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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  March 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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friends" go to our website "fox & friends".gov. you can pick up the governor's book and next weekend janice's book. >> sandra: good morning. we're awaiting new reaction now from the vice president after an action-packed week both at home and abroad. mike pence set to take the stage at cpac in an hour where the theme today is america first. good morning everyone i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning to you. i'm jon scott. the vice president speaking to conservatives hours after president trump returned from his second north korean summit without an agreement. the president telling our sean hannity he is still optimist particulars -- optimistic about a deal in the future. >> president trump: good relationship. i decided this wasn't the right time to sign something. i have a feeling something down the line will happen and it
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will be good. we'll get something worked out eventually. >> give us any insight into where maybe the sticking point was? >> president trump: well, they wanted to denuke certain areas and i wanted everything. and the sanctions are there and i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program. and they're not ready for that. >> jon: we're live at the white house. >> even without the deal president trump is still saying that they had a very good two days. he says that just neither he nor kim were ready. president trump tweeting this morning great to be back from vietnam, an amazing place. we had very substantive negotiations with kim jong-un. we know what they want and they know what we must have. relationship very good. let's see what happens. talks ended early without a deal. initially both sides offered different accounts of what happened. president trump he understands north korea's desire to keep
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parts of their nuclear program. >> president trump: they spent a lot of time building it and that doesn't mean the world has to be happy. but i wanted them to denuke and they wouldn't do the full. they wanted to do some and i guess a lot of people would have said that's a great start but i just didn't feel it was right. >> kim told him he is not going to do any nuclear or ballistic missile tests. no rockets, no anything. for now the future of north korea's nuclear program remains a question mark. >> jon: front page report in the "new york times" today on jared kushner. tell us about that. >> that report is raising new questions about mr. kushner's security clearance. according to this report president trump ordered his chief of staff to give him top
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secret security. this is according to the report in the "new york times." they report this decision worried senior administration officials so much, including then white house chief of staff that kelly wrote an internal memo about it. the white house says they don't comment on security clearances. a spokesman for kushner's attorney said in 2018 white house and security clearance officials affirmed that mr. kushner's security clearance was handled in the regular process with no pressure from anyone. >> jon: thank you. and we'll have more reaction from the white house to both of these stories still ahead. counselor to the president kellyanne cone way set to take the stage in cpac. in moments she'll be here to join us with reaction next hour. >> sandra: looking forward to that. today's theme at cpac may be america first. they won was about conservatives making the case against the liberal move toward
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socialism. >> a young bernie sanders that was talking about it's good to be in line to wait for food? give me a break. we have to celebrate capitalism. if we start this socialism, you know, i guess ocasio-cortez is doing it in her office. >> to pay for the green deal keep borrowing and borrowing. naive thought in the world of debt. >> i want you to put socialism on trial. i want it debated. i want it rebutted and i want to convict socialism. >> sandra: joining us now is matt schlapp, former white house political director and chairman of the american conservative union. you were one of the first folks on stage yesterday. we saw you walk out with jim jordan. you didn't have to watch long to see a theme quickly emerge and the target has certainly been socialism on that stage
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there. >> yeah, there is no question. i think what we're seeing at cpac this year, sandra, are the emerging themes of what the presidential campaign will all be about. and people might have thought that the themes were going to go in one direction. the results of the 2018 election have been impactful having all these new avowed socialists come and populate the democratic majority in the house. it has frightened a lot of americans. we are going to talk about it. i think the vice president will talk about this today in just a few moments. larry kudlow literally put socialism on trial yesterday and he wishes us to convict it. >> sandra: those were certainly some strong words there. the theme today is america first. what's the message, matt? >> the message today is we're going back on this question of some people say well, is cpac all just about president trump and maga?
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we were asking what actually makes america great? and what we believe is that going back to foundational principles of the constitution, which include securing borders, it includes embracing the idea that america is a nation and there is nothing wrong with nationalism and it embraces the idea giving the individual american people freedom to live the lives they want to live. a lot of people in the media try to say that the conservative movement is mean and intolerant and unsympathetic. when you walk the halls and listen to the speakers you believe our vision is to allow americans to live the life they want to live. chart their own course. >> sandra: that also includes taking on the message on the left, much of which is socialism. also the discussion of who will be running when it comes to the long list of democrats who have already announced and those who haven't officially such as joe biden? he is taking a lot of heat for something he said yesterday about his successor.
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watch this. >> the fact of the matter is, followed on by the guy is a decent guy, our vice president, who stood before this group of allies and leaders and said i'm here on behalf of president trump. there was dead silence. >> sandra: liberal activist -- you called him a decent guy? consider how this falls on the ears of the community. biden responded and said you're right, and issued other words there. you can read them yourself. i want to get your response to this back and forth, matt. >> it's the radicalism of what is happening to the democratic party. look, the conservative movement in the republican party believe that each american has the right to make their own decisions how to live their life and the fact is if mike and karen pence are people of faith and want to live out their faith in their own
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individual lives and with their family, guess what? that's also protected by the first amendment. it is the growing intolerance on the left towards americans who want to make their own religious choices, including their own sexual choices, that should be spektd. i'm sad the left won't respect their choices. >> sandra: a lot more coming up there. we know kellyanne conway is speaking and will join us later. mike pence at the top of the next hour on that stage. matt schlapp, thank you for coming to the camera. we know it's a busy morning for all of you there. >> jon: the u.s. congress isn't finished with michael cohen just yet. the president's former lawyer will return to capitol hill next week for more closed door testimony before the house intelligence committee. this as congressman jim jordan and mark meadows asked the justice department to investigate cohen for perjury saying he lied on wednesday. this is the president's former
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fixer we're talking about here. what is president trump saying about michael cohen? >> good morning to you. president trump says that michael cohen was shopping around a book that had the exact opposite message from his testimony that we heard on capitol hill this week. the president tweeting congress must demand the transcript of michael cohen's new book given to publishers a short time ago. your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his thursday testimony. like a different person. he is totally discredited. cohen spoke to reporters briefly after three days of testimony on capitol hill. >> not much i can say other than it was very productive. i am committed to telling the truth and i will be back on march 6 to finish up. thank you guys so much. >> the president says democrats haven't been able to find collusion.
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now they're following around discredited michael cohen. >> jon: is this just the beginning of what house democrats are planning in terms of investigation? >> there seems to be no question about that. we heard in the open hearing on wednesday democrats asking michael cohen for names of people they should bring in for interviews or hearings and so plans are already in the works. >> march 14th we'll have an open interview with felix seder on moscow trump tower. not all will be open hearing. we'll try to do as much as we can in open session. some we can and can't. next week with michael cohen will continue to be in closed session. we have to look at these on a case-by-case basis in terms of investigative needs as well as equities of the department of justice. but we are going to try to do as much as we can. >> that's house intelligence. you can expect plenty more hearings in other committees looking into the president's business dealings, his
6:11 am
administration and even his family, jon. >> jon: busy times in washington mike, thanks very much. >> sandra: more breaking news from overseas. pakistan trying to tamp down tensions with its nuclear neighbor india after a series of cross border attacks. the latest straight ahead. >> jon: also freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez reportedly saying they will work to oust moderate members of her own party when they vote with republicans. is this evidence of a bigger problem for democrats? republican congressman lee zeldin joins us to react. >> sandra: an abrupt end to the summit with north korea and a big question mark when it comes to a trade deal with china. how markets are responding. maria bartiromo will be here next. >> president trump: we're negotiating with china, others, mexico, canada. we've done those deals. have to get approved by
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>> sandra: pakistan returned an indian pilot captured in a downed plane. this is video of a convoy escorting the pilot to a border crossing between the two nations. pakistani officials say it's a gesture of piece after cross border attacks escalated a long, simmering tension there. india and pakistan have clashed for decades over the disputed region of kashmir and both are armed with nuclear weapons. >> jon: alexandria ocasio-cortez warning moderate democrats who vote with republicans their names are going on a list and will help defeat them in the 2020
6:16 am
elections. two dozen democrats broke from their party and sided with republicans on an amendment in a gun control bill. congressman lee zeldin joins us now. let's talk about what this amendment was, congressman. republicans wanted ice to be notified if illegal immigrants purchased weapons or tried to, right? >> absolutely. common sense measure. my constituents strongly support it and i'm sure for many of those democrats, 31 in house districts that donald trump won in 2016, there are many other americans who agree with the amendment as well. ice should be notified. so for those democrats who are breaking ranks, they don't view aoc as their boss and don't want to be called a puppet of nancy pelosi. they make that decision. now they have to make a decision as far as future votes that come up as well whether or not they'll be their own man and woman or they are going to
6:17 am
end up getting on board with aoc and her agenda as if she is their boss. >> jon: congresswoman ocasio-cortez told democrats in a closed door meeting if there are more votes like this. if democrats vote with republicans they'll be on a hit list that she will work to try to vote down in the next election. >> yeah. it's unfortunate when you hear about diversity from aoc and others in their conference, obviously it doesn't include diversity of thought. there are people who are democrats in this country and there are democrats in congress who may believe the world isn't going to end in 12 years. they don't believe the green new deal and $93 trillion price tag is affordable or a 70% tax rate in this country or our country can afford to provide free healthcare, housing and education to everybody. so if i was a house democrat
6:18 am
right now in one of these districts being targeted because donald trump won it in 2016, i would actually be going to aoc and be begging her to get on her list so the threat should be one that should be confirmation for their voters that they are being independent of this far left radical left of their party. but what we start evidence to see, the next vote, the next day yesterday, the next time we had one of these votes, many of these democrats who voted with republicans, they must have got spooked by aoc because they started voting with the democrats and pelosi right away the next day. >> jon: pelosi said you're either with us or you're not. she was falling in line with congresswoman ocasio-cortez. >> yeah. if getting on the same team was a desire to work with the president, work with republicans, to move our country forward to try to find common ground, to try to find
6:19 am
bipartisanship on important issues, that would be something that we all should be embracing. the problem is that as we saw with the michael cohen hearing that took place and all the distractions we lateed to impeachment. i serve on the financial services committee with maxine waters and on the foreign affairs committee where we had madeline albright. you could tell as these hearing are taking place their desire is to impose, impeach, resist, obstruct anything and anything. that's not a key ingredient for them to maintain the majority. as a member of the house republican minority we don't plan to stay in the minority past 2020. aoc and nancy pelosi will help our cause if they undercut the president at every turn. it's not what people want and in those districts that president trump did well in, it is not what they want, either. >> jon: quick question. don't americans want bipartisanship and cooperation on capitol hill?
