a great man. great american, fought for our country. [cheers and applause] ainsley: we wanted to bring you on because we wanted to talk about several topics. this one effect you. you are from minnesota. your congresswoman there ilhan omar she was in rolling stone magazine and said that president trump had the markings of a dictator and she believes that impeachment is
3:35 am
inevitable. pete: she sure is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't she? [laughter] this is a thought process of the left. i say to her and i think i wrote on the back of the sheet, here we go. she was born in somalia. she represents minneapolis. the president of some i can't, the some i can't democratic public mohammed bare. he really was a dictator and he ran some i can't into the ground. and as a result, america opened its arms after that civil war and welcomed thens of thousands of those people to our country a place of peace and democratic values she has the audacity to call president trump a dictator? a lack of perspective about how special this country is that we have a constitution that's endured for 240 years. president trump is doing the best he can. [applause]
3:36 am
finding one unconstitutional thing he has done and by the way what he did recently by calling for funding for the wall will be upheld by the supreme court. this is ultimately something that is constitutional. [applause] they are grasping at straws because they hate him. she was elected to hate him. by the way if you think we have problems look at the district of minneapolis. send the most people that go to variety bite isis have come from minneapolis. if you think you have got a problem, maybe look inside your own district and figure out why they are doing that? brian: that's a good point. you gave us fran tarkenton and idiot governor. pete: and al franken, too. brian: thanks. we owe you one. you were in israel the last couple weeks doing specials for fox nation. netanyahu is fighting for his freedom. he has been indicted. can you tell us what he is up against? pete: i will tell you this i had a chance to interview the prime minister. i have spoken to people very
3:37 am
closely and intimately involved in this process. if you think the deep state is bad in america? it's really bad in israel. they have not been able to beat b.b. netanyahu at the ballot box. they are trying to beat him through these trumped up he calls it a witch-hunt. call it what our president calls it trumped up charges. what they're charging him first of all he got a cigar from a friend which strikes me as a good thing. second of all he got positive press coverage from a website due to changes in regulations. you actually look at that website, it's been overwhelmingly negative coverage to him. this is because the deep state of israel and the bureaucracy there hates him. they can't beat him. the people love him. they appreciate what he has done for the state of israel. as a result he will fight this and beat. this. ainsley: he will not have to step down. pete: he has been a great friend to the united states of america and to his country as well. steve: we have a great crowd about 6 or 700 people. [laughter] a number of people want to ask pete some questions.
3:38 am
kim proctor what's your question? >> my question is it seems in the house that anti-semitism has just run rampant. these people are not being held accountable for that if that had been a conservative, we would have been just run off the rails. so, there is just such a double standard there. and it's very disturbing to me. brian: especially with congresswoman. pete: if conservatives had said that many on the left today would have embraced it. that's the scary part. there is no longer a double standard. it's become a partisan issue which is what we tried to avoid for so long that israel was a democratic ally in the middle east surrounded by enemies. we would support them in that fight. now it's creeping back. in ilhan omar it's getting very little coverage she recently said. >> not at all. pete: almost none at all. worried about people split allegiances meaning you might be more allegiance to israel than the united states. this is how they drive a wedge between our two countries. we have to stay strong no matter what.
3:39 am
>> we have to fight that we just have to. steve: when she ran, when omar ran, is this the tact. pete: no. she pretended for like she wasn't for boycott and investment sanctions bdf. she said the right things. a bunch of rabbis that met with her. they be disturbed after that meeting because of the misinformation she had in her mind. there is a track record there. brian: by the way overwhelmingly democrats get the american jewish vote. pete: yes, they do. which is astounding to me. that may change. ainsley: where is gonzalez? right here on the front row? >> born u.s. citizen very proud of it lately, the last two or three years i have been called a racist. i have been called a bigot just because i have conservative values and i support our president. what advice do you have for me? i had a former employer that actually called me those names just because i was reading nonpolitical trump book. and they started calling me a bigot and racist. what advice do you have for me? because hispanic, and i get
3:40 am
put into a silo of being a liberal because of my skin color and for who i am? pete: my only advice is don't stop and never back down. ever. [applause] they are coming at you because you are a threat. look at you. i mean, what you could bring, your voice, your perspective, your background. you are a threat and they know it and so they are going to come after you. stand up. i appreciate it. brian: right. if donald trump is going to get four more years it's going to be through the hispanic vote. steve: thank you very much. we have more questions get to them all morning long. we have jillian with headlines. jillian: start with this story. an oregon lawmaker introducing a bill to disarm campus police. keep officers from carrying guns at the university of oregon and portland state university. students have mixed reactions. >> i think we need policemen that are armed. >> they should be trained in deescalation techniques that aren't putting the lives of students at risk.
3:41 am
>> lawmaker maker pushing the bill says it will make students safer following a deadly incident involving a campus officer. there is a new push faith from constantly being under fire. missouri state representative introducing a ban on anonymous state church lawsuits. they allow for attacks on faith without accountability. critics say anonymity, -- i can never say that word -- is essential for plaintiffs including those whose religious liberty is attacked. some words are hard. have you ever fallen asleep on the couch after a long week of work? >> >> you fell asleep on the couch again. >> you know you are supposed to go to your room. >> those annoying friends aren't his only problem if he sleeps in. guys how about this? according to a new study trying to keep up on sleep on the weekends could make you fought. university of colorado researchers say people who don't get enough sleep tend
3:42 am
to overeat. so when they sleep more and eat less they can't regulate their blood sugar properly. so my blood sugar must be like bonkers. that's the story of my life. ainsley? ainsley: i all of a sudden heard you can't make it up? i try. steve: thanks, jillian. ainsley: it sounds terrifying. an online suicide game targeting our children. you've all heard about this, right? what you need to know about the is it called the momo challenge? kurt the cyberguy is going to tell us more about it. brian: hey, kurt. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
3:43 am
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3:46 am
♪ having a good time ♪ brian: all right. welcome back, everybody. police are warning parents on social media about a dangerous internet trend called the momo challenge allegedly resurfacing in children's videos. ainsley: momo challenged involved this image spliced into videos children to commit violent acts against themselves or others. youtube says the there is no evidence the challenge is actually real. steve: is this actually a deadly game or just a hoax. >> hoax it could have been but now people are taking it seriously. kids are playing it and parents need to be aware of it. and more than anything else, the tech companies that our kids are engaged with need to take a stronger position to protect kids. youtube tries to remove this, the videos that are posted.
