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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 1, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

12:00 pm daily spike. it's been quite a week. it's been fun. i have got "the five" coming up next. thanks for joining us everybody. >> no comment. youtube shutting down the comment section on millions of videos to protect kids from pedophiles. an analyst calls it an extreme reaction. youtube says what is more important than protecting kids? a man accused of faking his own kidnapping to avoid thousands to people that won his super bowl pool. those stories and more ahead in this hour. the parents of otto warmbier
12:01 pm
saying kim jong-un did cause their son's death. >> what happened is horrible. i really believe something very bad happened to him and i don't think that the top leadership knew about it and when they had to send him home. >> trace: the white house trying to clarify what the white house said. kellyanne conway says the president does blame north korea for the college student's death. otto warmbier was arrested in pyongyang. he was sentenced for 15 years of hard labor after being accused of stealing a poster. doctors said he had severe brain damage. otto warmbier died less than a
12:02 pm
week later. mike emanuel reporting live at the white house. mike? >> trace, good afternoon. this hit a nerve with otto warmbier's parent who quickly put the blame on the north korean regime. kellyanne conway offered this explanation of the president's thinking earlier today. >> the president is talking about chairman kim didn't know what happened to otto at the time of when it happened. of course he holds north korea responsible. he has deep affection and shares the grief of the warmbier family. the president agrees with the warmbier family that they're responsible. >> a key senate democrat mocked that defense. >> kim jong-un knows everything that happens in this country, certainly with respect to an american who has been held prisoner there. kellyanne conway, this is the cleanup brigade again trying to clean up after the president. >> the president invited otto's
12:03 pm
parents to the state of the union last year and noted the brutality of the north korean regime. a number of congressional republicans expressed discomfort with the way the president handled that issue in the news conference, trace. >> the u.s. plans to cancel military exercises with south korea. >> that's right. fox news has learned that there are plans by the pentagon to cancel big military exercises with the south koreans. president trump complained about the price tag. >> it's a very expensive thing. we have to think about that, too. when they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on those exercises and we don't get reimbursed, we're spending a tremendous amount of money on many countries protecting countries that are very rich that can afford to pay us and then some. >> this could be seen by some as an effort to lower tensions with the north koreans at a time when
12:04 pm
the president is trying to negotiate an agreement, trace. >> and mike, according to a "new york times" repo,als to give hiw a top security clearance. what is the response in washington to this? >> it's quite a bomb shell here in washington. the president greeted by this headline when he returned home from vietnam. i'd said that john kelly and other senior white house and intelligence officials were alarmed by this request to give jared kushner the top secret security clearance. elijah cummings is demanding paperwork saying the committee expects a full compliance as soon as possible or may be terms to launch an investigation of the security clearance process. trace? >> trace: mike emanuel, thank you. let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. thank you.
12:05 pm
i covered this otto warmbier case a bunch. we pulled up the transcripts from kcna, the state-run news agency in north korean run by kim jong-un and it detailed he knew every aspect. he knew every detail of otto warmbier's imprisonment. why would the president cut this guy slack at this point in time? >> beats me. just seems like a really odd thing for the president to do. the president and the trump administration is under enough criticism about the fact that they haven't brought up human rights, the brutal dictatorship in north korea. here he is at this summit and somehow, as you say, cutting some slack to kim jong-un as if he didn't know. you have to think that while there are thousands of people in north korean prisons, that an american prisoner is something that would go to the very top
12:06 pm
level and for the president to suggest that not only kim jong-un but other top leadership in north korea wouldn't know about the torture, the brain damage that was inflicted on otto warmbier just seems an odd comment to make and one that i suspect they wish they had back. >> trace: yeah, i want to move on to michael cohen. there's reporting that he was shopping a book in january of 2018 that was very flattering about the president. this was about a week before prosecutors in new york raided his office in his hotel. it was very flattering. the president noted that today in a tweet. president tweeting congress must demand the transcript of michael cohen's new book. your heads will spin when you see the lies misrepresentations and contradictions against his thursday testimony like a different person, he is totally discredited. what do you make of that back and forth?