6:20 am
>> 100%. they want to see our president successful. they want to see republicans and democrats in congress working together on key priorities to help grow our economy, take care of veterans and first responders, to do so much more combating human trafficking and drug trafficking. securing our borders. when you put all those important policy priorities aside for instead hyper partisan politics to try to take out donald trump, it is going to bury them at the polls next november. people want to see bipartisanship, not that. >> jon: congressman lee zeldin republican of new york, thanks for coming on. >> sandra: fox news alert. the u.s. government saying osama bin laden's son is emerging as one of the leaders of al qaeda. how much the u.s. is willing to pay to find him. >> jon: plus republicans pushing back against president trump's national emergency declaration. so will he have to use his veto pen? >> i support what the president
6:21 am
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6:25 am
it would knock out energy, transportation, airlines, jobs, businesses. we proper probably lose 10 to 15% of our gdp. it is remarkable. i ask you to join president trump and me and the rest to put socialism on trial and convict it. [applause] >> sandra: white house economic advisor in a fiery stage on cpac yesterday. let's bring in maria bartiromo from fox business network. you know larry very well and talk to him often and you worked with him for many years. he was not messing around there. >> no. >> sandra: put socialism on trial, convict it. this is quickly emerging as the message on the stage at cpac this week. >> it should be, right? it's so far left from what americans really want in the economy. look at some of the programs
6:26 am
that you've seen from some of the contenders for the 2020 election. 70% tax rates, the green deal. the green deal was not very well thought out at all if you are going to have to destroy all of those industries like transportation, energy. if you're going to have to eliminate a fossil fuels within 10 years. that makes no sense. anybody who knows the science understands that fossil fuels is not going away within 10 years. we need that to get on a plane, take a drive. you have medicare for all. medicare for all is actually as the "wall street journal," medicare for none. this is another federal program that wipes out the private insurance industry. you know how many people get their health insurance from the private insurance industry? 160 million. think about that. 160 million people will lose their health insurance because they want medicare for all. so all of these programs they say they are not socialist but
6:27 am
they actually are. they are all large, federal programs that will mean a bigger government bite. they are trying to distance themselves from the word socialism. they think it's a bad word yet they come out with these programs that every way you look at them socialist programs. >> sandra: a large chunk of his time on stage ripping into crazy ideas that are emerging on the left. meanwhile we're just now 24 hours now from the president walking away from that deal in vietnam with north korea. market impact there and what does it tell us about a potential deal with china? the president clearly showing he is willing to walk away if the deal is not right. >> i think he is spot on and what he tried to tell the world. i'm willing to walk away if it's not the best deal for the united states. and look, i think in retrospect all over cnn yesterday was failure this, failure that. actually, this was a real success. the president proved he is not
6:28 am
going to give away the store. if there is a not going to be denuclearization the sanctions will stay in place. he is trying to show that kind of thing with china as well saying to china, it is not just about china buying more stuff or china buying more soybean and grain. it is china moving the needle on a commitment to stop stealing. that's why there is so much worry about huawei telephone. they spied on their clients. >> sandra: you had on the chief security officer of huawei. they are is saying trust us. >> the pressure as part of the political dynamic between the u.s. and china and the u.s. government is trying to
6:29 am
seriously address the risk to the united states globally with the rising power of china economically and militarily and trying to do a whole lot more led by the department of homeland security to protect our critical infrastructure and work to protect our allies. >> sandra: they're trying to convince the world they're trustworthy. were you convinced? >> they took out and ad, trust us and come see us. look at the history of the company. look at all of the lawsuits that have sued them for stealing trade secrets, cisco settled a lawsuit for them stealing trade secrets as it relates to routers. motor ola solutions. they settled with them because of stealing trade secrets as well as t-mobile, which is right now we'll see more of that in the next couple weeks. cisco. we've got all of these companies that have already told us they're in the middle of lawsuits and settlement with
6:30 am
huawei because of this. >> jon: a major milestone for grassroots conservatives. the tea party marking 10 years since the movement's first nationwide protest. so what's next on the agenda? >> sandra: plus can new york city win back amazon? how governor mario cuomo is courting the company -- andrew cuomo after the company and progressives cheered when the deal fell apart. get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. your insurance rates skyrocket you could fix it with a pen.
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>> president trump: i think it's a dangerous thing for people to be voting against border security, including republicans. i really think that republicans that vote against border security and the wall, i think, you know, i've been okay at predicting things. i think they put themselves at great jeopardy. >> jon: that's the president reacting to republicans who are not inclined to vote with him on his declaration of a national emergency that he wants to build his border wall.
6:34 am
three republican senators already have indicated they will vote in favor of a resolution to block that declaration. let's bring in "washington post" contributing columnist gary abernathy out with an op-ed on the issue. you can find it on fox gary, you think the building of the wall is just common sense. >> well, i'm trying to represent what a lot of people think who i know where i live, jon. that's what i try to bring to the post in my columns. not always necessarily what i think but a lot of folks i talk to think in my part of the world. what they can't understand is why having a wall is in any way immoral or shouldn't be part of a strong plan to keep illegal immigrants from coming in illegally? people where i live support legal immigration. they understand that they are themselves descended from immigrants. that we're all immigrants, almost all of us in this country immigrated here, our
6:35 am
ancestors did. but they can't understand why it's wrong to make sure people are vetted, to make sure people who come into the country are law abiding and want to come in for the right reasons and why a wall shouldn't be part of that whole plan. >> jon: let me read the first of a couple of sentences that we've lifted from your piece. you say opponents of the president's national emergency declaration insist there is no emergency and on this his supporters largely agree. however, to them, the emergency has been longstanding with no previous president or congress willing to seriously address it with the sense of emergency it demands. so you're saying it is a national emergency that has been with us for a couple of decades now. >> yes, a lot of people who oppose the president on this are saying there is no new emergency? they say illegal immigration is actually down in terms of people trying to come in.
6:36 am
they make the argument that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit as much crime as natural born citizens. and a lot of folks respond to that by saying well, what does any of that have to do with anything? if we can prevent even the amount of crime, even if it's smaller in numbers that happen because of illegal immigration, shouldn't we do everything in our power to do that? jon, i was struck and listening to you earlier today and talking about the president and some people are saying there is a constitutional crisis with his declaration of a national emergency. that's hardly the case, is it? we're proceeding as we should. congress is responding, they are voting whether to not support the president to try to stop the president's emergency declaration. if they come up with enough votes he will veto it. if they come up with enough votes to override the veto, that's fine. if they don't, that's fine. the constitutional authorities
6:37 am
in separation of powers are playing out exactly as they should. a very wise judge said to me once the law is not a particular outcome, the law is achieving a process. and so the process is happening right now as it should. >> jon: what about the argument that some republicans make that if this republican president uses this emergency declaration to spend money that he wants to spend, what's to prevent the next democrat president from doing exactly the same thing in contravention of what republicans might want? >> that's a very good argument and a lot of people understand that. in my personal opinion, i think that a president trying to protect the nation's borders, to secure the united states from outside threats, is one of the top priorities of any president, republican or democrat. and courts are more likely to look at it that way than a future president may be a more liberal president who tries to
6:38 am
use national emergency powers on things like climate change or gun control, which are two examples that have been used. >> jon: gary abernathy from ohio and a "washington post" columnist, thank you. ? a venezuela is turning to an alie for help. the nation's vice president is in russia to rally support for the maduro regime. it comes amid increased pressure from the u.s. and as unrest continues there. steve harrigan is live in venezuela this morning. steve. >> the struggle between the two men who claim to be president of venezuela is taking on cold war overtones with russia backing one, the embattled president of venezuela, nicolas maduro, and the u.s. backing juan guaido. that played out yesterday at the u.n. security council. the u.n. putting forth a resolution that would call for new, free and fair presidential elections in venezuela. that resolution vetoed at the
6:39 am
u.n. by russia. in the meantime opposition leader juan guaido is in paraguay today, brazil yesterday, columbia before that. the real question is when and how will he get back here to venezuela? the maduro regime had placed a travel ban on him so it's not clear he will be able to return without getting arrested. guaido said as soon as he gets back he will exercise all the duties of president. it is not clear how he will do that with the army, the military, the police still under control of maduro. finally, u.s. oil sanctions have begun to hit venezuela hard. their exports are down 40% over the past month. this is a key source of cash for the maduro regime but it is not clear yet it will be enough to drive maduro from power. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: steve harrigan in venezuela for us this morning. thank you. >> jon: it has been an action-packed week including the president walking away from the north korea summit.
6:40 am
michael cohen's explosive testimony on capitol hill and conservatives rallying together at cpac right now. kellyanne conway joins us to react to it all next hour. >> sandra: president trump optimistic in agreement with north korea is still possible. senator ernst will be here on that. >> there are people who are intent on good and those who are truly aimed at destruction and evil and corruption. america has a responsibility to protect itself by pushing back against those evil nations and evil leaders who intend to do real harm to the world. this sid the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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what's in your wallet?