3:47 am
this started in 2016 known as mother bird momo is the curse you want to avoid. kids can challenge other kids to do essentially bad stuff that ultimately leads to a suggestion that they should not be alive any longer. it's a ridiculous, dangerous idea whether it's a hoax or not, it's being played and it needs to stop. ainsley: they tell the kids you have to participate in order to not be cursed. >> correct. so you have got to play so you don't get cursed it seems like a fun game until it just spirals and spirals and eventually you will find some people that are not doing well as a result of it. steve: people here in our audience. have any of you heard of this momo challenge? this is a couple of people have. this lady down here in the front. and, ma'am, what have you heard about it? >> they say that the children would be watching just a regular youtube video and in the middle of the video this momo person character would pop up and say something like kill
3:48 am
yourself or. ainsley: i heard pep pa pig. kids watching pep pa pig. >> say kill yourself or something of that sort. kill somebody. steve: it's super disturbing. brian: facebook and others to that i can this down? >> really on what's app. how it is getting around you know who owns that is facebook. if silicon valley, these companies like facebook, what's app., youtube can make a dollar off of our kids, should they be spending dollars towards protecting them? [cheers and applause] >> right. why aren't we really seeing this? i know you have a statement. steve: youtube does have a statement. we want to clear up radarring. momo challenge we have seen no evidence on youtube. videos will promoting dangerous challenges are against our policies. if you see videos harmful policies on youtube we encourage you to flag them. >> how many executives sat around a table trying to
3:49 am
figure out that statement? steve a bunch of them. >> all right. everybody, have a good weekend. [applause] brian: 12 minutes now before the courbeforethe top of the ho. try to outlaw private insurance. think that's a good idea? congressman sean duffy married his wife rachel and together they are walking out. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ steve: welcome to "fox & friends" live from studio f. house democrats medicare for all supported by many democratic presidential candidates. brian: all right. here with their thoughts is congressman sean duffy to turned around and married fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy. i don't know how this happened. welcome back. >> thanks for having us. brian i life it better for me probably not good for the country: steve: speaking of what's good for the country. what about medicare for all? >> listen, this is horrible for the country. as republicans, we talk about the cost of healthcare. this is a 30 trillion-dollar bill. cost doesn't work anymore. people are okay spending a lot of money. steve: it's not their money. they don't care. >> talk about taking healthcare away from americans. remember if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. if you like your plan, can you keep your plan. this medicare for all is healthcare for none. what happens is if you have your healthcare plan through
3:54 am
your union, you are a welder, you are a teacher and have healthcare plan through teacher plan. brian: lose it, gone: >> you have a fox news plan, gotten. steve. >> steve: private insurance company, gone. >> there is zero private insurance. if you have medicaid in your state in wisconsin we have badger care it, would be a watered down badger care. instead of shooting for the stars and having better plans for people. improving the plans and coverage. they go to the lowest common denominator and crappy plans for everybody but it's the same. ainsley: rachel, as a mom, how do you feel about this? because you have so many children and you need your healthcare. >> absolutely. what it comes down to is americans are still americans. we are not socialists, we are not communists. we like choice and we like to have choice in healthcare especially because it is so personal it is so important to everybody. especially those of us with kids or elderly parents. so i think sean is absolutely right. i think the republicans can't talk about this in terms of money. although obviously that is a huge factor in this. they have to talk about it
3:55 am
in terms of what's important to people. >> what's interesting new look at the presidential election on our horizon. >> americans like the phrase medicare for all. steve: sure until they find out the cost. where is robby? because robby has a question for the duffys. robby is right over here. front row. he is in the red sweater. robe, what's your question? >> my question is about the blue wall. as you know that president trump won the presidency through margins blue wall. most of the blue wall democratic governorships. what in your opinion is the impact to look for in 2020. because the margins are thin for the electoral college. >> that's a really good question. are you trying to stump me? >> how do the republicans and how does president trump -- brian: great question.
3:56 am
>> quickly, i think the president would have a tough time getting through wisconsin, michigan, ohio, even minnesota but democrats have gone so crazy left that i think our president is still going to win wisconsin. has a shot at minnesota and will win michigan and the presidency. [cheers and applause] steve: thank you very much. rachel: can we have this audience this weekend? brian: you guys can sleep over. steve: meanwhile, still ahead on our friday telecast. chris christie, lara trump, kurt cammeron and tom homan michael loftus in front of our live studio audience. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too
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3:58 am
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4:00 am
♪ it's always a good time ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] steve: live from new york city studio f. sit down, folks. welcome to hour two of our second "fox & friends" live with a studio audience. brian: right. steve: how many people traveled more than 500 miles to be here. let's see your hands? ainsley: wow. steve: who traveled more than a thousand? ainsley: texas, san antonio. brian: i usually have to remind people to get dressed. thank goodness i did not have to remind you guys. you are all dressed.
4:01 am
ainsley: all dress sod beautifully. we have lara trump coming in today. we have kurt cammeron. we have chris christie. great show. jesse watters is coming up. steve: and you are going to want to play along because of the trump-kim summit at the conclusion of the show today, tom shilo is going to do a world's most famous kims. that's going to be a quiz and it's going to be great. [cheers and applause] steve: actually,. ainsley: kim kardashian. who is more famous kim kardashian or kim jong un? steve: we will find out in a little while. brian: i know one is in better shape. steve: speaking of kim. the kim-trump summit ended abruptly when the president said, you know what? this was not the deal i was thinking i was going to wind up with. north korea came out and said, you know what? we don't understand, we did not ask for all the sanctions to be lifted. we just asked for some of them but nonetheless, the president said he wanted to denuket we
4:02 am
should have you can't give up everything if you tonight get that now, we could have done large portions but you are not getting that we will see what happens. again, the relationship is very good. he likes me. i like him. some people say oh you shouldn't like him. why shouldn't i like him? i like him. get along great. we will see what happens. brian: what they actually found out is he was alluding to they tried to spin it to say we were not asking for absolute sanctions relief next change for taking down just one area. that is not the case. and what it turns out is they were doing basically the same thing his father did and grandfather did play us to the end and in the end not follow through. one of these people that were there wrote to me and said it was the president's finest hour. steve: here's the thing. ultimately the north koreans figured all right, has already got on the schedule 2:00 p.m. signing ceremony. so this is in the bag for us. and then when the president realized wait a minute, this is not the deal i thought i
4:03 am
could talk mr. kim into, they got up. and that's why the north koreans now are spinning it like oh, wait a minute, that's not what we talked about. that's also one of the reasons why we saw the foreign minister do the press conference and why mr. kim, the day before, actually took questions from western reporters. ainsley: we asked the audience, what you guys thought, you represent the folks at home. you all said you were glad he walked away. nancy pelosi actually said she was glad he walked away, too. we weren't getting what's best for our country. the president said i'm not going to rush into this deal. he said something will happen down the line. we will get something worked out eventually. steve: how many of you in the audience today feel safer regarding north korea than you did a couple of years ago? [cheers and applause] steve: all right. let me see your hands of the lady right here in the back in the white jacket, why do you feel safer? what is it about the situation with united states and north korea now? >> >> oh, well, president trump is doing everything he is to protect the american people.
4:04 am
he is trying to work out something with the north koreans. brian: he is there hasn't been any rocket launched in 8 or 9 months. that means a lot. hundreds of days. we will see. and you are from new orleans, right? >> is i dahlia, louisiana. ainsley: like the onion. brian: let these be real sanctions and start enforcing it i do worry about today south korea and north korea are supposed to worry again to bridge their gap. south korea could single-handedly prop up north korea. ainsley: another deal they talked about too during the interview. sean asked him about the green new deal and he mocked it listen to this. >> it's an incredible thing. i see senators that have been there for a long time. you know, well-known senators, named senators. i look at them and they are endorsing it $100 trillion and you couldn't do it for
4:05 am
that. >> yeah. >> it's not even the money so ridiculous. no planes. let's not fly anymore it is crazy. personally they should go with it. i love it. one of the greatest plans i have ever seen as long as they're the ones that are to sell it and not me. so,. >> happy about it? >> really looking forward to what the rest of them are going to do. steve: he loves it because is he going to run against that you have all been watching the fox news channel. how many of you like parts of the green new deal? somebody has got to like part of it. ainsley: no. larry kudlow was speaking at cpac. he said the green new deal would literally destroy the economy, literally. it would not knock out energy transportation, airlines, jobs, businesses we would probably lose 10 to 15% of our g.d.p. steve: yeah, but other than that. [laughter] brian: one thing that i think people should understand secretary of energy rick perry has said we are on a fast track to
4:06 am
burn clean energy. if people are really serious about the environment. they would go nike larr and they would go natural gas. both we lead the world. in people don't want to do that you can't have both. because even if you go electric. guess what powers those fuel plants that power up the electric car? coal. so you can't have one without the other. and also, to point out, too. there is something else going on. while democrats clearly have momentum in many ways and certainly have the house and certainly like to put the spotlight on their investigations, cpac is going on, which is this enormously successful conservative conference that started yesterday. one of the invitees was van jones. van jones, a famous confidante of barack obama, and a famous democrat and liberal has been praising the president, played a vital role in delivering democrats for the president's criminal justice reform. but, never did i think that he would be one of the key people on stage with matt schlapp the founder of cpac
4:07 am
last night. ainsley: did you ever think he would be praising conservatives? listen to this. >> here's the deal. the conservative movement in this country unfortunately, from my point of view, is now the leader on this issue of reform. my problem is i now have a conservative movement that for libertarian reasons, your christian conservative reasons and for missally conservative reasons is actually doing a great job on what should be my issue. this is supposed to be my issue. you are stealing my issue. take some dadgum credit for being smart. take some dadgum credit for getting it right. steve: and he should take some credit, too. because van jones worked with jared kushner to rally support for the first step act which, as you know, was passed by congress and the president has touted that.