12:07 pm
>> anyone that believed that michael cohen was contrite and after saying after he suggested in his testimony that he had a conscious, i have bridge to sell them. the precipitating factor is the fact that the fbi raided his office, he got charged with lying to congressional testimonies, he got charged with a bunch of crimes in new york, financial crimes, including campaign finance violations and his singing for his supper, trying to get a lower sentence. he was clear about that. he hopes by cooperating with the southern district of new york that maybe he can get a reduction in his three-year sentence. doesn't mean what he's saying now is untrue but it puts the lie to any idea that this was a sincere conversion on the part of michael cohen and he's
12:08 pm
decided he couldn't stomach donald trump's actions anymore. i think what happened is he got caught and he decided he need to do some things to try to lighten his legal penalty. >> meantime, you have some democrats, adam schiff, the house intel chair saying that michael cohen's three days of temperature opened up new avenues for them to investigate. then you have some democratic leadership saying they're steering clear of impeachment. they appear to be much more concerned about what mueller is going to deliver than what michael cohen said over the past three days, chris. >> i think that was always true. michael cohen may be able to provide insight. he provided something of a road map to congressional investigators, how democrats, when he talked not about russia and collusion or obstruction of justice but misuse of funds in the trump foundation, the charity, financial -- alleged financial misconduct when it came to bank fraud or insurance
12:09 pm
fraud, things like that by the trump organization. in terms of, you know, the real meat and potatoes that we've been talking about a couple years now, collusion with the russians, obstruction of justice, allegations, i should point out, it's going to come out of the mueller report or it's not. i'll tell you having talked to a number of top house democrats and the leadership, chairman of committees, they're very weary of this. i think they feel unless there's a smoking gun and something that will get bipartisan buy-in from republicans and democrats and you didn't see any republican buy-in to michael cohen this week, they're going to steer clear of impeachment. they saw what happened with the republicans and bill clinton in 1998. you'll continue to see investigations and may be on other financial issues, not the big issues with robert mueller. >> trace: lastly, i want your take on this controversy
12:10 pm
involving jared kushner and "the new york times." that the president mandated that he get top security clearance. kellyanne conway saying the president has the absolute right to order that. not saying he did, but saying he has the absolute right. it did cause some concern among the white house con -- counsel and the cia. what is your take? >> he does have the right to do it. you have to ask yourself, this is the president's son-in-law. if the "new york times" story is correct and it been corroborated by some other news organizations, if the cia and other organizations were so concerned about him that they were not comfortable giving him a top secret clearance and this went to the white house counsel, don mcgahn and the chief of staff, john kelly and they were not comfortable giving him a security clearance and the president ordered it, he has the right to do so but what was it that they were so concerned about that they were doing
12:11 pm
something that they knew the president was president going to like and giving the top security clearance to jared kushner. >> trace: thanks, chris. good to see you. >> same to you, trace. >> trace: well, this weekend on "fox news sunday," chris talks with john bolton. that's this sunday on your local fox station. check the tv listings in your area. and we have breaking news, a fox urgent.prosecutors with robert mueller's office say they need about five to eight days to make their case in the roger stone trial. that's what they told the judge handling the case. the fbi arrested stone in january on charges of witness tampering and lying to congress. he pleaded, of course, not guilty. well, at a certain point, it may be easier to tell you which democrats are not running for president. the latest big names to join an already very crowded field is
12:12 pm
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>> trace: the large field of democratic presidential can tenders getting even more crowded. jay ensley announced he's entering the race. he's the first governor to do so. that brings the total number of candidates who have launched exploratory committees or candidates to a dozen. governor ensley is not one of the most well-known names on the list. the governor doing a lot of talking about climate change on the campaign trail. let's get to dan springer in seattle. >> hi, trace. at least initially, governor jay inslee will be about as close to a single issue candidate that he can get. he spent nearly off of his speech on climate change. he told people in seattle that the world is in peril and the