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>> jon: a terrifying collision caught on camera. the florida teenager in critical condition after a hit and run rollover crash in sarasota. hotel security video shows the 19-year-old swerve his audy to avoid a minivan that turned into the street. the van clips the driver's side of the car causing it to flip over three times into a nearby parking lot. the minivan takes off just
6:44 am
seconds later. police are still looking for the driver of that minivan. >> sandra: vice president mike pence will take the stage a few moments from now at cpac. it comes after the second nuclear summit with the president and kim jong-un ends with no deal. here is senator lindsey graham from yesterday. >> he said i'm not going to relieve sanctions for a partial deal. i said that's the only good deal is for them to give up their nuclear program in return for security assurances and economic assistance. i hope and pray that the talks continue but if they break down, this time being their nuclear program one way or the other. >> sandra: joining us now is joni ernst. she is vice chair of the gop conference. good morning. we know you have a busy morning there. thank you for stopping in "america's newsroom" first. what did you think of the president walking away from
6:45 am
that deal? >> i have think it was absolutely the right thing to do. the asking for those sanctions to be lifted is ludicrous. the north koreans need to understand, kim jong-un needs to understand, they need to denuclearize and do it soon. when it happens the president will be ready to deal. what was presented to the president, it was not the right direction. and the president is a good enough man, a great enough negotiator to know when to get up and leave. >> sandra: i did not hear you say if it happens but when it happens. sounds you're optimistic a deal will get done in the future. >> well, i remain optimistic and i will as long as we have president trump negotiating. i think we do have some leverage here. so i am optimistic. i will remain so. but we know that the ultimate goal has to be denuclearization
6:46 am
on that peninsula and that our allies and we on the homeland are safe as well. >> sandra: i want to get your thoughts what are happening around the world. newt gingrich said incredible changes are taking place around the world. the world is perhaps more in flux now since any time since the send of world war ii published on fox today. in that piece he points to france and the reform efforts there, italy, the economy shrinking, the european union and the problems with brexit. what are your thoughts in this moment in time as we look at what is happening around the world. >> we certainly do have a world in flux. we have a lot of unrest throughout the world and with that you do see changes as migrants have moved from the middle east into europe we've seen great changes there. we will always see changes.
6:47 am
some periods of time are more stable than others. but i think that the speaker is correct. mr. gingrich is correct that we are a world in flux. and that's where we really need to step forward as america and be that world leader. we need to show that we are strong enough to lead our allies through these changes and make sure that there is peace and prosperity for everyone. we want to enable those countries to live in peace but they also want freedom. so that's where we can be the leader. >> sandra: we know the theme there at cpac today and feel the energy in the room behind you is america first. what will be your message when you take to the stage in a few moments? >> well, the message that i have and on that panel that i'll be on this morning is that america can be first. america first does not necessarily mean america alone. and we know that working with our allies we can be the world leader that is so needed in
6:48 am
such turbulent times. >> sandra: senator, i have to ask you about what is happening next in the senate when it comes to this resolution in the house that passed against the president's declaration of a national emergency to fund the border wall. what is going to happen in the senate here? your colleague, lamarr alexander delivered an ultimatum to the president, reconsider your national emergency declaration. what do you want to see happen and what do you support here? >> well, i think we do have a crisis at the border. we have a humanitarian crisis and we can't continue to allow thousands and thousands of undocumenteds cross our borders every day. we do need to see some action. the president has chosen this path forward. i think we can come to a consensus. i am leaning toward supporting the president because i do believe that we need to do something on our border. of course, i would rather that
6:49 am
congress took this upon themselves and we were not able to do that. so the president has found a way forward and we will work through that path forward. >> sandra: you would not vote to block the president's national emergency declaration, is that what you are saying? >> i would not vote to block it. but certainly i think that we do need to scrutinize what is going on and the use of national emergency powers and that's where i think that congress needs to play a much greater role. senator mike lee is working on legislation which would address this and i'm anxious to see what our final discussions bring forward. but again, i think the president is spot on. we do have a humanitarian crisis. we do need to do something about securing our borders and making sure our citizens are safe. >> sandra: a busy morning there. we appreciate your time. thank you for coming on. >> jon: the vice president expected up in a few minutes. we'll take you there when he gets to the podium. in the meantime the u.s. government offering a huge
6:50 am
reward for osama bin laden's son. why is the state department now redoubling its efforts to find him? >> sandra: michael cohen convicted of lying to congress and now two leading republicans say he did it again just this week. they are calling on the justice department to now investigate. so will that happen? >> jim jordan and i have put forth a letter today citing six ways that michael cohen has contradicted himself and perhaps committed perjury. sent that to the new attorney general for a criminal referral. i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> sandra: residents of northern california, torrential rainfall pushed the river to 46
6:54 am
feet. the rising water damaged thousands of homes and buildings and prompted evacuation orders for some 3500 people. >> jon: the u.s. government is now offering $1 million for help in tracking down the son of the later orr leader osama bin laden. the state department saying that he has emerged as a leader of al qaeda. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with more on that. >> eight years after navy seals killed bin laden, the u.s. government wants to do the same thing to his son, or capture him alive. the state department calls him an emerging al qaeda leader, quote, since august 2015 he has released audio and video messages on the internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and western allies. he married the daughter of the lead hijacker and mastermind on the world trade center and
6:55 am
pentagon using four commercial airliners. navy seals seized letters from bin laden's compound after killing him in 2011. in the letters intelligence officials found proof that bin laden was 30-year-old son to replace him as leader of al qaeda. it is notable he was the only child missing on the night of the raid according to bin laden's three wives in the compound. not clear where he is hiding today. they've found a safe haven. afghanistan and pakistan are likely hiding spots for the reclusive emerging al qaeda leader. there is a $1 million bounty leading to his capture but a far cry from the $25 million bounty on the heads of isis leader baghdadi. all the leaders are still at large. >> jon: let's hope we wrap them all up. >> sandra: vice president mike
6:56 am
pence set to speak at cpac highlighting an america first team. we'll take you there live when he steps on the stage. kellyanne conway wrapping her remarks moments ago and will join us live coming up. so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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7:00 am
i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm is jon scott in for bill hemmer today. the event highlighting president trump's america first agenda all happening as he returns from his second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. doug mcelway is in the middle of the action at cpac in national harbor, maryland. doug. >> we had expected to hear from the vice president right now at the top of the hour. things are running behind schedule here. we're hearing from senator ted cruise being interviewed by rich lowry of the national review. we hear there may be a half hour behind schedule. we expect him to talk about the summit among other things and how it was a principled stand by the president to pull away and a net victory for the president in the same way that national security advisor john bolton's chief of staff described it as victory to us yesterday. here is fred. >> the purpose of this summit was to get kim jong-un to live up to the obligations he made in singapore that the north koreans have been dragging their feet.
7:01 am
hopefully this will mean some inspections maybe of north korea's nuke site or production facility will begin. there will be more inspections. it was a good idea to get the process rolling. >> this year's convention is notable they're putting minorities front and center. this morning we heard a remarkable speech from from andis owen how the democratic party is foresakeing many african-americans. here she is. >> they never thought they could lose the black vote ever. they have taken our vote for granted for so long. stop telling us because we can't because of racism and slavery. i've never been a slave in this country and stop have a culture that we should be hip-hop artists. >> another remarkable moment yesterday when van jones, cnn contributor and former advisor to president obama acknowledged to this crowd here, not a
7:02 am
really favorable crowd for a guy like him. acknowledged they had basically stolen a key issue away from the democratic party. that being sentencing reform. >> my problem is i now have a conservative movement that for libertarian reasons, for christian conservative reasons and for fiscally conservative reasons is doing a great job on what should be my issue. this is supposed to be my issue. you are stealing my issues. >> this has been a more low key affair than in years past. it is not an election year and the president is facing no serious primary challengers yet. it may change tomorrow when the president speaks here. back to you. >> jon: thanks very much, doug mcelway reporting. >> sandra: president trump tearing into his former attorney's testimony in a series of tweets a knew moments ago. congress must demand the
7:03 am
transcript of cohen's new book and your heads will spin. like a different person, he is totally discredited. michael cohen's book manuscript shows he committed perjury. he must have forgotten about his book when he testified. what does lanny davis say about this one? is he being paid by crooked hillary using her lawyer? let's bring in our a-team shelby holliday. david asman and jessica tarlov, a fox news contributor. david, take this one first. >> thanks a lot. he lied in front of congress again. maybe they were small things in the grand scheme of things but specifically he said that he did not seek or have any ambition for a job in the white house. well, in the sentencing report of the southern district, i will quote them specifically. during and after the campaign cohen told friends and colleagues including text
7:04 am
messages that he expected to be given a prominent role. lie number one. lie two, cohen said he was blindly loyal to trump. in the sentencing report of the southern district quote, this was not an act of blind loyalty. cohen relished the status of ultimate fixer. he lied in front of congress once again. the president is right. >> sandra: jessica. >> those two points are so small. they are lies, yes, a person wanted a job in the white house and he wanted to make a lot of money. those are things we know about michael cohen that he has admitted. what people are focusing on as many as six other committees will want to talk to him is the potential tax fraud, the hush money paid to stormy daniels, and a number of other issues that came up in his many hours of testimony there. so the lies that david just pointed out are so small on the scale of what is possible to come out of this. >> the president was impeached for a small lie.