4:08 am
diamond and silk were with us about 40 minutes ago. they electrified the audience this morning. [applause] >> steve: they were also at cpac yesterday and had a great time. they had the message president obama could not get done what this president has done. watch this. >> van jones has been a long advocate for criminal justice reform. >> that's right. >> to see him give honor where honor is due, praising this administration for trying to solve this problem. >> um-huh. >> i appreciate that. >> president obama did absolutely nothing, in my opinion, for the community, for prisoner reform. had the opportunity to do that. but things that was plaguing especially the black community, obama did not do anything. but our president, president donald j. trump who is for all americans, steps in and got the problem involved. brian: it's true. i think the president should be talking more about that. so should the surrogates. talking about how both sides came together on this issue.
4:09 am
it got passed on a friday. i didn't hear anything else about it. yesterday van jones pointed out this administration has done a lot on opioids and a lot with opportunity zones to flourish struggling communities bringing in private investment. listen, he is not going to vote for the president. he point you had out when there is something done. if this administration doesn't start selling the good things they do, they are not going to get any benefit from it. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning. we have news to tell you about. a fox news alert. washington governor jay inslee said he is running for president. moments ago the democrat releasing what his campaign will be all about. >> country's next mission must to be rise up to the most urgent challenge of our time, defeating climate change. this drivers isn't just a charter. jillian: endsley iinslee is theh democrat to announce is he running. a car flips several times and crashes into a concrete
4:10 am
wall. take a look at this surveillance video showing jackson kelly's car getting clipped by a van and swerving and barreling across a parking lot in florida. witnesses say it sounded like a big bomb went off. the driver who hit kelly is still on the run. >> all right. anyone want to rethink your vacation plans, the state department issuing a travel warning for the bahamas because of uptick in crime. officials say the sand trapped area in nassau and family island like new providence and grand baum are seeing more burglaries, armed robberies and sexual assaults. how about this? dr. suess is releasing a brand new book. dr. suess' horse museum will hit stores this september, 28 years after the famed author's death. an illustratorrer finished the manuscript after found in 2013. features painting from famous artists like pablo picasso and cat in the hat. it comes one day before dr. suess' birthday. that's a look at your
4:11 am
headlines. ainsley? ainsley: we have some of our audience members here. i wanted to quickly find out your name, where you are from and what do you start with you. >> leann rush from german valley, illinois. i'm a retired academic advisor at a college nearby. ainsley: that's important. thank you so much. sir, how about you. >> i'm bill barnshaw i own a real estate company called agent 06. >> i'm beth from boston i own a bakery. ainsley: yum, did you bring some? >> i did. ainsley: good. how about you? >> huntington valley, pennsylvania. we love -- indiana here. and asset management field. ainsley: okay, good, come down to the front row you sir. >> my name is ben ross from noonan, georgia i'm a pilot for southwest airlines. >> how about you. >> ross. >> what did you grow. >> corn and beans. >> made in america. >> retired lieutenant colonel air force. >> god bless you,.
4:12 am
>> real estate now. >> judy burlington connecticut i work in reinsurance. ainsley: wonderful. how about you in the pink back. >> there i'm paula i'm from bethlehem, pennsylvania i work for the department of treasury. ainsley: awesome. a lot of people from pennsylvania. anyone else want to go real quick? i have time for -- yes, ma'am. >> i'm jayda barton and i'm from dalton, georgia i'm a speech-language pathologist aid. >> i'm tanya archer from i have dahlia, louisiana, i work for a wonderful group of medical doctors family medical group. ainsley: this is a good opportunity to advertise for your company. one more? do we need more. >> i'm adjunct faculty also an entrepreneur. ainsley: i think i am teasing right here. these five democratic senators are running for president. but they also have something else in common. they all want to legalize pot. our live audience is going to weigh in on that coming up next. [cheers and applause] my experience with usaa
4:13 am
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♪ glad you came ♪ glad you came ♪ steve: all right. during the audience i polled
4:17 am
the audience and asked them about this proposal cory booker from the great state of new jersey where i pay taxes isintaxes is suggesting tt marijuana be legalized at the federal level. currently it is a felony. who is behind him? well, look at all of his co-sponsors? elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, kamala harris, kristen gillibrand. of course they are all running for president? what are they doing? did i ask how many of you are against legalizing weed at the federal level. just hold up your hands. on that side that many. go over to this side about the same number. now, over here we do have a couple of people think it's a good idea and why don't you stand up for a second. what's your name? >> mike. steve: why do you think it's a good idea. >> i look same way illegal game gambling. people are going to spend money on it and tax it and make money for our government why not? steve: that's a good argument. juanita, what do you think? >> i think it should be legalized so we can control it for medical purposes.
4:18 am
you don't know what this stuff is being treated with on the streets. steve: if you buy it through one of the dispensaries you can trust it more than a guy in the toyota? >> correct. [laughter] steve: who is strongly against it very strongly? what's your name. >> conner. steve: why. >> we are the state's prosecutor's office the amount of things that it leads to thereafter it s. really harmful and ruins many people's lives. i think it's dangerous to legalize it in the long run. steve: we met this guy a little while ago and he like me once upon a time i was a future farmer of america. you an actual farmer. >> yes, sir. steve: you are looking at it from a business point of view? >> yes, sir. like was mentioned before, until it becomes weed the drug, it can be medically very viable and it's high potential profitability as far as farming goes. steve: okay. but, you said that you have got to harvest it before the good stuff kicks in. >> before the thc kicks in. it's much younger plant and then you don't have the weed
4:19 am
as you refer to it. steve: well, doesn't everybody else refer to it as weed? thank you very much. this fellow right here, stand up for a second. what's yours name? >> greg beaker. steve: your point of view on this is. >> people on harder drugs typically started on pot. steve: you see it as a gateway? >> yes, exactly. steve: can anybody explain to me why all these people running for president are supporting it? >> i have no idea. steve: i think we know. what's that? >> the young vote, the youth. steve: the young vote is that all it is pandering to the young vote with weed? this lady right back here. hello. >> i mean, we have to be very careful with that. because, the kids are taking this too far and i think that they are trying -- the democrats are trying pander to the kids. it's -- that's what's going on. steve: there are a lot more people than just kids who are smoking pot. >> but if we control it medically, i mean, if there -- it's a controlled
4:20 am
substance. that's why they call it a controlled substance. if it's as standard as this gentleman over here stated, he is raising it, he knows what the levels are if it's a control. steve: he is not raising it yet. [laughter] steve: we got somebody from the prosecutor's office over here. great answers. give yourselves round of applause. thank you very much. we will see what cory booker does. [applause] steve: meanwhile you know him and love him from growing pains kirk cammeron. kirk cammeron is here, everybody ♪ ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even rooftop parking.
4:21 am
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♪ you got to shake, shake, shake ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ainsley: our next guest as the oldest sibling from the hit sitcom growing pains. >> dad. >> mike. it is mike, isn't it? no, it couldn't be my mike was supposed to be home at 1:00 a.m. >> dad, i know i missed my curfew. >> you admit you had one. that's progress. >> isn't tonight the night we turn the clocks back for the time change? steve: all right. fast forward 30 years and now actor kirk cammeron is sharing his faith and pro-life and pro-family message in a new speaking tour. [cheers and applause] steve: and ladies and gentlemen, joins us live. ainsley: do you know what's crazy, when that show was on i had posters of you all over my bedroom and i would
4:25 am
write notes to you and send them somewhere in the mail and now here i am interviewing you. >> here we are together on "fox & friends." steve: terry right over there at the end. got to get a selfie with her. she has her camera out. >> she has it ready. ainsley: do you mean team vox? on the cover. >> so good to be here. how nice it is to turn on the news and actually find some hope and walk away feeling there is hope rather than just despair and arguing and fighting. brian: that's true. the other thing is i'm shocked to see that in the news almost every day now we are talking about long-term abortion and making people go on the record for it, right? >> you know, i sit back as a father of six kids and i wonder how did we even get to this place in a nation like ours? right? and especially it's personal for me because my wife is an adopted child. so, i think about that. she was one doctor appointment away from not existing. and our first four children are also adopted. and so, you know, if my wife
4:26 am
hadn't been born, neither would our two natural born children. my whole family is here because of people who help these girls at a critical moment choose life for their babies and i'm so grateful. steve: tell us about living room reset. this is our living room right now. you are going to travel around the country. >> i have been living room reset is a brand new marriage and parenting event. and we are strength strengthenig marriages. building families. it's awesome we are hearing testimonies from people telling us how this is helping them with their kids and help strengthen their message. at the end of the day, i believe the strength of the nation is build on the integrity of the home. steve: right. kirk, what's the major problem. [applause] steve: facing couples today. what's the one thing they get wrong? >> i believe that couples want to have a great marriage. they want to have great kids
4:27 am
and they sort of look to maybe the government. they maybe look to who is our leader in the country to make everything on the outside work for them. but at the end of the day, as someone once said our ultimate hope is not who govern us or our laws we makes a a nation our hope is the power of god working through the hearts of people through moms and dads. [applause] and building the next generation from the bottom up and the inside out. ainsley: yeah. well, kurt, when we go to your tour, we go see you and your wife speak, you are speaking, there is praise and worship music. >> there is praise and worship music. ainsley: testimonies you said. >> a time to laugh together, to sing together, and dive deep into marriage and family and how to make those flourish and work. ainsley: y'all have been married for 28 years? >> 28 years. ainsley: when you talk to couples and you hear about their problems, do you find for the most part the men are right or the women right? [laughter] >> you trying to get me in trouble right here on "fox & friends"? come on. ainsley: i will tell you
4:28 am
what's right your son just got married his name is jack. 20 years old. i think we have pictures of it what was that day like for you? >> that was one of the happiest day of my life. our family is growing. you could say we have a full house of growing pains right now. cailee is our new daughter-in-law and they spent their honeymoon at disney world. how about that? they are just the sweetest couple and we are so excited for them. brian: you got the fast passes as a gift. >> fast passes as a gift. that's right. steve: if people would like tickets for living room show. >> go to kirk and find tickets there. we hope everybody will come. we think. steve: we are all going, right? [cheers and applause] steve: kirk, before you leave. >> let's get a selfie. steve: take a picture. all right. >> everybody smile in the back. >> all right. very nice.