12:17 pm
u.s. must lead the way by transforming its economy to zero emissions. >> i am pledging today that if i'm given this high honor, i will make fighting climate change the number 1 priority of the united states of america. >> inslee has been talking about the issue his entire political career, which included time in congress and the washington state legislature. in 2007, he co-authored a book called "apollo's fire" in which he said carbon is killing us and the virtues of creating a green economy. trace? >> trace: and i know in washington state, you're privy to the news and the polls and so forth. what are we hearing about his chances of winning? >> people that have followed his career and known inslee a long time say it's a long shot at best. he's not known nationally and raised very little money as he explored this run. his issue has gotten more
12:18 pm
important in the minds of democrats. a pugh survey in january found it's up to the third most important issue, the environment, but that's not the case among all americans where it ranks eighth. inslee is vulnerable to the attack that he talks a good game but not gotten any results. in six years as governor, he's not realized any of his climate goals and carbon emissions are increasing. >> it's now higher than when he started in office. so for a state that is claiming to be a climate leader, we're going in the wrong direction. >> meantime, the democratic field may get bigger soon. john hickenlooper is going to hold an event to announce his decision and it's widely expected that he will get in the race, trace. >> trace: and montana governor steve bulloch might jump in as well. let's bring in john bussey from
12:19 pm
the "wall street journal." john, great to see you. so jay inslee's platform is combatting climate change and president trump. is that enough to set him apart in a crowded field? >> it's fascinating, isn't it? you summed it up. that's the way he wishes to approach this. he wants to be different from the other candidates. so he put climate change at the top of the agenda. the other candidates have not done that. he's the 13th now. the first of four governors that we expect to announce for the presidency. it's a crowded field. you have to distinguish yourself somehow. climate change is his way of doing so. at the sam time, he was head of the democratic governor's association. he knows a lot of governors. he's no marshmallow when it comes to criticizing president trump. that's something that the democrats are very interested in. and so he's been out on kind of the cable news channels as a
12:20 pm
frequent critic. he has both of those things doing for him. he has a distinguishing platform of climate change and taking on the president. >> trace: and you have kamala harris and cory booker. they're on the news every day. how do you wedge yourself in there to get some name notarity when you're playing with the big kids. >> the other thing that is an issue is that he has a fairly liberal background. the issues that he has been front and center on are liberal as well. so he's in a crowd that is on the progressive side of the wing of the democratic party now. biden is more centrist. you can argue beto o'rourke might lean that way. the 2018 election showed how
12:21 pm
important it was to move to the center. a lot of republicans came over and voted nor democratic candidates in that election. how does he navigate through this crowded field, the progressive wing of the party, but also gain some entry into the center where the votes are going to reside? >> trace: yeah, you know, the environment is big, but the economy, healthcare and immigration, all the polls say are even better. john bussey, great of you to join us. good to see you. thank you. osama bin laden's son taking on his father's old role as head of al-quaida. coming up, what the state department is offering for any information on him. plus, one of north korea's former top diplomats giving his take on the president's talks with kim jong-un that ended without a deal. not having a good breakfast can make you feel like your day never started. get going with carnation breakfast essentials®. it has protein, plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d,
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>> trace: nearly eight years after navy seals killed the world's most wanted terrorist, united states officials say one of osama bin laden's sons is taking over where dad left off. now the state department is offering a million dollar reward for information on that son, hamsa bin laden. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. >> trace: hamsa was not present when navy seals killed his father. now the u.s. government has put a bounty on his son. they call him an emerging al-quaida leader since august of 2015, he has released audio and video messages on the internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and western allies. hamsa married to daughter of mohammed attah, the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks.