7:05 am
>> it's a slippery slope with impeachment and small lies. the aftermath of this hearing is playing out on splits screens. democrats looking at a roadmap that michael cohen gave them. witnesses to talk to, financial documents to pursue and you have republicans seizing on the lies and referring him for criminal prosecution. the problem for republicans is that democrats control the house and so the house committees will continue to investigate and bring witnesses before congress. we hear felix seder who worked on the trump tower moscow deal will speak publicly before the committee in two weeks. >> that will be interesting. >> a lot of people they want to talk to. >> jon: you talk about mark meadows who wants the justice department to look into this. >> jim jordan and i have put forth a letter today citing six ways that michael cohen has contradicted himself and perhaps committed perjury and so we committed that and sent that to the new attorney general for a criminal referral
7:06 am
to have them look at it. >> jon: busy at the department of justice these days. i just have to wonder if they'll want to take on another one of those high-profile investigations. >> the one thing that i have to agree with democrats on as far as this whole investigation, donald trump surrounded himself to pretty sleazy guys. it harkens back when clinton was being investigated. you saw the mcdougal and hillary, a draft indictment against her for the work she did for a failed savings and loan. it is very similar to president clinton, the way he had a history of surrounding himself with people that frankly were not to be trusted and you look at the sentencing report. i commend everybody out there to look at the sentencing report in the southern district on michael cohen because what it describes is a person who has lied his entire life and
7:07 am
yet president trump, when he was in private practice, gave michael cohen his portfolio. that was a dangerous thing. >> also describes a man who committed a crime by paying off women. michael cohen was charged with crimes and part of the reason he is going to jail for these illegal campaign contributions. i agree with it describe a man who is a very unsavery character but imply indicates the president in what could be a financial crime. >> what i said was the fact that like president clinton, trump made a big mistake in surrounding himself with people that were very dubious characters and he has to live with that. >> starr spent seven years looking into clinton and came up with nothing. >> sandra: we have breaking news. i have to jump in here. we have a statement coming from the warmbier family as a result of what the president has said in the last 24 hours saying he takes kim jong-un at his word over what he knew or did not
7:08 am
know during that time. what fred and cindy warmbier have said. we have been respectful during this summit process. now we must speak out they write. kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son otto. kim and his evil regime are responsible for unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. no lavish praise can change that. >> i harken back to john bolton who is now working for the president said about otto warm p bier. this is from before he was with the administration in june of 2017. north korea's regime lied about how otto warmbier ended up comatose before he died. just like they lie about their nuclear and ballistic missile programs. there have been so many people now working for the president who are on the record as saying there is a direct connection between kim, the leader of the north korea, and the evil acts that are committed by this
7:09 am
regime, that i think the president has to walk this back somehow some way. >> sandra: kellyanne conway will join us in a few moments. we'll see what the white house has to say. >> they'll be in line with what the warmbiers. i take him at his word. kim jong-un told me he didn't know about warmbier. he takes them at their word but he doesn't take our intelligence agency at his words. the republicans are upset about this. this is one of those moments. adam schiff saying this is a problem. this is a moment to be as vocal as possible. those republicans that come on cable news all the time show up today and talk about this. the president has to walk it back and stop trusting dictators. >> that's a giant distraction from what he has hoped to accomplish when he went over there. we're talking about otto
7:10 am
warmbier. the administration acknowledged kim jong-un and his regime was responsible. not talking about the nuclear agreement or any of the progress they made that they said they made in north korea. and i think it could cause problems for president trump's relationship with kim jong-un moving forward because now the focus is on this issue. >> can i say one thing, though? i'm sure some people do doubt. i don't doubt that the world is a safer place vis-a-vis north korea because of the negotiations with north korea. we have received some hostages they had. remains. there is progress that has been made in the past two years that wasn't made in the previous 20 years dealing with north korea. while this was a gigantic mistake by the president who is negotiating and these are his negotiating tactics, he warms up to somebody that previously he has called a dictator and murderer. that's what he does. he has to walk it back but at the same time the process of
7:11 am
negotiations has been very successful in making the world a more peaceful place. >> sandra: even some interesting praise from former vice president joe biden. listen. >> the president did the right thing. he did the right thing by walking away. diplomacy matters. preparation matters. the president treats everything like it is a real estate deal. >> chuck schumer said the same thing on the floor of the senate. the president did the right thing. when it comes to foreign policy democrats have come out ant supported the president on things he has done but at the same time you have the president saying i take kim jong-un at his word and "the new york times" story about president trump forcing john kelly to clear jared kushner for security clearance even counsel said it was the wrong move and you have the picture of jared and ivanka with mbs as this is going on in vietnam after they were responsible for
7:12 am
the murder of jamal khashoggi who worked for the "washington post" and had residency status in the united states and the president took mbs's word and they told me they didn't have anything to do with it when saudi chopped him up with a bone saw. the president could have had a successful week and now he is back where he started in a worse position. >> i wouldn't go that far. he isn't in a worse position. we made progress, he got a message across not only to north koreans but there was a message for the chinese as well. he is in a lot of negotiations with china. his walking away from north korea was a big message to the chinese as well. he wanted to get that message across. he did. former vice president biden who may be the person he is running against in 2020 praised him for the work that he did on this level of negotiation. so i think yes, there were mistakes made, bad mistakes but
7:13 am
there were also successes from this trip. >> sandra: our a-team. appreciate it. jessica, david, shelby, thank you. >> jon: one day after the united nations security council that rejected -- rich edson is live at the state department with more. >> the treasury department has just announced sanctions against six military and security officials in venezuela for blocking international aid shipments into venezuela. this is just the latest in a series of sanctions that the treasury department and administration announced to try to break the stalemate there and dislodge maduro from power. in an hour the special eptive for venezuela here at the state department will address reporters here. yesterday at the united nation's security council abrams pushed a resolution supporting juan guaido and calling for elections in venezuela. russia and china blocked it. abrams said despite that the
7:14 am
administration will still try to dislodge maduro's government. >> we will continue to put economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on the regime and we think the internal situation in venezuela is really untenable. the only question is are we talking about a matter of days or weeks or months? >> also at the security council russia floated its own draft supporting maduro and opposing interference in venezuelan politics and the council also scrapped that measure. juan gado is scheduled to be in paraguay yesterday and in brazil yesterday pushing that government to pressure the maduro regime. 50 countries recognize gaud owe as the legitimate leader of venezuela. last weekend he tried to deliver aid to his country. the maduro regime is blocking international aid calling it an effort to undermine his government. guaido says he will return to venezuela monday at the latest
7:15 am
despite threats on his life, his family's life and threats the maduro government will arrest him. jon, back to you. >> sandra: thank you, rich. a battle of political ideas aif cross the country. grassroots conservatives, where they're setting their sights next. >> jon: glimmers of optimism as u.s. and chinese trade negotiators try to reach an agreement. will they seal the deal? >> sandra: it has been a very busy week for the president. the north korea summit. michael cohen's explosive testimony and the push to derail the president's emergency declaration. kellyanne conway joins us live on that. are you a veteran, own a home,
7:16 am
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[ ding ] [ cooing ] [ door closes ] [ cooing ] ♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". >> jon: a major milestone for grassroots conservatives. it has been 10 years, can you believe that, since the beginning of the tea party movement. seems like this playing out across the country as americans from all walks of life joined in rallies. our next guest recently wrote a column entitled the tea party is 10 years old and what it's accomplished and why defeating socialism is next on its agenda. kenny beth martin is honorary
7:20 am
chairman of the tea party action. thanks for being here this morning. it has been quite a decade for your organization. >> thanks so much for having me. it really has. i'm so appreciative to all the men and women across this country who helped us reach this milestone. we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for everyone involved in this movement. >> sandra: what is your message to your party about this growing socialism movement that we're seeing on the left? >> what i think what's very clear is that in washington there are two visions for america's future. one, the tea party represents which includes personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future and one which the self-avowed democrat socialists are championing in congress and outside of congress which will restrict economic freedom. it will choke personal freedom and it will inevitably lead to more massive debt. we have a choice to make in tea
7:21 am
party patriots and many americans across this country we're choosing and standing for freedom. >> jon: bernie sanders not really a democrat, but he placed second in the democratic race for presidency for the presidency the last time around and he is running again. doesn't it say to you there is a big market for socialistic ideas? >> yeah. he raised a lot of money and it is correct there are a lot of people in our country who are looking at socialism as a potential answer. so it is going to be up to us, those who understand and appreciate freedom and understand what's happened with socialism across the world to educate americans on why all these free giveaways really are not free. in fact, on april 15th we're doing rallies again across the country to stop socialism, choose freedom rallies that people can find out more about on our website. so that we can begin this education process.
7:22 am
we have to paint a clear contrast between the two visions of the country. >> sandra: is this the path forward for the republican party? is this the message to target socialism for victory in 2020? >> i think that it is. normally when a president is up for reelection it will be a referendum on the president and whether people like the president or not. what the democrats are doing with so many people in the field and each one out liberal the others and embracing socialist ideas, they are turning the election into a choice between socialism and freedom and free markets. i think that winds up being very good for republicans, for the president's reelection efforts. but most importantly it gives us the opportunity to debate this and make it clear to americans why we need to continue with the freedom choice and not the socialism choice. >> jon: one of the results of the establishment of the tea party movement was that you won
7:23 am
the attention of the i.r.s. under the obama administration. the i.r.s. was weaponized and used against individual members of the tea party organization. now, that's against the law and it has been admitted as such. how many of those i.r.s. officials have gone to jail? >> none of them. what we saw happen to us from the attacks and the name calling to the targeting with the i.r.s. and the deep state bureaucrats working against us and actually harming our organization and individual supporters across this country, so much of that we're seeing the exact same thing happen to president trump from accusations that are not true to deep state targeting. it is the playbook that the left plays and we stood up to it and did not let it make us afraid to continue to exercise our first amendment rights, which was their intent, part of their intent, and we have a president now who also is not letting it intimidate him.