4:29 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ months. you know one of the hot issues in this country is border security. if you talk to some people there is no problem at the border. talk to some people go to the border and try to create some sanity there, there is a huge problem that must be addressed. tom homan is here and he knows the reality of it. >> good to see you. brian: former ice director. steve: tom, what you do make of the fact that ice directors are no longer
4:33 am
allowed inmate information in one county in new mexico. that is something you guys have really counted on. not going to immigrant communities. i talked about this a while ago on this show. what that decision does is put immigrantes at greater risk. it puts my law enforcement, the ice officers and agents at great risk. they already have a tough job. now you will make them to go to a neighborhood to arrest an criminal when they could have arrested in the safety and security of the county jail. liberals keep saying concentrate on criminals. we're not going to let you in the county jail. it's just foolish. when they send officers out, because ice officers aren't going to be bull idea. they will find this person and arrest him. is he a criminal. right? so rather than arrest on safety and security of the county jail. now they will go to the neighborhood. what happens when they go to the neighborhood? they will find others. others radar. what does that decision make? you release a criminal alien back to the very communities you live and reoffend. it puts immigrant community at greater risk at crime and arrest. puts officers at risk. and you entice people to keep coming to this country to go what they think is a sanctuary.
4:34 am
more people are going to die. you are going to bank roll criminal organizations and smuggle people. foolish decision across the border. ainsley: what's the process right now if you have someone that is illegal that an ice agent has detained. why -- why do you need that information if they are inmates already? >> well, anybody gets arrested, you and i get arrested, you will get your fingerprints taken and get sent to the ncic. they will bounce up against the nhs data base. we will find out if he ever gets encountered by arrested again. we have probable cause is he in the country illegally. he has a record he is in that county jail. that county has made a decision to take his liberties away and lock him in a jail cell. knock he is not a choir boy. so, if they already made decisions to take his liberty away and lock him up because they think is he a public safety threat and went and locked him up. what is the downside of giving him to ice so he doesn't get released to reoffend and remove him not only the community but the country? that's the way it's supposed to be. brian: absolutely. we want to go to the audience and give them a chance to do what we have a hans to do really and that's
4:35 am
question you. janice williams here? >> i hear there is a farmer growing marijuana. can you point him out to me? [laughter] >> he is right there in the front. ainsley: that's great. steve: it's a farmer who thinks it's a good idea if you can harvest the weed before the thc. >> i will send a few boys over to talk to him a little later. [laughter] brian: janice, your question. >> my question is, i think we all understand the difference between legal and illegal. and i don't know why the left keeps driving it that it would be legal to just walk across the border when they know it's criminal act. and why all of a sudden is a push and drive of all these caravans of illegals wanting to come over here to the united states? what is behind all of that? >> it's just because congress will not do their job. there is no consequence -- i can't blame anybody for wanting to be part of the greatest country on earth. >> i can't either. >> you can't wanting to a part of the greatest country
4:36 am
on earth and not respect our laws. when you enter illegally it's a crime. it's a stone cold fact. [applause] brian: tom, we stopped the mexican influx almost is otms other than mexicans. how come we can't stop it with el salvador, and honduras. >> i would arrest them three times. arrest them remove them and come back. central americans are difficult. they are claim asylum. 93% of them will lose their case. only 1% go home. so, again, until congress gets off their butts and fixes the system, you are going to see them keep coming. we finally got a president who not only talk the talk during the campaign but is walking the walk. he has done more for immigration control. [applause] >> and border security and i have worked for six presidents and i respect every president i have worked for starting with ronald reagan. not one president has done more to secure this nation
4:37 am
and protect america than donald trump. [applause] ainsley: where is kriangela. >> hi i'm from brazil and i have been in america. this is my second home. so, thank god. i'm proud to be here now. but, i met someone 18 years ago that she actually crossed the border, the mexico border with the coyotes. and she was telling me it's nothing different than what's happening now. the rapists, kids lost in the dessert. she said that it's something that she will never forget. this was 18 years ago. so the problem it's being done -- everybody is dragging the problem and i do see that now things are just getting out of proportion. it's big. and i don't understand and i believe that the majority of people here don't understanding when they say
4:38 am
that a wall, it's immoral. i'm completely against this. but, why this was not done before? steve: great point. all right, tom? >> a lot of barriers have been built in the past which makes me upset because chuck schumer, hillary clinton, barack obama. brian: they voted for it? >> they all voted for barrier in the past. every place they built a barrier 100 percent of the time it has resulted in less illegal immigration, less drug flow. as you said before illegal immigration isn't a victimless crime. in my 34 years i saw terrible things. i stood among 19 dead aliens that suffocated to death. i saw dead aliens on the trail as a border patrol agent. 31% of women are raped by the criminal organizations. there is no upside. i don't care if you are republican, democrat, we all have to grieve. there is no downside on securing our nation's borders. there is no downside on less illegal immigration. [applause] brian: talk about the great things border patrol is doing yesterday on eagle
4:39 am
pass station marine unit. they saved a father and son from drowning who are coming here illegally but the first things first is you men and women are doing great things at the border. humanitarian things at the border. >> i'm glad you brought that up. when the two children died across the border a while ago what a tragedy, flight no one wants to see that the men and women of the border patrol did everything they could to save these two young children. what's happening on the border, democrats rushing -- meanwhile border patrol saved over 4,000 people last year that would have died roomily bad shape. these are men and women heroes and patriots need to be recognized for the difficult job they do every day. brian: got you fired up early. tom homan thank you very much. [applause] ainsley: hand it over to jillian who is over there and she has headlines for us. i will j jill a number of stories including this. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez accused funneling money to her boyfriend through a political action committee. a republican group filing a complaint against the democratic socialist with a
4:40 am
federal elections commission it claims reilly roberts received two, $3,000 payments for marketing services. ocasio-cortez allegedly didn't claim the money as a campaign expense. stop what you are doing and watch this. 18 is in hand cuffs and makes a bold escape diving out of a sheriff's window. the deputy shocked to find the room empty when he returns. >> oh, no. [bleep] way. jillian: kind of fun y the teen seen sprinting outside the sheriff's office in wisconsin after plunging 12 feet to the ground. he was caught a few hours later. so how about this? kids are getting drunk off vanilla extract? that's according to a warning from a high school in atlanta. in a facebook post. the school claims students mixing tray der joe's pure bourbon extract in their coffee. one student has been hospitalized. the bottle contains as much
4:41 am
hospital as captain morgan rum. steve: what? jillian: the school does not blame tray der joe's. a look at your headlines. we are getting reaction from the crowd over here. janice? janice: oh my god, hi, hi, hi. hi. who who is from new jersey? okay. who is from new york? do you guys like snow? let's take a look at the maps real quick because we have not one, not two, but three snow storms coming this weekends one moving through right now another storm system moving in tonight to tomorrow and watch a new weathermaker, perhaps a nor'easter sunday into monday. here in the northeast we haven't had a lot of snow. this could pump up those snow totals, we are getting snow across the midwest and the great lakes region and then across the west we are also seeing the potential for another winter storm.