12:27 pm
the navy seals seized letters from hamsa's compound after killing osama bin laden in 2011. officials found letters that bin laden was grooming his son to replace him. bin laden's wives were present when he was killed, trace. >> trace: do we know where bin laden's son is now? >> it's not clear where hamsa is hiding today. al-quaida linked fighters have found a safe haven in syria. intelligence officials say afghanistan and pakistan are also likely hiding spots for the emerging al-quaida leader. there's a $1 million bounty on his head for information leading to his capture. but it's still a far cry from the $25 million bounty on the heads of isis leaders and the current lead-of al-quaida. both of the leaders remain at large. today saudi arabia announced
12:28 pm
they had revoked hamsa bin laden's citizenship in november. trace? >> trace: thanks, jennifer. a top north korean diplomat that defected tells fox news that president trump was right to leave the negotiating table with kim jong-un. talks between the two leaders fell apart yesterday. greg palkot reporting live in seoul. greg? >> hi, trace. yeah, he's a career diplomat for north korea up until 2016. that's when he defected from his number 2 position at the london embassy in the u.k. he lives here in seoul now with his family and armed guards accompanying him all the time. he still has a chance to keep up on what is happening and it was a good thing that president trump rejected the lifting of billions of dollars worth of sanctions against north korea for the closure of one nuclear
12:29 pm
site. take a listen. >> president trump was absolutely right that he cannot give up these sanctions unless kim jong-un promises even further denuclearization offers. >> he thought it was a good thing for trump to call out other secret nuclear sites north korea has. still this man is under no illusions against kim jong-un. he brands him clever and merciless. he says he's interested in self-preservation. he says he can be contained, but may be not completely denuked. listen again. >> nuclear weapons are the last resort which kim jong-un can rely on to continue his control of north korea. >> you think he would ever give up the nuclear >> no. >> no. not at all? >> not at all. >> not at all. that's definitive from defector
12:30 pm
thae. but he says there's a fundamental change among the people. he says information is coming in and the regime can't last through that and the leader can't last. that will take years. so for the time being, you have to kid the lid on the nukes up north. back to you. >> trace: greg palkot live. thank you. some business owners and politicians asking amazon to reconsider their plans not to bring a second head quarters to new york city. after the company got backlash for choosing that location. we'll have both sides of the debate and what youtube is doing to try to keep kids safe. that's next. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
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>> trace: well, youtube announcing they're shutting off the comment section on nearly all videos with kids in them after getting reports that people were leaving
12:35 pm
inappropriate messages. the company says they have disabled comments on tens of millions of videos. this comes after big companies including at&t and disney started pulling their ads off of youtube because of the problem. the move is called extreme, but youtube's ceo says her company needs to make sure that children are safe. jonathan hunt is here with more. jonathan, what more are we hearing from youtube? >> it's interesting, trace. youtube is being stung into action by those actions that you mentioned as well as the reporting of techweb sites like wired, which have pointed out how easy it is for pedophiles to find and abuse child content. so yesterday the ceo of youtube tweeted the following.
12:36 pm
>> now, the comments section is important because apparently that is how pedophiles communicate with each other and alert each other to content that in their own sick way others might like. >> trace: you have the content creators that are not happy. >> yes. the concern is if their comment sections are turned off, advertisers might leave, too. that can affect negatively of course their youtube income. one user believes that she's been unfairly treated. she's a woman that run as youtube channel dedicated to her family. a lot of videos of her kids.
12:37 pm
1.2 million subscribers. she thinks there's nothing wrong. so she tweeted yesterday "my 5-year-old son does gymnasticing is and is happy sweet boy." youtube said there's nothing wrong with the video. thanks for doing a great job moderating the comment section. these actions are due to an abundance of actions that may harm minors. parents may be to blame here. parents posting these videos and pictures, how many of them do you really want on a public website like youtube and perhaps most importantly of all, do you really want to monetize your own
12:38 pm
children? >> trace: they need to watch their kids and themselves. >> you and i know it well. >> trace: thanks, jonathan. big-name new yorkers are asking amazon reconsider coming to the big apple. after facing opposition from local lawmakers and unions, they decided to pull the plug. kristina partsinevelos reporting live in new york. hi, kristina. >> you have andrew cuomo has had several calls with executives trying to lure them to come back to new york. he took out and open letter in "the new york times," had about 70 people sign the letter from business leaders, union leaders saying that they want amazon to come here to open their second quarters. earlier today, we had cuomo that spoke in rochester and how they had controls to shop around for the best deals, the best tax rates and the best incentives
12:39 pm
and amazon is no different. >> you have businesses that are shopping states. we just went through the amazon competition. amazon took it to a new level. they literally said we have 25,000 jobs. we'll take bids from states and cities nationwide. who will offer us the best package. amazon just did it on a higher level what happens every day. >> he obviously supports the deal. there's a lot of politicians that do not support amazon coming here. that's the reason that amazon decided to pack up their bags and leave. one of those is new york assemblyman ron kim. i reached out to him. he said that it's time to end the practice of giving multinational megacorporations billions in the name of "economic development." studies have shown that corporate welfare, company subsidies don't work. i'm still waiting for comment
12:40 pm
from alexandria ocasio-cortez and other politicians that oppose the deal. amazon as we know and they haven't made any comments about cuomo, amazon is still going ahead and opening the second half of their campus in virginia. there seems to be protests there as well. >> kristina, thank you. >> thank you. >> he went to denny's for breakfast and came out a hero. douglas tolman said down to eat when a man came in and pointed a gun at employee and demanded money. >> if i didn't do something, something bad was going to happen. i could tell by the look on his face. she couldn't open the register and he he was getting mad. i think he was going to -- i kneel he would have shot her if he couldn't get it open. he was going to shoot her. >> he tackled the guy and his son jumped in to help. as they fought over the gun, the gun went off and shot his son in
12:41 pm
the foot. the man ran off and carjacked a vehicle and slammed into a patrol car. the suspect was on parole for murder and just got out of prison. tolman said he came back to the same denny's later that day and he was hungry so he got his free meal. ahead, pakistan offering what it call as gesture of peace to india. will it be enough to cool off the red hot tensions between the two nuclear neighbors? and the u.s. turning up the pressure on disputed venezuelan nicholas maduro for blocking aid that his people desperately need.