7:24 am
>> sandra: we're awaiting the vice president set to begin speaking any moment now. we know that there are thousands of attendees, every time we go to a live shot at cpac you can feel the energy there. a lot of college-age conservatives attend this event. what are you hearing from young people and what message is resonating with them while attending cpac? >> when i was at cpac yesterday and i'll be back later today there were lots of t-shirts saying -- basically saying they don't want socialism. i don't remember the exact phrasing. a lot of people were addressing socialism. the left is calling themselves socialists. we'll make sure we let people know across this country what it means and the college students attending cpac are doing the same. >> jon: doesn't it sound awfully good to a 17 or 18-year-old who is strapped for cash thinking the government should pay for my college education? >> it sounds really good on the
7:25 am
surface. but we have to go back to the axiom there is no such thing as a free lunch. when the left says free healthcare or education or incredibly free money for not even working, that somebody somewhere is going to have to pay for it. it inevitably will raise the cost of all of it, healthcare, education and everything across the country if we continue to go down this path. we have to explain to them the difference. >> sandra: we're awaiting vice president. jenny beth martin, appreciate your time this morning. thank you for coming up. amid escalating military tensions in pakistan and india a step toward peace. >> jon: new york's governor andrew cuomo wants amazon back in new york city. what he is offering the world's largest retailer now. that's ahead. whew, 7 more weeks til the baby comes.
7:26 am
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to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. >> sandra: vice president mike pence has taken the stage at cpac, the conservative conference underway since yesterday morning. he just walked out on the stage. he is expected the take on socialism right out of the gate which so far has been a major theme of this conference. conservatives targeting democrats embracing socialism. matt schlapp, the chairman of cpac sponsor opened that conference by saying it plans to strike a sharp contrast with socialism by focusing on freedom and america's founding principles. he is expected to begin his formal speech here shortly, jon. he is expected also to talk about venezuela and other big topics of the morning. let's dip in and listen to the vice president at cpac.
7:31 am
>> we cut taxes across the board for working americans, for american businesses, and we cut out the core of obamacare. the individual mandate is gone. [applause] and the results have been amazing. i stand before you today, the american economy is booming. [applause] in just over two years, businesses large and small have created 5.3 million new jobs, including over 480,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs that the other side said would never come back. [applause] unemployment has hit a 50-year low and more americans are working today than ever before in the history of this country. [applause]
7:32 am
the unemployment rate for women has hit a 55-year low and the unemployment rate for asian americans, hispanic americans, and african-americans has reached the lowest level ever record evidence in american history. [cheering and applause] and the wages of working americans are rising at a faster pace than they have in more than a decade. under president donald trump, working americans are winning again. the forgotten men and women of america are forgotten no more. [applause] everywhere you look confidence is back, jobs are coming back. in a word, america is back and
7:33 am
we're just getting started. [applause] but for all the progress we've made, president trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the american people and from the first days of this administration, this president has worked to make the strongest military in the history of the world stronger still. and last year president trump signed the largest investment in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. [applause] we're modernizing our nuclear arsenal, updating missile defense and before the year is out, president trump will launch the sixth branch of our armed forces, the united states space force. [cheering and applause]
7:34 am
>> sandra: you've been listening to vice president mike pence address the crowd at cpac to a lot of applause and enthusiasm there. he started out by touting the booming american economy, talking about manufacturing jobs, the lowest african-american unemployment rate this country has ever seen. our money man, charles payne, joins us now as the vice president continues at cpac. host of making money on the fox business network. you've been listening. your thoughts. >> everything he is saying is factual. i would start it with some of the facts first. some of these highlights. yesterday we saw a report on homeownership. the highest level since the first quarter of 2014. black ownership in the fourth quarter 2000 was almost 47% plummeted. by the time president trump was sworn in it was less than 42%.
7:35 am
we're near 43%. 35 to 44-year-old, 61% ownership. the highest level in over five years. there is something happening in this country that is phenomenal. it is the top story in this country. it is much more important than any cohen stuff or any of this other stuff. it's unfortunate that the media will never, ever talk about it. i'll tell you something. i'm doing something on my show today and suggest the media almost push this country into recession in december. we saw income surge -- it surged 150% better than wall street anticipated but spending crumpled and savings went through the roof. americans crawled into a ball in part because they read the newspapers every day and it was saying a recession is coming. sometimes those things can be self-fulfilling and it almost happened. >> jon: it was interesting during the commercial break listening to you critique the vice president because you say
7:36 am
he is not necessarily capturing everything that is actually going on. >> when you start saying we cut a lot of regulations and taxes. this is an informed group at cpac. they're into it. political and live for this stuff but the broader audience that won't hear him all the time is when you start to say how did it impact my life? how did it help me out? i gave a speech in long island about a month ago. the guy is driving a car took me out to long island. he was like all this stuff that trump is doing doesn't impact my life or help me. i said well, you know what? maybe this company i'm going to give the speech for has lower taxes and more money to pay you and me. maybe it sim pacting you. the average person who has a job and they gave up on ever working again two years ago will say okay, yeah, there is a major difference going on in my life. >> sandra: the message we're
7:37 am
hearing on the left socialism, how is that resonating? >> it resonates. look how much your boss is making? it's still unfair. the message of things being unfair. the message of equal distribution. those things can resonate very well particularly when you have this sort of younger population who think that okay, yeah, it should be better distribution of this wealth. there should be more taxes on the wealthy. even though historically socialism has been the most deadly political policy that has ever -- man kind of thought about. >> jon: in that regard isn't what's going on in venezuela now a cautionarytale for those embracing the push for socialism? >> they'll counter we're talking about the norwegian version of it. norwegians will say we're
7:38 am
capitalist. we just happen to have a major welfare system. it should be. there is a lot of cautionary tales out there. >> sandra: fascinating to see what happens with that message within the democratic party. alexandria ocasio-cortez who is an outspoken supporter of socialism says that moderate democrats who side with republicans are, quote, putting themselves on a list. suggesting this could be dividing their party. >> there has been a lot of evidence of division within the democratic party this year. it really has amazed me. the black face incident with virginia's governor revealed a lot of problems within that party and now, of course, this kind of sort of we can spend, spend, spend and never have to be accountable for it. people who have been around for a while like nancy pelosi knows its folly and thinks it's a mistake. it would destroy the cone me. >> jon: she is also telling her
7:39 am
party members to get in line and vote as a block. >> it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. there is a war within the democratic for where it goes. i have to be honest. i think they'll go further left for a time until they have to learn the hard way it doesn't work. >> jon: elections are won in the middle with independents. >> sandra: thanks, charles. see you at 2:00. >> jon: >> jon: -- >> check me out. i will have the story how the media just about pushed america into recession in december. >> jon: republicans are looking at michael cohen's testimony. >> i think the bottom line is this, in congress what we need to do is seek the truth. the truth is that michael cohen was given a 30-minute opening statement by the democrats that i don't remember -- >> jon: why top gop lawmakers are calling on the justice
7:40 am
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now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. >> sandra: strong new reaction coming in from the parents of otto warmbier calling out kim jong-un over their son's death. they write we have been respectful during this summit process. we must speak out. kim and his evil regime are responsible for the unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity. no excuses or lavish praise can change that. joining us now is today's headliner kellyanne conway joining us from cpac. the crowd continues to be somewhat loud there. we'll try our best to get through this. we just read the statement, the brand-new statement from otto warmbier's family. this is in response to the president in vietnam saying he takes kim at his word over not
7:45 am
knowing about what was happening. what is the white house response? >> i've just spoken to the president and we talked about this very issue. the president agrees with the warmbier family and holds north korea responsible for oto warmbier's death and said that time and again. this president is responsible for having otto warmbier returned to this country and be reunited with his families in the final hours before he passed. he is talking about chairman kim did not know what happened to otto at the time when it happened and so of course he holds north korea responsible. he has deep affection and shares the grief of the warmbier family. that will never end as the president agreeing that north korea is responsible. chairman kim did not know -- what the president is saying that there is no indication chairman kim knew what happened to otto warmbier when it happened. it was after he was returned to
7:46 am
the united states we all learned of his very bad and unforgivable state. >> sandra: the president maintains he takes kim at his word that he did not know what has happening with otto warmbier while he was in his own country, north korea. >> that's right. as for his death and as for his prosecution, his imprisonment of dead of course he holds north korea responsible. >> jon: what about critics who say because this second summit resulted in no agreement the president has essentially helped elevate kim on the world stage, made him more of a figure than he deserves to be? >> if anything, the president walked away from the deal he thought was bad for the united states of america where he is the president. how does that elevate the person who wanted the president to agree to the deal?
7:47 am
i think those critics are the same ones who said three days earlier insisting this president will giveaway the store. he was going to negotiate and advocate way too much to chairman kim because he was, quote, anxious to get a deal and of course that didn't happen. so the same critics were wrong three days ago and wrong again today. the president is a deal maker, a non-politician businessman who knows when the deal is not right. when to walk away and when to wait for better terms for his side of the deal which in this case is the united states of america. look, the president is receiving bipartisan praise for walking away from this non-deal deal. this will be a process. other administrations ignored this. did not do what he said about taking kim for his word, not knowing about the treatment of otto warmbier. i have to go back to that. he have is not receiving bipartisan support for his statement there including lindsey graham, one of the president's staunch allies even
7:48 am
said he didn't buy for a minute that kim had nothing to do with warmbier's treatment. he suggested and i'll ask you about this, that the president was probably trying to negotiate. is that the case? >> respectfully graham doesn't know that. i'm telling you what the president just told me. that's where i work. the president said of course he thinks north korea is responsible for the death of otto warmbier. this president negotiated the release of those three american detainees who would probably still be in north korea but for this president asking for their release. they're back on american soil. this president's leadership is why the vice president who is standing behind me went to hawaii to receive the remains of the fallen in korea and this president secured the release of otto warmbier who was in an unforgivable and near death condition and a coma as i
7:49 am
understand it when he was reunited with his family and suffered that none of us will forget or forgive. the president holds north korea responsible. he said that chairman kim says he was not aware of what he believes chairman kim said he was not aware of what happened to otto warmbier when it happened. i know how twitter somehow has become an an signment editor for reporters. if twitter blows up and said north korea is not responsible they're not paying attention. >> sandra: was the president -- >> we don't discussion security clearances. i won't discuss my own. i will tell you the president has the absolute right to do what was described. we aren't going to discuss that.