4:42 am
are you guys excited to be here for "fox & friends" live? [cheers and applause] oh my gosh i'm so happy to be here. which one is brian? is brian here? there he is. brian, so who is your favorite person on "fox & friends"? >> you. janice: coming back there. hi, hi, brian. nice to meet you, too. tell us real quick, where are from you and what do you do? >> i live in delaware down at the shore and i'm a volunteer event director for tunnel to towers foundation. >> nice. thank you so much for being here. all right, brian. thank you for coming. steve: i will say this he bought my cookbook. brian: how many people here love janice? [applause] brian: she has a book coming out next week. meanwhile, coming up now, you know his work from sitcoms like heaven can
4:43 am
wait. michael loftus, is he a deplorable and he is here live. ♪ ♪ they're our parents... neighbors... loved ones. living with diseases like cancer, epilepsy, mental health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them.
4:44 am
but new medicare rules could deny access to the latest, most effective therapies... therapies that keep them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word.
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♪ ♪ [applause] brian: michael loftus here of course a comedian doesn't get much applause. [laughter] >> no, i don't. pretty sad. brian: in the wake of the public congressional testimony it appears the case is actually michael cohen vs. michael cohen in some cases. watch. >> not only is donald trump not a racist, he believes
4:47 am
that all people are part of one race, the human race. >> i know what mr. trump is. he is a racist. he is a con man, and he is a cheat. steve: amazing thing is that's the same person. obvious example complete 180 trump's attorney took as we saw this week. ainsley: here to react with this is comedian and headliner of the deplorables comedy tour michael loftus. >> thanks for having me. this is crazy. ainsley: what do you think about that you never know what you are going to get. >> i know. it's fantastic. i feel bad for the guy. it's like he takes his reality off the last person who spoke to him like adam schiff is like go in there and say that answered comes out with his droopy i think donald trump is a racist. it's just the worst. steve: here's the thing, michael, you don't have to write the jokes. all you have to do is run the sound bites. >> exactly.
4:48 am
that's what they should have done in congress press play. >> he is a racist. he is horrible. well here you are a year earlier, i love him, he is the best guy ever. brian: he has problems with his seven hour hours of testimony contradicted himself. here is an example of cohen vs. cohen. >> the words the media should be using to describe mr. trump are generous, compassionate, principled empathetic, kind, humble, honest and genuine. >> he is capable of behaving kindly but he is not kind. he is capable of committing acts of generosity but is he not generous. he is capable of being loy, he is fundamentally disloy. ainsley: like i lied but i'm not a liar. [laughter] >> all the guy does is lie and he goes in front of congress and continue to lie. they should just keep tacking on years to his sentence.
4:49 am
steve: congress sent the convicted liar to congress. >> there is one he should have passed. he should have had lanny davis. wasn't that lanny davis sitting next to him? he has a clinton lawyer. that's like a get out of jail free card. ainsley: michael vs. michael. >> i think donald trump should get the nobel peace prize. is he a villain he is a murderer, he is nice. like watching gal lump from lord of the rings, donald trump give me money, help me i didn't lie, i'm lying now. brian: you just got yourself another five minutes. >> i did. brian: he said he didn't want to go to the white house. he is saying i hope to be asked to go to the white house. >> it's amazing, he never thought donald trump would be president but he was the guy who convinced him to run afternoon said he would absolutely win. brian: when do we find out about the deplorables show. >> we will find out when i check my flight to evansville in five minutes. brian: so there tonight? >> yeah, evansville,
4:50 am
indiana, it's amazing. so wonderful. then dubuque and columbus and cincinnati. steve: for more information about the tour go to. >> deplorable it's so wonderful i live in l.a. and there are certain things you can't say out loud watch this. i voted for trump. [cheers and applause] steve: good luck. [cheers and applause] steve: a loour audience has a lot of questions. ♪ better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay.
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steve: she has been helping americans learn the right ways to handle money and stay out of debt for years and this morning ramsey solution rachel cruze is here to help our studio audience. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: three quick questions, conner right over there all dressed up in the red white and blue tie. what's your question? >> i feel people my age are forgetting they have a responsibility to be fiscally responsible. what advice would you give to those people when they are 60 years old? >> especially those just getting out of college, right? they're entering the workforce is that you have to be intentional. this is the key. you have to understand that your future is dictated by you. and so things like getting out of student loan debt. getting out of credit card debt is going to be key in order to build wealth. steve: how often do you go to starbucks? [laughter] >> starbucks is not bad but being intentional where your money is going is the key. steve: next up, nathan is right over here. >> rachel, nathan, father of two living and working here in manhattan.
4:55 am
i wanted to hear from you about how as a family we could future proof our finances? where should would he be putting our savings and our money? steve: i like future-proof. >> i think a way to secure your family's future honest solid by you, right? taking care of yourself and making sure you guys are out of debt. making sure you have an emergency fund and you are funding retirement. 15% of your income needs to be going into retirement. that's going to be a huge blessing to your family that you are taking care of yourself. steve: real quick, ben is over on this side. there is ben right there. stand up. >> good morning. i have a 12-year-old son his name is brayden, what can i do at this age to instill financial maturity. steve: brayden tall like you? >> he will be, yes. >> that's a great question. the best thing can you do is teach him how to work. understanding that money comes from work. money doesn't come from mom and dad's back pocket. don't give him an allowance, put him on commission. works he gets paid. he doesn't work he doesn't get paid. once he earn, save and then
4:56 am
spend. >> by the way, remember when oprah winfrey said you get a car, you get a car? >> yes. >> well, you get a book and you get a book. everybody gets her book. >> that's right. [cheers and applause] all right. and and, we have a big final hour straight ahead. chris christie, lawrence jones, jesse watters and tom shillue watching "fox & friends" live from new york city. ♪ ♪ open your nose right back up. ♪ breathe better. sleep better. breathe right. . .
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♪ [cheers and applause] brian: don't adjust your set that our live audience. this is what you normally do at home. we don't get a chance to hear
5:00 am
you. we can hear you stand and cheer for us. steve: we'll hear special music. we believe it is jon bon jovi from new jersey. ladies and gentlemen, chris christie. [cheers and applause] governor of new jersey and author of, let me finish. chris christie. ainsley: hi, governor. brian: great to see you, governor. finally another met fan in the house. if you had your choice it would have been bruce springsteen, right? >> it is close. steve: ever since the lost the governorship who do i call for a pothole now? >> don't call the new guy. brian: he isn't getting much done. >> he can't clear the snow. probably another state of emergency. ainsley: governor, the president is coming back from vietnam, were you please he walked away.
5:01 am
>> absolutely. had to. the president believes when he gets into a room he can charm anyone but most of the time he is right but kim jong-un is a different character. i think it will take more pressure. it will take the president walking away, having the sanctions continue but the greatness about this president is he won't give up. he is persistent and tough and the fact that he had all the mainstream folks say he will take any deal because he wants to come back with something, he wants to have some kind of a signing ceremony. so i thought of the move canceling the lunch, canceling the signing ceremony, reminded me of ronald reagan from reykjavik. ronald reagan walked away from gorbachev and he got a better deal later on. [applause] steve: in last ten minutes the president is tweeting well. have the first one, would you like to read the tweet? >> sure, why not. steve: president tweeted this. >> freight to back from vietnam,
5:02 am
amazing place. great discussions with kim jong-un, we know what they want and what they must have. relationship is still good -- very good. let's see what happens. steve: that was professionally done. you need some work? brian: i heard senator lankford said i like he had two summits. shouldn't be a third. what is the criteria there should be a third. >> they have to to con some of points. brian: before he does it. >> secretary pompeii will have to get the responsibility to go over there and work and. i say to the president, we tried to charm this guy, by him some respect by having the president of the united states meet with him. i think that was a bold move by the president, up with that was necessary, because nothing else we were doing working. we know that will be enough. the president has to empower the secretary of state to do really tough negotiating.