12:42 pm
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>> trace: pakistani officials have returned a captured endian pilot back to india days after shooting down two of the country's war planes. pakistan's prime minister calling it a gesture of piece. this is the most serious confrontation between the two countries in decades. benjamin hall live with more. >> remember, these two countries have fought three wars over the disputed area of kirsch -- kashmir. now it feels like the whole
12:46 pm
scenario has deescalated. when the wing commander crossed the border, he was given a hero's welcome. there had been a tense five-hour wait during which he appeared to have given a full statement blaming india for the situation. the u.s. and other countries have lobbied hard for this conclusion. despite the peaceful handover, indian politicians have said they will no longer hesitate to launch preemptive strikes if they think they're going to be attacked again. the jet was shot down on a bombing raid, a raid in response to an attack by pakistani terrorists that left 40 indian soldiers dead in february. it's been tit for tat ever since. now india and pakistan claiming victory. pakistan they shot down the jet and played peace maker. india said it was their pressure
12:47 pm
that forced the release of the pilot. tens of thousands of soldiers have faced off for years along the kashmir boundary. the last few days are a reminder that it's one of the world's most volatile regions. thousands of flights have been cancelled the last few weeks and days across asia. now pakistan saying they're opening their airspace again. >> trace: thanks, benjamin. the trump administration upping the pressure on disputed venezuelan president nicholas maduro. the u.s. slapping sanctions on the regime for blocking aid coming in. maduro says it's part of a plan to overthrow his government. we have team fox coverage. steve harrigan live in caracas. first, to rich edson. rich? >> trace, more sanctions and restrictions and officials say they're looking at doing more, all in an attempt to try to get
12:48 pm
nicholas maduro to leave power in venezuela. the treasury department says they're sanctioning several members of the military and security force there's because of their role in blocking international aid from coming in the country. this is only a few days after the administration did so for the same reason for four venezuelan governors. here's a the state department today, the state department's special envoy for venezuela, elliot abrams announced visa restrictions for those close to the maduro regime. dozens of people and their families, restricting them from entering the united states. in an interview with fox news, abrams says that the effect of u.s. sanctions and these measures will only intensify. >> the full effects of the sanctions has not been felt. the initial effect though is strong. you can see this in the inability or difficulty of the regime in selling oil or getting cash. the united states is the main source of cash. so we've cut that off. >> yesterday at the united
12:49 pm
nations security council, abrams on behalf of the united states pushed a measure that would support the interim president there, juan guaido and call for elections. that effort failed because of opposition from china and russia. they continue to support the maduro regime. maduro says he will not leave. back to you. >> rich edson live at the state department. and maduro is clinging to power. supporters marched in the streets days ago. steve? >> that's right, trace. if you work for the government, you have to go out and march when the government tells you to. as far as the opposition leader, juan guaido, he's in paraguay yesterday. he was in brazil and columbia before that. the question is when will he get back to venezuela and will he be arrested on his return. a travel ban was imposed on
12:50 pm
guaido, so there's a chance that he could get arrested when he tries to return to venezuela.guaido has said he intends to start exercising his duties as soon as he gets back here by monday, he's hard to imagine how that will happen with maduro still in control of the military, the police and the courts, trace. >> trace: steve, maduro is using food to gain support. >> this regime in venezuela has long used food as a political tool. that's getting intense now when so many people are on the border of starvation. about once a month, most venezuelan families receive from the government a bag about this size. this is one of those bags. we'll give you a look at what that monthly bag has in it. that's cooking oil, sugar, lentils, some macaroni, corn meal, powdered milk and a lot more rice and noodles there. so family of four, one month,
12:51 pm