7:50 am
i will tell you as these stories are breaking jared kushner was over in the middle east working on behalf of this country. >> sandra: she said the president was not involved. so she spoke about it then and i'm wondering what the white house is saying now. >> sarah sanders said last night something i'll repeat. we don't as a white house generally comment on security clearances. if ivanka trump chose to comment she has knowledge some of us don't have and she has the right to do that. >> jon: thank you very much. >> sandra: kellyanne, thank you for trying to fight through that. a loud crowd behind you. kellyanne conway, thank you. >> jon: we're just getting word that the indian pilot shot down by pakistan is now being handed over to his home country. there has been fear of frankly nuclear war between those two
7:51 am
nuclear armed nations who have long disputed the kashmir region, the himalayan part they both claim. the indian pilot now being handed over to his home country. more in a moment. i can breathe again! ahhhh! i can breathe again! ughh! vicks sinex. breathe on. ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-newdayusa. need cash? at newday usa, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate
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7:55 am
going at each other. tempers appear to be cooling a bit in the ongoing conflict between india and pakistan. pakistan is now handing over that indian pilot who was shot down after what pakistan claims was a cross border incursion. the pilot being returned to his home country right now. benjamin hall is live in london with the latest on that conflict. >> hi, jon, these are the things we've been waiting to see for some days now. the indian pilot shot down two days ago by the pakistanis being handed back over. it had been thought that this was the worst conflict -- the worst tension in two decades but now this seems to be a clear move to try to de-escalate those tensions. he is being received with a hero's welcome on the other side in india. the prime minister saying he is a national hero. but at the same time the prime minister warning that they would strike pakistan if they feel there could be another
7:56 am
attack. not necessarily in the clear yet. this pilot was captured after the tit-for-tat retaliations between the two countries. saw attacks on both sides. it is hoped that with intervention from the u.s. it is coming to an end. there are elections in india coming up soon. the prime minister there saying that there may be something to come in the future. for now great news, jon. >> jon: thank you. >> sandra: after north korea's nuclear talks fell apart kim jong-un offering his side of the story. what the north korean leader is saying now. >> jon: plus democrats threaten to subpoena the white house over jared kushner's security clearance. we'll tell you why coming up. so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family
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vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my metastatic breast cancer with verzenio. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. >> sandra: fox news alert. brand-new reaction from the white house from the parents of otto warmbier following this week's summit with north korea and all of this as pyongyang now challenges the white house explanation for why the second summit with kim jong-un ended without a deal. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," friday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning to you. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. north korean official efs say they only wanted some sanctions lift evidence in return for limited action on reducing its nuclear arsenal. the white house has said north korea wanted all sanctions dropped. mike emanuel is live at the white house with more. >> good morning to you. the parents of otto warmbier
8:01 am
are making it clear they hold the regime of kim jong-un responsible for the death of their son oto warmbier. he died after brutal treatment in captivity with the north koreans. here is how president trump handled that issue a short time ago. >> we knew the case very well but he knew it later. you have a lot of people, big country, a lot of people and in those prisons and those camps you have a lot of people and some really bad things happened to otto. so really bad things but he tells me he didn't know about it and i will take him at his word. >> otto's parents reacting this morning saying we've been respectful during the summit process and now we must speak out. kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son, otto. no excuses or lavish praise can change that. i should also note there were some republicans on capitol
8:02 am
hill who were also uncomfortable about the way president trump handled that issue. the president is back at the white house and is tweeting actively about his trip and a variety of issues. he tweeted this morning great to be back from vietnam, an amazing place. we had substantive negligent yaixs with kim jong-un. we know what they want and what we must have. relationship very good. let's see what happens. more from the president on the summit with fox news sean hannity. >> president trump: this wouldn't have been good for our country and frankly, he can look at it the same way. maybe he can look at it the same way. we get along really well. he is a different kind of a guy and i just said look, this isn't going to be working. i have a feeling something down the line will happen and it will be good. >> the president saying no deal this time but leaving open the possibility there could be a deal down the road. >> jon: what's the latest on the president's son-in-law,
8:03 am
jared kushner and his security clearance? >> they're saying the president personally intervened in order to get his son-in-law, jared kushner, a top secret security clearance. "the new york times" with that bombshell report on the front page today saying that alarmed administration officials including john kelly. kelly wrote what is described as an internal memo about it. sarah sanders said they don't talk about security clearances but a spokesperson for kushner's attorney tells fox news in 2018 white house and security clearance officials affirmed that mr. kushner's security clearance was handled in the regular process with no pressure from anyone. the president has said he did not get involved with the security clearance issue. jon. >> jon: more to come on that i'm sure. mike emanuel at the white house. >> sandra: let's turn to chris wallace anchor of "fox news sunday". where do we go with the story
8:04 am
and where does it go from here? >> the kushner security story? well, it is a subject that the house democrats were already planning to investigate. the whole question of how security clearances have been given out by the trump white house. according to the "new york times" there were memos because the president ordered them to give the top secret clearance to kushner that both john kelly and donald mcgahn wrote down memorandas stating they opposed it. the president ordered them to do it. i would think there is probably a congressional subpoena in their future in the house oversight committee much like michael cohen to testify as to whether or not it's true. >> sandra: we just spoke to kellyanne conway getting fresh white house reaction. she was at cpac, a little hard to hear but wanted to get fresh
8:05 am
white house reaction to this story this morning and here is how she responded. >> we don't discuss security clearances. i'm not going to discuss my own. i will tell you the president has the absolute right to do what was described. we aren't going to discuss that. i will tell you as these stories are breaking jared kushner was over in the middle east working on behalf of the president and on behalf of this country. >> sandra: the left is quick to oint out or any critics that we've heard the president's daughter, eye ivanka saying the president wasn't involved. they commented in the past and now the white house response is that there is no response. >> i would have to call what kellyanne conway said there a classic non-denial denial. when she says we don't talk about this. as you point out quite rightly they have talked about it in the past. if it were false, if the president hadn't been involved,
8:06 am
i can't imagine they wouldn't say that. they have no qualms about saying when news is fake when reporting they think is inaccurate. they aren't saying that about this story. i think that speaks for itself. >> sandra: meanwhile moving on to north korea and the words of the president when there saying that he takes kim jong-un at his word over not knowing at the time about the treatment of otto warmbier, we also asked kellyanne conway about the latest statement from the family and she responded after just talking to the president with this. >> respectfully. i'm telling you what the president just told me because that's where i work. the president said that of course he agrees with the warmbier family that north korea is responsible for the death of their son. he has always said that. what he said is kim was not
8:07 am
aware when it happened. >> sandra: he is taking kim jong-un at his word that he didn't know at the time. but does indeed hold north korea responsible for otto warmbier's death. >> this strikes me as a completely unforced error by the president and the white house. why on an issue like this, no question that otto warmbier was brutally tortured and basically killed by the north koreans. why on earth would you side with kim jong-un over the warmbier family and the sense of outrage. there is a real question whether the captivity and the incarceration of an american is something that the dictator of north korea wouldn't know about. but even if that's true why would you want to get into this fight? the north korean regime was responsible. you are getting pushback from the warmbier family and the president's former u.n. ambassador, nikki haley. she says she holds the kim
8:08 am
regime responsible and senate republicans yesterday like cory gardner of colorado say otto warmbier's blood is on kim jong-un's hands. i just don't understand why you would even get into this and make it sound like in any way you are siding with kim and saying that he is somehow to be held blameless for what happened to otto warmbier. >> sandra: he put together a list of those senate republicans. portman warned the president not to be naive about the brutal nature of the north korean regime. lindsey graham said maybe the president was leaving space to negotiate. susan collins surprised the president would accept those words at face value. you'll have more on the second trump/kim summit this sunday. you'll be joined by national security advisor john bolton sunday. >> yes indeed. plenty to talk about.