5:03 am
brian: they called him a mobster last time. >> that's true. that means he is being effective. in knew jersey that is actually a compliment. brian: that is a full-time job. >> you're right. steve: i said he put out two tweets. this came out so recently. >> can't put it up i have to put my cheaters on. michael cohen wrote a love letter for a manuscript that he was pushing. his phony reasons for going rogue. book is exact opposite of his fake testimony which now is a lie. steve: latest from the president. brian: legally you might have feelings about michael cohen but legally what kind of trouble did michael cohen get the president if any? >> he created a whole bunch additional witnesses that the house will bring before him. al lance weisselberg from the trump organization who he mentioned a dozen times.
5:04 am
the president's children he said was involved in hush-money. he sit all that up. what he said concerning to me about the way the process will work. he was in constant contact with the southern district of new york in that he believes the president committed other crimes but he can't talk about it because he is working with the southern district of new york. this why i said all along the southern district is much more worrisome than mueller because they have no restriction what they can look at. mueller has to look at russia, that's it. these guys in the southern district can look at anything. they have two tour guides. they have michael cohen and rick gates. nobody wants their lawyer and former executive director for the inaugural cooperateing with government even if they did nothing wrong because they're incentivized to do it. ainsley: michael cohen said he did not want a job at white house. that is not why he was going against the president. if you look back and talk to multiple sources they say he wanted a job. watch this. >> not my understanding. >> cohen versus cohen. watch. >> i will be in d.c. and in
5:05 am
new york anywhere mr. trump deems necessary. i will be there. i did not want to go to the white house. i was offered jobs. steve: you started to point out, all depicted in his great book, let me finish. you headed up the transition. you were trying to put different people in different chairs. >> sure. steve: what about this guy? did he want a job? >> he never spoke to me directly but he spoke to other people in the transition who said he would be white house chief of staff. that is what he told them. none of us believed it. that is what he said he was going to do. no question in my mind what he said at the hearing was false. ainsley: can he be charged with that though? mark meadows and jim jordan want -- >> perjury is always a tough case to prove, he hedge ad little, he was offered other jobs i didn't want. if they have enough witnesses that said he directly wanted a job he could buy himself in trouble. that means the three-year sentence he has now can be added on to because of an additional
5:06 am
charge. steve: what about the criminal central florida that mark meadows and jim jordan mentioned a couple days earlier he should be registered under foreign agent disclosure thing because he didn't reveal he worked for a bunch of foreign companies? >> my understanding of fara is not foreign companies but foreign governments. they were probably little off. my understanding as the u.s. attorney, engaging with fara foreign governments or entity funded by foreign governments. depends what those entities are. could be right, could be wrong. michael cohen's problem he is not a truth teller. i wish, frankly i wish our republicans in congress would have defended the president substantively. brian: howe do you do that if you're not in the organization? >> this show you do it. you want to defend the president, first michael cohen said not only was the campaign incentive for making a payment to stormy daniels keeping it from mrs. trump and his family.
5:07 am
the president always said that was the motivation for the payment, to keep this story from his wife. that is not a crime. they will not be able to charge the president with that when their own star witness says that is one of the reasons. he said he lied to mrs. trump directly bit. secondly he said yesterday the president never told him, or directed him to lie to congress. he said he had a signal, he was reading signals. nobody will charge, no responsible u.s. attorney will charge somebody on a signal from a liar. tugged on his ear. brian: like carol burnett. >> you know, just, but that is what republicans should have been saying. so, mr. cohen the president never directed you to lie to anyone? so, mr. cohens president was concerned about his wife finding out, so concerned that you lied to his wife about it? that is the kind of stuff we should been defending. once two or three congressman establish cohen as liar enough. we get it. he is liar. brian: kept saying same thing
5:08 am
over and over again. referring to jim jordan. >> we republicans need to defend the president on substance. that is what they need to be doing. they dropped the ball on the president. i'm sure he wasn't happy about it in vietnam. brian: i don't know if you read in "new york times" there is contention that the president ordered security clearance for jared kushner and ivanka trump. how problematic is that? where does this come from? >> ordering his clearance is not problematic that is the president's authority to do. the problem is he didn't tell the truth. president said in "new york times" i had nothing to do with it. ivanka trump said my father had nothing to do with my clearance and my husband's clearance. when the white was confronted with memos written by john kelly, said we don't comment on security clearances. jared kushner's lawyer said, what we were told at the time was accurate based on what we were told by the white house. that is not a defense saying it is accurate still. so i think, this is part of the
5:09 am
problem. i think with having family in official positions. because it is hard to be objective. hard to be objective with people you're having thanksgiving dinner with. all the president would have had to have done say i trust them. i believe them. i know them longer than any of you know them. i'm giving them a clearance. if you don't like it too bad, i'm the president, i get to decide. when you play around the edges to that, people get concerned why you're playing around the edges. i hope there is good explanation for it, based on that story, it is not problematic legally, problematic from a credibility perspective. steve: not talk about the edges but about the extremes. seems democrats running for president -- >> i can't see them they're so far out there. steve: they're so far out in left field. >> yes. steve: why is that. like the cohen versus cohen video, someone says something crazy during the primary, and suddenly they're a moderate that is going to look silly.
5:10 am
>> and it will not work. problem all the energy is on the socialist left. that is where all the energy is. they're running as far left as they can to get out there because they're nakedly ambitious to get the nomination. they're miss evaluating the president as hillary clinton did. why she didn't go to michigan or wisconsin. she thought she had it won. donald trump is not a guy you take for granted. donald trump is not a guy easy to beat. i say now he is the favorite to be reelected the american people in the main like what he has done for the country. [applause] ainsley: governor, very rare we have a live studio audience. i know they have questions for you. you want to stick around so you can ask questions? you want to hear from the governor? [applause] ainsley: all right. he will answer your questions, right after the break. steve: we'll be right back. ♪
5:11 am
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♪ [cheers and applause] steve: all right.
5:15 am
ainsley: we are back with former new jersey governor chris christie. he is ready to take questions from the live studio audience. >> all right. ainsley: we'll start with christian. where is he? >> you mentioned about energy on the left being focused on socialism. i think about a lot one day they will take back power in the white house. what direction do you think the country going they get someone in the extreme? >> they will have two years to do what they will do, when americans they will kick every democrat out of congress and bring republicans back to stop them. we have to stop them before it happens. we can't deal with that. [applause] you know, that is how we wound up with obamacare, right? they only had two years. they did a lot of damage in two years from twin to 2011. they did a lot of damage. we have to make sure we don't
5:16 am
let in 2020 let what happened in 2018. we know voters out there that support the president and republican agenda and we didn't work hard enough. brian: in the midterms? >> yes. the fact is that we've got to recruit better candidates. we had a lot of people retire which really hurt. we got to stop this socialism before it infects us in any way. brian: do you see indications the republican party has done anything about that? >> they're getting beard up. listen there is nothing in politics that pets you wise like a good beating. we took a beating in november. all of sudden people are getting smart. steve: does this remind you of your town hall? >> this is great. we only did 150 of them. steve: there is always somebody who wanted to yell at the governor. brian brubaker, are you going to yell at governor? >> no, no. >> good morning. >> what will it take to stop the
5:17 am
divisiveness in d.c., ultimately the country? >> it will take two things. first it will take some leaders in the congress who are willing to not believe that everybody on the other side is evil. all right? listen i disagree fundamentally with almost every democrat in congress in the same way that i disagreed fundamentally with almost every democrat in the new jersey state legislature. i had eight years of democratic majorities i had to deal with but what you have to understand you have to do things everybody win as little bit if that is the people the voters pick. second thing, we have to demand it. we have to say, listen, this is what we want. that is not what we're demanding. so if we're tired of all of the fighting and the arguing and all the rest of it, we have to say, listen, we don't want that anymore. what we want people that will at least try to work with each other. right now we haven't had that. i think we will get tired of this, physically tired of this. ultimately we're going to try to elect more people in the congress who will be willing to
5:18 am
work with the president no mat which side of the aisle you're on. brian: republicans have to show that too. >> of course. brian: if republicans go across the aisle known as squishes or rinos. >> that is the problem. that is from it only western we believe they're rinos or swishes, at that we won't vote for them. then we won't vote for them. ainsley: there is marcus archer. >> hey, mark. >> good morning. what about the mueller investigation? do you see it coming to a close and are they ever going to investigate hillary clinton? [applause] >> well i think it has been almost two years now, i think it will come to a close and i think there is a lot of things happening that indicate it is. as far as the hillary clinton investigation the fact is that this was jeff sessions responsibility when he became attorney general. he didn't do it. brian: he outsourced it.