that's what you get. that can be incredibly important and a political tool if your family is on the brink of starvation. back to you, trace. >> devastating. steve hash again live in the capitol of venezuela. ahead, the man accused of faking his own kidnapping to avoid paying the winners of a super bowl pool. before we get to that, surveillance video capturing a hit-and-run rollover crash that landed a teen in the hospital. happened in sarasota, florida. watch the car coming down the highway. a minivan turns and smashes into it. the car flipping several times in a he ebb tell parking lot. the driver in critical condition. the minivan took off. they're asking anybody with information to come forward. so if you live in florida, call that number there on the screen if you know anything about that missing minivan. ickstart my heat by motley crue)
12:52 pm
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>> trace: well, money can make people do some pretty crazy things, right? a man in upstate new york accused of faking his own elaborate kidnapping to get out of paying a $50,000 super bowl bet. police say they found the guy in the back of his truck tied up. rick leventhal is live on the news deck in new york. rick? >> trace, if you're going to fake your own kidnapping, you probably shouldn't shave. police said that is one of the clues this guy fabricated his story and held captive for days. the trooper said his face was smooth and found clean when they found the man tied up in the back seat of his ford f-150 parking lot with a rope around his neck and duck tape around his hands and ankles. he claimed he was robbed at gun point of $16,000 in cash by two men that forced him to drive around for two days. he claimed the money was from a $50,000 super bowl box pool that
12:57 pm
he was running where gamblers paid money a square. if your numbers match the score, you win. state police say that he was running a scam and made up names. his numbers didn't hit. so he faked his own abduction so he wouldn't have to pay out the 50 gs. >> trace: and sounds like police figured it out. >> it wasn't just his shaved face, it was his demeanor. >> a normal person that has went through something like that, they would be worried, depressed, heart rate up. a lots of emotions. >> he was too calm, too collected. the trooper told me he confessed 35 minutes after the cops started questioning him. now he's charged with a scheme to defraud and falsely reporting an incident. sounds like the real winners are not getting paid. >> at least he hung on for 35
12:58 pm
minutes. yeah, i did it, i did it. >> not a very long time. >> trace: no, it's not. thanks, rick. fox weather alert now. parts of northern have you seen the pictures? it's happening in the russian river in sonoma county. the water is starting to recede, but forecasters say the relief won't last very long. rick reichmuth live in the fox extreme weather center. hi, rick. >> the snow back across the sierra nevada is extreme. 24 feet of snow fell. the snow will melt eventually and keep things green here. the drought is almost gone out of california. that's good news. we have one more batch of rain moving in. winter storm warnings in the sierra nevadas. notice this in towards parts of california. 30 to 40 inches of snow as well.
12:59 pm
so ski resorts are loving it if you can get to them. this won't be as much rain as we saw with the last one because of the flooding. we get a break sunday and monday. more moisture behind that. overall pattern doesn't seem to change for us the next couple weeks. here's a look at what happened over the weekend. the bulls eye across colorado. then we watch a series of storms across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. today we call it the beginning of meteorological spring. finally we'll get winter which has been nonexistent. here it comes. >> trace: and we spring forward next week. thanks, rick. after our reporting here, we'll have a fox news update on facebook watch. it's a minute's long news cast online with unique content that streams live on the facebook watch home page just a few minutes from now.
1:00 pm
once it's concluded, it will be available to you any time on demand. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. neil cavuto and "your world" keeping you up to date on the markets starts right now. have a great weekend. >> neil: all right. it's a bit of a squeaker at the corner of wall and broad. looks like the quest for ten up weeks in a row might stop short. this isn't official until a few minutes after the trading day. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. let's run down where we stand right now. the dow just coming up short of the gain that it would have to have to have a tenth straight winning week. i mean by a few points. that's why it's not quite official yesterday. the s&p 500 also missing by a mark. we have the nasdaq that did have an appreciable advance today, enough to garner ten straight wins of its own. the dow is in doubt. had it scored another weekly gain, it would have been ten. would have been the