8:09 am
north korea and we'll ask him about the warmbier controversy, venezuela, afghanistan, possibility of a peace deal there. lots to talk about with the national security advisor. he was on the ground in north korea. the big question is despite the issue was the terms of how it broke down, where do we go from here? are negotiations basically over or is there possibility of future progress? at this point kim jong-un has his entire nuclear arsenal. no testing but kept the arsenal that the president was so upset about with no sign he will give it up. >> sandra: we'll be watching it all this weekend. chris wallace, thank you. >> jon: meanwhile the pentagon says no military construction projects will be canceled to pay for the president's long-promised border wall. this after president trump announced a national emergency that allows him to tap into military funds. jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon with that. >> president trump is trying to
8:10 am
assure lawmakers ahead of a crucial senate vote on his declaration of a national emergency that he is not going to rob pentagon coffers to pay for the border wall and affect readiness. yesterday an air force base in alaska he vowed to add more military construction money to next year's budget request. the funds he plans to borrow to build the wall. >> president trump: the fact is we've increased your budget from not too much to $700 billion and then from $700 billion we went up to $716 billion and i won't tell you this year's surprise but the generals will be very happy when they hear because it is going up yet again. because we have no choice. i'm a cost cutter but we have no choice. without a military, what do we have? >> acting defense secretary shanahan and general did you know ford visited the border to see how the military can help secure the border. under the national emergency
8:11 am
the president plans to have the pentagon reallocate $3.6 billion from military construction funds. an official testified to a house armed services subcommittee that payment for the military construction projects would be deferred, not canceled. >> i want to assure you that no currently authorized military construction projects will be canceled to fund military construction projects supporting use of the armed forces at the southern border. >> democrats balked saying it is a back door possibly unconstitutional means to bypass congress, jon. >> jon: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. >> sandra: embattled venezuelan officials turning to a key ally for help as the country's political and humanitarian crisis goes downward. >> jon: another day of
8:12 am
testimony from michael cohen in the books. now house intel committee members are hinting at new information in their probe of russian election interference. congressman chris stewart is on that committee and he joins us next. >> not much i can say other than it was very productive. as i said i'm committed to telling the truth and i will be back on march 6th to finish up. there is more to discuss. welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> we're very grateful he was as forth coming as he was. we made the same admonishment that my colleague chairman cummings made so eloquently that he needed to tell us the full truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. and none of the questions we had for him went unanswered. >> sandra: the house intelligence committee questioning michael cohen for nearly eight hours in a closed door session ending with the promise of him returning to the hill next week. now some lawmakers are hinting at new information that could prove relevant in the panel's investigation into russian election interference. let's bring in house intelligence committee member chris stewart. good to have you here this morning. what new information could be relevant? >> well, i have to tell you that the vast majority of this hearing was just a rehearing of everything that we've heard before. not just from mr. cohen but
8:17 am
more broadly as well. the to mat is different and much more informative. rather than five minutes for all the congress people who take 4 1/2 minutes to make a speech. each side are given an hour and we alternate back and forth and you can speak or ask questions for as long as you want and bore down on certain lines of questioning. it is much more informative. if people are trying to present the impression there was some dramatic new revelation or some dramatic thing that will lead to the president's impeachment or further legal jeopardy, i have to tell you, i don't think that's true. i can't go into details on the committee but i can say this. almost everything was things that almost everyone knows. too often everyone is chasing this new accusation or bombshell or revelation and then many times nothing comes of it. i think that's probably about where we are right now. >> sandra: what was your conclusion that you were able
8:18 am
to draw about any collusion that michael cohen knew about with the president and russia? >> well, he was very, very clear in our committee. i won't speak about that but i will speak what he said in the previous day's hearing. he was clear i have no direct evidence. i have no evidence there the was collusion or conspiracy. we asked him every way we could. you kind of again bore down on the deal i had my suspicions. what are they and are they based on any evidence? there is no evidence. i think frankly anyone who is trying to craft the narrative that the president colluded with russians during the election. anyone still saying that have lost their minds. they are so temper by their dislike and sometimes hatred for the president they're willing to believe almost anything. most reasonable people have put that aside. there are other things we want to talk about. some you have to filter through is he telling us the truth now? what is his motive for being
8:19 am
here and saying these things? he was very clear and been very clear. >> sandra: i know you aren't commenting what happened behind closed doors yesterday but will we see a transcript of that publicly very eventually >> this is a political process and most should be transparent and open to the public. >> sandra: as far as potential headaches for the white house, what's to come and michael cohen returning to the hill next week after adam schiff said we had a long day but it wasn't a long enough day, chris christie was on "fox & friends" earlier this morning saying that this sets things up so that plenty of others could be called in. watch this. >> what he really did yesterday was create a bunch of additional witnesses that the house is now empowered to try to bring before them. folks from the trump organization who he must have mentioned a dozen times. the president's children who he said was involved in the hush money payments and others. so what he did yesterday was
8:20 am
set all that up. >> sandra: manage our expectations based on that thinking. >> it didn't matter whether mr. cohen did that someone else did that. the democrats' investigation is for it to go into the next election. if they don't find evidence of collusion or obstruction, which they haven't, they'll look for something else. so whether mr. cohen gave them the opportunity to go after other witnesses or someone else did it's clear that's what they will do and they'll find a way to do it. i think most americans just think it's fundamentally unfair. you have no accusations of wrongdoing on the financial side. no accusations that donald trump's children have done anything wrong. but they are saying we're going to go look and look and look and we'll find something. i think most people think that's fundamentally unfair. >> sandra: all right. we appreciate you coming on and talking about that this morning on the house intelligence committee. a lot more to come on this,
8:21 am
congressman stewart. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> jon: now this fox news alert. some new details on the links between hamas and iran. how tehran might be helping stoke tensions along the border between gaza and israel. democratic infighting. the threat from congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez for moderate democrats who vote with republicans. that's ahead. >> it's unfortunate when you hear about diversity from aoc and others in their conference. obviously it doesn't include diversity of thought. do i use a toothpaste that whitens my teeth? or one that's good for my teeth? now i don't have to choose. from crest 3d white. the whitening therapy collection. now with charcoal or coconut oil. it gently whitens. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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want more from your entejust say teach me more. into your xfinice remote to discover all sorts of tips and tricks in x1. can i find my wifi password? just ask. [ ding ] show me my wifi password. hey now! [ ding ] you can even troubleshoot, learn new voice commands and much more. clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> jon: hamas, the militant
8:25 am
group in control of the gaza strip says iran is giving them weapons and money. tensions are high on the border as weekly protests press israel to lift a 12-year long blockade. trey yengst is following the con -- conflict. >> hamas tells fox news they received weapons and money from iran, among other countries. speaking this week in gaza city, senior hamas official explained that hamas remains prepared for a war with israel and gets support for their efforts from organizations and countries around the world. israeli government and military have expressed concern that iran is entrenching itself in places like lebanon, syria and gaza to launch a two-front war against israel. inside gaza the influence of iran is no longer being hidden. >> i think iran tried to help,
8:26 am
not a secret. hamas and other factions to provide them with money and maybe weapons because we don't use this, for example, as hamas, we are just working for our homeland. >> that's the first time hamas admitted hearing they get weapons from iran and weekly border demonstrations are the priority and like to avoid a war if possible. today is the 49th friday where palestinians protested the israeli blockade on the gaza strip. according to the health ministry, nine people have been injured so far by live israeli ammunition. they want access to clean water, ability to travel from gaza. we sat down this week with the second largest group inside the gaza strip, islamic jihad and confirming they receive direct support from the iranian regime in tehran. comparing their relationship
8:27 am
with iran to the relationship america has with israel. >> sandra: michael cohen headed back to the hill next week after a marathon grilling that spanned three days. is impeaching president trump the endgame for democrats? kimberly strassel of the "wall street journal" joins us next on that. >> jon: spacex preparing for a new mission. why this launch could change the trajectory of man's space travel. i can't believe it.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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>> sandra: fox news aler. venezuela's vice president turning to a key ally, russia amid a humanitarian crisis in the country as the u.s. keeps pressure on nicolas maduro to step down. steve harrigan is live in caracas with more on that, steve.
8:31 am
>> sandra, you're right to point out this battle for power in venezuela is certainly taking on some cold war overtones with russia backing one leader and the u.s. and many other countries backing the other. it played out in the u.n. security council yesterday. the u.s. putting forward a resolution that would call for new free and fair presidential elections here in venezuela. that u.n. resolution vetoed by russia. guaido was in paraguay yesterday and brazil. can he get himself back into venezuela? the maduro regime here has put a travel ban on him. he could face arrest. he couldn't get humanitarian aid in the country. he says he has to get himself back in the country. he says he will begin executing all the duties of the president. it is not clear how he will do that with the military and police firmly under maduro control. as far as u.s. sanctions go, they are hitting venezuela's
8:32 am
economy hard. output of oil, the exports are down 40% in just one month of u.s. sanctions. it is not clear whether it will be enough to force nicolas maduro from office. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: thank you, steve. >> impeachment is a divisive issue in our country. let's see what the facts are, what the law is, and what the behaviors of the president. >> jon: that's house speaker nancy pelosi tamping down impeachment. kim strassel is an editorial board member at the "wall street journal" and fox news contributor. it doesn't seem that nancy pelosi wants to talk about impeachment, kim, why not? >> look, i think the issue here is that despite all of the immense attention that was
8:33 am
leveled on the cohen hearings and all of the news reports suggesting that there was bombshell testimony, ms. pelosi is wise and understands the american people won't be very impressed with an impeachment proceeding based on a guy who has already been convicted and sentenced for lying to congress and really when it comes down to it, the best he had to offer in terms of a crime was a campaign finance violation. so they understand, democrats understand the wiser heads in the party that they will have to come up with something a lot more strong if they want to convince americans the impeachment proceedings with in any way valid. >> jon: i want to play again something michael cohen said after he emerged from one of his rounds of congressional testimony. i have a question and then listen. >> not much i can say other than it was very productive. as i said i'm committed to telling the truth and i will be back on march 6 to finish up.