5:19 am
>> he didn't do it. if you're going to take responsibility of being attorney general of the united states you have to do, not just easy things, you have to do the hard things. that is why you get picked to be attorney general to do the hard things and jeff sessions and the team he put in there let us down of the so i don't know whether bill barr quite frankly will be able to do it now. i believe in bill. i think he is a good man. i think he is much better choice for the president than jeff sessions was. only time is going to tell. i think we may have missed our window. steve: governor, thank you very much, for taking part with the audience participation. if you will stick around, we'll have a quiz show at the end of the show. >> this is my wheelhouse, baby, i'm ready. [cheers and applause] brian: [inaudible] ainsley: look who is walking into the studio? lara trump is here live. [applause]
5:20 am
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♪ [cheers and applause] steve: thank you very much for making the trip to new york city. meanwhile critics claiming ivanka trump alexandria ocasio-cortez's push for minimum wage, federal minimum wage but now ivanka pointing out what
5:24 am
they got wrong. ainsley: she tweeted, i support a minimum wage. i do not however believe in a minimum guarranty for people unwilling to work which was the question asked me. brian: here to react trump 2020 campaign senior advisor and wife of eric trump, lara trump is here. welcome, lara. >> thank you. [applause] brian: aoc took on ivanka over last couple days with michael cohen everything, kind of got swamped a little bit. basically says, not anything about working and earning a wage, she was a bartender. >> first of all i grew up in a middle class family. i had many hourly wage jobs. i was a waitress a bartender myself. i don't think anyone should be ashamed how they grew up. you don't choose the family you were born to. that was a pretty low blow. what ivanka said is right. people want to work for what they get. they want to be independent and support their family to have the
5:25 am
pride of going to work every day. they don't want handout. old adage, give a man a fish every day eights for a day, teach him how to fish he eats for life. she wants to put people in really great program. they're in on-the-job training. she has doubled child tax credit in this country helping so many working families. she has done more than alexandria ocasio-cortez has, who by the way pushed out amazon who was going to bring 100,000 jobs to her own backyard. by her saying this it made no sense to me. [applause] steve: you have to be used to it. if your last name is trump, you're a tar get. >> that is the truth. we're all used to it. we're all for it at anytime. you know that the president, you know we're all doing good job supporting the president when they're coming after you because the reality is the mainstream media, democrats don't want him to have any wins. that is why they had the spectacle with michael cohen while the president was negotiating for peace in the world arguably, one the most
5:26 am
important things he could be possibly doing but that is how you know you're doing a good job the president is doing a good job. ainsley: what is it like to raise your son in new york city to have the last name trump? lady next to me start saying i watched michael cohen i totally believe everything he said. you believe everything he said? he is going to prison for lying. in new york everyone soups we all agree. >> new york is not the easiest place. i grew up in north carolina. i like going home sometimes. it feels a little better. honestly the number of people even here in new york who come up to me i can't tell you on daily basis, they whisper it, we support the president, we love your family. it is more often than you think. people here in new york are getting it. people are seeing what the president has done. they're feeling the results. so you can't deny that. brian: his testimony must have been particularly -- [applause] particularly challenging. because michael cohen has been around your family and the business for at least 10 years.
5:27 am
everywhere, at night, doing events. to hear him talk about your family and your husband and your, and your brother-in-law and this, how challenging was it? >> it is never fun to see that happen, to see someone who has proclaimed on television hundreds of types that he would take a bullet for this president, that he is the greatest person in the world. to go on and on what a great guy he was. turn it back on somebody when he is trying to save his own hide, that is very obvious to people. i don't have to say what everyone said. he is obviously a self-confessed liar and perjurer. it is never easy to see that stuff. the good news, what we saw out of the michael cohen testimony, there was a lot of positive for the president. he confirmed there was no collusion with russia. he never heard the president -- brian: the does say was made up. >> there were good things. i thought democrats looked
5:28 am
really dumb, really crazy. it was spectacle and clear stunt to distract from what the president was doing. steve: he was over in vietnam talking to mr. kim. all right, lara trump, thanks for joining us live. >> thank you. [applause] brian: one of lara's favorite people, jesse watters from "watters' world," a favorite of "fox & friends," jesse is here live. ♪ [applause] your typical bank. your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom.
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what's already been damaged, it's amazing. i think my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. [cheers and applause] steve: folks, i have got something important for to you know. about seven 1/2 hours from right now this studio will be used for
5:32 am
"the five." one of the stars of "the five," jesse watters. good to have you. >> nice to be here. [applause] steve: what did you make of michael cohen last couple days on capitol hill? he was there yesterday. will come back in a week or two to answer more stuff. we'll play a sound bite of him this week. then him like last year, see if you noticed a difference between cohen versus cohen. >> okay. >> not only is donald trump not a racist, he believes that all people are part of one race, the human race. i know what mr. trump is, he is a racist, he is a con man and he is a cheat. steve: okay. >> i love videotape. you can always tell when someone's lying. don't use videotape on me, though. i'm always consistent. i think he is total liar. he is a fraud. that is the democrats best shot at impeachment. try to tee this thing up.
5:33 am
you see lani davis in the background during the hearing. brian: terrible optics. >> puppet master. clinton's fixer now representing trump's fixer. the fix is in. brian: jesse, i thought it was most telling thing were the closing comments. it's a political document. had nothing to do with his testimony. >> my favorite was he said if trump loses in 2020 he will not give up the white house peacefully. that reminded me, that is what the democrats did last time. has there been a peaceful transfer of power to trump? no. steve: turn around and wave at that lady. she is jumping up and down. >> hey, lady. [applause] ainsley: there is another clip of cohen then and cohen now talking about president trump could win the election. listen to this. >> mike challenge cohen you told me day one he is going to win. >> i did. he never expected to win the primary.
5:34 am
he never expected to win the general election. the campaign for him was always a marketing opportunity. steve: okay. ainsley: could you ever imagine our president who is so confident saying i couldn't win? >> your producers are doing a great job finding the clips. i always thank the producers, when i screw up they can make me look good afterward. what is happening here, you can't say oh, the president would do anything to win, to collude with russia, and then say, no, you didn't expect to win. brian: in the same testimony with debbie wasserman schultz, he talked about, would do anything to win. now before he said it was a stunt to increase his brand. this is in the same seven hours. >> debbie wasserman who would know about winning, didn't she rig the primary against bierne any. brian: that is what leaked out. steve: they changed the rules. let's talk about what is going on in the democrat party. who is running the show exactly? is it nancy pelosi or aoc, alexandria ocasio-cortez from one of the districts here in
5:35 am
new york city? "the washington post" has a deadline, house democrats exploded in recrimemations moderates bucking the party with liberal aoc putting those voting with republicans on a list for a primary challenge. apparently nancy pelosi and aoc both furious that couple of dozen moderate democrats have voted with the republicans. >> there is civil war in the democratic party i break out the popcorn. [laughter]. don't you love watching this? this happened with the tea party and republicans 10 years ago. now you have tea party socialists like aoc trying to primary moderate democrats. think about what they were doing. what they wanted to do if illegal alien sneaks across the border to try to buy a gun the democrats didn't want to alert i.c.e. they wanted to let that happen. so you know, they want to expand background checks for americans but not for illegal aliens. so moderate democrats voted with
5:36 am
the republicans and aoc will put them on a list, a list,. steve: to primary. >> to primary. brian: she has a big text list, text chain. >> is that like the no-fly list where they abolish air travel? brian: absolutely. ainsley: will democrat party listen to her? she is threatens seats i will put you on a list get out of office? >> it is total catastrophe. look at people running for president, kamala harris wants to legalese prostitution. legalize marijuana. want to to get rid of your health insurance. she wants to get rid of columbus day, make it indigenous people's day, there goes the italian vote. brian: she might lose new york city. >> there it is. brian: that is a good point. ainsley: i think about joe manchin, if he hears her say that he might vote a certain way but not the way his constituents want him to vote.