8:34 am
there is more to discuss? >> he said it was very productive. interesting from a witness. witnesses aren't supposed to be grinding an axe here. they are supposed to be providing testimony. what was productive about what he had to say? >> look, how can you not watch michael cohen and not feel as though he does indeed have an axe to grind. he worked for a guy for 10 years. now he is doing everything he can to take him down. you can look into the motives of why he wants to do that. i think the agenda is pretty clear. it is also important to look at the way democrats are looking at michael cohen in terms of what they feel he can give them. remember, we think we're maybe about a week or two away from the end of mueller's report after two years, a lot of the things that democrats have been saying with collusion and all these names, manafort, carter page, it doesn't look as though -- we don't know yet but it doesn't look as though there will be such a claim in special counsel mueller's report. they're looking ahead and apparently a lot of what cohen
8:35 am
was providing them and they were interested in yesterday was their new theory of collusion, this centers on president trump's financial dealings with russia. in particular the trump tower in moscow. >> jon: jim jordan from ohio says he is pretty convinced that democrats still want to begin impeachment proceedings against the president. listen to this. >> they are going to do it. it is a crazy plan they have but they are going to do it. it is no accident that tom steyer was in new york organizing a town hall in nadler ears strict and this week in baltimore in chairman cumming's district. they will do it. that's how radical they have become. >> jon: steier the billionaire who funds a lot of liberal causes. is he, in fact, going to push democrats to impeach the president? >> well, jim jordan has put his finger on the single most important aspect of this, which
8:36 am
is the base, to progressive base, the resistance will demand this from democrats. whether it's tom steyer who has a lot of money or the grassroots out there, they will consider this to be a basic function of the house majority that they just elected. so this is why ms. pelosi has been trying to tamp down this talk. i agree with congressman jordan. i don't see any way in which democrats do not engage in impeachment in one way or another going forward because they will feel as though they want reelection, they want the white house and it's something they have to do. >> jon: what is the political result of that? can you gaze into your crystal ball? >> look, i do think that they will have to have something that is going to be a lot stronger than what michael cohen gave and they've got an even bigger problem if the special counsel comes back and he doesn't have all of these things they've been predicting for two years and why you see adam schiff, the head of the house intelligence committee going down yet now a new avenue
8:37 am
supposedly financial crimes. they have to gin up something more spectacular. the broad, general public is going to reject that and could make them in even bigger trouble in the election. >> jon: interesting times ahead. fox news contributor and -- >> sandra: the presidential field for democrats getting more crowded. washington governor jay inslee announcing this morning that he is running. dan springer is live in seattle with more. >> announcing his bid for the presidency today jay inslee becomes the first governor to join the race and close to a single issue candidate as you can get. it is all about climate change for him. in the twitter video he shows clips of him talking about climate change early in his political career. he was a washington state legislator and long-time congressman before getting elected governor six years ago. in 2007 he co-authored a book
8:38 am
where he wrote that, quote, coal is killing us. he wants to transform the economy and make it carbon-free. his campaign slogan appears to be this is our moment. >> i'm jay inslee and i'm running for president because i'm the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation's number one priority. >> during his time as governor he doesn't have signature wins on his number one issues. none of his goals have been achieved. greenhouse gas emissions rose 6% over his first term in office and opposed a revenue neutral carbon tax initiative and backed the carbon tax that was a big tax increase. both were soundly defeated by voter. when he has had democratic majorities in the house and senate he hasn't been able to push through his expensive carbon reducing agenda. >> it's higher now than when he
8:39 am
was first in office. we're going in the wrong direction. >> jon: his candidacy will test how much voters care about climate change. among all voters it was down to eighth in the most important issue category. another big challenge raising money. his 5-month-old vision pac, he needs money to raise his national profile. in a recent poll of democrats exploring a run for the presidency in 2020 he came in last at zero percent. >> sandra: the list growing longer. thank you. >> jon: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york has a warning for moderate democrats who vote alongside moderate republicans or any republicans. republican congressman doug collins weighs in on what some are calling a threat. that's next. costing over $100, $200, and even $400.
8:40 am
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liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> those democrats who are
8:43 am
breaking ranks, they don't view aoc as their boss. they don't want to be called a puppet of nancy pelosi. they make that decision, now they have to make a decision as far as future votes that come up as well whether or not they'll be their own man or woman or they are going to end up getting on board with aoc and her agenda as if she is their boss. >> sandra: new york congresswoman ocasio-cortez reportedly warning moderate democrats their names will be added to a list of primary targets if they vote with republicans. this after more than two dozen democrats voted for a republican amendment in a gun control bill. joining us now is a georgia congressman doug collins, ranking member of the house judiciary committee. congressman, thank you for being here this morning. so what do you make of this warning? this reported warning from ocasio-cortez to her colleagues? >> well, it's amazing to me, number one. i didn't know she was
8:44 am
co-speaker with nancy pelosi. she has risen to the rank of threatening people who don't follow the party line or her agenda. when i first went to congress i was always told i was representing the district in which i came from. those are the only people that cast votes for me. to have the speaker and to have the another freshman tell me i'll be threatened with a primary and support withheld that's a scary proposition for these members trying to represent their districts and we will see what's happening. they have trouble with their own agenda. i can't help it if they put bad law up to the voted on. >> sandra: this was ocasio-cortez taking it a step further from nancy pelosi who said we are either a team or we are not. and we have to make that decision. what does this tell you about their party heading into 2020? >> it tells me they are completely fractured. it tells me also it is
8:45 am
concerned from another perspective. the ethics committee would be interested a lot of this conversation about support from the primaries was discussed inside the capitol. there are issues we're seeing boil over to where they don't know what their agenda is and can't keep everybody on the same page. looking to 2020 what is their agenda? they have one. they're furious at this president and mad about the direction of the country and the economy is doing well. it will be difficult for them to maintain going through the next 18 months if all you are doing is trying to fly with blind rage and everybody has to walk the same line. >> sandra: she has proven going back to ocasio-cortez she has proven to have star power in her own party and she faces some criticism within the democrats that have come out and spoken out against some of her very, very far left leaning policies. but you've seen a lot of support for the green new deal, for example. >> it is amazing to me how in this day of politics that it is
8:46 am
more about the appearance and flash than it is the substance. i have no problem with her doing whatever she wants to does far as reaching out on instagram or twitter. that's fine with me. what bothers me is what she is advocating for. the new green deal which is unworkable. it also affects me when i start looking at the socialist end of this and ask new york city how they're feeling now about having jobs left from amazon when she also then said again a policy statement here said spend the $3 billion on infrastructure. she didn't understand it wasn't $3 billion in the bank. it was about the jobs coming and the tax credits offered. i have a problem with her policies. she can be a star all she wants to be. in our party i would rather be a star on policy than a star on flash. >> sandra: how do republicans run against this? >> we keep pointing toward the policies. we keep pointing out the fact this week on gun legislation
8:47 am
which they wanted to promote it won't do what they said it would development it was perpetrating a fraud on the victims of mass violence. it also has problems when we look at policy we can make a case to the american people the economy is doing well because we passed good legislation and because of tax reform and because the president and deregulation. our world standing has improved because the president has taken a strong stand. we make sure the policy is right and communicate it. that's what we have to do better on. i encourage my republican colleagues messaging better and make people understand why our policies are better and their policies will actually hurt us. >> sandra: thank you, congressman doug collins. >> jon: always good to be with you. the private space company spacex could make history this weekend. details on the launch that might change the future of manned space flight forever. that's next.
8:48 am
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[ door closes ] [ cooing ] ♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". >> sandra: we're just a few minutes away from "outnumbered" on friday and we're feeling it. house democrats wasting no time moving to step up their investigations into the wake of michael cohen's testimony potentially targeting president trump's business associates and his family. will it pay off for democrats? can they legislate and investigate at the same time? >> hillary clinton speaks out on likeability. did she pave the way for the multiple women vying to do what she could not do? defeat president trump.
8:52 am
>> all that and our #oneluckyguy in the middle top of the hour, "outnumbered." >> happy friday. ♪ >> sandra: the colors, the sights, the sounds of new orleans. mardi gras celebrations underway. this weekend it will be jam-packed. the city greeting visitors from all over the world. the state even. organizers say they'll be there by tomorrow and rage through fat tuesday, mardi gras. then leave after ash wednesday, the first day of lent. what an amazing time for louisiana. >> jon: can i say somebody sent cavuto a king cake. make sure he shares it with you. spacex is in final preparations for what could be an historic launch. if all goes as planned it will send the crew dragon capsule into space tomorrow morning
8:53 am
designed to carry astronauts but none are on board this round. let's talk about it with mike massimino. a former astronaut and senior advisor for space programs at the intrepid museum. a decade ago you flew on board the shuttle. >> 2009 was my last flight. 2011 they pulled the program on that. >> america hasn't been able to launch astronauts in all that time. >> except on a russian. we've been working with russia and their space program and been consistently launching at the space station. we have access but through russia. >> $70 million a ticket. >> it's something like that, yeah, expensive. >> is this thing ready to go? >> i would fly on board. this one they won't have anyone on board but what's interesting about this is that it's spacex in a partnership with nasa and boeing also is part of that
8:54 am
program called the commercial crew program trying to get launch capability again from the u.s. from the kennedy space center to the international space station. nasa has been working closely with both of those companies. with my experience knowing that nasa is involved with spacex and boeing. when they're ready to go, i know when they launch people it will be as safe as possible. i'm confident they'll be okay. >> jon: this capsule will have room for seven astronauts. that's an astounding thing. apolo was such a huge rocket, the big saturn five and it was a three-man capsule. >> one interesting thing about this when you think about how many people you can fit in there is that you're going to the international space station with this vehicle, for example. you bring some supplies but a lot of supplies will be there or can come on supplies ships. spacex has been launching
8:55 am
supply ships for years forthe international space station. it is flying crew so you don't have to bring all your gear with you or the food or supplies you would need. it is optimized for people. >> jon: there is going to be not a human on board but a mannequin named ripley and he will have all kinds of sensors to make sure it will go well. >> i'm glad you didn't say dummy. mannequin, fake person will be on board. he will be outfitted quite nicely. kind of like when they flew the car in space. >> jon: that was the predecessor launch to this one. >> that was going beyond low earth orbit. they will be checking it out. the test flight they're having now and hopefully all goes well. they plan to have another one in a couple of months and soon after that i would think by 2020 if those two flights go well they would put people on board. this is huge. a huge step.
8:56 am
it is good for the whole space program especially our country being able to get astronauts back to the international space station. it is a different sort of partnership with a private company that could open up the doors for commercial space travel and new technology. a huge step and what we're seeing going on with other companies as welcome bieng this is an exciting time. >> jon: mike massimino. thanks. >> sandra: michael cohen just wrapped three days of hearings on capitol hill but he is not done yet. why he is now headed back for another round of questioning next.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> the newsroom vault marking the end of one of baseball's most storied careers. mickey mantle announcing his retirement on this day in 1969. the switch-hitting left fielder let the yankees to nine world series titles. started as major league baseball career at the age of 19. along the way, won three mvp's
9:00 am
along with a triple crown in 1956. he was elected to baseball hall of fame in 1974. his first year of eligibility. good stuff, thanks for joining us today. bill hemmer will be back on monday. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert, house democrats vowing to step up their investigation and proof into president trump's personal charity committee after testimony from former trump attorney michael cohen this week. if at the president today tweeted "there is new evidence that cohen committed perjury again." you're watching "outnumbered" on a fine friday. here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor morgan ortagus and beautiful yellow today. fox news contributor rachel campos duffy and i want talk about his clothes, house democrats gas today is democrat strategist and former


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