5:37 am
he would lose his seat anyway because they wouldn't reelect him. do you see them going more social, far, far left? >> that is where the energy is. people who are smart want to win elections have to vote with their constituents. steve bannon, started to primary all the republicans, we wound out losing alabama. be careful what you wish for. brian: he is a genius. watch your show on the weekend? >> that's right. we have on "watters' world," a trump and kim jong-un impersonator. we'll have the third summit. [applause] steve: actually, jesse at the end of today's show we're doing a greatest hits of summit. there is something related to the summit. would you like to stick around for "the quiz show". >> should i stick around? [cheers and applause] steve: that is in 15 minutes. time for some news. [inaudible]. jillian: so loud in here i have no idea what you guys said. good morning. we'll start off with the
5:38 am
fox news alert. washington governor jay inslee running for president. he revealed his focus. >> our country's next mission should rise up to the most urgent challenge of our time, defeating climate change. ainsley: inslee is the 10th democrat to announce a 2020 run. breaking now, the state department is putting a one million dollar bounty on usama bin laden's son. he is emerging as the new leader of al qaeda. he threaten attacks against the u.s. and our allies for the death of his father from u.s. navy seals. students are no longer allowed to take a limo or party bus to the dance. school officials say they want to make sure everyone gets there safely. they also want to be sensitive to those who can't afford a luxury car. students must pay $15 to ride chapter rohned buses to the prom. parents are planning to protest. they do not like that.
5:39 am
maybe you will like this. thrill-seekers this is for you. the world's tallest, fastest, dive roller coaster in the world is opening this year. take a look. [screaming] no thanks. this simulator shows what it will be like to ride the yu can striker. the ride plunges riders 245 feet, 90-degree into underwater mining shaft. it opens in canada at wonderland in ontario. i asked janice if she has been there and she has. speaking of janice. she is here. [applause] janice: i love it. are you guys having fun? do you love jillian. news and weather together. jillian: they came up with that. janice: look at the maps. we had a little bit of a snowstorm today. it is 28 in new york. cold across much of the country,
5:40 am
below average temperatures so we've got not one, not two, but three storms that visit us across the northeast today, tomorrow and sunday. we could see potential for measurable snow not only saturday but into sunday and monday as well. this could give us a little bit of blockbuster snow totals across the interior. we're not real sure yet. we'll be finessing the forecast as we get into sunday and monday. there is the forecast across the country. another potential for another storm. i'm so happy you guys are here! will you come back on monday? yes? [applause] yea! steve: thank you, janice. brian: janice, where will they stay over the weaken? you want them coming back on monday? they packed for one day. janice: in my office. brian: fantastic. she has the corner office. steve: we should point out everybody in our studio audience is here because a month ago, how
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♪ [applause] ainsley: this is so much fun. thanks y'all for watching fox being so loyal to us. washington's governor, you probably heard about this, his name is jay inslee, he is announced he is running for president, repealing his campaign focus to defeat climate change. he says that is the biggest threat facing our country. inslee joins growing list of democratic candidates supporting aoc's new green deal. how many of you think climate change is the greatest threat facing our country right now? zero. no one. do you think climate change is something people will go to the polls and vote for? >> i don't. >> you don't? not republicans what about democrats? >> yes. ainsley: yes. what do you think, what is the biggest problem you think with the green new deal? >> i'm not terribly familiar with the new green deal. ainsley: no more airplanes? >> that would be a problem,
5:46 am
wouldn't it? [laughter] ainsley: how about, you sir what is your name? >> mike. ainsley: what is your biggest problem with the green new deal? >> everything. the cost. of the doesn't make any sense at all. ainsley: are you for outfitting every single building in your city? you're from new jersey i heard you say, outfitting every building in new jersey, how much would that cost us to make it more environmentally friendly? >> it is incomprehensible. it is not a viable solution to anything. you can't put a price tag on this. nothing about the green new deal is good. no airplanes, the cost, $100 trillion. stop. it is outrageous. ainsley: where is lily? i heard lily is pretty passionate about this? do we have a lily in the audience? where is lily? is she over there? okay. lily, nice to meet you. where are you from? excuse me, guys. where are you from, lily? >> huntington valley, pennsylvania. ainsley: am i blocking your way? what do you think about this. >> ought rage just amount of money. if we spend rest of it.
5:47 am
what about the rest of the countries? will china really do this in we've gone through all this debt where are we with it? same place. ainsley: gary, our farmer friend, i see you shaking your head. what are you thinking about, gary? >> many environmentalists and aoc being one of them do not realize that america is covered in grass and 75% of a cow or a beef animal's body weight is made up of grass which we cannot eat. so we would be eliminating a livelihood of a huge portion of america or the united states, anyway and their production of beef. ainsley: thank you all for your comments and for being here today. from kim kardashian to kim jong-un tom shillue is quizzing us about famous kims. chris christie and jesse watters will join us next. first we check in with sandra smith what is next at the top of the hour. >> you guys are having way too much down there.
5:48 am
good morning, everyone. vice president mike pence is set to speak one hour from now at cpac. we'll bring you his comments live when he begins. president trump back in d.c. after the summit with kim jong-un. what the white house is saying about all of that. kellyanne conway will be our headliner this morning. she is coming up. larry kudlow and others at cpac blasts socialism. you guys are talking about it there. put it on trial an convict it. maria bartiromo, joni ernst will be here on all of that. big friday morning show coming up in "america's newsroom," join us, top of the hour.
5:49 am
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♪ [applause] steve: kim jong-un to
5:52 am
kim kardashian, a lot of kims have been making the news lately but how well do we know famous kims? we have former new jersey governor chris christie to help us along with the co-host of "the five," cohost of water's world, jesse watters. brian: to put us to the tesco host of "fox nation" quiz show and host of the tom shillue radio show, tom shillue. [applause] >> kim related questions, which kim has a net worth of 350 million? brian: wait for the whole question. >> dollars. kim jong-un, kim kardashian, or lil' kim. net worth. 350 million. brian: governor. >> kim kardashian. >> is it kim kardashian? go to the media. steve: there she is. >> kim kardashian. [applause] brian: that is what she looks like rich. >> this kim has appeared in 38
5:53 am
feature films. was it kim bass inker, kim delaney or kim cattrell. >> jesse wants this one. >> basinger. >> is it basinger. go to the media the. steve: go to the media. >> [bell ringing] [applause] >> this kim is a member of the musical group little big town. ainsley: i know her. i got it. >> you know it. ainsley: kimberly shotman. >> kimberly kclapman. ainsley: i love her. she was sifting next to dolly. her hair is so pretty. [applause] brian: why are you clapping?
5:54 am
this is competition. we shouldn't be clapping. >> i want to give this one to you. this kim start in father of bride. kim smith, kim machula or kimberly williams -- brian: excuse, excuse me. i was told i could answer this one. i will defer to the governor. >> he doesn't know. >> kimberly williams paisley. ainsley: brad paisley's wife. [applause] brian: that is where the paisley comes from? she is married to brad paisley? are they happy, do you know? >> finally which kim is iconic korean dish, made of fermented vegetables. kim nori. kim-che or kim-bap. steve: everybody together. ainsley: it is b.
5:55 am
>> kimchi. brian: i had no idea. ainsley: the man with the cookbook. [applause] steve: we should point out right now every person in our studio audience has been given a "fox nation" cap. if you would like more information on "fox nation" where his quiz show appears every day, go to to start your -- ainsley: for the hat. [applause] brian: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. tom shillue, thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> thank you for traveling across the country to be in studio today. >> thank you for helping us out with the chairs. without that i would have to sit on the ground. >> you guys have fun. >> all right. if you want to be part of a future studio audience "fox & friends" go to our website "fox & friends".gov. you can pick up the governor's book and next weekend janice's book. >> sandra: good morning. we're awaiting new reaction now from the vice president after an action-packed week both at home and abroad. mike pence set to take the stage at cpac in an hour where the theme today is america first. good morning everyone i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning to you.
6:00 am
i'm jon scott. the vice president speaking to conservatives hours after president trump returned from his second north korean summit without an agreement. the president telling our sean hannity he is still optimist particulars -- optimistic about a deal in the future. >> president trump: good relationship. i decided this wasn't the right time to sign something. i have a feeling something down the line will happen and it


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